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Hybrid maize plant and seed 38F10
Soybean cultivar S040127
Soybean variety XB35L04
Unified messaging system configured for management of short message service-type messages
Medium access control (MAC) protocol with seamless polling/contention modes
Updating computer files on wireless data processing devices
Portable information processing device having data evacuation function and method thereof
Search and navigation device for hypertext documents
Modeling a computing architecture
Methods and apparatus for performing continue actions using an associative memory which might be par...
System for controlling and enforcing playback restrictions for a media file by splitting the media f...
Network community supporting method and system
Word sense disambiguation
Network switching device with pipelined search engines
Retrieval and display of data objects using a cross-group ranking metric
Method and apparatus for decomposing a region of an integrated circuit layout
Internet-based auction method
Automated processor generation system for designing a configurable processor and method for the same
Mass analysis apparatus and method for mass analysis
Small scale wires with microelectromechanical devices
Device for transdermal electrotransport delivery of fentanyl and sufentanil
Multi-channel digital modem
Receiver for discrete multitone modulated signals having window function
Receiver window design for multicarrier communication systems
Digital pre-compensation filter for DMT type transmitter
System and method of measuring a signal propagation delay
Method for detecting a tone signal through digital signal processing
Sliding-window transform with integrated windowing
Method for issuing label with thermosensitive adhesive
Electronic display with photo-addressing means
Thermal imaging composition and member and methods of imaging and printing
Electrophotographic toner and image-forming system
Benzimidazoles that are useful in treating male sexual dysfunction
Antidiabetic preparation for oral administration
Hydrogel particle formulation
Method and composition for inhibition of angiogenesis and tumor growth using compounds based on a se...
Targeting molecule linked to an imaging agent
Blocked polyurethane prepolymers useful in coating compositions
Endiandric acid H and its derivatives, process for their preparation and use thereof
Compositions and methods for the inhibition of neurotransmitter uptake of synaptic vesicles
Nucleic acids encoding secreted polypeptides that stimulate release of proteoglycans from cartilage
Highly impact-resistant granules
System and method of producing user interface information messages
Data transmission method
Using file system information in raid data reconstruction and migration
Low-power indicator
Pre-execution environment compliant dynamic host configuration protocol relay agent
Better placement of objects reachable from special objects during collection based on the train algo...
Tone detector with noise detection and dynamic thresholding for robust performance
Condition assessment and life expectancy prediction for devices
Method and system for yield similarity of semiconductor devices
Automobile gauge faces made of stainless steel and other metals
Pulsed electromagnetic energy treatment apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for producing demand real-time television
Golf shoe upper
Tag tracking
Golf club head
Golf club swing analyzers
Golf grip-training device
Non-human genetically modified mammal lacking the alpha-fetoprotein
Device for the continuous process for the production of controlled architecture materials
Azeotrope-like compositions containing hexafluoropropylene dimer and use thereof
Compositions and methods for cleaning contact lenses
Composition for inoculating legumes and method therefor
Method and apparatus for peeling a thin film from a liner
Method and hemostatic patch for effecting local hemostasis
Medical energy irradiation apparatus
Endoscope system with a hollow cylinder and a bellows moving mechanism
Capsule endoscope
Endoscope test device
Electrical contact
Imaging method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for indirect bonding of orthodontic appliances
Method of treating a disease condition caused or exacerbated by an HPV
Bone marrow mixing instrument
Antibody kit for the detection of TADG-15 protein
Compositions and methods for helper-free production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses
Bone hemi-lumbar interbody spinal fusion implant having an asymmetrical leading end and method of in...
Threaded cable anchor
Methods of performing procedures in the spine
Bone implants and methods
Expandable spinal fusion device and methods of promoting spinal fusion
Reducing axon degeneration with proteasome inhibitors
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Linear luminous body and linear luminous structure
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method for forming an electrode
Register for air conditioning
Production method for semiconductor substrate and semiconductor element
Reinforced hose
Resinous connector
Apparatus for inhibiting fuel from flowing out of fuel tanks
Console box
Light-emitting aluminum gallium indium nitride compound semiconductor device having an improved lumi...
Led lamp
Light emitting diode and light emitting diode array
Side airbag device
Hose coupling assembly
Indication system of meter part
Apparatus and method for molding articles
Methods and apparatuses for measuring frequencies of basestations in cellular networks using mobile ...
Subscription GPS information service system
Portable telephone GPS and bluetooth integrated compound terminal and controlling method therefor
Skipping z-counts and accurate time in GPS receivers
System and method for preventing electric arcs in connectors feeding power loads and connector used
Injection molding system having a removable in-mold degating insert
Hinge mechanism for a monitor of an overhead console
Tip easy entry and fold flat recliner assembly
Vehicle occupant sensing system having a low profile sensor assembly
Moveable panel assembly
Folding magnetic holding wrap for cups or mugs
Low power hydraulic clutch actuation systems
Internal EGR parameter estimating device for internal combustion engine
Ignition timing control for internal combustion engine
Lower link of piston crank mechanism for internal combustion engine
Learning apparatus and method for variable valve control of internal combustion engine
Capacity adjustment apparatus for battery pack and capacity adjustment method for battery pack
Method of and apparatus for evaluating the performance of a control system
Active night vision control system
Method for controlling a discrete system
Electrocatalyst and method of manufacturing the same
Vehicle seat having a backrest locking assembly
Drive shaft assembly
Vehicle seat and head restraint assembly
Ceramic optical sub-assembly for optoelectronic modules
Optically pumped semiconductor laser and method for producing the same
Low-pressure axial direction excitation type F2 laser oscillator
Digital optical sourcing and methods of operating a digital optical source
Laser module
Laser apparatus and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information on and from optical disc
Optical pickup device
Method of controlling data writing velocity and optical disk player
Link writing method for a recordable or rewritable compact disk and drive for using the method
System and method for integrating optical layers in a PCB for inter-board communications
Fiber device with high nonlinearity, dispersion control and gain
System and method for packaging a monitor photodiode with a laser in an optical subassembly
Physical interaction means and related uses thereof
Footwear sole
Footwear welt
Footwear upper
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Modular ankle-foot orthosis
Methods of making and using an ankle-foot orthosis
Heel guard for use with motorcycles
Face mask with seal and neutralizer
Method of estimating floor reaction of bipedal movable body
Side element of a shoe upper
Fibrillation/tachycardia monitoring and preventive system and methodology
Transportable security portal for screening potential terrorists
Spray gun control operator interface
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Object-oriented operating system for a spray controller
Nonwoven protective fabrics with conductive fiber layer
Perimeter weighted golf clubs
Miniature LED flashlight with snap-on carrier
Swivel assembly
Apparatus and method to indicate required compressor pressure for use with pneumatic tool device
Urethane spray gun assembly
Bi-directional ball seat system and method
Methods of downhole testing subterranean formations and associated apparatus therefor
Barrel locking apparatus for a paintball gun
Active feed paintball loader with flexible impeller
Seven-speed transmission
Method for adapting an actuation distance model for an exhaust turbocharger
Skiving device and methods of use
Surface treatment apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Fixing device, fixing method and image forming apparatus
Developing device and process cartridge for an image forming apparatus
Toner feeder, toner, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the toner feeder and tone...
Image forming apparatus, and replenishing developer kit
Jet pump assembly repair method
Methods of forming waveguides and waveguides formed therefrom
Electrodeposition solution, optical part produced therefrom, and production method for same optical ...
Wavelength tunable optical components
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Magnetic memory
Automatically enabling editing languages of a software program
Method and framework for processing network communication protocol timers
Scalable notification delivery service
Method and system for modifying schema definitions
Data transformation to maintain detailed user information in a data warehouse
Man-machine dialogue system, controls dialogue between system and user using dialogue specification ...
Objective measure for estimating mean opinion score of synthesized speech
Compact easily parseable binary format for a context-free grammer
Data mining framework using a signature associated with an algorithm
Highly polar cleans for removal of residues from semiconductor structures
Ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
Dynamic vulcanization of fluorocarbon elastomers
Water-soluble surfactant composition
Azabicyclic, azatricyclic and azaspirocyclic derivatives of aminocyclohexane NMDA, 5HT3, and neurona...
Pharmaceutical compositions containing new polymorphic forms of olanzapine and uses thereof
Method for forming quantum dots using metal thin film or metal powder
NAND memory array incorporating multiple write pulse programming of individual memory cells and meth...
Micro-mirror device including dielectrophoretic microemulsion
Electro-magnetically enhanced current interrupter
Optical interconnects in integrated circuits
Radiation detector
β,β′-dihydroxy meso-substituted chlorins, isobacteriochlorins, and bacteriochlori...
Methods of using glucan synthase pathway reporter genes to screen for antifungal compounds
Thermally developable materials having improved backside conductive layers
Application execution apparatus and method
Debugging a program intended to execute on a reconfigurable device using a test feed-through configu...
Program generation apparatus for program execution system, replaces variable name in each class file...
Multi-output power supply design system
Methods and systems for rendering electronic data
Method for reducing catastrophic failures in continuously operating software systems
Program logic device for synchronous operation with multiple clock signals
Method, devices and program modules for data transmission with assured quality of service
Service time analysis methods for the WSM QOS monitor
Web server for communicating with one or more electronic devices through a gateway computer
Locally-distributed electrode and method of fabrication
Liquid phase growth process, liquid phase growth system and substrate member production method
Self-repairing, reinforced matrix materials
Outdoor lighting system
Scalable synthesis of dipyrromethanes
Thermal treatment equipment and method for heat-treating
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, process for producing resis...
Laminated polyester film and laminated film
Method of monitoring the operation of gas sensor and system therefor
Power generation methods and systems
Metal complex-based electron-transfer mediators in dye-sensitized solar cells
Method and system for file-system based caching
Method and apparatus for use in booth-encoded multiplication
Digital loop diagnostic port control monitor
Low power control circuit and method for a memory device
Exposure apparatus, optical projection apparatus and a method for adjusting the optical projection a...
Automatic activation of an in-car video recorder using a vehicle speed sensor signal
Input buffer with selectable threshold and hysteresis option
Multi-voltage level semiconductor device and its manufacture
Ink jet head substrate, ink jet head using the substrate, and ink jet print apparatus
Distributed user management information in telecommunications networks
System and method for providing agent-free and no-packet overhead mobility support with transparent ...
Trunking and mirroring across stacked gigabit switches
Network communication system and method of dynamic routing
Network switching architecture with fast filtering processor
System for using rapid acquisition spreading codes for spread-spectrum communications
Magnetic field sensor using spin polarized current
Unified multilevel cell memory
Network system for controlling independent access to stored data among local area networks
Chucking system for modulating shapes of substrates
Double-gated transistor circuit
Hybridization probe and target nucleic acid detecting kit, target nucleic acid detecting apparatus a...
Electron beam processing method
Multi-adjustable drill guide and framework system for dental prosthetics
Universal depth cut burr having dental and skeletal applications
Compounds, compositions, and methods for controlling biofilms
Structures and compositions increasing the stability of peroxide actives
Textured surface having undercut micro recesses in a surface
Dental implant analog having retention groove for soft tissue modeling
Method for the simultaneous and direct determination of serum cholesterol in high and low density li...
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Near-infrared absorption film
Method for refinishing defects in stoved enamels with powder coatings
Phthalocyanine compound, water-base ink composition and colored material
Method and apparatus for cooling heat generating components
Method of determining indoor or outdoor temperature limits
System and method for model-based control of a building fluid distribution system
Apparatus including circuit board and heat sink and method of making the apparatus
Device for cooling memory modules
Liquid cooled metal thermal stack for high-power dies
Actuation membrane for application to a card slot of a system
Cooling device and electric or electronic apparatus employing the same
Method for biological treatment of environmental contaminants and waste
Apparatus for cooling of electronic components
Hydronic radiant heat tubing receptacle and heat distribution panel system
Heat exchanger
Fin-and-tube type heat exchanger
Hermetic closed loop fluid system
Heat dissipating device with uniform heat points
Liquid cooling jacket
Heat dissipation apparatus and method
Component to heat sink spring clip method and apparatus
Work vehicle
Heat pump hot water supply system of hot water storage type
Heat exchange system
N-bridged selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Propanolamine derivative having 1, 4-benzodioxane ring
Bis-heteroaryl alkanes as therapeutic agents
Heterocyclic compounds
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives
Cyclic amine phenyl beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Piperazine derivatives
Indoles and indolines having 5-HT activity
Treatment of lipodystrophy
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Ecstasy haptens and immunogens
Method of using cells expressing galanin receptor 3 (GALR3)
Collapsible boat rowing stimulator
Roll-able dumbbells
Cross training exercise apparatus
Video fitness machine
Interface for controlling and accessing information on an exercise device
Exercise device and method
Exercise apparatus
Quarter-foldable rebounder with improved features
Continuously variable transmission
Adjustable weight dumbell
Overhead adjustable resistance exercise machine
Milking claw top
Hot dairy-based beverage dispenser
Low fat creamer compositions
Method and apparatus for preparing a dairy product
Semi-refined carrageenan
Graphical user interface and method related thereto
Peptide having angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory effect
Process for separation of whey proteins using a novel anion exchanger
Treatment of rumen acidosis with α-amylase inhibitors
Pregabalin lactose conjugates
Soy milk coagulating device
Disposable nursing breast pad with medication
Lotion dispensing shaving apparatus
Aluminum-zirconium compound-based treatment for herpes simplex virus lesions
Cardboard container for solid, granular or possibly pasty products, and manufacturing method thereof
Dispensing system for ice cream machine
Stick-like paint container
Infant feeding and storage system
Method and apparatus for content-based instrusion detection using an agile kernel-based auditor
Multi-stage ADC with shared amplifier and reference voltage selection
Method and apparatus for producing laminated labels
Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging onto a substrate
Method for recording and erasure of images using a rewritable thermal label of a non-contact type
Method of transferring a protective overcoat to a dye-donor element
Method of gastrostomy, and an infection preventive cover, kit or catheter kit, and a gastrostomy cat...
Catheter connection and repair system
Method and apparatus for near video on demand
Hard bias structure with antiparallel layers
Magnetic sensing element with in-stack biasing using ferromagnetic sublayers
Magnetic head using a magneto-resistive effect
Precise positioning actuator for head element and head device with the actuator
Dual stage suspension with PZT actuators arranged to improve actuation in suspensions of short lengt...
Removable bearing assembly in a rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
Conductor assembly for reducing track misregistration in a disk drive
Air bearing designs to reduce external van der waals and electrostatic forces
Method and apparatus for improved attachment of a micro-actuator to a slider device
Disk cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge, magnetic tape drive for recording, and magnetic tape drive for reproducing
Localized pole tip heating device for magnetic head for hard disk drive
Magnetic head having an antistripping layer for preventing a magnetic layer from stripping
Submicron track-width pole-tips for electromagnetic transducers
Hard disk drive having a damper for reducing vibrations
Disk device preventing mechanism locking
Fluid guide for a data storage device
Disk cartridge ejection mechanism and method
Floppy disk apparatus
Seeking a transducer with a current command regulated based on transducer location and addressed dat...
Read error recovery method and apparatus
Acceleration disturbance detection subsystem for use with disk drives
Servo synchronization validation techniques based on both servo synch marks and wedge identifiers in...
Disk drive having a disk including a servo burst pattern that improves the signal to noise ratio dur...
Monitoring of phenomena indicative of PTP in a hard disk and controlling the burnishing of heads
System and method for a high bandwidth servo system
Air bearing slider including pressurized side pads with forward and trailing shallow etched surfaces
Method and apparatus for determining a transducer's reference position in a disk drive having a disk...
Patterned medium and recording head
Disk drive employing a configuration data structure comprising a plurality of configuration paramete...
Disk drive having a protected partition configured to load an operating system for performing a user...
Using an external spiral servo writer to write spiral tracks to a disk to facilitate writing product...
Data storage testing apparatus for delivering linear or rotational acceleration
Method for the bacterially assisted heap leaching of chalcopyrite
Cyclohexenyl phenyl diazepines vasopressin and oxytocin receptor modulators
Thioether-substituted benzamides as inhibitors of Factor Xa
5-amidino-n-(2-aminophenethyl)-n-hydroxy-benzenesulffonamide derivative, medical composition contain...
Method for the treatment of diabetes
Platelet ADP receptor inhibitors
ω-cycloalkyl 17-heteroaryl prostaglandin E2 analogs as EP2-receptor agonists
Selective PDE 2 inhibitors as pharmaceuticals for improving perception
Method and apparatus for the delivery of samples to a chemical sensor array
Saponin-digesting enzymes, genes thereof and soyasapogenol B mass production system
Dietary supplement
Method of creating biological and biosynthetic material for implantation
Therapeutic composition and a method of coating implantable medical devices
Kit of parts for treating urinary incontinence in mammals
Fluidic device for medical diagnostics
Multi-sheath delivery catheter
Semiconductor processing device
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Information processing system for e-mail, information processing method and program storage medium t...
Method of and apparatus for forming an image, and computer program
Thin layer electrochemical cell with self-formed separator
Dielectric substrates comprising a polymide core layer and a high temperature fluoropolymer bonding ...
Speaker and method of manufacturing the speaker
Biaxially oriented film having specified micro protrusions
Wound dressing suitable for insertion in nasal passages
Methods for converting linear polyesters to macrocyclic oligoester compositions and macrocyclic olig...
Organosiloxane compositions
Process for the treatment of polymer compositions
Polyethylene compositions for injection molding
Method for creating microsphere polymers and particles
Plant protection agents
Method for making thin film devices intended for solar cells or silicon-on-insulator (SOI) applicati...
Carrier for cell culture
Laminated imaged recording media
Particle for a display device, image display medium and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus preventing excessive increase in temperature of fixing device
Fastener strip with discrete magnetically attractable area, and method and apparatus of making same
Film with highly porous vascular graft prostheses
Absorbent article having improved fit and enhanced absorption capacity
Control of vacuum level rate of change
Air duct seal for HVAC case
Human FcγRIIB gene polymorphisms for assessing development of systemic lupus erythematosus and...
Breathing assistance apparatus
Thermoplastic polymer blends of isotactic polypropylene and alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers
Continuous liquid hydrocarbon treatment method
NMDA receptor channel blocker with neuroprotective activity
Sertraline hydrochloride polymorphs
Carboline derivatives
Forms of dutasteride and methods for preparation thereof
Quinazoline and pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine inhibitors of phosphodiesterase (PDE) 7
Highly purified gonadotropin compositions and process for preparing them
Polypeptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH)
Bracelet with links made of rigid material on a flexible core
Compensator for compensating thermal expansions
Acrylic structural adhesive having improved T-peel strength
Organic coated steel having excellent rust preventive and corrosion preventive performances and rust...
Digital amplifier and methods for enhancing resolution and dynamic range of a digital amplifier
Close-loop PWM controller for primary-side controlled power converters
Isolated converter with synchronized switching leg
Remote-controlled apparatus, a remote control system, and a remote-controlled image-processing appar...
Switching device for controlling at least two motors
Uninterruptible power source apparatus
Phase-locked loop
Power converter employing a planar transformer
Switching-type power converter
Display device and its control method
D/A converter
Single stage AC/DC converter with piezo transformer
Direct current/direct current converter for a fuel cell system
Gas vesicles of cells and methods of harvesting, isolating and modifying same
Radioactive waste treatment facility
Apparatus for treating storm water
Method for on-site treatment of oil and gas well waste fluids
Method for fractionating liquid mixtures
Immersion type membrane filter
Aerobic wastewater management system, apparatus, and method
Membrane bioreactor, process and aerator
Biologically active reactor system and method for treating wastewater
Periphyton filtration pre- and post-treatment system and method
Apparatus incorporating potted hollow fiber membranes
Filtration device
Adsorption separation system
Filter device
Multifunctional filtering device for an aquarium
Anaerobic bioreactor for the wastewater-treatment plant
Method and system for emulating a Fiber Channel link over a SONET/SDH path
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
System for and method of exchanging server data in packet unit
Method and apparatus for path selection and wavelength assignment in an optical network
FSK decoder for caller ID
Frequency discriminator using replica compensated delay lines and method of operation
Switched capacitor circuit capable of eliminating clock feedthrough by complementary control signals...
Universal transmitter
Automatic frequency correction for mobile radio receivers
Data-directed frequency-and-phase lock loop
Hearing aid with an oscillation detector, and method for detecting feedback in a hearing aid
Connector system
Medical hearing aid analysis system
Cerumen protection system for hearing aids
Compact modular in-the-ear hearing aid
Method for operating a hearing aid system and hearing aid system
Boilerless steamer apparatus
Method for the removal of scratches from digital images
Methods and system for illuminant-compensation
Machine readable code image and method of encoding and decoding the same
Translucent intensity projection imaging
Black blood angiography method and apparatus
Registration of multi-modality data in imaging
Method of determining at least one contour of a left and/or right ventricle of a heart
Reliability measure concerning the registration of cardiac MR perfusion measurements
Method and system for automatic white balancing
Three-dimensional image display device
Measuring apparatus
Parametric profiling using optical spectroscopic systems
Photoelectric measuring device
Apparatus including a biochip for imaging of biological samples and method
Sensing device and its sensing method, and wiper controlling apparatus using the same
Combined paper and transparency sensor for an image forming apparatus
Measurement system for living bodies
System for monitoring physiological characteristics
Method for measuring the concentration of substances in living organisms using microdialysis and a d...
Method for three dimensional cine EBA/CTA imaging
Formulation and manipulation of databases of analyte and associated values
Specially configured nasal pulse oximeter/photoplethysmography probes, and combined nasal probe/cann...
Gloss-coated paper with enhanced runnability and print quality
Elimination of alum yellowing of aspen thermomechanical pulp through pulp washing
Static build-up control in dispensing system
Monitoring of fuel on a grate fired boiler
Porous material for channeling ink in an ink cartridge and method for channeling ink
Absorbent pant garments having high leg cuts
Dispenser gasket and tensioner system
Permeable, close to the body liner for swimwear
Calculation circuit for the division of a fixed-point signal
Inhibition of exoprotein production in non-absorbent articles uisng aromatic compositions
Entangled fabric wipers for oil and grease absorbency
Flexible packaging bag with visual display feature
Composition and method for treating fibers and nonwoven substrates
Method of making an absorbent structure having high integrity
Disposable pant-like undergarment having an elastic band adjacent the waist opening
Surgical gown with a panel section of elastomeric barrier material
Personal care article having a stretch outer cover and non-stretch grasping panels
Elastomeric adhesive
Melt spinning extrusion head system
Fiber draw unit nozzles for use in polymer fiber production
Interactive resort operating system
Wheel-guiding forward axle air spring strut
Rod guide and seal system for gas filled shock absorbers
Suspension system for a three-point apparatus
Suspension strut with stop buffer
Attachment arrangement for a composite leaf spring which accommodates longitudinal movement through ...
Pneumatically actuated chute door and system employing the same
Front fork
Platforms for sustainable transportation
Folding chair with pnuematically height adjustable seat
Suspension system having reduced stress axle connection
Apparatus and method for producing print
Log charging apparatus for sawmills
Fuel system for a gas turbine engine
Lavatory system
Device for adjusting the position of a wiper strip with respect to the screen in a papermaking plant
Trolling motor mount
Brake hydraulic control actuator for vehicles
Fore-line preconditioning for vacuum pumps
Hybrid compressor
Variable displacement compressor
Control arrangement for an induction motor compressor having at least three windings, a torque-augme...
Reverse-ported pump
Solar energy operated air pump
Ultra-high speed vacuum pump system with first stage turbofan and second stage turbomolecular pump
Oscillator for pneumatic pump having single valve
Wellbore pump
Thermal protection shield for a rotating shaft
Downhole hydraulic ram
Ventilation and purge of a hydrogen blower
Supercharging air compressor for an internal combustion engine, internal combustion engine and metho...
Fan assembly mechanism
Exhaust-gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine with variable turbine geometry
Fluid pump/generator with integrated motor and related stator and rotor and method of pumping fluid
Signal processing system for construction machine
Swash plate type hydraulic pump or motor
Liquid recovery method and system for compression mechanism
Connecting device of storage device and computer system including the same connecting device
Thromboxane ligands without blood clotting side effects
Synthetic diazonamides as novel anti-mitotic agents
Catalytic activity accelerant used in petroleum hydrogenation
Stripping apparatus and process
Software controlled multi-mode bi-directional communication device
Local near video on demand storage
Mouse device with tactile feedback applied to housing
Transmission format detection method
Method for carrying out secure digital signature and a system therefor
Method and apparatus for recovering from corrupted system firmware in a computer system
Methods and apparatus for auditing and tracking changes to an existing configuration of a computeriz...
Configurable ternary content addressable memory
Humanized immunoglobulins
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Hybrid electric vehicle and method of selectively operating the hybrid electric vehicle
Image capture and identification system and process
Aircraft data services
Vehicle information providing apparatus, vehicle information providing system, vehicle information p...
Method and system for managing registration requests of telematics units
Vehicle information processing device, vehicle, and vehicle information processing method
Fuel dispensing system for cash customers
Method for providing enhanced directory assistance upon command using out-of-band signaling
Textual and graphical demarcation of location from an environmental database, and interpretation of ...
Vehicle ventilation and deodorization system
Apparatus and method for fuel measurement and accountability
Structure for supporting an optical telescope
Vehicle rearview assembly incorporating a tri-band antenna module
Apparatus and method of controlling water supply of washing machine
Process for preparing detergent particles having coating or partial coating layers
Packaged unit dose of detergent and method of treating fabrics
Gel laundry detergent composition
Water-soluble copolymer film packet
Rinse-added fabric treatment composition, product containing same and methods thereof
Process for the production of detergent granules
Process for the production of detergent granules
Liquid laundry detergent with polyanionic ammonium surfactant
Prespotting treatment employing singlet oxygen
Compositions and methods for preventing gel formation comprising a siloxane and an alkylamine
Filtration media
Partial reconfiguration of a programmable gate array using a bus macro
Method and system for implementing a filter in a data synchronization system
Approach for renting items to customers
Wideband DOCSIS on catv systems using port-trunking
Tubular hydrogen permeable metal foil membrane and method of fabrication
Method for improving TCP performance over wireless links
Method for manufacturing a MOS transistor having reduced 1/f noise
Bicycle fork with tensioned damping member
Cable winding device with clocked keycap and revolving electrical switch
Cradle for communications headset
Base cradle for a communications headset
Access right managing system, portable terminal, gateway and contents server
Non pre-authenticated kerberos logon via asynchronous message mechanism
Very high molecular weight β-glucans
Powdery inhalational preparations and process for producing the same
Antimycotic gel with high active substance release
Methods of transforming plants and identifying parental origin of a chromosome in those plants
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy using microstrip transmission l...
PRO1325 polypeptides
Methods and apparatus for establishing port priority functions in a VLIW processor
Computer system with two heaps in contiguous storage
Storage of row-column data
Security method and system for storage subsystem
Driver and method for processing a database statement
Filter driver for identifying disk files by analysis of content
Flip-flop and scan path circuit
Semiconductor optical device
Information handling system
Slot array antenna and plasma processing apparatus
Apparatus for socketing and testing integrated circuits and methods of operating the same
Semiconductor package, semiconductor device and electronic device
Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
Packages for communication devices
Enhanced solder joint strength and ease of inspection of leadless leadframe package (LLP)
Noise shield type multi-layered substrate
Semiconductor device
Developing apparatus, developing method, image forming apparatus, image forming method and cartridge...
Ferroelectric element and actuator using the same, and ink jet head and ink jet recording device
Method of and structure for fixing optical element
Diode package having an anode and a cathode formed on one surface of a diode chip
Functional coupling of T1Rs and T2Rs by Gi proteins, and cells-based assays for the identification o...
Image forming apparatus including a cleaning member featuring a changeable abutting pressure
Display unit
Laminated quarter-wave plate or circularly polarizing plate, liquid-crystal display device using the...
Surface acoustic wave branching filter
Treatment of shipboard-generated oily wastewaters
Water ozonation mixing and degassing system
Aeration and mixing trough
Additive dispensing cartridge for an oil filter, and oil filter incorporating same
Distributor for micro-quantities of liquid
Rigid process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Process cartridge assembling method, process cartridge remanufacturing method, and connecting member
Image processing apparatus
Sparse representation of extended gamut images
Overvoltage fly-back resonant-type converter
Graphic display of configuration information and of further device components required
Directory-enabled device management
Information processing apparatus and method, a computer readable medium storing a control program fo...
Substrate processing apparatus, method of controlling substrate, and exposure apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Developing device, developing cartridge, and process cartridge each urging developing roller into re...
Method of manufacturing composite board
Starch compositions and the use thereof in wet-end of paper preparation
Plasticating screw
Hydrogenation of tetrahydroxybutane to tetrahydrofuran
Process for the (co)polymerization of ethylene
Activation and regeneration of a hydro-oxidation catalyst
Process for bonding several layers of plastic film
Method for calibrating a mathematical model
Fixing device using a rotary body and image forming apparatus including the same
Cylindrical optical data memory
Method and structure for switching between two battery units for driving an electrically driven devi...
Systems and devices for dynamic processing of optical signals
Piperidine derivatives and process for their production
One-pack moisture-curing epoxy resin composition
Switching power amplifier using a frequency translating delta sigma modulator
Robot program generating device and robot program analyzing device
Network architecture for remote robot with interchangeable tools
Transfer robot system
Robot system with vision sensor
Robot arm control method and control device
Automaton intelligent robot protector for cars and transportations
Method for controlling trajectory of robot
Robot program production system
Trespass detecting system and method
Method for coating, especially painting, objects
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for remote controlled actuation of laser processing head
Bending device
Data input device power management including beacon state
Automated system for continuously and automatically calibrating electrochemical sensors
Measuring system for wheel parameters and measuring detector for such a system
Method and apparatus for reducing crosstalk interference in an inline Fabry-Perot sensor array
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzo...
Image sensor that uses a temperature sensor to compensate for dark current
Selection of peptides with antibody-like properties
Influenza sensor
Internal venting structure for fluid tanks
Vibratory transducer
Component alignment methods
Method of manufacturing a fluorocarbon-based coating film
Blade sharpener
Uses of DC-SIGN and DC-SIGNR for inhibiting hepatitis C virus infection
Biospecific binding reactants labeled with new luminescent lanthanide chelates and their use
Assay device with timer function
Apparatus and method for concurrently monitoring active release and physical appearance of solid dos...
Polymerization process catalyzed by a bidentate bisphosphine-group VIII metal complex
Static dissipating resin composition and methods for manufacture thereof
Monomers, polymers, methods of synthesis thereof and photoresist compositions
Fluorinated copolymers for microlithography
Photosensitive compositions based on polycyclic polymers
Dynamically vulcanizable polyolefin composition
Telechelic alkadiene polymers with crosslinkable end groups and methods for making the same
Porous substrate for ink delivery systems
Reflective display device and prism array sheet
Brake caliper cover for an automobile
In-situ structural health monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics system utilizing thin piezoelectri...
Air-fuel ratio control system and method for an internal combustion engine, and engine control unit
Optoelectronic receiver and method of signal adjustment
Complementary-pair equalizer
Fault Indicator with permanent and temporary fault indication
Portable microscope having an illumination device, and microscope stage
Pluggable mechanism for wireless remote control
Control and protection module of a switch device
Low power absolute position sensor and method
Method for measuring nm-scale tip-sample capacitance
Non-contacting large angle rotary position sensor for rotating shaft
Automatic gate operator
Method and device for braking a motor
Driving control device for actuator
Printable compositions, and their application to dielectric surfaces used in the manufacture of prin...
Image forming apparatus and toner stirring method
Multiple voice-coil cone-driver
Modulation compression method for the radio frequency transmission of high speed data
Calibration initiation methods for a tracking and focus servo system
Flexible servicing of servo algorithms using a digital signal processor
Motor pack for automated machinery
Modular electrical distribution system
Mounting member with snap in swivel member
Low acceleration sensitivity mounting structures for crystal resonators
Electronically controlled vehicle lift and vehicle service system
Refrigeration system
Safety grip
Netting chutes for manual and/or automated clipping packaging apparatus
Flame retardant and smoke supressive additive powder for polymeric thermoplastics and thermoset resi...
Apparatus and method for the testing of circuit boards, and test probe for this apparatus and this m...
Retain overfill monitor with integrated over-vacuum and over-pressure detection
Mechanism for feeding loops into a clip attachment apparatus
Automatic netting packaging machine
Protective enclosure
Plunger enhanced chamber lift for well installations
Method and apparatus for synchronizing a vehicle lift
System and method for assembling a package with a flip-top
Low boron E-glass composition
Low cost prefabricated fireplace with fiber insulation firebox
System for preparing glass fiber pellets having low discoloration
Transiently dynamic flow cytometer analysis system
Control method and system for an automated material handling system
System and method for configuring data storage in accordance with workload requirements
Method and apparatus for flexible storage and uniform manipulation of XML data in a relational datab...
File conversion
Hybrid cameras having electronic image conversion to selected geometric formats and methods
System and method for managing and processing stored-value cards and bill payment therefrom
Personnel valuation program
Transport interface for time division frames
Data channel for processing user data and servo data in a disk drive adopting perpendicular magnetic...
Ultraviolet laser apparatus and exposure apparatus using same
Testing method for array substrate
Eddy current sensor capable of sensing through a conductive barrier
Magnetic rotary position sensor
Power regulated window
Semiconductor device having crystalline semiconductor layer
Human kallikrein-like genes
Method for treating neurogenic inflammation pain with botulinum toxin and substance P components
SCCE modified transgenic mammals and their use as models of human disease
Human bikunin
Lactic acid polymer and process for producing the same
Method for using potassium channel agonists for delivering a medicant to an abnormal brain region an...
Mixtures of various triblock polyester polyethylene glycol copolymers having improved gel properties
Semi-enclosed applicator having a temperature changing element
Penetration resistant fabric with multiple layer guard plate assemblies and method of making the sam...
Fuel cell, polyelectrolyte and ion-exchange resin used for same
High energy density capacitors
Active inductors using bipolar silicon transistors
System and methods for detecting harmful agents within contents of mail
Intermediate products, methods for their preparation and use thereof
Toning agents for use in thermographic recording materials
Electronic tracking system for a combination of sporting articles consisting of more than one sporti...
Exposure device, exposure method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Structured dye sensitized solar cell
Digital micromirror device having a window transparent to ultraviolet (UV) light
High refractive index aromatic-based siloxane difunctional macromonomers
Accommodating intraocular lens
Accommodating intraocular lens assembly with aspheric optic design
Defect tolerant redundancy
Polymers, supersoft elastomers and methods for preparing the same
Method and system for providing data to a graphics chip in a graphics display system
Line object scene generation apparatus
System and method for identifying an object with captured images
Tumbling magnet electricity generating system
Method for the manufacture of a saddle made of composite material, in particular for a bicycle
Bicycle lighting system
Pocket light
Towing strap
Gear assembly for a bicycle gear change
Bicycle of type driven by operation of handle
Drinking flask
Modular system for parking and storing bicycles
Device for sealing and inflating an inflatable object
Racing type pedal for bicycle
Hydraulic throttle for vehicles
Crib and toddler bed elevation device
Modular bicycle park-and-lock stand and tree guard
Software for the controlled sampling of arrayed materials
Conductive polyphenylene ether-polyamide composition, method of manufacture thereof, and article der...
Process for the production of melamine
Olefin block copolymer, viscosity index improver for lubricating oils and lubricating oil compositio...
Method for forming a semiconductor device using crystals of crystal growth
Delivery of antiemetics through an inhalation route
Activated carbon for odor control and method for making same
Sulfur-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating sa...
Filters employing porous strongly acidic polymers
Adsorption element and methods
Vacuum chuck utilizing sintered material and method of providing thereof
Semiconductor substrate having pillars within a closed empty space
Communication performance calculation method and communication performance calculation apparatus in ...
Carboxylic acid substituted heterocycles, derivatives thereof and methods of use
Method for adjusting press speed and ink temperature
Devices for adjusting the contact pressure of an adjustably mounted cylinder
Devices for position-controlled stopping of rotating components with position-controlled drive mecha...
Method for treating the surface of a substrate and a device for carrying out said method
Washing and cleaning device for cylinders, especially printing form cylinders and offset blanket cyl...
Rubber blanket with a metal or plastic carrier plate
Method and device for reducing vibrations in rotating components
Method of operating a press and printing press
Permanent magnet assembly and method of making thereof
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
NMR systems employing inverted variable capacitors
Magnetic field generating device and method of shimming thereof
Combiner/splitter device for an MRI system
Sample catcher for NMR apparatus and method utilizing thereof
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Thermal compensation in magnetic field influencing of an electron beam
System and method for enabling graphical program polymorphism
Parallel efficiency calculating method and apparatus
Motion control systems and methods
Control systems and methods for translating code from one format into another format
Symbolic assembly language
Data processing recovery system and method spanning multiple operating system
Compensating for VCT phase error over speed range
Rock drill
Layered catalyst composite
Hydrogen sulfide-suppressing catalyst compositions
Pesticide delivery system
Multiwell test apparatus
Mechanical embossing texture differentiation between chemically restricted areas and non-restricted ...
Security device for aircraft passengers
System and method for improving TFT-array manufacturing yields
Process for producing olefin/aromatic vinyl copolymer
Homogeneous type solid catalyst component or homogeneous type solid catalyst, process for production...
Polymer precursor dispersion containing a micropulp and method of making the dispersion
Clear or translucent aqueous polyquaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing low sol...
Photothermographic imaging material and method for forming image
Printing method
Toner and production process thereof
Off-axis leveling in lithographic projection apparatus
Polysiloxanes and gels and pastes containing them
Flame retardant treating agents, flame retardant treating process and flame retardant treated fibers
Process for making pre-formed objects
Thickeners for methyl ester microemulsions
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for managing skin conditions
Personal care compositions
Process for producing dried singulated crosslinked cellulose pulp fibers
Oxidation dye
Non-pilling UV-photoprotecting sunscreen compositions
Dyeing composition for dyeing keratinous fibers comprising a cationic azo-dye
Applicator device for a product, particularly a cosmetic product
Device for dispensing product having flexible-walled pouch and airless pump
Process for the preparation of a dyeing composition for the dyeing of keratinous fibers from pressur...
Product dispensing head and packaging with variable flow
Compounds derived from diaminopyrazoles substituted by an aminoalkyl or aminoalkenyl radical and the...
Compositions containing hydroxy mixed ethers and polymers
Spherical powder components and solid cosmetic compositions comprising thereof
Spray device with flat fan nozzle
Methods and apparatus for applying a treatment fluid to fabrics
treatment of cardiomyopathy by removal of autoantibodies
Administration of a thiol-based chemoprotectant compound
Telemetry module with configurable physical layer for use with an implantable medical device
Stent for neutron capture therapy and method of manufacture therefor
Stents with temporary retaining bands
Dry shaver with a cradle shaving head
Temperature-stable dielectric ceramic composition for multilayer ceramic capacitors with base-metal ...
Lithium secondary battery
Positive active material and positive active material composition for lithium-sulfur battery and met...
Electrode and battery using same
Low equivalent weight ionomer
Solid polymer fuel cell
Negative static electrically charged coating method and composition for repelling dust from glass
Polymerizable composition and use thereof
Discharge of conductive array lines in fast memory
Battery polymeric material, battery separator, battery insulating packing, and lithium battery
Organic borate compounds and the nonaqueous electrolytes and lithium secondary batteries using the c...
Battery pack and rechargeable vacuum cleaner
Container for storing and dispensing flowable products
Multi-purpose light
Thermochromic/photochromic cosmetic compositions
Handpiece for treatment of tissue
Aerosol package
Portable cosmetics case
Chiral stationary phases based on derivatives of 4-amino-3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid
Pharmaceutical compositions containing epinastine and pseudoephedrine
Skin whiteners containing hydroxytetronic acid derivatives
Process of making fatty alcohol based gel detergent compositions
Method and apparatus for source device synchronization in a communication system
Programming multiple ringing tones of a terminal
Antenna system including simultaneous phase aiding and phase canceling elements
System and methods for automatically ordering print media
Smart documents and process for tracking same
EAS and RFID systems incorporating field canceling core antennas
Sensitivity adjustment for stone detection system
Interrogator and interrogation system employing the same
Retail consumer information methods and retail consumer information system
Sensor suite and communication system for cargo monitoring and identification
Multiple function lock
Peptide sequence tags and method of using same
Purification on methyl tertiary butyl ether
Liquid-crystalline polyester solution composition
Ion exchanger for lipoproteins separation and lipoproteins separation method using the same
Hyperlipemia therapeutic agent
Aromatic liquid crystalline polyester film
Method of analyzing chemical processes
Design variable optimization system and design variable optimization method
Grounding plate assembly for a drum in an image forming apparatus
Oxygen scavenging compositions comprising polymers derived from benzenedimethanol monomers
Coating composition and floor material coated with said composition
Process for producing aromatic compounds
Catalytic oxidation process
Fluorine compound and fluorinating agent comprising the compound
Optical waveguide device and method of manufacture therefor