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Commercial glassware dishwasher and related method
Lactic acid processing; methods; arrangements; and, products
Iron binding agents
Poly(organosiloxane) materials and methods for hybrid organic-inorganic dielectrics for integrated c...
Materials for enhancing staining of biopolymers in matrices
Method for detecting target plant genus
Deodorized colorant of brassicaceae plant
Sunscreen compositions and methods of use thereof
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Water treatment method in high cycle dispensing systems for scale control
Method and apparatus for treatment of a fluid stream
Process and apparatus for waste water treatment
Melt-spun polysulfone semipermeable membranes and methods for making the same
Multilayer microcavity devices and methods
Process and plant to extract and concentrate tannins from wood and from other natural products
Method of printing sheet-form substrates by the inkjet printing process
Graphical user interface design for multiple settings/values related to an item
Printing system
Method, apparatus, and system for customizing driver
Method of operating multiple input and output devices through a single computer
Generating a focused data set from an original data set
Query optimizer system and method
Peach tree - named 'White County' cultivar
Peach tree - named 'White Rock' cultivar
Seed preferred regulatory elements
Methods for improving crop plant architecture and yield
Transgenic rice line producing high level of flavonoids in the endosperm
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Safe production of a product of interest in hybrid seeds
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Insect resistance using inhibition of gene expression
Isolation of proteins involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing and methods of use
Novel inositol polyphosphate kinase genes and uses thereof
Brittle-2 regulatory elements for use in plants
Methods for Improving a Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation Enzyme
Artichoke hybrid named 'PS-H1855'
Method for producing a mammal provided with resistance to an alpha-herpes virus mediated infection a...
Methods of identifying longevity modulators and therapeutic methods of use thereof
Network for describing multimedia information
Mobile station-centric method for managing bandwidth and QoS in error-prone system
Method for flexible charging of IP multimedia communication sessions, telecommunication system and n...
System, method and article of manufacture for selecting a gateway of a hybrid communication system a...
Digital musical instrument system
1,2-Diphenylpyrrole derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic uses
Estrogen agonist/antagonist metabolites
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingbviol`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Immichero`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Immired`
Petunia plant named `Petpur`
Petunia plant named `Petwiblvgr`
Fittonia plant named `White Star`
Peach tree named `Burpeachtwentytwo`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Cremey`
Impatiens plants named `Butly Lilla`
Geranium plant named `Lavender Dot`
Patient support for prone imaging and intervention table
System and method for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual microscope slide
System, method and computer program product for performing unstructured information management and a...
Distributed speech recognition system
Discovery of inference rules from text
Mechanical force detection of magnetic fields using heterodyne demodulation
Method of selecting marker molecules for prediction of molecular activity
Adjustable simulation vehicle capabilities
Windowed optical system having a tilted optical element to correct aberrations
Throttle lever for controlling the speed of at least one aircraft engine
Passive jet spoiler for yaw control of an aircraft
Dynamic yaw steering method for spacecrafts
Parachute rescue system for multistory buildings
Aerial chemical application and control method
Vehicle windshield
In-seat power supply floor module
Force supporting module for providing a load-dependent supporting force
UAV arresting hook for use with UAV recovery system
Landing arrangement for an aircraft
Methods and apparatuses for launching airborne devices along flexible elongated members
Avia tilting-rotor convertiplane
Foam bumper and radiator for a lightweight heat rejection system
Disk controller architecture to allow on-the-fly error correction and write disruption detection
Method and system for an automated disambiguation
Provisioning of wireless private access subscribers for location based services
Fiber distribution frame having offset inner door section and fiber optic component router for maint...
XDSL system with improved impedance circuitry
Ultra low volume probe
Electronic game apparatus and method providing a secondary game triggered apart from a primary game
Sign holder
Compact, modular storage system
Bus clock frequency management based on device bandwidth characteristics
Extending an allowable transmission distance between a wireless device and an access point by commun...
Data synchronization mechanism for information browsing systems
System and method for wireless location performance prediction
Portable wireless apparatus
Camera lens mounting device of folder type telephone
Cordless digital audio headphone
Mobile phone having a side button which can fix a battery and adjust volume
Portable communication device with two housings connected by cylindrical hinge
Hinge device and cell phone using the hinge device
Amplifying circuit, speaker system, and mobile information terminal employing amplifying circuit
Base station for mobile telecommunications, an antenna assembly, and a method of determining the loc...
Wireless communications apparatus and method
Wireless communications system fully integrated with the infrastructure of an organization
Apparatus for wireless device to alter performance of wireless communication link
Method and system for requesting photographs
Portable communication device used as an accessory for a portable two-way radio
System and method for re-routing communications based on wireless communication link quality
Dynamic gain equalizer
Optical transmission system
Microsystem switches
Lightweight optical mirrors formed in single crystal substrate
Driving mechanism for a camera lens
Lens apparatus and virtual system
Lens assembly for an image sensor
Image pickup optical system and camera having it
Zoom optical system, imaging lens unit, and digital apparatus
Stepwise variable zoom lens system
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Foldable projection lenses
Projection apparatus
Unpolarized beam splitter having polarization-independent phase difference when used as an interfero...
Head-mounted virtual display apparatus for mobile activities
Micro lens and fabrication method of micro lens, optical device, optical transmitter, laser printer ...
Fiber optic light source for display devices
Optical lens and semiconductor laser device
Nitrobenzodifuroxan compounds, including their salts, and methods thereof
Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
Portable fuel storage tank leak detection system
Portable fuel storage tank leak detection system
Temperature compensation of thin film diode voltage threshold in memory sensing circuit
Method of fabricating an ultra-narrow channel semiconductor device
Dendritic fiber material
Implantable muscle stimulation device for treating gastro-intestinal reflux disease
Composition comprising ionomer and polyamide
Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene vitamin E and process for preparation thereof
Protein complex from ion-exchange chromatography for treatment of bacterial infections
Production of .alpha.-keto butyrate
Aliphatic-aromatic polyetherester compositions, articles, films, coating and laminates and processes...
Metallized packaging films
Apparatus for cooking meat and methods of cooking same
Prepared foods containing triglyceride-recrystallized non-esterified phytosterols
Method for creating a relief mold for comestible products
Method of preparing a fully kettle hop flavored beverage
Flying disc
Joining device and kitchen appliance fitted with the joining device
Roller grill having rollers with a roughened surface
Food slicer
Refrigerator having display
Bib for catching waste
Solar light with rectangular solar collector
Solar lamp
Solar lamp
Solar lamp
MEMS-based optical wireless communication system
Communication system
Personal sonar system
High-voltage electric double layer capacitor
Apparatus and methods for modulating refractive index
Method, system, and apparatus for remote data calibration of a RFID tag population
Efficient electronics for a walk-through metal detector
Electronic and optical devices and methods of forming these devices
Battery protection circuit for simulating an overcurrent condition based on battery current flow
Permanent magnet type three-phase stepping motor
Parallel-connected inverters with separate controllers having impedance current regulators
AC/DC hybrid power system
Silicone metalization
Vertical integrated circuits
Nitride semiconductor element
Bubble machine
Display form having magnetically attachable parts
Systems and methods for displaying simulated images
Portable kicking game
Card game
System and method for providing a blackjack game having additional options for a player
Data processing method
Card game with predetermined hands in a fortune cookie
Game calling device
Display tree
Artificial turf system
Method of reconfiguring a flexible planar item to a simulated character
Balls, balloons and other inflatable objects for gymnastic or therapeutic use
Squeezable toy with sound-emitting device
Probabilistic goal recognition system and method incorporating inferred unobserved actions
System and method for automatically creating a prototype to perform a process
Fuzzy-logic on board device for monitoring and processing motor vehicle operating data
Facial classification of static images using support vector machines
VLSI neural fuzzy classifier for handwriting recognition
Medical gas alarm system
Fact collection for product knowledge management
Product knowledge management
Information organization and collaboration tool for processing notes and action requests in computer...
Static and dynamic assessment procedures
Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses to the fluid channels of a subje...
Analyte sensor
Analyte sensor
16-Hydroxyestratrienes as selectively active estrogens
Crystallization of IGF-1
Compositions and methods for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Synergistic effects of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and carotenoid absorption on macular pigmentation
Small molecule therapeutics and uses therefor
EP4 receptor agonist, compositions and methods thereof
Novel n-substituted 2-aminopyridine derivatives
3-Aminopyrrolidines as inhibitors of monoamine uptake
Dihydropyridine compounds and compositions for headaches
Methods and compositions using 4-[(cyclopropanecarbonylamino)methyl]-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)isoi...
Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors
Purine derivatives as purinergic receptor antagonists
Compounds for modulating TRPV3 function
1,6-Dihydro-1,3,5,6-Tetraaza-as-indacene based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions c...
Jnk inhibitors
Hyfroxyflutamide induced pathways related to androgen receptor negative prostate cancer cells
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Methods and apparatus for securing and deploying tissue anchors
System for tissue approximation and fixation
Methods and apparatus for securing and deploying tissue anchors
Methods and apparatus for securing and deploying tissue anchors
Magnetic pill with camera and electrical properties
Crystalline form V of agomelatine, a process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions con...
Crystalline form III of agomelatine, a process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions c...
Crystalline form IV of agomelatine, a process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions co...
Process for the preparation of (S)-4-fluoromethyl-dihydro-furan-2-one useful in the preparation of t...
EERgamma peptide fragment complexes and uses thereof in drug discovery
Novel x-conotoxin peptides (-II)
2-Aminobenzoyl derivatives
Substituted dihydropyrano indole-3,4-dione derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibi...
Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for their use in treating metabolic disorders
Combination of a dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitor and a dual PPAR agonist for the treatment of diab...
Heterocyclic arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Floor treatment device
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Firewall protocol providing additional information
User registry adapter framework
Apparatus and method for using a directory service for authentication and authorization to access re...
Simple object access protocol
Method and system for managing memory for software modules
Method, system and article of manufacture for a firmware image
Method and system for transparent dynamic optimization in a multiprocessing environment
General purpose intermediate representation of software for software development tools
Automatic abstraction of software source
Method and apparatus for deriving functions from other functions in a programming language
Method and apparatus for deriving multiple test source files from one source file
Integrated circuit chip having a ringed wiring layer interposed between a contact layer and a wiring...
Scalable logic self-test configuration for multiple chips
Automatically designed three-dimensional graphical environments for information discovery and visual...
Systems and methods for interfacing with digital history data
Automatic window representation adjustment
System and method for two tier paste buffer and display
Method, apparatus, and program for visual representation of an address space
Dynamically drilling-down through a health monitoring map to determine the health status and cause o...
Convergent tunnel guide apparatus and method
Analogs of discodermolide and dictyostatin-1, intermediates therefor and methods of synthesis thereo...
Glyphosate tolerant alfalfa events and methods for detection
Transgenic Alzheimer's mouse model vectors and uses thereof
Plant 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase
Use of glycuronic polysaccharides and oligosaccharides as phytosanitary products and/or fertilizers
Maize cellulose synthase and uses thereof
Methods for isolation of nucleic acids
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding sterol desaturase proteins
Assays to monitor amyloid precursor protein processing
Pentopyranosyl nucleic acid conjugates
Diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer disease
Peptide complex
Polysialic acid derivatives
Crude exopolysaccharides produced from phellinus baumii mycelium having hypoglycemic activity and pr...
Nucleic acid encoding a chitinase and methods of using it to make fungal resistant plants
Method for producing solid sugar surfactants
Markable compounds for easy synthesis of 3'-[.sup.18F] fluoro-3'-deoxynucleotides, and method for th...
Clostridium perfringens beta-2 toxin signal sequence, promoter and recombinant prokarote host cells ...
Vertebrate embryonic patterning-inducing proteins, compositions and uses related therto
Nucleic acid encoding human suppressor of fused
Fluorescent nitrogenous base and nucleosides incorporating same
Manganese superoxide dismutase exon 3-deleted isoforms and nucleic acid molecules encoding the isofo...
Streptavidin expressed gene fusions and methods of use thereof
Methods and reagents for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Substituted metal-phthalocyanines, their preparation and the use thereof
N-pyrazole A.sub.2A receptor agonists
Partial and full agonists of A.sub.1 adenosine receptors
Hyaluronic acid mediated adenoviral transduction
Nucleic acid injected into hapatic vein lumen and delivered to primate liver
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Avermectin derivatives
Protein and DNA thereof
Method for producing protease
Method and system for providing low cost set-top box
Dietary Restrictions/Preferences Tracking and Meal Planning Process and System
Double loop gastric bypass procedure
Method and apparatus for suctioning and refeeding gastric juices
Combination therapy for treating obesity or maintaining weight loss
Method for producing lactic acid bacterium culture containing bacteriocin and a method for preservin...
Intrinsically stable shirred stick
Hop acids as a replacement for antibiotics in animal feed
Arthropod repellent comprising extracts and/or parts of the plant vitex agnus-castus
Nanosilica-based food contact sanitizer
Food processing equipment
Adaptable cup holder food tray
Pop up tray container
Expandable and contractible food storage container
Cooking oven chamber
Cooking appliance particularly useful as a grilling appliance for grilling meat products
UMTS-GSM dual mode timing device
Radio access network for a mobile radio communications system and an operating method therefor
Non-instantaneous hard handover control device and method
Systems and methods for downloading audio information to a mobile device
Method of informing charging data to mobile terminal in mobile radio communication system
Method for controlling the transmission power in a radio system, and a corresponding radio system
System and method for reducing SAR values
Power boosting technique for wireless multi-carrier power amplifier
Method for creating user-customized menu in a portable radio telephone
Method and adjusting transmission times in a mobile radio system
Apparatus and method for performing coding and rate matching in a CDMA mobile communication system
Cellular radio network reusing frequencies
Multichannel acoustic signal reproducing apparatus
Multichannel signal transmission and reception for bluetooth systems
Method for transmitting data on a packet data channel
Method and system for UMTS packet transmission scheduling on uplink channels
Handheld mobile communications device with integral internal printer incorporating media slot and dr...
Radio frequency signal receiving apparatus, a radio frequency signal transmitting apparatus, and a c...
Arbitrary radar target synthesizer (arts)
Motorized page turner
Music information display apparatus and method
Stringed instrument pick grip
Releasable tremolo lock device
Acoustic amplifier and tone controller for stringed musical instruments
Top pickup for musical stringed instruments
String-striking device of piano
Method and system for dynamic display of marketing campaigns on display locations via a network
Method and system for multiformat presentation
Systems and methods for protecting advanced configuration and power interface code from driver attac...
Method and apparatus of storage allocation/de-allocation in object-oriented programming environment
Emulated storage system
Data set level mirroring to accomplish a volume merge/migrate in a digital data storage system
File server system and method for scheduling data streams according to a distributed scheduling poli...
Method for integrating multiple web servers based on individual client authorization
System and method for efficient control and capture of dynamic database content
Content based messaging for e-learning including the extension of a remote procedure call
Context programming in object-oriented environments
Builder tool and interface for system supporting multiple virtual machines
System and method for automated electronic device design
VRML interface software for image and data compilation
Method for performing authenticated access to a service on behalf of a user
Web and lotus notes adapter layers
Run-time architecture for enterprise integration with transformation generation
System and method for configuring database result logging for a test executive sequence
Staging the processing of remembered-set entries as part of collection based on the train algorithm
Retractable dock
Diver information processing apparatus and method of controlling same
Apparatus and method for controlling wave characteristics
Biologically-dominated artificial reef
Silt fence installation apparatus
Structure and method for supporting headstones and other stonelike objects
Innovative prestressed scaffolding system
Diffractive security element
Method of forming a printable media sheet construction
System for secure printing
Vehicle operation display system
Euphorbia plant named `WALEUPHRUD`
Nectarine tree named `MAY PEARL`
Methods and apparatus for detecting the presence, intensity, trajectory or location of a liquid stre...
Fish handling system for big game tube fishing
Server for network game, network game progress control method and network game progress control prog...
Compositions relating to novel compounds and targets thereof
Efficient method of preventing growth of microbial genetic transformant after transformation
Method for treating roundworm infestations in animals
Compositions and methods for treating obesity
Methods and compositions for tissue regeneration
Marine actinomycete taxon for drug and fermentation product discovery
Human hepatitis B virus core proteins as vaccine platforms and methods of use thereof
Composition containing citronella java oil and use thereof for repelling insects
Bioactive compositions derived from humulus lupulus
High functional water containing titanium and method and apparatus for producing the same
Method of preventing surgical adhesions
Pharmaceutical formulation containing opioid agonist, opioid antagonist and bittering agent
Compositions for preventing hormone induced adverse effects
Cilostazol preparation
Pesticidal composition
Compositions structured with at least one polymer and methods of using the same
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Resolver signal processing method and processing apparatus
Method for determining driving task demand based on speed variability
Vehicle control system for exiting ruts
Electrical power system for vehicles requiring electrical power while the vehicle engine is not in o...
Compact battery powered heavy roll mover
Automatic headrest adjustment control system for a vehicle seat assembly
Fuel cell stack
Mass flow metering air supply for a solid-oxide fuel cell stack
Vehicle front body structure
Protective device for a motorcycle
Wheel chair having foldable back support
Wheelchair, brake unit therefor, and brake unit for a manually-propelled vehicle
Yaw control for an automotive vehicle using steering actuators
Articulated harvester and method for converting a harvester and towed grain trailer into an articula...
Power steering device for a vehicle
Front suspending and stabilizing structure for remote control car
Tiltable steering apparatus and method for snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and other vehicles usi...
Construction machinery
Transmission for a working vehicle and vehicle
Vehicle drive system operation apparatus and vehicle drive control system
Apparatus for a vehicle for protection of a colliding object
Secure data exchange between date processing systems
Secure clock on computing device such as may be required in connection with a trust-based system
System for obtaining signatures on a single authoritative copy of an electronic record
Security system for replicated storage devices on computer networks
Resource allocation for multiple applications
Parking barrier with accident event logging and self-diagnostic control system
Method and system for making small payments using a payment card
Method and apparatus for negotiating a contract over a computer network
Payment system and method for use in an electronic commerce system
Method and apparatus for data recipient storage and retrieval of data using a network communication ...
Method and systems for licensing electronic data
Multiplexing user information to an output image
Inter-network financial service
System and method for originating loans
Currency trading system, methods, and software
Online trading system having ally-initiated trading
System and method of determining latent demand for at least one of a plurality of commodities
Report generator for allowing a financial entity to monitor securities class action lawsuits and pot...
Methods and systems for automatic tracking and balancing billing data
Method and system for supplier prioritization
Method and system for creating and managing groups for increasing buying power on the world wide web
Flexible electrode array for artifical vision
Spatiotemporal locator processing method and apparatus
Magnified texture-mapped pixel performance in a single-pixel pipeline
Magnetofluidic accelerometer with capacitive sensing of inertial body position
Golf cleaning accessory
Blower attachment
Dust collector
Litter box rake
Revolving anchored pet toy
Two-tier roof for a bird cage
Honor box for candy display and coin receptacle
Protective face shield lens
Threaded flange for installation into a container head
Oven glove
Corrugated plate for pallet
Two-finger glove
Apparatus for sorting and transporting clothing garments
Ear portion of a welding helmet
Golf cart
Helmet cover
Door panel trash bag with pressure-sensitive adhesive strip fastener
Cosmetic palette
Cleaning implement
Cosmetic container
Multichannel voice detection in adverse environments
Cellular phone with integral cosmetic pack
Sender-address-based telecommunications operator callback system and method
Input element for a telephone
Headset communication unit
Noise level calculator for echo canceller
Customer service transaction handling based on transaction history
Dynamic essential line service
Routing engine for telecommunications network
Incoming call forwarding communication system and the method
Systems, methods, and devices for a callback/callback reminder feature
Method and system for callback in case of an emergency session
Subscriber service management
Method for server-assisted data processing for a plurality of clients
Communication apparatus
Acidic phenolic disinfectant compositions
SCF antibody compositions and methods of using the same
Synthetic antigen for the detection of antibodies immunoreactive with HIV virus
Poxvirus-rabies recombinants and compositions and methods employing the recombinants
Method of producing a mouse suitable for the engraftment, differentiation and proliferation of heter...
Process for preparing protease inhibitor intermediates
Conformationally flexible cationic conjugated polymers
Method and compound for the prophylaxis or treatment of an immunodeficiency condition, such as AIDS
Pyrrole-type compounds, compositions, and methods for treating cancer, treating viral diseases and c...
Methods for recycling mRNA for linear cRNA amplification
Aryl phosphate derivatives of d4T having activity against resistant HIV strains
Human leucine-rich repeat-containing proteins specifically expressed in the nervous system
Kit for delivering decitabine in vivo
Hepatitis B virus surface antigen mutant and methods of detection thereof
Dynamic selection of field/frame-based MPEG video encoding
Video data processing apparatus and method, data distributing apparatus and method, data receiving a...
Degaussing coil holder
Multi-user talking system and multi-user talking method
Time code transmission method and time code transmission apparatus
Time delay evaluation
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Robot apparatus
Portable imaging device employing geographic information to facilitate image access and viewing
Image processing apparatus and colorimetric system conversion method
Method and apparatus for correcting white balance, method for correcting density and recording mediu...
Device and method for reading out an electronic image sensor that is subdivided into image points
Receiving method and apparatus of analog television signals technical field
Conditional access television sound
Method and apparatus of processing input signals of display appliance
Filter box with resonator and reservoir
Automated mineral processing systems and methods
Systems and methods for controlling a density of visual landmarks in a visual simultaneous localizat...
Method, system, and program for controlling moving body
System for estimating attitude of leg type moving robot itself
Multi-axis AC servo control system and method
Modular sensor platform robotic vehicle
Detection and handling of semiconductor wafers and wafers-like objects
Secure conditional access port interface
Digital signal receiver and digital signal display method
Method for improving a random number generator to make it more resistant against attacks by current ...
Image processing apparatus and system and method of same
Information recording apparatus having function of encrypting information
Digital video display system
System and method of watermarking signal
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting data using encrypting key contained in electronic...
All optical phase insensitive code responsive and code separator devices apparatus and method
Secure electronic messaging system requiring key retrieval for deriving decryption keys
Implantable biosensor and methods of use thereof
Sensor device which detects a physical change amount or a chemical change amount
Inbred corn line G0603
Chimeric bird from embryonic stem cells
Production of antibodies using cre-mediated site-specific recombination
Method of producing reduced coenzyme Q.sub.10 using solvent with high oxidation-protective effect
Transfection reagents
Protein based tumor necrosis factor-receptor variants for the treatment of TNF related disorders
Antibacterial compounds and methods for treating Gram positive bacterial infections
Long lasting anti-angiogenic peptides
Combined oxydehydrogenation and cracking catalyst for production of olefins
Modified supported metathesis catalysts
Oligomerization process
Process for producing adamantane or analogue
Blending of low viscosity Fischer-Tropsch base oils with conventional base oils to produce high qual...
Method for communicating business messages
Scoring method and scoring system
Method for calculating a billiards shot
Electronic toy and teaching aid safety devices
Underwater writing tablet
Method and device for carrying out a reaction in liquid medium with gas evolution
Renewable energy carrier system and method
Process of producing fuel gas for fuel cell
Process for direct catalytic hydrogen peroxide production
Synthesis of LiBC and hole-doped Li.sub.1-xBC
Method for the preparation of iron hydroxide, iron oxide hydrate or iron oxide from filter salts of ...
Flame retardant polymer composition
TiO.sub.2 material and the coating methods thereof
Process for production of titanium dioxide pigment and resin composition containing the pigment
Method and system for the prevention of undesirable activities of executable objects
System for fast development of interactive applications
Method of and interactive display for exchanging a message
Method for downloading data via the internet to a browser enabled computer
Cooperative adaptive web caching routing and forwarding web content data requesting method
Internet listener/publisher
System for distributing load over multiple servers at an internet site
Performance and memory bandwidth utilization for tree searches using tree fragmentation
High-speed data communication over a residential telephone wiring network
Communication of packet arrival times to cable modem termination system and uses thereof
Information processing apparatus, print management apparatus, print management system and method, me...
Printing system
System, method, and computer program product for schematic generation
Method and computer system for displaying a table with column header inscriptions having a reduced h...
Simple fault tolerance for memory
Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
Memory mapped input/output emulation
Method for modification of data on a memory card on a transaction
Memory device with a flexible reduced density option
System for facilitating the replacement or insertion of devices in a computer system through the use...
Storage system having partitioned migratable metadata
Product location method utilizing product bar code and aisle-situated, aisle-identifying bar code
Methods and systems for coordinating customized manufacturing of consumer products
Apparatus for multiple site stimulation
Methods and apparatus for effectuating a change in a neural-function of a patient
Image display apparatus
Electronic circuit, electronic device, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic unit
Electronic circuit, electro-optical device, method for driving electro-optical device and electronic...
Method and drive means for color correction in an organic electroluminescent device
Programmable driving method for light emitting diode
Organic electroluminescent devices
Speaker tracking on a single core in a packet based conferencing system
Orally administered peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis
GLP-1 formulations with protracted time action
Polypeptides with therapeutic activity and methods of use
Reduced profile lid for beverage preparation
Structure of rotor for outer rotor type brushless motor
Digital camcorder
MP3 player
MP3 player
Character input device for a mobile phone
Keyboard for portable telephone
Stand for a PDP (plasma display panel) TV
Cellular phone
Complex image player
Set top box
Satellite receiver
Cocktail table
Disc cartridge and disc drive using the same
Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the le...
Encoding/decoding apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system
Device and method for controlling packet flow
Hydroxy alkyl amines
Packet-switched telephony call server
Phoretic display device with liquid crystalline suspension medium, and manufacturing method
Materials and methods for treating coagulation disorders
Self-aim vehicle light device
Method of structure-based drug design to create or improve modulators of IL-1 activity which bind to...
Hot runner nozzle with removable tip and tip retainer
Method, apparatus, and system for implementing view caching in a framework to support web-based appl...
Dual authentication of a requestor using a mail server and an authentication server
Document management system and method
System and methods for extracting semantics from images
Method and system for automatic identification and orientation of medical images
Sealed electron beam source
X-ray-generating devices and exposure apparatus comprising same
Solid state X-ray detector with improved spatial resolution
Sensor arrangement and method for digital scanning imaging
X-ray CT system, information processing method, and storage medium
X-ray analysis apparatus
X-ray CT apparatus and method of calculating blood-flow information
Volumetric computed tomography (VCT)
X-ray diagnosis apparatus and method for obtaining an X-ray image
Objective with fluoride crystal lenses
In situ particle monitoring for defect reduction
Lithographic apparatus, illumination system and method for mitigating debris particles
Thermal development apparatus
Display apparatus box using a spatial light modulator
Data collection device
Image display apparatus having spacer with resistance film
Method for determining distortions in an image and calibration object therefor
Adaptive method and apparatus for forecasting and controlling neurological disturbances under a mult...
Apparatus and method for optimizing tumor treatment efficiency by electric fields
Stimulation for treating eye pathologies
Method and apparatus for quantitatively evaluating a kidney
Image forming apparatus and developing-agent amount detecting method, cartridge, and storage medium
Information providing system, information providing apparatus and information providing method as we...
Steering of directional sound beams
Optical cores and projection systems containing the optical core
Method and device for decoding a position-coding pattern
Ring pointing device
File server and file server controller
Audio coding based on frequency variations of sinusoidal components
Pair of front side illumination sconces for a community communication hub kiosk
Decorative flat screen frame
Handheld controller for vehicles
Decorative planter box replica
Carton for bottles
Lotion bottle
Lid for product holding containers
Pair of handle sides for a folding knife
Stand mixer
System, method and computer program product for detecting modifications to risk assessment scanning ...
Program operators for composing abstractions
Systems and methods for managing identity information
Semiconductor memory device with auto refresh to specified bank
Refresh control circuit and method for multi-bank structure DRAM
RAS time control circuit and method for use in DRAM using external clock
Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fl...
Optical filter and method of manufacturing thereof
NMR assisted design of high affinity ligands for structurally uncharacterized proteins
Techniques for recovering optical spectral features using a chirped optical field
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Optical processing
Health administration apparatus
Global shape definition method for scatterometry
Magnetic field sensing device and method for fabricating thereof
LSI package, LSI element testing method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Common connection method for flip-chip assembled devices
Semiconductor device having solder bumps reliably reflow solderable
Construction to improve thermal performance and reduce die backside warpage
Interposer configured to reduce the profiles of semiconductor device assemblies and packages includi...
Method for manufacturing device substrate with metal back-gate and structure formed thereby
Gate structure of semiconductor memory device
Asymmetric field effect transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Substrate independent multiple input bi-directional ESD protection structure
CAD method for arranging via-holes, a CAD tool, photomasks produced by the CAD method, a semiconduct...
Magnetic attachment method for LED light engines
Method of implementing polishing uniformity and modifying layout data
Semiconductor device
Methods for fabricating a magnetic keeper for a memory device
Thin film transistor array substrate
Probe unit and its manufacturing method
High speed Ge channel heterostructures for field effect devices
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor substrate
Genes encoding plant transcription factors
Screening method
Interactions of ATM, ATR or DAN-PK with p53
Microbially expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Adaptor protein FRS2 and related products and methods
AGS proteins and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Cell wall anchor proteins derived from yeast, genes thereof and cell surface expression systems usin...
Ion triggerable, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Human aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase polypeptides useful for the regulation of angiogenesis
Vertebrate embryonic pattern-inducing proteins and uses related thereto
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Helicobacter pylori proteins useful for vaccines and diagnostics
Method and system for enabling centralized control of wireless local area networks
Messaging protocol for interactive delivery system
Networked message delivery system
Status monitoring of a plurality of image processing devices
Sewing machine having a wireless switch and independent controller
Transmission level control method and transceiver apparatus in wireless local loop system
Methods and systems for delivering presence information regarding push-to-talk subscribers
Wireless node multiple handset cordless telephone system
Method and apparatus providing enhanced reservation access mode for a CDMA reverse channel
Wireless network management system
Transmission channel selection program
Firearm case
Web site activity monitoring system with tracking by categories and terms
Method and system for monitoring a controller and displaying data from the controller in a format pr...
Method and system for filtering content in a discovered topic
Systems and methods for using anchor text as parallel corpora for cross-language information retriev...
Real-time aggregation of unstructured data into structured data for SQL processing by a relational d...
Method and structure for efficiently retrieving artifacts in a fine grained software configuration m...
Method for avoiding out-of-ordering of frames in a network switch
Dye sensitized solar cell having finger electrodes
Electrochemical test strip with an integrated micro-needle and associated methods
Display system for use on horizontal or non-horizontal surfaces
2-(6-{2-[(2R)-2-Methyl-1-pyrrolidin-1-yl]-ethyl}-2-naphthalen-2-yl)-2H-pyr- idazin-3-one salts and t...
Polypeptides comprising IL-6 ligand binding receptor domains
Color photographic recording material
Composition and process for the sealing of microcups in roll-to-roll display manufacturing
Fire-protection coating
Bicyclic sulfonamide compounds
Compounds useful in the manufacture of an anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Computerized method and system for loading and/or unloading a tray using laser scanning technology
Intelligent base station antenna beam-steering using mobile multipath feedback
Apparatus and method for dynamic diversity based upon receiver-side assessment of link quality
Flexible compressible brush for cleaning drinking straws
Management of background copy task for point-in-time copies
Systems and methods for end-of-life prediction
Method and apparatus for optical signal and noise analysis using pulse amplitude histogram
Apparatus for and method of transmitting optical signal of graphic signal
Articles prepared from compositions modified with organic fiber micropulp
Torsion management outsoles and shoes including such outsoles
Golf ball with varying land surfaces
Golf club head
Offset golf club set and method for fabrication
Golf swing training device method and apparatus
Sweeping appliance
Stabilized teriparatide solutions
Vancomycin haemostatic paste composition
Suturing device for endoscope
Transesophageal ultrasound probe having a rotating endoscope shaft
Anatomical visualization system
Sanding tool with clamping mechanism
Liquid sample reservoir suitable for use with a spraying apparatus
Dry converting process and apparatus
Abrasive article with holes
Tool handle head
Processor for endoscope
Pocket photo album page
Abrasive article with holes
Silicon layer for uniformizing temperature during photo-annealing
Method of producing crystalline semiconductor material and method of fabricating semiconductor devic...
Methods to improve the SiGe heterojunction bipolar device performance
Back-contact solar cells and methods for fabrication
Plasma treatment to enhance adhesion and to minimize oxidation of carbon-containing layers
Method and system for controlling an automatic transmission using a GPS assist having a learn mode
Vehicle locating system using GPS
Signal processing providing lower downsampling losses
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Plural layer woven electronic textile, article and method
Soccer shoe having independently supported lateral and medial sides
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe outsole
Method and apparatus for electrical resistance spot welding using electrical servo actuator
Fire resistance acoustic foam
Microscopic batteries integrated with MEMS systems
Bipolar plate
Use of an array of polymeric sensors of varying thickness for detecting analytes in fluids
Dual component dispensing and mixing systems for marine and military paints
Single assembly EL lighting for garments
Gun safe mounted permanently to a surface
System and method for image analysis using a chaincode
Systems and methods for immobilizing using plural energy stores
Low profile holographic sight and method of manufacturing same
Tandem warhead
Methods and apparatus for improving the quality of displayed images through the use of display devic...
Apparatus and method for identifying ammunition
Depth-based surveillance image reconstruction
Firing direction system for a rocket launcher
Metal detector and its test procedure
Cannelured frangible cartridge and method of canneluring a frangible projectible
Sorption cooling systems, their use in automotive cooling applications and methods relating to the s...
Method of generating an inspection program and method of generating a visual display
Control apparatus and method for vehicle
Electric power plant general control system
Combination stylet and straightening coating for a cochlear implant electrode array
Reinforced sensing and stimulation leads and use in detection systems
Multi-site cardiac stimulation device and method for detecting retrograde conduction
Anti-bradycardia pacing for a subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Compound material analyte sensor
Miniature condenser microphone and fabrication method therefor
MEMS directional sensor system
Diode pumped alkali-molecular lasers and amplifiers
Well bore communication pulser
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus and method of producing the same
Method for operating an electrical writable and erasable memory cell and a memory device for electri...
Programmable microelectronic devices and methods of forming and programming same
System for storing streaming information in a circular buffer by using padding block containing non-...
Method and system for providing transparent mobility support
System and method for a snapshot query during database recovery
System and method for cardinality estimation based on query execution feedback
Electronic mail replies with speech recognition
Techniques for measurement of perceptual audio quality
Wireless transmission interference avoidance on a device capable of carrying out wireless network co...
Method and apparatus for scale independent cusp detection
Systems and methods for updating a frame buffer based on arbitrary graphics calls
Integration of three dimensional scene hierarchy into two dimensional compositing system
Two-handed computer input device with orientation sensor
Image for a portion of a display screen
System and method for processing currency and identification cards in a document processing device
Chain reaction game
Concave part cover
Method of manufacturing laminated seamless belt and laminated seamless belt
Method and device for producing plastic profiles
Flexible surface lighting system
Tape manufacturing system
Micro-resonator based optical sensor
Tert-alkylphenoxy-substituted polycyclic compounds
Solvent-containing compositions based on polychloroprene
Epoxy resin compositions, solid state devices encapsulated therewith and method
Photopatternable molecular circuitry
Rapid, thermally cured, back side mar resistant and antireflective coating for ophthalmic lenses
JAVA DSP acceleration by byte-code optimization
Method for upgrading software components without system shutdown
Automated repartitioning of hardware and software components in an embedded system
Method and apparatus for supporting error handling in a web presentation architecture
Method and apparatus for diagnosis and repair of computer devices and device drivers
Room temperature fast-curable saturated hydrocarbon polymer composition and double-glazed glass pane
Thin-film battery having ultra-thin electrolyte
Water well pump
Luxury recreational vehicle
Method and apparatus for solar collector with integral stagnation temperature control
Vehicle air conditioner
Integrated circuit with parameter measurement
Reordering of compressed data
Configurable switch with selectable level shifting
Fluid test machine, methods and systems
Test method for assessing irritation of skin
Compliant hard template for UV imprinting
Imprint lithography template having opaque alignment marks
Low-level light detector and low-level light imaging apparatus
Method for surface treatment of implants or prosthesis made of titanium or other materials
Method for inserting improved bone tendon bone assembly with allograft bone block
Dental tool with shear pin handle
Thrombin inhibitors
Protective throat screen for dentistry
Microendodontics ultrasonic surgical dental tool having water port and method of making same
System and method for positioning teeth
Implant fixation device
Impression post and temporary abutment and method of making dental restoration
Driver for an internally driven dental implant
Spectroscopic monitoring of resin-application prior to assembly of composite wood veneer product
Compositions and devices for thermooptically controlled switching and filtering
Micro-spectroscopic measuring device and micro-chemical system
Bonding method and apparatus
System and method for mounting a component in a computer system
Chassis conducted cooling thermal dissipation apparatus for servers
Backside cooling apparatus for modular platforms
Data center cooling system
System structure and fan module thereof
Heat exchanger, in particular charge-air cooler
Plate-shaped heating panel in which connecting members are fastened by bolts and nuts
Variable oil cooler tube size for combo cooler
Apparatus for cooling metal tubes
Systems for improved heat exchanger
Heat sink with angled heat pipe
Heat pipe evaporator with porous valve
Support structure of heat-pipe multi-layer wick structure
Heat sink for an electronic device
Liquid cooling device
Cooling of molds
Flat-tube evaporator with micro-distributor
Built-in type refrigerator
Signal quality monitoring and control for a medical device system
Process for the preparation of amino acids useful in the preparation of peptide receptor modulators
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Pirazino(aza)indole derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds
Indole derivatives for the treatment of depression and anxiety
Phenyl-piperazine derivatives as serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase I
Exercise method and apparatus
Exercise apparatus
Collapsible resistance exercise device
High density rubber compounds
Office gym exercise kit
Multi-configurable exercise device
Apparatus and methods for abdominal muscle and gluteal muscle exercise
Variable radius flexibility apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Rowing machine with elliptical seat motion
Prone fly exercise apparatus
Continuously variable transmission
Ball chair
Heart rate monitor
Continuously variable transmission
Method of analyzing entrained liquid in a vapor containing fluid
Alcohol base mixture for perfumed preparations
Treatment of wounds
Halogenated solvent remediation
Arrangement and a method for milking of animals
Composition for the treatment of burns, sunburns, abrasions, ulcers and cutaneous irritation
Methods for treating an animal for low milk production
Method and apparatus incorporating adaptive datalink framing for message communication
Underwater acoustic generator using pulse engine and gas disperser
Subband method and apparatus for determining speech pauses adapting to background noise variation
Low bit-rate coding of unvoiced segments of speech
Deriving seed values to generate excitation values in a speech coder
Two-wire controlling and monitoring system for irrigation of localized areas of soil
Aircraft wireless communication system and method
Constructing well structures for hybrid optical waveguides
Etched plate alignment method and apparatus
Signal quality estimation for continuous phase modulation
Apparatus for measuring signal-to-interference ration in multiple antenna high data rate packet tran...
Method and apparatus to provide desired quality-of-service levels to multiple communication services
Method for carrying out handoff between macrocell and microcell in hierarchical cell structure
Image pickup apparatus having a plurality of CCDs, charge detecting circuits, and A/D conversion cir...
Multi-bit ADC with sigma-delta modulation
Auto scanning ADC for DPWM
Powering down of DAC and ADC for receive/transmit modes of operation in a wireless device
Image forming method by using thermal dye transfer system
Metal oxide coating
Heat transfer recording medium and printed product
Thermal print assembly
Direct thermographic materials with phenolic reducing agents
Thermosensitive recording material
Conductive primer composition for ambient cure
Method to amplify variable sequences without imposing primer sequences
Primer extension methods for production of high specific activity nucleic acid probes
Magnetic transducer, thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Spin valve sensor having one of two AP pinned layers made of cobalt
Head stack assembly with insulated wiring extending between actuator coil and actuator main body sec...
Magnetic head apparatus having magnetic head slider and magnetic disk apparatus equipped with magnet...
Recording media cartridge having a memory accessible from multiple directions
Perpendicular magnetic recording head and perpendicular magnetic recording and reproducing system
Actuator assembly including an actuator body damping assembly
Tape library
Data cartridge library including a magazine, a picker, an elevator, and a grasper
Disk drive with adaptive control of periodic disturbances
Multi-stage actuator disk drives, methods, and computer program products that compensate for repeata...
Reducing spiral write time and clock track drift while writing spiral reference patterns to a disk o...
Apparatus and method for unlatching a head within a data storage device
Velocity controlled disk drive head retraction after power loss
Recording apparatus server apparatus recording method program and storage medium
Method for constrained implementation of variable data TPI
Data tape storage cartridge with removable panel mounted transponder
Data storage apparatus and control method thereof with compensation
Rotating storage media control loops having adaptive feed forward insertion of signals including har...
Adapting compensation for repeatable runout of sectors based on tracked sector adaptation status
Cluster-based defect detection testing for disk drives
Method and apparatus for writing spiral servo information by modifying existing servo track writing ...
Flex circuit assembly with an integrated circuit device attached to a base film with an underfill po...
Layered thin-film media for perpendicular magnetic recording
High density longitudinal recording media
Method and apparatus for generating high quality real random numbers using a disk drive
Method and apparatus for providing multi-point position demodulation of a read head when using spira...
Disk drive employing data averaging techniques during retry operations to facilitate data recovery
Servo writing substantially linear servo wedges to reduce overwrite effect in perpendicular magnetic...
Method of making narrow track width magnetoresistive sensor
Benzene acetamide compounds useful as serine protease inhibitors
Carboxypeptidase R inhibiting peptide
Saponin-decomposing enzyme, gene thereof and large-scale production system for producing soyasapogen...
Diagnostic assay for stroke
Crystal forms of atorvastatin hemi-calcium and processes for their preparation as well as novel proc...
Drug-eluting stent and methods of making the same
Dihydropyrrolo[1,2-a]indole and tetrahydropyrido[1,2-a]-indole derivatives as prostaglandin d2 recep...