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Device and a method for transforming signal propagation mode by interference
Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
Selectively-extendable modular lighting fixture and method
Articulated portable lamp fixture
Airport light installation
Drip chamber illumination device
Indicator assembly with halo-free pointer
Electronic apparatus, drive mechanism and drive control method for a front panel
Movable barrier operator with multiple lighting schemes and method
Self-canceling turn signal
Method of lamp replacement warning for image projection lighting devices
Methods and apparatus for an LED light
Curing light
Tool for cleaning and loading rifles
System and method for onboard detection of ballistic threats to aircraft
Breech device for bolt action firearms
Tilt indicator for firearms
Deployable rigid system for crash energy management
Method and apparatus for a pressure regulator with high-pressure reserve
Containers with integral lenticular systems and inner label inserts
Needle safety device
Lip product applicator
Foot controls for a bed
System and method for forming bioengineered tubular graft prostheses
Matrix protein compositions for grafting
Force-adjustable hand-held coffee/espresso tamping device
Fuel cell with integrated feedback control
Calcium hypochlorite blended tablets
Antimicrobial concentrates
Alpha correction to compensate for lack of gamma correction
Acid based micro-emulsions of surfactants and solvents
Decorative sheet and method for producing the same
Production process for vinyl chloride polymer
Use of halogenated sulfonates as a stabilizer booster in PVC
Interactive-design garment where the wearer can create and alter the graphic decoration on the garme...
Roof waterproofing system consisting of an organic resin protected by an aluminum-copolymer composit...
Leg support accessory for a shower chair
Eye-surgical holed towel
Rare-earth doped optical fiber module and manufacturing method therefor
Method and device for repair and replacement of pipe broken at a junction
Automatic control method and system for irrigation
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface
Power generation system using a combustion system and a fuel cell
Reversible geling co-polymer and method of making
Bioreactor design and process for engineering tissue from cells
Dry paint transfer-lamination process for making high DOI automotive body panels
Dry paint transfer process for making deep-draw high doi automotive body panels
Paper coating slip containing n-vinylformamide
Methods for controlling and/or measuring additive concentration in an electroplating bath
Multi-layered core golf ball
Image fixing and smoothing process, belt fixing and smoothing apparatus and electrophotographic prin...
Low pH, high skin friction cosmetic creams
Wrapping materials for smoking articles
Coating composition containing crosslinkable monomeric difunctional compounds having at least thirty...
Membrane pump and container equipped therewih
Waterman's sunglass lens
Unhydrolyzed jojoba protein products having high simmondsin concentration
Treatment of vitiligo
Multiple-mist dispenser
Buccal, polar and non-polar spray or capsule containing drugs for treating disorders of the central ...
Systems and methods for adaptive scheduling and dynamic bandwidth resource allocation management in ...
Apparatus and method for insertion of material in broadcasting
Load balancing method and system based on estimated elongation rates
Boundary synchronization mechanism for a processor of a systolic array
Apparatus, method, system and executable module for configuration and operation of adaptive integrat...
Method and apparatus for retrieving information about an object of interest to an observer
Safety shield for eyewear assembly
Corrosion resistant metal tube and process for making the same
Low-calcemic oxime analogs of 1α,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3
SEA-TROSY and related methods
Multiple displacement amplification
Transport pump and organ stabilization apparatus including related methods
Antidandruff hair conditioning composition
Antiperspirant compositions containing petrolatum
Product tray
Conveyor and method of using
Method and apparatus for splicing a web material
Polymeric structures and method for making same
Softening-through-the wash composition
Method for removing polymer films in the manufacture of aqueous compositions containing anionic amph...
Roll changing apparatus
Compositions comprising a plurality of particles or agglomerates having a defined particle size
Liquid sprayers
Change aids for external articles
PVD supported mixed metal oxide catalyst
Color effect pigments and method of forming the same
Spray-dried polymerization catalyst and polymerization processes employing same
Titanium dioxide slurries
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Process for producing an ester
Methods of producing compounds from plant material
Articles of manufacture and methods for array based analysis of biological molecules
manufacture of certain cyclic ester oligomers
Flocculation of mineral suspensions
Printing press, and apparatus and process for regenerating printing plate
Structure for reducing the diffraction effect in periodic electrode arrangements and liquid crystal ...
Catalyst and process for the preparation of hydrocarbons
Catalyst systems comprising a calcined chromium catalyst and a non-transition metal cyclopentadienyl...
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-alkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with aryl and ...
Two stage cure two component coating composition containing hydroxylbutyl acrylate polymers
Fluorine efficient finishes for textiles
Print control for flexographic printing
Thermoplastic elastomer comprising poly(trimethylene-ethylene ether) soft segment and polyamide hard...
Methods and apparatus for enhancing production from a hydrocarbons-producing well
Copper complexes and their use as wood preservatives
UDP-glucose modifiers
Production of polytrimethylene ether glycol and copolymers thereof
Production of N-aryl-2-lactam and N-cycloalkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with aryl...
Hydrolysis resistant polyester compositions and related articles and methods
Compositions for microlithography
Proactive method for ensuring availability in a clustered system
Web server network system and method
Method and apparatus for PM filter regeneration
Instrumented bearing for steering wheel
Instrumented antifriction bearing for control wheel
Crankshaft bearing
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Linear guide bearing apparatus
Roller bearing cage
Wheel drive unit
Slide bearing for a centrifugal pump
Sliding bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing unit
Double row ball bearing
Spindle motor and recording disk driving device comprising the same
Low power spindle motor with a fluid dynamic thrust bearing having a reduced outer diameter
Motor having dynamic pressure fluid bearing and disc drive apparatus provided with the motor
Cylindrical roller bearing and process for its assembly
Multiple-row radial bearing
Bearing device
Self-lubricated connector
Spindle motor for hard disc drive
Tungsten-tin composite material for green ammunition
Ammunition carrier system
Paintball backpack
Polyvinyl acetal and its use
Adaptive channel estimation in a wireless communication system
Process for preparing aspartates
Wavelength converter
Electro-optic array interface
Liquid crystal display element including an optically anisotropic film having at least two regions w...
Quarter wavelength plate and projection type video display device using same
Process for producing atenolol of high optical purity
Optical module
Method and apparatus for recording optical information including dummy data, and optical disk having...
Position measurement system
Cascaded fiber fabry-perot filters
Aliphatic amino carboxylic and amino phosphonic acids amino nitriles and amino tetrazoles as cellula...
Process for production of optically active amino alcohols
Optical connector with a colored distinguishable shutter
Method and apparatus for manufacturing known good semiconductor die
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Structure and method of fabricating organic devices
Yttrium substituted barium thioaluminate phosphor materials
Soluble coffee brew color intensification
Beverage bottle
Cancer treatments and pharmaceutical compositions therefor
Carboline derivatives as PDE5 inhibitors
Bile-acid conjugates for providing sustained systemic concentrations of drugs
Discrete absorbent article
Core modified porphyrins
Anionic process design for rapid polymerization of polystyrene without gel formation and product pro...
Addressing the name space mismatch between content servers and content caching systems
Glossy printed article and method of manufacturing same
Method, apparatus and system for processing compliance actions over a wide area network
Method of predicting a change in an economy
Energy credit card system
Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by ILD posts
Organically modified silicic acid polycondensates, production and use thereof
Hermetically sealed coin cell
Process of forming a uniaxially oriented mesostructured film on a uniaxially oriented polymer compou...
Oral care products comprising calcium metasilicates
Dual glucose-hydroxybutyrate analytical sensors
Laser irradiation method and apparatus
Radiation-sensitive resin composition, forming process for forming patterned insulation film, active...
Projection optical system, projection type image display apparatus, and image display system
Driving apparatus for capacitive light emitting element display panel
Light emitting display device using multi-gate thin film transistor
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Power-efficient, pulsed driving of capacitive loads to controllable voltage levels
Di(het)arylaminothiophene derivatives
Manufacturing process for ultra slim electrooptic display device unit
Electrostatic charge dissipation compositions including energetic particles
Backlight device and liquid crystal display device
Droplet discharge device and liquid filling method therefor, and device manufacturing apparatus, dev...
Surface pattern of a paper product
Windscreen device for motorcycle
Windscreen device for motorcycle
Engine control system
Atmospheric pressure detection device of four-stroke engine and method of detecting atmospheric pres...
Laminated electronic part
Selective switching of a transistor's back gate potential
DC/AC converter and its controller IC
Dc-ac converter parallel operation system and controller ic therefor
Facsimile server, electronic mail device, and communication method
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, cover for semiconductor device, and electron...
Methods for screening therapeutically effective agents
Flow control device
Process for decoding signals and system and computer program product therefore
Optical disk recording apparatus and control method thereof
Toner processes
Low effort, high reliability quick coupling mechanism
Print media thickness measurement system
Method and apparatus for generating normalized representations of strings
Method for four-color zero-moire halftoning using non-orthogonal halftone cells
Halftoning using dot and line screens to avoid two and three color moiré
Color image processing method and a color image processor
Alternate imaging mode for multipass direct marking
Variable data printing with optimized cache
Schemas for a notification platform and related information services
Systems and methods for data conversion
Method of manufacturing a booklet with protective covers
Promotional apparatus for calculating characteristics of subjects using two input variables
System and method for matching entities utilizing an electronic calendaring system
QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service anticipating the end of a chain of flow...
Communication substrates having variably applied ferromagnetic material, ferromagnetic composition a...
Polyethylene films for barrier applications
High concentration topical insecticide containing insect growth regulator
Fragrance release
Compositions and methods for delivery of skin cosmeceuticals
Information selection apparatus selecting desired information from plurality of audio information by...
Combinatorial parameter space experiment design
Combined audio lure and scent dispenser
Cycloalkyl substituted polyamines for cancer therapy and methods of synthesis therefor
Method, apparatus and system for controlling power transients in a Raman-amplified optical transmiss...
Method of blind transport format detection
Optical element having two axes of rotation for use in tightly spaced mirror arrays
Symbol self synchronous interleaving method and apparatus for OFDM-based communication system
Methods and apparatus for wireless transmission using multiple description coding
Generation of test suites for interoperability of reactive communication systems
Echo canceling system for a bit pump and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for ensuring security of users of short range wireless enable devices
Method for preserving calls when service is interrupted to a mobile unit in a wireless communication...
Intermittent, low bandwidth, wireless data network and method of operation thereof
Split shift phase sweep transmit diversity
Apparatus for detecting raman gain in an optical transmission system
Fiber bend limiting device with a dust sealing feature
Apparatus and method for acquiring an uplink traffic channel, in wireless communications systems
Load balancing technique for a wireless internet access system
Multi-table based grant generator for improved granularity in an ATM-PON
Method and apparatus for congestion control for packet-based networks using call gapping and rerouti...
Deformable MEMS mirror
Automatic send to embedded fax/e-mail address
Adjustable swivel base
Dry powder inhaler
Device and method for inducing sputum and collecting samples
Method and apparatus for skin absorption enhancement and transdermal drug delivery of lidocaine and/...
Fuel pump impeller
Method for recycling aluminum alloy wheels
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with note unstacking and validation
Toner scattering suppressing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sonication treatment of polychlorinated biphenyl contaminated media
Peptide antagonists of prostaglandin F2α receptor
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Voltage-gated potassium channel and its use for development of therapeutics
Immunogenic peptides of foot-and-mouth disease viruses
Methods for identifying chromosomal aneuploidy
Information carrier, apparatus, substrate, and system
Context controller having instruction-based time slice task switching capability and processor emplo...
Method for controlling semiconductor chips and control apparatus
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between source and target states
Method for estimating substrate noise in mixed signal integrated circuits
Practical method for hierarchical-preserving layout optimization of integrated circuit layout
Method for reducing switching activity during a scan operation with limited impact on the test cover...
Method and apparatus for improving testability of I/O driver/receivers
Structural members having improved resistance to fatigue crack growth
Receiving data on a networked computer in a reduced power state
Circular polarization plate and liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal display device and electronic equipment
Optical films having matt property, films having a high transmittance, polarizing plates and liquid ...
Liquid crystal display having improved contrast ratio and color reproduction when viewed in the late...
Liquid crystal displays having multi-domains and a manufacturing method thereof
Combination reforming and isomerization process
Crosslinked rubber particles and rubber compositions
Pressure-sensitive adhesive mass and the use thereof
Method for preparing a pressure sensitive adhesive formulation including an enhanced polyisobutylene...
Projection type optical display system
Method of connecting an additively and subtractively formed conductive trace and an insulative base ...
Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording method
Test system and test method with interconnect having semiconductor spring contacts
No-flow underfill composition and method
Method of manufacturing devices to protect election components
Formaldehyde-free binder compositions for simultaneous warp sizing and coloration of filament yarns
Aqueous superabsorbent polymer and methods of use
Well treatment fluid compositions and methods for their use
Polyvinyl alcohol film and polarizing film
Dimer amidopropyl dimethyl poly-quaternary compounds
Microcapsules IV
Valve elements for pressurized containers and actuating elements therefor
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Process for the utilization of ruminant animal methane emissions
Capsules containing vital cells or tissues
Vaginal delivery of chemotherapeutic agents and inhibitors of membrane efflux systems for cancer the...
Well treatment fluid and methods with oxidized polysaccharide-based polymers
Pesticidal compositions comprising an aerated gel containing hydrophobic silica
Method for decreasing lost circulation during well operation
External electrode driven discharge lamp
Lamp with reflecting mirror and image projecting apparatus
Mercury reduction system and method in combustion flue gas using staging
High efficacy metal halide lamp with praseodymium and sodium halides in a configured chamber
Switches having wettable surfaces comprising a material that does not form alloys with a switching f...
Method for determining chemical reactivity
Fluorescent lamp having phosphor layer
Method and apparatus for preparing a dialkyl carbonate
Method and apparatus for lighting high pressure discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp apparat...
Apparatus for limited-heat curing of photosensitive coatings and inks
Alumina having bimodal pore structure, catalysts made therefrom and processes using same
Method and apparatus for providing a state machine operating on a real-time operating system
Cluster meta file system of file system cells managed by respective data movers of a network file se...
Dynamic object-driven database manipulation and mapping system having a simple global interface and ...
Tilting tree spinning cones method and system for mapping XML to n-dimensional data structure using ...
Soybean cultivar S56-D7
Methods for producing and transforming cassava protoplasts
Corynebacterium glutamicum strain with enhanced secretion activity
Trichoderma β-glucosidase
Progressive elevated gene-3 (PEG-3) induces aggressive cancer phenotype and regulates angiogenesis
Vectors derived from South African Arbovirus No. 86
Gene therapy by cell specific targeting
Nucleic acids encoding prostate stem cell antigen
Chimaeric plant viruses with mucin peptides
Immunomodulation and effect on cell processes relating to serotonin family receptors
Method of improving animal tissue quality
Systems and methods for voice synthesis
Digital watermark detecting device and method thereof
Method of embedding digital watermark, storage medium in which the method is stored, method of ident...
Electronic watermark detection apparatus and method
Voice gateway with voice synchronization
Computer software for interaction with coded surface
Method and data storage device that utilizes blocking material
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and ...
Method and device for embedding and detecting watermarking information into a black and white binary...
Biometric authentication of hospitality-site customers
Private data protection method for a network kiosk
Optical bar code scanner and system for retrieving bar code data
Portable music player with pay per play usage and method for purchase of credits for usage
Bacterial strains, methods of preparing the same and use thereof in fermentation processes for L-lys...
Azeotropic distillation process for producing organic acids or organic acid amides
Method for pre-applied thermoplastic reinforcement of electronic components
Oils with heterogenous chain lengths
Document management method and computer-readable storage medium storing program code for executing t...
Methods and systems for fast packet forwarding
Scheduler apparatus employing a gopher agent for use in a television receiver
Associative memory
System and method for providing search capabilties on a wireless device
Apparatus and method for accessing resources
Apparatus and method for dynamically verifying information in a distributed system
Method and system for providing data security using file spoofing
Error correction device
Method and system for receiving and recording digital broadcast programs
Electrically driven camshaft adjuster
Valve timing control device
Internal combustion engine with a single camshaft which controls exhaust valves mechanically and int...
Process for controlling the valves of an internal combustion engine
Control method for a vehicle having an engine
Hybrid metal-composite valve lifter guide
Hydraulically controlled actuator for actuating gas exchange valve on the exhaust side of an interna...
System for controlling electromechanical valves in an engine
Finger lever of a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing control device
Control system and method for a valve actuator
Connector for accessories
Controlling device for use with exterior landscape lighting assemblies
Handheld electronics device having pivotal hinge mechanism
Recording mechanism for recording information specified from an external source using capacity infor...
Audio accessory switching circuit
Apparatus for reducing stress
System and method for generating profile information for a user of a gaming application
Game system and computer readable storage medium
Plug locking mechanism
Evaluation system for vehicle operating conditions
Method of diagnosing an electronic control unit
HF wheel rim antenna having several patch antennas
Method and system for detecting the presence of a spare replacement in a tire pressure monitoring sy...
Apparatus for monitoring traffic signals and alerting drivers
Ground-fault detecting device and insulation resistance measuring device
Drug delivery system for hydrophobic drugs
Throttle ramp rate control system for a vehicle
Cargo hook tie-down device
Method for visually indicating the quality of on-screen help messages
System and method for adaptive document layout via manifold content
Defining the visual appearance of user-interface controls
Grouping and nesting hiearchical namespaces
Packages that contain pre-paginated documents
Differential dynamic delivery of presentation previews
Differential dynamic delivery of content according to user expressions of interest
Isolation of input/output adapter error domains
Systems, methods, and media for controlling temperature in a computer system
Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
System and method for predictive processor failure recovery
Cascading failover of a data management application for shared disk file systems in loosely coupled ...
Method for extending the CRTM in a trusted platform
Systems for loading unaligned words and methods of operating the same
Atomically updating 64 bit fields in the 32 bit AIX kernel
Distributed storage for disk caching
Write-back to cells
Isolation of input/output adapter interrupt domains
Isolation of input/output adapter direct memory access addressing domains
Exposing a bridged network as a single virtual segment
Dynamic object validation
Method, system, and article of manufacture for returning physical volumes
Data processing device with an indexed immediate addressing mode
Reset facility for redundant processor using a fiber channel loop
Neutralizing device for autostereoscopic lens sheet
Variable power finder and imaging apparatus
Illumination apparatus for microscope and microscope
Medical binocular stereomicroscope
Catadioptric optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
Optical transmission system using Raman amplification
Damped control of a micromechanical device
Package for optical components
Using time and/or power modulation to achieve dose gray-scaling in optical maskless lithography
Magnetooptic element exploiting spin chirality
Outer casing structure and fabrication method for cable sections and navy buoyant antennas
Multi-layer composite transducer array
Programmable gray-scale liquid crystal display
Broadband and wide field of view composite transducer array
Wind dam electric generator and method
Reduced erosion additive for a propelling charge
Multi-stage planar stochastic mensuration
Coherent imaging in turbid media
Three-dimensional synthetic aperture radar for mine detection and other uses
Turn-table dual hoisting crane
Simplified circuit for intrusion detectors
Slip meter for determination of surface slip resistance
Hybrid electric linear actuator
Detection of randomness in sparse data set of three dimensional time series distributions
Radiation case
Multi-layer flexible optical fiber tow cable for measuring water temperature
Method and apparatus for establishing security scanner attributes in a computer system
Method for loading applications into a multiapplication embedded system equipped with data processin...
Incorporating register pressure into an inlining compiler
System for optimizing data type definition in program language processing, method and computer reada...
Open framework for the definition of metadata
Compile method for storing source code within object code
Efficient method router that supports multiple simultaneous object versions
Methods and systems for finding specific line of source code
System for controlling a parameter
Mechanism for profiling computer code
Extended "run to" function
Method and system for obtaining performance data from software compiled with or without trace hooks
System and method for collecting system data using record based requests with tag lists and pausing ...
Method of testing a computer program translated into a national language
User configurable operating system
Multi-stage gearbox
Heliostat for sunlight concentration system and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for displaying database search results
Apparatus and method for bending and/or tempering glass
Method for quantum well intermixing using pre-annealing enhanced defects diffusion
Fluid light guide having hydrophobic aerogel cladding layer
Business method for hybrid wireline wireless network service
Hall effect thruster with anode having magnetic field barrier
Electrochemical devices incorporating high-conductivity conjugated polymers
Therapeutic role-playing board game
Water treatment process for thermal heavy oil recovery
Systems and methods for control of pumps employing electrical field sensing
Desanding apparatus and system
Extension and locking assembly for dripless element, and container therefore
Biocidal compositions and methods of using same
Method and apparatus for purifying water
Method for treating wastewater/water with membrane bioreactor
Chemically enhanced primary sludge fermentation method
Biphase orbicular biodigester
Underdrain system
Aerobic treatment plant with filter pipe
Apparatus and method for biological treatment of environmental contaminants and waste
Bispecific Oligonucleotide for the Treatment of CNS Malignancies
D-xylopyranosyl-substituted phenyl derivatives, medicaments containing such compounds, their use and...
Isolated polypeptide of the stratum corneum and its use
Novel galectin sequences and compositions and methods utilizing same for treating or diagnosing arth...
Methods and compositions for regulating gene expression in plant cells
Pigment epithelium-derived factor: characterization, genomic organization and sequence of the PEDF g...
DSP-10 dual-specificity phosphatase
Antibodies to Chemokine Alpha-5
Mammalian diabetes-mediating proteins
Mouse trace amine associated receptors and polypeptides
Polypeptides having alpha-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Monomeric red fluorescent proteins
ME-5, ME-2, and EPP2: human protein antigens reactive with autoantibodies present in the serum of wo...
Novel TFIIH subunit
Method of improving efficacy of biological response-modifying proteins and the exemplary muteins
Osteoblast factor(s) that regulates human prostate cancer migration to and invasion of bone
UTR tag assay for gene function discovery
Cytochrome P450 transcriptional enhancer nucleic acid molecule
Bifunctional protein, preparation and use
Nuclei density and nuclei area methods for determining effects of a botulinum toxin on muscles
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31Y43
Allergenic proteins and peptides from Japanese cedar pollen
Gene encoding protein having aurone synthesizing activity
Chimeric proteins for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Tolerance of 4-(4-(2-pyrrolylcarbonyl)-1-piperazinyl)-3-trifluoromethyl-benzoylguanidine in intraven...
Protection of digital data content
Systems and methods for pipeline rehabilitation
Artificial fish habitat
Solid core concrete block and method of making a concrete block retaining wall
Dual domain differential encoder/decoder
Packet communication monitor
Data transmission in a telecommunication system
Rapid acquisition spreading codes for spread-spectrum communications
Radio antenna apparatus provided with controller for controlling SAR and radio communication apparat...
Antenna device, wireless communication terminal, external antenna and hand-strap
Internal antenna
Random antenna array interferometer for radio location
Array antenna radio communication apparatus
Electrosurgical system
Apparatus and method to provide spectrum sharing for two or more RF signals occupying an overlapping...
FM demodulator for a low IF receiver
Digital radio communication system and method
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electri...
Method and device for controlling radio cell cluster using protocol stacks allocated to different mu...
System and method for controlling computer processes by means of biometric data
Image processing apparatus
Liquid formulation of decitabine and use of the same
Human immunodeficiency virus immunogenic composition
Devices and methods for determining the amount of energy absorbed during irradiation
Antioxidants, preparation processes and their uses
Calcium channel proteins
Cyclosporins for the treatment of immune disorders
Vector for the expression of two foreign genes
Method of treatment of viral infection including HIV using water soluble fullerenes—III
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
Human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) env polypeptide and diagnostic assays
Method for producing liposome preparation
System and method for enabling a user of an E-commerce system to visually view and/or configure a pr...
System of ordering and delivering merchandise in electronic mall and method thereof
System and method for administering a brokerage rebate card program
Method and system for emulating a check sorter
Wireless system for broadcasting, receiving, storing and selectively printing coupons and the like i...
Method for detecting microorganisms and detection kit
Vitamin B6-phosphate phosphatase
Microorganisms and processes for producing L-glutamine
Modified chitin-binding domain and use thereof
Bacterium having ability to produce L-glutamic acid, L-proline or L-arginine and method for producin...
Vitro assay for testing gabapentinoid activity
×Heucherella plant named 'Party Time'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Tamar Lavender'
Peach tree
Iris plant named 'Mainestream Spring'
Grapevine named 'Sugratwentyfour'
Impatiens plant named 'TiWhit'
Peach tree named 'Janet'
St. Augustine grass named 'B12'
Prunus rootstock named 'GI 2091'
Coherent processing of satellite signals to locate a mobile unit
Channel estimation for time division duplex communication systems
Dynamic channel selection scheme for IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Resource utilization efficiency during hand-off in mobile communication systems
Apparatus and method for transparent and integrated wireless messaging in a multi-mode environment
Emergency informing apparatus and an emergency informing system
Noise dependent filter
System and method for digital memorized predistortion for wireless communication
Early transmission and playout of packets in wireless communication systems
System and method for customized telephone greeting announcements
Method and apparatus for baseband transmission between a top floor unit and an outdoor unit in a ter...
Diversity receiver
System and method for wireless network admission control based on quality of service
Hydrogen and oxygen generation from a water vapor containing exhaust
p-Type transparent conducting oxides and methods for preparation
Method for producing potassium fluorotantalate crystal being low in oxygen content and method for pr...
Synthesis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes using unseeded hydrocarbon diffusion flames
Hydrogen cyanide synthesis process
Method for labelling technetium or rhenium using borohydride exchange resin
System and method for controlling NOx emissions from boilers combusting carbonaceous fuel...
Intelligent electrical switch
Radiation source module
Fuel tank resistor card having improved corrosion resistance
Fuel tank resistor card having improved corrosion resistance
Programmable, multi-turn, pulse width modulation circuit for a non-contact angular position sensor
Electro-kinetic air transporter and conditioner devices with enhanced arching detection and suppress...
Repair device for decorative light shunt
System and method for evaluation of thinly laminated earth formations
Graphical interface for manipulation of 3D models
Visual latching indicator arrangement for an electrical bushing and terminator
Heeling apparatus and method
Use of rubber latex in combination with starch
Patterning system for a selected body type and methods of measuring for a selected body type
Method and system for removing metal wires in tire through induction heating
Side element of a shoe upper
Swim training fin
Footwear sole
Method for monitoring and controlling traction motors in locomotives
Linear piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
Generator with composite rotor coil retention components
Reflective liquid crystal display device
Mask for manufacturing a substrate with light reflecting film having random light transmitting parts...
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
Interactive water effects using texture coordinate shifting
Application programming interface enabling application programs to group code and data to control al...
Network independent profiling of applications for automatic partitioning and distribution in a distr...
Managing error/status information generated during video processing
Encryption systems and methods for identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with diffe...
Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
Database build for web delivery
Interactive human-machine interface with a plurality of active states, storing user input in a node ...
Augmented-word language model
Methods and apparatus for protecting information content
Efficient motion vector coding for video compression
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved wireless network cell boundary detection
Dropout control in subpixel rendering
Systems and methods for providing a fine to coarse look ahead in connection with parametrization met...
Continuous interleave burst access
Instrumentation system including a backplane having a switched fabric bus and instrumentation lines
Descriptor-based load balancing
System and method for slot based ARL table learning with concurrent table search using write snoop
Apparatus and method for improved vending machine inventory maintenance
Pipelined packet switching and queuing architecture
Removable media
Filtered e-beam inspection and review
Medical probe with reduced number of temperature sensor wires
Application independent write monitoring method for fast backup and synchronization of files
Mechanism for invocation of user-defined routines in a multi-threaded database environment
Modified class loaders and methods of use
Method and system for multidimensional database management
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for processing redundant electronic mail messages
Methods of performing embolism-free vertebroplasty and devices therefor
Methods for regulating the flow of blood through the blood system
Reflowed drug-polymer coated stent and method thereof
Implantable drug delivery prosthesis
Electrostatic loading of drugs on implantable medical devices
Body fluid cartridge exchange platform device
Apparatus and methods for monitoring and modifying anticoagulation therapy of remotely located patie...
Deep-vein thrombosis determination apparatus
Acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitors
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Glycosaminoglycans having an average molecular weight of 2400 D suitable for the treatment of senile...
Chemical structure having an affinity for a phospholipid and labeling compound diagnose kit and drug...
Biocompatible polymer systems carrying triflusal or HTB
Blood flow reestablishment determination
Amphibious high speed marine vehicle
Self-Generating Air Cushion Vessel
Harbor fence
Device and process for the heat insulation of at least one underwater pipe at great depth
Pontoon tarpaulin system
Tubular structure arrangement
Magnetic boat docking system
Control system for boats
Active roll stabilization system for ships
Epoxy resin curing system containing latent catalytic curing agent causing the expansion of volume
Centrifugal separator for separating solid contaminants from a liquid, rotor for use therein and met...
Control apparatus for controlling the amount of intake air into an engine
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode lamp, light source, elect...
Semiconductor light-emitting diode
Nitride semiconductor light emitting element and production thereof
Post chemical mechanical polishing cleaning solution for 2.45T CoFeNi structures of thin film magnet...
Deposition method of insulating layers having low dielectric constant of semiconductor devices
Beta control using a rapid thermal oxidation
Systems and methods for forming metal-doped alumina
Precursor source mixtures
Method of manufacturing an EEPROM device
Method for determining etching process conditions and controlling etching process
Integrated polishing and electroless deposition
Method of thinning semiconductor wafer capable of preventing its front from being contaminated and b...
Method for removal of residue from a magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM) film stack using ...
Contamination suppression in chemical fluid deposition
Method of making semiconductor device by polishing with intermediate clean polishing
Dual damascene pattern liner
Ultra low k plasma CVD nanotube/spin-on dielectrics with improved properties for advanced nanoelectr...
Modular ventilating exhaust fan assembly and method
Method of controlling the injection of fuel into a combustion chamber and a fuel injection device fo...
Ejector cycle with insulation of ejector
Keystroke trapping system, keystroke trapping method and keystroke trapping program
Method of data backup in a computer system and a storage system therefor
Data transfer utilizing preview data
Method for hybrid processing of software instructions of an emulated computer system
Apparatus and method for reducing test resources in testing DRAMS
System and method for provisioning resources to users based on roles, organizational information, at...
Vehicle drive device with flexible crawler and vehicle thus obtained
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Method and device for activating passenger protection device
Vehicle mounted electrical generator system
Die cast sub-frame
Method and system for electric power steering
Power steering system
Visual reference control apparatus for hydraulic actuator systems
Parking gear assembly for an all terrain vehicle
Electrical apparatus, cooling system therefor, and electric vehicle
Fuel cell powered electric vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle powertrain with an alternate operating mode without a high voltage system
Axle assembly with parallel mounted electric motors
Hydrogen supply apparatus and hydrogen supply method for measuring fuel consumption of hydrogen fuel...
Equal length crossover pipe exhaust system
Liquid crystal display device
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method which performs predetermined processi...
Interleaving apparatus and deinterleaving apparatus
Electronic torque wrench
Overlay marks, methods of overlay mark design and methods of overlay measurements
System and method for authentication seed distribution
Blind cost criterion timing recovery
Using XML expressed primitives for platform and system-independent call modeling
Method and system for providing satellite bandwidth on demand using multi-level queuing
Rolled tip recovery catheter
Method of manufacturing pipe body and pipe body manufactured by the method
Direct-injection spark-ignition engine
Adjustable wrench
Image forming apparatus, image transferring device and recording medium conveying method
Image forming apparatus configured for double sided printing
Electrically programmable and electrically erasable semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor optical device and the fabrication method
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Optical recording medium and recording method for optical recording medium
Plug inner frame with twisted blades
Electrical connector with improved locking means
Proper tent door
Knocking determination apparatus for internal combustion engine
Scanning acoustic micro imaging method and apparatus for non-rectangular bounded files
Document processing apparatus having an authoring capability for describing a document structure
Method and apparatus for optimizing, managing and scheduling personal relationships
Touch type liquid-crystal display device and input detecting method
Hydrostatic cylinder block and method of making the same
Cryptographic method for color images and digital cinema
Fly-drive vehicle
Implantable medical device assembly
Detachable multidiameter vasoocclusive coil
Thrombectomy and tissue removal method
Transmural ablation device with parallel electrodes
Endoscope with adjacently positioned guiding apparatus
Blood circulation assistance device
Process for producing arsenic trioxide formulations and methods for treating cancer using arsenic tr...
Planographic printing plate precursor
Thin film transistors having anodized metal film between the gate wiring and drain wiring
Method for plating copper conductors and devices formed
Adhesion deficient isolate of Flavobacterium columnare against columnaris disease
Method of transplanting cells by contacting donor cells with B7-1-and B7-2-specific immunoglobulins
Vaccine for the prevention of bacterial infection of the bovine mammary gland
Treatment of diseases involving faulty MHC class I antigen complex presentation
Biometric tokenless electronic rewards system and method
Reusable electronic tag for secure data accumulation
Wireless communication devices and methods of forming and operating the same
Method of and system for automatically producing digital images of moving objects, with pixels havin...
Radio frequency identification aiding the visually impaired
Automatic roll data acquisition system
Security device and alarm system
ATM currency cassette with RFID tag
Layered spectroscopic sample element with microporous membrane
Process for making polyolefin compositions containing exfoliated clay
Beverage and additive for wellness
Food supplement formulation
Apparatus and method for storing snack items and school supplies
Systems and methods for compact arrangement of foodstuff in a conveyance system
Device for adjusting gap between feeding tube and blade disk of food processors
Dual-ovenable, heat-sealable packaging film
Processing substrate and/or support surface
Water treatment agent for extending water exchange intervals in tank systems
Food container apparatus
Coelevationally loaded forage bag assembly
Masquerade-style air freshener device
Outdoor unit housing for an air conditioning system
Faucet handle
Sanitary faucet
Hand shower
Corner tunnel with male connector
Combined gaming machine and top box display
Liquid crystal projector
Neon sign
Grinding tool
Clip container
Sun shade
Tape dispenser
Eyeglass retainer
Graphical information interface for a display
Computer front bezel
Personal computer
Tracking of computer based training courses
Service quality monitoring process
System for routing incoming message to various devices based on media capabilities and type of media...
Reliability and performance of SNMP status through protocol with reliability limitations
Method and system for determining intra-session event correlation across network address translation...
Portable electronic apparatus having a telephoning function
Intelligent network services in packet-switched network
Binning of results from loop qualification tests
Image communication apparatus, server apparatus, and capability exchanging method
Testing and cut-off device for telephone line
Method and apparatus for implementing constant latency Z-domain transfer functions using processor e...
Device and method for communicating teletype information in a vehicle communication system
Mobile cellular telephone
Point of sale modem for high-speed communications
Multipoint communication method and communication control device
Configurable DSL modem for high bit rates
Optimum allocation of TMSI and P-TMSI in mobile communication systems
Selective deactivation of a voicemail system
Method and apparatus for network transmission capacity enhancement for the telephone circuit switche...
Method for handling a call when destined subscriber is unable to answer
Process for producing optically active nitroalcohols
Dihydropyrazolopyridine compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Process for producing optically active sulfoxide derivative
Method for rendering surface layer of limited play disk lightfast
Fiber optic cylinder pressure measurement system for a combustion engine
Optically amplified receiver
Optical waveguide apparatus and method for making the same
Optical fiber collimator
Pickup apparatus for disk player having a frame for supporting a half-mirror
Magnetic media with embedded optical servo tracks
Scanning type display optical system
Ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensor with anamorphic optics
Solid image capturing device, lens unit and image capturing apparatus including an optical mask for ...
Method for forming alignment features and back-side contacts with fewer lithography and etch steps
Trusted internet clipboard
System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network...
Relationship building method for automated services
System and method for providing a congestion optimized address resolution protocol for wireless ad-h...
Method and apparatus for processing internet protocol transmissions
Method and apparatus for supporting multiservice digital signal processing applications
Modular emergency shelter system
Method and apparatus for replicating and analyzing worm programs
Delay timer for printing from the driver
Internet telephone and method for recovering voice data lost therein
Transparent encryption and decryption with algorithm independent cryptographic engine that allows fo...
Method for reducing signaling in an telecommunications network by arranging gatekeepers in a hierarc...
Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environ...
Polarized semi-active laser last pulse logic seeker using a staring focal plane array
Navigation radio for fleet car usage
Wireless and powerless sensor and interrogator
Radio frequency monolithic integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Wireless communication restriction device, repeater and base station
Method of generating control signals based on location of radio terminals
Base station control equipment, mobile station equipment, and radio communication system
Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication termin...
Radio with duplexer bypass capability
Iris data recovery algorithms
System and method for selecting spreading codes based on multipath delay profile estimation for wire...
Apparatus and method for dynamic bandwidth allocation with minimum bandwidth guarantee
Hybrid mobile switching center for combined GSM/IS-41 communication
Control of multidirectional antenna structure in a primary station for use in a radio communication ...
Method for packet scheduling and radio resource allocation in a wireless communication system
Provision of digital data via multiple broadcasts
Electronically steerable passive array antenna
Electronically scanning direction finding antenna system
Built-in antenna for radio communication terminal
Power management
Security element for electronic surveillance of articles
Method for tuning a radio filter, a radio filter and a system comprising such a radio filter
Method for reverse path mapping in a wireless network using Xtel and Lucent telecommunications equip...
Modular jack
Method and apparatus for a high efficiency line driver
Communication system for telecommunication relay services
Method and systems for intelligent signaling router-based surveillance
Method for preventing overload condition in a circuit switched arrangement
Communication device monitoring
Method and apparatus for the secure storage of audio signals
System and method of changing entity configuration information while automatically monitoring and di...
Contact center system and method for specifying different service specific behavior and offering ran...
Methods, systems, and computer-readable mediums for indexing and rapidly searching data records
Multiple wireless microphone speakerphone system and method
Caller-initiated transfer of services between telephones
Transmission frame and radio unit for transmitting short messages with different data format
Network support for fax retry blocking
Electronic television program guide delivery system using telephone network idle time
Method for providing a phone conversation recording service
Integrated message management method and system
Arrangement for converting telephone number formats for notification systems
System and method for deploying new equipment and services in conjunction with a legacy provisioning...
Cruise control system
Electric power steering system
Object detection system
Steering controlling device
Motor assembly for providing an electrically powered engine
Electric generating convertible bicycle
Frame-based occupant weight estimation apparatus having compliant linkage assembly
Occupant weight detecting apparatus
Cab suspension device
Low profile chassis and suspension
Self-aligning mounting bracket and system for mounting a planar structure to a fixed structure
Multiple feed brake caliper
Systems packaged within flat vehicle chassis
Scooter-type motorcycle
Hybrid electric vehicle with variable displacement engine
Vehicular power supply apparatus and engine-drive-regulation supporting apparatus
Power riding trailer for an implement
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Methods for designing a chamber to reduce noise in a duct
Speaker installation structure
Apparatus and method for dispensing small quantities of particles
Electrical fan system for vehicle
Method for dynamic implementation of JAVA™ metadata interfaces
Determining similarity between artists and works of artists
Metal-oxide-based energetic materials and synthesis thereof
Optical fiber preform producing method, optical fiber preform, and optical fiber
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Patterned reflective optical structures
Electrophoretic display device
Film acoustically-coupled transformer with reverse C-axis piezoelectric material
Piezoelectric thin film element, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid ejecting head and liquid e...
Ferroelectric capacitors with metal oxide for inhibiting fatigue
Flexible coating compositions having improved scratch resistance, coated substrates and methods rela...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for forming image, process cartridge and process for regenerating the same
Electronic and optical materials
Surface modified particles by multi-step addition and process for the preparation thereof
Method for producing complex metal oxide powder
Fused-silica capillaries with photopolymer components
Method for producing nanostructured metal-oxides
Passive alignment connection for fiber optics
Composite material and method of controlling damage thereto and damage sensor
Molecular detection using an optical waveguide fixed to a cantilever
System and method for enhancing authorization request in a computing device
Intelligent agent authentication via position locator system
Method, system, and computer program product for representing and connecting an underlying connectio...
Heavyweight and lightweight instrumentation
System and method for providing collaborative replicated objects for synchronous distributed groupwa...
IO completion architecture for user-mode networking
Method of transforming variable loops into constant loops
Method and apparatus for statement boundary detection
Debugging multiple threads or processes
Apparatus and method for cataloging symbolic data for use in performance analysis of computer progra...
Controlled execution of partitioned code
Frameworks for generation of Java macro instructions in Java computing environments
Generation of refined switching windows in static timing analysis
Trusted computing platform using a trusted device assembly
Animated indicators that reflect function activity or state of objects data or processes
Transforming a portion of a database into a custom spreadsheet
Client side, web-based spreadsheet
Measurement apparatus
ACPI name space validation