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Test probe with side arm
Stand-up type personal watercraft
Apparatus, and associated method, for operating a lid to a hatch
Motorboat engine cover
Boat tower releasable member assembly
Semi-submersible offshore vessel and methods for positioning operation modules on said vessel
Inflatable floating device
Choke valve with temperature transmitter
Method and arrangement for aircraft fuel dispersion
Linear actuation device for spacecraft and solar generator unfolding systems
Deceleration-limiting roadway barrier
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundari...
Cooling system for an on-board inert gas generating system
On-board entertainment display retractor safety device
Flying amphibious SUV
Cargo door modification to ease emergency egress
Heterogeneous multi-processor reference design
Method and apparatus for software technical support and training
System and method for implementing safety instrumented systems in a fieldbus architecture
Speaker stacking structure
Apparatus and method to improve read/write speed of disk drive system
Filter assembly for a data storage device
Servo head for magnetic tape
Thin film magnetic head having partial insulating layer formed on bottom pole layer through gap laye...
Magnetic head with magnetic pole minimum Fe content difference and Fe content increasing toward inte...
Magnetic head having thermally assisted write head with heater element, and protective sacrificial l...
Cleaning tape with surface protrusions formed by particles of predetermined size/density and non-mag...
Perpendicular patterned magnetic media
Magnetic head capable of being increased in shape freedom of support and magnetic head device using ...
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR...
Head slider and disk drive apparatus
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer sys...
Slider with cavity dam angled leading edge and further displaced recessed surface positioned outside...
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory device
Flying head slider capable of avoiding collision when loaded
Optical disc playback apparatus
Aerodynamic sliders with curved side surface
Information recording/reproducing system
Process for designing an optimal vibration isolation mount for a disc drive
Recorded medium reproducing device and method, data output controlling method, data outputting metho...
Connector for use with a medical catheter and medical catheter assembly
Implantable access port
Reversible multicolor recording medium, and recording method using the same
Translucent web-type recording material and a method for producing the same
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Thermal transfer film, thermal transfer recording medium, and method for image formation using the s...
Air pressure projectile launcher
Self-supporting building cards
Process for producing tripeptides
Enzymatic treatment of whey proteins for the production of antihypertensive peptides and the resulti...
Motor-fan shroud with reservoir tank
Flap for an air-guide duct
Heat exchanger with flow director
Phase-change heat reservoir device for transient thermal management
Lubricant cooling system for a motor vehicle axle
Reservoir with hydrogen storage material
Thermal spray application of brazing material for manufacture of heat transfer devices
Wick structure of heat pipe
Method and apparatus for delivering conditioned air using pulse modulation
Wick structure of heat pipe
Heatsink apparatus
Vapor chamber with sintered grooved wick
Signal connection assembly of cooling module
Laminar flow optional liquid cooler
Cooling device, electronic equipment device, and method of manufacturing cooling device
Multiple-pass heat exchanger with gaps between fins of adjacent tube segments
Radiator mechanism and electronic apparatus having same
High pressure high temperature charge air cooler
Liquid cooling system
Thermally enhanced electronic module with self-aligning heat sink
System and method for the analysis of atomic force microscopy data
Method of fabricating low dielectric constant dielectric films
Electrostatically operated micro-optical devices and method for manufacturing thereof
Method for forming nanoscale features
End effector for supporting a microsample
Spin valve transistor with differential detection and method of making
Integrated circuit including sensor to sense environmental data, method of compensating an MRAM inte...
Storage device having a probe to cooperate with a storage medium to provide a variable resistance
Terahertz generation processes and imaging process thereof
High density optical data storage
Photonic crystals
Biodegradable poly(β-amino esters) and uses thereof
Integrated co-injection molded vehicle components and methods of making the same
Methods of obtaining epothilone D using crystallization and /or by the culture of cells in the prese...
Administration of estradiol metabolites for the treatment or prevention of obesity, metabolic syndro...
Compositions for, and methods of, treating atherosclerosis
UV curable coating compositions and uses thereof
Low compression, resilient golf balls with rubber core
Controlled free radical agent for nanocomposite synthesis
Arrangement for protecting a chip and checking its authenticity
Fluid delivery for scanning probe microscopy
Plasmon assisted enhancement of organic optoelectronic devices
Method and apparatus for solid state molecular analysis
Method for providing nano-structures of uniform length
Interactive business data visualization system
Tarp filter
Left-corner chart parsing system
Unified object transfer for multiple wireless transfer mechanisms
Systems and methods for estimating and integrating measures of human cognitive load into the behavio...
Methods, apparatus, and data structures for annotating a database design schema and/or indexing anno...
Write-back to cells
Efficiently sending event notifications over a computer network
Methods and systems for end-users extensible electronic mail
Systems and methods for uniquely identifying networks by correlating each network name with the appl...
System and methods for providing physical location information and a location method used in discove...
Automatic baud rate detection of null modem unimodem client connection
Flow of streaming data through multiple processing modules
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Platform for computer process monitoring
Providing predictable scheduling of programs using repeating precomputed schedules on discretely sch...
System and method for mode-based multi-hypothesis tracking using parametric contours
Shift control system of automatic transmission for vehicle and shift control method thereof
Apparatus for feeding oil to a clutch
Shift control apparatus for automatic transmission
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Anti-osteoarthritis and anti-hypothermia garment and device
Shock absorbing athletic shoe
Rear sole structure for athletic shoe
Optical encoder
Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Disk reproducing apparatus and disk type identifying method
Wavelength tunable laser with diffractive optical element
External 3rd, 4th and 5th harmonic laser
Parallel access data storage system using a combination of VCSEL arrays and an integrated solid imme...
Semiconductor optical device
Semiconductor laser element and semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device capable of preventing a threshold current and an operating current from i...
Discharge igniter for a waveguide CO2 laser
High intensity and high power solid state laser amplifying system and method
Reduced-maintenance excimer laser with oil-free solid state pulser
Surface emission laser and manufacturing method for surface emission laser, light reception element ...
Packaging and passive alignment of microlens and molded receptacle
Reticle defect detection using simulation
Optical resonator and laser applications
Polarized light communication device, transmitter, laser, polarized light communication device for p...
Image forming apparatus having a controlled bias applied to a conductive element
System and method for improving laser power and stabilization using high duty cycle radio frequency ...
Side-pumped solid-state disk for high-average power
System and method for identifying records with valid address, but invalid name information
Cart mounted GPS unit
Low threshold power frequency selective limiter for GPS
Enhanced golf range play using RFID and GPS
Information management apparatus, information management system, and information management software
Method and system for profiling users based on their relationships with content topics
Electronic ticketing system and methods utilizing multi-service visitor cards
User interface system and method for configuring cash flow processing
Routing methods and systems for increasing payment transaction volume and profitability
Multiple customer and multiple location PC service provider system
License devolution apparatus
Memory card
Thermal insulating material and method of producing same
Electrode material for positive electrodes of rechargeable lithium batteries
Removal of gases from a feed
Crystallized IM-8 solid of metallophosphate type and process for the preparation thereof
Meniscal and tibial implants
Method for applying a bioactive coating on a medical device
Active modified hedgehog proteins
In situ thermal processing and solution mining of an oil shale formation
Sulfur oxide sorption with layered chlorite-type contact solids
Synthesis of mesoporous zeolite
Sound pollution surveillance system and method
Combinations of active ingredients, which exhibit insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Δ1-pyrrolines used as pesticides
Method and apparatus for determining properties of an electrophoretic display
Cushion for a wheelchair
Local drug delivery catheter
Composition comprising low density microspheres
Aquespheres, their preparation and uses thereof
Hematological assay
Androgen-induced suppressor of cell proliferation and uses thereof
Microstrip line parallel-coupled-resonator filter with open-and-short end
Nonuniform oversampled filter banks for audio signal processing
Approach for processing data received from a communications channel to reduce noise power and optimi...
Method and system for verifying the integrity of normal sinus rhythm templates
Linear derivative equalizer, and associated method, for a radio communication system
Programmable driver/equalizer with alterable analog finite impulse response (FIR) filter having low ...
Micro-connector structure and fabricating method thereof
Ion triggerable, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Base station
Transmit diversity and separating multiple loopback signals
Communication system employing transmit macro-diversity
Channel code decoding for the CDMA forward link
E911 overlay solution for GSM, for use in a wireless location system
Server processing in providing messages for a wireless device connecting to a server
Method and system for initiating change in a preferred roaming list
Automated manufacturing system and method for processing photomasks
Wireless authentication protocol
Operation of a forward link acknowledgement channel for the reverse link data
System and method for using a prepaid card
Multi-user call waiting
Method for visual tracking using switching linear dynamic systems models
System and method for providing communications services
Real time asset optimization
Data communication and power transmission system for sensing devices
Programmable internal combustion engine controller
Unsupervised incremental adaptation using maximum likelihood spectral transformation
Shared document repository with coupled recommender system
System and method for transparently providing certificate validation and other services within an el...
Method and system for customization of a program
System and method providing multi-tier applications architecture
User interface for managing multiple network resources
Heat flux comparator
Apparatus for performing power exercises
Policy-based weighted random early detection method for avoiding congestion in internet traffic
Distributed MPLS architecture
Method for supporting secondary address delivery on remote access servers
Fluid guidance piece with internal temperature equalization
Methods for cancer prognosis and diagnosis relating to tumor vascular endothelial cells
Method for immobilizing conjugates in diagnostic tests
Method and apparatus for presenting content data and processing data
Folding type portable communication device
Line interface with second order high pass transfer function
Automated device behavior management based on network charging and rating conditions
Conditional application invocation in a wireless device
Method and device for providing information of unfinished call
Telephone system and method for selectively ringing one or more land phones or portable phones based...
Method for in-progress telephone call transfer between a wireless telephone and a wired telephone us...
Method for joining dispatch calls
Input-output device with universal phone port
Mobile terminal
Interchangeable covering additions to a mobile communication device for display and key reorientatio...
Belt covering for a mobile station and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for authorizing and billing communications services using a bank card financial...
Electric guitar
String tensioning device for a string instrument
Capo device for stringed musical instrument
Method for switching electric guitar pickups
Efficient cooling system
Screen and process for paper patterning
Method of treating fats and oils
Feed composition containing Bifidobacterium CNCM 1-2168 capable of preventing diarrhea
Adhesive device for capturing insects
Process for making cheese
Human appetite control by glucagon-like peptide receptor binding compounds
Formulation to treat or prevent parasitic infection
Rumen bypass calcium salts of trans and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Power driven food machine and related multi-action switch assembly
Microwave oven with inner container
Azalea plant named 'Robleja'
Floribunda rose plant named 'JACarque'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Henry'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'TAN01549'
Oak tree named 'QNSTD'
Lily plant named 'Tiny Bee'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'DekDinar'
Tricyrtis plant named 'Raspberry Mousse'
Nectarine tree named: 'Sauzee King'
Phlox plant named 'Bartwentynine'
Alternanthera plant named 'Creme de Menthe'
Hydrangea plant named '1301'
Method for integrating micro- and nanoparticles into MEMS and apparatus including the same
Variable resistor apparatus formed utilizing nanotechnology
Methods and compositions for modulating drug activity through telomere damage
Apo-2 ligand
Apparatus, method and system for providing telecommunication conferencing services in a multiple leg...
Liquid precursors for formation of materials containing alkali metals
Polymeric electroluminescent device using an emitting layer of nanocomposites
Display device with organic conductive thin film having conductive network
Organic electroluminescent device with efficient heat dissipation and method for manufacturing the s...
Organic light emitting element and a light emitting device using the same
Drive circuit, display device, and driving method
Color electroluminescence display device
Active-driving type organic EL display device, and a method of producing the same
Organic luminescence device
Double-spiro organic compounds and organic electroluminescent devices using the same
Materials having low dielectric constants and method of making
Circuit element having a first layer composed of an electrically insulating substrate material, a me...
Protected organic electronic device structures incorporating pressure sensitive adhesive and desicca...
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device, method for driving the same, illumination device, and electronic ...
Design methodology of power supply lines in electroluminescence display
N-tuple or RAM based neural network classification system and method
Priority encoder circuit for content addressable memory (CAM) device
Inhibitors of receptor activator of NF-κB and uses thereof
Method for treating diseases associated with abnormal kinase activity
Obesity gene
Isoforms of the human vitamin D receptor
Nucleic acids encoding antagonists of interleukin-15
Nucleic acid fragment, recombinant vector containing the same and method of promoting the expression...
Murine expression of a human IgA lambda locus
Control of fruit dehiscence in Arabidopsis by indehiscent1 genes
Cotton cultivar 02T57R
Cotton cultivar 01W34
Method of repairing tubular members on oil and gas wells
LNG tanker offloading in shallow water
Cable guide and method for producing the same
MRI method and apparatus for faster data acquisition or better motion artifact reduction
Method for providing location information of a wireless communication device
Multipath assistance for pilot phase measurement processes
Method and system for determining the altitude of a mobile wireless device
Numerically controlled curved surface machining unit
Methods and apparatus for operating and performing diagnostics in a control loop of a control valve
Modular architecture for rapid deployment and coordination of emergency event field surveillance
Method and installation for locating the position of the boundary formed at the interface between tw...
Platform and method for supporting hibernate operations
Efficient variably-channelized SONET multiplexer and payload mapper
Networked software development environment allowing simultaneous clients with combined run mode and ...
Internet protocol standards-based multi-media messaging
Internet telephony network and methods for using the same
Communication system for transferring large data from network interface to radio interface
Provisioning computing services via an on-line networked computing environment
Push service system and push service processing method
System and method for internet broadcast searching
System and method for using dynamic web components to remotely control the security state of web pag...
Computer systems, in particular virtual private networks
Methods, systems, and processes for the design and creation of rich-media applications via the inter...
Allocating computer resources within a video distribution system
Latch structure for removably mounting a side panel of an electronic product
Handle grip for a mobile terminal
Bearing anomaly detection and location
Linear associative memory-based hardware architecture for fault tolerant ASIC/FPGA work-around
Analog neurons and neurosynaptic networks
Modular instruction using cognitive constructs
Combustion emissions control and utilization of byproducts
Multicolumn selectivity inversion generator for production of ultrapure radionuclides
Selective fluoride and ammonia removal by chromatographic separation of wastewater
Method for desulphurizing acid gases using catalysts that are insensitive to oxidation and contain a...
Rapid process for producing transparent, monolithic porous glass
Method for producing carbon nanotubes
Fine carbon fiber and method for producing the same
Method of calculating premium payment to cover the risk attributable to insureds surviving a specifi...
System for predefining via an activity scheduler first types of entered data that are processed by a...
Automated reply generation direct marketing system
Providing gift clustering functionality to assist a user in ordering multiple items for a recipient
Method for computer network operation providing basis for usage fees
Method, system and program product for providing an electronic order confirmation in an electronic t...
Screening and survey selection system and method of operating the same
Establishment of a deferred network communication session
Methods and apparatus for kernel mode encryption of computer telephony
Recording information with a watermark related to a prerecorded medium mark on an information carrie...
Directing internet shopping traffic and tracking revenues generated as a result thereof
Keyboard instrument
End pin for a stringed musical instrument or other acoustic device
System and method for indexing and summarizing music videos
Multi-channel nonlinear processing of a single musical instrument signal
Integrated evaluation and simulation system for ground combat vehicles
Continuous aimpoint tracking system
Method and system for point of need continuing education delivery
Infant simulator with floppy neck assembly having a full range of motion
Training model for endoscopic vessel harvesting
Test administration system using the internet
Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for controlling image quality
Video output apparatus and output video changeover control method
Image projection systems
Method and apparatus for configuration and assembly of a video projection light management system
Encoding block-organized data
System and process for robust sound source localization
Video scene background maintenance using change detection and classification
Video monitoring and surveillance systems capable of handling asynchronously multiplexed video
Method of processing, and corresponding filtering device
Spatio-temporal joint filter for noise reduction
Portable communication apparatus with digital camera and personal digital assistant
System and method for recording pushed data
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Sensors for robotic devices
Robot apparatus and motion controlling method therefor
Flexible robotic surgery system and method
Constructing geodesic domes
Engine starting structure for remote-control toy car
Novelty candy assembly with melodic and/or illumination functions
Interactive device LED display
Moveable toy with corresponding audio and visual outputs
Steering device for toy
Biologically active implants
Demineralized corticocancellous bone sheet
Stability for injection solutions
Proteins deposited onto sparingly soluble biocompatible particles for controlled protein release int...
Dispersion comprising a non-ionic emulsifier
Medication combination for hepatoma and pancreatic cancer and preparation protocol
Multilayer electrometric material containing active chemical substance, and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical composition comprised of spider venoms, the production thereof, and its use for treat...
Acellular biological material chemically treated with genipin
Nanoemulsion containing nonionic polymers, and its uses
Process for the preparation of directly compressible α-mannitol
Method and apparatus for improved hemostasis and damage control operations
Human inflammatory breast carcinoma xenograft capable of lymphovascular invasion and methods for its...
Method of labeling a package
Checkbook cover
Control element for printed matters
Adhesive security tape
Method for manufacturing an animal toy and product resulting therefrom
Power boat with improved hull
Storage devices for boats
Boat and method for manufacturing using resin transfer molding
Rotatable safety seatback for recreational vehicles
Marine vessel running controlling apparatus, marine vessel maneuvering supporting system and marine ...
Boat mooring system
Tongue reinforcement for a boot, a reinforced tongue and a boot provided with such tongue
Use of acylsulfonamido-substituted polymethine dyes as fluorescene dyes and/or markers
Gene regulating plant branching, vector containing the gene, microorganism transformed by the vector...
Soybean variety XB34A05
Hybrid maize plant & seed 33H05
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33T39
Drift compensation method for fingerprint spectra
Computer software products for nucleic acid hybridization analysis
Torus-shaped conveyer and gripper
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Medical manipulator
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Low cost robot manipulator
Television tuner
Automatic channel memory device
Method and system for automated convergence and focus verification of projected images
Brightness improving apparatus for projection television
System and method for routing service requests from a paired digital camera and transceiver module
Appliance and method for navigating among multiple captured images and functional menus
Method and apparatus for injecting information assets into a content stream
Re-mapping and interleaving transport packets of multiple transport streams for processing by a sing...
Digital communication system for transmitting and receiving robustly encoded data
Decision feedback equalizer
Adaptive optimization methods, devices and appliances for the transmission of coded signals
Method for motion estimation in video coding
Scene cut detection in a video bitstream
Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional data of an object by selecting the method for ...
Image control apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method which defines abnormal pixels by reading density signal levels
Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
System and method for remote retrofit identification of energy consumption systems and components
System and method for visually analyzing clickstream data with a parallel coordinate system
System and method for providing subscribed applications on wireless devices over a wireless network
Method and apparatus for enabling smaller investors or others to create and manage a portfolio of se...
Credit management for electronic brokerage system
System and method for paying bills and other obligations including selective payor and payee control...
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method of digital video signal or audio signal
E-coupon service for location-aware mobile commerce which determines whether to supply requested e-c...
Video monitor and housing assembly
Operator supported remote camera positioning and control system with improved front end assemblies
Camera with positioning capability
Three-dimensional photographing apparatus and three-dimensional photographing method, and stereo ada...
Automatic photography system
Gene transfer method
Cell-scaffold composition containing five layers
Peptide fragments of murine epidermal growth factor as laminin receptor targets
Methods of treating tumors
Methods, compositions, and kits for organ protection during systemic anticancer therapy
Method and composition for supplementation of nutritional deficiencies in renal patients
Use of multifunctional surface active agents to clean contact lenses
S-dimethylarsino-thiosuccinic acid s-dimethylarsino-2-thiobenzoic acid s-(dimethylarsino) glutathion...
Nanocomposites of dendritic polymers
Preparation and composition of peptides useful for treatment of autoimmune and transplant related gr...
Cyclopeptide derivatives
Treatment of inflammatory disease
Ac-HEHA and related compounds, methods of synthesis and methods of use
Carboranylporphyrins and uses thereof
Vehicle-mounted equipment, information unit, and vehicle-mounted information system
Anti-surf head on dry-type snorkel
Splash guard for a snorkel
Stormwater receiving device and assembly
Methods for remote installation of devices for reducing drag and vortex induced vibration
Pile driving system and pile for engagement with said system
Device for producing bored piles
Reinforced retaining wall construction element
Roof bolts for use in mines, a method for their production and a method for their installation
Hair design system and its applications
Paint color card and methods of using the same
Test administration system using the internet
Method and apparatus for automated measurement of quality for machine translation
Book or CD used as electronic key
Scoring method and scoring system
Method for operating a video game with backfeeding a video image of a player, and a video game arran...
Vertical situation display terrain/waypoint swath, range to target speed, and blended airplane refer...
Device and assembly for providing linear tactile sensations
Virtual environment navigation aid
Interactive sculpting for volumetric exploration and feature extraction
Estimation of head-related transfer functions for spatial sound representative
Methods for physiological monitoring, training, exercise and regulation
Automated individualized learning program creation system and associated methods
Electronic commerce support method and apparatus
Systems for switch auctions utilizing risk position portfolios of a plurality of traders
Communication system including an interworking mobile switching center for call termination
Method for lighting- and view -angle-invariant face description with first- and second-order eigenfe...
Global data network using existing wireless infrastructures
Multiple sensing system and device
Vibration instrument calibration method and apparatus
System and method for take-off of materials using two-dimensional CAD interface
Language translation system and method using specialized dictionaries
Inventory control system and methods
Method for purchasing items over a non-secure communication channel
System and method for interactively entering data into a database
Proactive internet searching tool
Method for facilitating the entry of a URL address into an internet web browser URL address window
Method of providing information related to activity of a user and a data processing system program p...
Methods, systems and computer program products for non-disruptively transferring a virtual internet ...
Continuous bandwidth assessment and feedback for voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) comparing packe...
System having a single IP address associated with communication protocol stacks in a cluster of proc...
Processing internet protocol security traffic
System and method of maintaining functional client side data cache coherence
Method for version recording and tracking
Method, system, and article for incremental virtual copy of a data block
Method and apparatus for managing data volumes in a distributed computer system
Efficient application deployment on dynamic clusters
System and method for database conversion
Method and system for the garbage collection of shared data
Overview subsystem for information page server
Method and apparatus for accessing a wide area network
HTML delivery from edge-of-network servers in a content delivery network (CDN)
Reduction and optiminization of operational query expressions applied to information spaces between ...
System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
System and method for cascading data updates through a virtual copy hierarchy
Dynamic parameter modification
Benzophenones as inhibitors of reverse transcriptase
Method of inducing a CTL response
Compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Use of neuronal apoptosis inhibitor protein (NAIP)
Diagnostic sequencing by a combination of specific cleavage and mass spectrometry
Intracellular amyloid-beta binding (ERAB) polypeptide-related assays
Expression and purification of ATM protein using vaccinia virus
Method of identifying inhibitors of C—C chemokine receptor 3
Splice variants of CD40-receptor
Polypeptide, human vacuolar H+ -ATPase C subunit 42 and polynucleotide encoding it
Coordinate in vivo gene expression
Utilization of interferon alpha 5 in the treatment of viral hepatopathies
Cyclic undecapeptide pro-drugs and uses thereof
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Surface-modified fine silica powder and use thereof
Silicon continuous casting method
Method of recovering chlorine gas from calcium chloride
Plasma synthesis of metal oxide nanopowder and apparatus therefor
Process for the preparation of lithium aluminium hydride solutions
Carbonate recycling in a hydrogen producing reaction
Electrolytic perovskites
Method and arrangement for iteratively improving a channel estimate
Method for handling calls received at a wireless mobile terminal comprising a short-range interface,...
Mobility management-radio resource layer interface system and method for handling dark beam scenario...
Sector capacity prediction
Mobile content delivery system
Wireless device and method using frequency hopping and sweep modes
Method of managing processing resources in a mobile radio system
Global positioning family radio service and apparatus
Imageable biopsy site marker
Member registration system
Surface pasteurization method
Emulsifiers for citrus oils and related products
Polymeric antioxidants
Food products and food intermediates having low acrylamide content comprising cyclodextrin and amino...
Rice flour confection product and method of producing the same
Masticated frozen confection material
Frozen food products and methods for their manufacture
Use of carboxymethyl cellulose(cmc) in fruit-based products
Pulp mimetic
Method of producing a heat stable oil-in-water emulsion and the products made therefrom
Direct lactic acid set fresh mozzarella cheese
Corn oil and dextrose extraction apparatus and method
Device for shaping eggs for cooking in a microwave
Granulated soft-shelled turtle eggs
Process for producing cold-gelling hydrocolloids
High-intensity sweetener composition and delivery of same
Multilayer planar or tubular fooodstuff wrapping or film
Devices and methods for the rapid, reliable detection and determiniation of acrylamide concentration...
Method and health food for preventing and/or alleviating psychiatric disorder, and/or for effectuati...
Device internet resource access filtering system and method
Methods and compositions for the preparation and use of fixed-treated cell-lines and tissue in fluor...
Macrolides with antibacterial activity
Compositions and methods for treatment of hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Method of delaying the onset of diabetes
Adenosine cyclic ketals: novel adenosine analogues for pharmacotherapy
Immobilization of nucleic acids
Nucleic acid capable of binding specifically to Ras target protein
Thermophilic amino acid biosynthesis system enzyme gene of thermotolerant coryneform bacterium
Ovary-specific genes and proteins
PT32 sperm protein, sperm c-Yes, oocyte cytoplasmic c-Yes and uses thereof
Genes for regulating disease resistance in plants
Polynucleotide encoding the enoyl-acyl carrier protein reductase of Staphylococcus aureus, FA...
Cellular delivery agent
Isolation and characterization of a fiber-specific actin promoter from cotton
Gene involved in CADASIL, method of diagnosis and therapeutic application
Nucleolar targeting of therapeutics against HIV
Method for the chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides
Transgenic mammals expressing mutant GP IIIa
Isolation of SU1, a starch debranching enzyme, the product of the maize gene sugary1
Plant acyltransferases
Nucleic acid encoding an NPR1 interactor from rice and method of use to produce pathogen-resistant p...
Polynucleotides encoding polypeptides involved in the stress response to environmental changes in Me...
Novel process for producing antibody enzyme, novel antibody enzyme and utilization thereof
HDAC9 polypeptides and polynucleotides and uses thereof
Antisense modulation of c/ebp beta expression
Rage fusion proteins and methods of use
Aldehyde reductase
Ceramide kinase and uses thereof
Genes involved in osteogenesis, and methods of use
Simple process for obtaining beta-aescin from indian horse chesnut (aesculus indica)
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Versatile linker compound and ligand, and method for preparation thereof
D-ribose, its monohydrate and their caramels
Inducible expression systems for modulating the expression of target genes in eukaryotic cells and n...
Novel mutated mammalian cells and animals
Inducible expression systems for modulating the expression of target genes in eukaryotic cells and n...
Inducible expression systems for modulating the expression of target genes in eukaryotic cells and n...
Medical system, method and apparatus employing MEMS
Phosphate beneficiation process using methyl or ethyl esters as float oils
Sulfonated aromatic polymers, membrane containing said polymers and a method for production and use ...
Whole blood collection and processing method
Adsorbent material and method of preparing an adsorbent material
Mixtures of adsorber materials
Reovirus clearance of ras-mediated neoplastic cells from mixed cellular compositions
Chromatographic column seal
Inter process communications in a distributed CP and NP environment
Frameworks for efficient representation of string objects in Java programming environments
Method and apparatus for efficient object sub-typing
Method and system for accessing objects of different thread types
Handling callouts made by a multi-threaded virtual machine to a single threaded environment
System determining whether to activate public and private components operating within multiple appli...
Protocol agnostic request response pattern
Novel quinoxalinone norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of central nervous system d...
Substituted quinazolinone compounds
Hydroxy alkyl substituted 1,3,8-triazaspiro[4.5]decan-4-one derivatives useful for the treatment of ...
Method for decreasing opioid metabolism
Tetrahydropyranyl cyclopentyl tetrahydropyridopyridine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Heteroaryl urea neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis
Compounds for the reduction of excessive food intake
Indole, indazole and indoline derivatives as CETP inhibitors
Compositions and methods for chelation therapy
Agent for the treatment or prevention of diabetes, obesity or arteriosclerosis
Weight and body fat measurement device with temperature measuring capability
Methods and devices for delivering GLP-1 and uses thereof
Device and method for repairing tissue
System, method, and apparatus for automated interactive verification of an alert generated by a pati...
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Method and apparatus for conducting linked simulation operations utilizing a computer-based system m...
ALK7 and myostatin inhibitors and uses thereof
Compounds for enzyme inhibition
Multicyclic sulfonamide compounds as inhibitors of histone deacetylase for the treatment of disease
Novel sulfonamides as inhibitors of histone deacetylase for the treatment of disease
Novel imidazopyridines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Tricyclic delta-opioid modulators
Crystalline polymorph of pipindoxifene hydrochloride monohydrate
I-Oxo- and 1,3-dioxoisoindolines and method of reducing inflammatory cytokine levels
Novel 1,2,4-thiadiazolium derivatives as melanocortin receptor modulators
Anti aromatase compounds pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
Method of treating autoimmune diseases
Crystalline polymorph of pipindoxifene hydrochloride monohydrate
Personal cervical cell collector
Switchable and programmable electrode configuration
Optimizing genome-wide mutation analysis of chromosomes and genes
Optimizing genome-wide mutation analysis of chromosomes and genes
Embryonic stem cells capable of differentiating into desired cell lines
Device for accessing registered circuit units
Memory subsystem including memory modules having multiple banks
Method of optimizing the space and improving the write performance of volumes with multiple virtual ...
Method, system, and program for improved throughput in remote mirroring systems
Systems and methods for striped storage migration
Storage system including multiple control units for increased reliability during a failure
Method for transaction command ordering in a remote data replication system
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for providing security for the same
High speed memory cloning facility via a source/destination switching mechanism
Basing computer memory allocation for aggregate data types on data separate from a type definition
Method, system, and storage medium for optimizing disk space and information access
Generating a passcode for resetting a game console
Compressed file system for non-volatile RAM
Method of writing a group of data bytes in a memory and memory device
Blocking processing restrictions based on addresses
Booting an operating system or running other pre-boot code from a file stored under a different oper...
Efficient multiple priority list memory system
Data processing systems and method for batching tasks of the same type in an instruction cache
Hierarchical affinity dispatcher for task management in a multiprocessor computer system
Signal-processing circuit, and recording and playback apparatus employing the same
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding apparatus, decoding method, and record medium
Data describing method and data processor
Quality rating function for a discrete decoded picture
Motion estimation process and system using sparse search block-matching and integral protection
System for creating contents information and for avoiding download errors of the contents informatio...
Image-data processing apparatus
Magnetic tape recording apparatus and method, magnetic tape playback apparatus and method, format fo...
Timing error detection circuit, demodulation circuit and methods thereof
Magnetic tape recording apparatus and method, magnetic tape format, and recording medium therefor
Antenna switch
Terminal unit, position display method, information providing system, and information providing meth...
Information processing system and information processing method
Communication system, communication method, distribution apparatus, distribution method and terminal...
Digital watermark embedding processor, digital watermark detecting processor, digital watermark embe...
Apparatus and method for image processing and storage medium for the same
Solutions and dispersions of organic semiconductors
Electrically controllable device having variable optical and/or energy properties
Flexible substrates for organic devices
Protective membrane for touch screen device
Heat treatable coated article with niobium nitride IR reflecting layer
DC—DC converters providing reduced deadtime
Relaxed SiGe films by surfactant mediation
NOR flash memory cell with high storage density
Infrared absorbing blue glass composition
Satellite broadcasting system
Copolymer of conjugated cyclodiene
Heatable wiper rest area for a transparency
Strained-semiconductor-on-insulator device structures
Thin film organic position sensitive detectors
Multilevel copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics and air gaps
Method for depositing thin film for element, and organic electroluminescence element
Apparatus and methods for monitoring pipelines
System and method for remote quantitative detection of fluid leaks from a natural gas or oil pipelin...
Electrochromic safety glazing
Grill cover for cooking surfaces
vacuum container to preserve food
Iron fortification system
Calcium fortified beverages
Method and apparatus for continuous flow reduction of microbial and/or enzymatic activity in a liqui...
Method for preventing passing off of a brewed beverage
Process for preparing dehydrated potato flakes
Device for the formation of croissants made of puff pastry or the like
Vegetable oil having elevated stearic acid content
Packaging container packaging laminate and a method of producing a packaging container
Chocolate chip
Sealed system and continuous process for making food products
In vitro synthesis of polypeptides by optimizing amino acid metabolism
Automatic code generation for integrated circuit design
MVC (model-view-controller) based multi-modal authoring tool and development environment
System and method for automatically generating program
Method and apparatus for deployment of high integrity software using initialization order and callin...
Program generation method
Adapting polymorphic inline caches for multithreaded computing
Methods and systems of testing software, and methods and systems of modeling user behavior
Graphical view of program structure during debugging session
Consolidation and reduction of usage data
Function injector
Method and apparatus for providing instrumentation data to an instrumentation data source from withi...
Lazy and precise update of unwind information for dynamically generated code
Method for creating a performance model of an application program adjusted with an execution result ...
Software implementation of synchronous memory barriers
Frameworks for loading and execution of object-based programs
Method and apparatus for dynamically compiling byte codes into native code
Method and software tools for intelligent service pack installation
Utilization of third party legacy data list
Method and system for upgrading and rolling back versions
Update system for facilitating software update and data conversion in an electronic device
Method for efficiently downloading SCSI and SERVO firmware to SCSI target controllers
Process for making byte erasable devices having elements made with nanotubes
Nanotube, near-field light detecting apparatus and near-field light detecting method
Memory device for storing electrical charge and method for fabricating the same
Micromachine vibration filter
System and a method of operation thereof for analyzing the performance of a tape recorder
Floating low density concrete barrier
Optical filter comprising solar blind dyes and UV-transparent substrates
Biobased microbattery
Miniature cryogenic shutter assembly
Integrated maritime portable acoustic scoring and simulator control and improvements
Wearable directional antenna
Foldable, sturdy, lightweight monitor stand for easy portability and storage
Ultrashort-pulse fiber laser with a dispersion-managed cavity
Photonic-crystal distributed-feedback and distributed bragg-reflector lasers
F-theta lens and laser scanning unit including the same
Anamorphic converter
Compact zoom lens system and digital camera using the compact zoom lens system
Zoom lens and electronic imaging apparatus having the same
Small lightweight zoom lens
Zoom lens
Two-group zoom lens
Lens barrel and lens barrel system
Lens position adjustment mechanism and camera equipped with the mechanism
Wide-angle optical system for solid image pickup element
Objective lens for scanning optical disks (DVDS)
Catadioptric projection objective with geometric beam splitting
Temperature controlled optoelectronic device
Pickup head actuator
Fabry-Perot laser apparatus mode-locked to multi-frequency lasing light source and optical transmiss...
Visual image system
Systems and methods for correlating images in an image correlation system with reduced computational...
PMD emulation, measurement and compensation device
All-frequency PMD compensator and emulator
Lens protection mechanism
Dispersion compensator
Multi-party concurrence through short message service exchanges
Method and broadcast multicast service server for data broadcasting in third generation networks
Wireless communication terminal
Method and apparatus for interactive audience participation at a live spectator event
System and method for transmitting data on a reverse link channel
Portable wireless communication terminal and control method
Radio terminal, information processing system using radio terminal, and external processing terminal...
Apparatus and method for OFDM data communications
Radio communication system, mobile terminal unit thereof, and azimuth determining method
Antenna/coupler assembly for coaxial cable
Electronic device having a movable keypad
Load bank
Universal charging apparatus
Gas turbine engine starter generator that selectively changes the number of rotor poles
Synchronous buck and boost regulator power reduction circuit using high side sensing
Battery pack with engagement concave portion and battery-using equipment using battery pack
Battery charger amusement device
Electronic apparatus with remaining battery power indicating function that estimates remaining batte...
Generator control apparatus
Control system for a sputtering system
Alternating current generator
Low loss boost converter
Asymmetrical multiphase DC-to-DC power converter
DC-to-DC power regulator having non-linear load line and automatic leakage current offset adjustment
Rectification system for improving power quality of electrical power systems
Power supply for a satellite receiver
System and method for using a legacy battery in an information handling system using a table having ...
Use of autogenous growth factors in bone tunnels during ligament reconstruction with mechanical cont...
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Use of neuropeptides for ligament healing
Expandable spinal implant having interlocking geometry for structural support
Methods and apparatus for enhanced retention of prosthetic implants
Modular orthopaedic implant system with multi-use stems
Wrist prosthesis
Method and apparatus for performing a minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty
Osteoimplant and method of making same
Garment-model computer simulations
Secure network gateway for accessible patient data and transplant donor data
Computational method and system for identifying network patterns in complex biological systems data
Communication system
Prioritized image visualization from scalable compressed data
System and method for providing digital data communications over a wireless intra-body network
CMOS burst mode clock data recovery circuit using frequency tracking method
Interactive television program guide with remote access
Gene therapy with chimeric oligonucleotides delivered by a method comprising a step of iontophoresis
Composition containing 7-hydroxy DHEA and/or 7-keto DHEA and at least a carotenoid
Pharmaceutical compositions and uses for androst-5-ene-3β, 17β-diol
Water-soluble natural film and its preparing method
MEMS differential actuated nano probe and method for fabrication
Methods for producing transgenic animals
Procollagen IIA deficient mice
FcRn-based therapeutics for the treatment of auto-immune disorders
Novel culture systems for EX vivo development
Nucleotide sequences for gene regulation and methods of use thereof
Soybean cultivar 943013
Nucleic acid fragments encoding proteins involved in stress response
Sequence-determined DNA encoding AP2 domain polypeptides
Antifungal polypeptides
Method for the production of ketocarotinoids in flower petals on plants
Plastid genetic engineering via somatic embryogenesis
In- seed expression of lysosomal enzymes
Stress tolerance and delayed senescence in plants
Compositions and methods for modulation of plant cell division
Isolated plant deoxyhypusine synthase and nucleotides encoding same
Climbing rose plant named 'Poulslas'
Sycamore maple tree named 'Tunpetti'
Writing instrument with display module capable of receiving messages via radio
Apparatus and method for applying ciphering in universal mobile telecommunications system
Method and arrangement for allocation of resources in a radio communication system
Cellular mobile communication network operating method and system
Common signaling method and apparatus
Base station apparatus and mobile communication system
Method for improving mobility in discontinuous coverage networks, corresponding access controller, a...
Position information management system
Method and system for determining a destination in a mobile radio
Method for decentralized synchronization in a self-organizing radio communication system
Apparatus and method for controlling power in sleep mode in a mobile communication terminal
Method and system for extending IP PBX services to cellular wireless communication devices
Temperature sensor insensitive to device offsets with independent adjustment of slope and reference ...
Two channel communication system using RDS datastream broadcasting
Magic-themed adventure game
Stabilization of aortic iliac neck diameter by use of radio frequency
Process for generating computer flight plans on the internet
Method for automatic charging
Device control management apparatus
Adaptive multimedia integration language (amil) for adaptive multimedia applications and presentatio...
Method, device and system for providing additional information related to the contents of a radio br...
Shoe with interchangeable strap system
Shoe system
Article of footwear and associated of manufacture
Shoe shole and method for making the same
Ultra-thin liquid-filled insole interface
Heel insert
Cushioned insole
Ball of foot shoe inserts
Smart shoe
Smart car radio
Wireless interactive multi-user display system and method
System and method for providing a protable printer capable of altering the orientation of informatio...
Printing system and printing processing method
Information processor, a printing method, a printing program, a printing information generating prog...
Printer with user ID sensor
Calibrating digital pens
Grayscale mistracking correction for color-positive transparency film elements
Select reprint of records in variable data printing
Adjusting pixels by desired gains and factors
Multimodal image registration using compound mutual information
Prefabricated wall panel
Interior wall and partition construction
Particulate compositions of particulate metal and polymer binder
Process for producing fuel
Apparatus and methods for disposing conduits, wires, and the like through structures
Doped gold alloy
Process for producing synthetic zeolites with MFI structure
Biological control of pythium disease in crops
Feed supplement composition for ruminants and a process to obtain the same
Gypsum boards with glass fiber reinforcements having a titanate or zirconate coupling coating
Gypsum boards having glass fiber reinforcement with tacky compliant interface therebetween
Gypsum boards having a titanate or zirconate coupling agent with glass fiber reinforcements
Foam articles
Decorative surface materials having a decorative pattern and process for preparing the same
Method for making a coated powder for reducing evaporative water loss
Set-on demand, ester-based wellbore fluids and methods of using the same
Cleaner leaving an anti-microbial film
Ink-jet recording material for proof
Hazardous waste stabilization methods, products and testing procedures
Process for stabilizing the PH of a pulp suspension and for producing paper from the stabilized pulp
Silica-filled elastomeric compounds
Building elements
Universal modular building block
Conveyor belt with plastic covering
Gas recovery from landfills using aqueous foam
Vapor deposited titanium and titanium-nitride layers for dental devices
Method and apparatus for moulding pastes and slurries
Method and agent for determining total water hardness
Wallboard containing scrim and matt
Thermally stable anthrapyridone compositions
Clustering techniques for faster and better placement of VLSI circuits
On demand data center service end-to-end service provisioning and management
Methods and apparatus for creating solutions
System, apparatus and method of assisting with software product update installations
System with location-sensitive software installation method
Generic packaging tool for packaging application and component therefor to be installed on computing...