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Devices and methods for performing array based assays
Apparatus and method for sealing pressure sensor membranes
Treatments using transgenic goat produced antithrombin III
Method and installation for controlling the temperature in a controlled-climate chamber
Ornamental behavioral modification receptacle collar
Animal umbrella
Automotive tether device
Pet repelling mat
Pet shelter with self-interlocking components
Foldable/collapsible structure
Pivoting perch
Squirrel feeders
Deterrent strip for repelling birds and other pests
Method and apparatus for detecting blood in shell eggs
Methods and compositions associated with nociceptive pain
Needle guide systems and methods
Optimal view map V.0.01
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method employing a true FISP sequence with improved off-...
Computed tomography apparatus
Vessel-feeding pulmonary nodule detection by volume projection analysis
Sag correction
Medical stand apparatus
Polyimides for anchoring liquid crystals, display devices including same and method for the preparat...
Polymeric surfactants derived from cyclic monomers having pendant fluorinated carbon groups
Moldable poly(arylene ether) thermosetting compositions, methods, and articles
Oriented acrylic hotmelts
Methods and compositions for enhancing consolidation strength of proppant in subterranean fractures
Methods of removing filter cake from well producing zones
Switchable volume hologram materials and devices
Tailoring material composition for optimization of application-specific switchable holograms
Curable mechanical fasteners
Method of binding binder treated particles to fibers
Strengthening near well bore subterranean formations
Thin film forming apparatus and thin film forming method
Prosthetic device having a polyaryletherketone component with enhanced wettability and method for ma...
Dynamic waveform resource management
Method and apparatus for allocating a communication resource in a broadband communication system
Location based grouping for wireless network coverage area
Communication device with intelligent communication management and method therefor
Method and apparatus for determining block match quality
Multilevel optical signal generator and method thereof
Method and apparatus for a mobile node to maintain location privacy from selected correspondent node...
Method and apparatus for distributing information
System and method for digital image tone mapping using an adaptive sigmoidal function based on perce...
Parallel interferometric measurements using an expanded local oscillator signal
Subscriber device with adaptable user interface and method thereof
Diagnosis of data transfer faults using constraints
Detachable antenna module
Distributed speech recognition with back-end voice activity detection apparatus and method
System and method for preventing unauthorized use of a device
Biometric measuring system with detachable announcement device
Implantable cardiac stimulation device which recommends ablation therapy and method
Pulse oximetry data confidence indicator
Method of compressing and/or decompressing a data set using significance mapping
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for image processing
System and method for the lossless progressive streaming of images over a communication network
Motion image decoding apparatus and method reducing error accumulation and hence image degradation
Dynamic bandwidth adaptive image compression/decompression scheme
Customizing a digital imaging device using preferred images
Method of compressing digital images
Color document image recognizing apparatus
Word recognition device, word recognition method, and storage medium
Pattern inspection apparatus and method
Display control system causing image on display screen to disappear and reappear in a friendly manne...
Photonic switching device
Rare-earth-doped waveguide
Non-zero dispersion shifted optical fiber
Thermal gradient prism for active beam steering
Apparatus and method for forming an optical converter
Optical fiber array with variable fiber angle alignment and method for the fabrication thereof
Security seal unit with optical fibre
Color coding system for fiberoptic cables and illuminator cable ports
Optical waveguide module
Optical waveguide and method of forming the same
Reducing insertion losses of a written in grating with mode coupling in the cladding
Illuminated remote control device
Illuminated rope
Signal lamp incorporating spatially separated clustered light emitting devices
Illuminated displays
Vehicle lamp
Light distribution hub
Lamp assembly with multi-stage reflector
Gun firing method for dispersion of projectiles in a pattern
Drink container with molded straw and method of manufacture
Cargo restraint system and method
Process for producing perfluorovinylcarboxylic acid ester
Method and device for protecting micro electromechanical systems structures during dicing of a wafer
Process for the preparation of acetal polymers
Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-1-fluoroethane and/or 1,1-difluoroethane
Rotor for cooling pumps, in particular for marine engines and relevant manufacturing process
Production of synthesis gas from a coal formation
Obstacle detection system for underground operations
Rock fragmentation analysis system
Single chamber compact fuel processor
Apparatus and method for supplying fuel to a gas-generating system
System and method for management of gas and water in fuel cell system
Methanol-tolerant cathode catalyst composite for direct methanol fuel cells
Apparatus and method for operating a fuel reformer to generate multiple reformate gases
Apparatus and method for co-culturing of cells
Transmitting method and transmitting apparatus
AMPS receiver using a zero-IF architecture
Removable template for audio amplification system
Semiconductor storage apparatus
Audio circuit having noise cancelling function
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
X-ray diagnostic instrument
High-speed synchronous memory device
VDSL modem divided into a digital and an analog part
Semiconductor device and method for inputting/outputting data simultaneously through single pad
Non-volatile memory and method with improved sensing
Cubic liquid crystalline compositions and methods for their preparation
Precision measurement of tube wall thickness
Reconfigurable ball bat and method
Hybrid electro-active lens
Determination of cell viability and phenotype
Fabric treatment article and method
Sulfur dye protection systems and compositions and methods employing same
Shrink resistant and wrinkle free textiles
Particulate coated monofilament devices
Micro-capsules comprising a capsule core containing water-soluble substances
2-benzoxazolyl benzene derivatives and their use as UV screening agents
Mixed esters of dicarboxylic acids for use as pigment dispersants
Sulfacetamide formulations for treatment of rosacea
Scheduling apparatus performing job scheduling of a parallel computer system
System and method for adaptive partitioning of circuit components during simulation
Integrated circuit having a programmable gate array and a field programmable gate array and methods ...
Method and apparatus for specifying encoded sub-networks
System and method of reducing the number of copies from alias registers to real registers in the com...
Pseudo-random dynamic scheduler for scheduling communication periods between electronic devices
Methods and apparatus for electronically modeling aircraft engine harnesses
Eye and ear protection apparatus
Enhanced guardrail
Perimeter coating alignment
Method and apparatus for real-time monitoring of furnace flue gases
Polypeptide compositions with improved stability
Glycosylated ligand/receptor specificity exchangers specific for bacterial adhesion receptors
Antimicrobial quinolones, their compositions and uses
Fragrance pro-accords and aldehyde and ketone fragrance libraries
Method for producing a glass
Method of polishing a substrate with a polishing system containing conducting polymer
Sensor package and method
Detector array using internalized light sharing and air coupling
Method and an apparatus for arc spraying
Process and composition for the immobilization of radioactive and hazardous wastes in borosilicate g...
High performance thermoplastic compositions with improved melt flow properties
Stabilizer mixtures
Pleochroism powder and pleochroism printed article
Composite sacrificial material
Nonwoven material for low friction bearing surfaces
Liquid crystalline polymer composition
Olefin polymerization catalyst
Production of 5-methyl-N-(methyl aryl)-2-pyrrolidone, 5-methyl-N-(methyl cycloalkyl)-2-pyrrolidone a...
Photoresists with hydroxylated, photoacid-cleavable groups
Polyamide resin compositions with electromagnetic interference shielding properties and articles for...
Radiation filter element and manufacturing processes therefore
Tablet dispenser
Mechanism to dynamically update a windows system with user specific application enablement support f...
Electronic message routing
Distributed system authentication
Neuronal progenitors from feeder-free human embryonic stem cell culture
DNA sequences encoding dystrophin minigenes and methods of use thereof
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a (poly)peptide co-segregating in mutated form with Autoimmune Polyen...
157 human secreted proteins
Definitive diagnosis of EPM in the horse
Novel screening method
Methods of therapy and diagnosis using insulin-like growth factor binding protein-like polypeptides ...
Treatment of pain by inhibition of caspase signaling
Methods of identifying patients at risk of developing encephalitis following immunotherapy for Alzhe...
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of vault polynucleotides and proteins for neurodegenerative diseases
Cloning of chicken anemia virus DNA
Therapeutic agents with decreased toxicity
Rapid improvement of cognition in condition related to abeta
Uses of agonists and antagonists to modulate activity of TNF-related molecules
Therapeutic alteration of transplantable tissues through in situ or ex vivo exposure to RNA interfer...
High DS cationic polygalactomannan for skincare products
Ophthalmic compositions for treating ocular hypertension
Tumor necrosis factor receptor related proteins Tango-63d and Tango-63e
Screening methods for cognitive enhancers
Pharmaceutically active piperidine derivatives
Cyclic beta-amino acid derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Method of treating post operative nausea and vomiting
3-Amino-4-phenylbutanoic acid derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or pr...
Product comprising a transduction inhibitor of heterotrimeric G protein signals combined with anothe...
Chemical compounds with dual activity, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositio...
N-aryl azaspiroalkene and azaspiroalkane compounds and methods of preparation and use thereof
Combination of dpp iv inhibitor and a cardiovascular compound
Use of chenodeoxycholic acid for reducing adipose tissue
Compositions and methods for treating mammals with modified alginates and modified pectins
Agents for gene therapy of cerebrovascular disorders
D-pyranosyl-substituted phenyl derivatives, medicaments containing such compounds, their use and pro...
Therapeutic agents and methods for cardiovascular disease
Therapeutic formulations for transmucosal administration that increase glucagon-like peptide-1 bioav...
Methods of diagnosing & treating diabetes and insulin resistance
Treatment of gestational diabetes
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Novel insulin/IGF/relaxin family polypeptides and DNAs thereof
System for headphone-like rear channel speaker and the method of the same
Mineral fiber insulation batt impregnated with extruded synthetic fibers, and apparatus for making s...
Poly alcohol-based binder composition
Device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a fuel cell electrode
Determination of gas-free densities and relative amounts of gases in liquids in manufacturing proces...
Device comprising a plain bearing
Small brushless motor
Zero radial and axial clearance bearing assembly
Seal ring and rolling bearing unit with seal ring
Fluid-dynamic-pressure bearing, spindle motor furnished with the fluid-dynamic-pressure bearing, met...
Direct drive unit
Roller bearing
Disk brake caliper mounting bracket
Rack and pinion steering gear with integral support bearing
Geartrain coupling for a turbofan engine
Rolling bearing comprising a powder metallurgical component
Vehicle mounted bearing assembly
Bearing assembly with temperature sensor
Bearing assembly and method
Active vibration damping in a machine tool
Dampenable bearing
Material for rail of linear guide, rail for linear guide, process of manufacturing rail of linear gu...
Fastening apparatus and method
Turret for a military vehicle
Grenade launcher with enhanced target follow-up
Cut away vest
Partition boundary determination using random sampling on very large databases
Architecture for emulating an Ethernet network interface card
Apparatus and method for wafer pattern inspection
Optical switch having an autorestoration feature for switching from a backup optical path to a prima...
Devices with optical gain in silicon
Article with optically modified cholesteric liquid crystal layer
Embedded etch stop for phase shift masks and planar phase shift masks to reduce topography induced a...
In-situ polymerized matrix for isomerized optical recording article
Optical interface for 4-channel opto-electronic transmitter-receiver
Attenuator and conditioner
Waveguide based optical coupling of a fiber optic cable and an optoelectronic device
Optical module with a coupling member having an elliptic outer shape for coupling an optical device ...
Optical device for repositioning and redistributing an LED's light
Ink tank and ink jet printer incorporating the same
Bar-code reader, method of reading a bar code and computer product
Process for preparing R- and S-isomers of (R)-5-(2-( (2-(2-ethoxyphenoxy)ethyl)amino)propyl)-2-metho...
Organic EL display apparatus and method of driving the same
Thin film forming device, method of forming a thin film, and self-light-emitting device
Methods of asymmetrically synthesizing enantiomers of casodex, its derivatives and intermediates the...
Bicyclicpyrimidones and their use to treat diseases
Method for the production of 2-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-substituted imidazotriazinones
Substituted 2-phenyl benzofurans as estrogenic agents
Tuning electrodes used in a reactor for electrochemically processing a microelectronic workpiece
Method for producing a magnetic device
Resins based on polystyrene-functionalized methyl esters groups of L-tyrosine and their uses
Single- or double-ended multi-section nib marker
Pyridopyrimidinones derivatives as telomerase inhibitors
Devices for applying energy to tissue
Integrated circuit devices having dielectric regions protected with multi-layer insulation structure...
Cantilever sensor and fabrication method thereof
Membrane for a fuel cell and method for producing the same
Electric energy generating apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Article coated with coating film, and functional article coated with coating film using the same
Nitrogen passivation of interface states in SiO2/SiC structures
Method for providing a hermetically sealed coin cell
Electrode for electroluminescence and electroluminescent device using the same
Light-emitting semiconductor device, light-emitting system and method for fabricating light-emitting...
Aminostyrylanthracene compound, synthetic intermediate thereof, and process for production thereof
Silicon compound and method for making the same
Method of manufacturing an active matrix substrate and an image display device using the same
Methods for forming aluminum-containing p-contacts for group III-nitride light emitting diodes
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Anti-reflection film, and image display device
Driving circuit and display comprising the same
Paper product
Repair method for structure and repair welding apparatus
Digital camera
Disc recording apparatus and disc
Power consumption of display apparatus during still image display mode
Fixing device for fixing an unfixed toner image formed on a sheet-shaped recording medium
Optical disc device capable of recording or reading with high efficiency
Paper feeding apparatus
Communication apparatus and e-mail communication method
Chemical mechanical polishing for forming a shallow trench isolation structure
Ceramic member for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Micromachined electromechanical device
Printing apparatus
Cemented carbide and cutting tool
Pressure vessel for compressed gases utilizing a replaceable and flexible liner
Method of producing a composite sheet and method of producing a laminate by using the composite shee...
Engine lubricating device
Engine controller
Flexible device for topical application of PDT
Therapeutic shower enclosure
Image forming apparatus with substantially horizontal transport paths
Charging device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing impulse noise in a signal processing system
Printer image processing system with customized tone reproduction curves
Page description language on demand printing
Phase change ink formulations, colorant formulations, and methods of forming colorants
Imaging member
Robust gasket seal for an inkjet printhead
Ink jet processes
Ink jet apparatus
Printer jet detection method and apparatus
Clamp actuator system and method of use
Document constraint descriptors obtained from user signals indicating attribute-value relations
Reliable data synchronization over unreliable networks
Size-dependent hashing for credit card verification and other applications
Method and system for providing synchronous communication and person awareness in a place
Utility power meter
α-ketoamide derivative and use thereof
1,2 Substituted 2,3-dihydro-1H-5,9 dioxacyclohepta[F]indden-7-ones and 7-substituted benzo[B][1,4]di...
Process for producing solid dosage forms
Non-reciprocal network element that produces an input impedance that is a product of its load impeda...
Geographical number portability
Enhanced flexible alerting
Method and apparatus for path metric processing in telecommunications systems
Method and apparatus for determining channel conditions in a communication system
Synchronization of a pilot assisted channel estimation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing sy...
Method for reliable signaling information transmission in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus of feedback control in a multi-stage switching system
Method and apparatus for measurement of group delay
System and method for determining propagation characteristics of photonic structures
Wireless mid-call transfers
Dynamic measurement of and compensation for impairments to optical data communication pulses using p...
High capacity Multi-AAL system for VTOA Gateway
Method and apparatus for solar tacking momentum maintenance in long-duration deployment of a large r...
Individual module for aircraft passengers
Aircraft panel
Helicopter messenger cable illumination
Safety harness
Providing an indication of the position of a valve member
Secure network system and method for transfer of medical information
Reduction of the aerosol-related discharge from a separation column and apparatus therefor
Inhaling device for dispersing powdered medicaments contained in a capsule through the respiratory t...
Use of vitamin combination for the treatment of pruritus and non-infective disorders involving itchi...
Methods of preparation and use of bodywashes containing additives
Magnetic material manufacturing method, ribbon-shaped magnetic materials, powdered magnetic material...
Decorative urn
Compressed gas-powdered gun simulating the recoil of a conventional firearm
Using the electronic program guide to synchronize interactivity with broadcast programs
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Topical anti-microbial compositions
Compositions comprising a polysaccharide component and one or more coating layers
Rinse-added fabric treatment composition, kit containing such, and method of use therefor
Compositions and methods for body weight management
Oral care compositions comprising dicarboxy functionalized polyorganosiloxanes
Non-thermoplastic starch fibers and starch composition for making same
Method and apparatus for the variable speed ring rolling simulation of substrates
Portion of a cleaning implement
Surface pattern for embossed films
Hand-held, battery powered cleaning tool
Hybrid maize 37A91
Cotton cultivar DP 556 BGII/RR
Soybean variety S03-95021-55-138-AB
Wooden leg gene, promoter and uses thereof
Methods for the production of stably-transformed, fertile wheat employing agrobacterium-mediated tra...
Plant methionine synthase gene and methods for increasing the methionine content of the seeds of pla...
Multi-gene expression constructs containing modified inteins
Vector for gene trap, and a method for gene trapping by using the vector
Human coagulation factor VII variants
High resolution typing system for pathogenic Mycobaterium tuberculosum
Polynucleotides and polypeptides, materials incorporating them and methods for using them
Engineered protein kinases which can utilize nucleotide triphosphate substrates
lovE variant regulator molecules
Purified hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic use
Method of protein purification
Human mitochondrial proteins and polynucleotides encoding the proteins
Small and intermediate conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels and uses thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
53 human secreted proteins
Human SDF-5 protein and compositions
Annotating programs for automatic summary generation
Media storage system and method for identifying a storage location therein
Method for transmitting function parameters to a remote node for execution of the function thereon
Dynamic user interfaces for network services
Accessing a graphics system for graphics application evaluation and control
Systems and methods for implementing modular DOM (Document Object Model)-based multi-modal browsers
Method, system, and program for processing a job in an event driven workflow environment
System and method for automatically tuning a multiprocessor computer system
Method and system for managing resources in a distributed environment that has an associated object
Apparatus and methods for managing resource usage
Distributing computer programs to a customer's multiple client computers through a hypertext markup ...
Constant return optimization transforming indirect calls to data fetches
Method and apparatus for prioritizing software tests
Stream operator in a dynamically typed programming language
Input field constraint mechanism
Method and apparatus for facilitating compact object headers
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic cont...
Processing occluded windows during application sharing
Method and system for designing a theme and associating it with a collaboration space user interface
Dynamic pagination of text and resizing of image to fit in a document
Adding white space to a document generating adjusted page sizing
Non-crosslinked, amorphous, block copolymer electrolyte for batteries
Lithium manganese bismuth mixed metal oxide for rechargeable electrochemicals systems
ITQ-31 crystalline solid, and a process for its preparation
Catalysts for oxidative steam reforming of methanol as a new and efficient method for the selective ...
Method for producing soft magnetic hexagonal ferrite sintered material and soft magnetic hexagonal f...
Transition metal acetylide compound, nano-powder and method for producing a transition metal acetyli...
Process for the preparation of ammonia
Method for preparation of nanometer cerium-based oxide particles
Control of lead nitrate addition in gold recovery
Reactor system with electric heating means
Flameless combustor process heater
Method and system for reducing oxygen in a closed environment
Carbon-containing lithium-iron composite phosphorus oxide for lithium secondary battery positive ele...
Reformer system process
Concentrated solutions of oxime metal extractants and method of formulating extractant compositions ...
Diesel fuel reforming strategy
Method for forming an aqueous carbon black dispersion
Method for evaluating the quality of abrasive grains, polishing method and abrasive for polishing gl...
Electrically conductive compositions and method of manufacture thereof
Sol-gel process utilizing reduced mixing temperatures
Fluid dispenser and lens inspection device
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Golf ball formed from a polyisocyanate copolymer and method of making same
Copolymer resin composition and production process thereof
Catalytic formulation and its preparation
Methods and compositions for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Absorbent, deodorizing, hygienic animal bedding composition and method of manufacture
Sand filter treatment facility and method for removing toxic metals from storm water
Rainwater collection apparatus and pumping system
Ferritic stainless steel sheet with excellent workability and method for making the same
Scrubbing machine passive recycling
Asphalt mastic utilizing petroleum refinery waste solids
Developing device and an image forming apparatus including the same
Beltless fiber optic labor contraction sensing device
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Method and apparatus for cutting ultra thin silicon wafers
Coolant cooled type semiconductor device
Projection display systems utilizing light emitting diodes and light recycling
Data erasing apparatus
Reusable apparatus for shipping seating units
Electronic toy and control method therefor
Apparatus and method for capturing knowledge through an expert interface
Method of virtual private network communication in security gateway apparatus and security gateway a...
Universal serial bus for mobile devices having expansion modules
Low-speed collision avoidance system
Food quality and safety model for refrigerated food
Transferring information between an internet module and TV controller of a web TV
Network surveillance video camera system
Addressable system for light fixture modules
Catastrophic event-survivable video recorder system
Apparatus for reproduction of video and audio with suspension function
Method for removing noise regions in stereo 3D display system
Method and apparatus for the removal of flash artifacts
Methods for registration of three-dimensional frames to create three-dimensional virtual models of o...
High speed optical image acquisition system with extended dynamic range
Wafer color variation correcting method, selective wafer defect detecting method, and computer reada...
Adaptive threshold determination for ball grid array component modeling
Head motion estimation from four feature points
Monitoring system
Timing recovery using the pilot signal in high definition TV
Method and apparatus for splicing
Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on per...
Fast motion estimation using N-queen pixel decimation
Method of estimating backward motion vectors within a video sequence
Hierarchical hybrid shot change detection method for MPEG-compressed video
Linear prediction based initialization of a single-axis blind equalizer for VSB signals
Compact design for handheld computing device having LCD display
Translucent cross shaped urn
Trash container
Electric iron
Wine glass holder
Surface squeegee
Attachment for a cleaning appliance
Nozzle for electric vacuum cleaner
Tank for an upright extractor
Middle handle portion for an upright extractor
Upper portion of an upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum housing
Pet flap
Air pump for aquaria
Pedestal sink
Top portion of a welding helmet
Set of overlays of a leg pad
Oven mitt
Rigid protective helmet
Fingerprint sensor with potential modulation of the ESD protective grating
Virtual line replaceable unit for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufactur...
Serotonin-gated anion channel
Fusion proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Natural promoters for gene expression in C1 metabolizing bacteria
Regulation of angiogenesis with zinc finger proteins
Anti-pro 1343 antibodies
Neuroendocrine marker of prostate cancer and method for producing same
Ma family polypeptides and anti-Ma antibodies
Integrated circuit memory device and method
Hierarchical processing apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Methods and compositions for monitoring polymer array synthesis
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Apparatus and method for reset distribution
System and method for providing a marketing presentation
System and method for construction, storage, and transport of presentation-independent multi-media c...
Multi-cycle symbol level error correction and memory system
Intercommunicating apparatus for duplex system capable of detecting failure thereof
Diagnostic mode for testing functionality of BIST (built-in-self-test) back-end state machine
Microprocessor on-chip testing architecture and implementation
Input/output characterization chain for an integrated circuit
Internal bus testing device and method
Test method and test circuit for electronic device
Method of self-repairing dynamic random access memory
Application manager for monitoring and recovery of software based application processes
Linking of applications into devices having overlays and shadow memories
Methods and apparatus for automated generation of abbreviated instruction set and configurable proce...
Standard cell design incorporating phase information
Integrated circuit with layout matched high speed lines
FPGA with register-intensive architecture
First time silicon and proto test cell notification
Reducing cell library development cycle time
Method for telomerizing non-cyclic olefins
High security wireless key for asynchronous delivery drop boxes
Stacked high-voltage ESD protection clamp with triggering voltage circuit control
Method and installation for applying a relief decoration to elongate members
Antibodies against human IL-12
Inducing cellular immune responses to human Papillomavirus using peptide and nucleic acid compositio...
Composition comprising ubiquinone
Aromatic compositions for the inhibition of exoprotein production from gram positive bacteria
Inhibition of Gram positive bacteria
Porphyrin-polyamine conjugates for cancer therapy
Method of orally treating inflammatory skin conditions with prodrugs of 5-fluorouracil
One step immunization procedure for inducing a Chlamydia specific immune response
Oral rehydration compositions
Compositions and therapeutic methods using morphogenic proteins and stimulatory factors
Pharmaceutical compositions containing a glycopeptide antibiotic and a cyclodextrin
Lectins as anti-fibrotic agents
Immunomodulating polymers
Calcium-independent negative regulation by CD81 of receptor signalling
Biocidal compounds and their preparation
Multi-modal video target acquisition and re-direction system and method
Time domain passivity control of haptic interfaces
Apparatus for capturing an image
Method and system for multi-party call conferencing
System and apparatus for recording, transmitting, and projecting digital three-dimensional images
Active block write-back from SRAM cache to DRAM
Data view of a modelling system
Do-it-yourself photo realistic talking head creation system and method
Designing force sensations for force feedback computer applications
Touch sense interface and method for controlling touch sense interface
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key data
Interconnection for organic devices
Source of light and method for regenerating a source of light
Liquid crystal display device using dual light units
Achromatic quarter-wave films
Color filter and method for manufacturing the same
Device exhibiting photo-induced dichroism for adaptive anti-glare vision protection
Liquid crystal display device
Developing method for an image forming apparatus and developing device using the same
Image forming apparatus employing work function relationships
Use of carboxymethyl cellulose acetate butyrate as a precoat or size for cellulosic man-made fiber b...
Fluxing agent for underfill materials
Water compatible energy curable compositions containing malemide derivatives
Aqueous emulsion composition and adherent composition
Protease variants and compositions
Process for forming image
Dry toner for electrostatic latent image developer, developer and image forming method
Laminated film for optical use
Toner and image forming apparatus using the same
Printing method employing planographic printing plate material
Temporal summation device utilizing nanotechnology
Scatterometry alignment for imprint lithography
Self-assembled sub-nanolayers as interfacial adhesion enhancers and diffusion barriers
Ferroelectric memory device with a conductive polymer layer and a method of formation
Polyester and process therefor
Aqueous room temperature living radical polymerization of vinyl halides
Emulsion polymerization process utilizing ethylenically unsaturated amine salts of sulfonic, phospho...
Thermoplastic filled membranes of propylene copolymers
Resin for pigment dispersion
Polymer nanocomposite foams
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its production and use in conversion processes
Wafer packaging and singulation method
α-2,3-Sialyltransferase polypeptides
Pattern forming method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for preparing a substantially transparent conductive layer configuration
Method of treating the surface of substrates
Compositions containing inclusion complexes
Low VOC web offset heatset inks
Hydro-oil-repellent compositions
Aqueous pigment dispersion, process for producing the same, and water-based ink comprising the same
Storage and/or transportation method of alkoxy (poly) alkylene glycol-containing materials
Thermoresponsive sensor comprising a polymer solution
Ligands, complexes and their use for the polymerization of olefins
Aqueous polyester coating compositions
Antibacterial and fungicidal polymer dispersions and polymer solutions
Sulphonated comb polymers and preparations, in particular hair cosmetic preparations, based on such ...
Polymer powders, pressure sensitive adhesives and methods of making the same
Process for obtaining a feedstock that can be used in an etherification unit
Iron catalyzed cross coupling reactions of aromatic compounds
Solid acid catalyst containing platinum group metal component and method for preparation thereof
Antiulcer herbal composition(s)
Fast dissolving orally consumable films
Medical assembly suitable for long-term implantation and method for fabricating the same
Process for producing fermentation product
Suppository of retaining in lower region of rectum
Injectable microdispersions for medical applications
Compositions and methods for treating mammals with modified alginates and modified pectins
Data telemetry system for multi-conductor wirelines
System and method for integrating the visual display of text menus for interactive voice response sy...
Tone-based mark-up dictation method and system
Clam-shaped electronic device and hinge mechanism thereof
Hinge device and cell phone using the hinge device
Mobile telephone
Method and system for establishing a communication network
Providing custom audio profile in wireless device
Communications terminal
Method of displaying advertisement on display of mobile communication terminal
Real time charging of delivery and receipt of short message service in a telecommunications network
Electronic terminal having an emergency message function and insurance system using the same
Portable terminal system
Transceiver front-end
Circuit to prevent acoustic feedback for a cellular speakerphone
Apparatus for releasing teledapt cables from deeply recessed RJ connectors
Telecommunications apparatus and plug-in unit for same
System and method for cooling of network interface device
Apparatus and method for echo control
Non-linear echo cancellation in discrete multi-tone systems
Integrated noise cancellation and residual echo suppression
System and apparatus for heat dissipation in an electronic device
Bowling center control system
Multimedia speaker set
Method, telecommunication framework network and user equipment for provisioning of subscribed qualit...
Apparatus to aid rehabilitation of hearing deficiencies and hearing aid calibration method
Web callback through multimedia devices
System and method for providing multimedia jitter buffer adjustment for packet-switched networks
Method for maintaining reservation state in a network router and resulting scalable integrated archi...
Methods of fabricating devices and semiconductor layers comprising cadmium mercury telluride, mercur...
Apparatus for surface conditioning
Vacuum-assisted prosthetic device
Electromagnetic radiation detectors having a microelectromechanical shutter device
Arc tube with shortened total length, manufacturing method for arc tube, and low-pressure mercury la...
Rear projector for projecting an image from a rear side of a screen
Preparation of (meth)acrylic acid
Lensed tapered optical waveguide
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor device and production method thereof
Reducing UV process time on storage media
Willow oak tree named 'RT3'
Intelligent internet website with hierarchical menu
Interactive legal citation checker
Agent for integrated annotation and retrieval of images
Method and apparatus for identifying problems in computer networks
Content proxy method and apparatus for digital television environment
Task-based multiprocessing system
Dynamic java class loading for application execution
Managing idle time and performing lookup operations to adapt to refresh requirements or operational ...
Data transfer control device including buffer controller with plurality of pipe regions allocated to...
Selective routing of data flows using a TCAM
Apparatus and methods for accessing a collection of content portions
Data display apparatus and data display method
Standing order database search system and method for internet and internet application
Compressing index files in information retrieval
Lossless data compression system
Method for the user-initiated automatic subscription
Systems and methods for notifying a consumer of changes made to a credit report
Guarantee certificates
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Article holders with sensors detecting a type of article held by the holder
Robotic tool coupler rapid-connect bus
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Controlling a watermark strength embedded into a digital image
Memory database creation system for encrypted program material
Residue number system based pre-computation and dual-pass arithmetic modular operation approach to i...
Pre-computation and dual-pass modular arithmetic operation approach to implement encryption protocol...
Video signal transmission device, video signal output device, video signal reception device, video s...
Document authentication using the physical characteristics of underlying physical media
Electronic transaction apparatus for electronic commerce
Managing database for identifying to recipients security features of devices generating digital sign...
Technique for digitally notarizing a collection of data streams
System and method for efficient and secure revocation of a signature certificate in a public key inf...
Method and apparatus for distributing enforceable property rights
Method and system for sharing digital images over a network
Apparatus and methods for generating a contract
Method and apparatus for providing a dynamically-updating pay-for-service web site
Tamper resistant postal security device with long battery life
Personal authentication system, and personal authentication method and program used therefor
System and method for ordering customized identification documents via a network
Hybrid optical recording disc with copy protection
Method for transmitting encrypted information for registering an application program
Method and apparatus for paying bills electronically using machine readable information from an invo...
Apparatus, a system and method for controlling access to contents
System and method for automatic workload characterization
Method and apparatus for determining the validity of a data processing transaction
Scheduling system and method including creating and/or changing a scheduling system by an administra...
Storage-related accounting system and method of the same
System and method of scalable transaction processing
Hybrid method for flushing transaction state in a fault-tolerant clustered database
Method and apparatus for dual queue head processing of interrupt endpoints
Block-based negative filtering of MPEG-2 compliant table sections
Personalized audio system and method
Method and apparatus for the automatic migration of applications and their associated data and confi...
System and method for preserving metadata in an electronic image file
Versioned relational database system with an optimistic constraint model
Method and arrangements for generating debugging information following software failures
Method and apparatus for improving transaction specification by marking application states
Random sampling as a built-in function for database administration and replication
Method and system for presenting information
Method and system for the rental of furniture and housewares
System and method for measuring web page advertisement impressions
Guided natural language interface system and method
System for statistical analysis of quality control data
System and method for monitoring and control of wireless modules linked to assets
Method and apparatus for preventing packet retransmissions during IPsec security association establi...
Remote accessible programming
System and method for delivering rerun video programming on non-HDTV digital side channels
Methods for automatically installing, maintaining, and repairing device driver through the internet ...
Key management methods for wireless LANs
Apparatus and method for secure, automated response to distributed denial of service attacks
System and method for generating an identification signal for electronic devices
Musical effect customization system
Tone generation apparatus to which plug-in board is removably attachable and tone generation method ...
Multiplexing system for digital signals formatted on different standards, method used therein, demul...
Beat analysis of musical signals
Composition assisting device
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Card game
Horse racing board game
Game with multiple chambers
Puzzle game
Stick for a hockey game table
Separable toy gun
Personal audio recorder in a vehicular entertainment sound system using recommended audio signals
Toy tube vehicle racer apparatus
Dynamic eye simulation mechanism
Toy mobile
Bobble head fluid container
Illuminable apparatus
Can kicking game and method of play
Interactive technique to automatically find and organize items similar to example items
Cooperative biometrics abnormality detection system (C-BAD)
Applying term consistency to the solution of unconstrained interval global optimization problems
Filtering device and method for reducing noise in electrical signals, in particular acoustic signals...
Car sale information providing system and method, and car dealing system
Method and apparatus for speech reconstruction within a distributed speech recognition system
Compact implementations for limited-resource platforms
Method and apparatus for set intersection rule matching
Systems, devices, and methods for providing high-resolution, live, real-time video signal data and o...
Digital security image provided with double-banded coding
Video game characters having evolving traits
Index tab labeling system for suspended file folder
Greeting card with scanable gift card
Pet chew toy
Golf putter shaft
Adjustable athletic swing training aid
Laser alignment system
Golf divot repair tool
Method for configuring a local positioning system
Multiple material golf club head
Illumination device
Sealing structure of sliding roof of motor vehicle
Mounting structure and mounting method for vehicle interior parts
Group III nitride compound semiconductor and method for manufacturing the same
Methods for manufacturing a light-emitting device
Cap device
Sealing structure of sliding roof of motor vehicle
Occupant arresting device
Method for manufacturing a gallium nitride group compound semiconductor
Oil feeder of fuel tank
Fuel cutoff valve
Method for producing group III nitride compound semiconductor and group III nitride compound semicon...
Fuel tank and manufacturing method thereof
Door opening trim weather strip for motor vehicle
Liquid manufacturing processes for panel layer fabrication
Aromatic vinyl polymer resin composition and its molding
PVA-containing compositions
Amorphous copolyesters
Heat transfer recording sheets
Method for extruding a continuous shaped body
Extrusion blow molded articles
A/D converter
Process for producing a purified lactic acid solution
Methods and apparatus for blood typing with optical bio-discs
Modified poxviruses, including modified smallpox virus vaccine based on recombinant drug-sensitive v...
Process of making bioengineered collagen fibrils
Process and system for drying and heat treating materials
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Process and apparatus for manufacture of fertilizer products from manure and sewage
Machine dishwashing detergents containing surfactants with a low dynamic surface tension
Sulfotransferase sequence variants
Lac shuttle vectors
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Vamp Time Improved'
Alternanthera plant named 'Grenadine'
Hydrangea plant named '200749077'
Petunia plant named 'Sunraspberry'
Petunia plant named 'MP209'
Kalanchoe plant named 'Nemo'
Phlox plant named 'Barthirtythree'
Phlox plant named 'Barthirtytwo'
Hosta plant named 'Time Tunnel'
Verbena plant named 'KLEVE03321'
Tilia cordata plant named 'Shibamichi Gold'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Grace Time Sunny'
Dianthus plant named 'Devon Starling'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Grace Time Crimson'
Artichoke plant named 'BCV 8-11'
Veronica plant named 'Baby Doll'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Sizzleness Cream'
Kalanchoe plant named 'KJ 2002-0534'
Calathea plant named 'Mia'
Echinacea plant named 'Sunset'
Process for tea flower
Non-gelling milk concentrates
Processes for preparing an aspartame slurry
Element, method and kit for the determination of an analyte in a liquid
Method of concentrating processed vegetable and fruit products by reverse osmosis
Method for preparing a candy having a stereoscopic picture by pad printing
Chewing gum having prolonged sensory benefits
Coolant plant extract compositions containing monomenthyl succinate
Food information monitoring system
Composite cooking apparatus
Food preparation oven having quartz heaters
Lactobacillus sp. strain and use thereof
Processing substrate and method of manufacturing same
Coating with anti-microbial agent for refrigerator shelving
Stable sugar-based hard candy having high index of whiteness
Method of production of a meat product containing olive oil
Dehydrated mash potato process
Method of and apparatus for forecasting item availability
Dynamic resource scheduling to optimize location of meeting participants
Debugging method and debugging device
Text layout in path corner regions
System and method for rapid creation and display of stylized digital content items
Process for automatic dynamic reloading of data flow processors (DFPS) and units with two- or three-...
Optimal location service for managing next hop addressing for messages associated with multiple addr...
Method and apparatus for simplified access to online services
Method of updating network information addresses
Guard tour system incorporating a positioning system
Method and system for efficiently reducing graphical display data for transmission over a low bandwi...
Systems and methods for measuring component matching
System and method for determining formation fluid parameters
Vehicle and/or asset tracking and localization system and method
Personal traffic congestion avoidance system
Antenna array for point-to-point microwave radio system
Distributed GPS for geolocation of a network of nodes
On/off keying node-to-node messaging transceiver network with dynamic routing and configuring
Method of controlling portable personal device having facilities for storing and playing digital con...
Method and apparatus providing distributed authorization management of communication sessions
Hiding information to reduce or offset perceptible artifacts
Region encoding using substantially undifferentiated marks
Marking physical objects and related systems and methods
Bolt tension gauging system
Storage medium recording method and storage medium having multiple recording areas
Apparatus, system and method for authenticating personal identity, computer readable medium having p...
Information processing apparatus and method
Data generating device capable of appending different watermarks to corresponding pages
Method and system for digital contents protection
Digital watermarking apparatus and methods
Loyalty link method and apparatus with audio performance for integrating customer information with d...
Methods and apparatuses for purchasing telephone calling card minutes using an electronic commerce k...
Low application temperature hot melt adhesive
Starch and fiber mixture for papermaking and methods of making paper with the mixture
Meltable form of sucralose
Rotating head meat tenderizer
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Portion of a multi-handled bag
Voice interface for a search engine
Creation of customized trees
Method for generating training data for medical text abbreviation and acronym normalization
Operators for accessing hierarchical data in a relational system
Method and system of typing resources in a distributed system
Associating documents with classifications and ranking documents based on classification weights
Relevancy-based database retrieval and display techniques
Information retrieval from a collection of information objects tagged with hierarchical keywords
Heuristic-based conditional data indexing
Method and system for reproducing a progressive or regressive pattern of sonic variations
Teaching circumference instrument
Retail display accessory for an article of clothing to assist a consumer in selecting clothing
Method and interface for linking terms in an electronic message to program information
Digital broadcasting system and event message transmission method
Method for reducing the rotation speed of an automatic ball balancing system of an optical disk read...
Optical disk player with modularized deceleration device
Multiple destination banners
System and method for simultaneous display of multiple information sources
Method and apparatus for protecting lossless transmission of a data stream
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/modulation communication system for improving ability of ...
Hydraulic camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust valve and intake system
Engine idle control system
Valve and fueling strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion ...
Variable valve control apparatus and method in internal combustion engine
Intake control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Driving apparatus and valve lift adjusting apparatus using the same
Valve timing adjusting device and assembly apparatus of the same
Engine breathing in an engine with mechanical and electromechanical valves
Vehicle driving force control
Enhanced locomotive adhesion control
Method and apparatus for operator condition monitoring and assessment
Method and apparatus for sensing seat occupancy
Theft prevention system for an automobile having a power door
Motor vehicle verification and control system
Engine control apparatus
Actuation device
Drive assembly for a track-type vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Steering cylinder shield
Shaft to transfer torque in a vehicle
Light weight integrated body/chassis structure for road or rail vehicle
Device to reduce the visible and infrared signature of a military vehicle
Protective bag device for pedestrian and the like
Device for detecting a deformation of a component
Hydraulically driven vehicle
Snowmobile with rear arrangement suitable to accept a transportable object
Apparatus for attaching electrical components to a vehicle
Cooling system for a vehicle battery
Apparatus for shaping and perforating a plastic film
System, computer program, and method of cooperative response to threat to domain security
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Stealthy audio watermarking
Method for automatically producing music videos
System for reconstruction of symbols in a sequence
Method and apparatus for spatially enhancing the stereo image in sound reproduction and reinforcemen...
Playback apparatus and power-saving method
System and method for effectively implementing remote display devices in a gaming network
Game emulator program
Method and apparatus for awarding and redeeming promotional points at an electronic game
Manual large game carrying device
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle
Enhanced system for yaw stability control system to include roll stability control function
Electronic drawbar
Apparatus and method for suppressing mechanical resonance in a mass transit vehicle
Information display apparatus and information display method
Inter-vehicle message disseminating method and apparatus for the application of the method
Vehicle control system
Mobile communication apparatus
Method and system for controlling an engine to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature within a veh...
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine on a vehicle
Vehicle active network with data redundancy
Method and device for detecting objects, especially used as a parking assistance device in a motor v...
Method and system of utilizing satellites to transmit traffic congestion information to vehicles
Apparatus for communicating with a vehicle during remote vehicle operations, program product, and as...
Method of integrating speed deviation cues in a vehicle navigation display
Transgenic plants producing a PAP II protein
Guzmania plant named 'Switch'
Expansin polynucleotides, related polypeptides and methods of use
Double-type Kalanchoe interspecific hybrids
Double-type Kalanchoe interspecific hybrids
Distinct type cultivar of Ocimum basilicum "CIM-SAUMYA"
Aquatic plant product and method for making growth-sustaining plant matrix
Plant cellulose synthases
Role in lignification and growth for plant phenylcoumaran benzylic ether reductase
Non-dehiscent sesame variety S28
Method of constructing orchid haploid by treating unfertilized orchid flower with auxin and method o...
Zantedeschia cultivar 7033-01
Zantedeschia cultivar 14087
Zantedeschia cultivar 19208
Production of reticuline
Method of producing cyclamen root tuber and method of proliferating cyclamen using the same
System and method for plant identification
Trailing growth habit in impatiens
Semiconductor integrated circuit and a software radio device
Selectable high-side/low-side mix for high intermediate frequency (IF) receivers
Receiving circuit for radio-wave clock broadcast wave
Wireless headset for communications device
Stick lever unit for radio controlled device and radio controlled device equipped with the same
Methods and apparatus for reducing airlink congestion and processing time associated with ciphering ...
Computer-based vehicle reservation system and method for a computer-based vehicle reservation system
Data communication for wired and wireless communication
Method and device for modulation recognition of digitally modulated signals with multi-level magnitu...
Synchronous acquisition circuit and a synchronous acquisition method of a spread spectrum code
Hybrid communication and broadcast systems
Broadband, ultra wideband and ultra narrowband reconfigurable interoperable systems
Mobile communication method, mobile communication system, session control device and originating ter...
User equipment having improved power savings during full and partial DTX modes of operation
Method and system for proactive setup of multicast distribution tree at a neighbor cell or subnet du...
Secure authentication and network management system for wireless LAN applications
Time synchronized standby state to the GPRS medium access control protocol with applications to mobi...
Base station apparatus, mobile station, and contents provider
Code power measurement for dynamic channel allocation
Method and apparatus for frequency selection at start of service session in MBMS system
Distributed networking agent and method of making and using the smae
Read-only optical recording medium with ZnO near-field optical interaction layer
Plasma producing apparatus and doping apparatus
Conductive polyvinyl alcohol fiber
Capacitor material with metal component for use in circuitized substrates, circuitized substrate uti...
Methods for saving data on the basis of the remaining capacity of a battery in a suspend mode and re...
Method and apparatus for activating a bleed circuit through logic in response to a back-driven volta...
Programmable calibration circuit for power supply current sensing and droop loss compensation
Voltage reference generator with negative feedback
Replica biased voltage regulator
Guaranteed bootstrap hold-up circuit for buck high side switch
Feed-forward method for improving a transient response for a DC—DC power conversion and DC&mda...
Circuit assembly for operating a luminous signal
Multi-channel driver interface circuit for increasing phase count in a multi-phase DC-DC converter
Extremely high-speed switchmode DC-DC converters
Booster circuit and method for controlling the same
Method for pulse modulation control of switching regulators
Dynamically controlled switching alternator system
Super electrochemical capacitor including electrode plates having different quantities of electric c...
Apparatus and method for controlling output of secondary battery, battery pack system, and electric ...
Electrochemical treatment method to reduce voltage delay and cell resistance in lithium/silver vanad...
Built-in battery controller for personal telecommunication device
Charging system for electronic devices