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Systems, methods and computer program products for communicating amber alerts to a mobile workforce
Information processing device, item display method, program storage medium
Noise light elimination method, noise light elimination apparatus and optical transmission system, u...
Methods and systems for chromatic dispersion compensation in switched grating WDM devices
Apparatus and method for generating optical carrier for microwave and millimeterwave photonics syste...
Lens guide apparatus
Lens-attached light-emitting element
Light apparatus of an optical mouse with an aperture stop and the light projection method thereof
Films for optical use and methods of making such films
Optical system for laser riflescope
Lens barrel assembly having outer and inner barrels
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Zoom lens system
Variable focus liquid lens
Auto-focusing optical system for camera module
Projection lens apparatus and projection type image display apparatus
Method of manufacturing microlens substrate, and microlens exposure optical system
Optical lens, condenser lens, optical pickup, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Guided resonance dielectric filter systems
Diffraction element and optical device
Optical attenuator
Optical material adhesive, film including optical material and projection screen including film
Automatic multi-language phonetic transcribing system
Analog-to-digital converter
Method and test chamber for accelerated aging of materials and bonds subject to corrosion related de...
Miniature particle and vapor collector
Microparticles with multiple fluorescent signals and methods of using same
Method of producing thin film bulk acoustic resonator
Managing stock available to on-line and in-person shoppers
Notifying program and detailed statement display method
Automated entitlement verification for delivery of licensed software
Apparatus and accompanying methods for network distribution and interstitial rendering of informatio...
Digital certificates
Pluggable hub system for enterprise wide electronic collaboration
System and method for interactive secure dialog between card holder and issuer
Remote postage meter resetting system having rebate generating capabilities
System and method for installing personal computer software
Cash dispensing method for self-service facility such as motor fuel dispensing facility
Controlled entertainment spending account
Method and apparatus for a verifiable on line rejection of an applicant for credit
Electronic cash eliminating payment risk
Method for maintaining an absolute risk level for an investment portfolio
Trading party profiles in system for facilitating trade processing and trade management
Method for automated print ordering utilizing the internet
Laser range finder closed-loop pointing technology of relative navigation, attitude determination, p...
Prioritized test procedure and step display using statistical feedback
Narrow band chaotic frequency shift keying
System and method for providing time to a satellite positioning system (SPS) receiver from a network...
Device and method for calibrating and improving the accuracy of barometric altimeters with GPS-deriv...
Method and apparatus for detecting moisture in building materials
Wireless sensor unit
Vehicle management system
Component with mechanical connector, in particular a display apparatus with organic light-emitting d...
Power supply unit, generator, and wind turbine generator
Grouped capacitive element
Method of making diode structures
Method of using a germanium layer transfer to Si for photovoltaic applications and heterostructure m...
Semiconductor laser device with antimony and crystal growth method
Transistor with variable electron affinity gate
Semiconductor device having an impurity gradient in the impurity regions and method of manufacture
Structures with planar strained layers
Detection lamp equipped with light-emitting diode
Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion device
Alternating current solar power apparatus
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
Program information providing apparatus and method, program recording preset system and method, and ...
Information processing device for processing information based on a status monitoring program and me...
Transmitting/receiving apparatus and a transmitting/receiving method
Method of searching-by-number and device including search-by-number feature
Robot apparatus
Wireless transmission system
Photoelectronic device and production method of the same
Image coding device and coding method of same
Two-dimensional code recognition processing method, two-dimensional code recognition processing appa...
Method and system for predictive table look-up code length of variable length code
Content data encryption methodology, medium and apparatus for recording/reproducing content
Magnetic memory device and recording control method for magnetic memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory apparatus and method of producing the same
Data reading method, data writing method, and semiconductor memory device
Ultra Fast Backup (UFB) track concept and method for recording same
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Exercise apparatus
Table bowling game
Flexible coiled lasso toy
Gyrating toy
Connecting toy
Bobble head and container
Projectile retrieval system
Poker game with required dealer discard
Scrambled word game
Cubic assembly puzzle and support structure
Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for relea...
Collapsible shade structure
Dartboard positioning device and method
Remote control with ventilation holes
Roller for balancing devices
Sports training target system
Sports training device and method of using the same
Automated web-based targeted advertising with quotas
System and method of facilitating and evaluating user thinking about an arbitrary problem
Method of generating a test suite
Method and a system for calculating the values of the neurons of a neural network
Method for changing CPU frequency under control of neural network
Current-mode digital programmable neural fuzzy classifier
Fish and the production thereof
System for improving cardiac function
Drug elution for implantable incontinence devices
Methods for treating pain using smooth muscle modulators and a2 subunit calcium channel modulators
Method for the treatment of Pompe disease using 1-deoxynojirimycin and derivatives
Selective serotonin 2A/2C receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Selective serotonin 2A/2C receptor inverse agonists as therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Amidino compounds as cysteine protease inhibitors
Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Phosphorus-containing compounds & uses thereof
Use of huperzine for disorders
Use of huperzine for neuropathic pain
Methods for the treatment of ocular and neurodegenerative conditions in a mammal
Phosphorus-containing macrocycles
Mild foaming cleansing composition
Methods and systems relating to embryonic stem cell lines
Diagnostics and therapeutics for macular degeneration-related disorders
Methods for polymorphism identification and profiling
Breeding and milking cows for milk free of beta-casein A1
Intestinal sleeve
Devices, systems and methods for retracting, lifting, compressing, supporting or repositioning tissu...
Probe device for electrical stimulation and recording of the activity of excitable cells
Treatment of cellulite with mid-infrared radiation
Intra-Luminal Device for Gastrointestinal Electrical Stimulation
Spinal Decompression Method Using Tissue Retraction
Medical device for changing the shape of hollow organs in the human body
Gastric restrictor assembly and method of use
Gastric restrictor assembly and method of use
Gastric restrictor assembly and method of use
Method for altering insulin pharmacokinetics
Systems and methods for monitoring pharmacological parameters
Point-of-care fluidic systems and uses thereof
Systems and methods for conducting animal studies
Fluidic medical devices and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for improving performance of noninvasive analyte property estimation
Endoluminal treatment method and associated surgical assembly including tissue occlusion device
Extragastric minimally invasive methods and devices to treat obesity
Ferrofluidic cooling and acoustical noise reduction in magnetic stimulators
Concrete stamping apparatus
Highly componentized system architecture with a demand-loading namespace and programming model
Strategic technology architecture roadmap
Notification services within a unified communications service
Method for using self-help technology to deliver remote enterprise support
Method and apparatus for locking multiple semaphores
Method and system for allocating system resources among applications using weights
Method and apparatus for optimizing performance in a multi-processing system
Capping processor utilization
Software installation for hardware devices
Methods and arrangements for managing devices
System and method for merging control flow paths
Method and apparatus for precision optimization in compiled programs
Configuration description language value management method and system
Method and apparatus for prefetching memory pages during execution of a computer program
XML data encoding and decoding
System and method for measuring code segment performance
Verifying a program version
Hyperbolic tree space display of computer system monitoring and analysis data
Concurrent viewing of a video programming and of text communications concerning the video programmin...
Method and apparatus for globalization testing computer software
Fluorous 2,2'-bipyridines and fluorinated biphasic sysems for ligand design
Fluorous labeling for selective processing of biologically-derived samples
Plant 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase
Regulatory regions from Papaveraceae
pH dependent ion exchange material capable of selectively binding to nucleic acids in comparison wit...
Methods of isolating and amplifying nucleic acids using silanized solid support
Plasmodium falciparum AMA-1 protein and uses thereof
Cytokine polypeptides and nucleic acids
Compositions and methods for targeting cancer cells
Polypeptides and methods for making the same
Modulation of apolipoprotein c-III expression
Pancreatic islet transcription factor and uses thereof
Livin-specific sirnas for the treatment of therapy-resistant tumors
Protein complexes of the tip60 transcriptional activator protein
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of rna-dependent rna viral polymerase
Bifunctional heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using same
Glyphosate resistant plants using hybrid promoter constructs
Enoyl-ACP reductases
Transcriptional factor enhancing the resistance of plants to osmotic stress
Nucleic acid sequences to proteins involved in tocopherol synthesis
Thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Method for preparing alkali and heat stable polyols
Enzymatic DNA molecules
Genes coding carbon metabolism and energy-producing proteins
Genes coding for metabolic pathway proteins
Nucleic acids encoding novel proteins in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug activated gene with anti-tumorigenic properties
Genes encoding a nystatin polyketide synthase and their manipulation and utility
Starch encapsulation
Single stranded oligonucleotides, probes, primers and method for detecting spirochetes
Process for the preparation of glucosamine salts
Intra-tumoral administration of IL-12 encoding nucleic acid molecules
RIEG compositions and therapeutic and diagnostic uses therefor
Solely pollen-specific promoter
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences for ATP-binding cassette transporter and methods of screening ...
Method and system for authentificating a disc
Novel biologically active lasonolide compounds
Anti-obesity agent
Quinine dosage forms and methods of use thereof
6-Halogeno-[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines for combating animal pests
In vitro model for priocidal activity
Hydroxyl radical modification of carbohydrates
Methods for coffee cherry products
Low-mycotoxin coffee cherry products
Low carbohydrate pudding
Ingredient for grilled food item and method of preparation
Rolled sheet of cookie dough
Flour composition with increased total dietary fiber, process of making, and uses thereof
Absorbent material for use in humid conditions
Apparatus and method for cooking dehydrated powdered food
Process for baking a food product
Method for enriching -aminobutyric acid and cereal obtained by the method
Pressure relief valve with stiff support
Image display device and displaying method
Radio communication method, base station and mobile station
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Image processing system
Image processing apparatus
System and process for generating high dynamic range images from multiple exposures of a moving scen...
Image processing method and image apparatus, and image forming apparatus, program, and storage mediu...
Image display system
Image distortion correcting apparatus and method thereof
Laser projection system
Television control device
Transport stream and channel selection system for digital video receiver systems and associated meth...
Self compensating video data amplifier and driver for broadcast data receiver
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures for improving picture quality for subsequent disp...
Image processing apparatus and method for displaying picture-in-picture with frame rate conversion
Video input processor in multi-format video compression system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video streams
Interpolating a pixel from an intermediate line of a field
Video signal processing apparatus and method, video display apparatus
Intra-service number portability in wireless network
Method and apparatus for improved paging receiver and system
Telephone personal information manager
Method and system for multi-network authorization and authentication
Method and apparatus for suspending or adjusting billing charge for usage of electrically powered de...
Portable radiotelephone and radiocommunication system including such a radiotelephone
Smart secretary for routing call objects in a telephony network
Self operating opening mechanism for use in hand-held electronic device
Method and apparatus for accessing a wide area network
Method and apparatus for selectively disabling a communication device
Method and apparatus for accessing a wide area network
Automatic gain control for an adaptive finite impulse response and method therefore
Constrained keyboard disambiguation using voice recognition
Intelligent multimode message alerts
Providing menu and other services for an information processing system using a telephone or other au...
Global directory service with intelligent dialing
Method and system for distributing outbound telephone calls
Method and apparatus for interactive voice processing with visual monitoring channel
System and method for adapting remote access telephony networks to national deviations
Directory assistance method and apparatus
Integrated analytical biochip and manufacturing method thereof
Rice cultivar designated `Cheniere`
Plants and seeds of corn variety I450436
Microbial .beta.-Glucuronidase genes, gene production and uses thereof
Multiple cytokine protein complexes
Method for enhancing mutant enzyme activities in Gaucher disease
Method, system and program product for viewing and manipulating graphical objects representing hiera...
Solid state orientation sensor with 360 degree measurement capability
Technique for effectively providing services to vehicles
Enhanced X-ray imaging system and method
Method and system for communicating with a printer
Image generation system and program
Monitoring and analysis of data in cyberspace
Angular velocity sensor
Video distribution system using dynamic segmenting of video data files
Application infa operating system
Method and apparatus for enhancing electronic reading by identifying relationships between sections ...
Simple types in XML schema complex types
Preservation of intent of a volume creator with a logical volume
Remote copy system
Remote copy system
Data storage using identifiers
Data seek technique
System and method for optimizing the data transfer between mirrored databases stored on both a clien...
Content collection
Methods and systems for interchanging documents between a sender computer, a server and a receiver c...
System and method for exacting a system resource access cost
Standardized method and apparatus for gathering device identification and/or configuration informati...
Graphical user interface and method for customer centric network management
Method and apparatus for remote audiovisual signal recording service
Method and apparatus for reformatting of content for display on interactive television
Method and apparatus for network address translation integration with internet protocol security
System and method for measuring round trip times in a network using a TCP packet
System and method for protecting a TCP connection serving system from high-volume of TCP connection ...
Providing a presentation on a network having a plurality of synchronized media types
Event-driven information display system and event-driven information display method
System for providing internet-related services in response to a handheld device that is not required...
Method and system for publishing an electronic file attached to an electronic mail message
Method and apparatus for security protocol and address translation integration
Magazine automatic editing system
System for creating and maintaining a database of information utilizing user opinions
Method, system and apparatus for separately processing database queries
System and method for managing real estate
Video description system and method
Multi-media player having a rotatable panel
System and method for creating a distributed network architecture
Method and apparatus for retrieving multimedia data through spatio-temporal activity maps
System and method for improving communication between a switched network and a packet network
Data transmission system
Method and apparatus for transmitting packets
DVD multimedia player
Concrete block system for retaining walls
Catwalk device and method
Rod pulling and pushing machine for pipe bursting
Method of treating municipal solid waste
Metal complexes of alpha amino dicarboxylic acids
Immunoassay and reagents and kits for performing the same
Watery rice gruel and production method thereof
High oleic/high stearic sunflower oils
Baby-food compositions enhancing visual acuity and methods therefor
Oil/fat powder
Microwave cooking tray with multiple floor patterns
Microwave cooking package with non-stick absorbing pad
Process for producing cinnamaldehyde derivatives, use thereof and the like
Method for obtaining a TGF-beta enriched protein fraction in activated form, protein fraction and th...
Production of pectin from soybeans
Apparatus and method for removal of seed pericarp
Ultrasonically activated continuous slitter apparatus and method
Method of treating and preparing food in a cooking device, control panel for a cooking device and co...
Puffed starch snack product
Packaging film having permeable patch covering an opening in the film and package made therefrom
Food formulations
Automatic self cleaning bladder relief and hydration system
Intermetallic material and use of this material
Filter assembly with noise attenuation
Method and apparatus for appliance host supported network-based application delivery
Inertial position target measuring systems and methods
Device for lashing down rotorcraft blades
System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle
Inflatable wing with manifold
Vehicular brake force control apparatus and method
Electric power steering control device
Driver control input device for drive-by-wire system
Automatic steering system and method
Automobile anti-theft device
Automobile controller using biological information, and system and method which use the automobile c...
System and method for enabling the real time buying and selling of electricity generated by fuel cel...
Electronic control system for skid steer loader controls
Milling machine with re-entering back wheels
Light-weight snowmobile seat
Hood structure for vehicle
Linkage for a driver's cab
Method for triggering restraining means in a motor vehicle
Foldable bicycle
Coupling for a steer-by-wire steering system
Triggering unit
Snowmobile equipped with a four-cycle engine and intake structure for snowmobile engines
Supplemental air cleaner for an all-terrain vehicle, and all-terrain vehicle incorporating same
Power splitting vehicle drive system
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Apparatus for determining performance-indicating numbers in sports games, particularly in ice-hockey
Video game apparatus, image processing method and program
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and process for purifying exhaust gas by use of the catalyst
Preparation of molecular sieves involving spray drying
Internally circulating fluidized bed membrane reactor system
Method of removing residual active oxy-hydrogens
Graphite material for negative pole of lithium secondary battery, method of manufacturing the graphi...
Method for calcium nitride synthesis
Light-duty diesel catalysts
Method for eliminating heavy metals contained in sludge
Electrodes useful for molten salt electrolysis of aluminum oxide to aluminum
Material for a dimensionally stable anode for the electrowinning of aluminum
Erosion resistant coatings and methods thereof
Hydrated lime kiln dust recirculation method for gas scrubbing
Multi-carbide material manufacture and use as grinding media
Urea based composition and system for same
Storing apparatus and storing method for music data
Method of producing electric guitar body
Hammer keyboard system and chassis
Action part for piano
Method of providing Karaoke service to mobile terminals using a wireless connection between the mobi...
Brace rotating mechanism
Method and apparatus for transmitting acknowledgement signals
Method for object selection
Single chip wireless communication integrated circuit
Mobile communications network system, mobile terminal, and paging method
Apparatus and method for automatically muting restricted electronic devices in restricted areas
System and method for providing position information of mobile communication terminal
Virtual image eliminating apparatus and method at the time when position of radio wave transmitting ...
Mobile communications in a hierarchical cell structure
Mobile radio communication system and method of registering position therein
Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
Radio estimation method of a mobile station velocity
Crest factor reduction and amplitude pre-distortion for multi-carrier signals
Structural arrangement for a radio communication terminal incorporating a loudspeaker and an earpiec...
Method and apparatus for enabling dual control head operation of a mobile radio transceiver
Antenna device with a first and second antenna
Package device for accommodating a radio frequency circuit
Radio frequency transmitting and receiving module and array of such modules
Systems and methods for reducing radio receiver interference from an on-board avionics transmitter
Portable telephone
Methods and systems of producing monoolefins by the extraction-hydrogenation of highly unsaturated h...
Decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide
Decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide
N'-substituted N-acylamidine metal transition complexes and their use as catalysts
Process for producing dihydroxy compounds using upflow reactor system
Non-conjugated cyclic diene, non-conjugated cyclic diene composition and method of producing polymer...
Fuel reformer
Blending of low viscosity Fischer-Tropsch base oils and Fischer-Tropsch derived bottoms or bright st...
Fuel for fuel cell system
Recovery of palm phytonutrients
Catalyst fines handling process
Aromatics alkylation process
Directed assembly of three-dimensional structures with micron-scale features
Compositions and methods for the induction of retinal detachments
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibito...
Nonsedating .alpha.-2 agonists
Heterocyclecarbonyl amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamide retroviral protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutical formulations
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as PDE4 inhibitors
Pyrazole derivatives
Antiviral pyrazolopyridine compounds
Substituted quinobenzoxazine analogs
CRFR2 selective ligands
Altered recombinases for genome modification
Isolated nucleic acids encoding cyclic nucleotide-gated cation channel subunit 3B (CNG3B) polypeptid...
Streptococcus pneumoniae polynucleotides and sequences
COX1-interacting proteins and use thereof
Corrugated fork sheath
Hand truck
Dolly for bucket
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Trash receptacle
Dish rack
Hose coupling device for a vacuum cleaner with releasable push button locks
Cleaning attachment for a pressure washer
Floor cleaning pad
Vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner
Pressure washer
Laundry appliance
Driving part structure of drum washing machine
Top portion of a welding helmet
Chest protector
Cosmetic powder puff
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Printing method and apparatus having improved job security function, and computer program product ex...
System and method for delivering encrypted information in a communication network using location ide...
User authentication system and method
Device authentication management system
Method and system for masking speech
Technique for secure wireless LAN access
Method and apparatus for secure communications using third-party key provider
Sequence generator and method of generating a pseudo random sequence
Method of confirming a secure key exchange
Method for the cryptographic conversion of L-bit input blocks of digital data into L-bit output bloc...
Method and system for transmitting sensitive information over a network
Methods and apparatus for implementing a cryptography engine
Space-efficient, side-channel attack resistant table lookups
Circuit for generating hash values
Apparatus and method for generating expression data for finite field operation
System for securing messages recorded in an IP telephony network
Method and system for enhancing network security using a multilateral authorization mechanism
Microprocessor using asynchronous public key decryption processing
Process for playing the billiard game of 5-Ball
Management of player information in a multiplayer network game environment
External interfaces for a 3D graphics system
Balloon bursting game
Modular bullet trap cover
Three-dimensional archery target with multiple vital target areas
Washer game with an upright tube
Game with play structure and projectile
No-crap craps: crapless craps done right
Multi-use and decorative bathing implement
Method and apparatus for monitoring drug effects on cardiac electrical signals using an implantable ...
Water soluble multi-biotin-containing compounds
Human monoclonal antibodies to interleukin-5
Mosquito arrestin 2 polypeptides
Wound and cutaneous injury healing with a nucleic acid encoding perlecan
Method of controlling animal pests and disinfecting inanimate surfaces
Prevention of hyperinsulinemia in subjects undergoing growth hormone (GH) treatment
Stabilization of pharmaceutical protein formulations with small peptides
Antimicrobial alkali-silicate glass ceramic and the use thereof
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing an ade...
Methods for making and delivering rho-antagonist tissue adhesive formulations to the injured mammali...
Chickweed bioherbicides
Candida kefyr cytosine deaminase
Biological control of crown gall disease
Diascia plant named `Dala Reeda`
Hosta plant named `Rainbow's End`
Lobelia plant named `Lob Bule`
Quercus virginiana tree named `K-1`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingwhit`
Petunia plant named `Petwiblv`
Anthurium plant named `Rijn200310`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Immipink`
Petunia plant named `Petrosve`
Angelonia plant named `Balangdaros`
Miniature rose plant `JENone`
Portulaca plant named `Balriorg`
Portulaca plant named `Balriorose`
Buffalograss plant name `MB`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrarose`
Sutera plant named `Sutcatrwhi`
Pelargonium plant named `Amri Dered`
Pelargonium plant named `Clips Litsaltwo`
Sutera plant named `Sutcabl`
Nectarine tree, `Brunectwentyone`
Grapevine `90-3618`
Resonance reduction arrangements
Streaming video bookmarks
High speed capture and averaging of serial data by asynchronous periodic sampling
System and method for multi processor memory testing
Storing immediate data of immediate instructions in a data table
Cache management in a mobile device
Method, system, and program for maintaining a directory for data written to a storage medium
Method and apparatus for performing packet classification for policy-based packet routing
Apparatus and method for viewing data processor bus transactions on address pins during memory idle ...
System, method and computer readable medium for certifying release of electronic information on an i...
Radio frequency coil assembly and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Methods and devices for medium manipulation using quantum spin
MRT imaging on the basis of conventional PPA reconstruction methods
Determination of spatial sensitivity profiles of rf coils in magnetic resonance imaging
Method for imaging diffusion anisotropy and diffusion gradient simultaneously
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance device with attachment means for attaching a gradient coil, attachment means
MRI apparatus and high-frequency coil for the same
RF receiving coil apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Miniaturized detection coil former for NMR spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance apparatus with displaceable C-arm mount for an additional gradient coil unit
Magnet system and magnetic resonance imaging system utilizing the magnet system
Magnetic resonance imaging system with a plurality of transmit coils
Matrix type-flat-panel display device having multi data lines and method for driving the same
Image display
OLED display device
Driving device and image display apparatus
Multi-layer cathode in organic light-emitting devices
Gas discharge lamp with downconversion phosphor
Selective polymer growth for memory cell fabrication
Organic semiconductor sensor device
Optical device
Light emitting device
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescent device based on 2,5-diaminoterephthalic acid derivatives
Glucose-dependent insulin-secreting cells transfected with a nucleotide sequence encoding GLP-1
Imaging of drug accumulation as a guide to antitumor therapy
Disk cartridge having a support portion to support the disk
Slim optical disc drive
Apparatus measuring system-on-a-chip efficiency and method thereof
Add-compare-select arithmetic unit for Viterbi decoder
Method and apparatus for enhancing the speed of a synchronous bus
Memory device for compensating for a clock skew causing a centering error and a method for compensat...
Hand held device having a browser application
Docking station for portable computer
Data synchronization system and method of operation
Periodic personalized media system, and associated method
Device and method for operating device for data analysis based on data associated with words
Method and system for an overlap-add technique for predictive decoding based on extrapolation of spe...
Controller interface with dynamic schedule display
Method and system for oversubscribing a pool of modems
Method and system for oversubscribing a DSL modem
Method and apparatus for detecting biomolecular interactions
Travelling wave amplifiers
Radiation hardening of logic circuitry using a cross enabled, interlocked logic system and method
Low magnetic signature motor system
Methods and materials for the production of organic products in cells of Candida species
Pushbutton lock
Tool for graphically defining dialog flows and for establishing operational links between speech app...
Communication link system based on user indicator
Transformation stylesheet editor
Method and system to validate periodically the visa of a foreign visitor during the visitor's in-cou...
X-ray diagnosis apparatus
System and method for defective detector cell and DAS channel correction
Radiation image storage panel
Detection of neutrons and heavy charged particles
Scintillator compositions, related processes, and articles of manufacture
Molecular photoresists containing nonpolymeric silsesquioxanes
Apparatus and method for measuring a property of a layer in a multilayered structure
Universal RT-coupled PCR method for the specific amplification of mRNA
Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
Photopolymerizable presensitized plate for use in making lithographic printing plate and method for ...
Mammography cushioning devices and methods
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with X-ray intensity control
Stationary computed tomography system and method
Computed tomography method
Method and system for enhanced imaging of a scattering medium
Method and composition for probing the body through the skin
Radiation image processing apparatus, image processing system, radiation image processing method, st...
Portable, digital X-ray apparatus for producing, storing, and displaying electronic radioscopic imag...
System and method for integrating electronic transcription systems
Energy efficient data acquisition system and a computer controlled on-line energy monitoring system ...
Reconfigurable, fault tolerant multiple-electrode cardiac lead systems
Biocompatible bonding method and electronics package suitable for implantation
Optical measurement instrument for living body
Visual imaging system for ultrasonic probe
Intermediate transferring belt and process for producing the same, image forming apparatus, and imag...
Image forming apparatus
LCD optical waveguide device
Methods and software for self-gating a set of images
Geometry matching for imaging medical apparatus
Single-ended planar-magnetic speaker
Silicon-based transducer for use in hearing instruments and listening devices
Model train controller interface device
Systems and methods for restoring critical data to computer long-term memory device controllers
Internal network device dynamic health monitoring
Method and apparatus for finding differences between two computer files efficiently in linear time a...
Method and apparatus for monitoring and maintaining the consistency of distributed documents
Optimization of server selection using euclidean analysis of search terms
Method and apparatus for transforming data
Generating rules to convert HTML tables to prose
Device for measuring strategy acquisition and method for measuring strategy acquisition
Computer-assisted method for calculating the temperature of a solid body
Cellular phone cordless home base unit
Flexible hybrid defect classification for semiconductor manufacturing
Device and method for measurement of electrical characteristics of tissue
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Acousto-optic tunable filter controller
Cranial remodeling device manufacturing system
Method of forming mirrors by surface transformation of empty spaces in solid state materials and str...
Semiconductor laser
Circuit for controlling an enabling time of an internal control signal according to an operating fre...
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Memory device and dissimilar capacitors formed on same substrate
DRAM constructions, memory arrays and semiconductor constructions
DRAM cell array and memory cell arrangement having vertical memory cells and methods for fabricating...
Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and production method therefor
Multi-wavelength light receiving element and method of fabricating same
Component mounter, service supplier, and service supplying method
Method for simulating the movement of particles
Semiconductor manufacturing device and semiconductor manufacturing method
Methods and apparatus for a MEMS varactor
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure, fabrication method thereof, and ...
Flexible multi-chip module and method of making the same
Apparatus for micro-electro mechanical system package
Flash preventing substrate and method for fabricating the same
Low noise semiconductor amplifier
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method there
Semiconductor structures and methods of fabricating semiconductor structures comprising hafnium oxid...
Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Process data management
Process command transfer from a wireless telecommunications device toward a nearby terminal
System and method for providing search capabilities and storing functions on a wireless access devic...
System for and method of selecting and presenting user customizable preferences
Method and apparatus for providing privacy of user identity and characteristics in a communication s...
System and method of sending chunks of data over wireless devices
Assessment of communication strengths of individuals from electronic messages
Method for the wireless defect elimination on a motor vehicle
Method and system for geographically verifying a wireless service customer
System and method for calibration of a wireless network
Method and system for predicting wireless communication system traffic
Method of determining transmission rate from a mobile station to a base station in a wireless commun...
Load leveling in mobile ad-hoc networks to support end-to-end delay reduction, QoS and energy leveli...
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
System, computer program product and method for managing documents
System and method for visualizing and navigating content in a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for sociological data mining
Receiver circuit for a communications terminal and method for processing signals in a receiver circu...
Quadrature receiver sampling architecture
Methods for quantifying the morphology and amplitude of cardiac action potential alternans
Method and apparatus for generating a twelve-lead ECG from fewer than ten electrodes
Modified branch metrics for processing soft decisions to account for phase noise impact on cluster v...
Side tones packets injection (STPI) for PAR reduction
Multiple-section bandpass filter for broadcast communications
Substituted oxadiazolidinediones
Cancer treatment method
Glucocorticoid receptor ligands for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Defibrillator test device and method
Electro-magnetophoresis display
Smooth muscle spasmolytic agents
Fluorinated dye stabilizers in fluorinated dielectric solvent
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Hetaryl-substituted heterocycles
Control of metabolism with human 2-oxoglutarate carrier
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and novel process for its manufacture
Methods and apparatuses for assembling elements onto a substrate
Liquid manufacturing processes for panel layer fabrication
System and methods for collaborative digital media development
Auxiliary data transmitted within a display's serialized data stream
Apparatus and method for secure field upgradability with unpredictable ciphertext
System and method for adding an instruction to an instruction set architecture
Method for supporting improved burst transfers on a coherent bus
Detection of dead regions during incremental collection
Systems, methods, and computer program products to reduce computer processing in grid cell size dete...
Method and apparatus for migrating file locks from one server to another
Printing cartridge incorporating print media and an internal feed mechanism
Sports equipment having a tubular structural member
Optically embossed sheet for a laminate and method of making
Multi-layer golf ball
Putter grip with improved vibration transmission to hands
Practice putting and ball retrieving device
Pharmacologically active strong acid solutions
Surface waveguide and method of manufacture
Electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress protection for magnetic heads
Latent fusion protein
Growth/differentiation factor of the TGF-.beta. family
Method for promoting regeneration of surface cartilage in a damaged joint using multi-layer covering
Bone tendon bone assembly with cylindrical allograft bone block
Method and apparatus for anisotropic etching
Production method of III nitride compound semiconductor and III nitride compound semiconductor eleme...
Airbag device
Brake hose
Light-emitting device
Light emitting device
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitrogen compound
Ventilation duct for vehicles
LED power supply device
Determining position without use of broadcast ephemeris information
GPS receiver
Corrosion and alkali-resistant compositions and methods for using the same
Coating compositions with modified particles and methods of using the same
Aminoplast crosslinkers derived from aromatic heterocycles containing nitrogen and powder coating co...
Ceramics comprising Al.sub.2O.sub.3, REO, ZrO.sub.2 and/or HfO.sub.2, and Nb.sub.2O.sub.5 and/or Ta....
Ceramics comprising Al.sub.2O.sub.3, Y.sub.2O.sub.3, ZrO.sub.2 and/or HfO.sub.2, and Nb.sub.2O.sub.5...
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Composite construction containing barrier layer
Process of simultaneously molding a plurality of shingles
Triple purpose lay-up tool
Bat with interchangeable handle and barrel
System and apparatus for improving safety and thrust from a hydro-drive device
Body structure for a vehicle particularly a passenger car
Duct insulation having condensate wicking
Removable in-mold degating insert
Adjusting device for a vehicle seat
Console for motor vehicles
Airbag support assembly for a vehicle instrument panel
Vibration damping device having stopper structure
Weight overload warning system
Engine idle speed control device
Multilayer optical recording medium with thickness ranges reducing interlayer cross-talk
Method and apparatus for pavement cross-slope measurement
Laser cutting method and apparatus for optical fibres or waveguides
Semiconductor laser element and optical data recording device
Laser driver circuit and system
Stack-type diode laser device
Tunable laser source and wavelength selection method thereof
High-power blue and green light laser generation from high-powered diode lasers
Optical information recording method, device, and recording medium with plural recording layers
Optical recording medium
Optical recording medium
Wavelength conversion method, wavelength conversion device, and laser beam machine
Electro-absorptive optical modulator module having monolithic integrated photo detector
Laser digitizer system for dental applications
Radar apparatus
Liquid crystal display module
Swim assist system and method
Snow shovel
Insole with a neuroma pad
Article of footwear with perforated covering and removable components
Gel insoles with lower heel and toe recesses having thin spring walls
High-heeled fashion shoe with comfort and performance enhancement features
Full bearing 3D cushioning system
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Medallion for shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Method of manufacturing a golf ball having one or more layers
Footwear upper
Method of making article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Footwear upper
In situ treatment process to remove metal contamination from groundwater
Gas injection for uniform composition reactively sputter-deposited thin films
Method of conforming a film to a surface
Virtual world internet web site using common and user-specific metrics
Ranking parser for a natural language processing system
Nuclear material detection apparatus and method
Gated electron emitter having supported gate
Night-day boresight with adjustable wedge-prism assembly
X-ray producing device with reduced shielding
Digital device for correcting the image formed on the screen of a cathode ray tube
Hand-held chargeable optoelectronic illuminating lamp
Electric actuator
Bolt launcher
Purposeful movement of human migratory cells away from an agent source
Cap feeding device for roofing guns
Protective articles
Gun holster
Unified data acquisition system and method
Pilot indicator for predicting changes in the monitoring parameters of a gas turbine engine
Machine fault information detection and reporting
Heart treatment equipment and method for preventing fatal arrhythmia
Catheter with contractable mapping assembly
Electronic apparatus having antenna board for radio communication
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Electrooptic device and production method therefor
Latching mechanism for magnetically actuated micro-electro-mechanical devices
Ferroelectric memory device, method of driving the same, and driver circuit
Data processing method and data processing apparatus
Computer controlled display device
Electrostatic chuck and production method therefor
Method and system for character sequence checking according to a selected language
Computer-readable data structure for efficient routing and translation of data
System and method for incremental and reversible data migration and feature deployment
Updating trusted root certificates on a client computer
Management information to object mapping
System and method for distributed caching using multicast replication
Automatic participant evaluation in computer mediated persistent conversations
Transmission control protocol
Well-known transactions in data replication
Systems and methods for automated maintenance and repair of database and file systems
Row sharing techniques for grid controls
Attaching services to commanding elements matching command binding if the matching binding is found ...
Method of treating microelectronic substrates
System and method for generating and distributing personalized media
Gaming device for a flat rate play session and a method of operating same
Gaming machine with reels and display device displaying characters thereon, reels being seen through...
Plasma display panel manufacturing method for manufacturing a plasma display panel with superior pic...
Label ledge for injection molded containers
Ethylene copolymer
Extrusion-coatable polyester film comprising poly(m-xyleneadipamide)
Method of forming ceramic articles
Stabilized foams including surface-modified organic molecules
Device including contacts
Efficient high-frequency energy coupling in radiation-assisted field emission
Aromatic compounds possessing antifungal or antibacterial activity
Compositions, kits, and methods relating to the human FEZ1 gene, a novel tumor suppressor gene
Multi-purpose optical analysis optical bio-disc for conducting assays and various reporting agents f...
Thermally developable materials with improved conductive layer
Polymer conductive composition containing zirconia for films and coatings with high wear resistance
Inhibitors of proteins that bind phosphorylated molecules
Durable charged particle coatings and materials
Fabrication of p-type group II-VI semiconductors
Use of liquid junction potentials for electrophoresis without applied voltage in a microfluidic chan...
Efficient evaluation of rules
Core template package for creating run-time reconfigurable cores
Dynamic creation of object classes
Asynchronous software update
Profile-guided data layout
Analyzing software behavior
Method of transforming software language constructs to functional hardware equivalents
Method and apparatus for timing characterization of integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for design verification with equivalency check
Graphical compare utility
Operator interface controls for creating a run-time operator interface application for a test execut...
Method of purifying vinyl polymer
Flat float glass
Method of fabricating a compound semiconductor thin-layer solar cell
Film substrate and its manufacturing method
Oxide sintered body and sputtering target, and manufacturing method for transparent conductive oxide...
Radiant panel
Plate-tube type heat exchanger
Method of clean burning and system for same
Reactor for solar processing of slightly-absorbing or transparent gases
Multi-service segmentation and reassembly device with a single data path that handles both cell and ...
High speed programmable counter
Position detector, position detecting method, and exposure apparatus having the same
Display device and driving method thereof
Apparatus and method for electroporation of biological samples
Communication control scheme using proxy device and security protocol in combination
Resource sharing among multiple RSVP sessions
Transmission path controlling apparatus and transmission path controlling method as well as medium h...
Packet data transfer method and packet data transfer apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
SCL type FPGA with multi-threshold transistors and method for forming same
Universal single-ended parallel bus
Plant transcriptional regulators
Cathepsin G (CTSG) Disruptions, Compositions and Methods Relating Thereto
Millisecond activation switch for seven-transmembrane proteins
Screening method with the use of TBK1 knockout mouse
Method of diagnosis of cancer based on gene expression profiles in cells
Implant cavity coating device
Porous ceramic structure containing biologics
Hip Prosthesis and the Use Thereof
Navigational markers in implants
Nucleus replacement securing device and method
Spinal disc annulus augmentation
Spinal disc annulus augmentation
Facet replacement
Interspinous process implant having deployable wing as an adjunct to spinal fusion and method of imp...
Device for connecting a longitudinal member to a bone
Self Fixing Assembled Bone-Tendon-Bone Graft
Coated implant system with improved adhesion of coating
Myringopexy type titanium prosthesis
Retinal prosthesis with side mounted inductive coil
Artificial heart valve
Degradable medical device
Method for cache management for positioning cache slot
Methods and apparatus for backing up a memory device
Computer program product memory access system
Apparatus and method for performing data access in accordance with memory access patterns
System and method of adaptively reconfiguring buffers
Method, apparatus and program for allocating storage area to virtual volume
Semiconductor memory card access apparatus, a computer-readable recording medium, an initialization ...
Intermediate descriptions of intent for storage allocation
Method and device for masking ringing in a DDR SDRAM
Method and apparatus of a smart decoding scheme for fast synchronous read in a memory system
Shared storage device and method for updating contents of the same
Chip protection register lock circuit in a flash memory device
Storage apparatus system and method of data backup
Methods and systems for improving mirror performance via optimized multi-channel utilization
Resynchronization of mirrored storage devices
Antibodies that immunospecifically bind to TRAIL receptors
Histone deacetylase inhibitors as immunosuppressants
Article of manufacture and method for disease treatment
Inhibition of hair growth with RNAi targeting desmoglein 4 and nude mRNAs
Novel pharmaceutical composition of interferon gamma or pirfenidone with molecular diagnostics for t...
Anti-cancer agents
Composition containing gamete or embryo and animal white yolk and the use thereof
Feline probiotic Lactobacilli
Self-tanning sponge applicator
Polyphenol-Enriched Composition from Cocoa Shell Extraction
Remedies for allergic diseases and process for producing the same
Morinda citrifolia-based formulation for inhibiting metastasis of carcinogenic cells
Morinda citrifolia as a 5-Lipoxygenase inhibitor
Processes for extracting phytochemicals from pomegranate solids and compositions and methods of use ...
Infiltration of capsaicin into surgical sites and open wounds
Isolation of a Dual Cox-2 and 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor from Acacia
Elicitor made from trigonella foenum graecum extracts for the treatment of plant pathogens, use ther...
Methods of inhibiting proliferation of cells
Food supplement for animals
Herbal composition and method of use for promoting erections and treating erectile dysfunction in me...
Formulations and methods of administration of cephalotaxines, including homoharringtonine
Structural carotenoid analogs for the inhibition and amelioration of disease
Modulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha expression
Antibody to a polypeptide overexpressed in tumors
Phenoxy substituted benzocondensed heteroaryl derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Pharmaceutical composition
Spiro-pentacyclic compounds
Method for chromatographic finger printing and standardization of single medicines and formulations
Lipoxygenase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome virus from pigs
S(+) desmethylselegiline and its use to treat narcolepsy
Treatment of HIV-associated dysmorphia/dysmetabolic syndrome (HADDS) with or without lipodystrophy
Interferon .beta. variants and conjugates
Surface wave radar
Combined degassing and flotation tank
Hydrofoil surfing board
Contoured rudder maneuvering of waterjet propelled sea craft
Retractable windshield and collapsible console
Underdeck pontoon lift system
Apparatus and method for installation of subsea well completion systems
Cover attachment system
Portable watercraft
Outboard skeg
Water craft inflatable fender system
Carrier for personal watercraft
Anchor system
Trim tab shape control system
Low drag ship hull
Surface topography for non-toxic bioadhesion control
Boat fender mounting device
Water jet drive for marine vehicles
Synthetic method for conducting polymer nanofibers
Boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond
Ultrathin, conformal polymer coatings as separators at nanostructured metal oxides used for energy s...
Multi-layer nanoshells comprising a metallic or conducting shell
Process for producing single wall nanotubes using unsupported metal catalysts and single wall nanotu...
Synthesis of branched carbon nanotubes
Two stage nanofiltration seawater desalination system
Flow synthesis of quantum dot nanocrystals
Process for producing materials reinforced with nanoparticles and articles formed thereby
Individually electrically addressable carbon nanofibers on insulating substrates
Focusing device
Image processor, image signal generating method, information recording medium, and image processing ...
Projector and exposure adjustment method
Interface unit, lithographic projection apparatus comprising such an interface unit and a device man...
Exposure control method for digital camera
Method and apparatus for image processing
Foldable mobile terminal device
Carbonaceous waste treatment method using ozone
Water based ink
Reduction of surface tension, interfacial tension, and critical micelle concentration using a protei...
Cleaning solution for substrate for semiconductor device and cleaning method
Base sequence for control probe and method of designing the same
Novel electrode with switchable and tunable power output and fuel cell using such electrode
Fuel cells
Fluorinated nanodiamond as a precursor for solid substrate surface coating using wet chemistry
Ink for ink-jet recording, ink set, and ink-jet recording method
Water-based ink set for ink-jet recording
Transistor, circuit board, display and electronic equipment
Portable water filtration device
Apparatus and method for electrodeionization
Method and apparatus for cleaning and drying substrates