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Switching voltage regulator with negative temperature compensation
Current leakage detection in high voltage battery pack
Voltage regulator
Charging circuit with two levels of safety
Test discrimination and test construction for cognitive diagnosis
Systems, program products, and methods of organizing and managing curriculum information
Attendance tracking system
Method of processing non-responsive data items
Self-scoring and self-analyzing test answer sheet
Activity book
Device for improving performance and improving assessment in a combat training center
Alphanumeric font for the blind and visually impaired
Personal hygiene training kit and method for pre-literate children
Method and system for knowledge assessment using confidence-based measurement
Educational game hoop
Nonverbal assessment instruction providing system and method
Navigation surgical training model, apparatus having the same and method thereof
Golf putter for, system and method of training a golf player
Biblical figures
Keyboarding glove and method to teach keyboarding skills
Alphabet based choreography method and system
Aural rehabilitation system and a method of using the same
Methods and apparatus for buying and selling books
Process for the surface decoration of a cosmetic product
Pausing television programming in response to selection of hypertext link
Operating apparatus for moving a pop-up flash unit from a non-projected position to a projected posi...
Image pickup device and method for automatically inputting predefined information and processing ima...
Data processing method, data processing program and recording medium
Image compensation apparatus
Crosstalk identification for spectrum management in broadband telecommunications systems
Echo cancelling/suppression for handsets
Event detection circuit
Device for indicating a call to an absent subscriber
Telephone support method, storage medium and apparatus
System connection adapter and terminal
Method for providing a preferential routing and billing arrangement for a call placed between a call...
Technique for assessing charges for a telecommunication service including information assistance
Automated call connection system
Device and method for playing a ring signal based on a mediate ring information in a communication a...
Semiconductor latches and SRAM devices
Vertex data processing with multiple threads of execution
Non-aqueous electrolyte cell
Toe ramp system
Package with a substrate of high thermal conductivity
Disk brake, in particular, for a utility vehicle
Ultrasonic transducer and method of manufacturing the same
Superconducting Mg-MgB2 and related metal composites and methods of preparation
Composite reinforcing fiber base material, preform and production method for fiber reinforced plasti...
Liquid fuel reservoir for fuel cells
Multiple material golf club head
Seat backrest cover module
Capacitor sensor
Electromagnetic die casting
Gutter cover having a unique interlocking bracket
System and method for acoustic chaos and sonic infrared imaging
Pulse extraction of ocular medical devices
Nutritional supplement for lowering serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Preparation of trans-fused 3,3a,8,12b-tetrahydro-2h-dibenzo[3,4:6,7]cyclohepta[1,2-b]furan derivativ...
Process and intermediates for the preparation of 4-aryl piperidines
Heterocyclic compounds
Substituted 2-pyridine cyclohexane-1,4-diamine compounds
Pharmaceutically active morpholinol
Method and apparatus using alternative site glucose determinations to calibrate and maintain noninva...
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1793 daltons
Targeted retrograde gene delivery for neuronal protection
6-DOF subject-monitoring device and method
Device and method for adjusting currents of lamp tubes
Process and device for translation expressed in two different phonetic forms
Circuit arrangement and method for controlling and evaluating signal detectors
System for surveillance of spectral signals
Semiconductor integrated circuit and a method of testing the same
Fuel cell separator and process for producing the same
Sleep inducing toothpaste made with natural herbs and a natural hormone
Airflow control devices based on active materials
Method of isolating stem cells
Process for the formation of urethane via transcarbamation
Bent axis hydrostatic unit with multiple yokes
Microfield interface device for monitoring animal cage environments
Cradle for an electronic communication device
Hydro-electric farms
Composite arrays utilizing microspheres
Catalyst for polymerization and copolymerization of ethylene
High efficiency induction heating and melting systems
Layered, light-emitting element
Indicating device
Magnetic memory including a sense result category between logic states
Gallium nitride based III-V group compound semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Liquid-jet/liquid droplet initiated plasma discharge for generating useful plasma radiation
Voice over internet protocol
Scheme for determining transport level information in the presence of IP security encryption
Media for recovery of microorganism in the presence of antibiotics
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
System and method for optimized control of multiple oxidizers
Activated carbon for odor control and method for making same
Reverse osmosis pretreatment using low pressure filtration
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Glass compositions
Packed storage phosphor screens or panels
Controlled release composite
Method of dusting-preventive treatment of powder having dusting property
Method and apparatus for lighting with a one-piece panel having a plurality of holes
Cement admixture
Rheomixer device
Building product using an insulation board
Cable support bracket
Process for the production of polylactic acid (PLA) from renewable feedstocks
Process for producing a wollastonite containing polyester and products and articles produced therefr...
Method for preparing phthalate polyester polyol-based dimensionally stable spray polyurethane foam
Genes encoding wheat starch synthases and uses thereof
Ceramic setter plate and method for manufacturing multilayer ceramic substrate using the same
Method of making water-resistant gypsum-based article
Antimicrobial coating composition and treated building construction materials therewith
Adhesives & sealants nanotechnology
Corrugated engineering plastic cardboard
Reinforced paper product and method for making same
Method and composition for coating mat and articles produced therewith
Molluscicide delivery system
Reduction of coal-fired combustion emissions
Method and apparatus for determining aluminum concentration in earth formations
Elemental gamma ray signature instrument
Compositions, devices, and methods for use in environmental remediation
Production and use of a premium fuel grade petroleum coke
Method for producing silicon oxide film and method for producing optical multilayer film
Method for producing fiber product
Additive for cement composition and cement composition containing the same
Compositions for preventing coagulation of water-in-oil emulsion polymers in aqueous saline well tre...
Orthopedic shoe
Sports shoe
Article of footwear with upper support assembly
Shoe with adjustable fitting
Ball and socket 3D cushioning system
Stable footwear that accommodates shear forces
Shoe sole with rounded inner and outer surfaces
Tap dance shoe and method of teaching tap dance
Shoe cover
Shoe with ventilating opening
Air-ventilating insole
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Mega Time Yellow'
Almond tree named 'Folsom'
Tomatoes having reduced polygalacturonase activity caused by non-transgenic mutations in the polygal...
Cotton cultivar DP 6222 RR acala
Stress tolerance and delayed senescence in plants
Production of antibodies
Agroinoculation method for virus induced gene silencing
Modified cottonseed oil
Cytokinin oxidase promoter from maize
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants IV
Fungal resistant transgenic pepper plants and their production method
Sequence-determined DNA encoding MOV34 family polypeptides
Plant disease resistance genes
Cloning of cytochrome p450 genes from nicotiana
Secreted protein associated with depression, compositions and methods of use thereof
Transgenic transchromosomal rodents for making human antibodies
Universal stem cells
Method for producing hypertrophic scarring animal model for identification of agents for prevention ...
Selecting animals for desired genotypic or potential phenotypic properties
In vivo models for rabGEF1-dependent signaling and functions
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing the electro-optical device
Gene expression levels as predictors of chemoradiation response of cancer
Methods for correcting mitotic spindle defects and optimizing preimplantation embryonic developmenta...
Animal model for fetal alcohol syndrome and methods of treatment
Physical design system and method
Electrically active films
System and method for animal production optimization
Method and device for ascertaining a position of a characteristic point
Process, system and method for improving the determination of digestive effects upon an ingestable s...
Mastopexy stabilization apparatus and method
Polymer-ceramic-hydrogel composite scaffold for osteochondral repair
Method and apparatus for wrist arthroplasty
Mobile bearing unicondylar tibial knee prosthesis
Extended articular surface resurfacing head
Prosthetic intervertebral disc implant
Anterior prosthetic spinal disc replacement
Adjustable spinal implant device and method
Facet device and method
Method and apparatus for verification of coherence for shared cache components in a system verificat...
Device/host coordinated prefetching storage system
Interface circuit for selectively latching between different sets of address and data registers base...
System and method for quality of service management in a partitioned storage device or subsystem
Programmatically pre-selecting specific physical memory blocks to allocate to an executing applicati...
System and method for securing drive access to data storage media based on medium identifiers
Data access and management system as well as a method for data access and data management for a comp...
Resynchronization of count key data with its corresponding meta data
Cache victim sector tag buffer
System and method for updating a cache
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Method and apparatus for measuring and controlling food intake of an individual
Methods and apparatus for performing malabsorptive bypass procedures within a patient's gastro-intes...
Pulverulent phytosterol formulations
Preventing/correcting functional disorders of the pilosebaceous unit of mammals
Non-chlorinated concentrated all-in-one acid detergent and method for using the same
Method of analyzing metabolism for animal, method of producing labeled animals, labeled animals and ...
Separation technology
Methods for detection of counterfeit liquids and foods
Confectionery product made of protein and carbohydrate materials present in a relative weight ratio ...
Compositions and processes for water-dispersible phytosterols and phytostanols
Edible film containing food acid
Beverage containing amino acid and method of diminshing bitterness of amino acid
Restructured meat product and process for preparing same
Restructured meat product and process for preparing same
Method for processing and trimming a product
Soy protein containing food product and process for preparing same
Tomato products
Phytonutrient oils
Soluble coffee product having improved flavor and aroma
Chocolate drink and process for producing the same
Bicycle pedal
Jump shoes
Method and apparatus for obtaining data for reconstructing images of an object
Idle read of conversion element in radiation image pick-up apparatus
Stable energy detector for extreme ultraviolet radiation detection
Position sensitive solid state detector with internal gain
Apparatus for measuring absorption dose distribution
Multifrequency ultra-high resolution miniature scanning microscope using microchannel and solid-stat...
Diagnostic apparatus for determining the remineralization ability of tissue
Method of forming a perspective rendering from a voxel space
Programmable front end for a receiving channel
Element for a color flat panel display
Method and apparatus for speaker identification using cepstral covariance matrices and distance metr...
Systems and methods for processing data
Receiving device and integrated circuit for reception
CDMA transmitter/receiver
Adjustable connection admission control method and device for packet-based switch
Low power circuits with small voltage swing transmission, voltage regeneration, and wide bandwidth a...
Temperature monitoring of parallel-connected inverter modules
Method and apparatus for node electronics unit architecture
Method of and device for managing print colors, and image data processing device
Method for screening failure of memory cell transistor
Micromirror modulation method and digital apparatus with improved grayscale
Photoacoustic spectroscopy sample array vessels and photoacoustic spectroscopy methods for using the...
Memory system having multiple subpartitions
Device and method for forming an image composed of a plurality of sub-areas
Hypervideo: information retrieval using time-related multimedia:
Content addressable memory array having flexible priority support
Language independent voice-based search system
Enhanced directory assistance automation
Method and system for filtering of information entities
XML storage solution and data interchange file format structure
Signal processing apparatus and method
Fluorescent lamp ballast control circuit
Data processor and data processing system
Olefin polymerization process
Fuel cell components
Cable sheath including a halogen-free intumescent composition
Production method of wired circuit board
Treatment compositions and strips having a solid adhesive layer and treatment gel adjacent thereto
Toothpaste dispensing figurine
Polysaccharide extract of Dioscorea sp. and an orally active pharmaceutical composition compr...
Aqueous dispersion based on viscous silicone oils crosslinkable by condensation into an adhering ela...
Hands-free stylist stand
Serine protease BSSP5
Collection device for lateral flow chromatography
Information management and control system
Decoding low density parity check codes
Deep fryer
Oxygen inhaler mask with sound pickup device
Adjustable auxiliary apparatus of stable air conditioning for human respiratory system
Power factor correction circuit for electronic ballast
Zoom lens and video camera using it
Transfer unit of electrophotographic image forming appraratus
Solid oxide fuel cells with novel internal geometry
Method of manufacturing optical waveguide and method of manufacturing opto-electric wiring board
Cast membrane structures for sample preparation
Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibition
Speech recognition programming information retrieved from a remote source to a speech recognition sy...
Software development process
Apparatus and method for storing or shipping elongated members
Method of sorting birds
Automated tissue staining system and reagent container
Load leveling yarns and webbings
Position related information presentation system, position related information presentation method a...
Method for scan testing and clocking dynamic domino circuits in VLSI systems using level sensitive l...
Exposure pattern forming method and exposure pattern
Form for casting concrete block column
System and method featuring a controller device and a memory module that includes an integrated circ...
Method for operating an internal combustion engine; control and/or regulating device for an internal...
System and method for making notification of reception limitation status of mobile telephone
Method for controlling power of base station
Method for controlling hand-off for home zone services in a mobile communications system
Apparatus for processing call of wireless LAN using callback function and method thereof
Symbol combining device for multi-path diversity
Developing device having variable bias voltages applied thereto used with electrophotographic image ...
Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the le...
Operating device in a vehicle
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability, escalation to live help, and ac...
Computer system having a hot swappable hot swap controller
Compositions and methods for treating upper respiratory congestion
Semiconductor device saving data in non-volatile manner during standby
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Plasma display device having barrier ribs
Method and apparatus for an architecture and design of internet protocol quality of service provisio...
Filtering a permission set using permission requests associated with a code assembly
System, method and program for scanning for viruses
Blocking of spam e-mail at a firewall
Computer network and methods for granting and revoking access privileges for an information source
System, method and program to filter out login attempts by unauthorized entities
Method, system and program product for securing resources in a distributed system
Delivering a geographic-specific comprehensive program guide
Rendering graphics/image data using dynamically generated video streams
Dynamically generating video streams for user interfaces based on device capabilities
Dynamically generating video streams for slideshow presentations
Cycling of recording states for program selections during video recording conflict resolution
Aligning video data to create a comprehensive program guide
Bluetooth TDI and winsock interface
Method and system for time synchronization among systems using parallel sysplex links
Lightweight reference counting using single-target synchronization
Method and apparatus for avoiding data dependency hazards in a microprocessor pipeline architecture
System, apparatus and method of adaptively queueing processes for execution scheduling
Scheduling threads in a multiprocessor computer
System, apparatus and method of reducing adverse performance impact due to migration of processes fr...
Methods and systems for modifying nodes in a cluster environment
System and method utilizing dynamic beam forming for wireless communication signals
System and method for adaptive deep-sleep slotted operation
Holographic digital data storage system compatible with holographic and reflective medium
Refractive index system monitor and control for immersion lithography
Magnifying optical system with a variable color LED
Wide-angle projection lens
Image scanning lens and image scanning device that uses same
Apparatus for driving dynamic aperture and method of controlling the same
Image pickup apparatus
Zoom lens, and video camera and digital still camera using the zoom lens
Optical cross-connect apparatus
All optical data selection element
Tunable micro-lens array
Lens, optical pickup device, and method for detecting lens inclination
Amphibious antennas for providing near vertical incidence skywave communication
Electromagnetic sensor system and method
Intensity modulated fiber optic microbend accelerometer
Deposition of thin films using an infrared laser
Instrumented fiber optic tow cable
Test system for a flexible tube
Nanoporous membrane reactor for miniaturized reactions and enhanced reaction kinetics
Use of doped silicon dioxide in the fabrication of solar cells
Method of producing compound semiconductor device
Organic compositions
Acquiring seismic data
Electronic device, a digital-to-analog converter, and a method of using the electronic device
Monitoring and tracking network
Electrical generating system having a magnetic coupling
Circuit arrangement for a photodiode
Electrically heated hand grip
Skateboard with motorized drive and brake systems
Method for monitoring and controlling chlorine levels in an aqueous medium
Concentration device using magnetic particles and method therefor
Filter system and methods of operating the same
Spin-on filter including improved sealing arrangement and filter head therefor
Fuel strainer assembly
Solid compositions for selective adsorption from complex mixtures
Catch basin filter
Corn event TC1507 and methods for detection thereof
Method for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides
33 human secreted proteins
Natural promoters for gene expression in C1 metabolizing bacteria
2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro modified RNA
Use of signal transduction inhibitors and combination therapies for the prevention or treatment of c...
Purification of a triple helix formation with an immobilized oligonucleotide
Modified defensins and their use
Fluorescent proteins
Bromodomain protein
Carbohydrate based alkyds
Resin composition with biodegradable non-liquid-crystalline and liquid-crystalline polymers
Purified polypeptides having IL-13 receptor activity
Purified polypeptides having IL-13 receptor activity
Glucopyranosyloxyprazole derivatives and use thereof in medicines
Tanaproget derivatives, metabolites,and uses thereof
D-xylopyranosyl-phenyl-substituted cycles, medicaments containing such compounds, their use and proc...
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and medicin...
Derivatives of cyclodextrins
Oxolide antibacterials
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Double-sided organic electroluminescent display module and information terminal
Electrode structure for electronic and opto-electronic devices
Optical detection system including semiconductor element
ARQ (automatic repeat request) for broadband fixed wireless network
Bookmark beacon system and method
Method for creating a dynamic talk group
Multiple personality telephony devices
Driving workload estimation
Driving workload estimation
Dual operating mode electronic disabling device for generating a time-sequenced, shaped voltage outp...
Ion implanter having two-stage deceleration beamline
Apparatus and method for detecting weapons of mass destruction
Microwave component heating method
Welding gun
Stud welding gun with stud detection system
Platelet membrane glycoprotein VI (GPVI) DNA and protein sequences, and uses thereof
Thermally-stabilized thermal barrier coating
Method for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Apparatus for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Hand-held nailing tool
Method for weaving low flaw cloths by means of the elimination of weft thread sections which have ir...
Method for shipboard operation of electromagnetic gun and rotating pulse forming network
Remote monitoring diagnostic system and method thereof
Signal processor and cooling method of the same, and radio receiver including the signal processor a...
Developing apparatus in an image forming apparatus
Foil structures for use in a capacitor with an anode foil and a cathode foil stacked together
MIM multilayer capacitor
Micro mirror device with adjacently suspended spring and method for the same
Method and system for undersampled symbol synchronization
System and method for providing vector editing of bitmap images
System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
System, method, and computer program product for general environment mapping
Type font
Methods and apparatus for parsing extensible markup language (XML) data streams
Methods and systems for preparing extensible markup language (XML) documents and for responding to X...
Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method
Method for the gasification of coal
AutoSolar Thermal Electric Conversion (ASTEC) solar power system
Large array of mass data storage devices connected to a computer by a serial link
Liquid crystal monitor drive apparatus capable of reducing electromagnetic interference
Local area positioning system slave receiver
Methods and apparatus for testing a train control system
Multiport memory, data processor and data processing system
Defibrillator with uncontrolled solid state switching
Method, apparatus and program for determining available bandwidth between multiple points in a commu...
Vertical instruction and data processing in a network processor architecture
Data relay unit and multiplex communication system capable of inhibiting data relay in response to f...
Network switch having a programmable counter
Apparatus and method for minimizing reception nulls in heterodyned ultrasonic signals
Flexible digital halftoning
Digital communication over 28VDC power line
Dual electrospray ionization source for mass spectrometer
Printing cost charging system
Electronic voting system and method of preventing unauthorized use of ballot cards therein
Dual-sided smart card reader
Recurrent billing maintenance system
Automated transaction system and method
Dental implant
Dental prosthesis post and core assembly
Positioning device for fitting implant-supported dental prostheses
Non-destructive method of predicting performance of ceramic components
Complex formed by N-linked glycoproteins (SIBLINGS)and Factor H
Implant alignment
Determination of light absorption pathlength in a vertical-beam photometer
Ice cream scoop
Bottle cap
Paste container for screen printing and screen printing apparatus
6-5, 6-6, or 6-7 Heterobicycles as factor Xa inhibitors
Bioabsorbable self-expanding stent
DNA sequence coding for protein C
Methods for removing suspended particles from soluble protein solutions
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
5-HT receptor ligands and uses thereof
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Peptides and polypeptides useful for regenerating the nervous system
Methods and deoxyribonucleic acid for the preparation of tissue factor protein
Lipid peroxide-lowering compositions
Oxazolidinone compounds
3,4,5-trisubstituted aryl nitrone compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Substituted sulfonylphenylheterocycles as cyclooxygenase-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors
Treatment of neoplasms with yujungamycins
Ventilation element for a cooler
Epoxy adhesive having improved impact resistance
Gate control circuit with soft start/stop function
Motor drive device and motor drive integrated circuit device
Current/voltage converter arrangement
D/A converter and semiconductor device
High-frequency composite switch module and mobile communication device using the same
Methods and apparatus for charging a battery in a peripheral device
Method and apparatus for cleaning effluent
ATM node having local error correcting procedures
System and method for isolating faults in a network
Partitioning of storage channels using programmable switches
Storage system having a plurality of interfaces
Adaptive bit rate transponder
Tuned bandwidth photocathode for transmission negative electron affinity devices
Electron beam apparatus and device manufacturing method using same
High dielectric constant metal oxide gate dielectrics
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device including a dielectric layer formed using a reactive ag...
Flash memory device and a fabrication process thereof, method of forming a dielectric film
Flash memory device and fabrication process thereof, method of forming a dielectric film
Active wafer cooling during damage engineering implant to enhance buried oxide formation in SIMOX wa...
Method for forming a micro pattern
Method for forming micro groove structure
System, method and apparatus for automatic control of an RF generator for maximum efficiency
Method for manufacturing electronic circuits integrated on a semiconductor substrate
Method of reworking layers over substrate
Method for the patterned, selective metallization of a surface of a substrate
Method for fabricating semiconductor components by forming conductive members using solder
Method for creating barrier layers for copper diffusion
Electronic device manufacturing method
Hydrophilic cotton product comprising a soft surface and a scraping surface
Child-resistant packaging for tablets
Dynamically configurable printer and method of use thereof
Method for implementing a redundant data storage system
System and method for delayed increment of a counter
Computer system employing pipeline operation
Information gathering facility employing dictionary file containing multiple inquires
Performance technology infrastructure for modeling the performance of computer systems
Method and system for instruction of a computer
Highly homogeneous amorphous silica-alumina catalyst composition
Use of zeolite ITQ-21 in the catalytic cracking of organic compounds
Viewer system and method allocating a degree of importance to a network address based upon frequency...
Method and coding apparatus using low density parity check codes for data storage or data transmissi...
Virtual expansion of program RAM size
Electronic device with USB interface
Method of providing synchronous transport of packets between asynchronous network nodes in a frame-b...
Interworking method and apparatus
Vehicle external mirror wiring integration
Reconfiguration method for a sensor system comprising at least one set of observers for failure comp...
Planting apparatus and method
Method of route calculation and method of navigation
Cellemetry-operated railroad switch heater
Alkyl toluene sulfonate detergent
Cloning and expression of recombinant adhesive protein MEFP-2 of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis<...
Recombinant poxviruses having foreign DNA expressed under the control of poxvirus regulatory sequenc...
Cervical disc replacement
Cervical disc replacement method
closure for rod receiving orthopedic implant having a pair of spaced apertures for removal
Tissue ablation device assembly and method for electrically isolating a pulmonary vein ostium from a...
Method and apparatus for EMR treatment
Enhanced interstitial fluid collection
System and method for assessing urinary function
Pre-boot authentication system
Configurable memory design for masked programmable logic
Simplifying verification of an SFI converter by data format adjustment
Function interface system and method of processing issued functions between co-processors
Cardiac stimulation device including sleep apnea prevention and treatment
Method of using a Manhattan layout to realize non-Manhattan shaped optical structures
Measurement of large strains in ropes using plastic optical fibers
Tunable optical filters
Cloning and expression of a novel 5-HT4 receptor
Metallurgical impact pad
Optical devices including microstructured fiber sections disposed for transverse signal propagation
Process for producing a leached fiber bundle, and improved leached fiber bundle
Metal-based anodes for aluminium electrowinning cells
Anodic protection systems and methods
Inverter for providing power to lamp circuit
Method, apparatus and system for use in processing wafers
Screening methods for inhibitors of protein-protein binding interactions
Device for carefully detaching and removing a press-molded part from a die
Device and method of controlling operation of robot apparatus
Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
Polarization rotator, parallax barrier, display and optical modulator
Table top drug dispensing vial access adapter
Fluorescent isothiocyanate (fitc) sinistrin, its production and use
Process for preparing films of polymerized liquid crystal material having a first film of a polymeri...
Color image forming apparatus and method
Power converter and system using the same
Multilayered oscillating functional surface
Electromagnetic induction pen-like device with writing function
Dual frequency antennas and associated down-conversion method
Linear polarization planar microstrip antenna array with circular patch elements and co-planar annul...
Fixing device and control method therefor
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a memory bus interface by selectively disabli...
Discrete optoelectric package
System and method for canceling crosstalk
Hybrid data transport scheme over optical networks
Link order replacement optimization
Flame retardant insulation compositions having improved abrasion resistance
Belt drive control device and image forming apparatus including the same
Disk device holding a plurality of disks at its inner diameter
Optical disk and method of producing the same
Semiconductor, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating the same
Method for manufacturing a spark plug, and spark plug
Attachment clip and attachment structure using same
Fuel properties estimation for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing glass tube
Method to control high condenser pressure
Method of achieving jet separation of an un-separated flow in a divergent nozzle body of a rocket en...
Adjustable baffle for mowing deck
Method for the manufacture of a sensor element
Jacket for baseball
Disk device
Secondary processor execution kernel framework
Semiconductor device with a frequency selective guard ring
Fuel cell stack
Process for the preparation of sulphonamide-substituted imidazotriazinones
Integrated fuel cell system
Brazing product and method of manufacturing a brazing product
Dye-based fuel indicator system for fuel cells
Process for producing a membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells
Fuel reformer for use in fuel cell
Proton conduction material and method of manufacturing the same
Platinum-ruthenium-palladium fuel cell electrocatalyst
Method of marking ophthalmic lens by using laser radiation
Radiation-curable prepolymers
Fraction collector for composition analysis
Treatment of cancer with 2-deoxyglucose
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Electrically operated derailleur with power storing mechanism
Sport ball with self-contained dual action inflation mechanism
Vessel propelled by oscillating fin with control mechanisms
Multidirectional light emitting diode unit
Manual container lifter
Pedalling apparatus
Sliding apparatus on snow
Adjustable locking strap
Protective head covering having impact absorbing crumple zone
Versatile garment
Bicycle disc brake
Scintillator coatings having barrier protection, light transmission, and light reflection properties
Flywheel energy storage systems
I/C chip suitable for wire bonding
Integrated circuits using optical waveguide interconnects formed through a semiconductor wafer and m...
Flame retardant for polymeric materials
Toughness enhanced silicon-containing composite bodies, and methods for making same
Macrocyclic polyester oligomers and processes for polymerizing the same
Carbon nanotube product comprising single-walled carbon nanotubes
Cathodoluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating s...
Leukemic cell-adsorbing material containing lectin protein from Dolichos beans or soybeans
Method of treatment of connective tissue disorders by administration of streptolysin O
Flexible stent and method of manufacture
Medical device for delivering a therapeutic agent and method of preparation
Multi-property nitinol by heat treatment
Expandable stents
Variable expansion force stent
Apparatus and method for decreasing stent gap size
Method and apparatus for treating annular fissures in intervertebral discs
Methods, systems, and devices for deploying an embolic protection filter
Embolic protection device
Detachable coil for aneurysm therapy
Atherectomy catheter with aligned imager
Laser pulmonary vein isolation
Infusion device and driving mechanism for same
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilitie...
Implantable medical connector for medical tubing with anchoring features
Lamination apparatus for automated manufacturing system of lithium secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Spot-on formulations for combating parasites
Coccidial vaccine and methods of making and using same
Selection of poultry Eimeria strains through extra-intestinal sporozoites
Synergistic composition and methods for treating neoplastic or cancerous growths and for restoring o...
Erythropoietin receptor antibodies
Dual roles of pepper esterase as a biocontrol agent
Systems and methods of item delivery utilizing a delivery notice
Combination library patron-supervisor self check-in/out workstation
Three-dimensional image display system
Process for preparation of catalyst composition for ethylene polymerization
Bridging rein
Moisture-wicking saddle pad
Motorcycle safety belt
Eye shadow case
Spatula handle for a device having a non-shaving head
Eyelash curler
Hair styling device
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Race car lighter
Combination cigar holder and lighter
Portion of lamp housing
Decorative illuminated object
Desk or table lamp
Lighting fixture vanity strip
Lighting fixture
Flashlight with a flared head
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Electrochemical hydrogen compressor for electrochemical cell system and method for controlling
System and method for regulating steam pressure in a fuel cell system
Coating composition with epoxy- polyester polymer
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Skin whitening compositions containing asparagus extract
Soft solid compositions with reduced syneresis
Preparation of satin white
Clear silicone microemulsions formed spontaneously
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic carrier and composition for topical application
Support for domain level business object keys in EJB
Automated domain name registration
System and method for using remote links for processing document data
Method, system, and program for providing data updates to a page including multiple regions of dynam...
Synthetic stucco compositions
High temperature glass fiber insulation
Dental restorations formed by solid free-form fabrication methods
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and electrophotographic apparatus, process cartridge and method u...
Woven materials with incorporated solids and processes for the production thereof
Composite backing layer for a downhole acoustic sensor
Optical glass and optical product using the same
Sealant coating for stucco and method of production thereof
Polyester process
Thermoformable packaging film
Two component coating compositions containing highly branched copolyester polyol
Process of making partially oriented poly(trimethylene terephthalate) yarn
Aqueous developable photoimageable thick film compositions
Piping elbow liners
Circuit-substrate working system and electronic-circuit fabricating process
Optical analysis systems
Optical inspection system and method of use
Secure point of sale imageable substrate
Voltage modulator circuit to control light emission for non-invasive timing measurements
Image sensor packages
Optical integrating chamber lighting using multiple color sources
Process for preparing isomers of salbutamol
Complex catalyst, process for producing the complex catalyst, and process for producing alcohol deri...
Method of making a top-emitting OLED device having improved power distribution
Early transparency detection routine for inkjet printing
Tilt adjusting method for guide shafts in a recording medium driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for propagating a piecewise linear function to a surface
Inductive output tube having a broadband impedance circuit
RFIC die-package configuration
Optical systems with diversity detection
Method of removing DC offset for a ZIF-based GSM radio solution with digital frequency correlation
Apparatus, and associated method, for recovering a desired component of a receive signal received at...
Multicast radio communication system and apparatus
TDMA radio terminal capable of adjusting transmit timing by using measured delay time
Information transmission method, mobile communications system, base station and mobile station in wh...
Radio communication system
Access technology integrated header compression
Antenna device and method of manufacturing same
Electronic device, reception control method for an electronic device, and reception control program ...
Failed filter arrest indicator and method for use in multiple arrester location
Image forming apparatus, communication system for maintenance of image forming apparatus, maintenanc...
Exercising using a public communication network
Stable extended release oral dosage composition
Limiting message diffusion between mobile devices
Apparatus and method to coordinate requests provided to a data storage and retrieval system
Content management system and methodology for implementing a complex object using nested/recursive s...
Mobile room partition system with central connecting panel and lateral storage units
Method and system for pending voicemail deletion and status notification
Multi-mode message routing and management
System and method for telephonic switching and signaling based on voice recognition
Hydrogen-less CVD TiN process for FeRAM VIA0 barrier application
System and methods for producing a color filter
Mobile station having indoor/outdoor mode shifting function
Electro-optical device, method for making the same, and electronic apparatus
Display device
Device and method for driving organic EL display
Sputtering target and transparent conductive film
Method for determining vision defects and for collecting data for correcting vision defects of the e...
Electrically insulated electroluminescent display
Group management apparatus
Active retinoic acid-free culture medium for avian totipotent embryonic stem cells
Functional gene array in yeast
Use of ROR for receptors for screening substances useful for the treatment of atherosclerosis
Method of switching internet personas based on URL
Receive system for high q antennas in nqr and a method of detecting substances
Self-shielded gradient field coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for dynamic detection and change in the magnetic field distribution in magnetic resonance (NM...
Method for k-space data acquisition and mri device
RF coil for imaging system
Receiver coil loop for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Degenerate birdcage coil and transmit/receive apparatus and method for same
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Tire with tread of CIS 1,4-polybutadiene rich rubber composition which contains a functional styrene...
Self-releasing curing bladder containing a micro-encapsulated lubricant and use thereof to cure rubb...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Relaxation oscillator for transponder
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Tire with component of carbon black rich rubber composition which contains alkylphenoxypoly (alkylen...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Devulcanization of cured rubber
Light weight cable bead core
Tire tread
Method and apparatus for performing relational speech recognition
Electrode substrate of plasma display panel and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for electrostatic dispensing of microdroplets
Golf ball
Golf club head
Pneumatic tire comprising cap and base and spirally wound cord
Head for golf club
Golf clubhead and method of manufacturing the same
Tire for automobile
Stillness judging device and scanning line interpolating device having it
Apparatus and method for image conversion and automatic error correction for digital television rece...
Method of eliminating hot spot in digital photograph
Image pickup apparatus
Method for orienting a digital image on a display of an image display device
Method and apparatus for driving solid state image sensor
Solid-state logarithmic image sensing device
CMOS imaging device for amplifying and fetching signal charge
Image-capturing element, image-capturing circuit for processing signal from image-capturing element,...
Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium having a color suppression m...
Portable printer and camera
System and method for communicating content information to an image capture device
Electronic camera and system for transmitting digital over a communication network
Apparatus for converting floating point values to gamma corrected fixed point values
Method of displaying a graphic containing contours on a display unit
Thin-film magnetic memory device with memory cells having magnetic tunnel junction
Method for making nanoscale wires and gaps for switches and transistors
Method of vector generation for estimating performance of integrated circuit designs
System and method for testing memory
Hierarchical general interconnect architecture for high density FPGA'S
Devices for storing and accumulating defect information, semiconductor device and device for testing...
Program-controlled unit
Plasma display panel
Clothlike pattern densified web
Antagonists for human prolactin
Cross-linked networks from multifunctional hyperbranched polymers
Flame retardant polymer compositions
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Notetaking system incorporating coded data sensor
Robust recognizer of perceptually similar content
Low visibility watermark using time decay fluorescence
Forensic communication apparatus and method
Applying informed coding, informed embedding and perceptual shaping to design a robust, high-capacit...
Superposition of data over voice
System and method for visual representation of tabs in a production printing workflow
Demodulating encoded data
Self-service kiosk
Wind energy plant having an observation platform
Electronic automotive anti-theft device
Methods of operating a parallel hybrid vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a secondary ...
Method and system for monitoring the wheels of motor vehicle
Turn signal assembly
Motor vehicle door handle
Method used for relocking a vehicle equipped with a hands-free access system
Remote control system for a vehicle
Pigment-based inks for ink-jet printing
Magnetic current concentrator connector for electric motor
Adsorptive duct for contaminant removal, and methods
Method and apparatus for telephone line testing
Stormwater treatment apparatus and method
Gaming device having apparent and final awards
Gaming device having independent reel columns
Gaming device having offer and acceptance game with hidden offer
Laminar flow wing for transonic cruise
Method for manufacturing electrical connectors for enhancing coplanarity
Systems and methods for ordering and distributing incentive messages
Neurotrophic and neuroprotective peptides
Thyronamine derivatives and analogs and methods of use thereof
Uses of acylated aminopropanediols and sulphur and nitrogen analogues of same f
Therapeutic compositions and uses
Irreversible selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Carbonylamino-benzimidazole derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Remedies for neurodegenerative diseases
1,2,4-Oxadiazole benzoic acid compounds and their use for nonsense suppression and the treatment of ...
Triazolopyridinylsulfanyl derivatives as p38 MAP kinase inhibitors
Carboxylic acid derivatives as IP antagonists
Methods for modulating lipoprotein and cholesterol levels in humans
Methods for treating gastrointestinal disorders
Pacer with combined defibrillator tailored for bradycardia patients
Spinal ligament modification
Spinal ligament modification devices
Apparatus and method to access bone marrow
Spinal ligament modification kit
Substituted indole compounds, their preparation and use in medicaments
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Novel modulators of the PPAR-type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositions comprised there...
Indole derivatives comprising an acetylene group
Inherently radiopaque bioresorbable polymers for multiple uses
Ammonolysis process for the preparation of intermediates for DPP IV inhibitors
Virtual dental game
Clapping apparatus
Cleanable mixer driver apparatus and method
Ball projector for surface projectile game
System and method for playing a bonus game
Memory engagement game
Systems, methods and kits to facilitate the solution of diagramless crossword puzzles
Holistic game system
Method and apparatus for recovering data stream clock
Battery terminal sealing and supporting device and method
Baseball water slide apparatus
Method of switching background images in accordance with movement of characters, storage medium for ...
Method and system for dynamic interactive display of digital images
Method for knowledge management
Quantifying gene relatedness via nonlinear prediction of gene
Diagnostic system and operating method for the same
System and method for product configuration using numerical clauses and inference procedures
Information search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Ranking items
Watermarking and fingerprinting digital content using alternative blocks to embed information
Lenticular label manufacture
Form having a removable wristband and labels
Voice filter for normalizing an agent's emotional response
Auto-folder type cellular phone with variable opening and closing velocity
Latch mechanism and electronic device employing a latch mechanism
Heuristically assisted user interface for a wireless communication device
Mobile communication system and switching apparatus
Data carrier system
Motorcycle helmet communication cable
System and method for call forwarding in a communication system
Method and architecture for interactive two-way communication devices to interact with a network
Method and system for routing cellular calls to desired discount telephone services
Method and system for processing adjustments to the type and quality of multimedia communication ses...
Peak time indicator
Portable radio telephone set
Portable electronic device with foldable display and hide-away keyboard
Telephone handset shoulder rest and method of using and making same
Apparatus for opening and closing cover of cellular phone
Mode-dependent, multiple bias-driven battery switch for subscriber line interface circuit
Telecommunications gateway and method
Subband echo location and double-talk detection in communication systems
Modem with enhanced echo canceler
Small array microphone for acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression
Method and device for providing downloaded objects to an application
Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration of a lexical analysis parser
Iconic representation of content
Graphical user interface to build event-based dynamic searches or queries using event profiles
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple alternative graphical user interfaces in computer-moder...
Method and system for normalizing dirty text in a document
Safe save method of HTML files using recovery files including a list with temporary and final names ...
System, method, and software for inserting hyperlinks into documents
Reliable standby database failover
Authentication and verification for use of software
Document and bearer verification system
Logical view with granular access to exchange data managed by a modular data and storage management ...
System having address-based intranode coherency and data-based internode coherency
Memory device and method for storing and reading a file system structure in a write-once memory arra...