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Ubiquitin conjugation assays
Pro 1325 nucleic acids
Macrophage derived chemokine (MDC), MDC analogs, MDC inhibitor substances, and uses thereof
Methods for monitoring multiple gene expression
Mannosyl transfer with regeneration of GDP-mannose
P-TEFb compositions, methods and screening assays
Cell based signal generation
Layout of a flash memory having symmetric select transistors
MOS device and process for manufacturing MOS devices using dual-polysilicon layer technology
Localized strained semiconductor on insulator
CMOS on hybrid substrate with different crystal orientations using silicon-to-silicon direct wafer b...
Trenches to reduce lateral silicide growth in integrated circuit technology
Arrangement of microstructures
Capacitive resonators and methods of fabrication
Silicon microphone
Method of etching a lateral trench under a drain junction of a MOS transistor
Method for forming thick dielectric regions using etched trenches
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Multi-layer device and method for producing the same
Plastic packaging with high heat dissipation and method for the same
Semiconductor package structure with reduced parasite capacitance and method of fabricating the same
Low temperature packaging apparatus and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Very low effective dielectric constant interconnect Structures and methods for fabricating the same
FBGA arrangement
Method and system for forming a die frame and for transferring dies therewith
Display device with active-matrix transistor having silicon film modified by selective laser irradia...
Feedback controlled polishing processes
X-ray fluorescence system with apertured mask for analyzing patterned surfaces
Relative calibration for dosimetric devices
Method and apparatus for continuous measurement of the refractive index of fluid
Electron-driven chirality switches
System and method for melting ice in an exhaust tube of a container holding helium
System and method to publish information from servers to remote monitor devices
Cross-polarized imaging method for measuring skin ashing
Method and apparatus for improving image appearance
Fiber optic cable for use in harsh environments
Method for extending the lifetime of an endless belt
Xerographic printer split drive system to reduce image smear
Printing system with horizontal highway and single pass duplex
Detecting ischemia
Auto purchase system and method
Method and system for processing a discrete time input signal where the clock rate of a discrete tim...
System for protecting the transmission of live data streams, and upon reception, for reconstructing ...
Electrostatic discharge simulation
Medical image processing method and apparatus
Three-dimensional model processing device, three-dimensional model processing method, program provid...
Thermal head printer and process for printing substantially light-insensitive recording material
Method and system for fabricating liquid crystal film and method for fabricating brightening film
Apparatus and method for determining orientation parameters of an elongate object
Electrophoretic display apparatus
Sheet capacitor, IC socket using the same, and manufacturing method of sheet capacitor
System for contrast echo analysis
Nonuniform Rotational Distortion (NURD) reduction
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional filtering of angiographic volume data
Method of using frame of pixels to locate ROI in medical imaging
Developer container and image forming apparatus
Separable cleaning device for an image forming apparatus
Radiation converter
Method and apparatus for gamma ray detection
Photoelectric converter, its driving method, and system including the photoelectric converter
Medical keyboard
Image sensor with photosensitive thin film transistors
Acousto-optic monitoring and imaging in a depth sensitive manner
Method and an apparatus for elimination of color Moiré
Method and apparatus for determining the position of an x-ray cone beam produced by a scanning elect...
Method and apparatus for reduction of artifacts in computed tomography images
Mechanical damper for air pad instability
Illumination system and exposure apparatus and method
Optical alignment of X-ray microanalyzers
Detection methods and system using sequenced technologies
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a C...
Radiation image-acquiring apparatus, and radiation image-acquiring method
Method of adjusting the emission rate of radiation from a source of radiation
Method and apparatus for generating X-ray
Anti-vibration technique
Digital watermarking and fingerprinting including synchronization, layering, version control, and co...
Apparatus for detecting human physiological and contextual information
Systems and methods for database configuration migration
Advertising compliance monitoring system
Methods for managing a pool of multicast addresses and allocating addresses in a communications syst...
User interface for handheld imaging devices
Lighting device and liquid crystal display device
Backlight assembly for liquid crystal display device having diffusive reflector
Support extension for stage apparatus
Halogen lampholder
Decorative glass block and method for making a decorative glass block
Photographic film image reading apparatus with film density detection
Motor and panel meter incorporating same
Vehicle parking assistance electronic timer system and method
Display device, electronic paper and electronic paper file
Apparatus, system and method for aircraft security
Electro-optical device encased in mounting case, projection display apparatus, and mounting case
Method for controlling the luminous flux spectrum of a lighting fixture
Reflective LCD projection system using wide-angle Cartesian polarizing beam splitter and color separ...
Rapid serological test for paratuberculosis using fluorescence polarization technology
Method and medium for detecting vancomycin-resistant enterococcus
LAAS ground facility sigma monitor
Method for allocating dedicated channel for transmitting packet in CDMA media access control (MAC) l...
Method and system for a multiple dimensional adaptive frequency domain noise canceler for DMT transc...
Attitude sensor
Wound healing compositions
Materials and methods for the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and ather...
Dopamine receptors and genes
Method and instrument for detecting biomolecular interactions
Air-gap insulator for short-term exposure to a high temperature environment
Pseudo tunnel junction
Apparatus and method for processing encrypted packets in a computer network device
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Color temperature conversion system and method using the same
Developing unit and density control method in electrophotography
Fusing roller of image forming apparatus
Method of reporting change of mobile communication service option to mobile switching center
System and method for performing diagnostics on a mobile station using over-the-air transfer of inte...
Method for transmitting message in a mobile terminal
Method of estimating the properties of a polymer product
Electric power controlling method through a serial bus
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with a fail bit detecting scheme and method for counting the...
Lexicon-based new idea detector
Particulate composition
Protein belonging to the TNF superfamily involved in signal transduction, nucleic acids encoding sam...
Methods for treating neuropathological states and neurogenic inflammatory states and methods for ide...
Voice activity identiftication for speaker tracking in a packet based conferencing system with distr...
Preventing processor domination during background data transfer in multipoint conferencing
Apparatus and method for displaying a name of a speaker on a telecommunication conference call
Materials and structures for enhancing the performance of organic light emitting devices
Organic EL device and preparation method
Organic semiconductor polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
Printed transistors
Green light-emitting microcavity OLED device using a yellow color filter element
Polymers having pendant nonlinear optical chromophores and electro-optic devices therefrom
Light emitting device
Organic electro-luminescence device encapsulating structure
Organic EL display device
Light emitting device having both electrodes formed on the insulating layer
Formulation for depositing a conjugated polymer layer
Array of light-emitting OLED microcavity pixels
Active matrix organic light emitting display and method of forming the same
Display device
Luminous device and electronic appliances
Organic light emitting devices having carrier blocking layers comprising metal complexes
Pixel circuit for active matrix OLED and driving method
Luminescent material for light emitting device and organic electroluminescent device
Optimal bank height for inkjet printing
Thermal management system and method for MRI gradient coil
Sensor for unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance and method for making same
Magnetic resonance detector and method
Method for measuring rotational speed of molecule of fullerenes
Method and system for image artifact reduction using nearest-neighbor phase correction for echo plan...
Method and system of MR imaging with variable readout gradient filtering
Magnetic resonance system and method
Subscriber delivered location-based services
Method and apparatus for updating boot code using a system controller
Method of targeting a message to a communication device selected from among a set of communication d...
System and method for configuring analog elements in a configurable hardware device
Synchronizing over a number of synchronization mechanisms using flexible rules
Extensible help facility for a computer software application
Mask system and method for stereotactic radiotherapy and image guided procedures
Method, system, and computer program product for automatically managing components within a controll...
Process management systems and methods of the same
Map evaluation system, collation device, and map evaluation device
Interactive weather forecast system and method of using same
Method and system for determining the position of a short circuit in a branched wiring system
Method and apparatus for robust efficient parsing
Road towed ferry
Sectional barge and methods of use
Floatable dock mooring article
Vessel navigation and docking system and method
Self propelled hydrofoil device
Portable inflatable watercraft
Modular kayak with elevated hull voids
Kayak and canoe cover
Boat light
Customized orthopedic sole-insert and method for making
Foot pain-relieving articles and methods thereof
Waterproof shoe structure with folded interior upper
Inflatable lining for footwear with protective and comfortable coatings or surrounds
Steel toe shoe construction
Post surgical foot warmer
Method and apparatus for a shoe having improved shoe construction
Footwear with enhanced impact protection
Shoes having improved ankle support
Orthopedic device for distributing pressure
Spectral axis transform
Thiobutacin and antifungal and antioomycete composition for controlling plant diseases using the sam...
Knockin gene-mutated mouse comprising a mutant presenilin-1 gene
Soybean cultivar 0332146
Soybean variety XB53J04
Soybean cultivar S040120
Soybean cultivar S040128
Soybean variety XB58K05
Inbred corn line PH8BC
Method and device for customer personalization of GSM chips
Secure location-based services system and method
Encryption for asymmetric data links
Secure messaging communication system
Cryptographic key processing and storage
Watermark position modulation
System for masking microphonic voice signals in wired telecommunications equipment
Wireless communication scheme with communication quality guarantee and copyright protection
System and method for updating encryption key for wireless LAN
Power-residue calculating unit using Montgomery algorithm
Contents recording apparatus, recording medium, contents reproducing apparatus, contents transmissio...
Techniques for performing UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) authentication using SIP...
Protected mutual authentication over an unsecured wireless communication channel
Interpolation using radial basis functions with application to inverse kinematics
Robot capable of detecting an edge
Robot and over-current protection device for a robot
Method and apparatus for the synchronous control of manipulations
Event driven motion systems
Determination and control of activities of an emotional system
Electric shaver with an attachment
Oral-care appliance (electric toothpick)
Make-up case
Animal feces marker
Tube cleaning machine
Drum washing machine
Vacuum cleaner body
Dust collector
Cleaning appliance
Tank for an upright extractor
Nozzle assembly for vacuum cleaners
Feature of a foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Cup holder
Conveyor rubber based pulley lagging with staggered embedded ceramic segments
Decorative urn
Decorative urn
Decorative urn
Religious mailbox and post
Laparoscopic simulation interface
Computer-implemented method for constructing and manipulating a three-dimensional model of an object...
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual video of an object
System, method and computer program product for looking up business addresses and directions based o...
Apparatus and method for unilaterally loading a secure operating system within a multiprocessor envi...
Method of purifying gaseous nitrogen trifluoride
Device for removing carbon dioxide from exhaust gas
Reduction of wastewater in phosphate manufacturing
Doped anionic clays
Method for treating flue gas
Process for the production of hydrogen
Method and system for purifying or cleansing a gas stream or gaseous body
Method for gas—solid contacting in a bubbling fluidized bed reactor
Exhaust apparatus for process apparatus and method of removing impurity gas
Preparation of molecular sieve SSZ-33
Exfoliative clay and derivative thereof and method for producing the same
High-whiteness hydrophobic precipitated silica with ultralow moisture absorption
Process for producing inorganic spheres
Sealed contact bushings
Process for producing aluminum nitride and aluminum nitride
Methods of fabricating cermet materials and methods of utilizing same
Process for preparing hydrotalcite and brucite type posite charged layers
Portable container for temporary storage of small objects used with infants and children
Automatic electronic funds transfer system and method
Credit handling in an anonymous trading system
Automated system for conditional order transactions in securities or other items in commerce
System and method for using a payroll deduction card as a payment instrument
Electronic wallet management system, electronic wallet device, electronic wallet management unit, an...
Method for controlling use of database content
Structural of digital rights management (DRM) system
Method and system for secure credit card transactions
Transaction system and method of conducting a point-of-sale transaction between a merchant and a con...
Location authentication of requests to a web server system linked to a physical entity
Systems and methods that authorize target devices utilizing proprietary software and/or hardware
Apparatus and method for authenticating digital signatures and computer-readable recording medium th...
Trading platform user interface in a many-to-many hub
Vehicle steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Distributor gear with adjustable coupling
Suspension structure for wheelchair
Steering damper device for two-wheeled vehicle
Airbag device
Till track vehicle
Human-powered generator system with active inertia and simulated vehicle
Vehicle accelerator pedal device
Air cleaner device for vehicle
Steering column assembly having integrated electrical connection
Drive device
Transmitting and receiving method, especially for detecting an ID transmitter
Transporter oscillating alarm
Navigational control system for a robotic device
Active motor damping to mitigate electric vehicle driveline oscillations
Collision determination system
Vehicle seat occupant status classification using multiple sensors
Control system and method for an equipment service vehicle
Control apparatus for vehicle provided with an automatic transmission, and method of controlling the...
Method for dynamically determining peak output torque within battery constraints in a hybrid transmi...
Motorcycle exhaust control system
Speaker system
System and method for phased noise attenuation
Transparent noise-barrier wall
Process for the isolation and acclimatization of bacteria for lignin degradation
Use of Acacia Gum to isolate and preserve biological material
Methods and compositions for treating platelet-related disorders using MPL pathway inhibitory agents
Macroporous polymer scaffold containing calcium phosphate particles
Process of making a compound by forming a polymer from a template drug
Composition, method, and apparatus for protecting plants from injury caused by frost or freezing tem...
Alkyl-and/or alkylene oligoglycoside betaine ester quaternaries
Oral, nasal and pulmonary dosage formulations of copolymer 1
Echinocandin derivatives, method for preparing same and application as antifungal agents
Treatment of septic shock
Method for increasing the serum half-life of a biologically active molecule
Lubricious ophthalmic solutions
Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dermatological products containing an electrolyte
Isolated nucleic acid molecule coding for tumor rejection antigen precursors MAGE-C1 and MAGE-C2 and...
Antibodies to the K12 protein
Porphyrin array exhibiting large two photon absorption property and including, as structural unit, b...
Process for making a colored make-up cosmetic composition with controlled transmittance
Race car simulator
System and method for determining area of irregular or complex shapes
Patient simulator manikin and system
Training tracking system and method of use
Method of and loom for teaching Braille
Game and gaming machine with operative theme having element linking logic organization
Entertainment console with integrated printing
Baseball game program, computer-readable recording medium, and method suited for use with personal c...
Video poker game with bonus award for matching designated hands
Electronic throw-and-catch game
System and method for purchasing game and lottery tickets
Ladder stand with adjustable implement rest and pivotally movable flip-up seat
Dispensing display container for lottery tickets
Method of treating a paint booth dry filter
Wastewater biological treatment system and method therefor
Gas-gas-water treatment system for groundwater and soil remediation
Iron particles for purifying contaminated soil or ground water
Even-flow septic tee arrangement
Separated sanitary and storm sewer system
Septic tank drain field pipe manifold system and method of use
Low profile floating lift for watercraft
Method for remediation of contaminated ground at oil or gas facility
In-situ surfactant and chemical oxidant flushing for complete remediation of contaminants and method...
Soil binding and revegetation compositions and methods of making and using such compositions
Apparatus and method for use in laying or recovering offshore pipelines or cables
Article of manufacture for anchoring poles, tubing, or rods in sand, or other surface sediments
Method and machine for dynamic ground compaction
Lightweight shoring system for accommodating crossing utilities
Sediment control device and system
Clock offset estimation with bias correction
Dual-band modem and service
Method and system for data management in electronic payments transactions
System and method for managing retail and wholesale operations
System and method for protecting user logoff from web business transactions
Method and apparatus for negotiating a real estate lease using a computer network
Method and apparatus for improved internet searching
System and method for managing mail and file
Dynamic content management for wireless communication systems
Network configured for delivery of content for download to a recipient
Internet usage data recording system and method with configurable data collector system
Method and apparatus for hosting a network camera
Markov model of availability for clustered systems
System and method for real time video production and multicasting
Method and system for prevention of piracy of a given software application via a communications netw...
Network system, control method, control apparatus, and multiprocessor
Method and data processing system providing file I/O across multiple heterogeneous computer systems
Compression store free-space management
Granting access rights to unattended software
Resistor identification configuration circuitry and associated method
Software protection device and method
Method and apparatus for detecting file system corruption
Integrated circuit cell identification
IC signal path resistance estimation method
Method and system for on-demand call waiting
Method and system for providing softswitch failure protection in a communication network
Telephone voice messaging system and method using off-hook immediate trigger
Telephony control system with intelligent call routing
Outbound dialing decision criteria based
Method and apparatus for signal detection
Telephone plug system
Versatile circuit for interfacing with audio headsets
Automatic volume adjustment of voice transmitted over a communication device
Circuit for electronically generating a call impedance
Echo canceller in a communication system at a terminal
Method and apparatus for adapting a phone for use in network voice operations
Cover and a method of using the cover
Arrangement for delivering applications to a network enabled telephony device
Adjustment of a hearing aid using a phone
Cellular telephone device and transmitter to cellular telephone
Subscriber activated, time limited cellular incoming call redirection system
Method and system for operating a field programmable line card using a country coded template
E-mail synchronization between heterogeneous mail servers
Method of improving airline luggage inspection
Transferable greeting cards
Oak tree named 'QNSTC'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'POULht002'
Shrub rose plant named 'AUSbonny'
Blueberry plant called 'Springhigh'
Heuchera plant named 'Purple Mountain Majesty'
Nierembergia plant named 'Sunniparibu'
Shrub rose plant named 'AUSchesnut'
Floribunda rose plant named 'BAIprez'
Petunia plant named 'Usuzumi'
Aster plant named 'Esmall'
Alternanthera plant named 'Cognac'
Interspecific tree
Interspecific tree
Veronica plant named 'Twilight'
Veronica plant named 'High Five'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Dekspits'
Verbena plant named 'Biwarena'
Verbena plant named 'Darkeyena'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfpink'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Grace Time Pink'
PersiCaria plant named 'Silver Dragon'
Apparatus and method for generating object-labeled image in video sequence
System and method for inspection using off-angle lighting
Block retouching
Method for assessing fit and alignment of a manufactured part
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Method of image processing and electronic camera
Method and system for generating a foreground mask for a composite image
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Addressable light fixture module
Parking assisting device
Information terminal
System and method for adaptively interfacing different POD modules to a navigation device
Stabilized viral envelope proteins and uses thereof
CD8 epitope from HIV-1 protein Vpu
Carboxymethylated retroviral regulatory proteins and interferon-α
Use of immunogenic immunosuppressive and/or angiogenic proteins which have been rendered inactive, p...
Compositions and methods for regulating RNA stability using polypyrimidine tract proteins
Isolated polynucleotide encoding a human PSST subunit of the NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase complex
Formulation, solubilization, purification, and refolding of tissue factor pathway inhibitor
Amide derivatives as growth hormone secretagogues
Antiproliferative 1,2,3-thiadiazole compounds
Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds
Isoxazole derivatives
Enzyme inhibitors
Manipulating nitrosative stress to kill pathologic microbes, pathologic helminths and pathologically...
Nucleotide sequences derived from the genome of retroviruses of the HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV type, and t...
Repair process
Permanent magnetic alloy and bonded magnet
Lead-free solder and soldered article
Single-crystal-like materials
Reflective film, reflection type liquid crystal display, and sputtering target for forming the refle...
Synchronization of timing advance and deviation
ISM band to U-NII band frequency transverter and method of frequency transversion
Method for amplitude modulation of a radio frequency signal, and device therefor
Maintenance scheduling apparatus and method therefor
Short message delivery system
System and method for providing end to end authentication in a network environment
Communication system
Method and apparatus for distributing processing load for decoding radio frequency transmissions
Method for expediting a short message via a server when a communication participant of a communicati...
Radio communication service providing system, radio communication device, radio communication servic...
Method for serving broadcasting type short message in radio data communication system
Transmission circuit
Correlation and demodulation circuit for a receiver for signals modulated by a specific code
Radio communication apparatus
Local area network computer system utilizing radiating transmission line
Communication system with call quality indication and method of operation therein
Stable aqueous solution of a polyene fungicide
Continuous adsorption process for the preparation of a soy protein-containing composition having imp...
System and method for nitrogen sparging of citrus juice
Fractionated soybean protein and process for producing the same
Automated grill
No-carb tabletop sweeteners substitute
Non-hygroscopic, low-or no-calorie sugar substitute
Self-foaming liquid creamers and processes
Egg slicing apparatus
Process for producing an ultrafine-milled whole-grain wheat flour and products thereof
Soy-based rice substitute
Extruded ingredients for food products
Soy protein containing food product and process for preparing same
Methods of producing resistant starch and products formed therefrom
Calendar and method for weight loss
Fast hydrating guar powder, method of preparation, and methods of use
Novel antimicrobial agents
Synergistic stimulation of the immune system using immunostimulatory oligonucleotides and/or immunom...
Process for recycling polyester materials
Stateful and cross-protocol intrusion detection for Voice over IP
Stud finder
Insert mask for masking ceiling or wall fixtures
Drywall cornerbead with paper legs
Sealing tape
Composite plastic materials produced from waste materials and method of producing same
RFID reader for a security network
Extendable remote motored sander and method therefor
Process and apparatus for insulating building roof
Concrete panel construction system
High-span anchoring system for cavity walls
Holding device for holding a bucket while mixing materials contained within bucket
RFID based security network
Connectors, tracks and system for smooth-faced metal framing
Fastener carrier assembly and method of use
Categorizing fasteners and construction connectors using visual identifiers
Process for the preparation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Removal of drag reducer additive from fuel by treatment with selected activated carbons and graphite...
Reformulated diesel fuel
Membrane separation for sulfur reduction
Viscosity index improver concentrates
Polyoxometallate catalysts and catalytic processes
Method of hydrocarbon preservation and environmental protection
Process for producing adamantane compound
Non-oxidative conversion of gas to liquids
Blending of economic, ether free summer gasoline
C-nitrosoaniline compounds and their blends as polymerization inhibitors
Synthetic lubricant composition and process
Method for preparing diarylalkanes
Process for the simultaneous conversion of methane and organic oxygenate to C2 to C1...
Isomerization process using novel catalyst
Method for the production of sorbit
Polyketides and antibiotics
Non-oligomerizing fluorescent proteins
Xylanase, microorganisms producing it, DNA molecules, methods for preparing this xylanase and uses o...
siRNA treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of IKK-gamma
MurC gene and enzyme of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hepatitis C virus codon optimized non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Regulation of BCL-2 gene expression
Oligonucleotides containing an antisense sequence stabilized by a secondary structure, pharmaceutica...
Process for the preparation of phosphorothioate triesters
Isotopically labelled DNA
Method for binding nucleic acids to a solid phase
Methods for producing and transforming cassava protoplasts
Cellulose ethers and method of preparing the same
Polysaccharide gum and process for its manufacture
Heterodimeric conjugates of neomycin-chloramphenicol having an enhanced specificity against RNA targ...
Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Methods and materials for making and using transgenic dicamba-degrading organisms
Polynucleotides encoding Δ-endotoxins toxic to lepidoptera and coleoptera, and method of use
Inbred corn line W69079
Dinucleotide inhibitors of de novo RNA polymerases for treatment or prevention of viral infections
Antisense and antigene therapeutics with improved binding properties and methods for their use
Antisense modulation of matrix metalloproteinase 1 expression
Oral administration of decitabine salt
Mixed esters of hyaluronic acid with retinoic and butyric acids
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Amino acid-containing compounds and derivatives labeled with halides and method of making
Matrimony gene and protein
Glycolipids derivatives, process for production of the same, intermediates for synthesis thereof, an...
Enhanced zein reduction in transgenic corn seed
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having cellobiase activity and ploynucleotides encoding same
Brittle stalk 2 polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
UDP-glucose modifiers
Pixelated photoresists
Methods and systems for providing enhanced capital advantaged preferred securities
Asymmetric catalytic systems
Systems and methods for removing body tissue
Dynamic management of node clusters to enable data sharing
Managing errors detected in processing of commands
Reducing the complexity of finite state machine test generation using combinatorial designs
Method and apparatus for implementing infiniband transmit queue
Transmission error checking in result forwarding
Point-of-need document production system and method
Method and system for placing an insertion point in an electronic document
System and method for processing user-selected hyperlinks on a web page
Method for managing browser display
Methods and apparatus for creating and transforming graphical constructs
System and method for designing a circuit wherein a single timing analysis ensures adequate performa...
Persistent agents
System and method for verifying computer program correctness and providing recoverable execution tra...
Executing dynamically assigned functions while providing services
Managing workload within workflow-management-systems
Timed start-conditions for activities in workflow management systems
Process-mode independent driver model
Transport demultiplexor with bit maskable filter
Secure network and method of establishing communication amongst network devices that have restricted...
User policy for trusting web sites
Filter-based attribute value access control
Computer with security function and method therefor
Chemical compounds
Selective non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Novel aminoindazole derivatives as medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions including them
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Methods of using substituted tetralins and indanes
Novel crystalline polymorph of venlafaxine hydrochloride and methods for the preparation thereof
DNA encoding SNORF33 receptor
Process for the synthesis of derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino-[2,3-f] quinoline
4-((Phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs
Estimating visceral fat by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
Multifunctional Koryo hand therapy apparatus and method thereof
Fluid adjustable band
Method for implanting a fluid adjustable band
System for providing electrical pulses to nerve and/or muscle using an implanted stimulator
Pseudounipolar lead for stimulating a digestive organ
Digestive organ retention device
Acute and chronic electrical signal therapy for obesity
Methods and devices for combined gastric restriction and electrical stimulation
Compositions and methods for molecular biology
Unique dendritic cell-associated C-type lectins, dectin-1 and dectin-2; compositions and uses thereo...
Drug conjugates and their use for treating cancer, an autoimmune disease or an infectious disease
Reducing axon degeneration with proteasome inhibitors
Cobalamin mediated delivery of nucleic acids, analogs and derivatives thereof
Methods and materials relating to stem cell growth factor-like polypeptides and polynucleotides
Composition and method for treating hyperproliferative diseases
Substituted 1-piperidin-4-yl-4-azetidin-3-yl-piperazine derivatives and their use as neurokinin anta...
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Cyclic and acyclic propenones for treating CNS disorders
Cysteine protease inhibitors with 2-cyano-4-amino-pyrimidine structure and cathepsin K inhibitory ac...
Regulation of mammalian keratinous tissue using hexamidine compositions
Methods of treating a disorder
Substituted 2-phenyl benzofurans as estrogenic agents
Isolated mammalian membrane protein genes; related reagents
Methodologies linking patterns from multi-modality datasets
CNS assay for prediction of therapeutic efficacy for neuropathic pain and other functional illnesses
Leg stretching machine
Method of using spinal cord stimulation to treat gastrointestinal and/or eating disorders or conditi...
Intraocular device for the restoring visual accommodation of presbiopic eye
Method and apparatus for an integrative model of multiple asset classes
Differential LSI space-based probabilistic document classifier
Rationalization of data used in model of time varying event behavior
Chip management system
Method for boosting the performance of machine-learning classifiers
System and method for testing parameterized logic cores
Multiple player board games
Word-forming game for at least two players and apparatus therefore
Portable ball retriever
Educational kit for teaching construction framing
Bubble generating assembly
Bottle rocket launcher
Expressive feature mechanism for animated characters and devices
Frictional joint for toys
Golf club head with filled cavity
Train speed control using current and velocity sensing
System and method for adding a skill aspect to games of chance
Gaming device with multiple spinning wheels and method
Three-dimensional puzzle
Board game
Game with mementos and destiny index
Managing sparse directory evictions in multiprocessor systems via memory locking
Worm guarantee storage device employing block write inhibition information
Semiconductor storage
Distributed background track processing
Apparatus and method of null data skip remote copy
Data restore mechanism
Storage automated replication processing
Data back up method and its programs
Method, system, and program for establishing and using a point-in-time copy relationship
Backup system, backup method, and program therefor
File management method, and memory card and terminal apparatus that make use of the method
Mechanism for synchronizing multiple skewed source-synchronous data channels with automatic initiali...
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, informa...
Method for dynamically allocating memory workspace by elementary memory blocks to a data structure, ...
Translation look-aside buffer for improving performance and reducing power consumption of a memory a...
Data speculation based on addressing patterns identifying dual-purpose register
Apparatus and method for accessing registers in a processor
Array of synchronized memory modules
Method, system, and article of manufacture for maintaining data integrity
Method and system for generating object code to facilitate predictive memory retrieval
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Power supply circuit and electronic apparatus
Data erasing method, and memory apparatus having data erasing circuit using such method
Semiconductor storage device
Position controller and controlling method, optical disc recorder and recording method and optical d...
Laser power setting method and optical recording device
Data delivery in set-top box
Communication system and communication method sharing communication data among a plurality of commun...
Method and apparatus for digital signal processing
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast sy...
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal record medium for use with...
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Image processing apparatus
Editing apparatus and method for extracting specified portions of editing material
Methods and apparatus for controlling hierarchical cache memory
Radio communication apparatus
System monitoring system and monitoring method
Legged mobile robot and its motion teaching method, and storage medium
Digital signal receiver and digital signal display method
Data recording device, data recording method, data reproducing device and data reproducing method
Photovoltaic cells utilizing mesh electrodes
Electronic drinking mug
Thermal warming devices
Optical indicator element
Laser receiver
Method and apparatus for conversion of movement to electrical energy
Apparatus for generating an electrical energy
Surface structures for halo reduction in electron bombarded devices
Subsurface conductivity imaging systems and methods
Electro-optic lens with integrated components
Switchable electro-optical laminates
Integrated dual source recycling system for chemical laser weapon systems
In-situ real-time monitoring technique and apparatus for endpoint detection of thin films during che...
Broadband communication satellite
Method and apparatus for monitoring the autonomic nervous system
Full swath analysis
Global network computers
Data processing apparatus
Software system tolerating transient errors and control process in such a system
Packaging assembly for food products to be cooked or heated in microwave ovens
Method of producing a frozen marinated reconstituted meat product
Method for modifying pH within meat products
Method of forming confectionery articles
Process and apparatus for flaxseed component separation
Sugar-free hard coatings prepared from liquid mixtures of erythritol and sorbitol
Method for tartaric stabilization of wine
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acids encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorporating sam...
Polyester and polyamide compositions of low residual aldehyde content
Disposable cutting sheet
Schizochytrium and thraustochytrium strains for producing high concentrations of omega-3 highly unsa...
Acetals of 2,4,7-decatrienal as perfuming or flavoring ingredients
Pharmacological compositions comprising pectins having high molecular weights and low degrees of met...
Preventing and reversing the formation of advance glycosylation endproducts
Process for producing sugars and acids-rich juice and phytochemical-rich juice
Apparatus and methods of making a microwavable container for food products
Method of preparing nutritional legume product
Microwave oven food-stirrer
Capacitor having an anodic metal oxide substrate
Print through elimination in fiber reinforced matrix composite mirrors and method of construction
Digital envelope detector
Apparatus for producing gaseous vapor baffle
System and method for target motion analysis with intelligent parameter evaluation plot
Intensity modulated fiber optic pressure sensor
Microwave assisted reactive brazing of ceramic materials
Chromate-free method for surface etching of titanium
Chemical detection sensor system
Continuous wave (CW)—fixed multiple frequency triggered, radio frequency identification (RFID)...
Phase tracking multichannel link
Method for generating rocket motor data profiles for firings at various temperatures
Method for facilitating collaborative development efforts between widely dispersed users
Projection-type picture display apparatus and screen used thereby
Display apparatus
Dual-stage optical isolator minimized polarization mode dispersion and simplified fabrication proces...
Digital projection system optical reflector having facets
Beam array pitch controller
Device and method for the laser projection of high-resolution images onto the retina of the eye, sup...
Miniature microscope objective lens
Zoom lens and electronic still camera using the same
Zoom lens system and imaging apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Optical device, lens and optical element for focusing a laser beam and apparatus and method for asse...
Lithographic objective having a first lens group including only lenses having a positive refractive ...
Compact fisheye objective lens
Projection lens unit
Optical element having minute periodic structure
Electro-optic gating arrangement with improved duty cycle
Lumped Raman amplifier for adaptive dispersion compensation
Reflective variable light attenuator
Optical packet header identifier, optical router incorporating the same therein, and optical routing...
Method and apparatus for adjusting tilting and level of optical signals
Optical clock signal distribution system in WDM network
Methods for treating neurodegenerative disorders
Access parameter adaptation and packet data resource management using detailed mobile status informa...
GPS receiver system and method
Notch filter for DC offset reduction in radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Dual mode unit for short range, high rate and long range, lower rate data communications
Systems and methods for a multi-platform wireless modem
Detachable radio module
State machine for use in call processing system and method of operation
Mobile terminal device to controlling incoming call notifying method
Accessory interface system
Booster system in a cellular phone base station
Wireless communication device with variable antenna radiation pattern and corresponding method
Remotely synchronizing a mobile terminal by adapting ordering and filtering synchronization rules ba...
System and method for secure provisioning of a mobile station from a provisioning server using encry...
System and method for providing a graphical representation of a frame inside a central office of a t...
Method and apparatus for detection and classification of impairments on a RF modulated network
Mass flow meter with symmetrical sensors
Apparatus and method for preserving collectible items
Coaxial cable with strippable center conductor precoat
Fiber distribution frame arrangement having a centralized controller which universally controls and ...
Charging apparatus and charging method
Charging apparatus and method for a secondary battery of a portably electronic device
Constant voltage generator and electronic equipment using the same
Activating a phase in a multiphase DC/DC converter without disturbing the output voltage
Power supply with capacitive mains isolation
DC-DC converter with stabilized output voltage
Power supply for controlled parallel charging and discharging of batteries
Two stage boost converter topology
Integrated circuit for generating a plurality of direct current (DC) output voltages
Method of forming a multi-phase power supply controller
Voltage regulator circuit of integrated circuit chip
ADC transfer function providing improved dynamic regulation in a switched mode power supply
Voltage regulator with adjustable output impedance
Output regulator system and method
Elimination of potential transformer in ANSI Type A voltage regulator
Low power and high accuracy band gap voltage reference circuit
Negative voltage generator for a semiconductor memory device
Voltage-detecting method and related circuits
Precharging load capacitor for power-factor-corrected AC-to-DC power supply
Switching power supply apparatus
Battery monitoring system with low power and end-of-life messaging and shutdown
Disc distraction instrument and measuring device
Apparatus and methods for delivering compounds into vertebrae for vertebroplasty
Triangular handle surgical drill guide
Less invasive surgical system and methods
Apparatus and methods for magnetic alteration of deformities
Bone fixation and fusion device
Peanut spectacle multi discoid thoraco-lumbar disc prosthesis
Vertebral prosthesis and spinal fixation system
Boronized medical implants and process for producing the same
Endoprosthesis for a metatarsophalangeal joint
Methods, systems, and compositions for classification, prognosis, and diagnosis of cancers
Methods and systems for gene expression array analysis
Portable hearing-related analysis system
Method and apparatus for category-based photo clustering in digital photo album
Financial instrument, system, and method for electronic commerce transactions
Query graphs
System and method for generating an amalgamated database
Smart earphone systems devices and methods
Remote center of motion robotic system and method
Methods and measurement engine for aligning multi-projector display systems
Aircraft engine rear mount with thrust links and boomerang-shaped lever
Force feedback refueling system for unmanned aircraft
Dual channel fail-safe system and method for adjusting aircraft trim
Space navigation optical instrument and contaminant removing method thereof
Splicing for interconnected thin-walled metal structures
Covert runway lighting apparatus and method
RF attitude measurement system and method
Automatic collection manager
Method and system for providing secure user access to public or private telephone and internet syste...
Dual-directional hinge
Personal digital assistant with integrated printer including a receptacle for receiving an ink cartr...
Proton exchange membrane materials for the advancement of direct methanol fuel-cell technology
Electronic device with attachment and switching between batteries therefor
User input device
Collagen production promoter composition
B complex vitamin compositions that protect against cellular damage caused by ultraviolet light
Preparation of aqueous clear solution dosage forms with bile acids
Heterocyclic derivatives of 2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid, and use as active photoprotective a...
Method and composition for rejuvenating cells, tissues, organs, hair and nails
System and methods for preventing, detecting, and terminating pacemaker mediated tachycardia in bive...
Estimation of stroke volume cardiac output using an intracardiac pressure sensor
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Automatic waveform output adjustment for an implantable medical device
Systems and methods for reducing the likelihood of inducing collateral neural activity during neural...
Systems and methods for communicating with implantable devices
Pulsed magnetic control system for interlocking functions of battery powered living tissue stimulato...
Methods for making character strings, polynucleotides and polypeptides having desired characteristic...
Calculation method for physical body deformation under load propagation
Balancing the comprehensive health of a user
Methods and apparatus for early detection of health-related events in a population
System, method and program product for sharing information
Computer-implemented methods and apparatus for alleviating abnormal behaviors
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer base...
Text-classification code, system and method
System and method for transforming data to preserve privacy where the data transform module suppress...
Relevance calculation for a reference system in an insurance claims processing system
Work sharing and communicating in a web site system
Mixed-mode optical proximity correction
Publication of an attorney-client privilege warning message
Method and apparatus for measuring physical properties of micro region
Computer programmable remote control
System and method for communication device configuration, scheduling and access control
Method and communication system for handling a packet service
Digital security multimedia sensor
Acoustic quality enhancement via feedback and equalization for mobile multimedia systems
Reconfigurable audiovisual previewing system and method of operation
Session initiation protocol enabled set-top device
Apparatus and method for time synchronization of a plurality of multimedia streams
Dynamic multimedia document
Test authorization system
Research software tool with flowchart graphic user interface
Dianella tasmanica plant named 'TR20'
Dianella revoluta plant named 'DRG04'
Dianella caerulea plant named 'DCMP01'
Dianella caerulea plant named 'DCNCO'
Dianella caerulea plant named 'DBB03'
Schefflera 'Fan'
Murine genomic polynucleotide sequence encoding a G-protein coupled receptor and methods of use ther...
Muir-Torre-like syndrome in Fhit deficient mice
Transgenic mice containing PAFR gene disruptions
Avian transgenesis and exogenous proteins
Transport across nuclear membranes by impulse transients
Canola cultivar NQC02CNX12
Canola cultivar NQC02CNX25
Method of producing and screening antibodies produced in transgenic plants
Genes and uses for plant improvement
Abiotic stress responsive polynucleotides and polypeptides
Transgenic Echinacea plants
Mobile content delivery system
Frequency allocation in communication network
Service-oriented protection scheme for a radio access network
Radio-channel connection controller and mobile communication network system
Wireless apparatus for identification and multimedia files transmission
Mobile radio communication system
Method and apparatus for substantial and uniform ablation about a linear bipolar array of electrodes
Intravascular stimulation system with wireless power supply
Compositions having improved osteogenesis and methods for making and using same
In VIVO sensor and method of making same
Method for determining the position of one vehicle with respect to another vehicle, in particular fo...
System and method for distributing multimedia content via mobile wireless platforms
Method of speaker adaptation for a hidden markov model based voice recognition system
Method and system for purchasing access to a recording
Information exchange apparatus and information exchanging method
System and method for vote-based, interest specific collaboration regarding location of objects
Wlan tight coupling solution
Tag location,client location, and coverage hole location in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for secure access to dedicated network resources
System and method for establishing an authenticated timestamp and content certification
Method and system for providing information concerning broadcast contents for a user
Liner structure for shoes
Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
Tamper resistant institutional shoe
Impact attenuating devices and products containing such devices
Footwear with a sole structure incorporating a lobed fluid-filled chamber
Pedicure shoe
Customized footwear and process for manufacturing such footwear
Sports boot in very stiff material
Soccer shoe having independently supported lateral and medial sides
Method for design and manufacture of insoles
Lace system for footwear
Insert for preventing wrinkling of athletic shoes
Network scanner for global document creation, transmission and management
Method for displaying state of processing data
Information processing system, and program and recording medium implementing functions of the system
Screen design
Method and system using gamut mapping templates to derive actual color gamut mapping
Devices and systems for preventing the propagation of fire along cables and methods of preventing sa...
Fire-resistant panel and method of manufacture
Wall block and method of manufacture thereof
Apparatus, system, and method for constructing a wall using wall blocks
Versatile tapeless drywall system
Shape modification and reinforcement of columns confined with FRP composites
Method and apparatus for forming a through-hole and running wire in a building structure
Use of coal ash for the safe disposal of mineral waste
Linearly retractable pressure hose
Light source apparatus
Composite acoustic attenuation materials
Anchor for hollow walls
Liquid stick antiperspirant
Enzyme granules
Bottle cork with reduced trichloroanisole release and method for its production
Opaque decorative film and construction laminates employing same
Opaque decorative film and construction laminates employing same
Selective expression in filamentous fungi
Techniques and compositions for shielding radioactive energy
Method for producing silicone-treated polymers
Environmentally friendly pesticide compositions
Thixotropic agent that can be activated using actinic radiation, a method for its production and the...
Amphoteric optical brighteners, their aqueous solutions, their production and their use
Process for the recovery of lactic acid by contacting aqueous solutions containing the same with a b...
Manufactured building system and method of manufacture and method of transport
Reverse molded plant-on panel component, method of manufacture, and method of decorating a door ther...
High strength low density multi-purpose panel