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Air breathing direct methanol fuel cell pack
Fuel Cell
Technique to regulate an efficiency of a fuel cell system
Fuel cell arrangement and method for operation thereof
Technique to regulate an efficiency of a fuel cell system
Chemical reaction apparatus and power supply system
Multi-channel cross-flow porous device
Pyrolysis processing for solid waste resource recovery
Silicon and silicon/germanium light-emitting device, methods and systems
High refractive index polymeric siloxysilane compositions
Automatic surgical device and control assembly for cutting a cornea
Relational text index creation and searching
Radar display unit for vehicle reversing
Device for delivering printed products and machine and method for processing printed products
Sheet-processing machine with a sheet brake
Transport apparatus for printing plates including plate holder having two parallel, intercoupled hol...
Superconductive magnet including a cryocooler coldhead
Circuit arrangement for transferring signals form local MR coils to evaluation units
NMR MAS inflow bernoulli bearing
Additional fringe field shield for a superconducting magnet coil system
Internal weight type vertical vibrator
Open MRI magnet assembly with paired planar driving coils having opposite current flows and a racetr...
Measuring method of spatially resolved frequency selective images
Stabilizer for stabilizing NMR magnetic field and method of the same
Cryogenically cooled radiofrequency coil array for magnetic resonance imaging
Imidazole compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Inhibitors of c-Jun N terminal kinases (JNK) and other protein kinases
N-substituted hydroxypyrimidinone carboxamide inhibitors of HIV integrase
Inhibitors of p38
Thiazolyl-based compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Methods to mobilize progenitor/stem cells
Programmable genotoxic agents and uses therefor
Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
Adenosine deaminase homolog
Methods for measurement of lymphocyte function
Antibodies to HASAV70 polypeptide
Methods of evaluating viral entry inhibitors using patient derived envelope protein constructs
Methods for production of the oxidized glutathione composite with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum and p...
HIV protease inhibitors, compositions containing the same, their pharmaceutical uses, material for t...
Reference clones and sequences for non-subtype B isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Methods for preparing 7-(2'-substituted-.beta.-D-ribofuranosyl)-4-(NR.sup.2R.sup.3)-5-(substitu- ted...
Guide device for the movable scroll of a scroll compressor
Multi-purpose timer
Process for producing low polymer of .alpha.-olefin
Dehydrogenation process
Modified carbide and oxycarbide containing catalysts and methods of making and using thereof
Integrated apparatus for aromatics production
Polymeric actuator
Two-port valve for vacuum operation
Flame resistant fabrics with improved aesthetics and comfort, and method of making same
Enhanced electrical cables
(+)-Trans-4-(1-aminoethyl)-1-(4-pyridycarbamoyl)-cyclohexane and method for promoting neural growth ...
In vivo induction for enhanced function of isolated hepatocytes
Lyophilization of human platelets
Method of stabilizing reduced coenzyme Q.sub.10 and method of acidic crystallization
Silicatein-mediated synthesis of amorphous silicates and siloxanes and use thereof
High concentration white blood cells as a therapeutic product
Antimicrobial agents isolated from aloe vera
Guerbet raspberry esters as a delivery system for natural antioxidants
Composition for delivery of biological agents and methods for the preparation thereof
Targeted liposomal drug delivery system
Method for preventing crystal formation in a dispersion of a liquid in a matrix
Bandage composition containing phage associated lytic enzymes useful for treating dermatological inf...
Method and apparatus for ion mobility spectrometry with alignment of dipole direction (IMS-ADD)
Twirling baton with heart shaped ball and tip
Dithiocarbamic esters
Implant surface preparation
Portions of central connector post and locking elements associated therewith for cluster box mail de...
Sealing device
Process for manufacturing steel strip with low aluminum content for containers
Telecommunication system with centralized management
Tertiary alkanolamine polyurethane catalysts derived from long chain alkyl and fatty carboxylic acid...
NOx catalyst regeneration method for NOx purifying system and NOx purifying system
Learning support method and learning support program
NOx adsorber and method of regenerating same
Configurable multiple power source system
Method and apparatus for importing static members of a class
Healthcare tele-robotic system with a robot that also functions as a remote station
Method of communication by e-mail
Dedicated keyboard navigation system and method
User centered method of assessing physical capability and capacity for creating and providing unique...
Method and system for periodontal charting
Trainable videorealistic speech animation
Aerosol metering valve
Delivery of opioids through an inhalation route
Battery contact mechanism including single-piece battery contact spring
On-vehicle video playback system and car navigation device
MRAM cell with reduced write current
High speed low power magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer
Vertical services integration enabled content distribution mechanisms
Detecting unavailability of primary central processing element, each backup central processing eleme...
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless system
Manufacturing method for a composite striking plate of a golf club head
Method for indentifying markers in radiographic images
Adaptive printing
Visible and invisible image display
High power switching converter
Apparatus and method for constant delta current control in a capacitor charger
Apparatus and method for dynamic time-dependent amplifier biasing
Low voltage wide ratio current mirror
On-chip voltage regulator using feedback on process/product parameters
Trimmable bandgap voltage reference
Power-supply device and hard disk drive using same
Semiconductor integrated circuit for controlling power supply, an electronic component and a power s...
Use of charge pump active discharge
Control device
Low dropout regulator with control loop for avoiding hard saturation
DC to DC converter with high frequency zigzag transformer
Switching regulator with average current mode control
Balanced, floating, spread-spectrum pulse width modulator circuit
Voltage regulator circuit with two or more output ports
Frequency compensation scheme for a switching regulator using external zero
Method and apparatus for controlling on-vehicle generator
Variable frequency power system and method of use
Generator with dual cycloconverter for 120/240 VAC operation
Rapid charger for ultracapacitors
Fiber optic patch kit and method for using same
Communications connector with floating wiring board for imparting crosstalk compensation between con...
High density connector and method of manufacture
Electrical power connector
Network remote power management outlet strip
Capsule-sealing machine for food or drink containers
Regional therapies for treatment of pain
Regional therapies for treatment of pain
Method for treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection and/or an associated disease
Methods of treating epileptogenesis
Methods for neuroprotection
Method for treating nervous system disorders and conditions
Amidine derivatives for treating amyloidosis
Imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Novel ligand activators of the RAR receptors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
2-Imino-4-(thio)oxo-5-poly cyclovinylazolines for use as p13 kinase ihibitors
2-arylbenzothiazole analogues and uses thereof
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Condensed n-heterocyclic compounds and their use as crf receptor antagonists
Measurement of gait dynamics and use of beta-blockers to detect, prognose, prevent and treat amyotro...
Imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Antiparasitic artemisinin derivatives (endoperoxides)
Preventive/remedy for urinary disturbance
Multiuser wellness parameter monitoring system
Clamp device to plicate the stomach
Methods and apparatus for securing an anchor to soft tissue
Flexible endoscopic anastomotic ring applier device
Anastomotic ring applier for use in colorectal applications
Resposable anastomotic ring applier device
Implantation of a medical device within a lumen
Method and apparatus for delivery of therapeutic agents
Treatment of leg ulcers using placenta derived collagen biofabric
Secreted protein family
Alpha macroglobulin protein family members
Prevention and treatment of ophthalmic complications of diabetes
Aniline sulfonamide derivatives and their uses
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating arthritic disorders and regulating bone mass
Azabicyclo derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Benzothiazolyl derivatives
Cyclohexylglycine derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of ...
High density bicycle storage system
Positioning system for folding ladder and method of installation of folding ladder using positioning...
Satellite ready building and method for forming the same
System for healthcare information distribution
Systems and methods for retail selling that integrates children's recreation, retail selling, and co...
Combined hardware and software instrument simulator for use as a teaching aid
A Rich Media System and Method For Learning And Entertainment
Synchronous communications systems and methods for distance education
Collecting User Responses over a Network
Activity center
Bio-expression system and the method of the same
Manikin and method of manufacturing the same
Exercise card system
Behavior Shaping System and Kits
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Firefighter training apparatus
Educational tool
Method for teaching written language
Methods and aids for teaching Arabic to the blind
Electrothermal refreshable Braille cell and method for actuating same
Low-cost flight training and synthetic visualization system and method
Interactive motion simulator
Digital content management user interface, apparatus and system thereof
Method and apparatus for two-dimensional image scaling
Position-orientation recognition device
Method and apparatus for covertly determining the rate of relative motion between two objects
Automatic detection and tracking of multiple individuals using multiple cues
Temporal compression
Stereo-measurement borescope with 3-D viewing
Fixing structure for solid state image forming device, image data input unit and image data input ap...
Image reader
Method and apparatus for enhancing digital image quality
Mobile robot using image sensor and method for measuring moving distance thereof
Imaging apparatus
Multiple radio signal processing and storing method and apparatus
Image reproducing method and apparatus, image processing method and apparatus, and photographing sup...
Timecoding media samples
Targeted anti-piracy system and methodology
Method and apparatus for processing, digitally recording and retrieving a plurality of video signals
Projection type image display apparatus
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Standard format specification for automatically configuring IP security tunnels
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
Automatic data interpretation and implementation using performance capacity management framework ove...
Processor module for a multiprocessor system and task allocation method thereof
External event interrupt for server-side programs
Realtime configuration updates and software distribution to active client positions
System and method for configurable software provisioning
System using HTTP protocol for maintaining and updating on-line presence information of new user in ...
Shared internet storage resource, user interface system, and method
Method and system and article of manufacture for IP radio stream interception for notification of ev...
Method for providing real-time production information using in-situ web services embedded in electro...
Virtual private volume method and system
Universal file format for products that allows both parametric and textual searching
Method for monitoring internet dissemination of image, video and/or audio files
System and method of operating terminal in at least two communication modes
Navigation method and apparatus to define favorite spot and extract information concerning the favor...
Articulating arm for positioning a tool at a location
Displaying plug-in derived content in an application's browser-embedded window with callbacks
Apparatus and method for verifying erasure correction function
Multi-processor system that identifies a failed node based on status information received from servi...
Method and apparatus to save processor architectural state for later process resumption
Method and system for data lifecycle management in an external storage linkage environment
Method, system, and software for transmission of information
Use of hashed content addressable memory (CAM) to accelerate content-aware searches
Information processing system and system setting method
Method and apparatus for the remote inspection of postage meters
Idiom handling in voice service systems
System and method for analyzing the precision of geo-location services in a wireless network termina...
Method and apparatus to separate field and grid parameters on first level wafers
Backward update strategy for location management
Highly oriented perpendicular magnetic recording media
Inductive coupler for power line communications
Thin film magnetic sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Packaging system for radioactive materials
Hand to eye coordination training aid
Putter head
Golf putter head having multiple striking surfaces
Golf club set and golf club shaft set
Internal combustion engine traction drive with electric cutting unit drive for walking greens mower
Side air bag device
Airbag apparatus
Fuel cutoff valve
Optical waveguide and method for producing the same
Method for manufacturing group-III nitride compound semiconductor, and group-III nitride compound se...
Load floor assembly
Head-protecting airbag
Method of manufacturing ink jet head and ink jet head
Thermal ink jet printhead with small nozzle dimensions
Transfer of image with sublimating inks and medium in sheet form for performing it
Method of manufacturing an ink-jet recording head
Process for producing extruded honeycomb bodies and extrusion die
Method for loading filament in an extrusion apparatus
Energy efficient extruder drive
Installation for producing cables
Apparatus for nonwoven fibrous web
Vehicle step tube
High pressure pump piston
Method for producing an annular element comprising an inner toothing, especially a sliding sleeve, a...
Apparatus and method for detecting lead adequacy and quality
Multifunction apparatus having an energy saving mode and method thereof
Remotely configurable add/drop for wavelength division multiplexing and method of operating the same
Compact optical devices and methods for making the same
Method and apparatus for accurately detecting presence of a valid signal
Method and apparatus for voice-activated control of attachment of construction machine
Apparatus and method for detecting discontinuous transmission period in a CDMA mobile communication ...
Voice-activity detection using energy ratios and periodicity
Diode-pumped solid-state laser gain module
Methods for conducting current between a scanned-probe and storage medium
Construction device information processing system and construction device information processing met...
Information recording method
Electro-acupuncture device with stimulation electrode assembly
Displacement current method and apparatus for remote powering of a sensor grid
Two-bit offset cancelling A/D converter with improved common mode rejection and threshold sensitivit...
Process for preparing heterocyclic indene analogs
Projection aligner, aberration estimating mask pattern, aberration quantity estimating method, aberr...
Integrated circuit having clock trim circuitry
Crimp-free infusible reinforcement fabric
Self-expanding stent delivery system
Malleable energy wand for maze procedure
Basic fuel cell element limiting methanol crossing through the electrolyte
Stabilized thickened hydrogen peroxide containing compositions with a mixture of stabilizers
Retroreflective elements and articles
Low expansion metal-ceramic composite bodies, and methods for making same
Blade for construction machinery
Read-out device and method for reading out X-rays stored in phosphor layers
Magnetic particles and methods of producing coated magnetic particles
Driving device, particularly a lifting device for a working vehicle
Mammals expressing IGF-1 and alpha-lactalbumin in their milk
Hybrid silicon-containing coupling agents for filled elastomer compositions
Drug delivery device
Method and device for exchanging data between at least two stations connected via a bus system
Fragrance compounds
Globulin-1 promoter from maize and method of using same
Titanium substituted pyridyl amine complexes, catalysts and processes for polymerizing ethylene and ...
Out-of-band remote management station
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Verifier to check intermediate language
Method for forming a bond pad interface
Carbonyl stress-decreasing agent
Geranium plant named `Memories`
Cache flush system and method thereof
Intelligent patch checker
Microwave susceptible insulated label and packaging material
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device having a multi-bit control function
Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Short arc type super high pressure discharge lamp
Relay apparatus
Method and system of enabling minors to make stock market transactions via the Internet with adult a...
Biosensor for metal analysis and speciation
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Thlaspi caerulescens subspecies for cadmium and zinc recovery
Virtual discovery of content available to a device
Media services with access control
ID anti-collision method using data structure applied to RFID system
Stand-alone bluetooth adapter for computer peripherals, master usb. bluetooth. adapter and communica...
Automated acquisition of discovered content
System and method for distributing media content
Method of manufacturing recyclable electronic products and electronic products obtained by the metho...
Navigation installation and method for extracting information transmitted in encrypted form
Medical device
Sensor configuration
Method and system for configuring and data populating a surgical device
A Method and System of Continual Temperature Monitoring
A Method and System of After Hours Monitoring of a veterinary patient
Equipment for transporting chips and chip carrier structure therefor
Modular base station components for use in wireless communication systems
Mobile radio communication apparatus
Private branch exchange
Method and system for planning the power of carriers in a cellular telecommunications network
Controlling usage capacity in a radio access network
Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
Transgenic non-human Act1-deficient mammals and uses thereof
DNA encoding SNORF33 receptor
Bone and/or joint disease-associated genes
System and method for identifying qualifying data records from underlying databases
Recording and retrieval of sound data in a hearing prosthesis
Computational model of the internal human pelvic environment
System and method for using genetic, phentoypic and clinical data to make predictions for clinical o...
Molecular hepatotoxicology modeling
Highly porous self-cohered web materials having haemostatic Properties
Highly porous self-cohered web materials
Composite self-cohered web materials
Composite self-cohered web materials
Highly porous self-cohered web materials
System and method for ankle arthroplasty
Multi-composite disc prosthesis
System, device, and method for percutaneous interbody device and nucleus removal system
Use of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells in spinal fusion
Biological artificial ligament and method of making
Implantable thromboresistant valve
Methods and systems for cardiac valve delivery
Apparatus for determining the access time and/or the minimally allowable cycle time of a memory
Fault-tolerant match-and-set locking mechanism for multiprocessor systems
Method and apparatus for executing a 32-bit application by confining the application to a 32-bit add...
Apparatus and method for controlling access to a memory
Incremental data storage method, apparatus, interface, and system
Non-blocking growable arrays
Unusable block management within a non-volatile memory system
Serial operation pipeline, arithmetic device, arithmetic-logic circuit and operation method using th...
System and method for multi-modal memory controller system operation
Storage device
Process job flow analysis
Memory allocation using a memory address pool
Single-chip microcomputer with read clock generating circuits disposed in close proximity to memory ...
Method and apparatus for generating a write mask key
Method and apparatus for keeping track of memory usage for tasks in a shared heap
Apparatus and method for recording firmware in computer system
Lifting magnet
Mobile computer cart, offset base assembly
Foot pedal
Basketball basket container
Trash receptacle
Portable extractor
Floor treatment device
Washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Washing machine with clothing dryer
Revolving anchored pet toy
Rolling pet toy
Rolling pet toy
Stand alone nose shield
Cosmetic applicator
Cosmetics package
Nose hair trimmer
Nose hair trimmer
Holding arrangement having a device for actively damping vibration
Intelligent, self-contained robotic hand
Making a molding tool
Golf club head
Endodontic post and obturating system
Cooling system for internal combustion engine
Insulated stud panel and method of making such
Method of making a resonant frequency tag
Thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for identifying defects in a composite structure
Methods for forming a fluted composite
Bundle drawn stainless steel fibers
Visor adjustment device
Vocal sound input apparatus for automotive vehicle
Robust and reliable acoustic echo and noise cancellation system for cabin communication
System for customizing settings and sounds for vehicle
Vehicle seat having an electronic control system
Emergency situation power management system applied to an automotive vehicle
Semiconductor device mounting structure having zigzagging part
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method of producing same
Particulate filter regenerating device
Engine idle speed control device
Continuously variable transmission belt and method of producing metal element of the belt
Vehicle air conditioning system
Mirror system with varying characteristics based on vehicle positioning
Automotive center stack panel with contact-less switching
Rising hinge system for compartment lid
Movable panel assembly
Intake valve control apparatus and method for an internal combustion engine
Deterioration diagnosing device and diagnosing method for exhaust gas purification catalyst
Method for installing cockpit module in vehicle body using temporary grasping brackets
Optical transmission controller
Airborne free-space-optical system utilizing three-tier, ultrafine steering
Hex tube light homogenizer splitter
Tuned cladding fiber amplifier and laser
Method and apparatus for fabricating fiber Bragg gratings
Magneto-optic variable optical attenuator
Surface-emitting semiconductor laser
Selectively etchable heterogeneous composite distributed Bragg reflector
Anti-reflective (AR) coating for high index gain media
Laser source with configurable output beam characteristics
Laser drilling system and method for flexible printed circuit board
Wavelength conversion apparatus
Evanescent-field optical amplifiers and lasers
Optical disk device having means for generating a tracking offset signal according to laser diode cu...
Method and system for providing pre and post operative support and care
Non-imidazole alkylamines as histamine H.sub.3-receptor ligands and their therapeutic applications
Adipocyte complement related protein ZACRP3X2
Polyarylcarboxamides useful as lipid lowering agents
Melanocortin receptor agonists
Chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll esters, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions compri...
.alpha.-MSH related compounds and methods of use
Phenolic compound and recording material using the same
Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
Circuit arrangement with a separate resonant igniter for a high-pressure discharge lamp
Detection of polymorphisms in AFLP fragments using primer extension techniques
Coating composition containing polytrimethylene ether diol useful as a clear coat composition and as...
Navigation apparatus and access method to map data therein
Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing video data
Non-volatile optical memory element utilizing optically induced magnetization reversal and operation...
Magnetic sensor having an aluminum-nitride seed layer for an anti-ferromagnetic layer
Magnetic sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetic disk apparatus using magnetic head having magnetoresistive film
Extraordinary magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular magnetic biasing by a ferromagnetic multil...
Method of producing flux guides in magnetic recording heads
CPP read head for high density and shield noise suppression
Magnetic storage device with flux-guided magnetoresistive head using a perpendicular recording media
Wiring body with flexure sheet connecting the head slider and the driving unit in a disk apparatus
Method of forming a head suspension with an integral boss tower
Microsuspension assemblies for direct access storage devices
Magnetic head having a heater circuit for thermally-assisted writing
Heat sink for a magnetic recording head
Magnetic head including a gap-depth defining layer on protruding layer and method for manufacturing ...
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Recording/reproducing method of magnetic tape
Prevention of data storage tape detachment from data storage cartridges
Apparatus and method for providing a user interface based on access rights information
Communication apparatus and method using human body as medium
System and method for WAP server management using a single console
Bank card with lottery feature
Wavelength routing and switching mechanism for a photonic transport network
Fiberoptic data telecommunication system architecture
Optical network subscriber access architecture
Coated optical fibers
Optical fiber slack storage tray for distribution cabinet
Method for preparing an optical fibre, optical fibre and use of such
Optical fiber with chromatic dispersion compensation in the S band
Low attenuation optical fiber
Enhanced supercontinuum generation in highly nonlinear fibers using post-fabrication processing
Image input device
Method and apparatus for optical top-hat pulse generation
Plug-in coupler to convert the transceiver (transmitter/receiver, tx/rx) transmission into a bi-dire...
Tunable dispersion compensator for an optical transmission system
Luminaire and dynamic road-marking unit
Large mode area fibers using higher order modes
Structure and method for multi-ports optical apparatus
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with a background correcting function
Reformatting messages introduced into a user interface
Planar thermal array
Systems and methods for residue collection with improved letter handling capability
Controlling a material processing tool and performance data
Compact molecular-drag vacuum pump
Portable airborne firefighting and sensing system
Apparatus and method for providing a flow measurement compensated for entrained gas
Sensor systems and methods for quantification of physical parameters, chemical and biochemical volat...
Distributed optical fiber sensor system
Method and device for the detection of local displacements and rotations
Method of making a surface acoustic wave device
Method for efficient query execution using dynamic queries in database environments
Thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Gas-permeable membrane
Emulsifier systems for use in making dehydrated starch ingredients
Process for production of raw cured meat products
Molecular press dehydration method for vegetative tissue using the solid phase of water soluble poly...
Seasoning stick and method and apparatus for preparing foods
Toasted soybean flakes and method of making same
Low fat peanut butter-like product made with tapioca syrup
Low trans-stereoisomer shortening systems
Process of making a homogeneous cheese
Combined toaster and microwave oven
Indentification system for insert elements for tempering foods accommodated in containers
AbiZ phage resistance gene
Fibre containing composition
Freezing vegetables
Size exclusion chromatography process for the preparation of an improved soy protein-containing comp...
Apparatus and method for radiosurgery
Method of making a finished product
Manganese dry battery
Guidewire having occlusive device and repeatably crimpable proximal end
Removable seal
Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B glycoconjugates and methods of producing the same
User interface architecture for storage area network
Method and apparatus for selectively increasing the operating speed of an electronic circuit
Method and apparatus for court date calculation engine
Method and system for rapid heating of an emission control device
Systems and methods for providing communication between a debugger and a hardware simulator
Encrypting information in a communications network
Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of cancer, angiogenesis, and inflammation
Method for fabricating semiconductor structures on vicinal substrates using a low temperature, low p...
Growth factor delivery systems for the healing of wounds and the prevention of inflammation and dise...
Geranium plant named `Penny Lane`
File system updating metadata of files according to results of keyword search
Inhalation therapy apparatus having a valve for limiting the inspiration flow
System and method for presenting the contents of a content collection based on content type
Cooling system for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Non-volatile memory device conducting comparison operation
Ceramic arc tube having an integral susceptor
Network element, and associated method, for facilitating communication of data between elemental dev...
Method and intra-sclera implant for treatment of glaucoma and presbyopia
Topical skin-protectant and anti-pruritic compositions
Topical anti-pruritic compositions and methods of action of same
Use of placental growth factor for preventing or treating ischemic diseases or stroke
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides, compositions thereof and methods of use thereof
Anhydrous self-warming composition
Agricultural compositions comprising an oil-in-water emulsion based on oily globules coated with a l...
Method for detecting GAD65 autoreactive T cells newly diagnosed type1 diabetic patients and in the p...
High tryptophan maize
Supercritical carbon dioxide extract of pharmacologically active components from nerium oleander
Preparation and Administration of Jojoba Product for Reducing Weight, Fat and Blood Lipid Levels and...
Treatment and prevention of inflammatory disease and mitochondrial dysfunction with high dose seleni...
Touch screen with bacteria inhibition layer and manufacturing method thereof
Pharmaceutical Antidiabetic Composition
Anti-coronavirus agent
Method for the isolation of biogically active substances from dairy by-product or waste flows, and b...
Antimicrobial and antiviral composition
Deer antler extract for promoting angiogenesis
Method to improve characteristics of spray dried powders and granulated materials, and the products ...
Polymer and process for producing the same, composition for forming insulating film, and insulating ...
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Controlling stem cell destiny with tunable matrices
Amino acid and metabolite biosynthesis
Glycopegylation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
Method of producing hybridoma and utilization thereof
Chemical amplification-type resist composition and production process thereof
Polytetrafluoroethylene slit yarn and method for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing electroluminescence device
Non-Dairy, Non-soy food product and methods of making
Installation and method for the purification of an aqueous effluent by means of oxidation and membra...
Liquid separation apparatus
Electrochemical ion exchange with textured membranes and cartridge
Method for purification of high purity sucrose material
Phthalocyanine dye and use thereof for ink-jet printing
Water-based ink set for ink-jet recording
Stabilizing cGMP in aqueous formulation
Composite particle for dielectrics, ultramicroparticulate composite resin particle, composition for ...
Method of monitoring membrane cleaning processes
Polyfluorinated compounds useful as surfactants, foam control agents and/or rheology modifiers
Aligned extrudate structure
Waterproofing membrane
Anhydrite cement compositions and procedures for manufacture
Sewage sludge recycling with a pipe cross-reactor
Modular lighting bar
Packaged roll of textile fabric and method of packaging same
Method of making amorphous materials and ceramics
Fireproof seamless foam panel roofing system
Use of an aqueous binding agent devoid of formaldehyde for substrates
Cellulosic-thermoplastic composite and method of making the same
Lightweight concrete compositions containing antimicrobial agents
Novel surface-active polysiloxane photoinitiators
Candle and wick holder therefore
Coating compositions and textile fabrics coated therewith
Carbon coated high luster materials
System and Method for Predicting Mold Growth in an Environment
Cosmetic compositions useful for lengthening lashes
Method for the production of a hydraulic binding agent a structural component use thereof and device...
Method to transform bulk material
Portable electromagnetic induction heating device
Methods of the purification and use of moderately saline water particularly for use in aquaculture, ...
Building material
Methods, cement compositions and oil suspensions of powder
Controlled release of chemical admixtures
Siloxane polymerization in wallboard
Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Cement Composition
Crown molding member having planar portion, intermediate portion, and mounting flange
Panel wall system
Method of enhancing quality factors in cotton
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase genes, proteins, and uses thereof
Methods for increasing oleic acid content in seeds from transgenic plants containing a mutant delta ...
Meg1 endosperm-specific promoters and genes
Method for producing multiple unsaturated fatty acids in plants
Methods for transforming plants to express delta-endotoxins
Artificial bidirectional promoter for activation of gene expression
Plant artificial chromosome (PLAC) compositions and methods
Rice plants having increased tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides
Plants and seeds of corn variety I015011
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Omega Time Golden'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Ivory Time Lemon'
Protein phosphatase stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Gene capable of imparting salt stress resistance
Lychnis plant named `Rolly's Favorite`
Computer-implemented regression systems and methods for time series data analysis
Climbing rose plant named `Radbrite`
Begonia plant named `Bbvolbro`
Geranium plant named `Maiden Deep Lavender`
Strawberry plant named `Yuval`
Patient positioning frame
Headgear for mask
Disk drive having improved disk drive components
Integrated internet camera system
Anti-obesity devices
Benzylisoquinoline derivative- or bisbenzylisoquinoline derivative-containing psychotropic agent, an...
Antibacterial composition and method of use
Peptides and mimetics for reducing symptoms of toxic shock syndrome and septic shock
Long-acting derivatives of pyy agonists
Conversion of MSW into fuel
High protein aerated food composition
Packaged food product
Sterol fortified beverages
Low-sediment acidic protein beverages
Low-sediment acidic protein beverages
Pesto products
Mashed potato
Sweetening compositions
Flavored fruit segments and methods of making the same
Edible product with masked bitter, sour and/or astringent taste
Nut brittle making method
Household appliance for drawing fresh pasta
Universal password generation method
System for optimized key management with file groups
Method, computer program product and system for providing a switch user functionality in an informat...
Method for providing a secure communication between two devices and application of this method
Method and apparatus for managing secure collaborative transactions
Simplified addressing for private communications
Method of and apparatus for encrypting and transferring files
Door access control and key management system and the method thereof
Method of generating pseudo-random numbers in an electronic device, and a method of encrypting and d...
Random number generation for encrypting cellular communications
Texturing system
Method and apparatus for inserting variable audio delay to minimize latency in video conferencing
Gas range with 6 burners
Portable sprayer
Receiver for remote control
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Portable telephone
Portable telephone
Charger for mobile phone
Microwave oven
Varactor with improved tuning range
Embedded piezoelectric microcantilever sensors
System and method for accessing a document management repository
Binderless storage phosphor screen
Radiation image generating system
Method and apparatus for inspecting a substrate
Method, apparatus, and program for restoring phase information
Method for operating a computed tomography apparatus having a diaphragm at the radiation detector
X-ray device
Apparatus and method for reducing image artifacts
Methods and systems for multi-modality imaging
System and method for safe mail transmission
X-ray microscope capillary condenser system
CT scanner system and method for improved positioning
Practical implementation of a CT cone beam algorithm for 3-D image reconstruction as applied to nond...
Automatic image data transfer system
Breast image obtaining method and apparatus
Pixelated cadmium zinc telluride based photon counting mode detector
Utility pouch for exercising pet
Edible pet chew
Workplace shopping system and merchandise picking system, and shopping method and picking method the...
Method of analysis of medical signals
Developing apparatus and image forming equipment and method thereof
System and method for managing document retention of shared documents
Multi-versioned documents and method for creation and use thereof
System and method for fitness evaluation for optimization in document assembly
Diagnosing faults and errors from a data repository using directed graphs
Object oriented based, business class methodology for generating quasi-static web pages at periodic ...
Method for recognition of full-word saturating addition and subtraction
Portion of a dimmer control switch and cover plate
Universal low voltage box bracket
Graphical representation of software installation
Device for displaying link information and method for displaying the same
Semiconductor memory device and module for high frequency operation
Spatial light modulator array with heat minimization and image enhancement features
Gas identification device
Customizable web site access system and method therefore
Methods and apparatus for accessing document content
Document data transmission device, document data transmission reception system, and document data tr...
Database driven workflow management system for generating output material based on customer input
Method and system for retrieving hint sentences using expanded queries
Method of perceptual 3D shape description and method and apparatus for searching 3D graphics model d...
Portable devices and methods employing digital watermarking
Video transcoder with spatial resolution reduction and drift compensation
High speed data classification system
Automatic and transparent document archiving
Modem wake-up at steady state in a modem pool environment
Programmable baseband module
Channel estimation in a multicarrier radio receiver
Device and method for the suppression of pulsed wireless signals
Programmable filter
Redundant GPS antenna splitter
Device for transporting a horizontal stack positioned on a support and formed in a gathering machine...
Structure and method for sharing large databases
Distributed application proxy generator
Generating source code for object oriented elements with language neutral transient meta model and c...
Method, apparatus and computer program product for projecting objects in a display unit
Isometric/pacing exercise device and method for performing isometric exercises
Circular fitness apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise equipment utilizing mechanical vibrational apparatus
Exercise arm apparatus for exercise machine
Systems and methods for enabling two-way communication between one or more exercise devices and comp...
Reformer exercise apparatus anchor bar assembly
Cantilevering linear motion exercise device and method of physical exercise
Hammer curl cable pull exercise bar
Coil spring connector for use in an exercise apparatus
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Passive exercise apparatus
High capture efficiency baffle
DDR clocking
Isoparaffin-olefin alkylation
Hydrogen concentration sensor for an electrochemical fuel cell
Quick release design
Check bit free error correction for sleep mode data retention
Pulse output function for programmable logic controller with linear frequency change
Plural interfaces in home network with first component having a first host bus width and second comp...
Peer networking host framework and hosting API
Method for determining magnetization and the field radiated by a ferromagnetic plate
Protection apparatus for reciprocating machine
Image defect reduction in image development apparatus
Power supply for hybrid scavengeless development type image forming system
Dispersion-slope compensator
Integrateable optical interleaver and de-interleaver
Optical module and optical transmission device
Method for the production of 1,4- butane-diol by combined gas-phase and liquid-phase hydrogenation
Soluble CD83 proteins and use thereof for the treatment or prevention of a disease or medical condit...
Vertebral implant for promoting arthrodesis of the spine
Liquid handling system
Information recording medium having a wobbling groove structure
Electronic simulation of interaction with printed matter
Web-based application for inbound message synchronization
Remote power control in a multi-node, partitioned data processing system
Transgenic plants expressing secretory laccase and use thereof
Heatsink films for magnetic recording media
Shielded enclosure of a disc drive for reducing penetration and influence of stray fields
Utilizing track identification fields for timing recovery
Method and apparatus for cleaning a target of a sputtering apparatus
Granular perpendicular media with surface treatment for improved magnetic properties and corrosion r...
Coupling grating for focusing light within a waveguide for heat assisted magnetic recording
Flaw detection in disk drive using significant samples of data pattern stored on disk
Method of determining side track erasure in a disk drive
Electrical phase compensation in BEMF spindle motor control
Method for manufacturing single-sided hard memory disks
Thermally hardenable and with actinic radiation multicomponent coating materials, adhesives and seal...
IR absorbing compositions
Erythropoietin composition
Reduction Smith-Talbot interferometer prism for micropatterning
Scanning probe microscopy cantilever holder and scanning probe microscope using the cantilever holde...
MALDI-IM-ortho-TOF mass spectrometry with simultaneous positive and negative mode detection
Method for heating up a catalyst in combustion engines with direct fuel injection
Method and system for remotely controlling the reporting of events occurring within a computer syste...
Methods and devices for the treatment of intervertebral discs
Efficiently storing indented threads in a threaded discussion application
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Capacitor with electrodes made of ruthenium and method for patterning layers made of ruthenium or ru...
Inverted light emitting diode on conductive substrate
Lollypop shaped thermometer
Display case for eyewear
Rotatable wallpaper display stand
Portion of a horizontal-shaft engine
Cordless telephone
Plasma display panel having electrodes with specific thicknesses
Electrical devices with improved communication
Method and system for processing return product
Dynamic page generator
Method for decreasing and compensating the transmission loss at a wavelength-division-multiplexed pa...
Optical apparatus provided with demultiplexing function
Method and arrangement for deeply resolved optical detection of a sample
Highly versatile optical element mount
Magnetically positioned precision holder for optical components
Objective lens, and optical pickup device using the objective lens
Mechanical cam type zoom lens device
Method to improve an extinction ratio of an optical device
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens
Retroreflective device comprising gradient index lenses
Projection lens system and projector
Auto focus and zoom controller for controlling multiple cameras
Low temperature refining and formation of refractory metals
Apparatus for expelling a payload from a warhead
Opto-electronic encoder with three-dimensional scales
Heated construction box
Method of manufacturing anode compositions for use in rechargeable electrochemical cells
Method for making a UV-reflecting interference layer system
Visible light-induced photocatalyst
Clear glass composition with high visible transmittance
Method of producing crystalline semiconductor material and method of fabricating semiconductor devic...
Method of making thin silicon sheets for solar cells
Method of forming a device having a gate with a selected electron affinity
High lysine maize compositions and methods for detection thereof
Novel ligands and methods for preparing same
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Candida albicans for diagnostics and therapeutics
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Microwave method for preparing radiolabelled gallium complexes
Albumin fusion proteins
Double salts of (-)-hydroxycitric acid with an amine and a group II a metal and a process for prepar...
Charged sophorolipids and sophorolipid containing compounds
Peroxide removal from drug delivery vehicle
Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Small interfering RNA with improved activity
Energy transfer dyes with enhanced fluorescence
Nucleic acids encoding sialytranferases from C. jejuni
Engineered secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter genes and polypeptides
Human HAC3
Internet protocol television authorization filtering
Method and apparatus for reducing the number of write operations during route updates in pipelined f...
Methods and apparatus for directing a resource request
System and method for efficiently using channel unit hardware to provide multiple narrowband channel...
Sample rate change between single-carrier and multi-carrier waveforms
Method and system for inter-working an ANSI type radio access network in the internet protocol based...
Method and system for managing radio resources in a time-slotted communication system
Method for receiving radio frequency signal and a receiver device
Radio network control
Envelope limiting for polar modulators
Method and system for applying a multi-protocol label switching network in general packet radio serv...
Method of estimating downlink channel, and user equipment
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system...
Method and system of iterative coding/decoding of digital data streams coded by spatio-temporal comb...
Transmission timing control device, digital roll-off filter, and mobile radio terminal for digital r...
Printer system and printing data notification method
Inflatable antenna system
Attachment structure for antenna and electronic apparatus
Hybrid electronic display of light emissive display elements and light reflective display elements
Display apparatus where voltage supply region and control circuit therein are stacked
Fixed pattern display panel and method for producing fixed pattern display panel
Self light emitting display panel and drive control method therefor
Display device and method of driving the same
Flat panel display for displaying screens at both sides
Electrode for organic light emitting device and organic light emitting device comprising the same
Dielectric materials for electronic devices
Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display comprising the same
EL device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device, electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Process for forming a composite including an aluminum trisquinoline complex
Opto-electroactive device comprising a metallocene and method
Display device with anthracene and triazine derivatives
Laminate, a substrate with wires, an organic EL display element, a connection terminal for the organ...
Method and arrangement for power control
Communication retry method over digital wireless systems
Location finder
Method and system for detecting a preferred wireless network for a mobile device
Method and apparatus for network planning
On-chip observability buffer to observer bus traffic
System and method for allowing subscribers to make internal calls while roaming to other networks
Vehicle drive system controller
Architecture of an unlicensed wireless communication system with a generic access point
Papillomavirus vaccine
Capacitor having low resistance electrode including a thin silicon layer
Semiconductor devices and methods for forming the same including contacting gate to source
Methods for making semiconductor structures having high-speed areas and high-density areas
Defect reduction by oxidation of silicon
Automatic brightness stabilization apparatus and method of image display device
Cathdoluminescent display device
Video rate passive millimeter wave imaging system
Shadow mask with slots having a front side opening with an inclined from side edge
Frequency selective terahertz radiation detector
Robust multilayer magnetic pigments and foils
Non-contact respiration monitor
Player confidence points method and system of implementation in a multiplayer software application
Mobile storage unit
Needle valve construction
Packaging device for fasteners
Downhole tool
Pneumatic greasing system
Vehicle powertrain torsional processing system
Fixing device, image forming device, and manufacturing method of fixing device
Nonvolatile ferroelectric perpendicular electrode cell, FeRAM having the cell and method for manufac...
System and method for implementing object property grouping
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Method to synchronize and upload an offloaded network stack connection with a network stack
Method of tracing data traffic on a network
Method and apparatus for handling policies in an enterprise
Coin payout device utilizable in various devices
Game presentation in a retail establishment
Method and system for interfacing a machine controller and a wireless network
Solar heated generator
Wind energy turbine
Packet switching method and apparatus thereof
Multi-way LED-based surface reflectance sensor and spectrophotometer
Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
Control systems and methods
Method for making a system for selecting one wire from a plurality of wires
Device and method for quantitatively determining an analyte, a method for determining an effective s...
Microtubes for therapeutic delivery
Transition metal compounds having a donor-acceptor interaction and a specific substitution pattern
Method of treating bacterial infections using gemifloxacin or a salt thereof and a .beta.-lactam ant...
Biologically absorbable coatings for implantable devices and methods for fabricating the same
Method of prediction of in-vivo polymer performance by external experimentation
Milk sampling apparatus and method
Milk sampling apparatus and method
Compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
6-substituted pyrido-pyrimidines
Method of preparing alkylated salicylamides via a dicarboxylate intermediate
Assays for determining anticoagulant cofactor activity
Electrochemical detection of nucleic acid sequences
Method of setting desired RMS load voltage in a lamp
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Optical waveguide device, optical waveguide laser using the same and optical apparatus equipped with...
Arrangement for low cost path protection for optical communications networks
Scene-based method for determining focus
Method and system for phase/amplitude error detection of alternating phase shifting masks in photoli...
Reducing noise in audio systems
Thermally crosslinked polymers
Semiconductor device, method of generating pattern for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing...
Zinc oxide-alumina-silica-based crystallized glass
Foam-molded article and manufacturing method thereof
Capacitor, circuit board with built-in capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Absorbent article having a decorative element
Seafood sheller
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Coaxial connector
Wedge cam lock washer for threaded fasteners
Water resistant aerator system and method
Fuel injection valve having small sized structure
Pneumatic radial tire
Radial tire including two small slant belt layers
Solid fuel burner, burning method using the same, combustion apparatus and method of operating the c...
Rotary remote visual liquid quantity indicator
Gasoline identification system and method for identifying gasoline type
Service vehicle with a walk-through to the outside
Multifunctional recombinant phycobiliprotein-based fluorescent constructs and phycobilisome display
Manufacturing method of light emitting device and manufacturing device thereof
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Immunologic assay to determine C-peptide containing impurities in samples of human insulin and deriv...
Toner for developing a latent electrostatic image, developer using the same, full-color toner kit us...
Laser-marking additive
Tumor suppressor CAR-1
Wiring and method of manufacturing the same, and wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma processor with electrode responsive to multiple RF frequencies
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Plasma processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for cutting devices from substrates
Method for the assembly of light integrators
Silane-modified UV absorbers and coatings