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Method for determining whether photographic image is different-color-structure photographic image an...
Remote-sensing method and device
Method and apparatus for treatment of viral diseases
Gouge and interference avoidance in surface contouring
Apparatus and method for mobile computer-aided design
Self-sustaining environmental control unit
Cutting head mounting and support ring system
Apparatus and method for supplying food dough
Automatic pet food dispensing device
Small animal shipping assembly
Portable cooking apparatus providing both direct and indirect heat cooking
Food processor with inside mounted cover-retaining means
Insulating compartment for grocery cart
Plain bearing feeding mechanism for food slicer
Continuous press for manufacturing biodegradable plates
Industrial production of meat using cell culture methods
Anti-inflammatory cranberry flavonol extract preparations
Antioxidative compositions
Process for treating the surface of fresh meat
Thermal gelation of foods and biomaterials using rapid heating
Method and device for coating a product
Decontamination formulations for disinfection and sterilization
Lipolytic enzyme genes
Process for isolation and purification of xanthophyll crystals from plant oleoresin
Microwave oven
RFID system for monitoring food hygiene
Method and means for correcting measuring instruments
Milking Method And Apparatus
Teat cup carrier
Method and apparatus for automated information retrieval and component ordering
Methods and systems to backup data
Generalized policy server
Communication system and method for efficiently accessing internet resources
Local area information providing system and method using real name
Automatic hardware failure detection and recovery for distributed max sessions server
Virtualizing network-attached-storage (NAS) with a compact table that stores lossy hashes of file na...
Storage system and back-up method for storage system
Methods and apparatus for control configuration with versioning, security, composite blocks, edit se...
Heap memory management
Messaging service in a federated content management system
Methods and apparatus for automatic system parameter configuration for performance improvement
System and method for detecting and reporting cable modems with duplicate media access control addre...
Method to control access between network endpoints based on trust scores calculated from information...
Turnkey data security
Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for managing and handling user-defined options
Interactive virtual library system for expeditiously providing automatic updates of user-desired inf...
Client-server system for merging of metadata with images
Information processing device and method
Distributed cryptographic methods and arrangements
High throughput and flexible device to secure data communication
Method to protect software against unwanted use with a "variable principle"
Microprocessor configuration with encryption
Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
Secure IR communication between a keypad and a token
Transaction system for transporting media files from content provider sources to home entertainment ...
Method and system for distributing programs using tamper resistant processor
Split-key key-agreement protocol
Delivery of data via omnidirectional digital transmission
System and method for securing code and ensuring proper execution using state-based encryption
Digital work protection system, key management apparatus, and user apparatus
Encryption system and control method thereof
Encrypting data for access by multiple users
System and method for controlling a mobile terminal using a digital signature
Enterprise secure messaging architecture
Device, method and storage medium for superimposing first and second watermarking information on an ...
Method to protect software against unwanted use with a "temporal dissociation" principle
Method for managing external storage devices
Decryption device
Digital rights management (DRM) encryption and data-protection for content on a relatively simple de...
Rendition style determination apparatus and computer program therefor
Musical synthesizer with expressive portamento based on pitch wheel control
Amplification of acoustic guitars
Brace rotating mechanism
Bracing system for stringed instrument
Apparatus for abrading a reed used in a musical instrument
Dot reed grading for wind instruments
Drum support structure
Key structure and keyboard apparatus
Electronic tuning system and methods of using same
Music data providing apparatus, music data reception apparatus and program
Music selection apparatus and music delivery system
Musical instrument performing artistic visual expression and controlling system incorporated therein
Tactile metronome
Stringed instrument
Keyboard game program and keyboard game device
Virtual instrument
Computer-aided learning system employing a pitch tracking line
Replay icon for a display screen
Quick adjust support system with trapped or integral wedge
Gaming apparatus with portrait-mode display
Integrated protector and splitter
Ganged outlet power distribution apparatus
Method and system of alerting callers to surcharges
Control panel module for a high humidity cabinet
Electrical connector with load bearing features
Covers for electrical connectors
Gaming device with offer/acceptance game having offer chosen from multiple formed offers
Peer-to-peer gaming system
Resource reservation protocol based guaranteed quality of service internet protocol connections over...
Automated DSL performance adjustment
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information for subscribers that inte...
System and method for providing telephony services to remote subscribers
Powered fiber cable
Restoring base configuration on software testing computer
Method and apparatus for determining load current in a CPU core voltage regulator
Constant-current circuit and system power source using this constant-current circuit
Reference voltage generating circuit, a semiconductor integrated circuit and a semiconductor integra...
Low battery indicator
Method and apparatus for adjusting wakeup time in electrical power converter systems and transformer...
Simple two-wire communication protocol with feedback status
Recharging unit
Electrical rotating machine control unit and power generation system
Voltage balancing in intermediate circuit capacitors
Dimmer circuit arrangement
Fuel cell power and management system, and technique for controlling and/or operating same
Battery charger for portable devices and related methods
Contact less charger with alignment indicator
Active rectification of alternator output without using a position sensor
Anti-islanding protection systems for synchronous machine based distributed generators
Apparatus and methods for providing a voltage adjustment for single-phase voltage regulator operatio...
Low loss DC/DC converter including a multi-level controller that applies a monotonic sequence of vol...
Method and apparatus for sharing an input/output terminal by multiple compensation circuits
Low-power supply voltage level detection circuit and method
Method and apparatus to control either a regulated or an unregulated output of a switching power sup...
Power converter for a hybrid power filter
System for administering reduced pressure treatment having a manifold with a primary flow passage an...
Diagnostic method and apparatus
Heatable sling support for an anatomical location
Stent Graft Repair Device
Modular center pegged glenoid
Prosthetic glenoid component
Hybrid stent having a fiber or wire backbone
Methods of and apparatus for analysing a signal
Method, system, and computer program product for downloading medical awareness objects on communicat...
Genetic characterization and prognostic significance of cancer stem cells in cancer
Device, system and method for color display
Subpixel rendering for cathode ray tube devices
Transistor backplanes for liquid crystal displays comprising different sized subpixels
Directional wireless communication systems
Method of transmitting identification data from an option pack to a main unit before the option pack...
User authentication method and apparatus
Telephone system enabling operation of a telephone set by way of a portable terminal
Information providing device and method
Use of insulin for the treatment of cartilaginous disorders
Medical devices and applications of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers
Multivalent streptococcal vaccine compositions and methods for use
Full-length human cDNAs encoding potentially secreted proteins
System and method for predicting a heart condition based on impedance values using an implantable me...
Medical device interface system with automatic rate threshold adjustment
Medical device programmer with faceplate
Small molecule mimetics of erythropoietin
Power efficient electrical stimulation
Managing product information
Electrode arrangement for electrical stimulation of biological material, and a multi-electrode array...
System for monitoring an environment
Medical lead for placement in the pericardial sac
Noninvasive detection of neuro diseases
Trail analysis method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling the performance of a supplementary process at a point-of-sale t...
Method and system for facilitating service transactions
Method and apparatus for data analysis
Method and apparatus for similarity retrieval from iterative refinement
Isosurface extraction into splat hierarchy
Knowledge management system
Method of making tissue simulating analog materials and models made from same
Origination/destination features and lists for spam prevention
Method/system for preventing identity theft or misuse by restricting access
Exhaust after-treatment system for the reduction of pollutants from diesel engine exhaust and relate...
Method and apparatus for micromachines, microstructures, nanomachines and nanostructures
Optical information recording medium
Organic-inorganic hybrid compositions with sufficient flexibility, high dielectric constant and high...
Homeland intelligent systems technology "H-LIST"
Pea cultivar FP2282
Seed-preferred regulatory elements and uses thereof
Methods and Compositions for the Selection of a Transgenic Plant
Cotton Cultivar DP 121 RF
Cotton Cultivar 06W650F
Cotton Cultivar PM 3225 B2RF
Watermelon Varieties Having Altered Sugar Ratios
Plum tree named "Suplumthirtyseven"
Nectarine tree named: 'Honey May'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhawit'
Diascia plant named 'Diastured'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhorfla'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhapin'
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication system
Mobile Telephone Camara System
Radio Access Network Database For Knowledge Of Radio Channel And Service Environment Network
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Method and apparatus for conveying pre-stored resource information to a radio access network
Method for controlling a mobile node
Method and apparatus for location determination in fixed communication access networks
Method and apparatus for acquiring point-to-multipoint MBMS service information in a wireless commun...
Method and related apparatus of handling point-to-multipoint MBMS service in a wireless communicatio...
Radio communication system, radio base station, radio communication method, and program for radio co...
Increased wireless coverage patterns
Combined electric iron and audio device
Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters
Method and apparatus for the guided ablative therapy of fast ventricular arrhythmia
Automatic delivery of personalized content to a portable media player with feedback
Systems and methods for proactive caching utilizing OLAP variants
Method and system for customizing views of information associated with a social network user
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
Systems and methods for associating a keyword with a user interface area
System and method for minimizing visibility of print defects
Non-postscript printer description file generating tool
Print Control Program, Print Control Apparatus, And Print Control Method
Method of Scheduling Photograph Print Jobs
Bleed creation for documents
Method and system for product registration
Image forming apparatus
System and method for notification of multi-function peripheral receive job
Multifunction Peripheral and Method of Selecting Processing Functions Thereof
Printing via kickstart function
Solar cell using low iron high transmission glass and corresponding method
Compositions and methods for controlling the setting behavior of cement slurries using carbonated fl...
In-store display systems
Trace chemical particle release nozzle
Pegboard wall-plug storage system
Composite Materials Comprising Carbon Nanotubes and Metal Carbonates
Customizable mold
Process and apparatus for handling synthetic gypsum
Time switch
Special reusable anchor
Product with multiple functions such as on board technology, E.G. panel or pipe with enhanced system...
Double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Aqueous compositions comprising polymeric duller particle
Butyl ionomer having improved surface adhesion
Process for the preparation of magnesia (MgO)
Adhesive For Dermal Patch And Production Process Thereof
Inhibition/Reduction in Discoloration of Diorganopolysiloxane Compositions
Fluorine-Containing Polymer and Treating Agent Composition
Orthonostric device and method of forming the same
Sheet material handling device
Methods of plugging a permeable zone downhole using a sealant composition comprising a crosslinkable...
High efficiency bowl mill
Structured abrasive with parabolic sides
Method of and apparatus for regenerating adsorbent
Use of colloidal PCC
Wax emulsion coating applications
Products containing an anti-fungal amount of a salt of formic acid
Resin composition comprising polylactic acid and polyacetal and a molded article, film, and fiber ea...
Recovering metals from soil
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Contoured handle for taping knife
Cementing methods using compressible cement compositions
Device for the manual metering of a medical fluid, particularly bone cement
Microporous breathable elastic film laminates, methods of making same, and limited use or disposable...
Liquid stick antiperspirant
Glass adhesion promoter
Metallic soaps of modified fatty acids and rosin acids and methods of making and using same
Cement dispersant and methods of making and using the same
Cable components of silicone comprising glass fibers
Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus having multiple cleaning blades
Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation
Polishing composition
Ink and ink set
Electrokinetic device having capacitive electrodes
Water purification system utilizing a carbon block pre-filter
Fuel and by-products from fermentation still bottoms
Gas processing method using a filtered glycol solution
Method for the removal of contaminant metal ions from waste water
Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Production of increased oil and protein in plants by the disruption of the phenylpropanoid pathway
Method for treating a fluid to increase oxygen concentration and reduce surface tension using a dire...
Yellow dye compound and the ink composition thereof
Photochemical transformation of metallic and non-metallic ions in an aqueous environment
Automated low-volume tangential flow filtration process development device
Isocyanate composition, microcapsule and production method thereof, and recording material
Method for detecting ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Aircraft cleaner formula
Processes for producing a fluorosulfonyl group-containing compound and a compound led from the fluor...
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Exposure Apparatus, Exposure Method, and Method for Producing Device
Method for zymotic production of fine chemicals containing sulphur (metA)
Carriers for Hypochlorous Acid Vapor
Anti-Microbial Activity Of Biologically Stabilized Silver Nano Particles
Methods, compositions, and apparatuses for forming macrocyclic compounds
Graft copolymers, methods for grafting hydrophilic chains onto hydrophobic polymers, and articles th...
Chlorotrifluoroethylene Copolymer
Polycarboxylic acid production system with enhanced heating for oxidative digestion
Polycarboxylic acid production system with enhanced residence time distribution for oxidative digest...
Method of providing a floating life-sustaining facility
System and methods for fluid quality sensing, data sharing and data visualization
Reduction inhibitory agent for active oxygen eliminating-activity
Method of manufacturing interconnect substrate
Method of manufacturing interconnect substrate
Process For The Production Of Porous Moulded Articles Containing Alginate
Method for detecting a target nucleic acid sequence
Asymmetric porous adsorptive bead
Process for preparation of [1-(mercaptomethyl)cyclopropyl]acetic acid and related derivatives
Temporary surveillance system
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Image detecting module
Digital-camera-provided binoculars
Photography system with remote control subject designation and digital framing
Camera unit having lenses mounted in movable elements which are made to abut against a movement regu...
Exposing systems providing post exposure baking and related methods
Optical apparatus
Controlling photofinishing using data frame designated photofinishing subchannels
Three-dimensional body photography apparatus, three-dimensional geometricmodel generation apparatus,...
Image sensing device and control method thereof
Photography system that detects the position of a remote control and frames photographs accordingly
Bionic automatic vision and line of sight control system and method
Particulates in nanofiber webs
Nanofabricated photon tunneling based sensor
Method of synthesizing colloidal nanocrystals
Thick porous anodic alumina films and nanowire arrays grown on a solid substrate
Post-deposition encapsulation of nanostructures: compositions, devices and systems incorporating sam...
Method for high resolution patterning using soft X-ray, process for preparing nano device using the ...
Carbon nanotube reinforced metallic layer
Interconnect structures with engineered dielectrics with nanocolumnar porosity
Device selection circuitry constructed with nanotube technology
Pincer apparatus for nanosat transport across a satellite
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Stabilized silver nanoparticles and their use
Synthesis of nanosized metal particles
Method for producing nano-carbon materials
Method for nanoencapsulation of aerogels and nanoencapsulated aerogels produced by such method
Polyamide and polyolefin blends with a polyamide matrix and containing nanofillers
Silicon nanocrystal capacitor and process for forming same
Methods for forming high density, conformal, silica nanolaminate films via pulsed deposition layer i...
Nanomolar .beta.-lactamase inhibitors
Capacitor with insulating nanostructure
Molecular memory obtained using DNA strand molecular switches and carbon nanotubes, and method for m...
System and method for identifying redirected calls
Systems and methods for routing messages to communications devices over a communications network
Method for maneuvering a marine vessel in response to a manually operable control device
Device for controlling steering of a towed underwater object
Apparatuses and methods useful for centering watercraft
Dry cargo submarine with air-charge cargo hold
Wind direction indicator
Bi-fold dinghy
Satellite system for shallow diving
Selectively lockable marine propulsion devices
Carrier for cell culture
Ice breaker (variants), method and system for single-support mooring and servicing ships
Wheel-controlled sails
Steering control system for boat
Torpedo mounted dispenser
Tooth and friction lightering arrangement
Deep draft semisubmersible movable offshore structure
Florida anchor
Florida anchor
Diver propulsion system with separate battery and motor-transmission modules
Combination storage cover and cruising top for a boat
Method and apparatus for reducing and extracting wing-tip vortex energy
Cyclothiocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators and methods of treating skin diso...
N-(2-benzyl)-2-phenylbutanamides as androgen receptor modulators
Comprehensive pharmacologic therapy for treatment of obesity including cysteine
PRO4421 polypeptides
Androgen receptor modulators and method of treating disease using the same
Botulinum toxin treatment for kinesia
Cysteine variants of alpha interferon-2
Active complex of alpha-lactalbumin (hamlet) and cofactor
Transdermal buprenorphine dosage regimen for analgesia
Compositions that treat or inhibit pathological conditions associated with inflammatory response
Composition for treating chronic venous insufficiencies using an extract of red vine leaves
Ejection of localized volumes from fluids
Imidazo-pyrimidines and triazolo-pyrimidines: benzodiazepine receptor ligands
Acyclic and cyclic guanidine- and acetamidine derivatives, their preparation and their use as pestic...
Treatment of neurotic disorders
D-isomers of antimicrobial peptide
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid differentially expressed in melanoma
PRO1757 antibodies
Application of chromium-amino acid complexes in the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Reducing DC offsets using spectral spreading
Applications of parallel genomic analysis
High Pressure Compaction For Pharmaceutical Formulations
Slow-Release Preparations And Their Method Of Production
Pharmaceutical Formulations For The Prolonged Release Of Interleukins And Their Therapeutic Applicat...
Topical preparation
Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase inhibition
Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (Ppar) Activator, and Drugs, Supplements, Functional Food...
Essential oils inhibit mold on wood
Composition for treating joint or muscle pain
Active Oxygen Scavenging Agent and Moisturizing Agent Containing Wild Watermelon Extract
Process for obtention of decoctions of Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera skins
Process for obtention of decoctions of Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera skins
Palliative Effects of Morinda Citrifolia Oil and Juice
New remedy: an all natural remedy for the relief of muscle and joints pain
Methods and compositions for treating dyslipidaemia
Novel Vaccine Containing Adjuvant Capable Of Inducing Mucosal Immunity
Immunostimulatory activity of immune modulatory oligonucleotides (IMOtm) containing different length...
Methods for preventing and/or treating a cell proliferative disorder
TAT-046 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
Method for manufacturing single-sided sputtered magnetic recording disks
System and method for holding and releasing a workpiece for electrochemical machining
Method and apparatus for attenuating flexible circuit resonance
Thermal stress relieved overmolded mounting base
Calibration of analog front end for gain sensitive measurements
Method and apparatus for reducing seek acoustics using a variable-bandwidth low-pass filter
Method to compensate for microjog error induced by localized track squeeze
Ultrafast pulse field source utilizing optically induced magnetic transformation
V-shape magnetic field sensor with anisotropy induced orthogonal magnetic alignment
Transducer for heat assisted magnetic recording
Ridge waveguide with recess
Magnetic MEMS device
Small Form Factor PCBA Process Carrier
Readback system providing a combined sample output including multiple samples per bit
Self-writeing of servo patterns
Electrode for electrochemical machining
Nanoscale machined electrode and workpiece, and method of making the same
Domain wall free shields of MR sensors
Reset device for a biasing element in a magnetic sensor
Methods and apparatus for modifying a backup data stream including logical partitions of data blocks...
Ferrite stainless steel for automobile exhaust system member superior in thermal fatigue strength
Magnetic head utilizing a CoNiFe alloy with 60-80 weight percent Fe and method for production theref...
Ductile medium-and high-density, non-toxic shot and other articles and method for producing the same
Alloy, electrode with the alloy, and ignition device with the alloy
Friction bearing
Peer-to-peer trading platform with roles-based transactions
Peer-to-peer trading platform
Peer-to-peer trading platform with search caching
Peer-to-peer trading platform with relative reputation-based item search and buddy rating
Method and system to pre-fetch data in a network
Steering control system for boat
Methods, systems, and devices for cartographic alerts
Method and apparatus for improved position, velocity, orientation or angular rate sensor
Accelerated data navigation
Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an a...
System and method for assigning a level of urgency to navigation cues
Geosteering in anisotropic formations using multicomponent induction measurements
Method for tracking and assessing program participation
User interface and search system for local and remote internet and other applications
Method and apparatus for sending, retrieving and planning location relevant information
System and method for extending GPS to divers and underwater vehicles
Systems and methods for filtering potentially unreliable visual data for visual simultaneous localiz...
Navigation method and system for extracting, sorting and displaying POI information
Vehicle navigation system with multi-use display
Method for incorporating images with a user perspective in navigation
Micro-monitor to monitor database environments
Ultrasound bandage
Itchblocker air cast system
Arm sling and method of making
Therapeutic treatment apparatus and method
Systems and methods for providing light therapy traction
Ankle stabilizing apparatus having a pivotable stiffening unit
Apparatus and arrangement for exercising and supporting an upper limb
Device and method for externally rotating the femur
Reduced pressure treatment system having a dual porosity pad
Exercise and therapeutic trainer
Compound bicycle exercising device
Ankle brace
System and method for correcting club foot problems in children
Switchable foot pedal system
Sterilizing apparatus for footwear
Shoe with built in micro-fan
Shoe sole provided with retractable anti-slipping means
Wheeled vehicle with foot guide
Wheeled vehicle with foot rest
Thermo clip in an adjustor mechanism for a drum brake
Self-stacking spiral conveyor belt
Modular rack for displaying tools and merchandise
Hosiery remover and method of removing hosiery
Electronic apparatus with height-adjustable foot unit
Flexible connection between sports device and shoe
Foot-operated door opener
Infant carrier frame
Exercise equipment with automatic adjustment of stride length and/or stride height based upon direct...
Surgical retractor having lifting capability
Ankle-foot orthosis having an orthotic footplate
Methods for making controlled-release ammonium phosphate fertilizer
Polyurethane encapsulated fertilizer
Organic compositions and methods of use for promoting plant growth
Organic nitrogen-containing composition and fertilizer comprising the same
Process for the production of a boron salt and its use in the agronomic field
Use of within-field-element-size CV for improved nutrient fertilization in crop production
Permeable composition, controlled release product and methods for the production thereof
Method of increasing photosynthesis in plants comprising an exposure thereof to lipochitooligosaccha...
Preparation and use of reactive organosilicon compounds
Maize Cr1Bio gene promoter and its use to direct root-preferred transgene expression in plants
Volatile copper (II) complexes and reducing agents for deposition of copper films by Atomic Layer De...
Polymerization of olefins
Synthesis of perfluoroolefins
Phytic acid biosynthetic enzymes
Polyimide cross-linked polymer and shaped article thereof
Polyamic acid cross-linked polymer and formable composition therefrom
Stretch break method and product
Ethylene copolymer-modified polyamide product
Unitized membrane electrode assembly and process for its preparation
Acyltransferases for alteration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and oil content in oleaginous yeasts
Electronic device including a guest material within a layer and a process for forming the same
Thermoplastic resin compositions for laser welding and articles formed therefrom
Polytrimethylene ether diol containing coating compositions
Alpha(1,6)-linked glucose oligosaccharide hydrolyzing enzyme polynucleotides and polypeptides and me...
Maize Cyclo1 gene and promoter
Light emitting diode assembly using alternating current as the power source
Light projector
Lighting element with a light emitting device
Wireless control of wheel illumination functions
Reduced depth projector headlamp assembly
Motor vehicle having an illuminating device receiving system for an exterior illuminating device
Illuminating unit and display device using the unit
Polarized light source device and back light module for liquid crystal display
System and method for fixing a lamp in a reflector housing
Light string system
Foldable half sockets to form complete sockets for Christmas lights
Apparatus for attaching electrically operated devices to a display panel
Illumination push switch unit
Junction circuit for LED lighting chain
Backlight assembly for directly backlighting displays
Onboard equipment for aircraft and the like
Display apparatus and electronic watch using the display apparatus
Tri-to-hex light mixing and homogenizing apparatus and method
All terrain vehicles (ATVs) and all vehicle (ATV) cautionary light assemblies
Optical functional device based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Microfluidic, optical, and electrical input output interconnects, methods of fabrication thereof, an...
Waveguide to waveguide monitor
Motion control stages and methods of making the same
Method for making an optical cable and related machine
Optical cross-connect
Apparatus and method for stabilizing bias voltage for pulse generating modulator
Methods and systems for complexity-based regional process selection
Methods and systems for complexity-based segmentation refinement
System and method for estimating compression noise in images
Image coding method and apparatus using spatial predictive coding of chrominance and image decoding ...
Methods for generating anti-aliased text and line graphics in compressed document images
Method and apparatus for generating models of individuals
Methods and systems for complexity-based variable process selection and application
Methods and systems for complexity-based process selection
Distributed multi-sample convolution
Automatic detection system for broken tools in CNC machining centers using advanced machine vision t...
Method and system for sensor signal fusion
Validated mutual authentication
Cardiovascular dynamics evaluation apparatus
Methods and apparatus for securing medical instruments to desired locations in a patient's body
Device and method for producing high-pressure ultrasonic pulses
Circulatory support system
Syringe barrel with guide
Method of utilizing a surgical drain with sensors for monitoring internal tissue condition
Wicking methods and structures for use in sampling bodily fluids
Alert system and method for an implantable medical device
Method and device for treating a protein deficiency
Glucose level control method and system
System and method for adjusting dynamic range of analog-to-digital converter
Reception method and apparatus
Two-stage hybrid gas pressure regulator
Methods for making microwave circuits
Method and apparatus for determining a protocol used on a signalling link
Method and apparatus for extracting individual pulses from an input signal
Apparatus and method for controlling connection status
Planar inverted-F antenna with parasitic conductor loop and device using same
Multi-band antenna
Systems and methods for determining the spectral content of an optical signal
Method for combining deterministic and non-deterministic user interaction data input models
Fast handover through proactive registration
Data packet decoding
Method and system for noise reduction in measurement receivers using automatic noise subtraction
Photoresists and processes for microlithography
Thermoplastic molding composition having high clarity
Methods and compositions for consolidating proppant in fractures
Illuminating nail clipper
Fishing lure with tension activated light
Removable head for a fishing lure
Method and an arrangement at a dairy farm
Protein skimmer
Non-human animal model of systemic lupus erythematosus
Catalytic oxacylation vapor phase process
Resin composition
Process for production of polyamide composite material
Polymeric dispersant
Sensitization of chemotherapeutic agent resistant neoplastic cells with a virus
Method for synthesizing macrosphelides
Organometallic iridium compound, process for producing the same and process for preparing film
Silsesquioxane compound mixture, method of making, resist composition, and patterning process
Photo mask blank and photo mask
Method of producing photoresist
Method and apparatus for multi-language user selection for system user interface
System for allergen reduction through indoor humidity control
RF calibration of saw interrogators
Programmable layered sub-system interface
Coloured microstructured effect pigments
Method of drilling and completing multiple wellbores inside a single caisson
Ink composition, recording method and recorded image utilizing the same, ink set and ink head
Battery cells having improved power characteristics and methods of manufacturing same
Cylindrical battery cell having improved power characteristics and methods of manufacturing same
Use of chemical chelators as reversal agents for drug-induced neuromuscular block
Nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds and medicines containing the same
Method of cutting material with hybrid liquid-jet/laser system
Carrier system for specific artery wall gene delivery
Method for increasing the hydrophobicity of a lavatory bowl surface
Anhydrous composition and cosmetic, pharmaceutical or hygienic use
Body panel with vibration damping material, vibration damping material coater, and damping material ...
Multiple head concentric encapsulation system
Golf ball
Methods of using partitioned, coated particulates
Animal food and water container assembly
Birch bark processing and the isolation of natural products from birch bark
Process for cleaning a surface
Heat transfer and refrigerant compositions comprising 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,6-nonafluoro-1-hexene and a hy...
Cosmetic composition
Compounds and methods for inhibiting axillary malodour
Scanning a band of frequencies using an array of high temperature superconductor sensors tuned to th...
Use of two or more sensors in a nuclear quadrupole resonance detection system to improve signal-to-n...
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Space-time transmit diversity (STTD) for multiple antennas in radio communications
Process for monitoring production of compositions
Type II quantum well mid-infrared optoelectronic devices
Adaptive optic lens and method of making
Apparatus and method for internal stack temperature control
Gas humidifier
Variable fuel cell power system for generating electrical power
Carbon monoxide sensor and method of use thereof
Corrosion resistant, electrically and thermally conductive coating for multiple applications
Fuel cell thermal management system
Fuel cell system
Phase change memory device and method of manufacturing
Narrow ultra wideband pulse generator
Fuel cell system
Flip pack switch assembly with electroluminescent lamp and injection molding method of making same
Holding mechanism of object to be processed
Multiple detection systems
Ion optical mounting assemblies
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device
System and method of fabricating micro cavities
Low k dielectric CVD film formation process with in-situ imbedded nanolayers to improve mechanical p...
Stepping actuator and method of manufacture therefore
Potassium niobate deposited body and method for manufacturing the same, surface acoustic wave device...
Procedure for reproduction of a calibration position of an aligned and afterwards displaced calibrat...
Method and device for the differential spectrophotometry of non-clear media by means of spectro-temp...
Substrate processing apparatus, history information recording method, history information recording ...
Sustained release compositions, process for producing the same and use thereof
Liquid composition for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, and recording method and recording apparatus us...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Night driving spectacles
Nonvolatile memory devices including overlapped data sensing and verification and methods of verifyi...
Image forming apparatus for recycling toner
Tetrahydropyran derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Electric potential measuring device and image forming apparatus
Method for producing liquid crystal display
Rotor position control for rotary machines
Polyethylene glycol saturated substrate and method of making
Centrifugal casting method, centrifugal casting apparatus, and cast alloy produced by same
Non-cyanide electroless gold plating solution and process for electroless gold plating
Modular binary multiplier for signed and unsigned operands of variable widths
Programmable data center
System and method for managing data consistency between different data volumes on one or more data s...
Drawing apparatus and drawing method
BPSR optical transmission node
Handling information in a noisy environment
Error correction scheme for memory
Dipole antenna having a periodic structure
Method of controlling an actuator, and disk apparatus using the same method
Programmable power supply
Rearview mirror assemblies incorporating hands-free telephone components
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Detergent composition comprising a bleach and an edible oil
Biodegradable polyester blend compositions and methods of making the same
Mobile light
Crosslinked biodegradable resin continuous foamed sheet and method for production thereof
Method for purifying (meth)acrylic acid
Image forming apparatus and positional deviation correction system
Breathable elastomeric article
Compositions for golf equipment
Remotely operable fire-fighting vehicle
Steering control system for a skid steer vehicle
Vehicle or lawn and garden maintenance equipment having a generator, and power takeoff assembly for ...
Reflective optic system for imaging microplate readers
Enzymatic resolution of propylene glycol alkyl (or aryl) ethers and ether acetates
Reclosable package methods for block cheese and other products that do not slide well
Display case with improved sanitation
Split-implant and abutment system for dental reconstruction
Implant having circumferentially oriented roughness
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Electrospinning ultrafine conductive polymeric fibers
Integrally manufactured micro-electrofluidic cables
Polymer-wrapped single wall carbon nanotubes
Digital photographing device with separate optical distortion correction for dynamic images and stil...
Method of monitoring and formatting computer network data
System and method for hardware accelerated packet multicast in a virtual routing system
System having interfaces, switch, and memory bridge for CC-NUMA operation
Training machine learning by sequential conditional generalized iterative scaling
Method and apparatus for identifying noise environments from noisy signals
Programmable delayed dispatch in a multi-threaded pipeline
Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
Special API interface for interfacing an application with a TWAIN module, negotiating and presenting...
Metering accessing of content and the like in a content protection system or the like
Method and system for configuring a computer for real-time communication
Proxy network address translation
Resource location through location history
Method and system for adjusting downlink outer loop power to control target SIR
Managing a wireless platform
Reconfigurable peripheral device for use with wireless apparatus
Connecting access points in wireless telecommunications systems
Clamshell portable wireless terminal with an upper housing and a lower housing connected to each oth...
Digitization of field engineering work processes at a gas turbine power plant through the use of por...
Wireless operation of a vehicle telematics device
Method and system for selecting route guidance data for off-board navigation
Stable electroluminescent device
Electronic devices made with electron transport and/or anti-quenching layers
Ambipolar organic thin-film field-effect transistor and making method
Flat panel display with thin film transistor (TFT)
Method and apparatus for driving electro-luminescence display panel designed to perform efficient bo...
Display panel driving apparatus having efficient oscillators
Organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescent compound thereof
Red luminescent compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Non-volatile memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method for production of a non-volatile memory...
Organic semiconductor device
High isolation tunable MEMS capacitive switch
Notifying system, information providing apparatus and method, electronic device and method, and comp...
Safety alarm system for seatbelts
Elevator employing radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs)
System for medical emergency care and monitoring of a patient
Catheter with flexible cooled electrode
Method of RFIC die-package configuration
Intelligent user interface with touch sensor technology
Self adaptable bias circuit for enabling dynamic control of quiescent current in a linear power ampl...
Authentication and authorization pipeline architecture for use in a server
Method, computer program product, and system for automatic application buffering
Encryption systems and methods for identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with diffe...
Cryptographic infrastructure for encrypting a database
Method and system for managing security material and services in a distributed database system
System and method for efficient lock recovery
Graphical user interface for automated process control
Protein(poly)peptide libraries
Chimeric histone acetyltransferase polypeptides
Compounds useful for the treatment of diseases associated with the formation of amyloid fibrils
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing constitutively activated tyrosine kinase receptors
Gemcitabine prodrugs, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
G-protein coupled receptor and DNA sequences thereof
Biomarkers of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques and methods of use
Cephalosporin C Acylase Mutant and Method for Preparing 7-ACA Using Same
Novel phospholipases and uses thereof
Mammalian t-type calcium channels
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorpor...
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorpor...
Novel animal cell expression vectors
Interleukins-21 and 22
Neuraminidase inhibitor
Processes for the preparation of 0-(2-aminobenzo[d]oxazol-5-yl)methyl hydroxylamine for the synthesi...
1,3,5-Triazines for Treatment of Viral Diseases
C-Pyrazole A2A receptor agonists
Compounds and methods for modulating activation of NF-kappaB
Insect inhibitory Bacillus thuringiensis proteins, fusions, and methods of use therefor
Cathodic protection system using impressed current and galvanic action
Volumetric solar receiver
Multi-directional adjustment devices for speaker mounts for eyeglass with MP3 player
Light pollution shield
Combined cushion and mat
Combined cushion and mat
Display device
Illuminated identification panel
Omnidirectionally reflective horse halter
Fuel injector
Methods for generating energy using agricultural biofuel
Methods and compositions using sulodexide for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy
Macrolides containing pharmaceutical compositions
Methods and compositions for treatment of macular and retinal disease
Method to create an inventory file with the application of warehouse management system
Magnetoresistive random access memory simulation
Dielectric member, piezoelectric member, ink jet head, ink jet recording apparatus and producing met...
Bottom conductor for integrated MRAM
Method and apparatus for splitting and merging request and response data at runtime
Medical adhesive and methods of tissue adhesion
Coupler-based optical cross-connect
Electroluminescent material, electroluminescent element and color conversion filter
Kalanchoe plant named `AFRICAN PEARL`
User defined spreadsheet functions
Gas directing system and method
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument generating interface signal of signal type ac...
Carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid isosteres of N-heterocyclic compounds for vision and memory dis...
Processor including a register file and method for computing flush masks in a multi-threaded process...
Capacitor element and carbon paste
Bird feeder with modular bird seed reservoirs
Glycerol-3-phosphate o-acyltransferase promoter for gene expression in oleaginous yeast
Refill and storage holder for personal care appliance
Dispensing end cap
Reception apparatus
Process for monitoring production of compositions
CO removal catalyst, method of producing CO removal catalyst, hydrogen purifying device and fuel cel...
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery and method of manufacturing the same
Data recording method and data recording apparatus
Fixing apparatus and an image formation apparatus
Applications of halogen convertor control IC
Deterring unauthorized use of electronic devices
System and method for creating a graphical presentation
Method for integration edition of setting file and setting file integration base
Method and system for dynamically invoking and/or checking conditions of a computer test program
Methods, systems, and computer program products for translating machine code associated with a first...
Method of forming a transistor having a dual layer dielectric
Method and apparatus for UV exposure of low dielectric constant materials for porogen removal and im...
Method of forming a component having dielectric sub-layers
Halogen containing-polymer nanocomposite compositions, methods, and products employing such composit...
Flame retardant nanocomposite
Nanotube-based logic driver circuits
Optical unit, image taking apparatus and optical finder
Zoom lens system having variable power element
Asperity data storage system, method and medium
GPS exercise monitoring device
GPS positioning method and GPS reception apparatus
System and method for fast code phase and carrier frequency acquisition in GPS receiver
Decontamination of critical mail
Security reader for automatic detection of tampering and alteration
Organic electroluminescence device and method of production of same
Masking tape applicator
Orthodontic patient set-up tray
Manual processing systems and methods for providing blood components conditioned for pathogen inacti...
Inert dental glass
Particles with silver carried and producing method thereof
Method and apparatus for manipulating pre-sterilized components in an active sterile field
Processor for endoscope
Methods for sterilizing cross-linked gelatin compositions
Multi-photon reactive compositions with inorganic particles and method for fabricating structures
Noise blanker using an adaptive all-pole predictor and method therefor
Efficient filtering of RxLOS signal in SerDes applications
Method and system for interactively providing product related information on demand and providing pe...
Robust recognizer of perceptually similar content
System and method for creating a customized electronic catalog
Methods and apparatus for indexing in a database and for retrieving data from a database in accordan...
Query meaning determination through a grid service
Automated taxonomy generation
Method and system for generating a set of search terms
Content data indexing
Method and system for using screen names to customize interactive agents
Method for retrieving information from an information repository
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Power harvesting
System, probe and methods for colorimetric testing
Magnetic resonance apparatus
Automated duplex printing of heavyweight sheets in special simplex mode
Manifold for toner collection and contamination control in xerographic process developer housing
Device and procedure for visual three-dimensional presentation of ECG data
Electronic compass system
File retrieval method and system
Method and system for providing contact management to chat session participants
Method for configuring a system management station
Use of modular roots to perform authentication including, but not limited to, authentication of vali...
Method for debugging reconfigurable architectures
Methods and apparatus for event logging in an information network
Detection and processing of annotated anchors
Surveillance detector
Object tilt and fall detection apparatus
Optical flow meter for measuring gases and liquids in pipelines
Optical write apparatus and optical write method
Microcapsule for electrophoretic display device, process for manufacturing the same and use thereof
Lens substrate, a transmission screen and a rear projection device
Device and method for administering a substance
Multi-dimensional data set analysis and modeling with improved feature detection
Method for rendering digital radiographic images for display based on independent control of fundame...
Specifying, assigning, and maintaining user defined metadata in a network-based photosharing system
Information processing terminal that equates detected position information with user-entered positio...
Method for inspection of metal tubular goods
Image-guided medical intervention apparatus and method
Method and x-ray system for determination of position of an x-ray source relative to an x-ray image ...
Process for producing a scintillator layer for an x-ray detector, and scintillator layer
Method and device for detecting fast neutrons
Radiation image conversion panel
Method and apparatus for image recording and image recording medium
Radiographic inspection of airframes and other large objects
Workspace optimization for radiation treatment delivery system
Method and device for generating an x-ray image
Method of manufacturing a collimator mandrel having variable attenuation characteristics for a CT sy...
Optimized region growing algorithm for scale space analysis
Method and composition for inhibiting cancer cell growth
Photothermographic material and image forming method