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High speed configurable transceiver architecture
Manufacturing design and process analysis system
Pixellated device with the metal layer atop the address lines
RFID tag reading system and method
Electron emitter comprising emitter section made of dielectric material
Field emission cold cathode device of lateral type
Thermal interface material and solder preforms
Semiconductor device with a conductive layer including a copper layer with a dopant
Fabrication process of semiconductor package and semiconductor package
Semiconductor device with shield
Semiconductor light emitting device
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Electronic circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry and method of manufacturing semiconductor device by using the s...
Method for preventing Cu contamination and oxidation in semiconductor device manufacturing
Chemical mechanical polishing method and apparatus
Selective plating of package terminals
Metalloproteinase inhibitors for wound healing
Refining stochastic grid filter
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Robotic apparatus and method for mounting a valve stem on a wheel rim
Process for affecting the setting and working time of bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Methods of scoring for fabricating interconnected photovoltaic cells
Storm water treatment apparatus employing dual vortex separators
Apparatus and method for separating impurities from a stream
Additive dispersing filter and method of making
System for separating electrophotographic carrier compositions and recycling the compositions
Apparatus for treating organic waste
Purification of solvents used for the purification of alkylene oxide
Access system
Method, program, and storage medium for acquiring logs
Navigation apparatus capable of generating and displaying information and method therefor
Hadamard transformation method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus including rotary member for accommodating variable combinations of developing s...
Ion conductive roller and image forming apparatus employing ion conductive roller
Image forming apparatus having a securing member to secure an image forming unit to a housing body
Image fusing device with power control and image forming apparatus with same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and its control method
Recording apparatus, picture recording apparatus, and method therefor
Television program recommendation system
Apparatus and method for debugging software
Data transmitting unit, data communicating apparatus and data communicating method
Document processing method and apparatus, and print control method and apparatus
Optical information reproducing method and apparatus for performing reproduction compensation
Process to prepare a process oil
Conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Process for the oligomerization of olefins
Manufacture of xylenes by reactive distillation of reformate
Catalyst for aromatization of alkanes, process of making and process of using thereof
Process for alkane aromatization using platinum-zeolite catalyst
Process for the preparation of 1,3-substituted indenes and aryl-fused azapolycyclic compounds
Flow regulator for aerosol drug delivery and methods
On-line appointment system with electronic notifications
Web service and method for customers to define their own alert for real-time production status
Internet based home communications system
Falsification detection system, and falsification detection method and medium
Method and system for encryption of web browser cache
Method for data exchange between an operating and monitoring program and a field device
Methods and computer program products for providing network quality of service for World Wide Web ap...
Provision of services via an information technology network
Mobile voice mail screening method
Method and system for communicating between clients in a computer network
Method and apparatus for traffic quality and billing authorization by request token insertion
Fast dynamic measurement of connection bandwidth using a pair of packets, a packet-pair bandwidth ca...
Internet switch router
Method and system for registering multiple communication devices of a user in a session initiation p...
Communications terminal, a system and a method for internet/network telephony
Employing simulated acknowledgment signals for efficient handoffs in cellular packet networks
Data transmission apparatus selecting efficient network or service class
Ultrasonically welded, staked or swaged components in an implantable medical device
Secure and convenient method and apparatus for storing and transmitting telephony-based data
Method of determining an electrical capacitance of a circuit component and method of defining a dime...
Biomedical electrode with current spreading layer
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Electrode head fixation arrangement
Implantable electrode lead
Multi-purpose FES system
Electroactive pore
Apparatus and method for detecting neural signals and using neural signals to drive external functio...
Grid, scorotron charger having the grid, process unit having the scorotron charger, and image formin...
Thermal fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Frequency comb analysis
In-fiber whitelight interferometry using long-period fiber grating
Device and method for detection and identification of biological agents
Refractometer with blazed bragg gratings
Antiinflammation agents
Polymorph of (1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1-indanone)-2-y1] methyl piperidine hydrochloride (Donepezi...
Ionic liquids and their use as solvents
Nickel powder and production method therefor
Grindless surgical needle manufacture
Current mode transmitter
Method and device for displaying bit-map multi-colored image data on dot matrix type display screen ...
Method and system for an extensible caching framework
Cutlery dispenser
Multipurpose folding tool with tool bit holder and blade lock
Multi-platform software interface and documentation generator
Method and device for monitoring an analyte concentration in the living body of a human or animal
Preparation of erythropoietin by endogenous gene activation
Capture and detection of target nucleic acid in dipstick assays
Sample entry device for delivering medical samples to an analyzer
Method and nucleic acids for determining the presence of micro-organisms specific to the brewing pro...
Testing compounds for effects on synaptophysin in transgenic mice expressing an Alzheimer's disease ...
Polymer optical waveguide module and method for manufacturing polymer optical waveguide film used th...
Process for preparing fluorine-containing norbornene derivative
Coextruded, hot-sealable and peelable polyester film having high peeling resistance, process for its...
Mounting bracket for a security device
System to detect mail in a mailbox
Image forming apparatus having a fixing device for fixing toner image formed on a sheet by an endles...
Coil sensitivity map generating method, parallel imaging method, and MRI apparatus
Electromagnetic transducer and portable communication device
Product irradiator for optimizing dose uniformity in products
Optical disk device
X-ray diagnostic apparatus and X-ray imaging method
Method, system, and computer program for displaying chemical data
Switching power supply unit
System for optimal vibration isolation of disk drives in a data storage device
Actuator device, optical disk device, and information playback device
Glass-ceramic materials and electronic packages including same
Washwater neutralization system for glass forming line
Amplifier and speaker armor
Form measuring device, form measuring method, form analysis device, form analysis program, and recor...
System and method for securing energy management systems
System and method for temperature control
Compensation of polarization mode dispersion in single mode fiber for maximum-likelihood sequence es...
Interferometric communication system and method
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system using a spectral inversion device
Eyewear with removable insert
Method and system for a disk fault tolerance in a disk array using rotating parity
Universal session sharing
Dynamic reconfiguration of applications on a server
System statistics virtualization for operating systems partitions
Reducing contention by slaves for free lists when modifying data in a table partition
Indexing virtual attributes in a directory server system
Active manipulation of light in a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure
Compatible blend systems of oxygen barrier polymers and oxygen scavenging polymers
Thin film battery and method of manufacture
Display device, method of driving a display device, electronic apparatus
Electrochemical device
Compositions and methods relating to novel compounds and targets thereof
Conformationally restricted polyamine analogs as disease therapies
Arrangement for and method of restricting the inflow of formation water to a well
Gas turbine control apparatus, gas turbine system and gas turbine control method
Press machine
Image forming device determining components replacement time according to environment and method the...
Method of magnetic transfer to flexible medium
Manufacturing method of optical device, optical device, manufacturing method of faraday rotator, and...
Acoustic touch sensor
Circuit calibration using voltage injection
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pick-up system using the photoelectric conversion appar...
IL-2 fusion proteins with modulated selectivity
Method for synthesis of aryl-carotenoids
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, electrophotographic photosensitive member manufacturing p...
Slow release production of chlorine dioxide from acidified sodium chlorite
Methods of producing and polishing semiconductor device and polishing apparatus
Auxiliary apparatus for inserting a pin into a broken bone
Composite retaining ring
Acute extender card
Quick release mechanism
Door knob with light-emitting location indicator and door
Remedy for hypertension
Metod for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Histogranin-like peptides and non-peptides, processes for their preparation and uses thereof
Transgenic mouse over-expressing calreticulin (CRT) in vascular smooth muscle cells
Polypeptide conjugates with extended circulating half-lives
Derivatives of branched-chain lipophilic molecules and uses thereof
Contrast agents
Personal urine management system for human males
Apparatus and method for drainage
Nonreciprocal phase shift fiber-optic gyrometer
Electrostatic clamp assembly for a lithographic apparatus
Driver circuit of a display device
Electrical property evaluation apparatus
Excimer lamp apparatus
Stacked memory cell having diffusion barriers
Static induction transistor
Reproducing system
Read out scheme for several bits in a single MRAM soft layer
Power converter having improved terminal structure
Scanning electron microscope
Resonant oscillating scanning device with multiple light sources and dual scan path
Fuel cell marker
Fullerene-containing polymer, producing method thereof, and photorefractive composition
Catalytic reactor
Microfluidic systems with embedded materials and structures and method thereof
Method for preparing composite flexible graphite material
Cylindrical steam reforming unit
Steam-reforming catalytic structure and pure hydrogen generator comprising the same and method of op...
Process for complex shape formation using flexible graphite sheets
One piece bipolar plate with spring seals
Odorant for fuel gas
EGR system
Quality control methods for gas diffusion media
Damascene method employing composite etch stop layer
Polymer and liquid gasket for in-place forming
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Prodrugs for use as ophthalmic agents
Bifocal intraocular telescope for low vision correction
Lenticular net instruments
Device for use in eye surgery
Cataract extraction apparatus and method with rapid pulse phaco power
Method for treating human keratin fibers with organomodified metallic particles
Systems and methods for downloading custom or prefabricated processing routines to programmable grap...
Bicycle front derailleur
Panel grip with modified seam
System and method for improving memory capacity of a user
Expandable shaft assembly
Digital capacitive sensing device for security and safety applications
Area-change sensing through capacitive techniques
Looped cable locking box assembly
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a multifunctional polyorganosiloxane as coupling agent
Wooden bicycle
Motor bicycle
Geared segments with variable gear ratio
Method of making ceramic composite devices with unidirectionally aligned reinforcing fibers
Tenside granules with improved disintegration rate
Catalytic systems
Processes for manufacturing particles coated with activated lignosulfonate
High efficiency method for performing a chemical vapordeposition utilizing a nonvolatile precursor
Epitaxial and polycrystalline growth of Si.sub.1-x-yGe.sub.xC.sub.y and Si.sub.1-yC.sub.y alloy laye...
Rack Sensor
Method and installation for fractionating gas derived from pyrolysis of hydrocarbons
Method for preparing pulp from cornstalk
Low visibility laser marking additive
Reinforced polytrimethylene terephthalate resin composition
Multiple basestation communication system having adaptive antennas
Method and apparatus for controlling the web tensions and the cut register errors of a web-fed rotar...
Method for qualitatively evaluating material
Device for storing dressings having vertically offset and side-by-side arranged levels
Devices for guiding a partial width web, guide element for guiding a partial width web and processin...
Method and device for controlling a printing material processing machine
Method of determining color register and/or register errors in a printing machine
Method for determining a printing-image position, and monitoring device for a printing machine
Apparatus and process for producing different hole patterns in sheet-shaped print materials
System for reading out storage phosphor screens
Electromagnetic device with cover for prevention of damage to conductor of electromagnetic device
NMR probe circuit with nodal impedance bridge
Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
RF receiving coil apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Multi-coil NMR probe with nonmagnetic diodes
Method for controlling an RF transmission device, and MR apparatus and RF device for implementing th...
High-frequency system for an MR apparatus with multiple transmit channels
Superconducting magnet system with drift compensation
Cathode ray tube and manufacturing method of deflection coil
Rotating sputtering magnetron
Fluorinated 4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
DNA encoding soluble variants of human OX2 receptors
Inhibitors of p38
NNI for treatment of multi-drug resistant HIV
2-cyanopyrrolidinecarboxamide compound
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use thereof
Piperidinyl-morpholinyl derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Imidazo[1,2-.alpha.]pyridine derivatives for the prophylaxis and treatment of herpes viral infection...
Treatment of arthritis with arsenoxide compounds
Method for treating cancer by vector-mediated delivery of one or more anti-angiogenic or pro-apoptot...
Spatial and temporal control of gene expression using a heat shock protein promoter in combination w...
Reagent and method for measuring amylase
Mailbox top adornment
MP3 player lighter
Gene amplification apparatus
Foot massager
Tri-lobe planar heel wound dressing
Medical patch
Blood pressure monitor
Orthodontic spring
Holder for an X-ray sensing device
Combination medical clamp and medical coupler
Head for surgical hammer
Top surgical clamp
Bone crusher
Colon hydrotherapeutic apparatus
Cap with an extension, particularly for a dust cap of a metered dose inhaler
Digital audio player
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Portable telephone
Bed to adjust the slope of the bed according to brain waves and a method thereby
Rotary tapered tool holder with adapter sleeve
Apparatus for retrieving documents
Reader for decoding two-dimensional optically readable information
Bottom portion housing for a mobile device
Pressure switch
Fluid-actuated contraction drive and associated contraction tube
Forklift truck
Support jack
Mobile platform for contactless load inspection, especially for containers on transportation means
Movable container
Garbage can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Sink grid
Painter's bucket
Upright vacuum cleaner canister body
Vacuum floor polisher
Combination wet and dry vacuum appliance
Washing machine
Electronic identification device for pets
Birdhouse entrance
Air pump for aquaria
Cosmetic container
Control device for the throughput in a conduit portion or similar
Dispenser head for cosmetics
Control system and method for remote launchers
Hybrid tree for mixed user interface elements and sequential data
System and method for real-time monitoring, assessment, analysis, retrieval, and storage of physiolo...
Cardiac lead with steroid eluting ring
Method and apparatus for programming an implantable medical device
Connector systems and methods for implantable leads
Excitable tissue control signal delivery to the right ventricular septum
Bidirectional catheter having mapping assembly
Manufacturing method for magnetic sensor and lead frame therefor
Uses for amino acid anticonvulsants
Installation tool for irrigation emitter barbs with cutter
Header for rechargeable lithium batteries
Glucocorticoid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
C7 ester substituted taxanes
Poly(ester) carbonate molding compositions
Efficient analysis of organic additives in an acid copper plating bath
Display element
Unit cell for solid oxide electrolyte type fuel cell and related manufacturing method
Deodorants and anti-perspirants
Separator for battery and lithium ion battery using the same
Fuel flexible thermoelectric generator with battery charger
Lithium ion secondary cell
Binary applicator
Methods for laundering delicate garments in a washing machine comprising a woven acrylic coated poly...
Makeup or care composition comprising an at least partially crosslinked elastomeric solid organopoly...
Apparatus for automatically projecting or retracting lens in response to the display of an electroni...
Cosmetic vessel
Antenna structure for devices with conductive chassis
Portable communication apparatus and microphone device for the apparatus
Mobile telephone, method of controlling display thereon, and program for said method
Method and software for low bandwidth presence via aggregation and profiling
Apparatus, system and method for forwarding data sent to a wireless device to another address
Apparatus for cord-free hands-free telephony
Communication device with dual-mode muting and method therefor
Methods and systems for compensating for alien crosstalk between connectors
Method of capturing constant echo path information in a full duplex speakerphone using default coeff...
Automatic speak-up indication for conference call attendees
Secure method for conferencing through a remote PBX
Conferencing additional callers into an established voice browsing session
Method and system for providing advertising to telephone callers
System and method for creating and accessing outgoing telephone call log
Organization of a telecommunication network in exceptional cases
System and method for encoding and decoding digital data using acoustical tones
Modem wake-up in support of cross-talk cancellation in a modem pool environment
Method and system for processing tones to reduce false detection of fax and modem communications
Integrated handheld data processing device having a sliding form factor
Electrospray emitter coated with material of low surface energy
Secure optical information disc having a minimized metal layer
Proximity-based print queue adjustment
System and method for providing a distributed loaded monopole antenna
Apparatus and methods of detecting print media orientation
Singulation of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for testing and/or programming
Systems and methods for zone security
RFID readers and tags transmitting and receiving waveform segment with ending-triggering transition
Method and apparatus for a remote electric power line conductor faulted circuit current, conductor t...
Radio frequency detection and identification system
Secure data tagging systems
Rectifying charge storage element
Polymer dopants
System and method for providing tire electronics mounting patches
Paper tag identified by using radiofrequency and method of manufacturing the same
System and method of managing time-sensitive items
RF point of purchase apparatus and method of using same
Particle analysis system and method
Dielectric films and materials therefor
Process for producing hydrophobic silica powder
Anticorrosive treating concentrate
Alkaline earth or alkali metal salts for antifreeze, deicing, and freeze control
Container for glue with stand
Container for glue
Piezoelectric element, ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element
Flexible wiring board, an intermediate product of a flexible wiring board, and a multi-layer flexibl...
Method for producing cyclic carbamate ester
Antibacterial agents
Catalyst component and catalyst for addition polymerization, and process for producing addition poly...
Device to measure the solidification properties of a liquid film and method therefor
Sheet-shaped light guide and communication system using the same
Gap-soliton devices in photonic crystal fibers
Coupled waveguide optical microresonator
Optical transistor
Resolving document object collisions
Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining a persistent data state on a communications network
Method and apparatus of simulating movement of an autonomous entity through an environment
System and method for controlling manufacturing processes, and method for manufacturing a semiconduc...
Monochromator for an X-ray radiator allowing modification of the X-ray spectral composition
Adult T cell leukemia model animal
Screening systems and methods for identifying modulators of xenobiotic metabolism
Pourable fatty dispersions
Hog farrowing system for use in a cold environment and method of use
UHT pasteurizer with regeneration
Aquarium ornamentation system
Method for producing a fermented dairy product
Bird feeding assembly
Baton scabbard with roller clamp retention
Multi-tier collapsible feeder
Fashion accessory
Orthopedic pet cushion
Animal wound shield
Automated egg injection machine and method
Animal waste containment systems
Fishing lure
Ice fishing apparatus
Noise treatment of low-dose computed tomography projections and images
Low dielectric materials and methods for making same
Photothermographic material containing particular hydrophilic polymer
Cellulosic composite component
White flame-resistant uv-stable film made from a crystallizable thermoplastic, a method for producti...
Water-dilutable polyesters with cyclic imide structure
Hydrophilic adhesive compositions
Microstructures and methods of fabrication thereof
Biaxially oriented ink receptive medium
Silicone-modified comb polymers based on acryloyldimethyltaurine acid (2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propa...
Process for extracting the components of pea flour
Block copolymer compositions, having improved mechanical properties and processability
Appetizing factor and taste enhancer
Milk chocolate containing water
Fibre-enriched drinks
Shelf stable meltable particulate food product
Sweetening compositions and foodstuffs comprised thereof
Food product marking apparatuses and methods
Prevention of lactic acid bacteria spoilage of beer through use of bacteriocin-containing fermented ...
Preventative and treatment effects of Morinda citrifolia on diabetes and its related conditions
Syringe with needle penetrable and laser resealable stopper
Hose fitment for disposable food container
Polynucleotides encoding phytase polypeptides
Cupholding lap tray
Wireless check authorization
Methods and compositions for human bladder epithelial cell culture
Cell-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assays for clostridial toxins
Method and apparatus for producing a computed tomography image of a periodically moving organ
Physical condition monitoring system
Data download to imager chip using image sensor as a receptor
Buttonless household scale
Methods, systems, and kits for lung volume reduction
Endoscopic mucosal resection device and method of use
Chest compression apparatus for cardiac arrest
Side attaching guidewire torque device
Guide wire
Method and apparatus for enhancing digital image quality
System and method for embedding information within a printed image using block error diffusion halft...
Maximum likelihood estimation of JPEG quantization values
Lossless and near-lossless source coding for multiple access networks
Motion detecting device and search region variable-shaped motion detector
Method and apparatus for progressive JPEG image decoding
Multiple handwriting recognition engine selection
Texture-based image database browsing and sorting method
Optical fingerprint sensor with variable resistors
Method for image resolution enhancement
Method and apparatus for aligning video to three-dimensional point clouds
Identifying substreams in parallel/serial data link
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
System and apparatus for radial optical distribution
Light-guiding module
Mechanisms and methods for selective wavelength filtering
Low attenuation large effective area optical fiber
Optical panel system including stackable waveguides
Optical fiber ribbons having a preferential tear portion formed by curing and methods therefor
Low smoke, low toxicity fiber optic cable
Multiple-port optical package and DWDM module
System and method for extending viewing angle of light emitted from light pipe
Method of producing and improving an optical transmission line, and associated compensation modules
Contact-free slip ring for survey instrumentation
Fiber tip fluid output device
Carrier suppression using adiabatic frequency modulation (AFM)
Optical time delay system
Color-changing illumination device
Homogenizing optical sheet, method of manufacture, and illumination system
Assistant monitor apparatus and the method of controlling the same
Key input device and portable telephone comprising same
Vehicle display device and light guide plate thereof
Backstop socket structure for lamp string
LED-type wall lamp with decorative liquid
Backlight display system
Double-faced lighting device
Large size backlight apparatus reduced in thickness
Lighting element with a light emitting diode
Multiple point decorative light strip
LED lamp and lamp/reflector assembly
Vehicle headlamp
Ceiling lighting fixture assembly
Portable stand for articulated arm devices
Flashlight with selectable output level switching
System and method having an antivirus virtual scanning processor with plug-in functionalities
Value-ordered primary index and row hash match scan
Method and apparatus for providing local data persistence for web applications
Method and apparatus for updating network device configuration information in a network management s...
System and method for sharing, searching, and retrieving web-based educational resources
Messenger-controlled applications in an instant messaging environment
System and method for providing enhanced persistent communications
Merging trains in a collector based on the train algorithm
File system and methods for performing file create and open operations with efficient storage alloca...
Method, system, and program for processing a file request
Electronic document management method and program
Replication using a special off-host network device
Method, system, computer product for recovering dropped database table specifying one or more table ...
Firearm enclosure
Crosshair and circle reticle for projectile weapon aiming device
Bone cement containing coated radiopaque particles and its preparation
Non-slip and ventilated horse saddle pad
Implantable heart stimulating device, system and method
Methods and systems for reducing the likelihood of arrhythmia onset
Swimmer training paddle simulating shape of human hand
Image supply apparatus, image output apparatus, control apparatus therefor, and image forming appara...
Implantable devices and methods using frequency-domain analysis of thoracic signal
Fuel cell stack with circuit
Inhibiting of erosion of vessls
Hemostatic device containing a protein precipitate
Composition and use of RAR antagonists for promoting chondrogenesis
Hydrogels and water soluble polymeric carriers for drug delivery
Composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and at least...
Compositions and methods for treatment of rosacea
Reduction inhibitory agent for active-oxygen eliminating activity
Polyurethane compositions for golf balls
Compositions and methods for treatment of Psoriasis
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material
Photostable sunscreen compositions and methods of stabilizing
Finely dispersed emulsifier-free systems of the oil-in-water and water-in-oil type, containing boron...
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one silicone copolymer in aqueous emulsion and at least on...
Polypropylene having a high maleic anhydride content
Retinoic acid mimetic anilides
DMA slot allocation
System and method to improve the resiliency and performance of enterprise networks by utilizing in-b...
Process of and system for seamlessly embedding executable program code into media file formats such ...
Distributable multi-daemon configuration for multi-system management
ACPI preprocessor
Methods and systems for relating a data definition file and a data model for distributed computing
Method for using a timer based SMI for system configuration after a resume event
Apparatus and method for sharing I/O endpoints within a load store fabric by encapsulation of domain...
Mapping of hot-swap states to plug-in unit states
Medicated wrap
Isolated human G-protein coupled receptors, nucleic acid molecules encoding human GPCR proteins, and...
3-Pyrrol-pyridopyrazoles and 3-pyrrolyl-indazoles as novel kinase inhibitors
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Product package
Compositions and methods for treating surfaces
Compositions suitable for the treatment of hair comprising chelants and methods for reducing oxidati...
Package containing a window and a performance characteristic indicator
Unfinished rutile titanium dioxide slurry for paints and paper coatings
Textured catalysts and methods of making textured catalysts
Foamable pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating a disorder
Drive-capable support or traction means and method for production thereof
Cathodic corrosion protection powder coating composition and method
Method for the analysis of gas produced by a titanium tetrachloride fluidized bed reactor
Transparent thermoplastic composition comprising hollow glass beads
Chinking tape for log structures
Cellulose ester film and production method of the same
Poly (trimethylene-ethylene ether) glycol lube oils
Sublimation screening test and apparatus
Flash-spinning process and solution
Method of making interlayer panels
Apparatus and method for renaming a cache line
Efficient compression using differential caching
Method for implementing dynamic virtual lane buffer reconfiguration
Firmware development within a framework from different design centers depositing component(s) with r...
Dynamic multiple window display having independently linked windows
System and method for failover
Method and apparatus for producing duplication- and imitation-resistant identifying marks on objects...
Wireless authentication protocol
Multimedia address generator
Information service system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Key configuration for an input device
Electronic mouse
Liquid crystal television receiver including a tuner mounted thereon
Method, system and program product for correlating data between operating environments
Assertion morphing in functional verification of integrated circuit design
Circuit layout methodology using a shape processing application
Generation of metal holes by via mutation
Displaying graphical information and user selected properties on a computer interface
Positioning mechanism, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Rolling element bearing and motor
Hydrodynamic bearing device
Fan motor with fluid dynamic bearing
Foil hydrodynamic journal bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Compressed air gun for use by police and firefighter for breaking doors open
Apparatus and method for selecting a web service in response to a request from a client device
Display system for airplane cockpit or other vehicle
Method and apparatus for thermographic imaging using flash pulse truncation
Disposable wall box painting mask
Relaying an optical wavefront
Method and system for tracking magnetic media with embedded optical servo tracks
Self-referenced locking of optical coherence by single-detector electronic-frequency tagging
Interferometric measuring device
Optical transducer having optical fibers resiliently warped near optical devices and musical instrum...
Optically active 1-(fluoro-, trifluoromethyl-or trifluoromethoxy-substituted phenyl) alkylamine n-mo...
Methods and devices for enhancing intensity of on-surface lines cast by laser line projectors or the...
Optical switching apparatus and methods
Tubular skylight for lighting rooms with natural light
Dual lamp illumination system using multiple integrator rods
Method and apparatus for halftone printing with multi-signal transmission ink
Photonic device and method for making same
Route on failure method and apparatus for automatic rerouting network traffic through a reconfigurab...
Method for forming a photosensitive pixel-defining layer on an OLED panel
Recording/playback apparatus, recording/playback method, program, and storage medium
Bathophenanthroline compound and EL device
Organic electro-luminescent display device and method for manufacturing the same
Printing device having a printing fluid detector
Method of transmitting signals
Simplified bottom electrode-barrier structure for making a ferroelectric capacitor stacked on a cont...
Defective data site information storage
Surface-emitting light emitting device, manufacturing method for the same, optical module, and optic...
World-wide distributed testing for integrated circuits
Organic electroluminescent display and driving method thereof
Device for introducing an object into a vagina with sanitary finger mounting means
Package for holding and displaying jewelry replacement parts
Interactive promotional content management system and article of manufacture thereof
Physical key for accessing a securely stored digital document
User Interface for Mixed Media Reality
Network server for providing scanning functionality to a computer
Printer clients management system
Method and apparatus for automated positioning of user support surfaces in power driven wheelchair
System and method for medical monitoring and treatment through cosmetic monitoring and treatment
Aspirin-triggered lipid mediators
Polymorphic forms of 3-amino-1-propanesulfonic acid
Non-Steroidal Antiandrogens
Benzoxazole inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Isoindole-imide compounds and compositions comprising and methods of using the same
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Triazolo [4,5-d] pyrimidine derivatives and their use as purinergic receptor antagonists
Dibenzo chromene derivatives and their use as ERbeta selective ligands
Novel compounds and compositions as cathepsin inhibitors
Novel agents for preventing and treating disorders involving modulation of the RyR receptors
Control of induced elevated intraocular pressure
Indenoisoquinolinone analogs and methods of use thereof
Uses of human Zven proteins and polynucleotides
System and method for assessing individual healthfulness and for providing health-enhancing behavior...
Placemat for calculating and monitoring calorie intake
Methods and devices for the endoluminal deployment and securement of prostheses
Implantable medical lead including tine markers
Sleep disorder diagnostic system and method
Method and apparatus for evaluating connective tissue conditions
Endoscope accessory
Method And Apparatus For Transgastric Neurostimulation
Methods for Preparing N-Arylated Oxazolidinones Via A Copper Catalyzed Cross Coupling
Pyrazolones as inhibitors of 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Alpha-amino acid derivatives and use thereof as medicines
Organic compounds
Substituted tricyclic heterocycles as serotonin receptor agonists and antagonists
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Bis-aryl urea compounds and methods of use
Anonymous transactions based on distributed processing
Server-side implementation of a cryptographic system
Method and apparatus for accelerating preliminary operations for cryptographic processing
Method and apparatus for evaluating the strength of an encryption
Recovering from de-synchronization attacks against watermarking and fingerprinting
Information-processing apparatus, information-processing method, information-processing system, reco...
Key management for content protection
Connection service providing system and connection service providing method
Backup method of applications of portable cellular phone
Video-on demand video server disk/memory streaming selection methodology
Method of Segmenting Anatomic Entities in Digital Medical Images
Method of Constructing Gray Value or Geometric Models of Anatomic Entity in Medical Image
System and method for forming a border print
Laser-based display having expanded image color
Dot inversion on novel display panel layouts with extra drivers
Connection mechanism for battery pack and power tools
Adapter system for recharging portable electronic devices and its associated method of use
Modular system of internet service provider focused computer services
Display apparatus
DC--DC converter
Process device with switching power supply
Power supply remote voltage sensing
Battery charger
Power converter and vehicle equipped with power converter
Fuser-controlling apparatus for generating a power synchronization signal and detecting power voltag...
Motor drive system and process
Generator with current and voltage abnormality detection
Belt-drive system driven by internal combustion engine mounted on automotive vehicle
Tabletop gaming machine terminal apparatus
Telecommunication system, method and subscriber unit for use therein
Communications connector for imparting enhanced crosstalk compensation between conductors
Communications connector for imparting crosstalk compensation between conductors
High density connector and method of manufacture
Multi-axis, processor-controlled, toolhead positioner
Authentication method and system for asynchronous eventing over the internet
Circuit switched private communication network with integrated packet switched multimedia extensions
Quality control system in disease management services for checking adherence to therapy
Fingernail holder for fingernail polish bottle
Protecting route design method in a communication network
Block programmable priority encoder in a CAM
Method and equipment for setting up a protocol/system protocol
Apparatus and methods for providing fine granularity alerting to customers
Methods and systems for determining a telecommunications service location using global satellite pos...
Method and apparatus for exchanging traffic condition information using peer to peer networking
Chain of custody
Method for reporting activation status of feature service in mobile communication system
Paging transceivers and methods for selectively retrieving messages
Handover of mobile node to a new access router
Call delivery systems for roaming prepaid subscribers
Differential oscillator having two sides, an integrated circuit including the differential oscillato...
Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming a magnetic head having a flux shaping layer
Golf mat and pattern
Golf bag umbrella
Gold club with customizable alignment sighting and weighting device
Light source with a light-emitting element
Method for producing a group III nitride compound semiconductor laser
Installation structure for console module
Steering wheel incorporating air bag device
Knee protection airbag device
Air drying waterborne resin composition
Direct application voltage variable material, devices employing same and methods of manufacturing su...
Method of probe tip shaping and cleaning
Double gusset pack
Downhill ski
Dynamic reflector array and method of making the same
Joined bodies, luminous containers and assemblies for high pressure discharge lamps
Medical image recording apparatus and medical radiography cassette
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic devices therewith
Screw feed apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
FFC-connection assembly
Electrification system for use in a vehicle
Cover assembly for vehicles with an openable roof
Sealing and/or locking system for vehicles with a vehicle opening on the body structure
Hydraulic drive system for vehicle roofs
Vehicle body structure
Vehicle seat assembly having a field effect sensor for detecting seat position
Combustion control system and method for direct-injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
High reverse voltage silicon carbide diode and method of manufacturing the same high reverse voltage...
Low pressure laminate gas assist molding
Gas assisted injection molding with fixed volume gas reservoir and temperature control
Hardtop vehicle roof with three rigid roof pieces
Vehicle seat track with hydraulic actuator
Peak power and speckle contrast reduction for a single layer pulse
Laser microscope
Host control of printer ready
Laser microscope
Apparatus for measuring two-dimensional displacement
Display and method for repairing defects thereof
Optical power distribution management and apparatus
Electron emitter assembly and method for generating electron beams
Feedback enhanced laser
Intracavity sum-frequency mixing laser
Ridge waveguide semiconductor laser
Method for maintaining wavelength-locking of Fabry-Perot laser regardless of change of external temp...
Apparatus and method for detecting defects of a recording and reproducing system
Disc apparatus for reproducing a signal on a disc using a laser beam
Processes for preparing phase change inks
Sealing apparatus assembly for sealing a piezoactuator and method for sealing a piezoactuator
Apparatus and method for low-density cellular wood plastic composites
DMA controller that restricts ADC from memory without interrupting generation of digital words when ...
Internal bias measure with onboard ADC for electronic devices
Pipeline ADC using multiplying DAC and analog delay circuits
A/D conversion apparatus
Angular position sensor-based engine controller system
Integrated capacitive sensor system for the measurement of resistivity and dielectric constant in ge...
Distributed UV sensor system and method
Nip and loading analysis system
Ply wire sensor system for a tire
Assembly with non-contacting position sensor
Apparatus and method for measuring multi-Phase flows in pulp and paper industry applications
Method for refolding enzymes
Fuser having reduced axial temperature droop
Fuel cell power pack
Process for preparing reactive polyether polyols having an ethylene oxide end block
Process for producing substrate for flexible circuit board
Disc cartridge
Soft tissue hydrophilic tissue products containing polysiloxane and having unique absorbent properti...
Versatile antenna switch architecture
Vaccines absorbable by the transmucosal way
Keratinocytes obtained from embryonic stem cells of mammals
Retractable and interchangeable access panel for electronic or like devices
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, and recording medium
NMR and MRI apparatus and method
Cold stress-responsive CRTintP gene and use thereof
(Meth)acrylic copolymer resin and coating film thereof
System and method for providing service provider choice over a high-speed data connection
Web accessibility assistant
Method, apparatus and system for connecting system-level functionality of domestic OS of a mobile ph...
Processes of making North American ginseng fractions, products containing them, and uses as immunomo...
Aerosol dispenser for a pressurized container
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Magnetic memory with structure providing reduced coercivity
Exposure head with spatial light modulator
Interface for merchandise price optimization
Certification system in network and method thereof
System for dynamically tracking the location of network devices to enable emergency services
Slotted annuloplasty ring
Medical devices incorporating radio-opaque and biocompatible coatings
Accelerated whole body imaging with spatially non-selective radio frequency pulses
Mobile clinical workstation
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and body-insertable apparatus system
Sexual stimulation devices and toys with features for playing audio and/or video received from an ex...
Mobile phone with FM antenna
Radio communication system
Multimode wireless radio access network with distributed processing
System and method for performing handover in a wireless mobile communication system
Multimode communication device having an automatic call-back setting mechanism and its method
Wireless communication method and apparatus for generating a serving grant based on a received relat...
Low noise mixer
Circuit and method for filtering a radio frequency signal
Apparatus and method for improving the reception of an information signal
Data transmission scheme in wireless communication system
Ruggedized tradesworkers radio
Multi-function intelligent electronic device with secure access
Biometric control of equipment
Search techniques related to tissue coding
Accessing predictive data
Accessing predictive data
Filtering predictive data
Accessing predictive data
Vacuum assisted heat/perspiration removal system and limb volume management for prosthetic device
Methods for treating fractured and/or diseased bone by introduction of different bone filling materi...
Method and apparatus for wrist arthroplasty
Method and apparatus for a glenoid prosthesis
Transforaminal prosthetic spinal disc replacement and methods thereof
Bone implants and methods
Spinal fusion implant having deployable bone engaging projections
Methods and apparatus for reconstructing the annulus fibrosis
Intervertebral implant and surgical method for spondylodesis of a lumbar vertebral column
Facet replacement/spacing and flexible spinal stabilization
Crimp assist middle ear prosthesis
Method of assuring data integrity on storage volumes
Method and apparatus for memory management in a multi-processor computer system
Hybrid mapping implementation within a non-volatile memory system
Adaptive memory compression
Storage system with disk drive power-on-reset detection
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, informa...
Buffer control system and method for a memory system having outstanding read and write request buffe...
Storage system for multi-remote copy
Embedded DRAM cache memory and method having reduced latency
Management computer and method of managing data storage apparatus
Method and system for storing data in an array of storage devices with additional and autonomic prot...
System and method of managing IPTV bandwidth in non-observation scenarios
Search-on-the-fly report generator
Optimal high-speed multi-resolution retrieval method on large capacity database
Categorizer of content in digital signals
Method, computer program, and system for automated real-time signal analysis for detection, quantifi...
System and method for communicating selected information to an electronic device
Interface and method for exploring a collection of data
Method and system for collaborative web research
Systems and methods for authoritativeness grading, estimation and sorting of documents in large hete...
System and method for classification of documents
System and method for associating pre-printed machine-readable graphical codes with electronically-a...
DNAs encoding mammalian histamine receptor of the H4 subtype and encoded protein
Metal material with modified surface, preparation method and use of same
Mutants of bone morphogenetic proteins
Methods of producing neurons
Dynamic, modular, single-lock anterior cervical plate system having assembleable and movable segment...
Cervical tapered dowel
Process for preparing a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor and intermediates employed therein
Glutamate receptor and utilization thereof
Non-imidazole aryloxyalkylamines
Substituted hexahydropyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazines, octahydropyrido[1,2-a]-pyrazines and decahydropyrazino...
Double vacuum bag process for resin matrix composite manufacturing
High gradient disc drive writer
Flexible printed circuit for spindle motor and disk drive having the same
Magnetic brake for disk drive
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Magnetic head assembly and magnetic disc device
Differential magneto-resistive head pre-amplifiers for single polarity power supply applications
Method and system for actively controlling and reducing induced electrostatic voltage on a magnetic ...
Magnetic tape and manufacturing method thereof, and servo writer
Optical disc, recording apparatus, playback apparatus, program, computer-readable recording medium, ...
Disk drive/player positioning structure
Magnetoresistive device and method for manufacturing same
Giant magnetoresistance sensor with stitched longitudinal bias stacks and its fabrication process
Method of marking sintered body and method for manufacturing magnetic head wafer
Tape cassette
Use of greater than about 15 angstrom thick coupling layer in AP-tab magnetic head
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Method for shaping an air bearing surface of a magnetic head slider
Magnetic head having thermally assisted recording device, and method of fabrication thereof
Method of manufacturing a slider for a thin-film magnetic head
User editable consent
System for managing resources
System and method for monitoring key performance indicators in a business
Apparatus and method for making measurements in universal mobile telecommunications system user equi...
Messaging system and method therefor
Multiple-element antenna with parasitic coupler
Wet roll having uniform composition distribution
Ultrasonically controlled valve
Elastomeric gloves having enhanced breathability
Glove with medicated porous beads
Method for producing soft bulky tissue
Dispenser for rolled sheet material
Rotary heat sealing device and method
System and process for packaging products
Beam steering using photonic crystal
Simultaneous two-way transmission of information signals in the same frequency band
Hybrid photonic/electronic switching in a multi-channel network
Optical MEMS cavity having a wide scanning range for measuring a sensing interferometer
Packaging for planar lightwave circuits
Sealing member for an entry port
Lamp current control using profile synthesizer
Similarity search of three-dimensional model using two-dimensional image as search key
Functional substrates for growth of culinary and medicinal mushrooms
Promotional article and method for assembling the article
Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, image display apparatus, and light-emitting a...
Method and system for controlling the use of satellite transmission capacity in terrestrial networks
Neural stem cells and use thereof for brain tumor therapy
Hands-free flashlight suspended from neck of user
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, and recording medium
Material for imparting thixotropy and pasty resin composition
Method for the production of surfactant granulates containing builders
Toner processes
Method for preparation of stable bitumen polymer compositions
System to produce sugar from plant materials
Prilling method
Device and method for applying a cosmetic product
Brush section for a powered toothbrush
Polyacrylamide hydrogel for arthritis
Apparatus for delaying radio frequency signals
High dynamic range current-mode track-and-hold circuit
Method of monitoring a power distribution unit
Method and system for implicitly encoding preferred probing locations in a printed circuit board des...
Microchip apparatus
Protecting filaments of a thermal conductivity detector
Method for making electrical connections to an element on printed circuit board
Method and system for transmitting compressed messages at a proxy to a mobile device in a network
Tracking device
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
Decorrelating rake receiver apparatus and method
Reducing interference in a GSM communication system
Indic intermediate code and electronic device therefor
Method for analyzing measurement data of device under test, program, measurement data analyzing syst...
Patch array feed for an automotive radar antenna
Determination apparatus and method of calibrating the apparatus
Locking split barrel sampler and soil sampling system
Sampling isolator
System for adding electronic signature to a report associated with an image file
System and method for over the air configuration security
Method and apparatus for dynamic suppression of spurious interrupts
System and method for performing floating point store folding
Admission control for applications in resource utility environments
Continuous update of data in a data server system