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Laminates for encapsulating devices
Crosstalk canceler
Method and apparatus for video object tracking
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface which facilitates decision mak...
Integrated imager circuit comprising a monolithic array of single photon avalanche diodes
Snare strainer
Digital Reality Sports, Games Events and Activities in three dimensional and interactive space displ...
Patient health management portal
Combination power supply and light emission device for toy gun
System for trouble shooting and controlling signals to and from an aircraft simulator
Device And Method For Simultaneously Representing Virtual And Real Ambient Information
Simulation system, simulation apparatus, image forming apparatus, simulation method and program
Reader interfaced text orchestration
Maize nucleotide sequence coding for a protein with Transglutaminase activity and use thereof
FUS6 nucleic acid molecules and methods of their use in enhancing disease resistance in plants
Chemosensitizing with liposomes containing oligonucleotides
Synthetic oligonucleotides as inducers of erythroid differentiation
Adenosine A.sub.3 receptor agonists
Conjugates of glycosylated/galactosylated peptide, bifunctional linker, and nucleotidic monomers/pol...
Wound care compositions
Water soluble cellulose etherified derivatives styptic materials
Kits containing rank polypeptides
G-protein fusion receptors and constructs encoding same
Anticancer biangeloyl saponins
Modulation of immunostimulatory activity of immunostimulatory oligonucleotide analogs by positional ...
Hansenula polymorpha yapsin deficient mutant strain and process for the preparation of recombinant p...
Nucleic acids encoding human telomerase reverse transcriptase and related homologs
KCNQ potassium channels and methods of modulating same
Diagnostic markers for multiple epilepsy phenotypes
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Oligonucleotides and methods for detecting hepatitis B viral nucleic acids
Tocopherol methyltransferase tMT2 and uses thereof
Novel lactam ring-opening enzyme and use thereof
New Drug Delivery System for Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier
RNAI Agents For Anti-SARS Coronavirus Therapy
Interfering Rna Duplex Having Blunt-Ends And 3'-Modifications
N-pyrazole A2A receptor agonists
Esters Of Hyaluronic Acid With Rhein, Process For Their Preparation And Compositions Comprising The ...
9-Chloro-15-deoxyprostaglandin derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as medicamen...
Activin receptor-like kinases, proteins having serine threonine kinase domains and their use
Dna enzyme and method for controlling activity thereof
RNA interference mediated inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial ...
Process for preparing a synthetic intermediate for preparation of branched nucleosides
Preparation of 6-carboxy-cellulose nitrates
Novel fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins
Compositions Isolated From Forage Grasses and Methods for Their Use
Chimeric regulatory sequences comprising introns for plant gene expression
Method for finishing absorbent materials
Conotoxin analogues and methods for synthesis of intramolecular dicarba bridge-containing peptides
Polymerization Process
Methods for the synthesis of two or more dicarba bridges in organic compounds
Method for preventing or reducing elevated triglyceride levels
Extremity stress attenuation modality with resistance-mechanism engaging member
Patch-Like Infusion Device
System and method to restrict stomach size
Nerve stimulation for treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes
Method and apparatus for treating diastolic heart failure
Heart rate variability control of gastric electrical stimulator
Novel PPAR ligands that do not cause fluid retention, edema or congestive heart failure
Compounds Which Potentiate Glutamate Receptor And Uses Thereof In Medicine
Inhibitors Of PAI-1 For Treatment Of Muscular Conditions
Method for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Personal care compositions and methods for regulating mammalian hair growth
Combinations of Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitors and HMG COA Reductase Inhibitors for C...
Programming interface with an unwrapped 2D view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array g...
User interface with an atlas for configuring stimulation therapy
User interface with 2D views for configuring stimulation therapy
Electrical and activation field models for programming a stimulation lead with complex electrode arr...
Programming interface with a cross-sectional view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array...
Stimulation templates for programming a stimulation lead with complex electrode array geometry
Stimulation templates for configuring stimulation therapy
Programming interface with a concentric axial view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode arra...
User interface with 3D environment for configuring stimulation therapy
Electrical and activation field models for configuring stimulation therapy
Regulators of protein misfolding and aggregation and methods of using the same
Integrated in vivo animal experimentation systems
Non-disruptive embedding of specialized elements
Method of transferring files and analysis of train operational data
Intelligent spatial reasoning
Human factors process failure modes and effects analysis (HF PFMEA) software tool
Creating user metric patterns including user notification
Piano hammer
Supporting shoulder rest for a stringed instrument
Braided composite stringed instrument bow
Stringed practice device and method
Bass drum pedal hyper-beater
Systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
Portable voice studio system and method
Digital recording device for electric guitars and the like
Methods and apparatus for facilitating access to content in a data storage system
Power saving methods and apparatus to selectively enable comparators in a CAM renaming register file...
System and method for managing disk space in a thin-provisioned storage subsystem
Integrated circuit capable of pre-fetching data
Cache flush based on checkpoint timer
System and method for accessing and verifying the validity of data content stored in the cache memor...
System and method for raid configuration
Method of controlling storage device controlling apparatus, and storage device controlling apparatus
Store-induced instruction coherency mechanism
Cache coherency for multiple independent cache of a domain
Unified memory controller
Data storage system using geographically-distributed storage devices/facilities
Apparatus and method for controlling booting operation of computer system
Method and apparatus for migrating data in a computer system
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multi...
Method for completely lock-free user-level dynamic memory allocation
Virtualization controller and data transfer control method
Reproduction apparatus having a buffer for reducing the mean access time to an information carrier
Logical library architecture for data storage applications and methods of use
Agent system and method
On demand, non-capacity based process, apparatus and computer program to determine maintenance fees ...
Password protection
Sequencing models of healthcare related states
Delivering electronic versions of supporting documents associated with an insurance claim
Graphical travel system for the internet
Order scheduling system and methodology
Generic revenue management data model for revenue management
Secure online music distribution system
Attaining product inventory groupings for sales in a group-buying environment
Electronic commerce system in which commodities are displayed in combination with background images
System, method, and device for graphically locating merchandise
Point-of-care inventory management system and method
Methods and systems for analyzing and predicting market winners and losers
Capital allocation in a net interest revenue implementation for financial processing in a relational...
Diversification of risk for artists and investors
Method and apparatus for generating a sale offer over an electronic network system
Identification and management of fraudulent credit/debit card purchases at merchant ecommerce sites
Customer activated multi-value (CAM) card
Method and system for online purchasing using sensor with identifier
Grouping selected transactions in account ledger
Control panel
Tunable magneto-rheological elastomers and processes for their manufacture
Global roaming services for telecommunications systems
Electrostatic precipitator
Saturation control of electric machine
Method for controlling power supply through multiple modulation modes
Power supply
Switching power supply circuit and electronic apparatus provided therewith
Apparatus for providing regulated power to an integrated circuit
Efficient fast pulsed laser or light-emitting diode driver
Method and apparatus for bi-directional current limit in a dual-power source capable device
Shunt type voltage regulator
Circuit and method for controlling DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for power supply controlling capable of effectively controlling switching opera...
Pulse width modulation power regulator and power supply system thereof
Amplitude adjusting circuit
Spine distraction implant and method
Bone anchor suture-loading system, method and apparatus
Stimulating galvanic or slow AC current for therapeutic physiological effects
Tinnitus Suppressing Cochlear Implant
Radiation applicator and method of radiating tissue
Cochlear implant electrode array
Implantable device formed from polymer blends having modified molecular structures
Expandable intraluminal endoprosthesis
Prosthetic device for spinal arthroplasty
Intervertebral filling
Modular tibial implant
Shaped charge liner
Method for producing metal fluoride materials
System and method for analytically modeling data from different measure groups onto a single cube
Verifying relevance between keywords and web site contents
Personalizing anchor text scores in a search engine
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet having light-reflective property and/or light-sheilding pr...
Additive building material mixtures containing microparticles whose shells are porous and/or hydroph...
System and method of applying architectural coatings and apparatus therefor
Wear resistant coating composition for a veil product
Aminocyclohexyl ether compounds and uses thereof
Additive building material mixtures containing microparticles having very thin shells
Additive building material mixtures containing nonionic emulsifiers
Additive building material mixtures containing sterically or electrostatically repulsive monomers in...
Additive building material mixtures containing ionic emulsifiers
Rubber compositions having improved physical and low temperature properties
Polymers Produced By Using Sulphur Compounds In The Form Of Transfer Agents For Controlled Radical P...
Apparatus for mounting accessories to pottery wheels
Plant Cell-Derived Pectin
Release Sheet And Formed Article Obtained By Using Such Release Sheet
Composition and method for making a proppant
Salt water stable latex cement slurries
Surfing device
Dividers for reduction of aerodynamic drag of vehicles with open cavities
Hovering inflatable towable water-sport device
Composite structural laminate plate construction
Hybrid seashore paspalum available from seed called `Sea Spray`
Filter alignment device
Methods and systems for read-aloud books
On-line degree and current enrollment verification system and method
Patient communication method and system
Medical diagnostic system with on-line real-time video training
Reverse-rotation displays
Hiking staff, ski pole, or boat paddle, with integrated topographical representations of trails and ...
System and method for training medical professionals to perform a nerve block procedure
Multi-component assembly mounting system
System and method for simulating fill flash in photography
Autofocus camera adjusting focus lens position based on illumination characteristics
Coating and developing apparatus and coating and developing method
Method and apparatus for storing and reading information in a ferroelectric material
Protective housing assembly for cameras
Electrostatically driven carbon nanotube gripping device
Nano-particulate compositions for decreasing the water vapor transmission rate of golf ball layers
System, method, and apparatus for continuous synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanocomposite magnet
Transparent electrodes from single wall carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of carbon nanotube films from alkyne-transition metal complexes
Method of coating a substrate with a polymer having a combination of crown ether and carbon nanotube...
Multifunctional nanocrystals
Sharp end, multi-layer carbon nano-tube radial aggregate and method of manufacturing the aggregate
High-aspect-ratio metal-polymer composite structures for nano interconnects
Copolymerization of polybenzazoles and other aromatic polymers with carbon nanotubes
Reaction vessel and method for synthesizing nanoparticles using cyclonic gas flow
Large-area nanoenabled macroelectronic substrates and uses therefor
Energy conversion systems using nanometer scale assemblies and methods for using same
FeTa nano-oxide layer as a capping layer for enhancement of giant magnetoresistance in bottom spin v...
Nanotube- and nanocrystal-based non-volatile memory
Method of patterning oxide superconducting films
Superconductor transmission line having slits of less than .lamda. /4
Apparatus for preparing biodegradable microparticle formulations containing pharmaceutically active ...
Local drug delivery devices and methods for maintaining the drug coatings thereon
Methods of treating Syndrome X with aliphatic polyamines
Methods for using canine immunoglobulin variable domains and caninized antibodies
Antibodies to cytokines in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Neutralizing antibodies against GDF-8 and uses therefor
Compositions for the treatment of neurological disorders
Composition based on natural substances useful in the maintenance of the correct hydration of the sk...
Aseptically packaged, extensively hydrolyzed, liquid nutritional formula and method for making it
Polypeptide and DNA immunization against Coccidioides spp. infections
Ubiquitin and ubiquitin related molecules for treatment and prevention of harmful activation of the ...
Use of rhamnolipids in wound healing, treating burn shock, atherosclerosis, organ transplants, depre...
Treatment of sepsis and septic shock
Microbiologically sound and stable solutions of gamma-hydroxybutyrate salt for the treatment of narc...
Lactoferrin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
1-thia-3-aza-dibenzoazulenes as inhibitors of tumour necrosis factor production and intermediates fo...
1- or 3-thia-benzonaphthoazulenes as inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor production and intermediate...
Substituted heteroaryl- and phenylsulfamoyl compounds
Method of inhibiting weight regain after weight loss
Carbohydrase Inhibitors Derived From Chestnut And Use Thereof
Use of naturally occurring epoxidised molecules from Vernonia Galamensis
Anti-Inflammatory Pharmaceutical Compositions For Reducing Inflammation And The Treatment Or Prevent...
Oral Care Implement
Treatment of arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders with crosslinked hyaluronic acid
Transition metal mediated oxidation of hetero atoms in organic molecules coordinated to transition m...
Method for preventing or treating obesity
Integrase-dirived HIV-inhibiting agents
Direct differentiation of cardiomyocytes from human embryonic stem cells
Novel Bacillus Thuringiensis Crystal Polypeptides, Polynucleotides, and Compositions Thereof
Velocity control system for an actuator assembly
Stripe buffer list
Limit stop filter support apparatus
Top cover attached single plate fluid dynamic bearing motor
Responsive aeroelastic slider
Flying-type disk drive slider with self-blending contact pad
Error correction extending over multiple sectors of data storage
Time-of-day tracking with INS input
System for operating an aircraft
Ramp identification in adaptive cruise control
Navigation system with licensing function
Navigation in a hierarchical structured transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for accessing data within an electronic system by an external system
Endoscopic tutorial system for the pancreatic system
Expendable sonobuoy flight kit with aerodynamically assisted sonobuoy separation
Smart storage and transmission of navigation information
USB dictation device
Navigation of the content space of a document set
Application program interface for dynamic instrumentation of a heterogeneous program in a distribute...
Shape measuring device
Method and system for authorization and access to protected resources
Distributed service provider
System and method for determining a destination for an internet protocol packet
Electron emission device, electron source, and image display having dipole layer
Anticorrosion separator for wood deck fasteners
Power regulation system and method for a portable electronic device
Thin film device and its fabrication method
Method and apparatus for increasing yield in a memory circuit
Optimized push-to-talk call setup
Mute-until feature for electronic devices
Polybenzimidazole compounds, polymeric media, and methods of post-polymerization modifications
Pharmaceutical powder cartridge, and inhaler equipped with same
Method of forming phosphor film by using aerosol impact
Fiber optical illumination system
Controlling solid oxide fuel cell operation
Shopping cart sanitizing system
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and display apparatus
System and method for voice control of medical devices
Computer-aided classification of anomalies in anatomical structures
Input systems and methods for the evaluation and optimization of same
Method and apparatus for selecting information in multi-dimensional space
Printing system, printing method, data server, recording medium, and program for performing printing...
Adhesive composition
Animal model of human hematopoietic tumor
Method and apparatus for sample analysis
I2C bus controlling method
Multiple sampling device and method for investigating biological systems
Bracket assembly, especially for use as a magnetic device in a monitoring device
Lifting aid for planar members
Printed wiring board design aiding apparatus, printed wiring board design aiding method, and printed...
Method of identifying high immune response animals
Pluripotent adult stem cells
Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) -specific antibodies, their preparation and use
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and phosphoglycerate mutase promoters for gene expression i...
Wireless communication system using a plurality of antenna elements with adaptive weighting and comb...
Optical data storage medium and use of such a medium
Use of hexenal derivatives as perfumes
System and method for customized industrial textile coloration
Oxygen scavenging film with cyclic olefin copolymer
Location finder, tracker, communication and remote control system
Image forming method
Method and system for mapping strings for comparison
Circuit arrangement
Injectable calcium phosphate cements and the preparation and use thereof
Semiconductor device with A/D converter
Pipeline A/D converter
Ultrasonic treatment and imaging of adipose tissue
Aryl, aryloxy, and aklyloxy substituted 1H-indol-3-yl glyoxylic acid derivatives as inhibitors of pl...
Indole, indazole and indoline derivatives as CETP inhibitors
Chronic treatment regimen using glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides
MCH1R deficient mice
Method and system for integrating feedback loops in medical knowledge development and healthcare man...
Methods for treatment of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) deficiency
Identification of a family of secreted proteins in vascular endothelium
Modulation of apolipoprotein (a) expression
Naphthaline derivatives as H3 inverse agonists
Hexahydrodiazepinones as dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabe...
Cycloalkylmethoxy-substituted acetic acid derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use...
Low molecular weight copolymer of ethylene and vinyl aromatic monomer and uses thereof
Method and equipment for performing continuous extrusion
Mold assembly for blow molding plastic articles and method of use
Method for extruding unvulcanized rubber
Plastic fencing system reinforced with fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic composites
Inkjet printheads having multiple label placement positions for air diffusion vents
Remote underwater laser acoustic source
Optical reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus to display status of an optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Recording/reproducing apparatus, and method of detecting state thereof
Object lens for optical pickup and method for designing the same
Driver for Pockels cell and using this Pockels cell within laser systems
Modeless wavelength-agile laser
Optical pulses emitter
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser system, optical pickup module and manufacturing for ...
Multipartite laser
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Symmetrization device and laser diode system provided with the same
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Diode-pumped laser
Dielectric coupled CO.sub.2 slab laser
Light emitting device
Multiple laser cavity
Multi-segment photonic-crystal-rod waveguides coupled across a free-space gap and associated method
Automatic optical power management in optical communications system
Multi-step preheating processes for manufacturing wood based composites
Support for motor vehicle bodywork elements, an equipment front face divided into two parts, and a m...
Golf training assembly
Putting cup for practicing speed and direction
Golf putting distance control training device
Golf ball composition
Portable golf putting practice kit
Golf shoe spike
Method of forming protective structure for active matrix triode field emission device
Method for forming aluminum interconnect
Recording method for a phase-change optical recording medium
Method for tracking location of subscribers in dual stack mobile communication network
Radio location system measurement unit
Wireless node location mechanism using antenna pattern diversity to enhance accuracy of location est...
Method and apparatus for determining the coronary sinus vein branch accessed by a coronary sinus lea...
GPS-based traffic monitoring system
Method for locating casing joints using measurement while drilling tool
Bending moment
Implementing a distributed file system that can use direct connections from client to disk
Location-based operations for information handling systems
System and method of network content location for roaming clients
Programmable parallel lookup memory
Methods and apparatus for accessing trace data
Method and apparatus for initial state extraction
OPC edge correction based on a smoothed mask design
Bluetooth.TM. based security system
System and method for distributed authentication service
Resource allocation in multi-stream IP network for optimized quality of service
Printer accessory
Display data mapping method, system, and program product
Method and system for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital med...
N-level down hierarchical powergrid analysis
Method of extracting properties of back end of line (BEOL) chip architecture
Method using array range check information for generating versioning code before a loop for executio...
System and method for managing software version upgrades in a networked computer system
Multi-layer based method for implementing network firewalls
Direct current stabilization power source device
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Printer accessory
Printer accessory
Image compensation apparatus
AGC detector and method for AGC detecting
Television signal receiver with a universal output for surface-acoustic wave filters of different ty...
Large-panel table-top rear projection television
Image correction using a microlens array as a unit
Thin-profile projection system
Method for motion vector estimation
Digital data transmission apparatus, digital data reception apparatus, digital broadcast reception a...
Image surveillance apparatus, image surveillance method, and image surveillance processing program
Intruding-object detection apparatus
Print inspection method and print inspection apparatus
Image processing apparatus, computer readable medium storing program, image processing method, image...
Image creating device and image creating method
Digital image data correction apparatus, digital image data correction method and digital image pick...
Techniques and systems for developing high-resolution imagery
Editing method for recorded information
Content identification in a digital video recorder
Device for identifying the risk of a rollover
Method and apparatus for voice control of a television control device
System and method for facilitating TV channel programming
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of ...
Compositions and methods for topical treatment of skin infection
Topical composition for treating infectious conditions of skin and mucosa
Herbal pharmaceutical composition for treatment of cardiovascular disease
Anti-microbial composition and methods of use thereof
Immunization of dairy cattle with chimeric GapC protein against Streptococcus infection
Endophytic streptomycetes from higher plants with biological activity
Microorganism having an ability of producing docosahexaenoic acid and use thereof
Use of oxidized lipoproteins for differentiation of precursor cells into mature dendritic cells
Mild, moisturizing cleansing compositions
Shaving aid
Compositions and methods for treating peripheral vascular disease
Means for maintenance and/or correction of glucose concentration in blood
Lipopolysaccharide .alpha.-2,3 sialyltransferase of campylobacter jejuni and its uses
Anti-human T-cell costimulating polypeptide monoclonal antibodies
Duck decoy anchor
Freeze resistant buoy system
Multiple steer by wire helm system
Maritime emissions control system
Surface finish tester apparatus and methods
Structure of improved pneumatic gripper assemblies
Laminated-type multi-joint portion drive mechanism and manufacturing method therefor, grasping hand ...
Chain-driven robotic arm
Apparatus and method for situating a tool with respect to a work site on a workpiece
Mini-type food chopper
Container for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Bottle and cap assembly
Method for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Chromone enteric release formulation
Conveyorized oven with moisture laden air impingement and method
Food product and process for manufacturing same
System for maintaining fresh quality and safe food attributes of minimally processed produce
Food and beverage perservative
Method employing a disposable brew basket for an electric coffee maker
Flavored artificial sweetener
Yogurt cream cheese
Preparation of light stable hops
Flour and dough compositions and related methods
Method for preparing a beanless-flavor soymilk and/or okara using carbon dioxide in a state of subli...
Process for decapsulating crustacean or rotifer eggs
Sealable food container with improved lidding and stacking features
Article for inhibiting microbial growth in liquid nutrients
Metalloproteinase inhibitory agent
Speech therapy method
Automated individualized learning program creation system and associated methods
Visual or multimedia interface bus switch with level-shifted ground and input protection against non...
Multimedia information providing method and apparatus
Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media conten...
Method and system for wireline response to wireless message notification
User specified parallel data fetching for optimized web access
Internet-based system for multimedia meeting minutes
Analog gateway
Method and router for forwarding internet data packets
Internet user finder
Method and system for providing long distance service
Telephone terminal equipment and terminal control program
Wireless communication method and system for establishing a multimedia message service over a WLAN
Network video guide and spidering
System and method for receiving iSCSI protocol data units
Method and system for protecting web sites from public internet threats
Methods, apparatuses and systems facilitating determination of network path metrics
System and method for increasing the effective bandwidth of a communications network
Mutual authentication apparatus and method
Electrical connector with connector position assurance (CPA) member
Remote worker access on networked PBX systems using a VoIP platform
Cap for an electrical connector
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification and privacy management
Gaming system having a combined dome and display device
Electrical connector stress relief at substrate interface
Electrical power contacts and connectors comprising same
Evaporator assembly
Active arc-suppression circuit, system, and method of use
Method of controlling parallel diverse conversion paths in DC-to-DC power converter
Apparatus and methods for regulating delivery of electrical energy
Solar powered mobile
Polarity-reversal protection circuit for energy sources
Adaptive battery conditioning employing battery chemistry determination
Method and apparatus for charging a rechargeable battery
Electronic equipment having battery contact member provided in battery chamber
Battery charger amusement device
System and method for controlling bidirectional three-phase DC/DC converter
Sub-1V bandgap reference circuit
Load symmetrization with controllable inductor
Method and apparatus for detecting impedance
Switch mode power converter
Voltage sensing circuit
Hybrid power management system and method
Power supply device in semiconductor memory
Wireless storage enterprise connectivity
Color gamut mapping with black point compensation
Tiltable document imaging apparatus
Ink container
Convertible identification (ID) tag and jewelry
Implementation methodology for client initiated parameter negotiation for PTT/VoIP type services
System, method and user interface for active reading of electronic content
Display device
Low dust preservative powders for lignocellulosic composites
Method and metric for low power standard cell logic synthesis
Method and device for transferring data wherein a bit rate adaptation model is signaled between the ...
Image exposure device
Method and apparatus for separating native, functional and test configurations of memory
Method and system for maintaining a running count of events updated by two asynchronous processes
Highly reliable amorphous high-k gate oxide ZrO2
System for providing DBS and DSL video services to multiple television sets
Primers useful in polymerase chain reaction for the identification of subtypes C1, C2 and C3 of stap...
System and method for secure wall
Method & system for enhanced web page delivery
Hydrogen storage composite and preparation thereof
Unique space time adaptive system (USS)
Preservation of bioactive materials by spray drying
Apparatus and method for controlling elastic actuator
Optical routing using star switching fabric with reduced effective switching time
Porous microsphere resonators
High Q monolithic inductors for use in differential circuits
Incorporating password change policy into a single sign-on environment
One-way network transmission interface unit
Electrospray and enhanced electrospray deposition of thin films on semiconductor substrates
Manufacturing method of display device and semiconductor device
Interface engineering to improve adhesion between low k stacks
Method for minimizing corner effect by densifying the insulating layer
Thin film solar cell thermal radiator
Methodology for determining electron beam penetration depth
Organic semiconductor material
Device structures for reducing device mismatch due to shallow trench isolation induced oxides stress...
Vertical GaN-based LED and method of manufacturing the same
Organic photoelectric device with improved electron transport efficiency
Long retention time single transistor vertical memory gain cell
Multiple-gate device with floating back gate
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and its fabrication method
Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
Thermal enhanced package for block mold assembly
Semiconductor device
Interconnect dielectric tuning
Durable radio frequency identification label and methods of manufacturing the same
Method of making solid-state image pickup device in-layer lens with antireflection film with interme...
Vertical-cavity surface-emission type laser diode and fabrication process thereof
Devices, systems and methods for extracting bodily fluid and monitoring an analyte therein
Injector-burner for metal melting furnaces
Hybrid multi-user interference cancellation method and device using clustering algorithm based on dy...
Self-stacking spiral conveyor with modular drive system
Method and system for location-based power control in wireless communications
Lithium polymer secondary cell
Method and apparatus for phonocardiographic image acquisition and presentation
Guanidino derivatives as inhibitors of cell adhesion
Genes associated with mechanical stress, expression products therefrom, and uses thereof
Ultra high-strength hydraulic cement compositions
Superelastic guiding member
Multiple LED control apparatus and method
Real-time detection method and system for identifying individual aerosol particles
Methods and apparatus for error correction of transparent GFP (Generic Framing Procedure) superblock...
Apparatus for delivering ions from a grounded electrospray assembly to a vacuum chamber
Diffractometer and method for diffraction analysis
Combined flow generator, humidifier tub and cradle
Photoelectric converter, its driving method, and system including the photoelectric converter
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Wireless microphone transmitter
Clamp with improved internal cam action
Apparatus and method for wireless local area networks of different countries
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Machine tool comprising parallel tool spindles that can be repositioned in relation to one another
Mobile communications device
Memory device with quantum dot and method for manufacturing the same
Molecular weight reduction of polysaccharides by electron beams
Method for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Process for typing of HCV isolates
Process for typing of HCV isolates
Intrabodies with defined framework that is stable in a reducing environment and applications thereof
Intrabodies with defined framework that is stable in a reducing environment and applications thereof
Polynucleotide encoding a novel acyl coenzyme A, monoacylglycerol acyltransferase-3 (MGAT3), and use...
Fusion protein delivery system and uses thereof
Vector system
Anti-tumor agents
Neuroprotective peptides
AAV virions with decreased immunoreactivity and uses therefor
Di and trifluoro-triazolo-pyridines anti-inflammatory compounds
Stable analogs of peptide and polypeptide therapeutics
Pan-antiviral peptides
Human homologue of the DBF4/ASK1 protein, nucleic acids, and methods related to the same
Method for preparing conjugates of proteins and chelating agents
Phosphor coating composition for a mercury low-pressure discharge lamp for illuminating plants
Systems and methods for reducing communication unit scan time in wireless networks
Flat panel display device with surfaces of cathodes and control electrodes lying in the same flat pl...
Systems and methods for sculpting virtual objects in a haptic virtual reality environment
Human FGF-21 polypeptides
Dicing die-bonding film
Analyte-determining meter
Metal catalyst for olefin polymerization and co-polymerization with functional monomers
Fuel cells and fuel cell systems containing non-aqueous electrolytes
Industrial process pressure transmitter with field repairable remote seals
Reinforced polymer electrolyte membrane
Windows-based power management method and related portable device
Method for controlling bacterial growth in process water
Method and systems for distinguishing between materials having similar spectra
Toner cartridge
Shield arrangement for ECG lead wires
Measuring device and method for determining the position of an electrically conductive test object
4-(6-membered)-heteroaryl acyl pyrrolidine derivatives as HCV inhibitors
Data converter for a lighting system, and method for operating a lighting system
Linear amplification with non-linear components (LINC) modulator and method for generating out-phase...
Benzopyran compounds useful for treating inflammatory conditions
C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Method for designing radial distributors in mass transfer vessel
Process for affecting the setting and working time of bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Heat exchanger
Damper control in space heating and cooling
Heat exchanger
Cooling system for fuel cell vehicle and a cooling pipe thereof
Vehicle auxiliary power unit, assembly, and related methods
Reconfigurable airflow director for modular blade chassis
Integrated circuit coolant microchannel assembly with targeted channel configuration
Structure for removable cooler
Coolant motor fan drive
Heat exchanger
Heat transfer element, cooling device and electronic device having the element
Cooling system for densely packed electronic components
Solid state molecular probe device
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Pedestal display table
Vibration damping device for use in automotive suspension system and suspension system using the sam...
System and method for determining tire force
Velocity sensitivity correction method of reduced pressure judging value in tire pressure drop alarm...
Shoe sole
Method of detecting longitudinal force of tire and longitudinal force detecting apparatus used there...
Tire for motorcycle
Electroactive polymers
System and method of magnetically sensing position of a moving component
Golf club head
Golf ball
Elastomer composition and rubber roller
Tire for automobile
Tire for automobile
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire curing system and method
Tire with rubber containing in-situ resin
Pneumatic tire
Programmable modulation index for transponder
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Multi-band ZigBee transceiver supporting IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication
Methods for tracking users in a communication network
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control message in wireless access communication...
Method and system for dynamically routing voice calls to one of a plurality of associated subscriber...
Method and system to detect software faults
Wireless telecommunication network registration roaming call origination, and roaming call delivery ...
System and method for discovering information about web resources
Method and mobile station for route guidance
Method and apparatus for establishing a security policy, and method and apparatus for supporting est...
Histogram difference method and system for power/performance measurement and management
Cleaning implement
Toothbrush cleaning holder
System and method for selection of cross-country skis
Apparatus and method for mapping relational data and metadata to XML
Method and apparatus for tunneling information
Programmable system and method for accessing a shared memory
Electromagnetic holding brake
Noise attenuator with laterally moving baffles
Method of harmonic noise attenuation in correlated sweep data
Housing for a seismic sensing element and a seismic sensor
Line electroacoustical transducing
Electron emitting device using carbon fiber; electron source; image display device; method of manufa...
Process for manufacturing ultra fine TiC-transition metal-based complex powder
Viscosity stable smectite clay slurries
System and method for producing synthetic diamond
Nickel-rich quaternary metal oxide materials as cathodes for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer bat...
Apparatus and reactor for generating and feeding high purity moisture
Recovery of titanium from titanium bearing materials
Process for scrubbing ammonia from acid gases comprising ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
Method for the production of nitric acid
Processes for treating coral and coating an object
Method of reducing the N.sub.2O content of gases and selected catalysts
Methods and compositions for treating erectile dysfunction
Rage-related methods for treating inflammation
Composition for use in animal nutrition comprising a controlled release lipid matrix, method for pre...
Stent mounting assembly and a method of using the same to coat a stent
Methods and compositions for treating urological disorders using carboxypeptidase Z identified as 82...
Compositions useful as inhibitors of JAK and other protein kinases
Antimalarial and antiproliferative pharmacophore models, novel tryptanthrin compounds having increas...
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid under-expressed in stomach and lung tumor
Anti-fused antibodies
Compositions containing lysophosphotidic acids which inhabit apoptosis and uses thereof
Polyenecarboxylic acid derivatives, processes for preparing them, and their use
Dielectrophoretic displays
Asymmetric ultra-short gradient coil for magnetic resonance imaging system
NMR solenoidal coil for RF field homogeneity
Self-shielded packaging for circuitry integrated with receiver coils in an imaging system
Gaming device having free game bonus with a changing multiplier
Game facility monitoring system and game facility
Interactive video display system
Architecture of an embedded internet robot system controlled by brain waves
Apparatus and method for waterproofing game birds
Acoustic guitar resonator
Tremolo actuator
Wall holder for musical instrument
Mobile communication terminal with audio tuning function
Page-lifter and page-turning apparatus
Musical instrument system capable of locating missing remote controller, musical instrument, remote ...
Waveform data processing apparatus
Waveform production method and apparatus
Effect system
Pickup and base structure of a drum head
Magnetic pickup device for a stringed musical instrument with large free shape low impedance coil fo...
Performance operator control apparatus
Rack bar of power steering gearbox
Rack and pinion steering device
Omni-directional vehicle with trailer mule hitch assembly for moving semi-trailers
Device and method for continuous regulation of the erection of a tandem axle
Stabilized electric distribution system for use with a vehicle having electric assist
Battery replacement system for an industrial truck
Drive power transmission equipment
Vehicle body frame of motorcycles
Torque vectoring axle
Variable seat belt
Seat belt apparatus
Occupant warning device in a vehicle
Air bag system incorporated into motor vehicle bumper
Vehicle steering system having a rear steering control mechanism
Power transmission devices having torque transfer coupling with power-operated clutch actuator
Stator of two rotor single stator type electric motor
Sensorless fuel level and oil change indicators
Secondary power supply for telematics terminal
Steering device
Method for operating a pre-crash sensing system with protruding contact sensor
Personal propulsion device
Aircraft internal wing and design
Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment
Cushioned grounding clamp
Space based change detection using common ground track constellations capable of being configured fo...
Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon
Device and method for damping at least one of a rigid body mode and elastic mode of an aircraft
Method and apparatus for controlling airflow with a gapped trailing edge device having a flexible fl...
Suspension device for lowerable luggage compartments
Checklist error mitigation system
Pixel-frequency slews and filters for star data measurements
Enucleation of avian eggs by gamma irradiation
Methods of producing transgenic gramineae plants having resistance to iron deficiency
Expression of eukaryotic peptides in plant plastids
GTP binding stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Method for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Soybean cultivar 5549483
Soybean cultivar 5628386
Inbred corn line 6XN442
Inbred maize line PH77V
Inbred maize line PH51H
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH093858
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38R50
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38K46
Zantedeschia cultivar 7033-01
Lab in a cuvette
Use of optical diffraction elements in detection methods
Gene therapy
Tumor therapy
Method for culturing Chinese hamster ovary cells
Compositions for sorting polynucleotides
Pipe liner apparatus and method
Wall made of bagel split tires
Illuminated rubrail/bumper assembly
Annular safety and flow control system for underground gas storage
Diving apparatus
Systems and methods useful in stabilizing platforms and vessels having platforms and legs
Shoring system
Method for providing image goods and/or services to a customer
System for aiding to make medical care schedule and/or record, program storage device and computer d...
Long term disability overpayment recovery service with post award service and savings program and fi...
Method and system for managing risk
System and method for multi-enterprise supply chain optimization
Method for performing a plurality of candidate actions and monitoring the responses so as to choose ...
Context-aware and real-time tracking
Implied market trading system
Method and architecture for providing pervasive security to digital assets
Method and apparatus for license distribution
Method and system for home medical management
Using data stored in a destructive-read memory
Method and device for processing a computer document in a computer system
Method for the recovery of unusable printed postage
Vacuum trash collection vehicle
Bag mounted cleaning accessory
Cabinet for drum washer
Rectangular touch bin
Floor sweeper
Cleansing implement
Cleansing implement
Curved surface scraper
Mop frame
Bathroom mop
Clothes clip
Bottle return apparatus
Foot held waste basket
Can-shaped waste container
Golf cart
Chassis with mirror, for an under vehicle inspection device
Adjusting device
Upper and lower portions of fronts of cluster box mail delivery receptacles
Savings bank
Method for encryption in an un-trusted environment
State machine representation for encrypting and decrypting a set of data values and method for prote...
Speculative execution for data ciphering operations
Configurable circuit with configuration data protection features
Recordable storage medium with protected data area
Adaptive watermarking
Personal communicator authentication
Shared data refining device and shared data refining method
Data transfer system
Automated secure key transfer
Secure remote electronic voting system and cryptographic protocols and computer programs employed
Content rendering device with usage rights
Method for overcoming the single point of failure of the central group controller in a binary tree g...
Information processing system, information processing method, and information processing device
Device authentication system and method for determining whether a plurality of devices belong to a g...
Information processing method, information processing apparatus and recording medium
Digital multimedia watermarking for source identification
Method and apparatus for a secure computing environment
System and method for maintaining access to content in an encrypted network environment
Hardened extensible firmware framework
Dianthus plant named `Wesnavi`
Verbena plant named `KLEVE04334`
Verbena plant named `KLEVE04341`
Verbena plant named `KLEVE04336`
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argyminpifi`
Penstemon plant named `Pheni Vio`
Heuchera plant named `Citronelle`
Torenia plant named `DANMOON14`
Viburnum plant named `Vernon Morris`
Impatiens plant named `Balfiestarsa`
Peach tree named `P.F. Lucky 12`
Petunia plant named `Whip Burgto`
Petunia plant named `Jam Bule`
Sedum plant named `Crazy Ruffles`
Ground cover rose plant named `TAN98110`
Scaevola plant named `Bomy Pinka`
Catalytic trimerization and tetramerization of olefinic monomers
Process for production of ethylbenzene from dilute ethylene streams
Alkylation and catalyst regenerative process
Method for manufacturing high viscosity polyalphaolefins using ionic liquid catalysts
Oligomerization catalyst, a method for production and the use thereof
Attrition resistant bulk iron catalysts and processes for preparing and using same
Method of starting up a reaction system
Enhanced hydrogen recovery for hydroprocessing units
Remote manual, maintenance, and diagnostic services for networked electronic devices
Intrusion detection system
System and method for locating providers over the internet on short notice
Providing security in a database system
Method, system, and article of manufacture for implementing security features at a portal server
Method in an embedded environment for arranging functionality of a remote device
Method and apparatus for supplying information, and storage medium on which an information supplying...
Object-oriented network management interface
Method and system for enabling seamless roaming in a wireless network
CAM-based search engines that support pipelined multi-database search operations using encoded multi...
Data reallocation among storage systems
Method for adding external security to file system resources through symbolic link references
Information provision for notifying peripheral device of abnormality by displaying a storage locatio...
Device system and method for determining document similarities and differences
Apparatus, method and system for transforming data
Method and apparatus for providing foreign language text display when encoding is not available
Method and apparatus for integrating a simulation log into a verification environment
Method and apparatus for photomask image registration
Process for preventing virus infection of data-processing system
Systems and methods for user identification, user demographic reporting and collecting usage data us...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing presence-qualified E.164 number mappin...
System, method and apparatus for least cost automatic routing of calls in telephone networks with da...
Methods and apparatus for improving voice quality in an environment with noise
Unbalanced slic with a built-in ring circuit
Method and circuit for adapting the impedance of an analog telecommunication connection
Method and apparatus for subscriber line control circuit
Dynamically configured antenna for multiple frequencies and bandwidths
Telephone echo canceller
Distributed voice and wireless interface modules for exposing messaging/collaboration data to voice ...
Programmable subscriber line circuit partitioned into high voltage interface and digital control sub...
Disambiguating results within a speech based IVR session
Reverse mounted micro-speaker assemblies and mobile terminals including the same
Methods and apparatus for performing media/device sensitive processing of messages stored in unified...
Method and system for customizing a wireless device's user-interface based on which vendor distribut...
System and method for processing requests from newly registered remote application consumers
Method and system for dynamic selection of voice mail system
Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
Method and system for changing a service account profile from a station operated under another servi...
Software enabled on/off switch for radio functionality in a wireless device
Method for displaying call record list in wireless telecommunication terminal
Pillow book
Extended text wrap label and method of manufacture thereof
Tab paper 2-sided print method, tab paper 2-sided print program, computer readable storage medium pr...
Narrow angle hologram device and method of manufacturing same
Simultaneously searching for a plurality of patterns definable by complex expressions, and efficient...
Modified motion control for a virtual reality environment
System and method to facilitate user thinking about an arbitrary problem with output and interface t...
Solutions for constraint satisfaction problems requiring multiple constraints
Secure extended authentication bypass
Variable point generation craps game
Card game with moving cards
Card game and methods of play
Electronically-scored game providing audible feedback and method of use
Layered foam target and method of manufacturing the same
Mobile roly-poly-type apparatus and method
Santa Claus visit kit
Keno game with extra chances
Gaming device having display with multiple radially translating indicators
Gaming device with transport device and method of use
Gaming device having changed or generated player stimuli
Interactive photo gaming with user ratification
Child swing with a child seat removable to serve as a car seat
Remote battery compartment for child swing motor
Hanger mounts for child swing
Communication device that communicates events using compressed audio information
Method for simultaneously improving educational, economic, ecological, environmental, and other proc...
System and method for authenticating wireless component
Infant simulator
Pyrazole compounds that modulate HSP90 activity
Use of Benzo-Heteroaryl Sulfamide Derivatives for Lowering Lipids and Lowering Blood Glucose Levels
Combination of A 5-HT(1) Receptor Agonist and an Alpha-2-Delta Ligand for the Treatment of Migraine
Novel tetracyclic tetrahydrofuran derivatives
Sulphonic acid salt of sibutramine
Dicarboxylic acid salt of sibutramine
Inorganic acid salts of sibutramine
Lipase inhibitor
Novel bicyclic sulfonamide derivatives which are L-CPT1 inhibitors
Synthesis of antidiabetic rosigltazone derivatives
Transesophageal gastric reduction method and device for practicing same
Transesophageal gastric reduction method and device for reducing the size of a previously formed gas...
Reduction of restenosis
Health care assisting device
Antiparasitic artemisinin derivatives (endoperoxides)