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Catalysts, methods of making catalysts, and methods of combustion
Process for the conversion of polysulfanes
H.sub.2S scavenging method
Process for recovery and recycle of ammonia from a vapor stream
Hydrogen trapper compound, method for the production and uses thereof
Substituted imides
17-Acetamido-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Fluorescent protein variants and methods for making same
Substituted azabicyclic compounds
Pyrazolopurine-based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
Substituted-1-phthalazinamines as vr-1 antagonists
Indazolyl-substituted pyrroline compounds as kinase inhibitors
Drug delivery compositions
Probes for identifying cancer-specific antigens
Methods for isolating nucleic acids
Methods for diagnosing schizophrenia by detecting a polymorphism in the KalphaM1 gene
High-throughput assay for virus entry and drug screening
Methods for detecting compounds that interfere with protein aggregation utilizing an in vitro fluore...
Eliciting HCV-specific antibodies
Open intervertebral spacer
Metabolic engineering of viomycin biosynthesis
Digital camera, cradle and camera system
Video-assisted audio signal processing system and method
Recording device
Apparatus and method for controlling an auto-zooming operation of a mobile terminal
Image processing device estimating black character color and ground color according to character-are...
Contour compensation circuit, and a method and program for contour compensation, and an image signal...
System and method for video data compression
Scale insensitive vehicle detection algorithm for flir imagery
Apparatus, method and computer program product for providing output image adjustment for image files
YC separator circuit
Adaptive bidirectional filtering for video noise reduction
Camera module with focus adjustment structure and systems and methods of making the same
Chroma phase error correction circuitry and methods and systems utilizing the same
Method and apparatus for repairing a vidicon camera
Handheld electronic device having a battery compartment door that includes a camera
Digital still camera system and complementary-color-filtered array interpolation method
Shrub rose plant named `Poultc011`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfmictrout`
Libertia plant named `TAUPO BLAZE`
Non-browning apple cultivar named `SJCA38R6A74`
Poinsettia plant named `Fismars Marble`
Apple tree named `Dalirail`
Apple tree named `Dalinip`
Osteospermum plant named `Duetisuneye`
Geranium plant named `Duevineon`
Osteospermum plant named `Duetibrelav`
Astrantia plant named `Florence`
Mini-flora rose plant named `WEKclauni`
Hydrangea plant named `RIE13`
Coreopsis plant named `RP #5`
Dahlia plant named `Baldelmarm`
Floribunda rose plant named `WEKvossutono`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Meigoudea`
Petunia plant named `Balsunwhite`
Coleus plant named `MD CURCOR06`
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argyrayesi`
Aubrieta plant named `Audelbley`
Method and apparatus for providing interoperation between a digital communication system and a publi...
System and method to graphically facilitate speech enabled user interfaces
Signal initiator and method for on-demand communication
Apparatus and method for developing applications with telephony functionality
Scent bottle type portable wireless terminal
Method and apparatus for providing a sidetone in a wireless communication device
Apparatus and method for canceling residual echo in a mobile terminal of a mobile communication syst...
Transceiver for bidirectional frequency division multiplexed transmission
Mobile terminal and sliding module and a method thereof
Dual keypad phone
Dual transformer hybrid system and method
Digital isolation barrier as interface bus for modems
Termination for a line card in a telecommunication system
Automated conference moderation
Systems and methods for providing conference communication
Method and apparatus to allow customers to initiate call center contact
Closed-loop command and response system for automatic communications between interacting computer sy...
Integrating messaging server directory service with a communication system voice mail message interf...
System and method for mobile software application development and deployment
Method of representing a tree database and storage medium for same
Method and system for generating a value enhanced derivative document from a patent document
Defining a report based on data regions and including custom data in a report definition
Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
Safety judgment method, safety judgment system, safety judgment apparatus, first authentication appa...
Providing security based on a device identifier prior to booting an operating system
Method, computer program product, and system for routing messages in a computer network comprising h...
Network content management
Data processing and method for maintaining cardinality in a relational database
Methods and apparatus for storage area network component registration
System for providing personalized content over a telephone interface to a user according to the corr...
Method and system of automating internet interactions
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method and apparatus for routing call agents to website customers based on customer activities
Zero copy write datapath
Remote copying system and method of controlling remote copying
System and method for recording a presentation for on-demand viewing over a computer network
Text mining system for web-based business intelligence applied to web site server logs
Method and system for content profiling and activation
Method and system for network-based speech recognition
Determining geographical position in IPv6 networks
Internet protocol based communication system and method for setting host address and selecting sourc...
Enterprise voice over internet protocol (VoIP) virtual private network (VPN)
Method and apparatus for providing efficient VoIP gateway-to-gateway communication
Method of selecting transmission paths and a communication network using the method
System and method for processing packets using location and content addressable memories
Method and system for topology construction and path identification in a routing domain operated acc...
Printing system and method
Method for controlling error of internet fax data
Systems and methods for assessing computer security
Vibrating gyroscopic sensor and method of adjusting vibrating gyroscopic sensor
User interface system, scene description generating device and method, scene description converting ...
Data processing system with data recovery
Data storage organization for distributed computing in an intelligent disk drive
Video conferencing system using video manager to provide picture-in-picture image to display devices...
Method for delivering information based on relative spatial position
Color segmentation-based stereo 3D reconstruction system and process
Scene reconstruction and camera calibration with robust use of cheirality
Input device, information device, and control information generation method
Imaging three-dimensional objects
Method of centerline generation in virtual objects
Augmented-reality system for situation-related support of the interaction between a user and an engi...
Method for toxin removal from a mammal's breast via lactation and lifelike lactation-inducing baby m...
System and method for interactive, computer assisted personalization of on-line merchandise purchase...
Hybrid active matrix thin-film transistor display
Oil recovery and environmental cleanup compositions comprising a polyethylene/vinyl acetate copolyme...
Ram-type tensioner assembly with accumulators
Sectional interlocking barrier bags
Grid locked stiffened panels with interlocking features
Integrated buoyancy joint
Pivotable interlock block connector
Active barrier for polluted waters and method for its installation
Apparatus for providing a rammed aggregate pier
Sparge broadcasting in fracture rock
Block for embankment
Sprinkler valve manifold
Method for connecting a branch pipe to a main pipeline and underground network for distributing flui...
Landfill site covering system
Post mounting assembly
Reception, processing, handling and distribution of hydrocarbons and other fluids
Buoyant bumper system
Method and apparatus for converting spent water-based drilling muds into fertile indigenous top soil
Cashless computerized video game system and method
Game machine
Gaming machine with multilayered liquid crystal display for displaying images based on a priority or...
Gaming system with multiple generic and subgeneric characteristics
Control program for display apparatus
Three-dimensional image generating apparatus, storage medium storing a three-dimensional image gener...
Gaming machine, trading card and game system
Networked video game systems
Method and device implementing a player configurable gaming machine
Gaming device and method having a first interactive game which determines a function of a second wag...
Gaming device having an offer and acceptance selection bonus scheme with a terminator and an anti-te...
Gaming machine with a fixed wild symbol
System, apparatus, and method for managing and controlling robot competitions
Cell phone wireless speaker-microphone sleep modes
Private emergency or service-specific call approach in GSM systems
Method and system for power control in radio transmitters
Method and apparatus for controlling specific absorption rate in a mobile communication terminal
Correlator and receiver including the same
Orthogonal normalization for a radio frequency integrated circuit
Multiple service method and apparatus in a data only mobile telecommunication system
Method for reserving communication area and radio communication device used for this method
Technique for managing quality of services levels when interworking a wireless local area network wi...
Laser diode drive control apparatus and method in optical storage medium recording/reproducing syste...
Module substrate with antenna and radio module using the same
Combined global positioning system receiver and radio
Remote measurement of motion employing RFID
Remote measurement employing RFID
Systems and methods for radio frequency trigger
Multifunctional locating and actuating system
Mobile device and related method for displaying text message with background images
Waveguide orthomode transducer
Circuit for power amplification
Emergency rescuer tracking system and method
Installation and maintenance method and system for maintaining a control module for remote starter a...
Memory card holder device
Methods and apparatus to determine vessel draft and amount of cargo loaded in a vessel
USB communication transceiver using optical link
Supplemental parasitic antenna apparatus
Battery contact mechanism including single-piece battery contact spring
Method for determining in vivo concentration of a metabolite
High-efficiency fusogenic vesicles, methods of producing them, and pharmaceutical compositions conta...
Assays for detection of Bacillus anthracis
Antibodies that bind hK-1
PRO4348 polypeptides
Ester-terminated poly(ester-amide) in personal care products
Composition containing oil, structuring polymer, and coated silicone elastomer, and methods of makin...
Effectiveness of invertebrate pest-control agents
Red blood cells loaded with S-nitrosothiol and uses therefor
Methods for increasing protein polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugation
Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis polypeptides and corresponding DNA fragments
Compositions comprising thylakoids useful in the modulation of inflammation process
Pharmaceutical compositions
Process of manufacturing clear juice from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant
Herbal supplement to support weight loss
Strap silencer
Rigging system for loudspeaker arrays
Repositionable attenuator
Exhaust line and motor vehicle equipped therewith
Elevator installation with device for noise reduction
Bumper/muffler assembly
Motorcycle exhaust system
Loudspeaker with progressively damped acoustical chamber
Frame for speaker device and speaker device
Mobile system for seismic emission with fixed coupling devices, and method therefor
Method and apparatus for noise suppression in a fluid line
Sensor arrangement for seismic waves
Extended bandwidth folded well diffusor
Silicon microphone with softly constrained diaphragm
Method of fabrication of an acoustical substrate into a three dimensional product
Acoustic dampers
Device for medical instrument
Vehicle collision avoidance system enhancement using in-car air bag deployment system
High frequency bus system
Regenerative control apparatus for vehicles equipped with a lock-up clutch
Control device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Motorcycle rear suspension with linear spring rate and linkage controlled shock rate
Steer axle and method of making the same
Power train supporting apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Two-wheel drive two-wheeled vehicle
Snowmobile tunnel and rear heat exchanger
Heat exchanger plenums for go-karts
Hybrid drive system of vehicle
Electric vehicle
Steerable trailer drive assembly
Semi tracked-type working vehicle
Mobile robot with 360 degrees endless rotation type decoupled turret
Self-propelled vehicle particularly for making turns with tight turning radii
Walk reel mower with electric reel and traction drives
Vehicle behavior estimating device and vehicle behavior controlling device
Hybrid vehicle and hybrid vehicle controlling method
Bipedal robot with storage battery
Expression mechanism for a toy, such as a doll, having fixed or moveable eyes
Illuminated, three-dimensional modules with coaxial magnetic connectors for a toy construction kit
Model toy aircraft
Container with promotional base
Dynamic display air inflatable device
Z-shaped water balloon clip
Tossable pet toy for holding consumable treats
Postal receptacle
Crane for an automated warehousing system
Electronic device storage cart
Knockdown cart
Garbage can
Garbage can
Counter top trash can
Ash urn
Recycling bin
Recycling bin
Paint spray and roller container
Pointing trough
Handle for a squeegee or the like
Handle for a squeegee or the like
Steam cleaner
Steam iron
Laundry appliance
Dishwasher front panel
Feline solarium
Robotic tool coupler rapid-connect bus
Injection molding system data management method
Robot coordinated control method and system
Haptic feedback effects for control knobs and other interface devices
Legged mobile robot controller, legged mobile robot and legged mobile robot control method
Multiple leg tumbling robot
Reception system
Transfer unit for transferring glass articles
Methods and systems for scoring multiple time-based assets and events
Self-calibrating sensor orienting system
Adjustable tip assembly
Offline teaching apparatus for robot
Method and apparatus for detecting position of mobile robot
Robot apparatus
System and method for retaining sensory data objectivity when sensory data is internalized by a syst...
Cleaning robot and control method thereof
Industrial robot
Remote management device key administration using network adapters
Internet strawman and user interface therefor
Quantum dense coding system
Cryptographic system and method that uses excitation spectroscopy
Method of producing a cryptographic unit for an asymmetric cryptography system using a discrete loga...
Apparatus and method for enabling secure content decryption within a set-top box
Apparatus and method for reading or writing user data
Method and system for securely timestamping digital data
Method and system for end to end securing of content for video on demand
Authority-neutral certification for multiple-authority PKI environments
Method for secure communication between two devices
Method of testing the encryption function of a device
Information recorder, system for copying information, method for copying information, program and co...
Method for distributed computation of RSA inverses in asynchronous networks
Secure cryptographic key exchange and verifiable digital signature
Transmission of encrypted messages between a transmitter and a receiver utilizing a one-time cryptog...
Data reproducing device, hard disk, and data storing disk
Secret key programming technique for transponders using encryption
Method and apparatus for preventing radio communication system access by an unauthorized modem
Serial nuclear transfer of ungulate embryos
Inbred corn line PH8TN
IGF-1 receptor interacting proteins
Inbred corn line PHB1V
Inbred corn line PH5WA
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH718391
Genetic engineering of cotton to increase fiber strength, water absorption and dye binding
Soybean variety 4142393
Soybean cultivar S06-01JR123373
Harvest-inducible regulatory elements and methods of using same
Physiologically active peptides
Data security through dissembly of data elements or connections between elements
Network commerce system, orderer terminal using the same, producing/processing terminal, headquarter...
Apparatus and method for measuring settlement of solids in a multiphase flow
Method for reconstructing complex wave attributes from limited view measurements
Dynamic DoS flooding protection
Declarative mechanism for defining a hierarchy of objects
Communication of control information and data in client/server systems
Network appliance management
Method and system for providing pulsed electrical stimulation to provide therapy for erectile/sexual...
Method and system for remote control of a local system
Method and system for locating a mobile subscriber terminal when roaming
Method of determining co-location of cell sites and reducing ping-pong effect between cell sites
Method and system for supporting non-intrusive and effective voice communication among mobile users
Three constraint joint
Loopback device utilizing bend insensitive optical fiber
Decoding and error correction in 2-D arrays
Method and apparatus for detecting the location and luminance transition range of slant image edges
Tomographic System
Method for Measuring the Microarchitecture of Complex Tissue with MRI
Nuclear magnetic resonance measurement techniques in non-uniform fields
Connection device for connecting electronics of a head coil arranged on a patient support to a conne...
Superconducting magnet and MRI apparatus using the same
Plasma display panel having different sized electrodes and/or gaps between electrodes
Organic EL devices
Transition metal complex and light-emitting device
Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Heat conducting mounting fixture for solid-state lamp
Display apparatus, light receiving apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Apparatus and method for driving electro-luminescent display panel and method of fabricating electro...
Stacked organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing thereof
Organic electroluminescent device
Thin film field effect transistor with gate dielectric made of organic material and method for fabri...
Fluorine-containing N,N'-diaryl perylene-based tetracarboxylic diimide compounds as N-type semicondu...
Stacked organic photosensitive devices
Scaffold-organized metal, alloy, semiconductor and/or magnetic clusters and electronic devices made ...
Fluorescent material, organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent display
Display device
Material for organic electroluminescent device, organic electroluminescent device, illuminating devi...
Method of driving a light emitting device and electronic equipment
Luminescent spiro-dimer and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
Distributed multipoint conferencing
Method and apparatus for automatically data streaming a multiparty conference session
Methods for treatment of atherosclerosis using 1,3-dioxo-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-4-aminoisoindol...
Recombinant expression of heterologous nucleic acids in protozoa
Device and methods for sequential, regional delivery of multiple cytotoxic agents and directed assem...
Enhanced light weight armor system with reactive properties
Printer combination
Mp3 player
MP3 player
Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
Set of key buttons for a handset
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable telephone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Motorized jar opener
Heterocycle substituted carboxylic acids
Method and apparatus for detecting biomolecular interactions
Radiation hardened phase locked loop
Diphenylisoxazole compounds and hydro isomers thereof
Synthetic methods and intermediates for stereoisomeric compounds useful for the treatment of gastroi...
Goodpasture antigen-binding protein isoforms and protein misfolded-mediated disorders
Furanthiazole derivatives as heparanase inhibitors
Bicyclic and tricyclic heteroaromatic compounds
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device obtainable with such a metho...
System and method for integrating call control and data network access components
In-line demetallization process for flexible metallized substrates
System for separating magnetically attractable particles
Connector device
Lock detect circuit for a phase locked loop
Delay locked loop with selectable delay
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives
Methods for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Battery cooling system
Party streamer dispenser
Method and system for testing web-based applications
Distributed commerce system
Smart browsing providers
Slideout windows
Error processing methods for providing responsive content to a user when a page load error occurs
Controlling electronic withdrawals by a drawee
Delegated administration of namespace management
Collaborative content coherence using mobile agents in peer-to-peer networks
System and methods for improved linguistic pattern matching
System and method for adding value to a stored-value account
Universal shopping cart and order injection system
System and method for providing a personalized media service
Managing transactions on a network: four or more parties
DRR generation and enhancement using a dedicated graphics device
X-ray flux management device
Compact x-ray source and panel
Dual energy imaging using optically coupled digital radiography system
System for quantitative radiographic imaging
Diffraction enhanced imaging method using a line x-ray source
Stationary tomographic mammography system
System and method for parallel image reconstruction of multiple depth layers of an object under insp...
Method and system of dynamically controlling shaping time of a photon counting energy-sensitive radi...
Coil support unit, motor and exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
Read-out device and method for reading out X-rays stored in phosphor layers
Computed radiography cassette system
EUV illumination system having a plurality of light sources for illuminating an optical element
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Detector array for imaging system and method of making same
Lu.sub.1-xI.sub.3:Ce.sub.x-a scintillator for gamma-ray spectroscopy and time-of-flight pet
Structure and method for forming semiconductor wiring levels using atomic layer deposition
Substrate optical waveguides having fiber-like shape and methods of making the same
Methods of imaging and treatment
Therapy combination
Pet bed
Pet bed
Pet bed
Dog house
Analysis of eating habits
Living body photometric device
Developing device, image forming apparatus, image forming system, charging member, and method for ma...
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Drum support bushing with orienting features
Waste developer collecting container for image forming apparatus
Material for substrate mounting optical circuit-electric circuit mixedly and substrate mounting opti...
Image enhancement or correction software, method, apparatus and system for substantially minimizing ...
Method for locating a lost registered person
Curling iron
Hair straightening iron
Razor tray
Method for searching heterogeneous compound databases using topomeric shape descriptors and pharmaco...
Beverage holding stand
Cookware handle
Woman's shoe
Method and apparatus for transmitting an audio stream having additional payload in a hidden sub-chan...
Operator for embossing and engraving profiles in a solid body modeling system
Procedure for detection of stress by segmentation and analyzing a heart beat signal
Power control for a multi-lamp fusing apparatus in a xerographic printer
MTF measuring method and system
Invasive chemometry
Non-invasive biochemical analysis
Optical frequency modulated transmitter
Variable density signal sampling
Information storage device, information storage method, and information storage program
Verifying circuit and method of repairing semiconductor device
Proactive fault monitoring of disk drives through phase-sensitive surveillance
Determination of subencoding MRI coil sensitivities in a lower order magnetic field
Laser scanning confocal microscope with fibre bundle return
Optical interference substrate, target detecting substrate, target detecting apparatus, and target d...
Spectral imaging apparatus and methodology
Device and method for optical spectroscopy
Spectrometer designs
Multi-chip stacked devices
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode having a high reflective distributed Bragg reflector
Model and parameter selection for optical metrology
Marker structure for optical alignment of a substrate, a substrate including such a marker structure...
Method and apparatus with power and ground strips for connecting to decoupling capacitors
Dual damascene cleaning method
Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor
Structure for reducing leakage currents and high contact resistance for embedded memory and method f...
Packaged microelectronic devices and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
Microelectronic devices and methods
Heat treatment jig for semiconductor substrate
Flip-chip adaptor package for bare die
Leadframe for semiconductor device
Creating increased mobility in a bipolar device
Mask for sequential lateral solidification and crystallization method using thereof
Microelectromechanical (MEM) viscosity sensor and method
Integrated circuits and methods of forming a field effect transistor
Permeable capacitor electrode
Semiconductor substrates and field effect transistor constructions
Human prostaglandin FP receptor variants and methods of using same
Methods of preventing or treating cell migration mediated conditions or diseases
Myo-inositol oxygenases
RHIZOC3 nucleic acid molecules
Methods for in vivo diversification of single genes
.beta.-2-glycoprotein is an inhibitor of angiogenesis
Method of treatment of hemorrhagic disease using a factor VIIa/tissue factor inhibitor
ZAP-70 expression as a marker for chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/SLL)
Antibodies against PRO1310
Inbred corn line PHCMV
Inbred corn line PHADA
Inbred corn line G06-NP2744
Inbred maize line PH705
Soybean variety 4502135
Soybean variety XB26V05
PRO6493 antibodies
Methods of controlling communication parameters of wireless systems
Method and apparatus for link error prediction in a communication system
Input devices and methods of operating same
System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
Devices, softwares and methods for rescheduling multi-party sessions upon premature termination of s...
Method and device for floating-point multiplication, and corresponding computer-program product
Timing transitions between wireless communication systems
Collaboration between wireless LAN access points using wired LAN infrastructure
Method and apparatus for reducing paging-related delays for anticipated target mobile stations
Scheduling neighbor cell measurements for multiple wireless communication systems
Method and system for international roaming and call bridging
Testing methods and apparatus for wireless communications
Wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for increased security of wireless transactions
Handportable cellular telephone adapted to receive messages and a method for processing messages
Semantic document smartnails
Systems and methods for the prevention of unauthorized use and manipulation of digital content
Method for analyzing data and performing lexical analysis
Adaptive web crawling using a statistical model
Aspect oriented web service invocation
Wirelessly retrieving and locally caching child and sibling items in a browsing session
Predictive prefetching to improve parallelization of document generation subtasks
Search engine with two-dimensional linearly scalable parallel architecture
Retrieval and display of data objects using a cross-group ranking metric
Method, system and business model for a buyer's auction with near perfect information using the inte...
Method and system for adapting synonym resources to specific domains
Method and apparatus for developing a transfer dictionary used in transfer-based machine translation...
Method and system for improving a text search
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Instant water heater with PTC plastic conductive electrodes
Modular light-emitting diode lighting system
Field converter
Patterned thin film graphite devices and method for making same
Multi-frequency dynamic dummy load and method for testing plasma reactor multi-frequency impedance m...
String device
Programmable structured arrays
Environmentally friendly coating compositions for coating composites, coated composites therefrom, a...
Trocar for inserting implants
Method of enchancing electrontransport polypeptide flux by amino acid substitution with histidine
Transdermal warfarin system
Multi-mode variable rate digital cable receiver
Interference detection, identification, extraction and reporting
Digital receiving device and radio communication system
Apparatus and method for canceling narrow-band interference in a mobile communication system
Low cost and high performance narrowband interference cancellation system
VSB reception system
Data slice control device and control method
Adaptive searcher threshold setting using consecutive ISCP measurements
Equalization strategy for dual-polarization optical transport system
Zeroeth-order resonator
Band agile filter
Disubstituted pyrazolylcarboxanilides
HPV CD8+ T-cell epitopes
Methods for drug discovery, disease treatment, and diagnosis using metabolomics
Human antibodies specific for interleukin 15 (IL-15)
Method and apparatus for a programmable electrophoretic remote control
Methods for treating heart failure, thromboembolic disorders, and pulmonary fibrosis
Substituted iminoazines
Chemical compounds
Method, system and device for treating disorders of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation of an...
Diaminotriazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Cooling failure mitigation for an electronics enclosure
Derivatives of the insulinotropic peptide exendin-4 and methods of production thereof
Light modulators
3-Phenyl substituted 3-substituted-4ketolactams and ketolactones
Electrode and connecting designs for roll-to-roll format flexible display manufacturing
System and methods for employment law compliance, establishment, evaluation and review
Electronic control systems for marine vessels
Heart monitoring device, system and method
Method for cleaning and/or disinfecting food processing equipment
Dust collection system
Cleaning device for an electric shaver
System and methodology providing typed event and notification services
Condition code flag emulation for program code conversion
Multiple sweep point testing of circuit devices
Global modified indicator to reduce power consumption on cache miss
Interruption control system
Method and apparatus for maintaining peripheral device support information
Method and system for multiple hosts anycast routing
Method to improve the information distribution in a communication network
Attribute value selection for entity objects
Golf shoe upper
Outsole for a golf shoe
Outsole for a golf shoe
Virtualized network
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Outsole for a golf shoe
Printing cartridge with pressure sensor array identification
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Process for producing vinyl polymer, vinyl polymer, and curable composition
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Method of making a golf ball
Electronic golf swing analyzing system
Golf putter
Golf putting training device
Process and apparatus for increasing biological activity in waste treatment in bodies of water
Backswing release handle
Training aid using vision restriction and method of use
Exercise extension handle
Rotary stream sprinkler with adjustable deflector ring
Method to suppress artifacts in frequency-domain optical coherence tomography
Imaging system for thermal transfer
LED package with non-bonded optical element
Solid state light device
Composition and method of making the same
Arylsulfinate salts in initiator systems for polymeric reactions
Optical films incorporating cyclic olefin copolymers
Retroreflective sheeting with controlled cap-Y
Strand coating device and method
Method and apparatus for converting supplies and reducing waste
Fluorescence electronic endoscopic system
High brightness LED package with multiple optical elements
Fixed abrasive article for use in modifying a semiconductor wafer
Lamina comprising cube corner elements and retroreflective sheeting
Projection system having low astigmatism
Packaging for elongate medical devices and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Dispenser and apparatus and method for filling a dispenser
Respiratory system and method of use
Cutting tool using interrupted cut fast tool servo
Gene causative of Rothmund-Thomson syndrome and its gene product
Methods and compositions for RNA amplification and detection using an RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase
Inhibition of HMGB1 release by fetuin
Method and device for securing body tissue
Articulating spinal implant
Treatment of membrane-associated diseases and disorders using lantibiotic containing compositions
Endoderm cells from human embryonic stem cells
Decellularized bone marrow extracellular matrix
Method of cryogenically coating a device
Compositions and medical devices utilizing bioabsorbable liquid polymers
Dissolvable oxides for biological applications
Expandable interbody spinal fusion implant with expansion constraining member and method for use the...
Medical device for delivering biologically active material
Annulus repair systems, instruments and techniques
Maleamic acid polymer derivatives and their bioconjugates
Non-affinity purification of proteins
TGF-.alpha. polypeptides, functional fragments and methods of use therefor
Compositions and methods for inhibiting squamous cell carcinoma
Method of despreading GPS signals
GPS receiver
GPS receiver
GPS exercise monitoring device
Multi-layer composites formed from compositions having improved adhesion, coating compositions, and ...
Diaphragm for electrolytic cell
Housing structure for light unit, chassis part for housing a light unit and external module comprisi...
Arrangement for producing a spun thread from a staple fiber strand
Motor vehicle fender having a breakable zone
Twin unit comprising two drafting devices for a spinning machine
Methods of obtaining photoactive coatings and/or anatase crystalline phase of titanium oxides and ar...
Electrical compensation of optical impairments
Laser and photodetector coupled by planar waveguides
Method, apparatus and module using single laser diode for simultaneous pump of two gain media charac...
Fault tolerant laser diode package
Optical wavelength converter and image forming apparatus using the same
Smart burn method for optical drive
Optical frequency mixer and method for the same
Method and system for determining the position and alignment of a surface of an object in relation t...
Single sensor ring laser gyroscope
Measurement method and apparatus
Spectroscope and spectrum laser microscope
Total internal reflection fluorescence apparatus
Nondestructive evaluation of subsurface damage in optical elements
Compact multibeam laser light source and interleaving raster scan
Method for correcting skewed recording when exposing printing originals
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Video-based gait recognition
Estimation of cardiac death risk
Water-soluble pouches
Sensor device and method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas phase substances
Methods for producing medium-density articles from high-density tungsten alloys
Method and apparatus to automatically determine type of gun connected to a wire feeder
System for improved high-frequency arc starting of a welding process
All-terrain seat
Wireless/Optical Transceiver Devices
Control device and method for wireless audio signal transmission within the context of hearing devic...
Remote control system
Method And Device For The Demodulation Of Satellite Radio Navigation Signals
Transcoder architecture for land mobile radio systems
Determining priority of bearer channels in a wireless telecommunications network
Method For Selecting Receiving Stations In A Data Radio Transmitting System
Synchronization between wireless devices while saving power
Multiple protocol land mobile radio system
Bridge-based radio access station backbone network and a method of treating signals thereof
Relay-station assignment/re-assignment and frequency re-use
Shared control channel structure for multi-user MIMO resource allocation
Multiple Access Communications Over Diverse Access Technologies
Radio Communications Gateway And Radio Communications Terminal
Method And System For Selective Usage Of Broadband Forward Link
Hybrid transmission
File locker and mechanisms for providing and using same
Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
Representation, decision models, and user interface for encoding managing preferences, and performin...
Adaptive allocation of last-hop bandwidth based on monitoring of end-to-end throughput
System and method for using native floating point microprocessor instructions to manipulate 16-bit f...
Converting data between a front end schema node and a back end schema node
Method and system for mapping datasources in a metadata model
Method for manufacturing a monolithic ink-jet printhead
Structure of a coplanar gate-cathode of a triode CNT-FED and method of manufacturing same
Double-webbed mandrel
Adjustable extrusion die
Plasticating screw for an extruder or extrusion press, having a narrower land width in the transitio...
Natural products composites
Polycarbonate-based resin composition for extrusion molding using sizing die and molded product
Method and device for controlling the composition of the cellulose containing extrusion solution in ...
Protective films
Automated method of preparing and producing pull tabs and a protective film and an extruded section ...
Extrusion head for extruding a high viscous melting covering element of a covered core wire
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion
Methods for real-time single molecule sequence determination
Cyclic shrinkage of a templated 3D network material
Process for preparing microrods using liquid-liquid dispersion
Discrete quarter wave plates for displacement measuring interferometers
Porous silicon on-chip spectroscopy system
Method for monitoring the production of biomolecule crystals
Nonplanar transistors with metal gate electrodes
Chip-scale methods for packaging light emitting devices and chip-scale packaged light emitting devic...
Confocal imaging methods and apparatus
Abrasion resistant coatings by siloxane oligomers
Method of production of polymer/metal or metal sulphide composites, which uses metal mercaptides
Substituted (7-pyridyl-4-phenylamino-quinazolin-2-yl)-methanol analogues
Method and composition for polishing a substrate
Field-effect transistor, sensor using it, and production method thereof
Porous sintered composite materials
Multiple metal oxide submicron particles
Integrated computer security management system and method
Static memory allocation in a graphical programming system
System and method for customizing a data display using a presentation profile
Viterbi decoder with survivor bits stored to support look-ahead addressing
Network storage appliance with integrated redundant servers and storage controllers
Hybrid-cache having static and dynamic portions
Management of stack-based memory usage in a processor
Application cache pre-loading
System and method for preventing timeout of a client
System, method and computer program product for monitoring and controlling network connections from ...
Network interaction analysis arrangement
Scalable, reconfigurable routers
Alignment systems and methods for lithographic systems
Power sprayer
Hash-based systems and methods for detecting, preventing, and tracing network worms and viruses
Distributed resource manager
Data communication method, data communication apparatus, data communication system and storage mediu...
Method and apparatus to initiate point-to-point call during shared-channel delivery of broadcast con...
Multi-service segmentation and reassembly device operable with either a cell-based or a packet-based...
Enterprise switching device and method
System and method for satellite-based transmission of voice signals using an otherwise dedicated wir...
Digital communications system
Method and apparatus for disseminating topology information and for discovering new neighboring node...
Personal firewall with location dependent functionality
Test circuit and method for multilevel cell flash memory
Method and apparatus for distributing a logical volume of storage for shared access by multiple host...
Equalizer with combined CCK encoding-decoding in feedback filtering of decision feedback equalizer
Purification of organic solvent fluids
Apparatus for reducing sensitivity of an article to mechanical shock
Integrated circuit package encapsulating a hermetically sealed device
Inductors for integrated circuits
Programmable molecular manipulating processes
Fin field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for producing a nozzle plate and nozzle plate
Integrated electronic component
Method and apparatus for manufacturing ultra fine three-dimensional structure
Orthopedic and dental implant system and method
Thiazolyl-based compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Members of the capsaicin/vanilloid receptor family of proteins and uses thereof
Bone-adherent implant with shock-absorbing property and manufacturing method thereof
Method of treating a patient's teeth using fluoride releasing glass composition
Cortical and cancellous allograft cervical fusion block
Three-dimensional modeling of the oral cavity by projecting a two-dimensional array of random patter...
Products and methods for brachytherapy
Intraosteal dental implant
Design and manufacture of dental implant restorations
Fragments and variants of Staphylococcus aureus DNAG primase, and uses thereof
Positioning device for dental implant
FT-NIR fatty acid determination method
Near infrared risk assessment of diseases
Spectrophotometer, ellipsometer, polarimeter and the like systems
Characterization of color and clarity enhancement agents in gems
Fixed pillar with heat loss
Modular heat sink fin modules for CPU
Interface module-mounted LSI package
Systems and methods for cooling computer modules in computer cabinets
Assembling structure for LED road lamp and heat dissipating module
Air-to-air atmospheric heat exchanger for condensing cooling tower effluent
Method and device for estimating the air discharge temperature of a heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with beveled header
Heat exchanger for vehicle
Heat dissipation device
Locking device for heat sink
Heatsink module for electronic device
Heat sink clip with cammed handle
Heat dissipating device with enhanced boiling/condensation structure
Thermal load balancing systems and methods
Fluid cooled integrated circuit module
Processor module with thermal dissipation device
Heat sink assembly with rotatable fins
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Arylthiobenzylpiperidine derivatives
Cannabimimetic ligands
Health and life expectancy management system
Implantable medical electrical stimulation lead fixation method and apparatus
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Interalpha trypsin inhibitor biopolymer markers indicative of insulin resistance
Intermediates in producing phenoxyacetic acid derivatives and method of using the same
2,5-diazabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane derivatives
11-.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 inhibitors useful for the treatment of diabetes, obesity an...
Acylated spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Exercise equipment pack
Exercise device
Bicycle trainer
Vibrational loading apparatus for mounting to exercise equipment
Compact functional training bench
Exercise system using exercise resistance cables
Impinged retention exercise assembly
Continuously variable transmission
Control panel for exercise equipment
Low and weakly-interlaced polyester multifilament yarn and method of producing the same
Stabilization of fresh mozzarella cheese using fermented whey
Minimized SAR-type column-wide ADC for image sensors
Compensation circuit and compensation method to compensate nonlinear distortions of an A/D converter
Communications system and method with A/D converter
Metal mask for light intensity determination and ADC calibration
Method and apparatus to improve ADC dynamic range in a video decoder
Thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer sheet, and thermal transfer recording method using the same
Method of applying an image to an object
Stabilizers and anti-fade agents for use in infrared sensitive leuco dye compositions
Extruded slipping layer for thermal donor
Storage device having superset format, method and system for use therewith
Magnetoresistive sensor with free layer bias adjustment capability
Structure providing enhanced self-pinning for CPP GMR and tunnel valve heads
Method for adjusting pitch and roll in a head suspension
Pivotable head brush assembly for cleaning read/write heads in a media tape drive
Dual polarity bias for prolonging the life of a heating element in magnetic data storage devices
Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording method
Magnetic disk apparatus with shroud and having open space downstream of moveable arms in communicati...
Hard disk drive housing having isolated post to improve mechanical shock resistance
Method and apparatus for high-speed compensation of RRO error in hard disk drive
Systems for self-servowriting in multiple portions with multiple passes per servowriting step
Method and apparatus for controlling unload standby time of hard disk drive
Servo writing a disk drive by writing discontinuous spiral tracks to prevent overheating
Recordable disk rotational speed error correction circuit
Magnetic disk drive having a function for using a thermal protrusion amount for flying height manage...
Disk drive determining a head-switch preheat period used to format a disk
N-phenyl-3-pyrimidine-amine derivatives
Coatings for drug delivery devices having gradient of hydration and methods for fabricating thereof
Method and apparatus for hemostasis
Prodrugs of mitotic kinesin inhibitors
1-Phenyl-2-oxo-3-sulfonylamino-pyrrolidine derivatives and related compounds as factor Xa inhibitors...
Method of polishing implantable medical devices to lower thrombogenecity and increase mechanical sta...
Intravascular filtering devices and methods
Catheter with optical fiber sensor
Epoxycarboxamide compound, azide compound, and amino alcohol compound, and process for preparing alp...
Carboxylic acid amides, the preparation thereof, and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Pyrrolidine derivatives as factor XA inhibitors
Electronic mail system
Printing device with reader for removable media storage container
Identifying unwanted electronic messages
Method and apparatus for placing ID tags in molded articles
Optical heterodyne receiver based on oversampling
Synchronous commutation DC-DC converter
Architecture for multiple-antenna systems
System and method for power conversion
Timing control circuit for lossless switching converter
Method and system for transformer control
Electric starter generator system employing bidirectional buck-boost power converters, and methods t...
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Dc-DC converter
Digital power factor correction controller and AC-to-DC power supply including same
Hand and foot switch
Monitoring of patient's electrical characteristics using a single piece of equipment
Router image support device
Methods and apparatus for alleviating deadlock in a fibre channel network
Dynamic configuration of network data flow using a shared I/O subsystem
Flowmeter of a variable orifice type having a cleaning arrangement
Remote control for hearing aid devices
Hearing aid, method, and programmer for adjusting the directional characteristic dependent on the re...
Binaural signal enhancement system
Manufacturing methods and systems for rapid production of hearing-aid shells
Adjustable bone bracket
Hearing aid having a supply source providing multiple supply voltages
Hearing aid device with automatic situation recognition
Hearing aid device, comprising a directional microphone system and a method for operating a hearing ...
Image processing device
Method and system for registering 3D models of anatomical regions with projection images of the same
Methods for recognizing nucleus area and constructing cell lineage
Method and apparatus for compressing computed tomography raw projection data
Fiducial-less tracking with non-rigid image registration
Method and apparatus for remote processing of image data
Stand-up patient handling system control kiosk and controller
System and method for facilitating cardiac intervention
Image reader for use in image forming apparatus
Atlas and methods for segmentation and alignment of anatomical data
Method of repairing scratches in digital images
Method and system for correcting the effect of non-uniform illumination
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, program, and recordi...
Medical image radiographing system and portable radiographing information apparatus
Method in microscopy and a microscope, where subimages are recorded and puzzled in the same coordina...
Feature quantitation methods and system
Abnormal shadow detecting method, abnormal shadow detecting system and abnormal shadow detecting pro...
Quantification of aortoiliac endoluminal irregularity
Image processing device for fluorescence observation
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program storage medium
Appearance inspection apparatus and projection method for projecting image of sample under inspectio...
Optical detection device
Method for measuring ion-implanted semiconductors with improved repeatability
Optical measurements of patterned articles
Spectrophotometric system with reduced angle of incidence
Apparatus and method for optical characterization of a sample over a broadband of wavelengths while ...
Process monitoring system, process monitoring method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor dev...
Light beam apparatus and method for orthogonal alignment of specimen
Substrate inspection apparatus and method
Stroboscopic LED light source for blood processing apparatus
Immunoassay method for lyzed whole blood
Fluid sample analysis using class weights
Edge bead removal inspection by reflectometry
Measuring a damaged structure formed on a wafer using optical metrology
Cancer detection and adaptive dose optimization treatment system
Imaging of light scattering tissues with fluorescent contrast agents
System and method for assessing pulmonary performance through transthoracic impedance monitoring
In vivo port wine stain, burn and melanin depth determination using a photoacoustic probe
Apparatus and method for degrading a web in the machine direction while preserving cross-machine dir...
Paper with pattern
Container for recording media
Ion beam processing method
Self-contained liquid dispenser with a spray pump mechanism
Low profile transpyloric jejunostomy catheter
Cosmetic container
Method of thermally processing elastomeric compositions and elastomeric compositions with improved p...
Extensible laminate having improved stretch properties and method for making same
Method of producing intermittently elastic webs
Methods for applying a liquid to a web
Lint-reducing container
Non-absorbent articles containing additives
Multi-roll bonding and aperturing
Apparatus and method for making pre-fastened absorbent undergarments
Spraying device
Interfolded stack of sheet material
Void volume indicator and method of consumer product selection
Disposable absorbent garment with elastic inner layer having multiple fasteners
Stretchable film laminates and methods and apparatus for making stretchable film laminates
Elastomeric gloves having improved donnability
Gaming system and method of securely transferring a monetary value
Gaming device having sequential activations of a game and replay of previous activations of the game
Gaming machine with secondary event displaying main game win
Method and system for improving pump efficiency and productivity under power disturbance conditions
Multi-directional pump
Split-housing pipette pump
Cooling fan with built-in adjustable speed
Hydraulic device
Apparatus for generating and conducting a fluid flow, and method of monitoring said apparatus
Pressure switch mechanism and air compressor using the same mechanism
High flow/dual inducer/high efficiency impeller for liquid applications including molten metal
Electromagnetic machine with a deformable membrane
Apparatus for controlling operation of compressor and method therefore
Scroll compressor with externally installed thermostat
Impeller adjustment device and method for doing the same for close coupled pumps