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Metering pump device for a vehicle heater
Pumps with diaphragms bonded as bellows
Thick matter pump comprising a conveyance capacity control system
Compact linear air pump and valve package
System and method of providing hydraulic pressure for mechanical work from an engine lubricating sys...
Scalable, modular, high availability fan system
Tire pump
Sound hole for a stringed musical instrument
Musical instrument double plectrum
Violin or viola shoulder rest
Guitar pick
Guitar strap
Guitar headstock
Guitar neck block
Antisense modulation of c-reactive protein expression
Method and system for embedding device positional data in video signals
Navigation system for a vehicle
Information system
System for, and method of, monitoring the movements of mobile items
System for providing a virtual vehicle boundary
Heads-up speed display for vehicles
Information providing apparatus for a vehicle
Failsafe disable in a vehicle security system
Multi-purpose vessel and method for recovering, storing and/or offloading material in a dredging ope...
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle propulsion circuit
Acceleration/angular velocity sensor unit
Method and apparatus for displaying information for vehicle, and computer product
Compact rugged computer system for mobile applications
System and method for locating and communicating with personnel and equipment in a facility
Method and system to control movable entities
Wheel lifted and grounded identification for an automotive vehicle
Liquid laundry detergent compositions comprising a silicone blend of non-functionalized and amino-fu...
Liquid laundry detergent compositions with silicone fabric care agents
Methods of adenovirus purification
Cellulases, the genes encoding them and uses thereof
Down the drain cleaning system
Method and apparatus for automating pin assignments
Integrated visual imaging and electronic sensing inspection systems
Apparatus for manipulation of ions and methods of making apparatus
Ion chromatography system using catalytic gas elimination
Method for specifying delivery information for electronic documents
Automated printing system for producing copyright protected image-based product
Apparatus and method for heating the hands of keyboard users
Tissue stabilizer having an articulating lift element
Method and apparatus for making signs
Switching device with asymmetric port speeds
Semiconductor substrate process using a low temperature deposited carbon-containing hard mask
Continuously variable transmission
Hydronic rooftop cooling systems
Manicuring appliance
Benzoyl peroxide compositions having increased potency
Solid pharmaceutical composition containing benzofuran derivatives
Methods of increasing the efficacy of peroxides
Precooled cryogenic ablation system
Method for rapid fault interpretation of fault surfaces generated to fit three-dimensional seismic d...
Method for discriminating between ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias
Flk-1 binding protein
Use of lectin library for distinguishing glycoproteins or cells, diagnosing serum or cells, or fract...
Bacillus thuringiensis strain, crystal gene and crystal protein and uses thereof
Soluble T cell receptor
Cardiac lead having self-expanding fixation features
Light-redirecting optical structures
Activation of an inductance loop vehicle detector
Force optimization surface apparatus and method
Multistage continuous preparation of cycloaliphatic diisocyanates
Extravascular roller device and method of removing subcutaneous fluid
Polyisocyanate-modified polycarboxylic acids
Methods for reclaiming developing solvents
Wastewater treatment process using core-shell particles
Flocculating agent for clarifying the water of man-made static water bodies
System for oxidation of organic bodies present in an aqueous effluent
Method and apparatus for scale and biofilm control
Advanced contaminate treatment system
Method of using device for bio-affinity material for treatment of blood or plasma
Method for improving oil desalting by forming unstable water-in-oil emulsions
Multi-element filter with multiple pleat channel height
Method for preparing microsphere
Apparatus for supplying water containing dissolved gas
Spinning impingement multiphase contacting device
Control device for fluid separators in dental aspiration plants
Display device with electron-emitting device with electron-emitting region insulated from electrodes
Data input apparatus and method
Information providing method and information providing system
Image-forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Insertion and extraction of a message in an image
Reference magnetic signal recording device and method of manufacturing the same
Document delivery system, document delivery apparatus, document delivery method, program for executi...
Image processing apparatus having BBS function and control method thereof and program therefor, and ...
Exposure apparatus equipped with interferometer and method of using same
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Mixed reality exhibiting method and apparatus
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Ink and ink-applying process and apparatus using the same
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Liquid discharging head and recording apparatus using the same
Laser printer
Precision machining method using a near-field scanning optical microscope
Image sensor with light guides
Lithium niobate coated optical fiber apparatus and method
Method of preparing optically pure phenethylamine derivatives
Macrocyclic beta-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Home phone line networking next generation enhancements
Conotoxin peptides
Waterproof/breathable technical apparel
Cutting-tool holder used for grinding
Salad spin-drier
Device for cleaning teeth
Cutlery implement and block
Fan selection method and fan selection device
Meter for an integrated diagnostic test system
Handheld diagnostic instrument
Device for withdrawing blood for diagnostic applications
Integrated disposable for automatic or manual blood dosing
Optical device for optical mouse
Fungicidal composition based on at least one pyridylmethylbenzamide derivatives and at least on dith...
Voltage testing and measurement
One-component magnetic toner for developing an electrostatic charge image, process cartridge, and me...
Coating compositions, articles, and methods of coating articles
Mono-sheet heat-developable photosensitive material and method of forming image
Device and method for measuring the profile of a surface
Method and apparatus for providing signal analysis of a BioNEMS resonator or transducer
Objective lens driving device for optical head
Electromagnetic resonant sensor with dielectric body and variable gap cavity
Tilt meter based on the field transmission through a resonator
Method and apparatus for performing limited area spectral analysis
Reconfigurable distributed active transformers
Matrix shim system with grouped coils
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Materials containing multiple layers of vesicles
Device and method for optical add/drop multiplexing
Method to demultiplex wavelengths of light
Simulation of aerial images
System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem
Method and apparatus for managing data time-outs
Chalcogenide glass for low viscosity extrusion and injection molding
Electro-optic polymer waveguide devices incorporating organically modified sol-gel clads
Wavelength selective optical switch
Integrated optical spectrometer incorporating sets of diffractive elements
Method and system for extracting data from surface array deposited features
Model-based dewarping method and apparatus
Method of polymerizing propylene comprising olefin pre-polymerization step
Device and method for determining characteristic variables for batteries
Organic electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus
Fuel cell system
Embolic filters with controlled pore size
Pseudo synchronous machine
Lens system and image capturing apparatus
Plasma display with split electrodes
Electronic control unit for car
Prismatic ceramic heater for heating gas sensor element, prismatic gas sensor element in multilayere...
Nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds
Etchant composition for indium oxide layer and etching method using the same
Disposable wearing article having multilayered core comprising convex gaps and v-shaped cutouts
Liquid cosmetic case
System and method of storing high level waste
Secured dynamic storage compartment for vehicle door
Mobile terminal device and method for radiating heat therefrom
Clothes hanger with adjustable arms
Method for expressing a functional membrane-bound receptor protein using budded baculovirus
Intra-aortic renal drug delivery catheter
Method for obtaining high accuracy mass spectra using an ion trap mass analyser and a method for det...
Uterine contraction inhibitors
Tie-2 driven overexpression of calreticulin as an inducer of non-small cell carcinoma of lung
Process for the synthesis of (2S)-indoline-2-carboxylic acid
Tumor marker for urothelial carcinoma
Sustained release formulations
Instrument handle for storing suture and needles
Medical instrument for surgery
Temperature compensating chiral dopants
Continuous multistage thermophilic aerobic and aerobic-anaerobic sludge treatment systems
Apparatus for pyrolyzing tire shreds and tire pyrolysis systems
Calculation of birefringence in a waveguide based on Rayleigh scatter
Direct current cutoff switch
Touchdown counter for integrated circuit testers
Vehicle rearview mirror system having a variable reflectance control
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal electro-optical device
Systems and methods for determining a state of fluidization and/or a state of mixing
Electrostatic actuator, liquid discharge head, liquid cartridge, imaging apparatus, micro pump, and ...
Droplet ejection apparatus
Droplet ejection apparatus and method of judging ejection failure in droplet ejection heads
Droplet ejection apparatus
Plasma radiation source and device for creating a gas curtain for plasma radiation sources
Partially completed wiring circuit board assembly sheet and production method of wiring circuit boar...
Plasmonic enhanced infrared detector element
Process of microwave brazing with powder materials
Methods for improving integration performance of low stress CDO films
High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
Patterned atomic layer epitaxy
Magnetic recording medium including a magnetic layer with first magnetic particles and a protective ...
Crosslinking of hyaluronan solutions and nanofiberous membranes made therefrom
Apparatus and methods for plasma vapor deposition processes
Multichannel microscale system for high throughput preparative separation with comprehensive collect...
Metal complexation of 1-acyldipyrromethanes and porphyrins formed therefrom
Photovoltaic cell
Conjugated polymers containing spirobifluorene units and the use thereof
Medicament dispenser
Ink formulations and uses thereof
No port phacoemulsification needle sleeve
Copolymerizable azo compounds and articles containing them
Accommodating intraocular lens with elongated suspension structure
System and method for the non-contacting measurements of the eye
Multifocal contact lenses
Conjugated dienamides, methods of production thereof, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Surface and site-specific polymerization by direct-write lithography
Phosphor particle coded beads
Method of making copolymers containing olefinic type monomers
Block copolymers containing functional groups
Method and apparatus for power throttling in a multi-thread processor
LED headlight for bicycle with heat removal device
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Contour motorcycle seat
Elastomeric compositions
Headlamp for a bicycle
Fork mount bicycle carrier
Method for increasing the driving stability of a motor vehicle
Inner tube compositions having improved heat resistance characteristics
End effector inspection apparatus and method
Bicycle shifter
Bicycle shifter
Implantable pedometer
Hybrid wireless network for data collection and distribution
Information recording and reproducing medium with areas for recording information optically on one s...
Composite poles with an integral mandrel and methods of making the same
Laminate sheet, laminate battery and related method
Coating system and process and apparatus for depositing a coating system
Processes for producing CF.sub.3CFHCF.sub.3
Method of fabricating one-way transparent optical system
Flame-retardant synthetic resin articles containing flame-retardant superabsorbent polymer (SAP) par...
Method and apparatus for fabricating or altering microstructures using local chemical alterations
Method for manufacturing a liquid jetting head
Illuminating devices employing titanium dioxide photocatalysts
Substrate having catalyst compositions on surfaces of opposite sides
Single crystalline phase catalyst
Parylene-based flexible multi-electrode arrays for neuronal stimulation and recording and methods fo...
Oral care implement
LC/MS method of analyzing high molecular weight proteins
Arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Device for guiding sheets
Method and a device for the regulation of the web tension in a multi-web system
Method for changing at least one printing plate and a printing press comprising several plate cylind...
Printing tower operating unit and operator lifting device
Sheet punching and embossing machine
Method and apparatus for distinguishing the origin of operator inputs in electronic control systems ...
Sheet-fed rotary printing press having a three-drum reversing device and method of transporting a sh...
Method for setting a device for image reproduction on printing plates
Adaptor for beverage pack and beverage feeder
Plasma display panel provided with thinned crystal phosphor material and its corresponding method of...
Superconductor magnet coil configuration
Cryostat configuration with thermally compensated centering
Method and apparatus for mapping and correcting geometric distortion in MRI
Miniaturized detection coil former for NMR spectroscopy
Open peripheral vascular coil and method of providing peripheral vascular imaging
Magnetic resonance system and method for checking the positioning of an examination subject
Method for generating an MR atlas and for MR imaging using same
Linear solenoid valve
Magnet and method of forming uniform magnetic field for MRI system
Magnetic resonance imaging receive chain with dynamic gain and wireless receiver coil
Shimming structure and method for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Combined positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance tomography unit
Blood-tight implantable textile material and method of making
Press oven including an intermediate body, and method for use
Composite materials comprising a reinforcing material and a star polyamide as a thermoplastic matrix...
Hydraulic valve arrangement
Pipette with particulate carriers therein
Body fluid sample test meter
Pedicure spa
Arm sling
Device for communicating with a voice-disabled person
Electrocardiograph (ECG) heart monitoring electrode
Dental pliers
Blade guard for a surgical knife
Cannula set consisting of a cannula and a trocar
Guidewire loader apparatus for a medical device
Sanitary napkin
Injection device
Portion of a right side headgear strap and yoke
Portion of headgear
Humidifier tub base
Humidifier for a flow generator
Drill stack formation
One-piece self-venting drain valve
Treatments for contaminant reduction in lactoferrin preparations and lactoferrin-containing composit...
Selective hydrosilylation method and product
Household cleaning composition in self-sustaining body form and essentially free of zeolite and clay
Ordered liquid crystalline cleansing composition with particulate optical modifiers
Stable dispersion concentrate consisting of a copolymer of acryloyldimethyltauric acid and cyclic ca...
Cleansing article with improved handleability
Shower head for dispensing a mixture of water and at least one bathing gel
Antioxidants in clusters of structured water
Hairbrush for pets and people that releases active ingredients
System and method for multi-mode radio operation
Evacuating valve
Microwave displacement measurement system for an electrodynamic direct drive
Portion of an overhead garage door facade
Handcuff calipers
Injector system and fluid control device providing sharp bolus injection
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Baseline adaptation for cardiac pacing response classification
Collecting posture information to evaluate therapy
Medical dressing comprising an antimicrobial silver compound
Antimicrobial medical devices containing chlorhexidine free base and salt
Fan cradle base
Carbon-coated aluminum and method for producing same
Method for preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and positive active m...
Graphite-containing composition, negative electrode for a lithium secondary battery, and lithium sec...
Electrochemical device
Sheet-like chemical cell, fuel cell and methods for manufacturing thereof
Coated carbonaceous particles particulary useful as electrode materials in electrical storage cells,...
Hybrid phthalocyanine derivatives and their uses
Method for enhancing oil production using electricity
Molecular memory
Display element
Cyclohexylphenyl vasopressin agonists
Controlling the hardness of electrodeposited copper coatings by variation of current profile
Method of producing polishing pad
Water base ink set for ink-jet recording
Controller for AC generator
Polymer electrolyte membranes crosslinked by direct fluorination
Films with photoresponsive wettability
Catalyst design for VRLA batteries
Apparatus and method for operation of a high temperature fuel cell system using recycled anode exhau...
Lithium electrochemical generator comprising at least a bipolar electrode with conductive aluminium ...
Method and system of charging multi-cell lithium-based batteries
Synthesis of composite nanofibers for applications in lithium batteries
Twist-type telescopic ball-point pen
Retractable writing instrument
Hair conditioner compositions
Amine, amide, sulphonamide and carbamate derivatives of benzalmalonic salts and photoprotective cosm...
System and method for flexible architecture for dermatologic treatments utilizing multiple light sou...
Cosmetic dispenser with frictional drag
Image processing device and image processing method, and imaging device
Aqueous cosmetic coloring and gloss compositions having film formers
Stick container
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Method for recharging a bundling machine using a plastic film and bundling machine carrying out said...
Antenna, radio device, method of designing antenna, and method of measuring operating frequency of a...
Automatic system for monitoring and managing the admittance to parking places
Apparatus and method capable of secure wireless configuration and provisioning
Barcode data communication methods, barcode embedding methods, and barcode systems
Networked waste processing apparatus
Method of attaching an RF ID tag to a hose and tracking system
Apparatus and methods for sample preparation
Method and system for purchase-based segmentation
Electrophoresis apparatus having staggered passage configuration
System for cellular storage and genetic information retrieval
Method, computer program product and computer system for the automatic production of a filter unit
Ceramic heater and method for producing ceramic heater
Thermal crystallization of polyester pellets in liquid
Aqueous synthetic resin dispersion
Method of selecting photomask blank substrates
Photomask blank, photomask, and method of manufacture
Silicone adhesive composition and an adhesive tape thereof
Methods of crystal precipitation
Copper phthalocyanine blue pigment composition and water borne dispersion thereof
Gas-solids separation device and method
Long reach press
Methods of ungulate nuclear transfer
Unactivated ungulate oocytes to produce a transgenic ungulate by nuclear transfer
Sanitary pick-up device
Mobility assistance vest for the lame or elderly animal
Apparatus and method for walking animals
Animal trailer with corral panels system
Method for harvesting and dispensing crops
Acoustical fishing lure
Mechanical netting device
Solar powered, mobile bird pest controller for large area deterrence
Activation of equine oocytes
Method for producing transgenic birds and fish
Tissue specific expression of exogenous proteins in transgenic chickens
Model animals non-responsive to mycobacterial-origin lipoprotein/lipopeptide
Genetically altered mice deficient in functional caspase-9
Stereoguide for clamping neurosurgical instruments
Method for determining similarities between data sequences using cross-correlation matrices and defo...
Intravascular imaging detector
Shunt passer or like surgical instrument configured for receiving different-sized positioning locato...
Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging using encoded RF tagging pulses
Radiation image processing apparatus, radiation image processing method, program, and computer-reada...
Methods, apparatus, and software for reconstructing an image
RF system for tracking objects
Data transmission to a position sensor
Medical imaging device for use in a safety critical environment
Needle guide for stereotactic biopsy
Method of imaging and developing negative-working elements
Sulfonate derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Fuel cell power system and method of controlling a fuel cell power system
Methods and compositions for controlled polypeptide synthesis
Partially quaternised, amino-functional organopolysiloxanes and their use in aqueous systems
Method for forming finely-structured parts, finely-structured parts formed thereby, and product usin...
Low pH development solutions for chemically amplified photoresists
Copolymer having reactive silicon-containing group and organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric material
Process for the production of crosslinked polymer employing low VOC-producing silane crosslinker and...
Thermoplastic composition
Substituted quinobenzoxazine analogs
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and use of the same
Apparatus and method for in situ production of fuel for a fuel cell
Housing for a headset
Modelling current flows in three-dimensional conductive and dielectric bodies
Decimation of fixed length queues having a number of position for holding data wherein new data is f...
Communication device with intelligent communication management and method therefor
Display-input apparatus for a multi-configuration portable device
Antenna system
Method and apparatus for semiconductor testing
Mass spectrometry system and method with window assembly
Housing for a communication device
Housing for a communication device
Communication device
Housing for a communication device
Housing for a communication device
Biventricular cardiac pacemaker for cardiac resynchronisation therapy
Implantable microstimulator with conductive plastic electrode and methods of manufacture and use
Heartbeat detection device
Device and process for measuring breath alcohol
Medical cutting devices and methods of use
Methods and apparatus for securing medical instruments to desired locations in a patient's body
Method of describing pattern repetitiveness of image
Image encoding apparatus and method
Image compression
Image decoding technique for suppressing tile boundary distortion
System and method for updating a sign-on logo image file in a computer
Method and device for electronic image capture in several zones
Segment based image matching method and system
Apparatus for generating a pattern recognition dictionary, a method thereof, a pattern recognition a...
Pen out-of-proximity handwriting-recognition trigger
Waveguide type variable optical attenuator
Fiber optic universal bracket apparatus and methods
Wavelength filter that operates on sets of wavelength channels
Fiber access terminal including moisture barrier plate with punch out
Fiberoptic luminaire with scattering and specular side-light extractor patterns
Coiled cable products and methods of forming the same
Cabinet including optical bulkhead plate for blown fiber system
Underground enclosure mounting system
Light guide panel and back light unit having the same
Laminated optical waveguide film, method of producing the same, and optical waveguide module
Flexible optical closure and other flexible optical assemblies
Low loss funnel-type PLC optical splitter with input cladding mode absorption structure and/or outpu...
Waveguide structure
Wavelength selective optical switch, and optical device provided with spectroscopic function
Micromirror element and optical switch
Optical device for LED-based lamp
Uniform light generating system for adjusting output brightness and method of using the same
Color combiner for solid-state light sources
Electronic device control system
Severe and controlled braking alert signaling apparatus for vehicles
Multi-level surface mounted lightpipe package design with LED light sources
Convectively cooled headlamp assembly
Lighting fixture with smooth adjustable beam width
Production method of vehicle lamp
Lighting apparatus
Low-power illumination apparatus
Small profile hanger system for ceiling suspended lighting fixtures
Mechanical release or trigger device
Multiple nomograph system for solving ranging and ballistic problems in firearms
Flight parameter measurement system
Adjustable capacity loader for paintball markers
Apparatus for providing resistance to cargo spills
Cannelured frangible projectile and method of canneluring a frangible projectile
Cartridge munition, particularly one of medium caliber
Short range, non-explosive, air defense system for urban structures
Reverse draw technology archery
Slug for industrial ballistic tool
Compensation system for a firearm
Gun sight and method for hitting a moving target
Systems and methods for target impact
Semiautomatic handgun
Mobile filtration facility and methods of use
Thermal treatment methods and apparatus with focused energy application
Decorating sheet, decorated resin molded article and method for production thereof
Method and apparatus for vascular and visceral clipping
Spiral multilayer fibers
Transaction card with attached auxiliary portion
Hand lever for espresso coffee machines
Coffee dispenser group, in particular for espresso coffee, for a drinks machine
Coffee machine
Water treatment
Method and apparatus of fabricating a semiconductor device by back grinding and dicing
Copper-catalyzed formation of carbon-heteroatom and carbon-carbon bonds
Assembly for a flowable material container
Fiberglass fabric flooring system
Neutral carbonated alkaline earth metal carboxylates
Biocidal compositions
Pet house
Methods and systems for providing differentiated quality of service in a communications system
Instrumented rock bolt, data logger and user interface system
Fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for hydrogenating hydrocarbon fuels
Fuel cell system having integrated central control function
Integral air preheater and start-up heating means for solid oxide fuel cell power generators
Induction of tubular morphogenesis using pleiotrophin
Scheme for registration and authentication in wireless communication system using wireless LAN
Bone targeting peptides
Methods and compositions for healing and repair of articular cartilage
Data storage cartridge having baffles
Electrical signal pre-conditioning
System and method for selecting the placement of optical amplifiers in an optical network
Device for monitoring around vehicle
Distortion compensation circuit, and a transmission apparatus including the same
Amplifier linearization using non-linear predistortion
Method and apparatus capable of restricting resending operation
Method and system for automatically calibrating sound level meter
Sense amplifier circuit and method of operation
Integrated semiconductor memory device
Integrated semiconductor memory device with adaptation of the evaluation characteristic of sense amp...
Deodorant cosmetic composition comprising a combination of zinc pidolate and an antiperspirant alumi...
Cosmetic compositions
Means and method for the simultaneous bleaching and dyeing of keratin fibres
Dental device with improved retention of a flavor and/or chemotherapeutic agent composition
Compositions comprising hydroxyalkyl direct dyes, implementation processes and uses thereof
Methods of treating skin conditions using inhibitors of the CD2/LFA-3 interaction
Topical acne vulgaris medication with a sunscreen
Dual component skin care compositions that comprise a self-tanning agent
Self-emulsifying copolymer
Methods for increasing bone density
Muscarinic agonists
Pyrazine modulators of cannabinoid receptors
Dynamic instruction sequence selection during scheduling
Method and apparatus for balanced disk access load distribution
Apparatus and methodology for a pointer manager
Accessing a memory using a plurality of transfers
Power-consumption calculation method and apparatus
Verified scheduling of recurrent program recording operations
Processing system
Safety system for aircraft
Glasses for mounting to both rearward and forward facing caps
Multi-shank ripper
Ramp rate blender
Phage displayed Trp cage ligands
Compositions and methods for treatment of microbial infections
Modulators of glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-.kappa..beta. activity and use thereof
Substituted tricyclic compound as protein kinase inhibitors
Substituted tricyclic compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic sodium/proton exchange inhibitors and method
CNGH0010 specific polynucleotides, polypeptides, antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Methods for detecting Corpuscles of Stannius protein stanniocalcin
Substituted sulfonamides and ureas useful for inhibiting kinase activity
Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Cosmetic container
Moisture meter for hair
Base for luminary
Step stool
Toothbrush head
Cosmetic compositions
Hand grip with ring
6,7-Dihydro-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a]pyrazol-1-ones which control inflammatory cytokines
Hydrophobically modified polyols for improved hydrophobic soil cleaning
Process for controlling torque in a calendering system
Air freshener for setting on a horizontal surface
Cap for bottle
Counterweight and method for recycling the same
Internally cooled billet guiding roller
Feature extraction in beauty analysis
Photoelectrocatalytic sensor for measuring oxidizable impurities in air
Salt-sensitive binder compositions with N-alkyl acrylamide and fibrous articles incorporating same
Process for production of electroluminescent element and electroluminescent element
White, heatsealable, peelable polyester film, process for its production and its use
Methods for producing titanium metal using grinding media
Supported catalyst for olefin polymerization
Internal wetting agent for use in manufacture of polymeric films and fabrics for disposable absorben...
Indoor air quality module with pivotal inner compartment for servicability of module components
Contamination control system and air-conditioning system of a substrate processing apparatus using t...
Wettability changing layer and electronics device using same
Combination of amorphous materials for hydrocracking catalysts
Poker table
System and method for communicating information between application programs
Information processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable medium
Apparatus, system, and method for secure mass storage backup
Correlating data streams of different protocols
Ventilation system with humidity responsive ventilation controller
Self contained squeeze film damping system
Rolling member connection belt and motion guide device provided with same
V-roller bearing and engine
Power transmitting apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Pulley rotation support apparatus
Systems and methods for reducing slide bearing tolerances
Polymer and rigid suspension bearing assembly for motor vehicles
Constant contact side bearing assembly for a railcar
Automatic assembly machine for mounting bearings onto motors
Layered material
Locking engine bearing splay cap
Low-friction sliding mechanism
Mounting assembly for steering system of vehicles
Barrel latch locking device
System and method for electronic article surveillance
Hot gas deployment devices
Stable isotopic identification and method for identifying products by isotopic concentration
Joint for bullet traps
Color selection and coordination kiosk and system
System and methodology providing network data exchange between industrial control components
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Phosphor-converted LED devices having improved light distribution uniformity
LED lamp device
Collector mirror for plasma-based, short-wavelength radiation sources
Fitting system
Quinazolinone derivative
Enzyme for producing optically active pyridineethanol derivatives
Transparent polycrystalline ceramic scintillators and methods of preparing the same
Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof
Tapered, single-mode optical connector
Splice connector for verifying an acceptable splice termination
Exposure apparatus inspection method and exposure apparatus
Optically compensated electro-optical light modulation element with optically isotropic phase
Optical compensation film, display, and process
System and method for processing electronically captured images to emulate film tonescale and color
Method and device for quality controlling packets
Multi function peripheral having radio reader and writer for communicating with IC chips
Display device and driving method thereof
Display device and method for driving the same
Display device and electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescent devices
Electroluminescent device with anthracene derivative host
Automatic distributor for infused or brewed beverages
Highly soluble form of tricalcium citrate, and methods of its making and use
Cartridge and method for the preparation of beverages
Automatic locking device for coffee brewing apparatus
Environmentally controlled sports equipment bag
Footwear sole
Illudin analogs useful as antitumor agents
Quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives, a process for their production and their use as inflammation...
Amino-methyl substituted tetracycline compounds
Fault tolerant mechanism to handle initial load of replicated object in live system
Database backup system using data and user-defined routines replicators for maintaining a copy of da...
Coordinated distributed logging in a multi-host environment
Generating a bit stream from an indexing tree
Preparation of a toner for reproducing a metallic hue and the toner
Method for registering a biometric for use with a smartcard
System and method for organizational risk based on personnel planning factors
Personalized account migration system and method
Network for alliance marketing
Pin electronics driver
Siloxane oligomers by phase transfer catalysis
Polarizing layer with adherent protective layer
Application of catalysts for destruction of organic compounds in liquid media
Use of bioactive glass
Isothermal imprint embossing system
Cold cathode field emission display
Ultrasonic sensor
Method of production of a thin film electroluminescent device and devices produced thereby
Semiconductor device and electronic instrument
Driving apparatus of display device and DC-DC converter
Electro-optical apparatus, its production method, devices and electronic appliances
Correction characteristic determining device, correction characteristic determining method, and disp...
Amplifier circuit
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Embossed sheet with surface pattern
Packing material
Shock-resistant arrangement for, and method of, protecting a heat source from damage
Equipment for the preparation of hot beverages
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Laminated electronic component
Semiconductor light emitting element having three side surfaces inclined to connect the top and bott...
Place mat
Image forming apparatus and correction method for color registration offset
Signal processing apparatus
Wafer support member and semiconductor manufacturing system using the same
Method for preparing nitrogen-doped annealed wafer and nitrogen-doped and annealed wafer
Lamp and motorcycle provided with the lamp
Portion of a digital camera
Swing-out mount for flat panel displays
Small low-profile tiltable mount for flat panel displays
Large low-profile tiltable mount for flat panel displays
Small universal fixed mount for a flat panel display
Rotatable mount for audio/visual equipment
Wall mounted shelf system for audio/visual equipment
System and method for improving resolution of channel data
Image processing apparatus and print control method therefor
Self-scanning light-emitting element array and driving method of the same
Toner compositions and process thereof
Ink-jet ink set, ink-jet recording method, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Recording head and image recording device
Sheet feeder vacuum feed head with variable corrugation
Machine-readable code format
Method and device for classifying fine particles
Mail processing apparatus and method
Visual monitor calibration
Heat pipe fusing member
Reducing boundary effects for images with screen patterns
Image classifying systems and methods
Image forming method
Image forming apparatus able to execute selected operating mode upon replacement of replaceable unit...
Paper supply apparatus and image formation device
Image forming device including discriminating unit and attached with replacement unit
Optical module, mounting method of the same and optical system having optical module mounted on subs...
Phase change ink transfix pressure component with three-layer configuration
System and method of connection control for wireless mobile communication devices
System and method for remote optical digital networking of computing devices
Method and device for partially applying a surface coating and breathable film with such a partial s...
System, method and software for managing and publishing resource availability data
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy from the display and related m...
Method and system for providing interactive event reminders
Computer-implemented method and system for grouping receipts
Tag clip with card carrier
Calendar-based interfaces for browsing and manipulation of digital images
Method, system, and apparatus for converting numbers between measurement systems based upon semantic...
Combined bottle with stand
Solid fragrance container
Cover for a candle warmer
Process for producing carbamoyloxy (meth) acrylates and new carbamoyloxy (meth)acrylates
Methylene dioxy octahydroindene derivatives
Perfume whose fragrance can be changed
Dampening water composition for lithographic printing
Method for processing digital symbols in a communication system and transmitter and receiver for car...
Auto-provisioning for a voice over IP gateway
Location identification for IP telephony to support emergency services
Managing wireless packet service resources
Erasure decoding optimization of acknowledgment/negative acknowledgment information in a wireless co...
Rule-based system and method for managing the provisioning of user applications on limited-resource ...
PMD-reduction processing for a multi-channel receiver
Packet-based traffic shaping
Optical time division multiplexer
Deposition of carbon-containing layers using vitreous carbon source
Multiprocessor computing device having shared program memory
Sketch-based multi-query processing over data streams
System and method for vehicle delay notification using a mobile telecommunications network
Transient-based channel growth for optical transmission systems
Sustained duration non-aerosol mechanical sprayer
Intraoral apparatus for enhancing airway patency
High efficiency separator apparatus for yard debris
Rubber composition for tire treads
Process for forming portions of a golf ball cover
Fluid control valve and droplet ejection device
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Sequencing of surface immobilized polymers utilizing microflourescence detection
Methods of genetic analysis of E. coli
Identification of molecular sequence signatures and methods involving the same
Sensor chip for biochemical analysis
Sensor chip for biochemical analysis
Program and information processing method
Computer-aided design system to automate scan synthesis at register-transfer level
Method for describing and deploying design platform sets
Method for swapping circuits in a metal-only engineering change
Semiconductor circuit device and a system for testing a semiconductor apparatus
Data storage system analyzer having self reset
Match circuit for performance counter
Navigating breakpoints in a program in a debugging mode
Twin-tailed fail-over for fileservers maintaining full performance in the presence of a failure
Clock control of a multiple clock domain data processor
System and method for providing an integrated circuit having increased radiation hardness and reliab...
Adult bed
Lamp with inner lamp-stem assembly and method for manufacture
Display element, display device, and manufacturing method of display element
Laminated retardation optical element, process of producing the same, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display having subpixels per color pixel
Current sense circuit and method for a DC-to-DC converter
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Method and composition for forming protective precipitate on cement surfaces prior to formation acid...
Melamine ring-containing co-polymers; methods of making and using the same
Trisazo compound, ink composition, and colored object
Toner, developer including the toner, container containing the toner or the developer and method of ...
Phthalocyanine pigments with neutral metallic down flop
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Wiring member and method of manufacturing the same
Method for screening crystallization conditions using multifunctional substrates
Microelectronic devices and methods for forming interconnects in microelectronic devices
Thermally curable binding agents
Method of preparing liquid compositions for delivery of N-[N- (3,3-dimethylbutyl-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]...
Process for the removal of metals by biosorption from mining or industrial effluents
Crosslinkable polymer compositions comprising phenols and associated methods
Preparation and xenotransplantation of porcine islets
Layers in printing plates, printing plates and method of use of printing plates
Composition for forming a casing and method of use
Vaccine compositions including chitosan for intranasal administration and use thereof
Crosslinkable-polymer compositions and associated methods
Inter-labial pad
Discharge lamp, method for fabricating the same and lamp unit
Process for aseptic vacuum filling and stoppering of low viscosity liquids in syringes
Illuminator that generates linearly polarized light for microdisplay based light engine
External electrode fluorescent lamp, backlight unit using the external electrode fluorescent lamp, L...
High capacity regenerable sorbent for removal of arsenic and other toxic ions from drinking water
Polarized light source device and back light module for liquid crystal display
Electrical drive-in tool having two component flywheel
Attitude detection method and apparatus for initial motion control
Start switch system for remote starting manual transmission automobiles
Laser-scanning microscope with collimator and/or pinhole optics
Metal halide lamp
Catalyst or sorbent beds
Zinc powder or zinc alloy powder with inhomogeneous bulk density for alkaline batteries
Transducer assembly, capillary and wire bonding method using the same
Elevation sensor for a service hose and an apparatus for positioning and stabbing well tubulars
Esters as useful broad spectrum herbicidal compounds
Peptide useful in immunomodulation
Biodegradable polymer for marking tissue and sealing tracts
Compositions and method for WT1 specific immunotherapy
Iminobenzoxazines, iminobenzthiazines and iminoquinazolines for controlling invertebrate pests
Shared transmit buffer for network processor and methods for using same
Digital watermarking apparatus and methods
Documents, articles and authentication of documents and articles
Watermarking in the time-frequency domain
Optimal templates for image data embedding
Method and apparatus for preventing interception of input data to a software application
System and method for managing mirrored memory transactions and error recovery
Apparatus and method for handling electronic mail
Content billing method, and content billing system and content billing apparatus using the content b...
Automatic identification of sound recordings
Secured device for the processing of high-quality audiovisual works
Apparatus and method for non-symmetric magnetic field balancing in an inspection scanner
Curable electron donor compositions
Yeast strains for the production of lactic acid
Low stress conductive adhesive
Metabolic engineering of amino acid production
Method and apparatus for generating statistics on query expressions for optimization
System and method for management of an automatic OLAP report broadcast system
System, method and computer program product for multi-level file-sharing by concurrent users
Apparatus and method for controlling user interface
Optimization based method for estimating the results of aggregate queries
System and method for detecting and storing file identity change information within a file system
Generalized method for modeling complex ordered check constraints in a relational database system
Attribute rule enforcer for a directory
System for ontology-based semantic matching in a relational database system
Extensions for query persistence across requests with dynamic update for writeback
Extensions for adding and removing calculated members in a multidimensional database
System and method for automating an unbillable study
Process and system for sparse vector and matrix representation of document indexing and retrieval
System and method for real-time configurable monitoring and management of task performance systems
Audio mixer
Digital audio player
Digital audio disc player
Portable navigation system with digital audio player
Access restriction control device and method
Systems and methods for providing a universal print assist
Method and device for controlling the transition in a direct injection internal combustion engine
Rotary valve system and engine using the same
Valve timing correction control apparatus and method for an internal combustion engine
System and method for improved cam retard
Rotary valve system and engine using the same
Variable cam follower for an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control apparatus
Apparatus and methods for varying valve lift in an internal combustion engine
Valve operating apparatus of internal combustion engine
Valve actuation control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Dual dump body for truck or trailer
Multiple object display system
Hosta plant named `Eye Declare`
Decorative light and landscape lighting system
Music theory games and methods of playing music theory games
Electroacoustic transducer
Audio segmentation and classification
Real time music recognition and display system
System for handling audio information with representative image
Music-data reproducing system using a download program
Apparatus, method, and program product for facilitating game play in an electronic lottery game netw...
Gaming device with an increasing goal advancement game
System for managing vehicle inspections
System and apparatus for vehicle electrical power analysis
Method of customizing a vehicle with decals, a vehicle decal assembly and a vehicle customized with ...
Apparatus for sensing position of vehicle seat
Lighting system for vehicle
Vehicle-mounted electrical generator control system enabling suppression of supply voltage spikes th...
Safety switch assembly
Steering column module for a vehicle
Nucleic acid encoding GAD65
Transparent resin film, its manufacturing method, electronic display, liquid crystal display, organi...
Low refractive index fluoropolymer coating compositions for use in antireflective polymer films
Film-forming compositions and methods
Printhead assembly with communications module
Inkjet printer with replaceable printhead requiring zero-insertion-force
Apparatus and method of assembling head unit and of fixing liquid droplet ejection head
Liquid crystal display apparatus having alignment control for brightness and response
Touch screen panel with integral wiring traces
MEM's reed switch array
Surface heating, method for its production, and heatable object, and seat occupancy recognition, sea...
Process for the preparation of diketopyrrolopyrroles
Transparent compositions, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Transparent compositions, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Transparent compositions, methods for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Process for making a product of artificial rock
Instrument cluster with hidden telltale indicators
High temperature superconducting structures and methods for high Q, reduced intermodulation structur...
Method and System for the Production of Superconducting Inductive Components Comprising Thin Layers,...
Dynamo crank-charged LED spotlight
FM transmitter
USB inverter
Poly(meth)acrylamides and poly(meth)acrylates containing fluorinated amide
Polyactic Acid and Manufacturing Process Thereof
Preparation of aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate particles
System and process for cleaning a flue gas stream
Solvent Extraction Process For Separating Cobalt And/Or Manganese From Impurities In Leach Solutions
Fluorine Adsorbent/Desorbent Applicable Electrolytic Solution for Zinc Electro-Refining and Method f...
Rocker switch
Phosphate Polymer
Organic recycling with metal addition
Joining or Sealing Element Made of a Glass-Infiltrated Ceramic or Metal Composite and Method for the...
Reactive liquid ceramic binder resin
Method, Apparatus And Composition For Making Ice
Break-away multi-purpose flooring transition
Wallboard panel
Transgenic ungulates capable of human antibody production
Compositions and methods for the treatment and repair of defects or lesions in articular cartilage u...
Expandable cartilage implant
Orthopaedic materials derived from keratin
Expanding trial stem for orthopaedic surgery
Artificial Joint Element And Gripping Tool Equipped With The Same
Percutaneous Spinal Implants and Methods
Set For Treating The Degeneracy Of An Intervertebral Disc
Spinal implant
Biological Tissue Sheet, Method Of Forming The Same And Transplantation Method By Using The Sheet
Method of Constructing Artificial Joint
Retinal Prosthesis with Side Mounted Inductive Coil
Storage device flow control
Method for efficient virtualization of physical memory in a virtual-machine monitor
Method and system for cache utilization by limiting prefetch requests
Determining an amount of data read from a storage medium
System and method for power efficient memory caching
Set associative cache system and control method for cache memories
Cache memory with reduced power and increased memory bandwidth
Disk array with spare logic drive created from space physical drives
Method and system for accessing auxiliary data in power-efficient high-capacity scalable storage sys...
CAM modified to be used for statistic calculation in network switches and routers
Transaction flow control mechanism for a bus bridge
Communication control circuit and communication control method
Automatic performance system
Keyboard musical instrument having top board coupled with another board through mortise and tenon jo...
Systems and methods for removing ingested material from a stomach
Nanoscale And Supersaturated Solutions Of Mineral Substance And Trace Elements And A Process For The...
Process for the preparation of shrimp product
Process for preparing potato products having reduced trans-fat levels
Systems and Methods of Brewing Low-Cholesterol Espresso
Blendable Cheese Snack
Portionable, Rapid Melt Dairy Based Product
Portionable, Rapid Melt Dairy Based Product
Coffee Composition and Method of Making the Same
Composition Containing Hydrogel Component Derived from Gum Arabic
Precursor Formulation for Whippable Topping or Dessert Filling
System for gluten replacement in food products
Flavored artificial sweetener
Food Additive Comprising at Least One Fiber Source and at Least One Monosaccharide or Sugar Alcohol
Composition, method of application and use of a natural additive from soapbark tree extracts to impr...
Electronic imaging system with adjusted dark floor correction
Method of managing storage space in a digital camera
Auto white balance controlling method and electronic camera
Method and apparatus for photographing fluorescent and reflected-light images
Low noise dithering and color palette designs
Information processing system for displaying image on information terminal
Video controlled detector sensitivity
Discharge lamp with a reflector and a burner
Photodetector having a photosensitive region and two-dimensional pixel arrangement
Rear projection apparatus
Projection system
Global video audio system
Camera-mountable fiber optic transceiver system
System and method for head size equalization in 360 degree panoramic images
JPEG2000 encoder
Method for detecting short term unusual events in videos
Image pickup apparatus
Sterilization method of rice and processed rice foodstuffs
Multi-compartment container and lid assembly
Animal feed composition
Gable-top package for pourable food products
Portable food dispenser
Package for dispensing and retaining gum slabs with adhesive securement