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Method and apparatus for concurrently detecting pathogenic organisms and antimicrobial susceptibilit...
Endofucanases and method using same for preparing fuco-oligosaccharides from fucanes, bacterium prod...
Method for dynamic performance optimization in a data-over-cable system
Method for identifying BTS and BSC in IMT-2000 system
Multipoint digital subscriber lines with home data network ability
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding moving picture using wavelet transformation and motio...
Peak suppression method and data transmission apparatus
System and method for authenticating objects
System and method for providing public/private mobile communication service
Method and apparatus for optimizing search rate and finger assignment rate
NAND flash memory interface device
Method of measuring the probability of failure caused only by defects, method of measuring defect li...
Robust word-spotting system using an intelligibility criterion for reliable keyword detection under ...
Accounting apparatus and method for mobile communication system
Microphone/speaker system with context switching in processor
Portable computer mounted with wireless LAN card
Integrated circuit devices including input/output line pairs and precharge circuits and related memo...
Main word line driver circuit receiving negative voltage in semiconductor memory device
Method for displaying an environmentally modulated expiration date
Metabolic intervention with GLP-1 to improve the function of ischemic and reperfused tissue
Luminescent nanomaterials powders having predetermined morphology and method of making
Coherent evanescent wave imaging
Three dimensional array films
Nanoscale particles synthesized within an assembled virion
Silicon nanoparticle field effect transistor and transistor memory device
Single-electron transistor using nanoparticles
Anticancer compositions
Inhibition of vacuolar proton ATPase activity and/or the modulation of acidic organelle function sen...
Cyclic β-amino acid derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and TNF-α
Ophthalmic compositions comprising trefoil factor family peptides
Digitally-generated lighting for video conferencing applications
Handover in a mobile communication system using conference facility
Push-to-talk and push-to-conference in a CDMA wireless communications system
Organic electroluminescence element
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylpyrimidines, and phenyl...
Stacked organic memory devices and methods of operating and fabricating
Illuminated vehicle remote entry device
Carbazole based compound, coloring material, colored high molecular organic material and electrolumi...
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Data drive circuit for current writing type AMOEL display panel
Back light holder for a mobile phone
Organic electroluminescent devices using double-spiro organic compounds
Organic electroluminescent device
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent device and method of fabricating the same
Micro-lens arrays for display intensity enhancement
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Apparatus for generating homogeneous magnetic field
Assymetric radio frequency magnetic line array
Mri system with a conductive member having a damping effect for vibrations
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
NMR detector and NMR spectrometer
Receiver coil array for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Mri system having a gradient magnet system with a balance member
Movable patient support with spatial locating feature
Anisotropic nanoparticle amplification of magnetic resonance signals
Magnetic resonance method and device
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy using microstrip transmission l...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences
System and method for detecting interference in global positioning satellite signals
Interactive weather advisory system
System for estimating thickness of thin subsurface strata
Cell modeling in the design of an integrated circuit
Method and system for storage and fast retrieval of digital terrain model elevations for use in posi...
Input device for allowing input of a unique digital code to a user's computer to control access ther...
Low latency lock for multiprocessor computer system
Setting a system indication in response to a user when execution of the system setup program is desi...
Memory device method for operating a system containing a memory device for fault detection with two ...
Erasure-and-single-error correction decoder for linear block codes
Rewritable data storage medium having erasable identification marks
System and method for selecting content to be presented to a user
Combination squeeze toy and chew toy
Pet treat dispenser
Fins on trolling plate mount
Personal water craft fender
Bow eye seal
Offloading arrangements and method for spread moored FPSOs
Protective cover for a vehicle
Powered watercraft
Method of and apparatus for offshore mooring
Inflatable boat having a detachable rigid hull
Automatic bimini top
Boarding ladder and slide system
Extendable trailer
Composite steel structural plastic sandwich plate systems
Arrangement and method for installing a subsea transformer
Control device for controlling the position of a marine seismic streamer
Organism killer dispenser system
Control of parasites attached to skin of fish
Amphibious marine vehicle
Chambered hull boat design method and apparatus
High speed braking of submerged propelled sea craft
Method for manufacturing shoes and shoes manufactured by the method
Snowboard boot strap anchor
Lining of footwear having functions of ventilation and waterproof
Shoe having an upper with a welt-like fold line
Proprioceptive and kinesthetic footwear
Footwear protector
Waterproof/breathable moisture transfer composite capable of wicking moisture away from an individua...
Shoe with tunable cushioning system
Composition for clear gas barrier laminates
Stable footwear that accommodates shear forces
Quick release shoe cleat
Ball and socket 3D cushioning system
Cowpea variety 951135
Cotton cultivar 99X35
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35D45
Method for measuring a degree of association for dimensionally referenced data
Bioassay for thyroid stimulating antibodies
HEK293 cell line for activity studies and HTS system of α1G T-type Ca2+ ...
Spectrophotometric method for determining the viability of a sample containing platelets
Method for protection against tumor metastasis formation
Transgenic mice expressing a human SXR receptor polypeptide
Method and materials to induce recombination in plants
Distributed information and storage system
Method and system for calling line authenticated key distribution
System and method for using location identity to control access to digital information
Apparatus and method for encoding and storage of digital image and audio signals
Electronic watermarking method and apparatus for compressed audio data, and system therefor
Method and apparatus for distributing keys for decrypting and re-encrypting publicly distributed med...
Secure wireless backup mechanism
Electronic mail system with authentication/encryption methodology for allowing connections to/from a...
Technique for synchronizing security credentials from a master directory, platform, or registry
Technique for synchronizing security credentials using a trusted authenticating domain
Encrypting file system and method
Method for group unit encryption/decryption, and method and apparatus for writing signature
Single algorithm cipher suite for messaging
Method and apparatus for managing secure collaborative transactions
Computer security method and apparatus
System for protecting cryptographic processing and memory resources for postal franking machines
Attack-resistant implementation method
Method and arrangement for generating binary sequences of random numbers
Vacuum pick-up head with vacuum supply valve
Workpiece handling end-effector and a method for processing workpieces using a workpiece handling en...
Force feedback and texture simulating interface device
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Software for improving the accuracy of machines
Information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, and program
Walking condition determining device and method
Biped locomotion robot
Diode-type nanotweezers and nanomanipulator device using the same
Arc welder
Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area
System and method for emulating a surface EKG using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Implantable medical device and method for detecting cardiac events without using of refractory or bl...
Centrifuge system utilizing disposable components and automated processing of blood to collect plate...
Ablation catheter assembly having a virtual electrode comprising portholes
Compounds containing silicon-containing groups, medical devices, and methods
Telemetry module with configurable data layer for use with an implantable medical device
Implantable heart monitors having flat capacitors with curved profiles
Capacitors including track-etched separator materials
Physiological event detection
Method and apparatus for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Method and apparatus for coronary sinus cannulation
Ceiling fan blade iron
Portion of a ceiling fan housing
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Stylized window insert set for a garage door
Slatwall groove cover
Post base
Ceiling panel
Taillight emblem
Rechargeable halogen searchlight with fluorescent area light
Surgical prep razor
Electric shaver
Horse-bit mouthpiece
Short shank bit
Combination bit
Dog chew toy
Cat toy
Stretchable dog toy
Dish-washing machine
Device for filling a bag with packing materials
Method for destruction of organic compounds by co-oxidation with activated carbon
Dye fixing agent for water-color ink, ink jet recording medium and porous hydrotalcite compound
Process for synthesizing spinel type silicon nitride powders
Thin-film magnetic recording media with dual intermediate layer structure for increased coercivity
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide
High silica zeolites: UZM-5HS
Method for nitrogen trifluoride production
Process for the preparation of lithium iodide solutions
Process for making surfactant capped metal oxide nanocrystals, and products produced by the process
Process for producing niobium and tantalum compounds
Cubic boron nitride clusters
Silane-modified oxidic or silicate-like filler, process for its preparation, and its use
Method for the production of α-alane
Feedback cycle detection across non-scan memory elements
Signal balancing between voltage domains
Method for determining idle processor load balancing in a multiple processors system
Method for transparent, location-independent, remote procedure calls in a heterogeneous network envi...
Methods and apparatus for selecting multicast IP data transmitted in broadcast streams
Collapsible toy air gun
"On" biased braking system for a cargo portage device
Method and apparatus for enhancing visualization of mechanical stress
Side panel for a recreational vehicle
Crash detection system including roll-over discrimination
Drive assembly for a motor vehicle
Muffler support device
Vehicle speed response type power steering system
Body frame damping structure in a saddle-type vehicle
Attachment structure of a load sensor for a vehicle seat
Reconfigurable chair
Energy management system for a motor vehicle electrical system
Manifold sizing and configuration for a fuel cell stack
Power control unit for a vehicle
Adaptive cruise control system
Tracked vehicle with improved track drive unit
Remote controlled and motorized baby walker
Oil tank cap
Axle driving unit including a free-standing center section
Vehicle steering apparatus
Power steering device
Steering control apparatus
Weather shield for camera
Mount lock apparatus for camera
Optical part linkage device and optical module using the same
Intrafinder display apparatus, for a camera, utilizing organic electroluminescence devices
Optical adapter and lens-fitted photo film unit
Camera, an image inputting apparatus, a portable terminal device, and a method for transforming the ...
Electromagnetic drive device and light quantity adjustment device using the same
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate transferring method
Video camera
Film scanner
Synchronizer for fundus camera
Optical device having image blur prevention function
Aperture diaphragm, imaging device, and method of manufacturing the aperture diaphragm
Image conversion device for vehicle rearward-monitoring device
Vibration correcting device, lens barrel, and optical device
Image sensing system and its control method
Photographic prints having magnetically recordable media
LED bar array high addressable imaging in 2-dimensions
Automated film processing kiosk system
Exhaust emission control system for engine
Connection of sound bowl of loudspeaker
Silencing equipment for an air-cooling assembly
Core stiffened earplug
Ear clip
Loudspeaker system with common low and high frequency horn mounting
Height measurement method and apparatus
Noise and vibration suppressors
Sound absorptive protective mat
Method and apparatus for LWD shear velocity measurement
Baffle vibration reducing
Instantaneous spectral analysis
Solid pharmaceutical formulation containing lovastatin and simvastatin respectively, and its prepara...
Method of treating restenosis using bisphosphonate nanoparticles
Antiviral product, use and formulation thereof
Chrono delivery formulations and method of treating atrial fibrillation
Azithromycin dosage forms with reduced side effects
Pellets and process for production thereof
Method for examining the involvement of opioid peptides in prurtis
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of lung cancer
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of cervical cancer
Anaerobe targeted enzyme-mediated prodrug therapy
Isolation and use of solid tumor stem cells
Method for detecting an analyte by fluorescence
Preserved pharmaceutical formulations
Methods and compositions for modulating autoimmunity
Synergistic proteoglycan compositions for inflammatory conditions
Personal smart pointing device
Rotary type hinge device for portable wireless terminal
Personal digital assistant with internal printer having a media feed mechanism
Portable electronic system having multiple display modes for reorienting the display of data on a di...
Hand-held computers incorporating reduced area imaging devices
Multidirectional switch actuator and a personal digital assistant using the same
Liquid crystal display panel and production method of the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Globe apparatus for showing rotation and revolution
Learning method and apparatus
Method and system for training and organizing on-site event professionals
Method and apparatus for measuring stroke rating in rowing
Method and apparatus for predicting the result of a coloration
Method and system for communicating programmer information to potential employers
Electronic control system for agricultural vehicle
System and method for enhanced alertness and efficient distributed management for video surveillance
Ergonomic motion and athletic activity monitoring and training system and method
Information processing apparatus and information output controlling method
Technique for assisting a vehicle user to make a turn
Interactive picture book with voice recording features and method of use
Floor display system with interactive features
Electronic book data delivery apparatus, electronic book device and recording medium
Method and apparatus for simulating a radiation dose delivered to an object
Adjustable display device for computer monitors
Game apparatus, storage medium and computer program
Three dimensional archery target with replaceable target elements
Baseball pitch speed measurement and strike zone detection devices
Image processing device and information recording medium
Method and apparatus for creating and playing soundtracks in a gaming system
Educational basketball game device and method
Slot machine using a count valve to award bonus game
System, methodology, and computer program for gathering hockey and hockey-type game data
Method for generating random numbers
Methods for controlling water and particulate production
Enhanced LNG tanker offloading in shallow waters
Golf course green storm water filter
Vessel transfer system and associated methods
In-situ containment and extraction of volatile soil contaminants
Timber pile connector
Pipe bundle for underground installation
Screening laying box
Modular support/enclosure wall assembly and kit
Subsea pipeline insertion shoe
Jack-up apparatus for marine-based platforms
Method and arrangement for installation and removal of objects at sea
Sling-traverse device for massive object lifting system
Waterproof structure of handheld electronic device
Boat lift
Underwater exhaust system
Root nutrient delivery system
Yielding rock bolt
Corner connection for temporary shoring
Information processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
Head-mounted projection display system
Moving magnet actuator for providing haptic feedback
Method and apparatus for controlling force feedback interface systems utilizing a host computer
Information processing method
User interface for interactive video productions
Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted steps at edges in graphic representations in the line ...
Scheduling system
Information processing device and method, data holding device, and program
Managing scene graph memory using data staging
Devices and methods for interfacing human users with electronic devices
Method and apparatus for sensing body gesture, posture and movement
Force reflecting haptic interface
Computer input device
Method for exploring viewpoint and focal length of camera
Visualization of three dimensional images and multi aspect imaging
Packetized data transmissions in a switched router architecture
Controlling data collection, manipulation and storage on a network with service assurance capabiliti...
System for interconnecting standard telephony communications equipment to internet protocol networks
Radio signal broadcast system and method
Network formatting for remote location oximetry applications
Smart camera
Method of controlling physical distribution and a physical distribution controlling system
System, method and program product for automatically managing contracts
Shared internet storage resource, user interface system, and method
Sharing IP network resources
System and method for protecting privacy and anonymity of parties of network communications
Method and system for authenticating a message sender using domain keys
Integrated system for network layer security and fine-grained identity-based access control
Method and system for dynamic service registration in a data-over-cable system
Security scanning system and method utilizing generic IP addresses
Building distributed software services as aggregations of other services
Constraint route dissemination using distributed route exchanges
Method and apparatus for allowing a remote site to interact with an intermediate database to facilit...
Network processor system including a central processor and at least one peripheral processor
System, method, and computer program product for memory management for defining class lists and node...
Data file migration from a mirrored RAID to a non-mirrored XOR-based RAID without rewriting the data
Method and apparatus for sharing a security context between different sessions on a database server
Method and apparatus for converting programs and source code files written in a programming language...
Method and configurable model for storing hierarchical data in a non-hierarchical data repository
Method and apparatus for normalizing and converting structured content
Distributing queries and combining query responses in a fault and performance monitoring system usin...
Authentication and authorization pipeline architecture for use in a web server
Server access control methods and arrangements
Messaging infrastructure for identity-centric data access
AoC in All-IP networks
Billing for abbreviated dialing plan service
System and method for identifying parties in bills for communications services
Method for the establishment of a telecommunication link
Audio conferencing method
Decoding and processing system for advanced determination and display of city and state caller infor...
Customer premises equipment that can support multiple call control languages or multiple call agents
Methods and apparatus for performing diagnostics and gathering statistics in computer supported tele...
Control interface for computer supported telephony applications (CSTA) protocols
Method and apparatus for automatic call distribution
Device for optimizing the circuit switching capacity of a switching center
Low voltage broadband line driver
Portable communication device having an output unit positionable and rotatable with respect to an in...
Auto-released hinge for a mobile phone
Multipurpose earphone set
Charge meter system and method of compiling utilization fees
Method and apparatus for extended management of state and interaction of a remote knowledge worker f...
Veronica plant named 'Tickled Pink'
Echinacea purpurea plant named 'Little Giant'
Azalea plant named 'Roblef'
Staghorn sumac plant named 'Bailtiger'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'JACdouce'
Climber rose plant named 'JACadyna'
Pittosporum plant named 'CNI Three'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Fiveranda Pink'
European plum tree named named '92-110-69'
Clematis plant named 'EVIpo021'
Geranium plant named 'Free Laver Two'
Clematis plant named 'Evipo032'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Visinfdsg'
Aster plant named 'Esmore'
Pelargonium plant named 'Surfing Lilac'
Miscanthus plant named 'Mysterious Maiden'
Floribunda rose plant name 'Prose'
Helleborus plant named 'Walhelivor'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'Tantalizing Red'
Carnation plant called 'CFPC Angelica'
Shrub rose plant named 'Radtko'
Coefficient data generating apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method using ...
Motion-adaptive interpolation apparatus and method thereof
Video decoding and channel acquisition system
Real-time signal strength display of terrestrial digital television signals
Computer system and method for storing TV signals therein
Selective gain adjustment to aid carrier acquisition in a high definition television receiver
Printing digital images using a print utilization file
Processing film images for digital cinema
Apparatus and method for adjusting real time video to compensate for color blindness
SNR scalable video encoding method and corresponding decoding method
Method, system and apparatus for block matching based on visible pixels
Method for identifying sedimentary bodies from images and its application to mineral exploration
Method for identifying an object image
Method of pose estimation and model refinement for video representation of a three dimensional scene
System and method for providing a single-layer video encoded bitstreams suitable for reduced-complex...
Method and apparatus of enhancing a digital image using multiple selected digital images
Process for providing event photographs for inspection, selection and distribution via a computer ne...
1H-indazole compound
Lawsonia intracellularis proteins, and related methods and materials
Process for preparation of optically active sulfonamides and intermediates for their synthesis
Gene therapy by administration of genetically engineered CD34+ cells obtained from cord b...
Stress protein compositions and methods for prevention and treatment of cancer and infectious diseas...
Immunological combination compositions and methods
Using heat shock proteins to improve the therapeutic benefit of a non-vaccine treatment modality
Methods for preparing coated drug particles and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
Mammalian serine racemase
Synthetic peptide of regulatory virus protein R (VPR) of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)...
Determination and control of bimolecular interactions
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Methods and compositions for treating herpes infections
Analytical method
Methods and compositions of human 69087 nucleic acids and uses thereof
Treatment of skin disorders using thieno[2,3-D]pyrimidinediones
Piperidine amides as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Fluorescence dyes and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence screening assays for caspases, ...
Immunological reagents and diagnostic methods for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus type...
Diffusion bonding process of two-phase metal alloys
Method for treating organs subject to erosion by liquids and anti-erosion coating alloy
Magnetic powder, manufacturing method of magnetic powder and bonded magnets
Titanium alloy member
Highly quenchable Fe-based rare earth materials for ferrite replacement
Rhodium, platinum, palladium alloy
Anodization-adapted aluminum alloy and plasma-treating apparatus made thereof
Ir-based alloys for ultra-high temperature applications
Stainless steel canister for propellant-driven metering aerosols
Lead-free solder alloy and a manufacturing process of electric and electronic apparatuses using such...
Method and system for providing an audio element cache in a customized personal radio broadcast
Satellite broadcasting receiver receiving signal radio waves two broadcasting satellites
Method and apparatus for facilitating wireless communications with a nonautomotive roaming object
Impedeance matching circuit for a multi-band radio frequency device
Power estimation method
Direct synthesis transmitter
Radio frequency control for communication systems
Image rejection mixer for broadband signal reception
Telecommunications system and method for implementing H. 248 media gateways within third-generation ...
Method and system for planning and evaluation of CDMA radio networks
Increasing the capacity of a cellular radio network
Admission and congestion control in a CDMA-based mobile radio communications system
System for and method of providing priority access service and cell load redistribution
Estimation of interference in a radio communication network
Methods and apparatuses for implantable medical device telemetry power management
System and method for the detection and removal of radio frequency noise artifact from biopotential ...
Federated multiprotocol communication
Low carbohydrate dough and method for making
Cholesterol-lowering batter-based food composition and method for making same
Sealed system to dispense oleoresin capsicum and other hot spices into wet or dry batter
Apparatus and method for continuous rework fermentation
Low carbohydrate flour additive
Low carbohydrate bread product
Marshmallow-type adhesive food composition, and method for manufacturing same
Method and device for continuously emulsifying process cheese or the like, and method and apparatus ...
Method of producing an uncooked pressed cheese paste and paste thus obtained
Method for preparing a crumbly dairy product with expanded structure
System and method for producing concentrated food products with fractionation concentration
Galactosyl isomalt, method for production and use thereof
Flowable topping compositions and methods of making and using same
Food compositions and related methods
Method and system for auction or sales of deliverable prepared food via the internet
Custom food
Product authentication system for preventing distribution of counterfeits in market
Asynchronous art jurying system
Method and system for calibrating evidence models
Process improvement simulation
Method for generating an on-line community for behavior modification
Unified web-based system for the delivery, scoring, and reporting of on-line and paper-based assessm...
Dry erase article
Well-managed virtual hospital
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer base...
System and method for developing and managing the healthcare plans of patients with one or more heal...
Interactive broadcast channel
Computer method for controlling a display, and graphical tools for on-screen analysis
Hair educational tool
System and method for measuring reading skills
Device for teaching phonetic alphabet
Method of creating successful volunteer teams for organizations
Leadership training method
Method of and system for interacting with cognitively impaired individuals
Vascular-access simulation system with three-dimensional modeling
Voice alert in dentistry
Method and system for work-embedded learning and group facilitation using a computer-delivery system
E-learning course extractor
Alkylaromatic process with catalyst regeneration
Fuel composition
Olefin production from low sulfur hydrocarbon fractions
Heat treating a molecular sieve and catalyst
Olefin production utilizing whole crude oil and mild controlled cavitation assisted cracking
Phosphine ligands
Co-production of phenol, acetone, α-methylstyrene and propylene oxide, and catalyst therefor
Alkylaromatics production
Separation of methanol, ethanol and/or dimethyl ether from hydrocarbon mixtures
Method for side-chain alkylation or alkenylation
Use of recombinant bovine CD14 in the treatment and prevention of coliform mastitis in dairy cows
DNA construct comprising an FGF1B promoter region operably linked to an SV40 large T antigen encodin...
Nucleic acids encoding peptides that induce chondrocyte redifferentiation
Carotenoid ketolase gene
Thermoplastic cellulose derivative composition and fiber comprising the same
Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants
Method for the separation of triglycoalkaloids
Recombinant major allergen of the pollen of Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort)
Gene involved in brassinosteroid responses
Recombinant infectious laryngotracheitis virus and uses thereof
Oligonucleotides specific for hepatitis B virus
Cellulose acylate and solution thereof
Process for manufacturing cellulose acetate
Manufacturing process for porous material
Soybean cultivar 13873
Inbred corn line G1103
Steroid dehydrogenase 34 and the polynucleotide encoding same
Macrolide analogs
AAV5 vector and uses thereof
Double-stranded oligonucleotides
A1 adenosine receptor agonists
Aqueous formulations of (2-hydroxymethyl-indanyl-4-oxy)-phenyl-4,4,4-trifl- uorobutane-1-sulfonate
Three-branched sugar-chain asparagine derivatives, the sugar-chain asparagines, the sugar chains, an...
Human trace amine associated receptors
Expression receptors with 7 transmembrane domains in baculovirus-insect cell system
Stable cyanine dye phosphoramidites
Organic light emitting device material and organic light emitting devcie
Method for purifying 5' -protected 2' -deoxypurine nucleosides
Compositions and methods for inhibiting squamous cell carcinoma
Synthesis of protected 3'-amino nucleoside monomers
Molecules as produced by endothermic chemical reactions with anhydrous D-ribose
Nobel glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase and gene encoding it
Cell cycle genes and related methods
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Filtration and purification system and method therefor
Method for biological purification of effluents using biofilm supporting particles
Pool cleaning device
Device for creating at least one reaction zone in an aquifer
System for the treatment of soot-laden water
Chromatographic column seal
Environmentally friendly acid neutralizing full flow cartridge
Removable closure assembly for a water treatment system
Apparatus for filtering and separating flow media
Voided polyester film
Biological treatment process
Wastewater treatment
Water and aqueous mix treatment using venturi discharge oxygen
Nitrogen treating method and nitrogen treating system
System and method for separating heavy isotopes of hydrogen oxide from water
Method for automated isolation of fractions in multichannel separation systems
Method for removing metals from aqueous solutions using mixed lithic materials
Coated microbubbles for treating an aquifer or soil formations
Use of ozone for controlling growth of organisms
Filter cleaning and decontaminating system
Perfluorocarbon-soluble compounds
Energy harvesting molecules and photoresist technology
Microfluidic system
Peptide antibiotics and peptide intermediates for their prepartion
Preparation of 4-substituted-2-buten-4-olides from mucohalic acids
Arylpiperazines having activity at the serotonin 1A receptor
Methods for the treatment of back pain
Compounds and compositions for the treatment of diabetes and diabetes-related disorders
Novel polycyclic compounds which modulate PPARgamma type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compo...
Heterocyclic derivatives for treatment of hyperlipidemia and related diseases
Prodrugs of selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Novel benzodifuranimidazoline and benzofuranimidazoline derivatives and their use for the treatment ...
Nebivolol and its metabolites in combination with nitric oxide donors, compositions and methods of u...
Method for treating obesity
Constrained cyano compounds
Methods and devices for placing a gastrointestinal sleeve
System and methods for predicting transmembrane domains in membrane proteins and mining the genome f...
Remote health monitoring and maintenance system
Method for producing ubiquinone-10 in plant
Vectors having both isoforms of beta-hexosaminidase
siRNA-Mediated gene silencing with viral vectors
Targeting compounds to a cell nucleus
Use of neurosteroids to treat neuropathic pain
Neuroprotective spirostenol pharmaceutical compositions
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
Method for specifically potentiating N-type Ca2+ channel activity
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
mGluR1 antagonists as therapeutic agents
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
Compositions and methods for use against acne-induced inflammation and dermal matrix-degrading enzym...
Ophthalmic compositions and methods for treating ophthalmic conditions
Hydroxamic acids and acyl hydroxamines as NAALADase inhibitors
Synthesis of selective androgen receptor modulators
Preventing and/or treating cardiovascular disease and/or associated heart failure
Novel 27875, 22025, 27420, 17906, 16319, 55092 and 10218 molecules and uses therefor
Complementary DNAs encoding proteins with signal peptides
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Atrial fibrillation treatment and method
Active tissue augmentation materials and method
Percutaneous intramuscular stimulation system
Remote activity controller for people
Pattern recognition
Nonparametric control chart for the range
Method for processing expression data of genes
Method and apparatus for rule-based random irritator for model stimulus
Signal separation method and apparatus for restoring original signal from observed data
Method to improve the data transfer rate between a computer and a neural network
Compliance monitoring for anomaly detection
System having a model-based user interface for operating and monitoring a device and a method theref...
Automatically generating valid behavior specifications for intrusion detection
Signature recognition system and method
Residual activation neural network
Method and apparatus for edge correlation between design objects
Method for generating a network
System and method for sharing of expert knowledge
Graph structured data processing method and system, and program therefor
Method and system for composing a query for a database and traversing the database
Delta model processing logic representation and execution system
Racing game
Puzzle apparatus with audible sounds
Entertainment sound panels
Central speed control mechanism for remote control cars
Bobblehead trivia baseball
Strategy game with dynamic playing board
Rapid fire resetting target
Sound, light and storage system
Cylindrical ornamental body
Universal remote control with digital recorder
Carpet slide for recreational use
Marble bumper game apparatus and method of play
Strategic board game
Fluid-filled game device
Magic trick device and method
Page granular curtained memory via mapping control
Disk drive comprising an asynchronous partition located on a disk between two isochronous partitions
Backup firmware in a distributed system
Intercepting control of a host I/O process
Cache lock mechanism with speculative allocation
High speed memory cloner within a data processing system
Method and system for reading data from and writing data to a memory
Imprecise cache line protection mechanism during a memory clone operation
Contiguous physical memory allocation
Buffer pre-registration
Method and apparatus for selecting cache and proxy policy
Method and apparatus for detection and management of data streams
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
System for automated boot from disk image
Computer system operable to revert to a trusted state
Block interleaving apparatus, block deinterleaving apparatus, block interleaving method and block de...
Power reduction in scannable D-flip-flop with synchronous preset or clear
Method, system and program products for managing logical processors of a computing environment
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method with varying rotational speed of a disk type medium
Optical information recording medium
Optically recorded data discrimination apparatus and associated methodology
Optical recording medium, recording, and reproduction apparatus having multiple recording capacity f...
Optical recording medium
Radio transmission of isochronous and asynchronous information in a network having a variable number...
Transmitting circuit and method thereof, receiving circuit and method thereof, and data communicatio...
Non-volatile record medium, recording method, and recording apparatus
Watermark resistant to rotation and resizing
Picture processing method and apparatus
Method and system for electronic capture of user-selected segments of a broadcast data signal
Reproducing apparatus and superimposing method
Communication system, communication terminal and communication method
Audio control signal transmission apparatus and reception appartus, control system and control metho...
Information processing device, picture producing method, and program storing medium
Model adaptation apparatus, model adaptation method, storage medium, and pattern recognition apparat...
Electronic document processing apparatus and method for forming summary text and speech read-out
Information reading apparatus and information reading method
Arithmetic processing system and arithmetic processing control method, task management system and ta...
Layer member forming method
Non-contact treatment method
Vertically integrated photosensor for CMOS imagers
Semiconductor device with MISFET having low leakage current
Methods for making copper and other metal interconnections in integrated circuits
Electro-mechanical energy conversion system having a permanent magnet machine with stator, resonant ...
Apparatus for the controllable modification of compound concentration in a tube
Monitoring system for an industrial process using one or more multidimensional variables
Well twinning techniques in borehole surveying
System for acquiring data from facilities and method CIP
Optimization of storage and power consumption with soft error predictor-corrector
Drive assembly for a covering of an architectural opening
Low power, low maintenance, electric-field meter
Device and method for detecting fire sources of gas impurities
Electronic devices with small functional elements supported on a carrier
ISP system using non-geosynchronous orbit satellites
Device for transmitting data and control commands via radio connections in a distributed control sys...
Method and apparatus for an independent positioning system and augmentation of GPS
Deaeration of water and other liquids
Nutritional weight loss agent and method
Method for cheese manufacture
Sweetened nut butter spread and method for its production
Coating composition containing an epoxide additive and structures coated therewith
Food product scale with customer voice prompting and related methods
Microwave oven
RFID system and method for tracking food freshness
POI icon display method and navigation system
Self-absorbing gas-barrier receptacle for food packaging and food package obtained therefrom
French door chiller compartment for refrigerators
Methods of inhibiting dental erosion/discoloration using a beverage composition comprising a long ch...
Compositions for inducing secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1
Bacillus sp. WL-1 strain producing mannanase
High satiety index bread
Pastry fat composition incorporating botanically derived unhydrogenated oils
Soy protein-containing imitation dairy compositions and methods of making
Write-once optical recording medium
Composition containing an iron complexing protein and a precursor of nitrogen monoxide metabolism an...
High-intensity sweetener composition and delivery of same
Symmetrical halogenated and alkylated alditol derivatives and compositions and articles containing s...
Vent plug for milking liner
Vent plug for milking liner
Method for supply ordering
In-context access to relevant services from multiple applications and information systems by object ...
Integrated finance risk manager and financial transaction modeling device
Systems and methods for facilitating group rewards
Method of risk management and of achieving a recommended asset allocation and withdrawal strategy, a...
Methods and apparatus for automated underwriting of segmentable portfolio assets
Method and system for selling and purchasing media advertising over a distributed communication netw...
Credit management for electronic brokerage system
Systems and methods for pricing and selling digital goods
Method and apparatus for a mortgage loan management system
Secure user certification for electronic commerce employing value metering system
Method and system for animated and personalized on-line product presentation
Computer-implemented method and system for attributing applicable condition codes to field claims
Text classification apparatus
System and method of exploiting the security of a secure communication channel to secure a non-secur...
Protecting content from illicit reproduction by proof of existence of a complete data set using secu...
Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
Method for monitoring software using encryption including digital signatures/certificates
Normalized rotation on a web site of display items from multiple sources
Virtual work flow management method
Performance testing of server systems
Automated method and system for backtracing of instruction parameters from specified instruction in ...
System and apparatus for programming system views in an object oriented environment
Managing code when communicating using heirarchically-structured data
IF statement having an expression setup clause to be utilized in structured assembly language progra...
Extensible on-demand property system
Debugger protocol generator
Method and apparatus for testing and evaluating a software component using an abstraction matrix
Method and apparatus for detecting violations of type rules in a computer program
Debugging apparatus and method for systems of configurable processors
Multiple stage program recompiler and method
System and method for java preprocessor
Methods and apparatus for compiling computer programs using partial function inlining
Method and apparatus for efficient code generation for modulo scheduled uncounted loops
Remote incremental program binary compatibility verification using API definitions
System and method for securely upgrading networked devices
Lightweight global distribution mechanism
Deployment manager for organizing and deploying an application in a distributed computing environmen...
Reducing the size of generated code used to call common object model objects, while preserving type-...
Protected resource access in an object-oriented computing environment
Methods and systems for providing platform-independent shared software components for mobile devices
Music formulation
Device, method and computer program for displaying signal information
Apparatus for automatically turning page of book
Stringed instrument neck part variable deformation correcting device
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Electronic musical instrument connected to computer keyboard
Data reproducing device, data reproducing method, and information terminal
Multi-trigger electronic drum pedal
Keyboard with detection function for pressing pressure
Acoustic musical instrument and method
Musical instrument stand
Fixture for a drum paddle assembly
Musical teaching device and method
Real drum trigger monitor and amplified tone module
Time-scale modification of music signals based on polyphase filterbanks and constrained time-domain ...
Stringed instrument fingerboard with position markers
Zinc oxide nanotip and fabricating method thereof
Directed assembly of nanometer-scale molecular devices
Nano-structure and method of manufacturing nano-structure
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, a...
Production method of microlens array, liquid crystal display device and production method thereof, a...
Optical cross-connect switch with telecentric lens and multi-surface optical element
Wide-angle zoom lens
Zoom lens
Projection zoom lens and optical projector provided with the same
Rear focus zoom lens
Lens system and camera
Zoom lens
Photographing lens
Imaging lens
Telecommunications optical processor
Imaging lens
Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
Cellular telephone flip screen magnifier
Lens mounting device
Threaded lens coupling to LED apparatus with compressible locking ring
Binary beam steering device
Method and apparatus for transporting packet data over an optical network
Optical switching device and optical device
Temperature-compensated planar waveguide optical apparatus
Cellular phone and a base station thereof
Method and radio signature position determining entity (RS-PDE) for maintaining location database re...
Wireless communication system having mobility-based content delivery
Use of triggers and a location hypercube to enable push-based location applications
Inter-carrier messaging service providing phone number only experience
Method and devices for transmitting and receiving information
Wireless network system
Combined open and closed loop power control with differential measurement
Portable navigation and communication systems
Radio terminal for browsing the internet
Reduced power consumption wireless interface device
Method, apparatus and article to remotely associate wireless communications devices with subscriber ...
Smart host power supply detection for PC card wireless modem
Opening/closing structure for a flip attached to a portable phone
Foldable portable radio terminal
System and method for wireless location coverage and prediction
Method and system for facilitating mediated communication
Database management and recovery in a network-based filtering and aggregating platform
Airborne IP address structure
Wedge connector assembly
Gaming device having apparatus and method for producing an award through award elimination or replac...
Method and system for verifying entitlement to play a game using biometric identifier
Method and apparatus for downloading peripheral code
Method of and apparatus for producing uninterruptible power
Gaming device having interacting symbols
Pushbutton valve assembly
Sliding recreational device
Impedance control in electrical connectors
Gaming device having a first game scheme involving a symbol generator, a second game and a first gam...
Manipulation of a MinD gene in plants to alter plastid size, shape and/or number
Gaming device having an interactive matrix game
Method and apparatus for a player-controllable bonus game
Electronic payout administration method and system
SRAM with temperature-dependent voltage control in sleep mode
Battery management system and method
Measuring arrangement, energy storage module, and electrical apparatus
Heater control apparatus and method
Method of operating a wind power installation and a wind power installation
System and method to selectively prevent movements of an electric vehicle
Battery assembly system and electric-motor vehicle system using the same
Device and a method for voltage control in an electric transmission network
Device for the correction of the power factor in power supply units with forced switching operating ...
Soft-switching three-phase power factor correction converter
Factorized power architecture with point of load sine amplitude converters
Switching power supply
Multi-mode switching regulator
Switching power supply apparatus for outputting variable voltage
High efficiency high speed low noise regulator
Conditioning circuit for a power supply at the maximum power point, a solar generator, and a conditi...
Voltage step down circuit with reduced leakage current
Programmable linear-in-dB or linear bias current source and methods to implement current reduction i...
Linearly adjustable logarithmic output current sensing resistance system and method
DC-DC converter
Apparatus for calculating an effective voltage
Method and device for kinematic retaining cervical plating
Flexible systems for spinal stabilization and fixation
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Facet arthroplasty device and methods
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Intervertebral implant
Percutaneous methods for injecting a curable biomaterial into an intervertebral space
Modular humeral head resurfacing system
Tethered joint bearing implants and systems
Guide templates for surgical implants and related methods
Trochlear groove implants and related methods and instruments
System and method for bidirectional communication with an implantable medical device using an implan...
Method and apparatus for surface hardening implants
Methods to adapt search results provided by an integrated network-based media/search engine based on...
Interactive television program guide with passive content
High throughput cancer pharmaceutical screening using drosophila
Endophilin III gene disruptions, compositions and methods related thereto
Compositions comprising female germline stem cells and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for producing germ cells from bone marrow derived germline stem cells
Oligonucleotide arrays to monitor gene expression and methods for making and using same
Hue angle calculation system and methods
Device and method for communication with housekeeping services
Extended liner shelf talker
Die cut sheet with applied coating carrier
Printing media and methods employing digital watermarking
Apparatus and method for authenticated multi-user personal information database
Aircraft with foldable tail assembly
Hybrid exhaust heat shield for pylon mounted gas turbine engines
Methods and apparatuses for controlling airflow proximate to engine/airfoil systems
Safety device for parachute canopy
Aircraft with security alarm system
Deployable solar array assembly
Phase recovery filtering techniques for SCP throughput shortage
Rotor blade pitch control assembly
Control surface controller force measurement system
Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with redundant flight data display
Airframe structure-integrated capacitor
Fixed canard 2-D guidance of artillery projectiles
Wear resisting sleeve system for aircraft landing arresting cables
System and method for space elevator
Method and spoiler system for ensuring the aerodynamic continuity of the upper surface of an aircraf...
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Method and indicator for displaying information showing the airspeed tolerance margins for an aircra...
Onboard satellite processing to mitigate data recorder limits
Membrane structure
Aviation tire