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Strain-silicon CMOS with dual-stressed film
PMOS transistor with compressive dielectric capping layer
Method of forming gate dielectric layer
Using selective deposition to form phase-change memory cells
PRAMS having phase-change layer pattern with electrode contact area and methods of forming the same
Semiconductor testing device and semiconductor testing method
Semiconductor fabrication that includes surface tension control
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit incorporating higher voltage devices and low voltage devices therein
Self aligned metal gates on high-k dielectrics
Expansion plane for PQFP/TQFP IR--package design
Multi-die module
Electrical coupling stack and processes for making same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Resistive heater for thermo optic device
Selection of wavelengths for integrated circuit optical metrology
Magnetic resonance imaging method involving sub-sampling
Method for calculating the conductor path of a superconductor from the coil body to the joint and as...
Sub-aperture sidelobe and alias mitigation techniques
Point inputting device and method for three-dimensional images
Assembly and method for wavelength calibration in an echelle spectrometer
Absorption spectroscopy apparatus and method
Following the deformation of a structure per unit length defined on an image of a sequence of images...
Method and apparatus for processing signals reflecting physiological characteristics
Method of automatic production of image presentations
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Method and system for optimization of general problems
Active control vibration isolation using dynamic manifold
Time-delay discriminator
Dynamic attitude measurement method and apparatus
Hybrid gas turbine engine state variable model
Lattice-based unsupervised maximum likelihood linear regression for speaker adaptation
System security approaches using state tables
Reflection type diffuse hologram, hologram for reflection hologram color filters, etc., and reflecti...
Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus for a video tape recorder, and a method o...
Ion generator with open emitter and safety feature
Capacitive sensor having flexible polymeric conductors
Systems and methods for processing packets
Disposable extended wear canal hearing device
Image forming apparatus and program for controlling image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having temperature sensing element for sensing temperature of recording mate...
Developing cartridge, process cartridge, image forming device, and sliding sealing element
Signal processing apparatus
Signal processing apparatus
Device and method for carrying out surgical interventions on a patient
Action teaching apparatus and action teaching method for robot system, and storage medium
Method and system for three-dimensional reconstruction of images
X-ray micro-tomography system optimized for high resolution, throughput, image quality
Double-radiant-source framework for container detecting system
Active dose reduction device and method
Method, system and apparatus for processing radiographic images of scanned objects
Method and apparatus for interactive remote viewing and collaboration of dental images
Method and apparatus for spiral scan computed tomography
Adaptive iterative bone correction in computerized tomography
Image-generating method and image-generating system
Method and system for determining image orientation
Transmission electron microscopy sample preparation method for electron holography
Detector assembly and method of manufacture
MRI system
Coherent light despeckling
Active matrix substrate and manufacturing method thereof, electric optical device and electronic dev...
Method and arrangement for multiresolutive reconstruction for medical X-ray imaging
Fast backprojection/reprojection with hexagonal segmentation of image
Method and system for CT reconstruction with pre-correction
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Push communications architecture for intelligent electronic devices
Method and system for distributing product information
Personal voice portal service
Nucleic acid amplification reaction station for disposable test devices
Compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease
Methods for the synthesis of pyridoxamine
Single event upset hardened circuitry without sensitivity to overshoot and/or undershoot conditions
Method for creating single 3D surface model from a point cloud
Disk recording apparatus and disk recording method
Minimum delay buffering method, minimum delay buffer device for dynamic write strategy, and CD-RW/DV...
Method and apparatus of determining a recording location on a high-density recording medium
Controlling data transmission rate on the reverse link for each mobile station in a dedicated manner
Method of converting ATM cells in ATM network system
Personal electronics device with appliance drive features
Disk-chucking apparatus for disk drives
Iris recognition system
Cantilever-type PLC optical attenuator and manufacturing method thereof
Optical demultiplexer having bragg diffration grating and optical communication module using the opt...
Duobinary optical transmitter
Method and apparatus for adjusting printing velocity in digital office device
Image forming apparatus having subsidiary charge roller
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
Telephone conferencing systems
Instant messaging with voice conference feature
Method of forming thin film patterning substrate including formation of banks
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Active organic light emitting diode display structure
Organic el device having upper electrode including plurality of transparent electrode layers and met...
Display apparatus in which characteristics of a plurality of transistors are made to differ from one...
Electroluminescent element and display
Driving apparatus for an active matrix organic light emitting display
Two sided display device
Display device employing time-division-multiplexed driving of driver circuits
Mri rf surface coil with reduced sensitivity in proximity of conductors
Self-fastening cage surrouding a magnetic resonance device and methods thereof
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Low temperature probe for NMR and NMR device
NMR probe for NMR apparatus
Open-Shape Noise-Resilient Multi-Frequency Sensors
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging method using a radial acquisition trajectory
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging method using a radial acquisition trajectory
Specific energy absorption rate model
Volume coil for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Method for localized excitation for accurate center frequency measurements with MRI
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging using directional selective K-space acquisition
Mr imaging with sensitivity encoding in the readout direction
Method and control device for determination of the position of a local coil in a magnetic resonance ...
Image forming apparatus and method of evaluating sound quality on image forming apparatus
Method and system for object recognition using fractal map
Emergency call signaling via mobile telecommunications devices
Mobile terminal identity protection through home location register modification
Private wireless high-speed data system and data service method
Facility and method for wireless transmission of location data in a voice channel of a digital wirel...
System and method for fast cold start of a GPS receiver in a telecommunications environment
System and method for group content selection
Machine vision systems for use with programmable material consolidation system and associated method...
Method and system for logistics quality of service measurements using GPS
Controlling publication of presence information
Data reproducing method and data reproducing apparatus
Active path menu navigation system
Adaptive multi-tier authentication system
Multi-interface compact personal token apparatus and methods of use
Transmittance and receiving method of an internet facsimile system
System and method to provide 911 access in voice over internet protocol systems without compromising...
Private IP communication network architecture
Intelligent personalization system and method
Web vehicle ordering system
Search engine facility with automated knowledge retrieval, generation and maintenance
Information processing device and method, recording medium, and program
System, method, and computer program product for sending electronic messages based on time zone info...
Gathering enriched web server activity data of cached web content
Mobile web
System and method for distributing music to customers over the internet using uniquely identified pr...
System, method and apparatus for selecting, displaying, managing, tracking and transferring access t...
Composite beads comprising magnetizable substance and electro-conductive substance
Pathogenic Escherichia coli associated protein
Brush-like structured surface of poly(ethylene oxide) having elevated density
Methods for treating congestive heart failure
Plant enzymes for bioconversion
Marek's disease virus vaccine
CaO-MgO-SiO.sub.2-based bioactive glass and sintered calcium phosphate glass using same
Detergent compositions comprising polymeric suds enhancers which have improved mildness and skin fee...
Agent for the manufacture of biological parts including an active ingredient complex and carrying ma...
Peptides and the use thereof in darkening the skin
Injectable solution of an LHRH antagonist
Biologically absorbable coatings for implantable devices based on polyesters and methods for fabrica...
Rinse cage
Portion of a laundry appliance
Washing machine
Handheld steam cleaner
Scraper with sprayer
Ice scraper
Ice scraper
Mop handgrip
Hand grip for a mop
Down press mop wringer
Bottle return apparatus
Rolling container
Waste bin
Garbage can
Rim of a golf cart wheel
Display device
Pinata hoisting device
Pulley case
Lift truck
Display with controller for construction machines
Side pull hoist ring
Enhanced secretion of a polypeptide by a microorganism
Plants and seeds of variety I130247
Fetal polypeptides from human liver
Probes, compositions and kits for determining the presence of Mycoplasma pneuomoniae in a test sampl...
Methods of using non-plant encoding nucleic acids
Radio-linked, bi-directional control system for model electric trains
Passive sound telemetry system and method and operating toy using the same
Compressible fluid pressure actuator
Robot acoustic device and robot acoustic system
System and method for authentication, and device and method for authentication
Shared new data and swap signal for an encryption core
Non-autonomous dynamical orbit cryptography
Secure disk drive comprising a secure drive key and a drive ID for implementing secure communication...
Method and apparatus for remote digital key generation
Key validation scheme
Video data transfer control system and method
Method and apparatus for the compression and decompression of audio files using a chaotic system
Sending notification through a firewall over a computer network
Encrypted content recovery
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program...
Method and apparatus for elliptic curve scalar multiplication
Creation and distribution of a secret value between two devices
Mobile terminal apparatus, mobile terminal settings changing system, method used therefor, and progr...
Method and system for establishing a wireless communication link
Digital television conditional access methods and apparatus with multiple data transport mechanism
System and method to provide automated scripting for customer service representatives
Generating media-specific interaction control programs
Hold queue wait estimations
Outbound dialing decision criteria based
Information processing terminal, operation content notifying program and method for operation conten...
Method of selecting impedance setting for loop start trunk line
Self-calibration procedure in physical layer transceiver for home telephone wire network
Current sensing echo cancellation device
Method and apparatus for pure delay estimation in a communication system
Folder type mobile phone
Central control system for airconditioner and method for operating the same
Method and apparatus for dynamically balancing call flow workloads in a telecommunications system
Methods and apparatus for call service processing by instantiating an object that executes a compile...
Fixed base assembly of mobile phone
Path selection in wireless networks
Architecture for managing prepaid wireless communications services
Updating of intelligent message waiting notification
Test system for mobile communication terminal in which state of progress of connection-transition te...
Reduction of the Bromine Index of linear alkylbenzenes
Processing C4 olefin streams for the maximum production of propylene
Method for oligomerizing olefins
Treating oxygenate containing feedstreams in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Molecular sieve catalyst compositions, its making and use in conversion processes
Disproportionation of hydrocarbons
Recovery of ethylene and propylene from a methanol to olefin reaction system
Air intake
Sliding air-box
Snowmobile rider positioning
Rollover determination system and method
Structure for mounting engine
Vehicle hydrostatic transmission circuit
Reconfigurable by-wire foot pedals
Transmission apparatus of all-terrain vehicle
Method and system for anti-static steering for vehicle steering systems
Power steering system
Motor-driven type power steering apparatus
Variable steering gear ratio apparatus and method using the same
Driver selectable steering ratios
Exhaust fume diverter
Hearse assembly
Adjustable anti-theft locking assembly for vehicle seats
Electric drive unit for motor vehicles
Start and operation sequences for hybrid motor vehicles
Power supply system for vehicle
Vehicle-dynamics control method and system for a vehicle train
Running control system
Integrated inventory management system
Mobile terminal control method and mobile terminal
Server apparatus, transit control method, and computer-readable recording medium storing transit con...
Transferable meter licenses using smartcard technology
Electronic transmission and tracking of deposit information
System and method for reallocating and/or upgrading and/or selling tickets, other event admittance m...
Automatically allocating and rebalancing discretionary portfolios
Cryptographic module for secure processing of value-bearing items
Method for obtaining and allocating investment income based on the capitalization of intellectual pr...
Accounting apparatus, accounting method, and computer-readable program storage medium for storing pr...
Process for creating a trading partner profile
Method and system for controlling the use of addresses using address computation techniques
Methods and systems for auctioning of pre-selected customer lists
System and method for trusted communication
Network-based system for facilitating interactive participation by remote bidders in live auctions
Interface and program using visual data arrangements for expressing user preferences concerning an a...
Disallow payment for E-billing system
Information processing apparatus for watermarking digital content
Offline code based reloading system
Device for measuring the level of a fluid in a fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Acoustical wall covering assembly pleated and secured in situ for covering walls in movie theatres a...
Acoustic stimulation tool with axial driver actuating moment arms on tines
Low acceleration sensitivity microphone
Envelope with integrated tracking labels
Method and apparatus for printing merchandising information
Optically variable element
Middleware brokering system
Simulated visual glideslope indicator on aircraft display
Implement for speech therapy
System and methods of interactive training for recall and identification of objects in the real worl...
Computer software and portable memory for an electronic educational toy having a contact sensitive d...
Article manufacturing apparatus
Switched multi-beam antenna
Method for an intersystem connection handover
Antenna protected from dielectric breakdown and sensor or switchgear apparatus including the same
Asymmetric radio access network, and associated method, for communicating data at high data rates
Antenna arrangement for an electronic device and an electronic device including same
Transmitter apparatus and radio communication method
Radio base station and frame configuration method using TDMA scheme and SDMA scheme
Pen-type mobile telephone
Automated sniffer apparatus and method for wireless local area network security
Ad-hoc radio communication verification system
Programmable audio system for automotive vehicles
Voice transmission apparatus with UWB
System and method for vascular border detection
Radio communication apparatus and radio transmission method
Local transmitter output power control system for wireless applications
Radio wave reception device, radio wave clock, and repeater
Radio-frequency receiver and integrated circuit for use in receiver
Cellular subscriber radio service
Method of telematics unit configuration and activation using vehicle control buttons
Relocation method, system and network element
Cutting board holder
Canning rack utensil
Method of separating protein from animal milk
Process and composition for inhibiting growth of microorganisms
Anti-allergy composition comprising wood vinegar- or bamboo vinegar-distilled solution
Policosanol compositions, extraction from novel sources, and uses thereof
Confectionery product containing functional ingredients and method of making and using
Plug for sucking a beverage
Method for producing a pH enhanced comminuted meat product
Shelf stable vegetable composition and method of making
Flavor enhancing oils
Method of manufacturing an aerated carbohydrate containing food product
Method and apparatus for distributed production of beer
Ham product and method for production thereof
Arginine/ascorbic acid mixed powder as an oral supplement
Antraquinone compositions as anticancer compositions and nutrition supplements and methods of making...
Glycoprotein with antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antiobesity and antihyperlipidemic effects from Gr...
Method of operating microwave oven and determining the cooking time
Method and system for processing financial instrument deposits physically remote from a financial in...
Method and apparatus for retrieving recorded races for use in a game
Method for playing a table tennis game and playing table
Multi-fluid sparging
Cavity positioning tool and method
Water feature kit
Segmental floating bulkhead assembly
Mobile flood wall
Sectionalized flood control barrier
Physically realistic computer simulation of medical procedures
Cellular to 802.11 voice roaming utilizing SIP signaling
Cogeneration vehicle system utilizing a fuel cell car, and a mobile unit as a component of the syste...
Apparatus and methods for the volumetric and dimensional measurement of livestock
Encapsulating a device
Three-dimensional integrated tough screen input apparatus
Inflatable projection screen
Interactive multimedia smart affinity card
Method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple versions of digital data
Device for generating a multimedia paper document
Apparatus and method for efficient live webcasting and network connectivity
Greetings and announcements for a multimedia IP communication system
System and method for partially encrypted multimedia stream
Efficient implementation of n-point DCT, n-point IDCT, SA-DCT and SA-IDCT algorithms
Methods and apparatus for pre-filtered access control in computing systems
System and method for automated process control
System and method for RDBMS to protect records in accordance with non-RDBMS access control rules
Synchronizing logical views independent of physical storage representations
Byte stream organization with improved random and keyed access to information structures
Determining when a low fidelity property value has changed during a sync
File system for providing access to a snapshot dataset where disk address in the inode is equal to a...
Concurrent collection of cyclic garbage in reference counting systems
Method for providing garbage collection support
Network application program interface facilitating communication in a distributed network environmen...
Eliding web page content
System and method for evaluating a semiconductor device pattern, method for controlling process of f...
Clock tree synthesis for low power consumption and low clock skew
Analysis data validation tool for use in enterprise architecture modeling with result based model up...
Information processing using a hierarchy structure of randomized samples
Equipment and process for music digitalization, storage, access and listening
User-specific personalization of information services
Variety of geranium plant named `Penlava`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Marina`
Aster tataricus plant named `Blue Lake Blim`
Female pistachio tree named `Lost Hills`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Immivoil`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Golden Serena`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo009`
Clematis plant named `EVIpo001`
Asian pear tree, 85.10-23
Nectarine tree named `Nectariane`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Misato FG1`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSbrother`
Fast-growing willow shrub named `Fish Creek`
Diascia plant named `Diasttralav`
Verbena plant named `Swestrena`
Verbena plant named `Carpuvi`
Verbena plant named `Carpin`
Impatiens plant named `Balfafusimp`
Primula plant named `Kerbelmilk`
Verbena plant named `Carpiswi`
Clematis variety `EVIpo004`
Method and apparatus for simplifying field prediction motion estimation
Broadcast receiver
Digital photo album with image enhancement and internal printer
Method and apparatus for combining optical beams
Information processing apparatus and method
Method, apparatus and data structure enabling multiple channel data stream transmission
Optimal scanning method for transform coefficients in coding/decoding of image and video
Resolution downscaling of video images
Video encoding apparatus and video decoding apparatus
Intelligent switching system for voice and data
Intruding object detecting method and intruding object monitoring apparatus employing the method
Three-dimensional image producing method and apparatus therefor
Method and device for processing an encoded digital signal
Image-effect method and apparatus using critical points
Lane keeping assist device for vehicle
Dynamic scene description emulation for playback of audio/visual streams on a scene description base...
2-propynyl adenosine analogs having A.sub.2A agonist activity and compositions thereof
Indazole derivatives as CRF antagonists
Therapeutic regimen for treating cancer comprising the administration of adenoviral vectors comprisi...
Devices and processes for distribution of genetic material to mammalian limb
Method of delivering a TNF antagonist to the brain of a human by perispinal administration without d...
Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds
Hybrid catalyst system for exhaust emissions reduction
Silicon single crystal and method for growing silicon single crystal
Treatment of spent caustic refinery effluents
Method for separation of actinide elements
Wet scrubbing apparatus and method for controlling NOx emissions
Low energy regenerable SO.sub.2 scrubbing process
Cubic boron nitride, catalyst for synthesizing cubic boron nitride, and method for producing cubic b...
Purification method for producing high purity niobium compound and/or tantalum compound
Method for preparing composite microparticles
Triborohydride salts as hydrogen storage materials and preparation thereof
Graphite powders suited for negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary battery
Methods of preparing active chromium/alumina catalysts via treatment with sulfate
Metal oxide and method for producing the same, and catalyst
Method for baking bread using steam
Aseptic pudding with puree
Purification of beta casein from milk
Stable acidic beverage emulsions and methods of preparation
Sucrose acetate isobutyrate formulation
Bottled beverage
Casing-packed cooked rice and its production process
Low-calorie whole grain cereal bar
Long shelf-life high moisture content cereal products
Whole grain flour and products including same
Fish oils with an altered fatty acid profile, method of producing same and their use
Process for extraction of beta-glucan from cereals and products obtained therefrom
Package Containing Fragrance
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising lercanidipine
Pari-mutuel betting with bonus feature
Compositions with increased phytosterol levels obtained from plants with decreased triterpene saponi...
Simple two-factor authentication
Software product and methods for recording and improving student performance
Football teaching system and method
Methods and systems for web based centralized patient assessment
Electromechanical robotic soldier
Generation of test stimuli in visual media
Orally mounted wireless transcriber device
System for treating disabilities such as dyslexia by enhancing holistic speech perception
Learning machine system and methodology
Early learning book system with internal, electronic media activity, such as lighting and sound acti...
Automatic pattern making apparatus
Worksheet for solving number logic based placement puzzles
Rap teaching system and method
Methods and apparatus for teaching effective writing
Application of multi-media technology to computer administered vocational personnel assessment
Apparatus for swimmer protection and uses thereof
Resuscitation training manikin
Rigid birth simulator having an interactive optical display
Paint applicator
Low voltage electricity distribution circuit
Paper and paperbead for protecting drywall corners
Quick grip electrical box
Adhesively mounted electrical box assembly
Gene markers for lung cancer
Nucleic acid of novel human kinesin-related gene protein encoded by the nucleic acid peptide fragmen...
Universal bases for nucleic acid analyses, methods for using universal bases, and kits comprising un...
Protective antigens for the control of Ixodes species infestations
Human-type anti-blood coagulation factor VIII antibody
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improve...
Recombinant vaccine against botulinum neurotoxin
Insect inhibitory Bacillus thuringiensis proteins, fusions, and methods of use therefor
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Genes and proteins encoded thereby
Method for preparation of 2'-deoxy-2', 2'-difluoro-.beta.-cytidine or pharmaceutically acceptable sa...
Microbial exopolysaccharide and uses thereof
Ceramide analogs, process for their preparation and their use as antitumor agents
Bzip type transcription factors regulating the expression of rice storage protein
Maize cellulose synthases encoding nucleic acids and uses thereof
Schizochytrium PKS genes
Maize metallothionein promoter
Maize metallothionein 2 promoter and methods of use
No-apical meristem proteins, polynucleotides and methods of use for same
Plant genes encoding trehalose metabolism enzymes
Brassica pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase gene
Gene expression suppression agents
Non-Human Primate Fc Receptors and Methods of Use
Novel forms of T cell costimulatory molecules and uses therefor
Methods for nucleic acid isolation and instruments for nucleic acid isolation
Plant cell death system
Production of 3-hydropropionic acid using beta-alanine/pyruvate aminotransferase
Immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds comprising modified immunostimulator...
G-rich polynucleotides for the treatment of huntington's disease
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Nav1.8 gene
Splice switch oligomers for TNF superfamily receptors and their use in treatment of disease
Inhibition of histone deacetylase
Modulators of coagulation factors with enhanced stability
Lipid analogs for inhibiting the activity of hepatitis B antigen
Lipid analogs for inhibiting HIV-1 activity
Disialoundecasaccharide chain asparagine/fatty acid amide and medical drug containing the same
Cherkasky fusion proteins containing antibody-, antigen- and microtubule-binding regions and immune ...
Process for fluoro derivative-substituted aryl pnictogens and their oxides
System and method to display table data residing in columns outside the viewable area of a window
System and method for populating forms with previously used data values
Display control method, program product, and information processing apparatus for controlling object...
Method and system for predicting optimal HTML structure without look-ahead
System and method for automatic generation of HTML based interfaces including alternative layout mod...
Menu emulation for content browser clients
Incorporation of uncertainty information in modeling a characteristic of a device
Method for evaluating nets in crosstalk noise analysis
Fingerprint subtype checking
Operational semantics rules for governing evolution of processes and queries as processes
Automatic determination of invalid call sequences in software components
Conformance execution of non-deterministic specifications for components
Instrumenting software for enhanced diagnosability
Method and apparatus for automatic updating and testing of software
Side-by-side drivers
Method and apparatus for managing thread execution in a multithread application
Method and apparatus for prioritizing print jobs from multiple printer input channels
System and method for triggering message queue applications
Systems and methods for synchronizing multi-modal interactions
Method of reducing interference among applications co-located in a process when using dynamic librar...
Secure communication overlay using IP address hopping
Anti-obesity 1,2,3,4,10,10a-hexahydropyrazino [1,2-a] indoles
Bicyclic derivatives as ppar modulators
Biosensor capable of setting standard measuring values
Automated patient monitoring and counseling system
Physiological signal monitoring apparatus for measuring physiological signals of a living subject
Intraoral apparatus for non-invasive blood and saliva monitoring & sensing
Electrode arrays and related methods
Examination chair
Side fire optical fiber for high power applications
Methods And Apparatus For Treating Disorders Through Neurological And/Or Muscular Intervention
Direct and Indirect Control of Muscle for the Treatment of Pathologies
Novel uses of known drugs
Substituted azetidinones
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Compositions and methods for modulating poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity
Prodrugs of muscarinic agonists and methods of treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
Pyrrolo-dihydroisoquinoline derivatives as pde10 inhibitors
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Methods for inhibiting protein kinases
Substituted bicyclic quinazolin-4-ylamine derivatives
Amidino compounds as cysteine protease inhibitors
4-Phenyl piperdine sulfonyl glycine transporter inhibitors
Compounds useful in therapy
Thiazole derivatives
Methods for achieving a protective ACE2 expression level to treat kidney disease and hypertension
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of tear and salivary fluid drying
Therapeutic or preventive agents for ischemic neuropathy
Drug containing (2r)-2-propyloctanoic acid as the active ingredient
Treatment of learning disabilities and motor skills disorder with norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
Invertebrate animal model with neurodegenerative phenotype for screening and testing substances
Method and apparatus for the automated detection and classification of defects in sewer pipes
Control apparatus for injection molding machine
Memory system, memory method, and robotic apparatus
Remote Execution of Materials Library Designs
Data analysis system with automated query and visualization environment setup
Data merging program, data merging method, and scoring system using data merging program
System and method for charting numbers games
Extension to a lottery game for which winning indicia are set by selections made by winners of a bas...
Intelligent baccarat shoe
Rotatable disk illuminated picture board with disk offset engaging and orienting structures
Inflatable remote control vehicle
Symbol display apparatus for game machine
Portable golf swing practice device having a separable cord shield incorporated therein
Headset with auxiliary input jack(s) for cell phone and/or other devices
Systems and methods to reference resources in a television-based entertainment system
DRAM with super self-refresh and error correction for extended period between refresh operations
Disk control system and method
System and method for remote RAID configuration
Parallel cachelets
Method and apparatus for supporting one or more servers on a single semiconductor chip
Read ahead technique for network based file systems
Mechanism for providing early coherency detection to enable high performance memory updates in a lat...
Cache line ownership transfer in multi-processor computer systems
Control apparatus of storage unit, and method of controlling the control apparatus of storage unit
System and method for fast, secure removal of objects from disk storage
Storage controller
Data processing system having a plurality of storage systems
Data I/O system using a plurality of mirror volumes
Variable sized flash memory in PCI
Semiconductor memory with self-refresh capability
Method of analyzing data utilizing queue entry
System and method for re-ordering memory references for access to memory
Data access method applicable to various platforms
Microprocessor with high speed memory integrated in load/store unit to efficiently perform scatter a...
System and method for writing data from a storage means to a memory module in a solid state disk sys...
Enhanced security and manageability using secure storage in a personal computer system
Method, system and computer program for managing energy consumption
Light receiving or light emitting modular sheet and process for producing the same
Apparatus incorporating small-feature-size and large-feature-size components and method for making s...
Method to improve transmittance of an encapsulating film
Photovoltaic element and photovoltaic device
Integrated photoserver for CMOS imagers
Current power generator
Testing and display of electrical system impedance
Method and apparatus for a satellite positioning-based metering system for use in transport-related ...
Optical method and apparatus for determining status of agricultural products
Apparatus and methods for modulating refractive index
Optical filter for screening out infrared and ultraviolet light
Enhanced heat mirror films
Triple redundant latch design with low delay time
Matched impedance controlled avalanche driver
Methods for determining the performance, status, and advanced failure of optical communication chann...
Method and system for controlling an irrigation scheduling engine using computed evapotranspiration ...
Method for manufacturing musical instrument and a musical instrument
Drumhead tone control device
Acoustic signal processing apparatus and method, signal recording apparatus and method and program
Method for generating and playing a musical file and a computer-readable media storing the musical f...
Method and device for generating an identifier for an audio signal, method and device for building a...
Transmitter for sound recording of an electric signal from an acoustic drum
Illuminated keyboard with illuminated patterns displayed on top surface of keyboard
Multimedia keyboard
System and method for testing a printed circuit board assembly
Piezoelectric actuator and micro-electromechanical device
Process for forming an electronic device including discontinuous storage elements
Electronic devices fabricated by use of random connections
Structure having holes and method for producing the same
Composite material
Fluoride salt coated magnesium aluminate
Doppler-sensitive adaptive coherence estimate detector methods
Reconfigurable hydrogen transfer heating/cooling system
Inflatable trajectory altering and blast energy absorption system
Elevated potential deposition of rhenium on graphite substrates from a ReO.sub.2/H.sub.2O.sub.2 solu...
Rendering three-dimensional streak tube imaging lidar (STIL) data to two-dimensional contrast and ra...
Integrated lens system for image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Variable-focus lens and image taking apparatus
Taking lens, and imaging device incorporating the same
Variable magnification optical system, image taking lens device and digital apparatus
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens
Zoom lens for image capturing element
Zoom lens and electronic imaging device having the same
Zoom lens including a function of preventing blurring of an image
Optical apparatus
Optical apparatus
Method for making a lens barrel
Optical path switching device and method
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, and mobile terminal provided with image pickup apparatus
Imaging system with a lens having increased light collection efficiency and a deblurring equalizer
Micro mirror unit, optical disc drive using same, and method for producing micro mirror unit
Up-conversion optical fiber laser apparatus
System for amplifying optical signals
Reflecting surface design system, reflecting surface design method, recording medium, and computer p...
Ball grid array connector
Integrated disparate intelligent peripherals
Torsional shaker apparatus for inspecting rotatable power generation machinery
Charging circuit for a frequency converter
Battery pack with charge control function
Series resonant capacitive discharge motor
Electrical generating system having capacitative control of alternator regulation
Method in frequency converter provided with voltage intermediate circuit, and frequency converter
Generator transient regulator
Soft-switching DC/DC converter having relatively fewer elements
Semi-clockless, cascaded, current-mode power regulator having high noise immunity and arbitrary phas...
Power conservation by reducing quiescent current in low power and standby modes
DC/DC converter
Method and apparatus for maintaining a constant load current with line voltage in a switch mode powe...
Power supply control circuit, electronic device, and printing apparatus
Method and apparatus to limit output power in a switching power supply
Method for starting a voltage-mode switching power supply into a biased load
Constant voltage circuit
Method for operational amplifier sharing between channels
Bootstrap diode emulator with dynamic back-gate biasing
Electronic apparatus and supply power setting method for the apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing rim loading of an acetabular shell
Acetabular cup locking mechanism
Bone substitute material
Cultured tissue transplant device
Method for regenerating bone
Calcium cleansing for vascular visualization
Accessing predictive data
Medical practice pattern tool
Ordering system and method for pizza and other goods and services using a stateless communication pr...
System, Method and Computer Program Product for Collaborative Background Music among Portable Commun...
Clickleess tool
Transgenic amphibian models for lymphatic vessel development
Disruptions in GABA Receptor RHO2 Subunit, Methods and Uses Thereof
Personal medication dispenser
System and methods for supermarket shopping list elections based on goals
Hinge connector for electronic devices
All-in-one modular wireless device
Stablization of oxidation-sensitive or UV-sensitive active ingredients
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic composition against skin aging
Drugs against articular failure
High density fibrous polymers suitable for implant
Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
Quantum information processing elements and quantum information processing platforms using such elem...
Method for ischemia detection by implantable cardiac device
Method and device for carrying out chromatographic analyses in an automatic and optimised manner
Cardiac rhythm management systems and methods for detecting or validating cardiac beats in the prese...
Methods of using the structure coordinates of molecules comprising an IMPDH-like binding pocket
Monitoring the neurological state of a patient
Authoring diagnostic test sequences apparatus and method
System and method of pattern recognition in very high-dimensional space
Interactive process and system for screening cytological specimens
Computer implemented medical integrated decision support system
Virtual private network software system
Apparatus and method for supplying electronic content to network appliances
Design method and system for optimum performance in integrated circuits that use power management
Bi-ventricular heart stimulating device, system and method
Dynamic device therapy control for treating post myocardial infarction patients
Synchronous pacemaker with AV interval optimization
Battery charge indicator for implantable pacemakers and defibrillators
Neurostimulation therapy manipulation
Apparatus for intraoperative neural monitoring
Method for screening crystallization conditions in solution crystal growth
Memory cell with an asymmetric crystalline structure
Imprinting-damascene process for metal interconnection
Method for regulating plant growth
Dof (DNA binding with one finger) sequences and methods of use
Process for proteolytic cleavage and purification of recombinant proteins produced in plants
Preparation of vaccine master cell lines using recombinant plant suspension cultures
Maize Hybrid Variety 32N89
Maize Hybrid Variety X5F802
Maize Hybrid Variety 33H82
Maize Hybrid Variety X5M895
Maize Hybrid Variety X4T962
Maize Hybrid Variety X5K677
Maize Hybrid Variety X5K664
Maize Hybrid Variety X5K655
Maize Hybrid Variety X5K673
Maize Hybrid Variety X5H310
Maize Hybrid Variety X5H332
Maize Hybrid Variety X5T123
Maize Hybrid Variety 33F12
Hybrid Maize Plant and Seed X5P505
Maize Hybrid Variety 34M78
Method and arrangement for exchanging capability information in a cellular radio system
Mobile communication system using private network, relay node, and radio network controller
Trunking system control method
Radio access node registration for multimedia broadcast multicast service
Method for the determination of an antenna weighting factor
Hunting arrow tracking system
Combinatorial chemotherapy treatment using Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitors
Pancreatic cancer treatment using Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitors
Safety check system, method, and program, and memory medium for memorizing program therefor
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging on the basis of a gradient echo sequence
Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters
MRI Compatible Implanted Electronic Medical Device
Advertisements with Compensation for Attention
Reproduction system and server
Error Rate Control Apparatus
System for gathering and recording real-time market survey and other data from radio listeners and t...
Method of using a touch screen and user interface apparatus employing the same
Personalized Chinese character system
Automatic installation system for printer driver, and program recording medium
Electronic file re-formatting tool
Video booklet
Data processing apparatus, and method for controlling the same
Printer control apparatus, printer control method, and computer readable recording medium stored wit...
User-interface system, method & apparatus
Method of tracking an object in a video stream
Color set mapping
Proofing method and apparatus
Color enhancement method and system
Determining a particular person from a collection
OLED display with aging compensation
Thermally insulating panel & wall constructed therefrom
Fluid loss control additives for foamed cement compositions and associated methods
Liquid additive for reducing water-soluble chromate
Mothods of utilizing waste wasters produced by water purification processing
Methods of using settable spotting compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Acoustical gypsum board for ceiling panel
Dual injection of two polymeric filtration aids for gypsum removal from phosphoric acid/gypsum slurr...
Pesticidally active compositions having enhanced activity
Once-daily administration of central nervous system drugs
Decorative material
Granulate made of sintered or cellular broken glass
Vinylogous 4-Hpyrones and their use in promoting plant growth
Tetrazoyloxime derivative and agricultural chemical containing the same as active ingredient
Cyclic carboxylic acid compound and use thereof
Fluid loss control additives for foamed cement compositions and associated methods
Method of compatibilizing non polymer solid fillers in polymeric materials and compositions therefro...
Slow release nitrogen seed coat
Cementing compositions comprising cement kiln dust, vitrified shale, zeolite, and/or amorphous silic...
Hyperplaty clays and their use in paper coating and filling, methods for making same, and paper prod...
Apparatus for analyzing reduced inorganic sulphur
Production of lithium compounds directly from lithium containing brines
Coating spray apparatus and method of using same
Biodegradable polymer blends for use in making films, sheets and other articles of manufacture
Method of making a surface size composition
Composition and method for improving the surface adhesion of resin compositions to polyurethane foam
Peroxide curable butyl formulations
Wasted water draining valve for a drinking water fountain
Inks containing water-soluble perylene dyes and their use in ink-jet printing
Microfabricated cell sorter
Filter or filter-element for modified electro-dialysis (MED) purposes
Pressure exchange apparatus with integral pump
Apparatus containing phosphate selective resin
Positively photosensitive insulating resin composition and cured object obtained therefrom
Charcoal stabilization of phenyl phosphates
Methods and compositions for degradation of nitroaromatic and nitramine pollutants
Inulin synthase and process for producing inulin by using the same
Alleles of the mqo gene from coryneform bacteria
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Heat sanitization for reverse osmosis systems
Treating produced waters
Polyazole-based polymer films
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry compositions, methods of preparing the same and methods of usin...
Eddy current sensor
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Induction of differentiation of stem cells, and control of differentiation potency of stem cells
Nutritional formula for optimal gut barrier function
Concentrate derived from a milk product enriched in naturally occurring sialyllactose and a process ...
Carbonated drink compositions and methods of making the same
Integrated device and substrate for separating charged carriers and reducing photocorrosion and meth...
Positive resist composition and pattern formation method using the positive resist composition
One pot desialylation and glycopegylation of therapeutic peptides
Use of ribose in recovery from anaesthesia
Method for preparing an ion exchange media
Extended Wear Ophthalmic Lens
Extended Wear Ophthalmic Lens
Disposable, sterile fluid transfer device
Sector drive apparatus for use in optical apparatus
Optical density-changing element, optical element and photographic unit
Thermal developing equipment
Object distance display apparatus to display an object distance based on measured object distance da...
Lens array structure
One-time-use camera
Mobile communications equipment with built-in camera
High-speed automatic focusing system
Cantilever probes for nanoscale magnetic and atomic force microscopy
Carbon nanotubes fabrication and hydrogen production
Method for synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Highly luminescent functionalized semiconductor nanocrystals for biological and physical application...
Batteries with electroactive nanoparticles
Process for the localized growth of nanotubes and process for fabricating a self-aligned cathode usi...
High yield method for preparing silicon nanocrystal with chemically accessible surfaces
Personal watercraft lift
Folding pontoon trailer for all-terrain vehicle
Bulkhead door for a vessel
Emergency sail system
Hatch or door system for securing and sealing openings in marine vessels
Multidirectional floating dock element
System and method for managing the buoyancy of an underwater vehicle
Foldable windshield for T-top watercraft
Method and apparatus for retrieving submerged vehicles
Independent temperature and apparent color control technology for adaptive camouflage
Inhalable aztreonam lysinate formulation for treatment and prevention of pulmonary bacterial infecti...
Methods of inhibiting TNF.alpha. in patients with neoplastic disease
Method for the treatment and prevention of overweight in mammals
Topical compositions for enhancing sexual responsiveness
PRO792 polypeptides
Reduction of the electrocardiographic QT interval
Composition of orally administered nutritional supplements to repair articular cartilage
Phosphonic acid based prodrugs of PMEA and its analogues
Tetracycline derivatives and methods of use thereof
Methods for the treatment of allergic rhinitis
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for effecting dopamine release
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Termini cysteine-added variants of granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor
Amine compounds and inhibiting neurotransmitter reuptake
Method and device for treating osteoarthritis and cartilage disease, defects, and injuries in the hu...
Method of inhibiting alveolar bone resorption and periodontal membrane loss and composition for inte...
Chinese herbal composition for treating diseases
Composition for treating cancer cells and preparation method for the same
Compositions of Hoodia Gordonii and Pinolenic Acid Derivatives
Compositions containing cotinus coggygria extract and use thereof in treating hemorrhoids
Compositions and methods for weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance in daytime and nighttime formul...
Composition comprising a bacteriocin and an extract from a plant of the labiatae family
Agents for sequestering aging factors and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical composition useful for the treatment of prostate cancer
Process for producing carotenoid compound
Methods for producing propylene glycol monoesters using a lipase
Feed additives for reducing odor of animal waste products
Erythrocytic cells and method for loading solutes
In vitro growth of tissues suitable to the formation of bone and bone forming tissue formed thereby
Method for inhibiting telomerase activity and inhibitor thereof
Codon-optimized polynucleotide-based vaccines against Bacillus anthracis infection
TAT- 001 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
Use of regulatory sequences for specific, transient expression in neuronal determined cells
Use of secreted protein products for preventing and treating pancreatic diseases and/or obesity and/...
Non-recirculating conical fluid dynamic bearing for an electric motor
System and method for performing adaptive read retry operations in a data storage device
Multi-stage actuator disk drive and methods for controlling a transducer with settle-switching state...
Time linear arrival for velocity mode seeks
Flow modification for reducing track misregistration in hard disk drives
Pop-on disc clamp for a data storage device
Magnetic recording device for heat assisted magnetic recording
Al/Cu/Mg/Ag alloy with Si, semi-finished product made from such an alloy and method for production o...
Cross-coupling reactions
Lead-free semiconductor package
Vehicle-mounted communication device and road-to-vehicle communication device
Vehicle door controlling apparatus
Control apparatus of direct injection internal combustion engine
Automated transmission systems
Engine control apparatus
Method of reducing resonance phenomena in a transmission train of a vehicle internal combustion engi...
Application of linear splines to internal combustion engine control
Motor vehicle state detecting system
Vehicle motion control apparatus
Constant speed control method for vehicle on inclined road
Follow running control system
Discrete multichannel audio with a backward compatible mix
Hydraulic cam for variable timing/displacement valve train
Camshaft assembly
Homogeneous charge compression ignition internal combustion engine
Method of extracting shape variation descriptor for retrieving image sequence
Methods and system for facilitating updating of data in a database by a data access system
Apparatus and method for using a predefined database operation as a data source for a different data...
Optimal hog carcass processing system and method
Encoder and encoding method for electronic watermark, decoder and decoding method for electronic wat...
Recording/reproducing apparatus and picture recording reservation method of recording/reproducing ap...
Enzymatic nucleic acid synthesis: compositions and methods for altering monomer incorporation fideli...
4-trifluoromethylpyrazolyl-substituted pyridines and pyrimidines
Projector optical unit, projection type image display apparatus, and rear projection type image disp...
Process for producing coatings on electrically conductive substrates by cathodic electrodeposition c...
Process for the production of an alkenyl carboxylate or an alkyl carboxylate
Thermally-conductive stator support structure
Gel-forming fabric composite
Coupling components
Golf balls having a low modulus HNP layer and a high modulus HNP layer
Method and assembly for providing impedance matching network and network assembly
Elastomer composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions
Antistatic laminated polyester film
Protective layers for MRAM devices
PE-ALD of TaN diffusion barrier region on low-k materials
Wire processing apparatus
Vegetative planting material and method for producing it, useful in grass sod production
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Filter element, air cleaner, and methods
Web conveyor for a thermoforming apparatus, web support apparatus for a thermoforming apparatus, and...
Method and apparatus for electrocoagulation of liquids
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Molding material and molding product, manufacturing method thereof, and recycling method of waste to...
System for the secure distribution of priority call access codes to provide guaranteed wireless comm...
Method and apparatus for jitter and frame erasure correction in packetized voice communication syste...
User priority mapping in bridged VLANS
Variable optical delay line with a large continuous tuning range
Policy management system
Electrophotographic prints with glossy and writable sides
Electronic input device
Universal printing system
Ink loader melt plate assembly
Ink loader drip plate and heater
Phase change inks
Liquid crystal compositions including non-dipolar monomer
ROS shutter system
Device for preventing a developer cartridge of an image forming apparatus from being mistakenly inst...
Power management apparatus, power management method, and power management system
Paper feeder and image scanning device
Ferrite core, method of manufacturing the same, and common-mode noise filter using the same