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Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Organic electroluminescence display panel and method for sealing the same
Display device
Low temperature melt-processing of organic-inorganic hybrid
Distributed computing system using computing engines concurrently run with host web pages and applic...
Cost efficient performance statistics gathering using logarithmic indexing
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method using a plurality of monochromatic developer car...
Image forming apparatus with selectively rotated developing roller
Antenna system and portable terminal having the antenna system
Braille layout creation method, braille layout creation system, program, and recording medium
System for recording image data from a set of sheets having similar graphic elements
Methods and systems for determining distribution mean level without histogram measurement
Imaging members
Imaging members
Fuser fluid compositions
System and method for delivering phase change ink to multiple printheads
Cart for loading, transporting and storing an imaging media cartridge
Modular guide apparatus for tab stock received in a feeder tray
Process for applying a transferable image on a wall
Pocketable note holder with writing instrument
Automated apparatus and method for testing cork wine bottle stoppers for the presence of an analyte ...
Compact microwave oven with curved cooking chamber and convection part
Method for producing molecular compound
Transfer hydrogenation processes and catalysts
G.alpha..sub.q protein variants and their use in the analysis and discovery of agonists and antagoni...
Air freshener card, method of use and method of manufacture
Graphical user interface and method for modifying pronunciations in text-to-speech and speech recogn...
Measurement architecture to obtain per-hop one-way packet loss and delay in multi-class service netw...
String search scheme in a distributed architecture
Use of a vitamin combination for the treatment of pruritus and non-infective disorders involving itc...
Process of production of n-alkyl-2-benzthiazolysulfeneimides, device for their production and method...
Compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses mediated by antigen-presenting cells
Solid porous zinc electrodes and methods of making same
Bifurcated trash bin
Method and apparatus for sorting article
Corrugated board packaging assembly
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Methods and systems for detecting memory address transfer errors in an address bus
Data accessing apparatus and method
Detection, avoidance and/or correction of problematic puncturing patterns in parity bit streams used...
Testable design methodology for clock domain crossing
Memory self-test via a ring bus in a data processing apparatus
System and method for improving transition delay fault coverage in delay fault tests through use of ...
Test method for nonvolatile memory
Electronic control unit
Thermal and power management for computer systems
Method of modeling physical layout of an electronic component in channel simulation
Encapsulating parameterized cells (pcells)
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Micro-reflective liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display formed by a plurality of non-electrically interconnected liquid crystal displ...
Negative photosensitive composition and negative photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Stable wet strength resin
Image forming process, image-recorded article, liquid composition and ink-jet recording apparatus
Light source device, and display device, display module, information handling apparatus and portable...
Tele-inventory system, and in-shop terminal and remote management apparatus for the system
Genetically modified cells and methods for converting (R)-methylmalonyl CoA to (S)-methylmalonyl CoA
Micromachined spinneret
Automated high-throughput seed sample handling system and method
Viral obesity methods and compositions
Stearoyl-CoA desaturase 4 gene
Apparatus, method and program for data processing, and apparatus, method and program for tamper dete...
Scrambling of image by randomizing pixel values
Coded pattern for an optical device and a prepared surface
Halftone watermarking and related applications
Online and gaming kiosk
Index structure for supporting structural XML queries
Mobile services
Control apparatus and method for four-stroke premixed compression ignition internal combustion engin...
Device for changing the control times of gas exchange valves in an internal combustion engine, in pa...
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Vehicle control system
System and method for controlling speed of an engine
Vehicle stability control enhancement using tire force characteristics
Method for operation of a vehicle and corresponding device
Vehicle control device
Active integrated rectifier regulator
Foot orthotic for safe ambulation
Stretching exercise apparatus and methods
Carriage for a collapsible reformer exercise apparatus
Articulated bench
Articulating table
Self aligning foot assembly
Hanging shoe rack with improved structural features
Ladder stabilization device
Foot-controlled motorized vehicle
Portable display device with integral support foot
Lace system for footwear
Footwear upper with flexible collar assembly
Woven shoe with integral lace loops
Fitting system for children's footwear
Fitted top sheet
Foldable baby crib
Wound protector
Combined Bandage and Fastener System
Apparatus and Method of Inhibiting Perianal Tissue Damage
Skateboard Shoe With Textured Surface
Elliptical-shaped nano-scale tip
Data storage device including nanotube electron sources
XY platform device with nanoscale precision
Heat sink having ferrofluid-based pump for nanoliquid cooling
Nanofiber surface based capacitors
Nanowire Filament
Nanotube-on-gate FET structures and applications
Nanoscale programmable structures and methods of forming and using same
Method of assembling one-dimensional nanostructures
Nano optical sensors via molecular self-assembly
Metal oxide nanostructures with hierarchical morphology
Friction material with nanoparticles of friction modifying layer
Healthcare and cosmetic compositions containing nanodiamond
Fabrication and activation processes for nanostructure composite field emission cathodes
Process for manufacturing self-assembled nanoparticles
Method of forming nano-crystalline structures and product formed thereof
Camera, an image inputting apparatus, a portable terminal device, and a method for transforming the ...
Optical unit and imaging device comprising optical unit
Method and apparatus for minimizing ambient illumination effects in a vision system
Anti-shake apparatus
Reproduction method for lens-fitted photo film unit
ND filter for aperture device and aperture device comprising ND filter
Lens module
Electrostatic actuator, electrostatic actuator driving method electromechanical transducer, and elec...
Shoulder mounted support assembly to hold camera or camcorder
Assigning color values to pixels based on object structure
Substrate and method for the formation of continuous magnesium diboride and doped magnesium diboride...
Nickel Hydroxide electrode material with improved microstructure and method for making the same
Production of hydrogen
Method for producing .alpha.-alumina formed body
Multi-stage cryogenic acid gas removal
Hydrocyanic acid consisting of formamide
Method for the production of hydrocyanic acid by oxidation of nitrogen-containing hydrocarbons in a ...
Low basal plane dislocation bulk grown SiC wafers
Method of producing a chemical hydride
Collection scoop for flue gas desulfurization systems with bleed streams or ex situ forced oxidation
Systems and methods for removing materials from flue gas via regenerative selective catalytic reduct...
Hydrogen peroxide abatement of metal hydride fumes
Method for precipitating iron from a zinc sulphate solution as hematite
Heat exchangers with novel ball joints and assemblies and processes using such heat exchangers
Device and method for producing ammonia from solid urea pellets
Ceramicrete stabilization of U-and Pu-bearing materials
Process for production of synthesis gas in combination with the maintenance of the energy balance fo...
Pure-coloured, readily dispersible iron oxide red pigments with high grinding stability
Reaction of carbon black with diazonium salts, resultant carbon black products and their uses
Resource-light method and apparatus for outlier detection
Real time context learning by software agents
Method of inferring rotorcraft gross weight
Method and apparatus for learning data, method and apparatus for recognizing data, method and appara...
Method and apparatus for using interval techniques to solve a multi-objective optimization problem
Object extraction based on color and visual texture
Face recognition method using artificial neural network and apparatus thereof
System and method for managing creative assets via a rich user client interface
Synthesis of superposition images for watches, valuable articles and publicity
Film for labels that are removable
Prescription paper for physicians
Method for indicating the user's name on a blood-sampling needle pen and the product thereof
Service hang tag
Calendar organizing system
Mobile communication system for a network
Automated telephone conferencing method and system
Advanced voice and data operations in a mobile data communication device
Wireless telephone device and computer readable medium storing program for controlling the same
System, apparatus and method for managing telephone call records
Optical/radio local access network
Howling suppression device and howling suppression method
Call center telephone and data flow connection system
Predictive dialing by monitoring progress of agent script
Telecommunications network system and method
Query and analysis method for MSTPs in a mobile telecommunication network
Method and system for routing a communication through an alternate carrier
Automated telephone attendant
Network communication system
Answering service giving different messages depending on user profile selected by called subscriber ...
Enhanced telecommunications alerting
Telemarketer screening
Method and system for prepaid communications credit
System and method for providing prepaid telecommunication services
Automated selection of a backup recipient and distribution of an instant messaging request to the ba...
Audio caller identification
Low pressure olefin recovery process
Sulfenic acid-reactive compounds and their methods of synthesis
Petunia plant named `PET0604`
Petunia plant named `PET0611`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingbrisal`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrarestar`
Lobelia plant named `Lobtrawi`
Petunia plant named `PET0607`
Campanula plant named `Camp Trailbule`
Campanula plant named `Camp Whit`
Campanula plant named `Camp Inbule`
Phlox plant named `Sunphlocoro`
Mecardonia plant named `Sunmecareki`
Anigozanthos plant named `Rambueleg`
Anigozanthos plant named `Rambudan`
Anigozanthos plant named `Rambubona`
Helenium plant named `Double Trouble`
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefubart`
Poinsettia plant named `PER1904`
Poinsettia plant named `PER1090`
Poinsettia plant named `PER2204`
Poinsettia plant named `PER2904`
Poinsettia plant named `PER4703`
Method and apparatus for continuous feed of disks for recording digital video signals and authentica...
Method and apparatus for providing improved workflow for digital watermarking
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing capable of preventing, detecting and correcting ...
Method for inserting binary messages in a digital image
On-line randomness test for detecting irregular pattern
Method and system for securing compressed digital video
Method and apparatus for fast RC4-like encryption
Advanced encryption standard (AES) hardware cryptographic engine
Secure method for remote game management
Protected media path and refusal response enabler
System and methods for encrypted execution of computer programs
Time validation system
Secure user authentication over a communication network
Methods, apparatus, and program products for inferring service usage
Methods and apparatus for secure document printing
System and method for SMS authentication
Secure user and data authentication over a communication network
Authentication system and key registration apparatus
Information distribution system, terminal apparatus, information center, recording medium, and infor...
Bottom surface handle containing receptacle
Goods supporting pallet
Operator's station for a materials handling vehicle
Grain hopper
Garbage can lid
Trash can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Trash can assembly
Steam iron
Cruise ship shaped iron
Traveling steam iron
Dish rack
Dish rack
Scouring pad clamp with scraper for grill cleaning
Vacuum cleaner foot
Body for vacuum cleaner
Grill for a vacuum cleaner
Body for vacuum cleaner
Information transmitting and receiving in which layout information is used to determine importance
Error handling in enterprise information technology systems
Security measures in a partitionable computing system
Systems and methods for managing email
Communicating user information between merchant computers with designated security and confidence le...
Electronic bill payment system with merchant identification
Method and apparatus for facilitating manual payments for transactions conducted over a network
Methods and apparatus for providing agent controlled synchronized browsing at a terminal
Electronic multilateral negotiation system
Method for managing retirement and other investments that use an asset accumulation strategy
System and method for determining eligibility and enrolling members in various programs
Methods and systems for managing tax audit information
Method for shipping a package privately to a customer
Automated web ranking bid management account system
Computer processes and systems for adaptively controlling the display of items
ATM customer marketing system
Method and system for delivering products and services to a point of sale location
Employment sourcing system
Interactive map production
Methods for cementing using compositions containing salts
Guide tube for a flexible pipe for transporting hydrocarbons
Inclined leg floating production platform with a damper plate
Heavy oil extraction system
Hydraulic transom lift
Deriving fixed bond information
Non-contact radiant heating and temperature sensing device for a chemical reaction chamber
Inbred maize line PHBAB
Hybrid corn line G4901
Plants and seeds of corn variety I002573
Soybean cultivar 5826175
Soybean variety XB18C06
Soybean variety 0384279
Soybean variety 91M70
Soybean variety XB28F05
Soybean variety SE72581
Soybean variety SD82997
Soybean variety 0037393
Plant UDP-galactose epimerases
Method for efficiently producing transgenic plant using auxin precursor
Plant promoters for use in early seed development
Materials and methods for producing geminivirus resistant plants
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Plant galactinol synthase homologs
Antisense IAP oligonucleotides and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences coding for variable regions of .beta. chains of human T lymphocyte receptors, c...
System and method of designing a load bearing layer of an inflatable vessel
Flying disc
Seat for armored vehicle
Lift-flap mechanism
Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing, and de-orbiting earth satellites using rob...
Reefing assembly for a circular parachute
System and methods for distributing loads from fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits
Aircraft crewmember articulating berth system
Aircraft archway
Torque management algorithm for hybrid electric vehicles
Method of controlling vehicle driving system and vehicle driving apparatus
Method of coating with lead-free electrodeposition coating composition and coated article
Torque vectoring axle assembly
Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gear sets and two fixed interconnections a...
Hydraulic motor and brake control system and method of controlling the same
Omni-directional toy vehicle
Modular twin clutch transmission input for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus and method for steering a vehicle
Operating lever device for construction machine and construction machine
Flip-up type hood for vehicle
Assembly of a wheelchair and a reclining cycle
Method for compensating for accessory loading
Vehicle occupant discriminating apparatus
Method for the detection of an impact
Vehicle steering apparatus
Recovery of calibrated center steering position after loss of battery power
Vehicle drive system with energy recovery system and vehicle mounting same
Control of a steering wheel system with passive resistance torque
Front wheel stabilizing device for an electric motor-driven wheeled vehicle
Auto playlist generator
Musical tune playback apparatus
Extracting classifying data in music from an audio bitstream
Percussion instrument, system, and method with closing position detection
Electronic tone generation system and batons therefor
Content supply method and apparatus
Drum support assembly
Enhanced gaming system
Gaming device having a multi-characteristic matching game including selection indicators
Wagering method, device, and computer readable storage medium, for wagering on pieces in a progressi...
Test-cutting target for edged-weapons practice
Liquid crystal display backlight's light reflection treatment portion that directs light from the li...
Practice target for sport projectiles
Indoor putting game device
Roping practice apparatus
Gaming apparatus having touch pad input
Moving shooting target system
Computerized game with cascading strategy and full information
Card game
Poker game with spoken ranks
Basketball board game
Interactive compartmented food package
Magnetic Field Adjusting Device
Method and apparatus for generation of magnetization transfer contrast in steady state free precessi...
Cooled NMR probe head with flexible cooled connecting conduit
Cooled NMR probe head which can be coupled
Magnetic resonance coil system
Mixing method for friction material with a pre-mix in a single mixer
Microparticle analysis system and method
Phosphorous containing steroid mimics
Colorant compounds
Telomerase reverse transcriptase fragments and uses thereof
Anti-PRO3580 antibodies
PRO6093 Antibodies
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Anti-PRO846 antibodies
PRO7168 polypeptides
PRO10268 polypeptides
PRO19628 polypeptides
Pro4428 Polypeptides
Pro6014 polypeptides
Polypeptides encoded by a nucleic acid differentially expressed in lung tumor
Thin walled polynitrile oxide crosslinked rubber film products and methods of manufacture thereof
1,3-Diamino-2-hydroxypropane pro-drug derivatives
Method of treating addiction or dependence using a ligand for a monamine receptor or transporter
Geldanamycin-producing strains, uses thereof and methods of producing same
PR03580 polypeptides
Production of polypeptides
EGF-like nucleic acids
Diamagnetic current response transducer for sensing pressure gradient in a fluid medium
Exhaust apparatus for small-sized engine
Shell main body for muffler
Active exhaust muffler
Jet engine noise suppressor
Method and system for passing objects in a distributed system using serialization contexts
Dynamic monitor and controller of availability of a load-balancing cluster
Method for determining the degree to which changed code has been exercised
Processor system with cache-based software breakpoints
Method of visually indicating transfer of data in response to a transfer data command
Method to locate logic errors and defects in digital circuits
Scalable method of continuous monitoring the remotely accessible resources against the node failures...
Lockstep error signaling
Apparatus, system, and method for sharing a cached security profile in a database environment
Method and apparatus for providing hardware assistance for data access coverage on dynamically alloc...
NoDMA cache
Memory and power efficient mechanism for fast table lookup
Method and system for network fault monitoring with linux
System and method for automatically identifying and attaching related documents
Memory file size adjustment
Environmentally responsive oscillating circular affinity index
Method and apparatus for determining a measure of similarity between natural language sentences
Internal combustion engine with speed recovery power boost
Touch gesture based interface for motor vehicle
System and method for indicating a position of an aircraft to a user
System and method for generating positional and orientation information of an object
Stirrup aiding a person entering or exiting a vehicle
Store wall fixture
Store wall fixture
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Shoe sole
Footwear sole
Shoe outsole
Support plate for sporting footwear with an attached spring system
Sensor assembly and method for the detection of substances by nuclear quadrupolar resonance (NQR) an...
Apparatus and methods for 3D printing
Device for measuring the static and/or dynamic friction coefficient of a surface
Apparatus facilitating walking in ski boots
Plasmon photocatalysis
Heat dissipating type printed circuit board and structure thereof for conducting heat with heap pipe
Integral cold plate/chasses housing applicable to force-cooled power electronics
Heat receiving sheet, electronic apparatus, and fabrication method for heat receiving sheet
Cooling system for computer components
Variable output heating and cooling control
Heat exchanging apparatus
Feed-back control system for heat exchanger with natural shedding frequency
Heat exchanger
Plastic oil cooler
Fin tube assembly for heat exchanger and method
Apparatus for the regasification of LNG onboard a carrier
Cooling module for the engine of a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for controlling freezing nucleation and propagation
Rapid-hardening calcium phosphate cement compositions
Tamper-evident and/or tamper-resistant electronic components
Surface acoustic wave filter and communication apparatus
Aporphine and oxoaporphine compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Process for preparing isomerically pure prodrugs of proton pump inhibitors
Methods and reagents for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Wireless data communication unit
Light source module with temperature sensor
Direct binding assay for identifying inhibitors of HCV polymerase
System and method of formulating queries in relational databases
ECG signal processor and method
Synchronous duplex printing systems using pulsed DC fields
Pattern matching method and apparatus
Methods of forming decorative veils
Interactive optical cards and other hand-held devices with increased connectivity
Method of producing 1,1-difluoroethane and application thereof for the production of 1,1-difluoroeth...
Alkylidene complexes of ruthenium containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands; use as highly active, s...
Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and lithium secondary batteries
Organic electroluminescent display device and method for manufacturing the same
Sealing structure for sealing separator plates of fuel cell modules
Method for identifying modulators of G protein coupled receptor signaling
Control handle for intraluminal devices
Manifold gasket accommodating differential movement of fuel cell stack
Mutliple catalyst system for olefin polymerization and polymers produced therefrom
Pseudo cross-link type resin composition, molding material, sheet or film, and optical element obtai...
Broad band-cholesteric liquid crystal film and process for producing the same, circularly polarizing...
Photo-radiation source provided with emissive particles dispersed in a charge-transport matrix
System and methods for providing runtime spelling analysis and correction
Image forming apparatus using a cleaning unit for preventing noises
Phase change material containing fusible particles as thermally conductive filler
Diversity antenna arrangement
Small motor
Positional control of flexible storage phosphor media during image scan
Cordless safety vacuum
Genetic modification of male germ cells for generation of transgenic species and genetic therapies
Chemical compounds
Lipid analogs for combating tumors
Lipid analogs for inhibiting HIV-1 activity
Lipid analogs for inhibiting the activity of hepatitis B antigen
Methods and compositions for DNA mediated gene silencing
Microfabricated crossflow devices and methods
Mosaic infectious bursal disease virus vaccines
Analysis of HIV-1 coreceptor use in the clinical care of HIV-1-infected patients
Stabilized liquid anti-RSV antibody formulations
Methods of using flt3-ligand in hematopoietic cell transplantation
Methods for quenching pathogen inactivators in biological materials
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Process for producing nerve stem cells, motor neurons, and GABAergic neurons from embryonic stem cel...
Method and apparatus providing deception and/or altered execution of logic in an information system
Non-rotary cutting tool and process of machining scroll member by using the same
Disposable, pre-sterilized fluid receptacle sampling device
Method of determination of the conditions of exhaustion of a filtering cartridge for filtering caraf...
Method and apparatus for providing a central dictionary and glossary server
Combination barcode imaging/decoding and real-time video capture system
Pneumatic nail gun
Reducing probe traffic in multiprocessor systems
Water filter
Signal processing for measurement of physiological analytes
System for binding secrets to a computer system having tolerance for hardware changes
System and method for detection of an accessory device connection status
Method and apparatus in an application framework system for providing a port and network hardware re...
Balancing loads among computing nodes where no task distributor servers all nodes and at least one n...
Production of versatile channel letter coil
Medical devices having porous layers and methods for making same
Acidic activator-supports and catalysts for olefin polymerization
Polymerization of aromatic monomers using derivatives of hematin
Method for manufacturing seamless pipes or tubes
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method therefor
Insect control apparatus and method
Compositions for preparing low dielectric materials
System and method of minimizing loss of electrical conduction during input of feed material to a fur...
Plugin architecture for extending polices
Engine misfire detection
Energy saving system for a unit requiring electricity
Filter cartridge for a water tank of a coffee machine
Automated position control of a surface array relative to a liquid microjunction surface sampler
Method and apparatus for maintaining the status of objects in computer networks using virtual state ...
System and method for using web-based applications to validate data with validation functions
Low-K dielectric structure and method
System and method for automated placement or configuration of equipment for obtaining desired networ...
Increasing robustness of online calibration through motion detection
Wrinkle cream
Parenteral formulations of a peptide for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus
Autoimmune conditions and NADPH oxidase defects
Heterocyclic compound for stimulating or inducing the growth of the hair or eyelashes and/or slowing...
Stable episomal vectors
Compositions and methods for enzymatic detachment of bacterial and fungal biofilms
High throughput screening assays using fatty acid synthetic enzymes
Method to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatment...
Fixed-dried platelets cross-linked to protein
Methods and compositions comprising ilex
Matrix protein composition for treating inflammation
Composition containing fractionated bee propolis
Healing powder and method of use thereof
Highly compatible hydroxyphenyltriazine UV-absorbers
Pro108 antibody compositions and methods of use and use of Pro108 to assess cancer risk
Short chain neurotoxin from sea snake-Lapemis hardwickii and genes encoding the neurotoxin
Depth information measurement apparatus and mixed reality presentation system
Calendar control for selection of time periods to filter data
Low profile adapter for tracheal tubes
Medical devices
Implantable devices using rechargeable zero-volt technology lithium-ion batteries
Interactive device
Data replication system and method
Image down-loading apparatus and system, and image down-loading method
Phase-changeable memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film magnetic memory device reducing a charging time of a data line in a data read operation
Colorant, particles for display device, image display medium and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for concatenated channel coding with variable code rate and coding gain in a da...
Memory interface supporting multi-stream operation
Roof boundary clip
Two-stage hall effect plasma accelerator including plasma source driven by high-frequency discharge
Absorbent article material with elastomeric borders
Systems and methods for providing voice and data interfaces to web services-based applications
Methods, apparatuses, and systems allowing for bandwidth management schemes responsive to utilizatio...
Systems for incremental application deployment
Multiple item user preference information data structure and method for providing multi-media inform...
Directional flooding method in wireless sensor network
Easy-type unidirectional locking device
Smart AC 100 watt inverter
Color display system with improved apparent resolution
Color EL display system with improved resolution
Color display system with improved apparent resolution
Method for rendering color EL display and display device with improved resolution
Method and apparatus for defect correction in a display
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Photochromic composition in a solid matrix
Method and apparatus for customizing of a power supply based on load characteristic data
Semiconductor device, with an off detection circuit
Method and apparatus for calculating/controlling power generation torque
Battery charging device and method thereof
Split power supply subsystem with isolated voltage supplies to satisfy a predetermined power limit
Balancing transformers for ring balancer
Controller for electric article for human body
Dual purpose mini-charger
Method and apparatus to minimize power and ground bounce in a logic device
Electronic battery tester with relative test output
Load drive apparatus with short circuit determination
Active power factor correction circuit and control method thereof
Battery operated device with a battery life indicator
Power supply
Rhetorical content management with tone and audience profiles
Low cost RFID system
Method of making thermally regenerable salt sorbent resins
Electrical terminal with layered springs
Subcutaneous Intramuscular Mounting for a Rigid Transcutaneous Implant
Method For Conducting Double-Blind Testing Using A Constant Amplitude Electromagnetic System
Device for proactive modulation of cardiac strain patterns
Constant amplitude electromagnetic system for Treating An Animal Using A Constant Amplitude Electrom...
Compounds and Uses Thereof in Modulating Amyloid Beta
Certain thienopyrimidine derivatives as phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Use of Atazanavir for Improving the Pharmacokinetics of Drugs Metabolized by Ugt1a1
Agent for Promoting the Recovery from Dysfunction After the Onset of Central Neurological Disease
Use of Non-Glucocorticoid Steroids for the Treatment of Muscular Dystrophy
Apparatus for treating stress and urge incontinence
System and method for utilizing brain state information to modulate cardiac therapy
Transesophageal gastric reduction device, system and method
Medical procedure through natural body opening
Noninvasive angioplasty using momentary vacuum therapy
Trajectory-based deep-brain stereotactic transcranial magnetic stimulation
Process for Preparing Bicyclic Pyrazolyl
Amino Acid Surrogates for Peptidic Constructs
Acyclic 1,3-Diamine And Uses Therefor
Water repellant gypsum compositions
Electrical receptacle and junction box free of wire-nuts
Perimeter clip for seismic ceilings
Protecting Electronic File Transfer from Unauthorized Access or Copying
Error correction apparatus and method
System-on-chip development apparatus for wire and wireless internet phone
Process and system providing internet protocol security without secure domain resolution
Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
System and method for providing access to a network in a communications environment
System and method for receiving over a network a broadcast from a broadcast source
System and method for determining the geographic location of internet hosts
Service transmission in a packet data network
Method for generating a presentation for re-locating an information page that has already been calle...
Distributed web services network architecture
Distributed computing system and method
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving business contact information in a computer system
System and method for synchronizing data repositories
Search system
Computer system for optical scanning, storage, organization, authentication and electronic transmitt...
Memory card and initialization setting method thereof to avoid initializing operation failure in a m...
User preference information structure having multiple hierarchical structure and method for providin...
Method of and apparatus for multimedia processing, and computer product
Method and apparatus for simplifying the access of metadata
Image and information management system
Method for branching data in mobile communication terminal
System and method of network adaptive real-time multimedia streaming
Interactive system and method
Multimedia video and audio playing device
Reflex tester and method for measurement
Standardized medical cognitive assessment tool
Board assembly
Firing simulator
Speed-adaptive control scheme for legged running robots
Method and device for controlling movements in the case of manipulators
Roller assembly for floating dock
Control system for positioning of a marine seismic streamers
Mooring system with active control
Yacht fender hook
Method and apparatus for compacting sail cars
Apparatus for reconfiguration of a variable-draft vessel
Remote-control toy and field for the same
LED illuminated glow stick
Lighting device having a light tube with magnetically adjustable illumination
Car model attachment for standard skates
Nurturing necklace system
Method and apparatus for transmitting image signals of images having different exposure times via a ...
Client terminal for displaying ranked program listings based upon a selected rating source
Video structuring by probabilistic merging of video segments
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing video data, and recording medium
Digital image recording and reproducing apparatus having formats corresponding to pixel configuratio...
Non-photorealistic camera
Image processing system, program, information storage medium, and image processing method
Image-based object detection apparatus and method
Embedding and detecting digital watermark in image
Method and apparatus for synchronizing auxiliary data and video data transmitted over a TMDS-like li...
Color wheel with aligned segments
Zoom lens and imaging device
Projection television and manufacturing method thereof
Digital photo album with image modification and internal printing
Smart and active antenna array for portable and mobile television reception
Remote control device for a television receiver with user programmable means
Controlled information flow between communities via a firewall
Methods and systems for implementing dynamic properties on objects that support only static properti...
System, method and program tool to reset an application
System in which a first program written in one programming language can interact and access a second...
Class loading in a virtual machine for a platform having minimal resources
Data processing system, method, and computer program product for generating a generic compilation in...
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Method and apparatus for automatic modeling building using inference for IT systems
Method of physical planning voltage islands for ASICs and system-on-chip designs
System and method for managing a message view
Document object membranes
Setting or changing an access condition for an access management apparatus and method of a portable ...
System and method for performing code completion in an integrated development environment
System GUI for identification and synchronized display of object-correspondence in CT volume image s...
System and method for remote, automatic reporting and verification of forms
Redundant column read in a memory array
Method and apparatus to hook shared libraries across all processes on windows
Methods and systems for loading data from memory
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for automatically migrating and managing migrated da...
Packet buffer management apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for using wavelets to produce data summaries
System for on-line financial services using distributed objects
Methods and systems for routing travel between origin and destination service locations using global...
Apparatus and method for car relocation and parking timer
Construction machine having location-based project data files
Radio frequency (RF) protocol module system and method
Method and apparatus for providing location based vendor information to a wireless mobile terminal
Combined e-beam and optical exposure semiconductor lithography
Method and system for dynamically selecting wafer lots for metrology processing
Method for fabricating periodic structure
Magnetic memory cell, magnetic memory device, and method of manufacturing magnetic memory device
Holder for surface mount device during reflow
Method for forming pattern of liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating thin film tra...
Apparatus and method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer with reduced delamination and peeling
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and e...
Semiconductor chip package and manufacturing method thereof
Wafer-leveled chip packaging structure and method thereof
Method of forming a gate pattern in a semiconductor device
Packaged microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
CMOS-compatible non-volatile memory cell with lateral inter-poly programming layer
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
FeRAM device and method for manufacturing the same
Laser irradiation method, method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and a semiconductor devic...
Solid state image pickup device and its manufacture method
Silicon germanium emitter
Phosphor tape article
Polysilicon thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Substrate for mounting a semiconductor
Mounted MEMs optical diagnostic switch
Golf ball
Golf putter head
Front wheel motor driven-golf trolley
Method for producing a wave-transmitting cover
Glass run
LED lamp apparatus
Weather strip for motor vehicle
Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a fluid ejection device
Electrode for electron gun and electron gun using same
Die assembly and method for forming honeycomb filters
Multifunctional cationic photoinitiators, their preparation and use
Radiation therapy system and method of using the same
ADPCM decoder
High impact communication and control system
Memory device with a self-assembled polymer film and method of making the same
Portable disk with a protective housing
Electromagnetic valve actuation with series connected electromagnet coils
Voice activity detector for telephone
Energy efficient achievement of integrated circuit performance goals
Process control system to manage materials used in construction
System for and method of power efficient electrical tissue stimulation
Developer supply device and image forming apparatus including the same
Continuous direct-write optical lithography
Coherent DUV illumination for semiconductor wafer inspection
Method for producing an electrochromic device and said electrochromic device
Anti-creep trailer locking mechanism
Machining apparatus
Front fork in two-wheeled motor vehicle or the like
Magnetic spring device with negative stiffness
Lamp dimming system and methods
Polymer based distributive waveguide sensor for pressure and shear measurement
Focus and alignment sensors and methods for use with scanning microlens-array printer
Data encoding and decoding using Slepian-Wolf coded nested quantization to achieve Wyner-Ziv coding
Method for detecting a person in a space
Device for carrying out examinations of the human eye
"Countdown Timer" automatic water limiting supply shut off safety valve flo-control system
Computer-assisted evaluation of blueprints using computer-storable evaluation-criteria
Methods and software for self-gating a set of images
Image forming apparatus having a temporary toner holding device and a toner collecting device
System and method for quantifying the quality of motion correction in image registration
Composite material with improved structural, acoustic and thermal properties
Method and system for preparing and displaying page structures for web sites
Moisture curable compositions with enhanced adhesion to polyolefins
Positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, positive electrode ...
Channel-less proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Styrenic resin composition and articles produced therefrom
Method for segmenting an image
Using directional antennas to enhance wireless mesh networks
Die cushion device
Preserved implantable vessel derived from a human umbilical cord or placenta
Antenna switch circuit and antenna switch module
Two-tiered authorization and authentication for a cable data delivery system
Retainer with band clip and cable holder
Replaceable scheduling algorithm in multitasking kernel
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Soft polyolefin compositions with improved flow
Attenuation of engine harshness during lean-to-rich transitions
Spy-resistant keyboard
Apparatus and method for monitoring and routing status messages
Display apparatus and method for selectively displaying two-dimensional image and three-dimensional ...
Computer input device
Image-based sensing of acceleration
Combined system responses in a chip multiprocessor
Poinsettia plant named `PER10603`
Method for forming wiring pattern, method for manufacturing device, device, electro-optic apparatus,...
Absolute position determination of an object using pattern recognition
Polyfunctional biocompatible hydrogel and method for the production thereof
Integrated support in an XML/XQuery database for web-based applications
Device and method for creating aerosols for drug delivery
Aircraft structural member made of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy
Radiation-cured, laminated flexible packaging material and radiation-curable, adhesive composition
Chain ferroelectric random access memory (CFRAM) having an intrinsic transistor connected in paralle...
Chip-scale package for integrated circuits
Variable thickness EL lamp
Predictive predownload of templates with delta encoding
Generating current order fulfillment plans based on expected future orders
Techniques for exception handling by rewriting dispatch table elements
Apparatus and method for high speed data transceiving, and apparatus and method for error-correction...
Financial transaction using mobile devices
Method and apparatus for setting ciphering activation time in a wireless communications system
System for determining three dimensional position of radio transmitter
Tire monitor radio circuit and tire monitor system
Dash mounted or handheld audible-visual road advisory-information system device
Body-insertable device system and body-insertable device guiding method
Multiradio control interface element in modem
RFID wireless 2G, 3G, 4G internet systems including Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, OFDM, CDMA, TDMA, GSM
Group Call Service In A Cellular Mobile System
Method and apparatus for providing in-band wireless backhaul
Method and System for Distributing Multimedia Contents Through a Wireless Communications Network, Pa...
Wireless communication terminal and method for controlling power and using channel by adjusting chan...
Information terminal device, radio communication system and radio communication method
System for measuring radio communicative region
WLAN And WWAN Connection Migration Methods And Apparatus
Method for the production of antibodies
Down-line Transcription System Having Context Sensitive Searching Capability
Search engine methods and systems for displaying relevant topics
Method of making hernia patch and resulting product
Porous titanium modular revision patella system
Implant for repairing a cartilage defect
Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Tinnitus and Other Neurological Disorders by Brain Stimulation...
Bone stimulation system
Specialized cutter blades for preparing intervertebral disc space
Gut Clamper
Implement and method to extract nucleus from spine intervertebral disc
System and method for using MPW integration service on demand
XML-based multi-format business services design pattern
Instant note capture/presentation apparatus, system and method
Database management systems and methods of operating the same
Method and apparatus for storing performance parameters in a limited storage space
Management method and a management system for volume
Preserving a snapshot of selected data of a mass storage system
Method, system, and program for querying adaptors in a system to determine information on the adapto...
Integrated monitoring system
Wireless/LAN router queuing method and system
Method and control unit for controlling technical procedures in a motor vehicle
Technique for processing an error using write-to-operator-with-reply in a ported application
Node removal using remote back-up system memory
Disk array system for starting destaging process of unwritten cache memory data to disk drive upon d...
Method and system for loading processor boot code from serial flash memory
Prefetching data in a computer system
In-memory table structure for virtual address translation system with translation units of variable ...
Memory management circuitry translation information retrieval during debugging
Data misalignment detection and correction in a computer system utilizing a mass storage subsystem
Fast unaligned memory access system and method
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamically tuning amount of physical processor ...
System, method and storage medium for providing a serialized memory interface with a bus repeater
Nonvolatile memory with error correction for page copy operation and method thereof
High-strength stainless steel material in the form of a wheel rim and method for manufacturing the s...
Process for producing recombinant polypeptides via a glycerol phosphate or sugar phosphate feed
Stent with differently coated inside and outside surfaces
TADG-15: an extracellular serine protease overexpressed in carcinomas
Artificial intervertebral disc
Medical device for delivering biologically active material
Pre-adipose cell lines
Bone fixation system and method of implantation
Non-gelled curable compositions containing imide functional compounds
Light emitting element and process for producing the same
Material composite and production and use of the material composite
Cement composite, concrete, concrete cask and method of manufacturing concrete
Method and apparatus for sterilizing a lumen device
Methods of stabilizing and/or sealing core material and stabilized and/or sealed core material
Hockey stick blade
Screw having a knurled portion
Seat assemblies including a seat stroking device and methods of use
Method of manufacturing metallic composite material
Vehicle two way remote communication system
Reversing motor windshield wiper system
Hydraulic control system for multiple clutches in a motor vehicle
Adaptable junction box applicable to automotive vehicles
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Positive engagement latch for a vehicle seat
Variable valve mechanism control device and control method
Internal combustion engine having an exhaust particulate filter
Bumper for vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Drive system for a pivotable windscreen wiper
Microstructuring optical wave guide devices with femtosecond optical pulses
Scanning device, laser projector, and optical device
Light source device and optical communication module employing the device
Long-pulse pulse power system for gas discharge laser
Method for measuring VCSEL reverse bias leakage in an optical module
Frequency modulated vertical cavity laser
Semiconductor laser element, method of fabrication thereof, and multi-wavelength monolithic semicond...
Semiconductor laser having optical guide layer doped for decreasing resistance
Method for noise cancellation by spectral flattening of laser output in a multi-line-laser instrumen...
System and method for generating multi-wavelength laser source using highly nonlinear fiber
Thermo-optic tunable laser apparatus
Laser system for marking tires
External cavity tunable optical transmitters
Wavelength division-multiplexing optical transmission system
Numerical aperture optimization using doped cladding layers
Optical disk
Apparatus and method for controlling a focus jump and level thereof in a multilayer optical disk
Optical disk device and tilt correction method thereof
Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
Method and system for performing operations on data using XML streams
Linked contents browsing support device, linked contents continuous browsing support device, and met...
Parallel text execution on low-end emulators and devices
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1348 daltons
Derivatives of N'-(1,5-diphenyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl) sulfonamide with CB1 receptor affinity
CB 1 receptor inverse agonists
Biaromatic ligand activators of PPAR.gamma. receptors
Nutrition dispensers and method for producing optimal dose of nutrition with the help of a database ...
Substituted 8'-pyridinyl-dihydrospiro-[cycloalkyl]-pyrimido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-6-one and 8'-pyrimidinyl...
Opioid receptor active compounds
Substituted 8'-pyri(MI)dinyl-dihydrospiro-[cycloalkylamine]-pyrimido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-- 6-one derivat...
Benzyl morpholine derivatives
Thermographic recording materials containing a mesionic, 1,2,4-triazolium-3-thiolate compound
CPP giant magnetoresistive element with particular bulk scattering coefficient
Dual type magnetic sensing element wherein .DELTA.R.times.A in upstream part in flow direction of el...
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing system
Narrow track extraordinary magneto resistive [EMR] device
Disk drive capable of restricting unexpected movement of a head suspension using a latch member to r...
Magnetic recording medium for perpendicular recording and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Cartridge for recording medium
Magnetic tape cartridge and recorder/reproducer a magnetic tape cartridge
Laminated side shield for perpendicular write head for improved performance
Method and apparatus for mechanically balancing the disk pack of a hard disk drive
Floppy disk drive
High speed cleanup of removable storage device
Feedforward controller and methods for use therewith
Magnetic disk drive
Sensing a prior transducer position by a motion pattern
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic recordi...
Data converting apparatus, data converting method, and recording medium
Vacuum chuck spinstand for testing magnetic heads and disks
Motor using dynamic gas bearings
Brushless motor
Magnetic film for magnetic head
Methods and apparatus for the immediate acceptance and queuing of voice data for PTT communications
System and method for controlling a telephone via a computer system and printed control interface
Apparatus and methods for enforcing purchase agreements
Method for performing measurements for handoff of a mobile unit operating with a switched beam anten...
Digital optical network architecture
Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network system
Optical LAN device
Method and a system for monitoring the transmission of optical signals
Variable optical attenuator with wavelength dependent loss compensation
Optical fiber slack storage tray for a distribution cabinet
Optical connector which can be disassembled and disassembling tool suitable to disassemble the same
Frequency-selective light coupler-decoupler device
Optical fiber, optical fiber ribbon, and optical interconnection system
High air fraction photonic band gap fibers
System and method for performing dispersion compensation
Mechanically strippable upcoated optical fiber
Image pickup device
All-dielectric, self-supporting, loose-tube optical fiber cable
Optoelectronic fiber codrawn from conducting, semiconducting, and insulating materials
Glass package for optical device
Conical-wedge-shaped lensed fiber and the method of making the same
Soluble secreted channel subunit polypeptide
Fixed operating frequency inverter for cold cathode fluorescent lamp having strike frequency adjuste...
Power semiconductor device
Image forming apparatus and an impurity collecting device associated with registration rollers
Determining water saturation for oil bearing thin-bedded formation having anisotropic resistivity
Apparatus for cooling a filament forming area of a filament forming apparatus
Signal processing method and signal processing circuit
Supported hybrid metallocene catalyst, method for preparing the same, and method for preparing polyo...