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Acetabular implant with a tapered bearing-locking flange
Ankle replacement system
Expandable intervertebral implant for use with instrument
Methods and devices for preserving motion in an articulating prosthetic disc
Systems and techniques for restoring and maintaining intervertebral anatomy
Articular surface implant
System, method, and software for automated detection of predictive events
Intervertebral implant comprising dome-shaped joint surfaces
Device for tissue engineering
Intervertebral implant comprising temporary blocking means
Artificial joint system
Intervertebral fusion device and method
Adjustable and fixed assembled bone-tendon-bone graft
Implants incorporating nanotubes and methods for producing the same
Degradable implantable medical devices
Anchoring System for Valve Replacement
Suture anchor and suture anchor installation tool
Address offset generation within a data processing system
Option ROM virtualization
Processing execution apparatus having data reference limiting function
Method and apparatus for efficient runtime memory access in a database
Adaptive batch sizing for asynchronous data redundancy
Inter-procedural allocation of stacked registers for a processor
Method and device for data transfer
Efficient management of memory access requests from a video data stream
Micro-system for burn-in system program from a plug-able subsystem into main memory and method there...
Data backup system and method for the same
Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
Snapshot acquisition method, storage system and disk apparatus
Snapshot creating method and apparatus
Apparatus and method to initialize information disposed in an information storage and retrieval syst...
Memory transaction ordering
Method and related apparatus for controlling data transmission in a memory
Method, array and set of several arrays for protecting several programs and/or files from unauthoriz...
Hybrid SSL/IPSec network management system
Animal food supplement compositions and methods of use
Point of interest spatial rating search
Stable aqueous dispersions of hydrophilic phenolic resins having low xylenol and bisphenol-A content
DNA-polypyrrole based biosensors for rapid detection of microorganisms
Disposable place mat manufactured out of embossed paper which has publicity printed on its upper fac...
Sterilizable coextruded film for aseptic packaging
Soy protein isolate composition having improved functionality
Beta-glucan-containing products, methods of making same, and uses therefor
Sliced tomato pickle and process for making same
Compositions comprising a cocoa butter component and an animal-derived fat component
Method for processing fruits and vegetables on the base of lecithin
Frozen carbonated beverage, concentrate and method
Production of baked snack chips with irregular shape having notched edges
Procedure for obtaining foodstuffs based on nopal and/or other vegetables
Flavoring composition concentrates
Delivery of highly lipophilic agents via medical devices
Delivery of highly lipophilic agents via medical devices
Image registration on edible substrates
Process for producing aglycon by using diglycosidase and flavor-improved food containing the aglycon...
Organic dyes suitable for use in drugs and cosmetics laked onto a platy titanium dioxide pigment
Laminates and packaging containers
Mold table for food products and method of making said table
Phytase-treated acid stable soy protein products
Process for producing a flavor-enhancing material for foods
Over door storage rack for cabinet doors
Cereal bars and methods of their manufacture
Multi-faceted grill
Edible spread containing a natural fat phase
PetBib small animal shoulder carrier and toy
Inulin infused fruit and method of preparation
Garlic press
Process for cooking/drying high-amylose starches
Flavoring system and method
Camera assembly having lens turret and independently movable rocker
AF control apparatus
Ranging sensor and electronic device using the same
Camera docking solution provides a user interface for printers, CD writers and other devices
Automatic developing device, roller washing method, photosensitive material processing device, and p...
Photosensitive material processor
Interchangeable lens, interchangeable lens system and camera system
Virtual conference room
Methods and devices for analysis of x-ray images
System and method for lithography simulation
Digital image storage and management system
Methods and apparatus for back-projection and forward-projection
Phase contrast microscope for short wavelength radiation and imaging method
Method and apparatus for correcting digital X-ray images
Determination of center of focus by parameter variability analysis
Split scan line and combined data line x-ray detectors
X-ray system with a beam-gating diaphragm, and method for automatic adjustment thereof
Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
Derivative of dihydro-dibenzo (a) anthracenes and their use as selective estrogen receptor modulator...
System and method for eliminating the effects of saturated pixels in solid state x-ray detectors
Image display apparatus and production method thereof
Hormonally up-regulated, neu-tumor-associated kinase
Resist resin
Positive resist composition and method of forming a resist pattern using the same
Engineering antibodies that bind irreversibly
Sound reproducing apparatus
Body-supporting couch
Document processing system
Microcomputer bridge for remote manageability
Brain computer interface
Electrostatographic apparatus having transport member with release oil-absorbing layer
IC card and method of manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus with heating members having standby mode and low power mode
Optical film
Systems and methods for providing forward mapping with visibility for and resolution of accumulated ...
Process for producing display device
Optical remote sensor with differential Doppler motion compensation
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using the same
Carabiner with pivoted gate
Nesting handle and housing
Bolster system
Pencil case
Football goalpost
Sticky note pen set
Card with an antenna and a rectangle
Automatic contact lens applicator
Single-phase high voltage capacitor switch
Housing for environment monitor
Information processing apparatus and method, as well as program
Secured and access controlled peer-to-peer resource sharing method and apparatus
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for determining the coefficients of a function wit...
Movable tap finite impulse response filter
Pseudo SRAM having combined synchronous and asynchronous mode register set
Synchronous semiconductor memory
Process for calibration of a medical-technical device and a medical-technical device
Optical measuring apparatus and method
Single polarization optical fiber laser and amplifier
Optical resonator formed in a planar optical waveguide with distributed optical structures
Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using data optimization and segmentation
Segmentation unit for and method of determining a second segment and image processing apparatus
Durable electrooptic devices comprising ionic liquids
CAM-based search engines having per entry age reporting capability
Formal verification of semantic DS
Full match (FM) search algorithm implementation for a network processor
Method for detecting and fulfilling an information need corresponding to simple queries
Method and apparatus to provide pay-per-call performance based advertising
Dual mode band-pass filter
Method of removing organic sulfur compounds from alkylate
Alkylation process with efficient effluent refrigeration
Manufacture of xylenes using reformate
Process for purification and crystallization of palm oil carotenoids
Dual-array two-port differential GPS antenna systems
Method and apparatus for estimating position utilizing GPS satellite signal
Register retiming technique
System and method for creating a graphical program including a plurality of portions to be executed ...
System and method for programmatically generating a graphical program in response to user input
Filtering graphical program elements based on configured or targeted resources
Method, system, and program for interfacing with elements in a document
Data-flow method for optimizing exception-handling instructions in programs
Igniter for exothermic torch rod
Glove with ammunition holder
Actuator assembly including a circuit assembly and a damper therefor
Disk drive system with inertial arm preventing shock
System and method for preventing computer storage media surface contaminant accumulation and for pre...
Storage device including a center tapped write transducer
Thin-film magnetic head, method of manufacturing the same, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Perpendicular magnetic head having modified shaping layer for direct plating of magnetic pole piece
Thin-film magnetic head, a head gimbal assembly, and a hard disk drive
Separator plate with head load/unload
Hard disk drive with transparent cover, flashing device, and with specially decorated top plate or h...
Storage system having data format conversion function
Disk drive employing a disk command data structure for tracking a write verify status of a write com...
Virtual track for serpentine track format
Fastening mechanism for rear panel of computer
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element using the same
Spin valve sensor having an antiparallel (AP) self-pinned layer structure comprising cobalt for high...
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element using the same
ESD shunt for transducing head
Tape library
Actuator having a pair of arms with piezoelectric devices attached thereto and methods of making the...
Data cartridge library operable with a multipiece magazine, drive bay, user interface, an entry/exit...
Reduction of linear birefringence in circular-cored single-mode fiber
Photonic crystal device
Method for calibrating steam generator water level measurement
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Storage unit and circuit for shaping communication signal
Multiband receiver and method associated therewith
High power repeaters for Raman amplified, wave division multiplexed optical communication systems
Wavelength tunable multiplexing and demultiplexing filter device and wavelength routing device
Fiber optic cable device with retractable operation
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Uv-curable and foamable resin composition
Optical fiber for long-distance optical communication network
Fiber optic pigtail design for reducing insertion loss and insertion loss ripple
Vertically and laterally confined 3D optical coupler
Method for making a molded calcium phosphate article
Flashing discharge tube-use power supply and control method therefor
Benzodiazepine derivatives as APP modulators
Operation control device for imparting force to joystick knob
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Airbreathing fuel cell
System and method for powering accessories in a hybrid vehicle
Method for producing alkanolamines
Fluid coupler
Dental system and method of producing the same
Enhanced tooth shade guide
Apparatus and methods for facilitating repeated vascular access
Blends of polyarylether sulphone and polyamide, with improved viscosity and flowability
Method and system for optimization of channel estimation and synchronization in an OFDM-MIMO wireles...
Synthesis of colloidal PbS nanocrystals with size tunable NIR emission
Body fluid collection apparatus
Counterbalance mechanism
Fast port failover in a network switch
Application of aprataxin gene to diagnosis and treatment for early-onset spinocerebellar ataxia (EAO...
Substituted polycyclic aryl and heteroarpyl pyrazinones useful for selective inhibition of the coagu...
Method of simulating operating conditions of a telecommunication system requiring a limited amount o...
Automated copyright detection in digital images
Method and apparatus for rapid exhaust catalyst light-off
Methods for display, notification, and interaction with prioritized messages
Method and system for improving memory allocation in embedded software design applications
Assigning a source address to a data packet based on the destination of the data packet
Oral liquid tolterodine composition
Antibody to mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Connection verification for optical switches
Pharmaceutical composition and process for isolation of trans-tetracos-15-enoic acid and method of t...
Method, system and program for determining version of storage devices and programs indicated in the ...
Self-defense flashlight equipped with an aerosol dispenser
Modular storage unit
Methods for authenticating potential members invited to join a group
Secondary battery with improved finishing tape and method of making the secondary battery
Method of oxidizing a silicon substrate and method of forming an oxide layer using the same
Nonvolatile memory vertical ring bit and write-read structure
Nitride semiconductor device
Transcanal cochlear implant system
System and method for adaptive document layout via manifold content
Method and system for topology construction and path identification in a two-level routing domain op...
Managing a distributed directory database
Optimal asset allocation during retirement in the presence of fixed and variable immediate life annu...
Wireless access modem having downstream channel resynchronization method
Private key protection for secure servers
Disk-array device having storage-device recognition and indentification of a storage area network li...
Computer equipment having a prompt access function and related method
Maintenance request systems and methods
Method, apparatus and program storage device for maintaining data consistency and cache coherency du...
Methods, systems and computer program products for accessing descriptive information associated with...
Method and system for handling queue overflow during in-cache garbage collection
Substituted-1,3-oxathiolanes and substituted-1,3-dioxolanes with antiviral properties
Oligonucleotides having A-DNA form and B-DNA form conformational geometry
Rapid immunoselection cloning method
DNA sequences and peptides of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1)
RelA-associated inhibitor, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions of 1-oxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-aminoisoindoline
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use thereof
Triazaspiro[5.5]undecane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising thereof, as an activ...
Boronic ester and acid compounds, synthesis and uses
Technology of intracellular delivery of DNA oligonucleotides to improve drug activity
Antimicrobial theta defensins, analogs thereof, and methods of use
Protein tyrosine kinase substrate LAT and its use in the indentification of (ant)agonists of the kin...
Reagents for monitoring nucleic acid amplification and methods of using same
System and method for automatically protecting private video content using cryptographic security fo...
Data player, digital contents player, playback system, data embedding apparatus, and embedded data d...
Content distribution for multiple digital rights management
Methods and systems for generating encryption keys using random bit generators
Multiple prime number generation using a parallel prime number search algorithm
Cryptographic communications using pseudo-randomly generated cryptography keys
Method, element and system for securing communication between two parties
Wireless network with a cipher key change procedure
Cryptographic system and method for geolocking and securing digital information
Method and system for protecting video data
Handle for a bucket
Modular feather duster handle
Mop handle component
Sponge mop head
Panel with buttons for a dishwashing machine
Golf ball shaped leash holder
Animal control device
Selected elements of a full-face helmet
Helmet with faceguard
Portion of cosmetic container
Light fixture ornament
Portable rechargeable light
Decorative lighting fixture
Lighting apparatus
Outdoor lamp
Solar down-light
Four-square shaped ornamental lamp
Auto sensing home base station for mobile telephone with remote answering capabilites
Method and system of link control
Method and apparatus for mobile radio velocity estimation
Multiple wireless remote interfaces to a single server
CMOS wireless transceiver with programmable characteristics
Radio receiver
LNA gain adjustment in an RF receiver to compensate for intermodulation interference
Wide bandwidth transceiver
Radio reception system with automatic tuning
All-frequency-band SSB radio communication system and radio apparatus
Temperature sensor insensitive to device offsets with independent adjustment of slope and reference ...
Transceiver system including multiple radio base stations that share an antenna
Field transmitter
Network interface cassette adapter and method
Adaptive RFI canceller for DSL
Active matrix type organic EL panel drive circuit and organic EL display device
Apparatus and method for driving luminescent display panel
Active matrix type electroluminescence display device
Control of electroluminescent displays
Organic el display
Luminescence stabilization of anodically oxidized porous silicon layers
Organic dye-sensitized metal oxide semiconductor electrode and its manufacturing method, and organic...
DNA detector based on molecular controlled semiconductor resistor
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Materials for light emitting devices consisting of novel compounds and light emitting devices using ...
Organic/polymer electroluminescent devices employing single-ion conductors
Magnetic recording medium
Nanoparticle mixtures for hydrogen storage, transportation, and distribution
LCD monitor
Home network gateway
Portable phone
Video phone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
DVD recorder
Television receiver
Setop box
End table
Data storage medium having link zone and apparatus and method for recording/reproducing data on/from...
Powerline network flood control restriction
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data on packet data control channel
Access and control system for network-enabled devices
Method and system for ordering image related goods and services
Method for promoting hematopoietic and mesenchymal cell proliferation and differentiation
Label-free high-throughput optical technique for detecting biomolecular interactions
Automated biological reaction method
Altered intracellular localization of BRK/Sik protein tyrosine kinase in human prostate tumors
Analyte determination using a general purpose structure of an analytical element
Solar powered outdoor light
Polarization luminaire and projection display
Parking lot attendant robot system
System for ensuring driver competency
Method and system for central management of a computer network
System and method for integrated processing of information from a plurality of data systems
Computerized prepress
Character and text unit input correction system
Method, apparatus and processed for real time interactive online ordering and reordering and over th...
Wireless terminals with multiple transceivers
Method and apparatus for bar code data interchange
Method and system to issue an electronic visa of a foreign visitor at a country's foreign consular p...
Call admission control method, communication system and base station device
System for predictively and dynamically allocating communication bandwidth
Method and apparatus to provide guidance to support wireless connectivity
Method for providing multiple services and apparatus for the same
System and method for assigning a network address to a wireless device
Method and apparatus for packet aggregation in a wireless communication network
Method using two different programs to determine state of a network node to eliminate message respon...
Method and system for ad hoc networking of computer users
System and method for providing hands free operation of a phone
System and method for steering directional antenna for wireless communications
Method for accepting sign-up applications from applicants who desire to utilize wireless communicati...
Method and system for mobile instant messaging using multiple interfaces
Inhibitors of papilloma virus
Pharmaceutical composition for treating papillomavirus tumors and infection
Transflective-type liquid crystal display device including projection seed pattern along same layer ...
Apparatus and manufacture method for flat display
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof, SOI substrate and display device using the sa...
Deposition of carbon and nitrogen doped poly silicon films, and retarded boron diffusion and improve...
Method of achieving improved STI gap fill with reduced stress
Method of making transistor with strained source/drain
Production method of a thin film device, production method of a transistor, electro-optical apparatu...
Millimeter-wave active imaging system with modular array
Depth-based surveillance imaging
Magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma with tuning of electrostatic field
Vertically wired integrated circuit and method of fabrication
Apparatus for applying a coating to a roof or other substrate
Device and method for needle-less interstitial injection of fluid for ablation of cardiac tissue
Method and apparatus for forming sealing devices on fasteners
Multiple-step transmission
Densely-packed light emitters with layered semiconductor structure and methods of making the light e...
Chip carrier apparatus and method
Optical head for optical recording having a hologram element that generates multiple diffracted ligh...
Heat dissipating system of personal computer
Method and apparatus for capacitor interconnection using a metal spray
Current diverter strip and methods
Electronic gas flow measurement and recording device
Radian curve shaped implantable cardioverter-defibrillator canister
Flexible subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Combined X-ray reflectometer and diffractometer
Pluggable formatters
Positional access using a b-tree
Optimization based method for estimating the results of aggregate queries
Optimizing multi-predicate selections on a relation using indexes
Booting from a compressed image
Automated banking machine with improved resistance to fraud
Placement of lumiphores within a light emitting resonator in a visual display with electro-optical a...
Memory array with surrounding gate access transistors and capacitors with global and staggered local...
Correcting variations in the intensity of light within an illumination field without distorting the ...
Methods for driving bistable electro-optic displays, and apparatus for use therein
Machine-readable displays
Configurable antenna for a wireless access point
Methods and systems for controlling motion of and tracking a mechanically unattached probe
Semiconductor structure for use in the near infrared region and a method of manufacturing this semic...
Forming closely spaced electrodes
Translatable ultrasonic thermography inspection apparatus and method
Nanoparticle ion detection
Gas specie electron-jump chemical energy converter
Multimetallic polymeric azo colorants
Anisotropic nanoparticles and anisotropic nanostructures and pixels, displays and inks using them
Transparent films, compositions, and method of manufacture thereof
Golf balls containing cis-to-trans converted polybutadiene and methods for making same
Antimicrobial agent and production process thereof
Process for preparing a substantially transparent conductive layer configuration
Conformal power supplies
Self-contained, diode-laser-based dermatologic treatment apparatus
Calibrating temperature sensors of weathering devices by means of contactless temperature measuremen...
Non-autoclave laminated glass
Fuel gauge for fuel cartridges
Methods for determining optical characteristics using light receivers of first and second numerical ...
Field-programmable gate array low voltage differential signaling driver utilizing two complimentary ...
Edge router for optical label switched network
Scheme for label switched path loop detection at node device
Multi-path analysis for managing machine communications in a network
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Hydrophilic polymer-oxide-phosphoric acid compositions for proton conducting membranes
Implantable cardiac assist device
Flexure-beam actuator and stage for micro- and nano-positioning
Oestrogen-17-sulphamates as inhibitors of steroid sulphatase
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
System for the controlled delivery of an active material to a dental site
Laser system and method for treatment of biologic targets
Device and method for optical imaging of retinal function
Method for producing human lactoferrin in plant cell culture
Methods of screening for compounds that modulate TAFIa activity, compounds, and methods of using the...
Method of reducing analysis time of endpoint-type reaction profiles
Modified ADAMTS4 molecules and method of use thereof
Kits for screening for blood coagulation disorders
Extendible stent apparatus
Method for treating vulnerable plaque
Device for the treatment of hydrocephalus
Piperidinyl- and piperazinyl-sulfonylmethyl hydroxamic acids and their use as protease inhibitors
Recombinant thrombin receptor and related pharmaceuticals
Antibodies specific to human prostacyclin synthase
Immunoregulatory compounds and derivatives and methods of treating diseases therewith
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Controlling a light assembly
Purified hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic use
A.beta..sub.42 lowering agents
Electrographic development method and apparatus
Metathesis of unsaturated fatty acid esters or unsaturated fatty acids with lower olefins
Fuel cell electrode pair assemblies and related methods
Tape cartridge
Authoring tools, including content-driven treetables, for fluid text
Remotely monitoring/diagnosing distributed components of a supervisory process control and manufactu...
Method of calibrating bias drift with temperature for a vibrating structure gyroscope
Safety network system, safety slave, and safety controller
Method and apparatus for correcting non-uniform banding and residual toner density using feedback co...
Systems and methods for obtaining image shear and skew
Preparation of (METH) acrylic acid and (METH) acrylic esters
Toothbrush with movable head sections for enhanced oral care
Evenly distributed illumination from radial light producing luminaires and their components
Manufacturing method for increasing thermal and electrical conductivities of polymers
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Multi-part single-use toothbrush system
Direct injection diesel engine
Method of forming a semiconductor phosphor layer by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition for use i...
System and method for automatically filling a liquid receptacle
Electromagnetic interference shields and methods of manufacture
Support for concrete reinforcing members
Substituted indenyl metal complexes and polymerization process
NOx adsorber aftertreatment system for internal combustion engines
Eliminating superfluous namespace declarations and undeclaring default namespaces in XML serializati...
PD-1, a receptor for B7-4, and uses therefor
Gold catalyst for selective oxidation
Binding polypeptides
Co-processed carbohydrate system as a quick-dissolve matrix for solid dosage forms
Aerosol can overcap
Dispenser with doses' counter
Process integration of SOI FETs with active layer spacer
Reference voltage generating apparatus for use in a ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and a ...
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
Re-entrant cavity fluorescent lamp system
Electronic mail machine and internet facsimile machine
Systems and methods for an infrastructure centralized heartbeat
Systems and methods for improving investment performance
Method of setting process parameter and method of setting process parameter and/or design rule
Mutual authentication system between user and system
Circuit designs and control techniques for high frequency electronic ballasts for high intensity dis...
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked li...
Remedies for hepatitis C
Image forming apparatus using a liquid developer in which carrier liquid backflow is inhibited
High-accuracy continuous duty-cycle correction circuit
Cyclopentadienyl-containing low-valent early transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Coolant mixture separator assembly for use in a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell power p...
Electrode-electrolyte composites having discrete regions
Process for preparing dimethyl propanephosphonate
Technological machinery for production of polarizers
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Quick connect fastener and connection
Method of inserting z-axis reinforcing fibers into a composite laminate
Link adaptation for MIMO transmission schemes
Mixed liquid manufacturing apparatus
Running control device for industrial vehicle
Rationally designed polysaccharide lyases derived from chondroitinase B and methods of specifically ...
Electronic television program guide data naming system and method
Wood splitter with multiple wood splitting wedges on a rotating member
Thread-specific branch prediction by logically splitting branch history tables and predicted target ...
Pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Bioadhesive pharmaceutical compositions
Devices, compositions and methods for the pulmonary delivery of aerosolized medicaments
Controlled delivery system for fabric care products
System and method for immunosensor regeneration
Optical device and production method thereof
Disposable inhaler system
Pharmaceutical combination
Internal ribosome entry site of the labial gene for protein expression
Diagnosis and treatment of AUR1 and/or AUR2 related disorders
Method for forming polysilicon plug of semiconductor device
Ferroelectric memory device having test memory cell
Antibody protein analysis chip
Sensor chip for biochemical analyzer
Method and computer program product for precise feedback data generation and updating for compile-ti...
System and method for evaluation of electric characteristics of printed-circuit boards
Process for adjusting data structures of a floorplan upon changes occurring
Master slice semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus for delay fault testing of integrated circuits
Device for determining the mask version utilized for each metal layer of an integrated circuit
Wiring graphic verification method, program and apparatus
Data generator for generating test data for word-oriented semiconductor memories
.beta.-Lactamyl vasopressin V.sub.1a Antagonists
Dalbavancin compositions for treatment of bacterial infections
Incorporation and applications of biomolecular interactions within a carrier
Nucleic acid overexpressed in esophageal tumor, normal stomach and melanoma
Microencapsulated 3-piperidinyl-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazoles and 1,2-benzisothiazoles
Method and apparatus for controlling a mobile device by using a pivoting input switch
Apparatus and method for the manipulation of a laser beam in reflection
Optical prism, display element support and optical assembly using the same
Pixel matched camera optics
Image pick-up device and adjustment mechanism
Projection lens system and projector
Head mounted projection display with a wide field of view
Color illuminating system and projection type image display apparatus using the same
Lenticular screen with removable alignment tab
Method of manufacturing a molded lenslet array
Diffraction grating element and optical pickup
Liquid crystal display with mixed polarizers for high temperature operations
Multi-aperture high-fill factor telescope
Array system for supercavitating hydrofoils
Nanoporous membrane immunosensor
Wave shaped vehicle barrier
Infrared radiation sources, sensors and source combinations, and methods of manufacture
Method of measuring coating using two-wavelength infrared reflectance
Data processing apparatus
Voltage converter
Altering temporal response of microelectromechanical elements
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric actuator and device
Genes encoding plant transcription factors
Novel Pcr family genes which confer tolerance to heavy metals
Structural carotenoid analogs for the inhibition and amelioration of disease
Organic compounds
Nucleic acids encoding opiate receptors
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding sterol desaturase proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding AN1-like zinc finger proteins
Low-molecular weight peptides inhibiting ion channel activity
Production method of 2-deoxy-L-ribofuranosyl chloride compound
Human G-protein coupled receptor, HGPRBMY11, and variants thereof
Silencing of tgf-beta receptor type II expression by sirna
Crystalline 6-n-pyridylmethylaminoindolocarbazole compounds
Avermectin b1 monosaccharide derivatives
Substituted fused heterocyclic C-glycosides
Ghrelin associated peptide and its uses
Lipolytic enzyme variant
Subtilases and subtilase variants having altered immunogenicity
L-glutamate oxidase
Thermostable omega-transaminases
Method and a system for solid freeform fabricating using non-reactive powder
Hard surface cleaners comprising a thickening gum mixture
Silica-reinforced rubber compounded with an alkoxysilane and a catalytic alkyl tin compound
Surface graft modified resins and formation thereof
Microfluidic device and methods of using same
Directed assembly of functional heterostructures
Charge adjuvant delivery system and methods
Condensation compensation in a motion control system
2-oxo-1,3,4-trihydroquinazolinyl derivatives and methods of use
Multiphasic microchannel reactions
Color developer replenisher and concentrated composition for color photographic material
Hydrocarbon bleed emission scrubber with low restriction
Sliding bearing material
Module and apparatus for synthesis of organic molecules or the like
Multi-layer ceramic composite material with a thermal-protective effect
Rotary process for forming uniform material
Aerogel/PTFE composite insulating material
Method of forming light dispersing fiber and fiber formed thereby
Method for producing a silver-containing wound care device
Method for reinforcing a double-shell structure
Turbojet axisymmetric nozzle controlled hot flap shutter
Derivatives of dioxane-2-alkyl carbamates, preparation thereof and application thereof in therapeuti...
Indazole or indole derivatives, and use thereof in human medicine and more particularly in oncology
Oxazoles as mGluR1 enhancers
Sulfonamides as potassium channel blockers
Pharmaceutical compositions containing plasma protein
Antimicrobially active 4-methyl-4-aryl-2-pentanols, their preparation and use
Compounds for the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase
3,3-diphenylpropylamines useful in therapy
Heteroarylheteroalkylamine derivatives and their use as inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase
Flower jewelry cuff
Target determination apparatus, target judgment apparatus, and determination aid apparatus
Automated process for preparing and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence
Method of recovering a nucleic acid encoding a proteinaceous binding domain which binds a target mat...
Methods for detection of a target nucleic acid by capture
Gate driver with level shift between static wells with no power supply
Switching power device
Spatial information detecting device using intensity-modulated light and a beat signal
Over-power protection apparatus for self-excited power converter
Power supply circuit of a high speed electric motor
Non-planar chemical preconcentrator
Portable ozone treatment for swimming pools
Method and apparatus for processing and re-using of gray water for flushing toilets
Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular separation with laser steering
Energy-efficient biological treatment with membrane filtration
Filter for oil containing adhesive contaminants
Membrane supported bioreactor for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
Polycapillary chromatographic column and method of its manufacturing
Energy efficient compact oil and water separator
Centrifuge adapter
Air bleed vapor system
Centrifugal separator with conical pump inlet
Oil separator combined with cylinder head cover
Diesel reservoir ice bypass valve
System and method for delayed error handling
Storage system having a plurality of interfaces
Hardware-based translating virtualization switch
Method and system for creating and implementing zones within a fibre channel system
Combined tire pressure monitoring and keyless entry receiver
Circuit for providing electrical current to a bicycle device
Temperature-to-color converter and conversion method
Toner for developing an electrostatic image
Method and apparatus for humidification control of an energy recovery device in a fuel cell power pl...
Apparatus and method for monitoring molecular species within a medium
Pollen sensor and method
System and method for illuminating a platen in a live scanner and producing high-contrast print imag...
Methods for analyte sensing and measurement
Glyoxylated polyacrylamide composition strengthening agent
Self-verifying gaming voucher having secondary machine readable indicia
Water supply system
Fluid pump with a tubular driver body capable of selective axial expansion and contraction
Electric motor driven blower assembly with integral motor cooling duct
System and method for improving petroleum dispensing station dispensing flow rates and dispensing ca...
Fluid transport system and method therefor
Hydraulic metering device
Micropump with heating elements for a pulsed operation
Radial piston pump
High pressure slurry piston pump
Compressed air system and method of control
Method for activating an electric motor and a metering pump by supplying predetermined pulse interva...
Pressurized oil supply for propeller engine system
Peristaltic pump
Kingfish guitar body
Apparatus for resetting power management enable register and resetting power management register bas...
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission/reception apparatus
Systems and methods for package sortation and delivery using radio frequency identification technolo...
Stripping process with disproportionately distributed openings on baffles
Hybrid voice communication system
Methods and systems for automated authentication, processing and issuance of digital certificates
Time-adaptive control of television viewing functionality
Low-cost methods and devices for the decoding of product cases
System and method for operating a rollover control system in a transition to a rollover condition
Personal golfing assistant and method and system for graphically displaying golf related information...
Non-aqueous liquid shampoo composition
Hitch receiver cover embellished with a dice having LED dots
Bridged cryptographic VLAN
Passage structures for use in low-voltage applications
Methods and compositions for improved articular surgery using collagen
Connector arrangement in wrist strap monitors
Cooling passageway turn
Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers with servo control and dynamic spectral power managemen...
Video display/cord dispenser
System for recovery of degraded images
Low noise amplifier (LNA) gain switch circuitry
System and method for reading and writing a thread state in a multithreaded central processing unit
Technique for data transfer
System and method for performing automated system management
System and method for eliminating cross-talk due to far-field signals
Methods and apparatus for filtering EGM signals detected by an implantable medical device
Method and system for multiple-shift code acquisition of optical orthogonal codes in optical CDMA sy...
Network adapter and method of using same
Method for the routing of IP frames between the users of a variable graph network
System and method for cross connecting an ATM network and a telecommunication switch
Chip carrier and method for testing electrical performance of passive component
Hollow microprobe using a MEMS technique and a method of manufacturing the same
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, circuit board mounted...
Semiconductor interconnect structure
Method of arranging microspheres with liquid, microsphere arranging device, and semiconductor device
Efficiency CPU cooling arrangement
Stacked multi-chip semiconductor package improving connection reliability of stacked chips
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Quad flat non-leaded package comprising a semiconductor device
Arrangement of wiring lines including power source lines and channel wirings of a semiconductor inte...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
Compositions and methods for high-efficiency cleaning/polishing of semiconductor wafers
Developer supplying container
Developer supplying container
Image forming apparatus using two or more toners for ordinary paper or OHP sheet
Diagnostic device, diagnostic system, diagnostic method, program and storage medium
Two-dimensional optical waveguide apparatus, and opto-electronic hybrid circuit board using such opt...
Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Information presentation system, information presentation apparatus, control method thereof and comp...
Sheet treating apparatus, method of mounting sheet treating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a four-step image bearing member controller
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
Sheet-processing system
Information processing method
Image generation method and apparatus
Shaft constructions for a medical device
Optical packet routing network system based on optical label switching technique
Gases delivery conduit
Integrated waveguide photodetector
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Solid-state image sensing element and its design support method, and image sensing device
Devices and methods with programmable logic and digital signal processing regions
Flicker detecting system for detecting lamp life differing from lamp to lamp
Microencapsulated animal trap bait and method of luring animals to traps with microencapsulated bait
Motion control apparatus for teaching robot position, robot-position teaching apparatus, motion cont...
Manufacturing plant for parts, particularly vehicle body parts
Laser welding method and laser welding robot
Recombinant bovine pancreatic desoxyribonuclease I with high specific activity
Quantitative multiplex PCR with high dynamic range
Fluid dose, flow and coagulation sensor for medical instrument
Electrochemical test device and related methods
Measurement of slider clearance by inducing collision of the slider with disk surface
Antenna and electronic device using the same
Electronic article surveillance marker deactivator using phase control deactivation
System and method for sorting medical waste for disposal
System and method for protecting traffic in a hubbed optical ring network
System and method for executing binary images
Transaction accelerator for client-server communication systems
Maintaining a shared cache that has partitions allocated among multiple nodes and a data-to-partitio...
Techniques for rewriting XML queries directed to relational database constructs
Iso-reflectance wavelengths
Method and apparatus for maintaining optical alignment for free-space optical communication
Structures and fabrication techniques for solid state electrochemical devices
Magnetic suspension bearing
Catalyst carrier and method of producing same
Saw blade container having dual storage areas
Retransfer printing method and printing apparatus thereof
Paint compositions comprising esters of rosin and process of production thereof
Flexible annuloplasty prosthesis and holder
Illumination-controlled bicycle devices
Optical module and manufacturing method of the same, optical communication device, opto-electrical h...
Barrier coating of a mixture of cured and uncured elastomeric polymers and a dispersed layered fille...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Work inspection system
Radiation image information reading apparatus
Receptacle-mounted cover plate to hide electrical socket face
Method and system for machine vision-based feature detection and mark verification in a workpiece or...
Power supply control apparatus and power supply control method
Tuning the index of a waveguide structure
Optical element, optical integrated device, optical information transmission system, and manufacturi...
Apparatus and method for projection exposure
Contrast chiral nematic liquid crystal displays
Method for aligning capacitor plates in a security tag and a capacitor formed thereby
Methods and apparatus to produce a voltage pulse
Organometallic building materials and method for producing the same
Technological machinery for production of polarizers
Off-chip LC circuit for lowest ground and VDD impedance for power amplifier
Method of making atomic integrated circuit device
Method of fabricating a composite carbon nanotube thermal interface device
Datum based interchangeable fuel cell cartridges
Accommodating intraocular lens
Accommodating intraocular lens system
Integrated tone-based and voice-based telephone user interface
Tooth whitening appliance having membrane covered applicator
Electric bicycle
Method, system and device for calibrating a magnetic field sensor
Methods of preparing EP(D)M elastomer, of controlling yield thereof, and of recovering the same
Method of making tire with exo-belt skin
Integrally formed gear set with a plurality of gears
Adjustable rack for carrying equipment on a vehicle
Door-mounted tie-out
Double open-end claded-head wrench
Bicycle gear indicator mechanism
Reverse input blocking clutch and clutch device using the same
Bicycle rack
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program storage medium and program
Rotary drive device
Electrical communication system for a bicycle
Methods for manufacturing carbon fibers, electron-emitting device, electron source, image display ap...
Apparatus for the pyrolysis of material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Multiphoton photochemical process and articles preparable thereby
High frequency, multiple beam antenna system
Toothpaste dispensing apparatus
Syringe tool
Method for controlling metallophosphate precipitation in high cell density fermentations
Goods transport system and method for operating a goods transport system
Apparatus for the transportation of printing sleeves
Method and devices for regulating at least one cylinder in a printing press
Gripper system for a machine which processes printing material sheets
Device for conveying sheets through a printing machine
Card reader and method of controlling the card reader
Generator device for generating a magnetic resonance excitation signal
Azimuthally-orienting NMR samples
Multiply-tuned volume resonator for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Massage apparatus
Personal massager
Spa jet
Gloves for massage
Leg splint
Portion of cushion for respiratory mask
Corn pad
Printer with combination scanner and print collection tray
Dental model base quadrant with a plurality of indexing pins
Carabiner calculator
Dental illumination device
Machine for point of sale
Surgical template for distal extension
Creep locking retention mechanism (Clip)
System and method for transformation of assembly code for conditional execution
Cardiac rhythm management system with atrial shock timing optimization
Catheter system and method for administering regional anesthesia to a patient
System and method for annotation on a moving image
Dressing and a method for making and applying a dressing
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of iron overload diseases and iron deficiency d...
Treatment of cancers, tumors and malignancies using amphiphilic prodrugs
Modified radial motion (MRM) method for modifying lengthwise curvature of face-milling spiral bevel ...
Nonaqueous electrolyte cell
Actinic ray curable ink-jet ink and printed matter
Compositions containing silicates and ion-conducting films containing the same
Substituted thienothiophene monomers and conducting polymers
Methods and compositions for modification of lipid biosynthesis
Esters of aryl benzimidazole sulfonic acids and sunscreen compositions containing same
Cosmetic composition
Mold for manufacturing a stick of cosmetic product
Radio frequency identification (RFID) household system for tracking and managing RFID tag containing...
Mobile inventory management system
Printer and consumables for use in printer
Object location system and method using RFID
Transponder system and method for measurement of separation
Integrated circuit with enhanced coupling
System for detecting radio-frequency identification tags
Identification band using serpentine paths to detect tampering
Waste segregation compliance system
System for tracking object locations using self-tracking tags
Theft prevention device for automotive vehicle service centers
Gemstone inventory and detection system
Deep sleep in an RFID tag
Process for preparing optically active 3-(methylamino)-1-(2-thienyl) propan-1-ol and intermediates f...
Process for continuously producing .epsilon.-caprolactone polymer
Polyalkenyl ether resin
Process for production of xylylenediamine and/or cyanobenzylamine
Process for catalytic vapor phase oxidation
Method for producing allyl compound, and ether or ester compound produced thereby
Method and apparatus for determining figure
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Polymer blend compatibilization using isobutylene-based block copolymers II
Memory-enhancing peptides and the use thereof
Plastic molded product having photochromic characteristic and/or polarizing characteristics
Thermoplastic article having a decorative material embedded therein
Polyimide-metal layered products and polyamideimide-metal layered product
Enhancing cell-based immunotherapy
.alpha.-cyanoacrylate adhesive systems
Two-dimensional photonic crystal cavity and channel add/drop filter
N-carbobenzyloxy (N-CBZ)-deprotecting enzyme and uses therefor
Rotor for spinning reel
Reel unit for spinning reel
Spinning reel rotor
Fountain that flows with fluidic material
Method and apparatus for communicating a randomized signal
Cat scratching apparatus
Bird cage ladder
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Multipurpose flow control device
Animal feed harvesting and dispensing system
Heated pet bed
Device for milking animals
Method of producing avian eggs and birds of germ-free status
Hook dislodging assembly
Process for producing coated polymeric articles and the articles produced thereby
Olefin polymerization processes and products thereof
Diffraction-based diagnostic devices
Radioactive source materials formable into various shapes
Forceps for medical use
Method and system for detection of cardiac arrhythmia
LED forward voltage estimation in pulse oximeter
Velocity estimation apparatus and method using level crossing rate
Apparatus and methods for mitigating impairments due to central auditory nervous system binaural pha...
Method for use in orthodontics for accelerating tooth movement when treating patients for malocclusi...
Articulating guide wire for embolic protection and methods of use
Holding device for a medical device
Inventory control for web-based articles
Method and apparatus for displaying a handwritten message based on position and time data
Automatic document reading system for technical drawings
Method and system for a programmable image transformation
Method and apparatus for capturing images using blemished sensors
Image noise reduction method and device
Ghost image correction system and method
Iterated de-noising for image recovery
Polarization-dependent optical fibre amplifier
Resonator for thermo optic device
Polarization insensitive tunable optical filters
Fibre channel architecture port having optical and copper connectors
Image projector and light tunnel
Dynamic color mixing LED device
Dynamic color mixing LED device
Solid-state semiconductor light emitting device
Frame structure used in a backlight module
Surface light source device of side light type
Optical member, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Backlight module having two lighting sides
Direct backlight module
Reflective optical elements for semiconductor light emitting devices
White position taillight for aircraft
Lamp unit for vehicle
Adjuster and adjuster assembly
Vehicular headlamp
Vehicle window shield
Lighting device incorporating plasma lamp for vehicles
LED lighting assembly with improved heat exchange
Recessed downlight mounting fixture
Pyrotechnic charge structure
Modular sentry station
Mounting assembly and methods of using same
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Fossil fuel combined cycle power system
Audio device heat transferring
Jack circuit and portable type electronic apparatus and telephone set using the same
Device and method for adjusting input gain for multiple signal formats in a data network
Circuit and method for receiving and mixing radio frequencies in a direct conversion receiver
Front-end module and communication terminal
Paper processing unit for binding device
Inkjet printhead feedback processing arrangement
Paralytic peptide for use in neuromuscular therapy
Nanocomposite color concentrate pellets
Aqueous compositions comprising protease and/or amylase
Process for making bar composition having little or no efflorescence
Hair relaxer compositions comprising at least one hydroxide compound and at least one activating age...
System and method for support legacy operating system booting in a legacy-free system
Chemical compounds
Multimeric forms of members of the steroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors with the ultraspiracle r...
Polymer-modified synthetic proteins
Process for the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from biomass
Process for producing a fibrous structure having increased surface area
Gas separation apparatus and methods
Dental self-curing resin cement compositions
Process for the production in continuous of hydrocarbons from synthesis gas
Dual metallocene catalyst for producing film resins with good machine direction (MD) elmendorf tear ...
Seed oil based coatings and their applications
Slurry for use in polishing semiconductor device conductive structures that include copper and tungs...
Titanium dioxide scouring media and method of production
Charge transport compositions and electronic devices made with such compounds
Protective apparel fabric and garment
Error codes in Agent X
System and method of volume health checking and recovery
Technique for improving processor performance
Transforming data automatically between communications parties in a computing network
Document controlled workflow systems and methods
Method for limiting conveyance information of user profile within mobile Internet transactions
Single switch image for a stack of switches
Catalyst degradation determining method
Sealing device for a rolling contact bearing
Sliding member and method of manufacturing the same
Hydrodynamic bearing, manufacturing method of hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor provided with hydr...
Slide assembly
Sliding structure for shaft member with improved abrasion resistance and injector
Clutch release bearing, in particular for motor vehicle
Method of manufacturing a corner assembly
Lifting reel mounted on a tree stand
Magazine feed lips gauge
Two-piece snap-on handgun magazine adapter
Manually releasable clip holder
Segmented layered image system
Method for combined use of a local RTK system and a regional, wide-area, or global carrier-phase pos...
Automated site security, monitoring and access control system