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Adjustable weight training belt for a baseball bat
Sports training device and method
Method and apparatus for conducting coinless transactions
Game machine and method for controlling the game machine
Coin roll type coin operated redemption game where rolling coin turns into image on video screen
Convertible drive train for radio-controlled toy
Mechanical arm
Instant feedback weapons qualification target
Subfloor assembly for athletic playing surface having improved deflection characteristics
Method for determining and compensating the scale factor error caused by a wavelength change in a GP...
Navigating a UAV with a remote control device
Method for correcting control surface angle measurements in single viewpoint photogrammetry
De-icing information system
Hovering wind turbine
Animal-scaring device and method of employing same
Pivot mechanism for quick installation of stowage bins or rotating items
Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for launc...
Airport bridge people lift
Process for producing group III nitride compound semiconductor
Roll for a printing press and process for manufacturing a roll
Tetrafluoroethylene based resin molding material excellent in high frequency electric characteristic...
Extruded stick product and method for making same
Biaxially oriented multilayer polymer tube for medical devices
Air filter retaining system
Wet waste compostable bag and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Crushed ice extruder
Heat spreader
Apparatus and method for transferring heat from control devices
Electronic apparatus
Cabinet having heat radiation function and heat radiation member
Heat dissipating device
Function module with built-in heat dissipation device
Method and apparatus for cooling a portable computer
Heat pipe with chilled liquid condenser system for burn-in testing
Air-to-air atmospheric heat exchanger for condensing cooling tower effluent
Vehicle cooling radiator arrangement
Combination HVAC and auxiliary engine cooling
Heat sinks
External ribbed furnace tubes
Indirect evaporative cooling heat exchanger
Nested attachment junction for heat exchanger
Radial flow heat exchanger
Cooling device using multiple fans and heat sinks
Heat dissipation module
Hydrofluoroether as a heat-transfer fluid
Staggered fin array
Heat sink for electronic devices and heat dissipating method
System and method for preserving state data of a personal computer in a standby state in the event o...
Low power CD-ROM player with CD-ROM subsystem for portable computer capable of playing audio CDs wit...
Energy service business method and system
System and method for optimization of and analysis of insulated systems
Energy-saving evaluation apparatus, ecological driving evaluation apparatus, energy saving evaluatio...
System and method of controlling an HVAC system
Percutaneous electrode array
Pulse skipping strategy
Atrial capture management during atrial and ventricular pacing
Method to prevent pacemaker induced non-reentrant VA synchrony using adaptive atrial pacing output
Pulse oximeter sensor off detector
Method of compensating for correlation between multiple antennas
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Developer container and image forming apparatus
Toner supply unit and image forming apparatus
Gas chromatograph having a radiant oven for analytical devices
Athermal polymer optical waveguide on polymer substrate
Method and system for reducing noise in signal systems
Telecommunication line driver having synthesized output impedance derived from output current sensin...
Snapshot backscatter radiography (SBR) systems including system having dynamic collimation
System for alternately pulsing energy of accelerated electrons bombarding a conversion target
Interference dependent ADC headroom adjustment
Auto-zoom sloped ADC
Method and apparatus for operating a pipelined ADC circuit
Method and apparatus for operating a delta sigma ADC circuit
Calcium phosphate-synthetic resin-metal composite body and method for production thereof
Crosslinked polymers, fine polymer particle, and process for producing these
Encapsulated surface acoustic wave sensor
Method of preparing amine stereoisomers
Apparatus and method for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Purine compounds and uses thereof
Evaluating initially untrusted evidence in an evidence-based security policy manager
Light source unit for use with a light guide and lamp mounting arrangement
Comprehensive multi-media surveillance and response system for aircraft, operations centers, airport...
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as prophylactic, therapeutic and diagnostic a...
Navigational interface for ERP system
Computer systems and computer programs for determining protein activity levels using gene expression...
Angiographic injector system and method of use
Use of accelerometer signal to augment ventricular arrhythmia detection
Image forming apparatus
Drop tube segments adapted for use with a liquid reservoir
Automatic netting packaging machine
High throughput screening of ligand binding to macromolecules using high resolution powder diffracti...
Hydrolization resistant sizing composition
Method for automatically determining the configuration of a multi-input video processing apparatus
Process for the oligomerization of .alpha.-olefins having low unsaturation
Polyimide matrix electrolyte and improved batteries therefrom
Disc cartridge having a disc window for viewing a disc
Exposure device and image forming device
Power supply apparatus having control section for controlling quantity of fuel to be supplied to fue...
Platinum carboxylate anticancer compounds
Emboli and thrombi filter device and method of using the same
Impedance source power converter
Method for producing polymer alloy polymer alloy formed article transparent formed article and optic...
Optical film, polarizing optical film, and image viewing display
OAR polynucleotides, polypeptides and their use in PHA production in plants
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
Bleaching device comprising a barrier layer and a bleaching composition comprising polyvinylpyrrolid...
Functionalized propylene polymer compositions and composites containing same
Apparatus for producing images
Oject detection technology
Field emission ion source based on nanostructure-containing material
Wireless network card with antenna selection option
Light emitting devices with a phosphor coating having evenly dispersed phosphor particles and consta...
Methods for purifying and isolating recombinant chondroitinases
Method and apparatus for selecting denture teeth
Dental composition based on a functionalized silicone crosslinkable and/or polymerizable by heat-pro...
Backlighted display assembly for an LCD
Inter Java virtual machine (JVM) resource locking mechanism
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for ozone sterilization
Anodizing system with a coating thickness monitor and an anodized product
Telemetric contextually based spatial audio system integrated into a mobile terminal wireless system
Data transmit method and data transmit apparatus
Method for high rate data flow transmission on an internet-type network between a server and a smart...
Method for creating a peer-to-peer home network using common group label
Method of determining access position on recording medium and method of managing recording medium
System and method for enhanced multimedia conference collaboration
Lifestyle multimedia security system
System for frame based audio synchronization and method thereof
Communication device for providing multimedia in a group communication network
Multi-media gaming printer
Object movement system and method
Linear drive with non-rotating piston
Time-slice signaling for broadband digital broadcasting
Force feedback applications based on cursor engagement with graphical targets
Automatic livestock weighing system
System and method for tracking and exploiting per station information from a multiple repeat manufac...
Locking apparatus and method between portable terminal and cradle for terminal
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Method and system for sharing a computer resource between instruction threads of a multi-threaded pr...
Emulsions including surface-modified inorganic nanoparticles
Ultrasound enhanced process for extracting metal species in supercritical fluids
Apoptosis inhibitor
Utilization of unsaturated esters as perfuming ingredients
Method and arrangement for low-distortion recording of intensity patterns occurring on a contact sur...
Polynucleotides encoding a human leucine-rich repeat domain containing protein, HLLRCR-1
High-resolution magnetoencephalography system and method
Device for expanding liquefied gas with separate vaporizing element
Joint treating method
Heterocyclic-amide catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Universal chloroplast integration and expression vectors, transformed plants and products thereof
Polyaniline filled polyimide weldable intermediate transfer components
Software development system having particular adaptability to financial payment switches
Method of predicting springback in hydroforming
Remote monitoring system
Process solutions containing surfactants
Processes for the preparation of 2-chloro-1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane, hexafluoropropene and 1,...
System and method for providing secure message signature status and trust status indication
Gaze tracking system, eye-tracking assembly and an associated method of calibration
Acoustic enclosure for single audio transducer
Computer system for data management and method for operation of the system
Method and system for music distribution
XML based system for updating a domain model and generating a formatted output
Glucopyranosyloxybenzylbenzene derivatives, medicinal compositions containing the same and intermedi...
Polystyrene blends and a method of making same
Metal complexes of .alpha. amino dicarboxylic acids
Electronic camera comprising an automatic focus device using a phase-difference sensor and method th...
Methods and apparatus for protecting information
Artificial dielectric systems and devices with sintered ceramic matrix material
System and method for automatic mesh generation from a system-level MEMS design
Pathcorrection for an industrial robot
Semi-permeable microcapsule with covalently linked layers and method for producing same
Marine steering system having swivel bracket forming hydraulic cylinder
Method and system for delivering dynamic information in a network
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Ultrasonic nebulizer for producing high-volume sub-micron droplets
Sliding member
Method for protecting a firewall load balancer from a denial of service attack
Oxidation catalyst and process
Enhanced call service packet data terminal
Automatic stop/start controller for engine
Electroluminescence panel display apparatus and driving method thereof
Write once read only memory employing floating gates
Semiconductor device
Substrate configurable JTAG ID scheme
Apparatus and method for monitoring tissue vitality parameters
Method for increasing the resolution and decreasing the power dissipation in eye prosthetics
Extractor cup on a miniature x-ray tube
Acid gas disposal method
Multi-tiered caching mechanism for the storage and retrieval of content multiple versions
Method and system for providing order status information using a network address
Adaptive compensation of rear-wheel steering control using vehicle dynamics parameter estimation
Vehicle steering apparatus and method for controlling the same
Vehicle safety system having methods and apparatus configurable for various vehicle geometries
Localized accident notification
Electric power steering apparatus and booster
Stabilizer apparatus for vehicle
Adaptive actuation vehicle locking system and method
System for controlling generator for vehicle
Low-energy storage fast-start uninterruptible power supply method
Hybrid power system with external auxiliary motor
Structural hybrid attachment system and method
All-terrain vehicle storage box
Motor-driven power steering control apparatus
Motor-driven power steering control apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Power steering system
Seat console for a vehicle seat
Snowmobile rear suspension system
Fork lift truck with a laterally removable battery block
Application unit monitoring and reporting system and method
Method of transmitting selected regions of interest of digital video data at selected resolutions
Correct back covers in a PDL printer
Dispersed zero-valent iron colloids
Multi-disk simultaneous servo writing device
real time clock charging circuit
Computer servicing cart
Method and apparatus for generating a reference signal
Band-gap type constant voltage generating circuit
Part tester and method
Transformer over-current protection with RMS sensing and voltage fold-back
Apparatus and method for a high PSRR LDO regulator
DC/DC converter control system
Variable start-up circuit for switching regulators
Voltage regulator with a current mirror for partial current decoupling
DC to DC converter producing output voltage exhibit rise and fall characteristics independent of loa...
Power supply apparatus having parallel connected switching and series regulators and method of opera...
Voltage step-up and step-down DC/DC converter
Power supply circuit having soft start
High voltage generator using inductor-based charge pump for automotive alternator voltage regulator
Controlling re-charge of a nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) or nickel cadmuim (NiCd) battery
System and method for battery charging
Motor driver, motor driven by the motor driver, and apparatus employing the motor
Method and apparatus for displaying messages in computer systems
Multi-layer class identifying communication apparatus with priority control
Storage network management system and method
Robust indication processing
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer over a TCP/IP protocol network
System and method for sharing files via a user Internet file system
Selection and storage of policies in network management
Methods for document indexing and analysis
Prefix search method
Method, algorithm, and computer program for optimizing the performance of messages including adverti...
System and method for providing wireless services within a wireless local area network
System and method for compiling images from a database and comparing the compiled images with known ...
Systems and methods using secondary signal backchanneling
Graphical animation and sound for Internet Call-Waiting messages
Architecture for a mixed voice and data network
Method and apparatus for securely connecting a plurality of trust-group networks, a protected resour...
Speaker mounting system and method
Muffler with an integrated catalytic converter
Camera system with flash control based on focal length
Terrestrial telescope with digital camera
Electronic device using operating system for overall apparatus control including mechanical operatio...
Control of a flash unit in a digital camera
Rotating scan self-cleaning camera
Vibration wave linear motor and lens implement using vibration wave linear motor
Vibration wave linear motor and lens implement using vibration wave linear motor
Substrate processing apparatus for inspecting processing history data
Lens barrel and camera having the same
Telescoping camera crane
Illumination apparatus, and image capturing apparatus and projector apparatus using this illuminatio...
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system with improved handle module
Apparatus for supporting a video camera
Imaging device having stand connection
Tactile transducers and method of operating
Apparatus and computer program for practicing musical instrument
Game machine, game processing method and information storage medium
Interactive simulation of a pneumatic system
Method for providing data to be used by a therapist for analyzing a patient behavior in a virtual en...
Digital rights management
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Business calling card
Electronic ownership control system and method
Apparatus and method for load balancing among data communications ports in automated securities trad...
Budget planning
Method and apparatus for product comparison
Methods and systems of assisting users in purchasing items
Method and computer readable medium for search scoring
Defining an approval process for requests for approval
Systems, methods and computer program products for associating dynamically generated web page conten...
Multiple factor-based user identification and authentication
Score-based scheduling of service requests in a grid services computing platform
Limited-use browser and security system
Providing notice of patent rights
Electronic assembly for the production of wireless string instruments
Separate-type musical performance system for synchronously producing sound and visual images and aud...
Automatic performance apparatus
Method and apparatus for composing and performing music
Keyboard musical instrument having keys regulated with stable key balance pieces and process for fab...
Friction at the jack and knuckle interface in a grand piano eliminated
Drummer seating system
Data multiplexing device and data multiplexing method, and data transmitter
Hair transplantation method and apparatus
Motorized adjustable x-ray apparatus
Robot controller
Four-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator for producing Schonflies motions
Rechargeable open cycle underwater propulsion system
Small watercraft
Corrosion resistant connection system
Method for producing a floating base
Dock floatation system
Watercraft compensation system
Launch tube system having inflatable bladder shock isolation
Pull-up cleat with infinite position adjustment
Remote tiller controller
CBTF sailing yacht appendage retraction system
Wastewater ballast system and method
Device for and a method of fixing and lifting vertically installed cargo pressure tanks in ships
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Synthetic peptide and uses for same
Anti-EGFRvIII scFvs with improved cytotoxicity and yield, immunotoxins based thereon, and methods of...
Multivalent antibody constructs
Liver tumor marker sequences
Polypeptide and protein derivatives and process for their preparation
Method and product for treating cancer in pets
Immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Immunoeffector compounds
Tissue adhesive sealant
Human K.sup.+ ion channel and therapeutic applications thereof
Site specific protein modification
Use of benzotriazole UV absorbers
Oligonucleotide-facilitated coalescence
Targeted system for removing tumor cells from cell populations
Hybrid enzymes
Composition and method for the treatment of personal odors
Formulations useful in the treatment of male and female impotence
Automatic detection and tracking of multiple individuals using multiple cues
Component selection control system
Noise reduction apparatus and noise reduction method
Imaging apparatus with communication function, image data storing method and computer program
System and method for closed caption data translation
Computer touch screen radio station control system
System and method for providing content, management, and interactivity for client devices
System and method for interpolating a color image
Attentive panoramic visual sensor
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images including a textured source image to provide a co...
Biased curve indicator random field filters for enhancement of contours in images
Apparatus for attenuating image-noise adaptively and method thereof
Method and apparatus for image data correction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, recording medium, and image forming ap...
Method for identifying change of scenery and corresponding monitoring device
Image processing device
Device for monitoring around a vehicle
Network systems, servers, clients, communication methods between objects, profile object registratio...
Apparatus, system and method for detecting old version of an applet in a client brower's JVM
Code optimization
Transformation of electronic messages to an extensible data format
Unwinding instrumented program code
System and method on generating multi-dimensional trace files and visualizing them using multiple Ga...
Managing code changes for software development
Development of manifest for java embedded server bundle
Method and apparatus for generating a code bridge
Fast and accurate optical proximity correction engine for incorporating long range flare effects
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for RTL power sequencing simulation of voltage islan...
Computer program product for implementing uncertainty in integrated circuit designs with programmabl...
Method and system for automatically extracting data from a textual bump map
Methods and apparatus for creating a programmable link delay
Distributed BDD reordering
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing automated detection excess aggressor...
Simulation management system
Nested voltage island architecture
Map and data location provider
Unique virtual dynamically-capable addressing system and method of mail and parcel delivery and forw...
Methods for aligning measured data taken from specific rail track sections of a railroad with the co...
Write-through caching a JAVA.RTM. local variable within a register of a register bank
Identifying phantom images generated by side-lobes
Industrial controller automation interface
Medical lead adaptor assembly
Method for eradicating pain of central origin resulting from spinal cord injury
Positioning with wireless local area networks and WLAN-aided global positioning systems
Location-dependent information reproduction with adaptation of a geographic selection parameter
Optimized read performance method using metadata to protect against drive anomaly errors in a storag...
Mobile communication terminal capable of executing location-related services
Using a portable security token to facilitate cross-certification between certification authorities
Method and system for controlling location-determination in a wireless communication system
Methods and systems for developing market intelligence
Location query service for wireless networks
Corner connection for temporary shoring
Method for extracting underground pipe
Method of containing and at least partially remediating contaminants in soils, including sediments
Horizontally draining artificial turf system
Reamer apparatus for ground boring machine
System and method for limiting vortex-induced vibrations on an offshore production riser
Treatment of a hydrocarbon containing formation after heating
Underwater burial garden method
Transgenic tea through biolistic using leaf explants
Transgenic plants and method for transforming carnations
Materials and methods for increasing isoprenoid production in cells
Poultry Derived Glycosylated Interferon Alpha 2b
Conductive compound, electrode and sensor containing the same, and target molecule detection method ...
Nucleic acid isolation
Bi-directional dual promoter complex with enhanced promoter activity for transgene expression in euk...
Infectious cDNA clone of GB virus B and uses thereof
Hybrid maize 33N56
Hybrid maize 39F27
Garden bean named SB4252
Soybean cultivar S030158
Promoters functional in plant plastids
Dominant gene delaying flowering
Non-volatile look-up table for an FPGA
Precision optical intracellular near field imaging/spectroscopy technology
Nanoclustered magnetic materials for high moment write pole applications
Glycoprotein synthesis
Method of preserving tissue
Emulsions for in-situ delivery systems
Radially expanding interbody spinal fusion implants, instrumentation, and methods of insertion
Systems and techniques for restoring and maintaining intervertebral anatomy
Fullerene-based secondary cell electrodes
Method and system for dispensing pelletized fuel for use with a fuel cell
Method of producing oxide ion conductor
Process of forming ultrastable porous aluminosilicate structures
Process of making metal containing iron oxide and iron sulfide based nanoparticle materials
Purification of hydrochloric acid obtained as by-product in the synthesis of methanesulfonic acid
Method to grow carbon thin films consisting entirely of diamond grains 3-5 nm in size and high-energ...
Proton conductor and method for manufacturing the same, and electrochemical device
Platy precipitated calcium carbonate synthesis method
Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate production from nahcolitic oil shale
NF3 production reactor
Porous silica microsphere scavengers
Organic recycling with a pipe-cross or tubular reactor
Gemini surfactants and methods for preparing mesoporous materials using the same
Methods and systems for selectively separating CO.sub.2 from a multicomponent gaseous stream to prod...
Switchable electrochromic devices with uniform switching and preferential area shading
Manufacturing information and alarming system and method
Integral-type ceramic circuit board and method of producing same
Control apparatus capable of low-speed driving of vibration type driving apparatus, actuating appara...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Multilayer magnetic recording media including composite layer with discontinuous magnetic phase and ...
Circuit board, method of producing same, and power module
Undergarment protection article and method
Multiple material golf club head
Device for determining shades of dental restorations
Vehicle barrier system
Motor vehicle body part
Single-direction cementing plug
Insulated stud panel and method of making such
Shoe whose upper is horizontally openable/closable from the side by means of a slide fastener
Modular light assembly and method for installing a modular light assembly in a vehicle
Vehicle seat having a lumbar support system
Vehicle seat assembly having a vehicle occupant sensing system and reinforcing inserts positioned th...
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Active optical alignment of laser diode array for drilling precising holes
Optical communication module utilizing plural semiconductor transmitter photonic integrated circuit ...
Sampled grating distributed feedback wavelength tunable semiconductor laser integrated with sampled ...
Axial flow type gas laser oscillator
Semiconductor laser device and semiconductor-laser excited solid-state laser apparatus
Wavelength tunable laser and method of controlling the same
Intracavity frequency-tripled CW laser with traveling-wave ring-resonator
External cavity laser with rotary tuning element
All-fiber Q-switched laser
Electrooptic Q-switch element made of crystal
Pulse group soliton transmission
Optical pick-up apparatus
Reproduction or recording apparatus for different optical recording media
Lens for forming laser lines with uniform brightness
Average pitch gratings for optical filtering applications
Erbium-doped fiber amplifier and integrated module components
Passive phasing of fiber amplifiers
Optical amplifying device
Temperature control in an optical amplification system
Optical module
Heterocyclic amide derivatives as inhibitors of glycogen phoshorylase
Anilinopyrimidine derivatives as JNK pathway inhibitors and compositions and methods related thereto
1,3-dihydro-2H-indol-2one derivatives, process for preparing them and pharmaceutical compositions co...
[1,4]Diazepino[6,7,1-ij]quinoline derivatives as antipsychotic and antiobesity agents
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Phenyl heterocyclyl ethers
Regulation of intracellular glucocorticoid concentrations
Protection against and treatment of hearing loss
Substituted indole-O-glucosides
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting 4-substituted quinoline and quinazoline derivatives
Process for the preparation of stable acid addition salt of 2,3-disubstituted pyrazine compounds
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-active arylene acetic acid derivatives
Biarylmethyl indolines and indoles as antithromboembolic agents
Preparation of 3-azabicyclo [3.1.0] hexane derivatives
Flow control method and device
Pyrazolo[3,4- e]benzoxazoles for the treatment of glaucoma
Expression system for human brain-specific voltage-gated sodium channel, type 1
Air resistance exercise device and method
Exercise weight selection methods and apparatus
Adjustable mass exercise apparatus and methods
Program and system for managing fitness activity across diverse exercise machines utilizing a portab...
Adjustable bodyweight exercise apparatus
Reformer exercise apparatus having a trapeze bar
Reformer exercise apparatus having a non-rotating spring anchor bar
Method and apparatus for exercising internal and external oblique muscles
Exercise ball mounted for rotation
Collapsible seat for combination hack squat and leg press machine
Treadmill control system
Motion resistance apparatus
Knee-chest rowing bench
Exercise rowing machine
System and method for measuring the motor strength of a human thumb or finger
Electronic gift linking
Method and apparatus to automate consumer replenishment shopping by periodicity
Methods and apparatus for expeditiously releasing network resources for a mobile station based on lo...
XML-based language description for controlled devices
System and method for representing MFS control blocks in XML for MFS-based IMS applications
Automated creation and delivery of database content
System and method for multi-party validation, authentication and/or authorization via biometrics
Handheld computing device having drop-resistant LCD display
Scanning device for coded data
Orientation determination
Dual function prosthetic bone implant and method for preparing the same
Method of designing reflective surface of reflector in vehicle lamp
Automated recovery of computer appliances
Method and apparatus for processing data using objects
Broadband tunable antenna and transceiver systems
Method and apparatus for detection of fluid level in a container
Rating and controlling access to emails
Image forming device with multimode duplexer
Surface treatment for blanket of thermoplastic fibers
Objective lens driver and optical memory device
Bimetallic catalyst for producing polyethylene resins with bimodal molecular weight distribution, it...
Battery and method for generating an electric power
System and apparatus for and method of downloading a program, image formation apparatus, and compute...
Separator for solid polymer fuel cells, and production process thereof
RTM and RI processable polyimide resins
Method for the production of a purified melt of at least one monomer
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Fibronectin binding protein compositions and methods of use
Method of minimizing cell lysis and toothpaste and mouthwash with reduced irritancy
Ceramic composite body, method for fabricating ceramic composite bodies, and armor using ceramic com...
Apparatus for forming beam in a base station of a mobile communication system
Card reader
Silicon oxynitride passivated rare earth activated thioaluminate phosphors for electroluminescent di...
Pharmaceutical composition as solid dosage form and method for manufacturing thereof
Backflow preventer
Animal urine specimen collection device
Ear piercing systems with hinged hoop earrings
T1 receptor-like ligand II and uses thereof
Dehydro-estriol (8-DHE3) and dehydro-pregnanetriol (7-DHPT), methods of their synthesis
Bis (salicylaldiminato) titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end...
System for creating measured drawings
Enabling a search for both local and remote electronic content
Wireless gas composition sensor system
Global electronic trading system
Dynamically altering web page content based on a page's title properties
Pixel structure for an edge-emitter field-emission display
Technology sharing during demand and supply planning in a network-based supply chain environment
Sensor calibration apparatus, sensor calibration method, program, storage medium, information proces...
Real time data matching
Sample replication mode with depth value calculation
Gesture recognition system
Augmented reality traffic control center
Expanded polystyrene bead having functional skin layer, manufacturing process thereof, and functiona...
Method of automatically routing nets according to current density rules
Loop probe hybridization assay for polynucleotide analysis
Method of interactive visualization and parameter selection for engineering design
Compositions and methods for treating sexual dysfunction
Variable bit field color encoding
Method and system for generating sequencing information representing a sequence of items selected in...
Device housing for an aerosol container
Apparatus and methods for reducing lung volume
Silver-colored alloy with low percentages of copper and zinc
Automated provisioning of computing networks using a network database model
Method of forming an electronic device
One-device non-volatile random access memory cell
System and method for remote control of a wireless handset
Method and apparatus for a sense amplifier
Extractor cup on a miniature x-ray tube
End-to-end bandwidth estimation for congestion control in packet switching networks
Method and apparatus for representing deleted data in a synchronizable database
Antenna for cable ingress/egress management signaling
Client-side multimedia content targeting system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and downloading setup information
Router device and communication method
Modified transposed farrow structure
Satellite radio based vehicle positioning system
System and method for enabling communications with implantable medical devices
Hemostasis device
Goal detector for detection of an object passing a goal plane
Method and apparatus for gaming machine architectures, communications, and other improvements
Alerting feature for RF availability of mobile subscriber
FM transmitter for mobile communication device
Receiver for a multimode radio
Scheduling apparatus and scheduling apparatus method
Method and system for setting up a call in a mobile communication system supporting PTT service
Method for dimensioning a mobile telecommunications network
Time-shared full duplex protocol for use with a wireless communications system with artificial intel...
Apparatus, method and computer program providing enhanced fractional dedicated physical channel down...
Quality of service support at an interface between mobile and ip network
System and method for providing network advertisement information via a network advertisement broker...
Method of targeted gene disruption, genome of hyperthermostable bacterium and genome chip using the ...
Gene expression and production of TGF-beta proteins including bioactive mullerian inhibiting substan...
Implementation of a mitochondrial mutator
Implementation of a mitochondrial mutator
Altered fad2 and fad3 genes in brassica and the molecular marker-assisted detection thereof
Fungus resistant plants and their uses
CCR6 chemokine receptor disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Mouse model for hepatitis C
Beta-amyloid peptide-binding proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Adeno-associated virus-delivered ribozyme compositions and methods of use
Novel fibrillin-like polypeptides
Bitter taste receptors
Modification of organelle metabolism by unc-51-like kinases roma1 or 2tm proteins
Apparatus and method for breaking up and merging polygons
Apparatus and method for photomask design
Apparatus and method for compensating a lithography projection tool
Apparatus and method for segmenting edges for optical proximity correction
High-resolution micro-lens 3D display with shared sub-pixel color signals
Systems And Methods For Implementing Improved Gamut Mapping Algorithms
Method for training a learning-capable system
Method of marketing maturing consumable products and products useful therein
Method and apparatus for manufacturing custom orthotic footbeds that accommodate the effects of tibi...
Method and system for assessment of biomarkers by measurement of response to surgical implant
Surface treatments for promoting selective tissue attachment to medical implants
Multi-purpose medical implant devices
Shaped osteochondral grafts and methods of using same
Method and device for stabilization of prosthetic devices
Total ankle arthroplasty
Method and system for toe arthroplasty
Modular total elbow prosthesis, humeral component and associated kit
Method for delivering and positioning implants in the intervertebral disc environment
Devices, systems and methods for augmenting intervertebral discs
Spinal fusion with osteogenic material and migration barrier
System, device and methods for replacing the intervertebral disc with a magnetic or electromagnetic ...
Expandable artificial disc and associated methods and instrumentation
Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide devi...
Method of controlling a communication terminal having a plurality of functions, communication termin...
Signal recording method and apparatus, signal recording / reproducing method and apparatus and signa...
Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus
Telecommunication device with analog fourier transformation unit
Method of and apparatus for utilizing extended AV/C command and response frames including transactio...
Statistical multiplex system, statistical multiplex controller and method of statistical multiplex
Normalizing device and method, program, recording medium on which the program is recorded and commun...
Electronic apparatus and power supplying method
Authentication method, authentication system, semiconductor circuit and authentication module
Controlling method for transmitting reserve commands from a controller to target devices
Information processing apparatus and method for receiving/transmitting data between an IEEE802-based...
Data communicating device and data communicating method
Optical recording medium having multiple reproduction modes
Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method
Composite storage circuit and semiconductor device having the same composite storage circuit
Method for efficiently identifying errant processes in a computer system by the operating system (OS...
Method and apparatus for disk array based I/O routing and multi-layered external storage linkage
First-in first-out memory system with shift register fill indication
System and method for reference count regeneration
Logical memory tags for redirected DMA operations
Signature driven cache extension for stream based scanning
Use of a resource identifier to import a program from external memory for an overlay
Dynamic volume management
Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage device
Controlling access to a control register of a microprocessor
Remote copy method and remote copy system to eliminate use of excess volume for copying data
Data processing system
Multi-site remote-copy system
Method and apparatus to restore data redundancy and utilize spare storage spaces
Function execution method, function execution apparatus, computer program and recorded medium
Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
Dynamic storage device pooling in a computer system
Hierarchical directories for cache coherency in a multiprocessor system
Cache memory architecture and associated microprocessor design
Method and system for supplier-based memory speculation in a memory subsystem of a data processing s...
Gateway screen for interactive television
Bulking of upper esophageal sphincter for treatment of obesity
Dual mode electrical stimulation to treat obesity
Compositions comprising low molecular weight polyhydroxyalkanoates and methods employing same
Food supplement
Body temperature elevating agents
Polymorph form II of tanaproget
Compositions containing micronized tanaproget prepared by wet granulation
Packaging articles, films and methods that promote or preserve the desirable color of meat
Sucralose sweetening composition
Preparation of oyster flesh extracts
Dehydrated instant potato product and low carbohydrate dehydrated instant potato product
System for microorganism control
System for microorganism control
Process for preparation of shelf stable fruit spread with no added sugar
Hydroxyapatite in aqueous solution for bone health
Low-carbohydrate food product and method of manufacturing
Whole grain products made with whole grain durum wheat
Process and composition of preparing granular sucralose for emulating table sugar
Low-alcohol, low-calorie wine
Production of whole grain shredded products
Radio frequency enabled control of environmental zones
Method and system for receiving and transmitting signals in a cellular radio network
Method of managing processing resources in a mobile radio system
Radio resource allocation method and base station using the same
Mobile radio system and a method for channel allocation in a mobile radio system
System and method for destabilizing improvised explosive devices
Mobile unit attachment/update to cellular communication network
Integrated semiconductor mixer
Method and device for synchronization and cancellation of a plurality on interfering signals in radi...
Harmonic rejection mixer and method of operation
Radio equipment communicatable in two frequency bands and method for generating local oscillator sig...
Apparatus, and an associated method, for facilitating entry of location information at a weather ban...
Quadrature generator with image reject mixer
Dynamically varying linearity system for an RF front-end of a communication device
Radio transmission apparatus and radio communication method
Microphone PCB with integrated filter
Sterling silver manganese alloy compositions
Heat-resistant martensite alloy excellent in high-temperature creep rupture strength and ductility a...
Method and system for performing speculative collisions for a video game
Card game for displaying images based on sound recognition
Modified poker with bonus match card
Apparatus and method for providing advanced communication conferencing operations
Emergency facility video-conferencing system
Image pickup device, radiation image pickup device and image processing system
Device and method for pressure-driven plug transport and reaction
Crystal of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 in complex with fibroblast growth factor
Fluoroscopic image guided orthopaedic surgery system with intraoperative registration
Device and method for generating an x-ray point source by geometric confinement
Radiographic X-ray device
X-ray image taking apparatus and operation control program thereof
High resolution direct-projection type x-ray microtomography system using synchrotron or laboratory-...
Linear accelerator with X-ray imaging elements mounted on curved support
Method and apparatus for producing an image of the internal structure of an object
Method of measurement, method for providing alignment marks, and device manufacturing method
Methods and systems for determining an adhesion characteristic and a thickness of a specimen
Method and apparatus for AD conversion, semiconductor device for detecting distribution of physical ...
Image pickup apparatus
Compact structural CT detector module
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Device and method for adaptive ultrasound sensing
Content addressable memory cell including resistive memory elements
Sol-gel nanocoated particles for magnetic displays
Diffraction grating based interferometric systems and methods
Optical sheet and method of assembling liquid crystal display module using the same
Computer-aided presentation method for a 3D subject
Serial interface to flash-memory chip using PCI-express-like packets and packed data for partial-pag...
Method and system for conducting reserve request reverse auctions for electronic commerce
One-dimensional modeling of the manufacture of multi-layered material
Multilumen body for an implantable medical device
Portable electrotherapy device for treating osteoarthritis and other diseases, defects and injuries ...
Methods and systems for optimizing cardiac pacing intervals for various physiologic factors
Method of positioning electrodes for central nervous system monitoring and sensing pain reactions of...
Image forming apparatus which presents faulty image when toner image on image bearing member is tran...
Systems and graphical user interface for analyzing body images
Multi-cycle path analyzing method
System for processing electronic documents using physical documents
Programmable clock management component reconfiguration upon receipt of one or more control signals ...
Computer security system
Reconfigurable semantic processor
Centrally enhanced peer-to-peer resource sharing method and apparatus
Method for upgrading embedded configuration databases
Method and system for property valuation in an on-line computing environment
Method and apparatus for estimating a parameter based on a plurality of redundant signals
Fixing unit
Color image forming device and color deviation detection device for the same
Method for improving the quality of an image
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for implementing enhanced DRAM interface checking
Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fl...
Magnetoresistance effect element
Multi-mode scanning imaging system
Common-path frequency-scanning interferometer
Method for automatically designing cellular mobile radiotelephone networks
Medical-use image recording apparatus and medical-use imaging system
Method of producing polarizers for polarized optical probes
Monochromator and method of use
Semiconductor memory device having different synchronizing timings depending on the value of CAS lat...
On-chip spectral filtering using CCD array for imaging and spectroscopy
Methods and apparatus providing electronic messages that are linked and aggregated
System for publishing, organizing, accessing and distributing information in a computer network
Systems and methods for domain name registration by proxy
Request processing switch
Information component based data storage and management
Similarity-based search method by relevance feedback
Method, system and program product for locating personal information over a network
Method for mapping business processes using an emergent model on a computer network
Simulation-based functional verification of microcircuit designs
Searching method, searching device, and recorded medium
System and method for transmission of digital information of varying sample rates over a synchronous...
Datastream transmitters for discrete multitone systems
Image rejection quadratic filter
Method and apparatus for linking converted applet files without relocation annotations
Method of managing information in Java
XML client abstraction layer
Distributed copies of configuration information using token ring
Mechanism for dynamically constructing customized implementations to enforce restrictions
Molded seamless brassiere incorporating fasteners
Thermal transfer recording medium and photographic print
Female connector
Device for adapting a unit of ammunition for different types of targets and situations
Device of hard disk shock-resistance
Synthetic free layer for CPP GMR
Magnetoresistive sensor having improved synthetic free layer
CPP GMR with improved synthetic free layer
Side shielded current in plane spin-valve
Magnetic sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic head having marker layer, and tape-medium reading and writing apparatus
Method and apparatus for a micro-actuator providing three-dimensional positioning to a slider in a h...
Magnetic disk apparatus
Head arm of magnetic disk device
Head suspension having a displacement limiter
Suspension base plate with boss tower having tapered swage ball-engaging surface
Head suspension assembly and magnetic disk apparatus comprising the head suspension assembly
Magnetic head slider having protrusions provided on the medium-facing surface and manufacturing meth...
Stitched write head with staircase P2 defined throat height
High track density magnetic recording head
Disk device and unbalance correcting method thereof
Integrated filter system for a data storage device
Adjusting power consumption of digital circuitry by generating frequency error representing error in...
Pyridazine derivatives
Lipid analogs for treating viral infections
Inhibition of SARS-associated coronavirus (SCoV) infection and replication by RNA interference
Methods of identifying g-couple receptors associated with macrophage-trophic HIV, and diagnostic and...
Method of detecting equine glycogen storage disease IV
Compositions and methods for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus
Polymerase chain reaction assays for monitoring antiviral therapy and making therapeutic decisions i...
Unique dendritic cell-associated C-type lectins, dectin-1 and dectin-2; compositions and uses thereo...
Group B streptococcus polypeptides nucleic acids and therapeutic compositions and vaccines thereof
Using directional antennas to mitigate the effects of interference in wireless networks
Modular multiplexing/demultiplexing units in optical transmission systems
System and method for communicating optical signals upstream and downstream between a data service p...
Safety shutdown system for a WDM fiber optic communications network
Method and structure for two-dimensional optical fiber ferrule
Convertible fiber closure platform
High SBS threshold optical fiber
Glass-body-producing method and optical glass body and optical fiber
Supercontinuum emitting device
Wavelength division multiplexing optical coupler
Multi-layer optical circuit and method for making
Optical fibre backscatter polarimetry
Retractable lamp for an improved document scanner paper path
Transfer device
Computer program for programming an integrated circuit speed capability indicator
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Logic verification device, logic verification method and logic verification computer program
Dual pump fuel cell temperature management system
Method for the emulsion polymerization of olefins
Process for the preparation of phenyl pyrazole compounds
Optical film
Pro9836 polypeptides
Strainer for collecting debris from a drain
Flexible active signal cable
Boom utilizing composite material construction
Hydraulic cylinder
System and method for measuring animals
High-frequency switch circuit
Device for lifting paper rolls
Neuroprotective and anti-proliferative compounds
Method of bandwidth management between the stations of a local area network
Bioabsorbable adhesive compounds and compositions
Method and apparatus for risk management
Disposable mini-applications
System and method for electronic presentations having simultaneous display windows in a control scre...
Method and apparatus for sealing flex circuits having heat sensitive circuit elements
Color image pickup device and color light-receiving device
Method and system for device control
Alginate foam compositions
Data structure for search
Method and apparatus for generating an aerosol
Intubating laryngeal mask airway device with fiber optic assembly
Use of rhodium-crosslinking silicone elastomers for producing baking molds
Magnetic memory with write inhibit selection and the writing method for same
Light-emitting device
Enhanced fire, safety, security and health monitoring and alarm response method, system and device
Digital distribution method and digital distribution system
Glycosylated immunoglobulin and immunoadhesin comprising the same
Myeloid colony stimulating factor and uses thereof
Methods and uses of leukotriene B4 hydroxylases to treat diseases
Methods and products for manipulating uncoupling protein expression
Skin collagen production promoter
Method of improving learning and memory in mammals
Surfactant compounds and agrochemical compositions
Method of screening remedy for heart disease and medicinal composition for treating heart disease
Medicament containing Epimedium extract for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis
Antiestrogenic glyceollins suppress human breast and ovarian carcinoma proliferation and tumorigenes...
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Composition for the prevention or treatment of diseases associated with angiogenesis
Crude extracts from andrographis paniculata
Alleles of the gnd gene from coryneform bacteria
Process for producing glycolic acid from formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide
Process for preparing fluoropolymer dispersions
High fibre high calorie liquid or powdered nutritional composition
Immunogen for preparation of therapeutic vaccines or drugs for treatment of hepatitis b and the prod...
Sunless tanning composition and methods for using
Polishing composition
Rotary pressure exchanger
Method for using an all solid-state fluorometer in monitoring and controlling chemicals in water
Block copolymer, polymer-containing composition including the block copolymer, and ink composition
Method and device for controlling at least one operating parameter of an electrolytic bath
Resin pipe joint unit
Nucleic acid complex and method of introducing nucleic acid into cell using the same
Apparatus, method and system of treatment of arsenic and other impurities in ground water
Process for the simultaneous production of xylitol and ethanol
Hydrophilized membrane and process for hydrophilization thereof
Method and device for milking an animal
Method of judging suitability of raw barley for feedstock for malt production according to staining ...
Vitro model of priocidal activity
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Use of carbohydrate-based metal complexes in non-caking salt compositions
Pretreatment agent for a fish food
Method of photocopying an image onto edible material for decorating iced baked goods
Method of preserving meat of slaughtered poultry or parts thereof
Process and apparatus for agglomeration of powders
Method for making a patterned food product
Drink-extracting bag equipped with holding element
Process for producing food grade wax
Surface bonded entangled fibrous web and method of making and using
Ink jet ink, method for producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method and ink cartridge
Apparatus for making patties
Dual thermometer system
Portable combination cooler and cushioned seat
Adjustable cantilevered shelf
Amplifier for use with voice over internet protocol signal
Database synchronization system and method
Wireless mobility services platform with package-based database structure
Method and system for adaptively prefetching objects from a network
Method, system, and program for maintaining data in a distributed computing environment for processi...
File system image transfer between dissimilar file systems
Method and system to correlate a specific alarm to one or more events to identify a possible cause o...
Secure instant messaging system
Object caching and update queuing technique to improve performance and resource utilization
Control plane failure recovery in a network
Method and apparatus for guessing correct URLs using tree matching
Tumor necrosis factor related ligand
Methods for treating systemic lupus erythematosus using anti-TNF antibodies and fragments thereof
Methods of treating crohn's disease with anti-TNF antibodies
Method of production of a nanoparticle of a compound semiconductor in a cavity of protein
Methods for fabricating lenses at the end of optical fibers in the far field of the fiber aperture
Method and apparatus for producing colloidal nanoparticles in a dense medium plasma
Optical actuator
Displacing edge segments on a fabrication layout based on proximity effects model amplitudes for cor...
Transmission/reception apparatus and method for packet retransmission in a CDMA mobile communication...
Semiconductor device and method for testing the same
Apparatus for delay calibration of a forward clock using three feedback clocks and a state transitio...
Image retrieval method and apparatus independent of illumination change
Apparatus for merchandise promotion optimization
Computer system and OSD displaying method for the same
Portable information terminal having expandable data input unit
Method and system for controlling sleep mode in broadband wireless access communication system
Service switching method based on QoS in a mobile communication system
Communication system, base station, and mobile station
System and method for a universal wireless access gateway
Travelling-wave guide electro-optic modulator
Method of manufacturing multiple levels of automobile trim
Method and system for managing real time data
Apparatus for system decoder and method for error correction of packet data
Mobile internet voice service
Multiple link layer wireless access point
Simple smart-antenna system for MUD-enabled cellular networks
Shared circuitry for WLAN receiver functional units
Methods and systems for improving frame selection in wireless communications networks
Power allocation of wireless transmission apparatus
Message transmission system and method, and utilization of the transmission system to investigate se...
Endoscope apparatus
Surface light-emitting device
Liquid warming device with basin
Slotted plunger
Package for sterile reamer
Triple-band bend tolerant optical waveguide
Triple-band bend tolerant optical waveguide
Three-dimensional observation apparatus and three-dimensional observation system
Optical scanning probe system
Peptides and their utility in modulation of behavior of cells expressing .alpha.3.beta.1 integrins
Puncture site patch