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Headache rack for pickup trucks
Automatic identification of DVD title using internet technologies and fuzzy matching techniques
System and method for selecting a network access provider using a portable information device
Genes and genetic elements associated with sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs
Substituted imidazolylmethyl pyridine and pyrazine derivatives GABAA receptor ligands
Substituted alcohols useful in treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Vaccine composition and stabilization method using high molecular weight PVP
Reduced start time for MEMS gyroscope
Coupled micromachined structure
Underwater communication system
Optical filters
Agent for stimulation of the natural defences of plants and methods for using it
Method and apparatus for real time clock (RTC) brownout detection
Method and apparatus for providing position-related information to mobile recipients
Electronic flight instrument displays
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol
Visual indication equipment operation
Method and apparatus for object detection and ranging
Remote control with status indicator
Lamp tube conversion apparatus
Car light
Covert infrared landing light
Vehicle headlamp apparatus and method of setting optical axis position
Vehicular headlight axis control device
Optical filters comprising opacified portion
Lighting device
Portable memory device includes software program for interacting with host computing device to provi...
Method and system for providing rich media content over a computer network
System and method for providing access to databases via directories and other hierarchical structure...
Super-distribution of protected digital content
Selective display of content
Information management and synchronous communications system with menu generation, and handwriting a...
Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for multiple messaging session management with a grap...
System and method of obfuscating data
Self-maintaining web browser bookmarks
Method and system for providing dietary information
System, method and computer program product for analyzing e-commerce competition of an entity by uti...
Multiple layer information object repository
Television commerce payments
System and method for processing a request for information in a network
Electronic commerce transactions within a marketing system that may contain a membership buying oppo...
Configuring mechanical equipment
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
Automated verification and inspection device for sequentially inspecting microscopic crystals
Image processing apparatus, method and memory medium
Proximity detector and radiography system
Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and radiation imaging method
Full spectrum color projector
Radiation image storage panel
Medical system including X-ray CT apparatus and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
Apparatus and method for secondary electron emission microscope
Cyclo[n]pyrroles and methods thereto
Method of cancer screening primarily utilizing non-invasive cell collection, fluorescence detection ...
Detection of tumor halos in ultrasound images
Diagnostic analysis of ultrasound data
Sheet member guide mechanism having presser members for retaining a fabric tube fitted over a roller...
Attachable surgical table
Method and system to grant indefinite use of software options resident on a device
Time resolved computed tomography angiography
Method of determining and displaying a helical artifact index
Extended multi-spot computed tomography x-ray source
Methods and devices for CT reconstruction using a grangeat approach
Method and apparatus for measuring wall thickness of plastic container
Transparent substrate image forming method and laminated image-recording medium
Image forming process and image forming apparatus, electrophotographic image-receiving sheet, and el...
Image forming apparatus with cleaning operation for special sheets
Optical fiber component for connection and manufacturing method thereof
Image processing method and apparatus, recording medium and imaging apparatus
Light diffusing film
Systems and methods for scheduling reoccurring deliveries and pickups
Modelling method allowing to predict as a function of time the detailed composition of fluids produc...
System and method for monitoring the condition of a vehicle
Dry powder dose filling systems and related methods
Method and system for pulse waveform variable edge control
Process for determining the resistivity of a resistive layer
State machine architecture partitionable into control and data planes
Grinding wheel system
Configuring a centrally controlled circuit breaker protection system
Three-dimensional observation apparatus and method of three-dimensional observation
Fuser and fixing members containing PEI-PDMS block copolymers
Thermal actuator with offset beam segment neutral axes and an optical waveguide switch including the...
Thermal actuator and an optical waveguide switch including the same
Parallel non-iterative method of determining and correcting image skew
Image type classification using edge features
Computer system and a method for segmentation of a digital image
Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Spacer integration scheme in MRAM technology
Method and apparatus for reducing the current consumption of an electronic circuit
Method and system for matching and consolidating addresses in a database
Apparatus and method for positioning medical treatment devices or treatment supporting devices
Method for measuring venous oxygen saturation
Substrate index modification for increasing the sensitivity of grating-coupled waveguides
Photonic crystal fibre and a method for its production
Image processing method
Fast high-accuracy multi-dimensional pattern inspection
Efficient optical parametric oscillator with photon recycling
Micromirror array having reduced gap between adjacent micromirrors of the micromirror array
Method for determining layer thickness ranges
Overlay metrology using scatterometry profiling
Semiconductor device having densely stacked semiconductor chips
Bumped chip carrier package using lead frame and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device formed having a metal layer for conducting the device current and for high cont...
Semiconductor device with improved reliability and manufacturing method of the same
Method of forming a stacked device filler
Semiconductor device with high structural reliability and low parasitic capacitance
High performance diode implanted voltage controlled p-type diffusion resistor
Flip chip optical semiconductor on a PCB
Magnetic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device with static memory cells
Fiber optic transceiver array and fiber optic transceiver channel for short wave fiber optic communi...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Etched-facet semiconductor optical component with integrated end-coupled waveguide and methods of fa...
Hydrogen barrier for protecting ferroelectric capacitors in a semiconductor device and methods for f...
System and method for one-time programmed memory through direct-tunneling oxide breakdown
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Card type recording medium and production method therefor
Integrated circuit with enhancement mode pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors having on-...
Method of modifying the content of cottonseed oil
Triggering receptor involved in natural cytotoxicity mediated by human natural killer cells and anti...
Method for preparing a biological fertilizer composition comprising poultry manure
Combinatorial complex carbohydrate libraries and methods for the manufacture and uses thereof
Method and system for increasing ease-of-use and bandwidth utilization in wireless devices
Location defined control of cellular system
Systems and methods for sharing of execution plans for similar database statements
System and method for visually representing a hierarchical database objects and their similarity rel...
Browsing methods, articles and apparatus
Usage based strength between related help topics and context based mapping thererof in a help inform...
Systems and methods for combining subword recognition and whole word recognition of a spoken input
Network switch and components and method of operation
Information access method, system and storage medium
Saw frame
System for discrete parallel processing of queries and updates
Access to internet search capabilities
Computer method and apparatus for collecting people and organization information from Web sites
Automated processing of appropriateness determination of content for search listings in wide area ne...
Iconic representation of linked site characteristics
Optical waveguides and grating structures fabricated using polymeric dielectric compositions
Storage device with charge trapping structure and methods
Methods of forming quantum dots in semiconductor devices
Electrolytic cell for ozone generation
Mechanism for improving the structural integrity of low-k films
Scalable high performance antifuse structure and process
Optical polymer blend with bimodal particle sizes
Highly birefringent glass
Conjugate having a cleavable linkage for use in a liposome
Methods and systems for fabricating magnetic resonance gradient coils
Circuit configuration for tolerance correction in a frequency demodulator
Method and apparatus for monitoring cardiac patients for T-wave alternans
Approach for processing data received from a communications channel in finite precision arithmetic a...
Carrier restoration apparatus and method
Implementation of digital filter with reduced hardware
Radio frequency integrated circuit
Ferroelectric devices and method relating thereto
Filter device having spiral resonators connected by a linear section
Human CTLA-4 antibodies
Use of FXR ligands
Antiparasitic artemisinin derivatives (endoperoxides)
Dimerizing agents, their production and use
Microencapsulated rubber additive
Printing on electrically writable media and electrically writable displays
Medical compositions containing an ionic salt, kits, and methods
Tropane analogs
Methods of prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays
Printable electronic display
Process for preparation of 2-phenyl ethanol
Methods of making electromechanical three-trace junction devices
Semiconductor integrated circuit and fabrication method thereof
Gallium-nitride based light-emitting diode epitaxial structure
Systems and methods for indicating an amount of use of a sensor
Light sensing film and light sensor circuit using the same
Photovoltaic module, photovoltaic module array, photovoltaic system, and method of detecting failure...
Bipolar transistor having self-aligned silicide and a self-aligned emitter contact border
Integrated device in emitter-switching configuration and related manufacturing process
Semiconductor integrated circuit including CMOS logic gate
Semiconductor device with SOI region and bulk region and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating such device
Power device having reduced reverse bias leakage current
Apparatus and method for split gate NROM memory
High-quality praseodymium gate dielectrics
DRAM memory cell and memory cell array with fast read/write access
Semiconductor device capable of avoiding latchup breakdown resulting from negative varation of float...
Memory cell having improved interconnect
Ferroelectric element and method for manufacturing the same
Light-emitting semiconductor device and method of fabrication
Power semiconductor device
Opto-electronic component with radiation-transmissive electrical contact layer
System and method for a family of digital subscriber line (XDSL) signal processing circuit operating...
System and method for remote code integrity in distributed systems
Conditional execution per lane
Method and apparatus for estimating quality in a telephonic voice connection
Receiver with AGC controlled resonance amplifier
Method and apparatus for processing a received signal in a communications system
Image forming apparatus and image forming system including the same
Method and system for data and voice transmission over shared and dedicated channels
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Random access in a mobile telecommunications system
Data transmission method, radio network subsystem, and user equipment
Method and apparatus for link quality feedback in a wireless communication system
Technique for bandwidth sharing in internet and other router networks without per flow state record ...
Golf ball position marker assembly
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Apparel that dynamically, consciously, and/or reflexively affects subject performance
Method of manufacturing composite wood golf club head with metal face
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Training device
Combination chipper and putter golf club
Eyeglass lens with multiple optical zones having varying optical properties for enhanced visualizati...
Method and system for assigning human resources to provide services
Real-time determination of web tension and control using position sensors
Non-inverting transflective assembly
Image pickup apparatus
Method for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Fluoropolymers resistant to stress cracking
Laminate from which decorative films can be applied to a substrate
Microstructed release liner
Method for the purification, recovery, and sporulation of cysts and oocysts
Method and device for sterilizing hollow bodies
Sterilizer including air purging system and pressure actuated door seal
Endoscope and endoscope system with optical phase modulation member
Liquid feed device for use on endoscopes
Orthodontic brace with self-releasing appliances
Optical and opto-electronic interconnect alignment system
Overhead projection system
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Arthroplasty devices configured to reduce shear stress
Method for inserting a spinal fusion implant having deployable bone engaging projections
Polyol/oil suspensions for the sustained release of proteins
Separate-cistron contructs for secretion of aglycosylated antibodies from prokaryotes
Method for fine bore orifice spray coating of medical devices and pre-filming atomization
Apparatus for fusing adjacent bone structures
System and method for delivering biological materials to a prosthesis implantation site
Systems and methods for preparing autologous fibrin glue
Method for antagonizing inhibition effects of alcohol on cell adhesion
Method for roll coating multiple stents
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing components
Antibodies which bind specifically to activin receptor-like kinases
Method and system for variable data rate transmission in RTK GPS survey system
Base site and method for GPS-based regional time synchronization
Curable, weldable coating compositions
Textile machine texturing system and texturing nozzle therefor
Spinning preparation machine
Adhesion promoting agent and coating compositions for polymeric substrates
Image display system utilizing light emitting material
Process for the manufacture of a disintegrating roll of an open-end spinning apparatus as well as a ...
Method of manufacturing and analyzing a composite building
Method and apparatus for fixed-gap, constant-field patterning of magnetic media by contact printing
Process to make boxer shorts with an absorbent core
Foam in bag packaging system and method for producing the same
Fatigue measurement device and method
Turbofan variable fan nozzle
Hydro-electric farms
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Method and apparatus for making a trim component with a foam core having a smoothly varying thicknes...
Mold interlock
Compact disk mailer and file folder
Attenuated embedded phase shift photomask blanks
Vegetable oil-based coating and method for application
Process for producing an SPM sensor
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Engine blade containment shroud using quartz fiber composite
Aerosol valve
Bulkhead panel for use in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine
Circuit board retainer and support apparatus
Method of tuning a sensor array for occupancy sensing in a vehicle seat
Mounting device for laminated fuses
Interior lining component
Rare earth magnet, process for producing same, and motor using rare earth magnet
Terminal connector
Linear adjustable head restraint
Linear adjustable active head restraint
Front vehicle body structure
Vehicle body structure
Modular automotive door trim panel construction
Mid structural module
Engine exhaust startup monitoring system
Head restraint evaluator
Particulate filter regenerating device
Wheel for an automobile
Communications network system using gateway
Driving assist system for vehicle
Catalyst combustion system, fuel reforming system, and fuel cell system
Retractable seat assembly for a motor vehicle
Speed measurement system with onsite digital image capture and processing for use in stop sign enfor...
Semiconductor micro-resonator for monitoring an optical device
Very narrow band, two chamber, high reprate gas discharge laser system
Carbon dioxide laser resonator gas
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module for one such semiconductor laser device and a...
Semiconductor laser diode and optical module
Laser module and optical head
Method and apparatus for writing on an optical disk with beam spots aligned at an angle to data trac...
Optical pickup using an optical phase plate and which is compatible with optical media for different...
Fiber-optic compensation for dispersion, gain tilt, and band pump nonlinearity
Method and apparatus for seamless imaging of sleeves as used in flexography
Swept wavelength meter
Light emitting diode (LED) array for excitation emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectroscopy
Laser perimeter awareness system
Inline predistortion for both CSO and CTB correction
Extreme UV radiation source and semiconductor exposure device
Rubbery polymer with improved properties
Portion of a shoe upper
Foot measurement apparatus
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear cleat
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Sole structure for electrostatic dissipative footwear and method of making same
Plasticizers from less branched alcohols
Orthopedic casting slipper kit and method
Modulatable reflector
Compact imaging spectrometer utilizing an immersed grating and anamorphic mirror
Method and apparatus for retracting and advancing a welding wire
Treatment of surfaces to stabilize heavy metals
Chemiluminescent detection of explosives, narcotics, and other chemical substances
Cystic fibrosis gene
Plasma sprayed ceria-containing interlayer
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing a web having filaments aligned in a transverse direction
Method for making a micro-electro-mechanical gyroscope
Biopsy needle device
Vehicle partition
Electron beam physical vapor deposition apparatus
Composite roofing panel
Auxiliary transmission in transmission system
Transient compensation of EGR and boost in an engine using accelerator pedal rate data
Stimulus regimens for cardiovascular reflex control
Superconducting cable
Vibrator for bone conducted hearing aids
Ultra-short ion and neutron pulse production
Semiconductor storage device and portable electronic equipment having the same
Programmable microelectronic device, structure, and system and method of forming the same
Phase change media for high density data storage
Dielectric composition on the basis of barium titanate
Document formatting based on optimized formatting values
Set top box object security system
Method and apparatus for removing noise from feature vectors
Method and apparatus for dynamic grammars and focused semantic parsing
Dynamic generation of visual style variants for a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
Correction widget
Type size dependent anti-aliasing in sub-pixel precision rendering systems
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved resistance to fraud
Gaming token payout apparatus
Method and apparatus for handling an interrupt from a real-time clock to increment a program clock
More easily visualized punctum plug configurations
Load sensing applanation tonometer
Method of forming an electronic component using ink
Extrusion of synthetic wood material
Responsive film with corrugated microlayers having improved properties
Method for removing wrinkles, device for removing wrinkles, and coating method
Gasket for cladding system
Caulking gun
Extrusion container
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion and method of manufacture therefor
Apparatus and method for adjusting component features
Extrusion head for producing a plastic strand in the form of a flexible or rigid tube
Flexible inflator with co-extruded propellant and moisture barrier
Raman imaging and sensing apparatus employing nanoantennas
Multi-band horn antenna using frequency selective surfaces
High efficiency vibration energy harvester
2,5-substituted pyrimidine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Cyclic amine derivatives-CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Ink jet printing method
Impact energy absorber and process
Specimen observation method in atomic force microscopy and atomic force microscope
Microstructure containing entities rotating under an applied load to enhance toughening against frac...
Field effect devices having a source controlled via a nanotube switching element
System for accessing digital imaging devices
Method and system for controlling and filtering files using a virus-free certificate
Switching system
Automatic setting of time-to-live fields for packets in an ad hoc network
Method and apparatus for processing and forwarding data packets
Determining image quality for improving object trackability
Dual-polarization antenna array
Integrated circuit devices with power supply detection circuitry
Method and apparatus for automotive rim edge analysis and corrective weight selection guide
Generator monitoring, control and efficiency
Error insertion circuit for SONET forward error correction
High frequency equalizer using a demultiplexing technique and related semiconductor device
Median weighted tracking for spread-spectrum communications
Virtual loop carrier system with network clock recovery
Notification of operating status in image sensing system
Placing an object at a node in a peer-to-peer system based on a zoom-in algorithm
Nucleic acid sequencing by raman monitoring of molecular deconstruction
Apparatus for assaying biopolymer binding by means of multiple measurements under varied conditions
Method and apparatus for tracing packets
Molecular memory integrated circuit utilizing non-vibrating cantilevers
Individually electrically addressable vertically aligned carbon nanofibers on insulating substrates
Magnetic fluid power generator device and method for generating power
Microfluidic devices with distributing inputs
Soft-reference four conductor magnetic memory storage device
Method for modulating shapes of substrates
Method and apparatus for detecting electrical failures on a die through maximizing passive voltage c...
Plastically deformable implant
Antimicrobial material for implanting in bones
Bone connective prosthesis and method of forming same
Dental implant and head for a compaction drill
Bone implant method of implanting, and kit for use in making implants, particularly useful with resp...
Dental attachment assembly and method
Ionomer composite compositions
Compounds useful as modulators of melanocortin receptors and pharmaceutical compositions comprising ...
Mill blank library and computer-implemented method for efficient selection of blanks to satisfy give...
Monoclonal antibodies to the ClfA protein and method of use in treating or preventing infections
Four-group zoom lens
Spectrophotometer, ellipsometer, polarimeter and the like systems
Computer enclosure incorporating expansion card mounting structure
Variable-wedge thermal-interface device
Computer chassis with fan tray assembly
Cover plate device for a heat exchanger device, especially for a vehicle heater
Vehicle heating appliance with a valve in the fuel supply
Heat exchanger unit
Dual evaporator air conditioning system and method of use
High density electronic cooling triangular shaped microchannel device
Heat pipe having fiber wick structure
Heat transport device, semiconductor apparatus using the heat transport device and extra-atmospheric...
System and method for providing cooling systems with heat exchangers
Ventilating system, heat exchanger and methods
Recuperative exhaust-gas heat exchanger for a gas turbine engine
Waste energy recovery system, method of recovering waste energy from fluids, pipes having thermally ...
Heat sink having compliant interface to span multiple components
Printed circuit board assembly
Attaching device for mounting and fixing a semiconductor device and a heat sink provided on the semi...
Thermal solution for electronic devices
Compact vehicle drive module having improved thermal control
Lightweight robust enclosure design for a mobile computing system
Electro-osmotic pumps and micro-channels
Polycosanols from Ericerus pela wax
Urea linker derivatives for use as PPAR modulators
Dual inhibitors of adipocyte fatty acid binding protein and keratinocyte fatty acid binding protein
Infrared thermography
Method and apparatus for conducting linked simulation operations utilizing a computer-based system m...
Method of screening a compound for anxiolytic activity in an Apolipoprotein e knockout animal
C2-disubstituted indan-1-ol compounds, their derivatives, processes for their preparation, and their...
Carbocyclic hydrazino inhibitors of copper-containing amine oxidases
Oxazolyl-aryloxyacetic acid derivatives and their use as ppar agonists
Heteroaryl urea neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Pyrrolotriazine inhibitors of kinases
Substituted 2-azetidinones useful as hypocholesterolemic agents
System and methods for soft tissue reconstruction
Self-inflating intragastric volume-occupying device
Methods and devices for maintaining a space occupying device in a relatively fixed location within a...
Exercise bar and cord assembly
Hand grip exercise system
Exercise apparatus
Portable foot operated exercise device
Complete body fitness machine
Exercise device for lower body
Method of calibrating a brake system for stationary equipment and apparatus using the same
Exercise resistance methods and apparatus
Reorienting treadmill
Reformer exercise apparatus
Storage unit for collapsible exercise device
Passive physiological monitoring (P2M) system
Locking device to lock a collapsible treadmill deck in a folded position
System and method for using biometric data for providing identification, security, access and access...
Milking claw bottom
Construction for automatically milking animals
Safety-shutoff device for a manually fed processing machine
Error correction circuit and A/D converter
Method for reducing DAC resolution in multi-bit sigma delta analog-to digital converter (ADC)
Flash ADC receiver with reduced errors
Bio-oxidation process and apparatus
Method of manufacturing heat sensitive recording material and heat sensitive recording material
Intermediate transfer recording medium, print, and method for image formation thereby
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Magnetic reproducing head having a structure to inhibit electrostatic discharge to a recording tape
Integrated lead suspension and method of construction
Magnetic head slider and a magnetic disk device in which the slider is mounted
Load/unload-type disk drive slider having a negative pressure reduction hole
Head gimbal assembly with flex circuit arrangement between slider and head interconnect assembly
Magnetic disk cartridge with housing composed of circular ARC and straight lines normal to each othe...
Digital servo channel for recording apparatus
High efficiency side-by-side thin film head utilizing canted shield yokes
Transducer positioning device
Magnetic disk cartridge
Disc drive having electromagnetic biased shieldless CPP reader
One and three quarters inch form factor tape cartridge autoloader
Insulative in-stack hard bias for GMR sensor stabilization
Method and control scheme for compensating the coarse actuators undesired transients in dual stage c...
Multi-layer electrode device on slider for electrostatic fly height adjustment
Updateable centralized data position information storage system
Counteracting gas ingestion in a hydrodynamic bearing spindle motor
Alternating-azimuth angle helical track format using grouped same-azimuth angle heads
Perpendicular recording and read head assembly with in situ stand alone stabilizer for a magnetic me...
Transgenic non-human mammals producing fibrinogen in their milk
Peptide derivatives
Polymer-coated substrates for immobilization of biomolecules and cells
Liposome preparations
Fibrin binding moieties useful as imaging agents
Abrasion resistant vascular graft
Devices and methods for performing avascular anastomosis
Device and method for minimizing restenosis after angioplasty treatment
Depth and puncture control for blood vessel hemostasis system
Inducing hypothermia and rewarming using a helium-oxygen mixture
Bradykinin analogs as selective inhibitors of cell activation
3,4-dihydro-(1H)quinazolin-2-one compounds as CSBP/p38 kinase inhibitors
Compositions, methods and kits relating to thrombin degradation resistant fibroblast growth factor-1
Modified annexin proteins and methods for treating vaso-occlusive sickle-cell disease
Method, system and apparatus for creating and accessing a hierarchical database in a format optimall...
System and method for configuring software for distribution
Enterprise management system
Single-step processing and selecting debugging modes
Server device and method for providing e-mail service, and information recording medium recording a ...
Method and apparatus for automatically uninstalling software on a network
Apparatus and accompanying methods for providing, through a centralized server site, an integrated v...
Method and system of implementing recorded data for automating internet interactions
Molded electronic connector formed from a thermally conductive polymer composition and method of mak...
Polyvinyl chloride resins
Cationic group 3 catalyst system
Elastic blends of semicrystalline propylene polymers and high glass transition temperature materials
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
384X-based burst mode PWM controller
Boost bridge amplifier
Three phase isolated vector switching AC to AC frequency converters
Unregulated electrical converter
Current detecting circuit and power converter having the same
Antenna level display device and method, and receiving apparatus
Switching amplifier architecture
Method and apparatus for converting a color space of OSD
DC-DC converter control circuit and DC-DC converter
Soft switching interleaved power converter
Apparatus and method for charging and discharging a capacitor
Step wave power converter
Automated realtime interpretation of brain waves
Interactive-modified interactive event related potential (IMIERP)
Method and apparatus for magnetic brain wave stimulation
Method and system for creating and implementing zones in hardware within a fiber channel system
Packet lockstep system and method
Method and apparatus for an adaptive binaural beamforming system
Spectral enhancement using digital frequency warping
Computer system having low energy consumption
Generation and delivery device for ozone gas and ozone dissolved in water
Ink-jet head and ink-jet printer having ink-jet head
Vehicle bumper structure
Homogeneous charge compression ignition engine and method for operating homogeneous charge compressi...
Thin walled fuser roll with stress redirected from axial to radial direction
Ratchet wrench having a sealing structure
Image specific perceived overall contrast prediction
Multi-slice cerebral blood flow imaging with continuous arterial spin labeling MRI
Reality-based light environment for digital imaging in motion pictures
Fingerprint scanner auto-capture system and method
Digital camera, image signal processing method and recording medium for the same
Method and apparatus for coding live images in microscopy
Scanning system for identifying and labeling X-rays
Method and system for monitoring breathing activity of a subject
Image information processing system
Method, system, and computer code for finding spots defined in biological microarrays
Medical imaging system
Method for processing images of coronary arteries
System and process for the analysis and predictive simulation of the evolution of a hair region, and...
Reference database
Living body information measuring apparatus, living body information measuring method, body fat meas...
Method and apparatus for measuring the optical quality of a reflective surface
Multiple beam ellipsometer
Birefringence measurement at deep-ultraviolet wavelengths
Chamber leakage detection by measurement of reflectivity of oxidized thin film
Scatterometry to simultaneously measure critical dimensions and film properties
Monochromator system and applications thereof
Method in quality control of a spectrophotometer
Optical architectures for microvolume laser-scanning cytometers
Endoscopic smart probe and method
Optically similar reference samples and related methods for multivariate calibration models used in ...
Tunable spectroscopic source with power stability and method of operation
Molecular wire injection sensors
MEMS mirror with drive rotation amplification of mirror rotation angle
Microspray column, mass spectrometer, and mass spectrometry
Method for applying water insoluble chemical additives with to pulp fiber
Process and apparatus for air forming an article having a plurality of superimposed fibrous layers
Controlled placement of a reinforcing web within a fibrous absorbent
Tissue products having increased absorbency
Three-piece disposable undergarment and method for the manufacture thereof
Garment including an elastomeric composite laminate
Method of drying a web
Dispenser for sheet material
Apparatus for assembling refastenable absorbent garments
Two-step self-modulating scroll compressor
Oil pressure operated pump for marine steering gears with a valve set shell with valves separately c...
Drilling rig having a compact compressor/pump assembly
Small piston pump
Protector for electrical submersible pumps
Strainer and valve release
Piston stroke limiting device for a reciprocating compressor
Apparatus and method for producing a pressurized vapor stream
Methanol injection system and method to prevent freezing of a natural gas pipeline
Method and apparatus for detecting the occurrence of surge in a centrifugal compressor
Fuel feed apparatus having sub tank and jet pump
Buoyancy engine
Linear actuator, and pump and compressor devices using the actuator
Inter-stage plasma source
Fluorescent luminous tube with getter mirror film
Manual negative pressure pump device
Arrangement for an exhaust gas turbo charger with a carrier housing
Vibration damping mechanism for piston type compressor
Method for controlling the motor of a pump involving the determination and synchronization of the po...
Rotor assembly
Aqueous detergent composition and method of use
Encapsulated active ingredient preparation for use in particulate detergents and cleaning agents
Perfume compositions and methods to mask amine malodors
Detergent composition for hard surfaces comprising hydrophilic shear-thinning polymer at very low le...
Full-length cDNA
Directed evolution of novel binding proteins
Method and device for controlling ionization
Reducing non-specific binding in immunoassays performed on polymeric solid phases
Adjustable keyboard with adjusting and locking mechanism, and method of its use
Process for converting programs in high-level programming languages to a unified executable for hybr...
Method and apparatus for testing circuitry embedded within a field programmable gate array
System and method for access control and for supply chain management via a shared bill of material
Low profile fluid dynamic bearing
Method and system for determining optimum optical proximity corrections within a photolithography sy...
Liquid filtration device
Microneedles for minimally invasive drug delivery
Modular electronic enclosure with cooling design
Method and apparatus for efficient generation of texture coordinate displacements for implementing e...
Low-voltage pre-distortion circuit for linear-in-dB variable-gain cells
Process for antibiotic coating of elements with interconnecting microcavities, elements thus coated ...
Mice heterozygous for WFS1 gene as mouse models for depression
Sulfonated polyetherketoneketone
Wound contraction inhibitor
Human hairless gene and protein
Identification of genes
Hydroxyphenyl cross-linked macromolecular network and applications thereof
Developer container including a developer movement suppression feature
EMI filter capacitors designed for direct body fluid exposure
Board for electronic device, electronic device, ferroelectric memory, electronic apparatus, ink-jet ...
Polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display containing the same
Push-button switch member and manufacturing method of same
Low defectivity product slurry for CMP and associated production method
Sludge recovery apparatus and method
Hydrocyclone roping detector and method
System for the treatment of wastewater
Device for diverting fluid from a pipeline
Separator for fluids and solids
Color image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Image formation apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, program and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and its method
Image processing method, apparatus and program
Wireless communication apparatus
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Image heating apparatus having multiple rotatable members and temperature detecting element
Recording method and apparatus of domain wall displacement type magneto-optical recording medium
Image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for drawing a gradient fill object
Image forming apparatus
Threshold matrix, and method and apparatus of reproducing gray levels using threshold matrix
Job processing apparatus
Image communication apparatus and its control method
Print apparatus, print control system, print control method, and storage medium
Oligomeric chain extenders for processing, post-processing and recycling of condensation polymers, s...
Recyclable composite materials articles of manufacture and structures and method of using composite ...
Stereolithographic method for forming insulative coatings for via holes in semiconductor devices
Process for making labeled containers using a stretch blow molding process
Cellulose dip cord produced from highly homogeneous cellulose solution and tire using the same
Organizer for bundling and recycling newspapers
Air heated, flexible door panel
Stannoxy-substituted metallocene catalysts for olefin and acetylene polymerization
Method of producing fluid unit
Heterocyclic compounds, oxazole derivatives, process for preparation of the same and use thereof
P-thienylbenzylamides as agonists of angiotensin-(1-7) receptors, and methods of their preparation a...
Optically variable element comprising a sequence of thin-film layers
Programming device for returning robot to waiting position
Guidance system for a robot
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Modular tool unit for processing microelectronic workpieces
Self-running robot
Prevention of robot damage via capacitive sensor assembly
Process and device for controlling the robotal device
Product presentation robot
Customer service robot
Monitoring robot
CMP apparatus and method
Methods for peptide and protein display in nucleic acid arrays
Fuel cell mounted device, and electric power supply system
Torch cable disposition structure for arc-welding robot
Machine tool with pallet change function and pallet changing method
Apparatus and method for an autonomous robotic system for performing activities in a well
System and apparatus for driving a track mounted robot
Multiple section end effector assembly
Arc starting method in arc welding attended with laser irradiation, welding device for performing th...
Free piston compressor
Metallized cutlery and tableware
Folding multi-tool with adjustable pliers
Substrate holding device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
Wire cutter and bayonet sheath combination
Knife handle
Composition for treatment of and method of monitoring hepatitis C virus using interferon-TAU
Method of using a protective test strip platform for optical meter apparatus
Small triplex forming PNA oligos
Blow molding resins with improved ESCR
Control apparatus, control method, and engine control unit
Dual drive power actuator
System for moving a bed using an endless drive
System for moving beds
Machine tool, especially a hand machine tool
Intake flow rate detecting apparatus of internal combustion engine and method of same
System and method for linearizing a CMOS differential pair
Measurement and control of magnetomotive force in current transformers and other magnetic bodies
Irradiation apparatus and irradiation method
Portable coating weight reader
Tracking control method and storage apparatus
Magnetic disk evaluation apparatus
Pointing angle control of electrostatic micro mirrors
Scatterometry by phase sensitive reflectometer
Printed circuit board and wireless communication apparatus
Atomic oscillator
Fastening apparatus and method
Self-diagnostic circuit of I/O circuit system
Method for obtaining polymerizable vinyl chloride from a raw product derived from the pyrolysis of 1...
Performing spreadsheet-like calculations in a database system
System and method for simulating clinical trial protocols with compiled state machines
Horizontally structured CAD/CAM coordinate system for manufacturing design
Method and system for wirelessly managing the operation of a network appliance over a limited distan...
Strain relief unit for fiber shuffling device
Multiple cladding optical fiber
Method for the manufacture of optical modifier
Compositions and methods involving direct write optical lithography
Strictly non-blocking switch core having optimized switching architecture based on reciprocity condi...
Apparatus and methods for integrally packaging optoelectronic devices, IC chips and optical transmis...
Electro-optical device, film member, laminated film, low refractivity film, laminated multilayer fil...
Stent with combined distal protection device
Well screen assembly and system with controllable variable flow area and method of using same for oi...
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded articles
Motor control apparatus
Alkaline storage battery and process for producing the same
Metal vapor discharge lamp and lighting apparatus capable of stable maintenance of characteristics
Golf club head and golf club set
Electron beam apparatus using electron source, image-forming apparatus using the same and method of ...
Ink jet record head
Device for removably fitting carrycot seats and carrycots to baby carriages
Image processing method, relative density detecting method and image processing apparatus
Pneumatic tire
Feeding device
Aminotetralin-derived urea modulators of vanilloid VR1 receptor
Method for treating drug-induced constipation
Fluorescence-measuring system
Light diffusing substrate, transmission screen, and display device
Removable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Waveguide-finline tunable phase shifter
Continuous fiber of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Carbon monoxide sensor and method of use
Seal-leak detector arrangement for compressors and other equipment
Hydrogen passivation shut down system for a fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for sustainable energy and materials
Method and apparatus for monitoring equivalent series resistance and for shunting a fuel cell
Co-catalyst proton exchange membrane fuel cell utilizing borohydride fuels
Simplified direct oxidation fuel cell system
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Catalytic process for the production of 3,3′, 4,4′-tetraminobiphenyl
Curable fluoropolyether rubber compositions and rubber articles
Sulphonic fluorinated ionomers
Structures and fabrication techniques for solid state electrochemical devices
Freeze tolerant fuel cell power plant with a two-component mixed coolant
Fuel cell system controller
Fuel cell system
Optimized chaining of vertex and fragment programs
Structures with multiple polymeric layers
Process for producing branched polymer and polymer
Method for processing communal locks
Abdominal exercise device and method
Sliding exercise apparatus and recreational device
Backrest adjusting device for a bicycle
Bicycle headset structure
Human powered device with removable flywheel power unit
Wearable life support apparatus and method
Bicycle towing device
Clamping device with flexible arm
Portable modular storage support device
Bicycle crank axle bearing assembly
Material conditioner and stabilizer and method for making and using same
Bicycle wheel with spinner attachment
Handle stem and speed indicator
Handgrip installation tool
Door closer hold-open apparatus
Automatic, personalized online information and product services
Pigmented 1-naphtholsulphonic acid-based monoazo pigments
Low odor, light color hot pick-up adhesive
Sinterable structures and method
Compositions for oxide CMP
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multi-layer sheet, a manufacturing method of the multi-layer sheet and a molding method of the multi...
Method for accelerated aging of catalytic converters incorporating engine cold start simulation
Two-stage pulse detonation system
Solid electrolytic capacitor
High strength high gas barrier cellular cushioning product
Light sources with nanometer-sized VUV radiation-absorbing phosphors
Production enhancement for a reactor
Homogeneous charge compression ignition control utilizing plasmatron fuel converter technology
Chemical vapor deposition process and apparatus thereof
Apparatus for cooling material to be printed and printing units at sheet fed printing machines with ...
Web-fed rotary press
Sheet-processing machine with a sheet brake
Flat printing material-processing machine with an auxiliary pile carrier
Method and apparatus for monitoring parts in a material processing system
Method for testing properties of corrosive lubricants
Tablet pressing device
Method and apparatus for automated image correction for digital image acquisition
Method for increasing the efficiency of color management in job ticket workflows
Methods and apparatus for converting color values
Printing plate registration using a camera
Control unit for vehicle brake system
Method and system for shimming an MRI magnet assembly
Magnet structure
System and method for operating transmit or transmit/receive elements in an MR system
Radio frequency coil with two parallel end conductors
Apparatus and method for detection of magnetic resonance by a magneto-resistive sensor
Open half volume quadrature transverse electromagnetic coil for high field magnetic resonance imagin...
Integrated cervical-thoracic-lumbar spine MRI array coil
Methods & apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Coils for high frequency MRI
Container assembly for a substance to be applied
Process for preparing vinyl phosphonic acid
Gas distribution device
Long-piston hydraulic machines
Door and frame with peripheral venting for electronic component cabinet
Packaging of solid state devices
Driveway gutter having flexible filler mat
Means to add torsional energy to a camshaft
Drilling tool and method for producing port seals
Software for installation and configuration management of network nodes
Plunger systems
Medication delivery system
Rapid response system for the detection and treatment of cardiac events
Method and apparatus for making high-precision measurements
Magnetic field sensor
Substituted phenylcyclohexane carboxylic acid amides and their use as adenosine uptake inhibitors
Method to treat cardiofibrosis with a combination therapy of an angiotensin II antagonist and epoxym...
Biodegradable elastomer and method of preparing same
Delivery system for endoluminal implant
Circuit breaker handle block
Copper termination inks containing lead free and cadmium free glasses for capacitors
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing same
Anodically-bonded elements for flat panel displays
Implantable shielded medical device
Electrolyte copper foil having carrier foil, manufacturing method thereof, and layered plate using t...
Electrochemical analysis of coenzyme Q10 and reduced coenzyme Q10
Explosive composition and its use
Compositions and methods containing bioavailable Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine for human and veterinary...
Cleaning composition comprising an inorganic acid mixture and a cationic surfactant
Method for producing improved cold-rolled strip that is capable of being deep-drawn or ironed, and c...
Method and apparatus for mine and unexploded ordnance neutralization
Polyvalent cation-sensing receptor in atlantic salmon
Polyvalent cation-sensing receptor in Atlantic salmon
Method and apparatus for removal of contaminants from a hydrogen processor feed stream, as in a fuel...
Rechargeable thin film battery and method for making the same
Lithium secondary battery and positive electrode for lithium secondary battery
Method and system for assisted culling and reformatting of encoded microtubes
Tokenless electronic transaction system
Process for producing a metal layer on a substrate body, and substrate body having a metal layer
Method and apparatus for monitoring transfusion of blood
Radio frequency-controlled telecommunication device
Systems and methods for collecting printing device usage data
Radio frequency identification automotive service systems
Object identification system with adaptive transceivers and methods of operation
Low power regulated amplifier for a transponder
Rectifying charge storage element
Chip attachment in an RFID tag
Card cleaner roller assembly
Medicament dispenser
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Medication tracking system
Multiple feed point slot antenna
Motor vehicle occupancy signaling system
Purification of 1,3-bis(aminomethyl)cyclohexane by distillation
Co-catalyst and process for the preparation of organohalosilanes
Primer composition for promoting adhesion of a urethane adhesive to a polymeric substrate
Siloxane-modified polyimide resin
Radial anisotropic sintered magnet and its production method, magnet rotor using sintered magnet, an...
Process for the preparation of functionalized polymer particles
Cleaning surfaces
Epoxidation catalyst
Fashion eyeglasses
Method for manufacturing ionic liquid catalysts
Volatile copper aminoalkoxide complex and deposition of copper thin film using same
Silicone compound and cosmetic preparation
Oxetane compounds containing maleimide functionality
Method of in-wafer testing of monolithic photonic integrated circuits (PICs) formed in a semiconduct...
X-ray apparatus with field emission current stabilization and method of providing x-ray radiation th...
Animal waste scooper
Breaking device for a dual bearing reel
Master gear for spinning reel
Fishing reel screw operation structure
Method and system of providing sealed bags of fluid at the clean side of a laboratory facility
Paw cleaning louvered ramp for cat litter box
Animal behavior training apparatus
Fishing accessory apparatus
Fish jaw gripper to facilitate hook removal
α-tocopherol transport protein knockout animal
Quinazoline derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Drag adjustment knob for a spinning reel
Electronic control for heating apparatus
Methods and apparatus for supporting eggs during in ovo injection
Method for mapping a heart using catheters having ultrasonic position sensors
Method and apparatus for visualization and manipulation of real 3-D objects in networked environment...
Computer-aided diagnosis method for aiding diagnosis of three dimensional digital image data
Apparatus for generating acoustic waves
Computer simulation model for determining damage to the human central nervous system
Magnetic tracking system
Instrumentation and method for performing image-guided spinal surgery using an anterior surgical app...
Method and apparatus for correcting a volumetric scan of an object moving at an uneven period
On-line correction of patient motion in three-dimensional positron emission tomography
Method and apparatus for extracting a left ventricular endocardium from MR cardiac images
Methods and apparatus for helical reconstruction for multislice CT scan
Method and apparatus for image reconstruction and X-ray CT imaging apparatus
Video pose tracking system and method
Films produced from substantially linear homogeneous olefin polymer compositions
Tricyclic inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases
Reactive systems that harden at room temperature
Solvent-free room temperature curing reactive systems and the use thereof in the production of adhes...
Embossing process
Memory system with conductive structures embedded in foamed insulator
Thermoplastic halogenated polymer compositions, method for preparing same and use thereof
80090, human fucosyltransferase nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Bromination process
Transosseous core approach and instrumentation for joint replacement and repair
Method and apparatus for testing a high speed data receiver for jitter tolerance
Systems and methods for facilitating testing of pad drivers of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for speech coding using training and quantizing
Methods and system for comparing data values across multiple platforms
Method and apparatus for scanning for neighboring cells
Apparatus and method for enabling automatic measurement of performance in a telephony communication ...
Channel condition estimation for pilot coefficient selection
Low cost DSSS communication system
Input writing device
Automatic gain control with digital filtering for radio-frequency communications systems
Multilayered microfluidic DNA analysis system and method
Pinion gear type rotating device
System and method for placing clock drivers in a standard cell block
Modular system with synchronized timing
Configurable baseboard to power a mezzanine card and method
System for providing continuity between messaging clients and method therefor
Magnetic resonance method and system forming an isotropic, high resolution, three-dimensional diagno...
Quantified fluorescence microscopy
Photodynamic therapy for selectively closing neovasa in eyeground tissue
Device for taking measurements of cells which are contained in a liquid environment
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Phototherapy methods and systems
Digital prescription carrier and monitor system
Flex circuit shielded optical sensor
Efficient perspective transformation of partial images in composing a single image
Image processing system for compressing image data including binary image data and continuous tone i...
Device and method for decoding class-based codewords
Systems and methods for automatically detecting a corner in a digitally captured image
Pattern evaluation method, pattern evaluation system and computer-readable recorded medium
Compressed audio stream data decoder memory sharing techniques
Device and method for recording hand-written information
Image size reduction method and system
Method for quantifying relative accuracy of database segments
Multi-purpose optical light pipe
Method for coupling plastic optical fibers
Dispersion compensating fiber for moderate dispersion NZDSF and transmission system utilizing same
Optical transmission module
Arrayed waveguide wavelength multiplexing apparatus and optical transmitter