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Heteroalkyl-substituted biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid arylamide analogues
3,4,6-Substituted pyridazines for treating neuropathic pain and associated syndromes
Substituted cinnolin-4-ylamines
Compositions and methods for modulating gated ion channels
Use of n-piperidine derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative pathologies
Diastereomeric purification of rosuvastatin
Ion channel modulators
Use of Benzo-Heteroaryl Sulfamide Derivatives for the Treatment of Disease Modification / Epileptoge...
Use of rotigotine for treating and preventing parkinson's plus syndrome
Novel formulations of pharmacological agents, methods for the preparation thereof and methods for th...
Aniline derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators
Galenic formulations of organic compounds
Method of Using Powered Orthotic Device
Physiotherapeutic apparatus for restoring lower limb function
Hydrogel bone plate spacer
Recursive build job graphical user interface
Methods and systems for context based digital calendar serving as personal memory footprint organize...
Light amount-adjusting device and light amount-adjusting device for projector unit
Lens barrel
Image recording apparatus
Changeable-lens camera, camera system, and focus detection device
Imaging using silver halide films with micro-lens capture, scanning and digital reconstruction
Controlled growth of gallium nitride nanostructures
Directed growth of nanotubes on a catalyst
Strongly textured atomic ridge nanowindows
Nanoparticles and method for making the same
Nanoparticles and method for making the same
Aqueous nanocomposite dispersions: processes, compositions, and uses thereof
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Nanocomposite photonic structures for solid state lighting
Devices having horizontally-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same
Optical switching arrangement using carbon nanotubes
Page buffer architecture for programming, erasing and reading nanoscale resistive memory devices
Multibit metal nanocrystal memories and fabrication
Nano-electromechanical high-index contrast
Carbon nanoarchitectures with ultrathin, conformal polymer coatings for electrochemical capacitors
Enhanced nanowire-crossbar latch array
Composite, nanostructured, super-hydrophobic material
Inflatable shoe tree
Calcaneal bisector
Method for making an article of footwear
Custom shoe and method
Shoe with insole as part sole filler and method of making same
Method for maintaining the appearance and integrity of kilties that adorn men's and women's dress sh...
Lmt turmor suppressor gene
Toe shoe widener
Waterproof footwear construction
Method of fabricating custom-fitted footbed
Method of manufacturing a mask slipper
Method of making insole
Temperature regulated compression brace
Compression garment with heel elevation
Foot brace for recuperation
Hip distraction
Wound shield for exudate management
Dressing substrate
Method for improving the appearance of the submandibular area of the human face
Dynamically adjustable joint extension and flexion device
Daneshvar wrapping means II and methods
Foot orthosis support device method and apparatus
Orthopedic braces and casts with aerating arrangements
Rotator cuff, and other shoulder-related, traction relief
Bandage for wound or incision closure
Adhesive bandage carrier and bandage dispensing assembly therefor
Wound shield
Releasable athletic shoe sole
Compliant pressure roller with uniform nip pressure
Illuminated foot-switch
Method and device for the drilling of holes in ground or rocky material
Finish nailer with contoured contact trip foot
Systems and methods providing hands free water faucet control
Disposable dental prophy angle with secure retention mechanism
Variable resistance aquatic device and methods of using the same
Casement window hinge
Ventilated footwear with a reversible tongue
Instant custom moldable insole
Boot having a floating articulation
Opening roller assembly for an open-end spinning machine
Automatic cycle pedal with multiple engagement surfaces
Two person RUV with ergonomic seating and feet placement
Automatic shoe clearance adjusting apparatus
Seperated-panel structure of vehiclebody panel
Twin-sheet thermoformed products
Seat assembly with movable inner seat back
Vehicle braking control device for braking force distribution
Scroll compressor and air-conditioning system for vehicle using the scroll compressor
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle
Starting clutch control device
Camouflage tire
Electronic device and thermal type flow meter on vehicle
System and method for interactive selection of agricultural vehicle guide paths through a graphical ...
Query resolution system and service
System and a method for selecting shops for the repair of railcars
System for automatic check-in and check-out for space occupancy
Removal of prion infectivity
Anti-neovasculature preparations for cancer
Protein glycosylation modification in methylotrophic yeast
Essential downstream component of the wingless signaling pathway and therapeutic and diagnostic appl...
Transcriptional activators involved in abiotic stress tolerance
Protein containing serum albumin domain
Selective fusion location estimation (SELFLOC) for wireless access technologies
Methods for packaging microelectronic imagers
Packaged microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
Multi-layer core golf ball
Production of aligned microfibers and nanofibers and derived functional monoliths
Photonic structures, devices, and methods
Permanently installed in-well fiber optic accelerometer-based seismic sensing apparatus and associat...
Sea-of-cells array of transistors
Flexible design for memory use in integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in an integrated circuit chip
Method for integrally checking chip and package substrate layouts for errors
Method and apparatus for solving constraints
LSI design method
Method for constructing an integrated circuit device having fixed and programmable logic portions an...
Method and system for designing a timing closure of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for a low write current MRAM having a write magnet
Video and graphics system with MPEG specific data transfer commands
Systems and processes for scheduling and conducting audio/video communications
Following device
Order processing method and system for image output service, and order information generating appara...
Wireless hand-held digital camera
Network compatible image capturing apparatus and method
Video system
Image processing circuit of image input device
Image reading device with thinned pixel data
Weighted gradient based and color corrected interpolation
Imaging apparatus with a timing generator having a rewritable storage and a method of supplying an i...
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method for solid-state imaging device
Method for driving an imaging device and image pickup device, wherein signals corresponding to same ...
CCD camera forming a still image by adding offset values to the odd and even fields and method for c...
Method and apparatus for automatically optimizing optical contrast in automated equipment
Digital camera having panning and/or tilting functionality, and an image rotating device for such a ...
Dry toner, method for producing dry toner, and method for forming an image
Carrier and developer for latent electrostatic image development, container housing developer, image...
Abasic site endonuclease assay
Printing cartridge with capacitive sensor identification
Grafted multi-functional olefin copolymer VI modifiers and uses thereof
Process for production of methacrylic acid
DWF4 polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Multi-purpose air-packing method and system
Method and apparatus for separating mixed plastics using flotation techniques
Collapsible and reusable container and method for use
Granulator mill
Quarter-turn diaphragm valve
Method of referencing data via edge definition
Method of fabricating a composite gate dielectric layer
Torsional electrostatic actuator
Microelectromechanical magnetometer
Method and system for filesystem mounted on a root directory wherein data is redirected from a first...
Selective execution of deferred instructions in a processor that supports speculative execution
Avoiding register RAW hazards when returning from speculative execution
Initiating and using information used for a host, control unit, and logical device connections
Raid overlapping
III-nitride semiconductor light emitting device
Encapsulation structure of organic electroluminescence device
LED power control methods and apparatus
Color display device and color display method
Electro-optical device, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, light guide, liquid crystal...
Detaching/attaching mechanism and image forming device
Organic semiconductor device
Display device having a structure for preventing the deterioration of a light emitting device
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Network device management method, network device management system, and process program for managing...
SONET add/drop multiplexer with packet over SONET capability
Optically active copper catalyst composition
Semen analysis
Method for optically recording information according to a strategy and computer-readable recording m...
Method and apparatus for remote powering of device connected to network
Low cost migration to a VoIP system
Communication apparatus, communication method and memory medium with plural data transmission compon...
System for networking attendant and messaging speech systems
Multi-site teleconferencing system
Method, system, and article for informing a telecommunication customer of a future performance estim...
Method and apparatus for communicating with one of plural devices associated with a single telephone...
Method and system for providing billing capability for a service node in an advanced intelligent net...
Calling-party-pays call processing for cellular and paging
Method and apparatus for controlling and/or monitoring a MULAP line
Methods and systems for automated prepaid service routing
Call scheduling in a telephone network using a telephony interface
Processing system for providing services and processing method therefor
Method and apparatus for managing a plurality of mobile nodes in a network
Dynamically adjusting the distribution for dispatching lot between current and downstream tool by us...
Server file management
Parallel chromosomal stacking of traits in bacteria
Carotenoid ketolases
Process for preparing fluorocarboxylic acids
Pulsed voltage surge resistant magnet wire
Oxygen sensor and a manufacturing method of the sensor device
Method for fabricating interconnection in an insulating layer on a wafer
Preparation of titania and cobalt aluminate catalyst supports and their use in Fischer-Tropsch synth...
Thermo-formable multilayer barrier film with the appearance and texture of paper
Flue gas denitration catalyst and preparation process thereof
Titanium dioxide scouring media and method of production
High fluorescent intensity cross-linked allophycocyanin
CDK4 binding peptide
Method for detection of malaria and other parasite infections
Method, apparatus, and program for eliminating thread skew in multithreaded performance benchmarks
Apparatus and method for an automated grammar file expansion tool
Method and system for augmenting web content
Table substitution
Method and system for importing data
System for heterogeneous distributed transaction management in database systems
Server side execution of application modules in a client and server system
Mixed esters of dicarboxylic acids for use as pigment dispersants
Ergonomic nail clipper attachment
Set of toothpicks
Dental floss dispenser
Comb holder
Cosmetic applicator
Tail pipe ashtray
High visibility safety vest
Garment sleeve protector
Face protector
Neck barrier
Hay feeder
Leash cover
Step staircase for pets
Manifold for washing gas turbine aircraft engines
Portion of a laundry appliance
Cordless waxer with auto wax supply system
Robot cleaner
Robot cleaner
Foam-dispensing nozzle
Pathological tissue detection and treatment employing targeted benzoindole optical agents
System and method for altering or disabling RFID tags
RFID tag for instrument handles
Automated antenna trim for transmitting and receiving semiconductor devices
Antenna device
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Check-out counter systems and methods
Reader-writer terminal device for contactless IC card, communication system and contactless data car...
Point-of-use water treatment system
Method and system for communicating with and tracking RFID transponders
Multi-oscillator clock signals
Apparatus and method for boosting signals from a signal-generating or modifying device
Security checkpoint
Method for immobilization of mediator molecules on metallic and ceramic implant materials
Composition comprises sustained-release fine particles and manufacturing method thereof
Stable benzimidazole formulation
Treatment of endothelin-related disorders
Preparation of Chinese herbal composite recipe used in horticulture
Method for fabricating lithium ion secondary battery
Self-cleaning spray nozzle
Use of lymphotoxin-.beta. receptor blocking agents for the treatment of antibody mediated immunolog...
System and method for assessing urinary function
Intravascular heat exchange catheter with temperature sensor
Helical stent with micro-latches
Positive pressure infusion system having downstream resistance measurement capability
Retractable I-V catheter placement device
Catheter assembly for intracranial treatment
Systems and methods for luminal access
Infusion device having piston operated driving mechanism and positive pressure reservoir
Methods for generating lepidopteran-toxic polypeptides
Heated catheter used in cryotherapy
Apparatus and method for cutting a heart valve
Intravascular device deployment mechanism incorporating mechanical detachment
Magneto-optical recording medium
Method of producing a software product
Method for optimizing execution time of parallel processor programs
Control module co-constructed with car audio apparatus
System and method to reduce the size of source code in a processing system
Methods for polymerizing macrocyclic polyester oligomers using catalyst promoters
Curable composition and process for producing cured fluorinated product
Magnetic recording disk and process for manufacture thereof
Device and method for connection with relative and controlled sealing between a pipe and a ceramic t...
Cooling systems for stacked laminate CMC vane
Composite gas separation modules having high Tamman temperature intermediate layers
Nitrogen sources for molecular beam epitaxy
Digital video system
Calibration of infra red cameras
Method and apparatus for converting human power to electrical power
Self-powered bicycle signal output device and display apparatus using same
Portable light system having a sealed switch
Bicycle shifter
Disc brake unit for a bicycle
Impact and/or vibration absorbent material and protective glove making use thereof
Ratchet arrangement for a chain splitter
Rider support assembly for multi-wheeled vehicle
Actuator for a bicycle gear-shift
Power toothbrush with unique handle
Method for the production of isophorondiamine (ipda, 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5-trimethyl- cyclohexylamine)...
Solid oxide fuel cells having gas channel
Fuel nozzle guard
Method of designating dating status
Bracket assembly to suspend objects
Bottom-emptying device for tapered bailer
Lumbar support, cushion for seat, and seat structure
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head, substrate for liquid discharge head and method for w...
Device for measuring aberrations in an eye-type system
Liquid applicator assembly
Computer system for PCI-express card
Pull-on disposable wearing article
NADH/NADPH-containing compound
Container with a foldable portion and method for manufacturing the same
Midsole including cushioning structure
Compact image capture assembly using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom r...
Phase array oxide-confined VCSELs
Telephony based remote location monitoring
Assembling electronic device
Spacers for cells having spaced opposed substrates
Method and apparatus for detecting registration errors in an image forming device
Conserved motif of hepatitis C virus E2/NS1 region
Modulation of tetraspanin function
Monoclonal antibodies against the epitope YPYDVPDYA, a process for their production and their use
Core-shell metal particles coated with dextran or aminodextran carrying SH groups, and use thereof
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Diagnostic reagent for hepatitis C virus infection
Three electrode arc-discharge lamp
Method of using actuators for microfluidics without moving parts
Protection of non-carbon anodes and other oxidation resistant components with iron oxide-containing ...
Non-carbon anodes for aluminium electrowinning and other oxidation resistant components with slurry-...
Particle detecting system and method of detecting particles using the same
Self-similar traffic generation
Inner focus type zoom lens system
Projection exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and sensor unit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
EL display device and electronic device
Insulating substrate and semiconductor device having a thermally sprayed circuit pattern
Package substrate manufactured using electrolytic leadless plating process, and method for manufactu...
Semiconductor device having adhesion increasing film to prevent peeling
Semiconductor device with a barrier layer and a metal layer
Resistance-reduced semiconductor device and methods for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
Capacitance sensor type measuring apparatus
Non-abrasive electrical test contact
Waveguide device and method for making same
Method to manufacture a universal footprint for a package with exposed chip
Leadframes for improved moisture reliability and enhanced solderability of semiconductor devices
Packaging device for semiconductor die, semiconductor device incorporating same and method of making...
Semiconductor apparatus
Test carrier for semiconductor components having conductors defined by grooves
Mode switching algorithm for AV block
Digital ID for selecting web browser and use preferences of a user during use of a web application
Message based interrupt table
Branch-aware FIFO for interprocessor data sharing
Status register to improve initialization of a synchronous memory
Method and system for hardware accelerated verification of digital circuit design and its testbench
Open architecture modularity for irrigation controllers
Simulation and timing control for hardware accelerated simulation
Levalbuterol salt
Golf club grip underlisting
Fan blade bracket
Ceiling fan motor housing
Ceiling fan light kit
Charge-control pre-scanning for e-beam imaging
Distributed cache between servers of a network
Golf club grip underlisting
Interface device with a releasable mount
Aroma therapy for fountain
Portable collapsible stand
Drum type washing and drying machine
Method for producing by cell-free protein synthesis system using thioredoxin-fused protein expressio...
Washing machine
Process for making group II metal carbonated, overbased Mannich condensation products of alkylphenol...
Easy ejector seat with skeletal crash safety beam
Soil sampler apparatus and method
Detecting fire using cameras
Fault isolation method and apparatus in artificial intelligence based air data systems
Secure cargo transportation system
Mirror assembly
Sliding structure for automotive engine
MAGE-3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Method for obtaining nucleic acids from an environment sample, resulting nucleic acids and use in sy...
Automatic password configuration during error reporting
Reducing power consumption in embedded systems by controlling voltage based on system state and part...
Carrier catalytic converter for the selective hydrogenation of alkines and dienes
High-frequency wireless peripheral device with auto-connection and auto-synchronization
Switch control system and method that distinguishes between a plurality of real and emulated input d...
Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera
Ultrasonic sensor for detecting the dispensing of a product
Lockable bag with plastic zipper closure and zipper closure clip
Method and apparatus for cooling with coolant at a subambient pressure
Heat transfer tubes, including methods of fabrication and use thereof
Gas heat exchanger
Baseboard and molding system
High performance integrated MLC cooling device for high power density ICS and method for manufacturi...
Cooling device
Heat exchanger tube with integral restricting and turbulating structure
Compact heat exchanger with high volumetric air-flow
Heat exchanger for heating of fuel cell combustion air
Heat exchanger
Insert for heat exchanger tube
Heat exchanger
Method of controlling a heating and air conditioning system in a motor vehicle
Ultra-longlife, high formability brazing sheet
System for mounting and cooling circuit boards
Adjustable heat sink shroud
Wireless router
Heat collector plate for an electronic display
Thermally enhanced pressure regulation of electronics cooling system
Heat radiation device for memory module
Apparatus and method for manufacture of a driveshaft by a pulsed magnetic force process
Portable nuclear detector
Optical image measuring apparatus
Method for frequency transposition and use of the method in a hearing device and a communication dev...
Method of synchronizing a receiver, and a receiver
Sequential frequency band acquisition apparatus for test and measurement instruments
Stripe removal system
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage filling material, a container fil...
Centrifuge with imbalance detector
Three phase decanter centrifuge
Gas filter
Porous inorganic membrane containing carbon; a process for its preparation; and use thereof
Skimmer with rotatable filter cartridge for spas and pools
Device and method for increasing viability in cell types
Method and apparatus for liquid purification
Method of operating a photometric analysis apparatus
Phase locked loop
Power supply circuit and electronic equipment
DC-DC converter
Driving an image sensor with reduced area and high image quality
Method for operating a rotating electrical machine
Method and apparatus for reducing ripple in class D amplifiers
Method and apparatus for reducing ripple in Class D amplifiers
Piezoelectric transformer drive circuit and cold cathode tube lighting apparatus
Device for dividing a stream of particulate or pulverulent material into substreams
Pyrazole derivatives and diabetic medicine containing them
Crystals of 5-hydroxycarbamimidoyl-2-hydroxybenzenesulfonamide derivative
Biguanide and dihydrotriazine derivatives
Ink cartridge
Reticulated open cell filling material
Inorganic nanoparticle and method for producing the same
Electrode plate unit and battery
3-(4-amidopyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone der derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors
Compounds that inhibit factor Xa activity
Crystal forms of atorvastatin hemi-calcium and processes for their preparation as well as novel proc...
Medicating nursing nipple
Ink thickness variations for the control of color printers
Analyzer with sample quality measurement, and method
System for purchase of prepaid telephone services
Method and apparatus for searching rights objects stored in portable storage device using object loc...
Franking machine
Skip tracing system
Check cashing systems and methods
Method and apparatus for determining adjacency of wireless device to POS terminal
System and method for performing a business process in a multi-enterprise, collaborating network
Secure on-line ticketing
Assortment decisions
System and method for correlating user data from a content provider and user data from an advertisin...
Apparatus and method for operating a self-service checkout terminal having a voice generating device...
Apparatus and methods for identifying a delivery item using an identification code
List mode multichannel analyzer
Gas barrier laminate film and method for producing same
Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass
Surface finishing of SOI substrates using an EPI process
General method for disposal of produced water
LED lantern with fresnel lens
Garment device convertible to one or more facemasks
Methods for producing phosphor based light sources
Reactive-adsorptive protective materials and methods for use
Rare earth element-doped silicon/silicon dioxide lattice structure
Bill handling machine
Appropriately rendering a graphical object when a corresponding outline has exact or inexact control...
Methods and systems for mixing digital audio signals
System and method for providing regional settings for server-based applications
Method for selecting terms from vocabularies in a category-based system
Preview mode
Computer keyboard with quantitatively force-sensing keys
File propagation tool
SRAM cell for soft-error rate reduction and cell stability improvement
Optical device, optical system, method of production of same, and mold for production of same
Image forming apparatus performing post treatment accompanied with perforation
Welded connector attachment
Package for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for determining the position of an underwater object in real-time
Flow meter filter system and method
Method of incorporating interconnect systems into an integrated circuit process flow
Electrolytic capacitor
Pseudo surface microwave produced plasma shielding system
Low profile system for joining optical fiber waveguides
NROM memory device with a high-permittivity gate dielectric formed by the low temperature oxidation ...
NROM memory device with a high-permittivity gate dielectric formed by the low temperature oxidation ...
NROM memory device with a high-permittivity gate dielectric formed by the low temperature oxidation ...
Method for detection of pathogenic microorganisms
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system comprising array of spatiall...
Interior rearview mirror assembly
Ubiquitous connectivity and control system for remote locations
Voice-controlled wireless communications system and method
Method for attempting to establish a connection between a mobile station and a wireless communicatio...
System and method for dynamically allocating data rates and channels to clients in a wireless networ...
Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
Adaptive error resilience for signal transmission over a network
Diagnosis of link failures in a network
Measuring device, particularly for conducting spectroscopic measurements
Spectroscope and microspectroscope equipped therewith
Spectroscopy-based safety system and method for a vacuum arc remelt furnace
Method and apparatus for X-ray reflectance measurement
X-ray source assembly having enhanced output stability using tube power adjustments and remote calib...
Circuit for generating wait signal in semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and test pattern data generating method using the same
Apparatus and method for measuring dynamic parameters for a driven wheel
Select lever device for automatic transmission
Method for signaling PCI/PCI-X standard hot-plug controller (SHPC) command status
Boot time reducing device including boot preparation instructing unit
Apparatus and method for random pattern built in self-test
Early decoding of a control channel in a wireless communication system
Electrode holder with integrated ultrasound sensor
AC-driven gas discharge display device having plural thin discharge tubes, plural pairs of display e...
Method and apparatus for indication-based programming of cardiac rhythm management devices
Composition of matter tailoring: system I
Instrumentation for a downhole deployment valve
Infant care apparatus
Apparatus for integrated monitoring of wafers and for process control in semiconductor manufacturing...
Flat panel X-ray imager with a grid structure
Methods and apparatus for calibrating CT x-ray beam tracking loop
Dual energy radiation scanning of contents of an object
Reflector rack, fabrication method thereof, and narrow brand x-ray filter and system including same
Method and system for multiple income-generating business card and referral network
Method for displaying information responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a computer ...
Image retouching program
Diaphragm pump and pump for double-breast pumping
Laminate composition
Preparation of olefin polymerization catalyst component
Materials and methods for the treatment of depression
SDMA system using MU-SIMO for the uplink and MU-MISO for the downlink
Hybrid air collision avoidance system
Integrin targeted imaging agents
Composition for forming organic insulating film and organic insulating film formed from the same
Flat panel display with black matrix
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and method for the production thereof
Method and device for detecting moisture in electroluminescence display devices
Semiconductor device for driving a current load device and a current load device provided therewith
Organic EL display panel
Image input/output device and image information reading method therefor
Light emitting display
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Electro-luminiscent apparatus
El display driver and El display
Data service in a mobile communications network
Determination of a reference value for automatic gain control of a receiver communicating with a pac...
Method for receiving a message signal, receiver, receiving device and message transmission system fo...
Data exchanging system, device, and method, all utilizing IC chip
System and method for radiating RF waveforms using discontinues associated with a utility transmissi...
Internal multiband antenna
E-plane omni-directional antenna
Localized radio frequency communication using asynchronous transfer mode protocol
Detection of mutational frequency and related methods
Terminal phosphate blocked nucleoside polyphosphates
Gene improving temperature-tolerance of acetic acid bacterium, acetic acid bacterium bred using the ...
Biopolymer thickener
Solar lantern
Manufacturing method of thin film device substrate
Solar-powered light
solar reflective ventilated translucent blocks
Higher selectivity, method for passivating short circuit current paths in semiconductor devices
Energy storage system
Low outgassing photo or electron beam curable rubbery polymer material, preparation thereof and devi...
Method and apparatus for conveying powder and heat
Eyeglasses with activity monitoring
Retinol derivative and cosmetic composition comprising the same
Method of cutting and installation of building boards
Foamed cement compositions, additives, and associated methods
Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
Polymer modified gypsum membrane and uses therefor
Topical acne vulgairs medication with a sunscreen
Carbonate and carbamate modified forms of glucocorticoids in combination with B.sub.2 adrenergic ago...
4(Phenyl-piperazinyl-methyl) benzamide derivatives and their use for the treatment of pain of gastro...
Method of providing improved Ringback Tone signaling
Controlling Toxicity of Aminoquinoline Compounds
Extract of mad-dog skullcap
Rice plant having vaccine gene transferred thereinto
Conditioning compositions and methods of use thereof
Use of geraniol in antitumoral therapy
Novel abietane diterpenoid compound, and composition comprising extract of torreya nucifera, or abie...
Microcapsules with uv filter activity and process for producing them
Non-M, non-O HIV-1 strains, fragments and uses
Hairscents with anti-dandruff formula
Compositions and therapeutic methods using morphogenic proteins, hormones and hormone receptors
Short interfering rna (sirna) analogues
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with kallikrein 13 (klk13)
Beta Secretase Genes
Methods and compositions for treating conditions of the eye
Endovascular graft coatings
Wafer-level fabrication method for top or side slider bond pads
Hybrid burnishing head design for improved burnishing of disk media
Using plated surface for recording media without polishing
Container for Consumer Electronics
Acceleration feed-forward correction enabled or disabled based on track follow loop signals
Multi-purpose flow control device
Actuator Load/Unload Ramp
Encryption key in a storage system
Method for searching car navigation path by using log file
Method and apparatus for a bandwidth broker in a packet network
Plasma flat lamp
Systems and methods for a magnetic memory device that includes a single word line transistor
Electroconductive oxide sintered compact, sputtering target comprising the sintered compact and meth...
Methods of regulating cytokine signalling
Process for oxide cap formation in semiconductor manufacturing
Method of securing a document in a system and controlling access to the document and a seal for use ...
Estimation of type-cast sets
Method and apparatus for managing processors in a multi-processor data processing system
Method and system for saving and retrieving spatial related information
Low friction coatings for dynamically engaging load bearing surfaces
Human DRG11-Responsive Axonal Guidance and Outgrowth of Neurite (DRAGON) proteins and variants there...
Fluorine-containing vinyl ethers, their polymers, and resist compositions using such polymers
Electrode pattern for solid state ionic devices
Generating animation from visual and audio input
Lamp driving system controlled by electrical isolation
Adaptive equalizer
Propagation self servowrite using self-written spiral signals for in-process calibration
Circuits, systems, and methods for capacitive fly height measurement
Loading gear supporting apparatus of video cassette recorder
Magnetic tape apparatus including a circumferential surface having a generally flat portion between ...
Magnetic disk device
Adaptable air bearing slider with trailing edge cavity
Damping structure of a hard disk drive
Ramp made of polyoxymethylene resin
Damped spindle motor flange for the disk pack in a hard disk drive
Discrete step stabilization of narrow-track AMR read sensors
Magnetic tape drive with AC erase element upstream from plural head elements
Elimination of electric-pop noise in MR/GMR device
CPP sensor with improved pinning strength longitudinal bias structure
Distributed storage of audio/video content
Support system, and computer-readable recording medium in which support program is recorded
Remote intelligence and information gathering system (IGS)
Frequency domain training of prefilters for receivers
Digitally adjusted high speed analog equalizer
Automatic gain control for communication receivers
Receiver system having analog pre-filter and digital equalizer
System and method for frequency burst detection for GSM/GPRS
Tote bag
Rollover bits for packet departure time calculator
Techniques for targeting information to users
Dynamic reconfiguration of cache memory
Sharing monitored cache lines across multiple cores
Storage system including shared memory and plural disk drives, processors, and shared memory control...
Maintaining entity order with gate managers
Writing and reading of data in probe-based data storage devices
Method for allocating storage area to virtual volume
Memory arbitration system and method having an arbitration packet protocol
Method and apparatus for dynamically altering accessing of storage drives based on the technology li...
Memory management
Memory controller and method for scrubbing memory without using explicit atomic operations
Synchronization of active flag and status bus flags in a multi-queue first-in first-out memory syste...
Information processing system with redundant storage having interleaved master storage and substorag...
System and Method for Replacing Degenerated Spinal Disks
Radially extended support member for spinal nucleus implants and methods of use
Devices and Methods for Inter-Vertebral Orthopedic Device Placement
Prosthetic acetabular cup and method of manufacture
Enhanced visibility materials for implantation in hard tissue
System and method of prioritizing and administering healthcare to patients having multiple integral ...
Clinical decision support system
Method and system for identifying sentence boundaries
Horming response element binding transregulators
Culture conditions and growth factors affecting fate determination, self-renewal and expansion of ra...
Hereditary angioedema type III
TAT-028 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
TAT-038 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
TAT-039 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
TAT-044 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
TAT-042 and methods of assessing and treating cancer
Edible vaccines expressed in soybeans
RF Transceiver Using Hopping Frequency Synthesizer
Mobile station and method for channel sounding using a single radio frequency transmitter chain in a...
Conversion of multiple analog signals in an analog to digital converter
Radio demodulation circuit
Interactive Multi-Sensory Reading System Electronic Teaching/Learning Device
Method of establishing communication link, and computer product
Radio frequency module
Data transmission method, transceiver and telecommunication system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit for radio communication
Software defined radio
Methods of and apparatuses for cell-differentiated handover in a mobile communications systems
Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Wireless Data Network Telephony Including a Personal Router in a ...
Dual MAC arbitration
Method device base station and site for reducing the number of feeders in an antenna diversity diver...
Radio communication terminal device and radio communication function control method
Adaptive power management for a nod of a mobile telecommunications network
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with non-selective excitation of the examination sub...
Radio-opaque marker for medical implants
Pulse measuring apparatus
Plasma display panel (PDP)
Multicomponent barrier layers in quantum well active regions to enhance confinement and speed
Thin film magnetic memory device having redundant configuration
Method of producing electrochemical device, and the electrochemical device
Metered dose spray device for use with macromolecular pharmaceutical agents such as insulin
Dry powder inhaler
System and method for indicating an annotation for a document
Method and system for dispatching service requests to sub-applications
Method and apparatus for operating an electric water heater
Polymer film
Adjustable support structure for a panel computer
Biodegradable polymer material consisting of starch and dialdehyde polysaccharide
System and method for providing a smart antenna
Carrier head vibration damping
Strip diffuser
Bi-liquid phase replenishment electrolyte management system
Polymerization of polyethylene having high molecular weight
FEC (Forward Error Correction) decoder with dynamic parameters
Device for moving toner within an image forming device
Methods of preparing sulfinamides and sulfoxides
Resistor ladder interpolation for subranging ADC
Biological data acquiring apparatus
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Support device for cantilever toilet bowl
Substituted phenypropionic acid derivatives as agonists to human peroxisome proliferator-activated r...
Methods for measuring rates of reserve cholesterol transport in vivo, as an index of anti-atherogene...
Preparation, process and a regenerative method and technique for prevention, treatment and glycemic ...
Selecting animals for parentally imprinted traits
Delta-8 desaturase and its use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Somatostatin and somatostatin agonists for treating insulin insensitivity and Syndrome X
Tuneable laser having comb reflectors producing combs of reflective wavelength peaks
Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup apparatus using the same
Semiconductor laser device
Semi-integrated designs for external cavity tunable lasers
Rare gas-halogen excimer lasers with baffles
Non-contact measurement system and method
Signal emitter for optical fibers
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus to measure amount of movement using granular speck pattern generated by reflect...
Optical head device
Method for verifying scan precision of a laser measurement machine
Three-dimensional measurement apparatus and three-dimensional measurement method
Modulation device
High power pulse shaping fiber laser for high data rate free space telecommunication systems
Optical amplifying device
Laser apparatus
Paneling element for the roof of a vehicle interior
Folding head restraint
Automotive seat with active back
Door trim bolster with electroluminescent lamp and injection molding method of making same
Vehicle seat that tips and kneels and folds into a stowage well
Thin profile folding vehicle seat
Process control for gas-assisted injection molding applications
Tubeless headrest support system
Intermediate switch actuator array
Seat frame panel for attaching a fabric suspension
Control of resin flow during molding of composite articles
Multiple material golf club head
Patterning on SMS product
Method for making large scale multilayer dielectric diffraction gratings on thick substrates using r...
Magnetic head with adaptive data island and mini-outrigger and methods of manufacture
Thermoelectric heat exchange element
Multi-bit non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of manufacturing the ...
Dynamic location almanac for wireless base stations
Mobile location based service system and method
Position information system and dispatch support system
Methods of snapshot and block management in data storage systems
Method for addressing a memory card, a system using a memory card, and a memory card
Bootable NAND flash memory architecture
Memory system
Method and apparatus for implementing atomicity of memory operations in dynamic multi-streaming proc...
Pre-approval of computer files during a malware detection
Virtual programming of formed component trajectories
Quadrupole acoustic shear wave logging while drilling
Creation and use of an electronic presentation slide that includes multimedia content
Training and testing flash cards
Test management and assessment system and method
Multimedia standardized curriculum educational system & method of operation
Virtual character video toy with movable display
Task planning system and method for use in cognitive ability-related treatment
Color simulation system for hair coloring
Reference card system for interactive learning
System for coding alphabet pronunciation
Method for computer-assisted learning
Apparatus and Method for Teaching Multiplication and Division
Augmented tutoring
Behaviour modification through personal identification
Three-dimensional digital entity mesoscope system equipped with three-dimensional visual instruction...
Updating student records in student profiles
Laptop-based machine control simulator
Transformer assembly for microwave oven, method for manufacturing the same, and microwave oven havin...
Control system for a power supply
System and method of operating double fed induction generators
Method for operating a parallel arrangement of semiconductor power switches
Wind power plant comprising a rotor blade adjusting device
Battery charging system and method
Permanent-magnet generator with high-power output
Single inductor multiple-input multiple-output switching converter and method of use
Apparatus and method for continuous conduction mode boost voltage power factor correction with an av...
Light load current-mode control for switched step up-step down regulators
Power supply dynamic set point circuit
Device and method for generating a low-voltage reference
Start-up apparatus for power converters
Liquid crystal display device
Apparatus with nano-sized platinum black and oxygen-rich ceramic powder for filtering the incoming a...
Process and structure to fabricate CPP spin valve heads for ultra-high recording density
Vehicle control system
Method for controlling a prime mover for a vehicle
Navigation system, and information acquisition method
Device and method for operating an electrical machine for a motor vehicle
Integrated stator-axle for in-wheel motor of an electric vehicle
Device and method for testing the seal tightness of a fuel tank system of a motor vehicle
Remote control apparatus for a saddle-type vehicle
Tire pneumatic pressure monitoring system and tire pneumatic pressure monitoring receiver used for t...
Drive support display apparatus
Flashing device for vehicle
Ignition interlock device and method
Telematic programming logic control unit and methods of use
Audio system and head attachment audio unit
Sound data delivering system, sound data delivery method, delivering server utilized in the sound da...
Class D amplifier
Wireless data system
Combustion engine including cam phase-shifting
Valve controller
Target wheel pre-assembly for a camshaft phaser
Apparatus and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Closure assembly for a camshaft phaser
System and method for controlling load and combustion in an internal-combustion engine by valve actu...
Valve selection for an engine operating in a multi-stroke cylinder mode
Linear EMV actuator using permanent magnet and electromagnet
Variable valve lift apparatus for vehicle engines
Resin cylinder head cover
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
System and methods for implementing an adaptive object model
Method and system for classifying binary strings
Method, system, and product for data integration through a dynamic common model
System and method for generating descriptive link names
Process and system for matching products and markets
System and method for determining community overlap
Geographical location extraction
Automatic query clustering
Function for directing packets
Information display apparatus
Navigational learning in a structured transaction processing system
Method and system for a pattern matching engine
Use of particular polysaccharides as admixtures for mineral materials
Embedded optical signatures in documents
Container having irradiated indicia
Image processing apparatus and its control method, computer program, and storage medium
Embedding location data in video
Watermark embedding and extraction method and apparatus in compressed streams
Multi-wavelength currency authentication system and method
Watermark-based goods authentication
Gui for digital audio signal filtering mechanism
Methods and means for modification of plant characteristics using the vernalization gene VRN2
Luminous bacteria and methods for the isolation, identification and quantitation of toxicants
Method to increase hydrophobic compound titer in a recombinant microorganism
Pufa polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Enzymes for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Isolation, selection and propagation of animal transgenic stem cells
Transactional file system
Error protection for lookup operations performed on ternary content-addressable memory entries
Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, recording medium ha...
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Methods to develop remote applications with built in feedback ability for use in a distributed test ...
Network switch and components and method of operation
Multiple buffer insertion in global routing
Method and apparatus for facilitating effective and efficient optimization of short-path timing cons...
Method and apparatus for performing logic replication in field programmable gate arrays
Multipurpose CAM circuit
Modular LNG process
Light fixture, reflector housing, and facility that includes a plurality of light fixtures
Conversion of municipal solid waste to high fuel value
Phosphor, light source and LED
Variable aperture velocity augmented ducted fan wind turbine
Automatic mercury probe for use with a semiconductor wafer
Methods for removing heavy metals from water using chemical precipitation and field separation metho...
Fenofibrate microparticles
Family 9 endo-.beta.-1,4-glucanases
Method for the preparation of stable and reusable biosensing granules
EMM-3, new crystalline microporous material
Precipitated silica product, dentifrices containing same, and processes
Sodium bicarbonate production method
Multi-component removal in flue gas by aqua ammonia
Low-resistivity n-type semiconductor diamond and method of its manufacture
Low viscosity-increment fumed-silica and its slurry
Process for selectively removing molybdenum from liquid mixtures containing it together with vanadiu...
Systems and methods for synthesis of gallium nitride powders
Method of preventing hydrogen sulfide odor generation in an aqueous medium
Composition including potassium monopersulfate and a halogen
Phosphate-type tensides combined with hair conditioning agents in hair coloring compositions
Molecular layer and method of forming the same
Surface modified nanoparticle and method of preparing same
Devices and methods for separating phospholipids from biological samples
Multilevel imprint lithography
Flexible electrochromic device and method of manufacturing the same
Rubber composition for a tire and tire using the same
Composite roof structures prepared using one-part moisture curing polyurethane foaming adhesive comp...
Phthalocyanine pigment preparations
Coated paper sheet
Storage-stable acrylate-functional alkyd resin compositions
Radiation detecting apparatus, scintillator panel, and radiographing system
Polarizer guarded cover sheet with adhesion promoter
Liquid crystal display devices using a plastic substrate with particular relative thickness
Cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) display device and method for manufacturing the same
Metal halide lamp chemistries with magnesium and indium
System and method for providing a constant swing high-gain complementary differential limiting ampli...
Diagnostic device for analyte detection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
One time programmable memory cell
Split gate type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Ultra-shallow metal oxide surface channel MOS transistor
Package-integrated thin film LED
Memory expansion and chip scale stacking system and method
Semiconductor package with crossing conductor assembly and method of manufacture
Thermal interconnect systems methods of production and uses thereof
Heat sink and display panel including heat sink
Ball grid array housing having a cooling foil
Ultra low dielectric constant integrated circuit system
Metal interconnections for semiconductor devices including a buffer layer on a trench sidewall
Chip underfill in flip-chip technologies
Circuit support for a semiconductor chip and component
Automated integrated circuit device manufacturing facility using central control
Inter-process sensing of wafer outcome
Determining metrology sampling decisions based on fabrication simulation
High volume print-forming system
Chemical mechanical polishing system having multiple polishing stations and providing relative linea...
Catchment header and membrane module unit
Method of recycling bonded fibrous materials and synthetic fibers and fiber-like materials produced ...
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Use of aqueous polyurethane dispersions is formulations for sports floor coverings
Magnesium oxide-based construction board
Recycling system for manipulation of intracellular NADH availability
Recycling of a wafer comprising a multi-layer structure after taking-off a thin layer
Methods of synthesis of polymers and copolymers from natural products
System for use in administrating therapeutic gas to a patient
Method for transforming data between business protocols
Cell library database and timing verification and withstand voltage verification systems for integra...
Method and system for using integration objects with enterprise business applications
Method and system for transferring information during server synchronization with a computing device
System and method for loosely coupled temporal storage management
Log-structured temporal shadow store
Method for preserving changes made during a migration of a system's configuration to a second config...
Connector system for mating multiple variant circuit cards with a fixed circuit board
Discrete event parallel simulation
Parametric speech codec for representing synthetic speech in the presence of background noise
System for storing active and inactive configuration commands at a network node for managing its con...
Accounting for error carryover in error correction on M-bit encoded links
Partially preemptive burst scheduling model for an optical burst switching network
Method and apparatus for transmitting and recieving multiplex tributary signals
Method and apparatus for data recovery in an optical transmission system
Method and apparatus for burst scheduling
Toll payment service via wireless communication networks
Method for estimating offset for clocks at network elements
Request to mobile station to change to common mode of communication upon entry into zone
Method for fabricating thick film alumina structures used in high frequency, low loss applications a...
Error-erasure decoding of interleaved reed-solomon code
Wavelength-selective switch and integrated wavelength demultiplexer using stacked planar lightwave c...
Surface-modified silicon dioxide-titanium dioxide mixed oxides
Cleaner with soil flocculant
Composition containing a semicrystalline polymer, uses thereof, and method for making
High concentration surfactant compositions and methods
Hard surface cleaner comprising suspended particles and oxidizing agent
Compositions for golf equipment
Arylalkylsulfonic acids and methods for producing same
Calendar slide and hanger tape
Wireless data communication method
System and method for updating an on-device application catalog in a mobile device receiving a push ...
Systems and methods for sending coordinated notifications
Method and an arrangement for controlling position and/or force of an elongated rolling device
Mobile wireless communications device comprising non-planar internal antenna without ground plane ov...
Method and apparatus for improving the fairness of new attaches to a weighted fair queue in a qualit...
Method and system for emergency control of a voice/data communications device
Anatomical pocket model
Anthropomorphic phantoms and method
Write-on wipe-off book holder