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Method of determining the position of the articular point of a joint
Fast computed tomography method
S-(.alpha., .alpha.'-disubstituted-.alpha.' '-acetic acid) substituted dithiocarbonate derivatives f...
Blends of amorphous and semicrystalline polymers having shape memory properties
Cure system for polyisoprene rubber
Rubber modified monovinylidene aromatic polymers and thermoformed articles
Photothermographic material and method of forming images
Polymers, processes for polymer synthesis and photoresist compositions
Method for determining and monitoring the ageing of the blood bags in blood transfusion units and he...
Magnetic resonance method with non-linear magnetic field gradients
Doppler directed suturing and compression device and method
Method and apparatus for providing intra-pericardial access
Pulse oximeter with separate ensemble averaging for oxygen saturation and heart rate
Electronic endoscope apparatus
Factorial hidden markov model for audiovisual speech recognition
Lane recognition image processing apparatus
Synchronization of components for printing
Image correction method
Image processing apparatus for reducing tile distortion
Method of precision calibration of a microscope and the like
Methods and apparatus for improving quality of block-transform coded images
Apparatus, method, and programs for arithmetic encoding and decoding
Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
Lightpipe with multiple projections
Waveguide configuration
Semiconductor waveguide-based avalanche photodetector with separate absorption and multiplication re...
Optical apparatuses providing optical interconnections among a plurality of electronic components
Aid for training a golf swing
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Direct backlight module
Light guide plate, lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display provided with the same, and light g...
Back light module of liquid crystal display device
Light emitting diode having diffraction grating and planar light source device using the same
Vehicle illumination lamp
Illumination device, and coordinate measuring instrument having an illumination device
Vehicular lamp
LED strobe light
Headlamp unit for vehicle and headlamp unit assembly
Vehicle lamp assembly with heat sink
Self-powered illumination device
Near field lens with spread characteristics
System of light units
Method and apparatus for lighting involving reflectors
Non-lethal ammunition utilizing a dense powder ballast and a two-stage firing sequence
Firearm projectile
Identifiable bullet which is unduplicatable
Weapons platform construction
Muzzle device
Fuel cell with ionization membrane
Injectable and bioadhesive polymeric hydrogels as well as related methods of enzymatic preparation
System and method for on-board diagnostics of memory modules
Cellular phone configured with off-board device capabilities and starter/charger and battery testing...
Integrated circuit radio front-end architecture and applications thereof
Transmitter control circuit
Power amplifying method, power amplifier, and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a pulse carver and a data modulator for optical telecommunica...
Wavelength multiplex transmission device
Multi-channel light source and multi-channel optical module using the same
Cover composition for golf ball
Antiperspirant compositions
Composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and at least...
Golf ball
Substituted benzene compounds, process for their preparation, and herbicidal and defoliant compositi...
Powder-containing oil-in-water emulsified composition
Composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and at least...
Indanylidene compounds
Treatment of dyed keratin fibres with a surfactant composition, and use for protecting the color
Reflector, projective display and projector
System for storing and dispensing a gas-solubilized product
Memory card structure and manufacturing method thereof
Master cylinder lever for a hydraulic disc brake having favorable handle pivot geometry
Treatments for benign tumors, cancers, neoplasias, and/or other inflammatory disorders or diseases
Polymorphs of sodium 4-[(4-chloro-2-hydroxybenzoyl) amino] butanoate
Polymeric reagents comprising a ketone or a related functional group
Methods and compositions for improved fragrancing of a surface
Fibrous structures comprising a nonoparticle additive
Feminine hygiene article
Cosmetic container
Container package
Cap for product dispenser
Surface pattern of a paper product
Selected cyclohexane -1,3-and -1,4-dicarboxylic acid esters
Self-priming chromate free corrosion resistant coating composition and method
Structure having photocatalyst-supporting film laminated thereto
Magnetic toner and conductive developer compositions
Optical reflector for reducing radiation heat transfer to hot engine parts
Tear resistant container
Method of protecting indicated information and cellular structure having its surface information pro...
Compositions and methods for separating amines and amino acids from their counter-enantiomers
Self-priming coil coating composition and method
Dispersions containing fatty acid esters of styrenated phenol alkoxylates
Semiconductor substrate polishing methods and equipment
Coating fluid for printing plates and method of making a printing plate
Nucleic acids encoding ryanodine receptors
Multilayer elements containing photoresist compositions and their use in microlithography
Preparation of (E)- and (Z)-2-methyl-2-butenoic acids
Reaction of fluoropolymer melts
Horizontal rotary hook for sewing machine
Apparatus and method for distributed monitoring of endpoints in a management region
Method and apparatus for content-aware web switching
High speed data transfer mechanism
Workflows for performance management methodology
Method and system for delivering secure e-mail
Verification of scheme used for email message containing information about remotely monitored device...
Treadmill roller device having bearing
Lubrication features for a scroll fluid machine
Wheel support bearing assembly with magnetic encoder
Combined bearing
Adjustable bearing
Static gas bearing system, stage mechanism, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Sheet feeder
Linear motion drive system and rail holder
Ammunition guide
Integral magazine extraction extensions
Optical disc recording method and optical disc reproducing method
Backside contamination inspection device
Optical coding of position information on printed surfaces
Process for fabricating MEMS membrane with integral mirror/lens
Method for avoiding air pockets in a joint between two structural components
One-piece fiber optic receptacle
Connector and receptacle containing a physical security feature
Fault isolation through no-overhead link level CRC
Process for preparation of diphosphine compounds and intermediates for the process
Solvent based coating composition
Lily plant named `Tiny Skyline`
Magnetic disk apparatus and method of controlling the same
Process for preparation of formate esters or methanol and catalyst therefor
Creation of an electrically conducting bonding between two semi-conductor elements
Printer device
Image display apparatus
Display and method of controlling the same
Semiconductor device and method for preparing the same
Display device and display panel driving method
Display apparatus and portable terminal which uses D/A conversion circuit
Organic electroluminescence display device and method for fabricating the same
Light-emitting device and its use
Light emitting devices with patterned angular color dependency
Semiconductor device
Light source unit and display device having luminance control based upon detected light values
Probe carrier and method for analyzing the probe carrier
Countering laser shock peening induced blade twist
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of testing the same
Plasticizer-free-ion-detective sensors
Rare earth sintered magnet, and method for improving mechanical strength and corrosion resistance th...
Apparatus for obtaining biological samples
Remote control
Cover plate for wall mounting electrical apparatus
Color management system
Print data transfer method for reducing first print time
Color device profile having a buffered look-up table
Amino-functional fusing agent
Blended amino functional siloxane release agents for fuser members
Electron beam curable toners and processes thereof
Toner composition
Method for producing image-recorded medium, image forming apparatus and image-recorded medium
Ink supply container for high speed solid ink printers
Die storage tray having machined grooves and vacuum channels
Magnetic securement device magnetically attached to a sheetrock fastener
Dullish coated paper for printing
Method and device for the evaporation of volatile compounds
Methods of co-expressing umami taste receptors and chimeric G.alpha..sub.15 variants
Failure recovery in a multiprocessor configuration
Systems and methods for monitoring cough
Digital asset data type definitions
Polypropylene resin composition with anti-scratch characteristics
PHA compositions and methods for their use in the production of PHA films
Binding resin for toner, toner and electrophotographic apparatus
Fuel container
Modular cabinet system
Device and method for non-dispersive contacting of liquid--liquid reactive system
Storage device and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for synthesizing a hardware system from a software description
Methods for optimizing programmable logic device performance by reducing congestion
Redistribution metal for output driver slew rate control
Process and apparatus for placing cells in an IC floorplan
Symbol by symbol variable constellation type and/or mapping capable communication device
Method and apparatus for vendor-specific device communication
Communication system employing turbo codes and a hybrid automatic repeat request scheme
Integrated system logic and ABIST data compression for an SRAM directory
System and method for implementing postponed quasi-masking test output compression in integrated cir...
Plasma display panel
Resin curable with actinic radiation, process for the production thereof, and photocurable and therm...
Toner for image formation, method of producing the toner, toner container, toner cartridge, process ...
Concentrated solution for preparing a surface conditioner, surface conditioner and method of surface...
Jet printing inks containing polymerized fatty acid-based polyamides
Method of forming light emitting devices including forming mesas and singulating
Methods of finishing medical barrier fabrics
Electrospray systems and methods
Stabilized dispersion of behenyl alcohol
Methods and compositions for use with spacer fluids used in subterranean well bores
Malleable paste for filling bone defects
Multiple-position docking station for a tablet personal computer
Method and apparatus for operating a configurable remote supervisor terminal of a self-service retai...
Atomic structure of the hemalbumin complex and its use in designing therapeutic compounds
Human cytomegalovirus DNA sequences
Production of attenuated parainfluenza virus vaccines from cloned nucleotide sequences
Laser etched security features for identification documents and methods of making same
Security element
Certified digital photo authentication system
Digital rights management
Substituting images in copies based on digital watermarks
Method of storing, retrieving and viewing data
Supercharger installation with load control for internal combustion engines
Valve lash adjustment apparatus and method
Variable valve mechanism
Variable color landscape lighting
Method for playing music in real-time synchrony with the heartbeat and a device for the use thereof
Drive circuit for a firing cap of a vehicle restraint system
Rapid vehicle bus network activity
Set of electronic apparatuses having first and second electronic devices, and computer program produ...
Electronic control apparatus
Systems and methods for dynamic re-configurable speech recognition
Method for detecting decompression of tires and device thereof, and program for judging decompressio...
Method and device for filtering information emitted by a pressure sensor mounted on a wheel of a veh...
Magnetic crash sensor
Collision possibility determination device
Navigation apparatus for a vehicle and program which controls the apparatus
Method for selecting a target vehicle
Working unit control apparatus of excavating and loading machine
Topical compositions for the treatment, protection and restoration of skin and connective tissues
PRO268 polypeptides
Methods for treating urticaria using descarboethoxyloratadine
Human papilloma virus treatment
High throughput assay systems and methods for identifying agents that alter surface expression of in...
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases characterized by A-33 related anti...
2150, human protein kinase family member and uses therefor
Prevention of myocarditis, abortion and intrauterine infection associated with porcine circovirus-2
Hair growth formulation
Methods of treating acne
Attenuated microorganisms for the treatment of infection
Burn pain treatment by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Stable liquid formulations of botulinum toxin
Vascular grafts with amphiphilic block copolymer coatings
System and method providing directional ultrasound therapy to skeletal joints
Method for forming nanoparticle films and application thereof
Field effect devices having a gate controlled via a nanotube switching element
Electronic device using carbon nanotubes
Vertical field effect transistors incorporating semiconducting nanotubes grown in a spacer-defined p...
Method for manufacturing single wall carbon nanotube tips
Hydrophobically modified clay polymer nanocomposites
Selective chemical sensors based on interlinked nanoparticle assemblies
Nanostructure lithium titanate electrode for high cycle rate rechargeable electrochemical cell
Preparation of nano-sized organic-inorganic composite material
Purification of fluids with nanomaterials
Chalcogenide glass nanostructures
Process for preparing a nanosized zeolitic material
Process for producing nanometer grade powders
Sacrificial template method of fabricating a nanotube
Process for preparing nanoscale quinacridone
Videoendoscopic system
Digital camera system with piezoelectric actuators
Focal plane shutter apparatus
Image pickup apparatus
Image device having a selectively adapted white balance control
Automatic developing apparatus and process for forming image using the same
Coating and developing apparatus
Camera control system, camera server, client, control method, and recording medium
Image projection lighting device and control system
Light quantity adjusting device and projector apparatus using the same
Portable communication device
Triangle road sign with solar power-driven flashing light means
Universal methods and device for hand-held promotional opportunities
Data processing apparatus
Consumer product status monitoring
Method for emulating visible electromagnetic spectrum emissions of member species of Arthropoda: Ins...
Modular implantable medical device
Method and system for providing shipment tracking and notifications
Fixed wireless telephone device
Liquid heat capacity lasers
Optical filter screening out infrared and ultraviolet light
Interactive photo kiosk
Radio frequency identification architecture
Rotational motion based, electrostatic power source and methods thereof
Rankine--microturbine for generating electricity
Vehicle-mounted generator
Structure and method for fabricating GaN devices utilizing the formation of a compliant substrate
Nitride semiconductor device
Radiographic image conversion panel
De-icing system for traffic signals
Photon energy material processing using liquid core waveguide and a computer program for controlling...
Structures including synchronously deployable frame members and methods of deploying the same
Gaming device having a mechanical award indicator
Inflatable raft with inflatable climbing slide
Automatically rotatable lamp ball
Archery target with covering layer
Sporting good structure
Casino card game
2 through 6 main bet
Control, sound, and operating system for model trains
Method and apparatus for distribution of entertainment and data to passenger using cable modems
Electroactive polymer animated devices
Pinwheel lollipop
Gaming utilizing actual telemetry data
Systems and methods for manipulating medical data via a decision support system
Method and apparatus of creating application-specific, non-uniform wavelet transforms
Method for forecasting using a genetic algorithm
Method and apparatus for training a system model including an integrated sigmoid function
Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA moto...
System and method of virtual schooling
Mail-based web application and document delivery
Method for setting inner pressure of vehicular external airbag, and vehicular external airbag system
Force measuring system having several force-measuring cells and a circuit calculating a total signal
Suspension lift brackets
Inclination adjustment device for electric scooter steering assembly
Power steering system
Steering apparatus
Quick-release steering wheel
Method for in-system auto zeroing of a torque sensor in an automatic transmission drive train
Method for operating a level control system of a motor vehicle
Method for operating a motor vehicle
Under-seat structure for a motorcycle
Occupant detecting device
Air board
Motor drive apparatus, hybrid vehicle drive apparatus using the same, and computer readable recordin...
Electric powered vehicle
Linear actuator
Straddle-type vehicle
Controller and control method for a hybrid electric vehicle powertrain
Motorized beach cart
Control of a transporter based on attitude
Holiday countdown interactive display
Labeling assembly
Determining phase linearity in CATV distribution systems
Set-top preview program
Apparatus and method for controlling position of image when the image enlarged or reduced
System and method for displaying a preview indicating a time-based adjustment of image data or sound...
Lane departure prevention apparatus
Receiving device executing operation of kind corresponding to kind of received signal
System and method for enhanced edit list for recording options
Jitter correcting apparatus and method for video signals
Method for the compressed transmission of image data for 3-dimensional representation of scenes and ...
Method and system for enhancing portrait image that are processed in a batch mode
Measurement of fruit particles
Method for tracking targets with hyper-spectral data
Monitoring system and monitoring method
Voice-messaging with attachments
Method and/or apparatus for determining minimum positive reference indices for a direct prediction m...
Measurement of quality of service
Color rendering of illumination light in display systems
Illumination optical system, projection video system using the same, and integral-type video display
Home entertainment system audio handling
Electronic game that provides messages when limits are exceeded and inhibits the game
Methods of making a niobium metal oxide
Exhaust gas aftertreatment installation and method
Sulfide scavenger
Method for producing high surface area chromia materials for catalysis
Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors a...
Mesoporous aluminum oxide, preparation and use thereof
Solid state synthesis of lithium ion battery cathode material
Flame made metal oxides
Method for producing hydrotalcites
Hydrothermal growth of lanthanide vanadate crystals for use in laser and birefringent applications a...
Method of preparing granules
Refractory exhaust filtering method and apparatus
Ion exchange materials for use in a .sup.213Bi generator
Method and computer system for encoding of information into a representation
Quiescing work bounded by application transactions consisting of multiple relational database transa...
Coded-array technique for obtaining depth and other position information of an observed object
System and method to present and display multiple data using enhanced box charts
Method and system for a computer-rendered three-dimensional mannequin
Three dimensional surface drawing controlled by hand motion
System for enhancement of neurophysiological processes
Al-Mg alloy products suitable for welded construction
Aluminum alloy piping material for automotive tubes having excellent corrosion resistance and formab...
Ferritic heat-resistant steel and method for production thereof
Bimetal saw band
Mixing recorder, control method therefore, and computer-readable medium including program for implem...
Color display instrument and method for use thereof
Sound intensity display system for use by performers
System and methods for memory-constrained sound synthesis using harmonic coding
Adjustable bass drum beater
Stringed instrument
Intelligent radio design for satellite gateways and terrestrial base stations
Method of constructing radio network radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus
Position detection method, position detection system, and position detection server equipment
Channel switching for support of multimedia broadcast and multicast services
Method for establishing a radio channel in a wireless CDMA network wherein the preamble signal incre...
Mobile assisted handover using CDMA
Apparatus and method of handling simultaneous universal terrestrial radio access network radio resou...
Communication control method
Electrostatic protection circuit with impedance matching for radio frequency integrated circuits
Adaptive AGC in a wireless network receiver
Automatic gain control and antenna selection method for a radio communication system
Radio reception apparatus and radio reception method
Wireless communication system and microcomputer
Adaptive array apparatus, radio base station, and mobile phone
Optical transmission device and optical transmission method for transmitting a burst radio signal
Wireless cryptographic fill system and method
Double sideband-intermediate frequency radio receiver architecture
Direct conversion RF transceiver for wireless communications
Transmission of signal
Radio telecommunications receiver operative to receive digital data symbols or bits by iterative det...
Synchronization method and synchronization arrangement
Application rights enabling
Method for controlling customer-implemented data updates
Systems and methods for managing and protecting electronic content and applications
System and method for managing and controlling data
Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing e-mail messages
Spreadsheet user-interface for an enterprise planning system having multi-dimensional data store
Contents furnishing system
E-mail service apparatus, system, and method
Methods and systems for job-based accounting
Systems and methods for processing and managing collocation application over a computer network
Digital content distribution using web broadcasting services
Apparatus and methods for attacking a screening algorithm based on partitioning of content
Bill payment system and method utilizing bank routing numbers
Method and system for investing with a no-loss or low-loss assurance
Business method for acquisition of debtor real-estate and restructuring of debt
Reserve price auctioning
User interface for an electronic trading system
Method for creating and pricing options
System and method for analyzing financial market data
System and method for dynamic, multivariable comparison of financial products
Loan underwriting system and method
Erosion control device and matrix
Method and apparatus for installing a sensor array
Protective element for a riser segment
Method and device for increasing safety during pipelaying
Methods and apparatus for synthesizing labeled combinatorial chemistry libraries
Programmable molecular manipulating processes
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33G58
Plants and seeds of corn variety I285291
Plants and seeds of corn variety I082216
Soybean cultivar SG0850RR
Soybean variety 96M20
Methods and compositions for the production of stably transformed, fertile monocot plants and cells ...
Seed-preferred regulatory elements
Compositions and methods for the modification of gene expression
Synthesis of oligosaccharides, reagents and methods related thereto
Trans-excision-splicing ribozyme and methods of use
Collapsin response mediator protein-1 (CRMP-1) transcriptional regulatory nucleic acid sequences
Polynucleotides encoding antigenic HIV type C polypeptides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Insecticidal plant cyclotide with activity against homopteran insects
Nucleic acids encoding sialyltransferases from C. jejuni
Linkers and co-coupling agents for optimization of oligonucleotide synthesis and purification on sol...
Inhibitors of nucleoside metabolism
Proteinaceous gels having visualization agents and methods of use thereof
Purification of fibrinogen from fluids by precipitation and hydrophoic chromatography
Cartilage intermediate layer protein
Formed structural assembly and associated preform and method
Maintenance and inhibition plate for a thrust reverser
Real time analysis and display of aircraft approach maneuvers
Reconfigurable interior sidewall
Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system
Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft
Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof
Compact co-axial rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft and a control system therefor
Method of magnetic resonance imaging
Apparatus and method for NMR tomography acquisition with local magnetic field gradients in connectio...
System, method, software arrangement and computer-accessible medium for providing real-time motion c...
Connection system for split-top rf coils
Sterically hindered reagents for use in single component siloxane cure systems
Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders through the modulation of the polyamine pathway
Nitrosated proton pump inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Treatment of EBV and KHSV infection
Fabric care composition comprising polymer encapsulated fabric or skin beneficiating ingredient
Method of sequencing a nucleic acid
Alpha-2A-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
Composite materials for controlled release of water soluble products
Anthranilamide insecticides
Protein A compositions and methods of use
Reciprocating piston compressor having improved noise attenuation
Low profile acoustic flooring
Low frequency acoustic attenuator for use in downhole applications
Systems and methods for upstream threat pushback
Using thread urgency in determining switch events in a temporal multithreaded processor unit
Internet control system and method
Postage franking device and method
System for distinguishing names in Asian writing systems
Power available and limitation indicator for use with an aircraft engine
Ignition timing control for internal combustion engine
Network car analyzer
Nerve stimulator and method
Therapy system
Quick paging method in a shadow area
Method for implementing fast dynamic channel allocation escape mechanism in radio resource managemen...
Method and apparatus for service negotiation acceleration
Electroconductive brush and copying device for electrophotography
Cleaning apparatus for image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus used in electrostatic process
Systems and methods for replacing open windows in a graphical user interface
Grid electrode, scorotron charger, and image forming device
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Rubber compositions with non-petroleum oils
Massage shoes capable of increasing circulation of blood
Shoe with interchangeable covers
Multipiece footwear insole
Footwear with bladder filter
Shoe ventilation system
Cooling of electrical components with split-flow closed-end devices
Apparatus and method for cooling electronics and computer components with managed and prioritized di...
Gravity pressure vessel and related apparatus and methods
Illumination apparatus of light emitting diodes and method of heat dissipation thereof
Vehicle air conditioner
Arrangement for cooling a vehicle component
Heat medium distributor for an air inlet system including multiple heat exchangers
Heat exchanger
Heat pipe
Decreasing thermal contact resistance at a material interface
Method and apparatus for determining precedence in a classification engine
Method and apparatus for accessing information within an electronic system
Silicone-based cyanate-ester cross-linkable die attach adhesive
Indazole compounds and compositions thereof as JNK inhibitors and for the treatment of diseases asso...
Apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic disorders
Processing of substrates with dense fluids comprising acetylenic diols and/or alcohols
Compositions for controlling scaling and completion fluids
Resin compositions and methods of using such resin compositions in subterranean applications
Fire-resistant panel comprising loess and fire-resistant decorative panel using the same
Liver engrafting cells, assays, and uses thereof
Method and system for modelling bone structure
Process for manufacturing a micro-structured optical fibre
Electrochemical cell and method for its preparation
Structure for containing desiccant
Polypeptide fingerprinting methods
Apparatus and method for manufacturing electro-optical devices
Fuser member with tunable gloss level and methods and apparatus for using the same to fuse toner ima...
Purification of biochemically derived 1,3-propanediol
Multifunctional battery and method of making the same
Method for preventing wafer surface from bombardment by micro-dust particles during the ion implanta...
Method of making device for arraying biomolecules and for monitoring cell motility in real-time
Injection molding method with surface modification
Surfactant compositions
Lead acid battery separator with improved electrical and mechanical properties
Dispensing system with end sealer assembly and method of manufacturing and using same
Method of making a material
Dye mixture and ink containing the same
Methods, systems and compositions for fire retarding substrates
Inkjet black ink
Flame arrester
Swivelling fittings
Thru-hull cap
Fin stabilizer to reduce roll for boats in turns method and apparatus
Latch system for a watertight bulkhead door
Floating drive on boat docking apparatus
Write response signalling within a communication bus
Dual tip probe
Use of GLP-1 analogs and derivatives administered peripherally in regulation of obesity
C12-cyano epothilone derivatives
Substituted an unsubstituted benzooxathiazoles and compounds derived therefrom
Carboxylic acid derivative and a pharmaceutical composition containing the derivative as active ingr...
8-iso-prostaglandins for glaucoma therapy
Substituted benzimidazoles and their use as PARP inhibitors
Diagnostic markers of human female infertility
Polyamide powder with long-lasting, consistently good flowability
Compounds for blocking androgen receptors
Enediyne compounds and methods related thereto
Pharmaceutically active pyrrolidine derivatives
Methods of modulating c-kit tyrosine protein kinase function with indolinone compounds
Use of etodolac to treat hyperplasia
Oxime and/or hydrozone containing nitrosated and/or nitrosylated cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibito...
Substituted pyrazolyl compounds for the treatment of inflammation
Stable high-concentration injection containing pyrazolone derivative
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors
Atisane compounds and use thereof
Combination feedback controller and power regulator using same
Asynchronous BTL design for a Class-D audio amplifier
Audio amplifier
Switching power supply apparatus with error amplification control
Power amplifier
Amplifier gain calibration system and method
Noise reduction in a power converter
Switched constant current driving and control circuit
Method for controlling a switching converter and control device for a switching converter
Pulse width modulator quantisation circuit
Adaptive digital voltage regulator with Bresenham sequence generator
Fan control device for frequency converter
High-speed wireless data communication card device for simultaneous data/voice communications
Flexible software radio transceiver
Circuit for reducing losses at light load in a soft switching full bridge converter
Electrotransport agent delivery method and apparatus
Multi-functional protective materials and methods for use
Super-hydrophobic fluorine containing aerogels
Method for the enriching or depleting tumor cells obtained from a body fluid and kit suitable for th...
Organic waste material treatment process
Method and apparatus for the sterilization of biological waste
Processes for the purification of bis(2-hydroxyethyl)terephthalate
Hybrid organic-inorganic adsorbents
Blood component separation method and apparatus
Strainer wall for the screening off of a suction space
Separation column from chromatography, medium for solid phase extraction and sample injection system...
Solar powered aquarium
Mobile or stationary modular self-contained dehydration toilet, dehydration engine, and gray water r...
Method of forming multiwell filtration plates
Apparatus for the continuous separation of biological fluids into components and method of using sam...
Edge filter assembly
Filter device, in particular for high-pressure applications in a molten polymer filtration
Breather chamber structure for internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine
Storage subsystem and storage controller
Frequency detection circuit, optical receiver and optical transmission system using the same
Microphone system with directional response
Managing apparatus and managing method of a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
System and method for controlling total electrical power across multiple furnaces using electrode po...
Method for removing consumable analytic products from a storage container
Wafer-to-wafer control using virtual modules
Fabricating a photonic die
Circuit board integrated optical coupling elements
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Inspection apparatus for liquid crystal drive substrates
Thin film transistor circuit and display utilizing the same
Enhancements for adhesive attachment of piezoelectric motor elements to a disk drive suspension
Self-coplanarity bumping shape for flip chip
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and manufacturing method of same
Semiconductor device utilizing multiple capacitors each having an insulating layer having a differen...
Silicided body contact SOI device
Fully-depleted castellated gate MOSFET device and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Resistive memory for low-voltage applications
CMOS image sensor
Damascene phase change memory
Laser based splitting method, object to be split, and semiconductor element chip
Hydrogen treatment enhanced gap fill
Scanning device and method for saving compensation memory
Position modulated optical reflectance measurement system for semiconductor metrology
Entangled photon pair generating apparatus
Optical computed tomography scanner for small laboratory animals
Method and apparatus to determine an initial flow rate in a conduit
Octagonal three compartment plate
Customer valuation in a resource price manager
Motor assembly using redundant bearings and support elements
Controller for variable displacement compressor and control method for the same
Pump, especially for a fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine
Variable displacement compressor
Method of manufacturing an impeller
Mass storage apparatus and data output method of output device attached to mass storage apparatus
Method for operating the tray of an optical disk system
Process for recovering hydrogen in a gaseous hydrocarbon effluent using a membrane reactor
Method for preparing non-magnetic nickel powders
Methods and apparatus for managing secure collaborative transactions
Method and apparatus for secure internet protocol communication in a call processing system
Storing and transferring SIMD saturation history flags and data size
Media processing device using an external storage device
Dedicated cache memory
Interactive virtual library system for expeditiously providing user-desired information from content...
Method and apparatus for a mixed-media messaging delivery system
Software on demand system
Methods and apparatus for dispatching Java.TM. software as an application managed by an operating sy...
Method for using a business model user interface
Relationship user interface
Method, system, and program for saving object content in a repository file
Document pagination based on hard breaks and active formatting tags
Method and arrangement for decoding a convolutionally encoded codeword
Method for iterative decoder scheduling
Methods and systems for managing an application's relationship to its run-time environment
In-place data transformation for fault-tolerant disk storage systems
Message authentication
Synthetic human papilloma virus genes
Composition for preventing and treating type I allergy
Methods for enhancing the efficacy of cytotoxic agents through the use of HSP90 inhibitors
Conjugation of biomolecules using diels-alder cycloaddition
Recombinant vector expressing multiple costimulatory molecules and uses thereof
Method for the detection of prion diseases
Filovirus vectors and noninfectious filovirus-based particles
Method for improving the activity of enzymes
Nutraceutical method and additive for improving human physiology
Treating method for suppressing hair growth
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitory withanolide compositions and method
Method for preventing ulceration or irritation of mucosa
Detergent or personal care composition with oil capsules
Electronic control unit and electronic driving unit
Context aware computing devices and methods
Tracking, relay, and control information flow analysis process for information-based systems
Obtaining contextual vehicle information
Vehicle control
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
Intelligent selectively-targeted communications systems and methods
Monitor system, central monitor apparatus, on-vehicle monitor apparatus, monitor method, monitor pro...
Programmable power control unit
Membrane electrode assemblies for use in fuel cells
Physical agents directive dosimeter system
Process for preparing fine zeolite particles
Enzymatic detergent
Water distributor for an automatic laundry or dishwashing machine
Carnation plant named `CFPC Moonstone`
Method and apparatus for electronic document management
Optimizer dynamic sampling
Disposable swimsuit
Apple tree named `ROHO 3615`
Strawberry plant named `Orleans`
Mounting panel and audio-video assembly for suspension on a wall surface
Method of protecting a microcomputer system against manipulation of data stored in a storage assembl...
Real time active network compartmentalization
Architecture to thwart denial of service attacks
System and method for secure network mobility
Method and system for proving membership in a nested group using chains of credentials
Method and apparatus for finding the same of similar shows
Optical recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Grapevine fanleaf virus resistance in grapevine
Desaturase genes, enzymes encoded thereby, and uses thereof
Chondrosarcoma associated genes
9-Desoxoerythromycin compounds as prokinetic agents
Reduced side-effect hemoglobin compositions
Factor VIII compositions and methods
Compositions and methods for regulating abscisic acid-induced closure of plant stomata
Microstructured arrays for cortex interaction and related methods of manufacture and use
Telomerase expression repressor proteins and methods of using the same
Classless interdomain routing using binary content addressable memory having mask bits and mask vali...
Method and apparatus for managing buffers in PCI bridges
Method, apparatus and system for maintaining connections between computers using connection-oriented...
Blocking cache flush requests until completing current pending requests in a local server and remote...
Rapid application integration using an integrated development environment
Debugging power management
Safety controller providing for execution of standard and safety control programs
Application program interface interception system and method
Data transmission apparatus, system and method, and image processing apparatus
Method for selecting a fulfillment plan for moving an item within an integrated supply chain
Memory device having asynchronous/synchronous operating modes
System and method for transaction processing with transaction property feature
Interface for rapid prototyping system
System and method for preparation of workload data for replaying in a data storage environment
Apparatus and method for associating classes
Cardiac stimulation device including sleep apnea prevention and treatment
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor wafer
Optical transmission substrate, method for manufacturing optical transmission substrate and optoelec...
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Electrical connecting element and a method of making such an element
Micromachine and method of producing the same
Capacitance sensor type measuring apparatus
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrostatic attraction driving apparatus
Circuit substrate and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Integrating chip scale packaging metallization into integrated circuit die structures
Semiconductor device having a particular electrode structure
Chip scale surface mount package for semiconductor device and process of fabricating the same
Protection circuit device using MOSFETs and a method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same and lighting equipment
Mg--Ni hydrogen storage composite having high storage capacity and excellent room temperature kineti...
Resin-impregnated substrate
Robot control apparatus and method
Robotic follow system and method
Torque-position transformer for task control of position controlled robots
Multiple robot arm tracking and mirror jog
Cir-clip to shaft insertion tool
Surface acoustic wave device
Fan-assisted wet cooling tower and method of reducing liquid loss
Inhibiting access to a portable storage device
System, apparatus and control method for monitoring system changes within a network configuration
Web based creation of printer instances on a workstation
Control apparatus for enabling a user to communicate by speech with a processor-controlled apparatus
Pattern matching method and apparatus
Moisture data-acquiring device and image-forming apparatus
Magnetic flux image heating device with guide holding endless belt
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing information
Image transfer optimisation
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image processing system
X-ray image processing apparatus and x-ray image processing method
Optical element, optical system, and optical device
Original scanning apparatus
Printing method having auto retreat function of print data and medium for storing program for execut...
Print control method for a multifunctional printer including a facsimile feature
Image processing apparatus and image communication apparatus for protecting image information, and m...
Phase selective polymer supports for catalysis
Net-aware telephone switch
Network spanning heterogeneous call center and method of operation
Systems and methods for VoIP wireless terminals
Remote test unit
Sending/receiving raster/image data using a multifunction product
Printing systems accessible from remote locations
Remote control system
Supplemental request header for applications or devices using web browsers
System and method for anonymous transaction in a data network and classification of individuals with...
Method and apparatus for providing visitors with a personalized itinerary and managed access to attr...
Extension cord and method of manufacturing the same
Combination of optical elements
Inertial measurement unit using rotatable MEMS sensors
Dual helix active fixation stimulation lead
Lead retention means
Electrode and insulation assembly for a lead and method therefor
Fixing belt having higher hardness at a rear surface than at a front surface
Image forming apparatus
Optical transmission system
Passenger and item tracking with system alerts
Transmission device and delay time adjustment method thereof
Infrared ray lamp, heating apparatus using the same, method for manufacturing a heating element, and...
Self-publishing network directory
Pair of handles for a folding multipurpose tool including shears
Multi-segment knife block
Method for verification of gate level netlists using colored bits
Lancet dispenser
Flexible test strip lancet device
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Malonamide derivatives
Preparation of lactic acid derivatives and their use
Formation of multilayer sheets containing PCTFE and COC for blister packaging applications
High-density illumination system
Methods and apparatuses for arrhythmia detection and classification using wireless ECG
Toner cartridge
String resistance detector
Magnetic sensor
Methods for measuring optical absorbance of a sample medium
Multiple array surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Image data navigation method and apparatus
Loudspeaker system in which a diaphragm panel is driven by an electromechanical acoustic converter
Vibration actuator device of portable terminal
Information recording/reading head
Adaptively configured and autoranging voltage transformation module arrays
Adaptive inductive power supply
Disk drive system with hydrodynamic bearing lubricant having charge-control additive comprising dioc...
Ampere wire write head with confined magnetic fields
Method for characterizing mask defects using image reconstruction from X-ray diffraction patterns
Method and apparatus for segmenting an image in order to locate a part thereof
Portable information device
Inductive element and manufacturing method of the same
Twisted waveguide and wireless device
Piezoelectric thin-film resonator, piezoelectric filter, and electronic component including the piez...
Fibrous veil for Class A sheet molding compound applications
Photo sensor
Short arc ultra-high pressure mercury lamp with rounded end faces of coil tips and process of produc...
Systems and methods for transforming query results into hierarchical information
Efficient processing of multi-column and function-based in-list predicates
Security receipts management system
Portable diagnostic analysis of gas meter and electronic corrector
Calibration data entry system for a test instrument
Guide route generation methods and systems
Method and system for transporting faults across a network
Queued locks using monitor-memory wait
Method and system for providing buffer management in a performance enhancing proxy architecture
System and method for dynamic server allocation and provisioning
Optical switch device, and optical reception device and optical switch network in which the optical ...
Saving and restoring an interlocking trees datastore
Preventing signal loss in an optical communications network
Automatically populating an application's working directory with files having a specified type from ...
Monolithic waveguide arrays
Process for production of alcohols
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and secondary battery
Imaging head, imaging device and imaging method
Lithium/air batteries with LiPON as separator and protective barrier and method
Active surface exchange catheter and method
Spatula surface cosmetic applicator
Herbicidal sulphonylamino(thio) carbonyl compounds
Substituted 1,3-dihydro-imidazol-2-one and 1,3-dihydro-imidazol-2-thione derivatives as inhibitors o...
Non-halogenated phenyl substituted phenols, antimicrobial compositions containing the same, and meth...
Monitoring changeable locations of client devices in wireless networks
Medicinal compositions containing diuretic and insulin resistance-improving agent
Phosphor based light source component and method of making
Mammalian Subtilisin/kexin isozyme SKI-1: a proprotein convertase with a unique cleavage specificity
Methods of treating cytokine mediated diseases
Nitrogen-containing fused ring compound and use thereof as HIV integrase inhibitor
Protein disulfide isomerase and ABC transporter homologous proteins involved in the regulation of en...
Lentivirus vectors for gene transfer to alveolar epithelial cells
Portable phone
Translatable single drive means for multiple flexible-shaft hand tools
One piece filtration plate
Self-compensating speaker volume control system for data collection terminal
Bottom portion housing of a mobile device
Method and apparatus for controlling air cylinder
Tire tread
Air conditioner unit for a vehicle
Cradle cover for an automobile
Water bottle tilting and loading device
Vacuum cleaner tank assembly
Seating arrangement
Acetyl CoA carboxylase 2 sequences and methods
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said co...
Flexible high-power LED lighting system
Spinal fusion device
Modified aluminum oxy compound, polymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin polymer and...
Pallet truck forklift having an enclosed cab
Medical product expiration alerting
Braided composite prosthesis
Shielding gas and arc-welding method
Cross-spectrum application model for dynamic computing environments in software lifecycle
Control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method and system for indexing a decoder
Viola plant named `Sunviolaho`
Optical substance analyzer
Verbena plant named `Carwi`
Kits and methods for assessing skin health
Document categorizing method, document categorizing apparatus, and storage medium on which a documen...
Method for altering the body temperature of a patient using a nebulized mist
Recording medium, recording and/or reproducing method for record medium, and recording and/or reprod...
Single ion conductor-containing composite polymer electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and meth...
Semiconductor memory
Ferromagnetic layer compositions and structures for spin polarized memory devices, including memory ...
Surface light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Adhesive compositions and method for selection thereof
System and method for providing multiple renditions of document content
Release mechanism for a bangle
Jewelry arrangement
Multimedia player
System and method for measuring winch line pull
System and method for extending printing functionality to multiple printers
Color mapping
Digital swatch book
Systems and methods for creating and using overlay files that are application independent and device...
Printer driver system for remote printing
Apparatus, system and method of providing internet print service via home network
Constant-current battery charger
Apparatus and method for predicting the remaining discharge time of a battery
Electronic device with battery type and ambient temperature detection
Method of and system for regulating output voltage
Low offset bandgap voltage reference
Method and apparatus for reducing audio noise in a switching regulator
4-20 mA interface circuit
Method for acceleration of a shaft run, as well as an apparatus for carrying out the method
Method for constant-current generation and device used to carry out said method
Electric device with intelligent battery system therein
Inductive charging system
Methods for controlling contact height
Medical ontologies for computer assisted clinical decision support
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
Topical pain relief compositions of N,2,3-trimethyl-2-isopropylbutamide and methods for using the sa...
Novel formulations of pharmacological agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for th...
Thiazolyl-based compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
4-Amino-piperidine derivatives as monoamine uptake inhibitors
Tetrahydroisoquinoline LXR modulators
Peptidomimetic ligands for cellular receptors and ion channels
Method of treatment of diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome in a subject
Phosphodiesterase 10 inhibitors
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Novel compounds and their use in medicine,as antidiabetic and hypolipidemic agents, process for thei...
Methods of modulating neurotrophin-mediated activity
LXR modulators
10-substituted tetracyclines and methods of use thereof
Histone H2A peptide derivatives and analogs and methods of use thereof
Cranial nerve stimulation to treat eating disorders
Method and system to restrict stomach size
Iontophoresis apparatus and method for delivery of angiogenic factors to enhance healing of injured ...
Iontophoresis method and apparatus for systemic delivery of active agents
Sertraline hydrochloride form II and methods for the preparation thereof
Early insulin secretion stimulator
4-Oxo-4,5-dihydro-furan-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related ...
Benzamidazoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Vinyl phenyl derivatives as GLK activators
Modulation of Pathogenicity
Triamide-substituted heterobicyclic compounds
Benzooxazole, oxazolopyridine, benzothiazole and thiazolopyridine derivatives
Methods and formulations for modulating lyn kinase activity and treating related disorders
Structural panel with compressible dividers
Drywall joint compound applicator
Laser tool
Adjustable wall hanger for pictures and the like
Method and apparatus for providing virtual capacity to a provider of services
Painter's tape dispenser with cutter
Voltage detector
Rock-n-lock non-metallic snap-on electrical box
Closure with tear strip
Tool cleaning brush assembly