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Thread-aware instruction fetching in a multithreaded embedded processor
Offload processing for secure data transfer
MCU with power saving mode
Systems and methods capable of controlling multiple data access using built-in-timing generators
Back up of network devices
Method and apparatus for volume replication management at planned and unplanned link down
Method and system for secure and reliable event logging
Determining a checksum from packet data
State machine recognition and optimization
Phasing for a multi-threaded network processor
System, method and computer program product for providing unified authentication services for online...
Imaging system, methodology, and applications employing reciprocal space optical design having at le...
Control system and apparatus for use with laser excitation and ionization
Imaging by magnetic resonance adsorption, elastography and tomography
Cone beam CT apparatus using truncated projections and a previously acquired 3D CT image
Method and measuring arrangement for nondestructive analysis of an examination object by means of x-...
Depth-resolved reflectance instrument and method for its use
Systems and methods for determining blood oxygen saturation values using complex number encoding
Systems and methods for treatment of diabetes by electrical brain stimulation and/or drug infusion
Process for the purification of IL-18 binding protein
Wireless communication system utilizing wireless adapter
Malva plant named `Blue Fountain`
Dahlia plant named `Goalia Rossa`
Dahlia plant named `Goalia Scarl`
Servo control appartaus and method using absolute value input signals
Method and apparatus to manage exceptions in network processors
Method and system for session accounting in wireless networks
Connectivity in the presence of barriers
Method and apparatus for intercepting events in a communication system
Techniques for self-isolation of networked devices
Virus scanner system and method with integrated spyware detection capabilities
Method and apparatus for minimizing file scanning by anti-virus programs
Real-time recovery of compromised information
Content processing limit method, content processing limit program, and content edition device
Electronic deposit box system
Digital video disc recorder
Personal video display device
Lantana plant named `Balandimpea`
Dahlia plant named `Goalia Oran`
Golf club grip
Method and system to communicate agricultural product information to a consumer
Container security and monitoring
Method and system for controlling an accessory having a tuner
Multiple band pass filtering for pyrometry in laser based annealing systems
Double feedback rotary traveling wave oscillator driven sampler circuits
Printer with document-triggered processing
Integrated optical assembly
Friction modifier alkoxyamine salts of carboxylic acids as additives for fuel compositions and metho...
Linear alkylphenol derived detergent substantially free of endocrine disruptive chemicals
Detergent composition comprising a sub-stoichiometric alkoxylated phosphate ester
Liquid laundry detergent comprising a cationic silicone polymer and a coacervate phase forming catio...
Liquid detergent and cleaning agent composition comprising a multi-coated bleach particle
Method for data communication between a vehicle and a remote terminal
Apparatus and method for shifting the center of gravity in a vehicle
Apparatus and method for processing and displaying traffic information in an automotive navigation s...
Navigation signal receiver trajectory determination
Surface vehicle vertical trajectory planning
Information providing system, information providing method, and computer program
Driving support system based on driver visual acquisition capacity
Vehicle information collection system having point issuing device
Instrumentation interface display customization
Interactive user interface presentation attributes for location-based content
Bicyclic and bridged nitrogen heterocycles
Catalyst regenerator with a centerwell
Process for cracking hydrocarbon oils
Process for desulfurization of gasolines
Method for producing orthometalated and orthosubstituted metallocenes
Multi-catalyst injection system
Integrated alkylation-isomerization process
Method for the production of isobutene from commericial methyl tert-butly ether
Oxygenate conversion catalyst processing
Computer system with a debug facility for a pipelined processor using predicated execution
Computer program product method and computer in role-based application systems
Guitar headstock
Method for manufacturing an implantable drug delivery device with peristaltic pump having a retracta...
Bellows pump mechanism
Flow controlled blood pump system
Compressor, method for manufacturing the compressor, defroster of refrigerant circuit, and refrigera...
Compressor, method for manufacturing the compressor, defroster of refrigerant circuit, and refrigera...
Scroll machine with brushless permanent magnet motor
Turbomolecular vacuum pump
Method and system for improving pump efficiency and productivity under power disturbance conditions
Wide range pressure control using turbo pump
Structure of ejector pump
Compressors including a plurality of oil storage chambers which are in fluid communication with each...
Liquid additive injection pump with mixing chamber and one way valve
Pump and method
Fluid pump assembly
Pump bypass control apparatus and apparatus and method for maintaining a predetermined flow-through ...
Piston waveform shaping
Gaming machine with column linking feature
Open architecture communications in a gaming network
Fluorescent X-ray analysis apparatus
Low reserve indicator for a paper towel dispenser
Fastening element for hygiene articles and endless tape for the production of said element
Mascara brush
Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body and imaging method
Exposure system, test mask for monitoring polarization, and method for monitoring polarization
Reflection characteristic measuring apparatus
Apparatus and methods for simultaneous surface acoustic wave and surface plasmon resonance measureme...
Inspection apparatus of wiring pattern, inspection method, detection apparatus, detection method
Method of dental microscopic procedure
Method of measuring a biomagnetic field, method of analyzing a measured biomagnetic field, method of...
Pattern inspection method and its apparatus
Method of extracting a textual area in a digital image
Image buffers and access schedules for image reconstruction systems
Image-processing apparatus, image-capturing apparatus, image-processing method and image-processing ...
Light source estimating device, light source estimating method, and imaging device and image process...
Directional spatial video noise reduction
Image enhancement
Visual communication signal
Method and apparatus for preparing cytological specimens
Apparatus and method for rendering a video image as a texture using multiple levels of resolution of...
Device for determining the rotation angle of a shaft in an aircraft
Blast shielding
Compound aircraft control system and method
Vertical take-off aircraft--C
Stratospheric balloon utilizing electrostatic inflation of walls
Redundant gas turbine engine mounting arrangement
Optimal aircraft window shape for noise control
Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robo...
Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system
Steering aid system for altitude and horizontal speed, perpendicular to the vertical, of an aircraft...
Flat panel display device and fabricating method thereof
High-breakdown-voltage semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method, and display device and electronic appliance
Methods of forming capacitor constructions
Contactless nonvolatile memory array
Metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Stacked gate memory cell with erase to gate, array, and method of manufacturing
Semiconductor device including transistor with composite gate structure and transistor with single g...
Transistors, semiconductor integrated circuit interconnections and methods of forming the same
Gate layer diode method and apparatus
Method of forming dual gate dielectric layer
Symmetric bipolar junction transistor design for deep sub-micron fabrication processes
Miniature silicon condenser microphone
Semiconductor device having via connecting between interconnects
Continuously varying offset mark and methods of determining overlay
Capacitor constructions and methods of forming
Image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Component mounting apparatus, service providing device and servicing method
Method for determining plasma characteristics
Mapping yield information of semiconductor dice
Frequency shift keying demodulator robust for frequency offset
Sealing system for slurry pump
Data transfer method and remote copy system
SCSI-based storage area network having a SCSI router that routes traffic between SCSI and IP network...
Online restriping technique for distributed network based virtualization
Method and apparatus for automatic document interchange between electronic mail (e-mail) and facsimi...
Affinity matrices with enhanced visibility for molecular pull-down and immunoprecipitation applicati...
Bituminous froth inclined plate separator and hydrocarbon cyclone treatment process
Sand catcher
Single-cell mechanical flotation system
Sieve device
Water purification apparatus
Filter element and method of making
Ammonia oxidation and pipe denitrification
Method and apparatus for the purification of ground water
Inhibiting ammonia emissions and odors from animal wastes with oil
Method for treating water containing ammonium-nitrogen
System and method for treatment of acidic wastewater
Cross-linked polyimine and use thereof for the immobilization of acidic or electrophilic compounds p...
TOC component removing apparatus and process for removing TOC components
Waste water filtering method and system
Liquid filtering method and filtering system
Water treatment mixture
Biocompatible polymer and filter for selectively eliminating leucocytes using the same
Bioreactor system for biological degradation of oily sludge
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Thiazole derivatives for treating PPAR related disorders
7-(1,3-thiazol-2-YL)thio-coumarin derivatives and their use as leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitors
Process for the preparation of valsartan and intermediates thereof
Substituted 1-alkylamino-1-H-indazoles for the treatment of glaucoma
Pyrrolidine and thiazolidine compounds
Therapeutic compounds
Irciniastatins a and b
Malononitrile compound and use thereof
Essential n-3 fatty acids in cardiac insufficiency and heart failure therapy
Compositions containing prodrugs of florfenicol and methods of use
1,3-Propane diol esters and ethers and methods for their use in drug delivery
Folding brake
System for treating a wound with suction and method detecting loss of suction
Absorbent articles with absorbent pad gapping
Catheter for uniform delivery of medication
Vacuum-based catheter stabilizer
Portable gas fractionalization system
Method for introducing an additive into a flowing medium stream
Electrochemical device including electrolyte
Delivering resin for forming fastener products
Therapeutic human anti-IL1-R1 monoclonal antibody
S.agalactiae antigens I + II
Aqueous super absorbent polymer and methods of use
Carbon fiber composite material and method of producing the same, carbon fiber-metal composite mater...
Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
Disinfectant compositions comprising an orange oil mixture and methods of use thereof
EG1117 Polynucleotides and uses thereof
Method for obtaining estrogens from mare's urine
Assays for novel serotonin transporter (SERT) blockers
Ultraporous sol gel monoliths
Apparatus for acoustic ejection of circumscribed volumes from a fluid
Pigment dispersion, precursor of ink for UV-curing type ink-jet recording, method of ink-jet recordi...
Biomolecular detection device
Liquid thermosetting ink
Linear low density polyethylene compositions and films
Solvent-resistant membranes from solvent-inert polyimides and polyketones
Branched crystalline polypropylene
Method and apparatus for compact spectrometer for fiber array spectral translator
Optical sensing of measurands
Substance delivery system
Beads for capturing target cells from bodily fluid
Assay devices having detection capabilities within the hook effect region
Inhibitive water-based drilling fluid system and method for drilling sands and other water-sensitive...
Detergent products, methods and manufacture
Method and apparatus for virtualization of appliances
Flow passage switching valve
Cooling device
Heat exchanger and method for manufacturing the same
Axial heat exchanger
Pipe-type heat exchange device and manufacturing method thereof
Evaporative cooling system for a data-communications cabinet
Light emitting diode module having a latching component and a heat-dissipating device
Thermal interface material and method for manufacturing same
Cooling-fan-free system module
Water-cooling heat dissipator
Heat dissipation device
Heat exchange enhancement
Heat sink electronic package having compliant pedestal
Thermal isolation devices and methods for heat sensitive downhole components
Holding device for a heat sink
Stochastic analytical solution to quantify the earth's subsurface heat flow
Preparation of the layer-by-layer assembled materials from dispersions of highly anisotropic colloid...
Footwear sole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Article of apparel incorporating a zoned modifiable textile structure
Exercising device
Footwear foxing tape
Shoe upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shaft for golf clubs and golf club
Pneumatic tire with tread having blocks
Pneumatic tire with specified bead portion profile
Golf ball marker
System and method of magnetically sensing position of a moving component
Golf club head
Rubber composition for a tire and pneumatic tire using the same
Method for pneumatic tire simulation
Pneumatic tire with specified bead apex and sidewall reinforcing rubber layer
Iron-type golf club head
Golf club head
Polymeric-type electric resistance control agent and polymer composition containing the same
Electroactive polymer pre-strain
Tire sidewall
Tire for motorcycle
Tire for automobile
Tire for motorcycle
Tire for automobile
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Shoulder tread for a tire
Calender gap control
Pneumatic tire with tread having continuous ribs and block rows
Tire with component having oxirane resin
Methods and apparatus for allocating bandwidth to communication devices based on signal conditions e...
System and method for power conservation in a wireless device
Oral health measurement clamping probe, system, and method
Abdominal impedance based body composition meter
Medicament tray inventory system and method
Method and system for analyzing transaction level simulation data of an integrated circuit design
Voice message processing system and method
Integrative risk management system and method
Reducing number of write operations relative to delivery of out-of-order RDMA send messages by manag...
Method and system for determining the availability of in-line resources within requested web pages
Media plug-in registration and dynamic loading
System enabling server progressive workload reduction to support server maintenance
System for indicating a plug position for a memory module in a memory system
System, apparatus and method for issuing predictions from an inventory to access a memory
Conditional execution of instructions in a computer
Associating website clicks with links on a web page
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow of data across a network interface
Container for cleaning medical instruments
Cleaning appliance
Portable scent delivery device
Polybiotin compounds for magnetic resonance imaging and drug delivery
Human monoclonal antibodies against CD25
Human 9q polypeptides method
2,6 substituted pyridine-3-carbonyl derivatives serving as plant protection agents having herbicidal...
Antiparasitic artemisinin derivatives (endoperoxides)
PRO6001 polypeptides
Aldehydes substituted in alpha position by alkyl residues as odoriferous and aroma substances
Electrophoretic display and method of displaying images
Process for exchanging functional groups by halogen-metal exchange reaction
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
Rapid MRI dynamic imaging using MACH
High Angular Resolution Diffusion Weighted Mri
Telephony security system
System and associated terminal, method and computer program product for controlling the flow of cont...
Schema for empirical-based remote-access internet connection
Method and apparatus for selectively establishing communication with one of plural devices associate...
Phone line supervisory controls
Telecommunication and advertising business model and method of utilizing same
System and method for privacy management
Contact number encapsulation system
Healthcare virtual private network methods and systems
Bipolar pulse forming line
IP telephone system for saving power of mobile telephone
Telephone which enables timely input and presentation of information
Signal routing for reduced power consumption in a conferencing system
Methods and apparatus for providing restrictions on long distance calls from a wireless communicatio...
Portable communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for causing one messaging service to migrate towards another
Sentence reconstruction using word ambiguity resolution
Communication device implementing a retransmitting function, program and medium
Displaying and activating telephone numbers
Method for reducing odor using metal-modified silica particles
Multi-stage heat absorbing reactor and process for SCR of NOx and for oxidation of elemental mercury
Fast, high capacity hydrogen sulfide scavengers
Selective catalytic reduction of N.sub.2O
Purification device for flue gas with divided scrubbing liquid sump
Production of high purity ultrafine metal carbide particles
Anticorrosive pigments
Gel and powder making
High-pressure phase silicon nitride having a cubic spinel structure and the manufacturing method
Chemical-biological process for the removal of H.sub.2S from a gas
Silicon carbide with high thermal conductivity
Use of complex metal oxides in the autothermal generation of hydrogen
Precipitated silica materials exhibiting high compatibility with cetylpyridinium chloride
Gibbsite type aluminum hydroxide particles having high oil absorption
Hydrogen purification process and system
Pyrogenically produced silicon dioxide powder and silicone sealing compound containing this powder
Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage
Stem cell factor-like proteins and uses thereof
Anti-glycated CD59 antibodies and uses thereof
Method of arrangement of titanium-binding ferritin and inorganic particles
MHC class II antigen-presenting systems and methods for activating CD4.sup.+ T cells
Soybean variety XB22N06
Garden bean named H24956
Plants and seeds of corn variety I291289
Electro-optical light modulating element, electro-optical display and modulating medium
Cytokine activity regulator molecules from tick salivary glands
Systems and methods for automated internet-based auctions
Commodity order system and commodity order method in commodity order system
Method and apparatus for fully insuring large bank deposits
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for reducing payee fraud
Method and system for simulating implied volatility surfaces for basket option pricing
Order risk management system
Interactive demand management
Tool for estimating a cost of a trade
System and method for evaluating real estate transactions
System, method, and business method for settling micropayment transactions to a pre-paid instrument
Method and apparatus for preauthorizing electronic fund transfers without actual written authenticat...
Method and system for processing financial instrument deposits physically remote from a financial in...
Method for rental storage system
Rights establishing system and method
System and method for inter-relating multiple data types relating to pharmaceutical products, therap...
Dynamic component transfer
Method of undoing an operation remotely executed on a server station
Secure resource distribution through encrypted pointers
Activity monitoring without accessing a process object
Software reproduction apparatus
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Convective flow tissue assembly
Dietary supplement and related method
Cationic cassia derivatives and applications therefor
Topical burn composition containing Mentha haplocalyx and one or both of Aloe vera and recombinant h...
Methods of treatment using CTLA4 mutant molecules
Ambient stored blood plasma expanders containing keratose
Composition and method for moisturizing nasal tissue
Prion-specific peptide reagents
Drugs for spinal anesthesia
High viscosity xanthan polymer preparations
Reduction of hair growth
Peptides for detection of antibody to Anaplasma phagocytophilum
Inhibition of complement activation
Population of Hoxb8 mutants and uses in identifying agents for treating repetitive behaviors
Transformed Shigella
Vehicle adaptable to various terrains
Moving object mounting fuel cell
Transmission for off-road vehicle
Child motorized riding toy with remote control
Seat belt apparatus
Method for limiting damages in the event of a partially overlapping frontal collision, and motor veh...
Airflow sensing method and apparatus for impact detection
All-terrain vehicle engine configuration
Automotive steering rack stroke adjusting device
Industrial vehicle
Air guiding system for a vehicle
Vehicle front structure
Air cleaner device for motorcycle
Electric system for fuel cell, fuel cell vehicle, and method of supplying electric power
Child restraint system comprising event data recorder, and method for providing data relating to ins...
Intention estimation method and system with confidence indication
Method of controlling series hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Drive force distribution system for four wheel independent drive vehicle
Vehicle cruise control system
Animation system for a robot comprising a set of movable parts
System and method for force feedback
Animatronics systems and methods
Control system provided with virtual power monitor and thereby provided with function of evaluating ...
Galactosyl nucleotide sugars
Substituted indazoly(indoly)maleimide derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Process for utilizing epitopes recognized by natural antibodies
Amino alcohol ligand and its use in preparation of chiral proparglic tertiary alcohols and tertiary ...
Method of making modified immunodeficiency virus particles
Independent helper virus packaging cell line for propagating viral vectors
Neuroprotective synergy of erythropoietin and insulin-like growth factors
Methods for producing and using in vivo pseudotyped retroviruses using envelope glycoproteins from l...
Nucleophosmin/B23-binding peptide to inhibit tumor growth and regulate transcriptional activity of p...
Indications of mannan-binding lectin (MBL) in the treatment of immuno-compromised individuals
Vaccine for house dust mite allergen using naked DNA
Inhibitors of phosphatases
ALS-specific peptide composition
Tctex-1-related polypeptides
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Tangential stress reduction system in a loudspeaker suspension
Diaphragm, spherical-shell diaphragm and electroacoustic transducer, and method of manufacturing ele...
Muffler for an exhaust gas system
Trim panel with integrally formed attachment member
Dual band corrugated feed horn antenna
Protective device
Increasing channel capacity of TDMA transmitters in satellite based networks
Wireless access system
Method of inquiring
TDMA, spread spectrum RF agile filtered signal transmission
Multi-path detection method for CDMA receivers
Electronic-album displaying system, electronic-album displaying method, remote controller, machine r...
Information providing method for transmitting broadcast signals being received by a user
Power amplifier with VSWR detection and correction feature
Constant gain nonlinear envelope tracking high efficiency linear amplifier
Noise blanker control
Method for employing multipath propagation in wireless radio communications
Over-the-air testing of compact flash radio
Monitoring availability of selective call radios in a half-duplex radio communication system
Mixer gain calibration method and apparatus
Radio access network and operation control method for the same
System for transmitting, processing, receiving, and displaying traffic information
Poynting-vector based method for determining the bearing and location of electromagnetic sources
Kernel function approximation and receiver
Snare drum strainer
Multi-component percussion mallet
Center taper drumstick
Main case body of musical keyboard instrument
Musical notation system patterned upon the standard piano keyboard
Appliance audio notification device
Audio player using sigma-delta pulse-width modulation
Musical notation system
Methods and apparatus for automatic mixing of audio signals
Method and device for automatic music composition employing music template information
Actuation system for keyboard pedal lyre
Guitar body reinforcement
Wind instruments
Wind instrument having a modified tone-rich surface
Saxophone D# (D Sharp) key clamp
Banjo tensioner
Pad for electronic drum and electronic drum
Aluminum-copper-magnesium alloys having ancillary additions of lithium
Titanium alloy and process for producing the same
Method and mobile device for non-visually signaling the state of a mobile device
Computer graphics
Method of generating a computer readable model
Method and system for producing dynamically determined drop shadows in a three-dimensional graphical...
3-D imaging arrangements
System and technique for retrieving depth information about a surface by projecting a composite imag...
Automated identification of ileocecal valve
Virtual collaboration window system and method
Gaming device with rotating and translating display device
System and method for facilitating play of a video game via a web site
Power management for interface devices applying forces
System and method for a financial planning competition
System and method for dewatering an area
Water treatment method for heavy oil production using calcium sulfate seed slurry evaporation
Automated, low profile drilling/bolting module with carousel
Erosion resistant barrier with varying permeabilities
Ground freezing installation accommodating thermal contraction of metal feed pipes
Telescoping underwater guide
Mask keeper
Arrangement for anchoring a floating structure
Heave compensated snubbing system and method
Jack for carrying and installing mine panels
Method and device for determining at least one multimedia data encoding parameter
Packet scheduling method for streaming multimedia data
Method and system for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) rating and billing
Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting in a wireless terminal
Apparatus and method for decode arbitration in a multi-stream multimedia system
Internet protocol compliant private branch electronic exchange and a method for redundantly configur...
Method of controlling multimedia call sessions in a cellular mobile radio system
Dual axis hinge apparatus for portable terminal
Training, inference and user interface for guiding the caching of media content on local stores
Authorization access controlled content exchange
Programming, selecting, and playing multimedia files
Business communication assembly having one or more recessed areas created through ablation by electr...
Method for producing a laser-printable film
Image verification system and method using residual fingerprint detection
Virtual webcam and method thereof
Heteroaryl 5-thio-.beta.-D-glucopyranoside derivatives and therapeutic agents for diabetes containin...
Glycopeptides produced using Amycolatopsis orientalis glycosyltransferase gtfE
Polypeptide having an activity to support proliferation or survival of hematopoietic stem or progeni...
Aminoglycoside-polyamine displacers and methods of use in displacement chromatography
Selective O-acylation of nucleosides
Supramolecular pairing system, its preparation and use
Nucleic acids arrays and methods of use therefor
Hepatitis C virus non-structural NS3/4A fusion gene
Inducible deoxyhypusine synthase promoter from maize
Method for preparation of large volume batches of poly-ICLC with increased biological potency; thera...
Nucleotide analogs
2' or 3' -deoxy and 2', 3'-dideoxy-.beta.-L-pentofuranonucleo-side compounds, method of preparation ...
Process for the production of anhydrosugar alcohols
Process for manufacturing cellulose molding, plant component extracting apparatus, and process for p...
Indeterminate gametophyte 1 (ig1)gene from Zea mays and uses thereof
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Anti-microbial peptide known as halocyntin, gene coding for said peptide, vector, transformed organi...
Solanum tuberosum .beta.-solanine/.beta.-chaconine rhamnosyl transferase sequences and uses thereof
Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
Soybean cultivar 6600375
Inbred maize variety PHEWB
Classification and diagnosis of the molecular basis of cholestasis
Polymer Particle
Protease inhibition
Il-15 Binding Site for Il 15-Ralpha and Specific Il-15 Mutants Having Agonists/Antagonists Activity
Modified FGF-21 Polypeptides and Their Uses
Composition for Oral Cavity
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Ester Linked Macrolides Useful For The Treatment of Microbial Infections
Small Interfering Rna Molecules Against Ribonucleotide Reductase and Uses Thereof
Infectious Aetiology of Prostatic Disease and Methods to Identify Causative Agents
Reactive Hydroxylated and Carboxylated Polymers for Use as Adhesion Promoters
IRNA Agents Targeting CCR5 Expressing Cells And Uses Thereof
Novel Acetylcholinesterase Gene Responsible for Insecticide Resistance and Applications Thereof
Eg8798 and Eg9703 Polynucleotides and Uses Thereof
Reduced Susceptibility Towards Pathogens, In Particular Oomycetes, Such as Downy Mildew In Lettuce a...
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Method for Treating Surfaces
Method for Coating Surfaces and Suitable Particles Therefor
Method and system for automating issue resolution in manufacturing execution and material control sy...
Method for facilitating problem resolution
Web service agent
Resolving conflicts between network service rule sets for network data traffic in a system where rul...
Risk management information interface system and associated methods
Method and a system for detecting and locating an adjustment error or a defect of a rotorcraft rotor
Regulating the growth of complexity in developmental systems
Diagnostic apparatus
Multimodal authorization method, system and device
Training an attentional cascade
Method and apparatus for analyzing thought system
Free-standing jumping device
Dynamic system for a stationary bicycle
Sliding shell mechanism for a hollow puzzle
Board game
Multi-game playing surface and associated methods
Facilitated gaming system and method with equalizing criteria for facilitator
Method for playing a card game
Card game
Geometric construction system
Device with an elastic shifting mechanism
Method and device for fastening and aligning a sensor
Passive virtual reality
Image sensing apparatus with electronic shutter function and mechanical shutter function, and image ...
Defogging device for a surveillance camera
Mounting assembly for camera
Vibration-proof lens device
Three-dimensional photographic shelf
Anti-shake apparatus
Stage apparatus and camera shake correcting apparatus using the stage apparatus
Image blur compensation apparatus
Electromagnetically actuated adjusting apparatus for lens
Focus detection apparatus and control method thereof image photographing apparatus
Digital camera
Camera device
Renewable, energetic, nanodimensional dispersion
Sensor with composite diaphragm containing carbon nanotubes or semiconducting nanowires
Nanoporous membrane and method of fabricating the same
Nanocrystalline plated golf club head
Ambient environment nanowire sensor
Fabrication of long range periodic nanostructures in transparent or semitransparent dielectrics
Organic species that facilitate charge transfer to or from nanostructures
Dispersion and coating preparation containing nanoscale zinc oxide
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes filled with palladium nanoparticles using arc discharge in solution
Manganese oxide nanowires, films, and membranes and methods of making
Molybdenum oxide nano-particles
Nanoparticle coatings for flexible and/or drawable substrates
Nano-talc powders of high specific surface area obtained by hybrid milling
Method for making integrated circuit chip utilizing oriented carbon nanotube conductive layers
Direct write nanolithography using heated tip
Semiconductor device using semiconductor nanowire and display apparatus and image pick-up apparatus ...
Process for modifying at least one electrical property of a nanotube or a nanowire and a transistor ...
Temporary planar electrical contact device and method using vertically-compressible nanotube contact...
Smooth Shoe Uppers and Methods for Producing Them
Pelvic Brace and Collapsible Stretcher
Mallet Finger Splint
Powered Orthosis
Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis with Load Brake
Therapeutic foot appliance and method of use
Medical aid having a standalone femur traction mode and a leg support mode
Absorbent Fiber Material and Use Thereof in Wound Dressings
Wound dressing
Sleeves for Accommodating a Circulation Enhancement Device
Lift bed
Spiked golf shoe cleaning brush
Adjustable shoe assembly for a reciprocating saw
Cushioning sole for an article of footwear
Insole assembly for increasing weight of footwear and heavy footwear having weight-increasing midsol...
Cord and strap combination shoe closure
Article of footwear
Landmine avoidance and protection device
Sleeping bag and system
Shock attenuating device for a rotary impact tool
Vacuum release trash container apparatus
Adjustable foot for setting up equipment in alignment
Low profile socket connector
Game attractant
Method for producing tiered gate structure devices
Foot switch for activating a dental or medical treatment apparatus
Location of high resistance ground faults on buried power-cables
Article of footwear incorporating a heel strap system
Apparatus and methods for automatic disposable shoe cover dispense
Methods and systems for using active surface coverings for structural assessment and monitoring
Bayonet-mount motor-vehicle antenna
Antenna adapter for improved cosite performance
Lighting and/or signalling device with optical guide for a motor vehicle
Method for the prevention of motion sickness, and apparatus for detecting and signaling potentially ...
Scan tool user interface
Automatic adjusting apparatus for adjustable equipments
Satellite based vehicle guidance control in straight and contour modes
Method for adjusting an on-time calculation model or lookup table and a system for controlling an in...
Method and apparatus for objective measurement of noise
Adaptive media encoding and decoding equipment
Method for controlling and/or regulating a constant voltage converter for at least two electromagnet...
Variable valve mechanism for engine
Controller for vane-type variable valve timing adjusting mechanism
V type internal combustion engine
Method and system for parallel update of database
System and methods for nonintrusive database security
Systems, methods, and computer program products to reduce computer processing in grid cell size dete...
Compositions and methods for manipulating carbon flux in cells
Image data processing apparatus, and image data registration apparatus and attribute information reg...
Methods and systems for language boundary detection
Network linking using index modulated on data
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Optical disc unit, optical disc recording method, and optical disc
Image reading apparatus, image reading method and image reading system
Digital watermarking systems and methods
Methods of treatment with interferson and albumin fusion protein
Binding assays that use human T1R2 to identify potential taste modulators
Pyrazolyl-substituted heterocycles and their use as phytosanitary products
Optical cell guidance method and apparatus
System and method of tracking bill payment methods
Removal of mercury compounds from glycol
Systems, circuits and methods for reducing thermal damage and extending the detection range of an in...
Method for forming a porous polishing pad
Pseudo-plastic or thixotropic liquid deodorant product for ostomy pouches
Sample carrier for cryoconservation of biological samples
Swollen multi-stage emulsion polymers with low dry bulk densities
Quadrupole mass filter length selection
Monoclonal antibodies and cell surface antigens for the detection and treatment of small cell lung c...
Anti-tumor antibody compositions and methods of use
Liquid materials for use in electrochemical cells
Method of making a clothlike pattern densified web
Cleaning agent for removing solder flux and method for cleaning solder flux
Stable antifouling paint composition containing metal salt of pyrithione and cuprous oxide
Block copolymer composition for overmolding any nylon
Input/output upper and lower byte control device using nonvolatile ferroelectric register
Liquid consumption status detecting method, liquid container, and ink cartridge
Propane bottle recycler
Disposable, spin-on filter
Rotor and counter knife for a rotary grinder
Pressure relief valve for filter assembly
Filter device and parts thereof and a method for operating of the filter device
Methods for conducting metabolic analyses
Folded coaxial transmission line loudspeaker
Toner for developing electrostatic image
Processes and devices using polycyclic fluoroalkanes in vacuum and deep ultraviolet applications
Method of purifying 3-hyroxyalkanoic acid copolymer
Flame resistant synthetic resin composition
Low-VOC compositions containing a polymeric latex, coatings made therefrom, substrates containing sa...
Method for preparing alicyclic carboxylic acids and their esters
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitator device
Method and system for correlating information
DNA probe which reveals a hypervariable region on human chromosome 2
Patch panel cover mounted antenna grid for use in the automatic determination of network cable conne...
High speed add-compare-select processing
Optical buffer employing four-wave mixing
Telecommunication network support for service based policy in roaming configurations
Method of throttling data flow through a router
Metering packet flows for limiting effects of denial of service attacks
Communication network connection rerouting methods and systems
Full mesh LSP and full mesh T-LDP provisioning between provider edge routers in support of Layer-2 a...
Method for minimizing expenditures associated with optimized backhaul networks
Method and apparatus for bandwidth reservations
Method and apparatus for providing fault tolerance to intelligent voice-over-IP endpoint terminals
Method and apparatus for the estimation of total transmission delay by statistical analysis of conve...
Prohibit or avoid route mechanism for path setup
Intermodulation distortion identification and quantization circuit for a linear amplifier system
Integrated reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
Agaricus subrufescens mushroom plant named `H1X1`
Celosia plant named `Venezuela Pink`
Hypericum plant named `Esm Wet`
Hypericum plant named `Esm Re`
Producing printing images having personalized features
Droplet ejection head driving method, droplet ejection head and droplet ejection device
Image recording apparatus
Heater and drip plate for ink loader melt assembly
Light-controlling element and method for manufacturing the same
Method of treating an electrophotographic-imaging member with a rare earth material
Carrier compositions
Electrode contact structure
Systems and methods for using multiple processors for imaging
Patch codes for color calibration job identification encoding
Embedding variable watermark information in halftone screens
Optical sensor for monitoring motion of a blank sheet
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Article or transparent component having liquid repellent layer, optical lens having liquid repellent...
Non-toxic crosslinking reagents to resist curve progression in scoliosis and increase disc permeabil...
Driver for driving a load using a charge pump circuit
Light scanning apparatus and method to prevent damage to an oscillation mirror in an abnormal contro...
Image forming apparatus with controlled adjustment of toner stored in developing cartridge
Biosensor and related method
Ink jet break-off length measurement apparatus and method
Manufacturing process of conductive composition and a manufacturing process of conductive paste
Transparent microporous materials for CMP
Composites and method for manufacturing same
Abrasive particles having coatings with tortuous surface topography
Cellulose acylate film
Process for production of pattern-forming body
Photosensitive composition and image recording method using the same
Semiconductor device with reduced package cross-talk and loss
Thin-film capacitor including an opening therein
Wiring board with built-in capacitor
Method of providing a pre-patterned high-k dielectric film
Gypsophila plant named `ESM Chispa`
System and method for providing transparent access to distributed authoring and versioning files inc...
Access authentication for distributed networks
Network data transfer method
Revivifivation display method for outline fonts based on stroke centerlines technology
Methods and apparatus for detection of hierarchical heavy hitters
System and method for a multi-node environment with shared storage
Method and system for providing a file system overlay
Protecting data for distributed applications using cooperative backup agents
Remote copy system
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, informa...
File server system providing direct data sharing between clients with a server acting as an arbiter ...
Pre-emptive interleaver address generator for turbo decoders
2-substituted D-homo-estra-1,3,5(10)-trienes as inhibitors of 17.beta.-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase...
Crystals including a malic acid salt of a 3-pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone, and compositions there...
Adaptive communication methods and systems for facilitating the gathering, distribution and delivery...
Stimulating the prostate gland
Methods and systems for detrending signal intensity data from chemical arrays
Light emitting panel assemblies
Hologram recording and reproduction apparatus
Transitioning a filter function of a two-port lattice-form planar waveguide optical delay line circu...
Optical compensation film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Optical film and liquid crystal display using the same
Low temperature methods of forming back side redistribution layers in association with through wafer...
Microresonator-based high-performance high-pressure sensor and system
Apparatus and methods for forming optically visible marks on a rotating media
High durability and high performance polarization optics using a low-elasticity organic layer
Solid electrolyte capacitor
Heating roller and image fixing apparatus using the same
Scalable object model
Identification of soybeans having resistance to Phytophthora sojae
Inbred corn line PHAR1
Methods and apparatus for advanced wind turbine design
Optical sensor based on surface electromagnetic wave resonance in photonic band gap materials and me...
Handle for firearm
Linear motion guide unit with retainer for rolling element
Guide carriage of a linear rolling bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing device, method for manufacturing the same, spindle motor and recording and repr...
Fluid dynamic bearing unit
Methods and apparatus for assembling a bearing assembly
Seal for an antifriction bearing
Pulley bearing for engine auxiliares
Self-aligning roller bearing
Vehicle pinion shaft support system
Rolling bearing
Pipetting device with an ejection device for pipette tips
Engine torque control at high pressure ratio
Optical disk drive
Fluid pump and cartridge
Network storage appliance with integrated redundant servers and storage controllers
Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
System and method for using a mobile agent object to collect data
Process for producing deep-nested embossed paper products
Embossing process including discrete and linear embossing elements
Compositions and methods for removal of incidental soils from fabric articles via soil modification
Methods of using cytokine receptor zalpha11 to detect its ligands
2,4-Pyrimidinediamine compounds and their uses
Hybrid bio actuator and method of manufacturing the same using 3-dimensional micro molding aligner
Method and apparatus for controlling acoustic modes in tissue healing applications
Apparatus, system, and method for managing errors in prefetched data
Method of distributed IPMP device messaging and carriage of rights in MPEG IPMP content
Waste disposal system
Powered toothbrush
Multicarrier transmitter and method for transmitting multiple data streams with cyclic delay diversi...
Assembly and method for intervention of a subsea well
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis
Method for producing enantiomer-pure aminoalcohols
Hybrid fuel cell
Information processing device using variable operation frequency
LCD back light panel lamp connecting structure
Drug-eluting stent and methods of making
Anti-tissue factor antibodies with enhanced anticoagulant potency
Degradation-resistant mononucleoside phosphate compounds
Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimadines and methods of using the same
Guanidine and amidine derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
System for transcutaneous monitoring of intracranial pressure (ICP) using near infrared (NIR) teleme...
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Method to prevent low temperature degradation of zirconia
Apparatus for determining cantilever parameters
Multiple entity control of access restrictions for media playback
System and method for monitoring event based systems
Apparatus and methods for integrating encoding functions in material placement machines
Scanning probe microscope control system
Dual loop architecture useful for a programmable clock source and clock multiplier applications
Remote keyless entry system with two modes of demodulation
Performance relighting and reflectance transformation with time-multiplexed illumination
Image processing apparatus and method for describing recorded attribute information using tags, and ...
Polarization measurement and self-calibration based on multiple tunable optical polarization rotator...
Electronic image pickup system
Available bandwidth estimation
Software configurable cluster-based router using stock personal computers as cluster nodes
Resilient packet ring network for realizing MAC bridging
Ad Hoc wireless node and network
System for oderwire modulation
Mobile adaptive cache
Fuel fired hydrogen generator
Diagnostic instrument with movable electrode mounting member and methods for detecting analytes
Method for crystallizing semiconductor material
Photocatalyst and process for purifying gas effluent by photocatalytic oxidation
Stun gun dart having a retractable spear
Optical storage with ultra high storage capacity
Method and system for the police response dispatch protocol of an emergency dispatch system
Device, system and method of data conversion for wide gamut displays
Heading reference command and control algorithm and cueing systems and methods for aircraft turn-to-...
Method for on-line parts ordering
Method for neutralizing solid residue in abandoned chemical weapons
Vaporization pipe with flame filter
Micromachined field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system
Protective case including rigid shell members
Hooded holster
Fluid borne particle analyzers
Rate-28/30 DC-free RLL code
Transmitter digital-to-analog converter with noise shaping
Manufacturing method for an organic EL display panel having electrode separators
Nanowire light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Display device element substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Multicolor OLED displays
Electronic device including a first workpiece, a second workpiece, and a conductive member substanti...
Electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescence display with tilted upper substrate
Image display device
Semiconductor device with layer containing polysiloxane compound
Default Internet Traffic and Transparent Passthrough
Air cargo vertical restraint assembly
Actuator Arrangement
Method and system for monitoring network connected devices with multiple protocols
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Methods of achieving lung volume reduction with removable anchored devices
Recombinant plasmid DNA pVN 22 coding biosynthesis of human leukocyte interferon alpha-I1 and strain...
Natural sedative composition, process for obtaining the same and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Pieris plant named `Passion`
Timed text display for communications devices
Automated processor generation system and method for designing a configurable processor
Method and system for transmission-based billing of applications
Client device configuration with configuration services providers
Method for cavitation-induced tissue healing with low intensity ultrasound
Self-healing control network for building automation systems
Hot swap adapter
System for securely refilling inkjet printer cartridges
Data recording apparatus and recording method
Tobacco odor deodorizing perfume composition, tobacco odor deodorant, cigarette low in sidestream sm...
Methods and apparatus for providing television signals
Bypass duct boss repair technology
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Oral care device with multi-structural contact elements
Process for the production of di- and polyamines of the diphenylmethane series
Power line network bridge
System for computer-aided measurement of quality and/or process data in a paper machine
Method and apparatus for evaluating a proposed solution to a constraint problem
Methods for estimating the seasonality of groups of similar items of commerce data sets based on his...
Apparatus and method for correlating synchronous and asynchronous data streams
Server, device, client, information processing method of server, information processing method of de...
Interface for car-mounted devices
Loudspeaker frame
Systems and methods for crew interaction and coordination using portable electronic data storage and...
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Fuel cell and method for operating the same
Cellular telephone set, operation control method thereof and program therefor
Solid electrolyte battery
Fiberizing apparatus
Image forming method and apparatus with sensors for detecting an amount of light with respect to an ...
Cyclical, aquarium and terrarium light
Porous particles comprising excipients for deep lung delivery
Fine structural body and method of producing the same
Anhydrous proton conductor based on heterocycle attached to a polymer backbone
Planar membraneless microchannel fuel cell
Monoclonal antibodies and cell surface antigens for the detection and treatment of small cell lung c...
Device and methods for monitoring the status of at least one cell
Method of fabricating an optoelectronic device having a bulk heterojunction
Method for doping impurities, and for producing a semiconductor device and applied electronic appara...
Absorption and bioavailability of carotenoids, formulations and applications
Iontophoresis device
Tri-gated molecular field effect transistor and method of fabricating the same
Nanoscale electronic latch
Channel communication array queues in hardware system area
System and method for identity confirmation of a contact published on a network
Displaying information with visual cues to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the infor...
Method and apparatus for fostering immersive reading of electronic documents
Logical, safe, and more personal user interface for accessing data and launching programs or applica...
Communication among agile and context-bound objects
Automated system that tests software on multiple computers
Category partitioning markup language and tools
Automatic correction, and skipping of document design problems based on document types
Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
Electrophotographic photosensitive member whose insert member has first and second surfaces of diffe...
Methods and apparatus for balancing a rotor
Systems and methods for self-synchronized digital sampling
Texture generating system and method of texture generation
Programming models for eviction policies
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club head
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of controlling polysilicon crystallization
Method of forming a low-K dual damascene interconnect structure
Semiconductor processing using energized hydrogen gas and in combination with wet cleaning
Micromechanical component and suitable method for its manufacture
Active matrix type organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
Visible/near infrared image sensor array
Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
Electrical connections in microelectromechanical devices
Electrophoretic display and manufacturing method thereof
Phase change memory cell with junction selector and manufacturing method thereof
Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
Methods and apparatus for utilizing user software to communicate with network-resident services
Method and system for wireless admission control based on fixed or mobile nature of wireless communi...
Method and system for overcoming pilot pollution in a wireless communications network
Soft handoff for reverse link in a wireless communication system with frequency reuse
Method of applying hashing algorithms in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling a quiet zone for wireless units
System and method for efficient push-to-talk communications
Method and system for reducing pilot pollution by systematically adjusting sector power allocations
Always-on wireless internet protocol communication
System and method for managing data objects in a wireless device
Method and apparatus for managing workflow in a single sign-on framework
Reflector for a linear light source and louvre controller incorporating the same
Label-free high-throughput optical technique for detecting biomolecular interactions
System and method for performing automatic spread trading
Stabilized hemoglobin solutions
System and method for protecting networked security devices
Method and system to detect tampering using light detector
Gas hob
Light-emitting diode
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone