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System and method for the operator control and for the monitoring of an automation system over the i...
Dynamic indication of email capabilities
Dynamic generation of voice interface structure and voice content based upon either or both user-spe...
Portable terminal device capable of displaying information in a closed state
Portable electronic apparatus
Telephone apparatus and a communication method using such apparatus
Cellular phone and incoming call reception informing method
Controlling a terminal of a communication system
Methods and apparatus for efficiently managing the storage of e-mail message information for a mobil...
Unified message box for wireless mobile communication devices
Mouse enabled phone
Echo cancellation/suppression and double-talk detection in communication paths
Line interface with analog echo cancellation
Information terminal capable of originating a call, method of originating a call and recording mediu...
System and method for presenting queue lengths of various media used by service centers
Using information about software events to route contacts in a contact center
Method for telecommunications service-to-service asynchronous communications using a context cache
Call routing system
Feature interactions
System and method for providing an anti-telemarketing feature in a telephony network
Application server and streaming server streaming multimedia file in a client specific format
Method, apparatus and software program for processing and/or evaluating MMS-related messages
Trick play method for digital storage medium
Color image processing method for indexing an image using a lattice structure
Interactive binder and platform system
Multimedia feature for diagnostic instrumentation
Lift truck
Trash bag retainer on trash can liner
Trash can
Outdoor refuse container
Diaper disposal system
Wallpaper scraper
Cyclonic separation device
Liquid-dispensing attachment for vacuum cleaners
Litter box
Pet dish and disposable liner
Bowl for a hummingbird feeder
Pet carrying bag
Safety helmet visor
Container for cosmetics
Foam bath ball
Hair trimmer
Safety razor
Straight razor shaving device
Hair cutting razor blade
Intelligent reminders for wireless PDA devices
Verbena plant named `Carburgun`
Verbena plant named `Cardarpur`
Verbena plant named `Visulvena`
Geranium plant named `Balfanwite`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Pursweet`
Berberis plant named `Golden Carpet`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Purdeep`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Thyst`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Purdeep`
Climbing rose plant named `WEKamrav`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `WEKsunvoye`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSjive`
Geranium plant named `Balluresion`
Glechoma plant named `Dappled Light`
Fast-growing willow shrub named `Oneida`
Petunia plant named `Sunhore`
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI53M`
Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI671M`
Data distribution
Expansion key generating device, encryption device and encryption system
Cryptographic key split combiner
Apparatus and method for performing KASUMI ciphering
Method and apparatus for encryption using partial information
Apparatus and method for a hash processing system using integrated message digest and secure hash ar...
Efficient security association establishment negotiation technique
Local file transfer
Cartridge validation with radio frequency identification
Encryption of a compressed video stream
Method and apparatus for microfluidics education
Multipurpose organizer system and folder with planner and/or writing surface and storage pockets
Ink container
Portion of a display screen
Electronic mouse
High speed promotion mechanism suitable for lock acquisition in a multiprocessor data processing sys...
Apparatus and method for distribution of work on a doubly linked list among processing threads
Platform-independent selective ahead-of-time compilation
Compiling source code
Method, system and program product for specifying and using register entities to configure a simulat...
XGL and multi-platform user interface engine
Simplified design for HTML
Meta editor for structured documents
Selectable methods for generating robust XPath expressions
Disk transfer device including disk support member provided with a first and second disk support mem...
Remote copy for a storage controller in a heterogeneous environment
Method and apparatus utilizing non-uniformly distributed DRAM configurations and to detect in-range ...
Method for configuration of notebook computer based on location
Storing and delivering program code for manipulation of a user-defined data type
Method and system for tracking a deposit
Apparatus and methods for providing an estimated time of arrival based marketplace
Audio/video transcription system
Method, device and system for adjusting mobility management
Tubular socket
Spin-orbital quantum cellular automata logic devices and systems
Method of forming insulating layer in semiconductor device
Ignition device with precombustion chamber coated with a refractory coating layer, for internal comb...
Induction heating system
Golf ball layers formed of polyurethane-based and polyurea-based compositions incorporating block co...
Article housing device for small-sized vehicle
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe upper
Golf ball having visible non-spherical insert
Golf clubs
Light emitting apparatus
Leathered steering wheel
Liner for high pressure gas container and high pressure gas container
Occupant protection device
Side airbag apparatus
Airbag apparatus
Illuminating system
EPDM composition and automotive brake system rubber component
Knee protecting airbag device
Knee-protecting airbag device
Airbag apparatus
Diffusion sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Air resistance exercise device
Exercise device
Safe grip weights
Barbell using selectorized dumbbells as exercise mass
Apparatus for measuring biological data and exercise machines
Portable exercise system
Frame for exercise equipment
Abdominal exerciser
Elliptical exercising apparatus
Home furnishings and the like mobile selling systems and methods
Molecular contamination monitoring system and method
Orthodynamic rehabilitator
Oscillatory resistance exercise device and method
Liquid sample dispensing methods for precisely delivering liquids without crossover
Data container for interaction between a client process and software applications
Method for optimizing a business transaction
Audio features description method and audio video features description collection construction metho...
Electric energy meter for an AC mains supply
Reformation techniques for capacitors of implantable medical devices
Quality evaluation method
Image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Portable carbon monoxide generation apparatus for testing CO sensors, detectors and alarms
Deformable optical signal transmitter port
Fiber-optic sensing system for measuring curvature
Adjustable ear canal retention transceiver/receiver
Flash ADC
Squeeze station for automated molding machine
Device for the production of transversely ribbed pipes
Lightweight reinforced tractor-trailer slider
Spacer apparatus for suspension beam bushing assemblies
Trailing beam suspension with alignment adjustment
Method for relieving spring seat mounting stresses
Motion control arm bracket assembly
Simple and inexpensive high-capacity output catch tray for document production machines
Height control valve with universal mounting for a suspension system
Power tool having pneumatic vibration dampening
Front fork in two-wheeled vehicle or the like
Rigid axle for a vehicle, comprising integrated trailing arms
Liquid crystal display device, side backlight unit, lamp reflector and reflection member
Simulation model for design of semiconductor device, thermal drain noise analysis method, simulation...
Device for chest and abdominal compression CPR
Electro-optic hybrid circuit board
Method for producing immunoglobulins containing protection proteins and their use
Enterobacteriaceae strains over-expressing the yfiD gene for the fermentative production of L-amino ...
Personal body grounding system instrumentation and process
Diversity control method and wireless communication apparatus
Amino alcohol compounds
Composition for the prevention and/or treatment of lipid metabolism disorders and allergic forms
Mobile phone
Terminal aminofunctional polysiloxane hair conditioning compositions and their use in hair coloring ...
Baton holder
Vitamin D derivatives with carbo-or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, a process for their productio...
Ultrasound bandages
DNA synthetase
Career management tools and network
Intake control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Accessing test modes using command sequences
Run-time behavior preserving partial redundancy elimination
Customized scripting
Viola plant named `Sunviobu`
System and method for multiplexing and transmitting DC power, IMU data and RF data on a single cable
Drug delivery device
Method for manufacturing a magnetic memory device
Resistive memory cell random access memory device and method of fabrication
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and production method thereof
Planar light source device, method of driving the same and display apparatus having the same
User-configurable generic experiment class for combinatorial materials research
System and methods for disseminating real time information
Devices, systems, and method to control pests
Method of bridging between .Net and Java
Indexing a recording of audiovisual content to enable rich navigation
Versatile docking station for portable electronic devices
Method to decode a data string
Methods, systems, and media to improve employee productivity using radio frequency identification
Autonomous integrated headset and sound processing system for tactical applications
Diagnostic system
System and method for enabling relayed communications by implantable medical devices
Implantable medical device with fractal antenna
MR system and operating method therefor allowing selection of points in time of signal readout
Wireless transaction enabled handheld computer system and method
PS handover support indication
Method for the provision of operator-specific performance featuresof different mobile radio network ...
Method of synchronization of the uplink channel of a simulcast network
Object location
Selection of target cell and intersystem cell reselection
System and method for detecting activity on a frequency band
Writable and printable colloidal gold solution
Use of porous membrane to support developing conifer somatic embryos
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
LLG polypeptides of the triacylglycerol lipase family, and compositions and methods for their use in...
Synthetic single domain polypeptides mimicking apolipoprotein E and methods of use
Diagnostic tests for the detection of motor neuropathy
Antibodies against epitopes with homology to self antigens, methods of preparation
Ion channel
Using biological models
Method for Attachment of Artificial Nail
Orthopaedic implant sleeve and method
Joint Arthroplasty Devices
Knee prosthesis
Orthopaedic implant systems with anti-abrasion studs
Method of repairing a knee joint
Attachment element for a prosthesis for the articulation of the shoulder
Paramagnetic liquid interface
Intervertebral disc prosthesis with shear-limiting core
Method and apparatus for fixation of intervertebral disc prosthesis
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Protection domains for a computer operating system
Distributed autonomic backup
System for producing addresses for a digital signal processor
Method and processor including logic for storing traces within a trace cache
Method for patching virtually aliased pages by a virtual-machine monitor
Method for allocating storage area to virtual volume
Method and apparatus for mapping debugging information when debugging integrated executables in a he...
Controlling the generation and selection of addresses to be used in a verification environment
Circuit for prevention of unintentional writing to a memory, and semiconductor device equipped with ...
Security in an automated data storage library
1-chip microcomputer having controlled access to a memory and IC card using the 1-chip microcomputer
Method and apparatus for mirroring objects between storage systems
Storage system
Packet-Based Digital Display System
Method for the endoscopic correction of spinal disease
Surgical access system and related methods
Method to improve hydroxyapatite implantation and stimulate bone regeneration
Bone graft substitute composition
Dynamic lordotic guard with movable extensions for creating an implantation space posteriorly in the...
Primitive neural stem cells and method for differentiation of stem cells to neural cells
Apparatus and method for banding the interior substrate of a tubular device and the products formed ...
Chip antenna
Inductive components and electronic devices using the same
Silver vanadium oxide provided with a metal oxide coating
Thin film structures providing strong basal plane growth orientation and magnetic recording media co...
Polycrystalline diamond carbide composites
Dental filling material
Head restraint movement mechanism
Fuel quantity estimate system
Swivel seat
Bumper for vehicle
Bumper for vehicle
Radiator grille for vehicle
Biometric identity verifiers and methods
Internal combustion engine with auxiliary combustion chamber
Torque vectoring drive mechanism having a power sharing control system
Apparatus, systems and methods for levitating and moving objects
Seat having pivotable seat cushion
Manufacturing method of endless metal belt and manufacturing apparatus of endless metal belt
Tunable external cavity laser diode using variable optical deflector
Optical resonator and laser oscillator
Semiconductor laser device and radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Semiconductor laser device optical disk apparatus and optical integrated unit
Methods and devices for monitoring the wavelength and power of a laser
Wavelength stabilized laser
Wavelength stabilized diode-laser array
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus with APC and SPS processes
Arrangement for illumination and/or detection in a microscope
Arrangement in the illumination beam path of a laser scanning microscope
Adaptive recording method and apparatus for high-density optical recording apparatus
Exposure apparatus with laser device
Image density control apparatus and image formation apparatus
Perdeuterated polyiimides, their process of preparation and their use as materials which are transpa...
Method and apparatus for laser annealing
Localized halo implant region formed using tilt pre-amorphization implant and laser thermal anneal
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Substituted 4-aminocyclohexanols
Imidazolyl derivatives as corticotropin releasing factor inhibitors
Substituted 2-(diaza-bicyclo-alkyl)-pyrimidone derivatives
Selective D1/D5 receptor antagonists for the treatment of obesity and CNS disorders
Method for detecting leptin receptor ligands
DNA molecule encoding a variant paraoxonase and uses thereof
Magnetic anchoring devices
Hyperoxic breathing system
Posture and body movement measuring system
Patient transfer device having inclined upper surface
Dietary or pharmaceutical composition for use for the prevention or treatment of hyperoxaluria
Flat material especially in the form of a sheet or a strip and device for writing on said material
Thermally conducive material and use in high-speed printing
Magnetic sensing element including a pair of antiferromagnetic layers separated by spacer section in...
Magnetic head including metallic material layer between write head section and read head section
Slider having adjusted transducer recession and method of adjusting recession
Magnetic write head with recessed overcoat
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with flare and taper configurations
Thin film magnetic head having toroidal coil
Disk drive having apertures near the ID of a disk stack for allowing airflow to pass through the ape...
Automated storage library gripper apparatus and method
Disk drive to characterize misaligned servo wedges
Servo writer and method for writing servo patterns using the same
Magnetic tape and magnetic tape cartridge
Storage device and its control method and manufacturing method
Method for reducing time loss during manufacture of hard disk drives by predicting reduction in heli...
Method and apparatus for performing a spiral self-servo write operation in a disk drive using an aut...
Head switching method and system using track number matching
Read channel apparatus and method for an optical storage system
Ferromagnetic tunnel magnetoresistive devices and magnetic head
Magnetic read head with recessed hard bias and current leads
Servo writing a disk drive by synchronizing a servo write clock in response to a sync mark reliabili...
Highly conductive lead adjoining MR stripe and extending beyond stripe height at junction
Disk drive identifying starting track by performing multiple load operations
Adjusting power consumption of digital circuitry relative to critical path circuit having the larges...
Self-heating disk drive
System and method for particle monitoring for a head disk assembly to detect a head disk interface e...
Quality of service improvements for network transactions
System and method for the transformation and canonicalization of semantically structured data
System for facilitating online electronic transactions
Restoring power in a hot swappable multi-server data processing environment
Short haul optical communications
Variable optical attenuator
Method for producing an optical fiber termination and fiber optic conductor
Optical fiber
Fiber optic transceiver module and electronic equipment
Fiber optic damage detection system for composite pressure vessels
Wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) ring passive optical network (PON) with route protection for r...
Optical fiber polarization mode dispersion measurement method and measurement device
Device for measuring the dimension and controlling of defects in optical fibres during production
Photonic analog-to-digital converters using photonic crystals
Devices with optical gain in silicon
Particle beam apparatus
Afterglow DC-offset calibration in a nuclear imaging system
Discharge lamp lighting device and lighting unit
Method of using a self-locking travel pattern to achieve calibration of remote sensors using convent...
Variable attack and release system and method
Method and apparatus for chromatography-high field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
Method and system of discriminating substrate type
Autonomous weapon system
Method and system for using ultrasound in cardiac diagnosis and therapy
Enterprise content management network-attached system
System and method for solvent recovery and purification in a low water or waterless wash
Organic semiconductor diode
Powered toothbrush
Method and apparatus for signal power loss reduction in RF communication systems
Preparation of polysaccharide betainate type compounds, compounds obtained, their use and compositio...
Internet protocol LCD TV
Playing scenarios of system behavior
Intermediate code preprocessing apparatus, intermediate code execution apparatus, intermediate code ...
Data processing apparatus and method
Method of treating a patient with a neurodegenerative disease using ultrasound
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine operating with direct fuel injection
Opportunistic CPU functional testing with hardware compare
Integrated circuit for digital rights management
Petunia plant named `Kirimaji Double Blue Velvet`
Monolithic integrated circuit arrangement
Tunable duplexer
Apparatus for policy based storage of file data and meta-data changes over time
Soluble highly branched glucose polymers and their method of production
Method for enhancing the nucleation and morphology of ruthenium films on dielectric substrates using...
Magnetic random access memory array with free layer locking mechanism
Alumino earth-alkali silicate glasses with high thermal capacity for light bulbs and use thereof
Method of generating and/or executing a diversified program flow
Asynchronously loading dynamically generated content across multiple internet domains
Release of funds based on criteria
System and method for transferring data
Methods and systems to enhance publication information with a communication feature
System to manage automated prize value accumulation and distribution
Administrative notes in network-based commerce facility
System and method to transform results of client requests using client uploaded presentation formats
Metadata driven methods and systems to process financial data
Payment transactions via substantially instant communication system
Origin aware cookie verification systems and methods
Business event processing
Method and system to enable a fixed price purchase within a multi-unit online auction environment
Method and system to provide user created social networks in a distributed commerce system
System for providing a user with shipping information
Method and system to process a data search request
Authorization and capture with multiple currencies
Mobile device communication system
Authorization techniques
Systems and methods for facilitating lending between two or more parties
Automatic address validation
Facilitation of endothelialization by in situ surface modification
Release coating containing thermoplastic polymers
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Crosslinking of polyethylene for low wear using radiation and thermal treatments
Cyanomethyl substituted thiazoliums and imidazoliums and treatments of disorders associated with pro...
Use of o-atp for the treatment of diseases involving angiogenesis
Rapamycin carbohydrate derivatives
Combination Therapy with p38 MAP Kinase Inhibitors and their Pharmaceutical Compositions
Parathyroid hormone analogues and methods of use
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with n-acetylated alpha-linked acidic dipeptida...
Methods and compositions for the prevention and regression of neovascularization
Use of pinitol or chiroinositol for protecting the liver
Compositions containing Phaseolus vulgaris extract and Alpinia officinarum extract for the preventio...
Canola extracts containing high levels of phenolic acids
Maca extract and cosmetic composition containing such an extract
Food compositions and methods
Method for controlling body weight in estrogen-insufficient women
Compositions containing cis-isomers of a carotenoid compound and process
Immunoassay product and process
Modified colorants and inkjet ink compositions comprising modified colorants
Modified colorants and inkjet ink compositions comprising modified colorants
ITFM extraction of oil seed
Dairy compositions and method of making
Antagonistic properties of reef fish microflora
Treatment of infection due to clostridium difficile
In-line automated fluid dilution
One component resin composition curable with combination of light and heat and use of the same
Microwave nucleon-electron-bonding spin alignment and alteration of materials
System and method for removal of contaminants from feed solution
Process for the purification of aqueous peroxygen solutions, solutions obtainable thereby and their ...
Water treatment method and water treatment system
Electrolytic processing apparatus and electrolytic processing method
Electrode assembly for the electrochemical treatment of liquids with a low conductivity
Solution mining dawsonite from hydrocarbon containing formations with a chelating agent
Cogeneration systems and processes for treating hydrocarbon containing formations
Stripping and cleaning of organic-containing materials from electronic device substrate surfaces
Abrasive slurry having high dispersion stability and manufacturing method for a substrate
Apparatus and method for treating injection fluid
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Ink set
Radiation image conversion panel
Microbicidal composition
Substrate processing apparatus and method
Handle for taping knife with enlarged hammer end
Contoured handle for taping knife
Stud sensor with floating head
Incombustible composition for fire door/wall, fire door/wall using incombustible composition, and me...
Header apparatus and method for a structural framing system
Alkoxysilane terminated prepolymers
Cross-linkable products based on organosilicon compounds
Filled elastomeric compounds
Paint with color change additive and method of application and painted substrate
Cement compositions containing degradable materials and methods of cementing in subterranean formati...
Use of crosslinked polymer composition as a water-absorbing component in sealing and absorption mate...
Aminocyclohexyl ether compounds and uses thereof
Composite for a Panel Facing
Fluorinated surfactants
Insulation Containing Heat Expandable Spherical Additives, Calcium Acetate, Cupric Carbonate, or a C...
Method for the preparation of self-cleaning removable surfaces
Cementitious Exterior Sheathing Product Having Improved Interlaminar Bond Strength
Quick dissolving carrier granules
Methods and compositions for epilation
Methods and compositions for epilation
Method of retarding quicklime for glass manufacture
Cement kiln chlorine/sulfur bypass system
Rocker paddle switch with semi-rigid cam driver
Production of paper using slica-based-sols
Blended cement composition
Forsythia plant named 'Courtalyn'
Rabbiteye blueberry plant named 'Vernon'
Rose plant named 'BENuno'
Gerbera with multi-petalled and globular-shaped inflorescences
Brown midrib sudangrass hybrids with improved forage quality
Method for Improving Phytoremediation Treatment of a Contaminated Medium
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for producing transformed plants expres...
Conditional sterility in plants
Castanea sativa mill. genes codifying for allene oxide cyclase, cystatin, beta-1, 3-glucanase and th...
Invention Process - Refined Cloned Super Adipose Tissue - Bio Fuel
Method for creating fusion protein and conditional alleles
High-affinity choline transporter
Transgenic animal having an amyloid precursor protein with a modified beta secretase cleavage site
Transgenic mice carrying the HP-2 gene and uses as models for vascular diseases
Calibrachoa plant name `USCALI99`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpah034`
DVB-H service system and method for providing broadcasting service information in DVB-H service syst...
High modulus ionomers for packaging
Use of hydroxyoleic acid and related compounds as functional food additives
Agent for improving physiological motor functions
Sialogogue, oral composition and fool product containing the same
Liquids test probe
Rapid Testing for Nutrients
Hard caramels with supported colors
Canola protein isolate functionality III
Potato based food product
Methods and Apparatus for the Reduction of Moisture Variability in Large Cheese Blocks
Composition containing alkylene oxide derivative of pectin
Gel carrier for retortable food products and method of preparing same
Frozen desserts and methods for manufacture thereof
Low carbohydrate sweetener
Low-carbohydrate bread products and method for making same
Baked snack
Method for collecting, testing and distributing milk
On-line conference recording system
System and method for reserving conference resources for a multipoint conference using a priority sc...
ANS designed for a conference between conference room terminals and network system including the ANS
DMB receiver
Plasma display panel television receiver
Method and apparatus for the destruction of volatile organic compounds
PDP TV receiver
Air conditioner integrated with picture design
Light-emitting diode
A/V receiver
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Gas oven range
Guide shaft tilt adjusting apparatus for optical disc player
Method of HDL simulation considering hard macro core with negative setup/hold time
Fireworks launcher
Electronic call assistants with shared database
Radiation hardened latch
Photoelectrochemical molecular comb
Two position double injection molding apparatus
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Method, apparatus, and system for remote client search indexing
Methods and apparatus for implementing a remote application over a network
Peer trust evaluation using mobile agents in peer-to-peer networks
Shared fractional aircraft ownership method and related apparatus
System and method for identifying desirable subscribers
Method of determining a climate-based activity index and best-time-to recommendation
Questionnaire method of making topic-specific word puzzle documents
System and method for managing advance directives
X-ray device
Method and apparatus for limiting a ray beam
X-ray tube adjustment apparatus, x-ray tube adjustment system, and x-ray tube adjustment method
X-ray confocal defect detection systems and methods
Apparatus for radiographic projection tomography
Device and method related to X-ray imaging
Multi-layer direct conversion computed tomography detector module
Device for capturing structural data of an object
Preview function in a digital data preservation system
Hygienic input device for medical information systems
Radiation image conversion panel
Indium oxide-based thin film transistors and circuits
Image read-out method and system, solid image sensor, and image detecting sheet
X-ray sensor
Wireless X-ray detector for a digital radiography system with remote X-ray event detection
Pet food container and lid
Gas flow measuring device
System and method of representing personal profile in symmetrical graphical form
Absolutely and uniformly convergent iterative approach to inverse scattering with an infinite radius...
System for influencing the speed of a motor vehicle
Image forming apparatus and seal portion for use in the same
Three-dimensional imaging system for pattern recognition
Image reading device
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same and method of driving the same
Positioning system, apparatus and method
Variable speed drive chiller system
Baby bottle cap holder
Gun sight for a handgun
Punch device
Corkscrew handle
Tape dispenser
Elongate decoration-hanging tool
Tape dispenser
Gift card with keepsake print
Cabinet shelf
Hair brush
Studio connector
Recreational electric car
Detent position hinge
Data output device of semiconductor memory device
Optical measurement device
Exposure apparatus
Directional brain stimulation and recording leads
Constructing heads from 3D models and 2D silhouettes
Link based clustering of hyperlinked documents
Incremental clustering classifier and predictor
Language-understanding systems employing machine translation components
System and method for managing and controlling accounts with profile information
System and method of processing MPEG streams for file index insertion
Fingerprint verification system
Apparatus and method for efficient longest prefix match lookup
Strain of Bacillus as a bioinoculant
Decision sequence generating method and associated receiver with a decision feedback equalizer
Amplitude deviation correction circuit
Multicarrier receiver with channel estimator
Bit stream conditioning circuit having output pre-emphasis
Ethernet channel estimation device and method
Tape dispenser
Perfluoroether acyl oligothiophene compounds
Antibiotic P175-A and semisynthetic derivatives thereof
Device and method for exothermic treatment of eyelid diseases
Image orientation for endoscopic video displays
Plants and seeds of corn variety I062695
Tape dispenser
Abrasive article with holes
Method of orienting an orthodontic appliance to a tooth
Mobile communication terminal including two lamps for incoming call notification and method for prov...
Multi-function device with positioning system and shared processor
GPS navigation using successive differences of carrier-phase measurements
Method for producing powdered metal catalysts
Thermally developable material package with dual indicator device
Light emitting unit and image taking apparatus
Method of agile reduction of radar cross section using electromagnetic channelization
Protein from horn fly saliva that disrupts hemostasis
Plastic composition
Methods and apparatus for a direct connect on-off controller
Method and system for a two stage pipelined instruction decode and alignment using previous instruct...
Computer system and method providing a memory buffer for use with native and platform-independent so...
Call management system
System and method for accessing registers of a hardware device in a graphical program
Method of brokering network services
Category name service able to override the category name based on requestor privilege information
Fluorescent ballast controller IC
Voice recognition apparatus for vehicle
Battery having nonconductive core
Method of and a device for transferring running dried web from one device to a subsequent device
Corrosion resistant metallic bipolar plate
Detection and control of pests
Optical multilayer
Dental floss device
Aluminum conductor composite core reinforced cable and method of manufacture
Transmit diversity apparatus and method using two or more antennas
Wheel loader
Novelty clock
Livestock management system and method for split-weight feeding based on median weight of herd
Internal combustion engine producing low emissions
Method and apparatus for performing imprecise bus tracing in a data processing system having a distr...
Apparatus and method for generating codes in a communications system
Protection switching arrangement for an optical switching system
Fuel cell systems
Atomic layer deposition of tantalum based barrier materials
Light emitting diodes including barrier layers/sublayers
Disk drive that compensates for track radial pitch variation and methods thereof
Magnetic layer with grain refining agent
Magnetoresistive device having specular sidewall layers
Laminated return pole for suppressing side track erasure
Methods and apparatus for performing adaptive compression
Positional indicia misplacement compensation
Disk drive with temperature compensation of write current
Shelf with removable backplane
System and method for ballizing and measuring a workpiece bore hole
Cosmetic or dermatological use of peptides for promoting adhesion between skin cells
Isolated phages and their use in food or pet food products
Canola protein isolate functionality III
Egg Products
Canola protein isolate functionality III
Condition of elderly pets
Composition for retaining and developing the flavor of a food or drink
Endoscopic gastric bypass
Process for coating cheese
Hopper system for a patty-forming apparatus
Encased food products with contrasting components
Systems and methods for building an interlocking decorative house
Self contained spoon feeder
Conveyor belt
Method of connecting to internet via broadcast receiving device and apparatus for the same
Synchronizing differing data formats
Data synchronization between distributed computers
Master data management system for centrally managing cached data representing core enterprise refere...
System for incorporating information about a source and usage of a media asset into the asset itself
Failing over a virtual machine
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Method and circuit for driving display, and portable electronic device
Light emitting display device, electronic equipment into which the same device is loaded, and drive ...
Capacitive load driving circuit for driving capacitive loads such as pixels in plasma display panel,...
Organic light-emitting display device
Using a crystallization-inhibitor in organic electroluminescent devices
Organic el display panel for reducing resistance of electrode lines
Organic electroluminescent display device with improved image clarity and light emitting efficiency
Organic light emitting device structure for obtaining chromaticity stability
Dual panel-type organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent display
Red organic light-emitting compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
Electroluminescent materials and devices
Contraceptives based on SP22 and SP22 antibodies
Deicing solution
Feline IL-12 single chain nucleic acid molecules
.DELTA.4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Methods of treating multiple myeloma and myeloma-induced bone resorption using integrin antagonists
Pyridines and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for secure message queuing
Methods and apparatus for performing handoffs in a multi-carrier wireless communications system
GPRS signaling protocol architecture for an unlicensed wireless communication system
System and method for compressing and encoding data
System for exchanging data between devices in a motor vehicle and an external input/output terminal
Embroidering machine
Visualization supplemented wireless mobile telephony-audio
Method and system for hierarchical processing of protocol information in a wireless LAN
System selection for wireless data services
Methods and compositions for predicting the outcome of cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia
Ultra short channel field effect transistor and method of fabricating the same
Method for determining optimal photolithography overlay targets based on process performance and yie...
Thermal micro-valves for micro-integrated devices
Pecvd silicon oxide thin film deposition
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
MOS or CMOS sensor with micro-lens array
Corner protection to reduce wrap around
Manufacturing method of a light emitting device including moving the source of the vapor deposition ...
Detachable retaining ring
Method and structure to reduce optical crosstalk in a solid state imager
Hybrid optical multi-axis beam steering apparatus
Method for forming an air bearing surface on a slider
High performance CMOS transistors using PMD liner stress
Tamper-proof container
Aqueous resin composition and its uses
Universal cleaner that cleans tough oil, grease and rubber grime and that is compatible with many su...
Self aligned metal gates on high-k dielectrics
Enhanced uniqueness for pattern recognition
Human genes and gene expression products: II
Method and apparatus for manufacturing innerspring assemblies
Entrapment snare for the termination of vehicle pursuits
Combination scent-distributer/flashlight for a hunter
Electric arc spraying system
Secret-ballot systems with voter-verifiable integrity
Method of controlling fires
Perforating gun quick connection system
Auto screen centering and expansion of VGA display modes on larger size of LCD display device
Millimeter-wave active imaging system with fixed array
Sleeved projectiles
4.6 mm small arms ammunition
Automatic transmission
Multi-speed gearbox
Provision of process related information
System and method for diagnosing abnormalities in plant control system
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of power-on skip through neutral downshifts
Optical waveguide device and optical waveguide module
Air ionization module and method
Use of a media cache for subsequent copying acceleration
Methods and apparatuses for handling single-user applications in multi-user computing environments
Point-to-point data communication implemented with multipoint network data communication components
Generating visually representative video thumbnails
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Digital production services architecture
Best fit printing
Universal serial bus voltage transformer
Decorative optical display
Photocatalyst composition
Process for making a product with a long-lasting easily cleaned surface and product thereof
Method of forming film having a heat shielding function, laminate film formed by the method, and art...
Heat-generating composition for topical application to skin
Signaling for reserving a communications path
Unified multilevel cell memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Aligning method, exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Digital camera and method for setting photographic magnification of digital camera
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Laser assisted direct imprint lithography
Electron-emission type field-emission display and method of fabricating the same
Expandable/contractable composition for surgical or dental use
Compositions comprising oestrone-3-0-sulphamate and trail (TNF-related apoptosis inducing ligand)
Dental prosthesis made of composite material and method for making same
Implant system
Optical material containing curable fluorine-containing polymer
Method and apparatus for obtaining a micro sample downhole
Methods for the preparation of pyrrolotriazine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Compositions and methods for the treatment of hemophilia A
Method and apparatus for predicting the presence of haemostatic dysfunction in a patient sample
Serum albumin binding moieties
Method for determining the effective thermal mass of a body or organ using a cooling catheter
Valved catheter
Pressure sensor for therapeutic delivery device and method
Stent fabrication method
Thrombus prevention apparatus and methods
High intensity discharge lamp with current sense resistor
Adaptive bit loading with low density parity check forward error correction
Process and systems for the epoxidation of an olefin
Method for processing compositions containing 1,1,2,2-tetramethoxyethane and glyoxal dimethyl acetal
Multilayer optical compensator, liquid crystal display, and process
Polymer electrolyte, proton conductive membrane and membrane-electrode assembly
Advanced high efficiency, ultra-low emission, thermochemically recuperated reciprocating internal co...
Apparatus for and method of forming seals in fuel cells and fuel stacks
Integrated fuel cell and heat sink assembly
Fuel cell system having fluidic oscillation flow meter
Method for applying a coating to a medical device
Lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification
Accelerating video decoding using multiple processors
Thermoplastic resin composition and elastomer composition
Carbon brake disk having noncarbonic material therein and method for making same
Apparatus for producing an amplified radio frequency pulse
Cylinder pair having a plurality of printing formes and blankets and offset groove openings
Method for conveying sheets through a printing machine and apparatus for implementing the method
Multi-layer magnet
NMR analyzer
Local coil unit for use in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Reminder system for personal medical sampling or treatment procedures
Automated clamp-on sample chamber for flow porometry and a method of using same
Portable livestock panel system
Method for inducing selective cell death of malignant cells by activation of calcium-activated potas...
Method and composition for inhibiting cancer cell growth
Enhancement of transfection of DNA into the liver
Catheter apparatus
Catheter stabilization and support device
Telemetry module with configurable data layer for use with an implantable medical device
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Cosmetic applicator
Polypeptide having .alpha.-isomaltosylglucosaccharide synthase activity
Provision of feedback to users of communication devices
RFID system with an adaptive array antenna
RFID tag and label
Location information detecting method and system
High conductivity inks with improved adhesion
Methods and apparatus of meshing and hierarchy establishment for tracking devices
Work site tracking system and method
Optical connector with memory function
LED illuminated necklace
Processes for manufacturing multilayer flexible wiring boards
Process for the preparation of polyesters containing 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Paint composition for in-mold coating of thermoplastic plastic substrates and its uses
Method of increasing the low shear rate viscosity of well drilling and servicing fluids containing c...
Imidazo[1,2-a]pyrimidine and fungicidal compositions containing thereof
Resin-impregnated substrate
Method of forming thick silica-based film
Photo acid generator, chemical amplification resist material
Thermal transfer protective sheets, prints, as well as prints with window members
Rare-earth alloy, rare-earth sintered magnet, and methods of manufacturing
Powder compacting apparatus
Fishing reels with a spool receiving the fishing line
Compressible pet carrier
Molded fish transport tank
Combined telescopic wading staff and fishing pole
Rod jigging apparatus
Hair and fiber stacker
Antiozonant based on functionalized benzotriazole UV absorbers and the process thereof
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Thermosetting aromatic dielectric material
Synthetic plastic material and a method of making thereof
Stabilizing high-vinyl polybutadiene
Detection of markers in nascent proteins
Flexible fabric from fibrous web and discontinuous domain matrix
Monitoring ventricular contractions using an implantable stimulation device
Bioimpedance measurement using controller-switched current injection and multiplexer selected electr...
System and method for processing and presenting arrhythmia information to facilitate heart arrhythmi...
Delta-sigma modulator for outputting analog representation of physiological signal
System and method for finding regions of interest for microscopic digital montage imaging
Mobile health and life signs detector
Implantable device and system and method for wireless communication
Diagnostic kit to assist with heart valve annulus adjustment
Magnetically navigable telescoping catheter and method of navigating telescoping catheter
Methods and devices for retrieval of a medical agent from a physiological efferent fluid collection ...
Encoding method, encoding apparatus, decoding method, decoding apparatus and program
Method, system and computer program product for automated discovery and presentation of the directio...
Image reading apparatus and image reading method
Fast edge directed polynomial interpolation
Computer program and method for converting an image to machine control data
Image processing apparatus
Method for processing image data of optical mouse
Methods and systems for cumulative, complexity-based process selection
Method and systems for complexity-based process combination
Method and system for enhancing measurement
Extension of two-dimensional variable length coding for image compression
Method and apparatus for differentially compressing images
Font compression and retrieval
Coder, coding method, program, and image forming apparatus for improving image data compression rati...
Match MSB digital image compression
Method of finding orphan blocks in block based image compression schemes
Method, apparatus and recording medium for face extraction
Backlight unit and liquid-crystal display device using the same
Optical connector cleaning tool, cleaning tape, optical connector cleaning method, optical component...
Apparatus and method for heat-treatment of optical fiber reinforcing member and optical fiber fusion...
Cable element having repositionable pressure sensitive adhesive to couple buffer tubes to a central ...
Coupler-multiplexer permutation switch
Optical grating based multiplexer device with power tap capability
Temperature-compensated fiber grating packaging arrangement
Active alignment system for free space optics
All optical decoding systems for decoding optical encoded data symbols across multiple decoding laye...
Systems and methods for optical switching to colorless ports and colored ports
Lighting control systems and methods
Sound control for changing light color of LED illumination device
High-intensity UV-C gun and methods of use
Apparatus and method for curing materials with radiation
Vehicular lamp and light source module
Flat display and backlight module thereof
Method of fixing a power light-emitting diode on a radiator, and a signalling device comprising such...
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display device using the unit
Rod-shaped light transmission body, illuminating device, and liquid crystal display device
Backlight system and liquid crystal display employing the same
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Guiding light plate applied to peripherals
Display unit and electronic apparatus with display unit
Vehicle illumination lamp
Illuminated license plate and/or license plate cover and/or frame
Vehicle interior illumination structure
Vehicle lighting system
Pendant style luminaire split design
Multi-projectile less lethal and breaching ammunition
Method and apparatus for safe operation of an electronic firearm sight depending upon detected ambie...
Firearm cartridge and case-less chamber
Formable sheets for medical applications and methods of manufacture thereof
Method for dicing wafer
Low temperature plasticizers for flexible polyvinyl chloride resin applications
Optical disk drive with soundproof member
Apparatus method and system for alternate control of a RAID array
Method and apparatus for masking postamble ringing phenomenon in DDR SDRAM
Antenna unit and receiving circuit
Receiver with a crystal oscillator having a natural-oscillation frequency set so that a fundamental ...
Wireless audio transmission system
Fuser and temperature control method
Signal receiver having wide band amplification capability
Digitally programmable gain control circuit
Apparatus for reducing DC offset in a receiver
Distortion compensator
Solid solution perforator for drug delivery and other applications
Speed dependent variable range display system
Calcium receptor antagonists
Cosmetic container
Surface indicia
Process for making carboxyalkylates of branched alcohols
Elastomeric nonwoven laminates and process for producing same
Multiply tissue product
Waist belt for supporting disposable absorbent assemblies and absorbent articles comprising the same
System and method for configuring software using a business modeling tool
Pattern dimension correction method and verification method using OPC, mask and semiconductor device...
Automated and embedded software reliability measurement and classification in network elements
Modular bios update mechanism
Allocation of processor bandwidth between main program and interrupt service instruction based on in...
Rotating positive displacement engine
Rolling-bearing cage
Gear shaft bearing assembly
Full complement taper roller bearing
Arrangement structure of bearings
Hydrodynamic bearing device, spindle motor and hard disk driving apparatus having the hydrodynamic b...
Sliding apparatus
Guide section with toothed rack
Adjustable gun carriages
Mounting a sight device on a shoulder automatic or semi-automatic fire arm
Automated system and method for tool mark analysis
Method for controlling a production sequence
Apparatus and method for pacing mode switching during atrial tachyarrhythmias
Infrared curing device having electrically actuated arm and system and method therewith
Reduced complexity time-frequency trained equalizer for discrete multi-tone based DSL systems
Apparatus for jamming infrared attack unit using a modulated radio frequency carrier
Compact wavelength-selective optical crossconnect
Optical external modulator
Process for making optically active .alpha.-amino ketones and selected novel optically active .alpha...
Antiferroelectric liquid crystal and its manufacturing method
Optical connector
Double-sided display device and method of fabricating the same
Reinforcing member for a badminton racquet
Host I/O performance and availability of a storage array during rebuild by prioritizing I/O requests
Digital logic test method to systematically approach functional coverage completely and related appa...
Arrangement for reading from and/or writing to flexible sheet media in a curved configuration and me...
Fire resistant, forced air cooled enclosure for computer digital data storage device
Stable crystals of pyrrole compound
N-substituted indolyl-3-glyoxylamides, their use as medicaments and process for their preparation
5-HT.sub.7 receptor antagonists
5-HT7 receptor ligands
7-azaindoles and the use thereof as therapeutic agents
Automated database publishing and integrated marketing system and program
Web-enabled transaction and collaborative management system
Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, and recording mediu...
Plant root pruning container
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0003`
Automated system and method for managing a process for the shopping and selection of human entities
Antireflection film, and image display device
Particle movement device
Alkali ion conductive glass-ceramics and electric cells and gas sensors using the same
Magnetically-and electrically-induced variable resistance materials and method for preparing same
Saw blade with cutting depth gauge
Communication system switching method, and terminal device using this method
Photoconductive drum device
Image forming device and insertable developing unit with identification protrusions for determining ...
Circuit for selectively analog signals into digital codes
Method of analyzing non-complexed forms of prostate specific antigen in a sample to improve prostate...