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Combination scraper vacuum tool
Enclosure for a diaper disposal device
Refuse collector
Device for anchoring a pair of garbage containers
Shopping cart
Portion of a drawer of a service cart
Pallet leg
Columbarium memorial
Tip jar
Coin sifting bin
Slot machine bank
Parallel distributed sample descrambling apparatus of passive optical network and method thereof
Apparatus and method for repairing logic blocks
Countermeasure method in an electronic component using a dynamic secret key cryptographic algorithm
Motion picture anti-piracy coding
Circuit for the inner or scalar product computation in Galois fields
Rapid decryption of data by key synchronization and indexing
Reception terminal, key management apparatus, and key updating method for public key cryptosystem
Data processing apparatus and method of processing data
Method and apparatus of antenna detection and authentication
Modular multiplication method and calculating device
Multimedia player toolkit for electronic content delivery
Software modem with privileged mode driver authentication
Methods and systems providing per pixel security and functionality
Recording medium cartridge and a recording-and-reproducing apparatus thereof
Display unit storing and using a cryptography key
Elaeocarpus plant named `Monproud`
Lantana plant named `Monike`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Misato FG4`
Kalanchoe plant named `Don Ramon`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelkuriho`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelrichipi`
Lily plant named `Tiny Sensation`
Lily plant named `Tiny Invader`
Lily plant named `Tiny Icon`
Lily plant named `Tiny Diary`
Lily plant named `Tiny Snowflake`
Juniper plant named `Monsan`
Hibiscus plant named `YOHIB 2362`
Pear tree named `Prem1P`
Lantana plant named `Balucimyel`
Xerochrysum plant named `Ohdrejumwhi`
Lavandula plant named `Lavang 200`
Petunia plant named `Petspebl`
Lavandula plant named `Lavang 221`
Verbena plant named `Balwildared`
Lily plant named `Tiny Toes`
Method, system and computer program product for identifying and implementing collected privacy polic...
Cash transaction verification and crediting apparatus
Method of selecting securities for a portfolio
Methods and systems for securitization of certificates of deposit
Betting system and method
Method and system for commodity-based currency for payment of accounts
System and method for supplying and managing usage rights based on rules
Method and apparatus for distributing multimedia programs
Content distribution system and a reference server
Electronic multiparty accounts receivable and accounts payable system
Electronic wallet system
Smart card with back up
Method and apparatus for validating security components through a request for content
System and method for automatically learning information used for electronic form-filling
System and method for generating customized and/or personalized documents
Method, system, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for interactive notification of events
Wire-mesh selection internet website
Programmatic response-time based workload distribution techniques
Method and system for transmitting authentication context information
Wireless communication system utilizing antenna dongle
Enforcing data protection legislation in Web data services
Mobile radio communication system, communication apparatus applied in a mobile radio communication s...
Optimization of MCS and multi-code with TFCI signaling
Method of increasing noise immunity during reception of signals from satellite navigational systems
Digitally convertible radio
System and method for an improved quadrature upconverter for I/Q modulation using intermediate frequ...
System and methods for recording broadcast programs, converting the programs and managing the storag...
Method for changing radio channels in a radio communication system
Technique for determining a tuning frequency of an audio receiver
Chopped intermediate frequency wireless receiver
Radio equipment
Reduction of radio frequency interference (RFI) produced by switching amplifiers
System and method to perform adaptive channel filtering on a radio frequency burst in a cellular wir...
Method and system for facilitating determination of call-drop locations in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for processing data blocks during soft handover
System for coupling a multiplicity of RF data collection terminals with host computer means
Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and transmission power control method
Method for connecting a mobile radio communication apparatus to a plurality of radio communication s...
Cellular radio telephone set
Controller for GSM and 3G base transceiver stations in a GSM core network with external handover pos...
Radio receiver
Diagnostic mechanism for an integrated circuit
Re alloy coating for diffusion barrier
Printed planar radio frequency identification elements
Informational article and an associated method
Hand controller and wrist device
Calibration method
System and method for haptic sculpting of physical objects
Precision feed end-effector composite fabric tape-laying apparatus and method
Actuator unit and multi-axis robot
Robot alignment system and method
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Methods for facilitating a retail environment
Commercial augmentation
Method and apparatus for reading firearm microstamping
Method and system for optimizing operation schedule of plant
System and method for facilitating commercial transactions over a data network
Apparatus for generating sequences of elements
Automated knowledge system for equipment repair based on component failure history
Method of operating a plant and a control system for controlling the same
Gallium nitride based III-V group compound semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Hole transport polymers and devices made with such polymers
Thioether derivatives, their method for production and use
Photovoltaic powered multimedia greeting cards and smart cards
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic device with an exciton blocking layer
Devices having improved capacitance
Highly reliable amorphous high-k gate dielectric ZrO.sub.xN.sub.y
Light-emitting or light-receiving with plurality of particle-shaped semiconductor devices having lig...
Porous silicon undercut etching deterrent masks and related methods
Transmit-receive module for a radar
Display and solar cell device
Electro-optic displays, and method for driving same
Refractive spectrum splitting concentrator system
Electric circuit module
X-ray apparatus
Audio earpiece and peripheral devices
Energy management system for controlling energy supplied to a set of customer buildings
Method for evaluating thermal comfort of a structure and an assisting method, program or system for ...
Method for modular design of a computer system-on-a-chip
Single-wall carbon nanotubes from high pressure CO
Shaped microcomponents via reactive conversion of biologically-derived microtemplates
Metal peroxide films
Membrane comprising an array of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Electronic device including discontinuous storage elements
Biaxial and shear testing apparatus with force controls
Mast wake reduction by shaping
Pressure resistant anechoic coating for undersea platforms
Portable air defense ground based launch detection system
Switching mode power amplifier having increased power efficiency
Dispersed fourier transform spectrometer
Acoustic remote caviation as a destruction device
Dual response acoustical sensor system
Liquid crystal display for wide viewing angle, and driving method thereof
Intranasal delivery system
Methods of treating disseminated intravascular coagulation by multiple administration of anti-TNF an...
HEV antigenic peptide and methods
Peri-operative and peri-procedure nutritional supplementation
Methods of treating Alzheimer's disease and other amyloidoses using Hypericum perforatum and derivat...
Tissue plasminogen activator-like protease
Excitatory amino acid receptor antagonists
Thiazolidine compounds as calcium sensing receptor modulators
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Antibodies to a polypeptide suppressed in stomach tumors
Eta-1 gene and methods for use
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Patient sensory response evaluation for neuromodulation efficacy rating
Automobile pedal supporting structure
Vehicular power unit
Method and mechanism for analyzing trace data using a database management system
Format-independent advertising of data center resource capabilities
Systems for fingerprinting digital data
Image processing apparatus and method
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Process for producing protein with reduction of acidic sugar chain and glycoprotein produced thereby
Thermotoga neapolitana xylose isomerase polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Methods and compositions for modulating interleukin-21 receptor activity
Myeloid precursor cell useful for gene therapy and for modulation of immune responses
Method for forming a fibers/composite material having an anisotropic structure
Apparatus for interrogating an addressable array
Microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
LED modifying apparatus and method
Segmented MRAM memory array
Aerodynamic surface geometry for a golf ball
Method of sludge recycling
Method of reinforcing a plastic pallet
Methodology and apparatus for storing and dispensing liquid components to create custom formulations
Modular refuse container
Light/electric probe system and method
Medication delivery apparatus and system having a visual indicator
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus with narrow orifice
Method and apparatus for controlling AC power during scan operations in scannable latches
System and method for performing predictable signature analysis in the presence of multiple data str...
Clustering-based approach for coverage-directed test generation
Method and apparatus for document composition
Method for retiming in the presence of verification constraints
System, method and program product for positioning I/O pads on a chip
Electrochemical sensor using intercalative, redox-active moieties
Information output apparatus
Display device array substrate and display device
Image display apparatus and image display system
Integrated electromechanical arrangement and method of production
Volatile organic compound detector
Method of forming patterned films
Control TFT for OLED display
FINFET including a superlattice
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including two transistors and capacitive part
Light-emitting element and display device
Device and method for driving organic EL display
Hand-held device filtering
Systems and methods for tracking assets
System and method for retrieving information from a database
Information relevance display method, program, storage medium and apparatus
Online instance addition and deletion in a multi-instance computer system
Method and a system for automating the execution of AMoRe over a heterogenous network of computers
Apparatus and method for estimating cardinality when data skew is present
Partition join in a partitioned database system
Peer-to-peer replication member initialization and deactivation
Drug delivery system for implantable cardiac device
Multi-band power amplifier module for wireless communication devices
Resistive voltage divider
Latchable, magnetically actuated, ground plane-isolated radio frequency microswitch
Non-authentic article discrimination system, and method for discriminating non-authentic article
Method and apparatus for location determination
Feedhorn, radio wave receiving converter and antenna
Electronic apparatus
Signaling safety system
Process for .alpha.,.beta.-dihydroxyalkenes and derivatives
Process for the synthesis of N-(4-cyano-3-trifluoromethylphenyl)-3-(4-fluorophenylsulfonyl)-2-hydrox...
Liquid level detecting device
High performance fingerprint imaging system
Decentering optical system, holding structure of decentering optical system, and optical apparatus u...
Color wheel, and color wheel assembly incorporating same
Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
Privacy screen for a display
Method for introducing a catalyst solution into a coating formulation
Propylene based retortable sealant compositions and applications
Fibers and ribbons containing phosphor, conductive metals or dielectric particles for use in the man...
Processes for preparing fluoroarenes from haloarenes
Toughened thermoplastic polyamide compositions
Two component coating compositions containing highly branched copolyester polyol
Method for processing structured data using an object-oriented computer language
System and method for multicolumn sorting in a single column
Fine-grained authorization using mbeans
System and method for an interface to provide visualization and navigation of a directed graph
Flexible remote data mirroring
Method and apparatus for providing scalability and fault tolerance in a distributed network
Mechanism to cache references to Java RMI remote objects implementing the unreferenced interface
Error-flagging apparatus, systems, and methods
Finger grip portion for mask elbow
Pen-type injector
Three-way clamp body
Headlight case of a four wheel vehicle
Rear combination lamp lens for an automobile
Hand-held LED lamp with flood and spot lighting
Round tip needle cannula
Adhesive dispenser/applicator device
Shower mounted facial treatment device
Peaked cart corral
Door and wall system for changing facilities
Modular hunting ladder
Column forming block
Column forming block
Stackable wall block
Stackable wall block
Construction beam
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Medicament dispenser
Dispenser and fan-fold package technique for radio frequency identification tags
Self advertising paper clothes hanger
Identification device having reusable transponder
Wireless mobile instant product price comparison and product review
Stored-value card with magnet
Antenna device and communication device using antenna device
Enhanced electronic ink displays
Injection moulded product and a method for its manufacture
System for automatically locating and manipulating positions on an object
Homodyne single mixer receiver and method therefor
Method, system, and apparatus for communicating with a RFID tag population
RFID tag with thermal conductive cover
RFID tag reader with tag location indicated by visible light beam
Radio frequency identification aiding the visually impaired with synchronous sound skins
System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
Short range RF network configuration
Catheter support apparatus and method
Distal balloon waist material relief and method of manufacture
Anti-infective central venous catheter with diffusion barrier layer
Implantable therapeutic substance delivery device having a piston pump with an anti-cavitation valve
Method and device for retrieving embolic coils
Expandable stent and delivery system
Everting balloon stent delivery system having tapered leading edge
Fluid flow prosthetic device
Method for screening compounds which change the binding properties of a protein with a ligand
Method for PR-39 peptide mediated selective inhibition of l.kappa.B.alpha. degradation
System for treating articular cartilage defects
Method and apparatus for resecting and replacing an aortic valve
Twist up pen type dispenser with brush applicator
Rare earth-oxides, rare earth-nitrides, rare earth-phosphides and ternary alloys with silicon
Methods of making and using a selective hydrogenation catalyst
Lubricating oil for a diesel powered engine and method of operating a diesel powered engine
Acetic anhydride and acetate ester co-production
Making composite material parts from blanks made by reinforcing a fiber structure and/or bonding fib...
Device and method for detecting sulfuryl fluoride
Method for forming barrier structures on a substrate and the resulting article
Shaped catalysts for transalkylation of aromatics for enhanced xylenes production
Image forming apparatus
Claw-pole electric generator and bicycle electric generator hub
Multi-channel wireless remote control system
Computer-equipped mobility device for connecting to a network
Multiprocessor control system for cycles, for example for competition bicycles
Bicycle hub
Bicycle tank
Holder for eyeglasses
Hand-operated jointed control lever
Vehicle transmission
Foam product having outer skin and method for producing the same
Headlamp for a bicycle
Exercise methods and apparatus
Rubber composition based on diene elastomer and a reinforcing silicon carbide
Tooth whitener applicator and method
System and method for processing an accelerometer signal to assist in combustion quality control in ...
Settlement terminal
Internal combustion engine including improved balance shaft structure, and personal watercraft incor...
Method of sucking water and water sucking device
Portable toilet
System for a multiplace cots structure
Finishing apparatus for slide fastener
Run-flat tire
Apparatus and method for negotiating and generating contract documents on-line
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor with carbon incorporation
Method of producing semiconductor device
Cloned genomes of infectious hepatitis C viruses and uses thereof
Discharge lamp lighting device
Derivatives of phenoxy-n-'4-(isothiazolindin-1, 1-dioxid-2yl)phenyll-valerian-acid amide and other c...
1-((5-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl) benzyl)azetidine-3-carboxylates and 1-((5-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl...
Treatment of vascular occlusions using elevated temperatures
Imidazolidinedione analogs useful as anticoagulants and antithrombotics
Intraoperative, intravascular and endoscopic tumor and lesion detection, biopsy and therapy
Peptide constructs for treating autoimmune and related diseases
Rapid evaluation of the ratio of biological molecules
Aqueous method for determining cholesterol in remnant-like particles using cholesterol esterase, pho...
Onset of force development as a marker of thrombin generation
Stabilized liquid preparation of the protease which activates blood coagulation factor VII, or of it...
Combination of a growth factor and a protease enzyme
Print sheet original authentication system, printer device and checking device
Reducing coupling effect on reference voltages when output buffers implemented with low voltage tran...
Method and apparatus to generate break before make signals for high speed TTL driver
Interleaving control type inverter
Electroluminescent iridium compounds with fluorinated phenylpyridines, phenylprimidines, and phenylq...
AMOLED circuit layout
Display device with anti-reflection structure
System and method of managing television information
Corynebacterium glutamicum genes encoding proteins involved in carbon metabolism and energy producti...
Method for inducing a specific rnai activity in cells and nucleic acids for carrying out said method
Nucleotide and protein sequences of vertebrate delta genes and methods based thereon
Novel cyclodextrin dimers and derivatives thereof, methods for preparing them and their use, in part...
Monkey npy y4 receptor and method of evaluating compound
Method of separating and recovering acid/sugar solution and lignophenol derivative from lignocellulo...
Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-3,5-di-o-acyl-2-deoxy-l-ribofuranoside derivatives
Methods to produce desired proteins in plants
Recombinant watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) hydroperoxide lyase and uses thereof
Novel genes from drought stress tolerant tea plant and a method of introducing water-stress toleranc...
6, 11-bridged tricyclic macrolides
Novel polymorphs of erythromycin compound
Hla-a24-restricted cancer antigen peptides
Ena nucleic acid drugs modifying splicing in mrna precursor
Novel antisense oligonucleotide and anti-hiv agent
Powered air purifying respirator with battery passivation sensing/correction and method therefor
Mannose-6-phosphonate compounds for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Car roof article holding case
Plasma display panel comprising ultraviolet-to-visible ray converter
Multi element, multi color solid state LED/laser
Synchronous counting circuit
Injection system for delivery of a gaseous substance
Aerosol particle analyzer for measuring an analyte in airborne particles
Polymerization of i-butene in hydrocarbon media using bis(borane) co-initiators
Multilayer film reflector and X-ray exposure system
Composite catalysts for the direct synthesis of alkylhalosilanes
Process for producing 5-nitro-3,4-dihydro-1(2H)-naphthalinone, 1,5-naphthalenediamine and 1,5-naphth...
Capacitors integrated with inductive components
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Method for manufacturing wiring and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for treating a substrate surface by bubbling
Acrylonitrile derivatives for inflammation and immune-related uses
Antifungal 4-substituted 5,6-dihydro-4h-pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,4] benzodiazepines
Coating materials and the use thereof for producing coatings which can be soldered
NROM flash memory devices on ultrathin silicon
Electron emitter and process of fabrication
Palette-based, multi-tint, named color methods and systems
Storing images having semi-transparent pixels via alpha regions
Method and apparatus for the display of still images from image files
System and process for calibrating a microphone array
Information storage using tables and scope indices
Distributed data gathering and aggregation agent
Dynamic registry partitioning
GPS reference system providing a synthetic offset vector for dithering a rover station position
GPS (global positioning system) receiver
Apparatus and associated methods for precision ranging measurements in a wireless communication envi...
Virtual network solution for SMS message exchange between GSM and ANSI (TIA/EIA 41) networks
Mobile communication terminal device
Method and apparatus for simplified data dispensation to and from digital systems
Multipurpose antenna accessory for protection of portable wireless communication devices
Point-of-sale system and distributed computer network for same
Device for producing a plasma, ionization method, use of said method and production processes using ...
Method of preparing a pressurized container of pigmented paint
Symbol boundary detector method and device for OFDM systems
Microwave oven
Microwave oven
Microwave oven
Microwave oven
Navigation for vehicles
LCD TV receiver
Plasma display panel television receiver
Wall hanging monitor
Portable DVD player
Portable phone
Portable phone
Terminal for A/V
Home theater speaker
Home theater speaker
Home theater speaker
Home theater speaker
Indicating image for display on a portable telephone
Climber rose plant named `ADABARING`
Semi-synthesis of taxane intermediates from 9-dihydro-13-acetylbaccatin III
Combination antiperspirant and antimicrobial composition
Aspirin formulation for cardiovascular health
Method and device for detecting feline immunodeficiency virus
Attenuated human-bovine chimeric parainfluenza virus(PIV) vaccines
Delivery of broadcast TV over point-point routed GRE tunnels for IPTV applications
Method and apparatus for analyzing delay in circuit, and computer product
Configurable system and method for order entry
Auto-learning RIS/PACS worklists
Rat TRPM7 polynucleotide and encoded protein
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics in ...
Spray rose named 'Meiheven'
Water absorbing hair styling implement
Deodorant and deodorizing article
Wallboard with antifungal properties and method of making same
Photomorphic building materials
Invert drilling fluids and methods of drilling boreholes
Additives for imparting fragile progressive gel structure and controlled temporary viscosity to oil ...
Polymorphs of bicifadine hydrochloride
Methods and compositions for the treatment of neuropathies and related disorders
Novel 1-aryl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes: preparation and use to treat neuropsychiatric disorders
Use of comb-structured bead-form polymers, and resulting compositions
Water-soluble sulfonic group-containing copolymers and terpolymers the production thereof and water-...
Combination comprising vertical wall, horizontal ceiling, and crown molding member having planar por...
Depth stop device
Flexible flashing for multiplanar building surfaces
Fragrance emitting compositions and products
Polyamide resin composition for part of engine cooling water system and part comprising the same
Device for receiving a fluid sample and applications thereof
Hybrid water and power system
Nanoporous membrane and method of fabricating the same
Two stage nanofiltration seawater desalination system
Process for reducing contaminants in condensate resulting from the conversion of bauxite to alumina
Method for chlorite removal
Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Method for removing a proteinaceous component from a liquid-phase surfactant preparation
Tyrosinase activity inhibitor and ameliorant for facial blood flow
L-lysine-containing feed additives
Liposomal vaccine
Method for preserving organic polymeric material and organic electroluminescent device
Integrated air supply with humidification control for fuel cell power systems
Compositions and methods for preparation of poorly water soluble drugs with increased stability
Cycloalkyl derivatives of 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones field of the invention
Monitoring drinking water quality using differential mobility spectrometry
Integrity testable multilayered filter device
Integrity testable multilayered filter device
Therapeutic composition for the treatment of dry eye syndrome
Use of zeaxanthin to reduce light hyper-sensitivity, photophobia, and medical conditions relating to...
Di-aryl substituted triazole modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptor-5
Il-8 production promoters and use thereof
Process for preparation of labisia pumila extract
Treating skin disorders
Composition for controlling the respiratory effects of inhaled pollutants & allergens
Herbal Composition for Treating Cancer
Catechin Adjuvants
Anti-inflammatory substances extracted from echinacea
Traditional chinese medicine preparation for treatment of tumor and method of making and using same
Glutathione and coffee suppository
Inhibitor of glucose absorption and method for producing the same
Methods and compositions for treatment of viral infections based on tsg101-vps28 interaction
Secreted polypeptide species reduced cardiovascular disorders
Dispersible granular substrate for pesticide delivery
Compositions and methods for treatment of airway hypersecretion
Transdermal drug delivery systems, devices, and methods employing novel pharmaceutical vehicles
Anti-ferromagnetically coupled granular-continuous magnetic recording media
Servo writer with clamping push pin
Latch apparatus for latching an actuator arm assembly in a disk drive
Plasma display panel
Light emitting apparatus
Multiple stage method and system for sensing outputs from memory cells
Method and composition for the treatment of lung surfactant deficiency or dysfunction
Aerosol into liquid collector for depositing particles from a large volume of gas into a small volum...
Label-free high-throughput optical technique for detecting biomolecular interactions
Process for the preparation of ethylene polymers
Pathological tissue detection and treatment employing targeted optical agents
Pup joint with integral wing nut retention shoulder
Inkjet printer cartridge with fixative delivery capabilities
Printed circuit board including waveguide and method of producing the same
Pressure transmitter and a method of making a pressure transmitter from a sensor unit and a body par...
Silicone composition crosslinkable into elastomer by hydrosilylation, in the presence of carbene-bas...
Method for transdifferentiation of non-pancreatic stem cells to the pancreatic differentiation pathw...
Blade for work machine, and construction and earth-moving machine provided with the same blade
Fluoroelastomer composition
Optical amplifier
Disk array system and method for controlling disk array system
Optimizing PMD measurements based on temperature for installed fibers
Optical apparatus for bidirectional optical communication
Method and apparatus for electronically controlling fiber processing machines, particularly spinning...
Method and apparatus for multiple spectroscopy analysis by using nuclear magnetic resonance
Sensor differentiated fault isolation
Wavelength converter
Disk device, and positioning control method and signal-processing circuit for head
Magnetic recording unit and magnetic recording medium
Method of testing servo burst signals of hard disk drive and recording medium adapted therefor
Magnetic recording medium, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing device
System, method, and apparatus for aerodynamic diverter integrated with a diffuser in a bypass channe...
Magnetic tape cartridge, servo writer, magnetic tape drive and method for reading servo signal
Substrate for thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the substrate
System and method for measuring the position of a tape drive head
Magnetic recording head and fabrication process
Using eddy-currents for releasing actuator suspension assembly of rotary disk storage device
Thin-film magnetic head having a sheet-shaped heater with a lead part connected in series with the h...
Planar extraordinary magnetoresistance sensor
Method and apparatus for providing a dual current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) GMR sensor with impro...
GMR enhancing seedlayer for self pinned spin valves
Side reading reduced GMR for high track density
Disk drive support assembly, clamp assembly and disk drive carrier
Recording, reproducing, and recording/reproducing apparatuses for recording input data in a recordin...
System and method for defending against distributed denial-of-service attack on active network
Active replica transformer hybrid
Human analogs of murine deubiquitinating proteases
Video retrieval method and apparatus
Rating that represents the status along a specified driving route
High speed non-concurrency controlled database
Server cluster interconnection using network processor
Printing medium, printing medium unit, printing system, consumption control server, consumption cont...
Spatially-spectrally swept optical memories and addressing methods
Recording medium capable of interactive reproducing and reproduction system for the same
Failure analysis and testing of semi-conductor devices using intelligent software on automated test ...
Outsole for a shoe
Contact lens holder
Hand mixer
Hand mixer
Food manipulating utensil
Fastening tool
Open loop retaining clip
Dice fishing lure
Pot filler
Fire pit receptacle
Screen mask
Method of data transmission and a transmission and reception device therefor
Visualization device and method for combined patient and object image data
Analysis of optic nerve head shape
X-ray detector
Method for sensing wafers located inside a closed wafer cassette
Image display method and method for performing radiography of image
X-ray CT system and X-ray apparatus
System for forming x-rays and method for using same
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus
Ionizing radiation imaging system and method with decreased radiation dose
Device and method for measuring toner current
Balanced positioning system for use in lithographic apparatus
X-ray scatter image reconstruction by balancing of discrepancies between detector responses, and app...
Radiography plate with automatic exposure time recording mechanism
Method and apparatus for correction of mammograms for non-uniform breast thickness
Scanning dual energy X-ray imaging
Bandwidth efficient conferencing system with distributed processing
Methods for reducing calorie intake
Slowly digestible starch-containing foodstuffs
Food product kit
Stabilisation of polyunsaturated fatty acid (pufa) ester concentrates
Edible oils and methods of making edible oils
Emulsion Comprising a Nut Paste
Methods for reducing weight
Methods for inducing satiety, reducing food intake and reducing weight
High milk solid chocolate composition
Method for producing fish food, and fish food obtained using this method
Enhancing clarity and/or stability properties of protein-containing liquids and gels
Cake mixture
Stack sealable heat shrinkable film
Composite film bag for packaging bulk products
Process for the Heterotrophic Production of Microbial Products with High Concentrations of Omega-3 H...
Water reuse in food processing
Regulation of food preference using GLP-1 agonists
Seaweed extract composition for treatment of diabetes and diabetic complications
Anti-obesity devices
Application of an electronic prescription object to food preparation
Steel bands
System and method of providing web-related content
Overflow protected first-in first-out architecture
Process, apparatus, and system for passing data between partitions in a storage device
Method and system for providing an interleaved backup
Remote storage disk control device with function to transfer commands to remote storage devices
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having multi-bank scheme
Non-fenced list DMA command mechanism
Memory pool management method and system capable of using memory efficiently
Methods, computer systems, and computer readable media for changing module pointer values upon switc...
Storage system
Microcontroller instruction set
Link and fall-through address formation using a program counter portion selected by a specific branc...
Apparatus and method to decrease boot time and hibernate awaken time of a computer system
Arrangement in a network node for secure storage and retrieval of encoded data distributed among mul...
Error detection, documentation, and correction in a flash memory device
Bone cement plug
Orthopedic implant insertion handle and aiming guide
Osteotomy guide
Diaphragm entry for posterior surgical access
Vascular closure
Vascular closure device
Helical retainer, tool for using the helical retainer, and methods
Magnetic therapeutic device and method of using the same
Intraluminal device and therapeutic agent combination for treating aneurysmal disease
Devices and methods for facilitating controlled bone growth or repair
Devices and methods for treating facet joints, uncovertebral joints, costovertebral joints and other...
Posterior metal-on-metal disc replacement device and method
Bioabsorbable plug implants and method for bone tissue regeneration
Method of producing endosseous implants or medical prostheses by means of ion implantation and endos...
Orthopedic prosthetic devices containing compositions for repair of defects in osseous tissues
Modeling of systemic inflammatory response to infection
Methods and systems for annotating biomolecular sequences
Transformed silkworm producing human collagen
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus device
Wave keypad
Bilateral positive airway pressure mask
Radio frequency power amplifier circuit and method
Wireless device and method for radio control
Method and apparatus for searching, saving, and storing radio programs and broadcast frequencies and...
Location signaling for large-scale, end-to-end, quality-of-service monitoring of mobile telecommunic...
Handsfree device for a mobile telephone
Radio transmission system for high-speed moving object
Method for controlling traffic between a base station and a radio network controller and related equ...
Automated configuration of RF WLANs via selected sensors
Paging system
System for interfacing with an audio player, and method of manufacturing same
Radio communication system, mobile terminal device, server device, memory card and computer-readable...
System and method providing low power operation in a multimode communication device
A method and device relating to security in a radio communication network
Body-insertable apparatus
Vehicle abnormality monitoring apparatus
Method and system for creating receipt on paper with embedded RFID tags therein
Object loading system and method
Cogeneration implementation simulation method and system, and cogeneration device sail promotion met...
Remote control transmits xml-document
Remote controller and image system comprising the same
Door mirror heater
Key fob with remote control functions
Tire condition monitoring system
Drowsiness detection system and method
Compact vehicle-mounted antenna
Window mountable dipole antenna system
Vehicle mounted satellite antenna system with ridged waveguide
Device for electroacoustic sound generation in a motor vehicle
Method for generating and storing picture data in compressed and decompressed format for use in traf...
Control device for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and signaling device capable of providi...
Method for operating a roller test bench and roller test bench
Method for determining internal pressure of a vehicle tire
System and method for appending advertisement to music card, and storage medium storing program for ...
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Device and method for the relative rotational adjustment of a camshaft and a drive wheel of an inter...
Valve timing control apparatus and method for setting minimum torque
Variable valve timing system
Control device of internal combustion engine
Phase displacement device
Distributed transaction state management through application server clustering
Method and apparatus for a programming language having fully undoable, timed reactive instructions
Character communication device
Audio appliance for reproducing sounds
Document collection apparatus and method for specific use, and storage medium storing program used t...
Methods, systems and data structures to construct, submit, and process multi-attributal searches
Creation of duration episodes from single time events
Determining structural similarity in semi-structured documents
Method and system for using a framework to implement an audit process
Process for producing activated carbon
Fluid resistant silicone encapsulant
Method, computer program product and system for the transmission of computer data to an output devic...
Storage medium initialization method, and recording and reproducing method and apparatus
System and method for extracting a watermark signal in a digital image sequence
Embedding data in material
Floral induction gene
bbc3 Gene promoter and methods for identifying modulators of apoptosis and bbc3 gene expression usin...
Detecting cell membrane protein endocytosis
Method for reductive amination of a ketone using a mutated enzyme
Digital recording, reproducing and recording/reproducing apparatus
Soft input decoding for linear codes
Display apparatus using LCD panel
Method for manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp, glass tube for high-pressure discharge lamp, ...
Liquid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel catalyst
Device for ultraviolet radiation treatment of body tissues
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Porous vessel bioreactor
Pharmaceutical preparation for the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection
Self-tanning composition in sheeted substrate
Identification of a large number of biological (micro)organisms groups at different levels by their ...
Erythropoietin composition
Methods and compositions for modifying the surface of a polymeric substrate
Connected fastener having separation facilitator
Optical brighteners
Hot melt adhesive composition
Multi-functional solder and articles made therewith, such as microelectronic components
Ink composition
Pressure-sensitive adhesive film for the surface protection of semiconductor wafers and method for p...
Method and compositions
Adhesive composition
Process for the isolation of sterols and/or wax alcohols from tall oil products
Method for adjusting parameters of an electric motor and variable speed drive using such a method
Transresistance amplifier
Complexity management of genomic DNA
Methods of making upholstery fabric tack strips
Device which processes images in accordance with coded data on card
Environmental control system for a centrifugal processor
Image forming apparatus with improved image quality and maintenance workability
Non-tracheal ventilation tube
Aerosol can
Clamping system for safety lines
Method of managing non-acknowledgement responses
Detection and compensation of ingressing frame offset discontinuities for tandem connection trails
Wavelength routing on an optical metro network subtended off an agile core optical network
Method and apparatus for determining an inverse square root of a given positive-definite hermitian m...
MPEG flow identification for IP networks
Method for distributing encryption keys for an overlay data network
Unified serial/parallel concatenated convolutional code decoder architecture and method
Method and apparatus for communicating status in a lightwave communication system employing optical ...
Link state retransmission mechanism
Method and apparatus for providing bifurcated transport of signaling and informational voice traffic
In-band message synchronization for distributed shared memory packet switch
System and method for wavelength error measurement
Method and system for detecting an atypical occurrence within a telecommunications network
Thermal interconnection for capacitor systems
Perfume bottle
Personal organization tool
System and method for dynamically routing communications
Using a mobile station for productivity tracking
Message transfer from a source device via a mobile terminal device to a third device
Systems and methods for efficiently generating and supplying image data for tandem printers
Image processing device
Color conversion coefficient preparation apparatus, color conversion coefficient preparation method,...
Detecting skew angle in a scanned image
Systems and methods for halftoning multiple color separation layers by interlayer error diffusion
Asset management system for network-based and non-network-based assets and information
Viewing tabular data on small handheld displays and mobile phones
Development roller, development roller base, development roller manufacturing method, and image form...
Media path direction control device and method of reversing a media path
Low voltage e-paper
Methods for positioning a print integrity image capture device
Semiconductor device producing apparatus and producing method of semiconductor device
High speed voltage level translator
R-T-B system rare earth permanent magnet
Nonvolatile memory using a two-step cell verification process
Image data processor and image data processing method
Shaped spectral coding and recording systems therefor
Digital camera
Apparatus for preparing a hot beverage
Universal mount for a medium flat panel display
Apparatus for drug delivery in association with medical or surgical procedures
Semiconductor laser manufacturing method
High precision, rapid laser hole drilling
Method of fabricating a laser diode that includes thermally cleaning a deposition reactor using a ga...
Printed pattern for an absorbent article
Printed pattern for an absorbent article
Method of forming copper wiring in semiconductor device
Wellbores utilizing fiber optic-based sensors and operating devices
Liquid delivering apparatus and method of producing the same
Ion-detecting sensors comprising plasticizer-free copolymers
Optical fiber with antireflection coating, and method for manufacturing the same
Enhanced stripping of low-k films using downstream gas mixing
Method for analyzing substance
Information sequence extraction and building apparatus e.g. for producing personalised music title s...
Methods and apparatus for providing on-the-job performance support
Location of objects/services in a distributed objects/services system
Integrated tool with interchangeable wet processing components for processing microfeature workpiece...
Certain phenylacetic acids and derivatives
Printer for actuated printing of visible and invisible data
Medical device programmer with internal antenna and display
Method and apparatus for adaptively classifying network traffic
Sports practice net
Phosphorescent material
Materials and structures for enhancing the performance of organic light emitting devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor film by plasma CVD using a noble gas and nitrogen
Methods and apparatus for adaptive PCM level estimation and constellation training
Adding and dropping wavelength-channels
Electro-optically reading direct part markings on workpieces by image capture
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
Diffractive light modulator
Polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display
Optical compensatory sheet, elliptical polarizing plates and liquid-crystal display
Apparatus for high accuracy distance and velocity measurement and methods thereof
Methods and systems for cryptographically protecting secure content
Fixing device
System and method for application sharing in collaborative setting
Firearm stock
Linear guide way with parabolic profiled grooves
Thrust sliding bearing
Bearing assembly with rotational speed sensor unit
Shaft bearing retainer
Angle adjusting device
Electric power steering apparatus
Seal assembly, cartridge, and method
Fluid bearing device
Hydrodynamic bearing device and a recording disk drive equipped with it
Pulley unit
Method of dosing liquid volumes and apparatus for the execution of the method
System and method of disposing a substrate in a housing
System and method for avoiding deadlock
System and method for facilitating communication between devices on a bus using tags
Systems and methods for assessing user success rates of accessing information in a collection of con...
Healthy fiber products
Implement for treating hair and method of treating hair using the same
Electrochemical biosensor
Device for firing ceramic for dental prostheses
Transdermal or transmucosal drug delivery device
Production of functional proteins: balance of shear stress and gravity
Augmentation of wound healing by elF-4E mRNA and EGF mRNA
Method of building a locating service for a wireless network environment
Electronic circuit building block
Destructive-read random access memory system buffered with destructive-read memory cache
Multi-processor system apparatus allowing a compiler to conduct a static scheduling process over a l...
Error correction for memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of testing the same, database for design of the same...
Retiming circuits using a cut-based approach
Use of NAND flash for hidden memory blocks to store an operating system program
Programmable controller, and control-program-development supporting apparatus
Method and apparatus for assigning addresses to components in a control system
Method of diagnosing a low range limiting malfunction of an engine coolant temperature sensor
Built-in-test diagnostic and maintenance support system and process
Protective circuit for a motor
Ferroelectric memory device and electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method for dynamically controlling data transfer in memory device
Ferroelectric memory device and electronic apparatus
Slew rate limiting circuit and optical disc apparatus
Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
Signal generation device
Scaffolds for tissue engineered hair
Method for measuring stiffness of a cultured tissue, using a stiffness measurement device having a v...
Bioreactor apparatus and cell culturing system
Methods and devices for promoting endothelial morphogenesis
Synthetic sports turf having improved playability and wearability
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Apparatus and method for determining in situ pore fluid and soil properties using multi-sensor measu...
Fungicidal amides
Energy applicators adapted to dielectric heating
Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction module
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights manag...
Super encrypted storage and retrieval of media programs with modified conditional access functionali...
Signing and signature authentication of messages
System for enabling lazy-revocation through recursive key generation
Apparatus and method for installing a decryption key
Wireless data service apparatus and method in broadcast mobile communication system
Methods and systems for unilateral authentication of messages
Method and system for a recursive security protocol for digital copyright control
Molded plastic hot-fill container and method of manufacture
Chamber-forming electrophoresis cassette cover
Heat-shrinkable multilayer packaging film comprising inner layer comprising a polyester
Method for the production of a multi-layer identity card of plastic
Electronic ignition system for a firearm
Method for detection of media layer by a penetrating weapon and related apparatus and systems
Sub-caliber projectile, penetrator and sabot enabling such a projectile
Composite steel and ceramic gun barrels
Securing mechanisms for preventing access to a firearm by unauthorized users, and safety housings fo...
Firearm with enhanced recoil and control characteristics
Lead attached sabot slug
Memory management of local variables
Data memory cache unit and data memory cache system
System and method for performing virtual device I/O operations
Sharing information to reduce redundancy in hybrid branch prediction
Program code conversion
Program code conversion
Development tool, method, and system for client server applications
Migrating virtual machines among computer systems to balance load caused by virtual machines
Network object request broker to automatically connect client and server objects in a distributed en...
Method and system for clustering computers into peer groups and comparing individual computers to th...
System and method for platform independent desktop lockdown
Multi-modal synchronization
Luminaire and lamellae louver therefor
Led lighting system with reflective board
Lighting apparatus
Vehicle lamp unit
Candle with LED simulated flame
Lighting device for a vehicle and method for controlling light distribution of the lighting device
Light beam adjusting device for vehicle
Vehicular lamp including hemispherical translucent member with fan-shaped zones and lens elements
Optical module for a lighting device for motor vehicle, designed to give at least one main cut-off b...
Projector type vehicle headlamp
Vehicular headlamp with semiconductor light emitting elements and electric discharge bulb
Projector type vehicle light
Backlighting method for an automotive trim panel
Lighting unit with light source and optical waveguide
Edge lighted device with polarization
Light emitting module
Image-reading apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Superluminescent diodes having high output power and reduced internal reflections
Method and apparatus for attaching an optical fiber to a fiber array substrate
Thermoopic type variable optical attenuator and array type variable optical attentuator using this
Illuminated anti-trip cable duct
Littrow grating based OADM
Optical network unit, wavelength splitter, and optical wavelength-division multiplexing access syste...
All optical chopping using logic gates apparatus and method
Polarization maintaining optical fiber coupler and method of manufacturing same
Compact DMD-based optical module
Optical fiber and fiber grating type filter including the same
Dispersion compensating waveguide circuit
Multiple wavelength optical source
Modulator based on tunable resonant cavity
Loose tube fiber optic cables having at least one access location
Optical fiber cable with strategically placed filler rods
Optical lowpass filter and method for producing an optical lowpass filter
Rare earth doped single polarization double clad optical fiber and a method for making such fiber
Optical fibre
Indexing, storage and retrieval of digital images
Embedded bayesian network for pattern recognition
Method for estimating motion by referring to discrete cosine transform coefficients and apparatus th...
Image processing apparatus which records images in a compressed state and outputs compressed images ...
Tarp filter
Extension of two-dimensional variable length coding for image compression
Image and video coding with redundant run-length-level-last codewords removed
Two-dimensional orthogonal transformation and quantization method and its device and program
Pattern matching and pattern recognition system, associative memory apparatus, and pattern matching ...
Implement for optically inferring information from a planar jotting surface
Gateway server in which picture contents can be displayed in small terminal, and processing speed is...
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Computing arbitrary fractional powers of a transform operator from selected precomputed fractional p...
Digital image cross talk correction
Video production and compaction with collage picture frame user interface
Method and apparatus for temporarily immobilizing a local area of tissue
Electronic endoscope
Hard disk drive medical monitor with electrical grounding system
Rechargeable hard disk drive medical monitor
Non-contacting tonometer
Measuring tissue mobility
Bone biopsy instrument having improved sample retention
Pulsating expression cap
Apparatus and method of monitoring a subject and providing feedback thereto
Stylet unit
Device and method for determining a depth of an incision
Method for physiological volume measurement and analysis
Treatment device with guidable needle
Externally-applied high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for pulmonary vein isolation
Repairing procedure for the treatment of superficial and/or perforant venous insufficiency of the lo...
Radiation curable resin composition and rapid prototyping process using the same
Hardware/software platform for rapid prototyping of code compression technologies
Wireless communication device with integrated battery/antenna system
System and method for adaptive resource management
RF communication device and method of using it and antenna construction for use in the device and me...
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
Merging of infrastructure within a development environment