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Methods and apparatus for accurately positioning a device within the subgerminal cavity of avian egg...
Spool braking device for dual-bearing reel
Treatment target positioning system
Method and system for calibrating a surgical tool and adapter thereof
Polar coordinate surgical guideframe
Elastographic imaging of in vivo soft tissue
Process for preparing copolymers and blend compositions containing the same
Resealable closures for packages and packages containing the same
Rubber composition and vibration damper using the rubber composition
Rubber compositions and vulcanizates comprising nylon-containing copolymers
Electronic electrical and electro-magnetic health enhancement and stimulation device
Identification of oversensing using sinus R-wave template
Methods for quantifying the morphology and amplitude of cardiac action potential alternans
Methods for quantifying the morphology and amplitude of cardiac action potential alternans
Heart rate monitoring unit
Method for optical measurements of tissue to determine disease state or concentration of an analyte
Dermoscopy epiluminescence device employing multiple color illumination sources
Dermoscopy epiluminescence device employing cross and parallel polarization
Endoscopic imaging system making it possible to detachably attach expansion unit having external exp...
Blood donation device
Interpolation pixel value determining method
Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium stori...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program and storage medium
System and method for DMA data transferring apparatus and liquid ejection apparatus
Image processing apparatus and recording medium, and image processing apparatus
Noise reduction method
System and method for incremental and continuous data compression
Method and apparatus for compression using reversible wavelet transforms and an embedded codestream
Image encoding method and image decoding method
Optical transceiver
Method and apparatus for demultiplexing high bit rate optical signals on dense wavelength grid
Dense wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network system utilizing self-injection locki...
Beam shaper and imaging head having beam shapers
Service blocker device and method
Substrate with attached filamentary members
Device for fixing a rigid and brittle fiber comprising a mechanically deformable cladding and liable...
Optical cable exit trough
Fiber optic splice closure
Optical module having stacked guide substrates and method for assembling the same
Optical recording device
Optical coupling device and method for fabricating the same, and master used in fabricating optical ...
Optical fiber with suppressed stimulated Brillouin scattering and method for making such a fiber
Vibration dampening device for light fixtures
Illumination module receptacle with elastic light source holders, illumination module with same, and...
Hidden touch pad structure
Transport node apparatus
DC series connected light string with diode array shunt
Multi-conductor LED bulb assembly
Illuminating device utilizing light-emitting diode array
Luminous diffuser with differentiated light emitting parts for lighting equipment
Display device
Light enhanced and heat dissipating bulb
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
Folding mobile phone and double-sided liquid crystal display panel
Light emitting panel assemblies
Lighting fixture with night light
Vehicle headlamp
Illumination system
Direct backlight module
Piston head cartridge for a firearm
Muzzle loader
Methods for preserving organs and tissues
Photosensitive member having anti-curl backing layer with lignin sulfonic acid doped polyaniline
Multilayer medical devices
Cationic dyes
Coffee espresso machine
Methods and host cells for improved cell culture
4-20 mA interface circuit
Signal receiving circuit, semiconductor device and system
Disk apparatus with improved driving mechanism
Method and system for measuring temperature and power distribution of a device
Scanning receiver for use in power amplifier linearization
High frequency peak detector and applications thereof
Measurement system for wide dynamic range optical power meter
Eye diagram improving method for laser transmitter
Optical gain apparatus with pump source wavelength control
Sense amplifier for reading a cell of a non-volatile memory device
Gain-flattened wideband erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier
Modular, high energy, widely-tunable ultrafast fiber source
Benzo[f]isoindole derivatives with affinity to the EP4 receptor
Insulin polypeptide-oligomer conjugates, proinsulin polypeptide-oligomer conjugates and methods of s...
Method for expression of heterologous proteins in yeast
Anti-IL-12 antibodies and compositions
Top-biased beneficial components on substrates
Kit of water-soluble or water dispersible pouches
Superabsorbent polymers having radiation activatable surface cross-linkers and method of making them
Tampon outer surface having increasing number of written identifiers to indicate absorbency
Apparatus for in vitro testing of tampon-and-applicator systems
System and method for providing information based on menstrual data
Program distribution system for discarding program on reception terminal side
System and method for supplementing program builds with file usage information
Various methods and apparatuses to track failing memory locations to enable implementations for inva...
Intelligent controller accessed through addressable virtual space
Dynamic random access memory controller
Data processing method, data processing apparatus, communications device, communications method, com...
Self-contained tasks
System and method for command line administration of project spaces using XML objects
Collaborative environment for producing software products
Method to reduce engine emissions for an engine capable of multi-stroke operation and having a catal...
Bicycle internal hub transmission with increased bearing size
Guide roller assembly for a continuous casting plant
Metal-to-metal spherical bearing
Bearing oil lift pocket
Thermally compensated differential
Turbo code decoder with parity information update
Transfection reagents
Electrowetting display
Optically semi-transmission reflection material
Process for the preparation of an optical compensatory sheet comprising cellulose ester film, orient...
Method of guiding an optical signal
Aryl amine polymer, thin film transistor using the aryl amine polymer, and method of manufacturing t...
Luminous panel
Field replaceable unit (FRU) identification system tool
Retinoid derivatives and methods for producing said compounds and anti-cancer pharmaceutical composi...
Tactile device and method for providing information to an aircraft or motor vehicle or equipment ope...
System and method for selectively bridging and routing data packets between multiple networks
Apparatus and method for creating and supplying a program via communication network
Network AV system
System and method for identifying and maintaining base table data blocks requiring deferred incremen...
Method and system for updating a remote database
Visual-modeling technique for use in implementing a database system
Testing equipment for a fire alarm
Method of color matching metallic paints
Method for forming a glittering coating film
Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
Photo stable organic sunscreen compositions
Piezoelectric film, piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, piezoelectric pump, ink-jet type ...
Organic-inorganic composite material and laminate, optical waveguide and light transmission structur...
Polymerisable resin compositions for use in dentistry
Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and disinfecting glass and use thereof
Write once read only memory with large work function floating gates
Formation of combinatorial arrays of materials using solution-based methodologies
Toner, developer, image developing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Photoconductive imaging members
Metal coated fiber and electroconductive composition comprising the same and method for production t...
Phase contrast plate comprising one sheet of cellulose ester film containing aromatic compound
Apoenzyme reactivation electrochemical detection method and assay
Nutritional composition and method of inhibiting smooth muscle cell contraction thereof
Liquid development device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Image forming apparatus where image write-to-transfer time is set integer times of a rotation period...
Ground fault circuit interrupter with reverse wiring protection
Low voltage differential amplifier circuit for wide voltage range operation
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Package for housing optical semiconductor element and optical semiconductor apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Document image decoding systems and methods using modified stack algorithm
Image forming device and method
Printing system and method
Protection of transient documents using a photochromic protective layer
Prevention or reduction of thermal cracking on toner-based prints
Emulsion aggregation toner having gloss enhancement and toner release with stable xerographic chargi...
Toner for electrophotography, image-forming method, image-forming apparatus and toner cartridge
Continuous in-line process for making ink-jet recording media comprising a radiation-cured coating l...
Mobile device base station for enhanced signal strength for media services
Measuring the intensity of odors
Foreign material removing system, method of removing foreign material, printing apparatus and printi...
Cationic dimeric dyes
Fragrance compositions
Bandwidth-efficient modulation in communication systems
Equalizer and method for performing equalization in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for MAP decoding of binary hamming codes and related error correction codes
Method and apparatus for controlling pump powers of broadband Raman amplifiers in optical transmissi...
Method of storing and retrieving multi-dimensional data using the hilbert curve
Thermoplastic resin film and process for producing the same
Hot melt adhesives based on graft copolymers
DLC film, DLC-coated plastic container, and method and apparatus for manufacturing DLC-coated plasti...
Method, equipment, and material for creating a surface on a metal
TCP/IP offload network interface device
Image-forming apparatus with inertial means selectively connected to fixing drive
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Compositions containing particles of highly fluorinated ion exchange polymer
Core material for vacuum heat insulation material, and vacuum heat insulation material
Oil digesting microbe-plastic foam system
Pressure vessel and recyclable filter cartridge
Process and apparatus for microbial filtration and bacterial injection for one or more environmental...
Method for controlling pitch and stickies deposition
System for rotational molding of medical articles
Seed cotton handling system
DRAM cells with repressed floating gate memory, low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Hybrid fractional-bit systems
Nitride semiconductor with active layer of quantum well structure with indium-containing nitride sem...
Electrodeless lamp for emitting ultraviolet and/or vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Quinacridone pigment compositions comprising unsymmetrically substituted components
UV curable pressure sensitive adhesives
Toner for developing electrostatic image, method for manufacturing the toner, developer including th...
Multilayer imageable element containing sulfonamido resin
Recycled method for a wasted polyester and reclaimed materials thereof
Chelation compositions
Penlight and touch screen data input system and method for flat panel displays
Thin handle substrate method and structure for fabricating devices using one or more films provided ...
Aqueous-based photothermographic materials containing tetrafluoroborate salts
Method of preparing a conjugated molecular assembly
Mesoporous carbons and polymers from hydroxylated benzenes
Coated ceramic catalyst supports and method
Complexing agents for compositions containing inclusion complexes
Adhesive and sealing layers for electrophoretic displays
Supercritical fluid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel grafted catalyst
Dental amalgam separator
Method for producing indium powder
Use of ketol-acid reductoisomerase inhibitors to prevent or treat fungal infection of plants
Myoblast transfer therapy for relieving pain and for treating behavioral and perceptive abnormalitie...
Method for the prevention of transplant rejection
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Method and apparatus for content-based image copy detection
System and a method for an edible, optically invisible ink
Systems and methods for increasing allowable join orders in query optimization
Variable compression ratio internal combustion engine
Method to control electromechanical valves in a DISI engine
Variable valve timing control device
Reducing engine emission on an engine with electromechanical valves
Method for controlling an inlet valve of an internal combustion engine
Adjusting valve lash for an engine with electrically actuated valves
Use of biometrics to provide physical and logic access to computer devices
System for recording audio information with image
Apparatus and method for controlling regenerative braking of an electric vehicle
Remote control communication system and transmitting and receiving apparatuses
Display method and apparatus for changing display position based on external environment
Circuit-constituting unit and method of producing the same
Automobile exterior sideview mirror system
Moving body transmitter and receiver axis adjusting system
Process for tracking vehicles
System and method to wirelessly communicate information between traffic control signs and vehicles
Forklift stabilizing apparatus
Risk potential calculation device and driving assist system
Oxygen depletion sensing for a remote starting vehicle
U-turn signal
Process for preparing arylaminopropanols
Process for preparing lipid II
PRO1017 nucleic acids
PRO211 polypeptides
Amino methyl imidazoles as C5a receptor modulators
FKBP51/52 and CyP40-mediated mammalian hair growth
LDL receptor-related proteins 1 and 2 and treatment of bone or cartilage conditions
Methods of inhibiting TNF.alpha. in patients with cancer
Methods of treating inflammation associated with viral infection with anti-TNF antibodies
Reconstructed epidermis/skin equivalent comprising a ceramide 7 and /or 5.5 and lipid lamellar vesic...
Colon cleansing compositions and methods
Placebo-type compression orthosis
Method for treating fibrotic diseases and other indications
Substituted indolinones, preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Method of treating movement disorders using barbituric acid derivatives
Electrochemical double layer capacitors including improved nanofiber separators
Nanostructure antireflection surfaces
Apparatus to vary dimensions of a substrate during nano-scale manufacturing
Multi-bit nanocrystal memory
Carbon nanotube energy well (CNEW) field effect transistor
Nanotube arrangements and methods therefor
Nanoparticles, method for modifying their surfaces, dispersion of nanoparticles, method for the prod...
Atomic layer deposited nanolaminates of HfO.sub.2/ZrO.sub.2 films as gate dielectrics
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Structural foam composite having nano-particle reinforcement and method of making the same
Method of coating an anode/collector with carbon nanotubes
Metal oxide nanoparticles, methods of making, and methods of use
Templated growth of carbon nanotubes
Method for producing nano-sized crystalline hydroxyapatite
Method of making metal oxide nanoparticles in an exfoliated silicate framework
Carbon nanotube adducts and methods of making the same
Multiphase nanocomposite material and method for its manufacture
Method of forming nanofluidic channels
Nanofibrous articles
Fuel or fuel additive containing doped cerium oxide nanoparticles
Partially reduced nanoparticle additives to lower the amount of carbon monoxide and/or nitric oxide ...
CD index print label
Mirror-mimicking video system
Digital camera for capturing images and selecting metadata to be associated with the captured images
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor, a printer and a business-card sized slo...
Methods and apparatus for splitting, imaging, and measuring wavefronts in interferometry
Multi-chamber washing device for photosensitive material
Preventing shutter-rebound in camera
Printer, printer driver, printing system, and print controlling method
Data distribution server, terminal, and data distribution system
System and method for denoting and communicating with computer network mobile sites
System and method for simulating an input to a telematics system
Shoes employing monitoring devices, and associated methods
Noise suppression
Method for eliminating musical tone from becoming wind shear sound
Communication system and method with gain control for signals from distributed antennas
Portable terminal device
Method and apparatus for performing noise control in a telematics system
Data transmission method and arrangement
Mobile communication apparatus with multiple transmission and reception antennas and mobile communic...
Selecting common features of accessories coupled to a communications device
Self-identifying antenna system
Modular transceiver-modem with reduced profile antenna duplexer
Arrangement and method for reducing losses in radio transmitter
High-frequency switch circuit
Timepiece, having bearing portion formed of resin and wheel train
Carbon nanotube devices
Process for creating a 3-dimensional configuration on a substrate
Rare earth phosphate colloidal dispersion and preparation method
Solar cell-powered, photocell-operated LCD lights
Solar rotating hanger
Display and acquisition of data, exchanged by interprocess, for the physical properties of a solar b...
Utility resource aggregation and allocation
Method for measuring thermal properties using a long-wavelength infrared thermal image
Chemical and biological agent sensor array detectors
Mobile portable terminal, communication host apparatus, and weather forecasting system
Determining engine cylinder contribution from indexed engine data
Technique for selecting a service provider to service a vehicle
System and method for planning energy supply and interface to an energy management system for use in...
Portable wireless data device
Transmission power control in a satellite communication system
Method of heating water with rod shaped electrodes in a two-dimensional matrix
Multifunctional watch
Single substrate liquid crystal display
Antenna structure and radio controlled timepiece
Device for detecting a body falling into a swimming pool
Method and apparatus for asset tracking and room monitoring in establishments having multiple rooms ...
Phase matching using a high thermal expansion waveguide
Energy harvesting for wireless sensor operation and data transmission
Packaging designs for LEDs
Full color LED based lighting apparatus operated in synchronism with music and method of controlling...
Dedicated wireless digital video disc (DVD) controller for video game consoles
Gaming device with rotating display and indicator therefore
Gaming device having extender symbols
Block and gavel with the intention to relieve stress novelty-kit
Game call striker
Method and apparatus for reducing risk that a closure on stuffed toy will injure or be damaged by an...
Bubble forming device
Front wheel drive for toy vehicles
Arcade game
System and method for playing a table and electronic card game
Interactive game
Puzzle game incorporating a rotational element and methods of playing thereof
Amusement device of skill and lottery
Toy helicopter landing skid structure
External rotary device for mounting on a vehicle
Global paint process optimization
Solving constraint satisfaction problems using variable-range hopping
Methods and apparatus for automated monitoring and action taking based on decision support mechanism
Probabilistic neural network for multi-criteria event detector
Transportable DVD multimedia player
Operating system extension to provide security for web-based public access services
Remote desktop protocol compression system
Multimedia messaging method and system for transferring multimedia content
System on chip processor for multimedia devices
Retaining wall block
Z-shaped sheet piling
Eccentric vibration system with resonance control
Floating platform having a spoolable tether installed thereon and method for tethering the platform ...
Aerobic and anaerobic waste management systems and methods for landfills
Pole stabilization and support system and kit
Boat lift systems
Two-piece joining device for sheet pile retaining walls
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and computer-readable medium including a copy-f...
Method and system for weighting odds to specific gaming entities in a shared bonus event
Game cart/tree stand kit
Alphanumeric keyboard input system using a game controller
Method and system for application specific packet forwarding
Sound generation device and sound generation program
Personalized gaming apparatus and gaming method
Gaming machine capable of conducting demonstration display
Providing an indication of a hidden bonus on a casino gaming apparatus
Gaming device having a first game scheme involving a symbol generator, a second game and first game ...
Gaming device having outcomes which replicate the laws of physics
Gaming display device and method of use
Broadband network system configured to transport audio or video at the transport layer, and associat...
Validating a data link before its access
Conducting activities in a collaborative work tool architecture
System, method and computer program product for normalizing data in a supply chain management framew...
Virtual reality 3D visualization for surgical procedures
Optical inspection system and method for displaying imaged objects in greater than two dimensions
Interactive horizon mapping
Creating a parallel structure for scene-based rendering
Method and apparatus for determining a geomagnetic field by using a compass and method and apparatus...
Ni-based superalloy having high oxidation resistance and gas turbine part
Creep resistant magnesium alloys with improved castability
Stainless steel product containing B and method for production thereof
Method for the synthesis of a fuel cell electrocatalyst
Aluminum-based multinary alloys and their use as heat- and corrosion-resistant coatings
Method and apparatus for phase controlled music generation
Systems and methods for generating music using data/music data file transmitted/received via a netwo...
Musical rhythm instrument
Device for securing the reed on the mouthpiece of a musical instrument
Guitar strap
Back check for piano
Wrist trainer for piano instruction
Digital signal processing method and apparatus thereof, control data generation method and apparatus...
Method of selecting a cell to connect by radio with a mobile station and a mobile communications ter...
Method for operating a radio communication system
Method and system of increasing traffic in a telecommunications network
Method and arrangement for maintaining synchronization in association with resetting a communication...
Automatic antenna selection for mesh backhaul network nodes
Security system for output device
Method for operating in a 800 MHz trunked radio communications system for channels 440 to 559
Weather station
Method for handling a call establishment request during location management in 3G wireless networks
Navigation method and apparatus
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating selection by a mobile node of a network through w...
Verifying check-in authentication by using an access authentication token
Cell selecting system and method thereof in radio communication network
System for transmitting information by radio between an infrastructure and mobiles
Method and apparatus for enabling a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network prot...
Location based billing of data services in a mobile telecommunication system
Content management system and method of employing extensible workflow entities with user-defined att...
System and method for software licensing
Method for constructing a process-driven system
System for protecting information over the internet
Transparent digital rights management for extendible content viewers
Method and system for providing auxiliary content located on local storage during download/access of...
Friend-to-friend mail systems and methods
System and method for virtual packet reassembly
Hazard communication system
Data processing system and method having high availability
Inheritance and relationship to directory information in an e-commerce application
Secure data capture apparatus and method
Custom pricing system and method
System and method for executing a rental software program in distributed computing environment
Identification, storage and display of land data on a website
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Method and apparatus for conducting multiple transactions
Real-time commodity trading method and apparatus
System and method for trading off put and call values of a portfolio
Browser interface and network based financial service system
Methods and systems for rapid deployment of a valuation system
Inbred corn line PHAVN
Inbred corn line PHCWK
Inbred maize line PH4GP
Plants and seeds of high oil corn variety HOI001
Plants and seeds of corn variety 1015036
Methods of assigning treatment to breast cancer patients
Soybean variety XB16W06
Systems for analyzing microtissue arrays
Soybean variety XB35C06
Strained silicon MOSFET having improved source/drain extension dopant diffusion resistance and metho...
Soybean variety XB38E06
Soybean variety XB00D06
Soybean cultivar 5626085
Soybean cultiver S050227
Soybean cultivar S050051
Soybean variety XB26U05
DNA encoding insecticidal Cry1Bf Bacillus thuringiensis proteins and recombinant hosts expressing sa...
Herbicide resistant plants
PM29 and LEA3 promoters and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Elongase promoters
Anionic and neutral complexes of ruthenium (II) with nitrogen oxide
Photo-functional powder and applications thereof
Method for making hydrogen using a gold containing water-gas shift catalyst
Tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) having calcium phosphate whisker on surface and process for preparing ...
Process for the treatment of molybdenum concentrate
Stabilization of alkaline hydrogen peroxide
Method for co-precipitating actinides and method for preparing mixed actinide oxides
Gas separation process
Aqueous dispersion, process for its production and use
Silica-based sols
Dynamic legged robot
Operation unit of engine
Location aware automata
Beachable high speed marine vehicle
Gear change method for a traction chain comprising a gear change mechanism for each driving wheel
Electrically variable transmission having two planetary gear sets with one stationary member
Wind-powered brake system
Child restraint seat detection devices
Guided vehicle and method for use with dual mode transportation system
Aircraft fluid drip pan system
Power-assisted steering system of an automobile
Switch mounting assembly
Multi-wheel-drive vehicle with a front transaxle device
Throttle valve opening control device and layout structure thereof
Air cleaner device in vehicle
Hybrid drive system wherein clutch is engaged when engine speed has exceeded motor speed upon switch...
Materials handling device and system
Method and apparatus for providing subscriber-based ringback tone
Intelligent messaging
Cellular mobile phone with user-data backup and available time display functionality
Method for evaluating customer call center system designs
System and method for monitoring and testing network elements
Method and system for utilizing proxy designation in a call system
Signal processing system
Autonomous dispatcher method and apparatus
Room acoustics echo meter for voice terminals
Transaction dependency manager
Automatic dialing device, a system, and a method for automatically dialing a telephone number and/or...
Method and apparatus for network communication
Method and apparatus for selecting an alert mode based on user biometrics
Customer premises equipment that can support multiple call control languages or multiple call agents
Call setup using a packet-switched address such as an internet address or the like
Method for advanced determination and display of caller geographic information in a centralized wire...
Method for advanced determination and display of caller geographic information in a PBX
Nmr leak test
Method and apparatus for mapping and correcting geometric distortion in mri
Signal processing for detection of nqr signals
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus with a gradient shielding configuration having reduced coupling...
Electrophoretic medium and display with improved image stability
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Multifunctional monoclonal antibodies directed to peptidoglycan of gram-positive bacteria
Collagen-binding proteins from Streptococcus pyogenes
Tetra-, penta-, hexa- and heptapeptides having antiangiogenic activity
Compounds useful for the preparation of medicaments with phosphodiesterase IV inhibitory activity
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Protein-tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors and uses thereof
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Medical devices employing triazine compounds and compositions thereof
Methods and compositions for treating hepatitis C virus
Tetrapeptide inhibitors of .beta.-secretase
Method of identifying a compound capable of treating a pain or a painful disorder
Semiochemical reservoir to attract subterranean termites tunneling in soil
Process for encapsulating dissolved reactants of color-reaction systems, the capsules obtainable the...
Sorbent reactor for extracorporeal blood treatment systems, peritoneal dialysis systems, and other b...
Microfabricated recessed disk microelectrodes: characterization in static and convective solutions
Method and system for providing state change notifications in device drivers
Method and apparatus for efficiently exposing nodes of a display map while monitoring metrics in a c...
Displaying abnormal and error conditions in system state analysis
Methods and apparatus for a system clock divider
Object-addressed memory hierarchy that facilitates accessing objects stored outside of main memory
System, method and program for assessing the activity level of a database management system
Protocol and structure for self-organizing network
Printer maintenance scheme for a network centric printing system
Computerized information search and indexing method, software and device
Trailer tandem adjustment indication apparatus
Web guiding system and method
Method and apparatus for trending a physiological cardiac parameter
Medical device
Methods and apparatuses for using mobile GPS receivers to synchronize basestations in cellular netwo...
Method for achieving immediate and accurate automatic frequency tuning
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Footwear upper
Shoe insert
Wheel element for a footwear upper
Inertia switch and flashing light system
Molding resin and process for production thereof
Organometallic compositions
Thermoplastic elastomer molding
Process for production of thermoplatic elastomer composition
Moisture management system
Balancing object
Collapsible shoe
Interchangeable footwear system
Article footwear with removable heel pad
Footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Sole construction for energy storage and rebound
Shoes sole structures
Multiple-component binder systems for porous composite blocks
Soft cooling jacket for electronic device
Cooler with blower between two heatsinks
Printed circuit board retaining device
Electronic apparatus
Heat-emitting element cooling apparatus
Electronics rack having an angled panel
Computer component mounting apparatus
Circuit board assembly with a brace surrounding a ball-grid array device
Pyrolysis tube and pyrolysis method for using the same
Electronically-controlled register vent for zone heating and cooling
Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and methods
Heat transfer plate, plate pack and plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Compact heat exchanger made of ceramics having corrosion resistance at high temperature
Off-axis cooling of rotating devices using a crank-shaped heat pipe
Heat transfer apparatus
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Methods and apparatus for installing a heat sink using surface mount technology
Heat exchanging tube and heat exchanger
Managing data delivery in a data communications network
Framework to enable integration of anti-spam technologies
Distributed information discovery through searching selected registered information providers
Push-to-talk wireless telecommunications system utilizing a voice-over-IP network
Stable memory with high mobility cell devices
Homeotropically aligned liquid crystal layer and process for the homeotropic alignment of liquid cry...
Biochemical analysis data producing method and scanner used therefor
Apparatus and methods for optical analysis of molecules
N-sulfonylaminocarbonyl containing compounds
Chloral-free DCA in oligonucleotide synthesis
Methods and compositions for reverse translation
Metallocene catalysts, their synthesis and their use for the polymerization of olefins
Homogenous compositions of fluoropolymers and crystalline solids or cross-linking agents and methods...
Bis-aromatic alkanols
Peptides as NS3-serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Catalyst and process for preparing the same
Universal fleecebacked roofing membrane
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Programmable structure, an array including the structure, and methods of forming the same
Method of treatment of porous dielectric films to reduce damage during cleaning
Hydrogen storage, distribution, and recovery system
Method of reinforcing at least a portion of a structure
Porous polymer water filter and methods of use in refrigeration
Dielectrophoresis apparatus
Electrochemical pressurizer/purifier of hydrogen for operation at moderately elevated temperatures (...
Conductivity reconstruction based on inverse finite element measurements in a tissue monitoring syst...
Self-contained conditioning abrasive article
Enrobed core
Method for treating surface of ink jet recording medium having recorded image
Hydrogel and scrim assembly for use with electro-acupuncture device with stimulation electrodes
Indole-amide derivatives and their use as glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Purification of polypeptides
Superabsorbent polymer with high permeability
Self-foamed porous ceramic composition and method for making porous ceramic using the same
Device having a magnetic applicator and/or wiper member
Methods and personal protection devices for repelling insects
Shell plating developing method, shell plating manufacturing method, computer program for teaching t...
Foot brace
Submersible craft for water purification
Small boat
Watercraft tethering apparatus
Personal water craft brake apparatus
Steering apparatus for ship propeller
Vessel hull and method for cruising at a high Froude number
Monobloc flameholder arm for an afterburner device of a bypass turbojet
4-bromo or 4-iodo phenylamino benzhydroxamic acid derivatives and their use as MEK inhibitors
3-methoxybenzyl thiourea derivatives and improved lipid compositions containing same
Guanidinium transport reagents and conjugates
4-oxo-fenretinide, administered alone and in combination with fenretinide, as preventive and therape...
Process for producing injectable gabapentin compositions
Composition based on ethyl ester of linoleic acid and triethyl ester of citric acid for topical use ...
Guanidine and amidine acid derivatives and analogs and methods of using the same
Nitric oxide releasing prodrugs of diaryl-2-(5H)-furanones as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors
Anti-VEGF antibodies
Pharmaceutical compositions of fenretinide having increased bioavailability and methods of using the...
Lysophosphatidic acid receptor agonists and antagonists
10-Hydroxy-11-dihydroprostaglandin analogs as selective EP4 agonists
Antidiabetic agents
Captopril derivatives
Antibacterial mutilins
N-substituted prodrugs of fluorooxindoles
Fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Lift wall for a tube mill
Systems and methods for target mode connection management in SAS connections
Target localization using TDOA distributed antenna
Method for producing and screening mass-coded combinatorial libraries for drug discovery and target ...
Magnetron executing planetary motion adjacent a sputtering target
Goggles for a target game
Aluminum alloy film for wiring and sputter target material for forming the film
Submunition fuze
Purification of plasmid DNA by hydrophobic interaction chromatography
Process for the control of flow properties of polymers
Polyimide membranes
System and method for extracting energy from agricultural waste
Electrochemical detection method of complementarity to nucleic acid bases
Dairy compositions and method of making
Rotary drive in an instrument for processing microscale liquid sample volumes
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Methods of and apparatus for collecting sludge from the floor of a settler basin
Apparatus for disinfecting water using ultraviolet radiation
Process and apparatus for the control of undesirable organisms in a water system
Polysaccharides with oxime or amine functions which are used for water treatment and sludge conditio...
Liquid chromatograph control apparatus, method for performing liquid chromatography and computer pro...
Process for the extraction of paclitaxel and 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III from Taxus
Versatile pre-thickened aerobic digester system
Advanced liquid vortex separation system
Filter cartridge construction
Methods and apparatus for managing data distribution in a network
Gasket retainer
Fibre channel zoning by device name in hardware
Hearing aid battery door seal
Method and apparatus for delivering metallurgically improved molten metal
Method of producing an aluminium surface with a high total reflectance
Method for producing a melt iron in an electric furnace
Rod pump control system including parameter estimator
Light emitting diode backlight package
Laser device
Low quantum defect holmium fiber laser
Mercury-free arc tube for a discharge lamp
Fuel cell structure
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data acquisition of a monitored IC fabrication process
Optical metrology model optimization based on goals
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Overlay metrology method and apparatus using more than one grating per measurement direction
Testing method for LCD panels
Treatment of a ground semiconductor die to improve adhesive bonding to a substrate
Semiconductor device
Bump for semiconductor package, semiconductor package applying the bump, and method for fabricating ...
Flip-chip semiconductor package with lead frame and method for fabricating the same
Chip structure and stacked-chip package
Laminar multi-layer piezoelectric roll component
Glass for window of semiconductor package, glass window for semiconductor package, process for produ...
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Accurate alignment of an LED assembly
Semiconductor device and package, and method of manufacture therefor
Dissipative isolation frames for active microelectronic devices, and methods of making such dissipat...
TFT structure and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Twin insulator charge storage device operation and its fabrication method
Memory cell with reduced DIBL and Vss resistance
Arrangement of seats for an aircraft cabin
Lightweight helicopter
Method and device for controlling satellite attitude and steering using a gyrodyne cluster
System for capturing and recovering free-flying objects in space
Control device for moving a vehicle closure element
Digital skin lesion imaging system and method
Medical image processing method and apparatus for discriminating body parts
Method of segmenting a three-dimensional structure contained in an object, notably for medical image...
Blood treatment device and method for blood treatment
Plasma processing system and apparatus and a sample processing method
Paper quality discriminating machine
Sample analysis method
Dielectric function of thin metal films determined by combined transmission spectroscopic ellipsomet...
Apparatus and method for delivering ablative laser energy and determining the volume of tumor mass d...
Physiological stress detector device and system
Living body light measurement system and signal processing method
Rotating inertial pin blank stops for pressware die sets
Process for manufacturing a pouch-type form of packaging
Sheet material dispenser with transfer system and method
Rotary applicator of a cosmetic product and distributor comprising the said applicator
Clock recovery method by phase selection
Centralized smart card money management
Axial flow pump and fluid circulating apparatus
Automatic optimizing pump and sensor system
Apparatus, method and system for applying substances to forage, grain, and harvested crops
Apparatus for preventing vacuum state in scroll compressor
Device for conveying a liquid
Hydraulically driven oil recovery system
High-pressure generating device
Device for transmitting motion between the rotor of a synchronous permanent-magnet motor and the wor...
Two-stage pressure relief valve
Peristaltic pump with air venting via the movement of a pump head or a backing plate during surgery
Cavitation noise reduction system for a rotary screw vacuum pump
Pump aggregate for a hydraulic vehicle braking system
Air driven hydraulic pump
Screw compressor capable of manually adjusting both internal volume ratio and capacity and combined ...
Pressure exchanger system
Method of operating a cryogenic liquid gas storage tank
Method and apparatus for jump control in a pipelined processor
Processor and method for convolutional decoding
Data encryption and decryption
Method, system and recording medium for image processing
System and method for adaptive run-time reconfiguration for a reconfigurable instruction set co-proc...
Computer OS dispatcher operation with virtual switching queue and IP queues
Catalyst-precursor for the production of maleic acid anhydride and method for the production thereof
Controllable space velocity reactor and process
Method and device for carrying out the distillative separation of C.sub.5+ cuts
Communication processing system
Method and system for detecting an absolute pressure sensor malfunction
Method and system, with component kits for designing or deploying a communications network which con...
Stamper for producing optical recording medium, optical recording medium, and methods of producing t...
Pausing a transfer of data
Universal network interface connection
Network device management
Method and application programming interface for assigning multiple network addresses
Programmable wireless electrode system for medical monitoring
Phased upgrade of a computing environment
Image forming apparatus having position controller
Digital audio with parameters for real-time time scaling
Optical performance monitor utilizing nonlinear detection
Modified peptides as therapeutic agents
Combinatorial synthesis of libraries of macrocyclic compounds useful in drug discovery
Lipid-peptide-polymer conjugates for long blood circulation and tumor specific drug delivery systems
Insulin prodrugs hydrolyzable in vivo to yield peglylated insulin
Azulene derivatives and salts thereof
Salicylic acid-binding protein encoding nucleic acid, SABP2, and methods of use thereof
Method and system for asset tracking
Vehicular brake system and method of controlling same brake system
Suspension control apparatus of vehicle
Remote key entry system
System architecture and communications for an asset management system
Computerized method and system for guiding service personnel to select a preferred work site for ser...
Alternatives to distilled oleo chemicals in derivatives and production thereof
Aqueous liquid laundry detergent compositions with visible beads
Pouched compositions
Composition for preparing porous dielectric thin films
Adjustable detergent dispenser for water cleaners
Substance having physiological property, method for producing the same and uses thereof
Microphone boom for a communications headset
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Apparatus to detect and treat aberrant myoelectric activity
Pear tree named `Prem2P`
Combined video camera and disc recorder
Video call stand for a handset
Armrest/console entertainment system
Audio-video display device
Surface ornamentation for containers
Method for performing a transaction over a network
Information security method and system
Asynchronous communication within a server arrangement
Content sanitation via transcoding
Wireless malware scanning back-end system and method
System and method for tracking and filtering alerts in an enterprise and generating alert indication...
System, method and computer program for the detection and restriction of the network activity of den...
Data processing system providing secure communication between software components
Protecting against distributed denial of service attacks
System and method for providing expandable proxy firewall services
Generating and maintaining encrypted passwords
Systems and methods for establishing and administering sessions in digital cable systems
Broadcast storing and displaying apparatus and video apparatus
Ophthalmic compositions containing galactomannan polymers and borate
Transcutaneous power optimization circuit for a medical implant
Reforming wet-tantalum capacitors in implantable defibrillators and other medical devices
Methods, computer program products, and devices for calibrating chronically tissue implanted sensors...
Inbred maize line PH86T
Hybrid maize 38T41
Method and apparatus for electro-biometric identity recognition
System and method for integrating resources in a network
Reassembly of a transmission control protocol (TCP) data stream from payloads of TCP segments of a b...
Estimating quality during early synthesis
Apparatus and method for storing data in a proxy cache in a network
Software download control system, apparatus and method
Programmable jitter generator
Content addressable memory match line detection
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing clocks to multiple frequency domains usin...
Serial interface for reprogramming multiple network interface cards and method of operation
Reconfigurable interface for coupling functional input/output blocks to limited number of i/o pins
Memory controller useable in a data processing system
Storage system including storage adaptors having cache memories and grasping usage situation of each...
Method and apparatus for host messaging unit for Peripheral Component Interconnect busmaster devices
System specification language for resource management architecture and corresponding programs theref...
System and method for asynchronous transfer of control
Portable electronic terminal and data processing system
System and method for operation verification of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, flexible substrate, and semiconductor device
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and computer-readable storage medium
Semiconductor photo-detection device and radiation apparatus
Optical signal receiving module, optical signal receiver and optical fiber communication equipment
Ferroelectric polymer memory with a thick interface layer
Bimorph switch, bimorph switch manufacturing method, electronic circuitry and electronic circuitry m...
Laminated radiation member, power semiconductor apparatus, and method for producing the same
Optimum padset for wire bonding RF technologies with high-Q inductors
Semiconductor device and production method thereof
Semiconductor device having a roughened surface
Method for manufacturing wafer level chip scale package structure
Lead frame for semiconductor package
Multilayer circuit board, process of manufacturing same, board for multilayer circuitry, and electro...
Fabrication of back-contacted silicon solar cells using thermomigration to create conductive vias
Fluorescence detection of proteases or peptidases
Method for monitoring coagulability and hypercoagulable states
Geranium plant named `Regvel`
Surface acoustic wave device with a thicker partial bus bar area and optimal bus bar to electrode ti...
Red blood cell separation method
Apparatus and method for separating and filtering particles and organisms from flowing liquids
Separation device comprising a tubular electrocoalescer
Installation for water treatment by flotation
pH adjuster-based system for treating liquids
Conductive roller, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus which have conductive rol...
Charging roller, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus using detection of toner image on image bearing member
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable memory
Non-volatile memory using organic bistable device
Electronic apparatus and information processing apparatus
Front converter lens
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating models of individuals
Document processing apparatus and method
Data processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Image reading apparatus, composite apparatus using the image reading apparatus, and control apparatu...
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and its control method
Information processing unit, printing control unit, and control method thereof, and storage medium, ...
Imaging apparatus, system having imaging apparatus and printing apparatus, and control method theref...
Developing device and process cartridge for an image forming apparatus
Highly parallel data storage chip device
Systems and methods for organizing data
Individual data line strobe-offset control in memory systems
Method and apparatus for measuring a parameter of a fluid flowing within a pipe using sub-array proc...
Control system and method therefor
Method and device for measuring heart rate, and method for manufacturing the device
Breast magnetic resonace imaging system with curved breast paddles
Optical waveguide plate for surface light emitting apparatus and surface light emitting apparatus us...
Image forming method and apparatus having improved cleaning means
Optical fiber cable
Double-sleeved electrostatographic roller
One-by-N optical switch
System and method for evaluating heart failure using an implantable medical device based on heart ra...
Sulfonylaminovalerolactams and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Isoxazoline derivatives as anti-depressants
Selective rendering of cartographic entities for a navigation system
Composition for matte layer formation, release sheet using the same, and the synthetic leather produ...
Measurement device for determining oxygen activity in metal or slag melts
Device and method for treatment of gases
Battery recycling
GaAs RF signal detection circuit with operational amplifier
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Programmable waveform for lamp ballast
Commonsense reasoning about task instructions
Medical tele-robotic system
Robot apparatus
Home networking system using self-moving robot
Compact Robotic Joint
Force reflective robotic control system and minimally invasive surgical device
Robot hand
Arc welding robot
Welding torch and welding robot
Method and device for the positionally precise mounting of an add-on part on a vehicle body
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using multiple formats an...
Pass-transistor logic circuit and a method of designing thereof
Intradermal delivery of active agents by needle-free injection and electroporation
Liquid crystalline compound, liquid crystalline composition and retardation film
Determination of time difference of arrival in distributed sensor networks
Document preservation
RF coil embedded with homogeneity enhancing material
Fixing apparatus
Method and device for positioning a patient in a medical diagnosis device or therapy device
Adaptively configured voltage transformation module array
Switching power supply circuit
Head suspension assembly and disk drive using the same
Recording device and controller and control method for a recording device
Method and instrument for detecting biomolecular interactions
Method and device for imaging with reorientation of an object
Method of and system for storing, communicating, and displaying image data
Curved-slab maximum intensity projections
Medical image processing apparatus and medical network system
Method and apparatus for one-stage and two-stage noise feedback coding of speech and audio signals
Method and system for analyzing multi-variate data using canonical decomposition
Fiber chopper and method of chopping
Sizing composition for sheet molding compound roving
Device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp
Software development environment with design specification verification tool
Method and apparatus for communicating credential information within a network device authentication...
Predictive filtering of register cache entry
Method and apparatus for communicating between an ambulatory medical device and a control device via...
Methods of navigating a cube that is implemented as a relational object
Telecommunications interruption and disconnection apparatus and methods
Method and system for implementing shared schemas for users in a distributed computing system
Tracking time using portable recorders and speech recognition
White vector adjustment via exposure
Process for the production of olefins
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution and nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery employing the ...
Liquid crystal display
Method of driving light-emitting device
Membrane-electrode assembly of fuel cell, production method of the same, and fuel cell employing the...
Distal protection double balloon catheter
Serum-free media for chondrocytes and methods of use thereof
Vehicular image processing apparatus and related method
Antenna hopping sequence for TX diversity in wireless telecommunication systems
Multi-port semiconductor memory
Programming verification method of nonvolatile memory cell, semiconductor memory device, and portabl...
Display device and driving method thereof
System to detect the presence of an unattended child in a vehicle
Balanced amplifier circuit and high-frequency communication apparatus
Sliding device with onboard moving-magnet linear motor
Catalyst for bulk polymerization
Flame-retardant resin composition
Cutting blade for a circular saw
Method and system for arbitrating priority bids sent over serial links to a multi-port storage devic...
Image forming apparatus including a belt-shaped image carrier
Process for laser processing and apparatus for use in the same
Bioconversion of a fermentable carbon source to 1,3-propanediol by a single microorganism
Drug delivery device and method for bi-directional drug delivery
Method for synthesising perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
5-substituted 2-aryl-4-pyrimidinones
Method for screening molecules that exert a neurotrophic effect through activation of neurotrophin r...
Optically active color filter
Electrical switching apparatus including a housing and a trip circuit forming a composite structure
Apparatus for oscillating a head and methods for implementing the same
Light emitting device, driving method of light emitting device and electronic device
(4,5,9,10-Tetrahydro-pyren-2-yl)-carbamic acid 4-(2-methylsulfanyl-alkyl)-3,5-dinitro-benzyl ester, ...
Direct detection of high-energy single photons
Scintillator panel, method of maufacturing scintillator panel, radiation detection device, and radia...
Photoelectric converter and X-ray image pick-up device
Methods and compositions to modulate ethylene sensitivity
Indole derivatives as interleukin-4 gene expression inhibitors
Thermo-optic switch having fast rise-time
Automated document processing system using full image scanning
Methods and apparatus for sub-harmonic generation, stereo expansion and distortion
Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
Radio frequency data communications device
Fuel cell
Electrode structure for stacked alkaline fuel cells
Fuel cell and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for improved fluid flow within an electrochemical cell
Electrochemical cells