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Method of programming non-volatile semiconductor memory device having an electrically erasable and p...
Non-volatile semiconductor storage device performing ROM read operation upon power-on
Image forming apparatus
Display driving device, display apparatus, and method of driving the same
Ground fault circuit interrupter with reverse wiring protection
Resin composition
Magnetic recording disk, magnetic recording disk manufacturing method and magnetic recording disk ma...
Directional transition module for use in conjunction with a roller-type conveyor
Neutral pixel detection using color space feature vectors wherein one color space coordinate represe...
Dispenser bottle including a conduit partition assembly, and an image forming device including the s...
Optical shuttle system and method used in an optical switch
Electrophotographic imaging members
Latching mechanism for drum maintenance unit
Recording apparatus
Apparatus for correcting ink droplets placement errors for recording apparatus, recording apparatus ...
Bin partitions to improve material flow
Control apparatus and program
Drowsiness detecting device and waking device operatively connected with the same
Systems, methods, and apparatus for monitoring a container associated with an item
Procedure and filter device for removal and/or destruction of organic substances in contaminated air
Packaging for food products
Method for producing a polyarylene sulfide
Block coding method having increased flexibility in choice of code length or minimum code distance
Methods and systems for assigning channels in a power controlled time slotted wireless communication...
Method and apparatus for feedback error detection in a wireless communications systems
Apparatus and method for controlling telephone communications during intervals of high call traffic ...
Wireless communication system using multi-element antenna having a space-time architecture
Rate control technique for layered architectures with multiple transmit and receive antennas
Copper-catalyzed formation of carbon-heteroatom and carbon-carbon bonds
Process for recovering monomeric units of a nylon from whole carpet
Method of making plastic rocks
Method and apparatus for stacking semiconductor wafers
Composite trash container
Low profile evaporative cooler housing
Image processing and analysis framework
Storage device
Arrays of nucleic acid probes on biological chips
Light-emitting diode
Structured fluid compositions for electrophoretically frustrated total internal reflection displays
Sulfonamide-substituted pyrazolopyridine compounds
Fungicidal combinations of active substances
Prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase biosynthesis inhibitors
Plasma display panel having a plurality of bi-discharge sources and related method of sustaining dis...
Conjugated diene rubber gel, rubber compositions containing the same and process for production of c...
GCIB processing of integrated circuit interconnect structures
Highly-sensitive displacement-measuring optical device
Nucleophilic approach for preparing radiolabeled imaging agents and associated compounds
Event-based synchronization
Test circuit for testing a synchronous memory circuit
Portable navigation device with instant on configuration on navigational display
System for delivering a composition to the nasal membrane and method of using same
Hydrophobically modified polymers for a well completion spacer fluid
Metal halide lamp, headlight apparatus for vehicle using the same, and method of manufacturing metal...
Compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp with improved rising characteristics
Process for the production of monohalide or dihalide metallocene compounds
Filtration media
Image communication apparatus and image communication method
Organic-inorganic nanocomposite and preparation thereof
Method for making a carbon nanotube-based field emission display
Method and means of multi-activation of ions and atoms with nmr and epr
RF transmission method, MRI apparatus, and auxiliary coil
MR method for minimizing the chemical shift artifact, using a localized spatially dependent saturati...
NMR MAS Electret Spin Rate Detection
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of an article of footwear
Footwear sole
Article of footwear with remote sound activating unit
Athletic shoe with improved sole
Boot cleaning device
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear tread
Footwear upper
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Chemically-defined non-polymeric valency platform molecules and conjugates thereof
Method of stabilizing hyaluronidase with annexin II
Methods of nucleic acid amplification and sequencing
Methods of treating schizophrenia
Optical recording medium and reproducing apparatus
Method and system for scalable representation, storage, transmission and reconstruction of media str...
Data recording/reproduction apparatus and method
Fragile water mark printed with two component inks and process
Process for controlling the fatty acid chain composition of triglycerides and use thereof
Selectively auditing accesses to rows within a relational database at a database server
Method of interpretation service for voice on the phone
Apparatus and method for performing transformation-based indexing of high-dimensional data
Transparent content addressable data storage and compression for a file system
Content addressable data storage and compression for semi-persistent computer memory for a database ...
Multi-field classification using enhanced masked matching
Audio component front face
Apparatus and method for detecting and correcting a corrupted broadcast time code
Scan activated optical storage article and methods thereof
Drive apparatus, control method thereof, and motor vehicle equipped with the apparatus and the metho...
Valve driving apparatus and internal combustion engine including the same
Electromagnetic valve
Method and apparatus for managing printing devices
System and method for distribution of network printer software
Information processing apparatus capable of customizing device driver, information processing method...
Print control apparatus, print control method, and program for implementing the method
Print-job information display system, printing system, print-job manager, print- job manager control...
Automatic printing device selection based on human-readable form submission
Summarization of sumo video content
Reservation method, reservation authentication method, reservation confirmation method, reservation ...
Sound and image producing system
Portable computing, communication and entertainment device with central processor carried in a detac...
Audible sound detection control circuits for toys and other amusement devices
Sound generator for a kite
Playground equipment
Inflatable sport ball arresting structure
Portable electronic bingo device
Animated multi-persona toy
Construction members for three-dimensional assemblies
Apparatus and method for providing a linear effect
Structure for illuminating a roulette wheel
Playing cards and method for playing card games therewith
Two card poker
Method for playing a casino card game
Method and apparatus for orthography board game
Chess to the second power
Racing board game
Role-playing game with interactive cards and game devices, namely in the form of linear and rotary s...
Portable toy and game device
CAM-based search engines that support pipelined multi-database search operations using replacement s...
System and method for transcoding web content for display by alternative client devices
Method and system for forecasting events and threats based on geospatial modeling
Relationship view
System and method for defining and using subclasses declaratively within markup
Operation circuit and operation control method thereof
Method for specifying, executing and analyzing method sequences for recognition
Neural network system and method for controlling information output based on user feedback
Data classifier using learning-formed and clustered map
Solution data edit processing apparatus and method, and automatic summarization processing apparatus...
Method and apparatus for recommending an optimum training to a trainee, and a computer product
Signal source identification utilizing wavelet-based signal processing and associated method
Method and apparatus for analyzing input information
Method and apparatus for efficient implementation and evaluation of state machines and programmable ...
Assemblies for mounting electronic devices and associated heat sinks to computer modules and other s...
Heat-dissipating device with heat conductive tubes
Electronic control device
Method of assembly of a wedge thermal interface to allow expansion after assembly
Loop thermosyphon with wicking structure and semiconductor die as evaporator
Liquid cooling system
Electronic assemblies with high capacity bent fin heat sinks
Coaxial air ducts and fans for cooling and electronic component
Mother board with a ventilation-enhancing member
Apparatus and method for controlling an aircraft cooling and smoke system using discrete components
Food thawing cabinet and related methods
Fan and fastening element and method of assembling
Cooling water intake system
Combined refrigerator-oven apparatus
Tube for heat exchanger
Support system for tube bundle devices
Method and apparatus for minimizing adverse effects of thermal expansion in a heat exchange reactor
Core structure of integral heat-exchanger
Radiator including a heat sink and a fan
Systems for low cost liquid cooling
Heat pipe fin stack with extruded base
Method for making a porous calcium phosphate article
Device selection circuitry constructed with nanotube technology
Nude mouse model for human neoplastic disease
Surface acoustic wave demultiplexer using different piezoelectric materials for substrates of two sa...
Riser base
Cycloalkyl-hydroxyl compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Triaryl-oxy-aryloxy-pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione metalloproteinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of tolterodine and intermediates thereof
Control apparatus and control system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
Peptides and their use as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus ns3 protease
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Methods to treat alzheimer's disease
Universal procedure for refolding recombinant proteins
Methods and transgenic mouse model for identifying and modulating factors involved in the production...
Method and apparatus for multi-waveform wireless sensor network
Devices for determining depth of chest compressions during CPR
Toner supplying cartridge
Test probe for finger tester and corresponding finger tester
Process for the preparation of 5-hydroxy-3-oxopentanoic acid derivatives
Oscillation circuit, electronic circuit using the same, and semiconductor device, electronic equipme...
Polyester molding composition
Interior surface modifications of molecular sieves with organometallic reagents and the use thereof ...
Process utilizing zeolites as catalysts/catalyst precursors
System and method of providing broadcasting informations
Oranic EL array exposure head, imaging system incorporating the same, and array-form exposure head f...
Method for converting natural gas to olefins
Methods for detecting NTR3 nucleic acids by hybridization
Polymer and photoresist compositions
Process and catalyst for preparing alcohols
Process for producing flexible optical waveguide
Thio-substituted tricyclic and bicyclic aromatic methanesulfinyl derivatives
Topical silicone compositions and method for making
Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-.alpha. modulators, synthesis of said modulators and their ...
Calibrachoa plant named `Balcabred`
Diaryl yellow pigment preparations
Selected climate change control of pet food formulation and distribution
Modified polypropylene resins
System and method for adjusting antenna radiation in a wireless network
Wear-resistant sintered contact material, wear-resistant sintered composite contact component and me...
Energy storage flywheel test control system
Optimized phosphor system for improved efficacy lighting sources
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Amino terminal substance P compositions and methods for using the same
Light polymerization device
System and method for e-mail alias registration
Cutting die head
Process for removing protein aggregates and virus from a protein solution
Pelletized chromotography media
Formant-based speech synthesizer employing demi-syllable concatenation with independent cross fade i...
Fingerprint template generation, verification and identification system
Tube joint
Base for an oral implement
Section of a rim for a feeder
Backplane assembly with board to board optical interconnections
System and method for data rights management
Method and apparatus for detecting vehicular collisions
Luer-receiving medical valve and fluid transfer method
Synthesis of an un-supported, high-flow ZSM-22 zeolite membrane
Portable percutaneous assemblies, systems and methods for providing highly selective functional or t...
System, method and apparatus for detecting, identifying and responding to fraudulent requests on a n...
Ese genes and proteins
Probe and apparatus for measuring cerebral hemodynamics and oxygenation
Illumination device for simulating channel letters
Metabotropic GABA .sub.[B] receptors, receptor-specific ligands and their uses
Surgical graft/stent system
Alignment of a flight vehicle based on recursive matrix inversion
Heart-shaped pillow with interior heart-shaped window
Catalyst obtained by prepolymerization of polyolefin and olefin polymerization method using the same
Polymerized catalyst composition II
Antioxidant compositions and methods of use thereof
Handle for shopping trolleys
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Plant centromere compositions
Methods for monitoring and optimizing central venous pressure and intravascular volume
Production of thin steel strip
Method for intrusion detection in a database system
Calibration circuit for VCO
Method to protect internal components of semiconductor processing equipment using layered superlatti...
Energy management device
Prospects harvester system for providing contact data about customers of product or service offered ...
Mission certification quiz for fundraising campaign
Misfire detecting apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Plasma mass spectrometer
Speaker system and a method for improving sound quality thereof
Portable appliance for reproducing a musical composition, power saving method, and storage medium th...
System and method for conversion of directly-assigned format attributes to styles in a document
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Methods for screening for compounds that modulate pd-1 signaling
Method and system for segmenting and identifying events in images using spoken annotations
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Micro/nano-fabricated glucose sensors using single-walled carbon nanotubes
Method and apparatus for stimulating the sphenopalatine ganglion to modify properties of the BBB and...
Method and apparatus for augmented reality hybrid tracking system with fiducial-based heading correc...
Remote-controlled robot and robot self-position identification method
Medicaments for treating colics
Heuchera plant named `Blood Red`
Semiconductor integrated circuit and interrupt request output method thereof
Floating power generation system
Method, system, and program for presenting data in a limited display area
Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator
Self-powered, wearable personal air purifier
Silver-platinum alloy and methods of manufacturing same
Interactive key control system and method of managing access to secured locations
Method and apparatus for dual hardware and software cryptography
Graphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal
Method and apparatus for control of security protocol negotiation
Method for setting a power operating mode transition interval of a disk drive in a mobile device bas...
Vehicle guidance system for automatic vehicle guidance
Embossed paper
Light-emitting polymers and electronic devices using such polymers
Atomic layer deposition method of forming an oxide comprising layer on a substrate
Apparatus and method for memory management
Device identification using a memory profile
High temperature elastomers from linear poly (silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Method for activating the functions of an electrical apparatus
Instruction-initiated power management method for a pipelined data processor
Cross tie connection bracket
EMI shielding film of a flat panel display device including a mesh frame of two-layered structure
Side-delivery suppository dispenser
System and method of linking a wireless signaling protocol with a media gateway control protocol in ...
Method and system for workload balancing in a network of computer systems
Facility and method for crowd screening and protection
Three dimensional framed display and frame calendar
Portable infant playground
Verbascum plant named `Sierra Sunset`
Shrub rose plant named `AUStiger`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSvisit`
Solidago plant named `Dansol21`
Sutera plant named `Dancopinkeye`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Unforgettable`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Ingscar`
Chrysanthemum plant named `ATH THREE YTLG`
Dahlia plant named `Dapared`
Geranium plant named `Elegance Burgundy`
Nectarine tree, `Burnecteighteen`
Nectarine tree, `Burnectnineteen`
Apple tree rootstock named `G.41`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S68`
`GP-27` peach
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argymonwi`
Walnut tree named `Gillet`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbnzl`
System and method for generating filters based on analyzed flow data
Systems and methods for using cryptography to protect secure computing environments
Method to revive and reconstitute majority node set clusters
Low-complexity music detection algorithm and system
Geometric system and method for generating tone using fluid
Portable telephony apparatus with music tone generator
Portable mixing recorder and method and program for controlling the same
Electronic music display appliance and method for displaying music scores
Ink recognition for use in character-based applications
Variable bit field encoding
Game system using game cards and game machine
Video gaming with integral printer device
Miniature golf game
Gaming award techniques
Padded sports glove having improved flexibility and breathability
Device for producing multimedia presentation
Method of diagnosing the operating state of a motor vehicle diesel engine
Method and apparatus to evaluate an intake air temperature monitoring circuit
Device and method for determining a highest allowed velocity of a vehicle
Method of determining a default transmission input speed
Drive train and brakes coordinator subsystem and method
Vehicle occupant characterization method based on the power spectrum of a seat sensor output signal
Method of discriminating object on seat
Activation control device for airbag device
System for measuring points on a vehicle during damage repair
Mirror carrier mounting arrangement for a vehicle rear view mirror
Mobile cellular radio
Vehicle accessory microphone
Method and system for processing a signal
Housing structure of vehicle-mounted electronic equipment
Method for determining the relative speed of an object
Information providing apparatus, information providing method, storage medium, and computer program
Combination indicator assembly in vehicle instrument panel
Dual-layer planar antenna
Vehicle-installed radar sensor system and vehicle-installed radar sensor
Method and system for providing online comparison shopping
Electronically distributing promotional and advertising material based upon consumer internet usage
Paging of mobile hosts on an internet protocol network
Netted radio signal broadcast method
System and method for providing source awareness in a wireless application protocol network environm...
Digital browser phone
Broadband cable telephony network architecture IP ITN network architecture reference model
Wire/wireless unified in-building communication method and system
Secure selective sharing of account information on an internet information aggregation system
Process for adjusting an operating interface belonging to process devices with an internet capabilit...
Enhanced video programming system and method utilizing a web page staging area
System using Internet electronic mail for communicating status of a monitored device to a monitoring...
Method and apparatus for configurable data collection on a computer network
Transaction configuration system and method for transaction-based automated testing
Systems and methods for matching participants to a conversation
Method and apparatus for providing an integrated file system
Apparatus and method for extracting data
Gaming system light candle
Gaming device display
Receiving network metrics data from disparate devices and displaying in a host format
Multiportal device with linked cannulae and method for percutaneous surgery
Method and apparatus for repositioning a percutaneous probe
Modular CPU enclosure for gaming machines
Electrical connectors having contacts that may be selectively designated as either signal or ground ...
O-desmethylvenlafaxine and bazedoxifene combination product and uses thereof
Optimized sensor geometry for an implantable glucose sensor
IL-12 modulatory compounds
Use of gamma- tocopherol and its oxidative metabolite LLU-alpha in the treatment of disease
Solid preparation comprising an insulin sensitizer, an insulin secretagogue and a polyoxyethylene so...
Cancer treatment with epothilones
Methods and compositions for modulating sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor activity
Methods and compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Method of treatment or prophylaxis
Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Postpartum cells derived from umbilical cord tissue, and methods of making and using the same
Indole derivatives as somatostatin agonists or antagonists
Classifying and predicting glomerulosclerosis using a proteomics approach
Quinoline Derivatives as NK-3 Antagonists
Protein scaffolds and uses thereof
Integrated data collection and analysis for clinical study
Integrated data collection and analysis for clinical study
Apparatus and method for stiffening tissue
Body fat measuring apparatus capable of measuring visceral fat with high accuracy
Refrigerator for health care
Device and method for positioning of a therapeutic device
N-arylsulfonyl-3-substituted indoles having serotonin receptor affinity, process for their preparati...
Methods of treatment utilizing certain melatonin derivatives
Therapeutic combination
Combination of a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and a glycine transporter type 1 inhibitor for the tre...
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
Substituted piperidine compounds and methods of their use
2' and 3'- substituted cyclobutyl nucleoside analogs for the treatment of viral infections and abnor...
Method and apparatus rendering user accounts portable
Storage system and method for prestaging data in a cache for improved performance
Dynamic streaming buffer cache algorithm selection
Readdressable virtual DMA control and status registers
Virtual private networks for voice over networks applications
Information location service
Buried line locator with integral position sensing
Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm
Method and apparatus for persistent access to Web resources using variable time-stamps
Method and device for securing a functional device to a stomach
LDPC decoding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for handoff between a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a universal mobile...
Method and unit for deskewing signals
Method for optimizing home location register queries in a wireless communication system
Failure propagation path estimate system
Consequential location derived information
Method and system for fault diagnosis in a data network
Location determination in telecommunication network
Performance evaluation method for plasma processing apparatus for continuously maintaining a desired...
Method and apparatus for performing field-to-field compensation
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor light emitting device with stacked light emitting elements
Main power inductance based on bond wires for a switching power converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a conductive film which contains metal atoms bondable...
Back end IC wiring with improved electro-migration resistance
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for establishing improved thermal communication between a die and a heatspreade...
Semiconductor device
Detailed description of the presently preferred embodiments
Supercritical fluid-assisted deposition of materials on semiconductor substrates
Interconnect structure for TFT-array substrate and method for fabricating the same
High performance strained channel MOSFETs by coupled stress effects
MRAM device fabricated using chemical mechanical polishing
Solid-state image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Heterobipolar transistor and method of fabricating the same
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor structure having ion implant in only...
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Lateral phase change memory and method therefor
Electric device with phase change material and method of manufacturing the same
Footwear and other foot-receiving devices including a removable closure system cover member
Automatically operable safety shield system for syringes
Golf ball with soft core
Golf swing training device
Training putter with laser line projecting device
Swing training jacket
Swashplate and pitch link arrangement for a coaxial counter rotating rotor system
Gearbox mounted force generator
Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space
Satellite comprising means for transferring heat from a shelf supporting equipment to radiator panel...
System and method for attitude control and station keeping
Electrodynamic tether
Skyhook reserve parachute deployment system
Method for reducing resistance of flying object using expandable nose cone
Anti hijacking fail-safe system with alert locator tracking capabilities
Methods and systems for controlling lower surface shocks
Composite seal and window assembly
Integrated window belt system for aircraft cabins
Lowerable luggage compartment with a rear force supporting device
Wheel mounted water spray deflector
Tall V/STOL aircraft
Lateral thrust control
Push button
Air bag system for automotive passenger seat
Capacitive monitors for detecting metal extrusion during electromigration
Impact extrusion molded article, and impact extrusion molding method, and an impact extrusion moldin...
Use of silicone resins as dispersants
Apparatus and method for forward error correction
Draining residual charge from a voltage plane
Object-oriented framework for generic adaptive control
Shock lead impedance measurement to ensure safe delivery of shock therapy to maintain circuit integr...
Switch-mode oximeter LED drive with a single inductor
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Infrared sauna
Optical fiber with epoxidized polyolefin based coating
Adaptive scanning of materials using nuclear resonance fluorescence imaging
X-ray imaging apparatus and method for mammography and computed tomography
CT imaging system with multiple peak x-ray source
Non-volatile counter
Self-contained ambient noise recorder
Capacitor element for solid electrolytic capacitor and method of making the same
LDPC code and encoder/decoder regarding same
Optical instrument, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method and system for processing multi-media transactions in a communication center
Automatic validation method for multimedia product manuals
Content retrieval based on semantic association
System for secure transactions
Mobile communication terminal
Lifestyle multimedia security system
Lifestyle multimedia security system
System for moving image data using wireless communication and the method of the same
Apparatus and associated method for communicating multimedia information upon a communication link
Communication management system and method
Lifestyle multimedia security system
Adjustable support for multimedia display device
Method for controlling and evaluating a sensor device shared by a plurality of applications
System for the control of multiple transmissions in a multi-combination vehicle
Actuator for active front steering system
Drive arrangement
Roll-over suppressing control apparatus for a vehicle
Axle unit for driving wheel
Anti-skid tire chain device
Side airbag deployment signal enhancement
Vehicle with electric motors
Shift device for vehicle
Support structure for transversal engine
Motor driven vehicle and method of sampling map data of the motor driven vehicle
Wheel chair apparatus and method
Battery mounting arrangement for electrically powered vehicle
Control apparatus and method for taking failure countermeasure for hybrid vehicular drive system
Control system for a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Apparatus for controlling a driving force of an electric vehicle
Golf club head
Bags for organizing golf accessories
Method for manufacturing a striking plate of a golf club head
Mold assembly for forming a wax pattern in the shape of a golf club head
Composite grip for golf clubs
Golfrisbee: swiveling club to launch flying disk to fly
Multi-functional paper and a method making the same
Multi-purpose paper, manufacturing method thereof and the application thereof
Production of transgenic poinsettia
Endoglucanase gene promoter upregulated by the root-knot nematode
Use of frequency transforms in the analysis of image sensors
Communication restriction control system and communication restriction control method
SNMP management in a software defined radio
Signal enhancement through diversity
Broadcast subscription management method and apparatus
Bipolar transistor and radio frequency amplifier circuit
Multiple band direct conversion radio frequency transceiver integrated circuit
Integrated circuit layout for a television tuner
Receiver having a gain cancelling amplifier
Radio receiver device having field intensity detector
Method and device for low-power FM transmission of audio data to RDS (Radio Data System) capable FM ...
Gain control in a multiple RF transceiver integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for dynamic gain and phase compensations
Dynamic gain and phase compensation for power amplifier load switching
Radio frequency transceiver integrated circuit floor plan applicable to MIMO
System and method for DC offset correction in transmit baseband
Techniques for partitioning radios in wireless communication systems
Frequency shifted wireless local area network system
Method and system for coordinating radio resources in unlicensed frequency bands
Closed-loop power controlled radio communication system
Methods and apparatus for optical modulation amplitude measurement
DC offset correction system for a receiver with baseband gain control
Gallium nitride based light emitting device and the fabricating method for the same
Surface imprinted films with carbon nanotubes
Inverter controller
Circuit for the programmable protection of output over-voltages in a power factor corrector
Method and system for constant or proportional to absolute temperature biasing for minimizing transm...
Circuit arrangement with a resistor voltage divider chain
Low voltage bandgap reference with power supply rejection
Voltage reference circuit using PTAT voltage
Processor based integrated circuit with a supply voltage monitor using bandgap device without feedba...
Control circuit of DC--DC converter and its control method
Control of DC/DC converters having synchronous rectifiers
Semiconductor chip
Apparatus and method for step-down switching voltage regulation
Multi-output DC-DC converter
Control apparatus for on-vehicle generator that sends power from the battery to the field winding an...
Battery tester
Method for recycling secondary battery
Cordless power tool with tool identification circuitry
A/C--D/C power system with internal fuel cell
Fuel saving engine driven aircraft ground power device and method of use
Method and reference circuit for bias current switching for implementing an integrated temperature s...
Illuminated musical instrument
Magnetic return pedal for percussion instruments
Drum head tension control device
Electronic musical instrument
Electrical bracket
Drywall patching tool
Device enrollment in a security system
Device for concealing caulking joint and method
Multi-planar gas recovery bioreactor
Tool for extracting an embedded elongated object
Portable material stand
Ball joint system for drywall finishing tools
Hopper stand
System and method for capturing visual information of a device
ISFN DB method to construct international library of well architected contents having multilingual c...
Method of providing and administering a web-based personal financial management course
Voice activated decision support
Video game with learning metrics
Interactive computer-assisted method of instruction and system for implementation
Peritoneal dialysis doll
Method of Creating Rigid Cards with an Exercise Routine
Device for teaching biblical scripture and method of using the same
Educational math toy
Banner scoring device
Lay-in tile speaker system
Electronics-carrying module
Electronic apparatus
Device and method for manufacturing speaker diaphragm, the diaphragm, and speaker
Electronically controlled dual chamber variable resonator
Noise suppressor apparatus for a gas duct
Vibration isolation mount for garage door opener
Stethoscope cover applicator
Hierarchical presentation techniques for a design tool
Display control apparatus and storage medium
Integrated circuit device with data modifying capabilities and related methods
System and method for the generation and verification of signatures associated with hardcopy documen...
Web page providing method, server machine, web page providing program, and computer readable medium
Systems and methods for recovery audit scope determination
Method and system for interfacing with a multi-level data structure
Method, system, and storage medium for creating and maintaining an enterprise architecture
Integrated electronic scale, and a system and method which uses the scale automatically to compute p...
Systems and methods for implementing person-to-person money exchange
Technique for effective management of resource consumption
Business system and method using a distorted biometrics
System and method for secure electronic fund transfers
Systems and methods for secure printing
Method of controlling digital content distribution, a method of reproducing digital content, and an ...
Precipitation-strengthened nickel-iron-chromium alloy
Remote server object architecture for speech recognition
Method, system, converter and switch for asynchronous transmission-mode (ATM) communication
Communication device
User interface and associated method for indicating status using keypad backlights
Call connection management equipment for wireless mobile communication network
Method and system for re-routing a call
Method and apparatus for providing enhanced services at a mobile communication device
Generating one or more triggered operations to prepaid service node based on connection with intelli...
Headband having a plurality of interchangeable attachments for holding a cellular phone to the headb...
Computer apparatus having a multiway acoustic output and input system
Communication device having a two-mode controlled isolation circuit for power transport and bidirect...
Call routing from manual to automated dialog of interactive voice response system
Switch buttons activated from an external network
Apparatus for interworking between heterogeneous No. 7 signaling networks and method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling a network device
Method for auditory differentiation of forwarded phone calls
System and method for providing no answer detail service for telephone calls that are not completed
Sensor-controlled telephone system
Systems and methods for collect call processing
Device for generating motion of legged mobile robot
Integration assisting system and method
System and architecture for providing a modular intelligent assist system
Method of assuming acting point of floor reaction force to biped walking mobile body and method of a...
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Composite spar drape forming machine
Handling robot system having robot hand
Submarine boat
Apparatus and method for gravity anchor installation
Anchor line pretensioning method
Platform structure
Floating dry dock for light watercrafts
System for transferring liquid load, mainly oil to a tanker
Dynamically modifiable polymer coatings and devices
Personal watercraft
Boat lift
Privacy enclosure
System, method and computer program product for landed cost reporting in a supply chain management f...
Image processing apparatus and method for producing a virtual space for walk-through
Interactive images
Method for testing synchronization and connection status of a graphics processing unit module
Method and apparatus for image processing
Image generating system and program
Integrated circuit with self-aligned line and via and manufacturing method therefor
Image display device
Folded integral composite image product and method of making
Antibodies against epitopes with homology to self antigens, methods of preparation and applications ...
Method of treating acne
Tri(alkylcarboxylato)gallium (III) products and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
P. aeruginosa mucoid exopolysaccharide specific binding peptides
Method and composition for preventing or reducing the symptoms of insulin resistance syndrome
Human kininogen D3 domain polypeptide as an anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor agent
Use of colostrinin, constituent peptides thereof, and analogs thereof as modulators of intracellular...
Mild and effective cleansing compositions
Free-flowing, amphiphilic, non-ionic oligoesters
Method for producing human antibodies in SCID mice which uses dendritic cells pulsed with antigen-an...
Antibodies to vertebrate delta proteins and fragments
Gene expression vaccine
Caspase 9 activation and uses therefor
Immunogenic formulation and process for preparation thereof
Methods for inhibiting HIV-1 infection
Food compositions comprising waterleaf leaves and methods of using thereof
Artemisia extract for treating allergies
Pharmaceutical compositions containing Bulbophyllum
Computer executable digital video rendering restoration method
Television tuner and method of processing a received RF signal
Method for obtaining and using medical data
Accuracy analyzing apparatus for machine tool
Person recognition apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Display unit
Image pickup device
Speckle reduction for display system with electromechanical grating
Apparatus and a method of recording an image of an object
TV decoder
Image display with display-switching function
Method for deriving an objective sharpness metric
Method of eliminating flicker on an interlaced monitor
Apparatus for processing signals
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Sub picture control apparatus and method for television receiver
Multi-screen synthesis apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and program for controlling t...
Television system
Method for identifying format of a received video signal
Print media receiving unit including platform and print media
Write on interactive apparatus and method
Haptic interface including clutch control
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Protocol agnostic web listener
Thread switch circuit design and signal encoding for vertical threading
Unrolling loops with partial hot traces
Method and apparatus for automatically inferring annotations
Method and system for tracing and displaying execution of nested functions
Bi-directional display
Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
User control objects for providing server-side code generation from a user-defined dynamic web page ...
Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
Cloned and original circuit shape merging
Method and system for real-time determination of a subject's interest level to media content
Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
Enhanced mechanism for automatically generating a transformation document
Wastewater treatment and dispersal system
Truss shoe for a mine roof and method
Component for spatial grid supporting systems comprising filler material especially for retaining wa...
Stormwater management system
System for constructing log structures
End cap for rain gutters
Soybean cultivar 0509246
Soybean cultivar S022217
Soybean cultivar SO22218
Lettuce named NIZ 44-4707
Gene encoding acetolactate synthase
Promoter from maize prolamin seed storage protein and uses thereof
DNAs coding for flavone synthase, methods of using flavone synthase DNAs, and plants, flowers, and v...
DNAs coding for flavone synthesis, methods of using flavone synthase DNAS, and plants, flowers, and ...
Basal endosperm transfer cell layer (BELT) specific genes
Nucleic acid-bondable magnetic carrier and method for isolating nucleic acid using the same
Identification of new small RNAs and ORFs of E. coli as mediators of cell and intercell regulation
Stress-induced promoter derived from rice
Polynucleotide encoding mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Endogenous and non-endogenous versions of human G protein-coupled receptors
Microcolumn reactor
Preparation of high nitrogen compound and materials therefrom
Modified activated carbon for capacitor electrodes and method of fabrication thereof
Multiple washcoats on filter substrate
Catalyst composition for the isomerization of n-paraffin and a process for isomerizing n-paraffin
Cerium based composite oxide, sintered product thereof and method for preparation thereof
Battery paste additive and method for producing battery plates
Preparation of copper silver vanadium oxide from .gamma.-phase SVO starting material
Method and apparatus for making ferrite material products and products produced thereby
Method of making oxide particles
Method for making oxide compounds
Expandable graphite intercalation compounds, method for synthesizing them and their use
Method of producing nanophase WC powder by vapor phase reaction
Method for producing nitric acid
Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NO.sub.x reduction
Method for treating emissions
Method for combined removal of mercury and nitrogen oxides from off-gas streams
Method for the hydrolytic precipitation of iron
Gypsum decontamination process
Simplified article for carbon monoxide removal
Conformal coatings comprising carbon nanotubes
Stabilized polychloroethylenes
Sill moulding for a motor vehicle
End effector inspection apparatus and method
Reshapeable tip for a cryoprobe
Apparatus and method for severing pipe utilizing a multi-point initiation explosive device
Multi-port optical connection terminal
Semiconductor device
Methods of forming conductive lines
Pulsed ion beam control of solid state features
Structured material having apertures and method of producing the same
Cloth-like laminate and absorbent garment
Multiple material golf club head
Motorcycle starting system
License management server, license management system and usage restriction method
Fixed parallel plate MEMS capacitor microsensor and microsensor array and method of making same
Acoustic device
Golf club head with customizable center of gravity
Wiring substrate
Recumbent vehicle
Control system and controlling method for motor drive four wheel drive vehicle
Liquid phase diffusion bonding method for dissimilar metal sheets and liquid phase diffusion bonding...
Printed circuit board with isolated metallic substrate comprising an integrated cooling system
Programmable interoperable appliance remote control
Power folding seat
Seat assembly with folding head restraint and method for folding same
Powered running board
Internal combustion engine
Load detecting vehicle seat assembly
Direct fuel injection/spark ignition engine control device
Non-lot based method for assembling integrated circuit devices
Phasing surface emitting diode laser outputs into a coherent laser beam
Electro-absorption modulated laser with high operating temperature tolerance
Controller for data recorder
Color image forming system and method of forming color image using the system
Optical modulator and method for polarization bit interleaving
Laser diode driving circuit and an optical head
Apparatus and method for setting AC bias point of an optical transmitter module in an optoelectronic...
Laser element, method of producing the laser element, and a laser module employing the laser element
Scalable harmonic laser source and method
Pulsed laser apparatus and method
Method for illuminating particles for the purpose of forming their images
Laser output circuit for optical disk recording apparatus
System for making a photoresist master for a hybrid optical recording disc
Method and apparatus for a laser-welded disk drive housing
Method of making high performance optical edge and laser-line filters and resulting products
Method for the detection of fluorescent light
Method of and apparatus for adjusting optical component, and optical unit
Highly purified ethyl EPA and other EPA derivatives for treatment of huntington's disease
Tocopherol enriched compositions and amelioration of inflammatory symptoms
Pyrazoloanthrone and derivatives thereof as JNK inhibitors and compositions and methods related ther...
Smooth muscle controller
Pharmacologically active isolated or purified dauer pheromone compound for controlling aging and str...
Benzoamide piperidine containing compounds and related compounds
Thienopyridones as AMPK activators for the treatment of diabetes and obesity
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine; process for their preparation and pharmaceutical comp...
Pyrazole derivatives as cannabinoid receptor antagonists
Pyridone derivatives
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta
.beta..sub.3-Adrenoreceptor agonists, agonist compositions and methods of using
Triazole compounds useful in therapy
Phenylsulfonyl-1,3-dihydro-2h-indole-2-one derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic use
Modified ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF)
Intrusion detection system for use on an optical fiber using a translator of transmitted data for op...
Field coverage configurable passive infrared radiation intrusion detection device
Integrated business process modeling environment and models created thereby
System and method for enabling a user to subscribe to updates from information sources
Secure mode for processors supporting MMU
Monitoring digital images
Method and system for sharing information in an instant messaging environment
Bill availability notification and billing information request
Color image display accuracy using green-limited gamma estimate
Systems and methods for providing a RF transaction device for use in a private label transaction
Tooth-whitening compositions comprising silicone polymer and methods therefor
Production method of citalopram, intermediate therefor and production method of the intermediate
Dynamic vehicle signaling device and system
Cable and method of making the same
System and method for aligning signals in multiple clock systems
Seat buckle sensor
Tire pressure monitoring system
Control system for microscopes
Forced-air heater control system and method
Device for measuring the level of a fuel tank
Multiple-transducer sensor system and method with selective activation and isolation of individual t...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Operationally reconfigurable array
System and method for optimizing production in an artificially lifted well
Systems and methods for residue collection
Macrocyclic peptides active against the hepatitis C virus
Method and system for measuring differential scattering of light off of sample surfaces
Toner storage container
Process for handling catalyst from an oxygenate to olefin reaction
Implantable battery
Control method for image processing apparatus connectable to computer network
Polymer matrix material
Process for the preparation of 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-4,4-dimethylpent-1-ene-3-one
Method and apparatus for joining protective tape to semiconductor wafer
Airflow control devices based on active materials
MIMO communications
Phosphate transport inhibitors
Conditioned cell culture medium compositions and methods of use
Hydrocyanation method for ethylenically unsaturated organic compounds
Method and system of identifying software and firmware objects available for download over a network...
Radiographic imaging control apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for receiving a hyperlinked television broadcast
System for changing a program stored in a terminal device and a terminal device used in the system
Method for limiting the growth of cancer cells using an attenuated measles virus
Mobile communications terminal, service area calculation apparatus and method of calculating service...
Temperature swing adsorption and selective catalytic reduction NOx removal system
Java applications for secured palm held cellular communications
Response systems and methods for notification systems for modifying future notifications
Method and apparatus for visual silent alarm indicator
Spreadsheet fields in text
Method and system for navigating between program modules
General purpose register file architecture for aligned simd
Device for thermally controlling the intake air of the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Camera phone and photographing method for a camera phone
System and method for displaying editorial content through television navigation controls and electr...
Exposure apparatus including a non-contact utilities transfer assembly
High frequency module and radio device using the same
Pharmaceutical composition for increasing the production of nitric oxide and IFN-.gamma., and proces...
Suspension aerosol formulations
Cart for beach and camping supplies
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
Radio-frequency identification circuit oscillator calibration
System and method for diagnostic supervision of internet transmissions with quality of service contr...
Access control for an e-commerce application
Security scanners with capacitance and magnetic sensor arrays
Cyclic position codes
Plant deoxyribonucleoside kinase enzymes and their use
K203 gene and protein
Irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Monoclonal antibody derived peptide inhibitors for mycobacterial dna gyrase
Compositions comprising epothilones and their use for the treatment of carcinoid syndrome
Carrier based on granules produced from pyrogenically prepared silicon dioxides
Method for altering the metabolism of plant
Method for producing factor G derived from horseshoe crab
Gene detection assay for improving the likelhood of an effective response to an ErbB antagonist canc...
Novel retrovirus associated with myelodysplastic syndromes and uses thereof
Method for restoration of gap junctional intercellular connection
alpha-glucosidase inhibitors from a natural source
Nutriceutical tea
Novel method for preparing processed ginseng to obtain increased amount of ginsenoside RG5
Pharmaceutical composition and method for the treatment and prevention of prostatic hyperplasia and ...
A composition for preventing plant diseases resulted from infection of plant pathogens and a method ...
Solid mucoadhesive composition
Plant extracts for treatment of angiogenesis and metastasis
Compositions and methods for destabilizing lysosomes to increase oncogenic or aberrant protein degra...
Phosphorus binder for treatment of kidney disease
Osteogenesis promoter
Surface-modified implants
Systems for isolating toxins and collecting eluates for testing for toxins and methods using the sam...
Stabilized (meth)acryloyloxyalkyl isocyanate a process for stabilization thereof and a process for p...
Hydrocratic generator
Mitoquinone derivatives used as mitochondrially targeted antioxidants
Methods of modifying fibers
Acarbose methods and formulations for treating chronic constipation
Method of treating wastewater containing hardly decomposable harmful substances
Sugar chain asparagine derivatives, sugar chain asparagine, sugar chain, and processes for producing...
Water purification system and modes of operation
Method using a nonlinear optical technique for detection of interactions involving a conformational ...
Integrated water decontamination plant and well pump arrangement
Method for preparing polymer latex particles having core/shell structure
Asymmetric forward osmosis membranes
Method of producing membranes for filtration modules which are intended, for example, for water trea...
Edible phosphoprotein film
Method and apparatus for applying carbon monoxide to suppress microbe activity in meat storage enclo...
Osmotic energy
Mobile power system emissions control
Microwave fluid heating and distillation method
Pharmaceutically acceptable starch
Treatment of fiber with water containing fine powder of noble metal dispersed therein
Dry erase board for magnets
Diazonium salt and thermal recording material using the same
Organo-functional polysiloxanes
Spike nail structure
Process for preparing a polymer dispersion
Ultraviolet light curing compositions for composite repair
Dental post analogs
Stable dental analog
Process for recovery of nickel and cobalt from laterite ore
Sorbent re-circulation system for mercury control
Flashing material
Medical bone prosthetic material and process for producing the same
Lightweight concrete compositions
Prefabricated folding structure having interlocking metal beams
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Posh Pink'
Maple Tree (Acer truncatum) variety named 'Fire Dragon'
Apple tree plant named 'ROHO 3615'
Polymeric/ceramic composite materials for use in medical devices
Corn event 3272 and methods for detection thereof
Non-dehiscent sesame variety Sesaco 29
Promoter expressing foreign gene in root and shoot apex
Gene-targeted animal model of apolipoprotein E4 domain interaction and uses thereof
Internet-Based Secure Access Control with Custom Authentication
System and method for secure communication
Viewer selection of programs to be subsequently delivered
Switching an application, user and security context based on device orientation
Distributed computing services platform
Information display system
Automated training program generation and distribution system
Secure digital couriering system and method
Internet-based method of and system for enabling communication of consumer product information betwe...
Method and apparatus for selecting preferred images for a current exam based on a previous exam
Technique for providing care for an individual with dementia
Femoral prosthesis component