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Method and system for adaptive power control in a networking system
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Cobalt-based alloy for the coating of organs subject to erosion by liquid
Method of producing reduced iron compacts in rotary hearth-type reducing furnace, reduced iron compa...
Wake tower and method of making same
Remote operated vehicles
Tethered sectional pier system
Sail assembly
Apparatus and method for providing a conscious patient relief from pain and anxiety associated with ...
Digital camera
Device for positioning disk-shaped objects
Dispensing nozzle
System and method for key distribution and network connectivity
Synchronization of authentication ciphering offset
Document services management including availability reporting of document distribution services
Operational optimization of a shared secret Diffie-Hellman key exchange among broadcast or multicast...
Method and apparatus for recording of encrypted digital data
Method and apparatus for generating a group of character sets that are both never repeating within c...
Interface surface printer
Encryption/decryption unit and storage medium
Method and apparatus to verify circuit operating conditions
Method and circuit to accelerate secure socket layer (SSL) process
Method and apparatus for providing privacy of user identity and characteristics in a communication s...
Authentication system, and contents-information sender and receiver
Linking public key of device to information during manufacture
Information providing apparatus and method, information processing apparatus and method, and program...
Server having an automatic management mechanism
Methods for audio watermarking and decoding
Waveguide structures and methods
Separation system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Text and image quality enhancement
Heat plate, heating element, belt type fixing device and image forming apparatus
Backlash reduction
Automatic rotating media stripper carriage for a printer and method for maintaining a printer
Feed guidance and identification for ink stick
Air bladder packing system and process for using the same
Crystallization and structure determination of Staphylococcus aureus NAD synthetase
System, method, and computer software for genotyping analysis and identification of allelic imbalanc...
Inbred corn line KW4U110
Hybrid maize 32B10
Cotton cultivar 03W201BR
Translation control elements for high-level protein expression in the plastids of higher plants and ...
Methods of suppressing flowering in transgenic plants
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Process for the preparation of 1-(3-trifluoromehylphenyl)-propan-2-ol enantiomers
Constitutive plant promoters
Human uncoupling proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Modified oligonucleotides, their preparation and their use
Combinant polypeptide for use in the manufacture of vaccines against Campylobacter induced di...
Multifunctional single chain glycoprotein hormones comprising three or more β subunits
Human CD28 specific monoclonal antibodies for antigen-non-specific activation of T-lymphocytes
Cloning and expression of recombinant adhesive protein Mefp-1 of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis ...
Sir2 products and activities
Compounds that bind HER2
Protease obtained from vibrio metschnikovii variants and detergent compositions comprising th...
Vector for the transformation of Phaffia rhodozyma and process of transformation thereby
Dwf4 polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Primula plant named 'Kerbelcrem'
Methods and apparatus for preparation and administration of training courses
System and method for providing educational content over a network
Camera reference device and method of making camera reference device
3D navigation techniques
Method and apparatus for improving performance on multiple-choice exams
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Apparatus and method to automatically collect data regarding assets of a business entity
System and method for identifying and establishing preferred modalities or channels for communicatio...
High speed network processor
Calendar events and calendar-driven application technique
Printable magnetic laminate having frangible coating for cleanly separable elements
Event listening device and system
Billiards game
Methods and apparatus for a casino game
Gaming device having an element and element group selection and elimination bonus scheme
Gaming device having games with variable game functions
Interactive exchange qualification game
Poker game played against multiple dealer hands
Board game for forming words
Word game and method of play
System and method for amalgamating multiple shipping companies using reusable containers and wide ar...
Sterilizer comprising application of microwave
Hydrocarbonaceous composition
Esters of aromatic alkoxylated alcohols and fatty carboxylic acids
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-alkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with aryl and ...
Mouth guard composition
Compounds of the N-acylamino amide family, compositions comprising same, and uses
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Compositions and methods for removal of incidental soils from fabric articles
Skin cleansing compositions
Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates
Paintwork coating composition and coating cloth
Microcapsule composition
Liquid electrophotographic inks or toners having reduced odors
Disposable cutting sheet
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibit...
Alcohol-free anti-bacterial wipes
Thickened cosmetic compositions
Hair conditioning compositions and their use in hair coloring compositions
Stable and efficacious soft solid product
Security arrangements for printed documents
Cable protector for central office cable rack
Single header encoding for multiple packets in packet switched network
Method and apparatus for macroblock DC and AC coefficient prediction for video coding
Generating vehicle traffic data from raw location data for mobile units
Group III-nitride layers with patterned surfaces
Power distribution network for optoelectronic circuits
Apparatus for applying DC power to an inductive load
Technique for increasing the number of persistent consistency point images in a file system
System and method for initializing operation for an information security operation
Method and apparatus for lock-free, non-blocking hash table
System and method for intelligent write management of disk pages in cache checkpoint operations
IP pool management utilizing an IP pool MIB
Distributed computing of a job corresponding to a plurality of predefined tasks
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of...
Multi-program processing system and rollback method for file used therefor
Mapping between part numbers that are based on different part numbering schemes
Storage system class distinction cues for run-time data management
System, method, software architecture, and business model for an intelligent object based informatio...
Supported catalyst systems
Presentation service architectures for netcentric computing systems
Touch sensitive input and display arrangement for controlling and monitoring aircraft cabin systems
Attitude determination system and method
Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching
Method for attaching an empennage assembly to a model airplane
Aircraft control system
Overhead space access stowable staircase
VTOL aircraft external load drag reduction system
Inertial reference system for an aircraft
Suspension part of a turbojet engine
Extendable joined wing system for a fluid-born body
Reflector deployment error estimation
Seeker for target-tracking missiles
Deployable flare for aerodynamically stabilizing a projectile
Aerosol generator
Divided nasal cannula assembly
Multi-layer wiping device
Air filtering device
Sanitary napkin having core predisposed to a convex upward configuration
Method and system for coordination of CAD drawings providing collision detection between drawings
Vault controller supervisor and method of operation for managing multiple independent vault processe...
Humidity control system for combination oven
Method, system and software for correcting image defects
Image processing device and method, and recorded medium
Probe mark inspection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for managing surface image of thin film device, and method and apparatus for ma...
Multi-modal motion estimation for video sequences
Video steganography
Method for separating image sequences stored on supports such as motion-picture film, video tape or ...
Macroblock level intrarefresh technique for encoded video
Multiplexer, multimedia communication apparatus and time stamp generation method
Readout circuit, solid state image pickup device using the same circuit, and camera system using the...
Light reflection/diffraction device, light reflection/diffraction device array, and image display
Damped control of a micromechanical device
Pattern generator mirror configurations
Color difference hue control system
Providing a partial column defect map for a full frame image sensor
Projection type image display apparatus
Apparatus for assisting video compression in a computer system
Method and apparatus for processing image
System to efficiently transmit two HDTV channels over satellite using turbo coded 8PSK modulation fo...
Detection and correction of asymmetric transient signals
Video signal processing circuit that can correspond to a plurality of television signal methods
Tank for a portable cleaning machine
Tank for a portable cleaning machine
Torso protector
Debraider tool
Cigarette pack
Light fixture
Halogen bulb
LED bulb
Adhesive patch
Tooth flushing machine
Shower panel
Faucet assembly
Minnow spearing decoy
Multi-rail firearm accessory mount
Divot repair tool
Body-building machine
Toy car
Non-volatile multi-stable memory device and methods of making and using the same
Method for upgrading firmware in an electronic device
Forming an optical element on the surface of a light emitting device for improved light extraction
Process for removing oxygenates from an olefinic stream
Display and it's driving method
Cathode active material for lithium secondary cell and method for manufacturing the same
Method of producing potassium sulfate via cation exchange
Method for preparing nano-carbon fiber and nano-carbon fiber
Method for forming composites of sub-arrays of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Process for producing aluminum nitride and aluminum nitride
Method and apparatus for the production of nitrogen trifluoride
Method of producing a metal-containing single-phase composition
Combined methane decomposition and ammonia formation cell
Method and composition to decrease iron sulfide deposits in pipe lines
Synthesis of A,B-alternating copolymers by olefin metathesis reactions of cyclic olefins or olefinic...
Feed purification at ambient temperature
How to convert carbon dioxide into synthetic hydrocarbon through a process of catalytic hydrogenatio...
Selective separation of fluid compounds utilizing a membrane separation process
Solvent-resistant microporous polybenzimidazole membranes and modules
Trench drain filtration system
Cache for large-object real-time latency elimination
Packet scheduling system and method for multimedia data
Process for indexing, storage and comparison of multimedia documents
Method for establishing a call in the presence of outband indication of PSTN involvement at multimed...
Method for radio bearer optimization through an adaptive access probability factor
Bandwidth allocation system
Optical disc copy prevention system
Multi-media workstation having a master rail system
Quantum bit with a multi-terminal junction and loop with a phase shift
Home comfort control using combined temperature and humidity measurements
Method and system for handling errors and a system for receiving packet stream data
Compare circuit and method for content addressable memory (CAM) device
Internet-based education support system and methods
Ferris-wheel queue
Data access system
Strong and searching a hierarchy of items of particular use with IP security policies and security a...
Location based services bridge to external data sources
Method for evaluation of energy utilities
Strategic planning and optimization system
Smart elevator system and method
Reducing and controlling sizes of model-based recognizers
Patient-controlled medical information system and method
Auto playlist generation with multiple seed songs
Graphic color music notation for students
Angle adjustment device for a paddle of a cymbal stand
Bellows with molded panels
Controlled release products and processes for the preparation thereof
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of colorectal cancer
αgalactosidases and methods of using them
Use of defibrinated blood for manufacture of a hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier
Medical-technical system and operating method therefor
Process for producing cold-gelling hydrocolloids
Process for production of the somatostatin analog, octreotide
Compositions and methods for the treatment of sepsis
Bioactive spinal implant material and method of manufacture thereof
Topical spray for burn treatment and anti-infection
Compositions and methods of treating, reducing and preventing cardiovascular diseases and disorders ...
Aripiprazole, olanzapine and haloperidol pamoate salts
Treatment of chronic myelogenous leukmia, resistant or intolerant to ST1571, involving homoharringto...
Health supplement
Antiviral proteins and peptides, DNA coding sequences therefor, and uses thereof
Fish feed with increased nucleotide content
Erythropoietin and albumin fusion protein, nucleic acids, and methods thereof
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic...
Universal stem cells
Method of making a bioremodelable vascular graft prosthesis
Uridine analogs and techniques for making and using
Hydrangea plant named '801'
Golden and burgundy variegated pigmy Barberry plant named 'Goruzam'
Smart camera
iBOX with home delivery auto-receipt system
Technique for effectively providing to a vehicle information concerning a condition of the vehicle
Slide segment with integral ball bearing mount
Methods and systems for routing signaling messages in a communications network using circuit identif...
Router polling system and method
Techniques for managing configuration for a system of devices arranged in a network
System and method for real-time electronic inquiry, delivery, and reporting of credit information
Method, system, and product for facilitating international travel with respect to immigration
Method and system for instruction of a computer using sensor with identifier
Apparatus and method for measuring spatially varying bidirectional reflectance distribution function
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Method and system for navigating a directory
Method of generating Huffman code length information
System for providing a document associated with a video signal
System and method for advertisement sponsored content distribution
Pre-filteriing to increase watermark signal-to-noise ratio
Method and apparatus for watermarking wavetable synthesis architectures
Genuine/counterfeit discriminating method, genuine/counterfeit discrimination object, and genuine/co...
Method and system for delivery of a facsimile using processing sensor
Interface surface printer
Handwritten text capture via interface surface having coded marks
Handwritten text capture via interface surface and sensor with identifier
Method of applying changes to a standby database system
Method for providing address change notification in an electronic message forwarding system
Service method of a rental storage and a rental storage system
Automated system for analyzing charges and credits of banks and other financial institutions
Sales transactions for transfer of agricultural products
Computerized systems and methods for facilitating the flow of capital through the housing finance in...
Automated methods and apparatus for programmed periodic replenishment of principal with annual adjus...
Automated security and reorder system for transponder tagged items
Control system and method for currency exchange and merchandise sales
System and method for offering multiple products
Object collaboration apparatus
Prevention of CD-audio piracy using sub-code channels
Grid data processing systems and methods
Negotiation system and method for electronic commerce
Adaptive content delivery system and method
Systems and methods for performing parametric searches
Facilitating electronic commerce transactions using buyer profiles
Multiple alignment genome sequence matching processor
Method for integrating online and offline cryptographic signatures and providing secure revocation
Method and system for master planning priority assignment
Docubase indexing, searching and data retrieval
Method and systems for default mapping mechanization
Generic command interface for multiple executable routines having character-based command tree
Internal combustion engine having variable valve actuation device and method of calculating intake a...
Baby bottle holder
Method and apparatus for verifying the integrity and security of computer networks and implementing ...
Method and device for implementing a downloadable software delivery system
Battery with bifunctional electrolyte
Packaging system for coiled goods
Hydraulic tool with rapid ram advance
Column mounted player tracking display
Player tracking display vertical mount
Voice avatars for wireless multiuser entertainment services
Prediction analysis apparatus and program storage medium therefor
Deriving a genome representation for evolving graph structure weights
Systems and methods for adaptive medical decision support
System and method for accurate grammar analysis using a part-of-speech tagged (POST) parser and lear...
Metamodel generation on the basis of examples of target models
Signal interpretation engine
Medical gas alarm system
Methods of diagnosing liver fibrosis
Diagnostic methods for determining susceptibility to convulsive conditions
Hybrid adenovirus/adeno-associated virus vectors and methods of use thereof
Lipid encapsulated interfering RNA
Antagonism of TGF-beta superfamily receptor signaling
Method and composition for longevity assurance
Method of measuring neprilysin activity
Single-stranded and double-stranded oligonucleotides comprising a 2-arylpropyl moiety
Marker genes
Identification of tissue/cell specific marker genes and use thereof
Treatment of age-related memory impairment
Composition and methods for improved animal performance
Use of multipotent adult stem cells in treatment of myocardial infarction and congestive heart failu...
Gilsonite derived pharmaceutical delivery compositions and methods: nail applications
Nasal spray formulation and method
High resolution metabolic brain imaging
Electrical stimulation system and method for stimulating tissue in the brain to treat a neurological...
Facet joint fusion devices and methods
Active muscle assistance device and method
Glycogen or polysaccharide storage disease treatment method
Quinoline- and isoquinoline-based compounds exhibiting ATP-utilizing enzyme inhibitory activity, and...
Pyridazine derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Prophylactic or therapeutic agents for diseases associated with dysfunction of NOS
Aryl-substituted piperazine derivatives
Six-membered heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
Protein kinase modulators and method of use
Non-imidazole tertiary amines as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and ...
Naphthaline derivatives as H3 inverse agonists
Metabolites of 4-(3,4-dichloro-phenyl)-2-[2-(4-methyl-piperazin-1-yl)-benz- ylidene]thiomorpholin-3-...
New compounds
Methods and compositions for protecting and treating muscarinic receptors through administration of ...
Methods and compositions for protecting or treating muscarinic receptors through administration of p...
Effects of apolipoprotein B inhibition on gene expression profiles in animals
Methods and therapeutic combinations for the treatment of obesity using sterol absorption inhibitors
Compounds for control of appetite, blood pressure, cardiovascular response, libido, and circadian rh...
Multiple-variable dose regimen for treating TNFalpha-related disorders
Internet television broadcast system
Method and apparatus for routing
Switch memory management using a linked list structure
Simple multicast extension for mobile IP SMM
Unified management system and method for multi-cabinet data storage complexes
Arithmetic unit and method thereof
Apparatus and method for providing true geodetic coordinates
Method for detecting line-to-line fault location in power network
Interactive weather forecast system and method of using same
Superimposing graphic representations of ground locations onto ground location images after detectio...
Automatic defect classification with invariant core classes
Binaural signal processing techniques
Adaptive sampling method for improved control in semiconductor manufacturing
Lens array package and fabrication method
Methods and apparatus for improving high frequency input/output performance
Wafer-level chip-scale package
Stackable semiconductor package with solder on pads on which second semiconductor package is stacked
Semiconductor device with sensor and/or actuator surface and method for producing it
Methods and apparatus for particle reduction in MEMS devices
High-voltage lateral transistor with a multi-layered extended drain structure
Charge-coupled device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and standard cell placement design method
High-density FinFET integration scheme
Systems and method for picking and placing of nanoscale objects utilizing differences in chemical an...
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Low selectivity deposition methods
Method of producing semiconductor crystal
Solvent vapor infiltration of organic materials into nanostructures
Method for forming low-k dielectric layer of semiconductor device
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Methods to planarize semiconductor device and passivation layer
Semiconductor copper line cutting method
Dry etching method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Printing cartridge with capacitive sensors for identification of characteristics
Score management system, score management server, and data recording medium
Hydrostatic transmission
Polymeric-matrix brachytherapy sources
Isostatic polypropylene crosslinking in the presence of peroxide
Multilayer structure including an active electrochemical material and ionic polymer in a electrochem...
Process for manufacturing multilayer pellets and use of the multilayer pellets
Expandable packer with anchoring feature
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 3-bit ADC and endpoint correction
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Compounds and methods for the treatment of urogenital disorders
Method of treating incontinence
Emergency ballast for compact fluorescent lamp with battery heater
Immunogenic Hepatitis C virus non-structural polypeptides
Programmable wireless electrode system for medical monitoring
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the cleaning device
Liquid crystal display device
Process for the production of N-methyl pyrrolidone using gamma butyrolactone and mixed methylamines ...
Server side sampling of databases
Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and play...
Transmitting of cell management information in a cellular communication network
Cognitive radio engine based on genetic algorithms in a network
Virtual radio
System for preventing unauthorized use of a mobile phone
Multi-mode interoperable mobile station communications architectures and methods
Receiver front-end filtering using low pass filtering and equalization
Numerical control of sideband energy and modulation compression method for the radio frequency trans...
Method and apparatus for testing a radio network
Establishing or releasing a radio connection between a mobile and a cell for wireless telecommunicat...
Regulating access rates in a radio communication system
Sports board music
Transmission device and reception device
Radiographic image capturing system and radiographic image capturing method
Method and adaptive modulation in multi-carrier communication
Apparatus, system and method for flip modulation in an impulse radio communications system
Packet communicating apparatus
Arrangements and method for controlling transmission of data bits
Mobile wireless internet portable radio
Mobile wireless internet portable radio
Method and device for wireless controlled access to telematic and voice services
Apparatus and method for fading frequency estimation
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR...
Over-voltage protection circuit and method therefor
State-of-charge detector, program, method and charge-discharge control device utilizing rate of chan...
Watercraft battery control system
Method and system for controlling a belt-driven integrated starter generator
Power equipment apparatus having a power generation system
Microprocessor controlled portable heating system
Electronic power-saving power control circuit
Switched mode power supply with delay-compensated current mode control
Power factor controlled regulator with variable output voltage feedback
Hybrid reactive power compensation device
Alternator system with temperature protected voltage regulator
Combined off-board device and starter/charging/battery system tester
System and method of battery capacity reporting
Power converter with power factor adjusting means
Methods to improve efficiency of lithium/silver vanadium oxide cell discharge energy in implantable ...
Time-based current control in switching regulators
Accessory for use with mobile telephones
Auxiliary switching circuit for a chopping converter
Electrical component, such as a radio, audio component, battery charger or radio/charger
Porous tubular device and method for controlling windblown particle stabilization deposition and ret...
Method and apparatus for anchoring a mine roof bolt
Containment system
Walkway bracket for use with helical anchor
Stackable riser configuration
Planting receptacle assembly and a method for planting
Device with thermoelectric cooling
Quantum computation with quantum dots and terahertz cavity quantum electrodynamics
Optical switch with 3D waveguides
Radiation generating apparatus, radiation generating method, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
Excimer or molecular fluorine laser with several discharge chambers
Multiple-disk laser system
High power semiconductor laser device
Controlling laser polarization
Harmonic generator, method for driving harmonic generator, image-displaying apparatus, image-forming...
Wavelength agile laser
Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, information recording and/or reproducing method,...
Integrated circuit substrate having embedded passive components and methods therefor
Oscillator imaging with control of media speed and modulation frequency
Object detecting apparatus
Enhanced lithographic displacement measurement system
Monolithic photoreceiver technology for free space optical networks
Light source device and exposure equipment using the same
Method for producing seal-welded connections between a stamped grid and a plastic component
Printed wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for treatment of human skin damaged by laser treatment or chemical peelings and compositions...
Method and apparatus for enhanced size reduction of particles using supercritical fluid liquefaction...
3a,4,5,9b-tetrahydro-1H-benz[e]indol-2-yl amine-derived neuropeptideYreceptors ligands useful in the...
Isothiazoloanthrones, isoxazoloanthrones, isoindolanthrones and derivatives thereof as JNK inhibitor...
Phenylacetic acid compositions for treating or preventing hypercholesterolemia
Heterocyclic compounds, their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use...
Tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives as PPAR-alpha activators
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 1,4-dioxino[2,3-b]pyridine
Substituted pyrrolines as kinase inhibitors
1,4-diazabicyclo[3.2.2]nonane-4-carboxylates and carboxamide derivates, production and use thereof i...
DNA encoding SNORF33 receptor
Thyronamine derivatives and analogs and methods of use thereof
Method for detecting a gram-negative bacterial autoinducer molecule
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Processes for preparing clarithromycin polymorphs
Component assembly with solder glass preform for lighting device and sealing process
Cleaning blade, its production method, image forming device, and image forming method
Method for selecting frame encoding parameters in a frame-based communications network
Oxidative halogenation and optional dehydrogenation of c3+hydrocarbons
Method for separating methyl 4-(2-chloro-4-fluorophenyl)-2-(3,5-difluoro-2-pyridinyl)-6-methyl-1,4-d...
Optical recording medium with high density track pitch and optical disk drive for recording and play...
Selectable detent relief valve
Drill insert geometry having V-notched web
Method and apparatus for determining liquid absorption of aggregate
Controlling the listening horizon of an automatic speech recognition system for use in handsfree con...
Multi-function portable device
Plug connector having a rotatable outgoing cable part
Apparatus and method for ventricular rate regularization with biventricular sensing
Transgenic non-human mammals producing a cholinesterase in their milk
High-speed router with single backplane distributing both power and signaling
Tuned cradle type damping device
Multi-functional portable electro-medical device
Method of measuring the stress or relaxation level of a mammal
Polishing pad and method of making same
Bone implant
Process for production of alkyllene oxide polymers
Method for online estimation of reactor split for multimodal polyolefins
Electrolytic capacitors with a polymeric outer layer
Tryptase inhibitor proteins derived from blood-feeding anthropod ectoparasites
Plasma pyrolysis, gasification and vitrification of organic material
Enhanced digital data collector for removable memory modules
Architecture tool and methods of use
Table type display device and an assembling method thereof
Hetero-branched radial polystyrene-polyisoprene block copolymer composition and preparation method t...
Flash control device, flash control system, master flash device, and remote flash device
Genes integrating signal transduction pathways
Delta-aminolevulinic acid for prevention and treatment of infection by pathogenic microorganisms and...
Spray delivery system and method for aerosol products
Systems and methods for enhancing blood circulation
Magnetic memory having angled third conductor
Testing flat panel display plates using high frequency AC signals
Cathode-ray tube
Imaging system protocol handling method and apparatus
Organic compound having cyano group and insecticides/miticides
Panel-shaped composite wooden element
Process for conditioning standing and flowing water systems
Slurry feed apparatus for fiber-reinforced structural cementitious panel production
Method of and system for forming a fire door core
Transgenic plant cells and plants having modified activity of the GBSSI and of the BE protein
Curable organopolysiloxane composition and mother mold for cast molding
Free flowing glass batch
Enhanced thickness fabric and method of making same
Method for manufacturing a masking member
Composite article
Fabric reinforcement and cementitious boards faced with same
Method and device for making stuffed tofu
Method and apparatus for downhole artificial lift system protection
Method for producing paper and agent for improving yield
Slow-release (GSSP) fertilizer
Pelleted organic calcium phosphate compositions
Apparatus and process for cooling and de-steaming calcined stucco
Wall boards or panel boards for use in interior construction and dry construction
Drywall patch kit
Building panel repair
Molding for drywall ceiling grid
Cementitious exterior sheathing product with rigid support member
Pre-molded corner flashing for use with sealing members
Apparatus for displaying culinary horticultural or floral items
Logo apparatus for shoe
Inner sole adjustable in weight
Apparatus facilitating walking in ski boots
Article footwear with removable heel pad
Therapeutic shoe sole design, method for manufacturing the same, and products constructed therefrom
Footwear with resilient heel
Device for suspending a foot within a shoe and shoes incorporating such devices
Insert saddle shoe
Secure shoe and method of using same
Footwear variable tension lacing systems
Integrated woven upper region and lacing system
Footwear closure system
Engineered fabric with tightening channels
Footwear system
Sole construction for energy storage and rebound
Shoe sole and molds for makig the sole
Sole and means for airing shoes
Osteospermum plant named 'Oste Pur'
Plant transcriptional regulators of drought stress
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Novel immunoadhesins for treating and prventing toxicity and pathogen-mediated diseases
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Soybean genes for resistance to aphis glycines
Commercially viable process for in-vitro mass culture of Chlorophytum borivilianum
Soybean cultivar 1000109
Methods and compositions for producing germ cells from peripheral blood derived germline stem cells
Production of heterologous proteins in avians
Transgenic animals expressing transglutaminase II
Human artificial chromosome containing human antibody lambda light chain gene and non-human animal c...
Transgenic non-human animals for producing chimeric antibodies
Alpha(1,3)Galactosyltransferase enzyme that assembles the Galalpha(1,3)Gal xenoantigen
GPR54 knock-out mammals and screening methods using them
In vivo animal model of human leukemia
Screening assays and methods of tumor treatment
Proteins involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis
Nuclear transfer embryo formation method
Transgenic non-human animals for producing heterologous and chimeric antibodies
Method of manipulating matter in a mammalian body
Sample analysis systems
System and method of coordinating medical screening and treatment data
User-centric event reporting
Implant and arrangement for especially replacing surfaces that are subject to stresses
Prosthesis and method of implantation
Pulsed current sintering for surfaces of medical implants
Cup assembly of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis
Knee prosthesis with a rotational plate
Stacking implants for spinal fusion
Skeletal reconstruction device
Patch material for intervertebral disc annulus defect repair
Interspinous vertebral implant
Cardiac rhythm management patient report
Exchange method for emboli containment
Flash memory management method that is resistant to data corruption by power loss
Method of creating a plurality of partitions on removable device
Bus protocol for a switchless distributed shared memory computer system
Microprocessor, apparatus and method for selectively associating store buffer cache line status with...
Method and system for recovery of meta data in a storage controller
Scalable architecture based on single-chip multiprocessing
System and method for selecting a frequency and voltage combination from a table using a selection f...
Cache programmable to partition ways to agents and/or local/remote blocks
Method, system, and program for ordering of physical extents
Cache system with DMA capabilities and method for operating same
Emulation processing method for a storage device and storage device
Method for snooping raid 1 read transactions by a storage device
Executing binary images from non-linear storage systems
Data storing system and transmission control method
Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
Data storage system
Method for providing user authentication/authorization and distributed firewall utilizing same
Systems and methods for food waste monitoring
Mental agility lozenge, edible strip, food or drink
Modification of feeding behavior
Sodium chondroitin sulfate, chondroitin-sulfate-containing material and processes for producing the ...
Methods of modifying feeding behavior, compounds useful in such methods, and DNA encoding a hypothal...
High barrier antifog laminate for case ready meat packaging
Multilayer sheet and package body made from the multilayer sheet for packaging food, medicine or too...
Frozen confection dispenser and associated methods
Food items based on starch networks
Pet food product and method of producing same
Method of cooking meat, fowl, or seafood using oil contained therein, and a plate of chicken prepare...
Process for producing soybean powder and process for poducing soybean milk
Protein-containing dairy product
Batter coating for food pieces
Low carbohydrate snack food
Method for conducting a cooking process using a cooking process sensor
Flour treatment method
Filter and method for cooking oil filtration
Method and means for decorating bakery goods
Visually-appealing microwaveable frozen meal
Aqueous edible paint composition, method of preparation and kit
Thermoplastic elastomer films
Peanut powder compositions and methods of making same
Filter aid used in alluviation
Microbiological control in poultry processing
Solid phase synthesis of salts of organic acid
Chewing gum base and chewing gum compositions
Method of automatic cleaning of cooking cavities
Pin-retained inlay bridge and process of making and fitting such
Dough dividing apparatus
Hand-held food processor
Food processor with different tools
Cover for food processor
Self-heating food and beverage container made from a thermally conductive polymer composition
Squirrel proof bird feeder
Lens barrel incorporating the advancing/retracting mechanism
Cam mechanism of a photographing lens
Multipoint autofocus system
Camera having shake correction device mounted thereon
Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating and communicating with...
Waterproofed breathable sole for shoes and method for the manufacture thereof
Article of footwear and method of manufacturing same
Nanotube with at least a magnetic nanoparticle attached to the nanotube's exterior sidewall and elec...
Process for producing catalysts comprising nanosize metal particles on a porous support, in particul...
Method and apparatus for mixed-mode optical proximity correction
Apparatus and method for memory sharing between interleaver and deinterleaver in a turbo decoder
Method of an address trace cache storing loop control information to conserve trace cache area
Voice control system for operating home electrical appliances
High-frequency switch module
System and method for improving performance of an HDR wireless terminal with diversity
Developer supply and recovery system used with wet electro-photographic image forming apparatus, and...
Amplifying optical fiber and method for fabricating the same
Image interpolation method and apparatus thereof
System and method for demodulating multiple Walsh codes using a chip combiner
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Optical pickup device having chromatic aberration correction lens
Methods of programming non-volatile semiconductor memory devices including coupling voltages and rel...
Method for testing a transformer and corresponding test device
Protective undergarment
System for cell-based screening
Keyboard having a lighting system
Lighting device for motor vehicles
Apparatus and methods for providing an emergency lighting augmentation system
System and method for implementing XML on an energy management device
Apparatus and method for cone beam volume computed tomography breast imaging
Non-iterative algebraic reconstruction technique for tomosynthesis
Transmitted X-ray data acquisition system and X-ray computed tomography system
Apparatus and method for X-ray computer tomography
Vibration-attenuation devices having low lateral stiffness, and exposure apparatus comprising same
Lithographic projection apparatus, a method for determining a position of a substrate alignment mark...
Method of preventing junction leakage in field emission devices
Collector design for computed radiography
Method and system of contrast management of images using SIMD instructions and saturation arithmetic
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Anti-scatter grids and collimator designs, and their motion, fabrication and assembly
Method of producing micro structure, method of producing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge...
Optimized record technique selection in radiography and fluoroscopy applications
Reflective mask useful for transferring a pattern using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation and meth...
Methods and apparatus for identification and imaging of specific materials
Intervertebral implant
Calibration and alignment of X-ray reflectometric systems
Pressure transducer protection valve
Implant registration device for surgical navigation system
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Toner supply kit
Miniature x-ray tube with micro cathode
Fresnel lens sheet and rear projection screen
Transflective electrophoretic display
Interface device for sensing position and orientation and outputting force to a user
Beamformed ultrasonic imager with delta-sigma feedback control
Electrical devices containing conductive polymers
Transparent conductive film
Cordless and wireless telephone docking station with land line interface and switching mode
Data processing system for application to access by accreditation
External transformer correction in an electricity meter
Method of addressing and sorting an interoffice distribution using an incoming mail sorting apparatu...
Hermetic component housing for photonic catheter
Method and apparatus for improved metabolite signal separation in MR spectroscopy
System and method for analyzing and imaging an enhanced three-dimensional volume data set using one ...
Optical film with co-continuous phases
Arbitrary phase profile for better equalization in dynamic gain equalizer
Automatic correction for continuum background in laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy
Detector for electromagnetic radiation and a method of detecting electromagnetic radiation
Method for fringe field compensation of an actively shielded superconducting NMR magnet
System and methods for analyzing carbonate formations while drilling
Stand-alone organic-based passive devices
Method and system for providing advanced notice of cost to access web content
Method and system for extending the performance of a web crawler
System and method for enhancing the availability of routing systems through equal cost multipath
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices having multi-block error detection logic and entry selectiv...
Digital receiver for a signal generated with discrete multi-tone modulation
Non-parametric matched filter receiver for wireless communication systems
Temperature compensation for silicon MEMS resonator
Process for recognition of lane markers using image data
Mobility assist device
Construction of electrophoretic displays
Biodegradable polylactide resin composition
Microscale vacuum tube device and method for making same
P450 single nucleotide polymorphism biochip analysis
Microwave absorbing structure
Methods for the treatment of coagulation disorders with lipoprotein associated coagulation inhibitor...
Light emitting material integrated into a substantially transparent substrate
Operation of a hydrogen storage and supply system
Employment of instruction in program supported by server application to cause execution of program u...
Methods and apparatus for low overhead enhancement of web page and markup language presentations
System and method for creating a definition for a target device based on an architecture configurati...
Method and apparatus for compiling source code to configure hardware
Ternary content addressable memory based multi-dimensional multi-way branch selector and method of o...
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked li...
Method and system for specifying a cache policy for caching web pages which include dynamic content
Painted metal sheet for printing with a sublimation dye
Digital clock recovery PLL
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory device
Tapered angle magnetoresistive element and nonvolatile solid-state memory using the same
Magnetic head apparatus with microactuator having function of short-circuiting both electrodes of ep...
Magnetic media and process of making thereof
Rotary head cleaning device
Method of making magnetic head having narrow pole tip and fine pitch coil
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same, and thin-film magnetic head substructure
Thin film magnetic head including coil wound in toroidal shape and method for manufacturing the same
Pole structure to relieve adjacent track writing
Chucking mechanism of center core of disk cartridge
Protection of electronic apparatus against erroneous operations by stopping power supply
Two-part flow conditioning apparatus for a disc drive
Disk drive modifying a rotational position optimization algorithm based on motor capability of a VCM
Method and apparatus for applying adaptive non-linear repeatable runout compensation in a disk drive
Magnetic recording system which eliminates skew angle effect
Adjusting track density over disk radius by changing slope of spiral tracks used to servo write a di...
Magnetic disk drive which accesses host RAM
Write channel having a preamplifier and a non-uniform transmission line
Data read/write method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for media thermal decay measurement in a disk drive
Method and apparatus for high fly write detection using stored amplitude values
System and method for portable emulation of operating environment
Method and apparatus for performing seek operations in a disk drive having a disk surface with spira...
Method of and content delivery server for delivering content to a personal computer having a disk dr...
Disk drive including a stamped arm assembly and method of making an actuator arm assembly
Voice coil for disk drive
Head stack and actuator arm assemblies including a bobbin to stiffen the coil portion of an actuator...
Disk drive with coil spring attaching flex bracket to base
Disk drive having a disk including a servo burst pattern having a normal servo burst field and a qua...
Extended position error signal for analog servo disk drive
Monitoring of phenomena indicative of PTP in a magnetic disk drive
Spindle motor having spindle motor stator with laminate layers for increased head stack assembly acc...
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and communication apparatus
Use of serotonergic compound for a method of treatment of hot flushes in post-menopausal women
Push-button type electrical switch having secondary conductive pathway to ground
Method for conferring herbicide, pest, or disease resistance in plant hosts
Differentiating acute myocardial infarction from other ECG abnormalities
Method and apparatus for bit error rate detection
Heterogeneous/homogeneous copolymer
Method for producing highly reactive polyisobutenes
System, method and computer program product for programmable fragment processing in a graphics pipel...
Composite thermal interface devices and methods for integrated circuit heat transfer
Base station apparatus provided with array antennas
Thieno[3,2-b]pyridine-6-carbonitriles and thieno[2,3-b]pyridine-5-carbonitriles as protein kinase in...
Phosphine compounds, transition metal complexes with the compounds contained as ligands therein, and...
Oxidized polymeric carbohydrates and products made thereof
Mask-programmable logic device with building block architecture
Apparatus and method for preparation of a peritoneal dialysis solution
Reduced unit database generation based on cost information
Table saw
Small conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels (SK 3)
Human ovarian mesothelial cells and methods of isolation and uses thereof
Olefin polymerization in the presence of a dehydrogenation catalyst
Polymer composition
Antiviral pyrimidinedione derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Method and apparatus for spinning to a constant length
Optical junction apparatus and methods employing optical power transverse-transfer
Cranberry based dietary supplement and dental hygiene product
Aerosol spray container with time delayed release actuator
Cogeneration system, operation controller for cogeneration facility, and operation program for cogen...
Thermal flux processing by scanning
Dynamic column block selection
Easy axis magnetic amplifier
Light emitting diode having an adhesive layer and a reflective layer
Floating mode ion source
Use of agents and control documents to update a database structure
Ultrafiltration device for drug binding studies
Fluid conductivity measuring cell
Process for the enumeration and identification of microorganisms
Method of manufacturing membranes and the resulting membranes
Pendant drop control in a multiwell plate
Low holdup volume multiwell plate
Pendant drop control in a multiwell plate
Reception head for a filter unit
Method of forming polysaccharide structures
Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media
Porous adsorptive or chromatographic media
Peristaltic pump comprising members for locating a tube
Peristaltic pump comprising a bearing member and a counter-member adapted to cooperate with a tube
Detachable engageable microarray plate liner
Disposable bioreactor/fermenter
Method for the manufacture of a composite filter plate
Disposable integral filter unit
Systems and methods for fluid quality monitoring using portable sensors in connection with supply an...
Method of labeling object, object to which label is attached by the method, and method of distinguis...
Method for the determination of glucuronides in physiological samples
Bioreactor for growing cell or tissue cultures
Cell culture device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of mass producing silk protein and gene recombinant silk-like protein with added functionalit...
Method for isolation of independent, parallel chemical micro-reactions using a porous filter
Soy protein concentrate with high gel strength and the process for making the same
Botanical compositions having hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and antimicrobial activities for maintaini...
Fungicidal gel and method for controlling nail fungi
Apparatus and method for the prevention of polar ice mass depletion
TOC component removing apparatus and process for removing TOC components
Superoxidant poiser for groundwater and soil treatment with in-situ oxidation-reduction and acidity-...
Water-treating microbicide, water treatment method and water treatment apparatus
Method of concentrating pulp mill extracts
Particle separation
Textured ion exchange membranes
Substrate cleaning method
Ink composition and inkjet recording method
Method and system for storing water inside buildings
Cosmetic preparation of active substances with a synergistically increased radical protection factor
Method for separating fluids
Push release loop
Telescoping boat tower apparatus
Crab pot rack for removable installation on a boat
Multipurpose tower for monohull with moveable hatch
Boat washing and towing device
Structure for fastening shipboard-protecting fender
Personal watercraft
Accessing audio processing components in an audio generation system
System and methods for recognizing sound and music signals in high noise and distortion
Tactile sensing method and system
Electronic music apparatus and program
Controlling sharing of files by portable devices
Adjustable tremolo bridge
Stringed instrument string winder and method of manufacturing the chord winder
Panoramic visual system for non-rotating structures
Digital multimeter
System for offering targeted discounts to customers and collecting purchasing behavior data
Brush assembly for magnetic induction test apparatus
Steam table pan
Method and system for selective incentive point-of-sale marketing in response to customer shopping h...
Set of sharps containers
Method and apparatus for selective distribution of discount coupons
Method and system for building a database for use with selective incentive marketing in response to ...
Method and system for printing a combination pharmaceutical label and directed newsletter
Key-based secure storage
Containment of worms
Storage conversion for anti-virus speed-up
Apparatus, method and program to detect and control deleterious code (virus) in computer network
Method to enhance platform firmware security for logical partition data processing systems by dynami...
Secure storage tracking for anti-virus speed-up
Real-time voting based authorization in an autonomic workflow process using an electronic messaging ...
Method and system for federated provisioning
Method and system for enabling trust infrastructure support for federated user lifecycle management
Method and system for establishing federation relationships through imported configuration files
Method and apparatus for tracking security attributes along invocation chain using secure propagatio...
Identity access management system
Federated identity brokering
Method and system for externalized HTTP authentication
Framework for a security system
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for improving video-on-demand content delivery in re...
Data broadcasting receiver power management
Dynamic selection and interposition of multimedia files in real-time communications
Real-time multi-modal business transformation interaction
Method and apparatus for data-aware hardware arithmetic
Method, system and program products for managing logical processors of a computing environment
Semiconductor memory device and test method of the same
Method for checking a computer system configuration
Multi-channel bi-directional bus network with direction sideband bit for multiple context processing...
Address conversion apparatus, address conversion method and computer program
Transaction duration management in a USB host controller
Low pin count (LPC) I/O bridge
Methods and arrangements for configuring a printer over a wireless communication link using a wirele...
Replacing file system processors by hot swapping
Memory module with improved data bus performance
Method and device for transmitting information on a bus system, and a bus system in which different ...
System comprising a state machine controlling transition between deskew enable mode and deskew disab...
Device and method for multi-ported, single bus-mastering data buffer management
System area network of end-to-end context via reliable datagram domains
Anti-personnel ammunition
Apparatus and method of portable automated biomonitoring of water quality
Pattern detection using the Bragg Effect at RF frequencies
Granular photocatalytic material, functional restoration method therefor, and apparatus for decompos...
Transparent polycarbonate polyester composition and process
Method for producing phosphoric acid
Zeolite-containing cement composition
Metal stud frame element
Panelized wall system utilizing trough-edge building panels
Syndiotactic rich polyolefins
Polyurethane-containing building materials
Triazole compounds and their use as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists
Water-based drilling fluids
Insulation board with air/rain barrier covering and water-repellent covering
Nutritional supplement for osteoarthritis
Use of polyethylene glycol based fluidized polymer suspension in functional systems
Eyelid margin wipes comprising chemical means for temperature adjustment
Stabilized antimicrobial composition
Foam skin cream, use of the foam skin protection cream and a process of its preparation
Novel drug delivery system
Novel drug delivery system