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Substituted triazine kinase inhibitors
Recombinant polypeptide useful for neurotrophin receptor mediated gene delivery and as neurotrophin ...
Solid state actuation using graphite intercalation compounds
Fluorescent lamp with ultraviolet reflecting layer
Method of speech recognition using time-dependent interpolation and hidden dynamic value classes
Context free grammar engine for speech recognition system
Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
Location-based scenarios to facilitate selection of system configuration
System and method for exchanging information across a computer network at variable transmission rate...
Method and apparatus for efficiently matching responses to requests previously passed by a network n...
Method and system for providing a peripheral service to a host computing device
System and method for monitoring and reporting events between peripheral device and host system appl...
Schema-based services for identity-based access to device data
Method and apparatus for performing a function in a plant using process performance monitoring with ...
Determination of damping in bladed disk systems using the fundamental mistuning model
Sensor alignment method for 3D measurement systems
Hermetically sealed electrolytic capacitor
Method and apparatus for electrically isolating capacitor electrodes using separator
Solid electrolytic capacitor and fabrication method therefor
Electronic device cooling assembly and method employing elastic support material holding a plurality...
Antifuse having tantalum oxynitride film and method for making same
Underwater cable arrangements and devices
Fluid density measurement
Actuator for an active noise control system
Hybrid transmission and its assembling method
Detachable mount for a telescopic firearm sight
Method and apparatus for packaging panel products
Apparatus for heating spent ammunition cases
Lead free, composite polymer based bullet and method of manufacturing
Methods of using settable compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Borehole marking devices and methods
Canted universal elastic polymer holster hanger with indistinguishable belt lock and flex arm to con...
Method for applying a polymer coating to the internal surface of a container
Powder coating method providing enhanced finish characteristics
Method including forming gate dielectrics having multiple lanthanide oxide layers
Electron beam apparatus and device manufacturing method using same
Multi-source surveillance system
Hostile platform position location utilizing networked communications
Enhanced non-lethal electric weapon
Tire for motorcycle
Golf ball
Racket frame
Method of the production of a golf ball
Studless tire with tread having circumferential portions, blocks and V shaped sipes
Pneumatic tire with specified bead portion profile
Motorcycle tire
Apparatus for removing cover of golf ball from core
System and method for releasably holding a surgical instrument
Pneumatic tire with tread including biting elements
Tire manufacturing module and method of manufacturing tires
Preparation of co-extruded multi-layered rubber composite and use as component of a tire
Synthetic polyisoprene rubber
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Real-time linear detection probes: sensitive 5'-minor groove binder-containing probes for PCR analys...
Papilloma pseudovirus and preparation
Toneless telemetry in a wireless system
Method for providing differing service levels in a wireless telecommunications network
Wireless communication chat room system and method
Method, system and components for facilitating wireless communication in a sectored service area
Hydration monitoring circuitry for pH sensors
Vehicle data bus system
Automated manipulation system and method in a transit system
Wireless telephone having analog or sensor input
Voice review of privacy policy in a mobile environment
Method, computer program product and apparatus for implementing professional use of instant messagin...
Industrial controller for machine tools, robots and/or production machines
Dynamic frequency selection scheme for IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Printing system with means for correcting order information
DSL transmit traffic shaper structure and procedure
Method for creating and deploying system changes in a voice application system
System and method for a mobile computing device to control appliances
Methods and systems for transmitting digital images
Continuous flow dielectrophoretic particle concentrator
Method of fabricating micro-electromechanical systems
Methods and reagents for oligonucleotide synthesis
Multi-frequency capacitive measurement device and a method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for delayed recursion decoder
Method of production of nanoparticle and nanoparticle produced by the method of production
Carbapenem compounds
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Volatile metal .beta.-ketoiminate and metal .beta.-diiminate complexes
Resistance change memory having organic semiconductor layer
Thin film transistor and OLED including the same
Organic light-emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Light-emitting device
Light source and display device
Image display apparatus
Display apparatus and drive method therefor
Image display device and testing method of the same
Revocation and updating of tokens in a public key infrastructure system
Arbitration of state changes
Method and apparatus for synchronizing an email client on a portable computer system with an email c...
System and method of polling electronic mailboxes
Method for operating a network computer
User operation log recording and storing apparatus using object-oriented technology
Method and apparatus to facilitate access and propagation of messages in communication queues using ...
Intelligently classifying and handling user requests in a data service system
System and method for processing a new diagnostics case relative to historical case data and determi...
Chip debugging using incremental recompilation and register insertion
Method and device for pelletizing unprocessed cellulosic fibrous material
Container sealing device
Production method of soymilk curd
Method for producing a jerked meat rawhide chew toy
Packages and methods for processing food products
Apparatus and method for beating and rolling a food dough belt
Carbonated protein drink and method of making
Gene of enzyme reactivating DNA damaged by ultraviolet light using visible light
Use of certain N-acylethanolamines to achieve ethylene- and cytokinin-like effects in plants and fu...
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations with a content of hydroxybenzophenones and...
Stabilization of oxidation-sensitive or UV-sensitive active ingredients
Cosmetic and dermatological light-protective formulations with a content of particulate UV-filter su...
Method and topical formulation for treating skin conditions associated with aging
Priority differentiated subtree locking
Dielectric waveguide having a face and method of production thereof
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor
Structured set partitioning and multilevel coding for partial response channels
In situ media defect image analysis
System and method for reducing power usage
Data sector error handling mechanism
Ceramic corona discharge emitter tip
Suspension tongue design for varying the static pitch and roll torque on the slider of a disk drive
Fluid assisted emitter tip and method
Data storage disc track centering
Granular magnetic recording media with improved corrosion resistance by cap layer + pre-covercoat et...
Methods, computer systems and software applications for providing a lock service
Plasma display panel
Upside-down magnetoresistive random access memory
Food cooking and heating apparatus
Distributed indexing of identity information in a peer-to-peer network
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
Optical switch
Cancer detection method and reagents
Hibiscus plant named `YOHIB 2136`
System and method for providing a persistent power mask
System and method for utilization of a command structure representation
Internal product fault monitoring apparatus and method
Mobile, unitary, wall-plugged, temperature and/or power monitoring and warning system for critical s...
Mounting machine and controller for the mounting machine
Substituted 2H-1,3-benzoxazin-4(3H)-ones
Consistent asynchronous checkpointing of multithreaded application programs based on semi-active or ...
Multi-purpose plastic pipe cutter
Abrasion resistant omnidirectionally reflective jewelry
Wireless communication including diversity transmission and reception
HF-reducing green roofing
Electro-optic polymer waveguide devices incorporating organically modified sol-gel clads
Sodium bicarbonate/sodium chloride micronized slurry
Process for the preparation of di- and polyamines of the diphenylmethane series
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Integrated semiconductor memory
Non-magnetic single component developing device
Method, apparatus and program for migrating between striped storage and parity striped storage
System and method for mapping deployment status of high bandwidth metropolitan area networks
Translation of an electronic integrated circuit design into hardware
Method and system for providing string-over-socket scripting language access to distributed object m...
Gateway for interaction of telecommunications network resources and applications
GPS voice system
Method and apparatus for an integrated GPS receiver and electronic compassing sensor device
Amplifiers with compensation
Enhanced vision for driving
Vehicle rearview mirror system having a variable reflectance control
Automotive lane change aid
Vehicle imaging processing system and method having obstructed image detection
Motor spindle control system and method
Transconductance amplifiers with compensation
Tape display card assembly for hanging and free standing
Bandages pouch
Tool handle head
Tape dispenser
Method for cleaning and/or disinfecting the vacuum channels of a sealing station
Conveyor belt cleaning system
Phosphor based illumination system having a plurality of light guides and an interference reflector
Phosphor based illumination system having a plurality of light guides and an interference reflector
Endoscope device, endoscope and image processing device for endoscope
Endoscopic accessory mounting adaptor
Devices and related methods for securing a tissue fold
Hydrogel-based prosthetic device for replacing at least a part of the nucleus of a spinal disc
Mammalian cytokines; related reagents and methods
Plants and seeds of corn variety I135160
Control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells
LED modifying apparatus and method
Microelectromechanical resonator structure, and method of designing, operating and using same
Data transceiver with filtering and precoding
Unbiased signal to interference ratio in wireless communications devices and methods therefor
Receiver signal dynamic range compensation based on received signal strength indicator
Adaptive decision regions and metrics
Inverse fast fourier transform (IFFT) with overlap and add
Runway approach using localizer alone
Method and apparatus for eliminating the need for register assignment, allocation, spilling and re-f...
Method and apparatus for locating short circuit faults in an integrated circuit layout
Multiple object sources controlled and/or selected based on a common sensor
Printing system with custom marking module and method of printing
Xerographic developer unit with specialized exit port for developer material
Recording method and apparatus
Computationally efficient noise reduction filter
Optical switching element, and device, optically addressed type display medium and display each usin...
Ultrasound sensor and ultrasound measurement device
Hearing system beamformer
System and method for intra-operative haptic planning of a medical procedure
Pacing optimization based on changes in pulse amplitude and pulse amplitude variability
Efficient navigation of autonomous carriers
Motor vehicle with a pre-safe-system
Inspection method and system using multifrequency phase analysis
Off-axis levelling in lithographic projection apparatus
Method and apparatus to generate an x-ray image of the female breast
Method and system for the detection, comparison and volumetric quantification of pulmonary nodules o...
Method and apparatus for implement XANES analysis
Electrical current induced inhibition of bone growth
X-ray analysis apparatus
RF accelerator for imaging applications
X-ray equipment
Device for adjustment of the anti-scattering grid to the focal length for radiological equipment
Image smoothing with decoupled regularization
Method for determining an object function
Sample charging control in charged-particle systems
Radiographic imaging substrate, radiographic imaging apparatus, and radiographic imaging system
High quantum efficiency x-ray detector for portal imaging
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
Phase change memory and method therefor
Fast-convergence two-stage automatic gain control (AGC)
Digital broadcasting receiver
Flat display apparatus having partitioned housing
Latch device
Time ordered indexing of an information stream
Twisted pair communications line system
ATSC digital television system
Method and system for measurement of the duration an area is included in an image stream
Computer readable medium recording handwritten signature authentication program, and handwritten sig...
Video coding and decoding
Method for contrast matching of multiple images of the same object or scene to a common reference im...
Detection rules for a digital video recorder
Lane departure prevention system
Reduction of oil and off-flavors in citrus juice by direct steam heating and flash cooling
Apparatus for making a food product
Apparatus and method for making multiple component confectionery product
Soy-fortified corn dough and tortillas
Partial fat replacement in flat bread
Acidified milk products containing pectin
Method of producing a deep fried egg based foodstuff and the products thereof
Method of producing a baked egg based foodstuff and the products thereof
Food products containing legume products and processes for producing the food products
Protein enriched mashed potato product and process
Meat treatment systems and methods
Food impurity identifier
Coating Compositions for Containers and Methods of Coating
Oil-resistant sheet material
Microbially-expressed thermotolerant phytase for animal feed
Cb1 antagonist compounds
Television interface system
Bumper soccer
Alphabetic roulette game
Collapsible corrugated target for tank gunnery practice
Pattern display device and game machine including the same
Gaming display device
Ice skating arena
Multiple photosensor pixel
Image display device and optical element for forming stereoscopic image used in the same
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Plant production of immunoglobulins with reduced fucosylation
Use of untranslated region of osmotin gene to enhance transgene expression in plants
Regulation of gene expression in plants
Grape plant named 'Marquette'
High Artemisinin yielding plant genotype 'CIM-Arogya'
Seashore Paspalum plant named 'SI 98'
Abrasive Articles and Methods for the Manufacture and Use of Same
Agglomerate abrasive grains and methods of making the same
Butt joint connector
Mortar composition
Method and apparatus for colorant transfer
System and method for performing multiple downhole operations
Product for controlling dissolving rate of orthopedic implant material and process of producing the ...
Stainless steel repair patch assembly
Preparation of cellulose ether products of increased viscosity and fineness
Resin composite material and electronic device component
Silicone oil-in-water (o/w) emulsion compositions useful for water repellent applications
Moisture-curable adhesive composition
Method of treatment, stabilization and heave control for chromite ore processing residues (COPR) and...
Coating system comprising a dry powder composition dispersible in water
Water purification system
Apparatus for supplying drinking water
Mixtures of substances
Method and apparatus for desalinating water combined with power generation
Method and apparatus for producing ultra-high purity water
Porous membrane and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for treating wastewater
Disposable infant beverage container
Garcinia mangostana L. enhanced animal food product
Ozone Disinfection Apparatus
Water treatment compositions and methods of making and using
Apertured conditioning brush for chemical mechanical planarization systems
Aqueous solution of chromium salt and method for producing same
Pufa polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Nutritional composition for wound healing
Ultrafiltration membranes and methods of making and use of ultrafiltration membranes
Bioactive delivery matrix compositions and methods
Ultrasound coupling medium for use in medical diagnostics
Method and composition for creating and/or activating a platelet-rich gel by contact with a porous p...
Ginseng wine
Medical composition for balancing bodily processes
Composition for preventing and treating climacteric symptoms comprising the extract of sophorae fruc...
Soy products with reduced levels of sulfite, free radicals and methanethiol
Antifungal effects of Morinda citrifolia
Binder composition
Method of Controlling Animal Pests
Biopolymer compositions and products thereof
Compositions and methods for enhancing immunity by chemoattractant adjuvants
Anti-apoptopic gene SCC-S2 and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Method of treating or preventing type-2 diabetes
Novel polymers for delivering nitric oxide in vivo
Prefetching and multithreading for improved file read performance
Electrodeless discharge lamp
Group 3-5 compound semiconductor and light emitting diode
Thin-film magnetic memory device executing data writing with data write magnetic fields in two direc...
Hockey safety net
System for issuing short life coupons or other promotional devices
Heated food serving apparatus and method therefor
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Method and device for identifying species of animals, plants, and/or types of minerals
Oxygen delivery system
Aerosol enhancement device
Method for adding a user selectable function to a hyperlink
Wagering game
Cardiac pacing using sensed coronary vein blood temperature and left ventricular flow rate
Papaver plant named `Pink Pearl`
Materials and methods for detection of enterovirus and norovirus
Method and apparatus for obtaining geometrical data relating to the ear canal of the human body
Optic array for three-dimensional multi-perspective low observable signature control
Light distribution apparatus and methods for illuminating optical systems
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with means for concurrent a...
Preprocessing of interfaces to allow fast call through
Managing exposure to failure for computer-based systems
Electronic control unit for controlling updating of data in non-volatile memory
Refractory mixes containing condensed tannin and furfuryl alcohol, and their uses
End-face seal for graphite electrodes
Polishing composition
Bandwidth allocation for a television program delivery system
System and method for robust time partitioning of tasks in a real-time computing environment
Forearm crutch padded cover
Slotted pins guiding knife in a curved cutter stapler
Modem command interface for radio devices
Materials and methods for management of hyperacute rejection in human xenotransplantation
Lipoglycan compositions and methods of treating parasitic infections
Method and apparatus capable of determining and utilizing radio wave directional information
Light guide device and backlight module using the same
Imaging member
Junction substrate and method of bonding substrates together
Sterically hindered PI-bridge nonlinear optical chromophores, processes including same, and devices ...
Substrates and assays for .beta.-secretase activity
System and method for implementing a conditional payload server
Epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Electronic stabilizer used for hand-held lamp
All-fiber linear design depolarizer for all-states of polarization
Polarization dependent loss loop
Broad-band fiber-optic wave plates
Intrusion detection system for use on single mode optical fiber using a polarimeter
Apparatus and method for monitoring optical network
Polarization beam separator and combiner
Fiber optic cables manufactured as an assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Protective casings for optical fibers
Optical fiber, dispersion compensator, and optical transmission system
Photonic crystal fiber preform and photonic crystal fiber manufactured using the same
Optical amplification fiber, optical fiber amplifier, and optical communication system
Waveguide photodetector
Coupled photonic crystal resonator array arrangements and applications
Fixing tool for fixing a fiber holding member to an optical fiber
Method and apparatus for creating circumferential flat surfaces on round cross section polymer optic...
Method and apparatus for operation, protection, and restoration of heterogeneous optical communicati...
Ring network using multi-wavelength generator
Polarization mode dispersion compensation apparatus using a photonic crystal structure
Apparatus and method for measuring the dispersion of a fiber span
Monitoring and in-line compensation of polarization dependent loss for lightwave systems
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Disk drive for quickly retracting head to retract area, and emergency head-unload control circuit fo...
Method and apparatus for rejecting contact-induced disturbances
Method and apparatus of micro-actuator control of the flying height of a read/write head in a hard d...
Servo track verification apparatus and servo writer
Seek trajectory generation using adaptive filtering
Data storage device for recording to magnetic thread
Adhesive sheet shaft support in a data storage device
Noise reducing apparatus for disk drive
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Servo write method for magnetic tape
Thin film magnetic head equipped with toroidal coil layer
Sacrificial anode in a kerf for corrosion protection during slider fabrication
Thin film servo head apparatus with canted servo gaps
Electrical lapping guide embedded in a shield of a magnetic head
Magnetoresistive-effect element having a prominent magnetoresistive effect, and method of manufactur...
Magnetoresistive head having defined relationships between the tract width and magnetization film th...
System and method for programmably adjusting gain and frequency response in a 10-GigaBit ethernet/fi...
Adaptive vibration management system for a work machine
Throughput optimization by activation of selected parallel channels in a multichannel tape drive
Methods of treating insulin resistance with an inhibitor of an NAD(P)H oxidase
Gene sequence of L-rhamnose isomerase having new catalytic function and use thereof
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity
Diphenylazetidinone with improved physiological properties, process for its preparation, medicaments...
Aryl fused azapolycyclic compounds
Quinazoline derivatives
Lactam-containing cyclic diamines and derivatives as a factor Xa inhibitors
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha agonists
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and process for thei...
Preparation of cis-fused 3,3a,8,12b-tetrahydro-2H-dibenzo[3,4:6,7]cyclohepta[1,2-b]furan derivatives
3-Substituted oxindole .beta.3 agonists
Spiro compounds
Device and method to discriminate between supraventricular tachycardias and ventricular arrhythmias
Reflector-mirror drive shaft controller for laser beam machine
Laser mirror vision
Pattern defect inspection method and its apparatus
Laser machining of electroactive ceramics
Probe for combined signals
Trimmer impedance component, semiconductor device and trimming method
Memory device on optical scanner and apparatus and method for storing characterizing information on ...
Multi-beam pitch adjusting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Laser doppler velocimeter
Module for optical information reader
Dynamic beam splitter outputting a selectable number of beams
Raman amplifier, pump source for use in a raman amplifier and method for amplifying an optical signa...
Lenslet array for beam homogenization
Method for correcting a static posture of a head portion and a static posture correcting apparatus
Device capable of detecting vibration/shock
Optical pickup
Optical pickup device
Driving system for a semiconductor laser device
High speed optoelectronic subassembly and package for optical devices
Windshield moisture detector
Fender support for a motor vehicle
Interlayer composite for a laminated transparency
Process for the separation of chlorosilanes from gas streams
Filter catalyst for purifying exhaust gases
Waste water process with scrubber
Method of producing heat energy
High-structure precipitated silicas
Lanthanum gallate-based sintered body, manufacturing method thereof, and solid oxide fuel cell using...
Methods of treatment using specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
DNAs encoding rat histamine receptors of the H4 subtype
Stabilizing device for intervertebral disc, and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for delivering an intervertebral disc implant
Responsive microgel and methods related thereto
Multi-CPUs support with thread priority control
Methods and systems for integrating with load balancers in a client and server system
Remote task scheduling for a set top box
State machine for accessing a stealth firewall
Method and apparatus for at-speed diagnostics of embedded memories
Error detection and correction in a layered, 3-dimensional storage architecture
Providing dynamic web pages by separating scripts and HTML code
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for word based render browser for skimming or speed...
Run-time hypervideo hyperlink indicator options in hypervideo players
Method and system for displaying an image instead of data
Automatic backup and restore for configuration of a logical volume manager during software installat...
Undo infrastructure
Apparatus and method for converting an instruction and data trace to an executable program
Mahonia aquifolium extract, extraction process and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
HA-1 antigen
Mixed Virus-like particles
Complex mixtures exhibiting selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2
Artificial antibodies, method of producing the same and use thereof
Rheology modifier/hair styling resin
Pharmaceutical compositions
End-capped polymers and compositions containing such compounds
Polymeric nanoparticles including olfactive components
Composition for treating hair and scalp and method for preparing same
Dietary supplement composition for ameliorating inflammatory changes in influenza process
Anti-inflammatory activity of a specific turmeric extract
Scar reducing and massage emollient
Sterically hindered poly (ethylene glycol) alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof
Pet toy product with integral treats receiving receptacles
Balancer device for hanging article
Ship with liquid tank
Powered boat hull
Methods and apparatus to reduce formation of streaks on a wall
Humic mineral reagent and method for the production thereof, method for rehabilitating polluted soil...
Pipeline system utilizing cold bends
Process and apparatus for the fractional distillation of crude oil
Inbred corn line G1505
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH442935
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH041570
Thin film transistor substrate for display device and fabricating method thereof
Antisense oligonucleotides that inhibit expression of HIF-1
Bt toxin receptors and methods of use
Benzodeazaadenine derivative base and electronic material containing the same
DMI1 gene encodes a protein that is required for the early steps of bacterial and fungal symbioses
Nucleotide sequences coding signal transduction components in durable and broad-range resistance str...
Control of bacterial infection by quenching quorum-sensing of plant pathogenic bacteria
Corn root preferential promoters and uses thereof
Ecdysone receptors and methods for their use
Cis-prenyltransferases from the rubber-producing plants russian dandelion (Taraxacum kok-saghyz) and...
Soybean cultivar 4N2V74028
Transformable inbred corn line LIZL5 and methods for use thereof
Plants and seeds of corn variety I026458
Inbred corn line G1202
Inbred corn line G2202
Remote PBX system and advanced communication terminals
Method of and system for call service system, and computer product
Telephone terminal equipment interface circuit
Communications system and method utilizing centralized signal processing
Enhanced high voltage interface for partitioned subscriber line interface circuit
Call system
Adapter for portable telephone usable as mobile telephone in vehicle
Method for providing price information to subscribers of a digital mobile communication network
Calling party announcement apparatus
Method, system and apparatus for call path reconfiguration
Method for displaying special alerting icon
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, program storage medium, ...
Handphone capable of inputting characters like keyboard
Mobile communication device and a cover for the same
Removable customizable inserts and faceplate for electronic devices
Method and apparatus for evaluating the voice quality of telephone calls
Method and apparatus for accessing targeted, personalized voice/audio web content through wireless d...
Emergency drop system for an aircraft advertising display
Rotor and aircraft passively stable in hover
Aircraft with articulated leading edge of fuselage and wings
Motion assisting apparatus
Landing gear having a gas vessel, and methods of maintaining such landing gear
Barrier net
Closing system interposed between two elements
Orbital debris shield
Structural element with rib-receiving member
Information display system for atypical flight phase
Sound producing crayon
Egyptian pyramids board game
Rosary having audible and/or visual indicators and related methods
Illumination apparatus and image-taking apparatus
Accessory assembly for photographic equipment
Digital camera using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
Strap with accessory
Drum bracket
Play data editing device and method of editing play data
Method and apparatus for releasing memory locations during transactional execution
Method and system for buffering multiple requests from multiple devices to a memory
Storage system and method of configuring the storage system
Physical address mapping framework
Reduction of noise and temperature variation in mixed-signal integrated circuits
Apparatus and method to convert a plurality of sectors from a first sector format to a second sector...
Host memory interface for a parallel processor
Delta object replication system and method for clustered system
Method, system, and program for a system architecture for an arbitrary number of backup components
Method for managing pair states in a storage system
High speed memory system
Non-volatile memory system having a programmably selectable boot code section size
Virtual space manager for computer having a physical address extension feature
Partial address compares stored in translation lookaside buffer
Address decoding method and related apparatus by comparing mutually exclusive bit-patterns of addres...
Address predicting apparatus and methods
Rapid partial configuration of reconfigurable devices
Instruction memory hierarchy for an embedded processor
Disk drive system for starting destaging of unwritten cache memory data to disk drive upon detection...
Preserving snapshots during disk-based restore
System and device for heating or cooling shape memory surgical devices
Particulate formulations for intradermal delivery of biologically active agents
Methods and devices for stenting or tamping a fractured vertebral body
Osteoimplants and methods for their manufacture
Articular disc prosthesis and method for implanting the same
Artificial Spinal Disc
Method for repairing a bone defect using a formable implant which hardens in vivo
Calibration based beamforming, non-linear adaptive filtering, and multi-sensor headset
Method for providing extensible software components within a distributed synchronization system
Perlecan transgenic animals and methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of amyloidoses
Cytokine involved in epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Transgenic animal and methods for decreasing cardiac cell death via cardiac-specific SIR2alpha overe...
Modified Organs and Cells for Xenotransplantation
Organic electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus having specific sub-pixel pattern
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Apparatus and method for processing LLR for error correction code in a mobile communication system
Baseband receiver using transition trigger and method thereof
Detection of lightning
Radio base station, communications program and communications method
Predistorter for use in a wireless transmitter
Radio receiver
Time of day synchronization and distribution within a multiprocessor embedded system and related met...
Extensible human machine interface (HMI) plugin architecture for radio software system and related m...
Portable Communications Device Coupled to First Network by Way of Second Network
Radio communication system
Analog front-end circuit
Audio management in a dual processor environment
Automatic antenna selection for mesh backhaul network nodes
Catalyst for the Treatment of Organic Compounds
Method and system for radio frequency ophthalmological presbyopia surgery
Synthesized interoperable communications
Serialization and preservation of objects
Methods and apparatus for modeling based on conversational meta-data
System and method for synchronizing multiple database files
Plasma display panel
Closed-loop, supply-adjusted ROM memory circuit
Flip-chip light emitting diode package structure
MRAM memory with residual write field reset
Media organizer and entertainment center
Method and system for remote utilizing a mobile device to share data objects
Cooking container and microwave oven having such container
Ground operations and imminent landing runway selection
Internal balloon illumination apparatus and method
Electrode catalyst for fuel cell and method for production thereof
Fiberoptic nebulizer
Air self-contained oxygen inhaler
Identifying dynamic groups
System and method for network configuration engine
Method and apparatus for optimum arrangement of selection objects
Video game apparatus and control method thereof, and program of video game and computer-readable rec...
Digitally active 3-D object creation system
Polymer brushes for immobilizing molecules to a surface or substrate having improved stability
Guitar preamlifier system with controllable distortion
Papaver plant named `Miss Piggy`
Secure booting and provisioning
Intelligent self-configurable adapter
Non-destructive testing system using a laser beam
Selective androgen receptor modulators
Vibration isolator assembly having altered stress characteristics, and method of altering stress cha...
Ceramic electronic component and its manufacturing method
Medicament containing epidemium extract for treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Two-phase polymeric materials and methods for making
Methods and systems for measuring cardiac parameters
.beta.-secretase inhibitors
Time information display system
Methods for inhibiting viral replication in vivo
Discharge lamp drive apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Method and device for producing a hard metal tool
Flat tube cold plate assembly
Screed bar for vibratory screed
Fabrication of stacked dielectric layer for suppressing electrostatic charge buildup
Process for preparing a stabilized polyester
Missing golf club reminder and wireless golf bag alarm system
Adjustable golf club
Golf swing training apparatus
Swing programmer apparatus
Parallelism adjustment device
Polymeric nano-particles of flower-like structure and applications
Semiconductor devices fabricated with different processing options
OLED display having thermally conductive material
OLED display having thermally conductive adhesive
Magnetoresistance effect element comprising nano-contact portion not more than a fermi length, metho...
Settling aids for solids in hydrocarbons
Processes for the production of cumene, polyetherimides, and polycarbonates
Solvent recovery blends from diene production
Method of continuous production of polyalkylbiphenyls
Conversion of unsaturated chemicals to oligomers
Desktop terminal for multimedia communication
Seamless arbitrary data insertion for streaming media
Method and system for providing multi-media services incorporating a segmentation directory adapted ...
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecomm...
Apparatus and method to synchronize multimedia playback over a network using out-of-band signaling
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
Method and device for handling a multimedia call
Implantable pump for protein delivery for obesity control by drug infusion into the brain
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives and a process for preparing the same
Inhibitors of akt activity
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Specific nad(p)h oxidase inhibitor
Use of phthalide derivatives for the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus
Morpholine derivatives as norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
Iontophoresis apparatus and method to deliver antibiotics to biological interfaces
Gastric bariatric apparatus with selective inflation and safety features
Method and device for utilizing analyte levels to assist in the treatment of diabetes
Fused-aryl and heteroaryl derivatives as modulators of metabolism and the prophylaxis and treatment ...
Alzheimer's disease-specific alterations of the ERK1/ERK2 phosphorylation ratio
Nucleic acids encoding and methods of producing fusion proteins
VEGF-C or VEGF-D materials and methods for treatment of neuropathologies
Wound and skin care products
Methods and compositions for the prevention of toxic side effects of aminoglycoside medications
Methods for inhibiting protein kinases
Pyrazolopyrimidines as protein kinase inhibitors
Pyrazolopyrimidines as protein kinase inhibitors
Acyclic Ikur inhibitors
Novel thiazolidin-4-one derivatives
Pyrazolopyrimidines as protein kinase inhibitors
Methods for the preparation and formulation of magnesium valproate hydrate
Apparatus and methods for preventing and/or healing pressure ulcers
Punctum plugs having insertion guides and strengthening beams
Devices and related methods for targeted pressure and temperature therapies for pelvic region disord...
Apparatus for dispensing garbage bags
Electrical connector with provisions to reduce thermally-induced stresses
Communications jack with compensation for differential to differential and differential to common mo...
Gaming device having a mechanical award indicator
Phone adapter method and system for vehicles
Relevance value for each category of a particular search result in the ranked list is estimated base...
Generalized file matching method and system
Method and system for charging a battery to a point less than initial maximum capacity
Distributed control method
Anti-islanding protection systems for synchronous machine based distributed generators
Vacuum apparatus and vacuum processing method
Wind turbine generator system
Energy collection and storage system
Portable power source system
Battery cover assembly having integrated battery condition monitoring
System and method for monitoring a charging period in a battery charger
Charging circuit for secondary battery
Power line communication using power factor correction circuits
Power supply for positive and negative output voltages
Enable and disable of diode emulation in a DC/DC converter
Master-slave critical conduction mode power converter
Switching power supply system for automatically regulating circuit operating power and method thereo...
Method and apparatus for a switch mode power supply that generates a high pulse width modulation gai...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Low dropout regulator capable of on-chip implementation
Low noise block supply and control voltage regulator
Portable record in electronic form
Medical data collection for PDA
Continuous media priority aware storage scheduler
Branch locking of job tickets to control concurrency
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Process for removing aldehydes and/or ketones from an olefinic stream
Process for the removal of nitrogen compounds from a fluid stream
Method and apparatus for producing untainted white light using off-white emitting diodes
System for manufacturing structures of cementitious materials
Image display medium and image formation device
Configurable width buffered module having splitter elements
Stabilized bioactive preparations and method of use
Pressure pack aerosol can for mixing and discharging two-constituent materials
Surfing board leash tangle prevention instrument
Method, apparatus and article-of-manufacture for the creation, issuance, valuation/pricing, trading ...
Passive wireless acoustic wave chemical sensor
Juvenile hormone compositions and methods for making same
Apparatus and method for developing secure software
Proteins and methods for producing the proteins
Metal back prosthetic glenoid component with cemented pegs and hollow metal cage screw
Peptides, the production and use thereof for binding immunoglobulins
Perfuming or flavoring microcapsules comprising a fireproofing agent
Circuit breaker intermediate latch
Surface-mount capacitor and method of producing the same
Delivery methods, systems and components for use with hazardous pharmaceutical substances
Algorithmic and dataflow graphical representation of MATLAB
Solenoid valve
Valve island with a pilot air path located on the side of a sub-base
Communication in a wireless communications network when a mobile computer terminal may be unreachabl...
Method for replacing corrupted audio data
Partial grant set evaluation from partial evidence in an evidence-based security policy manager
Glass drill bit
Functionalization of silicones and anti-adhesive coatings made therefrom
Recombinant RSV virus expression systems and vaccines
Cloned DNA sequences related to the genomic RNA of lymphadenopathy-associated virus (LAV) and protei...
DEP-1 receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase interacting proteins and related methods
Method for synthesis of the second strand of cDNA
Bi-directionally cloned random cDNA expression vector libraries, compositions and methods of use
Fusogenic liposomes
Hybrid peptides modulate the immune response
Potent immunostimulants from microalgae
Inhibitors of p38
Substituted pyrazinones, pyridines and pyrimidines as corticotropin releasing factor ligands
Pyrimidines as novel openers of potassium ion channels
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Oxindoles with anti-HIV activity
Deoxoartemisinin analogs, process for their preparation, and anticancer agent comprising them
Synthesis of a benzoxazinone
Solvates and polymorphs of ritonavir and methods of making and using the same
Methods for measuring therapy resistance
Method and machine for identifying a chemical compound
Methods of suppressing microglial activation
Tape carrier for TAB
Projection screen and projection system comprising the same
Dynamic measurement of and compensation for impairments to optical data communication pulses
Image forming apparatus operable in a duplex print mode
Optical sampling interface system for in vivo measurement of tissue
Systems and methods for automated quantitative analysis of digitized spectra
Efficient excitation quantization in noise feedback coding with general noise shaping
Value chain optimization system and method
Random number slip and swap generators
Asynchronous transcription object management system
System and method for recording information on a storage medium
Method and apparatus for adaptively coupling processing components in a distributed system
System and method for managing storage networks and providing virtualization of resources in such a ...
System and method for protecting network appliances against security breaches
Asynchronous fault-tolerant enclosure services interface
Checksum calculator with tree structure of reduction stages
System and methods for the automatic transmission of new, high affinity media
Automatic insertion of clocked elements into an electronic design to improve system performance
Method and apparatus for performing multiple merge operations using source data that is modified in ...
System and method for collaborative, peer-to-peer creation, management & synchronous, multi-platform...
Method and apparatus for determining secure endpoints of tunnels in a network that uses internet sec...
Electrode patch and wireless physiological measurement system and method
Functional norbornenes as initiators for radical polymerization, their polymeric derivatives and a p...
Sulphonamides for control of beta-amyloid production
Pyrimidine hydantoin analogues which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Nucleic acid molecules for detecting bacteria and phylogenetic units of bacteria
Production of weakly active or inactive mutants of alkaline phosphatase and their expression in yeas...
Method for increasing hydrophilicity of fluorescent label compounds
Non-contact method for acquiring charge-voltage data on miniature test areas of semiconductor produc...
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) nucleotide sequences, recombinant polypeptides, and applications ...
Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase as a marker for colorectal cancer
Process for the preparation of simvastatin
Overflow sensitive arithmetic instruction optimization using chaining
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Sanitizable cushioned sheath for the handle of a culinary knife or similar article
Window brightness enhancement for lc display
Method and apparatus for impedance matching in an amplifier using lumped and distributed inductance
Process for preparing 3-(2-(4-(6-fluorobenzo(d)isoxazol-3-yl)-piperidin-1-yl)-ethyl)-2-methyl- 6,7,8...
Modulators of CRTH2 activity
Sulfonyl-Derivatives as novel inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Method and arrangement for the improved exploitation of technical resources between telecommunicatio...
E-appliance for mobile online retailing
Method and apparatus for locally targeting virtual objects within a terminal
Method and apparatus for protecting web sites from distributed denial-of-service attacks
System for purchasing geographically distinctive items via a communications network
System and method for defining and collecting data in an information management system having a shar...
Real-time wireless video exposure monitoring system
Communication system, relay device, service providing device, relaying method, service providing met...
Computer program and process which make it possible to transform any digital image into a free-hand ...
Firewall-tolerant voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) emulating SSL or HTTP sessions embedding voice...
Terminal and relay device
Translation management system
Method and apparatus for determining a telephone number for accessing a target entity
High availability packet forward apparatus and method
Network address conversion system for enabling access to a node having a private IP address, a metho...
Image display apparatus and method of driving image display apparatus
Apparatus and method for inhibiting control apparatuses from controlling camera when another control...
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method with a polarizing ele...
Method of setting output conditions of output apparatus, output system, and printing apparatus
Image forming system and controlling method thereof enabling discharge of single output bundle, and ...
Serial communication apparatus and serial communication method
Network printing device, and method and control program in device thereof
Image-forming system, control method therefor, image-forming apparatus, data processing method, and ...
Image processing method and apparatus, and profile management method
Printing apparatus and method
Image processing method and apparatus
Optical system, and image pick-up apparatus using the same
Image observing apparatus
Wireless transmitter with reduced power consumption
Extracting embedded information from digital image data
Image forming apparatus and method using light and dark toners of the same hue
Process cartridge, developing cartridge and gripping part therefor
Image heating apparatus with nip portion pressure increasing downstream
Data communication apparatus and electronic mail data producing method
Input/output control apparatus
Form processing method, program and apparatus
Calcium phosphate cements made from (TTCP) with surface whiskers and process for preparing same
5-Fluoro-uracil immunoassay
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Carnation plant named `CFPC Annette`
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Atomic layer deposition of hafnium-based high-k dielectric
Text search ordered along one or more dimensions
Method and system for metrology recipe generation and review and analysis of design, simulation and ...
Regulation of human adenylate cyclase
Combination guitar arm rest and leg rest for improved guitar sound resonance
Lottery system with method for paying multiple progressive jackpots
Device to measure degree of acquisition and method for measuring degree of acquisition
Reflectance surface analyzer
Optical analyzers of polarization properties
Beam profile ellipsometer with rotating compensator
Detector configurations for optical metrology
Implantable hearing aid transducer interface
Hearing aid device with an output amplifier having a sigma-delta modulator
Intrabody communication for a hearing aid
Hearing aid with time-varying performance
Multi-coil coupling system for hearing aid applications
Method and apparatus for transparent communication between a fibre channel network and an infiniband...
Cooling system for a photo cosmetic device
Water purification system and method
Resource allocation for voice processing applications
Method and system for categorizing and processing e-mails
Open platform architecture for shared resource access management
Combined footwear and detachable ornamentation
Footwear outsole
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Ergonomic systems and methods providing intelligent adaptive surfaces
Integrated woven upper region and lacing system
Article of footwear with upper support assembly
Sole for article of footwear for granular surfaces
Collapsible platform for maintenance tasks
Escalator with riser brushes, step of such an escalator and method of modernizing an escalator
Accessory for a snowboard
Guard structure for protecting the lower limbs of the human body
Method for design and manufacture of insoles
Manufacturing method of acoustic sensor
Sound focus speaker of gas-filled sound lens attachment type
Microphone optimized for implant use
Electrical cable with self-repairing protection and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method of cancer treatment
Uses of human Zven antagonists
Use of transition metal complexes as bleach catalysts in laundry detergents and cleaning composition...
Combinations of active ingredients with insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Tri- and bi-cyclic heteroaryl histamine-3 receptor ligands
Composition and process for the manufacture of an improved electrophoretic display
Histidine-rich glycoprotein
Phosphorus-containing prodrugs
Crop plant cystatin proteinase inhibitors encoding nucleic acids and methods of use
Interactive and dynamic electronic floor advertising/messaging display
Apparatus and associated method that integrate the modalities of diagnosis and therapy to treat, in ...
Mri apparatus with means for noise reduction
Magnetic resonance imaging with ultra short echo times
Method for simultaneous phase contrast angiography and invasive device tracking
Method and control device for obtaining magnetic resonance data for imaging
Suspension arrangement structure for vehicle
Occupant restraint system
Vehicle sobriety interlock device
Motor headlight comprising an impact member
Overload coupling
Handle knob for industrial vehicle
Vehicle wheel end assembly with wheel adapter
Tractor rear suspension
Vehicle, method and steering system for vehicle
Brake device for vehicle
Steering post for recreational vehicle
Construction machine
Construction machine
Vehicle cab slide pivot
Multi-modal forced vortex device
Control of vehicle motor
Reconfigurable methodology for event detection in a motor vehicle
Method for determining a decision for the triggering of restraint means in a vehicle
Control device for an at least partially four-wheel-driven vehicle
System and method for detecting an object ahead of a vehicle and controlling the vehicle in response...
Method for controlling a hybrid electric vehicle
Razor handle
Epilator without ice cube
Container for lip gloss
Child safety walker
Welding mask
Welding mask
Work glove with reinforced, slip-preventive palm
Large pet food storage container
Pet collar