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Liquid level controller
Switching device actuated by a transponder
System for transmitting tire condition variables
Image display method and an image display apparatus for implementing the method
System for controlling a position of a mass
Communication apparatus communicating with recording medium memory and recording medium drive appara...
Data storage device and control method therefor to prevent off-track writing
Disk drive having a disk drive component adhered to the disk drive housing via an adhesive assembly ...
Magnetic read head and hard disk drive
Switching power supply circuit
Image based medical report system on a network
Energy conserving fuser and method for image forming
Method and apparatus for automated tracking of non-linear vessel movement using MR imaging
Embedded thermal control system for high field MR scanners
Methods and software for retrospectively gating a set of images
Electromagnetic delivery system to influence a biological system
Analog continuous time statistical processing
Noise feedback coding method and system for efficiently searching vector quantization codevectors us...
Catheter exhibiting improved electrical properties as well as a device and processing method for imp...
Method of depositing copper on a support
Cross-linking monomers for photoresist, and process for preparing photoresist polymers using the sam...
Crosslinkable rubber compositions and uses thereof
Optical device comprising a polymer actuator
Benzo-fused 5-membered hetrocycle compounds, process for preparation of the same, and use thereof
N-substituted benzene sulfonamides
System for selectively extinguishing a light source that illuminates a television power button
Shield system for coal mining
Process for the manufacture of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitory mevalonic acid derivatives
Flying height tester and flying height test method
Thermoplastic fencing construction and method of assembly thereof
Exposure apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus and method for manufacturing device using the exposure apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method for processing read image data
Multi-function image output apparatus with error control
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Digital watermark embedding apparatus, digital watermark extraction apparatus, and methods thereof
Resonator and light emitting device using the same
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, cartridge and process cartridge
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming ap...
Developer supply container, and coupling-driving member for developer supply container
Toner container
Developing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with detaching mechanism for fixing heater
Image heating apparatus with elastic conductive member contacting internal surface of rotation membe...
System for simulating the conveyance of a flexible medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and control program
Method of verifying a system in which a plurality of master devices share a storage device
Magneto-optical recording medium having in-plane magnetizing layer
Surface acoustic wave device
Single-electron transistor for detecting biomolecules
Cap for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having MEMS
Electronic circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Power module package having improved heat dissipating capability
Stacked semiconductor packages
Semiconductor package with wire bonded stacked dice and multi-layer metal bumps
Interconnect shunt used for current distribution and reliability redundancy
Semiconductor device having multilayer wiring structure and method, wherein connecting portion and w...
Semiconductor device, package structure thereof, and method for manufacturing the semiconductor devi...
Electronic circuit device having circuit board electrically connected to semiconductor element via m...
Semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic instrument suitable for stacking and having a th...
Semiconductor chip, mounting structure thereof, and methods for forming a semiconductor chip and pri...
Fluxgate sensor integrated in a semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Contact probe, measuring pad used for the contact probe, and method of manufacturing the contact pro...
Apparatus and method for applying an absorptive coating to an x-ray tube
Photoreceptor device module
Emulator-enabled network connectivity to a device
Electronic music/media distribution system
Method, system and apparatus for routing a query to one or more providers
System and method for synchronizing information between a host system and a mobile data communicatio...
Notification system and method for a mobile data communication device
Sequential flow-control and FIFO memory devices that are depth expandable in standard mode operation
Packet processing in switched fabric networks
Graphics display system with unified memory architecture
Memory controller for padding and stripping data in response to read and write commands
Memory device having at least a first and a second operating mode
Apparatus and method for interconnecting a processor to co-processors using a shared memory as the c...
Maintaining processor execution during frequency transitioning
Wireless communications systems and methods for nonvolatile storage of operating parameters for mult...
Resolution independent vector display of internet content
System and method for synchronizing software execution
Data flow analysis of transactional processes
TRAF family proteins
Fibroblast growth factor-13
Ablation stent for treating atrial fibrillation
Method and apparatus for optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy using heart sounds
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranial stimulation for optimal control of neurological di...
Closed loop brain machine interface
Non-glycosylated human alpha-fetoprotein, methods of production, and uses thereof
Software support for virtual machine interpreter (VMI) acceleration hardware
System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software
Deployment of applications in a multitier compute infrastructure
Method for monitoring and emulating privileged instructions of programs in a virtual machine
Technology for integrated computation and communication; TICC
Sleep queue management
IP virtualization
Method and apparatus for dynamic distributed computing over a network
DVB-ASI signal inverting adapter and system
Apparatus and method of program classification using observed cues in the transcript information
Method to remotely geolocate and activate or deactivate valuable equipment
Program signal blocking system
Method and system for secure, one-time password override during password-protected system boot
System and method for transmitting and utilizing electronic programs guide information
Updating malware definition data for mobile data processing devices
Audio/video programming and charging system and method
Electric powered golf cart
Carnation plant named `CFPC Aztec`
Vacuum gripper for handling small components
Rotary flash ADC
Computer controlled display device
System and method for scanned image bleedthrough processing
Method and structure to develop a test program for semiconductor integrated circuits
System and method for appointment reconciliation
Method and system for simulating a modular test system
Compressed air vacuum cleaner
Multi-purpose window-washer sprayer with orientable jet, in particular for vehicles
Process for manufacture of quaternary ammonium tosylate salts of cinnamidoalkylamines and / or benza...
Washing and drying machines and dry-cleaning machines
Dishwasher with shielded dispenser
Laundry detergent compositions with efficient hueing dye
Detergent compositions
Driving assisting apparatus for preventing vehicular collision
Surface shape measurement apparatus, surface shape measurement method, surface state graphic apparat...
Method for modifying navigation information
Engine control system
Directed evolution of novel binding proteins
Intersection assistance system and method
Method for obtaining and displaying information about objects in a vehicular blind spot
Locomotive location system and method
Antibodies for "Bonzo" chemokine receptor and therapeutic uses thereof
Topotactic anion exchange oxide films and method of producing the same
Method for pretreatment of catalysts with a phosphoric acid base
External second stage cyclones in olefin production process
Constructing control flows graphs of binary executable programs at post-link time
System, method and article of manufacture for a programmable vertex processing model with instructio...
Document processing method
Performance information monitoring system, method and program
Computer system employing a trusted execution environment including a memory controller configured t...
Automatically transmitting images from an electronic camera to a service provider using a network co...
Oil separation structure for refrigerant compressor
Method for controlling the oil recirculation in an oil-injected screw-type compressor and compressor...
Flow control system
Plastic flange with molded-over harness
Liquid feed apparatus and automatic analyzing apparatus
System and method for capacity control in a multiple compressor chiller system
Vehicle air conditioning apparatus
Multiple port dual diameter pumps
Pressure exchange apparatus with dynamic sealing mechanism
Vacuum pump
Variable displacement pump
Hybrid compressor and control device
Vane pump wear sensor for predicted failure mode
Fuel pump with filter-absent safety valve and universal inlet and outlet
Scroll compressor with backflow-proof mechanism
Portion of a container
Self-locking stackable tapered container with partial top stucture
Packing made from a film-like laminate and process for production of this packing
Method and apparatus for introducing an additive to a composite panel
Method for embossing air-laid webs using laser engraved heated hard rubber embossing rolls
Interferometer arrangement and interferometric measuring method
Method and apparatus for performing in-vivo blood analysis using raman spectrum
Device for ellipsometric two-dimensional display of a sample, display method and ellipsometric measu...
High-sensitivity reflection measurement apparatus
Combined use of oscillating means and ellipsometry to determine uncorrelated effective thickness and...
Joint analysis using ultrasound
Munition with integrity gated go/no-go decision
Cartridge with fin deployment mechanism
Blade restraint system
System, method, and apparatus for designing streamline traced, mixed compression inlets for aircraft...
Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft
Safety device trigger for activating a safety device
Seat power bus with discrete connection ports
Device for warning of differential pressure during the opening of a pressurized closing device perta...
Apparatus for grasping objects in space
High efficiency tip vortex reversal and induced drag reduction
Light source utilizing an infrared sensor to maintain brightness and color of an LED device
Scalable integrated logic and non-volatile memory
Strained silicon structure
Low-cost, low-voltage single-layer polycrystalline EEPROM memory cell integration into BiCMOS techno...
Split gate flash memory
Silicon-on-insulator substrate, fabricating method thereof, and method for fabricating floating stru...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Micromachined electromechanical device
Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
Land grid array module
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bonding structure with pillar and cap
Routing design to minimize electromigration damage to solder bumps
Planar view TEM sample preparation from circuit layer structures
Method and apparatus for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Optically pumped semiconductor device and method for producing it
Separating of optical integrated modules and structures formed thereby
Power amplifier having high heat dissipation
Semiconductor device
DRAM cell structure with buried surrounding capacitor and process for manufacturing the same
Refrigerant compositions comprising 1-ethoxy-1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane and a hydrofluorocar...
1-ethoxy-1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane refrigerant compositions comprising a fluoroether and us...
Low sodium salt of botanic origin
Adipocyte complement related protein homolog zacrp2
Non-visible radiation imaging and inspection
Motion control system for barrier drive
Luminaire device
High power implantable battery with improved safety and method of manufacture
Hearing aid having an adjustable directional characteristic, and method for adjustment thereof
Virtualization switch and storage system
Continuous centrifuge
Process for the treatment of waste oils
Low cost oil/grease separator
Gutter foam filter
Peritoneal dialysis solution containing modified icodextrins
Process for preparing polyvinylidene fluoride copolymer
Disposable filter bag for a pool cleaner
Data transmission apparatus, photoelectric conversion circuit and test apparatus
Modular aquarium filter
Caky chromatographic column and the method for producing it and its applications
Saccharide and support for chromatography
Dual-chamber chromatographic cartridge
Spiral wound filtration membrane cartridge with chevron seal
Biomimetic membranes
Wastewater treatment control
Assembly for withdrawing and filtering partial volumes of process fluid
Systems and methods for peritoneal dialysis
Chromatographic two-layer particles
Automated process for inhibiting corrosion in an inactive boiler containing an aqueous system
Tumorigenesis inhibitor
Diphenylmethyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Methods of the treatment of psoriatic arthritis using (+)-2-[1-(3-ethoxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-methylsu...
Substituted furochromene compounds of antiinflammatory action
Pesticidal compounds and compositions
Crystals of hydroxynorephedrine derivative
Selective inhibitors of the urokinase plasminogen activator
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of Syndrome X
Alanine- and glycine-containing therapeutic agent for hepatitis
5-amidino-2-hydroxybenzenesulfonamide derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same a...
Diagnostic agents for pancreatic exocrine function
Potassium channel modulators
Polyamine analogues as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Host receptor for pathogenic bacteria
Methods of increasing lean tissue mass using OB protein compositions
IL4 receptor antagonists for horse, dog and cat
Triple mineral salts of (-)-hydroxycitric acid and processes for preparing the same
Universal rotary device for marking an article with ink
System and method utilizing guided fluorescence for high intensity applications
Parachute line cutting device
Propeller driven surfing device
Marine craft
Variable hybrid catamaran air cushion ship
Tri-point hydro sled
Boat control device
Fixing assemblies and methods
Radial tire with tread pattern having four or five circumferential ribs
Engine control device
Process of treating sea algae and halophytic plants
Method of forming particles
Process for the production of rapidly disintegrating, solid pharmaceutical preparations
Methods for treating disease and forming a supplemented fibrin matrix
Honeycomb structural body and die for forming honeycomb structural body by extrusion
Assembled non-random foams
Sensor surfaces for detecting analytes
Molecular sieve compositions, catalyst thereof, their making and use in conversion processes
Compounds, compositions and methods
Gelatinous food elastomer compositions and articles for use as fishing bait
Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices and methods for detecting ammonia
Method of loading beneficial agent to a prosthesis by fluid-jet application
Composition and method for regulating the adhesion of cells and biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Process of forming multilayered structures
Method of depositing metal film and metal deposition cluster tool including supercritical drying/cle...
Reusable air permeable packaging film
Method of treating reproductive system cancer by administering follistatin-3
Negative-electrode active material for lithium secondary battery, negative electrode for lithium sec...
Methods of treating conditions associated with an Edg-3 receptor
Indazole compounds and compositions thereof as JNK inhibitors and for the treatment of diseases asso...
Aminocarboxylic acid breaker compositions for fracturing fluids
Manufacture of improved support matrices
Functional monomers for molecular recognition and catalysis
In vivo production of cyclic peptides
Dispenser assemblies and systems including a heat storage unit
Decorative surface covering with embedded RF antenna and RF shield and method for making the same
Differential phage capture proteomics
Display control drive device and display system
Expression and flexibility framework for providing notification(s)
System and method for intelligent SPAM detection using statistical analysis
Dual scraped, thin film, heat exchanger for viscous fluid
Airflow guide structure and manufacture thereof
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger design based on partial stain energy density ratio
Automotive air conditioning system
Temperature control strategy for a rear control system
Heat dissipating structure for an electronic device and heat dissipating device
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device incorporating fan duct
Cooling device and an electronic apparatus including the same
Heat dissipation device
Cooling apparatus
Electronic apparatus with heat-dissipating structure
Radiator structure
Heat dissipation device assembly
Method of connecting heat transfer pipe and capillary tube
Refrigerator having dispenser
Shoe sidewall
Shoe sole
Shoe outsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear liner
Grid midsole insert
Movable cover for rigidifying and/ or protecting the front face of an article of footwear, such as a...
Interactive shoe light device
Display structures for light-emitting diodes
Medical apparatus for feet
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A proteases
Developing cartridge detachable from image forming device
Charging roller featuring specified ratio of storage elastic modulus and dynamic viscoelasticity val...
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of using minuscule spherical particles of toner, a pr...
Lubricant applying unit, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Cleaning unit
Cleaning blade system for electrophotography
Wireless repeater with intelligent signal display
Radio receiving device, array parameter optimal value estimation method, and array parameter optimal...
Bandwidth management in a wireless measurement system using statistical processing of measurement da...
Mean square estimation of channel quality measure
Error estimate concerning a target device's location operable to move in a wireless environment
System and a computer program for the determination of quantities relating to the circulatory system...
Process and system for generating or visualizing sets of control data
Low-overhead consistency check for shared resource using flux indicator
Exclusive access for logical blocks
Method of switching modes of a computer operating in a grid environment based on the current operati...
Credential management
Electromagnetic piezoelectric acoustic sensor
Weapon silencers and related systems
Noise attenuation device for an air induction system
Closed loop embedded audio transmission line technology for loudspeaker enclosures and systems
Transdermal drug delivery device
5'-Carbamoyl-1,1-biphenyl-4-carboxamide derivatives and their use as p38 kinase inhibitors
6-O-substituted ketolides having antibacterial activity
Printing medium coating solution, ink-jet ink, image forming method, set of printing medium coating ...
Method of producing multilayer printed wiring board
Biphenyl carboxamides
Compositions and methods relating to breast specific genes and proteins
Method for producing 6-0-.alpha.-D-glucopyranosyl-D-sorbitol
Compositions employing a novel human protein phosphatase
Multi component controlled delivery system for soap bars
9-aminoacyl tetracycline compounds and methods of use thereof
Fungicidal combinations of active substances
Peptide deformylase inhibitors as novel antibiotics
Crystals of LuxP and complexes thereof
Alkylborazine compound and production method for the same
Method for developing a transmit coil of a magnetic resonance system
Mri system having reduced accoustic noise
Cavity Resonator For MR Systems
Method and apparatus for high-gain magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging system and operating method therefor
Method and magnetic resonance system for determining the flip angle distribution in a volume of an e...
Method and apparatus of echo planar imaging with real-time determination of phase correction coeffic...
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Data transmission apparatus, data transmission method and data transmission program
Handheld mobile communications device with integral internal printer, incorporating a receptacle wit...
Pre-connection telephony data signal exchanges
Aggregation switch
Blast MIMO signal processing method and apparatus
System and method for end-to-end communications tracing
Method and system for routing calls based on a language preference
Medical information system having interactive messaging interface
Provisioning unified messaging system services
Telecommunication terminal device and method of using the same
Cutover method and device for telephone lines
Ringing controller
Method and apparatus for determining a nonlinear response function for a loudspeaker
Analog zero if FM decoder and embodiments thereof, such as the family radio service
Cradle, security system, telephone, and monitoring method
Telephone adapted for emergency dialing by touch
Mobile communication apparatus
Method for transmitting character message using voice recognition in portable terminal
Data network-assisted conference establishment
Intelligent network
Transportable power wheelchair
Hybrid drive system wherein clutch is engaged when engine speed has exceeded motor speed upon switch...
Hybrid power supply apparatus for battery replacement applications
Front hood assembly
Quick disconnect support bracket for a wheeled vehicle
Reinforcing support structure for a three-wheeled motor vehicle, and three-wheeled motor vehicle inc...
Two speed all wheel drive system
Apparatus and method for enhanced impact sensing
Steer unit for steer-by-wire
Motor-driven power steering system
Suspension with torsion-resisting cylinder
Adjustable hydrostatic control system
Front suspension for motorcycle
Modular chassis for commercial vehicles
Electric vehicle motor and control system with high efficiency regeneration
Device and method for detecting an object or a person on a seat of vehicle
Method for controlling a robot
Device and method for detecting operation of motor vehicles by monitored individuals
Liquid composition for forming ferroelectric thin film and process for producing ferroelectric thin ...
Quasi-crystalline boehmites containing additives
Production of synthetic transportation fuels from carbonaceous material using self-sustained hydro-g...
Polarizing electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and electric double-layer capacitor
Method for processing residual gas
Manganese-based oxidation catalyst
Reprocessing method by fluoride volatility process using solid-gas separation
Process for preparing rare earth borates, and use of the borates obtained in luminescence
Method for the production of hydrogen-bis(chelato) borates and alkali metal-bis(chelato)borates
Silane-modified biopolymeric, biooligomeric, oxidic or siliceous filler, process for its production ...
Alcohol steam reforming catalysts and methods of alcohol steam reforming
Aluminum-containing zeolite with IFR structure
Di-ruthenium-substituted polyoxometalate electrocatalyst and method of oxygen generation
Protein purification
2-alkylcysteinamide or salt thereof, process for producing these, and use of these
Modified plant viruses as vectors
Soybean cultivar MT017827
Soybean cultivar SG1750NRR
Process for increasing the flavonoid content of a plant and plants obtainable thereby
Plants and seeds of corn variety I292796
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH255138
Programmable molecular manipulating devices
Method and system for automatically creating crosstalk-corrected data of a microarray
Methods for use in providing user ratings according to prior transactions
Locked/crossed quote handling
Systems and methods for charge-back invoice generation
XML instrumentation interface for tree-based monitoring architecture
Management device, network apparatus, and management method
Music distribution systems
Repository with security class and method for use thereof
Method and system for facilitation of wireless e-commerce transactions
Method for simulating an optimized supplier in a market
System and method for detecting mail theft using additional mail pieces as probes
Information providing system and a method for providing information
User matriculation status determination via a computer network
Downloadable control policies for instant messaging usage
Method and system for facilitating mediated communication
Hardware management apparatus
Printed book publishing system and management method for printed book publishing
Authorized item distribution lists
Handling unscheduled tasks in a scheduling process
Method and system for user authentication and authorization of services
Pre-licensing of rights management protected content
Image information input/output device and control system for the same using mobile device
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedures for optimizing data transmission in a wireless digita...
Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating data at selected levels of diversity in a radio ...
Radio communication system, radio station, and radio communication method
Apparatus for radio telecommunication system and method of building up output power
Direct conversion circuit having reduced bit errors
Method and apparatus for power control in an ultra wideband radio system
Mobile communication terminal apparatus which performs intermittent reception
Audio scrambler and recorder for cellular telephones
Portable communications device coupled to first network by way of second network
Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
Handling of an unrecoverable error on a dedicated channel
Method for determining data rate of user equipment supporting EUDCH service
Communication system, communication unit and method of power saving therein
Mobile radio communication system and base station, and mobile radio communication method used there...
Cellular phone suppressing degradation of receiving sensitivity
Battery powered wireless transceiver having LPRF component and second wake up receiver
Radio telephone
Saddle-type vehicle equipped with a navigation system
Activation signal output circuit and determination circuit
Client-server bidirectional synchronization via browser plug in for an XM radio system
Acoustic stringed instrument with improved cutaway and neck-body joint
Soundboard of composite fibre material construction for acoustic stringed instruments
Instrument case stand
Percussion instrument lift
Keyboard device for keyboard instrument
System to enable the use of white keys of musical keyboards for scales
Sound data output and manipulation using haptic feedback
System and method for structuring and mixing audio tracks
Bi-directional switch apparatus with electric guitar applications
Nickel base superalloy
Method and apparatus for streaming force values to a force feedback device
Increasing force transmissibility for tactile feedback interface devices
Efficient rendering of similar objects in a three-dimensional graphics engine
Image recording unit having a spherical surface portion for defining a driving surface and camera
Generation of customized three dimensional sound effects for individuals
Coding and decoding apparatus of key data for graphic animation and method thereof
Information display method and information display system for finding another user in a plurality of...
Gaming machine
Image processing device, image processing method, and game device and storage medium using the same
System and method for using a game controller device for electronic trading
Game system, game data exchange control method, game machine, and computer readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for locating and recording the position of a golf ball during a golf game
Insert for allowing the free rotation of a cutting tip on an arrow shaft
Dimpled air hockey puck
Video game system and method
Detachable golf ball display
Label applicator system
Multiple purpose wall block
Tank installation for the storage of liquids
Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways
Method and apparatus for constructing an automotive vehicle parking lot
Remote boat lift switch
Drainage system for sand bunker
Water collection and distribution system for yard maintenance
Method and apparatus for installing underground pipe
Drainage water filter for erosion control
Terminal for multimedia communication
Application of multi-media technology to computer administered vocational personnel assessment
Modular keyboard
System and method for spectral node splitting in a hybrid fiber optic-coaxial cable network
Multimedia recording system and method
Method of and a system for distributing electronic content
Method for selling, protecting, and redistributing digital goods
Information providing method and apparatus, and information reception apparatus
Method and system for interpreting device control commands
Interleaving order generator, interleaver, turbo encoder, and turbo decoder
G protein-coupled receptor-like receptors and modulators thereof
Process for alkali saponification of cellulose ester film surface
Self-cross-linked alkyl cellulose
Isoflavone concentrates as well as methods for their production
Constitutive photomorphogenesis 1 (COP1) nucleic acid sequence from Zea mays and its use thereof
Flower-bud formation suppressor gene and early flowering plant
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Nucleotide sequences encoding anthonomous toxic polypeptides from Bacillus thuringiensis
Plants and seeds of corn variety I285302
Compositions and methods for drug delivery using pH sensitive molecules
Method for producing plants with suppressed photorespiration and improved CO.sub.2 fixation
Nucleic acids and protein variants of hG-CSF with granulopoietic activity
Immunostimulatory polynucleotide/immunomodulatory molecule conjugates
Antibodies immunologically specific for a DNA repair endonuclease and methods of use thereof
Bt toxin receptors and methods of use
Flea ultraspiracle nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Genes involved in polyketide synthase pathways and uses thereof
Modulation of glucagon receptor expression
siRNA targeting complement factor B
Methods of treating ocular conditions
siRNA targeting tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 1A
Pluripotential stem cells
Recombinant viral-based malaria vaccines
A1 adenosine receptor agonists
Preparation of glucosamine
Method of extracting fucoidan
Transcription factors of cereals
Size and/or growth engineering by modulation of the interaction between calmodulin, and brassinoster...
siRNA targeting KRAS
siRNA targeting BCL2L1
Amorphous region and boundary/chain topology for an object recognition system
System and method for implementing a metrics engine for tracking relationships over time
Method and apparatus for periodically retraining a serial links interface
Data classification using stochastic key feature generation
Knowledge management system and method
System and method for handling a continuous attribute in decision trees
Interactive dispensing amusement device
Mounting system for audio visual equipment
Suits and ladders game
Process for removing element of chance from games of skill
Mechanized ball-throwing game
Bouncing ball board game
Method and apparatus for determining and retrieving positional information
Anatomical weapons qualification target
Method of conducting a racing series
Interactive game system
Trivia game
Realistic animatronic toy
Polymer compound and polymer light emitting device using the same
Organic semiconductor devices having low contact resistance
Semiconductor device and process for production thereof
Electron-jump chemical energy converter
Crystalline or amorphous medium-K gate oxides, Y.sub.20.sub.3 and Gd.sub.20.sub.3
Structures comprising a layer free of nitrogen between silicon nitride and photoresist
Method and apparatus for generating electricity by waste airflow of air conditioning equipment
Mobile object locator
Wavelength selectable spectroheliograph
Method for producing parallel arrays of fibers
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, recording medium, program, and comput...
Methods and apparatus for mitigating the effects of solar noise and the like on a wireless communica...
Self-contained electronic pressure monitoring and shutdown device
Systems and methods for providing remote monitoring of electricity consumption for an electric meter
Active tester for vehicle circuit evaluation
Method and system for remotely processing volumetric data
Solar cell having photovoltaic cells inclined at acute angle to each other
Heated construction box
Method and apparatus for correcting excess signals in an imaging system
Purification of endohedral and other fullerenes by chemical methods
Electroluminescent device
Determining cook-off time of weapon
Optical fiber coupler
Enhancement mode single electron transistor
System and apparatus for measuring displacements in electro-active materials
Distributed, soft-bodied, towable, active acoustic system
GPS collision avoidance apparatus
Objective with pupil obscuration
Confocal optical scanning device
Snorkel device for a submarine
Illumination apparatus with polarizing elements for beam shaping
Diffractive thin-film piezoelectric micromirror and method of producing the same
Optical displacement sensor
Projection objective, especially for microlithography, and method for adjusting a projection objecti...
Optical imaging system having an expand depth of field
Imaging lens device and portable apparatus having imaging function
Optical system, and optical apparatus
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system incorporating the same
Soft zoom lens system
Zoom lens and imaging pickup
Vibration reduction zoom lens system
Wide-angle lens system
Optical lens
Hinge with a positioning and limiting assembly
Method for balancing color wheel and structure thereof
Stimulated Brillouin scattering mirror system, high power laser and laser peening method and system ...
Acousto-optical device based on phonon-induced polaritonic band gaps
Wavelength tunable optical filter
Photographic developer effluent transfer station and drain wash
Objective lens unit, in-vivo examination apparatus and adaptor
Method for manufacturing photosensitive resin printing plate, and developer treatment device
Driving method, driving mechanism, and image capturing apparatus
Vibration correction for image sensing apparatus
Three-axis remote camera head
Lighting control apparatus with a plurality of lighting devices
Photographic image service system
Method of producing nanophase W powder by low-pressure vapor phase reaction
Methods of bridging lateral nanowires and device using same
Iron-based rare earth alloy nanocomposite magnet and method for producing the same
Titanium dioxide nanopowder manufacturing process
Method for the preparation of IV-VI semiconductor nanoparticles
Bioprocesses enhanced by magnetic nanoparticles
Preparation of mixed oxides having mean diameters of less than 10 nanometers
Non-volatile memory resistor cell with nanotip electrode
Gold-based alloy nanoparticles for use in fuel cell catalysts
Nanocomposite ethylene copolymer compositions for golf balls
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Extended release growth promoting two component composition
Use of botuline toxin to obtain a product to be used in articular pathologies, particularly coxarthr...
Treatment of hepatitis C with thymosin and peptide combination therapy
Methods and preparations of the latex from the croton species
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 101P3A41 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Methods for enhancing the lysis of coagulated blood with apolipoprotein E2 phenotype
Nucleic acid encoding an interleukin-9 receptor variant
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polynucleotide overexpressed in tumors
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Substituted azetidinone compounds, processes for preparing the same, formulations and uses thereof
Endothelin antagonists
Leptin-related peptides
PRO531 polypeptides
Vascular endothelial growth factor 2
Pyridyl-triazine derivatives as microbiocidal active substances
Algorithmic testing in laboratory medicine
Parking assistance system for vehicles and corresponding method
Uphill start-up assistance device for motor vehicle
Antenna elements incorporated into the exterior structure of vehicle bodies
Vehicle travel control apparatus
Circuit and method for protecting against overload of an electric motor
Device for detecting force acting on a tire
Method for designing generalized spirals, bends, jogs, and wiggles for railroad tracks and vehicle g...
Movable access points and repeaters for minimizing coverage and capacity constraints in a wireless c...
Vehicle communication system
Driver assisting system
Method for recording asynchronously produced digital data codes, recording unit used for the method,...
Method and device for selecting a sound algorithm
Reducing power consumption and noise of electrically actuated valves
Arrangement of an internal combustion engine poppet valve and an actuator therefor
Air and fuel supply system for combustion engine
Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Valve characteristic controller and control method for internal combustion engine
Variable valve mechanism
Hydraulic camshaft adjuster for a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
System and method for reducing NOx emissions in an apparatus having a diesel engine
Techniques for accessing information captured during a presentation using a paper document handout f...
Camera system with eye monitoring
Audio watermarking with dual watermarks
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
System for linking from object to remote resource
System and method for generating and verifying a self-authenticating document
Generation of hematopoietic cells from multipotent neural stem cells
Compositions and methods for treatment and detection of multiple cancers
Genome mutation by intron insertion into an embryonic stem cell genome
Method and system for archiving and retrieving a markup language document
Niobium or tantalum powder and method for production thereof, and solid electrolytic capacitor
Liquid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using novel grafted catalyst
Compositions and methods for the delivery of chemical components in subterranean well bores
Expandable well screen having temporary sealing substance
Shaped bodies for forming cosmetic preparations
Laminate for use in armor of cell, and secondary cell
Composition having permitivity being radiation-sensitively changeable and method for forming permiti...
Method for forming metal pattern by using metal nanocrystals
Patterning substrates employing multi-film layers defining etch-differential interfaces
CFTR polypeptides, fragments thereof and methods of use to overcome biosynthetic misprocessing
Optical information recording medium, information recording method, and dye compound
Flame-retardant resin composition
Plasma display panel having discharge space shape with zigzag shaped electrodes
Device transferring method
MRAM-cell and array-architecture with maximum read-out signal and reduced electromagnetic interferen...
Side brush
Structure of check-valve and production method thereof and inflatable air-packing device using same
Magnetic tape cassettes and processes for producing them
Dispensing package
Recyclable foamed fracturing fluids and methods of using the same
Methods and apparatuses for managing effluent products in a fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for retrieving similar objects
Techniques for microchannel cooling
Method and apparatus for suppressing local oscillator leakage in a wireless transmitter
Automated exchange of broadband communication addresses over a non-broadband channel in a wireless t...
Methods of determining cells for deletion in network design
Backplane configuration with shortest-path-relative-shift routing
Segmented MEMS mirror for adaptive optics or maskless lithography
Method and apparatus for asynchronous incremental redundancy reception in a communication system
Dynamic DCH allocation methodology for packet data services in a wireless communications system
Fixed collision rate back off methods and systems
Unequal error protection for packet switched networks
Integrated circuit having an optical core
Bis(3-alkoxyalkan-2-ol) sulfides, sulfones, and sulfoxides: new surface active agents
Volatizer with integrated thermal cutoff
Diffuser device for volatile substances
High efficacy gel with low glycol content
Photosensitive resin printing plate original, process for producing the same and process for produci...
Laundry or dishwasher detergent tablet having at least one cavity
Printhead to drum alignment system
Image forming device and image forming system having a replacement unit mounted therein
Control electrode for rapid initiation and termination of particle flow
Conductive bi-layer intermediate transfer belt for zero image blooming in field assisted ink jet pri...
Imaging member
Reimageable medium with light absorbing material
Induction heated fuser and fixing members
Antenna and communication device
Method for calibrating color in a printing device
Image forming device, post-processing device and color calibration method
Finishing module coordinator apparatus and method for assembler/finisher systems
Media/screen look-up-table for color consistency
Apparatus for making hot beverages
Part of apparatus for preparing a beverage
Cover plate for wall mounting electrical apparatus
Digital camera
Image generation system and contactless communication medium, method for selling commodities, and co...
Semiconductor power device with insulated gate and trench-gate structure and corresponding manufactu...
Control circuit for an inductive load driver
Network facsimile device and communication method therefor
Relay server, communication system and facsimile system
Image forming apparatus, a toner counter and a calculation method of toner consumption
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Method for locating and retaining new software and dependencies on a local server by examining a pro...
Insect-resistant transgenic plants
Sorption rotor
Anti-reflective coating composition and coating film with excellent stain resistance
Method of coating film, coating unit, aging unit, solvent replacement unit, and apparatus for coatin...
Method for producing functional film
Thermoset composition, method, and article
Ceramic film and method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric capacitor, semiconductor device, an...
Layered cathode materials for lithium ion rechargeable batteries
Arylamine compound, charge transport material, electrophotographic photoreceptor, image forming appa...
Probes for a gas phase ion spectrometer
Oxide material, method for preparing oxide thin film and element using said material
Catalyst for clarifying exhaust gas
Enzyme catalyzed organosilicon esters and amides
Semiconductor device with capacitor and manufacturing method of the same
Hibiscus plant named `Baja Breeze`
Data management system
System and method for managing and securing meta data
Data management apparatus
Therapeutic acridone and acridine compounds
4[piperidin-4-yliden-(3-carbamoylpheny)methyl]benzamide derivatives and their use for the treatment ...
Oxazole derivatives
Aniline derivatives, their manufacture and use as pharmaceutical agents
Chondropsin-class antitumor v-atpase inhibitor compounds, compositions and methods of use thereof
Truncated CD200
Pressure compensated composite polymer outboard sensor assembly
Predictive organ dynamics database and code
EL display device and a method of manufacturing the same
Image display device and manufacuring method
Production apparatus and method of producing a light-emitting device by using the same apparatus
Pixel electrode with a second aperture formed directly above a first aperture of the upper electrode...
Lens driving device and electronic camera using the same
Method and device for the electrophoretic separation of particles, especially of macromolecules, by ...
Optically active nitro alcohol derivatives, optically active amino alcohol derivatives, and process ...
Multi-layered displays providing different focal lengths with optically shiftable viewing formats an...
Ammunition and casing removal tool
Linear guide apparatus
Steering bearing assembly for vehicle
Spindle motor
Beam axle with integral sensor mount and target
System and method for analyzing remote traffic data in a distributed computing environment
Thread-safe portable management interface
Method for optimized local routing between mobile nodes
Data ordering translation between linear and interleaved domains at a bus interface
Aggressive content pre-fetching during pre-boot runtime to support speedy OS booting
Cap for product dispenser
Multi-burnish applicator for and method of applying a sheet material to a substrate
Hair coloring compositions
Ink-printed substrate web exhibiting improved ink rub-off resistance and method thereof
Laundry detergent compositions with hueing dye
Fabric treatment compositions comprising oppositely charged polymers
Electrophotographic lamination film, a method of producing the same, and a method of forming an imag...
Tiller, bow and trigger mechanism for a crossbow, and a crossbow
Method of forming interlayer connections in integrated optical circuits, and devices formed using sa...
Method of forming a plurality of optical waveguide bundles
Light guide plate and backlight module adopting the same
Image processing apparatus
Image sensing system with histogram modification
System and method for using pattern vectors for video and image coding and decoding
Detecting silhouette edges in images
Compression of bi-level images with explicit representation of ink clusters
Multi-resolution image data management system and method based on tiled wavelet-like transform and d...
Data processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Dynamic filtering for lossy compression
Frequency coefficient scanning paths for coding digital video content
Adaptive setting of wavelet sub-band thresholds for low-light image denoising
Image processing method, device and system
Method and apparatus for reduction of perceived display reflections
Method of compressing digital images acquired in CFA format
Enhancement of compressed images
Cannula retractable medical collection device
Speech-based optimization of digital hearing devices
Collection needle
Body fluid analyte measurement
Auditory ossicles prosthesis with ball-and-socket joint
Pulse oximeter
Compositions and methods for the treatment of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases using arsen...
Method and apparatus for the collection of physiological electrical potentials
Method for implementing a dynamic magnetic resonance measurement with the application of a contrast ...
Sleepiness level detection device
Scanned impedance imaging system method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving the vessel/tissue contrast in time-of-flight angiography of a mag...
Dog excrement collector
Animal faeces collector device
Animal coat
Method for spacing guides on fishing rods and chart for spacing same
Utility car for maintenance of livestock
Regulating feeder for a horse
Pet dish and disposable liner
Aquarium water changing and water stabalization system
Method for creating an avoidance zone
Vehicle console pet seat
Insecticidal activatable bait station
Analytical chip, analytical-chip unit, and analysis apparatus
Roll of polyvinyl alcohol film and polarizing film prepared therefrom
Remelting of rare earth magnet scrap and/or sludge, magnet-forming alloy, and sintered rare earth ma...
Direct coupling of melt polymerization and solid state processing for PET
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Biological compositions and methods for treatment of prostate cancer
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Herbicide composition
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulat...
Rubber composition and method of making same
Method for producing a extruded ethylene copolymer
Polymerization processes using antistatic agents
Olefin polymerization catalysts
Blends made from propylene ethylene polymers
Wiring board, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing wiring board
Dynamic emergency radiation monitor
Tape drive error management
Apparatus, system, and method for automation using automation modules
System for monitoring a person's location in a defined area
Locating a wireless device
RFID reader having multi-dimensional antenna array
Product flow based auto-ID infrastructure
RFID tags
Flexible transponder label which is readable on conductive surfaces
Method for determining the distance between a base station and a mobile object, in addition to a bas...
Non-multiple delay element values for phase shifting
Wireless node location mechanism responsive to observed propagation characteristics of wireless netw...
Directional antenna array
Systems and methods for providing a media located on a spool and/or a cartridge where the media incl...
Conductive polymer-based material
Low-foaming liquid laundry detergent
High molecular weight cationic polymers obtained by post-polymerization crosslinking reaction
Singulation method used in leadless packaging process
Body armrest assembly
Cochlear drug delivery system and method
Trp8, Trp9 and Trp10, novel markers for cancer
Diagnostic testing process and apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing resistive haptic feedback using a vacuum source
Liquid crystal display with irregularly shaped pixel electrode and light-shield with protrusions ove...
Abrasion resistant omnidirectionally reflective pet leash
Method and apparatus for increasing the detection sensitivity in a high resolution NMR analysis
Parallel imaging based on expanded unfolding technique
Magnet system and MRI system
Magnetic apparatus, installation method for magnetic apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging diagn...
Connection lead for an electrical accessory device of an MRI system
Diagnostic method for predicting maintenance requirements in rotating equipment
Method and apparatus for controlling the web tensions and the cut register errors of a web-fed rotar...
Transducer assembly apparatus
Method for controlled radical polymerization
Porphyromonas gingivalis recombinant proteins and truncations
Phacoemulsification needle
Narrow profile intraocular lens
High pressure capillary micro-fluidic valve device and a method of fabricating same
Functionalized fluorescent nanocrystal compositions and methods of making
Microwave readable dielectric barcode
Production of di- and polyisocyanates of the diphenylmethane series with defined acidity
CGRP receptor antagonists
Benodiazepine spirohydantoin CGRP receptor antagonists
Lactone bearing absorbable polymers
Heterologous expression of an Aspergillus kawachi acid-stable alpha amylase and applications in gran...
Real image type zoom finder, and imaging system incorporating the same
Method of forming a recess channel trench pattern, and fabricating a recess channel transistor
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system incorporating the same
Method of fabricating crystalline silicon and switching device using crystalline silicon
SRAM cell power reduction circuit
Flame-retardant resin composition
Loading mechanism, drive unit, and information processing apparatus for an information recording med...
Laser machining method and laser machining apparatus
Ultra scalable high speed heterojunction vertical n-channel MISFETs and methods thereof
Semiconductor device and display comprising same
Digital recording/playback apparatus
Single-ended/differential wired radio frequency interface
Method of rejecting interference disturbing the reception of a satellite radio signal
Expander device capable of persistent reservations and persistent affiliations
Process for manufacturing an oxirane
Ultra-wideband high data-rate communication apparatus and associated methods
Fiber optic premise wiring system
Feature locations in array reading
Optical inspection method utilizing ultraviolet light
Digital image acquisition and processing system
Methods and apparatus for passive depolarization
Planar lightwave circuit waveguide bends and beamsplitters
Optical backplanes with integrated optical couplers and methods of making the same
Optical all pass filter device having improved time-bandwidth behavior
Method and apparatus for identifying MPEG picture coding types
Method and apparatus for temporally shifting one or more packets using wavelength selective delays
Duty cycle distortion compensation for the data output of a memory device
Method of assisting in forming plans of measures of management reforms and system thereof
Spiral cold cathode fluorescent lamp
Enzyme inhibitors
Diabetes treatment systems and methods
Surgical procedure for the treatment of female urinary incontinence: tension-free inside-out transob...
Apparatus for suturing a blood vessel
Annexin derivatives with endogenous chelation sites
Methods of treating diseases with activated protein C
Herbal composition for treatment of neuronal injuries and neuronal degeneration, methods to prepare ...
Method and system for stabilization of arachidonic acid for use in platelet function assay
Heterocyclic compound derivatives and medicines
Multiplex flow assays preferably with magnetic particles as solid phase
Stabilized proteins with engineered disulfide bonds
Benzoxazin-3-ones and derivatives thereof as therapeutic agents
Apparatus, methods and kits for simultaneous delivery of a substance to multiple breast milk ducts
Lamp with coating reflecting middle infrared and transmitting near infrared
Infrared blocking filter for broadband Optical metrology
Substituted thioacetamides
Impression cap
Root canal filling material
Dental filling material
Method of etching a metallic film on a substrate
Rendezvous for locating peer-to-peer resources
Voltage level bus protocol for transferring data
Systems using mix of packet, coherent, and noncoherent traffic to optimize transmission between syst...
Methods and apparatus for characterizing a route in fibre channel fabric
Method and apparatus for replicating packet data with a network element
Optical module and optical switch constituting the same
Signal level detecting device for a burst-mode optical receiver
Computer-controlled auxiliary fuel tank system with multi-function monitoring system and user calibr...
Electropolymerization method for preparing nano-tube type conducting polymer using porous template, ...
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Method for generating backscattering intensity on the basis of lower layer structure in charged part...
Gas-borne matter collection device
Process for the synchronization of ovulation for timed breeding without heat detection