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System and Method for Reward-Based Education
Method and system for interactive learning
Method for optimizing nsis signaling in mobike-based mobile applications
Method of managing customer information
Alpha-crystalline form of substituted selenoxanthenes and the method of its preparation
Drain Foam Composition and Method of Using the Same
Calcium Fortified Food Product and Additive
Soybean Cultivar 7113111
Allergen Reduction Method, Method of Producing Allergen-reduced Albumen, Method of Producing Allerge...
Process for removal of pathogens from liquid eggs
Bubble-protected system for automatic decryption of file data on a per-use basis and automatic re-en...
System and method for source code analysis
Processing instrument and processing instrument system
Document control apparatus, document control system, document control method and storage medium
Data storage using spreadsheet and metatags
Compressing, and extracting a value from, a page descriptor format file
Methods for surveying dissemination of proprietary empirical data
Browser based web site generation tool and run time engine
Embedded ad hoc browser web to spreadsheet conversion control
Method, a hypermedia communication system, a hypermedia server, a hypermedia client, and computer so...
User-defined passwords having associated unique version data to assist user recall of the password
Processes and devices for compression and decompression of executable code by a microprocessor with ...
Adaptive object level locking
System and method for external resolution of packet transfer information
System for collecting, analyzing, and reporting high volume multi-web server usage
Monitoring network activity
Piling device
Water drain tank or channel module
Drilling and anchor setting tool
High definition multimedia interface pigtail
System for preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and a method thereof
Multimedia data processing apparatus and multimedia data processing method
Method and an apparatus for providing multimedia services in mobile terminal
Multimedia audio dock
Repairing errors in data of MBMS service
Conducting field operations using handheld data management devices
Method and system for operating a radio communication network
Method and radio terminal equipment arrangement of indicating incoming connection
Transportation management system, transportation management method, communication sheet, and communi...
System and method for detecting activity on a frequency band
Radar detection circuit for a WLAN transceiver
Radiation image capturing system and method of setting minimum transmission radio-field intensity in...
Radio frequency (RF) receiver with double loop integrated fast response automatic gain control (AGC)
Training sequence for linearizing an RF amplifier
Dynamic frequency hopping
Method and apparatus for resolving ambiguity in reception of multiple retransmitted frames
System and method for high speed distributed cable broadband system
Variable rate forward error correction for enabling high performance communication
Distortion/efficiency adaptation in a variable-data-rate radio transmitter
Rhenium composite alloys and a method of preparing same
Transducer for bioacoustic signals
Sound absorptive multilayer composite
Apparatuses for generating acoustic waves
Technique for effective navigation based on user preferences
Apparatus and method for reconstructing three-dimensional graphics data
Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls
Automated transaction machine
Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and method, and program
Method and system for adaptive data synchronization and transport across multiple data transport inf...
Radio receiver and gain control method
Knock-in non-human animal producing human tissue factor
Bicyclic heteroaromatic compounds as kinase inhibitors
Sulphonamide derivatives as prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Heterocyclic aspartyl protease inhibitors
Pyridazine-piperazine compounds and their use as stearoyl-CoA desaturase inhibitors
Cytokine inhibitors
Asthma/allergy therapy that targets T-lymphocytes and/or eosinophils
Uses of DNA-PK
Constitutive gene expression in conjuction with ionizing radiation
Peptide viral entry inhibitors
Live cell biosensors
Selective precipitation of viruses using polyectrolytes
Methods and compositions for treatment and prevention of HSV-2 infections and conditions
Expression in filamentous fungi of protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Modulation of IL-2 production by T-bet
High strength and low yield ratio cold rolled steel sheet and method of manufacturing the same
Plated film of gold-cobalt amorphous alloy, electroplating bath, and method for electroplating
Angled muffler seam construction and method
Peripheral component for audio equipment
Systems and methods for the automated pre-treatment and processing of biological samples
Telepresence system with simultaneous automatic preservation of user height, perspective, and vertic...
Method for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Turning control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Torque transmission device
Transporter motor alarm
Rotary electric machine and electric wheelchair mounted with rotary electric machine
Ignition bypass system
Apparatus and method for steering a vehicle
Noise reduction electric power steering apparatus
Steering and driving system for an industrial truck
Driving-force control apparatus and method for vehicle
Hydraulic transaxle and vehicle comprising it
Children's ride-on vehicles having ground detection systems
Industrial truck with a lateral maintenance opening
Front hood assembly
Integrated heat exchanger and engine mount for a snowmobile
Energy storage system
Fluid reservoir
Power unit
Method and apparatus for an enhanced VoIP call initiation interface
Robot joint structure and robot finger
Stopper apparatus and robot
Optical stabilization system
System and method for secure group communications
Cryptographic applications of the Cartier pairing
Data security for digital data storage
Mediated key exchange between source and target of communication
Contents information output system and contents information output method
Digital content distribution system
Operator root certificates
Authenticating access to a wireless local area network based on security value(s) associated with a ...
Secure and anonymous storage and accessibility for sensitive data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
Apparatus and method for displaying images
Management of the retention and/or discarding of stored data
Methods and systems for transceiving chaotic signals
Secure legacy media peripheral association with authentication in a media exchange network
Scramble methods and apparatus for packetized digital video signal in conditional access system
Providing digital signature and public key based on shared knowledge
Method and apparatus for compressing rabin signatures
Network traffic monitoring for search popularity analysis
System, computer product and method for event monitoring with data centre
System and method for searching a social network
System of customizing and presenting internet content to associate advertising therewith
Credit card system and method
Materials supply contract system and method
Method and system for designing a probe card
Method for telephone-based authenticated authorization of transactions
Vehicle information system with remote communicators in a network environment
Method and system for providing a return path for signals generated by legacy terminals in an optica...
Method and apparatus for providing voice control for accessing teleconference services
Distinctive dial tone for a VoIP call
Mobile IP deployment
Method and system for low latency high quality music conferencing
Rate based congestion control for packet networks
Failover scheme for stackable network switches
Method of authenticating an application for personal digital assistant using a unique ID based on a ...
System and method for schema evolution in an e-commerce network
Data access using a machine-readable card
Album art on devices with rules management
Labor market information analyzer for researchers, employers, staff and others
Managing data administration
System and method for improving reliability of distributed electronic transactions
Method and system for online payments
Wireless system for communicating cashless vending transaction data and vending machine audit data t...
Profitability evaluation in transaction decision
Method, software program, and system for structuring risk in a financial transaction
Computerized systems and methods for facilitating the flow of capital through the housing finance in...
Financial institution portal system and method
Process for co-producing para-xylene and styrene
Low viscosity polyalphapolefin based on 1-decene and 1-dodecene
Compositions of Group II and/or Group III base oils and alkylated fused and/or polyfused aromatic co...
Materials that can be structured, method for producing the same and their use
Farnesene dimers and/or farnesane dimers and compositions thereof
Bulk bi-metallic catalysts made from precursors containing an organic agent
Verbena plant named `Lan Pursar`
Astrantia plant named `Star of Billion`
Poinsettia plant named `PER10606`
Eucomis plant named `EXC 051`
Miscanthus plant named `Lottum`
Miniature rose plant named `WEKdoudou`
Clematis plant named `Zojapur`
Delphinium plant named `Sweet Sensation`
Delphinium plant named `Moon Light`
Chestnut plant named `AU Encore`
Phormium Plant Named `Taya`
Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gear sets, two fixed interconnections and ...
Thread to thread communication
Method and apparatus for vector execution on a scalar machine
Enhanced data access in a storage device
Data buffer allocation in a non-blocking data services platform using input/output switching fabric
Recovery and relocation of a distributed name service in a cluster filesystem
Method and system for electronically executing sale transactions across a plurality of networked ter...
Back-end data routing method, system and program product
NMR Probe
Particle Radiation Therapy Equipment
Controllable radio frequency stage with variable gain/attenuation, in particular incorporated into t...
Fluent material confinement system
Auger with a movable gouge for making a borehole
Production system
Metal-containing dendrimers
Method of manufacturing light-emitting element including the emission layer and the carrier transfer...
Electronic circuit, electro-optical device, method for driving electro-optical device and electronic...
Display device, semiconductor device, and electronic device
Electronic module with organic logic circuit elements
Display device and driving method thereof
Display device and electronic device
Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, pixel circuit, and electronic appa...
Semiconductor device
Method for improving color-shift of serially connected organic electroluminescence device
Polymers for use in organic electroluminescent devices
Active matrix organic light-emitting display device
Method and system for generating a routing table for a conference
System and method for a conference server architecture for low delay and distributed conferencing ap...
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Apparatus for piezoelectric layer-wise pump and valve for use in local administration of biological ...
Quantum dots tailored with electronically-active polymers
Flash memory device utilizing nanocrystals embedded in polymer
Nanoparticle electroluminescence and method of manufacturing the same
Thick electrophotographic imaging member undercoat layers
Preparation method for oil-based magnetic fluid
Method for producing silver nanoparticles and conductive ink
Delivery carrier for targeting to cells expressed with somatostatin receptors
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP COL OR07`
Poinsettia plant named `PER5506`
Lobelia plant named `Wespurstar`
Actinidia chinensis plant named `Z487`
Magnolia plant named `Jurmag4`
Epimedium plant named `Conalba`
Delphinium plant named `Crystal Delight`
Chestnut plant named `AU Gobbler I`
System for managing time rights linked to a digital content
Managing device keys in cryptographic communication
Method, system, and computer program product for saving a search result within a global computer net...
System and method for cross-referencing, searching and displaying entries in a document publishing s...
Systems and methods for providing contextual advertising information via a communication network
Search system using user behavior data
Financial advisor messaging in a networked computer system
Handling fatal computer hardware errors
Application service provider based redundant archive services for medical archives and/or imaging sy...
Enterprise medical imaging and information management system with enhanced communications capabiliti...
Crystal structure of human Janus Kinase 2 (JAK2) and uses thereof
Method and device for enhanced delivery of a biologically active agent through the spinal spaces int...
Fetal heart monitoring
System and method for efficient filter design through weighted difference of Gaussian filters
Image variety on edible substrates
Method for movement-compensation in imaging
System and method for comparing ultrasound images corresponding to two user-selected data points
Apparatus and method for utilizing biometrics in medical applications
Method for automatic anatomy-specific treatment planning protocols based on historical integration o...
Methods and apparatus for fast rotation speed scanners
System and method for facilitating investment account transfers
Interactive networked product container
Auto-correlators with DC and CW cancellation
Reconfigurable garment definition and production method
Display of wireless data
Base station antenna system employing circular polarization and angular notch filtering
Sensor node, base station, and sensor network system
Power management in an IEEE 802.11 IBSS using an end of ATIM frame and a dynamically determined ATIM...
Method and apparatus for device detection and multi-mode security in a control network
Method and system for remotely configuring mobile telemetry devices
Regulating client requests in an electronic messaging environment
Systems and methods for multiparty session invite
Electronic apparatus, network system, relay apparatus, and status control method
Multi-media broadcast and multicast service (MBMS) in a wireless communication system
Method for operating wireless local area network cards in a power-saving mode
Received communication signal processing methods and components for wireless communication equipment
Dielectric porcelain composition and high frequency device using the same
Method for producing a fiber-reinforced composite material plate
Multi-layer core golf ball
Fuel balancing system
Scrambling system for high resolution ditigal-to-analog converter
Structures, architectures, systems, methods, algorithms and software for configuring and integrated ...
Recombinant viruses of the paramyxoviridae family with heterologous envelope glycoproteins
Metathesis catalysts
Light olefin production via dimethyl ether
GPS synchronization for wireless communications stations
Dynamic pre-selector for a GPS receiver
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with GPS
GPS node locator using an intermediate node location for determining location of a remote node
Styrene acrylonitrile isoprene triblock copolymer
Network surveillance using long-term and short-term statistical profiles to determine suspicious net...
Light-emitting diode assembly for use in heads-up display systems of propeller-driven aircraft
Olefin copolymers containing hydrolytically cleavable linkages and use thereof in degradable product...
Tire sealing and inflation device
Lightweight, hermetically sealed package having auxiliary, selectively contoured, low mass, pseudo w...
Marking device and method for golf ball
Flexible polymer coating and coated flexible substrates
Two-tone color effect coating process
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Hydrogenated block copolymer compositions
Woven electronic textile, yarn and article
Fluid-filled chambers with foam tensile members and methods for manufacturing the chambers
Methods and devices for humidity control of materials
Ankle brace
Interchangeable footwear comprising multiple shoe inserts
Footwear lacing system
High temperature flow-through device for rapid solubilization and analysis
Ammunition can cover
Backscatter inspection portal
Plasma generation and processing with multiple radiation sources
Biological alarm
Video game that imposes penalty for violation of rule
Safety air guns
High security holster assembly and enclosure system
Pneumatic paintball gun and bolt
Air cylinder mounting structure for air gun
Paintball hopper
Fuze module
Connector for perforating gun tandem
Biobriefcase aerosol collector
Accessory devices for firearms
Printing inks comprising cyclohexane polycarboxylic acid derivatives
Diarylamine-containing compounds and compositions, and their use as modulators of c-kit receptors
Methods and compositions for the treatment of eye disorders with increased intraocular pressure
Catalyst for use in reforming methanol with steam and method for preparation thereof
Method of fabricating a catalytic structure
Sintered polycrystalline terbium aluminum garnet and use thereof in magneto-optical devices
Nanofiber mats and production methods thereof
Ferroelectric nanostructure having switchable multi-stable vortex states
Method and system for diffusion attenuated total reflection based concentration sensing
Sensor and method for making the same
Polymer electrolyte and dye-sensitized solar cell comprising the polymer electrolyte
Method for the rapid synthesis of large quantities of metal oxide nanowires at low temperatures
Method of forming structured abrasive article
Operating a communication network through use of blocking measures for responding to communication t...
Access control systems and methods using visibility tokens with automatic propagation
Program object to support connection generation
Adaptive spin-then-block mutual exclusion in multi-threaded processing
Implementation of packet-based communications in a reconfigurable hardware element
Method and apparatus for translating binary code
Configuration diagram with context sensitive connectivity
Matching client interfaces with service interfaces
Capturing a workflow
Dynamic and user-defined events for a graphical program
Prototyping graphical user interfaces
Method and system for communicating information between a switch and a plurality of servers in a com...
Peripheral bus switch having virtual peripheral bus and configurable host bridge
Apparatus and method for low power routing of signals in a low voltage differential signaling system
Stacked network switch configuration
Database management apparatuses for transmitting packets
Methods and apparatuses for external delay test of input-output circuits
Method to offload a network stack
Context-sensitive switching in a computer network environment
Systems and methods for processing dynamic content
Managing client configuration data
Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
Image-taking apparatus and focus control method of image-taking apparatus with first and second cont...
Communication system, communication method, server apparatus, and client apparatus
Host device, memory card, memory capacity changing method, memory capacity changing program and memo...
Method and system for payment transactions and shipment tracking over the internet
Synthesis of cyclic peptides
Methods for forming strained-semiconductor-on-insulator device structures by mechanically inducing s...
Extended treatment zone catheter
MEMS based motor starter with motor failure detection
Superconducting X-ray detector and X-ray analysis apparatus using the same
Method of reducing metal ions to elemental metal in the vicinity of an oxido-reductase enzyme
Methods of identifying individuals at reduced risk of sepsis
Method of treating the surface of copper and copper
Incorporable photoinitiator
Methods and kits for reducing cellular damage, inhibiting free radical production and scavenging fre...
Self-triggering CMOS imaging array utilizing guard region structures as light detectors
Radiopaque and aseptic material for impression-taking
Interactive orthodontic care system based on intra-oral scanning of teeth
Diaminopyrimidines as P2X.sub.3 and P2X.sub.2/3 modulators
Technique for forming a thermally conductive interface with patterned metal foil
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Polystyrene processing apparatus and method
Pump and fan control concepts in a cooling system
Low-cost high-temperature heat exchanger
Air conditioner for vehicle
Globular adiponectin variants
Amide compounds with MCH antagonistic activity and medicaments comprising these compounds
Indole acetic acid derivatives and their use as pharmaceutical agents
Substituted azabicyclo hexane derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Alkyne compounds with MCH antagonistic activity and medicaments comprising these compounds
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
Substituted imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine compounds and pharmaceutical preparations containing substituted ...
Polycyclic compounds as potent alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonists
Enhanced medical treatment system
Methods and apparatus for use in genetics classification including classification tree analysis
Fixation of a medical implant to the exterior of a body organ
Substituted methylene amide derivatives as modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs)
Inhibitors of prolyl endopeptidase
Indane modulators of glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-.kappa.B activity and use thereof
Method and apparatus for slicing small cheese portions and preparing cheese loaves for slicing
Method for increasing bioavailability of lipophilic bioactive compounds
Antimicrobial peptides
Non-dairy, non-soy food product and methods of making
Use of high oleic high stearic oils
Manufacturing method for wastepaper shock absorbing materials using vacuum forming principle and was...
Regulation of adenovirus DNA packaging by IPTG
Circuit and method for A/D conversion processing and demodulation device
Fused quinoline derivative and use thereof
Structural carotenoid analogs for the inhibition and amelioration of disease
Antibodies to M-CSF
Quinoxaline derivatives as PI3 kinase inhibitors
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Macrocyclic factor VIIa inhibitors useful as anticoagulants
88kDa tumorigenic growth factor and antagonists
Chondroitinase ABC I and methods of analyzing therewith
Method for diagnosing diseases based on levels of anti-glycan antibodies
Membrane scaffold proteins
Composition comprising the LO-CD2a antibody
Generating specialized search results in response to patterned queries
System and method for processing partially unstructured data
Network policy evaluation
System for determining degrees of similarity in email message information
Methods and systems for providing playlists
System and method for exchanging connection information for videoconferencing units using e-mails
Data security and intrusion detection
Methods of providing published content
Methods and systems of electronic message threading and ranking
MOPA laser apparatus with two master oscillators for generating ultraviolet radiation
Method for separating electrolytes
Method and system for LUN remapping in fibre channel networks
Template-based development of servers
Method and system for synchronizing storage system data
Antennas for hearing aids
Aided ear bud
Method and apparatus for improved estimation of non-stationary noise for speech enhancement
Hearing aid with active noise canceling
Hearing aid having switchable first and second order directional responses
Electronic apparatus and circuit board unit
Heat exchange enhancement
Disk array system
Vehicle air conditioning and heating method providing engine on and engine off operation
Room temperature heat exchanger for breathing circuit
Vehicular heat exchanger module
Infant movement analysis system and infant movement analysis method
Signal processing device, method, and program
Image enhancement method using local illumination correction
Computer-aided detection of microcalcification clusters
Method and system of coregistrating optical coherence tomography (OCT) with other clinical tests
Methods of signal processing of data
Sample picture data processing method and sample inspection system and method
Method and unit for refining digital x-ray images
Imaging apparatus and method of processing images
Estimation of solitary pulmonary nodule diameters with a hybrid segmentation approach
Colon characteristic path registration
System and method for automatic detection and localization of 3D bumps in medical images
Method and apparatus for visualizing deposits in blood vessels, particularly in coronary vessels
Image apparatus with batch scan and real time display and method of the same
Automated image analysis
Non-invasive in vivo measurement of macular carotenoids
System and method for detecting hypoglycemia based on a paced depolarization integral using an impla...
Physiological stress detector device and system
Apparatus, method and system for intravascular photographic imaging
Devices and methods for transporting fluid across a biological barrier
Peristaltic pump
Structure for fixing motor stator of reciprocating compressor
G-rotor pump
Negative pressure supply apparatus
Pump driving method and device therefor
Apparatus and method for draining reservoirs
Variable capacity pump/motor
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Reversible inflation system
Pumping and repairing unit
Oil supplying apparatus for engine
Reciprocating piston machine
Substituted piperazines
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Use of isogenic drug-resistant cell lines to determine the sequence of chemotherapeutic drug treatme...
Methods of treating diseases responsive to induction of apoptosis and screening assays
Raspberry plant named `RADIANCE`
Strawberry plant named `PS-5096`
Method and system for transferring status information between a media player and an accessory
Method and apparatus for assisting with playback of remotely stored media files
Device and method of monitoring ground connection of moving equipment with insulative bearing arrang...
Over voltage transient controller
Perpendicular magnetic recording exchange-spring type medium with a lateral coupling layer for incre...
Method and apparatus for treating ischemic tissue
Apparatus and method for extending the life of athletic balls
Method of determining whether a test subject is a specific individual
Detection of smooth muscle motor activity
Process for the acquisition of images from a sample with a microscope
Diagnosis device for radiographic and nuclear medical examinations
Inbred maize line PHE72
Soybean variety XB27D08
Soybean cultivar S06-02RM018047
Soybean cultivar S050225
Soybean cultivar 6935331
Lettuce cultivar 80-0601018-B
High-efficiency Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of cotton using petiole explants
Leaning suspension mechanics
Pin disengaging assembly and a method of disengaging pins of a trailer tandem
Touchscreen with conductive layer comprising carbon nanotubes
Methods for separation of particles
Heavy oil treating method and heavy oil treating system
Dual porosity filter
Device for treating a flowing fluid
Vacuum deaerator
Multilayer print circuit board
Bridge and data processing method therefor
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium storing computer-readable prog...
Information processing apparatus for retrieving image data similar to an entered image
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming a...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with adjusting portions to adjust positions of conveying and discharge porti...
Television receiver and display control method thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Method and apparatus for reducing current flow in bus in nonoperating state
Data-processing system and method for controlling same, computer program, and computer-readable reco...
Device and method for focusing a laser light beam
Piperazinyl-, piperidinyl- and morpholinyl-derivatives as inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Use of purified donepezil maleate for preparing pharmaceutically pure amorphous donepezil hydrochlor...
RF transceiver incorporating dual-use PLL frequency synthesizer
Fluid heating apparatus
Cutlery holder
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3-serine protease
Integrated setup for generating customization XML
Transparent coating films
Methods and devices to characterize the probability of successful defibrillation and determine treat...
Audio amplifier
System and method for transmitting files from a sender to a receiver in a television distribution ne...
Method and system for optimized automated IC package pin routing
Computationally efficient design rule checking for circuit interconnect routing design
Method of optical proximity correction design for contact hole mask
Operating menu for a surgical microscope
Systems and methods for providing distributed technology independent memory controllers
Image and sound input-output control
System and method for adult approval URL pre-screening
Linked dimension and measure groups
Method and system for providing delivery of segmented data files
Electromagnetic field simulator and electromagnetic field simulation program
Internal calibration standards for electrophoretic analyses
Fingerprint identification, location finder communication system
Apparatuses and methods for automatic wavelength locking of an optical transmitter to the wavelength...
Upgraded optical communication system with increased transmission capacity and method
Synthetic lubricant composition and process
Electro-optical apparatus, driving method thereof, and electronic device
Expandable guide sheath and apparatus with distal protection and methods for use
System, method and apparatus to accelerate raid operations
Automated engraving of a customized jewelry item
Location-based social software for mobile devices
Method and apparatus for best service rescan scheduling for mobile device operating in an EVDO hybri...
File and content management
Apparatus and methods for monitoring network traffic
Hybrid power supply system
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Rear converter lens apparatus and taking system comprising the same
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Circuit for driving self-luminous display device and method for driving the same
Illuminated switch
Method of trimming a hard mask layer, method for fabricating a gate in a MOS transistor, and a stack...
Laser processing method and object to be processed
Protocol for detecting proteins in a culture containing an embryo
Optical recording medium
3-fluoro-piperidines as NMDA/NR2B antagonists
Transplant media
Injection systems
Colorant compositions
Anti-reflective coatings and dual damascene fill compositions comprising styrene-allyl alcohol copol...
Optical device, light-condensing backlight system, and liquid crystal display
Oxyindole derivatives
Shape memory system with integrated actuation using embedded particles
Methods for coating and filling high aspect ratio recessed features
Field emission backplate
Method and apparatus for producing single-wall carbon nanotubes
Heat-decaying materials, transfer sheet using the same, and patterning method
Method and apparatus for two dimensional assembly of particles
Reactors with isolated gas connectors and methods for depositing materials onto micro-device workpie...
Multi-component accommodative intraocular lens with compressible haptic
Contact lens
On-press developable negative-working imageable elements
Integrated delivery device for continuous glucose sensor
Phlox plant named `Blushing Shortwood`
Web-fed rotary press and method for operating it
Method and apparatus for recording an image of an edge of a moving object
Electroacoustic transducer and magnetic circuit unit
Magnetic-path member, electromagnetic coupling device using magnetic-path member, and method of manu...
Wireless RF coil power supply
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and static magnetic field correction method
High-frequency resonant cavity for nuclear magnetic resonance, using radio-frequency transmission li...
Gradient magnetic field coil unit, gantry for MRI apparatus, and MRI apparatus
Coil device and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the same
Expression in filamentous fungi of protease inhibitors and variants thereof
Quinoxalines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Pyrazole-amine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Method for stimulating the immune, inflammatory or neuroprotective response
Lactoferrin as an agent in the prevention of organ transplant rejection and graft-versus-host-diseas...
Laser-transmissible resin composition and method for laser welding using it
Low rise rate direct acting relief valve
Twist drill with a replaceable cutting insert and a rotary cutting tool with a replaceable cutting i...
Spiral electrodeionization device with segregated ionic flows
System, method and apparatus for multi-media news blog
Electromagnetic valve
Frame construction method, frame construction device and data transfer system capable of accommodati...
Brand recognition system
Electromagnetic sensors for biological tissue applications and methods for their use
Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
Method and system for enabling firewall traversal
Mobile base
Cleaning cart
Clothes hanger clip
Handle for cleaner
Tool for a domestic appliance
Mounting collar for a filter bag
Dispensing vessel for clothes dryer
Vacuum cleaner
Shoe cleaner device
Animal toy
Elastic leash attachment
Dog bowl
Dog bowl
Article of protective gear for the body
Safety harness
Customizable compact
Hand dryer
Snuff box
Access device
Electrosurgical device with improved visibility
Post-shock management of implantable cardiac device features
Catheter with contractable mapping assembly
Edge preservation type image processing device
Hybrid k-t method of dynamic imaging with improved spatiotemporal resolution
Miniature drug delivery pump with a piezoelectric drive system
Modified plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 and methods based thereon
Biocompatible crosslinked polymers with visualization agents
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs of tranexamic acid, methods of synthesis and use
NK1 and NK2-antagonists and compositions and methods of using the same
Loxapine analogs and methods of use thereof
Methods of treating lysosomal storage related diseases by gene therapy
Array type multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
Electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
Positive-electrode active material and nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery containing the same
Lithium secondary battery of improved performance
Lithium secondary battery containing capsule for controlled-release of additives
Method of producing silicon blocks and silicon wafers
Methods of hydrotreating a liquid stream to remove clogging compounds
5-Fluoro-4N-phenyl-4-pyrimidineamine compounds
Stabilized lithium metal powder for li-ion application, composition and process
Automated control strategy for fuel processor reactor shift catalyst regeneration
Methods of modulating gastrointestinal contractility
Silver halide photographic material and image forming method using the same
Device, system and method for improving efficiency and preventing degradation of energy storage devi...
Fuel cell
Coating compositions for cans and methods of coating
Apparatus for producing metal powder by electrowinning
Battery electrode producing method of filling active material into a metal coated fabric substrate
Electrolyte for use in electrochemical devices
Particle containing a graphite based nucleus with at least one continuous or discontinuous layer, pr...
Hydrogen cyano fullerene containing proton conducting membranes
Chestnut plant named `AU Buck II`
Lipid-analogous phosphoric acid triesters
Antibodies which bind specifically to activin receptor like kinases
Antibodies to IL-21 receptor
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand fusion proteins
HLA class II peptide mimics
Liquid drug preparations
Method of stimulating proliferation of regulatory T cells in a diabetic mammal
Induction of antibiotic proteins and peptides by LAIT/sCD14-protein
Releasable linkage and compositions containing same
Composition for oil-based liquid cleansing
Compositions and methods for inducing cell dedifferentiation
Method of forming mesenchymal stem cells from embryonic stem cells
Vibrio cholerae with improved biological safety features in freeze dried form
BASB019 proteins and genes from Moraxella catarrhalis, antigens, antibodies, and uses
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 184P1E2 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
High resolution typing system for pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosum
Viral reduction method for plasma using a leukocyte-reduction filter and two virus-reduction filters...
Vehicles for oral care with magnolia bark extract
Flexible communication and control protocol for a wireless sensor and microstimulator network
Patchouli odorant
Method and apparatus for determining a deviation between clock pulse devices
Financial system for isolated economic environment
Systems and methods for price searching and customer self-checkout using a mobile device
Battery monitor
Open-loop RF transmitter output power control for increased power efficiency
Signal converter, RFID tag having signal converter, and method of driving RFID tag
Data capture from rendered documents using handheld device
CDMA, W-CDMA, 3.sup.rd generation interoperable modem format selectable (MFS) systems with GMSK modu...
Systems and methods for displaying and querying heterogeneous sets of data
Self-tuning radio frequency identification antenna system
Wireless communication device having GPS receiver and an on-chip gyrator
Process for producing zinc dialkyldithiophosphates exhibiting improved seal compatibility properties
Process for producing (Z)-1-phenyl-1-diethylaminocarbonyl-2-aminomethylcyclopropane hydrochloride
Method of synthesizing compound
Tantalum compound, method for producing same, tantalum-containing thin film and method for forming s...
3-aryl-3-methyl-quinoline-2, 4-diones, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition co...
Polymerizable fluorinated compound, making method, polymer, resist composition and patterning proces...
Process for producing modified particle; carrier; catalyst component for addition polymerization; pr...
Epoxy/silicone hybrid resin composition and optical semiconductor device
Multimodal polyethylene for use in single piece beverage bottle caps and closures
Multilayer wiring board, manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor device, and wireless electronic...
Photosensitive element, photosensitive element roll, process for the preparation of resist pattern u...
Photosensitive polyimide resin composition
Silicone rubber coating composition and airbag
Insulated ultrafine powder, process for producing same and resin composite material with high dielec...
Dry chemically bound nonwovens which are flushable and dispersible
Recording medium
Stable lyophilized pharmaceutical formulation of IgG antibodies
Gas generator for restraining device for vehicle
Controlled release of additives in fluid systems
System and method for automatically segmenting bones in computed tomography angiography data
Method and apparatus of determining and displaying an artifact index
Method for determining the position of an instrument with an x-ray system
Invasive medical device with position sensing and display
Multi-view imaging of a sample in a box
Medical instrument for the treatment of tissue by means of a high-frequency current and medical syst...
Rail-based modular disc nucleus prosthesis
Catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Method and system for computer aided detection (CAD) cued reading of medical images
Surface electromyography index
Ambulatory sleepiness and apnea propensity evaluation system
Detector for atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation
System and method of serial comparison for detection of long QT syndrome (LQTS)
Method of determining analyte concentration in a sample using infrared transmission data
Ultrasound target vessel occlusion using microbubbles
Apparatus, system and method for intraoperative performance analysis during joint arthroplasty
Sensing device having an image sensor for sensing and capturing images of coded data
Multi-behavior image correction tool
Searching images
Image processing device, method, and program
Black white image scaling for optical character recognition
Method of assembling a composite data map having a closed-form solution
Data processing in which concurrently executed processes communicate via a FIFO buffer
Method and system for collecting user-interest information regarding a picture
Reformulated atmospheric band model method for modeling atmospheric propagation at arbitrarily fine ...
Short chain-like ferrule structure, chain-like ferrule structure and method of producing chain-like ...
Hardened fiber optic adapter
Variable dispersion compensator
Secure upstream transmission in passive optical networks
Optical waveguide
Optical devices for guiding illumination
Fiber optic module and system including rear connectors
Integrated fiber fish
Optical fiber
Photonic band gap fiber and method of producing the same
Multi-mode optical coherence device and fabrication method thereof
Method for modulating refractive indices of optical fiber gratings
Optical communications system
Fast optical switch
Optical modulator including waveguide grating structure and multiple quantum well layer
Method for manufacturing optical module, positioning apparatus, evaluation method and evaluation app...
Light emitting device and display device using the same
Wall mounted enclosure with rotating patch panel frame
Reactive material initiator for explosive-filled munitions
Gas-dampened recoil rest with remote trigger release
Passive venous air purging chamber with vent/sucker blood handling capabilities
Fuel cell having a hydrogen electrode catalyst layer porosity that is lower than the air electrode c...
Compound heat sink
Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells
Functional peptide fiber, production thereof and method for recovering peptide chains
Human protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors and methods of use
Biodegradable T-cell Activation device
Remote interface for policy decisions governing access control
Method and apparatus for monitoring compatibility of software combinations
Dialog box positioning
Quinoline and quinazoline derivatives having affinity for 5HT1-type receptors
Polycarbonates having a good wettability
Delivery of molecules and complexes to mammalian cells in vivo
Mammalian sweet and amino acid heterodimeric taste receptors
Reagent sets and gene signatures for renal tubule injury
Regulation of toll-like receptors on stem cells
Powdery preparation for nasal administration
Polypeptide cleavage process
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Sanitary towel
Medicinal container with surface ornamentation
Dyes for keratinic fibers comprising a special anionic thickener
Processes to pre-treat hair with organic solvents
Bottle cap
Disposable absorbent article having capacity to store low-viscosity fecal material
Crystal of hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha prolyl hydroxylase
Special effects achieved by setoverprint/setoverprintmode and manipulating object optimize rendering...
Image processing method, image printing method, image printing mechanism and printed matter
Sales aid
Network address selection
Introducing a fixed-price transaction mechanism in conjunction with an auction transaction mechanism
Career analysis method and system
Magnetic encoder and wheel support bearing assembly using the same
Magnetic encoder and bearing
Turbomachine with a compact roller bearing
Sealed rolling bearing
Dynamic bearing device
High speed aerospace generator resilient mount
Ball joint and bearing seat thereof
Guide wheel having a bearing for food and beverage applications
Bearing assembly
Ammunition magazine for a firearm
Compound curved concentrator based illuminator
Optical scanning method, optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Light emitting diodes with reflective electrode and side electrode
Calibration source infrared assembly for an infrared detector
Method for preparing optically active amines
Process for producing optically active carboxylic acid
Miniaturized imaging device with integrated circuit connector system
Image projector and a light source for use in the projector
Camera-assisted adjustment of bonding head elements
Optical pulse-width modifier structure
Micromirror array device comprising encapsulated reflective metal layer and method of making the sam...
Micromirror array lens with encapsulation of reflective metal layer and method of making the same
Optical transceiver integratable with silicon VLSI
Method of generating a second mail item in response to a first mail item
Liquid crystal display having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of manufacturing the same
Touch panel having upper electrode plate including electrode, polarizing plate, quarter wave plate a...
Process for preparing N-hydroxyformamido-propyl pyrrolidin compounds and intermediates
Elevator rail joint detector and elevator system
Multi-currency marketplace
Display device and driving method thereof
Electro-optical device
Organic electroluminescence element
Electroluminescent device
Electroluminescence device and display unit
Method for the preparation of beverages
Loose coffee apparatus, system and method
Beverage device for making a beverage with a foam layer on top
Mammalian telophase oocyte enucleation
Ureas having antiangiogenic activity
Dermal anesthetic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for inducing local anesthesia and mitiga...
Genetic diagnosis using multiple sequence variant analysis
Private VoIP network for security system monitoring
Fuel cell and electric apparatus
Electrochromic devices having improved ion conducting layers
Seeding of HTC fillers to form dendritic structures
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing nanotube material and nanotube material
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bioadhesive delivery system for transmucosal delivery of beneficial agents
Epoxy functional silanes, method for the production thereof and use of the same
High aspect ratio metal particles and methods for forming same
Process for transesterification of vegetable or animal oils using heterogeneous catalysts based on t...
Method of tanning human body by mysting or immersion at elevated temperature
Method for the preparation of high surface area metal fluorides
Preparation of tungsten oxide
Structured thermal transfer donors
Porous membrane microstructure devices and methods of manufacture
Bulk amorphous refractory glasses based on the Ni(-Cu-)-Ti(-Zr)-Al alloy system
Energy sensitive direct conversion radiation detector
Wireless communication system with hardware-based frequency burst detection
Information processing device with an externally connectible communication module
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Method for communicating data and clock signals and corresponding signal, transmitter and receiver
Protection of A/V components
Snag-free coiled cable assembly for a lift truck
Image forming apparatus and method of cleaning intermediate transfer belt
DC-AC converter and method of supplying AC power
Circuit adjustable after packaging having a voltage limiter and method of adjusting same
Antagonists specific for denatured collagen and methods of using same
Cutting tool
Structure of tail light for motorcycle
Carrier for electrostatic latent image developer, production method thereof, electrostatic latent im...
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Imaging member
Polyhydroxy siloxane photoconductors
Systems and methods for medium registration
Encoding device, encoding method, and program
Data recognition device
Controlling scanning and copying devices through implicit gestures
Color rendering control system
Light source control apparatus, image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus, medium storing lig...
Method for forming carbon nanotube thin film
Face-to-face printing within booklet
Optical mark recognition tabulation device
Display simulator
Input device
Adaptation resistant anti-stuttering devices and related methods
Free sector manager for data stored in flash memory devices
Trending method and apparatus for resource demand in a computing utility
Multiple price curves and attributes
Calendar timer mechanism, medical image processing system, and control program
Methods and apparatus for graphical object interaction and negotiation
Method for implementing games in a communication network using PTT/PTV technology and systems thereo...
Rotation structure of operating member for game machine, and video game device
Petunia plant named `Fort Impropurplepic`
Petunia plant named `Fort Purple Vein`
Clematis plant named `Zodaque`
Nectarine tree named `Nectadelicious`
Doritaenopsis plant named `SOGO F2451`
Mandarin named `African Sunset`
Gaura plant named `Baltincite`
Variety of rose plant named `Pejamblu`
Astilbe Plant Named `Verscarmine`
System for measuring and testing a product using artificial olfactometry and analytical data
Method for designing aerosol spray dispensers
Fault-tolerant architecture of flip-flops for transient pulses and signal delays
System and method for interfacing devices under SNMP
Frequency switch for multiband power amplifier applications and multiband/multistandard power amplif...
Tunable radio frequency filter
Method and system for high bit rate fiber-optic communications
Method for training line drivers in a communication system
Method and apparatus for generating virtual clock signals
Query load balancing for internet group management protocol (IGMP) general membership queries (GMQs)
Traffic-independent allocation of working and restoration capacity in networks
Method for distributing data on an OFDM time-frequency grid, a base transceiver station, a base stat...
Decoupling arrays of radiating elements of an antenna
Parameter generation for interleavers
Method and apparatus for PMD mitigation in optical communication systems
Optoelectronic component comprising a diffraction grating with a transverse structure
Complementary residential gateway management
Interworking network maps of network management and element management systems
High availability broadband connections through switching from wireline to diverse wireless network
Indium-containing carrier for electrophotography, developer using the same, and developer container
Solid state photosensitive devices which employ isolated photosynthetic complexes
Lightweight, composite structural railroad ties
Plastic compositions having mineral-like appearance
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Materials-handling system using autonomous transfer and transport vehicles
Handling and orienting cotton modules wrapped with material including RFID tag
Checking density while compacting
Automatic dispensing machine for voluminous and/or heavy products and/or products sold in packs
Recovery of reprocessable medical devices in a sharps container
Branched alpha-cyanostilbene fluorophores
Memory device with reduced reading latency
Peel-treating agent and method for producing the peel-treating agent
Ethylene polymer, preparation process thereof and molded articles of the same
Cap liners, closures, and gaskets from multi-block polymers
Process for production on nonuniformly intensely colored paper and paper obtainable by such process
Oil-resistant sheet material
Biodegradable flexographic ink
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Porphyrazine coloring matter, ink, ink set and colored article
.beta.-crystalline polypropylenes
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Method of manufacturing toner, the toner produced thereby, developer containing the toner and an ima...
Method for recording data and device for carrying out the same comprising a deformable memory suppor...
Rubbing membrane material and liquid crystal display device using the same
Electric generator device actuated by a fluid flow
Device and methodology for reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices
Conductive polymeric structures containing graphite nanofibers having graphite parallel to the growt...
Clay-polyurethane nanocomposite and method for preparing the same
Ink jet ink
Method and apparatus for depositing charge and/or nanoparticles
Metallization layer of a semiconductor device having differently thick metal lines and a method of f...
Sub-lithographic local interconnects, and methods for forming same
Method for forming photoresist pattern and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Composition comprising ionomer and polyamide
Catalyst for the synthesis of alkyl mercaptan and process for the production thereof
Preparation of ion exchanged polymer bound nitrogen adsorbent
Hydrogen production process with regenerant recycle
Ultrafine particulate titanium oxide with low chlorine and low rutile content, and production proces...
Electrochemical devices comprising proton conducting mediums
Processes for preparing chalcopyrite-type compounds and other inorganic compounds
Catalysts for the evolution of hydrogen from borohydride solution
Method for processing flue gases
Method and apparatus for treating ammonia-containing gas
Exhaust emission control device and method for internal combustion engine, and engine control unit
Method for purifying germanium hydrides
Compositions containing both sedative and non-sedative antihistamines and sleep aids
Amine detection method and materials
Method for the improvement of transport across adaptable semi-permeable barriers
Stripping floor finishes using composition that thickens following dilution with water
Estimating noise at one frequency by sampling noise at other frequencies
Diaper with legs
Apparatus and method for engine performance evaluation
CMOS image sensor
Personal digital assistant with internal printer having capping mechanism
Method and system for securing a transaction
Fluorescent lamp, bulb-shaped fluorescent lamp, and lighting apparatus
Photoelectric converting apparatus
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp comprising UV-A phosphor
Sulphided ion exchange resins
Fibrous blend and methods of preparation
Automated high-throughput seed sample handling system and method
Automated seed sampler and methods of sampling, testing and bulking seeds
System and method for protecting transport stream content
Hardware-accelerated high availability integrated networked storage system
Method and apparatus for transferring snapshot data
Systems and methods of managing audio and other media