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Apparatus and method for use in the multicast of traffic data in wireless multiple access communicat...
Substitute manager component that obtains state information of one or more software components upon ...
Systems and methods for correcting errors in a received frame
Combined alarm log file reporting using XML alarm token tagging
Enhanced digital predistortion
Alkaline disinfecting and cleaning compositions having improved cleaning efficiency
Compounds and use to reduce the formation of malodour
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Raspberry Tart`
Densification of compressible layers during electrode lamination
Method for controlling the moisture profile of a paper web
Scheduling system and method for multi-level class hierarchy
System for scheduling and monitoring computer processes
Mobile wireless communications device with reduced interfering energy from the keyboard
System and method for identifying and establishing preferred modalities or channels for communicatio...
Systems and methods for connecting regions image data having similar characteristics
Bidirectional communication optical waveguide and manufacturing method thereof
Position adjusting mechanism, process cartridge provided therewith, and image forming apparatus prov...
Method and apparatus for processing natural language using auto-intersection
Peripheral equipment control program, program control device, program control method, peripheral equ...
Method for run-time streak detection by profile analysis
Image forming apparatus having a toner concentration sensor
Image-forming apparatus with vibrating part
Developer cartridge of an image forming apparatus for removably mounting
Electrostatographic developer unit having multiple magnetic brush rolls having dissimilar compositio...
Charge control for fuser roll to prevent print history related marks on copy
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Printing system sheet feeder using rear and front nudger rolls
Liquid droplet ejecting unit, image forming apparatus and valve
Process for manufacturing double barrel shotgun barrels, and the resulting double barrels
Method for producing magnetostrictive element and container for sintering
Corrosion resistant member and method for manufacturing the same
Field effect transistor and application device thereof
Surface acoustic wave device and electronic circuit device
Color image processing device and color image processing method
Pulse-slimming for a tape servo system using non-linear gain
Link writing method for a recordable or rewritable compact disk and drive for using the method
Digital camera
Portion of a digital camera
Image forming apparatus
Shared redundant memory architecture and memory system incorporating same
Data file storage device with automatic filename creation function, data file storage program and da...
Medium low-profile tiltable mount for flat panel displays
Method of making a ceramic composite
Support for image recording medium and image recording medium made from the support
Substrate with photocatalytic coating
ISFET using PbTiO.sub.3 as sensing film
Method and system for high-throughput quantitation using laser desorption and multiple-reaction-moni...
Light emitting element and light emitting device
Forming piezoelectric actuators
Piezoelectric body, electric generator and polymer actuator
Independent focus compensation for a multi-axis imaging system
Optical fiber sensor and measuring apparatus using same
Cross-talk reduction through deep pixel well implant for image sensors
Notification system and method for media queue
Formation of protective coatings for color filters
Method and system for supporting multiple independent transactional resource managers on a single lo...
Generating a relational view for a base model schema
Returning databases as search results
Method and apparatus for providing incentives to physicians
N-(4-(4-methylthiazol-5-yl)pyrimidin-2-yl)-N-phenylamines as antiproliferative compounds
Cyclohexyl(alkyl)-propanolamines, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
3-amino-4-phenylbutanoic acid derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or pr...
Composition and method for inducing and enhancing a telomerase reverse transcriptase-reactive cytoto...
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding the same
Systems and methods for reversibly blocking nerve activity
Therapy delivery mode selection
Prodrugs of CC-1065 analogs
Side region of a sports equipment bag
Piping of a sports equipment bag
Assembly for use in a coffee machine for preparing coffee
Semiconductor film, semiconductor device and method of their production
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Microscopy imaging apparatus and method for generating an image
Disposal of residual radiation from a frequency-conversion process
Catadioptric projection objective
Method and apparatus for flat patterned media inspection
Optical filter having a shaped filter function
Data input device
Calibration method for printing apparatus
Semiconductor laser module
Microemulsions containing alkoxylated amine carboxylates
Optically controlled MEMS devices
Pulse shape discrimination method and apparatus for high-sensitivity radioisotope identification wit...
Parallax compensating color filter and black mask for display apparatus
Method of evaluating image pattern output accuracy
System and method for optically powering a remote network component
Beam steering optical switch
Mounting bracket for a column
Task parallelization in a text-to-text system
Ad hoc large scale directional networks
Method and imaging system with intelligent frame integration
Method of measuring rotational amount of body having curved surface and direction of rotational axis...
Pistol with loaded chamber indicator
Valve for air tank
Portable trailer
Oscillating disc cutter with speed controlling bearings
Drawer guide rail assembly
Bearing cover for a crankshaft bearing of an internal combustion engine
Bearing assembly comprising double injection of liquid lubricant, and aeronautical vehicle comprisin...
Rolling bearing
Apparatus for centering rotor assembly bearings
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Encoder for a movable shaft, a device including such an encoder, and a method of fabricating such an...
Mobile wireless terminal
Hydraulic fast locking and loosening device for bearing assemblies of rolling-mill cylinders, and co...
Bearing insert sleeve for roller cone bit
Sanitary steady bearing and method
Linear guide bearing apparatus
Piston pin bushing
Oil-impregnated sintered bearing
Bearing housing
Modular frame for air purification devices
Method and apparatus for managing power of portable computer system
System and methods for high rate hardware-accelerated network protocol processing
Software updating system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Bolster bar
Distributed memory module cache writeback
Bounding I/O service time
Absorbent article with improved surface fastening system
Process for making a flexible structure comprising starch filaments
Gene-substituted microorganisms, and production method of polyesters using the same
Fabric care and perfume compositions and systems comprising cationic silicones and methods employing...
Papermaking belt and/or product produced therefor
Paper product
Window cutout for a package
Lotion pump package
Body wrap
Method of enhancing fluoridation and mineralization of teeth
Wipes dispensing system
Induction melter apparatus
Oral dosage form comprising a therapeutic agent and an adverse-effect agent
Cell-based assay for G-protein-coupled receptor-mediated activity employing a mutated cyclic nucleot...
Cell culture performance with betaine
Disodium salts, monohydrates, and ethanol solvates for delivering active agents
Bicyclic compounds as modulators of androgen receptor function and method
Preparing a protective gas mixture for arc joining
Uniform power density across processor cores at burn-in
Saturated and unsaturated heteroarylcycloalkylmethyl amines as anti-depressants
Method and system for facilitating marketing dialogues
Service creator apparatus, systems, and methods
System for forwarding and verifying multiple digital signatures corresponding to users and contribut...
Framework for code generators
Framework to facilitate Java testing in a security constrained environment
Nectarine tree denominated `Summer Lion IV`
Nectarine tree denominated `August Lion III`
Recommendations for intelligent data caching
System and method for performing snapshots in a storage environment employing distributed block virt...
Adaptive data acquisition for an imaging system
Digitizing front end for optical receiver
Remote control unit, electronic device and method for controlling electronic device
Harmonic generator and pre-amp
System and method for the automated, remote diagnostic of the operation of a digital video recording...
DQPSK receiver phase control
Optical parametric amplifier
Diplexer circuit for wireless communication devices
Controlling apparatus for optical amplifier and controlling method thereof
High-frequency amplification circuit
Current inductive timer socket
Heterodyne receiver for low noise and image frequency repression
Semiconductor device
Methods and systems for determining reservoir properties of subterranean formations with pre-existin...
Semiconductor memory device
Changer with compact loading mechanism
SRAM including bottom gate transistor
Detecting switching of access elements of phase change memory cells
Hybrid MOPA having narrowband oscillator and amplifier with integrated optical coupling
Glaucoma implant having MEMS filter module
Stirred-tank reactor system
Process for the production of multiple cross-linked hyaluronic acid derivatives
Methods and apparatus for measuring the viscoelastic response of vocal fold tissues and scaffolds ac...
Dicing saw with variable indexing capability
Application of a thermally conductive thin film to a wafer backside prior to dicing to prevent chipp...
Method of dicing semiconductor wafer into chips, and apparatus using this method
Wafer dicing system
Fishing rod and reel protection systems
ID document structure with pattern coating providing variable security features
Thick film multilayer reflector with tailored layer thickness profile
Protective cover for a satellite dish
Process for manufacturing an image recording body and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Multipurpose drawing tool
System and method for processing ferrotungsten and other tungsten alloys, articles formed therefrom ...
Bead dispensing system
Sighting device with multifunction illuminated reticle structure
Luminaire featuring light-transmitting counter reflector cover
Pathway light fixture with interchangeable components
Luminaire assembly and method
Electronic candle
Working light stand
Lighting apparatus, lens and method of making the lens
Light bar for mounting to a vehicle
Vehicle headlamp having symmetrical actuator with front connector
Vehicular illumination lamp with primary and secondary light sources
Vehicular headlamp
Illumination system for displays, especially in vehicles, and cover assembly for such illumination s...
Backlight of liquid crystal display device
Surface light source device
Surface light source and backlight unit having the same
Light-guide plate, backlight assembly having the light-guide plate and display device having the bac...
Light guide plate with transmittance enhancement layer and backlight system using same
Replaceable lamp header for positioning a lamp within a reflector assembly
Illumination device for microscopes
All-rounded illumination enveloped fluorescent lamp
Reflection liquid crystal display apparatus
Time display device
Lens apparatus allowing changing user settings to standard settings
Attachment structure of camera module and portable terminal device
Image conversion device and image conversion method
Video synchronization by adjusting video parameters
Mobile device with a combination camera and loudspeaker
Method and system for pan-scan using motion vectors presentation
Systems and methods for image processing providing noise reduction and edge enhancement
Television tuner which can obtain sufficient receiving sensitivity even when receiving FM broadcasti...
Liquid crystal display device and inspection method
Image recognition method and apparatus
Test system and method for portable electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
Data processor capable of preventing data overflows and underflows
Dense wavelength division multiplexing on coarse wavelength division multiplexing networks
Movable lens beam steerer
Arrangement for low cost path protection for optical communications networks
Photosensitive optical waveguide
Method and apparatus for forming a photonic crystal
Method for manufacturing optical module
Multiple resonator and variable-wavelength light source using the same
Reflection suppression for an optical fiber
Method and apparatus for adjusting loss caused by optical fiber curvature, and optical transmission ...
Planar lightwave circuit type variable optical attenuator
Method of managing and playing title of medium, medium, and medium drive
Optical ring transmission network
Optical wavelength-division multiple access system and optical network unit
Light pipe assembly
Digital photographic device for controlling compression parameter of image data and method of decidi...
Parameter selection in data compression and decompression
Method for reducing IDCT calculations in video decoding
Quantization matrix adjusting method for avoiding underflow of data
Method for filtering digital images, and a filtering device
One dimensional feature enhancement
Apparatus and method for controlling brightness of moving image signals in real time
Transformations for denoising images
System and method for detecting obstacle
Reorganizing rectangular layout structures for improved extraction
Method for increasing resolution in a camera
Interpolation of video and audio digital data
Auto software configurable register address space for low power programmable processor
Semiconductor memory apparatus
Rotatable coupler for endoscopic camera
Wireless medical sensor system
Physical movement analyzer and physical movement analyzing method
Apparatus and method for the treatment of sleep related disorders
Device for non-invasive ultrasound treatment of disc disease
Method of measuring absolute lung volume based on O.sub.2/CO.sub.2 gas analysis
Saccharide-measuring fluorescent monomer, saccharide-measuring fluorescent sensor substance, and imp...
Dual electrode with three studs for impedance cardiography
Electrode design for defibrillation and/or sensing capabilities
Rapid prototyping and filling commercial pipeline
Rapid prototyping system with controlled material feedstock
Magnesium compound, solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymeri...
Method for installation of artificial hemi-lumbar interbody spinal fusion implant having an asymmetr...
Electronic package with epoxy or cyanate ester resin encapsulant
Drawn gel-spun polyethylene yarns
Polymer solutions with shear reversible properties
2-octyl (meth)acrylate adhesive composition
Polymer photonic crystal fibers
Method for correcting the effects of interdetector band broadening
Method and apparatus for repairing bed-liner coatings
Drawn gel-spun polyethylene yarns
Packaging of electronic chips with air-bridge structures
Methods of using heterocycle-amine ligands, compositions, complexes, and catalysts
Fluoropolymer curing co-agent compositions
Stereoregular polymer and monomer thereof and process for production of both
Polyester composition comprising polybutylene terephthalate resin
Methods of preparation of an olefin oligomerization catalyst
Enhanced lubrication in polyolefin closure with polyolefin grafted cyclodextrin
Method and system for iterative image reconstruction
Time-based system to link periodic X-ray images
Fountain that flows with fluidic material
Pet bowl assembly with lid storage chamber
Precision watering method and apparatus
Pet litter containment and disposal means incorporating a reusable, collapsible frame assembly
Animal litter
Bovine germicide application device and method
Animal training apparatus
Modular mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Drive belt pulley and belt drive system
Process of producing hollow shaped articles
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Direct epoxidation catalyst and process
Amine-functionalized polyisobutylenes for improved hydrophobizing microemulsions
UV-curable, non-chlorinated adhesion promoters
Di(meth)acrylate of epoxy-terminated polyphenylene ether
Solid catalyst component for polymerization of olefins, catalyst comprising the same and use thereof
Repair kit
Cyclopentane carboxylate compounds, process and intermediates for preparing the same and use thereof
Process for producing (meth)acrylic acid or (meth)acrolein
Oxidation reactor, process for producing (meth)acrylic acids, and method for analyzing easily-polyme...
Agents for treating osteoporosis and inhibiting osteoclast formation
Process of making a composite mat
Thoracic impedance detection with blood resistivity compensation
Method and system to backscatter modulate a radio-frequency signal from an RFID tag in accordance wi...
System for archiving scene props
Method and apparatus for asset management in an open environment
Radio frequency identification tag
Electronic tag authentication device and communication adjustment method with electronic tag
Enhanced mechanism for radio frequency identification reader
Method of enabling two-state operation of electronic toll collection system
Shielded RFID tags in labels
RFID standoff label and method of use
Closure and package with induction seal and RFID tag
Method for an element using two resist layers
System and method for managing data on an RFID tag associated with a product
Electronic tracking and ranging system
Methods and systems for locating VOIP terminals for improved 911 service
Mobile RFID reader with integrated location awareness for material tracking and management
Pallet recycling system, radio tag, pallet, and management method and program
Method and system for preventing unauthorized removal and use of an RFID apparatus
RFID systems and methods for probabalistic location determination
Operating cable modems in a low power mode
Stable compositions of S-adenosyl-l-methionine with dextran
Compositions derived from Modiolus modiolus and methods for making and using same
Organic extract of Geum japonicum Thunb variant and use thereof
Treatment of vegetation liquors derived from oil-bearing fruit
Dietary fiber delivery system
Dark opal basil leaves or extract thereof having improved storability
Flavonoid solubilizion agent and method of solubilizing flavonoid
Method of using geranium oil and sophora root extracts as a supporting composition in cancer treatme...
Topical composition comprising feverfew
Prion protein dimers useful for vaccination
Indeno[2,1A]indenes and isoindolo[2,1-A]indoles
Feminine care absorbent articles having guides for improved fluid handling
Lipstick making device
Organosilicone derivatives of amino hydroxybenzophenones and their use as UV-A filters in cosmetic p...
Flow-thru cosmetic applicator package
Conveyor lubricant, passivation of a thermoplastic container to stress cracking and thermoplastic st...
Process for making cosmetic compositions using polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Cosmetic compositions organophosphonic acid coated particulates and methods for producing the same
Polyether siloxane copolymer network compositions
Electrolytic processes with reduced cell voltage and gas formation
Positive-electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and process for prepar...
Bath analysis
Electrodes linked via conductive oligomers to nucleic acids
Optimized solid electrolyte for programmable metallization cell devices and structures
Thin film transistor having an etching protection film and manufacturing method thereof
Mediated electrochemical oxidation of biological waste materials
Polymer electrolyte and lithium battery using the same
Copolymers made of alkylene oxides and glycidyl ethers and use thereof as polymerizable emulsifiers
Method for producing a metallic article having a graded composition, without melting
Method for reducing the size of metallic compound particles
Electrode and battery, and methods of producing the same
Self-organizing battery structure with electrode particles that exert a repelling force on the oppos...
Coated nickel-containing powders, methods and apparatus for producing such powders and devices fabri...
Image forming apparatus
Chimeric, human and humanized anti-CSAP monoclonal antibodies
Formulations of insulin
STQ peptides
Propylene polymer composition and use thereof
High efficiency balanced detection interferometer
Method and device for continuous monitoring of the concentration of an analyte
Catheter information clip
Method and composition for resuscitation
Medical device with varying physical properties and method for forming same
Human myeloma cell line
Tray for a personal care product container
Cosmetic carrying case
Helmet for a motorcyclist
Laundry appliance
Laundry appliance
Laundry appliance
High pressure cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Barbeque grill cleaner
Bag holder
Garbage can
Garbage can
Pants trolley
Power unit for a fork lift truck
Protective enclosure
Data connection port for an escutcheon plate
Shunt barrier in pulse oximeter sensor
Resilient small animal harness
Band saw
Picture hanging tool
Battery for a mobile device
Quick-release tool holder for rotary tools
Set of key buttons for a handset
Cellular therapy to heal vascular tissue
Magnetic resonance imaging device and data processing method for magnetic resonance imaging device
Radio frequency coil arrangement for magnetic resonance measurements and probe head for measuring re...
Radio-frequency antenna arrangement for acquisition of a magnetic resonance signal
Bilateral imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Optimized method for prevention of foldover artifacts in magnetic resonance tomography
Method for reducing the coupling between excitation and receive coils of a nuclear quadrupole resona...
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Method and system of setting and/or controlling of a food product dispensing machine using a tag-typ...
Configuration for generating throttled blowing air or suction air
Web-fed rotary printing unit
Guiding elements for a printing unit
Apparatus for deflecting individual webs
Method for adjusting a spray dampener
Devices and methods for setting the contact pressure of a displaceably mounted roller
Devices and methods for drawing at least one web of material or at least one web strand into a foldi...
Toothpaste tube squeezer and method for efficiently removing toothpaste from a toothpaste tube
Device for producing microwave signals
Process for the preparation of hydroxy-vinyl-aromatic polymers or copolymers by anionic or controlle...
Functional norbornenes and polymeric derivatives and fabrication thereof
Tongue scraper
Correction of presbyopia using adaptive optics and associated methods
Polymers for intraocular lenses
Nanoparticle-based power coatings and corresponding structures
3D optoelectronic micro system
Curable compositions
Die for forming honeycomb structure, and method of manufacturing the same
Detection of carbon monoxide in hydrogen-based gas streams
Proton-conducting membrane and the use thereof
Methanol reforming catalyst having a reduced volume shrinkage
Biocatalytic direct alcohol fuel cell
Proton conductor and method for producing the same
Apparatus for mixing fuel and an oxidant
Power supply system and electronic device comprising the same
Fuel cell system
Porogens, porogenated precursors and methods for using the same to provide porous organosilica glass...
Radio frequency data communications device
Liquid ink and recording apparatus
Catalytic process for the treatment of organic compounds
Thin film piezoelectric resonator, thin film piezoelectric device, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for producing and reading labels based on magnetic resonance techniques
Laminated sheet and method of designing the same, and rear projection screen and method of manufactu...
Polypropylene cable jacket compositions with enhanced melt strength and physical properties
Multi-purpose catheters, catheter systems, and radiation treatment
Small peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenes...
Multiplex data acquisition modes for ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Injectable pharmaceutical suspension in a two-chamber vial
Sustained release compositions, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Capacity equalizing apparatus for secondary batteries
Method and system for monitoring partial discharge in gas-insulated apparatus
Water ring scanning apparatus and method, and apparatus and method for encoding/decoding video seque...
Testing method for array substrate
Cardiopulmonary functional status assessment via metabolic response detection by implantable cardiac...
Human sensing back-up alarm device
Method for producing film with tilted alignment, film with tilted alignment, and image display using...
Modified Christmas tree
Lottery ticket scratcher
Hydrogen recycle for solid oxide fuel cell
ADC architecture for wireless applications
Low-power transmitting apparatus and transmission method in wireless personal area network
Method and device for producing subsurface markings in a transparent material body
Wireless communication system having adaptive threshold for timing deviation measurement and method
Image forming method and apparatus for convenient replacement of developer containers
Apparatuses for image forming capable of effectively conveying developer therefrom and a method of e...
Dynamic residential construction cost estimation process
Financial products having demand-based, adjustable returns, and trading exchange therefor
Method and apparatus for storage provisioning automation in a data center
Memory redundancy with programmable control
Slim line battery pack
Stretched resin film
Polytetrafluoroethylene fine powder of particular specific standard gravity, polytetrafluoroethylene...
Method of producing catalyst for synthesis of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid a...
Ink jet printer
Golf club
Golf club head
Connection structures for extra-vascular electrode lead body
Remote login of a personal computer
Method for determining a stuck point for pipe, and free point logging tool
Determining data signal jitter via asynchronous sampling
Land vehicle speed monitoring system
System for dynamic and automatic building mapping
Methods and apparatus for utilizing scripts to interact with electronic information pages of remote ...
Filtering approach for network system alarms
Access control list processor
Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an in coherency state
Apparatus and method for matrix data processing
Method and apparatus for tiling memories in integrated circuit layout
Multi-protocol route policy specification language
Packet transfer apparatus
Bio-sensor and bio-sensor reporting system
Apparatus and method for producing video drive-by data corresponding to a geographic location
System and method for interactive translation
On-line interactive system and method for transacting business
Communication device and program
Method for control of personal data
Method and system for intelligently forwarding multicast packets
Hinged leadframe assembly for an electrical connector
Electrical connector with pre-locked terminal position assurance (TPA)
Method of fabricating thin film write heads with a shortened yoke and improved dimension control
High resolution geoelectrical probe
Method and system for the automated trading of financial instruments
Systems and methods for automated political risk management
Light emitting element and manufacturing method thereof, and light emitting device using the light e...
Catalyst component for olefin (co)polymerization, preparation thereof, a catalyst comprising the sam...
Calibration method for station orientation
Categories on a per instance basis
Tunable filtering of RF or microwave signals based on optical filtering in Mach-Zehnder configuratio...
High speed image scanner
Method of determining a dimension of a sample of a construction material and associated apparatus
Method and mechanism for efficient processing of remote-mapped queries
Remastering for asymmetric clusters in high-load scenarios
System and method for pre-fetching content in a proxy architecture
System, method and storage medium for a multi-mode memory buffer device
Memory disposition methods and systems
Methods, systems and computer program products for correcting photomask using aerial images and boun...
Orthogonal complex spreading method for multichannel and apparatus thereof
Packing machine and method
Dispensing of currency
Low loss glass-ceramic materials, method of making same and electronic packages including same
Lithographic projection apparatus
Musical laser display device
Switching power supply circuit
Switching power supply circuit
Optical data storage and retrieval systems utilizing dual energy sources
Wide bandwidth light source
Orthopaedic surgery planning
Systems and methods for segmenting an organ in a plurality of images
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal
Method and system using a non-electrical sensor for gating
Method and system for improved trajectory planning and execution
Downhole library of master wavelets for VSP-while-drilling applications
Electrosurgical generator with adaptive power control
Toner cartridge
Method of manufacturing a photothermographic material by aqueous coating and a photothermographic ma...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus providing the same
Reference current generator
Interferometers for the measurement of large diameter thin wafers
Hydrocyanation of pentenenitriles and/or 2-methyl-3-butenenitrile using promoters obtained from the ...
5-substituted indole-2-carboxamide derivatives
Method for fabricating CMOS image sensor
Photonic waveguide structures for chip-scale photonic integrated circuits
Image processing apparatus and refractive index distribution measuring apparatus
Image transfer apparatus
Micro-oscillating member, light-deflector, and image-forming apparatus
Optical apparatus
Camera system
Image processing system and image processing method
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus monitoring system and method, program and storage medium
Memory control device having less power consumption for backup
Image fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method for adjusting gap between two objects and exposure method using the same, gap adjusting appar...
Image forming apparatus with adjustment of belt member
Image heating apparatus and flexible sleeve used for the same
Image forming system with temporary storage trays between sheet storage units and image forming appa...
Image forming apparatus and sheet conveying apparatus
Natural language search method and apparatus, including linguistically-matching context data
Method of managing download in network system
Data processing device and power saving control method
Electronic device which transmits data to another electronic device and causes the another electroni...
Surface acoustic wave filter
Semiconductor components having stacked dice
Flat display device
Thin film with MEMS probe circuits and MEMS thin film probe head using the same
Electronic probe apparatus
Mobile apparatus
Electro-optical module comprising flexible connection cable and method of making the same
Tertiary amine compounds
Printed wiring board
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Pixel detector and method of manufacture and assembly thereof
Diode with lead terminal for solar cell
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Interposer method of fabricating same, and semiconductor device using the same having two portions w...
Wireless data communications using FIFO for synchronization memory
System and method for flexible multiple protocols
Monitoring system using multi-antenna transceivers
Communication module
System and method for the frequency management of computer systems to allow capacity on demand
Apparatus and method for fetching data from memory
Queuing methods for distributing programs for producing test data
Shift registers free of timing race boundary scan registers with two-phase clock control
Techniques for editing circuit design files to be compatible with a new programmable IC
Selecting processor configuration based on thread usage in a multiprocessor system
Adjustment of stimulation current path
Biatrial pacing optimization for biventricular pacing
Method and apparatus for true random number generation
Adaptive connection routing over multiple communication channels
Provisioning a network element using custom defaults
Context switched route lookup key engine
Use of nitric oxide modulators in Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation
Medical image processing apparatus
Method, system and computer program for post-processing image data from an imaging modality
Optical MRI catheter system
Simplified defibrillator output circuit
Medical device failure detection and warning system
Delivery of pharmaceutical agents via the human insulin receptor
Method for manufacturing glycoproteins having human-type glycosylation
Method of forming rate limiting barriers for implantable devices
Anti-intrusion software updating system and method
Authentication system having a semiconductor device containing data which are difficult to analyze t...
Video eyewear
Video game controller
Video camera with recorder and player
Veronica plant named `Glory`
Hibiscus plant named `Brandy Punch`
Hibiscus plant named `Peppermint Schnapps`
Apparatus and method for manipulating scanned documents in a computer aided design system
System and apparatus for limiting access to secure data through a portable computer to a time set wi...
Rate limiting data traffic in a network
Columnar structured material and method of manufacturing the same
Structure-based approach to design of inhibitors of protein-processivity factor interactions
Method and system for color grading of gemstones
Simplified switching interconnect using wavelength division multiplexing
Reaction of phenols with intermediate triazines
Controlled release of additive gel(s) for functional fluids
Detergent products, methods and manufacture
Laundry detergent with polyamine mono-anionic surfactant
Smart airport automation system
Method and system for infrared data communications
Location based service provider
Tactical outer protective shorts
Lane departure warning and avoidance system with warning modification criteria
Using federated mote-associated logs
Driving state determining system
Vehicle tracking system
Real-time measuring of the spatial distribution of sprayed aerosol particles
System and method for vehicle driver behavior analysis and evaluation
MAGE peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
System and method for processing an interrupt in a processor supporting multithread execution
Internal combustion engine
Apparatus and methods for pumping high viscosity fluids
Mobile decontamination unit
Fan unit for a ventilator
Compressor with rotating handle
Pump element and piston pump for generating high fuel pressure
High-speed, belt-driven industrial blower
Fuel metering pump
Fluid metering system
Motor fixing structure of reciprocating compressor
Apparatus for controlling operation of reciprocating compressor
Jet pump, fuel feed apparatus having the same, and method for welding the same
Fluid discharge pumping apparatus
System and method for noise attenuation of screw compressors
System and method for testing the operation of a cooling fan
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Method and apparatus for elimination of gases in pump feed/injection equipment
Electromagnetic coil assembly employing spool-spindle
Method and apparatus for linked play gaming
Gaming machine with a trunnion mounted display
Static build-up control in dispensing system
Table napkin dispenser
Living body information measuring apparatus
Mold-in method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining an analyte concentration in a sample having interferents
Optical determination of resistivity of phase change materials
Transforming visual preference terminology for radiographic images
Method for digital subtraction angiography using a volume dataset
Aerial sensor pod deployment system
Aircraft wing composed of composite and metal panels
Parachute ripcord pins
Method and apparatus for supplying orbital space platforms using payload canisters via intermediate ...
Fabricating method for flat panel display device
Reducing nitrogen concentration with in-situ steam generation
Method for improving low-K dielectrics by supercritical fluid treatments
Methods for providing gate conductors on semiconductors and semiconductors formed thereby
Metal contact structure for solar cell and method of manufacture
Structure for determining thermal cycle reliability
Selective colored light emitting diode
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with reduced leakage current
Trench metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors and method of fabricating same
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the semiconductor device and portable electronic devi...
Non-volatile memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
Compound semiconductor multilayer structure, hall device, and hall device manufacturing method
Method of fabricating CMOS image sensor
Chip and wafer integration process using vertical connections
Tapered dielectric and conductor structures and applications thereof
Flip chip metallization method and devices
Spacer patterned, high dielectric constant capacitor and methods for fabricating the same
Multi-chip module
Method and apparatus for testing loop pathway integrity in a fibre channel arbitrated loop
Method and system for primary blade selection in a multi-module fibre channel switch
Secure virtual interface
Substrate for flexible printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Monitoring bracelet
System for diffusing light from an optical fiber or light guide
Exterior configuration of a foam-in-bag dispenser assembly
Horn wrap
Methods of making multi-color ink stamps
Low noise pneumatic tire
Self energized packer
Closure device for containers
Azo compound, aqueous dye solutions containing the same, inks and use thereof
Method of performing electrolytic treatment on a conductive layer of a substrate
Method of delaminating aggregated particles with a coating agent in a substantially supercritical fl...
Honeycomb structure, porous body, pore forming material for the porous body, and methods for manufac...
Coating agent, method and coated substrate surface
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Nucleosides, preparation thereof and use as inhibitors of RNA viral polymerases
Azeotrope compositions comprising 1,2,3,3,3-pentafluoropropene and hydrogen fluoride and uses thereo...
System and method of interactive design of a product
System and method for scoring new messages based on previous responses within a system for harvestin...
Static code image modeling and recognition
Method for monitoring resting and activated platelets in unfixed blood samples
Compositions and methods for producing vascular occlusion using a solid-phase platelet binding agent
Urea antagonists of P2Y.sub.1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions
Mutant plasminogen activator-inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and uses thereof
Medicament containing activated antithrombin III
Crystalline forms of a factor Xa inhibitor
Hydro elastic pump which pumps using non-rotary bladeless and valveless operations
Dynamic resolution of isomers and resolved isomers
Catheter apparatus and methodology for generating a fistula on-demand between closely associated blo...
System and method using the rectal mucosal membrane for inducing hypothermia and warming
Holder for a razor dispenser cartridge
Methods and devices for delivery of agents to breast milk ducts
Nanoscale molecularly imprinted polymers and method thereof
Dispensing cap apparatus
Scoop for ice cream and the like
Assembly structure for securing heat-dissipating fan
Fixing mechanism for a fan frame
Dual impeller push-pull axial fan
Dual impeller push-pull axial fan heat sink
Cooling apparatus and method employing discrete cold plates disposed between a module enclosure and ...
Cooling apparatus
Heat dissipation module
Cooling method for ICS
Clip assembly
Retention module for a heat dissipation assembly
Heat dissipation device
Method to secure a heat sink
Heat sink and electronic device employing the same
Colored and textured heat dissipating device
Scroll fluid machine having a fixed scroll with a heat-releasing projection
Heatsink assembly
Heat plate fixing structure
Plasma display module
Method and apparatus for attaching a processor and corresponding heat sink to a circuit board
Series-connected heat dissipater coupled by heat pipe
Methods and apparatuses for thermal dissipation
Metal vapor discharge lamp, floodlight projector and metal vapor discharge lamp lighting device
Low crystalline polymeric material for orthopaedic implants and an associated method
N-(1H-indolyl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives, their preparation and their therapeutic use
Methods and apparatus for treating intervertebral discs
Floating gate memory cell with a metallic source/drain and gate, and method for manufacturing such a...
Copper alloy, fabrication method thereof, and sputtering target
Atomic force microscope and method of energy dissipation imaging using the same
Method of making a force curve measurement on a sample
Controller for on-off switching of power supplies
Computer-implemented method for managing dynamic pricing information
Long instruction word controlling plural independent processor operations
Secure transfer of host identities
Method for rerouting MPLS traffic in ring networks
Pipeline accelerator including pipeline circuits in communication via a bus, and related system and ...
Image pickup apparatus adapted to carry out parallel operations and control method
Optical position assessment apparatus and method
Camera system, lens apparatus and camera
High speed lithography machine and method
System for multiple use subchannels
Data communication system, data transmission and encoding apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data ...
Enhanced flow data records including traffic type data
Method and system for determining a path between two points of an IP network over which datagrams ar...
Apparatus and method for sampling eye diagrams with window comparators
Methods and apparatus for an on-off controller
Treatment of a dielectric layer using supercritical CO.sub.2
Target substance detecting element, target substance detection apparatus and target substance detect...
Methods of forming semiconductor structures and capacitor devices
Quinazoline derivatives and therapeutic use thereof
Non-traumatic model for neurogenic pain
System and method for cutting using a variable astigmatic focal beam spot
Apparatus and method for analyzing relative outward flow characterizations of fabricated features
Patchwork patterned devices and related methods
Lanthanide doped TiO.sub.x dielectric films
Multiple power mode amplifier with bias modulation option and without bypass switches
Integrated semiconductor circuits and methods of making integrated semiconductor circuits
Writing and reading of data in probe-based data storage devices
Program phase detection for dynamic optimization
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in direct memory access
Modular user interface
Advanced power management for computer displays
Keep awake heuristic
Method and system for troubleshooting a misconfiguration of a computer system based on product suppo...
Utilizing common layout and functionality of multiple web pages
Connected templates in connection with a content management server system or the like
Representing user edit permission of regions within an electronic document
Language or script-based character set conversions per-application program
Method and apparatus for managing input focus and Z-order
Optical modulator
Systems and methods for multi-level optimizing control systems for boilers
Photonic MEMS and structures
Aircraft vehicular propulsion system monitoring device and method
High-resolution spatial light modulation
Control system for an internal combustion engine operating with multiple combustion modes
Spatial light modulator multi-layer mirror plate
System and method for a self-healing grid using demand side management techniques and energy storage
Pharmaceutical compositions, dosage forms and methods for oral administration of epothilones
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Three-dimensional dye migration time indicator
Process and apparatus for locating coated cooling holes on turbine vanes
Method and system for vertical optical coupling on semiconductor substrate
Variable photonic coupler
Coupling light into microresonators
Optically functional device
Fixing method, fixing apparatus using the same, and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming an image having uniform glossiness
Trans-septal intra-cardiac lead system
Multi speed transmission
Three planetary electrically variable transmissions with mechanical reverse
Speed ratio control apparatus and method for a hybrid transmission
Rocket exhaust defense system and method
Explosive training device
Gas powered toy gun
Perforating safety system
Use of sensors with well test equipment
Apparatus and method for selective actuation of downhole tools
Upright stand
Magazine with positioning device for nail gun
Asymmetrical spray nozzle with alignment notch
Composites for wireless optical communication
Foamed settable compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Colloidal metal compositions and methods
Methoxypolyethylene glycol thioester chelate and uses thereof
Apparatus and systems for processing samples for analysis via ion mobility spectrometry
System and method for target inspection using discrete photon counting and neutron detection
High electron mobility transistors with Sb-based channels
Non-planar flash memory array with shielded floating gates on silicon mesas
Ball joint gimbal mirror with actuator assembly
Architectures for cardiac CT based on area x-ray sources
Optical hot tip
Wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexing device
Apparatus and methods for servicing 3D printers
Polarizing cavity for RFOG and method for sensing rotation rate of resonator
Blizzard sandal
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear outsole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Snowboard boot with liner harness
Hidden drawstring assembly
Systems and methods for automated customer order status processing
Shadow paging
Method and apparatus for supporting communications between nodes operating in a master-slave configu...
Method, apparatus and computer program product for integrating heterogeneous systems
Methods and apparatus to dynamically insert prefetch instructions based on compiler and garbage coll...
Condition management system and a method of operation thereof
Cable modem system and method for supporting extended protocols
Method and system for adaptively applying performance enhancing functions
Apparatus and methods for intercepting, examining and controlling code, data and files and their tra...
Hand cleaning foam sponge
Cleaning sponge
Stud and rider for use on matrix trays
Method for determining an optimal grid index specification for multidimensional data
Filtering search results by grade level readability
System and method for managing a database
System and method for processing semi-structured business data using selected template designs
Human monoclonal antibodies against CD30
Methods of treating hemophilia or von willebrand disease with p-selectin
Anti-angiogenic proteins and fragments and methods of use thereof
Display comprising liquid crystal droplets in a hydrophobic binder
Reflective display based on liquid crystal materials
.alpha.-conotoxin MII analogues
PRO9835 polypeptides
Selective inhibition of toll-like receptor-2
Difluoromethyl thiazolyl carboxanilides
Adaptive determination of hysteresis for facilitating base station selection, including handover, in...
Estimating the location of inexpensive wireless terminals by using signal strength measurements
System and method for person-to-person messaging with a value-added service
Method and apparatus to provide a continuous useable wireless network connection
Mobile apparatus with remote lock and control function
Mobile terminal for use with a control terminal in a wireless communications network
Provisioning computing services via an on-line networked computing environment
Electronic messaging system for adjusting computer polling period based on user's predicted messagin...
System and method for concurrent WLAN and WPAN wireless modes from a single device
Web browser of wireless device having serialization manager for maintaining registry of converters t...
Method of and system for controlling access to contents provided by a contents supplier
Error detection in user input device using general purpose input-output
System and method for recording a digital video image
Method and apparatus for establishing virtual private network tunnels in a wireless network
Reactive management of dropped calls in a wireless communication system
System and method for developing and implementing intellectual property marketing
Network-based crossing paths notification service
System and method for managing intellectual property
Remotely monitoring a data processing system via a communications network
Computer assisted and/or implemented method for group collarboration on projects incorporating elect...
System and method for collecting, storing, managing and providing categorized information related to...
Movement of an autonomous entity through an environment
Method for users of a network to provide other users with access to link relationships between docum...
Methods for fabricating giant magnetoresistive (GMR) devices
Expression vectors for increasing protein yield from a cell culture and methods of use thereof
Methods and devices for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms and their antimicrobial susceptib...
Materials and methods for treating hypercholesterolemia
Method and system to detect tampering using light detector
Network management apparatus and method for determining the topology of a network
Method for extracting the distribution of charge stored in a semiconductor device
Data entry via on-screen display
System and method for trading and displaying market information in an electronic trading environment
Systems and methods for shock compensation utilizing an adaptive control technique algorithm
In-situ landfill gas well perforation method and apparatus
Liposome drug delivery
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid...
Ferromagnetic nanoparticles, material coated with dispersion of ferromagnetic nanoparticles, and mag...
Preparation of hymenialdisine derivatives and use thereof
Immunostimulatory combinations
Method of preparing organomagnesium compounds
Fiber having dielectric polymeric layer on electrically conductive surface
Silylethynylated heteroacenes and electronic devices made therewith
Display device
Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
Display device and driving method thereof
Method of driving light emitting element array
Method of fabricating an organic electro luminescent display
Monoamino compound and organic luminescence device using the same
Flat panel display device and method of fabricating the same
Light-emitting device and display apparatus
Display device and driving method of the same
Portable information-processing device having a color changing case
Current drive circuit and display device using same, pixel circuit, and drive method
NMR MAS Probe with Cryogenically Cooled Critical Circuit Components
NMR coil having integrated capacitive structures
Splitter circuit
Method for detecting bridged taps on telephony cable
Method and system for determining data transfer margins for network connections
System and method for evaluating the quality of service in an IP telephony network using call forwar...
Controllable telecommunications switch reporting compatible with voice grade lines
AMA access over local audit analysis (AAOLA)
System and method for audio caller identification service
Access code enhancement for caller preview service
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
Method and system for providing intelligent network control services in IP telephony
Method and apparatus for tone indication
Combine audio and ringing mode
Weather guard
Methods, systems and apparatus for providing urgent public information
Traffic shaping of cellular service consumption through modification of consumer behavior encouraged...
Cellular phone which adds exchange header accessing information based upon country number stored in ...
Execution sets for generated logs
Fuel cell power generation system and method for operating the same
Recovery of nickel, cobalt, iron, silica, zinc and copper from laterite ore by sulfuric acid leachin...
Method for purifying gases
Method and apparatus for continuous gas liquid reactions
Method for ferric sulfate manufacturing
Soybean variety XB36M06
Soybean cultivar S06-WW152330
Soybean variety 4554257
Soybean variety 4599695
Soybean variety 4219527
Soybean variety XB42H07
Cotton variety 370001G
Cotton variety 010001G
Tomato plants
Inbred corn line G06-NP2608
Plants and seeds of corn variety I168643
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH231398
Maize hybrid variety 33H82
Methods for improving the performance of a detector
Chrysanthemum plant named `Jolly Yocheryl`
Lavandula plant named `Dream`
Eryngium plant named `Paradise Jackpot`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Cool Yocheryl`
Hibiscus plant named `Cherry Brandy`
Abelia plant named `Lavender Mist`
Apple tree, `Emmons`
Azalea plant named `Provence`
Azalea plant named `Tiara`
Azalea plant named "YBAZ-2028 Cotton Candy"
Penstemon plant named `Red Riding Hood`
Azalea plant named `YBAZ-2147`
Climbing rose plant named `KORcentex`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcelimpik`
Raspberry plant named `Joan J`
Seedless grape
Tricyrtis plant named `Imperial Banner`
Codiaeum plant named `Revolutions`
Osteospermum plant named `Sakcadnucop`
Grapevine `Sheegene-10`
Grapevine (`Sheegene-5`)
Amine 1,2- and 1,3-diol compounds
Method for the hydrogenation of aromatic compounds with hydrogen containing residual gas
Removing carbon dioxide from an oxygenate to olefins reaction effluent
Process to separate butadiene dimers
Dewaxing aid
Selective para-xylene production via methylation of toluene with methanol in the presence of modifie...
Trading tools for electronic trading
System and method for activating financial cards via biometric recognition
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method and system for receiving and providing access to information at a web site
Workflow management based on an integrated view of resource identity
Customer access solutions architecture
Method for performing distributed administration
Method and system to dynamically present a payment gateway for content distributed via a network
System and method for federated rights management
Integrated payment for international business reply mail