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Device method and program for measuring polarization mode dispersion and recording medium recording ...
Method and apparatus used in combination for installing a blown fuse indicator light within a pre-ex...
Assigning meanings to utterances in a speech recognition system
Microwave arrangement with resonance state tuning for affixing toner onto printing material
Liquid crystal polymer technology chemicals and applications
Energy-aware communications for a multi-radio system
Implantable device using ultra-nanocrystalline diamond
Upper body protector for protecting persons from compression trauma
Roller for a crawler type traveling vehicle
Manipulation of plant polysaccharide synthases
Mechanically activated channel blocker
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
Polar-modified bonded phase materials for chromatographic separations
Communications system for and method of recovering from communications failure
Atom or group transfer radical polymerization
System for transmitting information in a digital radio network system
Drug targets in Candida albicans
Bad frame indicator for radio-telephone receivers in GSM mobile systems
Method for preparing a solid phase microextraction device using aerogel
Electrodes linked via conductive oligomers to nucleic acids
Preparations for diagnosis extrapancreatic secretory function
Distributed game over a wireless telecommunications network
System and method for logging database queries
Aerosol system having lockable cap
Device for nasal or oral spraying of a fluid or powdery product
Power analysis resistant coding device
Integrated circuit with analog or multilevel storage cells and user-selectable sampling frequency
LED light source with lens
Reduction scheme for network elements
High-pressure discharge lamp for vehicle headlights
System and method of providing emergency response to a user carrying a user device
Methods and systems for providing supplemental contextual content
Data processing system for complex pricing and transactional analysis
Timing abstraction and partitioning strategy
Methods of treating non-inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disorders using Cav2.2 subunit calcium c...
Methods and materials for characterizing and modulating interaction between heregulin and HER3
Collagen XXII, a novel human collagen and uses thereof
5-HT3 receptor antagonists and methods of use
Autonomic nerve regulating agent
Optically active 5H-pyrrolo[3,4-b] pyrazine derivative, its preparation and pharmaceutical compositi...
Method and apparatus for a nanoelectrosprayer for use in mass spectrometry
Radial pulsed arc discharge gun for synthesizing nanopowders
Microelectronic packages including nanocomposite dielectric build-up materials and nanocomposite sol...
Method for producing nanosilica plates
Capacitor with carbon nanotubes
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Device and method for production of carbon nanotubes, fullerene and their derivatives
Bead blast activation of carbon nanotube cathode
Front-end module for multi-band and multi-mode wireless network system
Radio transmission apparatus and radio transmission method
Power management method and apparatus for use in electronic devices
Message multicast method and computer
Messaging service
Java telematics emulator
Retaining element for a portable computer device
Automatically populated display regions for discovered access points and stations in a user interfac...
Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
Variable focus lens
Thin magnifier structure with magnetic protective jacket
Projection lens unit
Optical stop apparatus and exposure apparatus having the same
Polarization encoder device
Method of adjusting power for a wavelength-division multiplexed optical transmission system
Semiconductor optical amplifier, and optical module using the same
Lens moving mechanism
Zoom lens system, imaging device, and camera
Zoom optical system
Image stabilizing zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Harmonic ambiguity resolver and inter array harmonic tracker
Integrated gradiometer
Man overboard beacon
Devices having improved capacitance and methods of their fabrication
Interconnected high speed electron tunneling devices
Broad band referencing reflectometer
System and method for identifying, reporting, and evaluating presence of substance
Power generation system and power generation apparatus
Isoelectronic surfactant induced sublattice disordering in optoelectronic devices
Block copolymer and polymeric luminescent element
Surface treatment agent comprising inorganic-organic hybrid material
Apparatus and process for examining a surface
Electro-holographic lens
In-plane switching display device having common electrode overlapping channel forming region, and do...
Electronic device and antenna apparatus
Three dimensional device integration method and integrated device
Fiber optic devices having volume Bragg grating elements
Plant nucleotide-sugar pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase (nppase), method of obtaining same and use ...
Modulation of flowering time by the pft1 locus
Dissimilar promoters for gene suppression
Axmi-027, axmi-036 and axmi-038, a family of delta endotoxin genes and methods for their use
Desaturase antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Extracting biopolymers from a biomass using ionic liquids
Transmembrane protein amigo and uses thereof
RNA interference mediated inhibition of desmoglein gene expression using short interfering nucleic a...
Oligomeric compounds for use in gene modulation
Functional synthetic molecules and macromolecules for gene delivery
Antisense oligonucleotides directed to ribonucleotide reductase r2 and uses thereof in the treament ...
Treatment of hyperproliferative disease
Novel actin-associated cytosekeltone protein lacs
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
10-Substituted macrolide antibiotics
Amino acid-substituted coagulation factor V
Compounds derived from benzoic acid esters, composition containing said compounds and use thereof
L-nucleic acid derivatives and process for the synthesis thereof
Solid carriers with peptide nucleic acid probes and methods for regeneration
Full-length genomic RNA of papaya leaf-distortion mosaic virus
ETS-related gene overexpressed in human breast and epithelial cancers
Remote monitoring and information system
Virtualization controller, access path control method and computer system
Network element terminal data interface system and method
Method and apparatus for two-phase commit in data distribution to a web farm
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
Optimizing server delivery of content by selective inclusion of optional data based on optimization ...
System, method and program for backing up a computer program
One-pass node-based message processing
Timing based scan chain implementation in an IC design
Data base for persistent data
Method for generating and navigating a plurality of menus using a database and a menu template
On-line directory assistance system
Method and system for access to automatically synchronized remote files
System and method for managing documents having formula based documents links
Justification authenticating system, personal certificate issuing system, and personal certificate
Small game skinning and cleaning aid
Method for determining field strength
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented by user equipment for adaptive modulation ...
Radio terminal equipment
SRNS relocation in a UMTS network
Radio communication system
Radio LAN access authentication system
Method for operating a billing system associated with a mobile radio network for billing for tariffa...
Automatic gain control adjustment of a radio receiver
Receiver circuit, particularly for mobile radio
Scanning antenna diversity system for FM radio for vehicles
On-chip calibration signal generation for tunable filters for RF communications and associated metho...
User perception of wireless improvement technology
Method and apparatus for reduced intermodulation distortion in a radio transceiver
Aza-peptide macrocyclic hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Glycoconjugates including more than one peptide
VPR mutant protein and its encoding gene having apoptosis-inducing action
Peptides containing N-substituted L-amino acids for preventing .beta.-strand association
Cyclic amine derivatives and their uses
Pyrrolidine modulators of CCR5 chemokine receptor activity
HIV inhibiting pyrimidines derivatives
Therapeutic applications of pro-apoptotic benzodiazepines
Angiogenic growth factors for treatment of peripheral neuropathy
Bicyclic carbohydrate compounds useful in the treatment of infections caused by Flaviviridae sp., su...
Human mullerian duct-derived epithelial cells and methods of isolation and uses thereof
Secure patch system
Data protection via reversible data damage
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information providing medium, infor...
Watermark embedding and detection
Method and apparatus for computing a shared secret key
Wireless network for transmitting parameters for an encoded data transmission
Intrusion detection and secure remote alarm communication system for a security system for the inact...
Enhancing smart card usage for associating media content with households
Crocosmia plant named `WALBREYES`
Crapemyrtle plant named `Gamad III`
Nectarine tree named `LATE BRIGHT`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `WEKcrying`
Systems, methods and apparatus of a magnetic resonance imaging system to produce a stray field suita...
Efficient mapping of reconstruction algorithms for magnetic resonance imaging onto a reconfigurable ...
Device and method for examination and use of an electrical field in an object under examination cont...
System and method for improved data acquisition for medical imaging
Automated positioning of mri surface coils
Switching device, RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging system
Magnetic resonance system with suppression of capacitive coupling between an rf source and the subje...
Driving circuit and driving method of active matrix organic electro-luminescence display
Current signal output circuit and display apparatus and information display apparatus using the curr...
System and methods for providing organic electro-luminescence elements
Organic electroluminescent display device having bi-layer electron injection structure
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic transistor
Multi-passivation layer structure for organic thin-film transistors and method for fabricating the s...
Organic electroluminescent device
Isoxazoline derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases and/or TNF-.alpha. converting enz...
Polynucleotides, materials incorporating them, and methods for using them
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
DVD recorder
DVD player
DVD player
DVD recorder
Microwave oven
Video-on-demand system and video viewing assisting method
Front panel driving apparatus
Method for recording address information on optical recording medium, optical recording medium inclu...
Method of configuring transmission in mobile communication system
Flash memory management method
Apparatus and method for controlling frequency of bus use
Air cleaner
Laser printer
Integrated three-dimensional magnetic sensing device and method to fabricate an integrated three-dim...
Actuator coupling system and a pipetting module comprising such a coupling system
Portable sharpening system for a dual-knife cutting machine
Instant messaging interface having a tear-off element
Managing packet voice networks using a virtual switch approach
System and method for federated security in an energy management system
Alert system
Shared memory architecture
Automatically establishing a wireless connection between adapters
Method and apparatus for network-level monitoring of queue-based messaging systems
Method and apparatus for enabling data communication between an implantable medical device and a pat...
Wireless point to multipoint system
Method of using sub-rate slots in an ultrawide bandwidth system
Compounds useful in the manufacture of an anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Compounds which prevent neuronal cell death and uses thereof
Nicotinamide derivatives useful as p38 inhibitors.
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Cyclodextrin laundry detergent additive complexes and compositions containing same
Waterproof/breathable technical apparel
Method for inhibiting tumor invasion or spreading in a subject
Pharmaceutical composition of topiramate
Assembly of filtering apparatus and replaceable filter; and filtering apparatus and filter for use t...
Control register access virtualization performance improvement in the virtual-machine architecture
Simplified USB sharer having a busyness detection circuit
Methods, computer systems, and computer readable media for generating displays of sets of network ad...
Remote command server
Memory-efficient metadata organization in a storage array
Method and apparatus for preferred roaming list compression
Method and apparatus for slice point determination
Navigation apparatus
Coronary sinus lead with thermal sensor and method therefor
Cardiac rhythm management systems and methods predicting congestive heart failure status
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Outsole of a shoe
Outsole of a shoe
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Conjugated diene polymers and copolymer blocks and process for preparing same
Multiple-component magnetic mat
Ankle-foot orthotic device and method
Footwear insoles
Fixing device for laces
Reactive formulations for a neutralization of toxic industrial chemicals
Air environment control system and technique
Multi-port sandblasting manifold and method
System and methods for preventing the unauthorized use of aircraft
Method and apparatus for labeling using diffraction grating-based encoded optical identification ele...
Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
Resistance welding of high strength steels
Nucleic acid antioxidant compositions, methods for obtaining such compositions and formulations ther...
Sustained release pharmaceutical preparations and methods for producing the same
Stapler safety guard
System for delivery of breathable fire extinguishing gas
Multi-stage transmission
Methods and systems for aviation nonconformance component management
Electric power generating facility operation remote supporting method and electric power generating ...
Systems, methods and computer program products for assessing the health of an electric motor
Method and device for operating a combustion engine
Belt fixing unit with heat-resisting resin base member and image forming toner for use in the fixing...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for manufacturing the electrophotographic photoreceptor an...
System and method for managing energy generation equipment
Flexible retinal electrode array
Device and method for margin marking tissue to be radiographed
Automatic pruning of orphaned objects from directory services and other databases
Controlling access to objects with rules for a work management environment
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
Coded block pattern encoding with spatial prediction
Pose-invariant face recognition system and process
Creating and managing structured data in an electronic spreadsheet
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
Stateless distributed computer architecture with server-oriented state-caching objects maintained on...
Method and apparatus for network analysis, such as analyzing and correlating identifiers of frame re...
Visual and scene graph interfaces
Method and apparatus for determining cost functions using parameterized components
Self-clocking n,k code word without start or stop
Sub-micron adjustable mount for supporting a component and method
Methods of forming capacitor devices
Use of secondary cell wall polymer of procaryotic microorganisms
Molecular transfer lithography
Imaging members
Reversibly color changing undercoat layer for electrophotographic photoreceptors
Engineered superantigen for human therapy
Transparent conductive thin film, process for producing the same, sintered target for producing the ...
Methods for affecting the ultra-fast photodissociation of water molecules
Simple high accuracy high energy calorimeter
Solar powered compaction apparatus
Scroll-type expander having heating structure and scroll-type heat exchange system employing the exp...
Communications relay device, communications relay method, communications terminal apparatus and prog...
Source identifier for MAC address learning
Routing packets across multiple forwarding elements
Multi-tier wireless communications architecture, applications and methods
Analog summing and differencing circuit, optical receiving circuit, optical transmitting circuit, au...
Compact conscious animal positron emission tomography scanner
Electrically powered orthodontic bracket and bonding method
Modeling viscoelastic torsional properties of osteons
Dental implant system and method
Attachment devices and methods for a dental appliance
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Integrin receptor ligands
.beta.-sheet mimetics and use thereof as inhibitors of biologically active peptides or proteins
Spectral analysis of light scattered from clotting blood
Pyrrole substituted 2-indolinone protein kinase inhibitors
Codon-optimized genes for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous yeasts
Combined methods for tumor vasculature targeting and tumor treatment with radiotherapy
Sigmoid valve and method for its percutaneous implantation
Apparatus and methods for fluid occlusion of an access tube anastomosed to an anatomical vessel
Modeling apparatus with tray substrate
Endoprosthesis with long-term stability
Siloxane compounds and their use as homogenizer in release agents with matting effect for producing ...
Method and composition for preventing tooth hypersensitivity when using passive bleaching agents
Unitary stratified composite
Inkjet ink
Device, system, and method for applying a product
Brush and device for applying substance to keratinous fibers, and method and machine for manufacturi...
Inkjet recording method
Holder for mold assemblies and molds
Peripherally-selective inhibitors of dopamine-.beta.-hydroxylase and method of their preparation
Methods, compounds, and diagnostics for cancer treatment
Epothilone derivatives
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Sterile parenteral nutrition compositions
Treating pain using selective antagonists of persistent sodium current
Indole derivatives having anti-angiogenetic activity
Method for coding image signals and apparatus thereof using an average target coding rate
Cyclic GMP dependent protein kinase as a chemotherapeutic target for antiprotozoal agents
Detection of nucleic acid target sequences by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
Apparatus for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) method and circuit for improving the performance of a D-class audio...
Auxiliary quasi-resonant dc tank electrical power converter
Variable-frequency flyback converter with synchronous rectification function
DC/DC converter including a Zener diode having a substantially zero temperature coefficient
Frequency converter having low supply voltage
Method and assay kit for evaluation of the oxidative modification of protein-containing substances
Vacuum drying process used for manufacturing dialyzer
Highly asymmetric, hydrophilic, microfiltration membranes having large pore diameters
Screen and process for manufacturing a screen of this kind
Porous filter
HPLC column design and method of making same
Device for carrying fluids for a medical treatment device
Liquid treatment injector
Device for removing small solids from water in canal
Device for continuous filtration of material blends
Water cooler/water purification system
Deflector for limiting the ingress of liquid oil
Slotted screen for digester
Multi-purpose drain
Control apparatus using brain wave signal
Access control apparatus and access control method
Single seal with resilient member
ITE hearing aid and contact module for use in an ITE hearing aid
Rhodium and iridium complexes
Ion exchange assembly for an electrochemical cell
Track-and-trolley conveyor guidance system
Non-defeatable fluorescent adapter for incandescent fixture
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Method and apparatus for standardized fluorescence image generation
Simple high efficiency optical coherence domain reflectometer design
Modulated reflectance measurement system using UV probe
Specially configured lip/cheek pulse oximeter/photoplethysmography probes, selectively with sampler ...
Methods of and systems and devices for assessing intracranial pressure non-invasively
Method and apparatus to determine an initial flow rate in a conduit
Paper product with embossed surface pattern
Apparatus and method for conditioning a web on a papermaking machine
Non-evaporation type getter, display unit and production method for them
Valve with operation parameter set at assembly and pump using same
Reciprocating air distribution system
Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump
Manual bulk liquid pump control and distribution system
Automatic air feeding mechanism for pneumatic tires, and pneumatic tire connecting device
Apparatus for preventing abrasion in reciprocal compressor
Violin body
Graphics processor and system with microcontroller for programmable sequencing of power up or power ...
Reconfigurable architecture for decoding telecommunications signals
Changing a codec or MAC size without affecting the encryption key in PacketCable communication
Information processing apparatus with multiple operating systems
Method and apparatus for omni-directional image and 3-dimensional data acquisition with data annotat...
Interactive vehicle display system
Multimode multizone interface
Interface for a multifunctional system
Full-color display device
Method and apparatus for mobile device location via a network based local area augmentation system
Detergent composition for dry cleaning comprising a cyclic polysiloxane and a polyether modified sil...
Detergent products, methods and manufacture
Cigarette lighter
Shower valve
Tailored temperature uniformity
Video surveillance system with object detection and probability scoring based on object class
Method for enabling a photolab to process digital images and related data
Continuously variable transmission
Seatpost with vibration isolation member
Sanitary wall faucet
Digital video disc recorder with hard disk recorder
Audio-video display device
Can shaped video monitor
Method and apparatus to protect media existing in an insecure format
Bandwidth management techniques for delivery of interactive program guide
Content processing apparatus and content processing method for digest information based on input of ...
Millet cultivar GG102
Purification of antigen-specific T cells
Acid-labile subunit (ALS) of insulin-like growth factor binding protein complex
Coherency techniques for suspending execution of a thread until a specified memory access occurs
Processor with multiple linked list storage feature
Single-pin serial communication link with start-bit flow control
Method and apparatus for pre-processing in a common-format control processing input signals of, or o...
Apparatus and method for determining paging alert mode in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and method for extending the coverage area of a licensed wireless communication system usi...
Method, apparatus and article to remotely associate wireless communications devices with subscriber ...
Managing configurations of input/output system images of an input/output subsystem, wherein a config...
Accumulator controlled prescaler in a phased locked loop
Image search apparatus, image search method and storage medium
Device searching method, device searching client, device, device searching server, device searching ...
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Image outputting apparatus, control method for the image outputting apparatus, image outputting syst...
Reconfigurable VLIW processor
Data communication apparatus and transmission reservation managing method
Developing roller, electrophotographic process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming appa...
Process cartridge, positioning mechanism therefor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
Developing frame and process cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
Image data recording apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, program, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium
Data processing method and data processing device
Image processing method, storage medium, image forming apparatus and program with correction process...
Method and device for connecting conductors
Requirements for supplying power to a device
Method and system to adjust non-volatile cache associativity
Dual function flow measurement apparatus having an array of sensors
Fluoroelastomer members and curing methods using biphenyl and monofunctional amino hydrocarbon
Method for improving metals recovery using high temperature pressure leaching
Light dimmer for LED and incandescent lamps
Obstacle avoiding apparatus, obstacle avoiding method, obstacle avoiding program and mobile robot ap...
Cleaning robot having auto-return function to charging-stand and method using the same
Optimized cluster tool transfer process and collision avoidance design
Robot system capable of specifying moving area
Motion control systems and methods
Systems and methods for controlling a legged robot using a two-phase disturbance response strategy
Apparatus for automatically changing a robot tool tip member
Substrate processing platform allowing processing in different ambients
Position calculation system for mobile robot and charging-stand return and method using the same
Self-running robot having pressing sensing function and control method thereof
Self-moving robot capable of correcting movement errors and method for correcting movement errors of...
Robot for making an interface surface
High radiation environment tunnel monitoring system and method
Position sensing device for mobile robots and robot cleaner equipped with the same
Impact absorbing mechanism of walking robot
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of robot cleaner
Robot cleaner driving method
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Automotive vehicle framing system
Multi-purpose equipment
Method of displaying gene data, and recording medium
Meter with docked lancet device
Composition and method for hot start nucleic acid amplification
Liquid crystal film and liquid crystal display device equipped with same
Hard coat film, production method of the same, polarizing plate and display
Strip loaded waveguide with low-index transition layer
Optical switch with adjustable optical loss
DC-AC converter, and method for supplying AC power
Solid electrolytic capacitor method of manufacturing the same
Test method and test device for electronic memories
Dynamic semantic control of a speech recognition system
Tone reproduction curve and developed mass per unit area control method and system
Non-uniformity pattern identification systems and methods thereof
Electronic instrument
Fuel cell separator and method of manufacture
Methods for determining customer motivations in purchasing decisions
Business management system and method for a deregulated electric power market using consumer site an...
Developing device and process cartridge with predetermined magnetic force for an image forming appar...
Image forming apparatus including a developer replenishing device for a two-ingredient type develope...
Acoustic vibration system with speaker for air mattresses
Computational circuits and methods for processing modulated signals having non-constant envelopes
Adaptive transmission method
Image coding method and image decoding method
Antenna unit and portable radio system comprising antenna unit
Process for the preparation of coil for electric appliance and coil for electric appliance
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 7, the encoded polypeptides and meth...
Liquid ink and recording apparatus
Separator for solid polymer type fuel cell and process for producing the same
Proton conducting membrane using a solid acid
Fuel cell membrane and fuel cell system with integrated gas separation
Hydrogen supply system for a fuel cell
Partial oxidation reactors and syngas coolers using nickel-containing components
Bi-directional and multi-axial fabric and fabric composites
Wheel assembly
Friction stir welding of metal matrix composites, ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, and superalloy...
Shift and brake control device
Warning device for bicycle
Magnetic dent removal device, method and kit
Bicycle derailleur with a chain guide disposed at an upper portion of a link mechanism
Horse-control device
Elastic permeable pavement comprising waste-polyurethane chips for use on new roads and a paving met...
Bicycle seat rail and method of making same
Flexible piezoelectric films
Procedure for the production of high-purity melamine with high yields
Fire resistant nonwoven batt having both charring and oxygen-depleting fibers
Process for producing reinforcing SiC fiber for SiC composite material
High performance wireless receiver with cluster multipath interference suppression circuit
Syringe tool
Device for regulating cylinders in a printing machine
Device and method for detecting the edge of a recording material
Device for conveying a stream of sheets from a sheet pile to a sheet-processing machine
Apparatus for clamping and holding a printing plate on an exposure drum
Method and device for reducing web breakage in a web cutter
Superconducting magnet apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
Reception unit for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus having a controllable detector
Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
Generator for generating time-variable magnetic fields and magnetic resonance device
Compositions comprising a defined polysaccharide component
Chemical reagent test slide
Handheld medical test device with removable cap
Sterilization tray device
Massage device
Orthotic device
Behind the ear (BTE) sound processor
Flexible fiberoptic scope handle
Nasal delivery device
Combined capsule and tablets
Electronic equipment enclosure
USB hub
Foldable computer
Digital image displaying device with networking functions
Remote variable camshaft timing control valve with lock pin control
Anti-cribbing device
Capacitor and method for producing the same, and circuit board with a built-in capacitor and method ...
Electroporation microneedle and methods for its use
Aryl aniline .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Treating of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Cross-linked derivatives of hyaluronic acid
Substituted dipeptides as growth hormone secretagogues
Progenitor cell materials and methods
Leadframe with enhanced encapsulation adhesion
Cationic conductor
Polymeric compositions comprising thieno[3,4-b]thiophene, method of making, and use thereof
Method for adhesion of wound electrodes or electrode lamination for use in a lithium-ion secondary b...
Lighted fish hooks
Document authentication method and apparatus
Utility meter with external signal-powered transceiver
RFID tag and its manufacturing method
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for providing dynamic product information in...
Waste sorting network
Metal container closure having integral RFID tag
Wireless ad-hoc RFID tracking system
Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising fluorene and aryl groups
Visual encoding of a content address to facilitate data transfer in digital devices
Programmable keypad for sized optimized device
RFID system having a field reprogrammable RFID reader
Low voltage signal stripping circuit for an RFID reader
Method and program for reduction of retail sales revenue limitations
Method of making RFID device
Optical crossbar switch
Digital interference holographic microscope and methods
Pet brush system
Pet feeding device
Lepidoptera habitat
Methods employing optical source and optical sensor for detecting living tissue within an animal nai...
Fishing rod holding apparatus and method
Floating fish snaring device
Automatic locking landing net yoke
In vivo accessories for minimally invasive robotic surgery
Ultrasonic apparatus for therapeutical use
(Partially) conjugated polymer process for its preparation and use in electroluminescent devices
Monomers containing at least one biaryl unit and polymers and derivatives prepared therefrom
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Photothermographic material
Radiation-sensitive composition changing in refractive index and utilization thereof
Polymer sheets and methods of controlling adhesion of polymer sheets to glass
Temporary wet strength resins
Activatable material for sealing, baffling or reinforcing and method of forming same
Method for transferring aqueous polymer dispersions from one container to another container
Methods and compositions for efficient gene transfer using transcomplementary vectors
Electrode lead
EMG electrode apparatus and positioning system
Method and apparatus for judgment of physical constitution and physical strength for person under te...
Radiation detection apparatus
Instrument for determining intratesticular dose and method for determining a dose
Apparatus and method for prescribing and manufacturing orthotic foot devices
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic continuous, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
Efficient implementation of a noise removal filter
System and method for compressing image files while preserving visually significant aspects
Image compression method and apparatus for suppressing quantization rate in particular region, image...
Image data compression
Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for compara...
Method, apparatus and program for composite image generation
System and method for dynamically enhanced color space
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Efficient optical transmission system
Optical communication device
Optical device with lightwave circuit element
Semiconductor optical device
Wavelength insensitive integrated optic polarization splitter
Polarization-maintaining optical isolator
Method and apparatus for acting on articles in the tobacco-processing industry
Illumination device, display device and projector
Liquid crystal picture screen with collimator having microprisms
Illumination and display device
Led light collection and uniform transmission system using a conical reflector with a roughed up inn...
Lamp holder for wireless lamps with quick socket and relative lamp
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display utilizing the same
Ultra-thin backlight display panel
Lighting device, and liquid crystal display device using the same
Backlighting apparatus
Sheet-like light source device
Backlight modules
Line-illuminating device and image sensor
Projector with transverse light source for automotive vehicle
Reflector lamp with reduced seal temperature
Reflector for fluorescent lamp
Method and apparatus for autonomous detonation delay in munitions
Portable ballistic shield and shooting platform for police and military personnel
Method and apparatus for safe operation of an electronic firearm sight
Imaging member having a dual charge transport layer
Dual diffusion channel filter
Metal hydride fuel storage and method thereof
Method and apparatus for valve repair
Method and apparatus for assigning addresses to components in a control system
Integrated semiconductor memory with sense amplifier
Sense amplifier with dual cascode transistors and improved noise margin
Semiconductor device
Memory device capable of performing high speed reading while realizing redundancy replacement
Tray locking mechanism used in an optical disk drive
On-chip temperature sensor for low voltage operation
Folded cavity semiconductor optical amplifier (FCSOA)
Firing pulse duration control
Tyrosinase inhibitor extract
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase genes, proteins, and uses thereof
Compositions comprising at least one silicone compound and at least one amine compound, and methods ...
Turret operator interface system and method for a fire fighting vehicle
Proteins and methods for producing the proteins
Process for producing stabilized tampons
Complex motion toothbrush
Membrane systems containing an oxygen transport membrane and catalyst
Optical switch microfilms
Phase-compensated cube corner in laser interferometry
Method of increasing the lifetime of a hydro-oxidation catalyst
Fluoroketone compounds
Process to prepare metal complex of N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)glycine
High melt flow fluoropolymer
Method and apparatus for remote printing
Multilayered composite polyamide articles and processes for their preparation
Coating composition
Apparatus and process used in growing crystals
Ink jet ink composition
Inkjet ink set and method of using same
Method and apparatus for avoiding multiple processing of the same IPMI system event
System and method for manufacture of information handling systems with selective option ROM executio...
Aggressive content pre-fetching during pre-boot runtime to support speedy OS booting
Performing memory RAS operations over a point-to-point interconnect
Synchronizing memory copy operations with memory accesses
Ensuring orderly forward progress in granting snoop castout requests
RAID apparatus and logical device expansion method thereof
Command issuing apparatus for high-speed serial interface
Reducing the amount of graphical line data transmitted via a low bandwidth transport protocol mechan...
Rolling bearing unit with rotational speed detecting device
Gas turbine engine variable vane assembly
Bearing device
Weatherproof low friction spindle unit
Bearing unit for wheel drive
Fluid dynamic bearing motor
Hydrodynamic pivot bearing
Environment protector-pressurized wheel hub
Rotating shaft scavenging scoop
Power saving function for wireless LANS: methods, system and program products
System and method for disambiguating shooter locations
Method for repairing a hole in a metallic workpiece
Image detection method and its apparatus and defect detection method and its apparatus
Method for producing 2-azetidinone derivative
Pyridine-1-oxide derivative, and process for its transformation into pharmaceutically effective comp...
Method for producing an optical emission module having at least two vertically emitting lasers
Apparatus and method for root canal obturation
Image display apparatus
Reducing speckle noise in electro-optical readers
Audio noise cancellation system for a sensor in an automotive vehicle
Guide mechanism and method for axially directing an annular transponder unit
Method of reducing toxicity of retinoids
Differential tumor cytotoxicity compounds and compositions
NIMA interacting proteins
Method and apparatus for defending against naso-pharyngeal viral attacks
Documents control apparatus that can share document attributes
Context monitoring display driver
Head protector for infants, small children, senior citizens, adults or physically disabled individua...
Control method of piezoelectric actuator, position control equipment, and disk device
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Heater for wafer processing and methods of operating and manufacturing the same
Fluorinated sol-gel electro-optic materials, process for producing same, and devices therefrom
Printing plate material and printing process
Electrode driving apparatus and electronic equipment
Electroluminescence display device and pattern layout method for the same
Tandem OLED having stable intermediate connectors
Fluorine-containing compounds and their polymers useful for anti-reflection film materials and resis...
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor de...
Semiconductor device having El layer and sealing material
Active matrix substrate, method of making the substrate, and display device
Polymorphic markers of the LSR gene
Reconfigurable processor module comprising hybrid stacked integrated circuit die elements
Method for driving piezoelectric ink jet head
Printing system employing printer-independent print quality characteristics
Printer using hybrid reflex writing to color register an image
System and method of evaluating print shop consolidation options in an enterprise
Systems for regulating temperature in fluid ejection devices
Systems and methods for compensating for streaks in images
Lamp assembly, back light assembly having the same, display device having the same, and method of dr...
Permanent cosmetic composition for one-step permanent operation
Concurrent in-system programming of programmable devices
User equipment device for a UMTS mobile telephone communications system
Electrostatic control of a membrane for adaptive optics and the like
Method and apparatus for optical pulse characterization using simplified chronocyclic tomography
Method and system for creating interactive walkthroughs of real-world environment from set of densel...
Bandpass delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters
Back off methods and systems
Dry powder inhaler
Fluid filled ampoules and methods for their use in aerosolizers
Concrete washout container
Heat exchange system
Concrete washout container
Method for the production of fatty acids having a low trans-fatty acid content
Very low density polyethylene blends
Immersion lithographic process using a conforming immersion medium
Methods of inducing immune tolerance using immunotoxins
Process for removing 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
Digital semiconductor based printing system and method
Systems and methods for newspaper press cut-off reduction
Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use
Methods for mixing fluid in a rotating container
Light emitting device assembly
Sensor chip for biochemical analyzer
Methods of utilizing programmable logic devices having localized defects in application-specific pro...
Computer implemented design system, a computer implemented design method, a reticle set, and an inte...
Device and method to carry out a viterbi-algorithm
System and method for processing digital data while buffering digital data in a buffer memory
X-tree test method and apparatus in a multiplexed digital system
Smartcard test system and related methods
System and method for performing on-chip self-testing
Apparatus, method, and system to allocate redundant components
Joined bodies, assemblies for high pressure discharge lamps and high pressure discharge lamps
Liquid crystal display device
Methods of using invertible oil external-water internal fluids in subterranean applications
Toner and image-forming system
Miniaturized contact spring
Methods of operating surface reactors and reactors employing such methods
Large area electronic device with high and low resolution patterned film features
Oil-based ink composition for ink-jet recording
Ink and ink jet recording method using the ink
Coloring agent for keratin fibers
Water-soluble chitosan having low endotoxin concentration and methods for making and using the same
Water-soluble chitosan-indole-3-propionic acid conjugates
Antibacterial composition
Rapidly disintegrating methylcellulose tablets
Increased light extraction from a nitride LED
Display panel with electron-emitting devices on substrates and cathode and anode electrodes
Method and apparatus for separating material
Geothermal power generator
Enhanced fire, safety, security, and health monitoring and alarm response method, system and device
Methods for the preparation of polyol esters that are light in color
Polyol fatty acid polyesters process and polyurethanes therefrom
Plasmid maintenance system for antigen delivery
Security based on subliminal and supraliminal channels for data objects
Fingerprinting and recognition of data
Image processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for printing image and information associated therewith
Dielectric anti-reflective coating surface treatment to prevent defect generation in associated wet ...
Variable orifice valve for air stream containing particulate coal
Absolute coordinate, single user-interface element pointing device
Self-service kiosk
Method and system for managing token image replacement
Process for preparation of 1,3-propanediol
Reforming queries to selectively audit accesses to rows within a relational database
Method and apparatus for a dual online registration contact information system
Method of reducing exhaust gas emissions during cold start conditions and an internal combustion eng...
Control device for a gas exchange valve in an internal combustion engine
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling software configuration in a convertible self-checkout station
Delta-sigma modulator and delta-sigma modulation method
Method and system for vehicle authentication of a component class
Method for scheduling transportation resources
Method for testing the influence of electromagnetic energy on a vehicle safety system during a crash...
Remote control system for a vehicle
Land partition data generating method and apparatus
Sleep prevention device while driving
Tool and method for measuring force associated with engaging a child restraint anchorage
Document image signature identification systems and methods
Method and system for creating print data
Method and system for automating the analysis of word frequencies
System having centralized control of actuators associated with a fiber distribution frame to remotel...
Gaming machine with promotional item dispenser
Methods and apparatus for three-dimensional gaming
Gaming device having a multi-round, multi-characteristic card game
Method for marking coaxial cable jumper assembly including plated outer assembly
Electronic casino gaming system with improved play capacity, authentication and security
Electronic casino gaming system with improved play capacity, authentication and security
Electronic casino gaming system with improved play capacity, authentication and security
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and spinal disc annulus stent
Method and apparatus for an adjustable implantable continence device
Electromagnetic treatment device
Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and uses thereof
Vitamin E tocotrienols inhibition of intracellularly obligate pathogen Chlamydia and methods of use
Benzodioxane and benzodioxolane derivatives and uses thereof
Methods and formulations of taxanes
Pyrid-2-one derivatives and methods of use
Anti-inflammatory compositions and uses thereof
Compounds useful in therapy
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Polyarylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Oxalamide derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Oxylipins from long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and methods of making and using the same
Methods and compositions for ameliorating or inhibiting decline in memory or intelligence or improvi...
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
System and Method for Employee Health and Productivity Improvement Plan
Health cost avoidance system
Artificial functional spinal unit system and method for use
Artificial functional spinal implant unit system and method for use
Methods and apparatus for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen
System to provide neural markers for sensed neural activity
Device and method for controlled tissue treatment
Biological interface system with gated control signal
Process for the synthesis of functionalized indolizidines
Process for making spirolactone compounds
Novel compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing same, and methods of use for same
Pharmacological treatment for sleep apnea
Heterocyclic ppar modulators
Imidazoline derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
Remote network video content recorder system
System and method for examining, calculating the age of an document collection as a measure of time ...
Systems and methods for determining the topic structure of a portion of text
Apparatus and methods for a computer-aided decision-making system
System and method for predictive ophthalmic correction
Identification system and method for determining the geographic origin of a fresh commodity
Classification method of labeled ordered trees using support vector machines
Method to hierarchical pooling of opinions from multiple sources
Method and computer program product for producing a pattern recognition training set
Uncertainty propagation system and method
Third party verification system
System and method for minimizing overrun and underrun errors in packetized voice transmission
User-based signal indicator for telecommunications device and method of remotely notifying a user of...
Wireless headset having a local area communication module and being detachable from a communication ...
Message creating apparatus and method for mobile phone
Cordless telephone system
Method and system for selectively paging a communication device based on self-detected position of t...
Telephone which enables timely input and presentation of information
Wireless backup telephone device and associated support system
Caller identification displayed on a personal computer
Cell phone
Wireless communication system
Single piece versatile phone stand
Acoustic transducer assembly
Headset communication unit
Handset for communication terminal
Telephone-coupled device for internet access
Subscriber line interface circuit
Line Driver apparatus
Active mode line voltage regulator for ringing subscriber line interface circuit
Microprocessor-controlled full-duplex speakerphone using automatic gain control
Low capital implementation of distributed distillation in ethylene recovery
Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
Phosphine compound, its intermediate, its complex with palladium and a manufacturing method of unsat...
Synthesis of poly-alpha olefin and use thereof
Process and apparatus for ethylbenzene production and transalkylation to xylene
Removal of impurities from liquid hydrocarbon streams
Integrated catalytic cracking and steam pyrolysis process for olefins
Polymerization inhibitor for styrene dehydrogenation units
Diascia plant named `PENIMP`
Diascia plant named `PENDER`
Epimedium plant named `FIRE DRAGON`
Euphorbia plant named `NOTHOWLEE`
Rhododendron plant named `Kinku Saku`
Diascia plant named `Balwinwite`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `WEKlezpat`
Information exchanging system, information communication terminal, information exchanging method, an...
Access control method and information utilization apparatus
Data processing system, data processing method, data processing apparatus, and program providing med...
System and method of retrieving a watermark within a signal
Cryptographic techniques for a communications network
Method and apparatus for encrypting data transmitted over a serial link
Method for monitoring unauthorized access to data stored in memory buffers
Method for reducing fraudulent system access
Method and device for identifying and pairing Bluetooth devices
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program recording medium, and data ...
Method for providing point-to-point encryption in a communication system
Digital data file encryption apparatus and method and recording medium for recording digital data fi...
Method and apparatus for providing a bus-encrypted copy protection key to an unsecured bus
Systems and methods for utilizing an application from a native portable device within a non-native c...
Threshold encoding of frame buffers
Information security device, prime number generation device, and prime number generation method
Method and apparatus for minimizing threshold variation from body charge in silicon-on-insulator cir...
Method for signalling tampering of remotely positioned components by tagging and global positioning ...
Method for authorizing access to computer applications
Mailbox stand
Mailbox tray
Stabilizer jack pad
Lawn and leaf bag freestanding holder and cart
Dolly for bucket
Golf cart
Recycle bin
Steam iron
Laundry iron
Household steam iron
Cleaning implement
Pet chew
Paw-shaped pet bed
Ball glove
Ball glove
Ball glove
Makeup case
Optically detectable security feature
Repositionable pad of tabs
Method of playing a game of chance including purchase of additional game play information and system...
Magnetically active semiconductor waveguides for optoelectronic integration
Capacitive microsensor
LCD with metal diffused into the insulating layer over the channel area
Plasma probe
Integrated circuit device for driving a laser diode with reduced heat transfer and method for fabric...
Stencil and method for depositing material onto a substrate
Semiconductor device and method of packaging the same
Reducing the migration of grain boundaries
Submember mounted on a chip of electrical device for electrical connection
Large die package structures and fabrication method therefor
Scribe street structure for backend interconnect semiconductor wafer integration
Method for fabricating array substrate for X-ray detector
Lanthanide oxide/hafnium oxide dielectrics
Electronic component having a praseodymium oxide layer and process for fabricating same
Non-planar non-volatile memory cell with an erase gate, an array therefor, and a method of making sa...
Capacitor constructions
High concentration indium fluorine retrograde wells
Light emitting diode and method of making the same
Monitoring system comprising infrared thermopile detector
Surface-normal optical path structure for infrared photodetection
Aluminum phosphate incorporation in silica thin films produced by rapid surface catalyzed vapor depo...
Method of golf club performance enhancement and articles resultant therefrom
Printer with capacitive printer cartridge data reader
Apparatus and method for analyzing a golf swing
Putting practice golf cup
Bingo game sheet
Modular structure for building panels and methods of making and using same