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Treatment of skin damage using polyenylphosphatidycholine
Compositions and methods for modification of skin lipid content
Cytokine receptor common gamma chain like
Tendon-inducing compositions
Methods for the inhibition of atrophy or for treatment or prevention of atrophy-related symptoms in ...
Compositions and method for targeted controlled delivery of active ingredients and sensory markers o...
Non-degradable porous materials with high surface areas
Process for making nano-sized stabilized zirconia
Rewritable optical recording medium with ZnO near-field optical interaction layer
Hinged substrate for large-aperture, lightweight, deformable mirrors
Selective etching of a protective layer to form a catalyst layer for an electron-emitting device
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR...
Personal portable multimedia player
Multimedia terminal equipment and digital processing method
Multimedia data transmission system
Distributed object-oriented geospatial information distribution system and method thereof
Multimedia communications system and method for providing audio on demand to subscribers
Content delivery system allowing licensed member to upload contents to server and to use electronic ...
Resynchronizing globally unsynchronized multimedia streams
DVD multimedia player
Multi-media mobile communication device and related construction method
Using PSTN to convey participant IP addresses for multimedia conferencing
Multimedia terminal adapted for multiple users
Multimedia data routing system and method
System, method and channel line-up processor for localizing an electronic program guide schedule
Multimedia interface for IP telephony
Methods for embedding image, audio and video watermarks in digital data
Method for using scheduled hyperlinks to record multimedia content
Dynamic reconfiguration of multimedia stream processing modules
Multimedia project processing systems and multimedia project processing matrix systems
Method and system for tracking network use
Soybean cultivar 02912951
Soybean cultivar 02022323
Soybean cultivar 02022433
Soybean cultivar 03022253
Soybean cultivar 90362421
Soybean cultivar 90897327
Soybean cultivar 90046112
Cotton cultivar 4646B2R
Cotton cultivar 1553R
Cotton cultivar 2448R
Inbred corn line PH8JR
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Delstrifram'
Black walnut tree named "Beineke 14"
Black walnut tree named "Beineke 12"
Black walnut tree named "Beineke 13"
Ornamental sweetpotato plant named 'Sweet Caroline Red'
Osteospermum plant named 'Oste Whitey'
Mushroom variety named 'spoppo'
Mobile terminal
System and method for using licensed radio technology to determine the operation parameters of an un...
Handover-based method for anonymous observation of a moving subscriber
Observing a moving subscriber on the basis of handover commands
Radio frequency selection device, a radio communication system and radio control channel establishin...
Determining a location
Wireless audio transmission/reception system and using method therefor
RF device on insulating substrate and method of manufacturing RF device
Semiconductor integrated circuit, checking device and method of checking semiconductor integrated ci...
Intersystem cell reselection from GERAN to UTRAN
Radio communication system
Playback apparatus, electronic camera apparatus, function expansion apparatus for electronic camera ...
Terminal apparatus
Conveying information to an interrogator using resonant and parasitic radio frequency circuits
Method and system for ablation of atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias
Resilient flow control systems and methods
Data append method for sent postal mail
Peer-to-peer engine for object sharing in communication devices
Home agent optimization for handling mobile ip and static mpls (multiprotocol label switching)
Non-contact IC recording medium, recording medium managing program, and recording medium managing me...
High-spectrum radio frequency wireless transmission and control system for audio/video equipment
Double head sleeper structure
Shoe structure
Heel balancing insole
Method of making insole and insole made thereby
Article of footwear and lacing system therefor
Protective footwear
Easily detachable and attachable spikes for golf shoes
Sole pressing a therapeutic point
Proprioceptive orthopedic sole comprising modular correction means
Device for retaining a foot or a boot
Bonding of an upper and a shell in a shoe
Elastic overshoe with slip resistant sole pads
Elastic overshoe with modular sole pads
Hygienical shoes with mobile magnet piece
Insole with cushion insert
Shoelace tightening structure
Set comprising two articulated boots having different mechanical properties
Anti-twist cleat receptacle
Package of different insole pairs for different footwear
Summary-detail cube architecture using horizontal partitioning of dimensions
Answer wizard drop-down control
System for creating a space-efficient document categorizer for training and testing of automatic cat...
Input unit arrangement
System and method for providing a visual language for non-reading sighted persons
Consumable resource option control
Consumable resource option control
Portable scanner module
Method of digital processing for digital cinema projection of tone scale and color
Image-forming method and device utilizing a shim member arrangement
Extended dynamic range imaging system
Drywall finishing system
Concealed accessible suspended ceiling system
Method for constructing and installing an armoire in an existing closet space
Methods of reducing the impact of a formate-based drilling fluid comprising an alkaline buffering ag...
Combination drop and broadcast spreader
Conversion of gypsum stacks to waste containment facilities and related construction & business meth...
Multi-phased personal care composition
Insulation paper facing containing an antimicotic or fungicide and methods of making and using the s...
Paper substrates and articles containing antimicrobial components as well as methods of making and u...
Antistatic layered panel and method of its manufacture
Golf club heads with inserts under compressive stress
Ultra-low residue, high solids, wet cake products and methods of making same
Fused heterocyclic compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Antifeeding method against insects
Wax emulsion preservative compositions and method of manufacture
Aqueous suspensions of ground mineral materials, with low ion load and their uses
Gas barrier coating material and gas barrier laminates made by using the same
Hyperplaty clays and their use in paper coating and filling, methods for making same, and paper prod...
Sulfonated aromatic copolyesters containing hydroxyalkanoic acid groups and shaped articles produced...
Sulfonated copolyetherester compositions from hydroxyalkanoic acids and shaped articles produced the...
Copolyetherester compositions containing hydroxyalkanoic acids and shaped articles produced therefro...
Method for solubilizing metal values
Square electrical outlet box with exterior clamp shelves for holding electrical cables
Non-gangable box with embossed sides
Rocker paddle switch with flexible cam driver
Rocker paddle switch with articulated cam driver
Fire rated door with a surrounding door frame
Apparatus for applying foam material to a substrate
Cement compositions including silane treated amorphous silica
Fire retardant with mold inhibitor
Elastomeric, breathable laminate with enhanced breathability upon extension
Lossy coating for reducing electromagnetic emissions
Method of using a swelling agent to prevent a cement slurry from being lost to a subterranean format...
Methods, cement compositions and oil suspensions of powder
Acoustical panel having a honeycomb structure and method of making the same
Orthopedic casting articles
Use of ceramics in dental and orthodontic applications
Process for preparing calcium thiosulfate solution
Water-metachromatic laminate, and process for its production
Method of producing twisted, curly fibers
Concentrated, water-soluble, granular plant growth regulator formulation and methods for use of same
Crosslinkable compounds on the basis of organosilicon compounds
Space saving fin deployment system for munitions and missiles
Article of footwear with temperature regulation means
Projectile launch assembly and method
Method for improving ultraviolet radiation disinfection of water using aqueous silver
Potassium stabilized manganese dioxide for lithium rechargeable batteries
Shaped charge explosive device and method of making same
Explosive fragmentation munition
Variable drag projectile stabilizer for limiting the flight range of a training projectile
Ebola virion proteins expressed from venezuelan equine encephalitis (VEE) virus replicons
Air sampling method and sensor system for spectroscopic detection and identification of chemical and...
Method of optimizing topology of IEEE 1394 serial bus
Active ports in a transfer controller with hub and ports
System and method for implementing private devices on a secondary peripheral component interface
Bridge element enabled module and method
System and method for using a vendor-long descriptor in ACPI for the chipset registers
Fast path caching
Web-based imaging service enabling jobs to be interrupted gracefully
Clothes treatment for dry wrinkle resistance
Electrically conductive polymeric mixture, method of molding conductive articles using same, and ele...
Fluid suspensions with electrorheological effect
Production process of a composite nuclear fuel material composed of (U, Pu)O2 aggregates ...
Process for catalytic reforming
Dynamic sulfur tolerant process and system with inline acid gas-selective removal for generating hyd...
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light emitting device
Phosphor thin film, manufacturing method of the same, and electroluminescence panel
Blue electroluminescent polymer and organic-electroluminescent device using the same
Positive electrode active material and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a reinforcing inorganic filler and an (inorganic filler/ela...
Environmentally benign lead zirconate titanate ceramic precursor materials
Identifying a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack within a network and defending against suc...
Displaying information to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic cont...
System for locking the closure of windows
Space-efficient linear hierarchical view and navigation
Recognizing gestures and using gestures for interacting with software applications
Genie: a method for classification and graphical display of negative slack timing test failures
Method for netlist path characteristics extraction
Methods for placement which maintain optimized behavior, while improving wireability potential
Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
Providing information to an isolated hosted object via system-created variable objects
Variable namespaces and scoping for variables in an object model
Method and apparatus for referencing a constant pool in a java virtual machine
Systems and methods for providing seamless software compatibility using virtual machines
Dynamic software update
System and method for managing security meta-data in a reverse proxy
Ticket mechanism for sharing computer resources
Combining real-time and batch mode logical address links
Video on demand
Inherited role-based access control system, method and program product
Methods and arrangements for limiting access to computer controlled functions and devices
Systems and methods for spell correction of non-roman characters and words
Baseband direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver
Portable moving picture recording device including switching control for multiple data flow configur...
Control circuit for controlling output current at the primary side of a power converter
Voltage conversion system and method and recording medium
High accuracy digital to analog converter using parallel P and N type resistor ladders
Method and apparatus for reading image information
Method for setting the nozzle opening pressure for an injection nozzle and arrangement for carrying ...
Destination device billing according to call recipient
Implantable valved pressure attenuation device
High vapor pressure attenuation device
Refastenable pull-on training pant with diagonal seams
Method for applying softening compositions to a tissue product
Method and apparatus for substrate polishing
Microfiber articles from multi-layer substrates
Foam-on-film medical articles
Method of automatically monitoring and neutralizing hazardous material spills
Method for detection of fibrin clots
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of progestin products
Therapeutic morpholino-substituted compounds
Medicinal cushion, in particular anti-decubitus cushion
Intravascular ventriculocoronary bypass via a septal passageway
Apparatus and methods for identifying a mailpiece using an identification code
Apparatus and methods for identifying and processing mail using an identification code
Switchable impedance circuit for current sensing an electricity meter
Method for compensating perturbations caused by demultiplexing an analog signal in a matrix display
Flat panel display capable of digital data transmission
Plug-and-play cable with protocol translation
Light selective sports garments
Wet offset printing form
Low pressure compression molded parts having nano-particle reinforced protrusions and method of maki...
Multi-layered semiconductor structure
Piperidine CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Magnetic memory storage device
Waterless vacuum toilet system for aircraft
Dual tonometer
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Gaming unit including currency container locking mechanism
Icon for a display screen
Database computer system using logical logging to extend recovery
Methods and systems for selecting criteria for a successful acknowledgement message in instant messa...
Adaptive flow control protocol
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Client-side boot domains and boot rules
Method and apparatus for emulating ethernet functionality over a serial bus
Integrated telephone call and context notification mechanism
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
Automatic antenna orientation for USB pass-through port
Icon for a display screen
System and method for applying color management on captured images
Multi-layered unit including electrode and dielectric layer
Laminated solid electrolytic capacitor and laminated transmission line device increased in element l...
Nuclear power plant and a method of conditioning its power generation circuit
Piezoelectric speaker
Fiber optic sensors for gas turbine control
Image forming apparatus with a toner density sensor
Multifilar conductor for cardiac leads
Method for contouring bone reconstruction plates
Model based kickdown shift method for clutch to clutch shift transmissions with accumulators
High-speed field-effect optical switch
Engine system and method with cylinder deactivation
Multi-speed power transmission
Eight speed transmissions with three planetary gear sets
Multi-speed planetary transmission mechanisms with a stationary planetary member and two brakes
Rifle sighting stand
Rod gripper
Recoil reducing accessories for firearms
Temperature regulation of a sprayed fluid material
Solid-state full auto sear
Cartridge for a firearm
Air gun with a quick-releasing device
Fluid distribution nozzle and stream pattern
Method and apparatus for filtering airborne contaminants
Powder coating system central controller
Multi-beam multi-column electron beam inspection system
3D graphics rendering with selective read suspend
Modular controller for a hot melt adhesive dispensing system
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Cable tester with indicator
System and method for high voltage testing of twisted insulated conductors
Automatic dispenser apparatus
Multi-device inter-connection securing apparatus
Method and system for mining a document containing dirty text
Method and apparatus for discarding data packets through the use of descriptors
Monitoring of computer usage
Method and system for data flow multicasting
Method and apparatus for maximizing standby time in remote stations configured to receive broadcast ...
Semiconductor display device
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
High-powered light emitting device with improved thermal properties
Memory device having storage part and thin-film part
Light emitting element and method of making same
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
C implants for improved SiGe bipolar yield
Semiconductor device including a gate insulating film on a recess and source and drain extension reg...
Low resistance semiconductor process and structures
Method of deforming a pattern and semiconductor device formed by utilizing deformed pattern
Light-receiving assembly
Electrically pumped semiconductor active region with a backward diode, for enhancing optical signals
Arrangement of circuits in pixels, each circuit shared by a plurality of pixels, in image sensing ap...
Photosensitizer conjugates for targeting intracellular pathogens
Digital data transmission system with device for correcting baseline wander
Adaptive channel filtration for communications systems
Osmotic delivery system with membrane plug retention mechanism
Distributed database schema
Fast connection establishment method for bluetooth device
Method and wireless device for establishing a communication interface for a communication session
System and method to load vehicle operation software and calibration data in general assembly and se...
Four channel light system for vehicles
Atom absorption spectroscopy method and atom absorption spectrometer
Systems, methods and devices for holographic demultiplexing of optical signals
Compact imaging spectrometer utilizing immersed gratings
Optical immersion probe incorporating a spherical lens
Nitride based semiconductor light-emitting device
Fire extinguisher location system
Body fat measuring method and device therefor
Catadioptric lithography system and method with reticle stage orthogonal to wafer stage
Method and apparatus for alignment of a precision optical assembly
Progressive image shift for a saddle-stitched document
Halftone dot encoding
Semiconductor laser array device employing modulation doped quantum well structures
Systems and methods for automated template creation using scanned input
Stick-type ignition coil having improved structure against crack or dielectric discharge
Vehicle back up alarm with associated back up light
Flat shield cable
Transmissive key sheet, input keys using transmissive key sheet and electronic equipment with input ...
Low noise, long integration time acquisition for radiation detectors
3-d model providing device
Camera meta-data for content categorization
Display device and wiring substrate including electric wiring formed of conductive film
Display device with an adhesion layer and a thin glass layer on adhesion layer and method of manufac...
Bill validator
Assay plates, reader systems and methods for luminescence test measurements
Optimization method for cardiac resynchronization therapy
T-ray Microscope
Storage phosphor screen having binderless colored layers
Method for reading radiation image information
Optical elements and methods for making thereof
Radiological imaging apparatus and radiological imaging method
Intra oral dental irradiation device for material curing and dental imaging
Maintaining the alignment of electric and magnetic fields in an x-ray tube operated in a magnetic fi...
Rotary manifold syringe
X-ray laminography system having a pitch, roll and Z-motion positioning system
Radiotherapy apparatus
Method and device for X-ray exposure control
Vehicle mounted travel surface and weather condition monitoring system
System and method to allow simple IP mobile nodes to operate seamlessly in a mobile IP network with ...
Embedded controller for real-time backup of operation states of peripheral devices
Method for coding status PDU in AM RLC entity of radio communication system
Apparatus for and method of detecting defocus error signal for optical pickup and apparatus for and ...
Method and apparatus for loop breaking on a serial bus
Power control with space time transmit diversity
CDMA mobile data communication system and a method of wireless data communication using the system
Digital FM receiver for recovering FM digital data frame in mobile communication system
Differential phase detection device and tracking error signal detection apparatus using the same
Color image segmentation method
Multi-layer PCB and method for coupling block type multichannel optical signals
Apparatus for cleaving optical fiber
Plastic optical fiber and method for producing the same
Paper feeder and a printer employing the same
Methods for obtaining from Chlorella extract polysaccharides having immunomodulating properties
Dynamic routing for a telephone conference call
Planar polymer memory device
Organic EL device and manufacturing method for the same
Current-driven OLED pixel
NMR apparatus
Method for introducing a liquid sample into an NMR spectrometer
Multifrequency power circuit and probe and NMR spectrometer comprising such a circuit
Power circuit of a coil and probe and NMR spectrometer comprising such a circuit
Lily plant named 'Tiny Todd'
Geranium plant named 'Pacwu'
Hydrangea plant named 'DVP Pinky'
Dahlia plant named 'Baldelrasp'
Argyranthemum plant named 'OHMADCAMA'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemrowhi'
Technique to support co-location and certification of executable content from a pre-boot space into ...
Method and system for user registration on terminal
System and method for distributing digital content
Encryption method for distribution of data
System for securing encryption renewal system and for registration and remote activation of encrypti...
Apparatus and method for location based wireless client authentication
Publication certifying system, viewing-access-log recording server, publishing-access-log recording ...
Method and apparatus for managing public keys through a server
Method and system for copy-prevention of digital copyright works
Verification of correct exponentiation or other operations in cryptographic applications
Methods systems and computer program products for providing secure client profile completion by netw...
Method and apparatus for the secure printing of a document
Circuits for calculating modular multiplicative inverse
Lamp having x-shaped base
Ornamental light fixture with monkey and tropical motif
Smokeless ashtray
Hair iron
Electric razor
Hair trimmer
Nail sculpting device
Helmet with visor
Horse rug
Pet toy
Dish-washing machine
Dish-washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Lift for a drum in an electronic washing machine
Attachment for a cleaning appliance
Portion of a mop head
Garbage can
FM-CW altimeter detector
Methods and apparatus for tuning pre-selection filters in radio receivers
Microstrip antenna for RF receiver
Method for changing voice coding mode, communication system, communication network and communication...
Aircraft folding antenna assembly
Aggregation point prediction matching for coherent layer three signaling and fast IP mobility trigge...
Hybrid ARQ for packet data transmission
Inter-RAT cell reselection in a wireless communication network
Packet communication charge pre-notification system
Cell prioritizing in a cellular radio system
Control signalling and dynamic channel allocation in a wireless network
Radio communication device for radio packet communication system
Method of connecting network elements to a radio system, and radio system
Radio network routing apparatus
Complex filtering/AGC radio receiver architecture for low-IF or zero-IF
Condenser microphone apparatus and its connecting apparatus
RF AGC amplifier system for satellite/terrestrial radio receiver
Method and apparatus for operating a dual-mode radio in a wireless communication system
Floating amphibious game table
Method and apparatus for dynamically presenting a pictorial representation
Insulative, pliable frozen treat receptacle and method
Composition for delivering a high intensity sweetener
Reduced sugar elastic thin sheeted food dough
Compositions and processes for making high soy protein-containing bakery products
Frozen confection
Hard frozen food containing alcohol
Dairy-based candy production utilizing plate and frame assembly
Particulate creamer comprising fat and food compositions comprising said creamer
Natural food composition with stable color
Reduced-fat flavored edible oil spreads
Sterile dehulled soybean and method for producing sterile full fat soy flour
Emulsion comprising a nut paste
Food material reformed in mineral composition of beans or mugi-rui, method of manufacturing the same...
Kits and processes for removing contaminants from nucleic acids in environmental and biological samp...
Method and apparatus for viable and nonviable prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell quantitation
Recombinant hexose oxidase, a method of producing same and use of such enzyme
Hydroxycitric acid compositions, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements and food products made there...
Methods and compositions for treating diabetes
Hydroxycitric acid compositions, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements and food products made there...
Solid support assay systems and methods utilizing non-standard bases
Methods and systems for performing multiple reactions by interfacial mixing
Compositions and kits for Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 and 2 nucleic acid detection
Sequence specific recombinase-based methods for producing intron containing vectors and compositions...
Crystal forms of azithromycin
Oligomers containing N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG)
Novel glutamate receptor and utilization thereof
IL-1ra variants
6-11 Bicyclic ketolide derivatives
Antisense modulation of ptpn12 expression
Modulation of growth hormone receptor expression and insulin-like growth factor expression
Antisense oligonucleotides for treating atopic diseases and neoplastic cell proliferation
Method of identifying nucleic acid compositions for muting expression of a gene
Enzyme having S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase (AHCY) type activity
Compositions and methods for treating neoplastic disease using chemotherapy and radiation sensitizer...
Purine derivatives as adenosine A1 receptor agonists and methods of use thereof
Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof
Modified polysaccharides in combination with anti-cancer drugs for enhanced treatment of cancer
Dextrinized, Saccharide-Derivatized Oligosaccharides
Alkylsulfonated polyaminosaccharides
Multi-gene expression constructs containing modified inteins
Interpreting DNA
Separation of fluorous compounds
Easy-open display shipping container
Automated impedance measurement of an implantable medical device
System and method for automatically and adaptively segmenting an atrial blanking period
Outdoor planter system
High efficiency power amplifier systems and methods
Underwater wireless imaging method and system
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Elevator system having terminals with wireless transmitting/receiving unit
Tubular electro-luminescent light device
Method and apparatus for reading, displaying, transmitting and using data obtained from optical modu...
Absorber and method of manufacturing the absorber
Thermoplastic resin integrated structure
Mixtures of omega-3 and omega-6 highly unsaturated fatty acids from euryhaline microorganisms
Moisture absorptive rain sensor with sealed position sensing element for irrigation watering program...
Command conversion interface between image provider and image requestor
Checking computer program installation
Upgrading digital media servers
Method and system for supporting user navigation in a browser environment
Multi-rail dual hoisting crane
Matching feed partially inside a waveguide ridge
Optical amplifier and control method therefor
Head-mounted optical direct visualization system
Optical amplifier supervisory control method in WDM communication system
Active optical zoom system
Direct optical amplifier correlating average level of main signal with level of pilot tone signal
Image-taking apparatus
Scanning microscope and coupling-out element
Imaging lens
Object lens producing device and producing method
Transmitter for automatically changing transmission data type within specified band
Optical modulator
Updating path loss estimation for power control and link adaptation in IEEE 802.11h WLAN
Mobile radio telephone system having an identity which can be dynamically changed
System and method to control a third item of equipment using a SIM card, via a radio communication m...
Multi-purpose dongle for wireless headset
Novel genes encoding proteins involved in proanthocyanidin synthesis
Genes encoding acetolactate synthase
Chimeric promoters for use in plants
Peptides for inhibiting insects
Brassica AHAS genes and gene alleles that provide resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
Creeping bentgrass Agrostis palustris (stolonifera) variety named 'Alpha'
Creeping bentgrass Agrostis palustris (stolonifera) variety named 'T-1'
Inbred corn line PHB1V
Lilac plant named 'New Patriot Variegated Lilac'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Danchryatpink'
Footwear accessory device and method of accessorizing an article of footwear
Flexible insole rib for welting
Footwear sole component with a single sealed chamber
Sole for shoes particularly for practicing sports
Article of footwear with sole plate
Indexable shoe cleat with improved traction
Device for retaining a foot or a boot on a sports apparatus
Article of apparel incorporating a stratified material
System and method for performing a search and a browse on a query
Determining a rating for a collection of documents
Versioned project data
Coated abrasive article with composite tie layer, and method of making and using the same
Double-wing wing nut anchor system and method
Wall anchor system and method
Structural wall framework
Sewage sludge recycling with a pipe cross-reactor
Method, apparatus and system for monitoring hardening and forecasting strength of cementitious mater...
System and method for animal waste disposal
Cylinder block
Method of producing twisted, curly fibers
Filler for paper making process
Water treatment method for heavy oil production using calcium sulfate seed slurry evaporation
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing using such cem...
Electronic multi-depth object locator with self-illuminating optical element warning and detection
YAG lasing systems and methods
Precipitated calcium carbonate
Methods for controlling molluscs
Process for the preparation of lactic acid or lactate from a magnesium lactate comprising medium
Loose fill insulation product having phase change material therein
Pitch modulating laminate
Structural and other composite materials and methods for making same
Storage-stable particle composition of polysaccharides and/or polysaccharide derivatives and at leas...
Fully interlocking synthetic, simulated shake siding
Atomic clock for downhole applications
Polyvinyl chloride or polyolefin melt processable compositions containing polytetrafluoroethylene mi...
Stack icons representing multiple objects
Method and apparatus for automated risk assessment in software projects
Simulation of multi top-level graphical containers in computing environments
Method and system for managing application deployment
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
Benchmark synthesis using workload statistics
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
System and method for efficient data reorganization to satisfy data alignment constraints
Framework for efficient code generation using loop peeling for SIMD loop code with multiple misalign...
System and method for SIMD code generation in the presence of optimized misaligned data reorganizati...
Framework for integrated intra- and inter-loop aggregation of contiguous memory accesses for SIMD ve...
Class loader
System and method for identifying installation modes for device drivers
Preemptive multi-tasking with cooperative groups of tasks
Optimizing workflow execution against a heterogeneous grid computing topology
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
System and method for policy-enabling electronic utilities
Security policy generation
Systems and methods for performing secure communications between an authorized computing platform an...
Steganographic authentication
Probabilistic mechanism to determine level of security for a software package
Method and system for providing updated encryption key pairs and digital signature key pairs in a pu...
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Cementitious based structural lumber product and externally reinforced lightweight retaining wall sy...
Pipelined data processor with instruction-initiated power management control
Radio transmission device and method, radio receiving device and method, radio transmitting/receivin...
Semiconductor device
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Anastasia Bronze'
Method for maintaining and/or restoring viability of organs
Insertion tool for use with tapered trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Particle forming methods
Enclosure for a light source
Nesting coin bank
Method of increasing bone toughness and stiffness and reducing fractures
Certain dinucleotides and their use as modulators of mucociliary clearance and ciliary beat frequenc...
Cannula-based surgical instrument and method
Method for in vivo delivery of therapeutic agents
Method for authenticating a portable object, corresponding portable object, and apparatus therefor
Cat litter scoop holder
Method and apparatus for efficient identification of duplicate and near-duplicate documents and text...
Transceiver control with sleep mode operation
Process for the selective hydrogenation of olefins
Propylene production
Alkylated aromatic compositions, zeolite catalyst compositions and processes for making the same
Milling cutter having three continuously curved cutting edges
Piston compressor, particularly hermetically enclosed refrigerant compressor
Artificial cornea
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens and their uses
Vaccine immunotherapy for immune suppressed patients
Method of inducing a CTL response
High-throughput turbidometric assay for screening inhibitors of protein disulfide isomerase activity
Process and compositions for peptide, protein and peptidomimetic synthesis
Mammalian IAP gene family, primers, probes, and detection methods
Coil arrays for parallel imaging in magnetic resonance imaging
Supersensitive nuclear magnetic resonance micro imaging apparatus
Rotating and pivoting magnet for magnetic navigation
Method for confirming correct selection of an input profile for a color printer
Interpolation system and method
System and methods for color matching overprinted documents
Enhanced hart device alerts in a process control system
Device for packing flat articles in transport containers, particularly folded-flat folding boxes in ...
Gripper system
Printing machine with image-setting device for a rotary printing machine
Oligodeoxynucleotide and its use to induce an immune response
Acrylate contact adhesive materials having tight molecular weight distribution
Method for the analysis of sensory perception
Modifying a rasterized surface, such as by trimming
Device for injecting an intraocular lens made of flexible material
Transport balancing diffusion layer for rate limited scavenging systems
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Optimization of the operating parameters of a direct methanol fuel cell system
Fuel cell transient control scheme
Fuel cell power plant having a fuel concentration sensor cell
Internal reforming fuel cell assembly with selectively adjustable direct and indirect internal refor...
Apparatus and method for operating a fuel reformer to provide reformate gas to both a fuel cell and ...
Fuel reforming apparatus and the method of starting it
Metal coated polymer electrolyte membrane having a reinforcement structure
Bidirectional optical communications having quick data recovery without first establishing timing an...
Wafer carrier with ultraphobic surfaces
Optical semiconductor device
Phosphor, arsenic and antimony compounds based upon diaryl-anellated bicyclo[2.2.n] parent substance...
Alarm recovery system and method for fuel cell testing systems
Propylene diene copolymers
Golf bag with a stable base
Perfuming device provided with drop-collector, for vehicles
Airbag door and method for making same
Ink jet head and printer
Liquid container and ink jet printing apparatus
Nose pad for goggles or eyeglasses
Apparatus for pulling single crystal by CZ method
Charge control agent, toner using same developer containing the toner and developing device containi...
Method of manufacturing thin film semiconductor device
Induction heating device with a switching power source and image processing apparatus using the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Detection circuitry for surgical handpiece system
Bandpass filter
Liquid crystal display
Miniature three-dimensional contour scanner
Semiconductor memory device with malfunction prevention device, and portable electronic apparatus us...
Video game that interpolates between animated segments to create new segments
Method for manufacturing fuel cell electrolyte film-electrode bond
Method for manufacturing an organic electroluminescent display
Alignment of images for stitching
Free space optical communication network
Image forming apparatus
Telephone with dynamically programmable push buttons for access to advanced applications
Wireless messaging device with selectable scroll display and message pre-fetch
System for interfacing a conventional telephone installation to a wireless telephone network
Inter-programmer communication among programmers of implantable medical devices
Advanced patient management system including interrogator/transceiver unit
Protection switching of interface cards in communication system
Design data format and hierarchy management for phase processing
Optical switching device
Wavelength division multiplexed device
Horizontal access semiconductor photo detector
Polymer guest-host systems and polymer electro-optic waveguide systems
Reduced clad diameter rare earth doped fiber coils and optical amplifiers utilizing such coils
Apparatus for optical communication using a large-area primary reflector
Annular port construction for valve applications
Methods and devices for renal nerve blocking
MRI apparatus and method for calculating predicted and/or actual net accumulated gradient coil heat ...
Configurable matrix receiver for MRI
System and method for single-sided magnetic resonance imaging
Receiver used in marker localization sensing system using coherent detection
Dielectric filter
Filter and method of arranging resonators
Apparatus and method for high-throughput preparation and spectroscopic classification and characteri...
System and method for optical scanning
Plasmonic nanophotonics methods, materials, and apparatuses
Optical pickup with holding mechanism to effectively prevent comatic aberration
Methods and apparatus for dynamical helical scanned image production
Device for influencing cell-growth mechanisms in vessels of a human or animal body
System and method for cooling the cortex to treat neocordical seizures
Photomask for eliminating antenna effects in an integrated circuit and integrated circuit manufactur...
Method and device for cleaning liquid development electrophotographic device
Personal physiograph
Hydraulic shock absorber for vehicle
Ventilatory method utilizing body length-based parameter calculations
Coordinated articulation of wheelchair members
Dental scaler enhancements
Method and apparatus for operating a motor vehicle
Rotating surface of revolution reactor with shearing mechanisms
Travel control method of electric vehicle
Combined roller and push switch assembly
Method and apparatus for welding and control thereof
Resistance ratio digitizing ohmmeter system
Method and apparatus for adjusting ink supply amount for printing press
Pushbutton user interface with functionality preview
Multi-point sampling method for obtaining isokinetic fluid composition flows in a non-uniform veloci...
Device for controlling throttle valve
Cable detection apparatus and method
Polymerizable composition and cured resin composition
Modified carbocyanine dyes and their conjugates
System and method for milling materials
Literal sharing method for fast sum-of-products logic
Carbohydrate esters and polyol esters as plasticizers for polymers, compositions and articles includ...
Robot vacuum with boundary cones
Method and measuring configuration for measuring backlash at an axial joint
Movable seat for vehicles
Robot and robot leg mechanism
Kilovoltage delivery system for radiation therapy
Method and system for assessing the state of at least one axial joint
Method and system for appraising the wear of axes of a robot arm
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Insertion device, lithographic apparatus with said insertion device and device manufacturing method
Managing structure for umbilical member of industrial robot
End effector with force controlling mechanism
Self-contained, submersible, autonomous, speaking android
Robot alignment system and method
Method of teaching articulated robot and control equipment of articulated robot
Backlight module and liquid crystal display device
Tocotrienolquinone cyclization product with an anti-hypercholesterol effect
Azaisoquinoline derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Process for preparing (S) and (R)—2-[4-(4-chlorobenzhydryl)piperazin-1-yl]-ethoxyacetamide
Citalopram hydrobromide crystal and method for crystallization thereof
Optical-fiber refractometer
Printing apparatus and its control method
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and developing roller
Image forming system, image forming method, and storage medium
Toner supply container detachably mounted to an image forming apparatus including a coupling project...
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method and computer program product for combining pa...
Developing apparatus having modified developer carrying capability
Electronic circuit board
Developer supply container
Developing apparatus to control bending of a magnetic field generation unit provided inside a develo...
Induction heat fixing apparatus
Image processing system
Communication system and method of controlling same
X-ray image taking device
Image sensing system
Optical recovery of radiographic geometry
Color management system having interchangeable gamut mapping methods
Encoding method and apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Developing apparatus, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a...
Method of manufacturing an electronic circuit and manufacturing apparatus of an electronic circuit
Selective consolidation processes for electrically connecting contacts of semiconductor device compo...
Method for fabricating copper interconnects
Wiring board and magnetic disk apparatus
Method for manufacturing wiring circuit boards with bumps and method for forming bumps
Gating grid and method of making same
Semiconductor apparatus having a built-in-electric coil and a method of making the semiconductor app...
Prefabricated semiconductor chip carrier
Thick metal layer integrated process flow to improve power delivery and mechanical buffering
Semiconductor packaging device
Interconnect substrate and method of manufacture thereof, electronic component and method of manufac...
Semiconductor device structure
Substrate for carrying a semiconductor chip and semiconductor device using same
Probe structure
Method for forming photo-defined micro electrical contacts
Photonic crystal, method of producing photonic crystal, and functional element
Information recording medium having pair of electrodes
Wireless bar code symbol driven portable data terminal (PDT) system adapted for single handed operat...
Digital circuit synthesis system
Method and apparatus for determining toner level in electrophotographic print engines
Systems and methods for automatically configuring cross-connections in a digital subscriber line acc...
Pipelined packet switching and queuing architecture
Method and system for managing real-time bandwidth in a wireless network
ROM-based controller monitor in a memory device
Method and system for reprogramming instructions for a switch
System and method to adjust the level of re-calibration effort based on disc drive performance
Method and apparatus for adaptive frame tracking
Decision-making route control system and decision-making route controlling method
System and method for jitter compensation in data transfers
Process for testing a switching system, and insertion device useable in this process
Reactive polymer coatings
Sid nucleic acids and polypeptides selected from a pathogenic strain of hepatitis C virus and applic...
Biological assays using coded RNA reporters
Rolling circle amplification of RNA
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Three dimensional microfabrication
Methods and compositions for inhibition of angiogenesis with EM-138
Sunflower seed having low saturated oil content
Secondary coil circuit for use with a multi-section protected superconductive magnet coil circuit
System for use in displaying images of a body part
Software for mapping potential distribution of a heart chamber
Process for producing articles with anti-allergic surfaces
Process for producing rigid reticulated articles
System with required enhancements to syncML DM environment to support firmware updates
Teller/scanner system and method
System and method for processing overlapping tasks in a programmable network processor environment
Processor having priority changing function according to threads
Communicating between a process and a destination
Control of device-driver persistency
Method and system to reduce thrashing in a multi-threaded programming environment
System and method for inserting advertising content in broadcast programming
Pop-up option palette
Media interface device
Ventilation slot for a packaging container
Event driven dynamic logic for reducing power consumption
Tote conveying apparatus and method
Lithographic photomask and method of manufacture to improve photomask test measurement
Methods and apparatus for implementing parameterizable processors and peripherals
Optical proximity correction (OPC) technique using generalized figure of merit for photolithograhic ...
Earloop for communications headset
Apparatus and method for forming a rotatable ferrofluidic seal between a shaft and a hub
Detergent tablets
Hybrid energy off highway vehicle electric power storage system and method
Seatbelt fastening prompting apparatus
System and method for wireless asset tracking
Distributed navigation system
Information center for communications-type navigation device
Clock gene promoter
Method and apparatus to measure jitter
Process comprising two gasoline hydrodesulfurization stages and intermediate elimination of H2S form...
Apparatus for metering catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking catalyst injection system
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Zeolite catalyst and use for hydrocarbon conversion
Production of propylene
Isomerization catalyst and processes
Camera control system
Profiling execution of a sequence of events occuring during a profiled execution interval that match...
Scalable processor
Guitar strap
Method and apparatus for maintaining hydraulic pressure when a vehicle is stopped
Transmissionless variable output pumping unit
Air conditioning system for vehicle
Piston stopper for a free piston engine
Control system for a linear vibration motor
Down hole well cleaning apparatus
Dosing device adapted for dispensing a concentrate from a holder in a metered manner
Electro-hydrostatic actuator
Screw extruder and gear pump arrangement for highly viscous media
Control valve
Pumping element for hydraulic pump
Pressure-differential liquid raising system
Ejector for use with pneumatic booster
Variable displacement pump
Child-resistant packaging for tablets
Co-injection apparatus for injection molding
Flexible microchip devices for ophthalmic and other applications
Film quality inspecting method and film quality inspecting apparatus
Method of synthesizing nucleic acid
Method and system for segmentation of medical images
Method and system for white balancing images using facial color as a reference signal
Impact wrench
Building system performance analysis
Apparatus for maximum work
Fastening device for a radiator