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Battery having improved headspace insulator
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell having improved current collector plates and method of forming the sam...
Soft thermoplastic vulcanizate compositions
Method of modifying polymeric material and use thereof
Image-forming apparatus with support member housing communications unit
Inner shroud for the stator blades of the compressor of a gas turbine
Method and device for diversity transmission of coded information
Method and apparatus for determining and setting material release mechanism timing for a material fe...
Materials and devices for blue phosphorescence based organic light emitting diodes
System and method for binding virtual machines to hardware contexts
Oven-supportable canning implement sterilization rack
Communication system and network control apparatus with encryption processing function, and communic...
High-affinity choline transporter
Automobile and control method of automobile
System for a virtual dew point sensor
Lobelia plant named `Lobantis`
Supported double layer structure for displaying a nucleic acid associated with a protein
Geomagnetic sensor for calibrating azimuth by compensating for an effect of tilting and method there...
Coating compositions for bitterness inhibition
Method for promoting selling of seller items on an online auction site
Sulfonated polyphosphazene derivative and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for selective deposition
Memory card with connecting portions for connection to an adapter
Photonic crystal light emitting device
Color-conversion light-emitting device, method for manufacturing the same, and display using the sam...
Clustering techniques for faster and better placement of VLSI circuits
System for delivering propane or other consumable liquid to remotely located storage tanks
Method and apparatus for keeping track of memory usage for tasks in a shared heap
Method and system for providing direct and indirect sales channels for goods or services from a sing...
Animating display motion
Portable vehicle navigation system
Method of signal processing in the presence of interference
Triple multiplexing spread spectrum receiver
Method for managing animation chunk data and its attribute information for use in an interactive dis...
Methods and apparatus for funding transactions
Magnetic devices having magnetic features with CMP stop layers
Contact printing of magnetic media with mechanically reinforced and/or gas venting stamper
Modulation bit added to worst case codeword
Multi-tiered retry scheme for reading copies of information from a storage medium
Surface modified stamper for imprint lithography
Apparatus for protecting and merging a head stack assembly
Aliphatically modified biodegradable block copolymers as thermogelling polymers
Silicon Structure
Combination therapy for the treatment and improvement of scars
Methods for treating or preventing disorders using ecdysteroid compositions
Moisture regulator
Toxin Induced Sympathectomy
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical product for external use based on papaya
Product of coromandel and method for its use
Composition and methods for the treatment of joint pain using Angelica gigas Nakai extract and powde...
Nematicides From Juglandaceae And Methods Of Use Thereof
Carbohydrase inhibitors derived from fagaceous plants and use thereof
Composition containing an extract of shisandrae fructus for preventing and treating metabolic bone d...
Moringa crude extracts and their derived fractions with antifungal activities
Linseed Extract for Xerostomia Treatment
Cosmetic compositions having extracts of amomum melegueta and methods of treating skin
Molluscicidal and Anti-Barnacle Compounds
Method and composition for treating ear inflammation caused by dry ear
Composition for Suppressing Cyclooxygenase and/or 5-Lypoxygenase
Gall bladder and liver cleansing suppository
Method and apparatus for locating gas hydrate
Physically crosslinked copolymer compounds and related compositions and methods for electrophoretic ...
Ink composition, ink cartridge, recording method, and recorded product
Cinnamoyl compound and use of the same
Method of Biomass Processing
Probe, probe set and information acquisition method using the same
Stabilizer for dairy products
Pharmaceutical formulations
Use of hydrophilic-rich alkylmethylsiloxane-dimethylsiloxane-polyoxyalkylene copolymers as emulsifie...
Extract of a Plant Belonging to the Genus Plukenetia Volubilis and Its Cosmetic Use
Method and Apparatus for Cooling Electronics with a Coolant at a Subambient Pressure
Exposure Apparatus And Device Fabrication Method
Ink composition, ink cartridge, recording method, and recorded product
Detection apparatus using cartridge
Methods for delivering nucleic acid molecules into cells and assessment thereof
Quantitative analysis of DNA
Chemical amplification-type resist composition and production process thereof
Polynucleotide vaccine formula against canine pathologies, in particular respiratory and digestive p...
Process for restoration of ground water used in in-situ uranium mining
Method of treating photographic waste liquid
Metal containing waste water treatment method and metal containing waste water treatment equipment
Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, membrane filtration device using th...
Ion adsorption module and method for water treatment
Modular fluid treatment apparatus
Membrane module for gas transfer
Apparatus and method for mixing by agitation in a multichambered mixing apparatus including a pre-ag...
Filter assembly having a five-way valve
Emulsion admixtures for improving cement elasticity
Cementitious materials including slag and geopolymers
Wax emulsion preservative compositions and method of manufacture
Method for purifying the solution in the hydrometallurgical processing of copper
Abrasive product, method of making and using the same, and apparatus for making the same
Receptacle with shaped surface
Biodegradable sorbents
Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition
Surfactant having chlorine-capturing ability and anti-discoloration ability and chemical formulation...
Manufactrue of Portland Cement Using Claus Catalyst
Composite upholstery fabric panels with enlarged graphite intumescent particles
Expansion screw
Dust collector for drill
Non-Hazardous Bulk Material Analyzer System
Shaped wall plate for wiring device
Novel mineral filler composition
Prestressed, strong foam glass tiles
Generation of Plants with Improved Drought Tolerance
KSR2 knockout mice and methods of use thereof
Transgenic animals producing low-lactose milk and newly identified human small intestinal extracellu...
Non-human animal alzheimer's disease model and uses thereof
Anthurium plant named 'Barmodu'
Curcuma plant named 'Curtina'
Curcuma plant named 'Curzena'
Nucleic Acids Encoding Anthelmintic Agents and Plants Made Therefrom
Isolated Polynucleotide Molecules Corresponding to Mutant and Wild-Type Alleles of the Maize D9 Gene...
Root-Specific and Xylem Parenchyma-Specific Promoter
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Centralized Dynamic Security Control for a Mobile Device Network
Updating a web user interface on a client device
Usage based indicators to assess the impact of scholarly works: architecture and method
Manipulator and its control apparatus and method
Prescription drug compliance monitoring system
Nerve-branch-specific action-potential activation, inhibition, and monitoring
Stimulation control for brain stimulation
Double helical antenna assembly for a wireless intravascular medical device
Encapsulated sensor with external antenna
System and method for generating and testing treatment protocols
Method for recovery of data
Method of stimulating/sensing brain with combination of intravascularly and non-vascularly delivered...
Methods, systems and program products for classifying and storing a data handling method and for ass...
Intermittent stress augmentation pacing for cardioprotective effect
Quality control quantization loop and bitrate control quantization loop for quality and rate control...
Anti-tachycardia pacing method and apparatus for multi-chamber pacing
Device and Method for Automatically Starting a Milking Process
Method and apparatus for applying glaze or other coatings to food products
Food masher
Beverage cooling apparatus and method
Glycosidase enzymes
Snack/convenience foods and the like having external and/or internal coating compositions
Container with gas release feature
Apparatus for producing a curly puff extrudate
Methods and apparatus to provide content on demand in content broadcast systems
Gastric Bypass Devices and Methods
Dynamically adjustable gastric implants
Device and Method for Treating Weight Disorders
Synergistic mixtures of at least one 1,2 alkanediol such as 1,2-hexanediol and 1,2-octanediol with a...
Concave tapered product, method, and apparatus for producing such a product
Method for Solvent Extracting Cocoa Butter from Cocoa Nibs
Quinoa-containing beverages and methods of manufacture
Processes For Forming Multi-Layered Pet Treats
Refrigerated, Developed, Chemically Leavened Dough Compositions Comprising Concentrated Protein Ingr...
De-oiled whole grain products and processes for their production
Food Product Comprising an Extract From Pine Needles
Method for Optimising the Viscosity of Juices and Purees, in Particular for Tomatoes and Fruit
Food Preparation with a Creamy Consistency for Use as a Base for Sauces
Method and packet radio system for controlling link adaptation
Method for localizing a mobile terminal in an area under radio coverage of a cellular communication ...
Method of network acquisition and related cellular radio communication device
Method and system for wireless intrusion detection prevention and security management
Radio wave receiver, radio-controlled timepiece and tuning capacitance setting method
Electronic device having image capture and radio communication functions, operation control method a...
Constant gain digital predistortion controller for linearization of non-linear amplifiers
Portable audio playback device with bass enhancement
Digital RF receiver and method of dynamically adjusting a multi-cluster memory buffer
Digital broadcast transmission system of improved receptability and signal processing method thereof
Radio transmission device and transmission rate decision method
Systems and methods for soft handoff and other diversity communication using base stations supportin...
Combined Low-IF/direct down conversion baseband architecture for 3G GSM/WCDMA receivers
Radio communication apparatus
System and method for packet data serving node load balancing and fault tolerance
Agonist polypeptide of receptor for Zot and Zonulin
Barbituric acid derivatives as inhibitors of TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme (TACE) and/or matrix meta...
Radiation patternable functional materials, methods of their use, and structures formed therefrom
System and method for providing exhibition information service through wireless communication
Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproduci...
Video cataloger system with audio track extraction
Media processing system supporting different media formats via server-based transcoding
Eddy attenuating apparatus for an optical pickup assembly and disc drive adopting the same
Disk drive
Error correction cache for flash memory
Memory system and data channel initialization method for memory system
Method and apparatus for blind source separation using two sensors
Apparatus and method for detecting frequency
Packaging machine
Method and apparatus for automatically performing an online content distribution campaign
Accident avoidance systems and methods
Method for the detection and automatic characterization of nodules in a tomographic image and a syst...
Process and apparatus for detection of the cardiac cycle
Computer aided diagnosis of an image set
System and method for real-time processing and display of digital medical images
Apparatus, system, and method for optical pulse gain enhancement for high-finesse external cavity
X-ray image diagnostic apparatus
Stationary computed tomography system and method
Method and apparatus for treatment by ionizing radiation
Molding for electrolytic capacitor anode element, molding with substratum, production methods theref...
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Thin film transistor tester and corresponding test method
Micro-engineered electron multipliers
Wiring technique
Scanning electron microscope
Identification of receptor and heparin binding sites in FGF4 by structure-based mutagenesis
Medical fibres and fabrics
Fibrillar microstructure for conformal contact and adhesion
Method, apparatus and system for connecting a portable unit to a particular server unit from among a...
Method and system for determining noise components of an analog-to-digital converter
Integrated frequency translation and selectivity with gain control functionality, and applications t...
Pattern recognition applied to graphic imaging
Method for producing a coating for absorption of neutrons produced in nuclear reactions of radioacti...
Method for location tracking using vicinities
Electronic device and the production method
Method and system for requiring authorization for a job prior to processing
System and method for structured document authoring
Control of memory and power efficient mechanism for fast table lookup
Configurable multi-function flow measurement apparatus having an array of sensors
Method for correlating well logs
Method and node for the set-up of a connection in a telecommunication network
Method and apparatus for charging of communications services
Systems and methods to assist in stripping a substrate from an image transfer unit
Image processing method and apparatus
System and method for communicating media signals
Enhancing the quality and resolution of an image generated from single or multiple sources
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Method, system, and article to specify compound query, displaying visual indication includes a serie...
Systems and methods for performing point-of-view searching
Apparatus and method for identifying and/or for analyzing potential patent infringement
Efficient fuzzy match for evaluating data records
System for normalizing a discourse representation structure and normalized data structure
Mobile device with cell array
System and method for intelligent processing of results from search of direct sequence spread spectr...
Signal processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for compensating signal attenuation based on an equalizer
Digital kick meter and graphical user interface (GUI)
Device for verifying a location of a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag on an item
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for atom transfer radical polymerization
Perfluoropolyether silanes and use thereof
Catalyst for making fluoroelastomer compositions and methods of using the same
Aqueous dispersions of polytetrafluoroethylene having a low amount of fluorinated surfactant
Fluorinated sulfonamide surfactants for aqueous cleaning solutions
Electrode for electrochemical sensors
Cable-free medical detection and treatment system
Method and apparatus for providing depth control or z-actuation
Abrasive article
Backlighting transmissive displays
Centralized management of replacement vehicle labels
Cellphone GPS positioning system
Laser processing for heat-sensitive mesoscale deposition
Conformal coatings for micro-optical elements, and method for making the same
Spam control for sharing content on mobile devices
System and methods for filtering electromagnetic visual, and minimizing acoustic transmissions
Tablets press with integral NIR measuring device
Biological laser printing via indirect photon-biomaterial interactions
Benzothiophen and thiochrone containing phenethanolamine derivatives for the treatment of respirator...
Feedback circuit for push-pull inverters
Electrophotographic reproduction system with a multifaceted charging mechanism
Information processing apparatus and method and program and program storage medium
Solid-oxide fuel cell assembly having simplified arrangement of current collectors
Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush
Alkaline cell with flat housing
Discharge method for electrophotographic process unit detachable from imaging apparatus and image fo...
Lightweight structure particularly for an aircraft
Wireless system with hybrid automatic retransmission request in interference-limited communications
Elastic dog leash and coupler
Electro-optical circuit board
Method and apparatus for triggering automated processing of data
Detection of Giardia
Rapid zippering for real time tesselation of bicubic surfaces
Hydrangea plant named `Red Sensation`
Medication delivery device
Display using a photoluminescence quenching device, and method for displaying image using the same
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Nucleic acid fragments encoding nitrile hydratase and amidase enzymes from Comamonas testosteroni 5-...
Mar-resistant oligomeric-based coatings for glass-plastic glazing products
Process for making high temperature superconductor devices each having a line oriented in a spiral f...
Alteration of oil traits in plants
Processes for removal of color bodies from polytrimethylene ether glycol polymers
Compatibility improvement in aromatic polyesters with mineral fillers
Flame resistant aromatic polyamide resin composition and articles therefrom
Validation of XML data files
Apparatus and methods for the automated synthesis of oligosaccharides
Method for Controlling Valves During the Thermocyclisation of a Substance for the Purpose of Polymer...
siRNA targeting polo-like kinase-1 (PLK-1)
siRNA targeting testes development-related NYD-SP21 (NYD-SP21)
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor
Process and Materials for the Rapid Detection of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Employing Purified Antigen...
Nucleotide mimics and their prodrugs
Nucleoside Aryl Phosphoramidates for the Treatment of Rna-Dependent Rna Viral Infection
Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of gene expression by double-stranded RNA
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms as Prognostic Tool to Diagnose Adverse Drug Reactions (Adr) and Drug...
Pesticidal proteins
Materials and methods for reducing inflammation by inhibition of the atrial natriuretic peptide rece...
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Phosphoprotein affinity resins and methods for making and using the same
Terminating enhanced television broadcasts
Organic electroluminescent device with HIL/HTL specific to each RGB pixel
OLED device having improved contrast
Device with small molecular thiophene compound having divalent linkage
Photoelectric current multiplier using molecular crystal and production method therefor
Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
Method for user-specified error correction in an instant messaging system
Method and system for testing assembled mobile devices
Method, apparatus and computer program product for accessing a facility directory
System and method for routing communications based on wireless communication link quality
Handover method in mobile communication system
Authorization means security module terminal system
Amplification-hybridisation method for detecting and typing human papillomavirus
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto
In-situ-etch-assisted HDP deposition
Use of a plasma source to form a layer during the formation of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor on insulator vertical transistor fabrication and doping process
Method to eliminate arsenic contamination in trench capacitors
Penning discharge plasma source
Method for reducing the intrinsic stress of high density plasma films
Process control in electrochemically assisted planarization
Isolation of short-circuited sensor cells for high-reliability operation of sensor array
Holographic arrays for multi-path imaging artifact reduction
Ferromagnetic detection pillar
Security scanners with capacitance and magnetic sensor arrays
Inspection tester for explosives
Apparatus and method for simultaneously coating and measuring parts
Self-aligning bearing assembly capable of reacting radial and axial loads
Fluid balanced paint system
System and method of phase encoding for high fidelity vibratory seismic data
Methods and systems for measuring an aberated wave front
Methods and systems for identifying high-quality phase angle measurements in an interferometric rada...
Method for determining missile information from radar returns
Control of coasting downshifts in an automatic transmission for motor vehicles
Multiple-speed automatic transmission
Cross-calibration of plant instruments with computer data
Flow meter performance monitoring system
Intake air volume controller of internal combustion engine
Method and controller for setting a control element and a use of said controller
Charge generating device and method thereof for reducing development of nitrogen oxide species forma...
Apparatus for detecting peaks of wavelength-division-multiplexed light, and apparatus for controllin...
Optical element and method for producing the same
Database item versioning
Method and system for creating a table in a text editing application
Metadata-facilitated software testing
Method and system for masking dynamic regions in a user interface to enable testing of user interfac...
Selectable data field consistency checking
Selecting a power state based on predefined parameters
Method and system for measuring load and capacity on a variable capacity channel
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
Functional film for transfer having functional layer, object furnished with functional layer and pro...
Formation of a silicon sheet by cold surface casting
Glass composition
Rearview mirror assembly with utility functions
Antiglare coating and articles
Method and apparatus for handling user identities under single sign-on services
Method, system and a network element for controlling point-to-multipoint transmission in a mobile co...
Multi-service segmentation and reassembly device involving multiple data path integrated circuits
Cluster switching architecture
Support mobile device in asymmetric link environment
System management
Rapid 4-Stokes parameter determination via Stokes filter wheel
Vehicle obstacle warning radar
Multi-frequency clock synthesizer
Flexible multi-ply tissue products
Diagnostic system for cranes
Microfluidic component and method for sorting particles in a fluid
Methods and compositions to treat myocardial conditions
Dental implant with the fixture intermediate support
Traversing measurement system for a dryer and associated method
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Substituted isoquinolinones
Chemical compounds
Compositions, kit and one-step method for monitoring compounds having anti-factor X.sub.a and/or ant...
Sustained-release preparation for AII antagonist, production and use thereof
Poly(vinyl acetal) coatings for implantable medical devices
Methods of delivering energy to body portions to produce a therapeutic response
Methods of providing direct blood flow between a heart chamber and a coronary vessel
Kappa agonist compounds and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Write-once-type recording medium, recording apparatus and method for write-once-type recording mediu...
Fuel cell stack assembly
Aqueous ink composition
Accurately predicting and preventing interference between tooth models
Method of connecting a top to a container
Apparatus and methods for delivery of variable length stents
Coherent laser radar
Stepping motor
Methods and apparatus for MRI shim elements
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Low temperature probe having transmitting coil and receiving coil or transmit/receive coil and used ...
Planar NMR coil with gyromagnetic arc suppression
Magnetic resonance imaging system and operating method therefor
Electrical contact and connector system
Lightweight, portable and expandable small animal enclosure
Low volume sample cell and gas monitoring system using same
Window dressing having integral anchor
Window dressing
Isoform specific inhibition for treatment of pain and reduction of anesthetic threshold
Gene and use thereof
Performance enhancing coating on intraluminal devices
Use of Lactobacillus farciminis for the prevention or treatment of digestive pathologies
Showerhead holder
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and process for producing tetrafluoro...
NOx sensor and methods of using the same
Ink for ink jet recording, process for the production of ink and ink jet recording process
Dispenser head for fluid container
Resin compositions and uses thereof
Device comprising a mechanism for driving a stick or a moving piston in a base portion
Business travel bag
Buffer bypass circuit for reducing latency in information transfers to a bus
Image forming apparatus and control method
System and method for real time effects automation
Electrical circuit monitoring device
Self-locating devices via highly directional RFID tags in controlled location
RFID device test thresholds systems and methods
Architecture, programming model and API'S
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag employing unique reception window and method therefor
Location management for radio frequency identification readers
Controller for accessing multiple radio frequency identification (RFID) readers
Active RFID tag utilizing a secondary communication mode
Systems and methods for classifying objects within a monitored zone using multiple surveillance devi...
User interface systems
Polymerisable cinnamates with lateral substitution
Process of preparing regioregular polymers
Apparatus and method for depositing material onto a substrate using a roll-to-roll mask
Surgical smoke plume evacuation system
Transparent conductive films and processes for forming them
Solar cell and method for producing the same
Dimeric and polymeric alkylphenol polysulfides
Curable silicone resin composition
Elastomeric blend for air barriers comprising grafted resin components
Conductive powder and method for preparing the same
Hydroformylation process
Container for glue
Spinning reel
Reciprocating mechanism for spinning reel
Kennel system
Pet litter cleaning system and method
Vent plug for milking liner
Apparatus for collection and pouching
Fishing lure with weed guard
Method and apparatus for needle placement and entry point determination in percutaneous procedures
Method and apparatus for needle placement and entry point determination in percutaneous procedures
Low power pulse oximeter
Method for activating an image collecting process
Reducing movement artifacts in magnetic resonance measurements
Method for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal axis relaxation time of blood and appar...
Patient cable for medical measurements
Motion monitoring apparatus
Blood-drawing device
Medical instruments
Method and apparatus for a morphology-preserving smoothing filter
Cardiac event microrecorder and method for implanting same
Systems and methods for extracting meaning from multimodal inputs using finite-state devices
Non-linear quantization and similarity matching methods for retrieving image data
Method and apparatus for diffusion based image relighting
Image processing circuit and image processing method that prevent problems occurring in image reduct...
Method for encoding images, and an image coder
Method of image data compression and data transfer system using this method
Method and apparatus for merging related image segments
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including symbolic modeling
Object identification
Polarization mode dispersion compensation
Access key enabled update of an optical transceiver
Curable resin composition, optical component and optical waveguide
Optical waveguide, optical waveguide ferrule, and optical connector
Power and encircled flux alignment
Wavelength selective device
Method for curing composite materials
Side emitting illumination systems incorporating light emitting diodes
Backlight for display device, light source for display device, and light emitting diode used therefo...
Light source adapted for LCD back-lit displays
Area light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Light pipe insulation techniques
Vehicle headlamp
Optics for controlling the direction of light rays and assemblies incorporating the optics
Light attaching assembly for bicycle
Portable light
Variable, homogenizing optical splitter apparatus and method
Integrated fluorescent lamp device
Display apparatus having collimated illumination
Led decorative light string
Turn indicator unit for a relay-controlled flasher
Modular lighting system and method of installation
Lighting apparatus
Microarray reaction cartridge
Weather-resistant, high-impact strength acrylic compositions
Wafer dicing process for optical electronic packing
Method for nonsurgical treatment of the intervertebral disc and kit therefor
Piperazinyl piperidine tachykinin antagonists
Chemical compounds
Slurry composition and method for polishing organic polymer-based ophthalmic substrates
Purification of cinacalcet
Ovomucoid promoters and methods of use
Method for treating allodynia by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Structured liquid fabric treatment compositions
Sprayer purifier cartridge system
Dual compartment container
Bottle with cap
Cap for bottle
Bottle transition piece
System and method for transferring data on a data link
Method and system for configuring an interconnect device
Communication control method and apparatus, and communication system
System and method for indicating the presence or physical location of persons or devices in a site s...
Bearing device
Sliding bearing
Spindle motor having hydrodynamic pressure bearing
Linear guidance device
Wear pad for an extendable linkage
Modular trigger group for firearms and firearm having a modular trigger group
Microchip and fluorescent particle counter with microchip
Remotely operable measurement system and method employing same
System and method for detecting a list in ink input
Cathodic lead insulator
Fluorescent detector with automatic changing filters
MICR-based optical character recognition system and method
Image reading apparatus
Detection method and a detection apparatus
Quinazoline derivatives
Optical integrated device and optical module
Phosphines, transition metal complexes containing the same as the ligand, and process for production...
Light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Display panel, electrode panel and electrode substrate thereof
Handle collar for a bat
Document editing by blocks and groups
Multi-sensor baby care monitoring system
Method for preparing anti-MIF antibodies
Process for manufacturing of enantiomerically pure 3-hydroxy-3-phenyl-propylamin
Lipoxin compounds and their use in treating cell proliferative disorders
Interactive printer with actuator
Microelectronic workpiece processing tool including a processing reactor having a paddle assembly fo...
Contact assemblies for electrochemical processing of microelectronic workpieces and method of making...
User selector proxy, method and system for authentication, authorization and accounting
System and method for enabling communication among arbitrary components
Inter-server dynamic transfer method for virtual file servers
Managing checkpoint queues in a multiple node system
Context resolution
Method for simulating spot varnish on a surprint proof
Phlox plant named `Peppermint Twist`
System for maintaining materials at freezer temperatures for shipping
Non-toxic corrosion-protection conversion coats based on cobalt
Structure having light modulating film and light control device using the same
Color-converting filter and manufacturing method
Graded photocatalytic coatings
Soil-resistant coating for glass surfaces
Liquid crystal display cell, display cell, glass substrate for display device and manufacturing meth...
Curable phase change ink composition
Method of manufacturing superconducting wire
System and method for a wireless medical communication system
Otorhinological delivery device
Engine control apparatus for motorcycle and motorcycle
Facsimile apparatus that saves image data in an external device through a network
Liquid crystal display device having particular drain lines and orientation control window
Method for producing Mn-Zn ferrite
Engine fastening structure
Rewinding machine to rewind web material on a core for rolls and corresponding method of winding
Cup and saucer
System for managing a digital printer having active and inactive operational modes
Method for scanner characterization for color measurement of printed media having four or more color...
Heater, fixing device and image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for compensating for print defects
Image processing method for generating multi-level data
Method for identifing objects on white background for optimized rendering
System for processing monochrome and full-color digital image data
Systems and methods for obtaining a spatial color profile, and calibrating a marking system
Use of laser reflection pickup unit for detection of small particles on a relatively smooth and refl...
Method for calculating colorant error from reflectance measurement
Fluoroelastomer members and curing methods using biphenyl and amino silane having amino functionalit...
Adhesive film exhibiting anisotropic electrical conductivity
Push content filtering for broadcast communication
Quinophenanthrine diones fluorescent whitening agents
Method using an insecticide and fungicide on fruits and vegetables
.beta.-glucuronidase inhibitors for use in deodorants and antiperspirants
Non-woven through air dryer and transfer fabrics for tissue making
Label-seal manufacturing method and the resulting improved label-seal
Caring oxidation coloring agent in a tube
Dyeing composition comprising at least one fluorindine compound for the dyeing of keratinic fibers, ...
Air freshener and method
Process for the manufacture of spiroketals
Refrigerator with internal compartment divisible into independent temperature zones
Facilitating error detection for content addressable memory
Server component network resource allocation for handoff between mobile switching center packet-swit...
Word Multiplexing of encoded signals into a higher bit rate serial data stream
Battery employing thermally conductive polymer case
Electronically controlled electric fan cooled by pressurized ambient air
Battery having a wound electrode element
Adhesive tape having one side coated with an adhesive, and no surface treatment on the opposite side
Moldable construction incorporating bonding interface
Moldable construction incorporation non-olefin bonding interface
System and method for altering the tack of materials using an electrohydraulic discharge
Cross-machine direction embossing of absorbent paper products having an undulatory structure includi...
Method of removing high density stickies from secondary papermaking fibers
Method and apparatus for abrasive recycling and waste separation system
Fully salicided (FUSA) MOSFET structure
Electronic component with multilayered rewiring plate and method for producing the same
Methods of treating a silicon carbide substrate for improved epitaxial deposition and resulting stru...
Electro-luminescence display device and method of fabricating the same
Flower-shaped vertical alignment liquid crystal displays with wide view angle and fast response time
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and aqueous adhesive
Toner composition and method for manufacturing the toner composition
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for manufacturing the toner, developer including th...
Dry particle based adhesive electrode and methods of making same
Aqueous agent for treating substrate, method for treating substrate and treated substrate
Golf ball
Energy scavengers which adjust their frequency by altering liquid distributions on a beam
Network interconnection apparatus, network interconnection method, name resolution apparatus and com...
Non-debt funding system for home finance
Method for generating an animal homozygous for a genetic modification
Functional assays for identifying compounds that modulate T1R2/T1R3 (sweet) taste
Systems and methods for adding watermarks using network-based imaging techniques
System for embedding additional information in video data, and embedding method
System and method for scheduling message transmission and processing in a digital data network
Image forming apparatus
Network processor interface system
Overhead camshaft drive assembly
Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and method for operation thereof
Music data compression method and program for executing the same
Vehicle stability control device
Device and method for on-board diagnosis based on a model
Lane recognizing image processing system
Lane recognition system
Methods, apparatuses and systems facilitating management of airspace in wireless computer network en...
Program, method, apparatus, and system for supporting planning of vehicle
Image sensing wheel alignment system
System and method for wearable electronics
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Faster universal contact toaster
Method for cutting bone or cartilage with a rongeur
Portable foot and wrist massager
Method and apparatus for anterior and posterior mobilization of the human ankle
Flexible drive member attachment
Food press
Adjustable closet organizer system
Method for simultaneous removal of asphaltene, and/or paraffin and scale from producing oil wells
Presser foot and sewing machine using the same
Articulated Orthosis Providing Lift Support
Impact-protection slip-plate structure and methodology
Shoe and Shoe-Making Process Using Temporary Insert
Sulfamoyl benzamide derivatives and methods of their use
PRO1374 antibodies
PRO6496 polypeptides
PRO698 polypeptides
PRO3574 polypeptide
PRO1374 polypeptides
PRO5337 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO4318 polypeptides
Cyanopyrrole-phenyl amide progesterone receptor modulators and uses thereof
Benzothiazolyl derivatives
Treatment of sleep disorders with cholinesterase inhibitors
Methods for identifying and monitoring patients at risk for systemic inflammatory conditions, method...
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Anti-PRO10268 antibodies
Use of osteopontin for the treatment and/or prevention of neurologic diseases
Nano tube cell, and semiconductor device having nano tube cell and double bit line sensing structure
System for varying dimensions of a substrate during nanoscale manufacturing
Electromechanical memory array using nanotube ribbons and method for making same
Non-volatile, resistive memory cell based on metal oxide nanoparticles, process for manufacturing th...
Automated nanoassembly
Method of preparing a nanoporous nickel phosphate molecular sieve
Sputter-deposited rare earth element-doped silicon oxide film with silicon nanocrystals for electrol...
System and method for making nanoparticles using atmospheric-pressure plasma microreactor
Si nanowire substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing thin film trans...
Method for controlling properties of conformal silica nanolaminates formed by rapid vapor deposition
Manufacturing method for aluminum matrix nanocomposite
Nano-particles and process for producing nano-particles
Nanostructured magnetorheological fluids and gels
Systems having nanostructured adsorption material and methods for purification of fluid
Carbon or activated carbon nanofibers
Polymers for enhanced solubility of nanomaterials, compositions and methods therefor
Method of forming a structural component having a nano sized/sub-micron homogeneous grain structure
Zoom flash with variable focus lens
Housing with camera and illuminator for fence and security observation
Digital camera system with piezoelectric actuators
Automatically ejectable viewfinder of photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus having the...
Image capturing apparatus
Integrated black body and lens cap assembly and methods for calibration of infrared cameras using sa...
Fundus camera having scanned illumination and pupil tracking
System and Method for Computer-Created Advertisements
Seismic-data acquisition methods and apparatus
Off-axis holographic light concentrator and method of use thereof
Rectangular bird feeder with a solar powered set
Patch antenna element and application thereof in a phased array antenna
Hexagonal roofed bird feeder with a solar powered lamp
Geographic location using multiple location estimators
Solar tent
Sensor network system and data retrieval method for sensing data
System or method for interacting with a representation of physical space
NBC marker light
Fault tolerant cell array architecture
Damage detection system
High refresh-rate retrieval of freshly published content using distributed crawling
Drive apparatus for piezoelectric actuator, drive method for piezoelectric actuator, electronic devi...
Measuring gas meter and volume corrector accuracy
Wave energy conversion system
Method and system for pre-drill pore pressure prediction
Power system for a telecommunication facility
Wireless communications methods and systems using a remote, self-contained communications antenna un...
Scaling of functional assignments in packages
Process and streaming server for encrypting a data stream to a virtual smart card client system
Educational toy clock
Control and motor arrangement for use in model train
Lighted trampoline
Game system
Modular entertainment and gaming systems configured to consume and provide network services
Transportable apparatus for a game system
Smart smoke unit
Method, apparatus, and system to synchronize processors in toys
Toy rocket launcher for multiple soft toy rockets
Magnetic toy
Poker game
Gameboard, games played on board and methods of play requiring strategy and luck
Card game
Multiple dice device
Insulated probe device
Cross-validation for naive bayes data mining model
System for predictive analysis of time series data flows
Method of using kernel alignment to extract significant features from a large dataset
Systems and methods for using statistical techniques to reason with noisy data
Automated management of application-specific tasks from the Internet via distributed task manager ag...
Domain-based management of distribution of digital content from multiple suppliers to multiple wirel...
Image forming method and apparatus for setting an image forming parameter based on a printing medium
Electroconductive adhesive and adhesive article using the same
Composite window label construction
Method and system for providing multimedia information on demand over wide area networks
Intelligent multimedia e-catalog
Methods and systems for managing the provision of training provided remotely through electronic data...
In-band QoS signaling reference model for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Depth ordering of planes and displaying interconnects having an appearance indicating data character...
Segmental retaining wall system
Point anchor coated mine roof bolt
Removal of obsolete drill platforms from inland seas and ocean floors
Apparatus for driving fence posts and the like
Game controller having multiple operation modes
Progressive gaming system and method having fractional progressive jackpot awards
Gaming machine with integrated display
Apparatus and method for poker game with additional draw card options
Video game device and storage medium storing video game program
Game racquet with separate head and handle portions for reducing vibration
On-line game method
Stereo-observation system
Mixed reality presenting apparatus and image processing method
Virtual reality universe realized as a distributed location network
System and methodology for coordinating musical communication and display
Magnetofluidic accelerometer with active suspension
Method and system for information management to facilitate the exchange of ideas during a collaborat...
Memory and force output management for a force feedback system
Copper base alloy, and cast ingot and parts to be contacted with liquid
Free cutting alloy
Cold work steel
Keyboard apparatus and method of producing the keyboard apparatus
Keyboard apparatus
Angle adjusting cymbal base assembly
Pedal device for a drum
Guitar bridge apparatus
Bellows with molded panels
Sound control apparatus
Image signal generating apparatus, an image signal generating program and an image signal generating...
Electro-acoustically amplified drum mixer
Musical tone control apparatus and method
Automatic performance apparatus and method, and program therefor
System and method for determining genre of audio
Assistive apparatus, method and computer program for playing music
MIDIWan: a system to enable geographically remote musicians to collaborate
System of processing music performance for personalized management and evaluation of sampled data
Power control for reverse packet data channel in CDMA systems
Radio terminal with browser
Radio transmission device and method, radio receiving device and method, radio transmitting/receivin...
Vehicle communicating
Method for transmitting HSDPA service information in a CDMA mobile communication system
Wireless communication system, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and ...
Positioning technique
Alerting feature for RF availability of mobile subscriber
Cellular communication apparatus and channel capture method
Detection of invalid channel requests
Common signaling method and apparatus
System and method of charging for user traffic except signaling a wireless communication system
MIMO receiver and MIMO reception method for selection of MIMO separation and channel variation compe...
Harmonic rejection gated-switching mixer
Link adaptation process
Receiving apparatus in a radio communication system using at least three transmitter antennas
Method and device for demodulating signals from multiple users
Mobile communication system, radio base station apparatus, and method for determining uplink recepti...
Radio communication system and destination portable terminal time identification method
Setting a communication channel
RFID tag with enhanced readability
RNA interference in respiratory epitheial cells
DNA encoding T-1249 and other viral fusion inhibitor peptides useful for treating aids
Pharmaceutical compositions containing exendins
Peptides for increasing transfection efficiency
Method for extending shelf-life of constructs of semi-crystallizable polymers
Emulsion cosmetic
Use of pro-apoptotic factors in treatment of atherosclerosis
Method of improving the skin barrier function of a pet
Thickener for high-pH aqueous systems
Liquid cleansing compositions
Synergistic fermented plant growth promoting, bio-control composition
Adenovirus vector containing a heterologous peptide epitope in the hi loop of the fiber knob
Methods of generating tissue using devitalized, acellular scaffold matrices derived from micro-organ...
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Recombinant feline herpesvirus type 1 and polyvalent vaccine using the same
Method for producing amino acid components by enzymatic hydrolysis of fish egg skin
Method of monitoring HIV assembly and maturation
Use of anemonin for treating aseptic inflammations
Compositions and methods for the treatment of fibromyalgia
Pesticide microemulsions and dispersant/penetrant formulations
Graphical symbology apparatus for use in an airborne refueling system
Cryogenic fuel tank insulation assembly
Structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing
Variable speed transmission for a rotary wing aircraft
Lightweight structural damping assembly
Acoustic mechanical retainer
Duct liner acoustic splice
Fluidynamic lift combined array, technology
External telemetry unit
Engine inlet air particle separator with active flow control
System and method for implementing security management using a database-modeled security policy
Electronic book selection and delivery system having encryption and security features
Data transfer system, data transfer apparatus, data recording apparatus, data transfer method, and r...
System and method of sharing digital literary works while protecting against illegal reproduction th...
File management method and files
Techniques for dynamically establishing and managing authentication and trust relationships
Secure video card methods and systems
Opaque message archives
Key conversion method for communication session encryption and authentication system
Fast SHA1 implementation
Method to authenticate clients and hosts to provide secure network boot
Secure end-to-end notification
Interfering with illicit recording activity
System and method for efficient basis conversion
Electronic book security and copyright protection system
Method, apparatus and system for securely providing material to a licensee of the material
Encrypting keypad module
Method and apparatus for simultaneous encryption and decryption of publicly distributed media
Quantum cryptography transmission method and system
Secure key distribution protocol in AAA for mobile IP
Control program, for a co-processor in a video-on-demand system, which uses transmission control lis...
Control program, for a supervisor processor in a video-on-demand system, which builds subgroups of i...
Web address converter for dynamic web pages
Method and apparatus for protecting electronic commerce from distributed denial-of-service attacks
Client-side method for identifying an optimum server
Method, system, and article of manufacture for integrating streaming content and a real time interac...
Inferring relations between internet objects that are not connected directly
Creating a virtual link between a physical location and its web representation
Method and system to implement seller authorized buying privileges within a network-based shopping f...
Devices, softwares and methods for handling off live calls between legs of CSV and VoX modalities
Mobility managing method and mobile terminal
Mobile computing and communication
Managing bandwidth on demand for internet protocol messaging with capability for transforming teleph...
Enhancement of resource reservation protocol enabling short-cut internet protocol connections over a...
Mobile router support for IPv6
Method of providing voice over IP at predefined QoS levels
Internet communication system, internet communication method, session management server, radio commu...
Method for initializing internet protocol phone in internet protocol telephony system
Dynamic path routing with service level guarantees in optical networks
Identification of the source of a client/server flow
Configurable application integrating service request and fulfillment process
System and method for providing burst licensing in a circuit simulation environment
Method and system for activating and capturing screen displays associated with predetermined user in...
System and method for migrating data in an electronic commerce system
Dynamically pipelined data migration
Systems and methods for providing adaptive tools for enabling collaborative and integrated decision-...
Security constrained optimal dispatch for load prediction for electricity markets
Transaction number management method in network commodity sales
On-line value-bearing indicium printing using DSA
Apparatus and system for defining an automated spread trading parameter
Data processing system that provides an auction with programmable proxy bids
Mutual fund analysis method and system
System for winning investment selection using collective input and weighted trading and investing
Inbred corn line PHAPT
Inbred corn line PHAKC
Plants and seeds of corn variety I060062
Amino acid-enriched plant protein reserves, particularly lysine-enriched maize .gamma.-zein, and pla...
Grasses expressing AtH1 exhibit delayed heading and reduced inflorescenses
Soybean cultivar 5306230
Soybean cultivar 3235020
Soybean cultivar 5319227
Unique chromosomal sequence of Bacillus anthracis and methods of making and using thereof including ...
Soybean variety XB22H05
Chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Promoters functional in plant plastids
Genetic sequences encoding steroid and juvenile hormone receptor polypeptides and insecticidal modal...
Doubled haploid production and genetic transformation
Complexity management of genomic DNA
Process of producing glutamate derivatives
Use of inhibitors for the treatment of RTK-hyperfunction-induced disorders, particularly cancer
Presynaptic protein cast
Microchannel reactors with temperature control
Method and apparatus for manufacturing fine particles
Process and apparatus for producing powders of metal compound containing oxygen, and the powders pro...
Supermicroporous metal oxides
Spherical carbons and method for preparing the same
Aluminosilicate compositions, preparation and use
Method of removing heavy metals from silicate sources during silicate manufacturing
Process for producing boron nitride
Process for production of a borohydride compound
Method of recovering a cleaning agent
Method and device for separation and concentration by evaporation of mixture with separation factor ...
Use of polyacrylic acids as grinding aids for calcium carbonate
Apparatus and method for separating gases
Apparatus and method for hydrocarbon reforming process
Process for removing sulfur particles from an aqueous catalyst solution and for removing hydrogen su...
Electrically-driven vehicle
Remote control apparatus for a saddle-type vehicle
Combined palm-latch reinforcement for closure panels
Multiple output buckle switch
Frame for motorcycles
Power steering system frequency suppressor
Vibration isolating proof device
Door-mounted seat belt restraint system and method
Power control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Transport drive in particular for stage elements, fork-lift vehicles and moving platforms
System and method for timing of target speed for cooperative speed control system
Heat exchanger system
Reduction-drive device
Drive unit, and a powered vehicle
Suspended axle modules for skid steer loaders
Dual stability seal skirt system for air cushion vehicle
Hinge members and hinge assemblies
Cross-over voltage lock for differential output drivers
Network-based healthcare information systems
Systems and methods for implementing a parental control feature within a telecommunications network
System and method for large capacity conference calls
Wireless device to manage cross-network telecommunication services
Method for determining concurrent voice over IP calls
Automated distribution of an instant messaging request for an unavailable intended recipient to a ba...
Telephone and wireless access to computer network-based audio
Communications devices including test circuits and related circuits and methods
Automated telephone line test apparatus with intelligent diagnostic function
System and method for testing a quality of telecommunication data
Method and system communication system message processing based on classification criteria
Echo cancellation in a communication device
Method and apparatus for intelligent routing of instant messaging presence protocol (IMPP) events am...
Speaker recognition in a multi-speaker environment and comparison of several voice prints to many
System and method for prevention of accidental activation of portable audio device
Telephone set attaching member and portable telephone set
Microphone with reduced noise
Adaptive cancellation network system and method for digital subscriber line
Magnetic Resonance Imaging RF Coil Decoupling Circuit
Magnetic Resonance Receive Coils with Compact Inductive Components
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnet Assembly System with Improved Homogeneity
Electrophoretic display and method of displaying images
Indazole, benzisoxazole, and benzisothiazole kinase inhibitors
Alkylene carbonate adjuvants
Encapsulated cell indicator system
Composition employing a novel human kinase
Interferon alpha: remodeling and glycoconjugation of interferon alpha
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Microencapsulated particles and process for manufacturing same
Preparations for the promotion of wound healing in the upper respiratory tract and/or ear
Beads containing restricted cancer cells producing material suppressing cancer cell proliferation
Dispersible colorant, method of producing same, aqueous ink using same, ink tank, ink jet recording ...
Tunable stacked plate vibration isolator
Insert earphone assembly for audiometric testing and method for making same
Extended wear canal device with common microphone-battery air cavity
Structural polymer core assembly, method of manufacture and method of use
Ultrasonic energy system and method including a ceramic horn
Engine exhaust muffler with exhaust emission control function
Stethoscope cover incorporated into an isolation garment
Cleaning trolley
Cleaning implement
Pool cleaning net
Tube cleaning machine
Application window closure in response to event in parent window
Expansion syntax
Screen change control apparatus and method using tabs
Representing spreadsheet document content
Managing a fault tolerant system
Method and apparatus for providing hardware assistance for code coverage
Apparatus and method for indicating connection state of input/output cable
System and method for pendant bus for serially chaining multiple portable pendant peripherals