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Operating an air-hybrid vehicle with two-stage compression and expansion
Method and system for manufacturing a wireless communication device
Method of forming an inlay substrate having an antenna wire
Optical storage media with embedded security device
Apparatus and method to provide power to a plurality of data storage devices disposed in a data stor...
Method of illuminating objects during digital image capture operations by mixing visible and invisib...
Elevator system having location devices and sensors
High speed valve assembly
Apparatus and method for managing power of mobile terminal
Method and system for generating electricity through the use of a moving vehicle
Multiple beam path particle source
Managed peer-to-peer applications, systems and methods for distributed data access and storage
Owner/operator control of a light management system using networked intelligent luminaire managers
Plant virus transmission inhibitor and methods
Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane and method for preparing same
Method for producing a bio-based carpet material
Cement compositions comprising high aspect ratio materials and methods of use in subterranean format...
Temperature sensor for a heating mechanism and method for controlling the heating mechanism
Travel cooler with removable and storable handle
Food processor appliance for cutting food articles into desired forms
Unobtrusive personal air filtration device
Barrier submersion cooking pouch and basket
Vertical rotisserie cooking system
Fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins
Solar powered outdoor light fixture
Lens for outdoor light fixture
Illuminated fence
Golf glove
Bowling glove
Front and rear portion of an ear protector
Welding mask
Hair fastening device
Cigarette mini-pack with hinged lid
Smoking waste container
Luminaire component
Adapter for fluorescent tube
Adapter for fluorescent tube
Foldable support for domed illumination element
Louver assembly
Lantern lamp
Direct liquid fuel cell power generating device and method of controlling the same
Regulated hydrogen production system
Membraneless and mediatorless microbial fuel cell
Transfection of eukaryontic cells with linear polynucleotides by electroporation
Progenitor cells from wharton's jelly of human umbilical cord
Cell/tissue culture apparatus
Bone replacement material comprising crystalline and X-ray amorphous phases
Glaucoma implant having MEMS flow module with flexing diaphragm for pressure regulation
Multi-band RF receiver
Wireless transmitter having multiple power amplifier drivers (PADs) that are selectively biased to p...
Power amplifier arrangement having two or more antenna coupling respective amplifiers to a supply po...
Method for determining an offset value for a gain of a transmission path, transmission path with adj...
Audio system, and disc reproduction device and audio output control device for use therein
Circuit and method for supplying power to sense amplifier in semiconductor memory apparatus
Integrated circuit and method of operating such a circuit
Dual logarithmic amplifier phase-magnitude detector
Integrated circuit having a switch
Control of halitosis-generating and other microorganisms in the non-dental upper respiratory tract
Method of vapor-depositing strip-shaped substrates with a transparent barrier layer made of aluminum...
Extruded personal washing bars with plate-like polymeric inclusions
Ink composition for ink jet recording, recording method and recorded matter
Skin care topical ointment
Method of decreasing the UV light degradation of polymers
Chemically tanning human skin
System and method for embedding check data in a check image
System, method, and device for providing communications using a distributed mobile architecture
Apparatus and method for setting adequate drive strength based upon DC trace resistance
Process for preparing aminobenzoate esters
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV728154
Vortex generator for plasma treatment
Metal cladding composition
Polymerizable compositions comprising nanoparticles
Transparent film-forming composition
Touch-up of layer paint oxides for gas turbine disks and seals
Production process of polyphenylene ether composition
Responsive glass membrane for ion selective electrode and ion selective electrode
Method for lubricating a sootblower
C and N-doped titaniumoxide-based photocatalytic and self-cleaning thin films and the process for pr...
Powder coating composition providing low gloss
Ionic liquids
Ethylene/alkyl acrylate copolymers and compounds, vulcanizates and articles thereof
Antistatic polyamide composition and articles therewith
Fail over method through disk take over and computer system having fail over function
Process for depositing low dielectric constant materials
Transducer transom adapter
Power and information signal transfer using micro-transformers
System, apparatuses, methods and computer-readable media for determining the security status of a co...
Method and system for analyzing a presentation
Microscope flow cell apparatus for raman analysis of a liquid
System for pricing financial instruments
Radiation-hardened fast acquisition/weak signal tracking system and method
Precision radio frequency delay device
MASH sigma delta modulator
Miniature dual band power amplifier with reserved pins
Semiconductor device and circuit having multiple voltage controlled capacitors
Travel kiosk
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer
System and method for providing active tags
Network facsimile apparatus, facsimile communication system, and method that can efficiently transpo...
Peripheral device having a power supply
Method for interpolating a video signal
Display apparatus, device for driving the display apparatus, and method of driving the display appar...
EL display device and electronic device
Non-volatile memory devices suitable for LCD driver applications
Methods of diagnosing multidrug resistant tuberculosis
Analytical system and method for analyzing nonlinear optical signals
Portable electronic device, method of controlling input operation, and program for controlling input...
Method and system of bringing processors to the same computational point
Computer program product for displaying multiple row layouts in a table
Method and apparatus for generating a dynamic power-flux map for a set of computer systems
Apparatus, system, and method for converting between serial data and encoded holographic data
Secure circuit assembly
Redundancy programming for a memory device
Error detection enhancement in a microprocessor through the use of a second dependency matrix
Reservoir pressure system for medicament inhaler
Nasal devices
Non-intrusive interactive notification system and method
Web cleaning apparatus for electrographic printer
Method for producing recycled resin, and resin material containing recycled resin produced by that m...
AI-2 compounds and analogs based on Salmonella typhimurium LsrB structure
Directed in vitro differentiation of marrow stromal cells into neural cell progenitors
Urethane-bond-degrading bacteria
Ink jet recording apparatus
Domestic plastic bottle shredder
Digital image capture and processing system employing real-time analysis of image exposure quality a...
Image forming apparatus with partitioning member
Synthetic asphalt recycled tire rubber emulsions and processes for making them
Method of removing a flat article from a holder
Antagonist peptides to the C5A chemotactic function of vitamin D binding protein
In vitro method for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
Immunomodulatory constructs and their uses
T24 antigen for immunodiagnosis of Taenia solium cysticercosis
Method for hafnium nitride deposition
Phase-change memory device using Sb-Se metal alloy and method of fabricating the same
III-nitride light emitting devices grown on templates to reduce strain
Fast channel scanning and acquisition system and method for cable modem applications
Digital television receiver and method of processing rating region table (RRT) including an extended...
Tuning programmable logic devices for low-power design implementation
Parallel programmable antifuse field programmable gate array device (FPGA) and a method for programm...
System and method for approximating intrinsic capacitance of an IC block
Method and system for performing crosstalk analysis
System and method for qualifying a logic cell library
Trusted operating system with emulation and process isolation
Multi-domain in-plane switching liquid crystal displays with interleaved common and pixel chevron-sh...
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode
Viewing angle compensating plate and liquid crystal display panel including the same
Control circuit and method for a switching amplifier
Parameterization method for a converter and converter implementing the method
Organic electroluminescent device and its production method
Colorant compounds
Optical information recording medium
Quinacridone nanoscale pigment particles and methods of making same
Self-aligned process for fabricating imprint templates containing variously etched features
Droplet transportation devices and methods having a fluid surface
Method and apparatus for fabrication of polymer-coated fibers
Lens-incorporating optical waveguide, and method for manufacturing the same
Universal broadband polarizer, devices incorporating same, and method of making same
Adhesive system
Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording process, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Hydrophobically modified polymers containing vinylamine or ethylenimine units, method for the produc...
Emulsion polymer blend coating compositions and methods for increasing chalky substrate adhesion
Coating compositions and methods of coating substrates
Compositions of fluorochemical surfactants
Image forming method, pattern forming method and liquid-applying apparatus which make use of liquid ...
Pesticidal compositions and methods
Nogo-receptors and methods of use
Vector encoding human globin gene and use thereof in treatment of hemoglobinopathies
Alkaline extraction stages comprising xylanase
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Sunflower seeds with high delta-tocopherol content
Method for preparing stem cell preparations
Glial mitogenic factors, their preparation and use
Image processing apparatus and method
Automatic printing information dialogue box display
Image or video display devices
Document localization of pointing actions using disambiguated visual regions
Package authentication
Security screening and support system
Method for recharging a subscription card using wireless equipment
Systems and methods for extracting and adapting data
System and method for providing a response to a search query
Matching media file metadata to standardized metadata
Virtual message persistence service
Method for searching within elements in a hierarchically structured database
Apparatus, method and system for a securities tracking management system
Packet classification
Method and device for diagnosing an ascertainment of a performance quantity of an internal combustio...
Detector device for detecting component density contained in mixture fuel
Methods of Correcting Accelerometer and Magnetometer Measurements
Recessed Electrodes for Sensing Flow in Ophthalmic Surgical System
System for evaluating an infant's perception of aroma
Ultrasound Imaging System Including A Graphic Processing Unit
Apparatus and Method for Improved Optical Detection of Particles in Fluid
High strength nickel alloy welds through precipitation hardening
Delivery of Iodine Gas
Apparatus and method for transforming image in mobile device
Hip training apparatus
Exercise to simulate horizontal ladder exercise
Balanced Stackable Dumbbell System
Dual-purpose dumbbell
Chain exerciser and trainer
Liquid weight system for bench press and stations of home gym
Upper body exercise cycle
Exercise device and its arm rest
Training Ladder Formed With Polygon Segments
Method and Tool for Exercising Muscles
Hand and finger-therapy device
Rotational Resistance Apparatus
Novel Bacillus Thuringiensis Gene with Lepidopteran Activity
Metabolic engineering of lipid metabolism by improving fatty acid binding and transport
Plants having increased tolerance to heat stress
Systems for the provision of printing services
Image forming device
Paper separation claw having cavity and through-hole
Image forming apparatus equipping improved transfer fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with feature for decreasing the influence of electric discharge in image tra...
Image forming apparatus featuring accurate positioning of an intermediate transfer roller relative t...
Power supply device and image forming apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus including controller driving image carriers
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a cleaning unit for collecting waste toner
Developing device, and process unit and image forming apparatus using the developing device
Method for performing quality checks on a print engine film loop
Image forming apparatus including a recognition structure for recognizing the compatibility of an im...
Multiple region printer chip
Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Print engine controller for driving a printhead
Optical scanning system with reduced spherical aberration and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner and production method of the same, and image forming method
Reactive polymer particles and method of preparation
Toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, fixing process, image forming apparatus, and i...
Release Agent Formulation for Chemically Prepared Toner
Pressure-Controlled Steam Oven For Asymptotic Temperature Control Of Continuous Feed Media
Ultra-Heated/Slightly Heated Steam Zones For Optimal Control Of Water Content In Steam Fuser
Fuser device and image forming device
Implantable medical leads and devices having carbon nanotube-based anti-electrostatic coatings and m...
Field emission element with carbon nanotube yarn
Method for providing a nanoscale, high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) on insulator
Carbon nanochips as catalyst supports for metals and metal oxides
Polymer-based composites comprising carbon nanotubes as a filler, method for producing said composit...
Method of preparing high orientation nanoparticle-containing sheets or films using ionic liquids, an...
Controlled release polymer nanoparticle containing bound nucleic acid ligand for targeting
Nanoelectromechanical transistors and methods of forming same
Biological glue based on thrombin-conjugated nanoparticles
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with negative electrode material mixture comprising graphite and ca...
Lanthanide (III)--doped nanoparticles and their applications
Graphite nanofibers having graphite sheets parallel to the growth axis
Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanostructures
Thermal conductive material utilizing electrically conductive nanoparticles
Nanolayer catalysts useful in promoting oxidation, and their manufacture and use
Nanostructure sensor of presence and concentration of a target molecule
Non-blocking switch having carbon nanostructures and Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Inventory and record registry system
Photographic light system, imaging device and method for providing different types of photographic l...
Image pickup apparatus and method and program
White balance adjustment
Positioning accessory for camera-equipped wireless terminals
Pipeline inspection system
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Substrate treating apparatus
Light amount adjusting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Image-taking lens system and digital apparatus using the same
Monitor camera
Camera bracket
Retractable lens assembly with variable-volume lens
Image Forming System and Method of Controlling Image Forming Apparatus
Modifying an electronic program guide based on viewer statistics
Apparatus, process, and program for controlling movable robot control
Animated character alarm clock
Sound generator: a piezoelectric buzzer on a flexible, tensioned surface of an inflatable object
Modified chess set and method of playing a modified game of chess
Game player selection device and method
Gaming token having a variable value
Jukebox entertainment system having multiple choice games relating to music
Toy play set with moving platform
Crane game machine
Multi-player audio game and game console
Rectangular optimization grid and associated mathematical games
Playing card system
Method and device for conducting a blackjack-type card game
Method and device for playing a game using a grid
Board game
Varieties of human experiences board game
Dice with opening face
Pyramid roulette
Vertically stacked collapsible structures
Launch vehicle
Method for indexing and identifying multimedia documents
Importance degree calculation program, importance degree calculation method, and importance degree c...
Decision support system and method
Application integration system and method using intelligent agents for integrating information acces...
Rule processing method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium to provide improved selection advice
Health monitoring system implementing medical diagnosis
Load prediction based on-line and off-line training of neural networks
System and method for indexing a data stream
Methods to distribute multi-class classification learning on several processors
Methods and apparatus for decoding LDPC codes
Computer-implemented system and program product for analyzing a collaborative space
Method and system for clinical process analysis
Method for fault diagnosis of a turbine engine
Holographic digital watermark
Method and apparatus for propagating content filters for a publish-subscribe network
Optically variable element and the use thereof
Sensing device
Method of wireless retrieval of information
Mobile radio telephone capable of recording/reproducing voice signal and method for controlling the ...
Method and apparatus for detecting and supplying power by a first network device to a second network...
Enhanced media resource protocol messages
System for communicating with a server through a mobile communication device
Manual triggering of automated reporting of do-not-call list violation
Speech recognition system and method utilizing adaptive cancellation for talk-back voice
Two-way voice communication device having external acoustic noise reduction
Telecommunications provisioning system and method using concurrent processes to provide different as...
Device management network that facilitates selective billing
Apparatus and method for transmitting call holding message in mobile communication terminal
Intelligent dialing scheme for telephony application
Housing for an electronic device, and method for making the same
Method and system for modifying a connection parameter
Methods and devices for establishing an area party line service for telephone calls
Centralized voice over IP recording and retrieval method and apparatus
Flexible caller ID and calling name information presentation
TV set with a telephone calls-rejecting function
Method and apparatus for increasing channel capacity in an IP-based voice messaging system
Structured voice interaction facilitated by data channel
Unified messaging architecture
Health supplements containing phyto-oestrogens, analogues or metabolites thereof
Method and system for tracking goods
Splanchnic nerve stimulation for treatment of obesity
Thawing method and apparatus for articles to be thawed
Portable digital plate scale
Carisoprodol articles and methods
Compositions containing peptide and electrolyte excretion promoter and foods containing the same
Compositions and methods for producing guar gum and for using the guar gum in treating a subterranea...
Endotoxin binding lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria
Selective feeding of starch to increase milk production in ruminants
Process and equipment for making simulated olive products by coextrusion, and obtainable product
Acidic oil-in-water emulsion compositions
System and method for producing foamed and steamed milk from milk concentrate
Spherical gelled simulated fruit with dimples, and extrusion process
Grapefruit-juice-based beverage preparation method for the elimination of drug absorption interactio...
Method for producing frozen ready-to-eat dishes based on rice, barley, wheat or spelt
Method and apparatus for peeling produce
Megasphaera elsdenii strain and its uses
Bioventing remediation method
Travel cooler with air pump receiving area
Air-tight reclosable processed food container
Cockpit of an automotive vehicle with a steering wheel and an adjustable seat
Door and ramp interface system
Method and safety system for a displacement device of a motor vehicle
Control apparatus and control method for vehicular drive apparatus
Control apparatus for vehicular drive system, vehicle provided with the control apparatus, and metho...
All terrain vehicle
Straddle-type vehicle
Knee-protecting airbag apparatus
Trailer personnel lift with retractable axles
Frame or subframe for tractor-trailers
Cart coupler assembly for cart collection machines
Vehicle with a vehicle dynamic performance selection switch on the steering wheel
Quadrant dependent active damping for electric power steering
Steering device
Steering device for steering wheels
Steering system and a method for controlling a vehicle
Apparatus for control of a mobile machine
Hydraulic hybrid four wheel drive
Control for an all-wheel-drive vehicle
Four-wheel drive vehicle running normally and with object towed thereby
Engine mounting arrangement for two wheeled vehicle
Litho strip and method for its manufacture
Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys and products with improved ratio of static mechanical characteristics to damage t...
Recycling method for Al--B.sub.4C composite materials
Polyacenes and electronic devices generated therefrom
Isobutane alkylation
Isobutane alkylation
Olefin production utilizing whole crude oil/condensate feedstock with enhanced distillate production
Methods for recovering activity of molecular sieve catalysts
High viscosity PAOs based on 1-decene/1-dodecene
Process for producing olefin oligomer
Integrated cracking and metathesis process
Catalyst and process for selective hydrogenation
Process for the hydrotreatment of an olefinic gasoline comprising a selective hydrogenation stage
Process for the preparation hydrogen and a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide
Process for converting triglycerides to hydrocarbons
Bicyclic compounds as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists for the treatment...
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-70
Method for recovering solvents
Thuja plant named `Mirjam`
Athyrium plant named `Ocean's Fury`
Sedum plant named `Class Act`
Hydrangea plant named `SIDASELI`
Papaver orienbtale plant named `Flamenco Dancer`
Iresine plant named `Aureo M`
Hibiscus plant named `Panama Red`
Lippia plant named `Campagna Verde`
Petunia plant named `KLEPH07145`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA07146`
Peach tree named `Neptune V`
Liriope muscari plant named `LIRJ`
Petunia plant named `KLEPH07138`
Petunia plant named `KLEPH07137`
Petunia plant named `KLEPH07140`
Verbena plant named `KLEVP07360`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA07154`
Grapevine `Sheegene-13`
Shantung maple tree named `WF-AT1`
Method and system for verifying the authenticity of a first communication participants in a communic...
Method and system of assessing risk using a one-dimensional risk assessment model
Method of controlling descrambling of a plurality of program transport streams, receiver system and ...
Method of protecting a microcomputer system against manipulation of data stored in a memory arrangem...
Hardware-based encryption/decryption employing dual ported key storage
Conditional access control
System and method for presentation integrity
Trusted authentication digital signature (tads) system
Java based electronic signature capture method, device and system
Masked digital signatures
Printer and print system, and data receiving device and data transmitting and receiving system
Using a portable security token to facilitate public key certification for devices in a network
Accelerated prime sieving using architecture-optimized partial prime product table
Method of establishing route optimized communication in mobile IPv6 by securing messages sent betwee...
Methods and apparatus for anonymous user identification and content personalization in wireless comm...
Weighted secret sharing and reconstructing method
System and method for container monitoring, real time authentication, anomaly detection, and alerts
Separation of copy protection rules
Cryptographic keys using random numbers instead of random primes
Physical layer header scrambling in satellite broadcast systems
Parking meter bank
Top cap
Projector cart
Travel iron
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Hand-held vacuum cleaner
Protective item for horses
Bird feeder stand
Head protector
Protective neck gear for use with a helmet
Combined tobacco block and wrapper
Horizontal fin LED lamp fixture
Fixture support
Floor lamp
Table lamp
Light fixture
Recessed fluorescent luminaire
Recessed can light fixture
System, method, and computer program product for identification of vendor and model name of a remote...
Computer-implemented product valuation tool
Optical payment transceiver and system using the same
Resolving license dependencies for aggregations of legally-protectable content
Program distribution method and system
Detecting and blocking drive sharing worms
Techniques for dynamically establishing and managing authentication and trust relationships
Method and apparatus for transmission receipt and display of advertisements
Interactive optical cards and other hand-held devices with increased connectivity
Licensing the use of software on a particular CPU
Method for billing for services delivered over a computer network
Method and apparatus for automatically applying/linking transactions in a financial management syste...
Personally customizable credit card accounts
Electronic transaction receipt system and method
Methods and systems for managing credit
Method and apparatus for automated trading of equity securities using a real time data analysis
Systems and methods for trading
Hybrid trading system for concurrently trading through both electronic and open-outcry trading mecha...
King pile for a support wall curtain
Solution mining and heating by oxidation for treating hydrocarbon containing formations
Delta-8 desaturase and its use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Polyamide nucleic acid derivatives and agents, and processes for preparing them
Rice promoters for regulation of plant expression
Regulation of expression of high-affinity immunoglobulin E (IgE) receptor .beta.-chain
Nucleic acid sequences encoding two-component sensing and regulatory proteins, antimicrobial protein...
Zea maize auxin response related genes for controlling plant growth and organ size and their use in ...
Nucleic acids and proteins of insect Or83b odorant receptor genes and uses thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
4,7-dichlororhodamine dyes labeled polynucleotides
Method for the purification of a non-immunoglobulin protein comprising an immunoglobulin-like (Ig-li...
p16.sup.INK4 polypeptides
Mammalian checkpoint proteins polypeptides and encoding sequences thereof
Ratio-based oligonucleotide probe selection
Methods for altering one or more parameters of a measurement system
Uncaging devices
Process for increasing ionic charge in mass spectrometry
Inbred maize line PHANF
Inbred maize line PHE35
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH880993
Soybean variety D4367012
Autonomous outer loop control of man-rated fly-by-wire aircraft
Multi-target-tracking optical sensor-array technology
Systems and methods for boresight adapters
Variable stiffness structure
Detachable line management device for traction kites
Aircraft having a dual floor servicing system associated with an operational ground support system
Lavatory fast pack system and method
Electric flight control surface actuation system for aircraft flaps and slats
Fuel efficient fixed wing aircraft
Deflection system for a gas stream in a nozzle
Acoustic signal-processing apparatus and method
Fluid user interface such as immersive multimediator or input/output device with one or more spray j...
Keyboard apparatus
Pedal device with shiftable stepping position for percussion instruments
Musical instrument with free reeds
D-tuner for banjo
Stringed instrument construction
Keyboard apparatus
Keyboard musical instrument with fallboard located at proper position and rotary connector used for ...
Determining a bowling game score
Instant messaging embedded games
Game apparatus and storage medium storing game program
Software security for gaming devices
Golf game system and method thereof
Methods of playing card games comprising saying the alphabet with words, saying words with words, an...
Antimicrobial Peptides and Methods of Identifying the Same
Methods and Apparatus for Compensating Field Inhomogeneities in Magnetic Resonance Studies
Vaccines against intracellular pathogens using antigens encapsulated within biodegradable-biocompati...
Impact resistant optical waveguide and method of manufacture thereof
Poly-pegylated protease inhibitors
Electro-optic displays, and materials for use therein
Kinase inhibitors
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Method for diagnosis of pancreatic exocrine function
Methods for drug discovery, disease treatment, and diagnosis using metabolomics
Methods for drug discovery, disease treatment, and diagnosis using metabolomics
Microencapsulation of biocides and antifouling agents
Methods of treatment with drug loaded polymeric materials
Antibody to the human OX40 receptor
Two-particle electrophoretic ink for microencapsulated flexible electronic display
Coated implantable medical device
Expanded graphite and products produced therefrom
Fine metal hydride particles, their production process, dispersion containing fine metal hydride par...
Synthetic iron oxides and their use as an indicator of reduction in soils (IRIS)
Autothermal reformer-reforming exchanger arrangement for hydrogen production
Process for the production of sulfur, starting from the hydrogen sulphide contained in the natural g...
Production of tetrabasic lead sulfate from solid state reactions for the preparation of active plate...
Method for producing vapor-grown carbon fibers having 3-D linkage structure
Method for reducing exhaust carbon dioxide
NO.sub.x augmentation in exhaust gas simulation system
Exhaust gas purification system
Layered catalyst composite
Method and apparatus for use of reacted hydrogen peroxide compounds in industrial process waters
Metal hydroxide derivatives containing chemically bound organophosphorus or polyphosphate species as...
Synthesis of metal compounds under carbothermal conditions
Compact fuel processor for producing a hydrogen rich gas
Magnesium oxide single crystal having controlled crystallinity and method for producing the same
Driving means for acoustic marine vibrator
Tunable damper for a torque transferring assembly
Muffler for internal combustion engine
Exhaust sound and emission control systems
Vehicle exhaust system
Double throat pulsation dampener for a compressor
Duct wall structure
Method of suppressing combustion instabilities using a resonator adopting counter-bored holes
Acoustic noise reduction device for electronic equipment, including personal computers
Method and system for computer network implemented vehicle diagnostics
Multiple window behavior system
Check boxes for identifying and processing stored documents
Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
Dynamic and real-time management of memory
Dynamically partitioning pipeline resources
Associating address space identifiers with active contexts
Method and system for managing a plurality of I/O interfaces with an array of multicore processor re...
Network device mimic support
Ubiquitous visited links
Method and apparatus to facilitate automatic sharing in a client server environment
System and method for using virtual directories to service URL requests URL requests in application ...
System and method for managing search results and delivering advertising and enhanced effectiveness
Point-of-care inventory management system and method
Personal items network, and associated methods
Vehicle-use battery monitor apparatus
Method of tracking power outages
External presentation of electrical stimulation parameters
Channel quality feedback mechanism and method
Methods and apparatus for downloading lighting programs
Organo-dilithium compound and process for preparing the same
Protective layer thermal transfer film and printed article
Clothing attachable light
Protective enclosure
Footwear with two-plate system
Footwear with independent suspension and protection
Method to capture and support a 3-D contour
Elastic shoelace
Footwear sole
Metatarsal protector
Shoe sole
Footwear outsole
Shoe sole structures
Article of footwear having an upper with thread structural elements
Communications unit, communications facility, management device, communication system, and electric ...
Inflation mechanism and outlet valve for an article of footwear incorporating an inflatable bladder
Multilayer films, coatings, and microcapsules comprising polypeptides
Methods for generating stably linked complexes composed of homodimers, homotetramers or dimers of di...
Fluid cooled electronic assembly
Information processing blade and information processing apparatus using the same
Cooling mechanism for circuit board
Heat-absorbing member, cooling device, and electronic apparatus
Variable air volume system including BTU control function
Heat exchanger
Resilient fastener and heat dissipation apparatus incorporating the same
Heat exchangers based on non-circular tubes with tube-endplate interface for joining tubes of dispar...
Thermal management device attachment
Heat exchanger block
Method and computer system with anti-tamper capability and thermal packaging structure for implement...
Cooling panel for a furnace for producing iron or steel
Heat-dissipating module connecting to a plurality of heat-generating components and related device t...
Coil for coolant circulation, method for making same and reactor comprising same
Embedded heat pipe in a hybrid cooling system
Thermal management system
Heat dissipation assembly for computing devices
Thermal transfer devices with fluid-porous thermally conductive core
System and method for cooling an electronic component
Low temperature cryocooler regenerator of ductile intermetallic compounds
Filter-in method for reducing junk e-mail
Method and apparatus for reducing spam on peer-to-peer networks
Method and system for filtering spam using an adjustable reliability value
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for lending e-mail space
Reducing unwanted and unsolicited electronic messages by exchanging electronic message transmission ...
Associative database scanning and information retrieval
System and method for selectively displaying data
Methods and apparatus for spectroscopic imaging of materials in an array
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyros...
Fibrinogen purification
Acylsulfonamide compounds as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 serine protease
Amino acid derived prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Reactor of selective-permeation membrane type
Wash-durable, liquid repellent, and stain releasing cotton fabric substrates
Multilayer mats for use in pollution control devices
Detecting phospho-transfer activity
Nonwoven composites and related products and processes
Tissue graft scaffold made from cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix
Advanced treatment method of ethanolamine-wastewater based on physico-chemical and biological coupli...
Endoluminal device with extracellular matrix material and methods
Restrictor regulated air flow blanket, system utilizing such blanket and method therefor
Interlabial pad
Controlled release by extrusion of solid amorphous dispersions of drugs
Probe having a field-replaceable tip
Polyether polyamine agents and mixtures therefor
Two-part epoxy adhesives with improved flexibility and process for making and using same
Heat conductive silicone rubber composite sheet
Power supply device and switching power supply device
Feedback amplifier
Audio amplifier with high power and high efficiency
Soft switching DC-DC converter including a buck converter and a boost converter sharing a common tra...
Zero voltage switching coupled inductor boost power converters
Operating frequency generating method and circuit for switching voltage converter
DC-DC converter and control circuit thereof
Driving circuit and a power converter incorporating the same
DC-DC boost converter with a charge pump
Method for operating a digital sensor
Method for operating a converter circuit, and device for carrying out the method
Electric power converter and motor driving system
Standby power supply apparatus
Differential refractive index detector
Cylindrical mixer-settler apparatus and method
Treatment of biomedical waste
Reverse osmosis water filtering system
Floating ultraviolet water purification device
Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
Method and device for desalinating water while overcoming decreases in pressure
Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
Apparatus and method for treating FGD blowdown or similar liquids
Mobile phase supplying apparatus, liquid chromatograph using the same, and mobile phase supplying me...
Liquid chromatograph analysis apparatus and method
System and method for water restoration
Skimmer cover and helical ramp apparatus
Downpipe filter
System for the treatment of wastewater
Removal of contaminants from a fluid
Process for treating fuel
Multi functional filter
EEG electrode headset
Stimulation arrangement for measurement of physiological signal reactivity
Multi-threaded packet processing architecture with global packet memory, packet recirculation, and c...
Method and apparatus for managing faults in storage system having job management function
Disk-type storage medium driving apparatus and disk-type storage medium rotation speed control metho...
Apparatus and method for implementing a low complexity digital modulator
Diagnostic systems of optical fiber coil sensors for structural health monitoring
Terminal apparatus, positioning method, control program for terminal apparatus, and computer readabl...
Temperature measuring device and temperature measurement method
Hearing aid compatibility in a wireless communications device
Perforated cap for a hearing aid
Method and system for automated design
Wireless communications system with parallel computing artificial intelligence-based distributive ca...
Method and apparatus for remote power management and monitoring
Systems and methods for improving visual discrimination
Method for making electrical contact with an active area through sub-micron contact openings and a s...
Programmable resistive memory with diode structure
Methods for manufacturing displays
Liquid crystal device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
System and method for hermetically sealing a package
Conductive bump with a plurality of contact elements
Apparatus for effecting reliable heat transfer of bare die microelectronic device and method thereof
Structure of package on package and method for fabricating the same
Leadframe package for MEMS microphone assembly
Nonvolatile memory cell, array thereof, fabrication methods thereof and device comprising the same
Method of manufacture of a PCRAM memory cell
Semiconductor memory
Stress-controlled dielectric integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing process of the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus transporting charges in semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device
Germanium semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Transistor and its method of manufacture
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Using electrically programmable fuses to hide architecture, prevent reverse engineering, and make a ...
Target identification using time-based data sets
Medical viewing system and method for detecting borders of an object of interest in noisy images
Process and device for detecting faces in a colour image
X-ray diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and program
Image reading device, method of controlling the same, control program, storage medium and image form...
Image reading apparatus and method
Image display apparatus and image adjusting method
Image processing device, image display device, image processing method, and image processing program
Method, apparatus, imaging module and program for improving image quality in a digital imaging devic...
Measurement apparatus
Body fluid constituents measurement device
Position sensor
Method for manufacturing optical element, method for manufacturing projector, optical element and pr...
Device, system and method for image based size analysis
Optical apparatus and method of use for non-invasive tomographic scan of biological tissues
Method for recycling aluminum-lithium-type alloy scrap
Container with improved stacking strength and resistance to lateral distortion
Shipper container and transfer tool and system and method for use thereof
Systems and methods for providing access to wireless gaming devices
Card processing system
Piezoelectric fan, cooling device containing same, and method of cooling a microelectronic device us...
Gas flow generator
Cylinder filling oxygen concentrator
Syringe for a combined dental irrigator and vacuum device
Tandem motors
Device for adjusting the pumping capacity of a lubricant pump for an internal combustion engine
Portable bulk transfer pump with variable speed transmission
Well jet device and the operating method thereof
Wellbore motor having magnetic gear drive
Assembly and method for pre-stressing a magnetic coupling canister
Systems for integrated pump and reservoir
Method and auxiliary system for operating a comfort subsystem for a vehicle
Reciprocating pump performance prediction
Capacity varying type rotary compressor
Seal mechanism for fluid machine
Compression member and vane of a compressor
Reciprocating compressor
Automatic inlet check valve release
Heat-insulating mechanism for compressor
Method and system for automated recall notification
Method and system for setting up hosting environments in safety
Detecting return-to-LIBC buffer overflows via dynamic disassembly of offsets
Method and apparatus for compressing instructions to have consecutively addressed operands and for c...
Method and system for evaluating options based on one or more ratings along one or more dimensions
System and method for optimized swing modulo scheduling based on identification of constrained resou...
Network access device having internetworking driver with active control
ZSM-5 additive
Zeolite composite, method for making and catalytic application thereof
Integrated process by hydroprocessing multiple feeds
Bulk Ni-Mo-W catalysts made from precursors containing an organic agent
Device for cracking of hydrocarbons using two successive reaction chambers
Reduction of sulfur emissions from crude fractions
System for trapping flying insects with attractant lures
Air interface for telecommunications systems with cordless telecommunications between mobile and/or ...
Data security system and method
Security systems for protecting an asset
Techniques for presenting network identities at a human interface
Method and apparatus for assigning communication nodes to CMTS cards
Safe, secure resource editing for application localization with language fallback
Digital frequency response compensator and arbitrary response generator system
Persisting state across navigations in a navigation-based application and responding to navigation-r...
Communication system
Military data link integration apparatus and method
Test case inheritance controlled via attributes
Incorporation of uncertainty information in modeling a characteristic of a device
Controlling an electronic component within an environment using a pointing device
Detachable and reattachable portal pages
System and method for navigating within a graphical user interface without using a pointing device
Systems and methods for semantically zooming information
Hook-up assistant
Methods and systems for video content browsing
Data processing device and method for selecting media segments on the basis of a score
Antibodies that specifically bind to GMAD
Composition and method for preparing biocompatible surfaces
Process and systems for biocompatible surfaces
Somatostatin antagonists
Enzymatic production of peracids using perhydrolytic enzymes
Mono-, di- and polyol alkoxylate phosphate esters in oral care formulations and methods for using sa...
Generation of replication competent viruses for therapeutic use
Lipases and uses thereof
Amylose and amylopectin derivatives
Expression, purification and uses of a Plasmodium falciparum liver stage antigen 1 polypeptide
Ileitis diagnostic assay
Liquid ester compositions and cosmetic compositions containing the same
Monoclonal antibodies to human high molecular weight-melanoma associated antigen
Medical polymers and uses thereof
System and method for information object routing in computer networks
Providing menu and other services for an information processing system using a telephone or other au...
Hybrid antennas with directly fed antenna slots for handheld electronic devices
Motor assembly with an integrated flexible printed circuit
Random sequence generation using alpha particle emission
Method for the printing of homogeneous electronic material with a multi-ejector print head
Robot calibration system and method
System for carrying an item
Unstacking apparatus and method for placing a sheet of glass from an upright glass stack into a tilt...
Robot hand
Rotary leadthrough of a robot arm
Robot system and method for inspecting and repairing casts in smelting processes
Parallel electron beam lithography stamp (PEBLS)
Security against replay attacks of messages
Sorting and executing a set of functions by a server station in a communication network
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Bridge, error notification method therefor and system
Information processing apparatus, method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage m...
Document management system, document management method, program and storage medium
Image communication apparatus, image communication method, and memory medium
Information processor for supporting a sheet feeding machine design
Image forming apparatus featuring a cleaning device including a conductive support member provided s...
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Video camera
Moving picture recording apparatus and method thereof with correlating of representative image with ...
Image pickup apparatus
Image capture apparatus capable of correcting captured image
Multi-windowed online application environment
Communications control method and system with automatic data congestion preventing function
System and method for sorting data
Method and device for allocating radio resources in wireless portable network system
Mobile device control of mobile television broadcast signals to multiple destinations
Web site identity assurance
Graphical user interface for building boolean queries and viewing search results
Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
Mutual authentication system between user and system
System and method for recording a presentation for on-demand viewing over a computer network
Apparatus and methods for requesting an event notification over a network
Detecting corrupted data before transmission to a client
System and method for clock synchronization over packet-switched networks
Massively parallel computer network-utilizing MPACT and multipoint parallel server (MPAS) technologi...
SONET method and system having network service access point addressing
Resource assignment in a distributed environment
Wireless network service provision method and wireless network system
Telephone terminal, call system, internet terminal and terminal control program
Benzamide derivatives as histone deacetylase inhibitors with potent differentiation and anti-prolife...
Multilayer plastic substrates
Waveguide, waveguide module, optical transmission device, and method of manufacturing waveguide
Fuel oils having improved lubricity comprising mixtures of fatty acids with paraffin dispersants, an...
Colored optical fiber and evaluation method thereof
Bag clamp
Optical device and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus associated with anisotropic shrink in sintered ceramic items
Electromagnetic interference immune pacing/defibrillation lead
Electromagnetic therapy device and methods
Magnetic resonance imaging needle antennas
Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Charging device, process unit, image forming apparatus, and method for producing rotating member
Magneto-optoelectronic switch and sensor
Image sensor device suitable for use with logic-embedded CIS chips and methods for making the same
Bicyclic benzamides of 3-or 4-substituted 4-(aminomethyl)-piperidine derivatives
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Pharmaceutically active salts and esters of 1-dimethylamino-3-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylpentan-3-ol ...
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Linear high powered integrated circuit amplifier
Irradiation direction controller and leveling angle setting method of vehicle lamp
Composition with a metal-complexing dye and surfactant
Optical inspection apparatus with removable inserts
Adjuvant compositions
Genetically engineered pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent glucose dehydrogenase comprising an amino ...
Storage container for analytical devices
Methods of protein purification and recovery
Phenylamide and pyridylamide beta-secretase inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Production of a transgenic avian by cytoplasmic injection
System and method for converting manually operated flush valves
Magnetic resonance imaging with adjustable fixture apparatus
Method and apparatus for fast automatic centerline extraction for virtual endoscopy
Baffle vibration reducing
Virtual 4D treatment suite
Crystalline forms of carbapenem antibiotics and methods of preparation
Positioning device with a vibration-free object table, and lithographic device provided with such a ...
Interface orientation using shadows
Method to use a receiver operator characteristics curve for model comparison in machine condition mo...
Switch mode power supply controllers
Device and method for improving human motor function
Rotational PZT micro-actuator with fine head position adjustment capacity, head gimbal assembly, and...
Cardiac rhythm management for fetal, neonatal, and/or pediatric patients
Head suspension including flexure having as elastic bending section
Method of providing a hydrophobic layer and condenser microphone having such a layer
Maintaining application operations within a suboptimal grid environment
Memory mapped input/output virtualization
Systems and methods for using synthetic instructions in a virtual machine
Systems and methods for creating and providing templates in a single file
Calculation system for inverse masks
Dynamic multimedia fingerprinting system
System and method for multiple virtual computing environments in data storage environment
Transparent session migration across servers
Distributed transaction event matching
Incremental run-time session balancing in a multi-node system
Querying past versions of data in a distributed database
Optimal data storage and access for clustered data in a relational database
GPS airborne target geolocating method
GPS Airborne target geolocating method
Composite solid polymer electrolyte membranes
Device and method for medical interventions of body lumens
Osteochondral allografts
Method and apparatus for arbitrating access of a serial ATA storage device by multiple hosts with se...
Least frequently used eviction implementation
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Probe and optical tomography system
Method of monitoring and controlling the bit error rate (BER) in an optical communication network
X-ray target and apparatuses using the same
Current overloading proof switch power supply and its IC
Method and apparatus to reduce distortion of currents feeding an AC/DC rectifier system
Solid-state image sensor obviating degradation of image quality and apparatus using the same
Ring magnet and method of manufacturing the magnet
Electric machine signal selecting element
Grinding tip for grinder
Metal thin-film resistance element on an insulation film
Laptop/printer combo
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Cooking fork
Chamfered freestanding nitride semiconductor wafer and method of chamfering nitride semiconductor wa...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacture thereof
Fuel cell
Alpha and/or .beta.-adrenergic antagonists and agonists to treat pain
Spatially-defined macrocycles incorporating peptide bond surrogates
Centrifugal separation apparatus and method for separating fluid components
Power circuits for reducing a number of power supply voltage taps required for sensing a resistive m...
Exposure apparatus
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Dual-mode camera
Active matrix oled display device with threshold voltage drift compensation
Rain sensor with selectively reconfigurable fractal based sensors/capacitors
Rain sensor with fractal capacitor(s)
High-voltage transconductance circuit
Inverter circuit having a feedback switch and methods corresponding thereto
Ignition coil tester apparatus and method
Controlled lighting methods and apparatus
Organic electroluminescence display device
Method and system for maintaining partial vacuum in display device
MEMS device having a layer movable at asymmetric rates
Micromechanical systems device comprising a displaceable electrode and a charge-trapping layer
Switchable memory diode--a new memory device
Methods and processing systems for using a gas cluster ion beam to offset systematic non-uniformitie...
Hybrid power supply system and controller for warm-up mode
Norbornene-based polymers, films, polarizing plates and liquid crystal display devices
Printed circuit board
Bone harvesting method and apparatus
Rubber-modified edge coating for honeycomb used in panels with composite face sheets
Method and computer program for use in locating wireless base stations in a mobile communications sy...
Dental pick device
Open/close controller of intake and exhaust communication circuit
G-CSF conjugates
G-CSF conjugates
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Compositions that bind antiterminator RNA and assay for screening for such compositions
Bicyclic and tricyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity