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Method, system and computer program product for determining the cell area of a base station by takin...
Mobile communication terminal for service type signalling
Radio communication method and radio communication terminal accommodating apparatus
Multistage frequency conversion
Combined Low-IF/direct down conversion baseband architecture for 3G GSM/WCDMA receivers
Radio wave reception device, radio wave clock, and repeater
Saturated polyester for plastic containers with excellent heat resistance and gas impermeability and...
Register access scheduling method for multi-bank register file of a super-scalar parallel processor
Container monitoring device
Process for manufacturing high-stability crystalline anodic aluminum oxide for pulse discharge capac...
Method of dyeing a plastic article
Gamut conversion system and methods
Method for calculating power flow solution of a power transmission network that includes unified pow...
Calibrated low-noise current and voltage references and associated methods
Pulse width modulation frequency dithering in a switch mode power supply
Wave-shaping circuit
Switching regulator with frequency modulation to vary frequency based on a load condition, and contr...
Switching regulator with advanced slope compensation
Buck-boost voltage converter
DC regulated power supply comprising
Analog current sense circuit
Method and system for providing precise current regulation and limitation for a power supply
Control circuit for DC/DC converter
Power converter employing a tapped inductor and integrated magnetics and method of operating the sam...
DC voltage converter and method for converting a DC voltage
Switching power source apparatus and power factor corrector
Vehicle electrical power supply system for supplying power to a high power load
Controller for permanent magnet alternator
Capacitor charging circuit with a soft-start function
Tool with battery pack
Battery pack with built in communication port
Method and system of charging multi-cell lithium-based batteries
Data processing method, system and apparatus for processing a variety of demands from a service prov...
Apparatus and method for reproducing user data
Computer program copy management system
Method and system for providing copy-protection on a storage medium and storage medium for use in su...
Write once system and method for facilitating digital encrypted transmissions
Electronically signing a document
Digital content cryptograph and process
Method, gateway and system for transmitting data between a device in a public network and a device i...
Digital watermark embedding method, digital watermark embedding apparatus and recording medium havin...
Digital entroping for digital audio reproductions
System and methods for permitting open access to data objects and for securing data within the data ...
System and method for downloading electronic information to a video lottery terminal
Method and system for transferring information using an encryption mode indicator
Serialization method for transmitting data via CORBA interceptors
System and method for dynamically verifying the compatibility of a user interface resource
Transmission method and network gateway device for real-time communication between packet-oriented c...
Policy enforcement using the semantic characterization of traffic
Method for configuring an upgraded administrative module computer in an electronic switching system
Rolling software upgrades for fault tolerant systems
System of dynamic module configuration and a method thereof
System for highly available transaction recovery for transaction processing systems
Wireless security access management for a portable data storage cartridge
Incentivized educational device and method
Dental training device
Finger angel craft kit and personal identification system and device
System and method for providing certificate based on animal health and history data
System for monitoring regulation of pharmaceuticals from data structure of medical and laboratory re...
System and method for comprehensive remote patient monitoring and management
Methods, devices, systems and computer program products for providing interactive activity programs ...
Squeegee eraser with built-in designs
Duo caroling doll with rotating head
Protractile electric tombstone toy
Content unity control method for using signal system
Method and system for digital training with internet video advertising
Personalized course alerts and course completion recording service
Educational material processing apparatus, educational material processing method, educational mater...
Patterned response system and method
Method of matching people
Three-dimensional periodic table
Cognitive enhancement
Security server in the cloud
Assembling method and apparatus
Method for the automated control of a technical installation and process control system for carrying...
Robotic arm for use with pharmaceutical unit of use transport and storage system
Robotic cooking system
Stopper holder for beverage bottle
Reduction of false alarms in PCB inspection
Real-time multi-stage infrared image-based tracking system
Discriminating between changes in lighting and movement of objects in a series of images using diffe...
Method and apparatus for the control of a decision feedback equalizer
System for reducing scratch visibility
Portable DVD player and console arrangement
Projection television
Clamping circuit for video signals
Video signal separating method and related apparatus
Adaptive coring for video peaking
Recursive noise reduction with still pixel detection
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Method and apparatus for verifying a video format supported by a display device
Synchronization pulse detection circuit
AV synchronization system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Clock with pendulum
Package for an input device
Method, system, and program for allocating processor resources to a first and second types of tasks
Method and system for identifying compatibility between firmware images
Speeding up application downloading from a remote server
Scope-based breakpoint selection and operation
Forward walking through binary code to determine offsets for stack walking
Inspecting the runtime behavior of a program while minimizing perturbation
Multi-planar three-dimensional user interface
Look-up table structure with embedded carry logic
Electron beam apparatus
LDC implant for mirrorbit to improve Vt roll-off and form sharper junction
Process for manufacture of a dendritic polyether
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with improved crystallographic orientations and method of man...
Composite coated/encapsulated wood products and methods to produce the same
Methods of making Al.sub.2O.sub.3-SiO.sub.2 ceramics
Portable therapy device
Refastenable bonding of garment side panels
Ball bat formed of carburized steel
Power transfer device with contactless optical encoder and pitched reflective surface
Torque vectoring drive units with worm driven ball screw clutches
Torque vectoring device having an electric motor/brake actuator and friction clutch
Electrical connector assembly and system
Method of operating a power closure panel
Latch having releasable cinching mechanism
Latch with shipping condition
Clip for holding a release lever of a vehicle latch during shipping
On-demand cooling control for power transfer system
Extended cavity laser device with bulk transmission grating
Systems and methods for correction of drift via global localization with a visual landmark
Semiconductor laser
Image formation device and recording agent cartridge attached thereto
Diode-pumped solid-state laser having a thermal lens inside the resonator
System and method for controlling polarity of a data signal
Semiconductor laser device
Generator of optical data carrier signals with selectable carrier wavelengths
Semiconductor laser array with a lattice structure
High power driver system
Laser diode device with an APC inside the cap
Laser frequency stabilization device and a method for laser frequency stabilization
Laser diode module with a built-in high-frequency modulation IC
Method and apparatus for controlling the polarization of an optical signal
Optical head and optical recording medium drive device
Optical recording method for high transfer rates
Optical disc drive for controlling laser emission
Gastric stimulation for altered perception to treat obesity
7-phenylpyrazolopyridine compounds
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Substituted carboxylic acid derivatives
Modulation of anxiety through blockade of anandamide hydrolysis
Polynucleotide and polypeptide fat metabolism regulators and uses thereof
Method of detecting variation or polymorphism
Adapter-directed display systems
Method of diagnosing stage or aggressiveness of breast and prostate cancer based on levels of fatty ...
Plant extract mixtures and their uses
Heat-sensitive recording material
Imaging system
Stabilizers for use in thermographic recording materials
Self-pinned spin valve sensor with a high coercivity antiparallel (AP) pinned layer
Microactuated head suspension with ring springs
Magnetic recording system with three-layer laminated media having improved signal-to-noise ratio
Method for preventing data loss due to repeated writes to a given track on a magnetic disk drive
Magnetically soft, high saturation magnetization laminates of iron-cobalt-nitrogen and iron-nickel f...
Dual video player for disc jockeys
System, method, and apparatus for applying boundary layer manipulation techniques to the air flow in...
Apparatus, system, and method for the velocity proportional clocking of time base servo tape storage...
Magnetic recording disk drive with switchable rotational vibration cancellation
Initial learn of adaptive feedforward coefficients
System and method for optimizing track spacing across a stroke
Systems and rotatable media for increasing the usable position error signal (PES) region
Methods for increasing the usable position error signal (PES) region
Emulation of auxiliary memory
Preamplifier circuit with signal interference cancellation suitable for use in magnetic storage devi...
Biasing for tri-layer magnetoresistive sensors
Disk synchronous write
System and method for development, maintenance and modification of multiple web sites
Selective engagement of motion detection
Environmental modeling for motion controlled handheld devices
Spatial signatures
Face determination
Photonic network packet routing method and packet router for photonic network
Clips for holding fiber optic cables of a security fence
Polarization insensitive microbend fiber gratings and devices using the same
Large-scale image display apparatus using optical fiber
Optical cable having an improved compression strength characteristic
Optical chromatic dispersion compensation module
Athermal package for fiber bragg gratings with compensation for non-linear thermal response
Porous silicon filter for wavelength multiplexing or de-multiplexing
Method and system for safety regulation in nuclear power regulating systems
Multiple order Raman amplifier
Bottom fluorescence illumination assembly for an imaging apparatus
USB optical time domain reflectometer
Current measuring device
Transformer and discharge lamp lighting device
System and method for testing a control system of a marine vessel
Multi-stage output buffer
Piezoelectric power generation system and sensor system
Method and apparatus for chromatography-high field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry
Optoelectronic sensor and process for detection of an object in a monitored area
Method and device for regulating the temperature of a drive element
Management of functions for block diagrams
Lithium secondary battery and assembled structure of lithium secondary batteries
Method for producing methacrolein from isobutane
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Portulaca plant named `Balrioapt`
Decorative multiple layered hat
Device and method for controlling a motor vehicle travel speed
Extreme ultra violet light source device
Super-paramagnetic composite particle with core/shell structure, preparation method and use thereof
Endothelial cells derived from primate embryonic stem cells
Methods and apparatus for lancet actuation
Cryptographic apparatus and method
Image forming method and apparatus for fixing an image
Liposomal phosphodiester, phosphorothioate, and p-ethoxy oligonucleotides
Method for preparing butadiene/isoprene copolymers and resulting copolymers
Pattern builder
Attachment integrated claims system and operating method therefor
Exhaust-gas aftertreatment device with nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter, and operating met...
Machine-implementable project finance analysis and negotiating tool software, method and system
Queues for soft affinity code threads and hard affinity code threads for allocation of processors to...
Pyrimidinecarboxamide derivatives and their use as anti-inflammatory agents
Methods of optimizing antibody variable region binding affinity
Hibiscus plant named `Bricutts`
Breathing-controlled inhalation device for dry powders
Child supporting apparatus for attachment to a shopping cart
Integrated radiation sources and amplifying structures, and methods of using the same
Latched programming of memory and method
Transistor layout configuration for tight-pitched memory array lines
Cathode ray tube display apparatus
Internet printing method, system thereof, proxy unit and print server
Apparatus and method for coordinating logical data replication with highly available data replicatio...
Method and device for generating a single-use financial account number
Biomass containing animal feed
Pharmaceutical compositions
Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Methods for glucagon suppression using modified exendins
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 213P1F11 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Aqueous parasticidal suspension
Methods of modulating bone growth, bone remodeling and adiposity
Oral compositions and route of administration for the delivery of a thylakoid extract
Injectable capsaicin
Use of allicin as preservative, as disinfectant, as antimicrobial or as biocidal agent
Compositions and methods for controlling glucose and lipid uptake from foods
Method of treatment or management of stress
Alpha-glucosidase activity inhibitor
Aiding of cognitive function
Methods for prophylactic and therapeutic nutritional supplementation
Particulate vitamin composition
Controlled and Sustained Gene Transfer Mediated by Thiol-Modified Polymers
Cationic block copolymers
Endosomolytic Polymers
Method of forming multiwell filtration plates
Surface modified polymer matrices and methods for their preparation
Ink set, and recording method and recorded material using the same
System for reducing microbial levels on the hide of an animal
Rapid microbial detection and antimicrobial susceptibility testing
Individual discriminating method, as well as array, apparatus and system for individual discriminati...
Substrate for biomolecule microarray, biomolecule microarray, device and method of promoting interac...
Amino acid supplementation for a healthy microbiota ecosystem
Compositions and methods for the treatmetn of natural killer cell related diseases
Stabilized halopropynyl compositions as preservatives
Alkaline solution and manufacturing method, and alkaline solution applied to pattern forming method,...
Radiolabelled metal transport protein as imaging agent
Laminate tube
Method of extracting contaminants from solid matter
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for metal removal by ion exchange
High recovery reverse osmosis process and apparatus
Biofilm reduction in pressure driven membrane-based water treatment systems
Water-in-oil emulsion
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Modified pigment products and black matrixes comprising same
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials using electrodialysis
Method of preparing kakadu plum powder
Modular patient room
Floribunda rose plant named 'Keihaburu'
Climbing miniature rose plant named 'SPRolife'
Plant genome sequence and uses thereof
Fertile transplastomic leguminous plants
High efficiency gene targeting in plants
Novel synthetic genes for plant gums
Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA
Cell signaling genes and related methods
Transcription factors
Protein kinase C epsilon as modulator of anxiety, alcohol consumption and self-administration of dru...
Protein kinase C epsilon as modulator of anxiety, alcohol consumption and self-administration of dru...
Goodpasture's syndrome model mouse
Iconic micrographs systems and methods for presentation of information pertaining to trends
Virtual mind
Method for optimizing a photolithographic mask
Self-organizing report
Method and apparatus for hierarchical assignment of rights to documents and documents having such ri...
System and method for application acceleration using heterogeneous processors
Petunia plant named `Wespecamaria`
Heuchera plant named `Rose Majesty`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobaldwin`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomistique`
Coreopsis plant named `Balcorsunay`
Remote patient management communication device
Implant delivery tool
Skin heating device
Meta-content analysis and annotation of email and other electronic documents
Long term data protection system and method
Method and system for data processing for pattern detection
Creating, Designing, Managing, Scheduling, Developing and Producing Products
Method for providing extensible software components within a distributed synchronization system
Cosmetic dental insurance policy
Computer systems and methods for inferring casuality from cellular constituent abundance data
Method and system for limiting interference in electroencephalographic signals
Intragastric prosthesis for the treatment of morbid obesity
Nanofibers as a neural biomaterial
O'Gara femur prosthesis
Polylock insert for an artificial hip joint
Flexible acetabular cup and method of manufacture thereof
Foot/ankle implant and associated method
Method and apparatus for the preparation of an inlaid glenoid
Devices and methods for disc nucleus replacement
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Repair of tympanic membrane using placenta derived collagen biofabric
Bio-absorbable stent
Responsive electrical stimulation for movement disorders
Methods and systems for treating autism
Apparatus for surface electrical stimulation and stabilization to treat disorders of the joints
Methods and apparatus for treating disc herniation and preventing the extrusion of interbody bone gr...
Method and arrangement for the verification of NV fuses as well as a corresponding computer program ...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
Method and apparatus for using a memory region to pass parameters between a run time environment and...
Memory array programming circuit and a method for using the circuit
Data processing apparatus, data processing system, and access area control method
Methods and systems for dynamically growing multiple stacks
Trace buffer for DDR memories
Reading extended data burst from memory
Method, system and memory controller utilizing adjustable read data delay settings
Communication bus system
Arrangements having security protection
Method of detection of data corruption in mirrored storage
System for coupling data stored in buffer memories to backup storage devices
Method and system device for deterring spam over internet protocol telephony and spam instant messag...
Olympic event hospitality program management system
Systems and methods for managing buildings and finances
Method for olympic event hospitality program management
Novel substance having alpha-glucosidase inhibiting activity and food containing the same
Novel triazole derivatives as ghrelin analogue ligands of growth hormone secretagogue receptors
Method and apparatus for spiral cutting a tubular meat product related application
Materials and methods for efficient lactic acid production
Human T2R receptors recognizing a class of bitter molecules from coffee
Vegetable and fruit peeler
Method and apparatus for severing root of bean sprout
Air flow channel
Plant-derived alkaline alpha-galactosidase
Use of HOP acids in fuel ethanol production
Electrocoagulation and polymeric suspended solids reduction
Isolation of Pseudomonas alcaligenes for bio-decaffeination of caffeine containing solutions
Treatment of allergic conditions
Aromas and aroma compositions containing 4,8-dimethyl-3,7-nonadien-2-one, and a method for the produ...
Heat sealable polyvinyl chloride films
Pyridinium-Betain compounds for use as taste modulators
Processed garlic pieces
Assembly and method for demolding a body of frozen confection
Metastable mineral-amino acid preparations for food and beverage fortification
Tocopherols as flavor antioxidant in citrus juice
Method of producing frozen dough, and related products
Process for producing a malt beverage having improved foaming properties and product produced theref...
Granulate or powder for producing coating or binding agents for medicaments
Intragastric stent for duodenum bypass
Heat-insulating container and apparatus for producing the same
Apparatus for forming food patties having surface indentations
Method and apparatus for an oval carbonator
System and method for processing digital audio packets for telephone conferencing
Local video loopback method for a multi-participant conference system using a back-channel video int...
X-ray imaging apparatus
Imaging inspection apparatus
Digital x-ray tomosynthesis system
X-ray tomography and laminography
Computed tomography system
Dual bootstrap iterative closest point method and algorithm for image registration
Self-aligning scintillator-collimator assembly
Image pasting system using a digital detector
Breathing synchronized computed tomography image acquisition
Fast imaging device and fast photographing device
Data transfer method, image display device and signal line driving circuit, active-matrix substrate
Read-out scanning exposure method and apparatus
Systems, methods and apparatus for determining deviation of an x-ray field, a light field and a prim...
Coloring material and color filter
Polysiloxane sols method for the production and use thereof
Medical device with a drive unit for a needle
Radiolucent aiming guide
Pet toilet seat
Revolving anchored pet toy
Method and apparatus for sending E-mail, method and apparatus for receiving E-mail, sending/receivin...
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing webs around cores using length and diameter data of cores
Method and apparatus for controlling repetitive nervous system malfunction
Using photo-plethysmography to monitor autonomic tone and performing pacing optimization based on mo...
Bi-directional cerebral interface system
Color electronic paper display device
Angel-shaped packaging
Cup holder adapter
Interdental brush
Secure EEPROM memory comprising an error correction circuit
Hummingbird feeder
Cover for a hummingbird feeder
Motorcycle mouth guard
Razor handle
Resilient electric Christmas light wrap for tree
Toy beverage cart
Blade dispenser
Apparatus and method for controlling enable time of signal controlling operation of data buses of me...
Methods and systems for dynamically selecting word line off times and/or bit line equalization start...
Predication instruction within a data processing system
Method for reading fuse information in a semiconductor memory
Nerve proximity and status detection system and method
Semiconductor crystal for generating terahertz waves, terahertz wave-generator incorporating the cry...
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
Method and system for detecting semantic events
Semantic analysis system for interpreting linguistic structures output by a natural language linguis...
Automated set up of web-based natural language interface
Methods and apparatus for semantic unit based automatic indexing and searching in data archive syste...
Pipelined packet switching and queuing architecture
Protein-protein interactions and methods for identifying interacting proteins and the amino acid seq...
Device and method for the digital demodulation of a signal received by selecting a filter and digita...
Frequency agile tuner and variable rate decimator for digital demodulator
Apparatus and method for testing performance of mobile station having GPS function
Selecting an optimal antenna in a GPS receiver and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for correcting an internal call/return stack in a microprocessor that detects f...
XML scripting of soap commands
Methods and apparatus for executing code while avoiding interference
Method and apparatus for validating a digital signature
Security service for an electronic marketplace
Processes for the production of fexofenadine
Electronic ballast and controlling method thereof
Process for the preparation of substituted halogenated aniline
Water treatment product, delivery method and means of packaging
Motor and method of manufacturing the same
Electroluminescence device having phosphor particles which give donor-acceptor type luminescence
Method to depolymerize as well as derivatize a polysaccharide in a hydrocarbon slurry
Feed dispenser
Method and apparatus for exponentiation in an RSA cryptosystem
System and method for measuring performance with distributed agents
Power consumption control method and information processing device
Nitrate inducible promoter
Dithered image for bi-level printing
Quaternary ammonium polyol salts as anti-aging actives in personal care compositions
BMP-11 compositions
Treatment and composition for achieving skin anti-aging benefits by corneum protease activation
Oil continuous phase cosmetic emulsions with conjugated linoleic acid
Oxidation dye composition for keratin fibres comprising a nonionic amphiphilic polymer
Composition for dyeing keratinous fibers comprising at least one azodiazine direct dye aminated at t...
Hair treatment method
On-line payment system
Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for handling user-defined options in a copy/cut--past...
Cold seal release film with improved scuff resistance
Thin film electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing the same
Glycine N-methyltransferase monoclonal antibodies and methods of use therefor
Method of determining endometrial receptivity
Simple persistence mechanism for server based web applications
Device for insertion of endotracheal tube
Round dome top container
Nitride barrier layer to prevent metal (Cu) leakage issue in a dual damascene structure
Rewriteable electronic fuses
Data readout circuit and semiconductor device having the same
Part for a display wall
Eyewear display
Watch display stand
Transmitter system and transmitting method, receiver system and receiving method and transmission me...
Information transmission system, information output apparatus, information input apparatus, and conn...
Cathode ray tube
Facsimile apparatus and account-selling system using the same
Method and system for reorganizing a tablespace in a database
Disaster recovery for processing resources using configurable deployment platform
Dual wire integrated WAMR/HAMR writing head
Method and apparatus for active control of spacing between a head and a storage medium
Decoder with energization control circuit
Reducing power consumption in a data storage system
Carrier device and method for a multiple disc array
Dual-layer carbon-based protective overcoats for recording media by filtered cathodic ARC deposition
Memory disk shipping container with improved contaminant control
High-frequency transmission line and an optical module incorporating the same line
Zoom lens system
Semiconductor optical integrated circuit
Optical pickup including a many-sided reflection prism and method of using the optical pickup
Image-taking optical system
Lens body tube
Optical head apparatus and optical information recording and reproduction apparatus
Three lens group zoom lens
Deep ultraviolet unit-magnification projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Image pickup lens
Zoom lens, and electronic imaging system using the same
Afocal zoom system
Wide-angle, high-zoom-ratio zoom lens
Zoom lens and imaging device
Telecentric zoom lens
Objective, optical pickup apparatus and optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Wireless radio frequency hydrophone system
Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
Methods and compositions for the delivery of biologically active agents
Flexible unbonded pipe and a method for producing such pipe
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Maize genomic marker set
Glycomimetic inhibitors of the PA-IL lectin, PA-IIL lectin or both the lectins from pseudomonas
Novel cytarabine monophosphate prodrugs
Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses
Process for preparing branched ribonucleosides from 1,2-anhydroribofuranose intermediates
Oligonucleotide N3'-P5' thiophosphoramidates: their synthesis and use
Oligonucleotide compound and method for treating nidovirus infections
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of C-3' and C-4' anthracycline antibiotics
Novel compositions and methods for the treatment of immune related disease
2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
DNA-based electronics
Avian lysozyme promoter
Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: blended SELEX
Java application framework for use in a content delivery network (CDN)
Suction nozzle for a floor care appliance
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Floor treatment device
Floor treatment device
Floor treatment device
Floor treatment device
Floor treatment device
Glove palm pattern
Head and neck protector
Square funnel top container
Pot handle grip cover
Crapemyrtle plant named `Gamad V`
Osteospermum plant named `Osjamlipur`
Sedum plant named `Cloud Walker`
Strawberry plant named `MNUS 138`
Light emitting device and electronic equipment
Light emitting device and method of driving the light emitting device
Display device and vehicle
Organic electro-luminescence device with dielectric layer having antioxidative material and fabricat...
Organic light-emitting device, organic light-emitting display apparatus, and method of manufacturing...
Organic light-emitting display having anti-reflective and inert cathode
Composition, method of forming film, film formation device, electro-optical device, method of manufa...
Thin film transistor array panels for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the sa...
Use of an energy source to convert precursors into patterned semiconductors
Photopatternable molecular circuitry
Aggregate organic light emitting diode devices with improved operational stability
Imaging of drug accumulation as a guide to antitumor therapy
MP3 player
Key button area for a handset
Key button area for a handset
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
MP3 phone
Cellular phone
LCD television
Microwave oven
Signal processing system and method
Method, apparatus and computer program product for controlling LED backlights and for improved pulse...
Apparatus for redirecting radiation
Device and method for increasing the operating range of an electrical circuit
Stereoisomeric compounds and methods for the treatment of gastrointestinal and central nervous syste...
Method for depositing polycrystalline SiGe suitable for micromachining and devices obtained thereof
High density 3-D integrated circuit package
Method of making a plastic colorimetric resonant biosensor device with liquid handling capabilities
Modifying hyperlink display characteristics
Remotely controlling a computer via simulated keyboard events
Multi-mode radio with interference cancellation circuit
Communication between wireless access points over LAN cabling
Multi-media broadcast and multicast service (MBMS) in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus in a wireless communication system for identifying who has received a group mes...
Method of synchronizing base stations interconnected by a local area network
Method and apparatus for determining a pro-active region of a mobile ad hoc network
System and method for the exchange of location information in a telephone network
Method and apparatus for use in reducing overutilization of RF communication system resources
System for load balancing based on class of service for wireless communication networks
Fine feldspathic earthenware and process of manufacturing the same
Ricin A chain mutants lacking enzymatic activity as vaccines to protect against aerosolized ricin
System and method for detection of emitter signals using multiple intercept rules
Method and apparatus for transceiving data using a bimodal power data link transceiver device
Method and apparatus for vehicle disablement and installation of system thereof
High brightness thermionic cathode
Resistive heaters and uses thereof
Taper locking features between components of a welding device
System for quick disconnect of torch from power and gas supply unit
Method of manufacturing field emission device and display apparatus
Optical composite cure radiometer and method
Combination sling seat and waist belt assembly for use in gun turret on military vehicle
Manual spray gun and associated disposable cup
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission
Method and system for optimizing manufacture of parts
Implantable system having rechargeable battery indicator
Apparatus for generating power and hybrid fuel vaporization system
Synchronization and recovery of peers in a peer to peer environment
Template architecture and rendering engine for web browser access to databases
Representing a service discovery stream as an N-ary tree
Client version advertisement service for overriding default client version properties
Method to reduce or eliminate audio interference from computer components
System and method to facilitate secure communication of data
Automated banking machine including temperature controlled housing
Bill validation device and gaming machine including the device
Method and apparatus for measuring and monitoring coatings
Compositions and methods to enhance sensitivity of cancer cells to mitotic stress
Integrated circuit including memory array incorporating multiple types of NAND string structures
Beam deflection device
Method for depinning the Fermi level of a semiconductor at an electrical junction and devices incorp...
Method of depositing patterned films of materials using a positive imaging process
Process of producing multicrystalline silicon substrate and solar cell
Method for reducing defect concentrations in crystals
Process for transforming sludge into NPK type granulated fertilizer
Glass-based SOI structures
Photo-curing hollow structure
Tan-thru glasses
System and method for optimizing link throughput in response to non-congestion-related packet loss
Microfabricated beam modulation device
Cell lysis device
Service retrieving apparatus and service retrieving method
Telecommunication routing using multiple routing protocols in a single domain
System and method for routing traffic through a virtual router-based network switch
Wireless routing protocol for ad-hoc networks
Method of forming a sub-micron tip feature
Glass composition
Dental bridge holder alignment mechanism
Method, arrangement and program for a prosthetic installation
Implant arrangement and device
Device for controlling the dispensing of wax for the creation of tracings and moulds in dentistry
Apparatus for imaging metrology
Monocarboxylic acid esters of propoxylated fatty alcohols as pigment dispersants
Multi-dimensional image reconstruction
Apparatus and method for coating implantable devices
Nectin polypeptides
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Benzamide inhibitors of the P2X.sub.7 receptor
Apparatus for implanting surgical devices for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic ...
Artificial vascular grafts, their construction and use
AAA device having connected bifurcated legs
Stent graft with improved proximal end
Protease-activated receptor 3 and uses thereof
Antimicrobial release system
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Method of altering levels of plasmids
PRML system with a branch estimator
Fully integrated broadband tuner
Method for bit assignment and fine gain setting in a multi-carrier communications system
Ultra wide bandwidth noise cancellation mechanism and method
Buffer management for merging packets of virtual circuits
Optical disk drive focusing apparatus using sum signal
Optical disc head including a bowtie grating antenna and slider for optical focusing, and method for...
Programmable optical add/drop multiplexer
Overlay marks, methods of overlay mark design and methods of overlay measurements
Forming method of silicide film
Organ preservation apparatus and methods
Multifunctional recombinant phycobiliprotein-based fluorescent constructs and phycobilisome display
Method and system for online purchasing
Therapeutic system which can be moisture-activated
Fire extinguishing method by gas and extinguishing device
Extractable filler for inserting medicine into vertebral body
Inlet piece for a liquid-injected compressor element
Extractable filler for inserting medicine into animal tissue
Throttle valve opening and closing device
Extractable filler for inserting medicine into animal tissue
Method for aging catalyzed particulate filter system
Retainer for poultry hocks
Hydraulic control system and construction machine
Method for the production of highly functional, highly branched polyureas
Compact chemical reactor and compact chemical reactor system
Staged air autothermal reformer for improved startup and operation
Folding bicycle
Device for transporting a load and suitable attaching device
Coding heart rate information
Image processing system for mounting to a vehicle
Method for adjusting of controlling the diet and/or a person's consumption
Exercise bicycle frame
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Sport ball with self-contained inflation mechanism and pressure indicator
Revolving ornamentation for wheel
Foldable bicycle
Paint striper and methods of construction
Exterior airbag device
Golf club shaft
Method for accelerated aging of catalytic converters incorporating injection of volatilized lubrican...
Garbage material reduction and separations process and organic fusion process
Method for synthesizing TFPX
Process for producing perfluorocarbons and use thereof
Carbonization of cellulosic fibrous materials in the presence of an organosilicon compound
Method for producing a fiber composite component, and apparatus for producing such a component
Process for the constrained sintering of a pseudo-symmetrically configured low temperature cofired c...
Composite gas separation modules having intermediate porous metal layers
Data transmission with non-uniform distribution of data rates for a multiple-input multiple-output (...
Applicator containing a liquid filler
Card reader
Handheld medical test device with removable cap
Base for sexual stimulation device
Tool hub
Medical scope
Medical hook
Medical instrument
Medical guidewire control handle
Handle for medical instrument
Handle for a medical instrument
Enteral feeding pump cassette connector
Automatic urine accumulator
Battery-powered vacuum pump with filter for suctioning mucus from infant nasal passages
Multi-media shredder slot
Apparatus for trans-cervical artificial insemination and embryo transfer
Food dispenser
Elliptic curve encryption processing method, elliptic curve encryption processing apparatus, and pro...
Highly specific technique for discriminating atrial fibrillation from atrial flutter
Salts of quinuclidine derivative
Preserved tissue matrix of a hollow organ, particularly of a blood vessel, a method of producing sam...
Separator having inorganic protective film and lithium battery using the same
Inkjet recording ink and inkjet recording method
Tube style cosmetic container structure
Cosmetic applicator
Computerized method and system for loading and/or unloading a tray having a light grid over a surfac...
Automated attraction and ride maintenance verification system
Wireless communication medium and method for operating the same
Part determination device, part attachment and detachment apparatus, image forming apparatus, and pa...
Combination nonvolatile integrated memory system using a universal technology most suitable for high...
Recording material supply device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for field programming radio frequency identification devices
Antenna device and radio communication apparatus using the antenna device
Radio IC tag reader, radio IC tag read apparatus and radio IC tag read system
Electronic security system for monitoring and recording activity and data relating to persons or car...
Method and system of using active RFID tags to provide a reliable and secure RFID system
Anti-counterfeit sealing cap with identification capability
Multi-mode radio frequency device
Laser ablation method for fabricating high performance organic devices
Method of producing glycidyl methacrylate
Curable composition
High density polyethylene films with improved barrier properties
Polyvinyl acetal resin for heat-developable photosensitive material and heat-developable photosensit...
Solid melt blended phosphite composites
Refrigerator lubricant compositions
Method for evaluating solution for a coating film for semiconductors
Positive resist composition and patterning process
Polyolefin compositions
Gas generator for air bag and air bag device
Metamaterials employing photonic crystal
Shape priors for level set representations
Insect habitat and feeder
Salmon egg chain
Spinning reel sounding mechanism
Electric fishing reel
Disposable animal diaper
Animal control device
Method and apparatus for animal behavior modification
Rising stimulation modification
Body temperature holding device with heart rate and respiration rate detecting function for small an...
Portable alley way with collapsible crowding tub for cattle
Attachment facilitating device for a bicycle
Animal display and habitat assembly
Multi-layered aquaculture system
Automatic aquarium feeder apparatus
Controller for monitoring and controlling pulsators in a milking system
Method of preparing negative-working radiation-sensitive elements
Radiation-sensitive compositions and imageable materials
Reusable elastic adhesive sheet redetachable without residue or damage
Apparatus and method for micron and submicron particle formation
Tailoring material composition for optimization of application-specific switchable holograms
Thermotropic main-chain liquid crystalline polymers and method of increasing the melt processibility...
System and method for analyzing biofeedback information for performance of an individual in a group
Classifying tachyarrhythmia using time interval between ventricular depolarization and mitral valve ...
Activity monitor and six-minute walk test for depression and CHF patients
Method and overhead system for performing a plurality of therapeutic functions within a room
Resolution sensitive layout of document regions
Method and system for combining image data
Method for using customer images in a promotional product
System and method for enhancement of document images
Boundary line detection apparatus and method, and image processing apparatus and method as well as r...
Multiresolution unsharp image processing apparatus
Graphic processing method and device
Loss-less compression of still images at enhanced speed
Image data compression
Selective group modeling
Method of decoding data encoded in a monochrome medium
Frequency coefficient scanning paths for coding digital video content
Video to animation conversion with file size constraint
Method and apparatus for text detection
Method of and system for detecting uniform color segments
Heating optical devices
Multiple positioning and switching
Light guide device having improved light efficiency and uniformity
Backlight module with two translucent faces
Light mixing backlight module
Bottom lighting module
Piezoelectric light-emitting diode and backlight system using the same
Transmitting module structure with rigid light pipes
Fiber optic panel illuminated mailbox
Vehicular lamp having a removable lens with an extension reflector
Illuminated exterior decorative device
Projector lamp headlight with chromatic aberration correction
Vehicle headlamp
Projector systems
Adjustable elevated light for transportation vehicles
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Compact flashlight
Image processing type of measuring device, lighting system for the same, lighting system control met...
Bulb cooling
Adhesive articles which contain at least one hydrophilic or hydrophobic layer, method for making and...
Device for protecting medical apparatus
High linearity and low noise CMOS mixer and signal mixing method
Frequency generator and communication system using the same
Controlling transmission mode on basis of power in preceding time slot
Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
Method and architecture for dual-mode linear and saturated power amplifier operation
Automatic phase alignment for high-bandwidth cartesian-feedback power amplifiers
Information carrier and devices for scanning the information carrier
Optical disc track access apparatus and method for optical disc reproducer
Cosmetic emulsions with inorganic sunscreens stabilized with conjugated linoleic acid
Pigment for use in inkjet recording medium coatings and methods
Protective shield for a tool
Hair treatment applicator
Surface pattern of a paper product
Absorbent cores for absorbent diapers having reduced thickness and improved liquid handling and rete...
Absorbency protuberance identifier disposed on each tampon in the article array
Absorptive product having removable absorbers
Lead-free and cadmium-free conductive copper thick film pastes
Titanium dioxide fine particles and method for producing the same, and method for producing visible ...
Electrosurgical mode conversion system
Common mode choke including conductors within dielectric layer and associated methods
Structure for a plasma display panel that reduces capacitance between electrodes
Directly polymerized low molecular weight granular polytetrafluoroethylene
Sucrose phosphate synthase
Insulating label stock
Architecture of an efficient at-speed programmable memory built-in self test
Method and apparatus for strong authentication and proximity-based access retention
Method and apparatus for securing digital assets
System and method for processing packets in a multi-processor environment
Volume adjustable manual pipette with quick set volume adjustment
Wheel rotation supporting apparatus
Linear guide apparatus and method for assembling the same
Pivot joint structure for motor rotor
Vibration resistant bearing
Thermally compensating bearing preload arrangement in axle assembly
Tapered roller bearing
Thermally compensated bearing system
Integral magazine extraction extensions
Formatting object for modifying the visual attributes of visual objects to reflect data values
Positive column tubular PDP
Speech transfer over packet networks using very low digital data bandwidths
Method for controlling ratio of proteins/lipids in crop seeds
Image processing system for reading and processing images
Enantiomers of 6-[(4-chloro-phenyl)-hydroxy-(3-methyl-3H-imidazol-4-yl)-methyl]-4-[3-(3-- hydroxy-3-...
Pressure sensitive material
Optically coupled sealed-cavity resonator and process
Method of two dimensional feature model calibration and optimization
Authentication system, data device, and methods for using the same
Optical instrument
Film, optical memory material with the film, and method for producing the film
Disposable cup lid with reclosable and resealable condiment tab
Scripted, hierarchical template-based IC physical layout system
Process for preparing pharmaceutically active compounds
Transcription factor, BP1
Assemblies for holding heat sinks and other structures in contact with electronic devices and other ...
Interactive printer
Object identifying system for segmenting unreconstructed data in image tomography
Method and apparatus for measuring a thickness of a nonconductive coating and calibrating a thicknes...
Methods for using resonant acoustic and/or resonant acousto-EM energy to detect and/or effect struct...
Method, computer system and computer program for producing document processing orders from variable,...
Method and apparatus for hierarchical storage management based on data value and user interest
Network media channels
Method of creating and displaying relationship chains between users of a computerized network
Strategies for handling transactions based on policies
Semiconductor device having high drive current and method of manufacturing thereof
Thin film capacitor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic device, dielectric ceramic composition and the production method
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramic composition, piezoelectric/electrosrictive material, and piez...
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Capacitor and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor device
Printing plate material
Printing plate material and its developing process
Method for manufacturing a blazed grating, such a blazed grating and a spectrometer having such a bl...
Polymer based enzyme electrode for estimation of cholesterol and process for preparation thereof
Wiring board, electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the electro-optical device, and electr...
Image display apparatus with driving modes and method of driving the same
Display device and driving method thereof
Organic electroluminescence display panel and method for sealing the same
Process for production of SOI substrate and process for production of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Organometal complex, electroluminescence material using the complex, and electroluminescence element...
Electrophotographic photoconductor, and image forming process, image forming apparatus and process c...
Image display method in transmissive-type liquid crystal display device and transmissive-type liquid...
Display device and driving method thereof
Methods of detecting interactions between proteins, peptides or libraries thereof using fusion prote...
Optical disc system and method for managing shock during data record/play
Electrostatic chucking stage and substrate processing apparatus
Apparatus for forming image using liquid development
Device for attaching and removing component to and from vehicle
Image forming apparatus and an image forming method
Method of warming fixing device, method of determining humidity value used in image formation appara...
Semiconductor memory device, electronic card and electronic device
Projection type display apparatus
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Imprint-free coding for ferroelectric nonvolatile counters
Analog to digital converter, related method and use in voltage regulator circuits
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the semiconductor device, circui...
Contactless data communication system, position information management system, contactless identific...
Image forming apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus using a belt-like intermediate transfer member
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and calibration method
Removable control panel for multi-function equipment
Method for calculating toner age and a method for calculating carrier age for use in print engine di...
Device control system
Colorant compounds
Software application launching method and apparatus
Methods and systems for selecting and managing network-accessible accounts
Method of manufacturing sheets being able to tear off
Dynamic grammar for voice-enabled applications
Hexahydroindan acetal and ketal compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Network support for number dialed identification with multi-line mobiles
Flexible scheduler in an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch
Inter-switch telecommunications system for interconnecting packet-capable Time Division Multiplexed ...
Communication system with a shared medium
Circuit to improve data bus performance
Method and system for externalizing conditional logic for collecting multi-purpose objects
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Method of making fluorinated vinyl ethers
Labeled peptides, proteins and antibodies and processes and intermediates useful for their preparati...
Biaxially oriented polylactic acid-based resin films
X-ray tube and method of manufacture
Paper roll anti-theft protection
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine
Light emitting diode package and light source comprising the same
Method and tool for verification of algorithms ported from one instruction set architecture to anoth...
Trace control based on a characteristic of a processor's operating state
Semiconductor integrated circuit, method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit, and device f...
Cylinder-shaped computer memory device
Baked snack chip with irregular shape having notched edges
Apparatus and method for RTL based full chip modeling of a programmable logic device
Method and device for designing semiconductor integrated circuit and logic design program
Manufacturing method and apparatus to avoid prototype-hold in ASIC/SOC manufacturing
Identification of an integrated circuit from its physical manufacture parameters
Hardware-efficient low density parity check code for digital communications
High-speed level sensitive scan design test scheme with pipelined test clocks
Methods and apparatus for storing memory test information
Arc lamp with an internally mounted filter
Liquid crystal display device
Soldering method and solder joint member
Phase change support material composition
Short-warp peptide-dye conjugate as contrast agent for optical diagnostic
Micro-array evanescent wave fluorescence detection device
Manufacture method of display device
Aqueous dispersions of crystalline polymers and uses
Laminate product, method for manufacturing, and article
Support materials and imaging method for intraoral diagnostic purposes
Ultra high pressure discharge lamp
High-pressure discharge lamp
Method and system for controlling one or more shape mercury actuators
Automated trading system in an electronic trading exchange
Methods for the synthesis of amines such as ephedrine and intermediates
Bioreactor for growing biological materials supported on a liquid surface
Directly injectable formulations which provide enhanced cryoprotection of cell products
Modulation of sulfate permease for photosynthetic hydrogen production
System and method for providing high fidelity color images