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Heat exchange foam
Computer systems and related methods for cooling such systems
Holding bracket for hot-water baseboard
Thermostat for a heat pump or conventional heating system
Directing airflow for an information handling system
Thermal docking station for electronics
Heat dissipation device
Ultra dense multipurpose server
Liquid submersion cooling system
Apparatus and system for cooling heat producing components
Heatsink locking device
Miniature hearing aid insert module
Method and an apparatus for determining the clearance between a turbine casing and the tip of a movi...
Method and system for processing network data packets
System and method for dynamic link aggregation in a shared I/O subsystem
Storage system having a plurality of interfaces
Vapor-liquid separator
Conveyor apparatus
Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular separation with laser steering
System for wastewater treatment and digestion having aerobic and anaerobic treatment zones
Active biological contactor (ABC); a modular wastewater treatment system
Blood purification apparatus for elevating purification efficiency
Chromatography column and method of operation
Automated electrolyte addition for salt water pools, spas, and water features
Electrolytic eluent generator and method of use
Water purification device
Swimming pool debris removing skimmer
Organosilanes and substrate bonded with same
Portable water filtering assembly
Digested sludge treatment apparatus
DNA-PK inhibitors
Olopatadine formulations for topical administration
Carbonyl compound containing long-chain branched alkyl group
Arylethanolamine .beta..sub.2-adrenoreceptor agonist compounds
Nitroderivatives of cardiovascular agents
Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of rejection reactions in organ transplantations
Imidazole derivatives modulating the sodium channels
Positive modulators of nicotinic receptor agonists
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Layer structure and method for producing such a layer structure
Preparation of poly(tetramethylene) glycol
Device, method, and system for application of a hair product
Flexible bamboo chair pad
Air permeable, water repellent, acoustic door watershield
Foam-generating kit containing a foam-generating dispenser and a composition containing a high level...
Colored fine particle dispersion and a water-based ink for an ink-jet system
Antibacterial agents
Wound dressing
Coated water-swellable material comprising hydrogel-forming polymeric core and polymeric coating age...
Polymeric web exhibiting a soft and silky tactile impression
Highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon coatings and systems and methods for their production
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Ion conductor structural body and process for producing ion conductor structural body
Electrooptical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic equipment
In vivo panning for ligands to radiation-induced molecules
Metal stent with surface layer of noble metal oxide and method of fabrication
Heteroaryl aminoguanidines and alkoxyguanidines and their use as protease inhibitors
Low profile, high stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Systems and methods using multiple solvents for the removal of lipids from fluids
8-azaprostaglandin derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as the active ingredient
Biaryl substituted heterocycle inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Low density lipoprotein binding proteins and their use in diagnosing and treating atherosclerosis
Methods of evaluating phosphatase inhibitors
Artificial nipple with reinforcement
Corn on the cob buttering device
Pumping breast milk
Metering powdery, flaky or fine-grained dosing material
Substituted 1H-pyrrolo[3,2-b, 3,2-c, and 2,3-c]pyridine-2-carboxamides and related analogs as inhibi...
Batch pasteurizer
Liner contact automatic teat dip applicator
Methods to eliminate amplifier glowing artifact in digital images captured by an image sensor
Osseous preparation tool used in dental medicine and device for the use thereof
Archery bow handle with overhang advantage
Portable laser and process for producing controlled pain
Electron spin resonance microscope for imaging with micron resolution
Capacitive relay takeoff swimming platform sensor system
Liquid crystal display with an adjusting function of a gamma curve
Exposure apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Method to support multicast routing in multi-hop wireless networks
System and method for data transfer between multiple processors
Method and apparatus for separating petroleum
Quantum well thermoelectric power source
Fluoropolymer and film made of it
Beverage accessory devices
Optical precipitation sensor for monitoring the accumulation of precipitation upon automotive glass
Hole transport polymers and devices made with such polymers
Zr-- Sn--Ti--O films
Cyanine dyes
Photovoltaic cell and production thereof
Vehicle power assist by brake, shock, solar, and wind energy recovery
Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathway analysis for diagnosis and therapy
Methods of forming a multi-bridge-channel MOSFET
Methods of making thin film transistors comprising zinc-oxide-based semiconductor materials and tran...
Apparatus and method for breakdown protection of a source follower circuit
Massively parallel interface for electronic circuit
NCAM binding compounds
Protein structures and protein fibres
Particle sorting method
Slot machine
Slot machine
Light sculpture system and method
User-specific dispensing system
Direct homography computation by local linearization
Annotating programs for automatic summary generations
Relational schema format
Page function architectural framework
Method and system for transmitting and determining the effects of display orders from shared applica...
Fault injection selection
Server-based single roundtrip spell checking
Tower discovery and failover
Load stimulation tool for server resource capacity planning
Emulated memory management
Optical measurement device and method
Capacitor parts
Electrostatic chuck
Magnetic memory device
Optical switching element
Super plastic design for CHF pacemaker lead
Method and apparatus for determining wind farm electricity production
System state monitoring using recurrent local learning machine
Basic cell architecture for structured application-specific integrated circuits
Multi-speed transmission for vehicle
Paintball gun triggering mechanism
Multi-perf fracturing process
Powder diffuser nozzle for an electrostatic dusting device with oriented jet
High frequency quasi optical power source capable of solid state implementation
Compressed gas cylinder safety device
Power tool movement monitor and operating system
Raman spectrometer
Method and system for inspecting manufactured parts and sorting the inspected parts
Silicon nitride compositions
Head mounted eye tracking and display system
Method for front end of line fabrication
Conductive memory device with conductive oxide electrodes
Ceramic thin film on various substrates, and process for producing same
Manufacturing method of a contact structure and phase change memory cell with elimination of double ...
Method for cleaning a gate stack
Non-planar microelectronic device having isolation element to mitigate fringe effects and method to ...
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Glass-based SOI structures
In situ application of etch back for improved deposition into high-aspect-ratio features
Automatic gain control method in wireless packet communication system
Cellular telephone network with record keeping for missed calls
Method for using AIN to deliver caller ID to text/alpha-numeric pagers as well as other wireless dev...
Telecommunications system with reflective airborne platform
Location-based access control for wireless local area networks
Unconnected power save mode for improving battery life of wireless stations in wireless local area n...
Roaming gateway for support of advanced voice services while roaming in wireless communications syst...
Method and apparatus for positioning a set of terminals in an indoor wireless environment
Client terminal having a temporary connection establishing unit
Devices, systems, and methods for solving challenges in telecom and sales marketing
Managing devices and messages for users during a messaging session
System for uploading image data from a user mobile device to a nearby third-party mobile device befo...
Obtaining a physical product via a coded surface
Workflow system and method
Surface for promoting droplet formation
Cancer immunotherapy with semi-allogeneic cells
System and method for non-destructively determining thickness and uniformity of anti-tamper coatings
Decorative film for home appliances
Rope bottle holder
Light emitting diode (LED)
Light-emitting diode (LED)
LED package
LCD television set
PDP television receiver
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Housing for a communication device
Portable phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
TRAIN-R: a cysteine-rich member of the TNF-receptor family
Organic electroluminescent devices and aminostyrylnaphthalene compounds
Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridine ligands, and devices made with ...
Light emitting apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescence device with absorbent film and fabrication method thereof
Anode for organic light emitting diode
Light emitting device
Active matrix organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
OLED device having improved contrast
Image display device, and display panel and driving method thereof, and pixel circuit
Sources driver circuit for active matrix electroluminescent display and driving method thereof
Electro-optical device
Context sensitive labels for a hardware input device
Macromolecular compounds with a core-shell structure
Field-effect transistor substantially consisting of organic materials
Heteroatom-containing diamondoid transistors
Light emitting device
Semiconductor polymers, method for the production thereof and an optoelectronic component
Organic EL display
X-ray apparatus with component positioning coordinated with radio-opaque objects in examination room
Electron injection in ion implanter magnets
B1 field control in magnetic resonance imaging
Regularized variable density SENSE
Band selection type feed forward amplifier
Highly reliable direct-type tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating position information
Radio ranging using sequential time-difference-of-arrival estimation
Antenna configuration for radio reception in motor vehicles
System for isolating an auxiliary antenna from a main antenna mounted in a common antenna assembly
Method for synchronizing circuit related objects between network management systems and network cont...
Classification support system and method for fragmented IP packets
System and method for accessing different types of back end data stores
Method and apparatus for biometric authentication
Systems and methods for restoring data
Automated test and characterization data analysis methods and arrangement
System for managing form information for use by portable devices
P450 oxygenases and methods of use
Fluorescent through-bond energy transfer cassettes based on xanthine and pyronin derivatives
Prodrugs activated by plasmin and their use in cancer chemotherapy
Antisense composition and method for treating cancer
Methods of treating inflammation
Phosphite dehydrogenase mutants for nicotinamide cofactor regeneration
siRNA targeting cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (p27, Kip1) (CDKN1B)
Corn Event DAS-59122-7 and Methods for Detection Thereof
DNA nanocage by self-organization of DNA and process for producing the same, and DNA nanotube and mo...
Automated Parallel Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Methods for preparing 2-alkynyladenosine deriviatives
Method for Producing Cellulose Acylate Film and Cellulose Acylate Pellet
Saccharide Fluorescence Labeling Method and Saccharide Fluorescence Labeling Apparatus
Compositions, organisms and methodologies employing a novel human protein phosphatase
Fluorescent Indicators of Hydrogen Peroxide and Methods for Using Same
Corn Event DAS-59122-7 and Methods for Detection Thereof
Genetic Markers For Orobanche Resistance in Sunflower
Plant Amino Acid Biosynthetic Genes
Plastid Transit Peptides
Plastid Transit Peptides
Methods for Improving Crop Plant Architecture and Yield
Corn Event DAS-59122-7 and Methods for Detection Thereof
Multi-compartment package attachment apparatus and method
Use of surfactants to solubilize water-insoluble solids in beverages
Stable sodium-free or low-sodium aqueous solution of agreeable saltiness taste
Seasoning stick and method and apparatus for preparing foods
Machine for stuffing a food product in a casing
Infusion bags, especially for tea, and a method of closing an infusion bag with a string
System and method for preserving food
Thermal food storage cabinet
Clean-in-place automated food or beverage dispenser
Sunscreen compositions comprising metal oxide mineral pigments and hydroxyalkylurea compounds
Applying mechanical shock to a data storage device with an enclosed low-density gas
Transducing system with integrated environmental sensors
Recordable disc and motor
High-order hybrid actuator controller
Interconnect architecture for disc drive array
MEMS disc drive
Recordable disc with fluid bearing features
Disc drive head actuator
Probe-scanned ferroelectric media with imprinted regions
Actuator assembly and data storage device including the actuator assembly
Electronic form automation
Method for the accelerated acquisition of satellite signals
Systems and methods for automated deselection of flight plan information from a display
Method of operating a navigation system to report effects of updated portions of a geographic databa...
System and method for configuring semiconductor functional circuits
Approach for estimating user ratings of items
High-pressure discharge lamp, having a seal comprising a gas-filling cavity
Selective filtering of wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting devices
Back end of the line structures with liner and noble metal layer
Detection of biological molecules by differential partitioning of enzyme substrates and products
Single component developer of emulsion aggregation toner
Optimal storage and retrieval of XML data
Medical devices having antimicrobial coatings thereon
Line-to-line reliability enhancement using a dielectric liner for a low dielectric constant interlev...
High efficiency, error minimizing coding strategy method and apparatus
IC design modeling allowing dimension-dependent rule checking
Smart fuel cell cartridge
Method and system for regulating the dispatching of messages for requestors
Data architecture of map data, data architecture of update instruction data, map information process...
Integrated fibre channel fabric controller
System, apparatus and method for removing large animal waste from a floor
Movable plate drive device and press slide drive device
Preamble design for multiple input--multiple output (MIMO), orthogonal frequency division multiplexi...
Active material based tunable property automotive brackets
Body limb movement limiter
Compositions and methods for prognosis of cancers
Process of preparing alkylhydroxyalkylcellulose
Gas-filled gasket for a solid-oxide fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell apparatus
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
ARQ method with adaptive transmittal data block positions
Image forming apparatus featuring an airflow path along an axial direction of an image bearing membe...
Method and apparatus for measuring blood volume, and vital sign monitor using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Decoder with M-AT-A-Time Traceback
Smart generator
Creating and using nested context structures
Determining position without use of broadcast ephemeris information
Viscosity improver compositions providing improved low temperature characteristics to lubricating oi...
Method of preparation of a precursor oligocene
Steam cracking of hydrocarbon feedstocks containing salt and/or particulate matter
Fluids for traction drive
Organic electroluminescent devices
Hybrid cubic/hexagonal diamondoids
Method for producing olefin-substituted aromatic or heteroaromatic compounds
Coherence microscope using interference of time incoherent light to achieve depth resolution in a me...
Optical filters for accelerated weathering devices
Methods of making microstructured lamina and apparatus
Sterile container
Optical connector
Apparatus for oxygen enriched flame-perforation of a polymer film
High frequency treatment instrument for endoscope
Non-aqueous solvent mixture and non-aqueous electrolytic solution containing such mixture
Method of recovering blood from an extracorporeal circuit
Process for producing cooked noodles
Curing compositions for fluoropolymers
Multifunctional amine capture agents
Method for producing aqueous ortho-phthalaldehyde solutions
Method and apparatus for preparation of genetically transformable plant tissue
Adapting short-wavelength LED's for polychromatic, broadband, or "white" emission
Microelectromechanical resonator structure, and method of designing, operating and using same
Super-resolution optical components and left-handed materials thereof
System and methods for monitoring application server performance
Content addressable memory (CAM) device having selectable access and method therefor
Sensor network system and data retrieval method for sensing data
Block data compression system, comprising a compression device and a decompression device and method...
Picking TV safe colors
Magnitude comparator circuit for content addressable memory with programmable priority selection
Method and system for compressing a tree
Partitioning and filtering a search space of particular use for determining a longest prefix match t...
Language input user interface
Natural language query processing
Resolving queries based on automatic determination of requestor geographic location
Method and system for creating snapshots by condition
System for creating and maintaining a website
Time resolved contrast-enhanced MR projection imaging of the coronary arteries with intravenous cont...
Digital lock-in detection of site-specific magnetism in magnetic materials
Method and apparatus for chromatographic data processing
Spectroscopy instrument using broadband modulation and statistical estimation techniques to account ...
Virtual disk drive system and method
Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Drinking mug
Serving tray
Ratchet handle grip
Portion of a bottle
Help sign
XML schema for binding data
Photo album with picture and title display
Transactional SAN management
Standing tape dispenser
Method of doing business over a network by transmission and retransmission of digital information on...
Condensing unit air discharge grille
Transitioning from startup code to application code during initialization of a processor based devic...
Methods and apparatus for efficient computation of one-way chains in cryptographic applications
Self-shielded packaging for circuitry integrated with receiver coils in a imaging system
Method of reducing false alarms during auto-arm
Flow cytometry system with bubble detection
Method of making electrochemical capacitor electrode, method of making electrochemical capacitor, an...
Method and system for monitoring breathing activity of a subject
Medical image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Developing device, image forming apparatus, image forming system, and method of assembling developer...
System and method for in-building presence system
Enhanced wireless handset, including direct handset-to-handset communication mode
Noninvasive determination of alcohol in tissue
X-ray detecting device and fabricating method thereof
Ultra-high resolution pixel electrode arrangement structure and signal processing method
Lens system for nuclear medicine gamma ray camera
Solid-state x-ray detector
Respiration phantom for quality assurance
Instrument and method for measuring three-dimensional motion
Method and apparatus for displaying a patient worklist
Scanning rangefinder
Computer tomography method using a cone-shaped bundle of rays
Photon counting CT detector using solid-state photomultiplier and scintillator
CT detector photodiode having multiple charge storage devices
Alternative acquisition scheme for coronary angiography
X-ray tube housing window
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium for generating a ...
Method of catheter tracking using image information
Network conferencing using method for distributed computing and/or distributed objects to intermedia...
Hand held electrical device and method for using the same
Slot machine with activatable pay arrangements
Game performing method, game apparatus, storage medium, data signal and program
Cat Treat
Beverage Freshness Detecting and Indicating Systems
Method for making bleached soy fiber
Light-blocking plastic bag
Non dairy frozen dessert containing maltitol with very low calorie content, and method for preparing...
Diagnostic And Therapeutic Epitope, And Transgenic Plant
Aerated compositions
Process and apparatus for moulding a frozen aerated product
Isomaltulose as an Aftertaste-Shortening Agent
Method For Producing a Dha-Containing Fatty Acid Composition
Gelatin Production System
Fiber-Containing Carbohydrate Composition
Methods of Use for Conjugated Exendin Peptides
Vertically oriented band for stomach
Method and apparatus to improve multi-CPU system performance for accesses to memory
Active memory command engine and method
Inter-cluster communication module using the memory access network
Memory modules having accurate operating current values stored thereon and methods for fabricating a...
Method and system for managing address bits during buffered program operations in a memory device
Apparatus and method to assign network addresses in a storage array
Method of operating a memory device, memory module, and a memory device comprising the memory module
Method for replicating snapshot volumes between storage systems
Direct access storage system with combined block interface and file interface access
Information processing device and processor
Memory transfer with early access to critical portion
Virtual copying scheme for creating multiple versions of state information
System and method for enhancing read performance of a memory storage system including fully buffered...
Parallel copying scheme for creating multiple versions of state information
Apparatus, program, and method for managing usage of memory
Permanent pool memory management method and system
System and method of allocating contiguous memory in a data processing system
Reclaiming the PCI memory range with minimal memory loss in IA-32 platforms
Method and device for calculating addresses of a segmented program memory
Fixation device for surgical repair
Adjustable offset bushing
Method and apparatus for surgical repair
Implants and Related Devices for Monitoring Bony Fusion
Variable Stiffness Support Members
Intervertebral disc spacer
Disk Replacement Endoprosthesis
Systems and Methods for In Situ Assembly of an Interspinous Process Distraction Implant
Closed system artificial intervertebral disc
Orthopaedic stem with protrusion and associated surgical procedure
Mis patellar preparation
Compositions and Methods Comprising Biological Samples for Quality Controls
Modeling of mPGES-1 three-dimensional structures: applications in drug design and discovery
Associations of single nucleotide polymorphisms and haplotype with feed intake and feed efficiency i...
Isolation And Use Of Solid Tumor Stem Cells
Growth Differentiation Factor-8 Nucleic Acid and Polypeptide from Aquatic Species, and Transgenic Aq...
Transfection, storage and transfer of male germ cells for generation of transgenic species & genetic...
Process and Apparatus For Treating Flue Gas From Sintering Plants
Multi-layered resin coated sand
Gypsum wallboard facings
Gypsum Wallboard Containing Acoustical Tile
Inorganic board and method for producing the same
Drywall Tape and Drywall Joint
Styrene Resin Composition and Process For Producing the Same
Paint Composition, a Painting and Finishing Method, and Painted Articles
Method and device for determining deformations
Agglomerate abrasive grains and methods of making the same
Water-repellent and vapor-permeable multilayer material for outdoor applications
Production processes for alkylene oxide addition product and its derivatives
Method and apparatus for determining aluminum concentration in earth formations
Method, computer, computer program and computer-readable medium relating to the examination of data ...
Method and device for continuously treating waste water of industrial origin by water vapour strippi...
Ink stock solution, ink composition and method for producing them
Stripping and removal of organic-containing materials from electronic device substrate surfaces
Method and system to flush an RO system
Electroconductive polymers
Method for detecting target plant genus
Nucleic acid molecules encoding alternansucrase
Porous-film-forming composition, preparation method of the composition, porous film and semiconducto...
Alkaline solution and manufacturing method, and alkaline solution applied to pattern forming method,...
Vinylchloroformate-free synthesis of vinyl and allyl(thio) carbamates
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Process for dewatering ethanol
Pressurisation system
Power systems utilizing the heat of produced formation fluid
Self referencing LED detection system for spectroscopy applications
Proliferated cell lines and uses thereof
Combination Therapy Comprising Actinidia and Steroids and Uses Thereof
Microfabricated Cell Sorter
Method For Detecting Prp Using at Least One Positive Charge and/or at Least One Glycosidic Bond and ...
PEF-TS Expression Units
Gene Rcs 21
III-V Compound Semiconductor Substrate Manufacturing Method
Methods for Affecting Body Composition
Sulfonamide Derivatives of Xanthene Compounds
Pyrogen-Free Neurosurgical Sponges
Urea Compositions With Cooling Effect
Polymer Capsule and Process For the Preparation Thereof
Colloidal formulation of long-acting insulin and its preparation
Ophthalmic gallium compositions and methods of their use
Methods and Compositions Related to Regulation of Cytokine Production by Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 ...
System and Method For Diagnosis of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Method and composition for the treatment of herpes virus
Process for treating storage reservoirs contaminated with mycotoxins
Compositions for Juice-Based Moisturizers
Water Dispersible Compositions and Methods of Using the Water Dispersible Compositions
Cosmetic foundation
Method for Decreasing Nicotine and Other Substance Use in Humans
Horse liniment
Method to Treat Skin Conditions with Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract
Hydrogels of hydrophilic polyurethanes (meth)acrylates
Use of Neurotoxin Therapy for Treatment of Urologic and Related Disorders
Method and system for setting an optimal preference policy for an auction
Dangling reference detection and garbage collection during hardware simulation
Lamp with multi-layer phosphor coating
Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation, and microchannel reactors for catalytic oxidative dehydrogenati...
Integrated optics based high-resolution spectrophotometer
Memory unit and semiconductor device
System, method and technique for searching structured databases
System and method for fault indication on a substrate in maskless applications
Sensing element used in sensing device for sensing target substance in specimen by using plasmon res...
Method for making integrated circuits
Synthetic peptide amides
Input device for portable handset
Vibration gyro sensor element with cantilever vibrator extending from substrate and positioned withi...
Moving a virtual articulated object in a virtual environment while avoiding internal collisions betw...
method for generating a set of test patterns for an optical proximity correction algorithm
Structure of gas sensor ensuring stability of electrical connection
Method and apparatus for avoiding collisions during packet enqueue and dequeue
Recovery of alcohols from Fischer-Tropsch naphtha and distillate fuels containing the same
Micro-stream rotator with adjustment of throw radius and flow rate
Die cushion apparatus
Multi-antenna transmission method and system
Volume-filling mechanical assemblies and methods of operating the same
Antibacterial dentifrice exhibiting antiplaque and breath freshening properties
Low loss, high power air dielectric stripline edge coupling structure
Method for preparing a Centella asiatica extract rich in madecassoside and in terminoloside
Mesoporous carbon molecular sieve and supported catalyst employing the same
Electrochemical cell bipolar plate
Mounting unit for head mounted apparatus and head mounting apparatus
Electrochromic device employing gel or solid polymers having specific channel direction for the cond...
Method for producing cyclic organic silicon compound and organic silicon resin having alcoholic hydr...
Method for the synthesis of VLSI systems based on data-driven decomposition
Image forming apparatus equipped with LED printing head
Wireless ECG system
Method and device for measuring capacitances
GaN-based sensor nodes for in situ detection of gases
Methods for determining need for treating a vehicle travel surface
Method for operating a grain cleaning system in a combine harvester
Feed-forward control in event-based manufacturing systems
Franking system and method
Electronic current limiter
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe with cooled sample coil
Security device with perimeter alarm
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of thin article
Doped fiber scene projection system and method
Optimally moderated nuclear fission reactor and fuel source therefor
Photonic-crystal electromagnetic-wave device including electromagnetic-wave absorptive portion and m...
Intrusion detection system for a multimode optical fiber using a bulk optical wavelength division mu...
Method of high order mode excitation for multimode intrusion detection
Wavelength selective optical device and method of tuning wavelength characteristics
Optical fuse and component for fabricating optical fuse
Fiber optic cable splicing technique
Reinforced tight-buffered optical fiber and cables made with same
Method and optical fiber device for production of low noise continuum
Active photonic band-gap optical fiber
Optical module for bi-directional communication system
Method and apparatus for first-order polarization mode dispersion compensation
Apparatus for producing capacitor element member
Weight sensing system and method for vehicles with non-fluid springs
Vehicle testing apparatus for applying vertical force to a wheel
Lubricant pump for powered hammer
Systems and method for risk triggering values
Joint consumption of content invitation methods and apparatus
Optimization of network adapter utilization in EtherChannel environment
Individual authentication method for portable communication equipment and program product therefor
Multiple-element antenna with floating antenna element
System that compensates for coupling during programming
Systems for erasing non-volatile memory using individual verification and additional erasing of subs...
Thin smart card
Memory with self-aligned trenches for narrow gap isolation regions
Noise reduction technique for transistors and small devices utilizing an episodic agitation
Erasing non-volatile memory using individual verification and additional erasing of subsets of memor...
Systems for erasing non-volatile memory utilizing changing word line conditions to compensate for sl...
System for controlling voltage in non-volatile memory systems
Pass-through information transfers inserted after a continued primitive in serial communications bet...
Reel and recording tape cartridge
Printed circuit board, magnetic disk device, and method for manufacturing the printed circuit board
Multiple servo sensor configuration for magnetic tape timing based servo
Sequence-permutation control information detection and signal polarity determination
Acceleration sensor and magnetic disk drive apparatus
Magnetic recording and reproducing system with recording layer having predetermined convex-concave p...
Two layer writer heater using writer as one current lead
Information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Disk drive including slider mover having low thermal coefficient of resistivity
Disk drive flexure assembly with a plurality of support bond pad apertures with a bond pad disposed ...
Thin film magnetic head, magnetic head device, magnetic recording/reproducing device and method for ...
Method for protecting against corrosion in a GMR sensor by providing a protective coating over an en...
Mounting device for data storage device
Rotational speed control method for a disk player
Thermally transferable image protection overcoat
Genes participating in the synthesis of fatty acid having trans-11-,cis-13-conjugated double bond an...
Composition and method of treatment for urogenital conditions
Azetidine compounds
Crystalline forms of a pyridinyl-sulfonamide and their use as endothelin receptor antagonists
JNK inhibitor
Bicycloheteroaryl compounds as P2X7 modulators and uses thereof
Activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor .delta.
Use of amino acids for making medicines for treating to insulin-resistance
Biologically active peptides
Modified peptide
7-Phenylamino-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid derivatives, process for their preparation and their use...
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Dihydrobenzofuran derivatives and uses thereof
Intermediates in producing phenoxyacetic acid derivatives and method of using the same
Benzene compounds
Polymerization of diisopropenylbenzene
Method and system for mapping netlist of integrated circuit to design
Single electron devices formed by laser thermal annealing
Laser processing method and processing device
Laser beam processing machine
System and method for correction of turbulence effects on laser or other transmission
LPP EUV drive laser input system
Systems and methods for adjusting the dynamic range of a scanning laser beam
Current driver and power control for electrophotographic devices
Solar-pumped laser
Image formation apparatus using an electrophotographic process
Optical disk apparatus compatible with different types of mediums adapted for different wavelengths
Optical disc recording method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for filtering read signal to three or more cutoff frequencies with two or more ...
Method and apparatus for writing on an optical disk with beam spots aligned at an angle to data trac...
Wavelength conversion laser and image display
Method and device for adjusting a laser
High efficiency intersubband semiconductor lasers
Absorbing layers for reduced spontaneous emission effects in an integrated photodiode
Laser-diode-excited laser apparatus, fiber laser apparatus, and fiber laser amplifier in which laser...
Plastic body in the form of a film, for example a transfer film or laminating film, or provided with...
Matrix time division multiplex (MTDM) interrogation
Method for making battery plates
Bumper system for a motor vehicle
Multi purpose seat back protecting panel
Two-speed transfer case
Adjustable shelf system
Vehicle seat side air bag guide
Actuatable back panel for a vehicle seat
Fuel cell system and related startup method
Vehicle occupant sensing system having a retention member for a biasing member
Control device for motor-driven 4WD vehicle and related method
Driver assisting system
Mattress cover with fit enhancing composite end panels
Method for manufacturing spherical ceramic powder
Scintillator member and manufacturing method thereof, and radiation measuring device
Deck board fastener with concave prongs
Multiple material golf club head
Iron golf club with nanocrystalline face insert
Corrosive resistant metal material covered with conductive substance
Method of manufacturing a magnetic element for multi-phase
Recumbent vehicle
Child seat anchor assembly and methods of use
Telecommunications jack with crosstalk compensation provided on a multi-layer circuit board
Multiple material golf club head
Conversion coatings including alkaline earth metal fluoride complexes
Device and methods of ammonia generation for NOx abatement
Method for stabilizing copper hydroxide
Surface-modified, aerogel-type structured silica
High-silica molecular sieve CHA
Catalyst for partial oxidation reforming of fuel and fuel reforming apparatus and method using the c...
High thermal conductive element, method for manufacturing same, and heat radiating system
Hydrophobic inorganic fine particles, hydrophobic inorganic fine particles production process, and t...
Catalyst that comprises at least one bog-structured zeolite and its use in transalkylation of alkyl-...
Stabilized transition alumina catalyst support from boehmite and catalysts made therefrom
Instrumentation for use with dynamic single-lock anterior cervical plate system having non-detachabl...
Monopegylated growth hormone proteins
Injection apparatus for delivering therapeutic
Peptide for promoting healing of fractures
Intraluminal therapeutic patch
Androstane 17-beta-carboxamides as androgen receptor modulators
Endothelial cell expression patterns
Crimp and weld wire connection
Process for the welding of two polyamide parts
Method for forming non-volatile memory devices
Method and apparatus for selective deposition of materials to surfaces and substrates
Back-side trapped non-volatile memory device
Treated musical instrument strings
Wind musical instrument equipped with slide and supporting system for assisting player in performanc...
Method for manufacturing a percussion instrument
Tuning system for percussion instrument
Keyboard apparatus
Free-space human interface for interactive music, full-body musical instrument, and immersive media ...
MIDI file steganography
MIDI playing method
Training apparatus for learning to play the guitar
UV excitable fluorescent energy transfer dyes
Dispenser sump
Pre-cast deck and dock system
Spool piece termination structure, a connection arrangement comprising such a termination structure ...
Lifting assembly
Trench box moving apparatus and method
Treating hazardous materials
Method of in-vitro micropropagation of Piper longum plants
Method of transferring a selected molecule into a cell
Method of detecting an analyte in a fluid
EPF derived peptides and therapeutic compositions
PHI 15 DNA polymerase
Nucleic acids and expression vectors comprising carotenoid binding peptides
Nucleic acid encoding a poly-(ADP) ribose polymerase enzyme and uses thereof
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Transgenic expression cassettes for expressing nucleic acids in non-reproductive floral tissues of p...
Device for the in-situ measurement of acoustically stimulated bioluminescence
Deferring and combining write barriers for a garbage-collected heap
Transforming locks in software loops
Efficient firmware update for hierarchical data storage systems
Method and apparatus of adaptive integration activity management for business application integratio...
Scheduler supporting web service invocation
Method and apparatus for providing notification via multiple completion queue handlers
Apparatus, system, and method for isolating a storage application from a network interface driver
Distributed capability-based authorization architecture
Solid-state camera device and method of manufacturing the same, and method of making mask for manufa...
Testing of miniaturized digital camera modules with electrical and/or optical zoom functions
Image-taking apparatus
Camera with exposure correction dependent upon brightness detected in a frame with the lowest bright...
Intelligent power management system
Video circuitry for controlling signal gain and reference black level
Method for detecting bisection pattern in deinterlacing
Integrated circuit and information signal processing apparatus having multiple processing portions
Method and system for synchronizing separated edge QAM devices located remotely from a CMTS
BTSC encoder and integrated circuit
Object tracking apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for processing an image
Encoding picture arrangement parameter in picture bitstream
Browsing JPEG images using MPEG hardware chips
Traffic event detection in compressed videos
Method and system for reducing effects of undesired signals in an infrared imaging system
Radiolabeled antibodies for treatment of tumors
Methods and kits for diagnosing a pancreatic-based fat malabsorption disorder
Host cells comprising cDNA corresponding to the antigenome of nonsegmented negative strand RNA virus...
MHC class II antigen-presenting systems and methods for activating CD4.sup.+ T cells
Method for aiding implantation or decreasing miscarriage rate
Composition for stabilizing corneal tissue during or after orthokeratology lens wear
Treatment of disease by inducing cell apoptosis
Antibody molecules specific to human tumor necrosis factor alpha
Non-human animal exhibiting bone metastasis of tumor cells
Method and apparatus for determining target depth, brightness and size within a body region
Oral administration form for pyridin-2-ylmethylsulfinyl-1H-benzimidazoles
Compositions and methods for treating skin conditions
Process for preparing aqueous extracts of plants and extracts so obtained
Supercritical carbon dioxide extract of pharmacologically active components from Nerium oleander
Collapsible rope storage and cleat apparatus
Port security barrier
Hunting blind boat cover
Built-up type boat
Boat with skylight windows
Clamp assembly for mounting a boat canopy
Seafloor-surface coupling device
Organic photoreceptor, process cartridge, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Device for feeding an actuating drive that can be driven wirelessly
Media vaulting in an automated data storage library
Device and method for programming an industrial robot
Internet-based message delivery with PSTN billing
Method of billing in an abbreviated dialing service
Method and apparatus for activating extended services in a user device using a voice over packet gat...
System and method for local replacement of music-on-hold
General protocol for service control point
Directing contacts between an end user and a contact center agent
Echo processing devices for single-channel or multichannel communication systems
Multi-channel echo cancel method, multi-channel sound transfer method, stereo echo canceller, stereo...
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having split adaptive gain settings
Small size hands-free speakerphone apparatus
Slide mechanism
Holder for supporting objects in vehicle
Telecommunication call management and monitoring system with voiceprint verification
Telephone apparatus having e-mail transmitting function
Telecom equipment with memory
Telephone network edge node device and method for bridging and privacy
Messaging system based building control
Fluid flow regulator with overpressure relief function
Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods
Power drive unit with unit load device sensor
Aircraft extremity marker
Electronic learning device for an interactive multi-sensory reading system
Massively multiplayer educational online role playing game
Electronic console with a system for indicating the motion power
Exercise device
Automated Authentication Process for Application Clients
Compressible structural panel with end clip
Change of direction device for hazardous items
Reversible electrical box for residential and commercial ceiling construction
Apparatus, system and method for monitoring a drying procedure
Drywall sander
LED-based lamp apparatus
System and method for optimizing grid charging of an electric/hybrid vehicle
Charger contact with protective actuator
Methods apparatus and computer program products for battery monitoring using predetermined battery d...
Method and apparatus to perform battery charging using a DC-DC converter circuit
Energy storage type feeder voltage compensation apparatus and method of controlling feeder voltage
Method for use of charge-transfer apparatus
Oscillation sensor for linear regulation circuit
Dual path linear voltage regulator
Power supply circuit for portable battery powered device
Low-dropout regulator with startup overshoot control
Switching regulator
Capacitor multiplier
Reduction of energization transients in a three phase power system
Car power source apparatus
Triangular wave generation circuit
Current sensing bi-directional switch and plasma display driver circuit
Active primary-sided circuit arrangement for a switch-mode power supply
Series interleaved boost converter power factor correcting power supply
Recharging method and associated apparatus
System, Method And Computer Program Product For Receiving Data From A Satellite Radio Network
RF radio and method for monitoring warning alert data
Radio-Frequency Tuner with Differential Converter
Mobile terminal and method of receiving radio waveform at the same
Radio communication system for providing both voice and data communication services over radio commu...
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing inter-rat measurement control based on conn...
Apparatus, method and computer program product providing rat priority list for multi-rat mobile devi...
Method and System for Offloading Mobile-Originating Short Message Traffic
Radio terminal unit, radio communication system and communication control method
System and method for optimizing power supplies in a wireless transceiver
Determining Inserted Catheter End Location and Orientation
Interactive Electronic Commerce and Message Interchange System Featuring Delivery of Messages Tailor...
Method and Apparatus For Obtaining Digital Objects In A Communication Network
Remote inventory of devices
Method for Detecting Errors and Supporting Reconfiguration Decisions in Mobile Radio Networks Compri...
Satellite Signal Frequency Translation and Stacking
User-defined assistive GUI glue
System and method for providing a dynamic user interface for a dense three-dimensional scene
Displaying messages on handheld devices
Automated web interface generation for software coded applications
Fast source file to line number table association
Trace management in client-server applications
Switching to original code comparison of modifiable code for translated code validity when frequency...
Signature serialization
Control object and user interface for controlling networked devices
Method and software for publishing a business process orchestration as a web service
Programmable object model for extensible markup language markup in an application
System for processing and decoding MPEG compatible data and internet information
Apparatus and methods for intercepting, examining and controlling code, data and files and their tra...
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Method, system and apparatus using a sensory cue to indicate subsequent action characteristics for d...
System and method for providing improved claimant authentication
Systems and methods for protecting a server computer
Pen cap and clip
Design for highly-scalable, distributed replenishment planning algorithm
Absorbent article
Display device, driving method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Device and computer system for power management using serial link connections
Distillation process for removal of methyl acetylene and/or propadiene from an olefin stream
Reflective light coupler
Configurable width buffered module having switch elements
Intermediate semiconductor device structures
System and method for frequency translation using an image reject mixer
Customer-engaging food merchandising module
System and method for dynamic space management of a display space
Structured silicon anode
Searching desktop objects based on time comparison
System and method for authentication via a single sign-on server
Pack containing medicament and dispensing device
Method and system for processing data records
Error and load summary reporting in a health care solution environment
Streamer steering device orientation determination apparatus and methods
Apparatus, methods, and systems for viewing and manipulating a virtual environment
Methods, apparatus, and computer readable media for confirmation and verification of shipping addres...
Portable device used to at least visualize the process data of a machine, a robot or a technical pro...
Device for use in a method and system for object selection
Water shut-off system
Data sharing and networking system for integrated remote tool access, data collection, and control
Method, system, and program for accessing device driver functions
Human artificial chromosome containing human antibody .lamda. light chain gene and non-human animal ...
ROM-embedded debugging of computer
Signal processing unit
Method for identifying an image of a well in an image of a well-bearing component
Remote emissions sensing system and method incorporating spectral matching by data interpolation
Method of evaluating a physical quantity representative of an interaction between a wave and an obst...
Reconfigurable patch antenna apparatus, systems, and methods
Method of forming metal foams by cold spray technique
Real time optimization and control of oxygen enhanced boilers
Equipment control system
Telescoping blind via in three-layer core
Malononitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Process for producing T lymphocytes
Method for producing a poly-1-olefin in the presence of a Ziegler catalyst
Heart shaped toy
Free space optical bus
Cell-free tissue replacement for tissue engineering
T-cell therapy formulation
Surface light emitting apparatus
Use of state-change materials in reformable shapes, templates or tooling
Brain state recognition system
Methods of screening for antagonists of APM1/GZIP
Method and apparatus for defending against distributed denial of service attacks on TCP servers by T...
Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation
Method of fabricating a probe having a field effect transistor channel structure
Three-dimensional in-vitro spinal models and methods of analyzing substance distribution therein
Vending machine dispensing system
Pivoting fluid conduit joint and one-way brake
Apparatus for detecting or predicting tool breakage
Enhanced electrical cables
Square paint container
Vacuum regulating valve
Cleat of locking mechanism
Information processing system, method for message communications, recording medium, and computer pro...
Electronic camera
Controlled bypass flow and ozone proportion method and system
Water purification apparatus and method of using the same
Work piece centering device and method of broaching
Incandescent lamp with a carbon cycle and a halogen cycle
Developer collecting apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Compositions and method for improving the processing of polymer composites
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Cinnamic acid amides
DC power source
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Electro-optical device with electrolytic corrosion preventing film and multiple relay electrodes
Conversion process
System, device, and method for providing secure electronic commerce transactions
Toner cartridge
System for reconstruction of non-uniformly sampled signals
Extraction of imperfection features through spectral analysis
Graphical calculator
Compounds and methods for the treatment or prevention of Flavivirus infections
Radiation imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Secondary amino-and cycloamino-cycloalkanol derivatives and methods of their use
Diamine .beta..sub.2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Arylsulfones and uses related thereto
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor/histone deacetylase inhibitor combination
Surface acoustic wave device
Stable initiator compositions and igniters
Combination of A/D inputs with quadrature detection to give higher resolution positioning
Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
Vehicle-installed microcomputer system that interrupts power to higher accuracy power supply circuit...
Center heated die plate for underwater pelletizer
Method and device for the production of tubular structures that are reinforced with a strengthening ...
Irrigation control system
Composite outsole
Compositions for use in golf balls
Spikeless golf shoe outsole
Hairbrush cleaner
Cordless hair clipper
Nail clipper
Rounded knee and shin pad
Electric vacuum cleaner
Surface-cleaning apparatus
Floor cleaning tool
Control panel for a laundry appliance
Cleaning sheet
Cleaning sheet
Paint bowl
Trash can receptacle
Chewing gum disposal device
Elegant waste management cart
Ash urn
Combined trashcan and rodent trap
Golf cart
Folding wheeled cart
Voting machine storage and transport cart
Hand operated rollable bucket transporting device
Cordless pulling tool
Extension of X.509 certificates to simultaneously support multiple cryptographic algorithms
Methods and apparatus for private certificates in public key cryptography
System and method for providing authorized access to digital content
Digital content security system
Method and system for protecting against side channel attacks when performing cryptographic operatio...
Method and apparatus for managing changes in a virtual screen buffer
Simplified scrambling scheme for satellite broadcasting systems
Encryption apparatus
Methods and apparatus for accelerating ARC4 processing
Electronic apparatus, data recording method for the electronic apparatus, and storage medium storing...
System and method for copy protection for digital signals
Conditional access
Interface module and decoder for host
Cyphering/decyphering performed by an integrated circuit
Process for managing a symmetric key in a communication network and devices for the implementation o...
High-rate quantum key distribution scheme relying on continuously phase and amplitude-modulated cohe...