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Wheelchair safety brake assembly
Front fork of bicycle with buffer apparatus
Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus
Thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines with combined LH and FSH agonistic activity
Azaindole-derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Aqueous photoprotective compositions comprising diblock or triblock copolymers and 4,4-diarylbutadie...
Controlled mini-emulsion free radical polymerization
Toothbrush with manual powered movable brush head
Toothbrush having counter-rotating heads
Accommodative intraocular lens system
Multiple target tiles with complementary beveled edges forming a slanted gap therebetween
Apparatus and method for measuring the insulation resistance of a fuel cell system
Fuel cell assembly for portable electronic device and interface, control, and regulator circuit for ...
Apparatus and method for transferring data to a pharmaceutical compounding system
Reversible electro-optic device employing aprotic molten salts and method
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Harmonic propulsion and harmonic controller
Wafer handling checker
Object tracking method and system with object identification and verification
Electric transformer explosion prevention device
Power converter
Multiple wavelength X-ray source
Green and orange fluorescent labels and their uses
Lightning rod
Paper doll
Fuel feed apparatus having fuel pump
Interface module for audiovisual devices
Inflator with internally mounted initiator
Strategies for optimally generating pipeline processing code
Spring-armed kitchen utensils and locking mechanism therefor
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Protective cap for medical male luer fittings
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
Incontinence article having a bumper
Device for correcting thoracic spine positioning
Honeycomb structure
Perpendicular magnetic recording media
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and production method of the same
Method for precipitating separation of photosensitive silver halide particle dispersion and silver s...
Isolation and structure of Cribrostatin 6
Optimized Fc variants
Coated turning insert and method of making it
Method for manufacturing a multi-layered thin film for use as an anode in a lithium secondary batter...
Overlay marks, methods of overlay mark design and methods of overlay measurements
Identifying intrinsic pixel colors in a region of uncertain pixels
Integrated optics spot size converter and manufacturing method
Periodically poled optical crystals and process for the production thereof
Quantum switch teleportation for two receivers
Apparatus, method and program for behavioral synthesis including loop processing
Multifunctional polymeric tissue coatings
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Vane pump with integrated shaft, rotor and disc
Fluid bearing motor, and disk drive mounted with same
Frequency control circuit, motor drive apparatus, frequency control method, control method of motor ...
Method and apparatus for transforming point cloud data to volumetric data
Laminated circuit board and its manufacturing method, and manufacturing method for module using the ...
Digital image processing composition using face detection information
MRT apparatus, method and computer program product for determining the speed of a flowing medium
Methods and apparatus for managing information related to recyclable containers
Method and apparatus for collecting data for detecting and locating disturbances
Real time gear box health management system and method of using the same
Heating roller, heating device and image forming apparatus
Method and system for providing key programming tokens to a multiple vehicle programming device
Apparatus and method of additive synthesis of digital audio signals using a recursive digital oscill...
Method for measurement of hepatitis C virus
Systems and methods for residue collection
Developer regenerators
Infrastructure-based collision warning using artificial intelligence
Methods for detection and tracking of targets
Process for preparation of 7-amino syn 3,5-dihydroxy heptanoic acid derivatives, intermediates there...
Diarylmethyl and related compounds
Image pickup apparatus for processing an image signal by using memory
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Light modulator, and optical apparatus using the same
Image processing apparatus outputting a timing signal, and controlling method for the same
Apparatus, method and program for processing information acquired through a network
Method and apparatus for tab sheet printing
Print data forming apparatus, print data forming method, and computer-readable program
Image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Catadioptric projection optical system, exposure apparatus having the same, device fabrication metho...
Image processing device and image processing method
Image processing method and apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a defined relationship among an image length, transforming member ...
Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus wherein a speed of a developed carrying member is controlled relative to a s...
Method, apparatus and program for recognizing, extracting, and speech synthesizing strings from docu...
LED utility light with stand
Structured rear wall panel for installation in an aquarium container
Flow regulator valve
Powered rope ascender and portable rope pulling device
Method for reading a graphic pattern and acquiring its image
Pneumatic metering apparatus for flowable solids product
One-way clutch
Apparatus and method for detecting removal of conveyed work
Derailleur drive chain structure for downhill event
Foldable container device
Cutting element with a non-shear stress relieving substrate interface
Method and apparatus for MEMS device nebulizer lubrication system
Process for the production of finely divided milled material
Apparatus to allow a coiled tubing tractor to traverse a horizontal wellbore
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Active matrix substrate, a manufacturing method of the active matrix substrate
Multilayer plate and display panel with anisotropic crystal film and conducting protective layer
Impact modifier, process for producing the same, and thermoplastic resin composition
(Meth)acrylate polymer and non-linear optical device material composition
Polycarbonate copolymer, and heat resistant parts comprising the same
Method for treatment of indwelling catheter occlusion using fibrinolytic metalloproteinases
Action based termination of multidimensional lookup
System and method for modeling and/or executing software applications, especially MES applications
System and method of determining the speed of digital application specific integrated circuits
Method for utilizing concurrent context switching to support isochronous processes
XML in the MASP client-server protocol
System and method for automatic stream fail-over
ROM-based controller monitor in a memory device
Method and apparatus for performing incremental placement for layout-driven optimizations on field p...
Orthogonal superposition coding for direct-sequence communications
Soybean variety 91B42
Cardiac stimulation system with delivery of conductive agent
Toilet odor blocking and bidet system with water inline T-adapter
System and method for reducing patterning variability in integrated circuit manufacturing through ma...
Hitch receiver cover embellished with an illuminated jack-O-lantern
Method and apparatus for generating an electric arc
Low cost omni-directional antenna manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Determination of an optical property of a DUT by OTDR measurement
System and method for recovering lost data in a gyroscope sensor system
Optical switch
Optical add/drop patch cord
Method of imparting twist to optical fiber
Method of making optical fiber and optical fiber made by the method
Optical fiber for delivering optical energy to or from a work object
Optical fiber with reduced attenuation loss
Optical device having photonic crystal structure
Fiber optic cable breakout configuration with retention block
Low cost electrically conductive carpeting manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Melt-spun synthetic fiber and process for producing the fiber
Glass ceramics for laser systems
Resin composition for a sheet molding compound and method therefor
Compositions inducing plants disease-resistance and process for producing the same
Drum-type washing machine
Detergents or cleaning agents comprising a water-soluble building block system and a cellulose deriv...
Hydraulic system for an air cart
Method and apparatus for the output of music information to an operator
Method and system to monitor persons utilizing wireless media
Remote vehicle system management
Chelants and macrocyclic metal complex radiopharmaceuticals thereof
IC memory complex with controller for clusters of memory blocks I/O multiplexed using collar logic
Protection of non-volatile memory component against data corruption due to physical shock
Virtual routing system for real-time network applications
Outer coding methods for broadcast/multicast content and related apparatus
User interface for presenting media information
Apparatus operation device for operating an apparatus without using eyesight
Selecting image processing functions
Methods, devices and computer-readable storage media for passive optical network address association...
Method and apparatus providing prioritized convergence in border gateway protocol
Diffuser for separator vessel
Catalytic cracking process and the device used therein
Continuous ammonium removal systems
Method for producing drinking water
Headstock portion of a musical instrument
Apparatus and method for evacuating a liquid
Oil pumping unit using an electrical submersible pump driven by a circular linear synchronous three-...
Quantitative dosing of small amounts of liquids
Engine-powered air compressor with a controller for low oil condition
Fluid level control system
Electroosmotic micropump with planar features
Automatic pneumatic pump
Reducing agent pump for an exhaust-gas aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
Screw compressor
Reciprocating compressor driven by a linear motor
Step-type capacity varying apparatus of scroll compressor
Method of producing vacuum in the production of polymers
Mounting arrangement for a refrigerator fan
Electric motor
Wearable skin treatment device
Vehicle height adjusting apparatus
Piezoelectric devices and methods and circuits for driving same
Disposable undergarment having a slit
Coreless roll product adapter for recessed dispensers
Low turbulence die assembly for meltblowing apparatus
Process for manufacturing a laminate
Method of optical measurements for determining various parameters of the patient's blood
Swept-angle SPR measurement system
Measuring method and system
Aspects of producing, directing, conditioning, impinging and detecting spectroscopic electromagnetic...
Combined spatial filter and relay systems
Apparatus and methods for detecting overlay errors using scatterometry
System and method for measuring thin film thickness variations and for compensating for the variatio...
Telephone with integrated hearing aid
Apparatus for communication coupling with a hearing aid
Biosignal intensity measuring method, bedding state judging method, and bedding state monitoring dev...
Storm water interceptor
Flow distribution apparatus
Pool filter cleaning device
Heated PCV system
Temperature-controlled PCV valve
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Cleaner with high pressure cleaning jets
Air-powered filter arrangement
Aquarium filtration system with bio-reactor
Compression fitting nut with interlocked ferrule
Filtration system and method for obtaining a cytology layer
Pseudo-distillation method for purifying a dry cleaning solvent
Methods for controlling silica scale in aqueous systems
Frontal affinity chromatography/MALDI tandem mass spectrometry
Pulse-width modulation amplifier and suppression of clipping therefor
Method for manufacturing a solid-state image sensing device, such as a CCD
Adhesive resin and adhesive resin composition for liquid crystalline polymer
Sterile connection apparatus
Double stylet insertion tool for a cochlear implant electrode array
Compounds as inhibitors of cell proliferation and viral infections
Nerve regeneration promoters containing semaphorin inhibitor as the active ingredient
Substituted triazole diamine derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Deuterated substituted dihydrofuranones and medicaments containing these compounds
Liquid crystal polymers
Method of treatment for decreasing mortality resulting from congestive heart failure
Substituted thiophenes: compositions, processes of making, and uses in disease treatment and diagnos...
Substituted C-furan-2-yl-methylamine and C-thiophen-2-yl-methylamine compounds
Fluoro substituted cycloalkanoindoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatme...
Progesterone receptor modulators comprising pyrrole-oxindole derivatives and uses thereof
Guide for tip to transmission path contact
Method and apparatus for vacuum sealing zip lock plastic bags
Methods and apparatus for distal protection during a medical procedure
Ceramic foam insulator with thermal expansion joint
Binding protein as biosensors
Method and device for the delivery of a substance including a covering
Portable wound treatment apparatus
Absorbent article with improved fit
Ligand immobilization support
Filter apparatus for removing sulfur-containing compounds from liquid fuels, and methods of using sa...
Cyclic pyrazinoylguanidine sodium channel blockers
Ink jet ink composition and printing method
Compositions for imparting desired properties to materials
Catalyst composition and use thereof
Imaging agents for diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
Curable trans-1,2-cyclohexane bis(urea-urethane) compounds
High throughput microfluidic systems and methods
Electrolytes for lithium-sulfur electrochemical cells
Portable sensor array system
Composite materials comprising supported porous gels
Mass defect labeling for the determination of oligomer sequences
System for handling file attachments
System for mobile and pervasive output
Receiving data at a client computer and performing an operation on the data at the client computer b...
Recording tape cartridge
Digital modulation apparatus and digital modulation method
Magnetic disk devices with data recording areas set separately for each device
Storage device, data-assurance control device, and data assurance method
Magnetic recorder
Fly on demand in situ clearance measurement concept in hard disk drive
Servo control for magnetic disk drive
Tape cartridge with pivotable access door
Magnetic recording medium, head slider and manufacturing methods therefor
Suspension assembly and rotary disk storage device
Magnetic recording disk drive having read head with high cross-track resolution and disk with low bi...
Method and apparatus for testing magnetic head with TMR element
Ureteral access sheath
Medical device connector fitting
Set of teeth
Device at an energy accumulating piston-cylinder tool
Image forming apparatus
Automotive wheel having a foot step
Composite pagewidth-printhead supporting structure
Modular elongate image processing device
RJ45 debris cover
Imaging apparatus providing black level compensation of a successive approximation A/D converter
Mandelates salts of substituted tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Method of adapting in-vitro models to aid in noninvasive glucose determination
Benzothiazole derivatives with activity as adenosine receptor ligands
Method of treating peripheral neuropathy
Bicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoind-1 receptor modulators
A.sub.2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Heterocyclic modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-.kappa.B activity and use th...
Non-peptidic NPY Y2 receptor inhibitors
CNS target modulators
Imidazolyl inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase
Tetracyclic arylcarbonyl indoles having serotonin receptor affinity useful as therapeutic agents, pr...
Nitric oxide synthase inhibitor phosphate salt
Pro4976 polypeptides
PRO812 polypeptides
PRO4371 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Pyrrolidine compounds and methods for selective inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV
Heat exchanging system of ventilating device
Method and apparatus for absorbing thermal energy
Cold plate
Heat pipe
Method for passive phase change thermal management
Liquid-cooled pipe
Heat pump water device
Combustor with integrated counter-flow heat exchanger
Computer device cooling system
Integrated circuit coolant microchannel assembly with manifold member that facilitates coolant line ...
Mechanism for connecting loop heat pipe and method therefor
Temperature control of heat-generating devices
Combined board level shielding and thermal management
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Method and system for managing and operating a plurality of farm houses
Image data correction processing based on sensitivity
Systems and methods for determining the network topology of a network
Queueing architecture and load balancing for parallel packet processing in communication networks
Universal interface simulating multiple interface protocols
Method and apparatus for remote discovery of software applications in a networked environment
Cache hit ratio estimating apparatus, cache hit ratio estimating method, program, and recording medi...
Reuseable configuration data
Method for physical placement of an integrated circuit based on timing constraints
Method for monitoring or installing new program codes in an industrial installation
Methods and apparatus for querying a relational data store using schema-less queries
Using MD4 checksum as primary keys to link transactions across machines
System and method for performing commutative operations in data access systems
System and method for generating automatic user interface for arbitrarily complex or large databases
Method and apparatus for maintaining compatibility within a distributed systems management environme...
Air filter with fine fiber and spun bonded media
Copper powders methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Milled submicron chlorothalonil with narrow particle size distribution, and uses thereof
Length-dependent recoil separation of long molecules
Liquid crystal composition and display device
Flow method and reactor for manufacturing noncrystals
Chemical-mechanical planarization composition having ketooxime compounds and associated method for u...
Perfume polymeric particles
Carotenoid ester analogs or derivatives for the inhibition and amelioration of ischemic reperfusion ...
Method of operating and process for fabricating an electron source
Pore structures for reduced pressure aerosolization
Staged oil filter incorporating pelletized basic conditioner
Aliphatic polyester and process for producing the same
System and method of processing queries
Methods and systems for external localization
Method and apparatus for training a translation disambiguation classifier
Managing XML documents containing hierarchical database information
System and method for downloading information to a mobile device
System and method adapted to facilitate dimensional transform
Method and system for formulaically bounding data in a spreadsheet
Planetary gear apparatus
Metatarsal protection for safety footwear
Breathable and waterproof lining structure for footwear and garment
Automatic sandal manufacturing and vending device
Dance footwear
Footwear with an ornamental cross
Footwear upper
System for controlling printer cooling fan
Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus
Imaging device for a printing form and method for arranging optical components in the imaging device
Image forming apparatus
Absolute distance measuring device
Spectral bandwidth metrology for high repetition rate gas discharge lasers
Optical two-dimensional velocity and/or movement detector
Interferometry method based on the wavelength drift of an illumination source
Single compressor with plural decompressors for multi-laser printing
Long-distance quantum communication
Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical pick-up units and laser drivers with increased functionality
Semiconductor laser light source device and optical pickup device
Optical disc, optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus, and optical disc recording/reproducing m...
Mode-locked laser using a mode-locking wavelength selective reflector
Mode locker for fiber laser
Amplified spontaneous emission ducts
Optical head apparatus
Multi-wavelength laser diode
Method and device for passive alignment
Band clamp
Locking device and headrest
In-vehicle animation bypass system and method
Driving force control apparatus for vehicle
Foldable vehicle seat
Torque vectoring axle assembly
Motor vehicle with torque vectoring drive axle
Clip-on price channel
Apparatus for production of hollow fiber membrane module and method of production
Strand-reinforced composite material
High-viscosity elastomeric adhesive composition
Electric machine with transducer system
Composite wear component
Hard coat compositions with acid functional organosiloxane polyol
Global positioning apparatus and method for using a temperature compensated oscillator to perform a ...
Method and system for locating a GPS correlated peak signal
Security alert pendant with GPS unit
Wireless GPS receiver
Cigarette lighter
Cosmetic sampler
Blow dryer
Safety razor or the like
CRT electron gun assembly
Cathode ray tube with supported conductor extending through exhaust tubulation
Shielded getter support on rotor-supported antenna
Speed control system for continuous strip manufacturing apparatus
Earth excavator including apparatus for stabilizing performance by compensating for changes in tempe...
Timing circuit for incremental actuators
Numerical control system
Multi-cell battery protection system
Electric energy conversion apparatus
Voltage standard based on semiconductor junction offset potentials
Circuit for controlling the duty cycle of an electrostatic precipitator power supply
Load tap changer system
Method and apparatus for monitoring a cathodically protected corrodible hollow member
Support system for rotatable detecting element
Apparatus for testing printed circuit boards
Manufacturing process of a semiconductor non-volatile memory cell
Plasma reactor apparatus with independent capacitive and toroidal plasma sources
Thin-film transistor with vertical channel region
Method for manufacturing both a semiconductor crystalline film and semiconductor device
Method of forming a contact using a sacrificial structure
Structure and method for manufacturing MOSFET with super-steep retrograded island
Infrared absorption layer structure and its formation method, and an uncooled infrared detector usin...
Method of patterning transparent conductive film, thin film transistor substrate using the same and ...
Flexible active matrix display backplane and method
Patterned SOI by oxygen implantation and annealing
Anchors for microelectromechanical systems having an SOI substrate, and method of fabricating same
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Method to build self-aligned NPN in advanced BiCMOS technology
Alignment method, method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, substrate for a semiconductor dev...
Reduction of copper dewetting by transition metal deposition
Automated pap screening using optical detection of HPV with or without multispectral imaging
Peptides from the E2 proteins of human papillomaviruses 16 and 18 for detecting and/or diagnosing ce...
Method and device at a dairy farm
Fluid delivery system
Infant formula preparation apparatus
Fluorescent volume light source
Devices for stretching polymer films
Capsule endoscope and a capsule endoscope system
Treatment device for cutting living tissue
Forceps for endoscope
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Backlight wedge with encapsulated light source
Virtual control of electrosurgical generator functions
Virtual operating room integration
Polarizing lamp head
Processes for producing polycarbonate polyols
Compositions of inorganic-organic alloy with high nitrogen content polymers and their manufacture
Polymeric biguanides
4-aralkyl-2-nitro-2'-hydroxy-3',5'-dialkyl (or cumyl)-azobenzenes
N-glycosylamide derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as medicaments
16.alpha.-methyl-17.alpha. 20-epoxysteroid and process
Tricyclic cepham compounds
Imidazolinyl derivatives, having herbicidal activity
Antiarrhythmic agents
Process for synthesizing active esters of carboxylic acids, new alpha-halogenated carbonates which a...
Process for preparing 2-unsubstituted imidazoles
Phenoxy imidazole compound
Process for the preparation of dibenzothiepin derivative
Novel organosilicon compound
Preparation of 4,4-dimethyltetrahydrofuran-2,3-dione
Process for preparing bis-methylene spiroorthocarbonate
Olefin epoxidation of olefins in a polar medium
Direct conversion of epichlorohydrin to glycidyl azide polymer
Alcohol-free orthoesters of zirconium and hafnium and method for the preparation thereof
Process for producing unsaturated quaternary ammonium slats
Process for the preparation of polymeric tertiary aralkyl isocyanates from 1,3- or 1,4-bis(1-chloro-...
Enclosed ceramic filament
Bandpass filter having parallel signal paths
Scaling using gain factors for use in data detection
Test table for measuring lateral forces and displacements
TEM sample preparation from a circuit layer structure
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Alarm analysis methods and systems capable of multi-purpose function
Problem solving method utilizing emergent clustering and case retrieval
Indexing system and method for nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional data spaces
Information search using knowledge agents
Healthcare organization record identifier assignment management system
Apparatus and method for interconnecting a processor to co-processors using shared memory
Slotted multiple band antenna
Wireless communication circuit, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication system
Synchronizing server and device data using device data schema
Collaboratively locating disconnected clients and rogue access points in a wireless network
Method for domain name service (DNS) in a wireless ad hoc network
System and method for providing fast call set-up in a wireless communication system
Device and method for controlling admission and congestion of the configuration of a wireless commun...
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless system
Wireless transmission/reception system
Vehicle telematics system
Method of regulating wireless sensor network energy use
Wireless remote firmware debugging for embedded wireless device
Object oriented software architecture for software reconfigurable wireless modem
Mobile wireless router
Circuit device
Method for manufacture of an epitaxial structural element layer sequence and optoelectronic semicond...
Method and monitor structure for detecting and locating IC wiring defects
Test structure of semiconductor device
SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT)
Semiconductor scheme for reduced circuit area in a simplified process
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
High density MIM capacitor structure and fabrication process
Method for forming pattern of stacked film
Gate electrode structures and methods of manufacture
MEM switching device
Method for manufacturing a resistor
Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
Encapsulated lead having step configuration
Package for electronic device and method for manufacturing electronic device
Multichip module including a plurality of semiconductor chips, and printed circuit board including a...
Cobalt tungsten phosphate used to fill voids arising in a copper metallization process
Electronic packaging including die with through silicon via
Protection of NROM devices from charge damage
Optical fibers, devices and methods for making same
Jet printing ink and method of ink jet printing
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
Crystals for a semiconductor radiation detector and method for making the crystals
Positive type resist composition and resist pattern formation method using same
14-3-3 zeta over-expression as a poor prognosis factor, and a therapeutic target in multiple cancer ...
X-ray CT apparatus, radiation detector and method for reading out electric signals of a radiation de...
Radiation absorbing x-ray detector panel support
High energy polyenergetic ion selection systems, ion beam therapy systems, and ion beam treatment ce...
Quantitative transmission/emission detector system and methods of detecting concealed radiation sour...
Screening checkpoint for passengers and baggage
Reduced X-Ray exposure using power modulation
System and method for X-ray spot control
Computed tomography apparatus and beam diaphragm therefor having absorber elements shaped to produce...
Authentication system and method
Automatic abnormal tissue detection in MRI images
System and method for image noise reduction using a minimal error spatiotemporal recursive filter
High speed and repeatability serial sectioning method for 3-D reconstruction of microstructures
Method of forming resist pattern, positive resist composition, and layered product
Solder extraction tool and method
Hardware-efficient CRC generator for high speed communication networks
Heave compensation system for hydraulic workover
Sealing device for body suit and sealing method using hydrogels
Paek embossing and adhesion for microfluidic devices
Rodless conveyor belt or chain
Correlation of vent tiles and racks
High-pressure shaping system
Moisture detector
Rotational rate sensor
Flow sensor and fire detection system utilizing same
Automatic, mechanical, continuously variable transmission, particularly for a heavy-duty vehicle
Piston for a reciprocating machine
Linear motion device associated to a worm
Operation indicator
Bottle opener
Electronic valve actuator having hydraulic displacement amplifier
Garbage and trash container select spray system
Thermal printing of silver ink
Pyrrolopyridazine derivatives
Inkjet printer
Cyclopentaphenanthrene-based compound and organoelectroluminescent device employing the same
Electroluminescent material, electroluminescent element and color conversion filter
Active organic electroluminescence panel display with blank layer covering contact opening
Organic light-emitting devices and their encapsulation method and application of this method
Light emitting device and method of driving the same
Pixel driving circuit and method for use in active matrix OLED with threshold voltage compensation
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Methods, Systems, Circuits and Computer Program Products for Determining Polarization of a Gas
Sample Tube for Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus Magic Angle High-Speed Rotation Met...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, magnetic resonance imaging method and image processing apparat...
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus and Magnetic Resonance Angiography Method
Novel 17.alpha.-aryl-steroids
Euryops plant named `Straesun`
Geranium plant named `Pacfox`
Drum washing machine
High pressure cleaning apparatus
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum bag attachment
Handheld vacuum base
Handheld vacuum base
Adhesive sheet-like dust removal implement
Tire cleaning kit
Portion of a soap dispenser
Tub scrubber
Handle for cleaning implement
Mini dish rack
Steam iron
Waste can
Trash can
Trash can
Trolley table
Walkie stacker
Walkie stacker power unit
Cap for anchor on tilt-up concrete slabs
Casket lid
Process for enhanced olefin production
Adjustable steering mechanism for radio frequency toy controller
System and method for automatically identifying sub-grids in a microarray
Generation of plants with improved pathogen resistance
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants II
Soybean cultivar S06-01JR122235
Inbred maize line PH3PV
Inbred corn line PHEDR
Inbred corn line PHE72
Inbred corn line PHDPP
Inbred corn line PHEED
Hybrid maize plant and seed 31P41
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH452962
Ultrasensitive biochemical sensing platform
Particle detection method
Optical disc having RFID tag, optical disc apparatus, and system for preventing unauthorized copying
Enciphering and deciphering apparatus, and enciphering and deciphering method
Pipelined deciphering round keys generation
System and method for video stream encryption
Seamless switching between multiple pre-encrypted video files
Communication processing system, communication processing method, server and computer program
Cryptographic key distribution using key folding
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Cryptographic key setup in queued cryptographic systems
Method and measuring configuration for measuring backlash at an axial joint
Position detection system for mobile object
Vipox vector coding an HIV antigen and a cytokine
Device and method for simultaneously delivering beneficial agents to both cervical and vaginal lumen...
Cells expressing anti-Fc receptor binding components
Detection of nucleic acid sequence variations using phase Mu transposase
Bak binding protein, DNA encoding the protein, and methods of use thereof
GH secretagogues and uses thereof
Cerberus/Coco derivatives and uses thereof
Use of ramoplanin to treat diseases associated with the use of antibiotics
N-alkylated diaminopropane derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Closure having rotatable spout and axially movable stem
Spray nozzle
Tape cartridge
Sprung roll bar
Projection optical unit and projection image display apparatus
Combination coaster and sleeve apparatus
Cultivating device
Retention spring for brake pressure pads
Bite valve
Top anti-reflective coating polymer, its preparation method and top anti-reflective coating composit...
Swivel jack assembly
Welding tank cart system
System for developing and deploying radio frequency identification enabled software applications
Image-based method and system for building spherical panoramas
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional imaging
Optical fiber sensor and method
Method, system and program product for generating scenarios utilizing graphical objects representing...
Digital still camera with composition advising function, and method of controlling operation of same
Method and apparatus for measuring brightness
Imaging device and imaging method for use in such device
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Imager to imager relay lens system
Vehicle vicinity image-processing apparatus and recording medium
Robot apparatus, face identification method, image discriminating method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for converting and optimizing editing files
Optical disk for high resolution and three-dimensional video recording, optical disk reproduction ap...
Method for operating a telecommunications system
Method of and system for autofocus
Teletext data detection by data content based synchronization and error reduction
Apparatus and method for performing multi-picture in a display device
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Method and apparatus for providing dual automatic gain control delay settings in a television receiv...
Autostereoscopic video display with a parallax barrier having oblique apertures
Automatic vehicle guidance method and system
Automatic transmission controller for hybrid vehicle
Snow vehicle
Pressure washer with vibration dampener
Hydraulic pump unit, hydraulic pump set, and working vehicle
All terrain vehicle with multiple steering modes
Four-wheel drive center disconnect electric actuator
Stair-climbing apparatus
Control method and apparatus for a continuously variable transmission
Drip mat
Missile fin locking method and assembly
Method and device for steepening a landing approach of an aircraft
Fuselage spar for aircraft and central sparbox provided with such a spar
Disengage device for aircraft control
Vane assembly with metal trailing edge segment
Power generating apparatus
Method and system for estimating spare parts costs
Information providing system, information providing device, and system for controlling robot device
Event-driven trade link between trading and clearing systems
Collector's account payment promise option advisory apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing electronic refunds in an online payment system
Method of and system for authorizing purchases made over a computer network
System and method for an automated benefit recognition, acquisition, value exchange, and transaction...
Biometric certifying authorities
System and method for performing click stream analysis
Mark information issuing method and system
Attestation using both fixed token and portable token
Method, system and program product for calculating relationship strengths between users of a compute...
Project risk assessment
Project risk management system utilizing probability distributions
Predicting and adjusting users' working hours and electronic calendar events
Multiple party reward system utilizing single account
Selecting prospective bidders to whom to promote an online auction based upon bidding history
Automatically identifying erroneous orders
Lobed exhaust diffuser apparatus, system, and method
Electro-acoustic transducer and method of manufacturing transducer
Acoustic lens system
Suction muffler for a hermetic refrigerant compressor
Spun extrusion side entry muffler
Cosmetic composition comprising a silicone-containing compound and a fatty acid ester
Polyamino acid derivatives and use thereof in compositions for treating keratin fibers
Temperature and pH sensitive copolymers
Method and device for topical delivery of therapeutic agents to the skin
Liposome drug delivery of polycyclic, aromatic, antioxidant or anti-inflammatory compounds
Oral peptide pharmaceutical dosage form and method of production
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Stabilized controlled release substrate having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of hydro...
Conformable tissue repair implant capable of injection delivery
Rapid test for hemolytic streptococcus
Culture of goblet cells
Glucose dependent release of insulin from glucose sensing insulin derivatives
Site-specific preparation of polyethylene glycol-GRF conjugates
Complex polyol polyester polymer compositions for use in personal care products and related methods
Process for the preparation of polyamino acids
PRO1018 polypeptides
PRO9907 polypeptides
Basal cell carcinoma tumor suppressor protein
Process for the in vitro culture of different stages of tissular parasites
Synchronous transmission of data with network remote control
Cardiopulmonary patient simulator
Evaluation apparatus of scientific phenomena, educational tool for scientific experiments and method...
Action reciprocating structure of a toy gun
RFID tag and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for using RFID's in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents
Techniques for biasing a radio frequency digital to analog converter
Radio access network system, radio communication method, control server and data server
Self-calibrated path loss position estimation and zone of impact determination
Method for measuring the time of arrival of a radio signal, receiver and system to carry out the met...
Antenna device
Radio receiver
Core antenna for EAS and RFID applications
Forming an antenna beam using an array of antennas to provide a wireless communication
Mobile telephone and image receiving device with reduced power consumption
Method and apparatus for cell-specific HSDPA parameter configuration and reconfiguration
Method of assigning radio channels in wireless network
Systems and methods for reducing harmonic interference effects in analog to digital conversion
Arrangement in acoustic headsets
Satellite digital radio broadcast receiver
Power based radio resource management
Radio-controlled clock and method for gaining time information
AM radio receiver
Method and apparatus for monitoring casinos and gaming
Game system and storage medium having stored thereon game program
Method for accessing interactive multimedia information or services from Braille documents
H.323 user, service and service provider mobility framework for the multimedia intelligent networkin...
H.323 user, service and service provider, mobility framework for the multimedia intelligent networki...
System and method for providing real-time search information
User profile information data structure based on user preference and multimedia data browsing system...
Multimedia player
Linking articles to content via RFID
Mobile data device and method of locating mobile data service
Apparatus and method for providing indoor and outdoor wireless access in broadband wireless access c...
Method for fast handover
Lockbox imaging system
Machine translation system, method and program
Method of advertising and conducting electronic commercial transactions through a communication netw...
Media validation and registration system
Methods and systems for providing converged network management functionality in a gateway routing no...
Method and apparatus for utilizing an audibly coded signal to conduct commerce over the internet
Methods and apparatus for selecting a wireless network based on quality of service (QoS) criteria as...
Wide area network using internet with high quality of service
Apparatus for displaying internet site search menu of video apparatus having internet function and m...
Enhanced tabular data stream protocol
Memory-resident database management system and implementation thereof
System and method for providing language localization for server-based application with scripts
Apparatus, system and device for collecting, aggregating and monitoring network management informati...
Method and system for short message service (SMS) transactions for wireless devices
Methods and apparatus supporting configuration in a network
Hardware assisted communication between processors
Master data framework
Software application development environment facilitating development of a software application
Method for delaying and executing system administration operations in unattended mode
Detecting copied identity of terminal equipment
Encrypted file retrieval method and device and computer-readable recording medium
Computer-implemented system and method for managing data integrity validation rules
Apparatus for managing a cache in a distributed caching environment having an event auditor and a ca...
Method and apparatus for automatic document generation based on annotation
Conference call initiation
Internet call waiting messaging
Wireless local area network authentication method
Methods and systems for presence-based telephony communications
Bit stream conditioning circuit having adjustable input sensitivity
Method and system for providing a voice mail message
Method for transmitting jobs between computer systems, and computer system and program therefor
Apparatus and method for controlling conference call participants
Method and system for providing DC power on local telephone lines
Active acoustic noise reduction system
Communication apparatus
Transferring voice mail messages in text format
Method and apparatus for testing a radio network
Initiating a wireless communication session from contact information on a computer
Delivery of voice data from multimedia messaging service messages
Portable phone capable of being switched into hearing aid function
Device for packaging a product in the form of a sample
Safety element and a valuable object
Binder with pull-out internal poster
Sulfur-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating sa...
System and method for remote assembly of messages to create a control message
Methods for feature selection in a learning machine
Knowledge transfer evaluation
Versioning in a rules based decision management system
Nectarine tree named: `Honey Lite`
Achillea plant named `Strawberry Seduction`
Oenothera plant named `LISHAL`
Raphiolepis indica plant named `Sodark`
Miniature rose plant `JENthree`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `KLENI05080`
Dahlia plant named `Karma Irene`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Fanfare`
Hypericum plant named `Stardust`
Asparagus plant named `NJ44P`
Lobelia plant named `Lobmounlila`
Berberis plant named `Orange Rocket`
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Mars`
Berberis plant named `ROSY ROCKET`
Argyranthemum plant named `Cotton Candy`
Modifying catalyst for partial oxidation and method for modification
Crystalline composition, preparation and use
Method for utilization of rubber wastes by simultaneous pyrolysis with coal
Pretreated porous electrode
Differential pressure-driven borohydride based generator
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Air treatment filter and related method
Amine recovery apparatus and decarbonation apparatus having same
Materials for storage and release of hydrogen and methods for preparing and using same
Method of Preparing Foam From a Milk-Based Alimentary Liquid and Method for Implementing the Same
Steam generator for a steam cooker having an automated draining process
Use of 1,2 Dihydroperillaldehyde in Flavor Applications
Image-taking system
Acidified Protein Beverages Containing Suspended Particulates and Methods of Making Same
Partially denatured whole soybean extracts and methods of use thereof
Soothing Agent and Food for Treating Fatigue
Theanine derivatives, uses thereof and processes for the manufacture thereof
System, apparatus, and method for accessing mobile servers
Articles and methods for applying color on surfaces
Wall patch
DNA for encoding D-hydantoin hydrolases, DNA for encoding N-carbamyl-D-amino acid hydrolases, recomb...
Serine proteases from gram-positive microorganisms
Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes
Twin-arginine translocation in Bacillus
Codon optimized synthetic plasmids
Plant fatty acid amide hydrolases
Compositions and methods for elimination of unwanted cells
PRO4303 polypeptides
PRO5993 polypeptides
Mutant glycoproteins
Apoptin-associating proteins
Mutations in the ferroportin 1 gene associated with hereditary haemochromatosis
Ryegrass CBF3 gene: identification and isolation
Polynucleotides encoding stem cell growth factor-like polypeptides
Promoter sequences providing male tissue-preferred expression in plants
Immunization of fish with plant-expressed recombinant proteins
Inbred corn line PHEHC
Inbred corn line PHANF
Inbred corn line PH8T0
Compositions and Methods of Use for a Fibroblast Growth Factor
Biologically active complex of NR6 and cardiotrophin-like-cytokine
Recombinant human albumin fusion proteins with long-lasting biological effects
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides
Therapeutic compounds
Metabolically Stable Alkoxyalkyl Esters of Antiviral or Antiproliferative Phosphonates, Nucleoside P...
Novel Polynucleotide Synthesis Labeling Chemistry
Methods and compositions for determining the sequence of nucleic acid molecules
Method for extracting nucleic acids
Increasing starch extraction rate in cereals
Water-Absorbing Polysaccharide and Method for Producing the Same
Human coagulation factor VII polypeptides
Expansin Polypeptides
Lysophosphatidic acid acetyltransferases
Nucleic acids encoding deallergenized proteins and permuteins
Compositions Isolated From Forage Grasses and Methods for Their Use
Polynucleotides and polypeptides encoded therefrom and methods of using same for increasing biomass ...
Methods and apparatus for representing markup language data
Algorithm for automatic layout of objects in a database
Computer-implemented image acquisition system
Offset determination for measurement system matching
Pulse-width limited chip clock design
Method and system for modeling wiring routing in a circuit design
Stored procedure interface language and tools
System and method for processor thread for software debugging
Method and apparatus for a generic language interface to apply loop optimization transformations
System and method for performance monitoring
Distributed autonomic solutions repository
System and method for measuring latch contention
Method, system, and program for dispatching a method call
Request persistence during session authentication
Tying a digital license to a user and tying the user to multiple computing devices in a digital righ...
Security settings for markup language elements
Connector housing
Graphical user interface for a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
5-Anilino-4-Heteroarylpyrazole Derivatives Useful for the Treatment of Diabetes
Therapeutic Agent for Diabetes Comprising Protease-Inhibiting Compound
Methods and Compositions for Identifying Modulators of G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Peptide analogues of GIP for treatment of diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity
Remote monitoring and adjustment of a food intake restriction device
Identifying risk of a medical event
Systems and methods for improving medical treatments
Mammals carrying functional single nucleotide polymorphisms in brain-specific tryptophan hydroxylase
Methods for diagnosis and prognosis of psychotic disorders
Mutant cells with altered sialic acid
Lignan complex derived from flax seed used for treatment of hypercholesterolemic atherosclerosis
Cochleate compositions directed against expression of proteins
Pyridyl-substituted porphyrin compounds and methods of use thereof
5-Phenyl-5,6,7,8-Hydroquinoline Tachykinin Receptor Antagonists
Modulators of ATP-binding cassette transporters
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta
Therapeutic Agent for Diabetes
Novel PPAR ligands that do not cause fluid retention, edema or congestive heart failure
Pharmaceutical Composition Useful as Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors
Activator for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta
Biodegradable elastomeric patch for treating cardiac or cardiovascular conditions
Lens barrel
Semiconductor device
Ferroelectric memory
Method of programming a memory device
Desktop change holder and wall mount
Stored-value card with bubble wand
Card game machine
Method of playing wagering games
Forty-two card game and method of playing the same
Flexible magnetic dart board with the capability of automatic scoring
Water pumping game apparatus
Physical programming toy
Toy construction set
Gaming machine determining the result of a game in two stages
Gaming device with transport device and method of use
Method for playing a gambling game
Steering wheel controller for use with embedded portable game system
Model car having adjustable parts
Runtime selective control of hardware prefetch mechanism
Asynchronous symmetric multiprocessing
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for sharing data in a cache among threads in an SMT ...
Methods and apparatus for selecting processes for execution
Flash memory protection scheme for secured shared BIOS implementation in personal computers with an ...
System and method for thermal throttling of memory modules
CPU-containing LSI, and optical disk device and LSI device with the same
Method and apparatus for dynamically unloading file system filters
Method and apparatus for replicating volumes
Continuous data backup using distributed journaling
System and method for using file system snapshots for online data backup
Method and apparatus implementing virtualization for data migration with the efficient use of old as...
Write protection for computer long-term memory devices with multi-port selective blocking
Preventing undesired trespass in storage arrays
System for hardware assisted free list management
Method and apparatus for dynamic hosting partition page assignment
Methods and systems to control virtual machines
System and method for dynamically adjusting read ahead values based upon memory usage
DDR II write data capture calibration
Storage device parity computation
Methods for execution control acquistion of a program and for executing an optimized version of a pr...
Boron complexation strategy for use in manipulating 1-acyldipyrromethanes
Standoff radiation imaging detector
Organic light emitting diode, method for the production thereof and uses thereof
Photovoltaic conversion device and method of manufacturing the device
Methods and systems for automated pipeline testing
Optical exploration device and vehicle comprising said device
Solar-powered wireless crosswalk warning system
Circuits including switches for electronic devices and methods of using the electronic devices
Viewing angle magnification liquid crystal display unit
Spatial light modulator fourier transform
Metal ion concentration analysis for liquids
Electrode with transparent series resistance for uniform switching of optical modulation devices
Method and apparatus for providing color changing thin film material
System and method of implementation of interferometric modulators for display mirrors
Method and apparatus providing graded-index microlenses
Heater for fluids comprising an electrically conductive porous monolith
Medium access control for retro-reflectors
Stratospheric-based communication system for mobile users using additional phased array elements for...