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Method and apparatus for treating hemodynamic disfunction
Method and system for property notification
Method and circuit arrangement for operating a high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Process for the crystallization of (R)- or (S)-lansoprazole
Method of simplifying a circuit for equivalence checking
Conditional execution per lane
Detection and identification methods for software
Guards for application in software tamperproofing
Methods and apparatus for a pet door decorative panel system
Hybrid plastisol/hot melt compositions
Fine composite metal particles and their production method, micro-bodies, and magnetic beads
Method for selective inactivation of viral replication
Membrane-based assay devices
Raman-active particles and methods of making and using them
Scratch repairing processing method and scanning probe microscope (SPM) used therefor
Vertical field-effect transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display device having the sa...
Vertical transistors
Security system for preventing unauthorized removal of merchandise
Process of regenerative reforming
Process to prepare a catalytically dewaxed gas oil or gas oil blending component
Hydrogenation of hydrocarbon resins
Digital FM bandwidth control
Method for hardware reduction in echo canceller and near-end crosstalk canceller
Synchronization and equalization device for a digital transmission system receiver
Method and apparatus for compensating I/Q imbalance in receivers
Isolated toxin complex proteins from Xenorhabus bovienii
Method for communication among mobile units and vehicular communication apparatus
Systems and methods for query expansion
Search engine system supporting inclusion of unformatted search string after domain name portion of ...
Visual aid in the form of telescopic spectacles with an automated focusing device
Configurable diffractive optical element
Medical viewing system and image processing method for visualization of folded anatomical portions o...
Ensemble averaging for evoked responses
Method and system for accomplishing product detection
Structural-geodynamic method of forecasting of localizing highly permeable porous-fractured collecti...
Drill bit performance analysis tool
Methods for monitoring structural health conditions
Method for balancing mail runs
Accessing information using an instant messaging system
Partial encryption and PID mapping
System and method for high-speed laser detection of ultrasound
Printer or other automatic printing system with additional control device and control device therefo...
Automatic binaural shell modeling for hearing aids
Cylindrical microphone having an electret assembly in the end cover
Device identification method and system
Image formation device enabling switching display of remaining developing agent in monochrome printi...
Mobile energy management system
Input device with reduced dead band of an analog output signal
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integra...
Sample dimension measuring method and scanning electron microscope
Probe current imaging
High-resolution scintillation screen for digital imaging
Method and structure for defect monitoring of semiconductor devices using power bus wiring grids
Phase-contrast enhanced computed tomography
Method and apparatus for facilitating enhanced CT scanning
Method and apparatus for tomosynthesis image quality control
Method and apparatus for measuring the thickness of compressed objects
Flat panel detector based slot scanning configuration
Focal spot sensing device and method in an imaging system
Method and device for exposing x-ray images
X-ray tube target balancing features
Systems, methods and devices for x-ray device focal spot control
X-ray device that emits an x-ray beam with a scanning-like movement
Method and apparatus for aiding image interpretation and computer-readable recording medium storing ...
Density nodule detection in 3-D digital images
Apparatus for detecting, receiving, deriving and displaying human physiological and contextual infor...
Systems and methods for shared browsing among a plurality of online co-users
Methods and systems for displaying media in a scaled manner and/or orientation
System and method for editing web pages in a client/server architecture
Air data system and method for rotary aircraft
Device and method for passively measuring fluid and target chemical mass fluxes in natural and const...
Method and device for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus
Method and device for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus
System and method for hardening MRAM bits
Method for resetting MAC layer entity in a W-CDMA communication system using HSDPA
Telecommunications infrastructure for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in res...
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for ...
Toner monitoring network printer system and method of monitoring a toner cartridge thereof
Shutter for a developing unit of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method for providing a multicast service using a carrier-to-interference ratio in a hierarchical cel...
Method and apparatus for performing an access procedure
Portable terminal device and method of controlling the same
Flash memory and mapping control apparatus and method for flash memory
Image quality enhancement circuit and method using inter-frame correlativity
Optical microresonator with coupling elements for changing light direction
Gaming system
Party play DVD game
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Efficient implementation of MD5 message-digest algorithm (RFC1321) on an 8 bit micro-controller
System and method for transferring the right to decode messages
Countermeasure method in an electric component implementing an elliptical curve type public key cryp...
Decryption system
Circuits for scrambling and descrambling packets of various lengths, and methods of doing the same
Secure network access method
Secure document design carrying auxiliary machine readable information
Method for remote monitoring of elevators and/or escalators and/or moving walkways
Method Of Improving The Production Of Foam During The Preparation Of Drinks From A Cartridge And Dev...
Novel Alcoholic Beverage
Process for preparing a tea product
Food Products Comprising Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Methods for Preparing the Same
Food Products Comprising Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Methods for Preparing the Same
Drinkable oatmeal and method
Transgenic aquatic invertebrates as a bioreactor for production of recombinant polypeptides
Food processing apparatus and method
Simple Portable Bacteria Detector
Stanol composition and the use thereof
Metaxalone formulations and methods for the preparation thereof
Devices and methods for treatment of obesity
Merchandising system and method for food and non-food items for a meal kit
Device for determination of portioned fees for a multiplicity of entities acquiring under a single i...
Generation of Plants with Altered Oil Content
Nondestructive self-publishing video editing system
Method of stimulating fastigium nucleus to treat neurological disorders
Implantable lead including sensor
Hand-held computer device and method for interactive data acquisition, analysis, annotation, and cal...
Medical item storage cabinet and method
Collection and distribution of maritime data
System and method for processing low signal-to-noise ratio signals
Method and system to configure and utilize geographical zones
Method for renewing medical prescriptions
Method for haplotype analysis
System and method for scanning an intraoral cavity
External power source having an adjustable magnetic core and method of use
Biometric quality control process
Nectarine tree named 'Nectarcrisp'
Nectarine tree named 'Nectarjune'
Nectarine tree named "Nectarjewel"
Peach tree named 'Crispdelice Sun'
Peach tree named 'Crispregal'
Nitrogen-Regulated Sugar Sensing Gene and Protein and Modulation Thereof
Cotton Cultivar PM 3535 BG/RR
Maize promoter active in silks, stalk nodes, roots and leaf sheaths
Energy crops for improved biofuel feedstocks
Nectarine tree named 'Nectarexquise'
Nectarine tree named 'Donutnice'
Paper for gypsum wallboard
Sound Attenuating Framing System
Fire fighter's personal escape system
Methods for quantitative lithological and mineralogical evaluation of subsurface formations
Reduced dusting gypsum composites and method of making them
Vented plastic bag with filter medium
Solvent Extraction Process for Separating Cobalt and/or Nickel from Impurities in Leach Solutions
Method of manufacturing optical fiber base material and apparatus therefor
Metallized polymeric film reflective insulation material
Coarse-Particle Microcapsule Preparation
Multilayer laminated articles including polyurethane and/or poly(ureaurethane) layers and methods of...
Elastomeric Emulsion Polymers For Masonry Coatings
Composition for separating mixtures
Flame-retardant resin composition and flame-retardant resin-molded article
Method for Grinding Mineral Materials in the Presence of Binders, Resulting Aqueous Suspensions and ...
Molding compositions with solid thermoplastic elastomer thickeners and products obtained therefrom
Organopolysiloxanes Comprising Nitrogen and Their Use in Cross-Linkable Materials
Wall fastener
Casing strings and methods of using such strings in subterranean cementing operations
Methods of using settable spotting compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Fluid loss additives for cement slurries
Receptacle with shaped surface
Cement compositions comprising set retarder compositions and associated methods
Zeolite-containing cement composition
Process for in situ bioremediation of subsurface contaminants
Selenium removal method
Compositions and methods employing zwitterionic detergent combinations
Zero waste reverse osmosis water filtering
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater employing membrane bioreactors
Process and compositions for the disinfection of waters
Etchant and replenishment solution therefor, and etching method and method for producing wiring boar...
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Method of manufacturing a toner
Method for processing substrate
Polypeptides having neutrophil stimulating activity
Tangential flow filtration apparatuses, systems, and processes for the separation of compounds
Device for the Continuous Electrochemical Deionisation with Integrated Membrane Unit
Compositions and methods for fluid purification
Water Flooding Method
TOC component removing apparatus and process for removing TOC components
Radiation Image Conversion Panel
In situ co-development of oil shale with mineral recovery
Light-Emitting Device Material and Light-Emitting Device
Ink composition for ink jet recording, recording method and recorded matter
Complete Fractionation With Reverse Osmosis in Food Processing
Titanium Oxide Base Photocatalyst, Process for Producing the Same and Use Thereof
Process for producing poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate
Self-Sustaining and Continuous System and Method of Anaerobically Digesting Ethanol Stillage
Pharmacological method for treatment of neuropathic pain
Method for Producing and Purifying Gelatin
Nutraceutical composition and method of use for treatment / prevention of cancer
Anti-inflammatory properties of a standardized extract from Euphorbia hirta (PM-251) activity and fo...
Composition and method for enhancing neuromuscular facilitation and cognitive functions
Opthalmic solutions
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Treatment with Tanshinone Derivatives Which Increase Metabolic Activi...
Extractions and Methods Comprising Elder Species
Use of CB2 receptors agonists for the treatment of Huntington's disease
Topical Phytotherapeutic Compound for the Treatment of Herpes Based on Uncaria Tomentosa and Extract...
Herbal extracts of salicornia species, process of preparation thereof, use thereof against tuberculo...
Agents for Activating the Transcription Factor Nrf2 and Foods Having Such Function
Compositions and Methods for Activating Toll-like Receptor 4
Methods for treating dental conditions using tissue scaffolds
Method of Applying Pesticides
Substituted CIS- and trans-stilbenes as therapeutic agents
Method for administering tolperisone
Controlled release systems and methods for osteal growth
Multiple Stress-Inducible Peroxidase Promoter Derived From Ipomoea Batatas
Method and apparatus for wide area augmentation system having GEO uplink subsystem with enhanced clo...
Vehicle navigation device and method of displaying POI information using same
Circular polarization antenna and composite antenna including this antenna
Method and apparatus for seismic data acquisition
Method and apparatus for receiving a signal
Navigating a UAV with telemetry through a socket
Method and apparatus for presenting linked life stories
Integrated project management and development environment for determining the time expended on proje...
Method and system of compacting sparse directories in a file system
Electronic device, element substrate, electro-optical device, method of producing the electro-optica...
System and method for aggregating multiple radio interfaces into a single logical bridge interface
Process for catalytic alkylation of monocyclic aromatic compounds and composition for use therein
GaN-based III--V group compound semiconductor device and p-type electrode for the same
Memory device capable of performing high speed reading while realizing redundancy replacement
CMOS device with improved performance and method of fabricating the same
System and method for authenticating and configuring computing devices
Individual authentication method using input characteristic of input apparatus by network, program t...
Medicament dispenser
Game information storage medium and game system using the same
Veronica plant named `CHRISTY`
Method of reducing low density liproprotein cholesterol concentration
Optical add/drop multiplexer having a banded channel configuration
Metal-doped organic gels and method thereof
Simultaneous execution of test suites on different platforms
Road surface sound reduction system
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Additive formulation for lubricating oils
Dibenzo[b]perhydroheterocyclic amines and lubricating oil compositions
Thermobaric molecular fractionation
Method of detecting vehicle speed sensor failure
Knocking determining apparatus of internal combustion engine
Processor and instruction control method
Method and apparatus for exposing pre-diffused IP blocks in a semiconductor device for prototyping b...
Engine power extraction control system
Surface acoustic wave devices for high temperature applications
System and method for locomotive adhesion control
Transmission input shaft speed measuring assembly
Batch process for synthesizing rubbery polymers having a high trans microstructure content
Mucin peptide with immunoenhancing properties
Transport block set transmission using hybrid automatic repeat request
Hardware independent hierarchical cluster of heterogeneous media servers using a hierarchical comman...
Method and apparatus for utilizing representational images in commercial and other activities
Method of carrying and assisting the movement of a dog
High efficiency multi-color electro-phosphorescent OLEDs
Wear-resistant sintered contact material, wear-resistant sintered composite contact component and me...
Method for configuring a communication network, related network architecture and computer program pr...
Device for heating a liquid for domestic appliance, domestic appliance fitted with said device
Panels having active material based fold lines
Process for producing electro-optic hybrid circuit board
System and method for self-referencing a sensor in a micron-sized deep flow chamber
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, fuel cell electrode, method for producing electrode catalyst layer, a...
Safe battery solvents
Convolutional encoder and method of operation
Estimating formation properties from downhole data
Image forming method and apparatus including dismountable cartridges
Method for taking tomograms of a beating heart
Spectrophotometer and subassemblies thereof
Microstrip patch antenna for high temperature environments
Method and device for reading out image data of a sub-range of an image
Method and system to correct motion blur and reduce signal transients in time-of-flight sensor syste...
Compressive sampling and signal inference
Tire pressure sensor assembly
Hermetically sealed displacement sensor apparatus
Loading/unloading device for shelving
Production device, in particular a folding press and a method for operating a production device
Computerized ultrasound risk evaluation system
Method for signal extraction in a universal sensor IC
Method for determining the time and extent of maintenance operations
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked li...
Driving apparatus for CCFL
Materials and methods for treating coagulation disorders
Polarization-direction-controlling element and exposure device
Method and apparatus for detecting embedded rebar within an interaction region of a structure irradi...
Method and system for design and routing in transparent optical networks
Optical fiber type spectroscope and spectroscope system equipped therewith
Method and system for removing the effects of corneal birefringence from a polarimetric image of the...
Fiber optic sensor
Optical fiber coupling arrangement
Neutron absorbing coating for nuclear criticality control
Optical switch having angle tuning elements and multiple-fiber collimators
Light guide body
Optical fiber tape core and production method therefor
Porous optical fiber and method for manufacturing the same
Optical fiber, optical transmission line, optical module and optical transmission system
Test apparatus and cable guide unit
High dynamic range integrated receiver
Method of flexible multiple broadcast service delivery over a WDM passive optical network based on R...
Bidirectional frequency shift coding using two different codes for upstream and downstream
Multi-band antenna with patch and slot structures
Method and apparatus for CDMA timer-based registration on a mobile device
Universal interface for voice activated access to multiple information providers
Method and apparatus for voice controlled devices with improved phrase storage, use, conversion, tra...
E-business mobility platform
IC card, portable terminal, and access control method
Test fixture for assembled wireless devices
Method and apparatus for activating optical media
DC-offset compensation loops for magnetic recording system
GMR sensor with shallow contiguous junction and bias layers aligned with free sensor layers
Correcting radial incoherence in servo track sensing
Lock mechanism for digital disc player
Disk drive with localized clearance and contact potential measurement capability
Methods and systems for adaptive receiver equalization
Method to detect the touch down of the flying head on disk
Digital video apparatus user interface
Method and data storage device for writing patterns onto recording disk
Disk drive that compensates for repeatable runout of a disk based on measured timing between servo i...
Optimization of position mode seeking of a disk drive head based on measured open loop actuator resp...
Disk drive write control by servo gain
Hard disk drive having a damper for reducing vibrations
Thin film magnetic head having toroidal coil and manufacturing method of the same
Information field integrally formed by diskette housing to be receptive to handwritten indicia
Disk cartridge including multiple flexible disks, plural partitioning plates, and a shutter
Method and apparatus for connecting metal structures on opposing sides of a circuit
Magnetic head with air bearing surface protection film
Actuator latch mechanism for hard disk drive
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit for preamps connected to magneto-resistive read elements
Process for the synthesis of functionalized indolizidines
Process for the preparation of 1,3-substituted indenes
Urea substituted benzothiazoles
Cyanoamide compounds useful as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors
Biaromatic compounds which activate PPARgamma type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical composition...
Method and device for generating a stable power control signal
Conversion of type of quantum well structure
Infrared laser
Diode pumped alkali vapor fiber laser
Pulse laser arrangement and method for setting pulse length for laser pulses
Laser wavelength actuators
High-power diode laser system
Apparatus and method for adjusting external-cavity lasers
Method for pulse control in a laser including a stimulated brillouin scattering mirror system
Optical external cavities having brewster angle wedges
Semiconductor laser devices and methods
Carrier bonded 1550 nm VCSEL with InP substrate removal
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a surface-emitting laser, manufacturing method of the same, ...
Semiconductor laser with grating structure for stabilizing the wavelength of optical radiation
White light pulse generating method using nonlinear optical device
Multi-channel optical transmitter incorporating a tunable optical signal source and method for trans...
Image forming device with cleaning sequence process for returning toner adhered on transfer roller b...
Ship proximity measurement display system including the remotely viewable billboard and bridge displ...
Deterioration diagnosis of diesel particulate filter
Vehicle seat component side air bag module having air bag guide including flexible inner and outer p...
View adjustment method and view adjustment device for a vehicle
Automotive bolster with soft feel and method of making the same
Automobile seat
Electrical connector system for a removable vehicle seat
Engine fuel supply control device
Ventilation of fuel cell power plant
Adaptive radio frequency wakeup detection
Sliding visor
Mode switch control system for hybrid transmission
Engine torque control device
Fuel cell system and method
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Structure for connecting piston to crankshaft
Coil component
Multilayer printed wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Matrix band retainer
Biochemical analysis unit and biochemical analyzing method using the same
Method and apparatus for sterilizing a lumen device
Tie-layer materials, articles and methods for making and using same
Polymer gel electrolyte composition and method of producing the same
Hollow golf club with composite core
Process for electrocoating metal blanks and coiled metal substrates
Process for electrocoating metal blanks and coiled metal substrates
Process and system for separating solids from combined sewer overflows
Pet bed
Protective equine boot
Bird toy
Pet chew
Pet toy
Vacuum machine
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner housing
Upright vacuum cleaner
Wand cap for cleaning appliance
Liquid soap dispensing and scrubbing tool
Paint dispensing tray
Paint holding tray
Bucket closure
Sponge holder
Ash urn
Garbage can
Lay board
System and method for statistical analysis of border gateway protocol (BGP) configurations
Storage management method and storage management system
Storage medium on which data can be further written after finalization and apparatus and method for ...
Method and apparatus for implementing a fully dynamic lock-free hash table
Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
Methods and systems of managing I/O operations in data storage systems
Adapting RCU for real-time operating system usage
Cache device, and method and computer program for controlling cached data
Batched, asynchronous data redundancy technique
Low cost and high RAS mirrored memory
Maintenance of persistent data using bitmaps
System and technique for fine-grained computer memory protection
Apparatus and method for booting a system
Memory device and method for arbitrating internal and external access
Synchronous memory device having advanced data align circuit
System, apparatus and method for reclaiming memory holes in memory composed of identically-sized mem...
Communication path to each part of distributed register file from functional units in addition to pa...
Electronic device and timer therefor with tamper event stamp features and related methods
Method, computer program product, and system for installing an operating system from a storage devic...
Compound subretinal prostheses with extra-ocular parts and surgical technique therefore
Enhanced systems and methods for RF-induced hyperthermia II
Medical device having a coating comprising an adhesion promoter
Whip stitched graft construct and method of making the same
Method for grafting whole superficial articular cartilage
Muscle-Polymer Constructs for Bone Tissue Engineering
Facet fusion implants and methods of use
Joint arthroplasty devices formed in situ
Expandable intervertebral devices and methods of use
Revisable Prosthetic Device
Method And Appartus For Acetabular Reconstruction
Hip Prosthesis with Anatomically Bent Shank
Interactive product system and related methods
Mannose Binding Lectin Knock-Out Mice and Methods of Use Thereof
VEGF Receptor Conditional Knockout Animals and Methods of Use
Construction of Chimera Using En Cells
Remote center of rotation positioning device
Telephone set, communication adaptor, home appliance control method, and program recording medium
Radio frequency power amplifier and method using a controlled supply
Client module, multimedia server and methods for use therewith
Technique for reducing interference to radio operations on a computing device
Apparatus and Method for Providing Poc Service in Wireless Communication System Supporting Bcast Ser...
Decoupling radio resource management from an access gateway
Cellular network resource control method and apparatus
Method and system of communications
Dynamic Allocation of Radio Resources
Wireless interface and method for enhanced functionality
Reducing the effect of signal interference in null areas caused by overlapping antenna patterns
Instrument having radio frequency identification systems and methods for use
Systems and methods for magnetic resonance imaging
System and method of RFID device management
Apparatus for an automotive data control, acquisition and transfer system
Controller for modifying and supplementing program playback based on wirelessly transmitted data con...
Simultaneous dual booting of platforms
Method and apparatus to configure broadcast programs using viewer's profile
Configurable pricing optimization system
Selective data replication system and method
Scanning chassis with a light transparent slot
In-vehicle electronic device, thermal flowmeter and electronic circuit board
Optical manifold for light-emitting diodes
Apparatus and method for hierarchical decoding of dense memory arrays using multiple levels of multi...
Non-volatile memory device and method of programming same
Multilayer anti-reflective coating for semiconductor lithography and the method for forming the same
Partially fluorinated copolymer based on trifluorostyrene and substituted vinyl compound and ionic c...
Egg-carrying device
Inhaler device
Sports skills training method and apparatus
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpar043`
Reconfigurable modulator-based optical add-and-drop multiplexer
Real time method and computer system for identifying radioactive materials from HPGe gamma-ray spect...
Methods, systems, and media to correlate errors associated with a cluster
Information presentation apparatus for suggesting a presentation accuracy of related information and...
System and method for deploying application program components having an application server
Composite sputter target and phosphor deposition method
GPS/dead-reckoning combination system and operating method thereof
Combined PET/MRI scanner
Heterocyclic or benzenic derivatives of lipoic acid, their preparation and their use as medicaments
System and method for dynamic ordering in a network processor
Dry physiological recording device
Skijor system
Crusher and mobile crushing machine equipped with the crusher
Method and an apparatus for measuring the performance of antennas, mobile phones and other wireless ...
Miniature implantable connection method
Stent delivery system
Water-in-oil emulsion composition for forming silicone elastomer porous material
Methods for increasing the production of ethanol from microbial fermentation
Compact disc reader and method
Data readout device and data readout method
Rotary-type imaging device employing corrective positioning and transfer velocity control
EKG recording accessory system (EKG RAS)
Computational model, method, and system for kinetically-tailoring multi-drug chemotherapy for indivi...
Backlight module control circuit of multi-lamp display device
System and method of fluctuation enhanced gas-sensing using saw devices
Return-to-LIBC attack blocking system and method
Soft-switching power converter having power saving circuit for light load operations
Fuel analysis system
Automatic resource assignment in stacked module devices
Elemental analyzer apparatus and method
Reducing the effect of write disturbs in polymer memories
Methods and systems for determining the average atomic number and mass of materials
Code division multiple access system having improved pilot channels
Container identification and tracking system
Local area network with electrochemical power source
Coupling between power line and customer in power line communication system
Apparatus and method for detecting deterioration of exhaust gas sensor
Device programmer with enclosed imaging capability
Method of detecting the position of a wave front in a signal received by a detector
Speech-processing system and method
Method of constructing a document type definition from a set of structured electronic documents
Energy-control method and apparatus for digital diversity signaling
Method of manufacturing hard material components
Method for manufacturing a micro-electromechanical nozzle arrangement on a substrate with an integra...
Cap device
Interior light for vehicle
Light-emitting diode lamp having a terminal portion with a notch portion
Apparatus and method for training a golfer
High-frequency transmitting/receiving apparatus, radar system having the same, and vehicle and small...
Alignment system, device and method
Atomic layer deposition for turbine components
Configuration circuit for programmable logic devices
Configuration circuits for programmable logic devices
Look-up table structure with embedded carry logic
Method and apparatus for controlling damping of a vehicle suspension
Ghost following
Method for automatically executing navigation software
Ad hoc data sharing in virtual team rooms
Method and apparatus for opening and launching a web browser in response to an audible signal
Direct memory access using memory descriptor list
Simulating multiple virtual channels in switched fabric networks
Integrated circuit memory device with delayed write command processing
Write on reference mesh
Tagging data assets
Systems and methods for providing a modification history for a location within a data store
Recording medium, reproducing device, and recording/reproducing device
Memory unit test
Method of and an apparatus for processing seismic data
Method and device for fault location on three terminal power line
Method and system to interface internet protocol (IP) based wireless devices and wireless networks w...
Method and apparatus for providing compatibility between elements of a wireless communication system
Internet protocol address allocation device and method
Single cycle weighted random early detection circuit and method
System and method for dynamically changing error algorithm redundancy levels
Method of protecting copyright of digital video work
Internet-based, customizable clinical information system
Method for searching information on internet
Home network system and method for operating the same
Method and system for determining an internet user's interest level
System and method for transmitting data via data networks, particularly the internet, using an async...
Work machine maintenance system
Video-on-demand system which builds transmission control lists and uses such lists to send video dat...
Method and apparatus for processing markup language information
Template-driven process system
Methods, systems and computer program products for use of color saturation to highlight items in a t...
Performance in model-based OPC engine utilizing efficient polygon pinning method
Snaplines for control object positioning
Efficient re-validation of modified software
Code verification system and method
Efficiently releasing locks when an exception occurs
Debugging optimized flows with breakpoints using stored breakpoint trigger indicators
Instrumenting a software application that includes distributed object technology
Source engine for transferring a resource to local secure cache
Digital camera
Digital camera having inclination sensor
Defective pixel filtering for digital imagers
CMOS image sensor with a low-power architecture
Apparatus for automatically adjusting angle of image device for information processing equipment
Device for controlling the taking of multiple images
Device for generating a video image sharpness improvement signal
Information signal processing device, information signal processing method, image signal processing ...
Method and de-interlacing apparatus that employs recursively generated motion history maps
Scalable video format conversion system
Adaptive de-interlacing method and apparatus based on phase corrected field, and recording medium st...
Method and system for enhanced modulation of video signals
Method and apparatus for encoding video content
Real-time signal strength measurement and display of digital television signals
Dynamic display device
Optical reading document board and optical reader
Microoptical compound lens
Zoom lens and image sensing apparatus
Broadcast receiving system and broadcast receiving method
Apparatus for mounting semiconductor chips
Method and apparatus for detecting position of mobile robot
Automatic feedback adjustment device for digital antenna
WIKI-Facilitated Learning Management Process and Apparatus
Selective writing assessment with tutoring
Computer based system for training workers
Doll and flotation device-combination for demonstrating water safety
Behavior Modeling Board Game and Method Therefor
System and Method for Weapon Effect Simulation
System and method for the testing of air vehicles
Portable Language Learning Device and Portable Language Learning System
Method for associative learning based upon the use of controlled release fragrances from substrates ...
Diabetic teaching process
System and method for electronic media content delivery
Educational Aid Arranged to be Worn by an Infant or Infirm Person
Trauma Training System
System for facilitating the production of an audio output track
Nonverbal Assessment Instruction Providing System and Method
Golf club gripping aid and method of use thereof
Pipeline leak-testing method
Side slider for storing or organizing objects
Caulk applicator
Unilateral fixator
Method of creating barrier to fluid flow under concrete surface coat of concrete floor
Adjustable lumber stand system
Carboxylic Derivatives
Organocatalysts and Methods of Use in Chemical Synthesis
Method for Screening and Treating Patients at Risk of Medical Disorders
Evoked Response to Stimulation
Endoscopic suturing and implant system
Autogeneration of neurostimulation therapy program groups
Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use
Heat dissipation for a lead assembly
Bicyclic carboxylic acid derivatives useful for treating metabolic disorders
Crystalline form of 1'-(1-methylethyl)-4'-[(2-fluoro-4-methoxyphenyl)methyl]-5'-methyl-1H-pyr- azol-...
Site and Rate Selective Prodrug Formulations of D609 with Antioxidant and Anticancer Activity
Methods for Treatment, Modification and Management of Pain Using 1-Oxo-2-(2,6-Dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4...
Derivatives of [2-(8,9-Dioxo-2,6-diazabicyclo[5.2.0]non-1(7)-en-2-yl)alkyl]phosphonic Acid and Metho...
Selective antagonists of A2A adenosine receptors
Use of an Nk3 Antagonist for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorders
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Novel mercaptophenyl naphthyl methane compounds and synthesis thereof
Method for Identifying and Producing Effectors of Calmodulin-Dependent Peptidyl-Prolyl Cis/Trans Iso...
Substituted indole derivatives
Isoindoline compounds and methods of making and using the same
Reference standard for characterization of rosuvastatin
Silicone based membranes for use in implantable glucose sensors
Corneal Implants and Methods and Systems for Placement
Method of and apparatus for cooling a seal for machinery
Universal overlay games in an electronic gaming environment
Device for medical percussion
Precision geolocation system and method using a long baseline interferometer antenna system
System and method for location based policy management
Method for calculating availability for line power systems
Apparatus for controlling on-vehicle generator
DC-DC converter for boosting input voltage at variable frequency
Voltage regulator with shunt feedback
DC-DC converter with load intensity control method
Single-transistor-control low-dropout regulator
Method of forming a reference voltage and structure therefor
DC-DC converter
Semiconductor device for controlling switching power supply and switching power supply unit using th...
Apparatus for protecting bicycle electrical components
Wind power installation comprising at least two components and a data network
Method and device for controlling a multiphase electronically commutated motor
Combination of power supply and detachable electric implement
Battery life determination
Charging system for battery-set
Electric generation control apparatus for vehicle alternator
Tools for polishing and associated methods
Fiber reinforced concrete/cement products and method of preparation
Process for production of molecular devices
Processing and measuring the spine in radiographs
Video Program Processing Method and System
Power Output Apparatus and Hybrid Vehicle Equipped With the Same
Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon sound level
Innoculation of computing devices against a selected computer virus
Method and apparatus for controlling execution of a computer operation
Diamond setting
Transparent archiving
Routing for a communications network
Electronic device having a temperature control system
Sanding attachment for a reciprocating power tool
Capacitor load mixer with PAM function
Determining control of an internet communication between a sender and receiver
Method for manufacturing alkylate oil with composite ionic liquid used as catalyst
Low temperature grown layers with migration enhanced epitaxy adjacent to an InGaAsN(Sb) based active...
Device testing automation utility and method
High speed sensing amplifier for an MRAM cell
Multi-function teach pendant for a semiconductor manufacturing environment
System and method of controlling audio output in mobile communication terminal having television fun...
Aromatic polymer, method for producing the same and uses thereof
System and method for providing a searchable library of electronic documents to a user
Powder inhaler comprising a chamber for a capsule for taking up a non-returnable capsule being fille...
Dynamic XML processing system
Directional input system with automatic correction
Automatic longitudinal pitch trim in aircraft combat simulation
Medical training aid having inflatable airways
Physical quantum model for the atom
Method and apparatus for evaluating educational performance
Operation-enabling training and safety computer system and associated methods
Peperomia plant named `Silver Shadow`
Robotic library communication protocol
System and method for efficiently visualizing and comparing communication network system performance
Electroluminescent device with a color filter
Automatic embedded host configuration system and method
Isolating assembly versions for binding to application programs
Measuring reliability of transactions
Logistics simulator
Method and system for providing security to a client server operating a browser
Lead time reduction for manufacturing of tooling
Method of measuring the weight of bulk liquid material within a trailer
Method and apparatus for avoidance of power lines or trip wires by fixed and rotary winged aircraft
Tailoring residual stress and hardness during direct metal deposition
Methods of estimating the dimensional stability of a wood product from simple algebraic functions of...
Manufacturing conduits for use in placing a target vessel in fluid communication with a source of bl...
Ceiling lift
CaSR antagonist
Preparation of catalyst systems
Optical network terminal with low-power sleep logic that substantially extends the life of the batte...
Carbon dioxide-assisted methods of providing biocompatible intraluminal prostheses
Integrated glove and method for manufacturing same
Multilayered, breathable textile fabric
Pyrazolo[1,5-a] pyridines and medicines containing the same
Methods for predicting pregnancy outcome in a subject by hCG assay
Tropomyosin isoforms, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses therefor
Viruses targeted to hypoxic cells and tissues
Oligodendrocytes derived from human embryonic stem cells for remyelination and treatment of spinal c...
Water disintegratable cleansing wipes
Allo and auto-reactive T-cell epitopes
Suppression of immune response via inhibition of cathepsin S
Tumor radiosensitization using gene therapy
Activation of HCV-specific T cells
Medicament comprising HGF gene
Use of nitroxides in treating skin disease
Compositions and methods for regulating mammalian keratinous tissue
Herbal chemical composition for the treatment of cancer
Absorbent polymer compositions, medical articles, and methods
Releasable linkage and compositions containing same
Method of obtaining biologically active collagen from skins of the salmonidae fish
Loudspeaker and cradle for electronic device
Methods, systems and devices for packet watermarking and efficient provisioning of bandwidth
Bucket with access door
On-demand and incremental application adaptation
Fastening element and adapt cylinder cover of a fluid-actuated working cylinder
System and method for minimizing unwanted re-negotiation of a passive RFID tag
Method and system for the generation of a voice extensible markup language application for a voice i...
Coordinated network initiator management that avoids security conflicts
Microporous membrane substrate having caustic stable, low protein binding surface
Tool bit and collet assembly and method
Thread consistency support system and method
Microcontroller enclosure housing
Synthesis method for polymers by controlled radical polymerisation with xanthates
Thin films and methods of making them
Anti-cancer therapeutic compounds
RhPV as a model for HPV-induced cancers
Methods for identification of alport syndrome
Screening methods for identifying compounds which decrease HIV entry into a cell
Methods for identifying active compounds
Gene repair involving in vivo excision of targeting DNA
Hyperthermic inducible expression vectors for gene therapy and methods of use thereof
Cytokine inhibitors
Fused-ring compounds and use thereof as drugs
Drugs containing triazaspiro[5.5]undecane derivatives as the active ingredient
Thienopyrimidine-based inhibitors of the src family
Heteroaromatic urea derivatives as VR-1 receptor modulators for treating pain
Resistance-repellent retroviral protease inhibitors
Human chemotactic cytokine
Multiple branch peptide construction
Modified proteins, designer toxins, and methods of making thereof
Composition and method for modulating dendritic cell-T cell interaction
Nucleotide mimics and their prodrugs
Record medium, recording apparatus for record medium, recording method for record medium, reproducin...
System, method and computer program product for programmable fragment processing
Peptide-based body surface coloring reagents
Wired circuit board and connection structure of wired circuit board
Image display device, display panel and driving method thereof
Objective lens drive apparatus with objective lens portion movable along support member axial direct...
Making foam coated mats on-line
Trickle collection system and method, and electrophotographic system using the same
Method and apparatus for reducing contamination of an electrical signal
Preparation of images on a substrate surface utilizing an opaque coating composition that becomes tr...
Polyolefin compositions optionally having variable toughness and/or hardness
Polymer and process for producing the same
Olefin polymerization catalyst system useful for polar monomers
Terphenyl guanidines as .beta.-secretase inhibitors
Hit ratio estimation device, hit ratio estimation method, hit ratio estimation program and recording...
Apparatus for electro-optically writing a display
Biguanide derivatives
.beta.-alanine derivatives and the use thereof
Exposure apparatus
Developing apparatus
Communication apparatus and system, and control method
Printing apparatus, print control method, and program product
Browsing electronically-accessible resources
Remote site managing system for centrally managing computers and peripheral devices
Information processing apparatus and method that determines effectiveness of metadata for editing in...
Installation of device software and formulation of unique identification information based on time i...
Television signal reception apparatus and method, and broadcast reception apparatus and method
Print control apparatus and method, and print system
Data processing apparatus capable of viewing and printing a plurality of screens
Method for fixing optical member and optical unit
Cobalt-platinum or iron-plantinum magnetic material containing 1% to 40% Cu, Ni or B
Optical thin film and mirror using the same
Moving image playback apparatus, moving image playback method, and computer program thereof with det...
Color image forming apparatus with vibration control method for controlling the same and control pro...
Image forming apparatus
Metalloprotease highly expressed in the testis, MMP-29
Antibody to telomerase reverse transcriptase
Dual-band detector system for x-ray imaging of biological samples
Method, system and computer product for cardiac interventional procedure planning
Medical device with position sensor having accuracy at high temperatures
Implantable electrical connector system
Method of predicting functions of proteins using ligand database
Warming and nonirritating lubricant compositions and method of comparing irritation
Methods of using primer molecules for enhancing the mechanical performance of tissue adhesives and s...
Saddle fit system and method
Moonroof for a motor vehicle
Hybrid orbital fluid dynamic bearing motor
Capillary seal with flow restrictors
Oscillating Inertial Microbalance and Method of Passive Compensation
Equalizer for reduced intersymbol interference via partial clock switching
Efficient traversals over hierarchical data and indexing semistructured data
Generating a hash for a TCP/IP offload device
Method of treating malignancies and viral infections and improving immune function with a dietary su...
Human cDNAs and proteins and uses thereof
Cyclic depsipeptide synthetase and method for recombinant production
Guitar slide bar
Vacuum machine for zipper bag
Methods and apparatus for controlling a continuous flow rotary blood pump
Pumping system, replacement kit including piston and/or cylinder, and method for pumping system main...
Zero maintenance pump
Peristaltic injector pump leak monitor
Compact vacuum pump
Reliability-improving structure of reciprocating compressor
Bidirectional air pump
Washer pump and filter used for washer pump
Fluid apparatus having a pump and an accumulator
Hermetic compressor
Water circulation systems for ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water
Method and apparatus for maximizing liquid aspiration from small vessels
Piston-pumping system having o-ring seal properties
Pneumatic reciprocating motor
High-pressure pump for a fuel-injection device of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system
Choice of wavelengths for multiwavelength optical imaging
Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body and imaging method
Methods and apparatus for inspecting an object
Arrayed sensor measurement system and method
Method and apparatus for measuring birefringence
Method and apparatus for measuring circularly polarized rotating electromagnetic wave using magnetic...
Detecting multi-domain states in perpendicular magnetic media
Beam profile complex reflectance system and method for thin film and critical dimension measurements
Microscope imaging system and method for emulating a high aperture imaging system, particularly for ...
Self extinguishing composite primary structure
Systems and methods for aerial dispersion of materials
Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems
Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems
Aircraft pilot assistance system and method
Semiconductor device having an active region formed from group III nitride
Thin film transistor having high mobility and high on-current
Ferroelectric memory devices having expanded plate lines
MRAM device for preventing electrical shorts during fabrication
EEPROM device having selecting transistors and method of fabricating the same
Element formation substrate for forming semiconductor device
High mobility CMOS circuits
Selective doping and thermal annealing method for forming a gate electrode pair with different work ...
Process for producing microelectromechanical components and a housed microelectromechanical componen...
Low power magnetoelectronic device structures utilizing enhanced permeability materials
Apparatus for confining inductively coupled surface currents
Method of manufacturing signal processing apparatus
Multiple internal seal right micro-electro-mechanical system vacuum package
Integrated circuit package with ESD protection
Semiconductor device and its manufacture method capable of preventing short circuit of electrodes wh...
Pad structures including insulating layers having a tapered surface
Stack MCP
Microresonator, manufacturing method, and electronic apparatus
Interconnect structure for TFT-array substrate and method for fabricating the same
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Method for determining plasma characteristics
Free-cavity, double-diffusing indirect lighting luminaire
Enhanced solid oxide fuel cell systems
Particulate water-absorbent resin composition
Reduction of total sulfur in crude and condensate cracking
Holmium doped 2.1 micron crystal laser
System and method for transcutaneous energy transfer achieving high efficiency
Method and apparatus for converting thermal energy to mechanical energy
Pump assembly for an ice making machine
Robust micromachined gyroscopes with two degrees of freedom sense-mode oscillator
Computer-implemented method for conducting a jury selection training exercise based on mock trail da...
Communal discovery of network coverage
Method for developing embedded code for system simulations and for use in a HMI
Flexible rule-based recommender system for use with an electronic board system
Embedded internet for hearing aids
Directional microphone assembly
Hearing device with peripheral identification units
Shaftless radial vane rotary device and a marine propulsion system using the device
Fail-safe remotely controlled chain stopper with position indicator
Swing mooring pontoon
Fin systems
Wet paper web transfer belt
Reef artifact
Method and apparatus for detecting slow-moving targets in high-resolution sea clutter
Tumor necrosis factor receptors 6.alpha. & 6.beta.
Data repository and method for promoting network storage of data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for controlling image processing ap...
System and method for rating unsolicited e-mail
System and method for full wireless synchronization of a data processing apparatus with a messaging ...
System and method for locating malware
Apparatus and method for controlling a fan, cooling unit and a fresh air damper of an air conditione...
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
Heat exchanger for air conditioner
Heatsink assembly and method of manufacturing the same
Heat sink with combined parallel fins and the method for assembling the same
Support for a tube bundle
Heat exchanger
Process of making a lightweight thermal heat transfer apparatus
Method and equipment for feeding two gases into and out of a multi-channel monolithic structure
Peripheral device and electronic device
Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack employing a closed loop heat ex...
Thermally expanding base of heatsink to receive fins
Heat dissipating apparatus
Cooling system for electronic devices
Surface mounted resistor with improved thermal resistance characteristics
Use of thermally conductive vias to extract heat from microelectronic chips and method of manufactur...
Heat dissipating apparatus
Heat dissipation device
Chalk stamper
Writing utensil with transparent end
Method of forming a solution processed device
Silane molecules with pre-activated and protein-resistant functionalities and silane films comprisin...
Shoe outsole
Footwear sole
Footwear cleat
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Sand walking sandal
Heel insert
Footwear with reversible tongue
Modular shoe
Pre-vulcanized or pre-crosslinked materials for golf balls
Anionic polymerization diinitiator and process for preparing same