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Hog farrowing system for use in a cold environment and method of use
Hog farrowing system for use in a cold environment and method of use
Bovine germicide application device
Animal restraining harness
Rear drag operation structure for a spinning reel
Devices and methods for all-optical processing and storage
Droplet nozzle for use in eye drop container
Current supplying circuit
Antigen binding fragments that specifically detect cancer cells, nucleotides encoding the fragments,...
Thermosetting resin composition, resin film, metallic foil provided with an insulation material, ins...
Highly heat conductive silicone rubber composition, fixing roll and fixing belt
Colored photosensitive resin composition and color filter comprising the same
Aminoketone asymmetric reductase and nucleic acid thereof
Multi-functional photoinitiators
Polyester-polyether hybrid urethane acrylate oligomer for UV curing pressure sensitive adhesives
Ester compound, plasticizer for biodegradable aliphatic polyester resin, and biodegradable resin com...
Hot melt adhesive composition
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Polypropylene resin compositions
Process for producing (meth) acrylic acid compound
Permanent magnet-type magnetic field generating device
Small-scale gas liquefier
Method for controlling a service-providing device
Radio frequency identification method and system of distributing products
Networked disposal and sample provisioning apparatus
Method and system for communicating with identification tags
Radio frequency identification for transfer of component information in fiber optic testing
Power supply, and associated method, exhibiting selectable electrical characteristics
Portable data carrier assembly comprising a security device
Electric, telephone or network access control system and method
Memory tag
Far-field RF power extraction circuits and systems
System and method for acquisition management of subject position information
Coil antenna
System, method and apparatus for vending machine wireless audit and cashless transaction transport
RFID antenna
Apparatus and method for automatic network connection provisioning
Elongated implement holder especially for use on boats
Synergistically high SPF photoprotective UV-screening compositions comprising insoluble organic suns...
Cosmetic makeup kit
Work vehicle with tilt floor
Resistive down hole heating tool
Product and method for treating cotton
Compounds, methods and compositions
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery assembly
Method of and items for reducing latex exposure
Ferroportin1 nucleic acids and proteins
Miniaturized imaging device with integrated circuit connector system
Thiocarbamate inhibitors of alpha-4 integrins
Affinity markers for human serum albumin
Collecting activity information to evaluate therapy
Nitride semiconductor laser device
Dynamic software code instrumentation method and system
Control of arthropods in rodents
Display device for construction machine
Chewable toothbrush
Flyer bow with semi-enclosed wire guides
Localized surface volatilization
Printing up to edge of printing paper without platen soiling
Decomposition of cumene oxidation product
Diagnostic apparatus and diagnostic method for fuel cell
Matrixes, arrays, systems and methods
Separator for fuel cell and method for preparation thereof
Ionic liquids
Process to prepare a particulated metallocene catalyst with a modified aluminoxane and use in polyme...
Signaling method and apparatus to provide content on demand in a broadcast system
Toner draining mechanism, collected toner container, and image forming apparatus
Unified web-based interface-to multiple registrar systems
Lamp containing pulse width modulated voltage conversion circuit
Surface acoustic wave sensor methods and systems
Sulfonamide lactam inhibitors of FXa and method
Piperazine derivatives
Certain 1-(D-cycloproplyglycinyl)-4-piperidin-4-yl)piperazine compounds as inhibitors of the serine ...
Methods for reducing platelet activation platelet aggregaton or thrombosis
MAG expression promoters
Mouse model of myxomatous valvular disease
Cyclic amide derivatives
Wet shaving assembly
Hard ice cream dispenser
Breast enhancement system
Defect free composite membranes, method for producing said membranes and use of the same
Ice cream and topping mixing attachment
Breastshield with multi-pressure and expansible chamber construction, related breastpump and method
Pharmaceutical composition and method for relieving itch, pain and swelling resulting from insect bi...
Object detection apparatus, especially for vehicles
Nitrosated and nitrosylated cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Self-condensing pH sensor
Apparatus and methods for identifying and processing mail using an identification code
Method and module for universal test of communication ports
Circuit and method for testing embedded phase-locked loop circuit
Prioritization of remote services messages within a low bandwidth environment
Fault tolerance for network accounting architecture
Absorption refrigerator and production method thereof
Process for extracting ethane and heavier hydrocarbons from LNG
Layer formation method, and substrate with a layer formed by the method
Process for production of hydrogen and carbonyl compounds by reacting sub- or super-critical water w...
Method for producing a device for direct thermoelectric energy conversion
Selective multi level expansion of data base via pivot point data
Methods and systems for managing state changes during an arbitration cycle when multiple computer no...
Social mapping of contacts from computer communication information
System and method for incremental and reversible data migration and feature deployment
Peripheral device data transfer protocol
Semiconductor storage device, redundancy circuit thereof, and portable electronic device
Full range loudspeaker
Highly stable and very light optical bench and extra terrestric use of such an optical bench
Anti-coagulation and demineralization system for conductive medical devices
One piece header assembly for an implantable medical device
Battery recharge management for an implantable medical device
Spectacle lens manufacturing system, method of manufacturing spectacle lens, program and recording m...
Method and system for controlling and/or regulating operating sequences in a motor vehicle in a brak...
Engine control system
Method for stopping and starting an internal combustion engine having a variable event valvetrain
Methods for manufacturing operations using non-contact position sensing
Firearm cleaning kit case
Method and apparatus for feeding wire to a welding arc
Reusable analyte sensor site and method of using the same
Vehicle powder coating system
Methods of screening compounds useful for prevention of infection or pathogenicity
Microscopic batteries for MEMS systems
Durable coating compositions containing novel aspartic amine compounds
Method for producing branched fatty acids using genetically modified plants
Installation for investigating objects using magnetic resonance
Dual design resistor for high voltage conditioning and transmission lines
Vehicle activated millimeter-wave interrogating
Selection of data to be transmitted between nodes in a network having limited bandwidth
Six headed carousel
Metal MEMS devices and methods of making same
Method for fabricating polycrystalline silicon liquid crystal display device
Method to deposit functionally graded dielectric films via chemical vapor deposition using viscous p...
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Display device and photoelectric conversion device
MIS capacitor
OLED display with aging compensation
Electroluminescent platinum compounds and devices made with such compounds
Organic semiconductor transistor element, semiconductor device using the same, and process for produ...
Electronic device and process for forming same
Light emitting device having dopant in a light emitting layer, and method of producing the light emi...
Display device having microresonator structure
Display device and method of driving the same
Control lever safety apparatus for heavy equipment
Hybrid drive system wherein clutch is engaged when engine speed has exceeded motor speed upon switch...
Integrated hydraulic system for motor vehicles
Traction chain comprising a gear mechanism integrated in a wheel
Bicycle power supply with discharge function
Vehicle chassis
Industrial truck having increased static/quasi-static and dynamic tipping stability
Method and apparatus of controlling an automotive vehicle using brake-steer as a function of steerin...
Fixing device for an automobile muffler
Steering control apparatus
Snow-trail grooming vehicle having a cable winch thereon and a method for controlling the cable winc...
Airbag deployment-control process and apparatus therefor
Speed transmission apparatus
Apparatus and system for delivering audio/video content to a remote receiver
Methods and systems for facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia
Nucleic acids encoding modified olfactory cyclic nucleotide gated ion channels
Constitutive promoter from Arabidopsis
Method for creating polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences
Labeling reagents and labeled targets, target labeling processes and other processes for using same ...
Mammalian gene, bcl-w, belongs to the bcl-2 family of apoptosis-controlling genes
Mammalian MDM2 binding proteins and uses thereof
Variant cleavage stimulation factor and its encoding nucleic acid
Serpentine transmembrane antigens expressed in human cancers and uses thereof
Nitro-substituted non-fluorescent asymmetric cyanine dye compounds
ATM related kinase ATX, nucleic acids encoding same and methods of use
Nucleic acids encoding .beta. 1,4-N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferases from C. jejuni
Calix[4]arene-nucleoside and calix[4]oligonucleotide hybrids
Methods for genetic immunization
Modulation of SOCS-3 expression
Novel drug delivery compositions
Alteration of oil traits in plants
Obesity-related genes
ESTs and encoded human proteins
NPC1L1 (NPC3) and methods of use thereof
Mutants of green fluorescent protein
Humanized antibody amd process for preparing same
Methods and compositions for detecting cancers
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Enterococcus faecalis for diagnostics and therapeu...
Nucleic acid amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and therapeut...
Limonene, pinene, or other terpenes and their alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, as polymer solvents f...
Method for tracking and recording a launch and flight of a high speed vehicle
Microscope, especially microscope used for inspection in semiconductor manufacture
Polarizing beamsplitter
Beam shaping optics and module for a diode laser arrangement
Projector with total cross total internal reflection (TIR) prisms
Apparatus and method for combining multiple electromagnetic beams into a composite beam
Projection lens assembly
Objective optical system employing grin lens
Zoom optical system
Self-adapting limiter
Zoom lens system
Optical transmission system constructing method and system
Zoom lens and information device including the same
Optical systems and methods employing adjacent rotating cylindrical lenses
Beam shaping apparatus
Taking lens system
Imaging lens system
Flexured athermalized pseudokinematic mount
Device for acquiring a three-dimensional shape by optoelectronic process
Wavelength tunable filter capable of being bidirectionally driven by electromagnetic forces
Preparation of aqueous clear solution dosage forms with bile acids
Write head for a display tag having a liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for avoiding journal overflow on backup and recovery system using storage based...
Method for monitoring a plasma display panel with discharge between triad-mounted electrodes
Light emitting devices with improved extraction efficiency
Laryngeal mask airway device with position controlling tab
Interlaced array of piano MEMs micromirrors
Nanoscale catalyst particles/aluminosilicate to reduce carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a ...
Method and system for implementing an analytical wirelength formulation
Method and system for identifying errors in computer software
Saposin C and receptors as targets for treatment of benign and malignant disorders
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Compositions comprising anionic functionalized polyorganosiloxanes for hydrophobically modifying sur...
Sheet storage cassette and image forming apparatus
Smilagenin and its use
Drive circuit for illumination unit
Process for the preparation of 5-substituted isobenzofurans
Fragments of fluorescent proteins for protein fragment complementation assays
Superlattice nanocrystal Si-SiO.sub.2 electroluminescence device
VLSI fabrication processes for introducing pores into dielectric materials
Method for manufacturing cycloalkanol and/or cycloalkanone
System with response to cosmic ray detection
Tri-state circuit using nanotube switching elements
Lithographic apparatus and radiation source comprising a debris-mitigation system and method for mit...
System and method for erasing a memory cell
Storage device having a probe with a first plate that cooperates with a second plate to provide a va...
Storage device having a probe with plural tips
Hydrocarbon compounds, materials for organic electroluminescent elements and organic electroluminesc...
Rubber reduction
Method of preparing fulvene compounds and method of preparing ansa-metallocene compounds using the c...
Access cover configured to receive a testing device
Method of curing using an electroluminescent light
Buffer layers for organic electroluminescent devices and methods of manufacture and use
Ligation treating apparatus
Treatment of fluorocarbon feedstocks
Methods for producing oocysts
Method of rendering substrates oil and water repellent with a fluorochemical oligomeric silane
Multipass multiphoton absorption method and apparatus
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives
Solid phase synthesis supports and methods
Methods and systems utilizing a programmable sign display located in proximity to a traffic light
Tubing adapter
Front panel of a processor for endoscope
RF transceiver module formed in multi-layered ceramic
Method for scanning radio frequency channels
Method for enhanced power saving on DCF based wireless networks
System and method for managing communication links
Wireless mobile image messaging
Wireless channel selection apparatus including scanning logic
Method and apparatus for mixed mode personal communication
Transmission power control apparatus, transmission power control method, and mobile station
Wireless transmission module and method thereof and peripheral input device of wireless data process...
Dynamic semiconductor memory device and power saving mode of operation method of the same
Tin electrolyte
System and method for an ethernet optical area network
Assembly of medical examination device and a combination of a frame and a patient table as well as s...
Measuring method in magnetic resonance imaging device and magnetic resonance imaging device
Utility meter having programmable pulse output
System and method for user updateable web sites and web pages
User interface identification and service tags for a document processing system
Zippered pouch for a garment
Pouch for pencils or the like
Container with cap
Flag and flag pole illuminating light fixture assembly
Portion of an electrical dimmer switch and cover plate
Frozen food maker
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Chum dispenser
Disposable dispensing tray
Integrated circuit amplifier device and method using FET tunneling gate current
Burglar alarm using power cord to transmit signals and method for controlling the same
Image sensing apparatus, image synthesizing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing...
Automatic path planning system and method
Printing a code on a product
Liquid crystal display with antiglare layer on viewer side having haze equal to or greater than 40
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and apparatus for processing an exchangeable obj...
Miniaturized motor overload protector
Crystal for a telephone watch
Electrical muscle controller
Energy induced bulking and buttressing of tissue for incontinence
Medical instruments and techniques for treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux disease
Apparatus and methods of optimal placement of deep brain stimulator
Percutaneous technique and implant for expanding the spinal canal
Device for determining distance between two points in a surgical site
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and device
Protecting groups in polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
X-ray imaging for patterned film measurement
Target density imaging using discrete photon counting to produce high-resolution radiographic images
Three dimensional radiation detector
Scintillator array for use in a CT imaging system and method for making the scintillator array
Solid state detector
Vertical color filter sensor group with carrier-collection elements of different size and method for...
Spectroscope and measuring apparatus using the same
Thermal sensing detector cell for a computed tomography system and method of manufacturing same
X-ray photography apparatus
Image processing system for use with inspection systems
Noise reduction method
Method for navigating in the interior of the body using three-dimensionally visualized structures
Multi-user display system
Nozzle tip and seal
Package with integrated inductor and/or capacitor
Microwave oven
Portable information terminal
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Portable telephone
Notebook computer
Portable telephone having indicating image design displayed thereon
Block management for mass storage
Communication terminal controlled through touch screen or voice recognition and instruction executin...
Partition-based high dimensional similarity join method
Interfacing circuit for reducing current consumption
OSD device and method for displaying menu therein for digital TV
Optical disc drive and method
Method for preparation of block copolymeric nanoparticles
Recording medium having super-resolution near-field structure and method and apparatus for reproduci...
Photosensitive metal nanoparticle and method of forming conductive pattern using the same
Methods of treating joint inflammation with anti-TNF antibodies
1,3-diaza-dibenzoazulenes as inhibitors of tumour necrosis factor production and intermediates for t...
Image processing apparatus for print process of photographed image
Digital broadcasting receiver and method for compensating color reproduction error of the same
Methods for encoding data in an analog video signal such that it survives resolution conversion
Signal transmission method and apparatus
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection or processing supplemental data
Comb filter design for separating luminance and chrominance in video signals
Signal processing unit and liquid crystal display device
Gain control for a high definition television demodulator
Projection system with adjustable aspect ratio optics
Full content film scanning on a film to data transfer device
Micromirror array
Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
Video safety detector with projected pattern
Method and apparatus for measuring dwell time of objects in an environment
Interactive display system having a matrix optical detector
Securing decrypted files in a shared environment
System and method for security project management
Transaction processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for detecting nets physically changed and electrically affected by design ECO
Token-based Web browsing with visual feedback of disclosure
Method and apparatus for treatment of food products
Molecular press dehydrating agents for vegetative tissue comprising starch hydorlysates or their der...
Low glycemic, high fiber composition of all natural compounds that provides a sweet flavor profile f...
Fruit gum composition
Production of milk protein ingredient with high whey protein content
Non Gelling Milk Concentrates
Fruit spread
Corn wet milling process
Starch-free flour for noodles, bread and the like
Process for sterilization and production of fish meat paste product with use of microbubble and ster...
Milk-based chewy sweet and method for its production
Vacuum skin packaging structure with high oxygen permeability
Film structures having improved oxygen transmission
Polymorphisms in fatty acid binding protein 4 ("FABP4") gene and their associations with measures of...
Enzyme compositions that enhance the flavor of food and beverages
Preparation of polymer conjugates of therapeutic, agricultural, and food additive compounds
Novel starches produced by the expression of heterologous granule bound starch synthase genes
Cable receiver
Process for stabilizing proteins in an acidic environment with a high-ester pectin
Calcium fortification of bread dough
Method of impregnation of food and vitamin C-containing egg and pidan-like egg obtained by this meth...
Tomato fiber composition, uses thereof and process for its preparation
Fat replacement material and method of manufacture thereof
Assay and method for analyte sensing by detecting efficiency of radiation conversion
Polynucleotides encoding a super-active porcine growth hormone releasing hormone analog
Antiallergic composition
Food holder
Method for producing gas exchange package
Brew chamber for a single serve beverage brewer
Cooking vessel
Device for cleaning installations and related methods
Food transport routing systems, devices, and guides for food processing systems and related methods
Resealable bag for filling with food product(s) and method
Screw pump for transporting emulsions susceptible to mechanical handling
Patient interface device
Modulation of coffee flavour precursor levels in green coffee grains
Corn inbred 3B603
Corn inbred 3B703
Corn inbred 3B50HO
Fertile transgenic corn plants
Cotton plants having vegetative and reproductive tolerance to glyphosate
Transcription factors for increasing yield
Downy mildew resistant lettuce
Trans-2-enoyl-coa reductase gene of euglena gracilis
Corn plants having high oil and high protein content
Methods for altering organ mass in plants
Plant seed specific promoters
Nucleotide sequences regulating gene expression and constructs and methods utilizing same
Zoysiagrass plant named 'BA-305'
Transgenic animal model for Alzheimer's disease
Taping knife with offset handle
Low cost radiant floor comfort systems
Taping knife with enlarged hammer element
Efficiency dehumidifier drier with reversible airflow and improved control
Building wall structure
Method of recycling glass fiber material
Bituminous road surface with a photocatalytic effect and procedure for the preparation of said road ...
Magnesium cementitious composition
Animal litter containing activated carbon
Heating system with heat transmission fluid distributed in finished floor boards
Fire resistant and/or water resistant enclosure for operable computer digital data storage device
Light curing system and method
Method for producing concrete and standardizing system for concrete production
Composite particle comprising an abrasive grit
Method of manufacturing glass and compositions thereof
Granular turf safe mesotrione compositions
Curing resin composition and sealants and end-sealing materials for displays
Polyphenylene sulfide resin compositions
Plasticized functionalized propylene copolymer adhesive composition
Chipped wood as a substrate for plant growth
Exterior finishing system including a bond-compatible composite membrane
Elastomeric composition and tire comprising the composition
Water-dispersible polyisocyanate composition, process for its production, water-base curable composi...
Drywall finishing system
Apparatus and method for in situ measuring of evaporation from a surface
Cement composition, its use for the production of a self-leveling liquid casting, and a casting thus...
Method of treating digested sludge
Water purification apparatus
Silver halide color photographic material, and method of image formation
Combinatorial decoding of random nucleic acid arrays
Product removal process for use in a biofermentation system
Methods and devices for dispensing a potable product liquid
Apparatus and method for luminometric assay
Biofilm reduction in crossflow filtration systems
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation using conductor-in-conduit heat sources wit...
Pressurized vapor cycle liquid distillation
Seal ring holder for membrane element and membrane element
Removal of arsenic from water with oxidized metal coated pumice
Gallium nitride semiconductor substrate and process for producing the same
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Modified colorants and uses of the same
Compositions comprising azelastine and methods of use thereof
Composition for forming insulating film, method for producing same, silica-based insulating film, an...
Toner for electrostatic image development and process for preparing the same
Positive-type photosensitive resin composition and cured film manufactured therefrom
DNA polymerase
Antibodies to the fuel oxygenate mtbe and use thereof in immunoassays
Novel glutaminase, its gene and a method of producing it
Medium supplement and animal cell culture medium
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Method of preparing pigment compositions
Fine fluoropolymer powders
Non-irritating compositions containing zinc salts
Nutrient supplements and methods for treating autism and for preventing the onset of autism
On-growth inhibiting compounds
Schisandrin B preparation
Botanical anticancer formulations
Bioavailability enhancing activity of Carum carvi extracts and fractions thereof
Composition for treating hepatitis c
Combinations of vasoactive agents, their use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field, and formulati...
Vegetation water composition for treatment of inflammatory skin conditions
Antitubercular extracts of Salicornia brachiata
Treatment modalities for autoimmune diseases
Composition and its Therapeutic Use
GLP-1 pharmaceutical compositions
Inhibition of Lysyl oxidase for treating tumor growth and diagnostics relating thereto
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Tick galectin
Disc cassette delidder and feeder system for data storage devices
Dual disk transport mechanism processing two disks tilted toward each other
Post-deposition annealed recording media and method of manufacturing the same
Complex transverse AC magneto-optic susceptometer for determination of volume and anisotropy field d...
True random number generation
Reduced inductance in ball grid array packages
Head-disc interface (HDI) design for magnetic recording
Context-free data transactions between dual operating systems embedded within a data storage subsyst...
Method of transport
Method for hydrocarbon isomerization
Light emitting systems
Magnetic random access memory with a reference cell array and dummy cell arrays
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Rotating-type oven
Portable document scan accessory for use with a wireless handheld communications device
Infant breathing aid apparatus
Generalized configurator software system
Grating-based wavelength selective switch
Compositions and methods for monitoring the modification state of a pair of polypeptides
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor
Misfolded protein sensor method in body fluids
Weapon caddy
Data storage medium and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Immobilization of enzyme on a fibrous matrix
Grafted cyclodextrin
Ventilation member and vented housing using the same
Wire convertible from over-the-wire length to rapid exchange length
Process for polymerizing 1-butene and 1-butene polymers
Data modem
System for linking information in a global computer network
Method and device for conveying waste toner in an image forming device
Codon-optimized .beta.-secretase and methods of refolding and processing
Lighting control device having improved long fade off
Methods and compositions for enantioselective oxidation reactions
Method and apparatus for writing and reading servo information written in a spiral fashion
Digital actuator control and method
Systems for variable multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Method for providing variable gain, iterative embedded runout correction in a disk drive
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus including an idler mounted on a main chassis
Magnetic disk apparatus
Method for producing and inspecting tape head air-skiving edges
Thin-film magnetic head appropriately suppressing side fringing and method for fabricating the same
Thin film magnetic head having lower auxiliary magnetic pole on lower magnetic pole layer
Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording playback device, and information processing device
Head shock resistance and head load/unload protection for reducing disk errors and defects, and enha...
Magnetic head actuator having finely movable tracking device
Magnetoresistive effect sensor including a magnet array of a plurality of permanent magnets
Extraordinary magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular magnetic biasing by an antiferromagnetic/f...
Electronic equipment case structure
Low profile latch activator
Domain stabilized magneto-optic head
Magnetic head suspension assembly fabricated with integral load beam and flexure
Primer coating of steel
Process for the production of multi-layer coatings comprising a waterborne primer-surfacer layer and...
Thermal imaging system
Image forming method, thermal transfer sheet and intermediate transfer recording medium
Brassiere and molded breast cup construction therefor and related method of manufacture
Service management apparatus for managing service information for services present in network system...
Visual tool for developing service components for use in advanced intelligent networks
Macro-based access control
Invoking mutual anonymity by electing to become head of a return path
Method and apparatus for automating printer and printer driver diagnostics and repair
Method and system for isolating and protecting software components
System and method for verifying trace distances of a PCB layout
Method for monitoring program flow to verify execution of proper instructions by a processor
Wizard for programmatically analyzing and modifying time-critical graphical programs
Database security
Method for the surface treatment of a titanium dioxide pigment
Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
Method of patterning products using chemical reaction
Control for ammonia slip in selective catalytic reduction
Ceria-based mixed-metal oxide structure, including method of making and use
Processes for purifying phosphoric acid and for preparing phosphoric acid
Process for the assembly of ultrastable mesostructured organofunctional silica compositions
Isolation and purification of single walled carbon nanotube structures
Solid solutions, applicable as catalysts, with perovskite structure comprising noble metals
Catalyst for hydrocarbon reforming and method of reforming hydrocarbon with the same
Method for producing hydrogen gas
Method for graftless spinal fusion
Flanged interbody spinal fusion implants
Method, system and apparatus for interbody fusion
Method for forming a spinal implant surface configuration
Artificial disc replacements with deployable fixation components
Remyelination of neurons using multipotent neural stem cell progeny
Method and apparatus for improved high-speed FEC adaptive equalization
Method and device for measuring stress
Etching method, etching apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Multistage median cascaded canceller
Method and apparatus for installing an application onto a smart card
Peer-to-peer communication pipes
Method of and system for searching a data dictionary with fault tolerant indexing
Method and apparatus for controlling the timing of precharge in a content addressable memory system
Cascade control system for network units
Network processor with single interface supporting tree search engine and CAM
Network relaying apparatus and network relaying method capable of high-speed routing and packet tran...
Method and device for automatically issuing information using a search engine
Systems and methods for authoritativeness grading, estimation and sorting of documents in large hete...
Scalable multiparty conferencing and collaboration system and method of dynamically allocating syste...
Accessories providing a telephone conference application one or more capabilities independent of the...
Cestrum yellow leaf curling virus promoters
Soybean cultivar 0491729
Soybean cultivar 0509255
Cotton cultivar DP 611 BGII/RR
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH311
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH351
Plants and seeds of corn variety I104774
Plants and seeds of variety I294213
Plants and seeds of variety I180421
Inbred maize line PH7CP
Inbred maize line PH7CH
Inbred maize line NP2391
Hybrid maize 33A84
Ball setting and tightening rack
Joystick cover
Scaffolded borazane-lithium hydride hydrogen storage materials
Welding material, gas turbine blade or nozzle and a method of repairing a gas turbine blade or nozzl...
Object detection method and apparatus
Modular patch antenna providing antenna gain direction selection capability
Radio communication system
Method for connection establishment in a radio system relaying packet-switched traffic
Method and system for configuring radio interface in a communication system
Distributed spread-spectrum network
Method and apparatus for assigning addresses to components in a control system
Method and system for equalization of a replacement load
Ultra-wideband communication through twisted-pair wire media
Method and device for radio signal reception
Antenna adjustment method, system and network element
Radio frequency (RF) transceiver with substantially coincident communication of RF and related contr...
Radio communication system
Reverse electronic tuning circuit for FM radio frequency-lock-loop circuits
Dual channel redundant fixed wireless network link, and method therefore
Wireless data communications using FIFO for synchronization memory
System and method for marking digital media content
Passenger restraint system
Variable three-dimensional labyrinth
Systems and methods for card games that simulate non-card casino table games
Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand
Curved surface display for a gaming machine
System and method for caching
System and method for testing and initializing directory store memory
Avoiding inconsistencies between multiple translators in an object-addressed memory hierarchy
Mechanism for handling explicit writeback in a cache coherent multi-node architecture
Second storage system equipped with security system and a method of controlling the second storage s...
Reordering hardware for mass storage command queue
Storage system with multiple remote site copying capability
Direct access storage system with combined block interface and file interface access
Method and system for online data migration on storage systems with performance guarantees
Single head disk drive having backup system information and method of recording and/or reading syste...
Method and apparatus for a calibrated variable phase offset timing between synchronous clock subdoma...
Memory module and memory-assist module
Storage pre-alignment and EBCDIC, ASCII and unicode basic latin conversions for packed decimal data
Apparatus and method for writing data to mirrored storage using multiple tasks working in parallel
Translating loads for accelerating virtualized partition
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Information terminal apparatus
Hard disk drive housing apparatus and electronic apparatus
Switching power circuit
Storage device with resistive memory cells enduring repetitive data writing
Dubbing apparatus
Data recording/reproducing method and apparatus including random number generation and data sector s...
Optical disc with different wobble patterns in different grooves
Mask inspection method, mask defect inspection system, and method of production of mask
Image processing method for generating three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional screen
Drawing method for drawing image on two-dimensional screen
Hybrid circuit substrate with optical and electrical interconnects, hybrid circuit module with optic...
Display terminal
Method and apparatus for efficiently allocating memory in audio still video (ASV) applications
Method and apparatus for providing a graphical user interface for a player/recorder system
Electronic device cooling apparatus and method for cooling electronic device with temperature predic...
System and method for accurately calculating a mathematical power function in an electronic device
Memory apparatus
Monitor/television receiver
Device for optically stimulating collagen formation in tissue
Stent vascular intervention device and methods for treating aneurysms
Stent delivery system with a retention wire
Ossicle prosthesis
Systems and methods for providing prostheses
Spinal disc prosthesis and methods of use
Stabilizing augment for prosthetic disc
Site specific minimally invasive joint implants
Trapezium prosthesis and method
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
3-structure of a whole integrin $g(a) v$g(b) extracellular region and uses therefor
Universal gene chip for high throughput chemogenomic analysis
Method, system and apparatus for matching pets to appropriate pet products and supplies
Computer-implemented method for grouping medical claims with clinically representative dynamic clean...
High-throughput functional analysis of gene expression
Method of preparing transgenic organism with use of methylation and system therefor
Proliferator-Activated Receptor Disruptions, Compositions and Methods Relating Thereto
Mouse model for aging
Dynamic bias for receiver controlled by radio link quality
Receiver for receiving frequency signals using delta-sigma modulators
Apparatus and method for local broadcasting in the twenty-six megahertz short wave band
Mobile communication system and mobile terminal apparatus
Distributed base station with passive antenna distribution for providing wireless communication cove...
Inter-system handover using legacy interface
Method and apparatus for supporting location service over radio communication systems
Method for delayed entering into a conversation or renewed entering into a conversation of at least ...
System and associated method for facilitating push-to-talk communications
Compact radio communications device
Foldable portable wireless communication apparatus
Hand-portable radio communications device comprising relatively movable first and second portions
Antenna device for portable terminal, portable terminal, and method for providing antenna in portabl...
Compressible/expandable hydrophilic ablation electrode
Stimulation using a microstimulator to treat tinnitus
Radio frequency enabled control of environmental zones
RFID access apparatus and a transaction method using the same
Content selection based on signaling from customer premises equipment in a broadcast network
Communication Session Server
Methods and apparatus for providing content and services coordinated with television content
Isolated LEC1 transcriptional regulator encoding nucleic acids and methods of use thereof
Antimicrobial peptides and methods of use
Inbred pumpkin line ZYPMB24
Inbred corn line WBB53
Upgradeable timestamp mechanism
Method for heap memory management and computer system using the same method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Back plate structure and plasma display apparatus
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing with a spin weld pin
Output coupling capacitor free audio power amplifier dynamically configured for speakers and headpho...
Efficient file interface and method for providing access to files using a JTRS SCA core framework
Nitride semiconductor with active layer of quantum well structure with indium-containing nitride sem...
Multilayer pinned reference layer for a magnetic storage device
Production method for semiconductor device
Method and system for finding approximate matches in database
Cooking apparatus employing centrally located heat source
Method for controlling the speed of a motor vehicle in accordance with risk and system for carrying ...
Method and apparatus for assisting data input to a portable information terminal
Article utilizing highly branched polymers to splay layered materials
Nonprecious dental casting alloy
Nitrous oxide based oxygen supply system
Method and apparatus for improved bookmark and histories entry creation and access
System and device for detecting yaw displacements using stand-by measuring channels
Phase change memory cell defined by a pattern shrink material process
Method of treating symptoms of common cold, allergic rhinitis and infections relating to the respira...
Autostereoscopic display apparatus having glare suppression
System for interaction with exercise device
Three dimensional imaging system
Transaural stereo device
Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server
Force effects for object types in a graphical user interface
System and method to configure and provide a network-enabled three-dimensional computing environment
Signal transduction stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Method of determining the three-dimensional shape of a macromolecule
System and methods for improved emission control of internal combustion engines
Graphical loop profile analysis
Cold crucible induction furnace with eddy current damping
Synthesis of pentafluorosulfanylnaphthalene
Control method and system using a bluetooth for wireless communication, and a server and a terminal ...
Method of manufacturing an ink jet recording head having reduced stress concentration near the bound...
Printed circuit wiring board designing support device, printed circuit board designing method, and i...
Noc2 knockout mouse
Aryl substituted 3,4-dihydroanthracene derivatives having retinoid antagonist or retinoid inverse ag...
Organosilicon compound, making method, and rubber compounding agent
Silica-coated boehmite composites suitable for dentifrices
Cradle for information apparatus, cradle for digital camera and camera system
Switch circuit and composite high-frequency part
Method and apparatus for determining the sex of a fertilized egg
Methods and apparatus for observing and recording irregularities of the macula and nearby retinal fi...
Multiwell test apparatus
Combination growth factor therapy and cell therapy for treatment of acute and chronic heart disease
Method for overexpression of zwitterionic polysaccharides
Single crystal semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method, and single crystal in...
Oral preparation
Transmission diversity method in mobile communication system
Reinforced poly(arylene ether)/polyamide composition
Mouse having a button-less panning and scrolling switch
Utilization of an infrared probe to discriminate between materials
Anisotropic film manufacturing
Whisker-mediated transformation of embryogenic cotton suspension cultures
Catheter with occluding cuff
Human survivin interacting protein 1 (SIP-1)
Porous polymeric membrane comprising vinylidene fluoride
Electrooptic device, driving IC, and electronic apparatus
Ionic liquid, method of dehydration, electrical double layer capacitor, and secondary battery
Transition metal compound, catalyst for olefin polymerization and method for producing polyolefin
Memory devices with selectively enabled output circuits for test mode and method of testing the same
Under carpet heat shield and floor pan insulator
Modeling business objects
Method and apparatus for using continuous media stock in a cut-sheet image forming device
Analytical estimation of performance of a sensor system
Method of identifying potential inhibitors of human papillomavirus protein E2 using x-ray atomic coo...
Carbamic acid alkyl ester derivatives
Coordinated decrease and increase of gene expression of more than one gene using transgenic construc...
Circuit arrangement for operating a high pressure discharge lamp
Method of screening PTP.zeta. activity promoter or inhibitor
Apparatus and method for A/D conversion in a digital video system
Quinoline derivatives
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT.sub.2c, receptor ligands
Therapeutic treatment for sexual dysfunction
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT, in particular 5HT2C, receptor ligands
Indole-amid derivatives which possess glycogen phosphorylase inhibitory activity
Modified peptides as therapeutic agents
Process for the synthesis of derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino-[2,3-f] quinoline
Method of constructing heart failure model animal
Obesity treatment with electrically induced vagal down regulation
Method of using a fully implantable miniature neurostimulator for vagus nerve stimulation
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
N-aroyl piperazine derivatives as orexin receptor antagonists
Packer with metal sealing element
Web handling roll stand
Spinneret for producing circular cross section yarn and process for making the same
Planarization for integrated circuits
Passive safety device
Ink recordable substrate coating composition having a pH less than 7
Low gloss powder coating composition
Golf club
Golf training apparatus
Putter's training aid
Golf putting aid
Hard film and hard film-coated tool
Method of purifying fischer-tropsch derived water
Gas-barrier material
Imaging members
Tandem filters using frequency selective surfaces for enhanced conversion efficiency in a thermophot...
Scalable high density non-volatile memory cells in a contactless memory array
Timepiece including base plate formed of resin and wheel train
Personal calendaring, schedules, and notification using directory data
Method and apparatus for modifying gain settings in a connection interface
System and method for reconciling billing mismatch
Apparatus and method for facilitating service management of communications services in a communicati...
Intermediary device based callee identification
Quorums in meet-me conference calls
One number, intelligent call processing system
Routing optimizations for telecommunications network system and method
Method for matching an adaptive hybrid to a line
Circuit and method for stimulation of a telephone apparatus
Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) including a transient output current limit circuit and rela...
Foldable portable telephone
Microphone array signal enhancement
Method for tracking wireless telephone minutes used and providing an alert
Voice mailbox with management support
Method of requesting an emergency rescue in a mobile communication terminal having a bluetooth devic...
Graphical user interface for a portable telephone
Portable electronic apparatus
Portable telephone with detachable earphone and microphone modules
Multimodal information services
Musical instrument bow
Stringed musical instrument
Device for preventing unintentional removal of an end of a guitar strap from an enlarged guitar stra...
Percussion instrument carrier assembly
Storage medium containing musical score displaying data, musical score display apparatus and musical...
Compact hum-canceling musical instrument pickup with improved tonal response
Hexaphonic pickup for digital guitar system
Method and apparatus for simulating a mechanical keyboard action in an electronic keyboard
Music reproducing apparatus, music reproducing method and telephone terminal device
Underwater burial garden system
Method for laying a rehabilitating pipe
Apparatus for rebuilding a sand beach
Trench drain filter assembly
Ditch liner system
High capacity low profile slab foundation stabilizing apparatus
Method of on-site construction of concrete column and panel fence system
Biodegradable cement retarder compositions and methods of cementing in a subterranean formation
Method of treating a subsurface formation with ferrous iron to reduce contaminants to harmless speci...
Remediation method of media and iron powder for dehalogenation of hydrogenated hydrocarbons
Method, system and computer readable medium for adjusting output signals for a plurality of devices ...
Remote copy for a storage controller with reduced data size
Systems and methods for GSM selection
Memory defragmentation in chipcards
Monitoring of call information in a wireless location system
Method and apparatus for preservation of failure state in a read destructive memory
Location determination using RF fingerprints
System and method for allocating computing resources
System and method for determining relative positioning in AD-HOC networks
Computer-guided sample handling
Flight management system and method for providing navigational reference to emergency landing locati...
Dual-architecture microserver card
Vehicle navigation system for use with a telematics system
System and method of collision avoidance using intelligent navigation
Collaboration method, system, program and record medium
Two-pass device access management
Full duplex re-transmitter
Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks
Building a view on markup language data through a set of components
System and method for scaling and repositioning drawings
Method and system for reducing the horizontal space required for displaying a column containing text...
Method and structure for implementing a layered object windows
Targeted optimization of buffer-tree logic
Method, system and program product for implementing a read-only dial in a configuration database of ...
Systems and methods for employing tagged types in a dynamic runtime environment
Aggregate bandwidth through management using insertion of reset instructions for cache-to-cache data...
Facilitating efficient join operations between a head thread and a speculative thread
Method and system of a traffic control application programming interface for abstracting the use of ...
Time-based selection of EPG data destined for low resource clients
Proxy for video on demand server control
Method and apparatus for reliable disk fencing in a multicomputer system
Configuring processing units
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Stable extract from Hypericum perforatum L., method for the production thereof and its use as a topi...
Process for producing fat composition containing hydrophobic components of glycyrrhiza
Method of culturing cells to produce a tissue sheet
Synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
Cholesterol transport gene
Probucol nitro-derivatives
Pharmaceutical compositions having appetite suppressant activity
Ectoparasite saliva proteins
Vaccine against cancerous diseases which is based on mimotopes of antigens expressed on tumor cells
V-like domain binding molecules
Mosquito arrestin 1 polypeptides
Histamine receptor antibody
Method for detecting low concentrations of a target bacterium that uses phages to infect target bact...
Fluorinated photosensitizers related to chlorins and bacteriochlorins for photodynamic therapy
O,O'-Amidomalonate and N,O-Amidomalonate platinum complexes
Esters of monomethyl branched alcohols and process for preparing and using same in cosmetics and per...
Interactive LED display device
Internally illuminated elastomeric novelty device with external projections
Block toy sorting
Installation for a competitive game with hockey stick and hockey puck
Toy ball
Sail conversion kit and method for small watercraft
Trawling vessel with a lock chamber
Hull of a ship having a central keel and side chines
Antenna linear extension and retraction apparatus for a submersible device, and method of use
Integrated accessory for an inflatable apparatus
Apparatus for disposal of toxic and radioactive waste
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Apparatus for steering a marine seismic streamer via controlled bending
Robotic all terrain surveyor
Self-running robot
Indurstrial robot controlling device
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a brushed permanent magnet motor using back-emf measurements
Position calculation system for mobile robot and charging-stand return system and method using the s...
Aircraft spiralling mechanism - B
Front fastening device for aircraft engine
Turbine engine arrangements
Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft duri...
Vibration motor primary flight control actuator
Method and device for guiding an aircraft for aiding parachute drops
Association method and association device for a combat exercise
System and method for second language instruction
Method for non-verbal assessment of human competence
Apparatus for leaving message on refrigerator
Magnetic switch and apparatus including magnetic switch
Image forming method using photothermographic material
Device incorporating eye-start capability
Digital camera having controller for reducing occurrences of blur in displayed images
Photobooth with improved accessibility and optical characteristics
Photographing lens
Image processing system, projector, information storage medium, and image processing method
Graphical user interface and methods of use thereof in a multimedia player
Electron gun with a multi-media monitor
Techniques for capturing information during multimedia presentations
Image requesting apparatus
Multimedia information retrieval method, program, record medium and system
Multimedia inspection database system (MIDaS) for dynamic run-time data evaluation
Dynamic generation of multimedia code for image processing
Internet protocol telephony voice/video message deposit and retrieval
Method and apparatus for locating a communication device using local area network switch information
Voice traffic through a firewall
Roaming across different access mechanisms and network technologies
Communication terminal apparatus and method of controlling the same, server apparatus and method of ...
Wireless internet lighting control system
Internet-based matching service for expert consultants and customers with matching of qualifications...
Web-content aware automatic call transfer system and process for mobile users and operators
Information communications system, method and terminal apparatus for executing and appropriate proce...
Method and apparatus for providing automatic ingress filtering
Apparatus and system for communication
Software traffic generator/analyzer
Method and apparatus for targeting virtual objects
Selection and storage of policies in network management
Battery powered hydraulic tool
Communications connector with leadframe contact wires that compensate differential to common mode cr...
Gaming method and apparatus with triggering of bonus events by the presence of a trigger symbol in p...
Security system with call management functionality
Method for controlling a variable-speed engine
Active method and system of establishing electrical contact
Fuel cell power system having a plurality of rack fuel cell power modules
Battery saver circuit
Portable charger for mobile phone
Portable electronic apparatus including detachable system and expansion modules
Power supply system for supplying power to an electronic apparatus
Battery low-voltage protecting device
Adaptive biasing concept for current mode voltage regulators
Electronic component for power supply and a power supply device
Step-down switching regulator
Bandgap reference circuits
Step-up/down voltage chopper
Nanostructured compositions
Artificial band gap
Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic head with nano-contact portion not more than a fermi l...
Content monitoring
Methods and systems for processing a plurality of errors
Method for interacting with an internet webpage via a corresponding printed page
Adhesive bandage pad module and method for making and applying adhesive bandage pads to a web
Conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Wireless Universal Serial Bus link for a computer system
Use of GaAs extended barrier layers between active regions containing nitrogen and AlGaAs confining ...