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Plants transformed to express Cry2A .delta.-endotoxins
Network router configured for executing network operations based on parsing XML tags in a received X...
Apparatus and methods for fault-tolerant computing using a switching fabric
System and associated suppression assembly for limiting electromagnetic emissions in network devices...
Automatic traffic and quality of service control system for communications networks
Selective parsing of an XML document
Managing the configuration of a shared network node
Multi-substrate circuit assembly
Alloy type thermal fuse and material for a thermal fuse element
Electronic device
Probe card assembly and kit
Cold cathode electric field electron emission display device
Multi-chip ball grid array package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Low-loss coplanar waveguides
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Die attach region for use in a micro-array integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic memory cell, and magnetic memory device
Image recording apparatus with selection of still image to be recorded from multi-picture display
Temperature adjustment apparatus, exposure apparatus having the temperature adjustment apparatus, an...
Apparatus, method and computer program product for controlling routing of a request in an image inpu...
Network system, method and apparatus for processing information, and control program
Toner residual amount detection apparatus
Automated image interpretation and retrieval system
Image processing apparatus and method
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image reading apparatus which controls a correction operation of an image signal of an original imag...
Data processing apparatus adaptable to plural environments and data processing method
Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus
Display apparatus
Stereoscopic-image display apparatus
Optical waveguide devices and methods of fabricating the same
Optical alignment of optical waveguides
Optical transmission device
Measurement arrangement for X-ray fluoresence analysis
Tamper-evident/tamper-resistant electronic components
MPEG portable sound reproducing system and a reproducing method thereof
Data processing apparatus and method for correlation analysis
Optical grating coupler
Composite material and method for preparing the same, and raw composite material used for preparing ...
Robot system
Robot controller and robot control method
Robot-like electronic device
Protective layer forming material coating system
Cluster tool architecture for processing a substrate
Horizontal articulated robot
Cluster tool substrate throughput optimization
Cluster tool architecture for processing a substrate
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Knife with blade lock and lanyard lock
Folding tool
Antigen-specific, activated T lymphocytes, detection and use
Syrup composition containing phage associated lytic enzymes
Recloseable biosensor
.beta.-secretase and modulation of .beta.-secretase activity
Dental x-ray packets having non-lead radiation shielding
Disk storage apparatus
Method and arrangement for topographically characterizing a surface of a hard disk with distortion d...
Vehicle wheel alignment by rotating vision sensor
Fixing apparatus
Method and system for down-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same
CLV system and method using PSA lookup
Method of and apparatus for increasing the peak output pulse power delivered by capacitor-driven hig...
Integrated inductor
Thin-film common mode filter and thin-film common mode filter array
Power conditioners and pseudo isolation for a two-wire processing network
Method and apparatus for field drift compensation of a superconducting magnet
Method and apparatus for configuring a computer
Approach for routing an integrated circuit
Current limit for an electric machine
Manufacturing management system and method
Device communications of an implantable medical device and an external system
Portable data collection network with telephone and voice mail capability
System and method for policy-enabled, contract-based management of network operational support syste...
Method and system for playing broadcasts with a mobile telecommunication device that includes multip...
Single-chip CMOS direct-conversion transceiver
Optical systems incorporating waveguides and methods of manufacture
Integrated optical filters utilizing resonators
Carborane trianion based catalyst
Thin film battery and method of manufacture
Pattern correction method of semiconductor device
Processor having cache structure and cache management method for elevating operation speed
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a smart antenna apparatus with a base station transceiver
Toner supplying method for image forming apparatus
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Semiconductor device having aluminum conductors
Method of and apparatus for adjusting the focus position of an optical pickup
Quick connect electrical junction box assembly
Methods for production of astaxanthin from the green microalgae Chlorella in dark-heterotrophic cult...
Intra-aortic renal delivery catheter
Orthodontic bracket system
Resonant oscillating scanning device with multiple light sources
High affinity integrin polypeptides and uses thereof
Ion implantation method, SOI wafer manufacturing method and ion implantation system
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a gate electrode with a three layer structure
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating thereof
Control apparatus for cylinder fuel injection internal combustion engines
Audio signal recording medium and recording and reproducing apparatus for recording medium
Bias system and method
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor xylophone bar magnetometer with automatic resonance control
Fuel cell assembly system
Method for producing isocyanates
High-efficiency otto cycle engine with power generating expander
Intraocular lens with an accommodating capability
Multifocal ophthalmic lens
Graphics processor with integrated wireless circuits
Real-time display post-processing using programmable hardware
Universal tray design having anatomical features to enhance fit
Tubular members integrated to form a structure
Physical training machine operation system and method
Continuously variable transmission
Wheel rim with a connecting wall having three arched wall portions
Front fork damper for bicycle
Bicycle control device
Double suspension bicycle frame
Bicycle shift control device with decreased stress during shifting
Bicycle electronic control device with a reset function
Measurement apparatus and sensor apparatus
Boltonia plant named `Masbolimket`
Method of making certain flexible piezoelectric films
Waste carbonizing and energy utilizing system
Apparatus for production of molybdenum carbide
Seal structure for relatively rotational members
Process for producing perfluorocarbons and use thereof
Device, EUV-lithographic device and method for preventing and cleaning contamination on optical elem...
Method for production of isocyanatosilanes
Polyester composition, films made thereof and process for producing the composition
Hydrogenation catalysts and methods
Spectral control antenna apparatus and method
System for acquiring measured values representing the state of a material during production, process...
Switch box for mowing machine
RF probe apparatus for NMR check weighing system
Pitch control composition
Sole massager
Dispenser for dental use
Stent wall structure
Stimulator lead adapter
Combined hair abrader and skin exfoliator
Lancing device user interface
Suture needle
Enternal feeding pump cassette
Flexible dental dam with frame
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Menu screen for a cellularly communicative electronic device
Display panel with computer icons and corresponding buttons for digital camera
Optical network element panel
Compliant chain guide with blade spring
Compositions for treating phosphate in water
Electronic livestock breeding and management system
Apparatus for detecting estrus in livestock
Injector of sperm for artificial insemination or fertilized ovum for transplantation of domestic ani...
Intra-vaginal device for pigs
Substance delivery device
Synchronizing of animal oestrus and intra vaginal devices useful therein
Substance delivery device
Device for detecting estrus in dairy cows, including a support for a detector enclosed in a casing a...
Detection of on-heat cows
Boar cart for insemination of sows
Filler nozzle for packaging for biological liquids, in particular for artificial insemination
Catheter for artificial insemination of birds, in particular turkey-hens, and method for producing s...
Container arrangement and method for transporting equine semen
Method and system for detecting estrus in swine
Sheath fluids and collection systems for sex-specific cytometer sorting of sperm
Remote controlled boar guidance system and method of artificially inseminating sows
Artificial insemination system
Sow breeding saddle
Artificial insemination system with valve assembly
Machine for making up ready to use doses of animal semen and dose of semen made up by this machine
Hygienic pet conservative band
Light source device, display device and reflection sheets for use therewith
Compounds and methods for inhibiting MRP1
Fused bicyclic pyrimidine derivatives
System and method to simulate hemodynamics
Woven tubing for stent type blood vascular prosthesis and stent type blood vascular prosthesis using...
Covered stent with controlled therapeutic agent diffusion
Unidirectional, multi-head fiber placement
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate and method of producing lithographic...
Rechargeable lithium battery
Illuminating device with sound discriminator for hand-held container
Separation of olefinic isomers
Heregulin variants
Baggage tag and method for using baggage tag
Covert variable information on identification documents and methods of making same
Selective cloaking circuit for use in radio frequency identification and method of cloaking RFID tag...
Automatic vehicle theft prevention system
Item tracking and processing systems and methods
Method and apparatus for storing articles for use with an article handling device
Method and system for transmitting signals through a metal tubular
Squid detected NMR and MRI at ultralow fields
Process for producing optically active oxoheptenoic acid ester
Polyester resin composition
Aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester and film thereof
Method and device for producing laminated composite
Enzymatic resolution of t-butyl taxane derivatives
Leash with integrated pocket
Transgenic mammals having human Ig loci including plural V.sub.H and V.sub.K regions and antibodies ...
Method and apparatus for the removal and handling of honey frames from beehive boxes
Pet waste pick-up device
Audio fishing lure system for attracting species-specific fish
Fishing tip-up
Link mechanism of surgical robot
Bio-based carpet material
Silicon containing compounds
Methods of preparing and using coated particulates
Methods for preparing slurries of coated particulates
Patch-clamping and its use in analyzing subcellular features
Compositions and methods for the therapeutic use of an atonal-associated sequence for deafness, oste...
Antibodies immunospecific for STEAP1
Muscle fatigue level measuring device
Atrial tachycardia termination sensing
Method and system of scaling MR spectroscopic data acquired with phased-array coils
Slip-fit handle for hand-held instruments that access interior body regions
Methods and tools for accessing an anatomic space
Surgical operation system
Intravascular guide wire and method for manufacture thereof
Coupling device for blood collection assembly
Integrated biopsy needle assembly
Electronically activated capture device
System and method for detecting perforations in a body cavity
Portable electronic spirometer
Method for producing software for controlling mechanisms and technical systems
Image processing device and image processing method for correction of image distortion
Image processor, image processing method and storage medium
Systems and methods for reducing accumulated systematic errors in image correlation displacement sen...
Method for processing a digital image
Method and apparatus for enhancing digital images utilizing non-image data
Multilayered image file
Wavelet zerotree coding of ordered bits
System and method providing improved data compression via wavelet coefficient encoding
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive multiple resolution of optical imagers
System and method for image editing
Apparatus for and method of graphics imaging
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and the method thereof
Link discovery and verification procedure using loopback
Optical coupling device
Wideband arrayed waveguide grating
Holder and structure for organizing excess length
Optical module and method for assembling an optical module
Assembly of a flash-lamp string system
Track light assembly and track light equipped with the same
Surface light emitting device
Light emitting diode (LED) picture element
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Illuminating device for a cigar lighter or multi-function electric socket
Lamp mount
Luminaire housing with retrofit panel
Omni-directional worklight
Outdoor watertight lamp
Decorative light string
Soft light fixture
LED accent lighting units
Backlight module
Multi-purpose spotlight and power station
Light source for ophthalmic use
Pocket tool with flashlight
Expanded volume less lethal ball type projectile
Method and apparatus for installing a fixture to the muzzle end of a firearm
Lightweight impact resistant helmet system
Method of applying electrical signals to a patient and automatic wearable external defibrillator
Fuel cell H.sub.2 exhaust conversion
Plug-and-socket device comprising an integrated diagnostic/evaluation circuit, display and switchabl...
Device for improving the visibility conditions in a motor vehicle
Analog base band unit for a RF receiver and method for using the same
Automatic gain control circuit and an RF receiver and method using such a circuit
Variable gain amplifier device
Paper feeder and image forming apparatus
Motive-force transmission changeover mechanism in disc apparatus
IC with external register present lead connected to instruction register
Medical device having a combination data reader and infrared data transceiver and method of using sa...
Speaker apparatus
Automatic gain control methods and apparatus suitable for use in OFDM receivers
Memory device, memory device read method
Integrated circuit
Graphics imaging method
Cosmetic compositions based on multiblock ionizable polycondensates, and uses thereof
Acoustic apparatus and headphone
Single-pass image resampling system and method with anisotropic filtering
Single semiconductor graphics platform
Phase angle control for synchronous machine control
Control apparatus for brushless DC motor
Power generator system
Process for strengthen grain boundaries of an article made from a Ni based superalloy
Narrow speed range diesel-powered engine system w/ aftertreatment devices
Dynamo-electric drive unit controlled compound power system
Ship employing a buoyant propulsion system
Cosmetic container
Container fitment with a dispensing aperture
Methods of managing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
Methods for identifying compounds for regulating muscle mass or function using corticotropin releasi...
Domestic fabric article refreshment in integrated cleaning and treatment processes
Simulation apparatus
Slurry and use thereof for polishing
Process of microgel synthesis and products produced therefrom
Method for production of asymmetric carotenoids
Scheme for posting advertisements on comprehensive information viewing device
Methods and systems to interface navigation operations
Four cycle, piston-driven, rotary ported intake and exhaust super atmospherically charged on demand ...
Slide member
Thrust bearing
Conical hydrodynamic bearing device and a recording disk drive equipped with it, and a method of man...
Asymmetry pressure regulation and check valve device for fluid dynamic bearing
Suspension arm kit, vehicle with protective spacer on suspension arm, and method of installing suspe...
Long wear conveyor assembly
Linear guide unit
Rifle scope mounting means
Barrel replacement or insert devices for firearm function conversion
Screens and assays for agents useful in controlling parasitic nematodes
Inspecting swath boundaries produced by thermal transfer of organic materials in forming OLED device...
Electro-optical reader with improved laser intensity modulation over extended working range
Organic electroluminescence display device
Fluorescent diketopyrrolopyrroles
Method to reduce the power consumption of large PLAs by clock gating guided by recursive shannon dec...
Androgen receptor antagonists
Highly lipophilic camptothecin intermediates and prodrugs and methods of preparation thereof
Pharmaceutically active compounds having a tricyclic pyrazolotriazolopyrimidine ring structure and m...
Di-substituted pyrrolotriazine compounds
Camptothecin intermediates and prodrugs and methods of preparation thereof
Dehydrophenylahistins and analogs thereof and the synthesis of dehydrophenylahistins and analogs the...
LPAAT-.beta. inhibitors and uses thereof
Service selection in a shared access network using policy routing
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET29 compositions toxic to coleopteran insects and Ctenocephalides SPP
Professional referral network
Composite ultra-light weight active mirror for space applications
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Ferroelectric capacitors including a seed conductive film
Polymerizable composition and image recording material containing the same
Process for producing foamed articles, especially foamed articles for upholstering car seats
Films having a high transmittance and matt property
Dye-containing curable composition and color filter using the same
Semi-transmissive-type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing same
Transistor and semiconductor device
Electrophotographic photoconductor, image forming method and apparatus, and process cartidge using t...
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, thin film transistor and display apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Rest for a snooker cue
Optical recording apparatus and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Printer and printing method for image-quality correction
Color-balanced TRC correction to compensate for illuminant changes in printer characterization
Apparatus and methods of calibrating pixel off set and pixel gain using digitial hardware
Visible identification of solid ink stick
Phase change ink formulation containing a combination of a urethane resin, a mixed urethane/urearesi...
Ink jet apparatus
Systems and methods for determining printhead in a print position
Sheet deskew system and method
Geranium plant named `Fismaxi`
Geranium plant named `Fislina`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dora`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Crete`
Geranium plant named `Fistufru`
Geranium plant named `Fisweiss`
Method and apparatus for correcting the phase of a clock in a data receiver
Compensation based bit-error-rate estimation for convolutionally encoded transmissions in wireless s...
Digital carrierless amplitude and phase modulation (CAP) transmitter using vector arithmetic structu...
System for interconnecting circuit-based terminal devices with packet-based terminal devices in a vo...
Scalable weight-based terabit switch scheduling method
Managing congestion and traffic flow by considering the minimization of link utilization values
Nozzle for administrations and lavages of nasal cavities and similar
Processes for the preparation of 2-methylfuran and 2-methyltetrahydrofuran
Binding resin for toner, toner and electrophotographic apparatus
Stretch releasable foams, articles including same and methods for the manufacture thereof
Compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses mediated by antigen-presenting cells
Imaging apparatus and method for facilitating printing
Load dolly
Media handling device and methods
Mediating electrostatic separation
Artificial lift with additional gas assist
Method and apparatus for the manipulation and management of a cryogen for production of frozen small...
Non-volatile ferroelectric cell array block having hierarchy transfer sensing architecture
Nitride compound semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Poker chip with casino and four aces image
Poker chip with casino and four suit symbols border image
Program development compressed trace support apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating and verifying libraries for ATPG tool
Optimized bond out method for flip chip wafers
Systems and methods of partitioning data to facilitate error correction
Method and system for providing high-speed forward error correction for multi-stream data
Locking device for microchannel plate in image amplifier tube
Expansion of color gamut for silver halide media
Method for high aspect ratio pattern transfer
Mass spectrometer multipole device
Method for producing bleach activator granules
Multi-spectral uniform light source
Data processors
Modeling option price dynamics
DNA sequences for regulating transcription
Process for reconstructing a non-human mammalian embryo by nuclear transfer using a heat treated don...
Method and apparatus for very high data rate satellite transmission
Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
Method for embedding information and extracting the same
Cash dispensing automated banking machine software authorization system and method
Centralized electronic safe and accounting control system
Enzymatic preservation of water based paints
Organic acid producing microorganism and process for preparing organic acids employing the same
Shallow trench power MOSFET and IGBT
Cleaning brush head
Tool monitoring system and method
Method of evaluating the efficiency of an automatic machine
Detection of post-shock therapy sinusal tachycardia in active implantable defibrillator cardiovertor...
Reinforced cleaning member, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using same
Image forming apparatus
Components and methods for processing in wireless communication data in presence of format uncertain...
Hierarchical data extraction
Program, method and system for searching content, and operator questioning processing system
Search system
Data checker apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for extending structured content to support streaming
Valve selection for an engine operating in a multi-stroke cylinder mode
Camshaft phaser bias spring mechanism
Method for effectively diagnosing the operational state of a variable valve lift device
Valve timing control apparatus for engine
Method and a system for evaluating the reliability of a program in an electronic device, and an elec...
System and mobile cellular telephone device for playing recorded music
Method and apparatus for determining geometrical data of a motor vehicle wheel mounted rotatably abo...
Integrated vehicle power distribution and gateway system
Access control for vehicle mounted communications devices
Automatic slowdown control apparatus for a vehicle
Shift control system and method for V-belt type continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for steering movable object by using control algorithm that takes into account ...
Vehicle door locking and unlocking system
Control system for controlling the climate of a vehicle
Vehicle monitoring and reporting system and method
Nano-scale resolution optical pickup for reading/writing ultra-high density data on CD and DVD data ...
Magnetoresistance effect element comprising nano-contact portion not more than a fermi length, and m...
Nano-antenna apparatus and method
Method and device for reducing the contact resistance in organic field-effect transistors by embeddi...
Selectively-etched nanochannel electrophoretic and electrochemical devices
Single electron transistor manufacturing method by electro-migration of metallic nanoclusters
Methods, devices and compositions for depositing and orienting nanostructures
Nanoengineered biophotonic hybrid device
Method for forming pattern of one-dimensional nanostructure
Method for forming an array of single -wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Carbon nanotube-carbon nanohorn complex and method for producing the same
Nanophase luminescence particulate material
Method for purifying by nanofiltration an aqueous sugary solution containing monovalent and polyvale...
Nanoparticle, method of producing nanoparticle and magnetic recording medium
Operation method of nanotweezers
Camera lens positioning using a electro-active device
Optical element retracting mechanism for a retractable lens
Method and apparatus for photographically recording an image
Frame assembly for supporting a camera
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Three way video camera base
Weather-resistant monitoring camera
Enclosure for wildlife surveillance system and security apparatus therefor
Hydrocarbon fluid transfer system
Marine vessel structural interface
Anchoring device
Moorage for affixing to a floating dock and allowing a user to single handedly soft land, dock and m...
Apparatus for utilizing waste heat from weapon propulsion system to produce vapor explosion
Decanting device for use on vessels with spill rails
Vessel provided with a propeller tunnel
Propeller wash straightening device
Take-down seating
Methods and apparatus for drilling with a multiphase pump
Image processing system receiving simultaneous scan requests from multiple scanners
Platform independent remote printing system
Application interface for device driver settings
Multi-function imaging machine with fax settings lock
Automated job redirection and organization management
Computer system having printer driver, print data generating method using the same, and medium recor...
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including screening inval...
Method and system for providing visual notification in a unified messaging system
Method and system for canceling unwanted telephone calls
Extensible interactive voice response
Gaming device having regenerating multiple award opportunities
Hydraulic tool with rapid ram advance
Method of manufacturing electrical power connector
Gaming device display
System and method for analysis of neurological condition
Decrease in oxidative stress status through the administration of natural products and pharmaceutica...
System and method for stimulation of a person's brain stem
Anthranilic acid derivatives as inhibitors of 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 3
System and method for closed-loop neural stimulation
Deuterated catecholamine derivatives and medicaments comprising said compounds
Thiol-based NAALADase inhibitors
Novel compounds
Methods and compositions for modulating sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor activity
Method of ameliorating or abrogating the effects of a neurodegenerative disorder, such as amyotrophi...
Benzazole analogues and uses thereof
Use of carnitines for the prevention and/or treatment of disorders caused by the andropause
Quinoline derivatives as nk-2 and nk-3 receptor antagonists
Method for inhibition of necrosis induced by neurotrophin
Tricyclic delta-opioid modulators
Method and compounds for promoting healing and reducing inflammation
Novel carbamylated EPO and method for its production
Compounds and methods for thiol-containing compound efflux and cancer treatment
Five-membered heterocyclic compounds
Knee brace and method for securing the same
System and method for monitoring or treating nervous system disorders
System and method for monitoring or treating nervous system disorders
Systems, methods and computer program products for guiding selection of a therapeutic treatment regi...
Methods and systems for modifying vascular valves
Construction of electrode assembly for nerve control
System and method for regulating cardiac triggered therapy to the brain
Leadless tissue stimulation systems and methods
Knee brace and method for securing the same
Knee brace and method for securing the same
Knee brace and method for securing the same
Knee brace and method for securing the same
4-Cyanopyrazole-3-carboxamide derivatives, preparation, and application thereof
Target web page edited using overlay on host web page
Versioning and replaying performance tuning projects
QOS framework system
Multi-attribute specification of preferences about people, priorities and privacy for guiding messag...
Weather prediction method for forecasting selected events
Pattern recognition method for reducing classification errors
Neural network module for data mining
Method and device for optimising process management and process control in an arrangement for produc...
Interactive intelligent searching with executable suggestions
Coloration indicative of draft angles
Method and apparatus for a web based punch clock/time clock
System and method for providing security in a telecommunication network
Interactive remote auction bidding system
Influencing a voice recognition matching operation with user barge-in time
Information management system
User changeable mobile phone cover
Method for displaying roaming charge rate on mobile station
Banded billing system for telecommunication service
Mobile telecommunications device
Enhanced spatial mixing to enable three-dimensional audio deployment
Telephone set with a handset having a mouthpiece and/or an earpiece
Communications devices with receiver earpieces and methods therefor
Alarm of a telecommunications terminal connected to a LAN
Hybrid echo canceller
Control of echo cancellers in a telecommunication system
Integrated line inductor and line feed resistor
True DTMF dialer
Method and system for routing calls to desire discount telephone services
System and method for managing a hold queue based on customer information retrieved from a customer ...
Integrated acd and ivr scripting for call center tracking of calls
Methods and systems for load sharing signaling messages among signaling links in networks utilizing ...
Apparatus for identifying peptides and proteins by mass spectrometry
Mapping of differential display of proteins
Hybrid maize 33K39
Commercial production of recombinant manganese-dependent peroxidase in plants
Cotton cultivar 02X71R
Cotton cultivar 99Q47R
Soybean cultivar SE73753
Hybrid Alfalfa variety named HybriForce.RTM.-420/Wet
Inositol polyphosphate kinase genes and uses thereof
Transformation of Allium sp. with Agrobacterium using embryogenic callus cultures
Isolated gene controlling disease resistance activity in plants and use thereof
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Combinational usage of insulators and coat color marker for high efficiency transgene expression and...
Cationic liposomes for gene transfer
Nucleic acid sequences to proteins involved in isoprenoid synthesis
Methods and compositions for modulating tumor suppression
mmFP encoding nucleic acids, polypeptides, antibodies and methods of use thereof
Systems for the detection of target sequences
Human nuclear protein having WW domain and polynucleotide encoding the same
Method to provide bacterial ghosts provided with antigens
Small round structured virus (SRSV) detection kit
System, method and computer program product for a transcription graphical user interface
Method and apparatus facilitating direct access to a serial ATA device by an autonomous subsystem
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Optimized cache structure for multi-texturing
System, method and computer program product for accessing electronic information
System and methods to effect return of a consumer product
Initiating an agreement in an e-commerce environment
System and method for virtual interactive design and evaluation and manipulation of vehicle mechanis...
Speaker apparatus
Image display unit and projection optical system
Authoring system
Synchronized graphics processing units
Robot system
Automatic apparatus, information server, robotic apparatus and commercial transaction method for per...
Method and apparatus for controlling handling devices
Method and system for controlling a robot
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
System to determine proper wafer alignment
Wafer engine
Process for the preparation of p-xylene
Method for producing polycarbonate
Process of making polypropylene from intermediate grade propylene
Method for production of n-alkanes from mineral oil fractions and catalyst for carrying out said met...
Chabazite-type molecular sieve, its synthesis and its use in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Formulated lubricant oils containing high-performance base oils derived from highly paraffinic hydro...
Monarda plant named `Coral Reef`
Black cherry tree named `AFTC-1`
Climbing shrub rose plant named `Meiviowit`
Tiarella plant named `Sugar and Spice`
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Oran`
Sedum plant named `Black Jack`
Heuchera plant named `TNHEU042`
Tiarella plant named `TNTIA041`
Sugar maple tree named `BAKharl`
Petunia plant named `Balsunlavim`
Petunia plant named `Balsuncora`
Double Impatiens plant named `Balfierose`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Improbra`
Angelonia plant named `Cartbas Depur`
Dendrobium plant named `White Anna`
Phlox plant named `Sunphlore`
Apple tree named `Ruby Pink`
Phlox plant named `Sunphloho`
Phlox plant named `Sunphlochebu`
Phlox plant named `Barthirtyfive`
Phlox plant named `Barthirtysix`
System and method for protecting data streams in hardware components
Process and apparatus for improving the security of authentication procedures using a new "Super PIN...
Method and apparatus for controlling a user's PC through an audio-visual broadcast to archive inform...
Systems and methods for compression of key sets having multiple keys
System and method for execution of a secured environment initialization instruction
Computing apparatus and methods using secure authentication arrangements
System and method for authentication in a crypto-system utilizing symmetric and asymmetric crypto-ke...
Secure data transfer method and system
Mobile host using a virtual single account client and server system for network access and managemen...
Method for efficient computation of odd characteristic extension fields
Check based online payment and verification system and method
Method for minimizing pirating and/or unauthorized copying and/or unauthorized access of/to data on/...
Communication device for providing security in a group communication network
Method for supporting cashless payment
Image controlling circuit, image controlling method, and computer readable medium, wherein programs ...
Segmentation in digital watermarking
Secure packet radio network
Systems and methods for path set-up in a quantum key distribution network
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) group security infrastructure and method
Data encryption for suppression of data-related in-band harmonics in digital to analog converters
System and method for protection of digital works
Christian's memorial of victory
Scalper blade for a conveyor belt cleaner
Step for a multi-use move, lift and support device
Knee cart
Garbage can
Liquid container with flip-up surface
Vacuum cleaner head with light
Laundry appliance
Washing machine
Magnetic therapeutic animal collar
Wireless collar mounted animal receiver unit
Three-link horse-bit mouthpiece
Pet bowl
Pet carrier bag
Mouth guard
Modular flip up helmet
Miniature hair trimmer
Cigarette mini-pack shell and slide
Sheeting with composite image that floats
Security imaging system
Magnetic page marker
Electronic apparatus having game and telephone functions
Data processing method and system
Game ball with improved moisture resistance
Method of scoring a sporting event
Chipping net
Video game with a specific point of view selection device based on a parameter
Gaming machine with progressive story
Methods and apparatus for a portable gaming machine
Gaming machine with active pay-table and method therefor
System for controlling a moving part, steering system for a light vehicle and tricycle fitted with s...
Blackjack style game method with suit-based side wager
Side bet for blackjack style card game
Automatic card shuffler
Service ticket issuing system and service ticket issuing service
Tow vehicle-drawn wash system and game butchering station
Goalkeeper's glove and method for making same
Cryogenically cooled radiofrequency coil array for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and system for spatial-spectral excitation by parallel RF transmission
Method and system for MR scan acceleration using selective excitation and parallel transmission
Method of measuring rock wettability by means of nuclear magnetic resonance
Parametric Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance spectroscopy system and method
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Real time analytical monitor for soft defects on reticle during reticle inspection
Controlling cumulative wafer effects
Apodized fiber bragg grating and improved phase mask, method and system for making the same
Controlling lens shape in a microlens array
Die with integral pedestal having insulated walls
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
Method for fabricating a metal-insulator-metal capacitor in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor cooling system and process for manufacturing the same
Three-dimensional stacked semiconductor package with metal pillar in encapsulant aperture
Method and apparatus for using capacitively coupled communication within stacks of laminated chips
Packaged microelectronic devices including first and second casings
Building metal pillars in a chip for structure support
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices using anti-reflective coatings
Sensor element having elevated diode with sidewall passivated bottom electrode
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and its manufacturing method
Large-area nonenabled macroelectronic substrates and uses therefor
Multi-layer staggered power bus layout design
Stacked switchable element and diode combination
Semiconductor element
Semiconductor light-emitting device, surface-emission laser diode, and production apparatus thereof,...
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Frequency controlled lighting system
Easily dispensed, anti-traction, mobility denial system
Step or bracket device
Article and method for laser-etching stratified materials
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Removable weighted footwear device for exercise, training and/or therapy
Portion of a shoe upper
External wheeled heeling apparatus and method
Portion of a shoe upper
Apparatus, system, and method for securing a foot in footwear
Versatile semi-toroidal processing furnace with automatic and reconfigurable wafer exchange
Multi-chip module with stacked redundant power
Protection structure for thermal conducting medium of heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device incorporating with protective cover
High-density architecture for a microelectronic complex on a planar body
Dissipating heat reliably in computer systems
Small form factor cooling system
Docking station cooling system including liquid-filled hollow structure
Compact liquid converter assembly
Air duct and electronic equipment using the air duct
Stratified flow chemical reactor
Method for conditioning/heat treatment
Gas powered heat delivery system
On-vehicle air-conditioner for air-conditioning
Temperature-homogenizing device
Evaporator, manufacturing method of the same, header for evaporator and refrigeration system
Sacrificial refractory shield assembly for use on a boiler tube
Method and means for miniaturization of binary-fluid heat and mass exchangers
Integrated circuit heat pipe heat spreader with through mounting holes
Air hypocaust structure for cooling and/or heating
Sorption unit for an air conditioning apparatus
Apatite-reinforced resin composition
Glue for cartilage repair
Method of controlling use of digitally encoded products
Method and system for improved spectral efficiency of far field telemetry in a medical device
Deacetylase inhibitors
Electrokinetic delivery of medicaments
CXCR3 antagonists
Schizophrenia associated genes, proteins and biallelic markers
Pre-distortion apparatus and method for recovering nonlinear distortion of high power amplifier
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Solution space principle component-based adaptive filter and method of operation thereof
.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Diaminediols for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Refrigeration system
Magnetic field gradient coil assembly and method of designing same
Polycarboxy/polyol fiberglass binder
Dynamic bandwidth allocation
Process for preparing vinyl substituted beta-diketones
N-alkylation of indole derivatives
Electronic device and connection control method
Display device
Compact fuel cell layer
Methods for producing antibody libraries using universal or randomized immunoglobulin light chains
Optimization arrangement for direct electrical energy converters
Process for purifying bisphenol-a
Wired circuit board
Nonionic telechelic polymers incorporating polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane (POSS) and uses thereof
Monitoring device for flexible heating elements
Remote control device for vehicles
Hydraulic circuit for hydraulic cylinder
Process of preparation of biodegradable films from semi refined kappa carrageenan
Acetylcholinesterase-derived peptides and uses thereof
Control of arthropods in animals
Hydraulic valve arrangement
Personal broadcasting and viewing method of audio and video data using a wide area network
Device for thermally shrinking tools
Vortex grit collector with mechanical conveyor for grit removal
Method and system for regulating the dispatching of messages for requestors
Non-target barge-in detection
Methods and apparatus for identifying asset location in communication networks
Method and system for archiving and forwarding multimedia production data
Method and apparatus for cataloguing and scripting the display of informational content
Method and apparatus for efficient transmission of multimedia data packets
Quality of service in a voice over IP telephone system
Establishing a broadband connection that saves resources and satisfies billing conditions
Multimedia connector reader device
Broadcast data access system for multimedia clients in a broadcast network architecture
Method and apparatus for transferring or receiving data via the Internet securely
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Wire spinner multimedia rack
Connection piece for a fluid line
Policy-based synchronization of per-class resources between routers in a data network
Highly scalable software-based architecture for communication and cooperation among distributed elec...
Method and a system for determination of particles in a liquid sample
Method for regulating the level of a dam installation and dam installation implementing the method
Grout compositions having high thermal conductivities and methods of using the same
Methods of cementing using a fluid loss control additive
Wedge barrel for a twin cable mine roof bolt
Marine seismic surveying
Automatic control methods for positioning the lower end of a filiform structure, notably an oil pipe...
Drainage grate
Silt restoration device
Hydraulically operated low profile boat lift utilizing at least two pilings
Method and means for reducing stress in a pivot irrigation pipeline
Optical element using one-dimensional photonic crystal and spectroscopic device using the same
COM persistence model
Electronic device and interface device
Method of administering software components using asynchronous messaging in a multi-platform, multi-...
Thermoelectric material having crystal grains well oriented in certain direction and process for pro...
Liquid chromatograph and analysis system
System and method for electrical stimulation of the intervertebral disc
Method for determining haemodynamic indices by use of tomographic data
Exhalation valves
Coated implants and methods of coating
Low-cost position-adaptive UAV radar design with state-of-the-art cots technology
Methods and systems for software watchdog support
Adhesive alpha-olefin inter-polymers
Substituted phenyl naphthalenes as estrogenic agents
Intervertebral disk replacement
Method of manufacturing austenitic stainless steel sheet cast piece
Method for adjusting the pitch and roll static torques in a disk drive head suspension assembly
Digital spread spectrum methods and apparatus for testing aircraft wiring
Metal working
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
RFID embedded materials
Cylinder and valve mode control for an engine with valves that may be deactivated
Acoustic waveguide for controlled sound radiation
Electronic transaction server, client for seller, client for buyer and electronic transaction method
Musical composition reproducing apparatus portable terminal musical composition reproducing method a...
In-vehicle audio browser system having a common usability model
Device and method for making secure an integrated circuit
Materials and methods for in vitro production of bacteria
Engine temperature control system
Securely executing an application on a computer system
System and method for reducing timing violations due to crosstalk in an integrated circuit design
Processes of making North American ginseng fractions, products containing them, and use as immunomod...
Document management system, method thereof, and program thereof
Aerosol can ends
Delivery of antihistamines through an inhalation route
Wear resistant coating for keel joint
File system level integrity verification and validation
Web-based document system
Interactive talking dolls
Acceleration based cruise control system
Method and system for consecutive translation from a source language to a target language via a simu...
Computer integrated manufacturing techniques
System and method for identifying nodes in a wireless mesh network
Deferred memory allocation for application threads
Optical probe and optical pick-up apparatus
Shopping assistance service
Closed-loop, supply-adjusted RAM memory circuit
Top flange stud to plate tie
Display device
Method and apparatus for conserving home agent resources in mobile IP deployment
Multistage information recording method and system using magnetic recording disk units
Polyspecific immunoconjugates and antibody composites for targeting the multidrug resistant phenotyp...
Driving support system and method
Vehicle steering apparatus and control method therefor
Hydraulically driven and steered vehicle
Front structure of motorcycle body
Pedalling power generation health machine
Drive train for a mobile vehicle and method for the control of the drive train
Wheelchair suspension having pivotal motor mount
Chassis structure for vehicles
Track support system for a crawler
Deformable component carrier
Rearward displacement prevention mechanism for vehicle control pedal
System and method for protecting computer device against overload via network attack
Measurement and localization system using bases three and nine and corresponding applications
Apparatus for use in an industrial process and plant including such apparatuses as well as method fo...
Color visualization system
Information processing method and apparatus
Figure transporting toy
Reading/teaching aid
Eye model for measurement
Method of manufacturing operation panel for printer
Display device for displaying a blended image
Data frame having database access information
Remote computing
Methods for making display
Color-changing electronic signage
Scrolling electronic signage
Ambient light detection using an OLED device
Method for recording magnetic information and magnetic recording system
Multi component moisture triggered controlled release system that imparts long lasting cooling sensa...
Extruded plastic scintillator including inorganic powders
Biologically enhanced irrigants
Voltage regulator having positive temperature coefficient for self-compensation and related method o...
Switching power supply circuit and overcurrent protection method for the switching power supply circ...
Method and apparatus for a switch mode power supply that generates a high pulse width modulation gai...
System and method for controlling output-timing parameters of power converters
Step-down DC--DC converter
Switchable linear regulator
Voltage regulator with phase compensation
One cycle control PFC boost converter integrated circuit with inrush current limiting, fan motor spe...
Wind power plant having magnetic field adjustment according to rotation speed
Online alternator flywheel system
Battery circuit with non-volitable memory and thermistor on a single line
Atmospheric explosive battery protection circuit having a robust protection system
Series charger with separate detection of batteries (battery set)
Torque control device for electrical tools
Remote power recharge for electronic equipment
Apparatus and method for discharge surface treatment
Parallel feed-forward compensating type power factor correction circuit for a three-phase power sour...
Battery charger with improved terminal protection
Lithium/carbon monofluoride (Li/CF.sub.x) electrochemical cell projection model
Fixed frequency electrical generation system and corresponding control procedure
RFID transponder dispenser and authorizer
Electronic purchase of goods over a communications network including physical delivery while securin...
Method for confirming transactions
Authentication system for mail pieces
Method, system, and program for executing a workflow
System, method and apparatus for connecting users in an online computer system based on their relati...
Methods and apparatus for implementing internet storefronts to provide integrated functions
Techniques for tracking mailpieces and accounting for postage payment
Component mounting apparatus, service providing device and servicing method
Method and system for unified management of plurality of assets using computer network
System and method for capture, storage and processing of receipts and related data
System and method for multi-source transaction processing
Apparatus and method for an internet based computer reservation booking system
System and user interface for producing acoustic response predictions via a communications network
Server and method for short message service in private wireless network interworking with public lan...
Method and apparatus for displaying messages in computer systems
Establishing authenticated network connections
Multi-level security network system
Method and systems for wireless communication for a field service system
Automated Internet Relay Chat malware monitoring and interception
Off-line web surfing via an automatically created super preference file
Apparatus and methods for requesting an event notification over a network
Customizable web filler for alleviation of network latency and delay
Internet facsimile and E-mail reception method
Automatic display method and apparatus for update information, and medium storing program for the me...
Simultaneous network news distribution
Valve device for silencer
Segmented mixing device for jet engines and aircraft
Runway approach lighting system and method
Coal tar and hydrocarbon mixture pitch and the preparation and use thereof
Aircraft cabin multi-differential pressure control system
Curved beam aircraft passenger seat
Aircraft latch
Turbulent flow drag reduction
Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including extendable capture...
Apparatus and method for predictable movement of structural components during failure
Unfolding wing for air-launched, low speed air vehicles
Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method
Multimodal, deployable vehicle
Illusion toy
Electromechanical toy
Children's toy with wireless tag/transponder
Pet entertainment device
Mounting arrangement for squeakers
Construction kit
Flexible thermal control composite
Method of promoting healing of a tympanic membrane perforation
Transport peptides such as C-terminal E.sup.rns peptide and analogues thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions containing a gycopeptide antibiotic and a cyclodextrin
Diagnostic and therapeutic methods related to regulating energy mobilization with OB protein and OB ...
Methods for transfecting T cells
Identification of anti-protozoal agents
Defective adenoviruses and corresponding complementation lines
Culture containing biomass acid hydrolysate and Coniochaeta ligniaria fungus
Desaturase genes and uses thereof
Nucleic acid encoding pigment protein from coral tissue
Method of using metaloporphyrins for treatment of arteriosclerotic lesions
Methods and compositions for treatment of central nervous system disorders
Hepatitis B virus surface protein
Method for determining prognosis of HIV infected individuals
Rapid triglyceride assay for use in pulp pitch control
Use of odorants to alter blood flow to the vagina
Animal food supplement compositions and methods of use
Parking-assist system using image information from an imaging camera and distance information from a...
System and method for object identification and behavior characterization using video analysis
Automated color control in film-to-digital transfer
Image processing method
System and method for mapping a surface
Iris image pickup apparatus and iris authentication apparatus
Method for using remotely sensed data to provide agricultural information