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Disc-shaped recording medium, manufacturing method thereof, and disc drive device
Content addressable memory circuit with improved memory cell stability
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of a material
Scatterometry for samples with non-uniform edges
Distance measuring method, distance measuring device using same, and distance measuring structure us...
Organ wall analysis with ray-casting
Rendering for coronary visualization
Method for magnetic resonance imaging with correction for fluctuations in the tramsission field stre...
Method and system for performing image reconstruction in a magnetic resonance imaging system
ERAAP modulators regulate immune responses
Use of endophytic fungi to treat plants
Methods of polyvalent bacteriophage preparation for the treatment of bacterial infections
Diagnostic agents for pancreatic exocrine function
Method of uniformly fixing toner to recording medium in image forming apparatus
Flame retardant crosslinkable compositions and articles
Device and method for editing processed data input
Abrasive component for a cleaning agent in a cleaning product intended for use on delicate surfaces,...
Transparent thin film antenna
Method for providing reliable soft goods license authorization
Mechanical seal
Plasma display panel
Product selection over a communication network
Trash cart
Ascension/descension apparatus and method
Device comprising low outgassing photo or electron beam cured rubbery polymer material
Agent delivery systems
Arrayed biomolecules and their use in sequencing
Method and probe set for detecting cancer
Ribonucleases and methods of making them recombinantly
Caption data delivery apparatus and methods
Remote enclosure systems and methods of production thereof
Vehicle anti-theft system and method, and application of this system for managing a fleet of vehicle...
Radio frequency plasma display panel and fabricating method thereof and driving apparatus therefor
Bias compensation circuit for RF power amplifier
Transistor biasing independent of inductor voltage drop
Systems and methods for tracking pharmaceuticals within a facility
Wireless communication system and transmission power control method therefor
Method and apparatus for transmitting packet by using indirect acknowledgement timer in wired/wirele...
Twin-substrate wireless electronic module and method for making the same
Antenna device for portable wireless terminal
Antenna structures and their use in wireless communication devices
Vehicle steering wheel lock with a burglar-proof alarm device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
Bandwidth-efficient wireless network modem
Wireless communication deinterleaver using multi-phase logic and cascaded deinterleaving
Anti-reflection film, method for producing the same, and image display device
Electro-optical device with a gap of the light shielding layer being in a non-overlapping condition ...
Package for electronic device, base substrate, electronic device and fabrication method thereof
Miniature hydro-power generation system
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Borderless contact structures
Solid-state imaging device, method of producing the same, and camera
Semiconductor device having pixels
Method and apparatus for modeling and real-time rendering of surface detail
Calibration of a device location measurement system that utilizes wireless signal strengths
Electronic packaging for optical emitters and sensors
Portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Timestamping in databases
Image for a display screen
Method and apparatus for unsupervised training of natural language processing units
Animated graphical user interface for a display screen
Solid-state memory device that emulates a known storage device
Portion of a keyboard
Electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Multi-stage vacuum distilling, cooling and freezing processes and apparatuses for solution separatio...
Technique for implementing item substitution for unavailable items relating to a customer order
System for deducting and adding a percentage of a customer's purchase amount to a jackpot
Method and system for fraud detection
Assays, antibodies, and standards for detection of oxidized and MDA-modified low density lipoprotein...
Thoracic aneurysm repair prosthesis and system
Method for anchoring a medical device between tissue
Optical communication system, method for supplying pump light, and distributed Raman amplifying appa...
Pre-polymerized catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
Undergarment with pocket
Football hat
Basketball hat
Slippage prevention apparatus of belt-drive continuously variable transmission for automotive vehicl...
Fuel cell system comprising an absorbent tank for removing residue therein
Human powered watercraft
Multi-functional cargo bed assembly
Folding bicycle
Bicycle side chair apparatus
Truck assembly for a skateboard, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Snow sled with dual-mode braking system
Sealing apparatus with encoder
Non-pneumatic tire
Bicycle brake operating device
Dual-level bicycle rack
Hand-held drill leverage unit
Revolving ornamentation for wheel
Carbonization of cellulosic fibrous materials in the presence of an organosilicon compound
Method of producing charcoal, conditioned fuel gas and potassium from biomass
Piezoelectric element, liquid ejection head and process for manufacturing them
Correlation interferometer geolocation
Fastener tab for an absorbent article
Sealing device for medicine container or medical apparatus
Nasal spray dispenser
Dispenser for dispensing a fluid into a nasal cavity
Medical device tip
Audio data player
Audio recording and playing device
Computer generated graphical user interface for an electronic display device
Image for a portable phone
Saddle having improved comfort and contact between rider and horse
Image forming apparatus
Multiple flow rate selection valve
Medical devices
Jugular and subclavian access site dressing, anchoring system and method
Apparatus and method for specific interstitial or subcutaneous diffusion and dispersion of medicatio...
Steerable catheter
Radiation source for endovascular radiation treatment
Method and apparatus for hanging a medical device
Drive-steer axle for motor-driven vehicles
Steerable primary axle
Operating a vehicle with braking energy recovery
Front end components for a saddle-type vehicle
Hybrid vehicle with integral generator for auxiliary loads
Drive track support with vibration isolation
Axle assembly with threaded cover pan attachment and method of assembly
System and method for converting requests between different multicast protocols in a communication n...
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
RFID antenna
Beverage container
Food mixer with attached recipe card holding device
Fire extinguisher bracket
Back portion of a golf glove
Ear warmer having an external frame
3-head dry shaver with display unit
Dual handle electric hair dryer
Light reflector
Light fixture housing
Light fixture
Full cut-off shade
Glare stopper shade
Full cut-off shade
LED lighting fixture
Horticulture light fixture
Lighting fixture
Eight lamp capacity low profile light fixture
Air-cooled metallic tubular horticulture light fixture
Method and apparatus for coordination of client/server processes
Isoprenoid production
Chondroitin synthase and nucleic acid encoding the enzyme
Antimicrobial protein from Lyophyllum shimeji
Pertussis toxin gene: cloning and expression of protective antigen
Targeting proteins to cells expressing mannose receptors via expression in insect cells
Mixed metal oxide catalysts for the production of unsaturated aldehydes from olefins
High volumetric efficiency electrochemical cell design for treatment of low concentrations of contam...
Lens for rearview mirror
Method for increasing the diameter of an ink jet ink dot
Inorganic fabric
Polyurethane material for two and three piece golf balls and method
Gamut description and visualization
Thermally stable perfluoropolyethers and processes therefor and therewith
Ink-jet printed rigid interlayer and a process for preparing same
Mechanism to support multiple port configurations
Passive call blocking method and apparatus
Method and system for the management of subscriber functions
Encapsulation, compression, and encryption of PCM data
Detection of carrier mis-routing in telephone systems
Methods, systems, and computer program products for selecting or generating a single call detail rec...
Variable clocked scan test circuitry and method
Routing table for forwarding Internet Protocol (IP) packets through a communications network
Device and method for varying the row scanning time to compensate the signal attenuation depending o...
Display apparatus with active matrix type display panel
LED-based lighting network power control methods and apparatus
Color emission device
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor film and semiconductor device and laser processing apparatus
Device and method for vaporizing temperature sensitive materials
Image display apparatus
Color filter substrate, manufacturing method thereof, displaying device, electro-optical device and ...
Light irradiation apparatus, light irradiation method, crystallization apparatus, crystallization me...
Low voltage microelectromechanical RF switch architecture
Method and apparatus for selective scan chain diagnostics
Method and apparatus for generating signal transitions used for testing an electronic device
Method, system, and product for hierarchical encoding of field replaceable unit service indicators
Memory module with testing logic
Multiple disk data storage system for reducing power consumption
Techniques for initializing a device on an expansion card
Use of KPV tripeptide for dermatological disorders
Method of forming a locally strained transistor
Reconfiguration port for dynamic reconfiguration-system monitor interface
Circuit group design methodologies
Fault isolation in a programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for transferring hidden signals in a boundary scan test interface
Tristate buses
Mesh-pattern partitioned plasma display panel
Imprint lithography template having a feature size under 250 nm
Press die alignment
Catheter tubing with improved stress-strain characteristics
Differentially-cured materials and process for forming same
Adaptive prediction filtering for digital watermarking
Multi-zone shower head for drying single semiconductor substrate
Money transfer systems and methods for travelers
System and method for receiving and loading fare and schedule data
Navigation in a hierarchical structured transaction processing system
Non-invasive cab laptop computer stand for over-the-road vehicles
Device for protecting a battery from electrostatic charging
Apparatus and method for using vehicle status information in safety restraint systems
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Portable multi-purpose universal serial bus structure
Method of producing a wheel speed sensor and the corresponding sensor
Method for processing detection signals for a motor vehicle
Surface material for an automobile internal trim panel and automobile internal trim panel
Techniques for use of nanocavities to enhance quantum processing with photons and the Zeno effect
Nano-enhanced Raman spectroscopy-active nanostructures including elongated components and methods of...
Color-tuned volumetric light using high quantum yield nanocrystals
Metal-incorporated nanoporous nickel phosphate molecular sieve and its preparation method
Nanolayer thick film processing system and method
Semiconductor nanowire fluid sensor and method for fabricating the same
System and method for developing production nano-material
Polymeric nanofibers for tissue engineering and drug delivery
Fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles with core-shell structure
Nanocarbide precipitation strengthened ultrahigh strength, corrosion resistant, structural steels an...
Nanocluster-based white-light-emitting material employing surface tuning
Methods for producing and using catalytic substrates for carbon nanotube growth
Substrate having a zinc oxide nanowire array normal to its surface and fabrication method thereof
High temperature nanofilter, system and method
Process for agglomeration and densification of nanometer sized particles
Imaging system
Device for driving light emitting diode for flash of camera
Auto focus camera, lens apparatus and camera system with a vibration motor drive
Photographic backdrop with stand
Collapsible lens barrel and imaging device
Method of generating an image in a turbid medium
Polarized light valve
Sports goal having curvilinear frame section
Stabilizing brackets for designing and constructing a swing set/play set system
Game machine using self-propelled members
Video game controller with side or quick look feature
Gaming device having improved offer and acceptance bonus scheme
Gaming device having a bonus round with multiple random award generation and multiple return/risk sc...
Remotely controlled toy vehicles with light(s)
Moving toy
Remote-controlled toy vehicle having multi-mode drive mechanism
Method and apparatus for attaching plush to an artificial eye
Enhanced expressive feature mechanism for animated characters and devices
Game call holding device
Magnetic construction kit with wheel-like components
Joint for bullet traps
Coupling device for an artificial model
Diving game assembly and method
Method for televising an event involving a game table incorporating integral lighting
Riposte sword-fighting card game
Knowledge-based casino game and method therefor
Family vacation game
Method and apparatus for case-based learning
Method of explaining a decision taken by a compensatory multi-criteria aggregation model
Inductive inference affective language analyzer simulating transitional artificial intelligence
System and method for providing an intelligent multi-step dialog with a user
Simulation of convolutional network behavior and visualizing internal states of a network
Pattern detection
Television viewers interation and voting method
Process for preparing light olefins by dehydrogenation of the corresponding paraffins
Process for reducing vapor condensation in flash/separation apparatus overhead during steam cracking...
Process for preparing isobutene from tert-butanol
Catalytic composition and its application to olefin oligomerization
Process for preparing (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonates and a (branched-alkyl) arylsulfonate compositi...
Olefin production from steam cracking using process water as steam
Impatiens plant named `Balcelbrisal`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GG 6501`
Caryopteris plant named `Inoveris`
Pistachio plant called `PETE I`
Geranium plant named `Balshorozle`
Impatiens plant named `Balfafbricol`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 12`
Interspecific tree named `Amigo II`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Briam`
Pentas plant named `NAKPEN006`
Brunnera macrophylla plant named `Looking Glass`
Interspecific tree named `Candy Stripe` armeniaca)).times.Prunus salicina]
Interspecific tree named `Cot-N-Candy`
Interspecific tree named `Bella Gold`
Nectarine tree named `MAY PEARL II`
Zoysiagrass plant named `Y2`
Cuphea plant named `FLAMENCO SAMBA`
System, method and computer program product for a firewall summary interface
Contents recorder/reproducer
Systems and methods for preventing unauthorized use of digital content
Secure bootloader for securing digital devices
Digital signature system and method based on hard lattice problem
Information processing system
Authentication system, authentication apparatus, authentication target apparatus, authentication met...
Encryption of streaming control protocols and their headers
Electronic software license with software product installer identifier
Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal, method and apparatus for receiving a signal, VBI sig...
Authenticating executable code and executions thereof
Systems and methods for communication protection
Key transport in quantum cryptographic networks
Digital imaging system for evidentiary use
Integrated optics encryption device
Random generator description
Apparatus for encryption and decryption, capable of use in encryption and decryption of advanced enc...
Efficient stream cipher system and method
Method for performing turbo decoding in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for protecting data
Device for point compression for Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Vibrational wavelength resonance enclosure
Automatic tensioner for belts or chains
Combined waste container cover and work surface device
Garbage can
Sanitary waste bin
Rotary clothes dryer
Scraper tool
Multi-purpose cleaning tool
Floor cleaning pad
Compact disc cleaner
Suction nozzle
Vacuum cleaner wand adapter
Dry only canister machine
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet kennel
Fish tank stand
Fish tank
Method and system for secure activation of web clipping applications
Method and system to dynamically present a payment gateway for content distributed via a network
Method and apparatus for automatically deploying security components in a content distribution syste...
Method and system for signing and authenticating electronic documents
Billing support in a high throughput computer-aided detection environment
Computerized system and method for acquiring and analyzing data pertaining to real estate
Address matching system and method
Software and system for customizing a presentation of digital images
Method for collectively receiving at high voltage and distributing at low voltage, and collective ho...
Method for remotely authorizing a payment transaction file over an open network
Role assignments in a cryptographic module for secure processing of value-bearing items
Method for structuring a transaction
Fraud detection based on call attempt velocity on terminating number
Deriving a probability distribution of a value of an asset at a future time
Invention in finance
Systems and methods for modeling credit risks of publicly traded companies
Method and system of combined billing of multiple accounts on a single statement
Computer implemented system for estimating the demand dependent unit stockout cost of a consumer ite...
Foot shape information distributing network system
Metal powder for decomposition of organic halogen and method for manufacturing the same
Area earthquake defense system
Vertically folding service arm for a movable platform offshore drilling or servicing rig
Methods for indication of at least one subsurface barrier characteristic and methods of use
Storm drain basin gate system
Double-sheath pipe for transporting fluids, provided with a device for limiting propagation of a buc...
Vessel for transporting wind turbines, methods of moving a wind turbine, and a wind turbine for an o...
Active anti-fouling systems and processes for marine vessels
Method of examining foreign matter derived from living body
Method to measure the activation state of signaling pathways in cells
Methods for detecting malaria parasites and reagent kits therefor
Plants and seeds of corn variety I170094
Plants and seeds of corn variety I217345
Plants and seeds of corn variety I900105
Inbred corn line MN7224
Soybean cultivar 5521161
Soybean cultivar WW109447
Plant centromere compositions
Virus-resistant transgenic plants expressing L3
Lysophosphatidic acid acetyltranferases
Potassium channel stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Bacterial isolates of the genus Klebiella, and an isomaltulose synthase gene isolated therefrom
Regulatory sequence
Transgenic animals with increased slow-twitch muscle fibers and methods of using such animals
Probe, assay and kits for detecting 11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and modulators thereof
Artificial bidirectional promoter for activation of gene expression
Genes and proteins involved in the biosynthesis of lipopeptides
Derivatized oligonucleotides having improved uptake and other properties
Isolated GRP94 ligand binding domain polypeptide and nucleic acid encoding same, and screening metho...
Pattern classifier and method for associating tracks from different sensors
Method for increasing operating efficiency of the rotor blade of an aerogenerator (variants)
Friction welding metal components
Modular aerospace plane
Pivoting storage bin and method of making
Aircraft landing gear snow ski tow bar
Draw spring linkage, particularly for light aircraft
Bubble cloud acoustic damping for launch vehicle fairing
System and method of controlling a hybrid electric vehicle
Apparatus for monitoring operator vibration for earth moving machinery with operation cab
Vehicular collision object determining system
Active adaptation of vehicle restraints for enhanced performance robustness
Drug and alcohol sensor safety system and methods
Forklift and method for controlling induction motor applied to the same
Hybrid power system including an engine and a fuel cell module
Toroidal propulsion and steering system
Integrated motor clutch for electrically variable transmissions
Mounting structure for sensor covered with step garnish
Spring powered vehicle
Haptic controller for road vehicles
Steer-by-wire system and control program therefor
C-beam suspension support
Industrial truck with a swivelling seat
Inflatable restraint cushions and other uses
Rear fender and related support structure for a motorcycle, and motorcycle including same
Motorcycle for adjustable riding postures
Electric vehicle with partitionable structure
One-touch cruise control system
Secondary path automobile air intake system
Method for the manufacture of a smart label inlet web, and a smart label inlet web
Sensor array for a musical instrument
Musical tone reproducing apparatus and portable terminal apparatus
Device and method for controlling playback devices for digital information, especially music informa...
Strap for a stringed instrument
Bridge for stringed instrument and stringed instrument
String securing apparatus for string instrument
Soundboard of composite fibre material construction for acoustic musical instruments
Automatic piano, and method and program for automatically operating a key
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Gaming machine
Retractable hanger
Testing apparatus
Charitable contribution station with promotional game piece feature
Video game controller and game apparatus
Gaming device having a bonus game with multiple player selectable award opportunities
Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays
Particle use for image display media, image display panel using the particles, and image display dev...
Electrophoretic medium with improved stability
Liquid crystal display
Fused bicyclic aromatic compounds that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Anti-PRO 1313 antibodies
Coagulation factor VII derivatives
2786, a novel human aminopeptidase
Cytokine receptors and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO994 polypeptides
Polyamide- and polyolefin-based fire-retarded compositions
Methods and compositions for culturing spirochete and treating spirochetal diseases
Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Processes for controlling microbial organic compound production
Controlled release encapsulation
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising cyclosporins
Display capsules and a method of manufacturing thereof
Pharmaceutical composition for application to mucosa
Method for generating hydrogen gas utilizing activated aluminum fine particles
12CaO7A1.sub.2O.sub.3 compound and method for preparation thereof
Process for preparing fine metal oxide particles
Method for operating a flue gas purification plant
Process for treating waste anesthetic gas
NO.sub.x catalyst and method of suppressing sulfate formation in an exhaust purification system
Exhaust gas treatment method, exhaust gas treatment system, and catalytic oxidation apparatus
Complex lithium metal oxides with enhanced cycle life and safety and a process for preparation there...
Reduction- and oxidation-stable iron oxide black pigments having high colour strength for colouring ...
Porous sulpha sponge iron compound, a process for preparing the same and a method for desulphurizing...
User disposable sleeve for use within the ear canal
Motorcycle exhaust enhancers
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe outsole
Shoe outsole
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber compositions with improved processability
Toe protection sandal
Biological applications of quantum dots
Minimization of cooling air preheat for maximum packaging density
Fan assembly for installing and removing fans individually and collectively
System and method for controlling the rotating speed of a fan
Method and apparatus for rapid heating of fuel reforming reactants
Hydraulic friction fluid heater and method of using same
Air conditioner for vehicle use
Heat exchanger for a motor vehicle
Methods and systems for compact, micro-channel laminar heat exchanging
Microchannel flat-plate heat pipe with parallel grooves for recycling coolant
Heat exchanger with internal baffle and an external bypass for the baffle
Modular heat exchanger having a brazed core and method for forming
X-ray food inspection console support and cooling system
Method for producing a head element for heaters
Geothermal heating and cooling system with solar heating
Value-added electronic messaging services and transparent implementation thereof using intermediate ...
Brain-associated inhibitor of tissue-type plasminogen activator
Transcutaneous analyte sensor
Mobile telecommunication device with printhead and media drive
Plasma display panel with porous pad
Monolithic integration of cylindrical solar cells
Absorbent article comprising an absorbent structure
Thermoplastic olefin compositions and articles
Aqueous traffic paint and method of application
Preparation containing cell extracts for cell-free protein synthesis and means for synthesizing prot...
Compositions and methods for protein isolation
Lithium ion polymer secondary cell
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Pharmaceutical compositions of a sparingly soluble glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor
System for performing blood coagulation assays and measuring blood clotting times
Electrokinetic pump having capacitive electrodes
Method for reducing nesting in paper products and paper products formed therefrom
Flexible abrasive article
Devices and methods for treating defects in the tissue of a living being
Adjustable foot elevator
Biodegradable plastic composition
Buoyancy control systems for tubes
Water sport tow attachment with recoil
Fast sail
Sea rescue craft
Water craft with a sail
Pharmaceutical compositions of cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors
Rolling-contact bearing containing solid lubricant therein
Multiple agent therapy for sexual dysfunction
Use of treosulfan and derivatives thereof for treating multiple sclerosis
Method of treating patients undergoing kidney dialysis
Method for reducing hypertension and heart failure
Estrogen receptor modulators
Diesters containing two crylene or fluorene moieties, sunscreen compositions containing the same, an...
Camptothecin derivatives
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-thiocarbamoyloxy and 2-carbamoyloxy compounds as therapeutic age...
Crystalline form of a vitamin D analogue
Enzyme activated self-immolative n-substituted nitrogen mustard prodrugs
Method of treating glutathione deficient mammals
Non-psychotropic cannabinoids
Absorbent article for reducing urine odor
Fatty acid-anticancer conjugates and uses thereof
Vaccine against Gram-negative bacterial infections
Basic salt of thioctic acid with L-carnitine
4-pyrrolidino-phenyl-benzyl ether derivatives
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Inverter controller with feed-forward compensation
Highly efficient line transient protection circuit for high power loads
LED matrix current control
Isolated gate driver circuit for power switching devices
Step up switching converter
Switching constant-current power supply system
Reduced component power converter with independent regulated outputs and method
Centrifugal separator with weight thrust bearing
Method for producing monolithic chromatography columns
Glycerine foots salt separation system
Pulp stabilisation apparatus for a thickener
Sulfate-selective anion exchange resins for use in combination with TRSS resins in feed water treatm...
Method for removing arsenic from water
Process and assembly for the treatment of waste water on ships
Integral air/oil coalescer for a centrifuge
Shower head with water purification function
Device for treating hydrophilic sludge by hydraulic turbulence effect combined with oxidation and ch...
Method of sludge recycling
Method for cleaning tissue processing molds
Particle transport and near field analytical detection
Centrifuge for processing a blood product with a bag set having a processing bag
Sludge scraping and collecting apparatus
Apparatus and method for storage processing through scalable port processors
Method and apparatus for mapping between a fibre channel network and an infiniband network
Hearing aid device
Method for determining the position and/or orientation of a creature relative to an environment
Method for fast manufacturing and assembling of hot runner systems
Virtual surgery system with force feedback
Computational geometry using control geometry having at least two dimensions
Method for providing high bandwidth force feedback with improved actuator feel
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Pulsing the transmit mode for reducing the power when redundancy is involved in transmission
Scanning mirror unit and beam scanning probe
Energy conversion systems
High efficiency ballast for gas discharge lamps
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Systems and methods for closed loop defect reduction
Selecting OLED devices using figure of merit
Systems and method for identifying foreign objects and debris (FOD) and defects during fabrication o...
Alignment target to be measured with multiple polarization states
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, adhesive sheet for use therein and semiconductor devi...
Chip-join process to reduce elongation mismatch between the adherents and semiconductor package made...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic device
Semiconductor device having a wiring layer of damascene structure and method for manufacturing the s...
Modular heat sink decoupling capacitor array forming heat sink fins and power distribution interpose...
Protective device for subassemblies and method for producing a protective device
Microelectronic multi-chip module
Methods for making nearly planar dielectric films in integrated circuits
Integrated variable optical attenuator
Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and flat panel display using thin film transis...
Insulated gate power semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device including a TCAM having a storage element formed with a DRAM
Ferroelectric memory and its manufacturing method
LED Lamp
Method of creating defect free high Ge content (>25%) SiGe-on-insulator (SGOI) substrates using w...
Semiconductor channel on insulator structure
Method for manufacturing optocoupler
Method of setting reference data of shading corrections, and image reading apparatus
System for cell-based screening
Linking of images to enable simultaneous viewing of multiple objects
Flexible and modified multiresolution geometry caching based on ray differentials
Rain sensor
Method of making a standard tool for calibrating stress analysis measuring devices and a set of the ...
Method for probabilistically classifying tissue in vitro and in vivo using fluorescence spectroscopy
Device and method for monitoring body fluid and electrolyte disorders
Implantable device for promoting repair of a body lumen
Ionic flow generator for thermal management
Air compressor assembly
Pump pressure limiting engine speed control and related engine and sprinkler system
Methods and systems for managing access to shared resources using control flow
Functional interrupt mitigation for fault tolerant computer
Instruction group formation and mechanism for SMT dispatch
Remote copy system
Personal data assistant, particularly for the visually impaired
Apparatus and method for storing and distributing encrypted digital content and functionality suite ...
Policy-based network security management
Leveraging a persistent connection to access a secured service
Seamless switching between different playback speeds of time-scale modified data streams
Method and system for storing pending changes to data
Parameter evaluation system
Geographic location notification based on identity linking
System and method of providing for the control of a music player to a device driver
Graphic user interface for a stent-graft planning process
Methods and systems for naming and indexing children in a hierarchical nodal structure
System and method for generating multiple customizable interfaces for XML documents
Method and system for managing dynamic tables
Interactively comparing records in a database
Parallel decoding of a BCH encoded signal
System and method for selectively recovering frames in a communications environment
Data rate matching device
Error detection and correction in a CAM
Method and apparatus for preserving the integrity of a management subsystem environment
Universal secure registry
Authenticating concealed private data while maintaining concealment
Serotype 5 adenoviral vectors with chimeric fibers for gene delivery in skeletal muscle cells or myo...
Protein and process for producing the same
Medicaments for initiating ovulation
Methods for the treatment of hepatic disorders
Use of microparticles having a protein and an antibody adsorbed thereon for preparing a pharmaceutic...
Previns as specific inhibitors and therapeutic agents for botulinum toxin B and tetanus neurotoxins
Lactic acid bacteria as agents for treating and preventing allergy
CDR-grafted anti-tissue factor antibodies and methods of use thereof
Organic anion transport proteins
Amphiphile solid support for peptide synthesis, bioorganic and organic chemistry
Pain balm
Bowman-birk inhibitor concentrate product and process
Brain cell or nerve cell-protecting agents comprising medicinal ginseng
Facial pack and bathing compositions based on Hwangto (Korean loess) and preparation thereof
Fabric care compositions comprising hueing dye
Mastitis detection
Time-based adjustment of temperature control of laser to stabilize wavelengths
Floor mounted flat graphic display with integral electroluminescent lamp
Method for electrochemically forming a hydrodynamic bearing surface
Multi-cell masks and methods and apparatus for using such masks to form three-dimensional structures
Continuously variable transmission
Radial pumping oil seal for fluid dynamic bearing motor
Battery with strength indicator
Video game simulator cockpit
LCD video projector
Copying-prevention software chip for embedding in compact disc
Electronic vulnerability and reliability assessment
System for determining web application vulnerabilities
System and method for preventing network misuse
Remote management of properties, such as properties for establishing a virtual private network
System and method for anti-replay processing of a data packet
Method, system and gateway allowing secured end-to-end access to WAP services
Method for dynamic selection for secure and firewall friendly communication protocols between multip...
Fault reducing firewall system
Plant cell plastid transformation method using dual selection and producing transplastomic plants wi...
Oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of the expression of B7 protein
Methods of determining polypeptide structure and function
Wireless electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Chronically-implanted device for sensing and therapy
Separation of a subcutaneous cardiac signal from a plurality of composite signals
Optical member for biological information measurement, biological information calculation apparatus,...
Inbred corn line PHCAM
Yeast cells engineered to produce pheromone system protein surrogates, and uses therefor
Off-chip lockstep checking
Services heuristics for computer adapter placement in logical partitioning operations
Power reduction for unintentional activation of a wireless input device using a flip-flop to detect ...
Automatic configuration of equipment software
Reconfigurable multidimensional array processor allowing runtime reconfiguration of selected individ...
Architecture for a scalable heap analysis tool
Spatially distributed parity protection
Tool for disk image replication
Clock switching circuit for a hot plug
Rapid application integration using reusable patterns
Resonant tree driven clock distribution grid
Message passing in a graphical user interface
Change detection in a graphical user interface
Fast-path apparatus for receiving data corresponding a TCP connection
Duplicating switch for streaming data units to a terminal
Group metering system for power meters
Data communication over power lines
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Automated robot alignment system and method using kinematic pins and end effector sensor
Motion controlling apparatus and method and remote controlling apparatus and method for legged mobil...
Working robot, actuator and control method thereof
Wafer edge with light sensor
Fast swapping station for wafer transport
System, device and method for determining the concentration of an analyte
Surface acoustic wave filter
System for setting location information in a device on a network
Filter processing apparatus and method
Configurable input buffer
Image forming apparatus
Free space optics communication apparatus and free space optics communication system
Polarization element and optical device using polarization element
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium the...
Image sensing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
Motion vector search apparatus and method
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Diffraction optical element
Image reading apparatus and method of reading images
Data communication apparatus
Image reading apparatus, image forming system, image reading method, and program therefor
Print server apparatus, print job reservation management method, reservation job generation method a...
Exposure apparatus with interferometer
Illumination system and exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Load lock chamber, processing system
Cross-site timed out authentication management
Micronode in a satellite based content delivery system
Network system including data socket components for accessing internet semaphores
System and method for scheduling events and associated products and services
System and method for voice transmission over network protocols
Integrated customer web station for web based call management
Method for controlling bandwidth in a voice over internet protocol system
System and method for gathering multicast content receiver data
High available method for border gateway protocol version 4
Apparatus and method for displaying information of calling partner during call waiting in portable w...
Multicast control systems and methods for dynamic, adaptive time, bandwidth,frequency, and satellite...
System and method for distributing internet content in the form of an album
Process for preparing histone deacetylase inhibitors and intermediates thereof
Method for forming image and image forming apparatus
Acronym extraction system and method of identifying acronyms and extracting corresponding expansions...
Biopsy and sampling needle antennas for magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsies
Image formation device having a fixing apparatus placed on a heat-shielding member
Feed assembly for multi-beam antenna with non-circular reflector, and such an assembly that is field...
Optical microresonator coupling system and associated method
Process for producing optical waveguide
Fiber bundles and methods of making fiber bundles
Spot-size transformer, method of producing spot-size transformer and waveguide-embedded optical circ...
On-substrate microlens to couple an off-substrate light emitter and/or receiver with an on-substrate...
Method and apparatus for electrostatographic printing with enhanced color gamut
Replica micro-resonator and method of fabrication
Developing device and image formation device
Display element and display device using the same
Conjugates of mycophenolic acid
Modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor and method
Catalyst for purifying diesel engine exhaust emissions
High-speed multi-channel communications transceiver with inter-channel interference filter
Tire valve
Functional DNA clone for hepatitis C virus (HCV) and uses thereof
Methods and apparatus for infrared resolution of closely-spaced objects
Blood analyte meter
Site-specific aminoglycoside derivatives for use in immunodiagnostic assays
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and monitoring transplant rejection
Substituted azetidinone compounds, processes for preparing the same, formulations and uses thereof
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Charge dissipation modifiers for olefinic interpolymer compositions
Polypropylene resin compositions
Multilayer optical compensation film, liquid crystal display, and process
Cable detection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for transmission and display of a compressed digitized image
Methods and apparatus for effectuating a lasting change in a neural-function of a patient
Systems and methods for enhancing or optimizing neural stimulation therapy for treating symptoms of ...
Animation technology
Conductors for electro-dynamic loudspeakers
Optical head for recording and reading information and objective lens for use therein
Signal distribution to a plurality of circuit units
DC-AC converter and controller IC therefor
DC/AC converter and its controller IC
Thermally assisted recording of magnetic using an in-gap optical resonant cavity
Disk head stability system
System and method for providing a low power receiver design
Polymeric bonding of glass fiber reinforcements with silane based coatings in gypsum board
Process for production of alcohols
Nonaqueous liquid electrolyte and nonaqueous liquid electrolyte secondary battery
Display device
Integrated heat management of electronics and fuel cell power system
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
Single cell for a solid oxide fuel cell
Toothbrush case with dental floss and toothpaste compartment
Polygon mirror and optical scanning apparatus employing the same
Process for preparing phosphoric esters
Methods of evaluating cell surface receptor binding of a patient derived population of viral envelop...
Functional genomics using zinc finger proteins
1,5-disubstituted-3,4-dihydro-1h-pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidin-2-one compounds and their use in treating ...
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Cellulose sulfate and other sulfated polysaccharides to prevent and treat papilloma virus infection ...
Method for direct rescue and amplification of integrated viruses from cellular DNA of tissues
Formulation of adenovirus for gene therapy
Method for mutation detection in HIV-1 using pol sequencing
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Use of neuronal apoptosis inhibitor protein (NAIP)
Specific binding agents for KSHV vIL-6 that neutralize a biological activity
Chimeric lyssavirus nucleic acids and polypeptides
Compositions and methods for treating papillomavirus-infected cells
Immunological combination compositions and methods
Isolated mammalian protein present at the surface of all lymphoid progenitor cells and all mature NK...
Dental oven
Beads of a phenolic compound and a method of obtaining same
Milling tool holder with camming plug
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Audio signal processing apparatus
Gate valve
Multiprocessor computer architecture incorporating a plurality of memory algorithm processors in the...
Thiazolyl-indole derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents
Light reflector
Spectroscopic fluid analyzer
Design aid apparatus, design aid method, and computer-executable program
Coil stop for rail road coil car
Screw drain plug
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Operation-assisting system and operation-assisting computer program
Cerebral protection with a gas comprising xenon
Gas feed pipe connecting screw for continuous casting nozzle
Subsea chemical injection unit for additive injection and monitoring system for oilfield operations
Offline e-learning system
Electrically actuated valve deactivation in response to vehicle electrical system conditions
Method for providing memory cells capable of allowing multiple variations of metal level assignments...
Method and apparatus for using delay time during switching events to display previously stored infor...
Pyrimidine derivative as selective COX-2 inhibitors
Matrix optical process correction
Apparatus for notifying a system administrator or an operator of reception of a message containing m...
Method and apparatus for generic search interface across document types
Electrostatic aerosol filtering apparatus
Functional device, electrochromic device, optical device, and image-taking unit
Lane keep control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Diamond-like carbon thermoelectric conversion devices and methods for the use and manufacture thereo...
Circuits, systems and methods for dynamic reference voltage calibration
Method and apparatus for qualifying debug operation using source information
Video circuitry for controlling signal gain and reference black level
Suspension and reinstatement of reference handles
Ink additives for improved ink-jet performance
High level synthesis method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Medical image processing method and apparatus
Digital printer for use with docked display device
OLED display with improved power performance
Mechanism for estimating and controlling di/dt-induced power supply voltage variations
Arrangement for voltage supply to several users and controllers for a on-board network comprising at...
Logging in of battery-operated mobile parts at base stations with a battery charging device
Inverter module having encapsulated resistors
On-premises pager and charging unit, and methods for using same
Low drop-out voltage regulator and method
Apparatus and method to synchronize switching frequencies of multiple power regulators
Power supply with current-sharing control and current-sharing method thereof
Method and apparatus for preventing boosting system bus when charging a battery
Load driving device and portable apparatus utilizing such driving device
System and method for determining whether a charging wire is broken
Control apparatus for electrical generator apparatus of motor vehicle
Charging apparatus
Protection circuit limiting current applied to peripheral devices
Battery capacity detection apparatus and detection method
Power system having generator driven by engine
Bone fixation device and method
Hinged weatherproof electrical box cover
Integrated flange seal electrical connection
Hollow-core fibers
Fixing means for temporarily fixing human or animal body parts
Nonsteroidal progesterone receptor modulators
Quinoline 4-carboxamide derivatives and their use as neurokinin 3 (nk-3) receptor antagonists
Rapamycin analogues and the uses thereof in the treatment of neurological, proliferative, and inflam...
Process for the preparation of rosuvastatin
Pyrimidinyl amide compounds with inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Crystalline form of 2-{4-['3-(4-chloro-2-fluorophenyl)-4-pyrimidin-4-yl-1h-pyrazol-5-yl]piper- idin-...
3-Substituted-4-pyrimidone derivatives
2-Aminoaryloxazole compounds as tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Anti-Cytokine Heterocyclic Compounds
Jnk inhibitors
2-Phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indole and estrogen formulations
Irritable bowel syndrome treatment
Egg monitoring methods and apparatus
Delta-amino-gamma-hydroxy-omega-aryl-alkanoic acid amides and use as renin inhibitors
N-acyl-n'-benzyl-alkylendiamino derivatives
Novel urea derivatives and their medical use
New salt and polymorph of a DPP-IV inhibitor
Noncyclic 1,3-Dicarbonyl compounds as dual PPAR agonists with potent antihyperglycemic and antihyper...
Heteroarylpyrrolopyridinones active as kinase inhibitors
N-substituted pyrrolopyridinones active as kinase inhibitors
Benzo (1,2,5) thiadiazole als crf-antagonisten
Tetracyclic 3-substituted indoles having serotonin receptor affinity
Substituted aniline derivatives useful as histamine H3 antagonists
System and method of authentication
Method for managing the simultaneous utilization of diverse real-time collaborative software applica...
Method for transmitting destination information in mobile communication terminal
Conference call method and apparatus therefor
Wireless call information transfer
Systems and methods for a carrier-independent calling-party-pays system
Interlocking cover for mobile terminals
Systems and methods for determining critical circuit diversity
Synchronization of echo cancellers in a voice processing system
Apparatus and method for noise immunity during signal detection
Method and apparatus for providing fair access to agents in a communication center
System and method for optimizing call routing to an agent
System and method for transparent consolidation of switches in a telecommunications network
Method for providing subscriber-based ringback tone with no progress tone
Method and system for conducting a conference call
Universal call-log system and method for a home network telephone
System and method for remotely accessing caller ID information
Call screening system and method
Common visual and functional architecture for presenting and controlling arbitrary telephone line fe...
System and method for IP bandwidth trading
Multimedia/secure digital cards and adapters for interfacing using voltage levels to determine host ...
Method and system for mobile communications
Integrated wireless multimedia integrated circuit
System and method for processing multimedia packets for a network
Event management system
Scaling images for display
Image synthesizing apparatus and method
System and method for filtering and binarization of images in the presence of specular noise
Fixed, variable and adaptive bit rate data source encoding (compression) method
Image encoding of moving pictures
Interpolation processing apparatus and recording medium having interpolation processing program reco...
Diagnosis supporting device
Display apparatus displaying certain data without a program clock reference
Systems and methods for encoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Imaging Device
Transmission type screen using a fly-eye lens
Liquid crystal television receiver and liquid crystal display apparatus
Receiving apparatus and receiving method of reduced power consumption for receiving a broadcast tran...
Integrated aircraft flight dynamics prediction and simulation
Apparatus, method and system for teaching elapsed time
Analyzing cognitive involvement
Summarisation representation apparatus
Toy for use with vertical surfaces
Drive bracket
Radio frequency tuner
Combination mug
Method and system for providing an open and interoperable system
User interface for interactive television systems
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events
System and related methods for reducing memory requirements of a media processing system
Multiple device management method and system
Dynamic thread pool tuning techniques
Most used programs list
Method and apparatus for automatically determining optimum placement of privileged code locations in...
Method and system for recording program information in the event of a failure
Automatic identification of input values that expose output failures in a software object
Design for test of analog module systems
Methods and systems for authentication of a user for sub-locations of a network location
Method and program product for avoiding cache congestion by offsetting addresses while allocating me...
Storage control system
CPU-containing LSI, and optical disk device and LSI device with the same
System and method for managing network bandwidth usage in the provision of an e-mail service
Data processing apparatus and method for converting a number between fixed-point and floating-point ...
Method and apparatus for verifying a match between contents of an enclosure and data printed on the ...
Downloading map segment(s) to a cell phone based upon its GPS coordinates and mobility
Remote maintenance system
Application user interface template with free-form layout
Solid state membrane channel device for the measurement and characterization of atomic and molecular...
Magnetoresistive head
Information storage medium and apparatus adopting the same
Method and apparatus for the generation of anionic and neutral particulate beams and a system using ...
Resistor material with metal component for use in circuitized substrates, circuitized substrate util...
Non-volatile memory and method of manufacturing floating gate
Method for the closure of openings in a film
Printing cartridge with barcode identification
Convertible traction shoes