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Apparatus, system and method for improved calibration and measurement of differential devices
Compensating recipients of calls
Task chair
Method for controlling seismic coverage using decision theory
Molecular sieve compositions, catalysts thereof, their making and use in conversion processes
Detoxification of solid freeform fabrication materials
Stereo sound circuit device for providing three-dimensional surrounding effect
Head-mounted display by integration of phase-conjugate material
Dynamic time-of-day sky box lighting
Method and apparatus for displaying 3d images
Methods and systems for controlling an exercise apparatus using a portable remote device
Keystone correction derived from the parameters of projectors
Marketing analysis and planning system and method
Condensing lens, optically-multiplexed-laser-light source, and exposure system
Regenerative heat pump system
Electronic camera employing reflective flat panel display for viewing and printing images
Hybrid fuel cell
Water desalination process using ion selective membranes
Motor driven two-stage centrifugal air-conditioning compressor
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation with a selected property
Ratchet wrench
Optoelectronic device packaging with hermetically sealed cavity and integrated optical element
TFT-based common gate CMOS inverters, and computer systems utilizing novel CMOS inverters
Double-gate structure fin-type transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with reduced leakage current
Memory cells with nonuniform floating gate structures
Scalable gate and storage dielectric
Nitrided STI liner oxide for reduced corner device impact on vertical device performance
Magnetic memory device and manufacturing method therefor
Single poly CMOS imager
Silicon-based light emitting diode
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Optimized buffering for JTAG boundary scan nets
Process control apparatus, systems, and methods
Method, system, and medium for handling misrepresentative metrology data within an advanced process ...
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
High performance RF inductors and transformers using bonding technique
Diamond metal-filled patterns achieving low parasitic coupling capacitance
Resin sealing-type semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile resistance variable devices
Semiconductor device having a mushroom gate with hollow space
Arteriosclerosis detection system
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and image processing method
Imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for automated cellular bioinformatics
Method for driving solid-state imaging pickup device at a variable frame rate and camera
Typing and diagnosis of spongiform encephalopathy
Binding curvature correction
Method of calculating shading correction coefficients of imaging systems from non-uniform and unknow...
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for facial area adjustment of an image
Method and apparatus of scoring an arterial obstruction
Analysis of fundus images
Detection system and method using thermal image analysis
Process and device for improving the visibility in vehicles
Nucleic acid diagnostics based on mass spectrometry or mass separation and base specific cleavage
Analytical method and apparatus
Optical apparatus
Methods and systems for substrate surface evaluation
Detector configurations for optical metrology
Method and apparatus for measuring analytes in blood bags
Variable indication estimator
Biosensor and methods of use thereof
Bioabsorbable marker having external anchoring means
System and method for providing repeated elimination bonus in gaming activities
Virtual gaming peripherals for a gaming machine
Gambling game system and methods
Vacuum pump
Disposable cassette for intravascular heat exchange catheter
Diaphragm pump and pump for double-breast pumping
Secondary containment for a magnetic-drive centrifugal pump
Electric compressor
Hydraulic system comprising a main pump and a precompression pump
Fan motor with digital controller for applying substantially constant driving current
High pressure reciprocating pump and control of the same
High-speed fluidic device
Vibrating type compressor
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Air compressor with improved hand portability
Process and a device for transport of gas
Fluid machine
Portable liquid dispensers
Guitar head
Color management and solution distribution system and method
Thermotherapy via targeted delivery of nanoscale magnetic particles
Automatic surgical sponge counter and blood loss determination system
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Human G-protein coupled receptor
Toxicity screening method
Antibody pair screening methods
Development system providing extensible remoting architecture
Reconfigurable programmable logic system with configuration recovery mode
Caching queue status updates
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block...
Method, apparatus, and product to associate computer aided design data and bill of materials data
Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy
Universal mobile keyboard
Microdevice having non-linear structural component and method of fabrication
Gas-liquid separator
Methods and jewelry articles comprising sintered tungsten carbide
Harvesting apparatus and method therefor
Lettuce harvesting method
Computer peripheral
Ventilation slot for a produce packaging container
Apparatus for testing an interconnecting logic fabric
Reliable real-time transport protocol
Compounds and methods for inhibition of phospholipase A2 and cyclooxygenase - 2
Multiparticulate formulations of lithium salts for oral administration suitable for once-a-day admin...
Electric power steering apparatus
Trailer tongue length estimation using a trailer yaw rate sensor
Door lock apparatus for vehicle
Intake system
Ventilated snowmobile seat
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus and seatbelt protraction and retraction amou...
Hydraulic clutch actuation system
Driver control input device for drive-by-wire vehicle
Working vehicle propelled by independently driven right and left running units
Adjustable seat with lock-out feature
Torque-based occupant weight estimation apparatus for a vehicle seat
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Subframe mount structure
Method and a system for controlling the propulsion of a hybrid motor vehicle
Golf bag
Cooler plate and gearbox assembly
Method for production of hydrophilic resin
Imaging system for examining biological material
Cotton cultivar 01Z34
Soybean variety 91M50
Transformation and regeneration of sunflower cotyledons
Use of a nucleic acid encoding a hypersensitive response elicitor polypeptide to enhance growth in p...
Isolation and characterization of a fiber-specific β-tubulin promoter from cotton
Gene preparations
Polynucleotides encoding an acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase from Hevea brasiliensis, related pro...
Method for manufacturing glycoproteins having human-type glycosylation
Colorant compounds
Amorphous polyether glycols based on bis-substituted oxetane and tetrahydrofuran monomers
Body implantable lead including one or more conductive polymer electrodes and methods for fabricatin...
Implantable medical electrical stimulation lead fixation method and apparatus
Central venous catheter having a soft tip and fiber optics
Image forming apparatus with adjustable removal and developing nips
Magnetic recording and reproducing system and magnetic recording medium used therein
Polarizing element, and plane light source unit and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Use of a metallic mercaptothiazole or metallic mercaptobenzothiazole in golf ball compositions
Antenna assembly with injection-molded seal
Antenna device and its use in a communication device
Toughened plastics and preparation thereof
Dressing and a method for applying the same
Carbon fiber reinforced resin composition, molding compounds and molded products therefrom
Prevention of loss and restoration of bone mass by certain prostaglandin agonists
Process and device for aerating a liquid with gas
Method for preventing the formation of biological films
Device and system for reversibly trapping and isolating carbohydrates
Method and device for introducing a liquid-vapor mixture into a radial feed cylindrical fractionatin...
Computer peripheral device, its control method, image pickup device, storage medium, computer system...
Method and apparatus for input of coded image data
Position detecting device and position detecting method
Developing device and process cartridge including the same for use in electro photographic image-for...
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Color image forming apparatus with temperature control
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Camera system and camera
Electronic device and camera
Image search method and apparatus
Memory management of compressed image data
Processing for accurate reproduction of symbols and other high-frequency areas in a color image
Image processing method and apparatus
Image input apparatus, image input method, recording medium, and encryption processing program store...
Mobile radiographic apparatus, radiographic system, radiographic method, program, computer-readable ...
Radiographic apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for recording information on information recording medium
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium the...
Base station, base station module and method for estimating parameters of uplink signals
Transmission of a common pilot channel from a beamforming transmit antenna array
Radio transmitter that determines proper standard
Method for synchronizing the internal clock of a mobile radio terminal with local time
Position information management system
Method of controlling load in mobile communication system by DTX period modification
Mobile telephone communication system capable of curtailing request for hand off to a mobile telepho...
CDMA type mobile station having first and second receiving portions for rounding off a chip offset t...
Frequency reuse scheme and corresponding frequency hopping sequence
Method, subscriber device and radio communication system for transmitting group messages
Measurement of local oscillation leakage in a radio frequency integrated circuit
Line-of-sight radio communication terminal, method and program
Radio station and radio system
Controlling operation of mobile base station so as to avoid radio interference
Communication device and its control parameter setting method
Relay apparatus in a digital radio communication system and a relay method thereof
Dual mode radio frequency reception device and corresponding multimedia receiver
Powder container, powder contained product, powder container manufacturing method, powder contained ...
Ink disposal in cartridges
High temperature process for the production of atactic, amorphous, tacky propylene polymers
Electrophoretic cross-flow filtration and electrodeionization: method for treating effluent waste an...
Aqueous, effect-producing coating material, method for the production thereof and use of the same
Firing furnace and firing method
Brightness enhancement article having trapezoidal prism surface
Enzyme which cleaves ester groups and which is derived from Thermononospora fusca
Recording method and recording apparatus utilizing laser focusing element
Ultrasonic welding method for the manufacture of a polishing pad comprising an optically transmissiv...
Conveyor belt modules with embedded rollers retained in the modules and associated method
Process for the preparation of organic compounds containing a sulfinyl or sulfonyl group
Surfactant prevention of lung complications from cancer chemotherapy
Image forming apparatus having flash lamp and image forming method using the same
Data processing apparatus for arc welding
Servo tool unit attachment and detachment method
Servo unit and joint servo for use in a robot system
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate plating apparatus
Cleaning composition
Dishwasher for receiving articles disposed in a washing receptacle for cleaning
System and method for developing custom programmable tags
Method for preparing a homo-and co-polymers by polymerization of cyclic olefin compounds using fluor...
Polyolefin catalyst component using non-covalent interactions
Apparatus and method for estimating residual gas amount of internal combustion engine, and apparatus...
Contact charger and image forming apparatus
Time and frequency windowed pocket cardiac stethoscope
Method and apparatus for accurately reading a potentiometer
Self-calibration method and system for synthesizers
Touch and proximity sensor control systems and methods with improved signal and noise differentiatio...
System and method for configuring a heat transfer decorating machine for different package configura...
Methods and devices for reduction of motion-induced noise in optical vascular plethysmography
Apparatus and method for generating calibration gas
Method and apparatus for increasing drilling capacity and removing cuttings when drilling with coile...
Circular saw
Motor vehicle with a gearbox and method for operating a motor vehicle
Foot-operated pipette dispenser
Method and apparatus for measuring and orienting golf club shaft
Aerial sampler system
Automatic selection of stimulation chamber for ventricular resynchronization therapy
Method for setting rotational speed of register rollers and image forming apparatus using the method
Method and structure for electronically transmitting a text document and linked information
Attachment for impact hammer
Diaphragm pump
System and method for efficiently mapping heterogeneous objects onto an array of heterogeneous progr...
Adaptive adjustment of constraints during PLD placement processing
Method and device for glucose concentration measurement with special attention to blood glucose dete...
Scalable modular architecture for parity calculation
Cancellation of optical signal reflections in bi-directional optical fibers
Methods for congestion mitigation in infiniband
Fabrication of multi-layer dispersion-engineered waveguides
Implementing network management policies using topology reduction
Active waveguides for optoelectronic devices
Method and apparatus for change data capture in a database system
Display panel having dual directional diffusion
Auto-detection of audio input formats
Polarization insensitive method and apparatus for switching and modulating an optical beam
Segmented waveguide array grating filters
Configuration for coupling optical signals of at least one optical data channel into and/or out of a...
Highly efficient focusing waveguide grating coupler using leaky mode
Fiber transmission element for generating a chromatic dispersion
Stent with combined distal protection device
Method and device for reducing the pump light in a sheat-pumped fiber laser output
Fixing device with intermediate toner image transfer medium
Optical module and optical switch constituting the same
Image generation for assistance of drivers of vehicles
Method of reducing near-end crosstalk in an MxU networking architecture
Light-on aging test system for flat panel display
In-vehicle-device control system varying manipulation item display
Wound care device
Process for producing boric ester compound, electrolyte for electrochemical device, and secondary ba...
Device and method for controlling and/or monitoring a yarn processing system
Medical electrode
Cleaning method, method for fabricating semiconductor device and cleaning solution
Recombinant minimal catalytic vanadium haloperoxidases and their uses
Heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Underwater riprap foundation and consolidation smoothing method therefor
Remote control device for automotive working devices
Active hold down system for jack-up drilling unit
Subsea tool for tie in of pipeline ends
Passive method for obtaining controlled drainage from a vessel
Golf course environmental management system
Methods, systems and articles for ordering a telecommunication service
System and method for providing user-selected information to a paging-capable device
Method of making corrosion-protected coaxial cable
Gaming device having symbols with transformation probabilities
Electrical connector contact
Plurality of column mounted player tracking displays
Player tracking bartop display
Compact disc with new feature
Golf ball mark repair tool
Golf green reader
Putter alignment tool for use in establishing a correct line of putting motion
System and method for playing a multiple-row matching game with a bonus feature
Multi-reel, multi-line bonus game for a casino base game having game features and method therefor
Gaming device with randomly determined game field
Motor stop control device for gaming machine and gaming machine with the same
Motor stop control device
Toss-game structure for poolside use
Swing for handicapped persons
Electronic touch game
Plural sided rolling game piece and method of play
Method of playing a game
Ink-jet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Extrusion method for three dimensional modeling
Backer rod for expansion joints
High speed high pressure rotary
Method of fabricating a tread plate having alternating stripes incorporated thereon
I/Q demodulator device with three power detectors and two A/D converters
Image taking apparatus with an A/D converter and DSP with variable quantization bit numbers
Cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising an association between an elastase inhibitor compo...
Method and treatment with ketoprofen solution
Substituted arylpyrazines
Modulators of paraptosis and related methods
Inhibition of angiogenesis by antibodies against high molecular weight kininogen domain 5
Synthesis of purine locked nucleic acid analogues
Apparatus and method for inserting an intra-aorta catheter through a delivery sheath
Adhesive composition for skin and adhesive tape or sheet for skin comprising the composition
Automated mechanical mechanism for a blood glucose sensor dispensing instrument
Device with waveguide defined by dielectric in aperture of cross-track portion of electrical conduct...
Carbon nanotube apparatus for surface discharge polishing
Carbon nanotube based resonant-circuit sensor
System and method for characterizing a sample by low-frequency spectra
Coating compositions for electronic components and other metal surfaces, and methods for making and ...
Filtering unit for floating-point texture data
Point-to-point bus bridging without a bridge controller
Process for improving sucralose purity and yield
Macromolecular arrays on polymeric brushes and methods for preparing the same
Composition for cosmetic or dermatological use containing a triblock polymer
Osmotic delivery system having space efficient piston
Thin layer catalysts based on Raney alloys, and method for the production thereof
Substituted alkylamine derivatives and methods of use
Automatic calibration system for computer-aided surgical instruments
Apparatus and method for detecting radiation that uses a stimulate phosphor
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system comprising acoustic resonators
Cryogen pressure vessel assembly for superconducting magnets
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
MRI apparatus with low-frequency cable integrated into the patient carrier
Conduction cooled passively-shielded MRI magnet
Multiple channel, microstrip transceiver volume array for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and system for optimized pre-saturation in MR with corrected transmitter frequency of pre-pul...
Polysaccharide fibers
Hydrophilic silicone elastomer material used in particular for taking dental imprints
Fail safe valve
Method and apparatus to aid in the delubrification of parts
CTA phaser with proportional oil pressure for actuation at engine condition with low cam torsionals
Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus
Semiconductor laser based on the effect of photonic band gap crystal-mediated filtration of higher m...
Deburring tool
Automated reactor endpointing of platy interference effect pigments
Screw type high definition multimedia interface connector socket
Method and apparatus for integrated, user-directed web site text translation
Channel and quality of service adaptation for multimedia over wireless networks
Top of a rocker switch and lens
Method of manufacturing operating system master template, method of manufacturing a computer entity ...
Enhanced animal handling device
Inductor capacitor EMI filter for human implant applications
Treatment or prevention of acute renal failure
High density lipoprotein against organ dysfunction following haemorrhagic shock
Implantable intravenous cardiac stimulation system with pulse generator housing serving as optional ...
pH measuring balloon
Heat sink for miniature x-ray unit
Variants of traf2 which act as an inhibitor of tnf-alpha (tnfα) signaling pathway
Protein C derivatives
Cancer treatment with retroviral vectors comprising wild-type p53
Radioconjugation of internalizing antibodies
Substituted arylamides as IP antagonists
Low density radionuclide-containing particulate material
Roller cradle and modular conveying assembly formed therefrom
Motor gear box with grommets
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Microporous membrane and its uses thereof
Negative electrode for a nonaqueous battery
Coating composition for negative electrode, negative electrode plate, method for producing the same,...
Thin secondary battery
Steady-state non-equilibrium distribution of free carriers and photon energy up-conversion using sam...
Process for producing separator for batteries, the separator for batteries, and alkaline storage bat...
Direct fired reciprocating engine and bottoming high temperature fuel cell hybrid
High performance fuel cell electrode and method for manufacturing same
Solid electrolytic capacitor and process for its fabrication
Method for producing a solution consisting of a polymer containing recurrent azole units, solutions ...
Charge separation type heterojunction structure and manufacturing method therefor
Electrolyte and method for depositing tin-silver alloy layers
Energy enhanced process for treating a conductive surface and products formed thereby
Development process on a press of planographic printing plate material and printing process
Azalea plant named 'Roblen'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinforan'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Panama'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfpifr'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yomusic'
Basil plant named 'Pesto Perpetuo'
Shrub rose plant named 'WEKsacsoul'
Process for the preparation of β-mannitol for direct compression
Method of improving sweetness delivery of sucralose
Composition and method for the prevention and treatment of asthma
Bitterness-reduced intrabuccally quick disintegrating tablets and method for reducing bitterness
Topical delivery of anti-alopecia agents
Apparatus for delivering ions from a grounded electrospray assembly to a vacuum chamber
System and method for calibrating low vision devices
Fabric treatment composition
Moisturizing detergent compositions
Bodywashes containing additives
Method for imparting substantive fragrance and, optionally, anti-static properties to fabrics during...
Development of anti-sigma factor agents
Adamantylglycine-based inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV and methods
Chemiluminescent compounds and use thereof
Charge pump for radio frequency data communication device
Ultra high frequency radio frequency identification tag
Integrated RFID and video tracking system
ATM cassette with self-locking media directing guide
Method and apparatus for responding to medical alerts
Rules based methods and apparatus for generating notification messages based on the proximity of ele...
Access control system for a work vehicle
Acene-thiophene semiconductors
Radio frequency data carrier and method and system for reading data stored in the data carrier
Method and system for agricultural data collection and management
Package assembly
Transporting hazardous material using an optical reader or RFID reader
Method of simultaneously reading multiple radio frequency tags, RF tags, and RF reader
System and method for controlling remote devices
Printed sheet products with integral, removable, radio frequency identification elements
Recombinant proteolytic tryptases, active site mutants thereof, and methods of making same
Process for reducing fluoride impurities resulting from use of fluorophosphite catalysts
Process for producing (meth)acrylic acid compound
Catalyst comprising a cyclic imide compound
Polyester resin and process for its production
Modified polyester fiber and process for producing the same
Laminate and process for producing the same
Polyethylene/low molecular weight hydrogenated aliphatic resin blends
Methods of diagnosing bladder cancer
Enveloped pesticidal formulations
Hair grooming formulations and methods for the use thereof
Hydraulic fixing agent and method for reducing the cohesion of a layer of bonded fixing agent
Gas generator for air bag and air bag apparatus
Bait station
Optical information recording medium and optical recording method
Vinyl compound and cured product thereof
Optical switches made by nematic liquid crystal switchable mirrors, and apparatus of manufacture
Methodology for viewing large strategies via a computer workstation
Method and apparatus for thermal throttling of clocks using localized measures of activity
Method and system for controlling and monitoring an array of point-of-load regulators
Radiation therapy treatment planning machine
Method and apparatus for quantifying tissue fat content
Arbitrated loop port switching
Flexible multi-compartment container with peelable seals and method for making same
Automatic speed adjusting fishing reel
Tracking and marking system
Atomization system for odor and environmental control in livestock holding areas
Litter box cleaning system
Teat cup assembly
Valve for a milking apparatus
Fishing line clamp sinker
Animal litter box
Fishing bait rig attachment apparatus with rotating rattle
Reinforced rod holder
Method and device for the registration of two 3D image data sets
Method and system which forms an isotropic, high-resolution, three-dimensional diagnostic image of a...
Automated longitudinal position translator for ultrasonic imaging probes, and methods of using same
Method for alignment of bone using position sensors
Method and system for displaying cross-sectional images of a body
Apparatus and method for detecting flinch response to nociceptive agents
Optical film with co-continuous phases
Process for preparing a K-type polarizer
Method of producing low-shrink polypropylene tape fibers
Photochromic polymerizable compositions
Methods of making a three-dimensional tissue
Multilayer structure with intercrosslinked polymer layers
Silicon-containing polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Methods for forming a permeable and stable mass in a subterranean formation
Polythiophene polymer with high charge-carrier mobilities, method for fabricating the polymer, and s...
3,4-alkylenedioxy-thiophene copolymers
Filtration arrangement utilizing pleated construction and method
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Lubricating strip
Five-layered, biaxially-oriented, sealable tubular film for the packaging and wrapping of paste-like...
Food products and their method of preparation
Ferric fortification system
Rotating chains or rings carry vertically hanging trays for heat processes in a furnace
Press for making patties and method of operation
Optical grading system for slicer apparatus
Password value based on geographic location
Method for power management of a smart phone
Turbo code based incremental redundancy
Synchronization and overlap method and system for single buffer speech compression and expansion
Audio overhang reduction by silent frame deletion in wireless calls
Method and apparatus to facilitate correlating symbols to sounds
System and method for processing a periodic or cyclostationary signal
Method and system for handling messages addressed to multiple mobile nodes
Method and apparatus for control channel scheduling in a packet data communication system
Selective hairpinning of calls through another network
Method and apparatus for providing deferrable data services in a cellular communication system
Detection of cloned communication units based on message contents
Stacked FET receiver method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception within an OFDM communication system
Methods for reliably sending IP multicast packets to multiple endpoints of a local area network
VOIP transmitter and receiver devices and methods therefor
Motion control using time synchronization
Millimeter wave switch
Digital pulse width modulation
Semiconductor device characteristics measurement apparatus and connection apparatus
Detecting heart tones to identify heart deterioration
Biomedical signal processor and method of controlling biomedical signal processor
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Artificial sphincter
Method and device for treatment of mitral insufficiency
System for endoscopic suturing
Libido stimulating device and method of using
Evaluation of reflected time-energy profile for determination of damping capacity
Method and system for providing a photo album to a user of a digital imaging device
Method of reducing background noise by tracking character skew
Data processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and method
Image coding/decoding method
Deterministic prediction in an image processing system
Gesture recognition system recognizing gestures within a specified timing
Method of producing a matted image usable in a scrapbook
Feature-based detection and context discriminate classification for digital images
Context discriminate classification for digital images
Apparatus and method for recognizing an object and determining its position and shape
Stroke data editing device
Optical fiber transmission system with noise loaded idler channels
Protection switching arrangement for an optical switching system
Waveguide to microstrip transition
Method for manufacturing optical waveguide device, optical waveguide device, and coherent light sour...
Dispersion-controlled optical fiber
Fibre for compensation of the cumulative chromatic dispersion in a fibre with negative chromatic dis...
Fiber optic tap
Optical device with concave mirror
Optical communication system and optical communication method having confidentiality
Connection of on an add/drop node
Method and apparatus for minimizing conditional access information overhead while ensuring condition...
Moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus and program recording medium
Color wheel assembly with color wheel attached directly to driving motor
Color wheel having a limiting element for preventing radial displacement
Apparatus for use in forming colored segments of a color filter
Digital correction module for video projector
RF/IF digital demodulation of video and audio
Luminance signal/chrominance signal separation device, and luminance signal/chrominance signal separ...
Heatsinking electronic devices
Under vehicle inspection system
Vehicular headlamp
Method for maintaining light characteristics from a multi-chip LED package
Advertising apparatus using a light switching device
Synchronized flashing lighting device
Headlamp for a motor vehicle comprising a moveable mask equipped with locking means
Masking device for automobile vehicle headlights
Illumination and/or indicating device for a vehicle comprising a mask
Screenless elliptical illumination module producing an illumination beam with cutoff and lamp compri...
Structure for maintaining clearance between headlamp and fender of vehicle
Headlamp mounting structure for automobile
Bicycle lamp
Lamp for a vehicle, in particular reading lamp for an aircraft
Network-based software extensions
Method and system for live operating environment upgrades
Online upgrade of container-based software components
Method for inserting global breakpoints
Method, system, and program for accessing variables from an operating system for use by an applicati...
Script evaluator
Method and apparatus for managing data services in a distributed computer system
Maintaining a double-ended queue as a linked-list with sentinel nodes and delete flags with concurre...
Simultaneous multithread processor with result data delay path to adjust pipeline length for input t...
Method for designing an integrated circuit having multiple voltage domains
Method, apparatus, and program for block-based static timing analysis with uncertainty
Power estimation based on power characterizations
Efficient and comprehensive method to calculate IC package or PCB trace mutual inductance using circ...
Method and system for web-based DCE management
System and method for intelligently selecting media through a simplified user interface
assistant for creation of layouts or reports for databases
Dynamic data display having slide drawer windowing
Remote web site editing in a standard web browser without external software
Virtual opened share mode system with virus protection
System and method for using web based applications to manipulate data with manipulation functions
Test code generator, engine and analyzer for testing middleware applications
System and method for programmatically modifying a graphical program in response to program informat...
Dynamic data generation suitable for talking browser
Method and apparatus for programmatic learned routing in an electronic form system
System and method for providing run-time type checking
Method for media content presentation in consideration of system power
System, apparatus and method for presentation and manipulation of personal information syntax object...
Storing stack operands in registers
Money machine
Round barn mailbox
Heart-shaped keepsake urn
Rail and rail housing
Waste bin
Waste bin
Cleaning implement
Hand-held pool skimmer with extensible handle
Door of electrical washing machine
Electric vacuum cleaner
Hand-held vacuum cleaner
Washing machine on base
Combined washing machine and drying machine
Door for dishwasher
Chew toy for animals
Pet toy
Animal identification tag
Illuminated animal collar
Horse bandanna
Inflatable body armor system
Deployable bullets
Retractable face safety for a firearm
Locking block for compact semi-automatic pistols
Method and apparatus for x-ray mammography imaging
Needle safety device
Packaging cell
Packaging for push button blood collection set
Method and system for automatic brokered transactions
Instruction/data protection employing derived obscuring instruction/data
Method for masking secret multiplicands
One-way function generation method, one-way function value generation device, proving device, authen...
Data handling system
Strength additives for tissue products
Fluorenecarboxylic acid esters, process for the manufacture thereof, and use thereof as medicaments
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation with a selected hydrogen to carbon ...
In situ thermal processing of a coal formation with a selected moisture content
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation in a reducing environment
Wellbore sealing system and method
Method and system for removing fluid from a subterranean zone using an enlarged cavity
Formation of novel erythropoietin conjugates using transglutaminase
Method and apparatus to grow and mechanically condition cell cultures
Replication of biological tissue
Method for producing components with a high load capacity from TiAl alloys
Ni based alloy, method for producing the same, and forging die
Triazaspiro compounds useful for treating or preventing pain
Application-level software watchdog timer
System and method for handling load and/or store operations in a superscalar microprocessor
Automated computer vulnerability resolution system
Exception masking in binary translation
Method and apparatus for automatically generating hardware from algorithms described in MATLAB
Circuits and methods for power management in a processor-based system and systems using the same
System for and method of clock cycle-time analysis using mode-slicing mechanism
System and method for independent branching in systems with plural processing elements
System and method for maintaining cache coherency in a shared memory system
Recording and playback apparatus and recording and playback method
Method and apparatus for ordering interconnect transactions in a computer system
Process for tinting plastic articles
Human osteoclast derived cathepsin
Method for assaying enzyme activity
Altered polypeptides with increased half-life
Method of diagnosing metabolic bone diseases
Method for identifying a modulator of the binding of CCX CKR polypeptide to a chemokine
Osteoporosis treatment with anti-IL-11 antibody
Modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor and method
Polypeptides of the "basic helix-loop-helix" bHLH family, corresponding nucleic acid sequences
Anti-C2/C2a inhibitors of complement activation
Antibody specific for presenilin 1 and method of use thereof
2-Methylheptylisonicotinate and process for production thereof
Process for making perfume containing surfactant compositions having perfume burst and enhanced perf...
Concentrated, stable, preferably clear, fabric softening composition containing amine fabric softene...
Cleaning pad
Synthesis of polyol medium fatty acid polyesters
Clear or translucent aqueous fabric softener compositions containing high electrolyte and optional p...
Pouched compositions
Process for treating a lipophilic fluid
Detergent product
Methods for laundering delicate garments in a washing machine
Electrochemical method and system for dyeing and highlighting hair
Dispensing apparatus for web material
Method of determining a modulus of elasticity of a moving web material
Multilayer scrub pad
System and method for multi-site clustering in a network
Method and apparatus for uniquely and authoritatively identifying tangible objects
System and method for caching web pages on a management appliance for personal computers
Write back and invalidate mechanism for multiple cache lines
Random generator
Apparatus and method for parallel processing of network data on a single processing thread
System, method, and computer program product for syncing to mobile devices
Shared memory coupling of network infrastructure devices
Voice data streaming control in a network
Method and apparatus for communication of message data using shared queues
System and method for distributing a selected object and for automatically distributing the objects ...
Console redirection system for remotely controlling operation of devices on a host computer if data ...
Clutch release mechanism with a device for compensating for lack of precision in a friction clutch o...
Bearing housing with divided drainage and oil pooling annulus
Roller bearing
Radial roller bearing
Rolling bearing apparatus
Elastic rubber bearing
Foil bearing
Sliding member
Positioning device for a multi-section slide track assembly of drawers
Shaft seal with lubrication device
Reciprocating compressor with a pressed fit bushing
Ball screw apparatus
Pivot assembly for hard disk drive use
Coated rolling element bearing cages
Rolling sliding member and rolling apparatus
Grease replenishing device
Rolling bearing apparatus
Method to implement a performance monitoring function on the ground of the retrieved data through FE...
Mobile phone having a detachable keypad and the detachable keypad thereof
Voice dialog server method and system
Portable telephone and music reproducing method
Prepaid system, method thereof, and communication terminal
Lead-and barium-free propellant charges
Firearm safety device
Method and system for generating fully-textured 3D
Image forming apparatus with at least a part of an air opening between a scanning unit and an ejecti...
Technique for optically converting wavelengths in a multi-wavelength system
Fixed focus, optically athermalized, diffractive infrared zoom objective lens
Reflective scanning optical system
Real-time optical correlating system
Dual carbon monoxide sensor system with control catalyst: new CO and humidity method and apparatus
Integration of top-emitting and top-illuminated optoelectronic devices with micro-optic and electron...
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Method for producing optically active 3,5-dihydroxycarboxylic acid derivative
Method of increasing the shelf life of a blank photomask substrate
Apparatus and manufacturing method for border lighting
Rear projection screens and light filters with conformable coatings and methods of making the same
Reduced form factor projection system
Volumetric display with dust as the participating medium
Laser component system assembly
Optical demultiplexer, optical multi-/demultiplexer, and optical device
Automatic document reading system for technical drawings
Wavelength stabilization of tunable lasers by current modulation
Active matrix light-emitting device and a driving method thereof
Organometallic complex and light-emitting element containing the same
Polymer and uses thereof
Polycrystalline MgO deposition material having adjusted Si concentration
Organic luminescence device with a fused polynuclear compound
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light emitting device
Tape indicia on clear film media
Head portion of a racquet
Iterative optimizing compiler
System for processing a workpiece
Method and apparatus for low temperature annealing of metallization micro-structure in the productio...
System and method for data protection with multidimensional parity
System for providing gracefully degraded services on the internet under overloaded conditions respon...
Position specifying system, information collecting system, internet connecting system, and method of...
Internet access system and telephone directory
Method, system and circuitry for soft handoff in internet protocol-based code division multiple acce...
Hybrid automatic repeat request system and method
Cool air inhaler
Virtual ordered writes
Cache memory allocation method
Eliminating write barriers for young objects
Efficient encoding of references into a collection set
Data backup method
Method, apparatus, and program for using a Java archive to encode a file system delta
Electronic document classification system
Method, system, and program for reverse restore of an incremental virtual copy
Asymmetric system and method for tamper-proof storage of an audit trial for a database
Address assignment to transaction for serialization
Method and system for improving a text search
Co-extruded pigmented/clear coated polymeric coating for an article such as automotive exterior body...
Method for producing organic peroxides and their use in the radical polymerization of monomers
Plastic glazing, in particular for motor car and method for making same
Sol-gel open tubular ODS columns with charged inner surface for capillary electrochromatography
Thermal control interface coatings and pigments
Breakdown-resistant thin film capacitor with interdigitated structure
Glass package that is hermetically sealed with a frit and method of fabrication
Memory device utilizing vertical nanotubes
Electronic device and method of manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor having iridium oxide lower electrode
Methods of fabricating high voltage, high temperature capacitor and interconnection structures
Substrate for carrying a semiconductor chip and a manufacturing method thereof
Luminescent sensory material for organic-halogen compounds, and methods and apparatus utilizing such
Methods for three-dimensional optical data storage and retrieval
Reflecting mirror
Method of making a glass body with a phosphorous- and porous SiO2-containing coating, gla...
EUV lithography glass structures formed by extrusion consolidation process
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Controlling the maximum rotation speed of a disk drive device based on the presence of an external p...
Semiconductor memory device and current mirror circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and electric device with the same
Power supply circuit having a DC-DC conversion circuit and an intermediate node potential detection ...
Digital camera
Optical pickup device
Method and system for generating variable frequency cyclic waveforms using pulse width modulation
NAND flash memory with unequal spacing between signal lines
Wiring board and a packaging assembly using the same
Digital camera
Parallel manipulators with four degrees of freedom
Load handling device with servo feed-back control
Folding robotic system
Ion toner charging device
Systems and methods for embedding data by dimensional compression and expansion
Electronic image registration for a scanner
Method and system of individualizing tone-reproduction curves calibration and applying thereof
Control panel for a user interface of an image processing office machine
Work station having a reduction/enlargement fine tuning feature
System and method for merging together jobs in a multi-platform printing system when one of the plat...
System for audible feedback for touch screen displays
Grid array electronic component, wire reinforcing method for the same, and method of manufacturing t...
Color filter configuration for a silicon wafer to be diced into photosensitive chips
Standoff/mask structure for electrical interconnect
Systems and methods for detecting impending faults within closed-loop control systems
Spring loaded plastic toner seal retainer
Image type classification using color discreteness features
Methods and apparatus for providing high speed connectivity to a hotel environment
Method and system for creating a place type to be used as a template for other places
Sheet binding system
Method of and apparatus for pivotably coupling stacked sheet-like commodities with each other
Game device, game processing method and information recording medium
Consecutive reading method for a computer game
System and method to provide a spectator experience for networked gaming
Method, system, and computer program product for playing a game over electronic mail
Composition and method for cleaning gelatin encapsulated products comprising a non-volatile silicone...
Nail polish remover comprising fatty acid ester and alkyl lactate
Antimicrobial composition
Methods for detecting interaction between a test moiety and a plurality of target moieties
Compositions for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and methods for their manufacture
Tin oxide adhesion layer for metal-dielectric mirrors
Method and system for data layout and replacement in distributed streaming caches on the Internet
Slowing the observed rate of channel fluctuations in a multiple antenna system
Burst based access and assignment method for providing real-time services
Method and apparatus for shortening the critical path of reduced complexity sequence estimation tech...
Method to allocate commodity flow in a multi-dimensional commodity flow network
Dynamic reverse link rate limit algorithm for high data rate system
Dynamic backup routing of network tunnel paths for local restoration in a packet network
Deformable MEMS mirror with membrane actuated by application of torque
MEMS actuator for piston and tilt motion
Variable-bandwidth multi-granularity optical add/drop network
Compression of 3D surfaces using progressive geometry
Repetition recognition using segments
Method and apparatus for inferred selection of objects
Methods of forming via plugs using an aerosol stream of particles to deposit conductive material
Methods and devices for obstructing and aspirating lung tissue segments
System and method for control of lights, signals, alarms using sound detection
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
Fixed wireless telephone device
Method and apparatus for preparing a definition to control automated data processing
Mapping of nodes in an interconnection fabric
Method and apparatus for the efficient utilization of trunk bandwidth in a global enterprise
Locale based call forwarding with automated creation of new locales
Method and system for communicating from an automatic meter reader
Security control and communication system and method
Method of detecting remote ground condition
Method for virtually enlarging the stack of a portable data carrier
Write-many memory device and method for limiting a number of writes to the write-many memory device
Arrangement of luminescent materials, wavelength-converting casting compound and light source
Signal-initiated power management method for a pipelined data processor
Aqueous liquid composition of fluorescent brightener excellent in dyeing characteristics
Method for developing multilayer imageable elements
Light-emitting device and process for its production
Polyurethane polymer
Polyurethane system and application thereof
Non-magnetic single-component toner, method of preparing the same, and image forming apparatus using...
Conductive paste
Method of making a non compacted paper web containing refined long fiber using a charge controlled h...
Plateout-resistant thermoplastic resin composition
Reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display with complementary light-absorbing layer
Multi-dice chip scale semiconductor components
Methods of making indazoles
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Particles from supercritical fluid extraction of emulsion
Pulsed-multiline excitation for color-blind fluorescence detection
Once a day antihistamine and decongestant formulation
Absorbent composition containing transitional crosslinking points
Textile treatments and fibers and textile goods treated therewith
Capacitors including interacting separators and surfactants
Inkjet printed images with wettable, fusible toner
Lamp with reflecting mirror and image projecting apparatus
Method and apparatus for radiation analysis and encoder
Process for preparing acylfluorides
Method for the catalytic gas phase oxidation of propene into acrylic acid
Method of ionizing a liquid propellant and an electric thruster implementing such a method
ESD protected suspension interconnect
Solid state vacuum devices and method for making the same
System for processing objects for storage in a document or other storage system
Apparatus and method for parametric group processing
Fast merge into large ordered sets
Semantically reducing the number of partitions involved in a join
Meta search engine
Runtime query optimization for dynamically selecting from multiple plans in a query based upon runti...
Channel-based late race resolution mechanism for a computer system
System and method for real-time searching
Hardware device for processing the tasks of an algorithm in parallel
Dynamic object-driven database manipulation and mapping system
Method to localize expandase in the cytosol
Splice variant of head trauma induced cytoplasmatic calcium binding protein
Method and system of evaluating performance of a crop
Methods of preparing and using a viral vector library
L-pantolactone-hydrolase and a method for producing D-pantolactone
ErbB4 receptor-specific neuregulin related ligands and uses therefor
Method for preparing a biological fertilizer composition comprising swine manure
Yeast Metschnikowia fructicola NRRL Y-30752 for inhibiting deleterious microorganisms on plan...
Buffer management for support of quality-of-service guarantees and data flow control in data switchi...
Original conveying apparatus, light amount adjustment method for light-emitting section thereof, ima...
Print control method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for consolidating output data from a plurality of processors
Ink jet printer having multiple ink heads
Auxiliary channel masking in an audio signal
Rating method, program product and apparatus
Method and system for processing, storing, retrieving and presenting information with an extendable ...
System and method for extension of data schema
Metadata manager for database query optimizer
Device searching apparatus
Fast policy classification for strings
Computational subtraction method
Method of aggregating and distributing informal and formal knowledge using software agents
Digital broadcasting system and digital video recording/reproducing apparatus
Multi-threaded direct memory access engine for broadcast data demultiplex operations
Apparatus and method for header decompression
Method for tracking defective sectors in re-writable disk media
Diagnostic test for variable valve mechanism
Control device for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft
Spark timing control and method
Engine valve actuator
Variable valve unit for internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing control device
Computer readable storage medium for use with engine having variable valve actuator during degradati...
Control apparatus and method for variable valve
Vehicle speed estimation using inductive vehicle detection systems
Navigation device and related method
Vehicle navigation system adapted to improved system upgrade procedure
Engine control unit
Variation manager for crash sensing algorithms
Tire status monitoring apparatus and receiver therefor
Vehicle speed measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting the removal of a vehicle antenna and subsequently authenticating ...
Vehicle control system and automobile using the same
Antenna system employing floating ground plane
Method and apparatus for discriminating a target objective, and related program
System and method for vehicle detection and tracking
Parking assistance system
Parking operating assisting system
Card processing system and card processing method on toll road
Method and system of automating echocardiogram measurements and reporting
Method of creating a subset of images from a library of images
Method of transmitting audio and video signals over radio and television channels
Method of providing recyclable, immediately-redeemable award points
Resource reservation in transmission networks
System and method for tracking inventory
Method for lypolisis
Device for determining the position of a sliding seat
Method and system for providing an active routing antenna
Method for connecting a mobile radio communication apparatus to a plurality of radio communication s...
Distributed architecture wireless RF modem
RX dual-band mixer
Electrostatic overvoltage protection device
Mobile telephone system with media processor
Communications system, communications apparatus, communications terminal and communications method
Locating system and method
Location based services in communications networks
Changing serving radio network controller for mobile terminal supporting multimedia broadcast servic...
Communications system, communications apparatus, communications terminal and communications method
Method for maintaining transparent mode radio bearers in a radio access network
Radio network controller, mobile station, and mobile communication method
Apparatus, and associated method, for identifying radio network service availability
Content reproduction device with telephone function
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method of micro and nano texturing glass
DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for reducing capacitive load-related power loss by gate charge adjustment
Power management device of an electronic card
Managing system and synchronization method for a plurality of VRM-type modules
Method for manufacturing a receiver and receiver manufactured by using the same method
Transmitting apparatus
Internal supply voltage generator for delay locked loop circuit
Bandgap reference voltage circuit
High output impedance current mirror with superior output voltage compliance
Method of reducing engine belt noise
Band-gap reference
Power supply for a pulsed load
Soft start precharge circuit for DC power supply
Uninterruptible power supply
Low audible noise power supply controller and method therefor
Li-ion/Li-polymer battery charger configured to be DC-powered from multiple types of wall adapters