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Method for validating an authentication chip
Mats for use in paved surfaces
Method for the hydroformylation of olefins with 2 to 6 carbon atoms
Electric double layer capacitor
Multilayer barrier film structure and organic electroluminescent display panel and manufacturing met...
Process for the conversion of natural gas to reactive gaseous products comprising ethylene
Catalytic domain of ADAM33 and methods of use thereof
Sliders bonded by a debondable encapsulant containing styrene and butadiene polymers
Transparent protective film for polarizing plate, process for producing the same, polarizing plate, ...
Polysaccharide based gel
Display device having metal heat diffusion member
Epoxy resin for fiber reinforced composite materials
Wireless data communication system, wireless data communication method and communication apparatus
Reduction of the contact resistance in organic field-effect transistors with palladium contacts by u...
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
In Vitro mutagenesis, phenotyping, and gene mapping
Combined growth factor-deleted and thymidine kinase-deleted vaccinia virus vector
Multiplex oligonucleotide addition and target amplification
Proteolysis targeting chimeric pharmaceutical
Processes for the preparation of pyrazolo[1,5-a]-1,3,5-triazines and intermediates thereof
Methods for projection of energy
Saccharide residue-functional organopolysiloxanes and method for the preparation thereof
Polyoxyalkylene phosphonates and improved process for their synthesis
Method for regulating a most loaded circuit in a multi-circuit refrigeration system
Processor cluster architecture and associated parallel processing methods
Mechanized dental instrument
Technique for synchronizing visual and voice browsers to enable multi-modal browsing
Method and apparatus for generating a speech-recognition-based call-routing system
Battery system including two temperature sensors
Software method utilizing gateways for maintaining connectivity during communications over distinct ...
Switching valve with position detecting mechanism
Pilot controlled multiway valve
Pool-based resource management in a data network
Processor that maintains virtual interrupt state and injects virtual interrupts into virtual machine...
Unified system and method for animal behavior characterization in home cages using video analysis
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization and catalyst
Recovery of ethylene and propylene from a methanol to olefin reaction system
Pyrimidine derivatives for the treatment of abnormal cell growth
Automated teller machine
Resorbable extracellular matrix for reconstruction of cartilage
Method of refining tall oil
Multilayer inductor with shielding plane
Location information services
Thermal Treatment Method
Prediction of cavity size in the packed bed systems using new correlations and mathematical model
Method and system for deploying an asset over a multi-tiered network
Auscultatory training system
Methods and apparatus for constructing semantic models for document authoring
Verbena plant named `Balazcoral`
RFID tag with visual environmental condition monitor
Precision position determining method
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Geranium plant named `Baldesimred`
Encapsulated tray and end caps for a writing board
Earth globe assembly
Globes having marked zones of geographic interest
Mounting device
Identifying devices for the visually handicapped
Inhalable aztreonam aerosol for treatment and prevention of pulmonary bacterial infections
Electrophoretic display device and contactless communication medium
Credit manager method and system
Method of steam cooking
Semiconductor memory device having redundancy cell array shared by a plurality of memory cell arrays
System and method for configuring a solid-state storage device with error correction coding
Product recovery from simulated-moving-bed adsorption
Temperature compensated square function generator
Cathode ray tube clamp
Image-display apparatus, image-display method, and image-display program
Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data us...
Printing of documents with position identification pattern
Touch input device with display front
Data encoding pattern
Apparatus, system, and method for selecting ordered files for printing
System and method for monitoring the distribution of information from a multi-function peripheral de...
Printer controller apparatus implemented as a system in a package
Direct print evidence
System and method for compensating for visual effects upon panels having fixed pattern noise with re...
Maximum and minimum power limit calculator for batteries and battery subpacks
Power supply IC having switching regulator and series regulator
Higher PWM resolution for switchmode power supply control
Step-down circuit with stabilized output voltage
Bias circuit for high-swing cascode current mirrors
Semiconductor device for controlling switching power supply
Constant current generating circuit using resistor formed of metal thin film
Bandgap voltage regulator
Power efficient startup circuit for activating a bandgap reference circuit
Oscillatorless DC-DC power converter
Soft start system and method for switching regulator
Switching signal modulation circuit
Voltage regulator controller power good indicator circuitry
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multiple-output power device, and mobile device using the same
Voltage regenerator
DC-DC regulator with switching frequency responsive to load
Buck/boost power converter
Method and apparatus for digitally regulating an output voltage using noise-shaped component selecti...
Vehicle rotating electric machine
Serial charger with the function of automatic change of charging speed for NICD/NIH batteries
Method and system for determining page numbers of page images
Method and system for protocol feature communication
Bin liner assembly
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
21-Heterocyclic-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Histone deacetylase inhibitors for treating degenerative diseases of the eye
Fluorinated 4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Hexahydroimidazopyrazin-3-one compounds useful as modulators of androgen receptor function
Crystalline forms of [(1R), 2S]-2-aminopropionic acid 2-[4-(4-fluoro-2-methyl-1H-indol-5-yloxy)-5-me...
Tricycloundecane compounds useful as modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
17-Acetamido-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
Pelvic implant with anchoring frame
Modulators of calcitonin and amylin activity
Asthma associated factors as targets for treating atopic allergies including asthma and related diso...
Silinane compounds as cysteine protease inhibitors
Kit and method for EEA anvil placement in bariatric surgery
Iontophoresis device
Method and apparatus for managing active agent usage, and active agent injecting device
Device and method for treatment of wounds with nitric oxide
Gastric band introducer
Gastric band introducer
Synthesis of phenoxyacetic acid derivatives
Novel compounds
Method for preventing or treating metabolic syndrome
Use of benzylideneaminoguanidines and hydroxyguanidines as melanocortin receptor ligands
Gsk-3 inhibitors isolated from marine organisms
Methods for managing adipocyte fat accumulation
Acyl indoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Pyrazole derivatives, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Novel imidazoles
New 3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
System and method for enabling a proper dispensation of medication
System and method for developing a proposal
Method and Apparatus for Retreiving Large Data and Smaller Data at a Nearly Simultaneous Rate for Su...
Method of providing a non-core curriculum
System And Method For Commerce In Multimedia Books
Medical patient stimulator
Method for improving relationship compatibility analysis based on the measure of psychological trait...
Method for separating sentences in audio-video display system
Apparatus and Method for Infrared Imaging With Performance Algorithm
Imaging mechanism for wireless handheld devices, portable digital assistants, and other handheld com...
Tour tempo player
Assessing Progress in Mastering Social Skills in Multiple Categories
Method of indicating order and object with indicators of order
Training simulator for sharp shooting
Laboratory jack
Steam iron
Steam iron
Turbo brush
Suction nozzle for a vacuum cleaner
Bagless canister body for upright vacuum cleaner
Hand polisher
Vacuum cleaner
Steam outputting appliance
Four column garment dryer
Washing machine
Washing machine
Stock prod handle
Pet leash handle
Pet dish
Side protector of a leg pad
Hearing protector part
System and method for triphone-based unit selection for visual speech synthesis
Digital broadcast recording/viewing support apparatus
CMOS image sensor using high frame rate with frame addition and movement compensation
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, noise-amount estimate apparatus, noise-amount e...
Motion compensation method for video sequence encoding in low bit rate systems
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for processing images of a golf ball
Method for visual inspection of printed matter on moving lids
Communication terminal device
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for high speed real-time processing
LCD-TV capable of receiving two or more display signals
Universal mounting technique for video matrix switching with chassis volume reduction
Intermediate-frequency circuit having flat group delay characteristic
Video apparatus with video signal detection and respective method for recognizing a video signal
Memory mapping and parsing application data
Interoperability of objects between various platforms
Method and system for migrating computer state
Methods and apparatus for executing instructions in parallel
Using identifiers and counters for controlled optimization compilation
Method and system for application installation and management using an application-based naming syst...
Reformulating resources with nodes reachable from defined entry points
Method for reducing write barrier overhead
Method and system for generating first class citizen application implementing native software applic...
Method and apparatus for modifying relocatable object code filed and monitoring programs
Systems and methods for conducting future signal checks
Equivalence checking of scan path flush operations
Menus whose geometry is bounded by two radii and an arc
Method for providing real-time service of huge and high quality digital image on internet
Navigation assistance method and system
Data communications
System and method for providing on-hold content in a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) environment
Wireless services provider network system and method
Dynamic load balancing of a storage system
Method and apparatus for monitoring and processing voice over internet protocol packets
Apparatus, system and method for wide area networking to control sports lighting
Wireless communication system having communication system switching function
Method and system for efficient file transfer to/from a local traffic system with a DMD system
Verification system and method for packet call processing operation of mobile telephone
System and method for the management of distributed personalized information
Method and apparatus for measuring packet connection quality of service
Computer communication providing quality of service
Ice bagging apparatus and method
E-mail system using attachment identifier generated at issuer device for retrieving appropriate file...
Secure system for the issuance, acquisition, and redemption of certificates in a transaction network
System and method for implementing healthcare fraud countermeasures
Server apparatus, terminal device, and information providing system
RF-energy modulation system through dynamic coil detuning
Method for localizing at least one focal lesion in a biological tissue section
Method and system for sharing and/or centralizing mobile positioning information and geospatial data...
Element placement method and apparatus
Recovering track format information mismatch errors using data reconstruction
Systems and methods for restoring data
Virtual register set expanding processor internal storage
Information processing apparatus, memory, information processing method, and program
Structures and methods for coupling energy from an electromagnetic wave
Transistor with notched gate
Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Look-up table based logic macro-cells
Field emission display device
Method for single crystal growth of perovskite oxides
Golf shoe upper
Golf ball manufacturing method
Putt training and practice device
Golf club gripping aid and method of use thereof
Golf chip shot practice device
Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet printing module
Pouch production apparatus and method
Over-sampling A/D converter with adjacent channel power detection
Bicyclic inhibitors of hormone sensitive lipase
Ballast having multiple circuit failure protection and method for ballast circuit protection
Inhibitor-resistant HCV NS3 protease
Lipid-altering compositions for the treatment of infertility
Ethylened polymer and molded object obtained therefrom
Glass crack prevention laminate and liquid crystal display device
Platinum-containing compounds exhibiting cytostatic activity, synthesis and methods of use
Confectionery product having an enhanced cooling effect and method of making
Fiber-reinforced composite material and method for production thereof
Apparatus and method for receiving channel signal using space time transmit diversity scheme in code...
System and method for performing error recovery in an integrated development environment
Sensing system for pet controllable access
Hospital meter system
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, processes for their prod...
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins
Method and system for dynamic web page breadcrumbing using javascript
Parser generation based on example document
Drug delivery device containing neuraminidase inhibitor and an H1 antagonist
Fast-growing willow shrub named `Millbrook`
Image display device and driving method thereof
Leucothoe plant named `CURLY RED`
Method, system, and program for allocating tasks to a plurality of processors
Syringe and multi-dose inhaler adapter for a ventilator
Arrangement and method for controlling operational characteristics of medical equipment
Method and apparatus for delegating digital signatures to a signature server
Magnetic random access memory array having bit/word lines for shared write select and read operation...
Polarized radiation source using spin extraction/injection
Plasma display panel aging method and aging device
Avoiding remembered-set maintenance overhead for memory segments known to be in a collection set
Process delay monitoring system
Method for loading large XML documents on demand
Method and apparatus for on-demand content transmission and control over networks
Telediagnosis viewer
Method and Apparatus for Monitoring and Controlling Thermally Induced Tissue Treatment
Method and Apparatus for Monitoring and Controlling Thermally Induced Tissue Treatment
Beamforming using subset of antenna array
Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and radio communication parameter updating method
Base station apparatus and radio communication parameter setting method
Method and system for image rejection by using post mixer I/Q equalization
Radio wave propagation characteristic estimation system, and its method and program
Exchangeable covers for radio communication terminals
System for warning against forgetting to pull out information recording medium
Adaptive optical transmitter for use with externally modulated lasers
Systems, Methods, and Apparatuses for Fine-Sensing Modules
Blocker performance in a radio receiver
Systems, Methods, and Apparatuses for Spectrum-Sensing Cognitive Radios
Network combining wired and non wired segments
CPRI-based multiprotocol signal transmission method and apparatus in distributed base station system
Altered metabolism
ABCG1/ABCG4-related methods and compositions
Accessing predictive data
Knowledge-based methods for genetic network analysis and the whole cell computer system based thereo...
Method for biomehcanically simulating of a set of osseous joints
Molecular nephrotoxicology modeling
Use of infrared thermography in live animals to predict growth efficiency
Modular femoral stem component for a hip joint prosthesis
Nucleus implant and method
Degenerative disc regeneration techniques
In situ bioprosthetic filler and methods, particularly for in situ formation of vertebral disc biopr...
Selectively Expanding Spine Cage, Hydraulically Controllable in Three Dimensions for Enhanced Spinal...
Apparatus and methods for treating bone
Transforaminal hybrid implant
System and method for fusion cage implantation
Method and instrumentation for the preparation and transplantation of osteochondral allografts
Method of performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using biodegradable interference scre...
Programmable device and method of programming
Data redundancy for writes using remote storage system cache memory
Programmable memory initialization system and method
Data processing apparatus and method for moving data between registers and memory in response to an ...
Cache control program
Continuous interleave burst access
Multiple-stage pipeline for transaction conversion
Method, system and memory controller utilizing adjustable write data delay settings
Alternative methods in memory protection
Data protection for computer system
Write-protection blocks for non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Information processing system, storage system, storage device controller and program that enable fac...
Efficient system and method for updating a memory device
Method of controlling download speed of broadcast receiving device and apparatus for the same
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot
Industrial robot system
Load lock chamber for large area substrate processing system
Convertible multi-use container
Pet toy
Storage and delivery article for highly viscous fluid
Fabrication of close-spaced MEMS devices by method of precise adhesion regulation
Composite surgical devices
Ball bat having windows
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Self-opening closure for composite packagings or for container connection pieces closed by film mate...
Design and manufacturing method for multi-material tube structures
Tilting umbrella with actuator having operating location on lower shaft to tilt upper shaft
Method for producing an integral ceramic circuit board
Editing system, editing method, clip management device, and clip management method
Composite material with powered resonant cells
Apparatus and method for mechanically bonding and cutting an article
Waterguard tube
Electric heating cloth method
Shoe bottom having interspersed materials
Hybrid transmission
Electrical contact element as well as contacting device having a contact element
Graphic back-lighting for panel with contact-less switch sensors
Sliding load floor system with two-axis pivoting hinge
Internal combustion engine
Control device for vehicular opening/closing body
Fuel properties estimation for internal combustion engine
Leak-tight system for boxes containing electrical and electronic components
Inductive battery recharging system with peak voltage detection
CO oxidizer
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method of producing same
Engine output torque control
Exhaust gas cleaning system
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for engaging engine clutch for hybrid transmission
Auxiliary transmission in transmission system
Solid laser apparatus
Open loop laser power control for optical navigation devices and optical systems
Multi-wavelength laser source based on two optical laser beat signal and method
Mode-selective frequency tuning system
Method and apparatus for tuning a laser
Optical disk apparatus for detecting wobble signal
Method and apparatus for optical head and optical information reproducing
Spherical aberration compensation by wavelength
Optical head and optical disk drive unit therewith
Optical head and optical recording medium drive
Heat dissipation member for an optical disk drive
Apparatus and method for illumination of light valves
Two-stage optical bi-directional transceiver
Anatomic and functional imaging of tagged molecules in animals
Method and apparatus for controlling the output of a gas discharge MOPA laser system
Compressed code generating method and compressed code decompressing method
Substituted piperazines and diazepanes
5HT2c receptor agonists
Therapeutic method
Ear type apparatus for measuring a bio signal and measuring method therefor
Benzodifuranimidazoline and benzofuranimidazoline derivatives and their use for the treatment of gla...
.beta.3 adrenergic agonists
Piperidino pyrimidine dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Intrusion detection system
Decolorable image forming material
Terminal apparatus and recording method
Heat sink and high thermal stability structure for CPP sensor
Magnetoresistive head having magnetic domain control film in contact with underlayer and with ends o...
Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method thereof
Suspension damping method with minimum impact on preload stiffness
Slider having cavity floor with differing depths
Thin film magnetic head having toroidally wound coil
Disk drive pulse width modulating a voice coil motor using model reference current feedback
Offset angle disc clamp
Buffering mechanism and recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Disk drive housing member including an electrically insulative coating and metallic platings and met...
Magnetic recording/reproducing device including a tape pull-out member having a projection for conta...
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Disk drive with phase-quadrature servo pattern and demodulated position error signal insensitive to ...
Method for preventing reduction in a reproduced output of a servo signal in a magnetic recording med...
Self-servo-write using ramp-tracks
Virtual mobile service provider
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy usage
Automatic packaging system
Shopping receptacle with in-built user interface
IC card, portable terminal, and access control method
Methods and apparatus for limiting communication capabilities in mobile communication devices
Water-based dithiolene infrared inkjet inks
Scanner transparent media adapter using fiber optic face plate
Processing method for an image fiber
Etched tapered fiber bundle and method of making the same
Optical fiber tape of low polarization mode dispersion characteristic and method for measuring dynam...
Electromagnetic field sensing apparatus
Transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC) chips utilizing compact wavelength selective combine...
Packaged optical sensors on the side of optical fibers
Anti-PMD system
Method and system for processing calls within a local micro network
Optical transmission system
Injection mold for light guide body and apparatus for manufacturing light guide body using same
System and method for processing fiber optic connectors
Dispersion optimized fiber having higher spot area
Packet fiber node
Photonic bandgap fibers
Method and apparatus for positioning an optical fiber
Originator authentication using platform attestation
Discharge lamp lighting circuit with an open protection circuit
Direct writing of metallic conductor patterns on insulating surfaces
Softclip method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing crosstalk interference in an inline Fabry-Perot sensor array
Apparatus for fanning out near infrared radiation in an automotive occupant position restraint syste...
Wireless tire pressure sensing system
Apparatus and method for down-regulating immune system mediators in blood
Binder resin compositions, production process and use thereof
Functionalized ionic liquids, and methods of use thereof
Catalyst and method for its manufacture
Preparation of acrolein by heterogeneously catalyzed partial gas phase oxidation of propene
Method and apparatus for joining adhesive tape
Thermoplastic molding process and apparatus
Ultra-wideband receiver and transmitter
Die cushion apparatus of a press machine and surge pressure reduction method for a die cushion appar...
Powder teat dip germicide, fungicide and skin conditioner
Low latency comma detection and clock alignment
Method for diagnosing a person having multiple sclerosis
Polymerization catalyst systems and processes therefor and therewith
Lubricated hot rolling method
Approach for managing power consumption of network devices
Ramp temperature techniques for improved mean wafer before clean
Method, system, and program for displaying pages downloaded from over a network in an application wi...
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfgigabu`
Optical routing using a star switching fabric
Photinia plant named `Parred`
Delivery system
Event-driven observability enhanced coverage analysis
Magnetic random access memory
LED arrangement
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Methods, systems and computer program products for monitoring files
Use of Vitamin Ds or Vitamin D analogs to treat cardiovascular disease
Regulation of food intake and glucose production by modulation of long-chain fatty acyl-coa levels i...
Long lasting natural anti-pest additive
Soy milk made from germinated soy beans
Extract from plant of japanese parsley family and process for producing the same
Compositions and methods for the administration psychotropic drugs which modulate body weight
Cancer chemotherapy compositions comprising PI3K pathways modulators and triptolide
Combinations of chromium with antidiabetics for glucose metabolism disorders
Cold remedy composition comprising zinc salts
Methods of preserving ophthalmic solutions and preserved ophthalmic solutions
Hydrogen cyanamide pesticide formulations
Dual-Phase Cement Precursor Systems for Bone Repair
Medical Products and Parenteral Formulations
Skin rejuvinating supplement
Dietary calcium for reducing the production of reactive oxygen species
Compositions containing opioid antagonists
Compositions for administering RNAIII-inhibiting peptides
Controlled released compositions
Bone cement compositions and the like comprising an RNAIII-inhibiting peptide
Methods and systems for integrity testing of porous materials
Process for selective oxidation of olefins to epoxides
Method for manufacturing a plastic, especially a polyurethane, as well as method for manufacturing, ...
Method for high throughput volumes in the fractionation of bio-molecules by chromatographic systems
Process for preparing l-threonine
Process for enhanced recovery of crude oil from oil wells using novel microbial consortium
Labeled probe bound object, method for producing the same and method for using the same
Bcrm-1 genes and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for sequencing a nucleic acid
Fabrication method of photomask-blank
Organic vapor fuel cell
Electroless plating apparatus and electroless plating method
Methods of Preparing Targeted Immunoliposomes
Ferrofluids stable in neutral media and modified ferrofluids modifies obtained by modification of th...
Remote water quality monitoring systems and techniques
Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPS) for the selective removal of inorganic contaminants from liqui...
Hollow fiber membrane and method of producing the same
Fire resistant barrier
Friction lining for braking system components
Transfer tape
Prefabricated plaster board
Ettringite binder for dense mortar, comprising calcium sulphates and a mineral compound of calcium a...
Hyperplaty clays and their use in paper coating and filling, methods for making same, and paper prod...
Elemental gamma ray signature instrument
Recording material
Fiber reinforced cementitious material
Methods of use settable drilling fluids comprising cement kiln dust
Cement render system
Production method of three-dimensional shape data of dental prosthesis
Self-crosslinking aqueous polyurethane dispersions
Preparation for the fungicidal and algicidal finish of alkaline coating compositions
Thieno-pyrimidine compounds having fungicidal activity
Emulsifier based on polyamines and fatty acid/maleic anhydride
Treated fibrous mat, laminate and method
Dental and Endodontic Filling Materials and Methods
Natural insect repellant
Method for processing flue gases
Sorbents for Removal of Mercury from Flue Gas
Audio output apparatus and method
Rotatable cutting tool with reverse tapered body
Method for Preparing a Polymeric Article
Methods of using cement compositions comprising high alumina cement and cement kiln dust
Anti-microbial paper products having a substituted 1,2-dihydroquinoline
Cement compositions comprising high alumina cement and cement kiln dust
Polycomb genes from maize- Mez1 and Mez2
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Inbred Corn Line PHCAM
Hybrid caulimovirus promoters and constructs thereof
Cotton cultivar DP 164 B2RF
Method and an apparatus for providing automatic emergency mode plan generation in a utility computin...
Method and apparatus for installing an application into a device
Method for checking printability of a lithography target
Redaction system, method and computer program product
Method and system for efficiently retrieving secured data by securely pre-processing provided access...
Web-based, secure supervisory system for social guidance and professional consultation and method of...
System for management of processed instruments
System for Providing Context Associated with Data mining Results
Optimization expert system
Disc insertion preventive device
Organizing structured and unstructured database columns using corpus analysis and context modeling t...
Methods for improved forewarning of critical events across multiple data channels
Distributed expert diagnostic service and system
Multi-mode programmer for medical device communication
Electrical nerve stimulation based on channel specific sampling sequences
Apparatus and method for R-wave detection with dual dynamic sensitivities
Full-range electrotherapy unit with digital force modutator
Program guide and reservation system for network based digital information and entertainment storage...
Customized food preparation apparatus and method
HMB compositions and uses thereof
Human beta-defensin secretion promoter
Interactive computer simulation enhanced exercise machine
Food packaging
Soy protein product with a high sterol and tocopherol content and process for its manufacture
Ultra high pressure modified proteins and uses thereof
Composition and foods for lowering glycemic index
Cross-linkable soy protein compositions and emulsified meat products including the same
Quinoa protein concentrate, production and functionality
Aseptic liquid non dairy creamer
Tropicalizing agent, and methods for making and using the same
Non-settling fruit beverages and methods of making non-settling fruit beverages
Acidic protein food or drink and material thereof
Bottled beverage
Food products containing a fruit component
Composition containing pectin ester
Method and apparatus for manufacturing noodles for cold noodle dish through extrusion
Production of low calorie, extruded, expanded foods having a high fiber content
Isolation of polyphenolic compounds from fruits or vegetables utilizing sub-critical water extractio...
Profiled motion and variable fill position of mold plate assembly in a food product molding machine
Food grating device and improved hinge mechanism
Pet feeding dish
Method of feeding the cattle with feed additives that increases beef production and reduces liver ab...
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds wi...
Disposable cutting sheet
Method of producing a press-molded dried food material
Climate control for the transport and storage of perishables
Chewing gum formulation and method of making the same
Conference table with multiple workstations
Charged particle beam apparatus
Apparatus for spatial modulation of an x-ray beam
X-ray tube cathode assembly and interface reaction joining process
Simultaneous measurement of the reflectivity of X-ray with different orders of reflections and appar...
X-ray analysis apparatus
Vessel scanning system
Process and device for testing parts by X rays
Intraoperative stereo imaging system
X-ray tomography apparatus and operating method for generating multiple energy images
CT colonography system
Fourier space tomographic image reconstruction method
Method and apparatus for phase correlation holographic drive
System and method for monitoring a security of an asset
Programmable particle scatterer for radiation therapy beam formation
Radiation generating device, lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufact...
Radiation image storage panel
Three dimensional radiation detector
Method and apparatus for correction of pileup and charge sharing in x-ray images with energy resolut...
Preparing acoustic models by sufficient statistics and noise-superimposed speech data
Facial feature-localized and global real-time video morphing
Authenticating metadata and embedding metadata in watermarks of media signals
System and method of representing personal profile in auditory form
Method for driving a touch panel device
Method and device for determining the filling level of a medium in a container
Image forming apparatus having a medium transporting belt formed in an endless shape and having a fi...
Method and device for cleaning an optical waveguide removed from its jacket
Method for translating programs for reconfigurable architectures
Automatic and transparent hardware conversion of traditional control flow to predicates
Protocol communication and transit packet forwarding routed between multiple virtual routers within ...
Autonomic context-dependent computer management
Method and system for searching and retrieving documents
Method and apparatus for determining a set of large sequences from an electronic data base
Model train control system
Method and apparatus for obtaining high integrity and availability in multi-channel systems
Fabry-perot sensing element based on a large-diameter optical waveguide
Image storage and display system
System and method for ground glass nodule (GGN) segmentation
X-ray source assembly having enhanced output stability, and fluid stream analysis applications there...
System and method for automated answering of natural language questions and queries
Information retrieval method and relay center
Wizard and help file search and management
Information organization and navigation by user-generated associative overlays
Osmotic pump with means for dissipating internal pressure
Minimizing corrosion in a methanol-to-olefin effluent processing system
Selective hydrogenation of butadiene
Ethylene-propylene copolymers with an improved shape stability suitable for modifying lubricating oi...
Diesel fuel formulation for reduced emissions
GPS receiving apparatus and GPS satellite signal receiving method
Fragrance compositions
Compositions and methods for efficient AAV vector production
Polymeric delivery agents and delivery agent compounds
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis dis...
Pharmaceutical compositions including variants of vascular endothelial cell growth factor having alt...
Use of a lectin or conjugates for modulation of c-fibre activity
Fragrance compositions
Fragrance compositions
Program code conversion
System and method for programmatically generating a graphical program in response to program informa...
Method and system for determining computer software test coverage
Lighting device for discharge lamp
.beta.1,3-galactosyltransferases from C. jejuni
Method and apparatus for test and repair of marginally functional SRAM cells
Packaged thin film batteries and methods of packaging thin film batteries
Fuel cell with integrated heater and robust construction
Medical liquid delivery device
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Laser radar apparatus
Oral care device portable apparatus with sanitizing towelettes
Analgesic from snake venom
Electrochromic rearview mirror incorporating a third surface reflector with at least one graphical i...
Suspended lifting apparatus
Comparand generation in a content addressable memory
Aminodiphosphonate apolipoprotein E modulators
System and method for parsing data
Hosta plant named `Forest Fire`
High fill-factor bulk silicon mirrors
Hebe plant named `Turkish Delight`
Library server locks DB2 resources in short time for CM implicit transaction
Proton exchange membranes using cycloaddition reaction between azide and alkyne containing component...
Magnetic memory device and method of reading the same
White light emitting device and method of making same
Plasma display panel
Object versioning
Communication apparatus, system and web page processing method
Double bias for a magnetic reader
Low thermal coefficient of resistivity on-slider tunneling magneto-resistive shunt resistor
Magnetoresistive sensor
Load/unload ramp
Rotating write field generated by circulating domain walls in a magnetic ring: a DC-driven high-freq...
Data storage device
Systems, apparatus, and methods to determine thermal decay characterization from an equalized signal...
Hard mask method of forming a reader of a magnetic head
Object detecting apparatus having operation monitoring function
Multiple beam scanning imager
Common axis three mirror anastigmatic optic
Optical amplifier using reflection-type variable optical attenuator for feedback
Compact optical amplifier with a flattened gain profile
Displaying holographic three dimensional images
Cascaded difference frequency generator using resonant structure
Tunable optical integrated element using liquid crystal as active layer
Phase modulating apparatus and phase modulating method
Compact integrated optical imaging assembly
Rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle
Branched polyformals and copolyformals their preparation and use
Fishbone diffraction-type light modulator
Method and system for maskless lithography real-time pattern rasterization and using computationally...
Compositions for Golf Equipment
Compartmentalised screening by microfluidic control
Microwave-Assisted Peptide Synthesis
Method for preparation of fine powdered cellulose ethers
Method for producing cellulose acylate, cellulose acylate film, and polarizer, retardation film, opt...
Cellulose II phosphate ester and metal-adsorbing material using the same
siRNA targeting MCL1
Target protein of antidiabetic and novel antidiabetic insuful corresponding thereto
Complexes that consist of vitamin D compounds or analogs thereof with a 5Z,7E,10(19)-triene system a...
Method for crosslinking beta-cyclodextrin for cholesterol trapping and regeneration thereof
Orally bioavailable compounds and methods for inhibiting platelet aggregation
RNA interference mediating small RNA molecules
Medical treatment
Short immunomodulatory oligonucleotides
Rna interference mediated inhibition of xiap gene expression using short interfering nucleic acid (s...
Drop1, a novel marker for carcinogenesis
Modulation of cell phenotype by inhibitory rna
Camptothecin derivatives as chemoradiosensitizing agents
Amyloid specific peptides and uses thereof
Preparation of acariogenic sugar substitutes
Variants of the .alpha.1 subunit of human AMPK
Bacterial nitric oxide synthases and uses thereof
Deracemisation of amines
Member of the lysyl oxidase gene family
.DELTA.4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding biotin-binding receptors
Fret protease assays for botulinum serotype A/E toxins
Rhesus monkey, dog and ferret melanin-concentrating hormone type 2 receptor
Concatameric ligation products: compositions, methods and kits for same
Rapid analysis of variations in a genome
Common polymorphism in scn5a implicated in drug-induced cardiac arrhythmia
Multiplex PCR primer set for human HNF-1.alpha. gene amplification
Compositions and methods of selective nucleic acid isolation
Optical film and liquid crystal display using the same
Method for distributing and clearing digital contents via on-line
System and method for identifying a macro virus family using a macro virus definitions database
Maintain fairness of resource allocation in a multi-node environment
Arrangement in a router of a mobile network for optimizing use of messages carrying reverse routing ...
System and method for recovering management of network element(s) responsive to failure of a distrib...
Software evaluation system having source code and function unit identification information in stored...
Protocol for instant messaging
Long running test method for a circuit design analysis
Method and system for modifying the content of e-mail transmissions based on customization settings
Process for creating and managing at least one cryptographic key, and system for its implementation
Method and apparatus for decrypting encrypted data stored on a record carrier
System and method for generating encryption seed values
Method and apparatus for securely distributing large digital video/data files with optimum security
Reproducing device, reproducing method, and receiving device
Apparatus and method for computer screen security
Encryption apparatus and method, and decryption apparatus and method based on block encryption
Elliptic curve converting device, elliptic curve converting method, elliptic curve utilization devic...
Electronic lock system and method for providing access thereto
Security method for transmissions in telecommunication networks
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Misato FG2`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Misato FG3`
Lantana plant named `Balucwite`
Hydrangea plant named `Lemon Daddy`
Echinacea plant named `Evan Saul`
Poinsettia plant named `Fismars Creme`
Poinsettia plant named `Carousel Dark Red`
Geranium plant named `Pink Penny`
Chinese Elm tree named `BSNUPF`
Hydrangea plant named `Summer Frost`
Yucca plant named `WALBRISTAR`
Echinacea plant named `Matthew Saul`
Veronica plant named `Fairytale`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Applause White`
Euphorbia plant named `HJOR045`
Current load device and method for driving the same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor arrangement comprising transistors based on organic semiconductors and non-volatile re...
Memory element with nitrogen-containing active layer
Organic EL element and method of manufacturing the same, organic EL display device using the element...
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Echinacea plant named `Twilight`
Optical pickup actuator with a magnetic driver having focus, track and tilt coils
Configurable transformation of electronic documents
System and method for operating dual bank read-while-write flash
Controller device and method for operating same
Method for after service of mobile telephone
Single sideband mixer and method of extracting single sideband signal
Method and apparatus for optional automatic configuration of wireless communications device behavior...
Electricity waste suppressing original document size detection apparatus
Process cartridge and an image forming apparatus having the same
Test procedures using pictures
360-Degree magnetoresistive rotary position sensor
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid...
Public relations and delivery system
Synchronization method
Method and apparatus for a network independent short message delivery system
Negotiated wireless peripheral security systems
System and method for replenishing a wireless terminal account
System for remote control of vehicle functions and/or inquiry of vehicle status data
Wireless communication system including a Universal C-Chip and method thereof
System and method for proximity motion detection in a wireless network
Cellular wireless re-use structure that allows spatial multiplexing and diversity communication
Registration messaging for an unlicensed wireless communication system
Pressure sensor
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method
Electromagnetic radiation detection device with integrated housing comprising two superposed detecto...
CVD plasma assisted low dielectric constant films
HDP-CVD multistep gapfill process
Selective metal encapsulation schemes
Liquid crystal display device having partition walls
Light sensing panel, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Apparatus and method for thermally isolating a heat chamber
System and method for suppressing oxide formation
Three-dimensional memory device with ECC circuitry
Method and structure to reduce optical crosstalk in a solid state imager
Self aligned compact bipolar junction transistor layout and method of making same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Low temperature production of large-grain polycrystalline semiconductors
Thin film transistor substrate for display device and fabricating method thereof
Spray coating apparatus and fixtures
Metal oxide sensors and method of forming
Uniform microwave heating method and apparatus
Spool gun having unitary shielding gas and weld power connector
Welding gun attachment mechanism
Time limit function utilization apparatus
Particle accelerator having wide energy control range
Oxide cathode for electron gun with a differentially doped metallic substrate
Thermally or electrically-conductive form-in-place gap filter
Method of fabricating a polymer matrix composite electromagnetic shielding structure
Columnar 1T-N memory cell structure
Electrostatic chuck for an electrically insulative substrate, and a method of using same
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Diagnosis and repair system and method
Diagnostic system and method for enabling multistage decision optimization for aircraft preflight di...
Image forming apparatus and method for forming image with developing agent having adhesive strength
System and method for machine learning a confidence metric for machine translation
Architecture and run-time environment for network filter drivers
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a display screen
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved card retention capabilities and method
Gumball machine simulating a slot machine
Operation scheme for spectrum shift in charge trapping non-volatile memory
Trap read only non-volatile memory (TROM)
Distributed meter reading terminal
Multiple output phase-locked loop (PLL) using a single voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
Thienopyridine-phenylacetamides and their derivatives useful as new anti-angiogenic agents
Method for forming a thin film
Method of porogen removal from porous low-k films using UV radiation
Transistor device containing carbon doped silicon in a recess next to MDD to create strain in channe...
Refreshing wafers having low-k dielectric materials
Feedback control method for a heliostat
Heat pump system
Polyaryleneetherketone phosphine oxide compositions incorporating cycloaliphatic units for use as po...
Growth of planar reduced dislocation density m-plane gallium nitride by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers
Device for etching semiconductors with a large surface area
Error bit method and circuitry for oscillation-based characterization
Apparatus, system, and method for communicating to a network through a virtual domain providing anon...
System and method for providing network route redundancy across Layer 2 devices
Digital processing device with disparate magnetoelectronic gates
Optical transfer system having a transmitter and a receiver
Refastenable absorbent garment
Laser scanning bar code symbol reader employing variable passband filter structures having frequency...
Combined barcode scanner and radio frequency identification reader with field interpretation array
Metallic composite coating for delivery of therapeutic agents from the surface of implantable device...
Assembly for handling an implant
Dental implant system and additional methods of attachment
Dental prosthesis support and method
Electric cheese processor
Platter ensemble
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds, compositions, and methods of use
Methods and compositions for the treatment of MHC-associated conditions
Contrast enhancement agent for magnetic resonance imaging
Implantable medical device with drug filled holes
Expandable medical device for delivery of beneficial agent
Vehicular lamp
Color image forming apparatus and discharging device before secondary transfer of the same
Low-speed DLL employing a digital phase interpolator based upon a high-speed clock
Solid polymer type fuel cell
System and method for switching data storage devices and multiple processors
Decoding of an encoded wideband digital audio signal in a transmission system for transmitting and r...
System and method for automated network address cloning for routers
Information processing apparatus
Imaging system using solid-state CMOS imaging device
Method and apparatus for driving passive matrix liquid crystal
Active matrix type display device
Multiple motor position control
Method of membership protection using mobile communication device
Toner container and image forming apparatus using the same
Developing device, image forming apparatus and process cartridge including replenishment openings
Process for synthesis of perindopril and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Vasculostatic agents and methods of use thereof
Method for identifying inhibitors of G protein coupled receptor signaling
Structure and method to fabricate high performance MTJ devices for MRAM applications
Circuit inspection method, method of manufacturing liquid-crystal display, and circuit inspection ap...
Optical space-switching matrix
Versatile teleconferencing eye contact terminal
Electrostatic capacitance detection device
Printed capacitive sensor
System and method of restarting a switched reluctance motor after a rapid cycling of power
Power management system for a floor care appliance
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Hydrosilylation process
System and method for controlling the operation of a fuel processing system
Fuel cell system and method with increased efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions
Method of preparing composite from rigid polymer solution and composite film
Catalytic core reactor for thermochemical heat recovery
Method for operation of a device for energy conversion using a main fuel and at least one auxiliary ...
Emulsions for fuel cells
Fuel cell stack
Method and system for controlling fluid delivery in a fuel cell
Covalently-bound, hydrophilic coating compositions for surgical implants
Angulated package and display system
Techniques for binding scalable vector graphics to associated information
Virtual signs for improving information communicated to the automotive driver
Bicycle rear derailleur guard
Bicycle shift control apparatus that prevents undesirable chain angles
Process for controlling gear shifting in a cycle, and corresponding systems and components
Tilt chair
Trailer hitch assembly for a bicycle
Motorized bicycle drive system using a standard freewheel and left-crank drive
Sticky polymer lethal agent tracer
Dual clamp bicycle stem face plate
Magnetic dent removal device, method and kit
Headlamp for a bicycle
Composite tie rod
Epitaxial oxide films via nitride conversion
Combustion air system for recovery boilers, burning spent liquors from pulping processes
Secondary deethanizer to debottleneck an ethylene plant
Composite electrode and current collectors and processes for making the same
Process for isolating highly pure 2-methoxypropene
Single crystalline phase catalyst
Symmetric, shielded slow wave meander line
Apparatus for the transport of sheets
Printing press
Devices for turning sheets in a sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Apparatus for banderoling or banding stacks of flat workpieces
NMR analyzer
MR ductography
Magnetic resonance device comprising an eddy-current generator
Magnetic resonance method
Magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method therefor employing a steady-state pulse sequence
Deterring reverse-engineering of software systems by randomizing the siting of stack-based data
CLI configuration dump command support generation
Line illuminating device
Electrophotographic belt member, process for producing electrophotographic belt member, and electrop...
Sensor arrangement with electrically controllable arrays
Ink set and ink jet recording method
Inkjet recording ink and inkjet recording method
Niobium powder for capacitor, sintered body thereof and capacitor using the sintered body
Pouch-type lithium secondary battery
Vehicle driving force control apparatus
Snowmobile four-cycle engine arrangement
Battery-powered, remote-controlled, motor-driven, steerable roller skates
Segmented composition and a method and a system for making same
Transmitting peer-to-peer transactions through a coherent interface
Forming communication cluster of wireless AD HOC network based on common designation
High efficiency core antenna and construction method
Automatic vehicle collision avoidance and warning system
Mobile RFID management method and system
Homodyne RFID receiver and method
Portable handheld security device
Process for producing 4-(2-methylphenyl)benzotrifluoride
Removing permanganate-reducing impurities from acetic acid
Malonic acid monomethyl derivatives and production process thereof
Hot melt adhesive
Thermosetting resin composition, and prepreg and laminated board using the same
Process for manufacturing alkylphosphonate monoesters
Method for manufacturing compound semiconductor wafer and compound semiconductor device
Modified metal oxide sol, coating compositions and optical element
Methods and compositions for treating gastroparesis
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Sealing material tablet method of manufacturing the tablet and electronic component device
No-tangle two dog retractable leash with flashlight
Protective cat scratching post
Adjustable elevated serving tray for pets
Audio fishing lure system for attracting species specific fish
Rotating artificial bait structure inside body of artificial bait
Tip-up device
Bait rigging holder
Scanning apparatus