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Virtual memory address translation control by TLB purge monitoring
Synchronization techniques in a multithreaded environment
Method of managing generation of backup data and storage control device used therefor
Non-volatile data storage system and data storaging method
Data processing system
Tracking modifications to a memory
Recording device and recording system using recording disk, and backup, method for the same
System and method for medication misuse prevention
Meal data objects having recipes and food items
Soybean 7S protein and process for producing the same
Product and method for enhancing the appeal, and dietary value of foodstuff
Substituted cacao products and methods
Crisp meat-based food snacks
Oil-in-water type emulsion food
Method of preventing migration of water and coloring matter in foods
Comestible product sheeter with rear access
Dough processing apparatus
Process for packaging foods and packaged product
Food preservative system and method for preserving a food composition
Method for preventing the transfer of water
Containers for cooking foodstuffs
Bread paper container
Apparatus and process for marinating foodstuff
Food product
Method for processing and/or assembling, the final composition of matter, and the resulting novel de...
Package for draining an infusion bag
System for reducing the number of predator fish
Control apparatus of virtual common space using communication line
Method for controlling display of messages transmitted/received in network game
Method for establishing a three-dimensional representation of a bone from image data
Physiological model based non-rigid image registration
Method and apparatus for providing a standard video interface
Method and system for airway measurement
Method for producing an image sequence from volume datasets
Method and apparatus for linking images and reports at remote view station
X-ray diagnostic apparatus with a body mass index calculator for controlling x-ray emissions
Diagnostic X-ray system
Methods for acquiring multi spectral data of an object
Optical element holding system, barrel, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Maskless, microlens EUV lithography system with grazing-incidence illumination optics
Lithographic projection apparatus using catoptrics in an optical sensor system, optical arrangement,...
Exposure device, exposure method and device manufacturing method
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Flat panel X-ray detector
Imaging array and methods for fabricating same
PRO9821 nucleic acids
Directed evolution of galactose oxidase enzymes
Global communication method and system
Ultrasonic liquid flow controller
Optical fiber tape core
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Method and device for measuring wall thickness of a pipe in a pipe-rolling mill
Device and method for differential sensing of hydrogen gas using thermoabsorptance or thermoreflecta...
Water tolerant touch sensor
Security arrangement with in-vehicle mounted terminal
Method of producing a contactless chip card or a contact/contactless hybrid chip card with improved ...
Container with cap
Beverage container protective end cap assembly
Frame with a round display hole displaying and impression and a round picture display hole
Identifying specific netlist gates for use in code coverage testing
Built-in self-test circuit
Method and apparatus for restricted search operation in content addressable memory (CAM) devices
Just-in-time (JIT) event information for retail industry
Method and system for optimizing leaf comparisons from a tree search
System and method for making a payment from a financial account
Fishing lure
Counting device
Computer peripheral housing
Monitoring device and monitoring method for vacuum device
Structure-based selection and affinity maturation of antibody library
Optical waveguide structure
Decoding and error correction in 2-D arrays
Fare card explosive detection system and process
Phase-switched dual-mode counter circuit for a frequency synthesizer
Combining multi-hop and multicast wireless networking in classroom-like settings
Methods and apparatus for protecting an MR imaging system
Magnetoresistive head
Anti-mammalian CX3C cytokine antibodies
Methods of diagnosing renal tumors by determining the expression level of RNA encoding the HGPRBMY18...
Transgenic animals expressing salivary proteins
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Composition and its therapeutic use
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia genes and proteins
Polynucleotides encoding human vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Interleukin-1.beta. converting enzyme like apoptotic protease-6
Vesicular monoamine transporter gene therapy in parkinson's disease
Notched trowel
Layouts with routes with different spacings in different directions on the same layer, and method an...
Network browser graphical user interface for managing web content
Systems and methods for displaying interactive topic-based text summaries
Packet based communication for content addressable memory (CAM) devices and systems
Method and device for cataloging and searching for information
Personalizable semantic taxonomy-based search agent
Method for ranking hyperlinked pages using content and connectivity analysis
System and method for computer based searches using genetic algorithms
Resource searching
Synthesizing information-bearing content from multiple channels
Parsing navigation information to identify occurrences of events of interest
Decision feedback equalizer
System for patient alerting associated with a cardiac event
Analysis method about relationship of beating signal and heart function
Plug-in API for modular network transaction processing
Methods, systems, and apparatus to interface with storage objects
Thread optimization for lock and unlock operations in a multi-thread environment
Safe computer code formats and methods for generating safe computer code
Using a high level programming language with a microcontroller
Composite lock for computer systems with multiple domains
Reusable software components for invoking computational models
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for list ordering with multiple selection
System and method for determining desktop functionality based on workstation and user roles
User interface method and system for application programs implemented with component architectures
Catheter with spiral cut transition member
Method of and apparatus for controlling data storage system according to temperature, and medium
Magnetoresistive sensor
Stability-enhancing underlayer for exchange-coupled magnetic structures, magnetoresistive sensors, a...
Lead overlay bottom spin valve with improved side reading
Thin differential spin valve sensor having both pinned and self pinned structures for reduced diffic...
Magnetoresistive element in which pinned magnetization layers have antiparallel pinned directions, m...
Magnetoresistive element having current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure and having improved mag...
Magnetoresistance effect device having hard magnetic film structural body
Lead overlay sensor with improved current path
Read/write assembly for magnetic hard disks
Servo track writer with actuator vibration isolation
Interconnect module for use in a suspension assembly
System and method related to a flexible circuit
Head slider and disk drive employing same head slider, and method for providing water repellent trea...
Guide roller and magnetic tape drive
Patterning of integrated closure for implementing pads connected to lapping elements
Short yoke length planar writer with low DC coil resistance
Stitched pole write element with a T-shaped pole tip portion
Magnetic head having write head with helical coil and method for fabrication thereof
Positioning transducers based on a compensation scheme that varies based on transducer vibrational s...
Reducing the length of servo-wedges in a disk drive
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head device
Optical fiber for metro network
Enhanced supercontinuum generation in highly nonlinear fibers using strong bragg gratings
Photonic band gap structure simulator
Optical signal generating circuit and optical transmission line
Method and apparatus for pluggable fiber optic modules
Optical fiber
Devices and methods for side-coupling optical fibers to optoelectronic components
Spool having a universal flange and method of making same
Fiber optic protective carrier
Decreased crosstalk in adjacent photonic waveguides
Broadband fiber optic tap
Method and apparatus for monitoring fiber optic communications
Stopping and time reversing light in a waveguide with an all-optical system
Method of monitoring and controlling the bit error rate (BER) in an optical communication network
Coupler add/drop node WDM network architecture with periodic cleanup
Optical signal receiver, an associated photonic integrated circuit (RxPIC), and method improving per...
Dimmable discharge lamp lighting device
Method and apparatus for creating a load module and a computer product thereof
Developing unit and image forming apparatus
Nanoparticles with polymer shells
Connector assembly for fluid transfer
Purified STAT proteins and methods of purifying thereof
Stable power conversion circuits
Method and device for the two-step production of acrylic acid
Photosensitive resin composition, porous resin, circuit board, and wireless suspension board
Peptidomimetic ligands for cellular receptors and ion channels
Production of functional polypeptides originating from silk protein and use thereof
Fluid-assisted medical devices, fluid delivery systems and controllers for such devices, and methods
Automotive vehicle open air system
Method and system for transmitting and receiving signal in mobile communication using a 2-dimensiona...
Oral-care appliance (tongue)
Light intensity distribution measuring method and light intensity distribution measuring device
Water-soluble antibiotic comprising an amino sugar, in the form of a polysaccharide conjugate
Strained silicon forming method with reduction of threading dislocation density
Method of treating mine drainage
Pet leash for two
Fixed self-checkout station with cradle for communicating with portable self-scanning units
Orbital resistance-adjustable sphere exercising apparatus
Wallet/coin purse with threaded screwcap closure
Method and algorithm for spatially identifying sources of cardiac fibrillation
Exercise device
SQUID detected NMR and MRI at ultralow fields
Prevention and treatment of lost circulation with crosslinked polymer material
Seismic measuring system including GPS receivers
Light emitting layers for LED devices based on high Tg polymer matrix compositions
Universal data management interface
System for diagnosing deterioration of catalyst
Interchangeable power over Ethernet module
System and method for evaluating signal coupling between differential traces in a package design
Thermo-electrically cooled surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor system
Differential planarization
Optical communications system
Aerosol valve actuator
Sulfonated polymer having nitrile-containing hydrophobic block and solid polymer electrolyte
Silicon oxycarbide and silicon carbonitride based materials for MOS devices
Efficient head related transfer function filter generation
Thin film magnetic memory device having a magnetic tunnel junction
Light emitting-diode chip and a method for producing same
Apparatus of LED flat light signal display
Facsimile device
Varactor tuning for a narrow band filter
Telephone having phone number registration function, phone number registration method, and call regi...
Biocompatible polymeric vesicles self assembled from triblock copolymers
High Resolution Methods and Precipitating Reagents for Isolating Proteins from Proteinaceous Materia...
Tertiary block copolymer, process for producing the same, and biocompatible material
Foam control in aqueous media
Charge adhesive protective ink jet inks
Compounds and compositions for use in the prevention and treatment of obesity and related syndromes
Modified release formulations and methods of treating inflammatory bowel disease
Methods for producing sulphurous fine chemicals
Scytalone dehydrogenase gene showing tolerance to agricultural pesticide
Mass spectrometric methods for detecting mutations in a target nucleic acid
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material and image forming method
Toner for electrostatic image development and process for preparing the same
Encapsulated matter and production process thereof
Metformin methods and formulations for treating chronic constipation
Stannsoporfin compositions and administration
Stannsoporfin compositions, drug products and methods of manufacture
Composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane and method of producing the same
Water purification system and method
Method for detecting IGFBP-4 protease without detecting IGFBP-4 protease/proMBP Complex
Process and apparatus for monitoring dewatering in a wet section of a paper machine
Aqueous ink, inkjet recording ink and inkjet recording method
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation using a natural distributed combust...
Self-encoding fiber optic sensor
Grinding and/or for dispersing aid of mineral materials in aqueous suspension, resulting aqueous sus...
Teleconferencing method and system
Ratiometric stud sensing
Scar-reducing plaster
Resin structure and use thereof
Magnesium ammonium phosphate cement composition
Methods, cement compositions and suspending agents therefor
Cover assembly for a through-penetration
Fire assembly for recessed electrical fixtures
Method and system for inspecting a home for energy efficiency
Impression material composition for recording occlusion
Methods and compositions for production, formulation and use of 1-aryl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes
Methods and compositions for the treatment of hyperlipidemia
Wireless repeater assembly
Electrophotographic toner
Production of organic acid and ammonium nitrate
Process for producing high purity phosphates
System and methods for wall and ceiling fastening
Method for handling waste material generated in a metallurgical process
Process for the manufacture of a bitumen-aggregate mix suitable for road pavement
System and method for expressing and calculating a relationship between measures
Nutritionally fortified liquid composition with added value delivery systems/elements/additives
Process for stabilizing antioxidant compounds, and aqueous compositions
Method for exfoliating skin
Text message delivery features for an interactive wireless network
Method and system for the interactive testing of assembled wireless communication devices
Apparatus with communication function, method of controlling apparatus, and storage medium storing p...
Bluetooth cassette-like device for a hands-free cell-phone kit
Systems and methods for presenting and/or converting messages
Display and keypad backlight management for portable electronic devices
Array beamforming with wide nulls
Wireless communication system with base station beam sweeping
Thiadiazoles AS CXC- and CC- chemokine receptor ligands
Wide-angle lens system
Projection optical system and image projection apparatus
Retrofocus type optical system
Free space optical tap and multi/demultiplexer
High NA large-field unit-magnification projection optical system
Optical transmission system for substantially equalizing the output signal level among frequency ban...
Optical system for optical pickup device, coupling lens and optical information recording/reproducin...
Optical spectrum analyzer using a diffraction grating and multi-pass optics
Optical apparatus and method for adjusting amount of light of the same
Method and apparatus for polarization insensitive phase shifting of an optical beam in an optical de...
Beam shaping device
Precision continuous surface guided optical module carrier and method of using same
Optical element holder, exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Ganged focus mechanism for an optical device
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and imaging device
Mine and collision protection for passenger vehicle
Molecular logic gates
Nanotube-based switching elements
System and method for molecular optical emission
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
N-alkylaspartyl amide derivative and sweetening agent
Device for separating the hard components of a grinder used in the field of the food industry, and i...
Methods of preparing corn fiber oil and of recovering corn aleurone cells from corn fiber
Tray lid
Combination hot dog and beverage dispenser
Articles for enhancing the environment of contained animals
Dough compositions for the preparation of baked products
Process for attaching slider operated closure on form-fill-seal packaging machinery
Fermented milk drinks and foods and process for producing the same
Hopped malt beverage having enhanced light stability
Method of manufacturing fermented malt beverages
Method for making coated chewing gum products with a coating including an aldehyde flavor and a dipe...
Composition and method for appetite and craving suppression and mood enhancement
Dried citrus peel supplement for use in commercial poultry feed
Solar powered light angel
Solar powered outdoor light
Sensitivity of iterative spectrally smooth temperature/emissivity separation to instrument noise
Optical transceiver design and mechanical features
Image segmentation system and method
Electro-optic displays
Low power consumption, broad navigability optical mouse
Backplanes for display applications, and components for use therein
Method and system for multipath detection
Spectrograph time of flight system for low energy neutral particles
Radiation-emitting semiconductor component
Heliostat device
Electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Sensor device with three-dimensional switch carrier having differently oriented infrared photodetect...
Site stepping for electron beam micro analysis
Semiconductor body forming a solar cell with a bypass diode
Polynucleotides and methods for making plants resistant to fungal pathogens
Microcrystalline cellulose and method for making
Functionalization and separation of nanotubes and structures formed therby
Synthesis, deprotection, analysis & purification of RNA & ribozymes
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding RNA polymerase proteins
Novel beta-defensins
High strength organic-inorganic hybrid gel materials
Process for induction of intramolecular migration of sulfates, phosphates, and other oxyanions
Highly functional short hairpin RNA
Nucleotide sequence for treating cancer and infection
Tissue-specific and pathogen-specific toxic agents, ribozymes, dnazymes and antisense oligonucleotid...
Vectors comprising guinea pig CMV regulatory elements
Nuclear factor kappaB inducing factor
IRNA agents targeting VEGF
Regulation of gene expression
Epimerization of 4'-C bond and modification of 14-CH3-(CO)-fragment in anthracyclin antibiotics
Classes of compounds that interact with gpcrs
Endothelial cell specifically binding peptides
Human TSLP polynucleotides
IGF-I and IGF-2 chimeric polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Isolation and identification of transcription control elements associated with mouse eosinophil pero...
Selected nucleotide sequences isolated from pathogenic strains of Haemophilus influenzae
Methods for treating a breach or puncture in a blood vessel
Compositions for treating epithelial and retinal tissue diseases
Efficient presentation of database query results through audio user interfaces
Software atomization
Exclusive access controlling apparatus, exclusive access controlling method and recording medium rec...
Failover method in a redundant computer system with storage devices
System for transmitting secure data between a sender and a recipient over a computer network using a...
Emitter, emitting device, display panel, and display device
Electro-optical panel, driving circuit and driving method for driving electro-optical panel, and ele...
Image display and method of driving image display
Method and apparatus for diagnosing cell defect of PDP module
Display device and display panel device
Non-volatile electromechanical field effect devices and circuits using same and methods of forming s...
Light-emitting copolymers and electronic devices using such copolymers
Semiconductor circuit configuration and semiconductor memory device
Use of certain drugs for treating nerve root injury
Mechanical shear based synthesis of alumoxane nanoparticles
Screen printable electroluminescent polymer ink
Ink-jet ink compositions based on oil-in-water microemulsion forming nanoparticles upon application ...
Image recording/reproducing apparatus for system optimization
Control signal generation circuit and data transmission circuit having the same
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Complex image player
Storage device
Method of transmitting/receiving additional information
Memory controlling apparatus performing the writing of data using address line
Reporting the state of an apparatus to a remote computer
Textual and graphic data presentation system and method
Architectures for CPP ring shaped (RS) devices
Process for preparing oxazole intermediates
Method for fabricating giant magnetoresistive (GMR) devices
Lighting assembly
Headlamp for a bicycle
Apparatus, systems and methods for applying billing options for multiple carriers for online, multi-...
Data storage system having cache memory manager
Data storage system having separate data transfer section and message network
Method for providing user-apparent consistency in a wireless device
Waveform generator for use in IQ modulation
System and method for enabling wireless traffic message passing
Driver activity and vehicle operation logging and reporting
Product assembly method and apparatus using wireless communication capability
Air duct
Desktop tape dispenser
Amido ether substituted imidazoquinolines
Substituted 1,4-diazepines and uses thereof
Method for in-line preparation of liquid for an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus
Infusion vessel
Reusable endoscopic device and related systems and methods
Writing instrument with sheet dispenser
Conveyor belt cleaning system
Surgical draping system
Tape dispenser
Dielectric materials to prevent photoresist poisoning
Method of depositing a material layer
Cyclical deposition of tungsten nitride for metal oxide gate electrode
Integrated getter area for wafer level encapsulated microelectromechanical systems
Barrier removal at low polish pressure
Planarized copper cleaning for reduced defects
CMOS imager pixel designs
Small electrode for a chalcogenide switching device and method for fabricating same
Methods for forming openings in a substrate and apparatuses with these openings and methods for crea...
Conductive memory array having page mode and burst mode write capability
Electrostatic-type variable diffractive light modulator and manufacturing method thereof
Polycrystalline liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same having simultaneous...
Thin film transistor, and organic EL display thereof
Multi-layered superhard nanocomposite coatings
Method for generating clock corrections for a wide-area or global differential GPS system
Removal of radioactive and other hazardous material from fluid waste
Adjusting method of a tilt meter
System and method for analyzing a contour of an image by applying a Sobel operator thereto
Color information processing apparatus and method
Application programming interface that maps input device controls to software actions
Inverse ratio of gamma-ray and neutron emissions in the detection of radiation shielding of containe...
Method and apparatus for securing firearms and other valuables in an alarm protected facility
Power tool and motor controller
Axisymmetric emittance-compensated electron gun
Method for measurement of composite heat damage with infrared spectroscopy
Balloon catheter for delivering therapeutic agents
Smallpox vaccine
Multiple gear stage automatic transmission
Operating method for a horizontal steam generator and a steam generator for carrying out said method
Optical branch device and optical coupler module
Optical element array, optical module, and optical transmission device
Athermal fiber Bragg grating
Optical measurement of vane ring throat area
Hearing-aid anchoring element
Three-dimensional machine with simultaneous measurements
Intake oxygen estimator for internal combustion engine
Advertising using a combination of video and banner advertisements
Spreadsheet fields in text
Spreadsheet error checker
Portable smart card secured memory system for porting user profiles and documents
Portable computing device-integrated appliance
Media frame object visualization system
Mesh connected electrical rotating machine with span changing
Method of treating lower urinary tract disorders
Methods for modulating gastric secretion using prokineticin receptor antagonists
Functional nucleic acid probes and uses thereof
Curable composition
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Self-adhering modified bitumen underlayment for metal roofs
Low temperature method and composition for producing electrical conductors
Radius corner plate for a pool
Architecture for communicating with one or more electronic devices through a gateway computer
Optical module and optical switch constituting the same
Level converter circuit, display device and portable terminal device
Circuit arrangement for recognizing and outputting control signals, integrated circuit including the...
Programmable high speed I/O interface
Brightness controllable flashlights
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Computer connections
Apparatus and method for verifying the volume of liquid dispensed by a liquid-dispensing mechanism
Macrocycles and uses thereof
Methods of treating skin disorders using thio-oxindole derivatives
Hetrocyclic aryl sulphonamides
Arylsulfonamides as antiviral agents
Stable pharmaceutical compositions of dalbavancin and methods of administration
Monoclonal antibodies to the fibronectin binding protein and method of use in treating or preventing...
Therapeutic compositions and methods of use thereof
Abutment for dental implant and associated components for use therewith
Notification method and system
Methods using TCF II
Cyanophenoxy carboxylic acid compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Sulfonyl aryl or heteroaryl hydroxamic acid compounds
Alanyl-piperidine heterocyclic derivatives useful against cardiovascular diseases
Substituted piperazinyl amides and methods of use
Dual port SRAM cell
Use of pad printing in the manufacture of capacitors
Flexible electric circuit for heating comprising a metallised fabric
Substituted 5-oxo pyrazoles and [1,2,4]triazoles as antiviral agents
Hydroxyproline/phosphono oligonucleotide analogues, methods of synthesis and methods of use
Supported catalysts for manufacture of polymers
Adhesive compositions for bonding passive substrates
Nitrone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and methods for treating inflamma...
Amino-substituted pyrimidinyl derivatives and methods of use
Acid diverting system containing quaternary amine
Method and device for measurement of hematocrit
Fuel cell
Honeycomb structure and method for production of said structure
Absorbent binder coating
High throughput surface treatment on coiled flexible substrates
Pharmaceutical compositions of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors
Ethylbenzene conversion catalyst and process
Process for removing contaminants from a compressor intercooler in a methanol to olefin separation s...
Ophthalmic fluid
Certain 5-alkyl-2-arylaminophenylacetic acids and derivatives
Methods and compositions for mitigating pain
Methods for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor growth
Method of treating a condition by administering a prostaglandin derivative
Inhibitors of endo-exonuclease activity for treating cancer
Bifunctional agents possessing antioxidant and antiarrhythmic activity
Bracelet with cylindrical terminus
Rapid automatic target compound confirmation using deconvolution and spectral matching
Recognition algorithm for the unknown target rejection based on shape statistics obtained from ortho...
Method of analyzing a target nucleic acid
Sputtering target producing very few particles, backing plate or apparatus within sputtering device ...
Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
Friction fit target assembly for high power sputtering operation
Tower made of prestressed concrete prefabricated assembly units
Separation apparatus including porous silicon column
One-piece tip protector and organizer
Method of simultaneous blood collection and separation using a continuous flow centrifuge having a s...
Pool pump filter
Method for the separation of multi-phase mixture and decanting centrifuge system for carrying out sa...
Device for receiving and separating chips created by machine-tools and coolant (drive)
Filter housing with interchangeable filter mounting plate
Slotted screen for digester
Process for purifying hydrogen streams using composite adsorbents
Blood circuit for a dialysis machine and corresponding dialysis machine
Method and device for pretreatment of samples by centrifuging
Constructed wetlands system, treatment apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for programably treating water in a water cooler
Method of and apparatus for deriving indices characterizing atrial arrhythmias
Magnetic field mapping during SSFP using phase-incremented or frequency-shifted magnitude images
Wireless phone powered inductive loopset
In situ processing of hydrocarbon-bearing formations with variable frequency dielectric heating
Valve-free oxygen concentrator featuring reversible compressors
Exit sign illuminated by selective color LEDs
MicroTLB and micro tag for reducing power in a processor
Optical apparatus and beam splitter
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Wavelength-parallel polarization measurement systems and methods
Apparatus and method for the measurement of diffracting structures
Container shoulder
Medical suction system
Apparatus and methods usable in connection with dispensing flexible sheet material from a roll
Container and cartridge for dispensing paper products
Surgical gown donned through the self-assisted use of inflatable chambers
Nonwoven product having patterned indicia
Anti-viral lotion tissue, and methods for making and using the same
Labial pad having various means
Vent plug for self-contained viscous liquid dispenser
Methods to view and analyze the results from diffraction-based diagnostics
Self-contained swab-based diagnostic systems
Interleaved towel fold configuration
Absorbent article having a multilayer blended core and a method of forming
Reciprocating pump and check valve
High-pressure fuel pump and assembly structure of high-pressure pump
Lubricant-cooled gas compressor
Texture sprayer with removable engine-compressor module
System and method for offshore production with well control
Reciprocating compressor
Virtual computer systems and computer virtualization programs
Method for producing tert-butanol by means of reactive rectification
Apparatus and method for simultaneous monitoring, logging, and controlling of an industrial process
High-density detergent composition
Highly concentrated fabric softener compositions and articles containing such compositions
Sheath tip
Reduced specific absorption ratio T.sub.1.rho.-weighted MRI
Mission-specific positron emission tomography
Wavefront coding interference contrast imaging systems
Imaging methods for fluorescence and reflectance imaging and spectroscopy and for contemporaneous me...
Reliable communication between multi-processor clusters of multi-cluster computer systems
Extender card with intercepting EEPROM for testing and programming un-programmed memory modules on a...
SAR restart and going home procedures
Debug port disable mechanism
Verification of digital circuitry using range generators
Current scheduling system and method for optimizing multi-threshold CMOS designs
Grid-based system and method for interacting with electronic program guide grid
Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
Managing processor architected state upon an interrupt
Hypertransport data path protocol
Mitigating access penalty of a semiconductor nonvolatile memory
History FIFO with bypass wherein an order through queue is maintained irrespective of retrieval of d...
Seedless wirebond pad plating
Method to selectively cap interconnects with indium or tin bronzes and/or oxides thereof and the int...
Flexible ball grid array chip scale packages
Semiconductor devices including peripherally located bond pads, intermediates thereof, assemblies, a...
Semiconductor device, process of producing semiconductor device, and ink jet recording head
Semiconductor device and chip-stack semiconductor device
Packaged microelectronic imaging devices and methods of packaging microelectronic imaging devices
Method of forming metal/high-k gate stacks with high mobility
Lateral power MOSFET for high switching speeds
Semiconductor raised source-drain structure
Capacitor element, manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor device substrate, and semiconductor ...
Optical information recording medium manfacturing method therefor, manufacturing apparatus therefor,...
Apparatus to prevent damage to probe card
Probe for scanning probe lithography and making method thereof
Multi-component integrated circuit contacts
Selective reflectivity process chamber with customized wavelength response and method
Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
High contrast front projection display panel and a method of making a high contrast front projection...
Compositions for golf equipment
Golf ball
Adhesive for high-temperature laminate
Propylene-based polymer
Acousto-optical tunable filters cascaded together
Developer supply container including plate-like member which can be easily and solidly fixed to inte...
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus
Embedding with error-correction encoding
Method and device for communication on a network
Polarization beam splitter and optical system using the same, and image displaying apparatus, using ...
Processing apparatus for determining which person in a group is speaking
Optical element with antireflection film
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Signal processing apparatus image processing apparatus and their methods
High gloss rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymers produced by a mass polymerization proces...
Stable aqueous suspension liquid of finely divided diamond particles, metallic film containing diamo...
High angular deflection micro-mirror system
Apparatus and methods for remakeable connections to optical waveguides
System and method for alarm recovery for an electrolyzer cell module
Methods of using a telescoping guide catheter with peel-away outer sheath
Powder discharging device and image forming apparatus using the same
Chalcogenide glass for low viscosity extrusion and injection molding
Computer software system, method, and product for scanned image alignment
Sensitive spinline-type extensional viscometer for mobile liquids employing very small liquid volume...
Apparatus and methods for making spectroscopic measurements of cathode fall in fluorescent lamps
Device for an industrial robot
Manufacturing cell for the treatment of grinding and wheel set testing and procedures for the operat...
Device and nethod for abrading a wooden barrel
Device for detecting lift of autonomous mobile robot
Device for cleaning wafers after a cmp process
Blade assembly for transmission of semiconductor chip
Mobile robot system and program for controlling the same
Pocket knife
Methods for the simultaneous detection of HCV antigens and HCV antibodies
Method of noise reduction using correction vectors based on dynamic aspects of speech and noise norm...
Thermally actuated wavelength tunable optical filter
Resonant power source apparatus
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Wide band antenna
System and method for derivative-free optimization of electrical circuits
System and method for customizing workspace
Method and system for providing a dynamic media distribution infrastructure
System for improved use of pitch enhancement with subcodebooks
Method of evaluating the exposure property of data to wafer
Automated data collection and analysis
Method of improving production through cost of yield measurement
Automatic statistical process control (SPC) chart generation apparatus and method thereof
Mechanism for managing execution of interdependent aggregated processes
Solid catalyst component and catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process for producing olefin po...
Process for carbonylating alcohols, employing a catalyst based on rhodium or iridium in a non-aqueou...
Gel electrolyte and fuel cell employing the same
Methods for the identification of agents for the treatment of seizures, neurological diseases, endoc...
Computer keyboard with height adjustable keypad
Method of managing maintenance and maintenance managing apparatus
Method and apparatus for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure and program for alarming decrease in...
Computer readadle medium recording handwritten signature authentication program, and handwritten sig...
Self-aligning self-sealing high-fidelity portable speaker and system
Potter-bucky grid with counter-weight
Architecture and mechanism for forwarding layer interfacing for networks
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, printer controller, and computer-readable record medi...
Intelligent on-line form printing method and system therefor
Serial data gauge
Circuit with fuse and semiconductor device having the same circuit
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Angiotensin peptide-carrier conjugates and uses thereof
Topical medicament and method of use
Foot warmer
Tape cartridge receiving portion for a tape printing machine
Trailer connection guide with snap off ball release
System and method for proactive motor wellness diagnosis based on potential mechanical faults
System and method for continuous online safety and reliability monitoring
Method for programming a programmable logic controller
Semiconductor device and method for controlling the same
Tool attachable to controller
System and method for providing location based information
Information processing system, encryption/decryption system, system LSI, and electronic equipment
Computer controlled cup forming machine
Back-reflection reduction device
Method for cleaning a surface of a component of a lithographic projection apparatus, lithographic pr...
Apparatus and method for providing gain equalization
Image forming apparatus and radiation detection system
Semiconductor storage device and mobile electronic apparatus
Apparatus for supplying electric energy to explosion cartridge
Reflective color display element, method of manufacture thereof, and information display apparatus e...
Electro-optic device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Integrated process for producing carbonylation acetic acid, acetic anhydride, or coproduction of eac...
Production method of porous resin
Polyether polymers and compositions derived therefrom
Microfabrication of pattern imprinting
Compact methanol steam reformer with integrated hydrogen separation
Proton conductive membrane for electromechanical applications
Structure including a plurality of cells of cured resinous material, method of forming the structure...
Method and apparatus for register allocation in presence of hardware constraints
Adaptive load balancing in a multi-processor graphics processing system
Adaptive load balancing in a multi-processor graphics processing system
Bipolar transistor with graded base layer
Proteoglycan compositions for the treatment of cardiovascular inflammatory diseases
Printing machine including central impression cylinder
Closed loop transmit diversity method and apparatus using complex basis vector sets for antenna sele...
Diagnosis and treatment of cancer using mammalian pellino polypeptides and polynucleotides
Cutting device
Chamber doctor blade device for inking a roller having delivery lines received in end areas of the d...
Method for setting the cut register in a web-fed rotary press
Printing groups of a printing press
Device for setting the focus of exposure heads of a printing plate exposer
Device and method for sensing the position of an edge of a product
Grinding tool for edge circular processing
MRI conical magnet imaging system
Magnet structure
Receiving coil for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for spinal column images
Layered wing coil for an electromagnetic dent remover
Compositions for diabetes treatment and prophylaxis
Device and method for emitting output light using quantum dots and non-quantum fluorescent material
Composite material based on polyamide and submicronic mineral particles
Caspase-1 inhibitors and methods for their use
Personal care articles comprising batting
Vanilloid receptor-related nucleic acids and polypeptides
Personal care compositions containing N,N-diallyldialkylammonium halide/N-vinylpyrrolidone polymers
Animal control device
Data synchronization apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for generating data structures for a hyperlinked television broadcast
Polymer comprising water-soluble units and LCST units, and aqueous composition comprising same
Sanitary napkin
Bottle containing a liquid detergent containing suspended beads
Method for cleaning a soiled article
Event marker alignment by inclusion of event marker transmission latency in the real-time data strea...
Pyrrolidine derivatives as oxytocin antagonists
Pyrrolidine oxadiazole- and thiadiazole oxime derivatives being oxytocin receptor antagonists
Treatment of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Treatment of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Lithium ion secondary battery
Battery and method for generating electricity
Densification of aerated powders using positive pressure
Method for electrochemically processing a workpiece
Method for producing graphite powder with an increased bulk density
Hermetically sealed cosmetic compact case
Handpiece with electrode and non-volatile memory
Vitamin D derivatives with cyclic substructures in the side chains, process and intermediate product...
Dispensing devices
Method and apparatus for controlled persistent ID flag for RFID applications
Asset location system
Programming a remote control device using RFID technology
Asset management system
Tag having patterned circuit elements and a process for making same
Acoustic wave device with modulation functionality
System for multi-standard RFID tags
Reactive mesogenic azulenes
Universal non-volatile memory card used with various different standard cards containing a memory co...
EPC data manager
RFID encoder and verifier
Flame-retardant resin composition free from halogen
Plant growth regulators for cotton hervest
Catalyst comprising n-substituted cyclic imides and processes for preparing organic compounds with t...
Metal compound, and catalyst component and catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for pro...
Process for producing spherical composite cured melamine resin particles
Preparation of yellow pigments
Air bag-use gas generator and air bag device
Method of delivering a fountain solution
System and method for categorical analysis of time dependent dynamic processes
Mice lacking inward-rectifying potassium channel Kir6.1
Transgenic pig containing heat shock protein 70 transgene
Method for direct nucleic acid uptake
Automated cage cleaning apparatus and method
Method for raising aquatic animals
Process and installation for reconditioning alive aquatic animals, in particular for the aquariums
Apparatus, system and method for litter sifter
Snagless artificial fishing lure with pectoral appendages, and with a snag guard and top-mounted hoo...
Joint type minnow
Adjustable arm assembly
Rod clamp
Process for producing fluorine-containing alkylsulfonylaminoethyl .alpha.-substituted acrylate
Mist filtration arrangement utilizing fine fiber layer in contact with media having a pleated constr...
Methods and compositions for stabilizing unconsolidated subterranean formations
Methods for enhancing treatment fluid placement in a subterranean formation
Free-flowing polymer composition
Norbornene-type monomers and polymers containing pendent lactone or sultone groups
USB dynamic service switch for dual processor architecture
Method and system for improving voice quality of a vocoder
Procedure for processing measuring data and device to perform the process
Method and system for data in a collection and route discovery communication network
Probe assembly with controlled impedance spring pin or resistor tip spring pin contacts
Clamping test fixture for a high frequency miniature probe assembly
Fluidic structures within an array package
Planar resonant tunneling sensor and method of fabricating and using the same
Method for digitally acquiring and compensating signals
Simultaneous voice and data communication over a wireless network
Transmitter circuit and method for modulation distortion compensation
System and method for programming a clinical device
System and method for ordering and prioritizing multiple health disorders
Stroke symptom recognition devices and methods
Electronic stethoscope system
Guide wire with hydrophilically coated tip
Tissue biopsy and processing device
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of a mood disorder or predisposition therefor
System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
Enhancing the tonal and spatial characteristics of digital images using selective spatial filters
Method of transmitting selected regions of interest of digital video data at selected resolutions
Scanner with a reference pattern for merging images and method of merging images
Method for generating vector data for a hand-drawn curve
Method and system using non-uniform image blocks for rapid interactive viewing of digital images ove...
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Apparatus, method, and product for downscaling an image
Chrominance motion vector rounding
Spatial extrapolation of pixel values in intraframe video coding and decoding
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for im...
Device for cleaving an optical fibre
CMOS process polysilicon strip loaded waveguides with a three layer core
Method of manufacturing an optical fibre suitable for high transmission rates
Preform holey optical fibre, a holey optical fibre, and a method for their production
Liquid crystal display device with a structure receiving a back light assembly and a display unit
Lighted antenna
Dimmer control system having remote infrared transmitters
Vehicular lamp
Light-inverse type guidelight plate
Dish lens for backlight module and light emitting diode
Headlamp for vehicle
Motorcycle and tail light structure thereof
Headlamp adjuster
LED lighting apparatus
Counter light fixture
Method for shifting energy between beams when focusing or defocusing
Mounting arrangement for light emitting diodes
LED replacement for fluorescent lighting
Vehicular headlamp
Lighting assembly
Light rope crown molding
Compressed gas pump for replica weapon
Active armor protection system for armored vehicles
Synthetic resin preform to be biaxially stretched and blow molded into a bottle
Mail receptacle for isolating received items in public drop boxes
Method of dicing a wafer
Hybrid arched overfilled structure
Direct-conversion transmitting circuit and integrated transmitting/receiving circuit
High-speed signal power detection circuit
Optical transmission system and dispersion compensator
Facial-recognition vehicle security system and automatically starting vehicle
Disk player
Field maintenance tool
Method to determine TDC in an internal combustion engine
Using activity-based rest disturbance as a metric of sleep apnea
Method and apparatus to provide an area efficient antenna diversity receiver
Budget transfer mechanism for time-partitioned real-time operating systems
Methods and systems for testing communications network components
Multi-port memory testing method utilizing a sequence folding scheme for testing time reduction
Multiple processor core device having shareable functional units for self-repairing capability
Implicitly derived register specifiers in a processor
Apparatus and method to switch a FIFO between strobe sources
Method and system for efficiently directing interrupts
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the inf...
Illumination systems and methods of use
Mobile construction support vehicle
Cell-based assays for G-protein-coupled receptor-mediated activities
Mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Method of testing for atopic dermatitis by measuring expression of the NOR-1 gene
Low temperature methods for hermetically sealing reservoir devices
Default credential provisioning
Simultaneous data backup in a computer system
Using local storage to handle multiple outstanding requests in a SCI system
Hot plug cache coherent interface method and apparatus
Scalable CPU error recorder
Control system with a sensor
Vertically self-aligning camera mount apparatus
Wheel rotation detecting device
Endplay adjustment system and method
Apparatus for producing synthetic resin film
Thrust roller bearing and cage
Suspension thrust bearing device
Cage with storage space for a lubricant
Arrow system
Ballistic vest
Method of terminating bus, bus termination resistor, and wiring substrate having terminated buses an...
Car-mounted disc player
Method of researching and analyzing information contained in a database
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Texturing systems for use in three-dimensional imaging systems
Raman amplification using a microstructured fiber
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Portable radiation detector and method of detecting radiation
Methods, systems and computer program products for calibration of microscopy imaging devices
Process for the preparation of optically active 7-substituted-3-(2-aminopropyl)indole derivatives an...
Circuit area minimization using scaling
Dual ring tire inflator with splittable support plate
Dispenser tip assembly for applying a medication to mucosal tissue
Benzyl urea and thiourea derivatives
Pyrimido compounds having antiproliferative activity
Apparatus and method for electrochemically depositing metal on a semiconductor workpiece
Apparatuses and method for transferring and/or pre-processing microelectronic workpieces
Method, system, and program for retention management and protection of stored objects
System and method for determining a file system layout
Method and apparatus for archiving and unarchiving objects
Data transmission method, computer-readable medium, and data transmission apparatus
Computer system and data sharing method between computers
System and method for workload-aware request distribution in cluster-based network servers
Method and system for the automatic generation of multi-lingual synchronized sub-titles for audiovis...
Magnetic recording medium having narrow pulse width characteristics
Electronic mail distribution system for integrated electronic communications
Heterojunction tunneling diodes and process for fabricating same
Inter-objective baffle system
Colloidal solution comprising silver metal particles and a silane derivative
Flow-fill structures
Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by Cu diffusion barrier structures
Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for precisely forming light emitting layers in a semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent transfer medium provided with pattern transfer layer, organic electrolumi...
Braze-based protective coating for silicon nitride
Anodic bonding process for ceramics
Disposable molds and method of using the same
Connective tissue growth factor fragments and methods and uses thereof
Development cartridge
Digital camera
Portion of digital camera
Digital camera
Pan lifter
Digital camera
Digital camera
Digital camera