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Method and apparatus for associating identifiers with content
Methods and systems for fingerprinting digital data
Method for incorporating feature substances into a paper web
Intelligent controlled entry-exit system
Information processing system, method and recording medium for controlling same
Apparatus and method for interfacing with a metrics database
Method for correlating data from external databases
Dynamic update cube and hybrid query search method for range-sum queries
Variable valve system
Method for operation of an internal combustion engine
Valve train of an internal combustion engine comprising a tappet and a hollow tappet pushrod
Air-cooled internal combustion engine
Lamps within full bodied exact replicas of natural objects
Artificial seedbeds and method for making same
Self-assembled monolayer enhanced DLC coatings
Wake-up of ferroelectric thin films for probe storage
System and method for producing data and ECC code words using a high rate restricted-symbol code
Information-storage media with dissimilar outer diameter and/or inner diameter chamfer designs on tw...
Fluid isolator assembly and floating elastomeric damping element
Reinforced shelf structure and method
Insecticidal compositions and methods of using the same
Non-human mammal model comprising heterologous nucleated cells - use for screening compounds
Interferon gamma-like protein
Transgenic rat as animal model for human huntingdon's disease
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising 0.3% by weight of 6-[3-(1-adamantyl)-4-methoxyphenyl]-2-napht...
Oral suspension of tegaserod
Dihydropteridinones in the treatment of respiratory diseases
Azacyclic compounds as inhibitors of sensory neurone specific channels
High drug load mesalazine sachet
Modified 2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating flaviviridae infections
Novel 2'-C-methyl nucleoside derivatives
Use of eukaryotic genes affecting chromatin separation for diagnosis and treatment of proliferative ...
Gp131: methods and compositions for treating cancer
Oligonucleic acid-bearing composite and pharmaceutical composition containing the composite
Extracts of durian fruit for use in skin care compositions
Protein kinase modulation by hops and acacia products
Novel anti-diabetic herbal formulation
Anti-inflammatory activity of phenethylisothiocyanate (PEITC) and the Barbarea verna seed preparatio...
Methods to treat one or all of the defined etiologies of female sexual Dysfunction
Methods for modulating eicosanoid metabolism
Delivery System For Appetite Suppressant
Methods of administering/dosing anti-RSV antibodies for prophylaxis and treatment
Recombinant anti-TNF-.alpha. antibodies
Humanized antibodies that recognize beta amyloid peptide
Acylated indanyl amines and their use as pharmaceuticals
Method of treating of demyelinating diseases or conditions
Bicyclic indolyl derivatives and methods for their use as serotonergic agents
Methods and compositions for the treatment of pain and other hormone-allergy-related symptoms using ...
Methods and compositions for treating prostate cancer using DNA vaccines
Ii-Key/antigenic epitope hybrid peptide vaccines
Screening methods to identify compounds that modulate type I phosphodiesterase (PDE) activity
Hyperforin as cytostatic agent and hyperforin ointment or cream as application form
Composition and method for reducing incidents of hot flashes in females
Process of converting rendered triglyceride oil from marine sources into bland, stable oil
Compositions and methods for transdermal oxybutynin therapy
Implant device with a retinoid for improved biocompatibility
Anhydrous topical skin preparations
Methods for treating a buttock deformity
Methods of treating rheumatoid arthritis by multiple administration of anti-TNF antibodies
.alpha. (2) macroglobulin receptor as a heat shock protein receptor and uses thereof
Method of tattoo removal
Apparatus and methods for directly displacing the partition between the middle ear and inner ear at ...
Ball carrier apparatus
RF extender co-located with DSL remote
Deployable and autonomous mooring system
Off-shore mooring and fluid transfer system
Mounting structure for jet propulsion pump in personal watercraft
Container apparatus for object to be dropped
Longitudinal load varying device for elongate members
Retractable windshield
High maneuverability towcraft
Ballast system for boats
Resonator having folded transmission line segments and filter comprising the same
Acoustic device for wall mounting for diffusion and absorption of sound
Electrochromic-nanoparticle displays
Nanotube modified solder thermal intermediate structure, systems, and methods
Method of fabricating a tunneling nanotube field effect transistor
Polymer nano-strings
Surfactant peptide nanostructures, and uses thereof
Nanowire-based membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells
Fabrication of quartz-clad carbon nanotube bundles
Manufacturing method of MoSi.sub.2-SiC nanocomposite coating
Sub-micron electrolyte thin film on nano-porous substrate by oxidation of metal film
Polymer, polymer microfiber, polymer nanofiber and applications including filter structures
Shape engineering of nanoparticles
Coupled rangefinder/parallax camera
Optical element changing optical density in response to electromagnetic wave
Camera with film chamber for selective loading of film roll or cartridge and method of selective loa...
Digital camera for taking a stereoscopic pair of images
Camera platform assembly
Image forming method utilizing photothermographic material
Method of developing a resist film and a resist development processor
Shutter-opening/closing and shutter-flash synchronization driver for dual-blade shutter in camera
Focal plane shutter for digital still cameras
Arrangement for holding a camera behind a monocular or binocular
Apparatus for stereoscopic photography
Binding molecules capable of neutralizing west nile virus and uses thereof
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge therefor using ...
High Protein Food Bars Comprising Sugar Syrups and Having Improved Texture and Shelf-Life
High Protein Food Bars Comprising Sugar Alcohols and Having Improved Texture and Shelf-Life
Co-Processed Blend of Isolated Soy Protein and Milk Protein and Processes of Making the Same
Isolated Soy Protein Having High Molecular Weight Protein Fractions and Low Molecular Weight Protein...
Nutritional composition against side effects of chemotherapy of radiotherapy
Compositions and methods for treating prostate disorders
Hedgehog signaling promotes the formation of three dimensional cartilage matrices
Titanium aquo-oxo chloride and preparation method thereof
Process for hydrometallurgical treatment of electric arc furnace dust
Inkjet recording method and recorded matter
Process for treating concentrated salt solutions containing doc
Membrane pipe module
Membranes and methods useful for caustic applications
Integrated nanofiltration process to reduce the alcohol content of alcohol beverages
Membranes and methods of treating membranes
Modified polyamide matrices and methods for their preparation
Deep sea water harvesting method, apparatus, and product
Method of surface treatment for manufacturing semiconductor device
Fabrication of multilayered thin films via spin-assembly
Preparing a sample to be analyzed from a sample with very large volume
Factor IX: remolding and glycoconjugation of Factor IX
Edge cure prevention composition and process for using the same
Transistor, circuit board, display and electronic equipment
Radiation-sensitive composition
Crosslinked polymer electrolyte membranes for heat, ion and moisture exchange devices
Anemone killing mixture and method for aquariums
Enhanced ultrasound detection with temperature-dependent contrast agents
Methods and apparatus for recovering gypsum and magnesium hydroxide
Method of using a composition for treatment in a waste treatment or sewage system
Emplacement of treatment agents using soil fracturing for remediation of subsurface environmental co...
Methods and apparatuses for filtering water
Bioreactor mediated recellularization of natural and tissue engineered vascular grafts
Power plant system for utilizing the heat energy of geothermal reservoirs
Touch controlled display device
Application-responsive markup language parser
Network printing system and data processing method using the same
Systems, methods and devices for controlling a multifunctional product using a scriptable user inter...
Control apparatus, program and operation interface
Animation composing vending machine
System and method for utilizing personal information to customize an application program
Wireless augmented reality communication system
Electronic mail system, mail server and mail terminal
Multi-function remote controller and programmer for landscape systems
Biological information monitoring system
Locating system and method
Dynamic channel allocation in multiple-access communication systems
Uplink resource allocation to control intercell interference in a wireless communication system
Frequency multiplexed architecture
Cellular radio network reusing frequencies
Terrestrial-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting And Digital Audio Broadcasting Low Intermediate Frequenc...
Process and diagnostic device for selective testing of receiver antennas in a multi-antenna system
Radio terminal
Tuner and method for selecting a channel using band-selection filter and broadcast signal receiver i...
Multimedia terminal
Scheduling multi-user transmission in the downlink of a multi-antenna wireless communication system
Automatic radio site survey using a robot
Mobile terminals with media tuning and methods and computer program products for operating the same
System and methods of radio interference based localization in sensor networks
Argyranthemum plant named 'Arg Whit'
Neal avocado
Wheeling avocado
Methods and compositions for the production of stably transformed, fertile monocot plants and cells ...
Brachytic2 (Br2) promoter from maize and methods of use
Genetically engineered duckweed
Nitrate transport components
Vanillin production
Agrobacterium transformation of stolons
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants and uses thereof for plant improve...
Rna virus-derived plant expression system
Method of selectively producing male for female sterile plants
Transplantable tumor model
Methods for producing microRNAs
RNAi modulation of the Rho-A gene in research models
System and Technique of Pattern Matching and Pattern Replacement
Conformance authority reconciliation
Apparatus for providing a ballistic magnetoresistive sensor in a current perpendicular-to-plane mode
Decorative and protective coating
Argyranthemum plant named `Wesarwhi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomichelle`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dazzling Yonew York`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogolden Gate`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yobrighton`
Antirrhinum plant named `Amalia Cerise`
Heuchera plant named `Moonlight`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoyukon`
Aglaonema plant named `Indo-Queen`
Antirrhinum plant named `Amalia Dark Red`
Ophiopogon plant named `HOCF`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Leon`
Antirrhinum plant named `Amalia Duo Pink`
Aglaonema plant named `Indo-Princess`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovineland`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yotiffany`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yokey Largo`
Veronica plant named `Verbrig`
Geranium plant named `Wesvilsu`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopatagonia`
Microsorium plant named `VP005`
Medical devices and applications of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers
Stabilized ascorbic acid compositions and methods therefor
Cosmetic dermabrasion treatment system
Liquid crystal display
Buffering technique using structured delay skewing
Custom article of footwear and method of making the same
Pharmacy benefits design
Method and system for providing customized footwear to a retail consumer
Method for the identification of molecules and biomarkers using chemical, biochemical and biological...
Molecular toxicology modeling
Methods, software arrangements, storage media, and systems for genotyping or haplotyping polymorphic...
Therapeutic and prophylactic compositions and uses therefor
Intrinsic stability in a total hip stem
Tapered joint prosthesis
Differential porosity prosthetic hip system
High precision manufacture of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having gradual modu...
Spinal Fusion Cage, Method of Design, and Method of Use
Total artificial disc
Method and apparatus for treating diseased or fractured bone
Metal reinforced biodegradable intraluminal stents
Method and device for operating a multiple component technical system, particularly a combustion sys...
Sequential soft-start circuit for multiple circuit channels
Inductive power source for peripheral devices
Output circuit
Apparatus for metering at least one type of electrical power over a predetermined range of service v...
Method and apparatus to reduce maximum power from a power supply with transition region regulation
Method for driving pulse-width-controlled inductive loads, and a drive circuit for this purpose
Real current sense apparatus for a DC-to-DC converter
Capacitor start-up apparatus and method with fail safe short circuit protection
Dual stage voltage regulation circuit
DC-DC high frequency boost converter
Switching voltage regulator operating without a discontinuous mode
Low switching frequency power factor correction circuit
Malfunction detecting apparatus for on-vehicle charging system
Vehicle generator regulating apparatus
Frequency converter for high-speed generators
Battery charging method
Circuits capable of trickle precharge and/or trickle discharge
Capacity adjustment apparatus for battery pack and capacity adjustment method for battery pack
Capacity adjustment apparatus for battery pack and capacity adjustment method for battery pack
Charging device with an induction coil
Gaming device having multiple symbol displays
Informational display assembly for a gaming table
Method and system for filtering notification of e-mail messages
Method and system for tracking computer system usage through a remote access security device
System and method for routing a call to a called party's landline or wireless communication unit
Method and apparatus for demonstrating telecommunications products
Method and system for detecting a change in at least one telecommunication rate plan
Pass-through live validation device and method
Method and apparatus for displaying a symbol on a wheel associated with a gaming apparatus
Alien next compensation for adjacently placed connectors
Compact folded-optics illumination lens
Optically amplifying waveguide, optical amplifier module, and optical communication system
Three color digital gobo system
Optical fiber capped at end with diffractive film, and manufacturing method therefor
Color wheel assembly
Light condensing filter
Lens tube of microscope
Holder/optical-element assembly
Single focus wide-angle lens
Image pickup unit for endoscope
Image pick-up lens system
Zoom optical system
Zoom lens system
Variable-magnification optical system and image taking apparatus
Varifocal lens with independent image plane position adjustment
High magnification zoom lens system
Image-taking apparatus
Lens unit and image taking apparatus
Display device
Resource allocation decision function for resource management architecture and corresponding program...
Non-kinking oil-filled acoustic sensor stave
Lithography for optical patterning of fluids
Target indentification method using cepstral coefficients
Time keyed information transmission
Integral dual-component current collection device
Flow reversal system for axial fan
Quiet opening ball valve
Materials and methods for near-infrared and infrared lymph node mapping
Spin filter and a memory using such a spin filter
Infrared detector composed of group III-V nitrides
Method and system for processing financial instrument deposits physically remote from a financial in...
Use of prenylated flavones
Biologically active neopeltolide compounds
Anti-hypertensive dietary supplement
Thermostable proteases
Detection and identification of enteric bacteria
Method of producing soy milk products
Frozen pasta product and process
Coated pelletized shortening
Beneficial effect of distiller's grain in cardiovascular disease
System and method for managing diabetes
Blender for ingredients into soft-serve freezer products
Beach cooler system
Pressure relief valve
Pressure control valve for a packaging container and device for attaching the pressure control valve...
Roll-forming apparatus
Piston for metering equipment used in the food and/or chemical and pharmaceutical industries in part...
Knife and cutting wheel for a food product slicing apparatus
Freezer arrangement
Machine for processing web of material
Status polling
Device and method for retrieving documents
Three dimensional tangible interface for interacting with spatial-temporal data using a laser scanne...
System and method for remote programming of an implantable medical device
Three dimensional tangible interface for interacting with spatial-temporal data using infrared light...
Location-based weather nowcast system and method
Energy distribution network
Telecommunication system incorporating a vanadium redox battery energy storage system
Program recording apparatus and program recording medium
Biometric capture adapter for digital imaging devices
Laser employing a zinc-doped tunnel-junction
Method and apparatus for driving laser diode sources
Protective enclosure and watertight adapter for an interactive flat-panel controlled device
Electric double-layer capacitor
Optical substrate and method of making
Passive distance measurement using spectral phase gradients
Compact radar vehicle speed monitor
System and method using triangulation with RF/LF and infrared devices for tracking objects
Electric generator
Systems and methods for accelerated loading of operating systems and application programs
Deterministic shut down of memory devices in response to a system warm reset
Prediction of load-store dependencies in a processing agent
Decoding instructions for trace cache resume state in system passing decoded operations to both trac...
Active memory command engine and method
Pointer circuit
Memory address decoding method and related apparatus by bit-pattern matching
Method for page sharing in a processor with multiple threads and pre-validated caches
System and method for performing address translation in a computer system
Computer apparatus and method for autonomic adjustment of block transfer size
Mapping an arbitrary number of contiguous memory pages at an arbitrary alignment
Formatting a data storage medium to a desired block format
Defensive heap memory management
Dynamic command and/or address mirroring system and method for memory modules
Method and program for creating a snapshot, and storage system
Unified data sets distributed over multiple I/O-device arrays
Method and apparatus for mirroring data stored in a mass storage system
Secure pointers
Integrated memory having redundant units of memory cells and method for testing an integrated memory
Method and apparatus for efficient scalable storage management
Storage having logical partitioning capability and systems which include the storage
Hybrid electric/acoustic percussion instrument
Apparatus and method for detecting performer's motion to interactively control performance of music ...
Musical composition reproduction method and device, and method for detecting a representative motif ...
Music structure detection apparatus and method
Automatic extraction of musical portions of an audio stream
Frequency spectrum conversion to natural harmonic frequencies process
Foot activated pedal system for percussion instrument
Colored polymer musical instrument mouthpiece
Fingernail pick for stringed instruments
Method and apparatus for fully adjusting and providing tempered intonation for stringed, fretted mus...
Method for retrofitting acoustic keyboard musical instrument, method for forming holes and gadget us...
Device for improving pitching performance
Control system for water amusement devices
Method and game device for playing keno or a lottery
Reel game requiring skill to win
Spring supported illuminated novelty device with spinning light sources
Suspended mobile construction game
Collapsible chess game pieces
Game table having storage compartment in corner member
Hockey game table with goal handicap feature
Propellers and propeller related vehicles
Methods, computer-readable media, and computer program product for intelligent selection of items en...
Computer intrusion detection system and method based on application monitoring
Method for converting high level motion scripts to computer animations
Method of adaptive interactive learning control and a lithographic manufacturing process and apparat...
Efficient method and system for determining parameters in computerized recognition
Methods and apparatus for generating a data structure indicative of an alarm system circuit
Substituted anilinic piperidines as MCH selective antagonists
Aryl-carbaldehyde oxime derivatives and their use as estrogenic agents
Enzyme cofactor combination for supplementing pyruvate dehydrogenase and alpha ketogluterate dehydro...
Methods and compositions of novel triazine compounds
Sirtuin modulating compounds
Substituted heterocyclic diarylamine analogues
Novel high affinity thiophene-based and furan-based kinase ligands
Benzimidazole derivates: preparation and pharmaceutical applications
Novel compounds and their use in medicine: process for their preparation and pharmaceutical composit...
Composition comprising a benzodiazepine agonist and a benzodiazepine antagonist
Method of treating a subject suffering from degenerative disc disease using a nitric oxide synthase ...
Method for preventing and/or treating neurodegenerative diseases
Nerve regeneration promoters
Phenyl pyrrolidine ether tachykinin receptor antagonists
UII-modulating compounds and their use
3,5-Aryl, heteroaryl or cycloalkyl substituted-1,2,4-oxadiazoles as s1p receptor agonists
Neural electrode
Neural electrode treatment
Method and apparatus for endoscopically performing gastric reduction surgery in a single pass
Robotic catheter system and methods
Apparatus for assuming information on the amount accumulated visceral fat of a human body
Pyrazole derivative as ppar modulator
Novel coupling agent and uses thereof
Use of equol for ameliorating or preventing neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases or disor...
Substituted indoles and methods of their use
Derivatives of 2-arylimino-2,3-dihydrothiazoles, their preparation processes and their therapeutic u...
Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists, the preparation and the use of the same
Use of aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand as a therapeutic intervention in angiogenesis-implicated dis...
Thiazolyl piperidine derivatives
2-Methoxymethyl-3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane tartrate salts
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Type font
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Eyeglass display
Television/internet terminal user interface
System and method for transferring data between virtual machines or other computer entities
Apparatus and method to minimize blocking overhead in upcall based MxN threads
Method and apparatus for deployment of high integrity software using static procedure return address...
Method and system for controlling the improving of a program layout
Method of compiling schema mapping
Method and apparatus for detecting an overflow condition in a kernel stack during operating system d...
Method and apparatus for facilitating lazy type tagging for compiled activations
Representation of Java.RTM. data types in virtual machines
Method and apparatus for generating circuit model for static noise analysis
Prioritizing of nets for coupled noise analysis
Elevator calling mechanism and method
Compositions and methods for using a solid support to purify RNA
Derivatives of azithromycin
Polysaccharides derivatives with high antithrombotic activity in plasma
AXMI-028 and AXMI-029, a family of novel delta-endotoxin genes and methods for their use
2' and 3'-nucleoside prodrugs for treating Flaviviridae infections
Genes conferring herbicide resistance
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying nitrogen use efficiency c...
Antiviral phosphoramidates
Stereoselective synthesis of beta-nucleosides
Methods of inhibiting VEGF-C
Antisense oligonucleotides (ODN) against Smad7 and uses thereof in medical field
Inbred corn line GS05-32431
Plants and seeds of corn variety I006605
Maize CLAVATA3-like polynucleotide sequences and methods of use
Protein kinase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Seed-associated promoter sequences
Temporal seed promoters for expressing genes in plants
Elevation of oil levels in plants
Maize cellulose synthases genes and uses thereof
Asymmetric benzoxanthene dyes
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Liver specific transcriptional enhancer
Composite antibodies of humanized human subgroup IV light chain capable of binding to TAG-72
Use of regulatory sequences in transgenic plants
Human vanilloid receptor-like receptor
Renal regulatory elements and methods of use thereof
Nucleic acids encoding a polyglutamine fusion protein
Method of making PNA oligomers
Rat calcium channel subunits and related probes, cell lines and methods
Combinatorial selection of oligonucleotide aptamers
Method and apparatus for diagnosing and mitigating malicious events in a communication network
Food product scale system and method for providing in-store incentives to customers
2"-Hydroxynicotianamine, process for producing the same and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor,...
Modified-atmosphere preservation of live bivalve shellfish in a hermetic container
Biodegradable multi-layer film
Lid stock using oriented fluoropolymers
Tofu products tolerant to freezing and process for producing the same
Methods of forming phytosterol-fortified cocoa powder and the product formed therefrom
Chocolate drink prepared using an espresso-type machine, and means of producing same
Use of polyol esters of fatty acids in aerated frozen confection with decreased freezing point
Ready to bake refrigerated batter
Coffee with enhanced flavor provided by 3,7-dimethylocta-1,6-dien-3-0l
Citrus fruit peeling process
Method of Making Food Product and Food Product Made According to the Method
Oxidation method and compositions therefor
Compositions and methods for preserving cut apples
Process for reducing acrylamide in cooked food
High availability mechanism in a cable environment
Data transmission apparatus adaptive to data quality on radio-transmission and a method of data tran...
Apparatus and method for storing electronic money
Electronic toll collection system for toll road
Dual-position radio device with light source
Dual-wing folder radio telephone
Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment
Systems and methods for communicating data at radio base station nodes
Portable telephone apparatus with camera
Multi-user non-blocking duplex wireless voice communication system and method
System of interoperability between MMS messages and SMS/EMS messages and an associated exchange meth...
Communications systems and method of transmitting information
Method for rapid uplink access by GSM GPRS/EDGE mobile stations engaged in voice over internet proto...
Radio configuration-based handoff parameter adjustment
Wireless handover using anchor termination
Commanding handover between differing radio access technologies
Radio network controller and radio communications method
Method and apparatus for location area updating in cellular communications
Communication system and alignment method of transcoder
Radio-communication-adjustable apparatus, apparatus adjusting method, and apparatus adjusting system
Method and apparatus for over-the-air activation of neighborhood cordless-type services
Radiation plate and power semiconductor module IC package
Plate type heat exchanger and method for manufacture thereof
Sn--Zn lead-free solder alloy, its mixture, and soldered bond
Sliding member
System and method for providing configurable, dynamic multimedia message service pre-transcoding
Internet facsimile communication system and internet facsimile communication adaptor
Slider mechanism for handheld devices
Mobile terminal with hinge stylus and sub-inputting unit
Mobile phone
Terminal apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and program
Systems and methods for using a wireless modem card
Method and system for international roaming and call bridging
Program rewriting system and method for a portable telephone set
Electrical transceiver module with alternate peripheral device connector
Noise suppression in communications systems
Flat-profile keypad assembly and label
Portable terminal device having timer
Telephone interface circuit
Direct drive for a subscriber line differential ringing signal having a DC offset
Direct drive for a subscriber line differential ringing signal
Method and apparatus for a single power supply for dual power mode
Apparatus and method for echo cancellation
Voice transmission device and voice transmission system
Method and system for supporting circuit design for products
System and method for performing market research studies on online content
System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space
XML generator for objects with binary branching topology
Method and mechanism for processing queries for XML documents using an index
Method and apparatus providing secure initialization of network devices using a cryptographic key di...
Hitless restart of access control module
Method for verifying newly provisioned customer network route advertisements
Browser-enabled remote user interface for telecommunications power system
System and method for a subscription model trusted email database for use in antispam
Restricting access to requested resources
Information distribution and processing system
Workstation deployment
Multi-layer protocol reassembly that operates independently of underlying protocols, and resulting v...
Internet based access point management system
Installation relationship database
Method, system, and structure for distributing and executing software and data on different network ...
Facilitating IPsec communications through devices that employ address translation in a telecommunica...
Announced session description
Method and apparatus for call setup within a voice frame network
Method for filtering internet protocol packet in customer premise equipment for digital subscriber l...
Apparatus and method of searching for DNS server in outernet
Transfer of an internet chat session between servers
Method of enabling internet-based requests for information
Methods and systems for online self-service receivables management and automated online receivables ...
Internet customer service method and system
Systems and methods for collecting consumer data
System and method for an online jurisdiction manager
System and method for delivering customized audio data
Method and system for tracing missing network devices using hardware fingerprints
Communication system
Method and apparatus for overload control in multi-branch packet networks
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Distributed rendering of print jobs
DVD multimedia player
Transportable DVD multimedia player
Method and apparatus for routing wireless village messages in an internet protocol multimedia subsys...
System and process for searching a network
Management of user profile data
Mixed protocol multi-media provider system incorporating a session initiation protocol (SIP) based m...
System and method for providing a plurality of multi-media services using a number of media servers ...
Receiving point-to-point and point-to-point multipoint multimedia broadcasts/multicast services
Color quantization and method thereof and searching method using the same
Security device having multiple security features and method of making same
Buffered message queue architecture for database management systems
USB drive mass storage device with optical fingerprint identification system
Laminar label as well as a method and an apparatus for producing the same
Methods of manufacturing substrates
Endurable sports PDA with communications capabilities and accessories therefor
Automated game feeder system
Physiologically active complex
Antigenic, non-toxic mutants of Clostridium septicum alpha toxin and vaccines, antibodies, sera, and...
Cosmetic preparation containing polycarbonates
Nucleic acids encoding chimeric proteins comprising BMP-2 and a proteinase inhibitor
Inhibiting GS-FDH to modulate NO bioactivity
Compounds that bind to p185 and methods of using the same
Differentiation of adipose stromal cells into osteoblasts and uses thereof
Gene expression using T cell factor responsive element
Process for the production of allicin
Eco friendly process for the preparation of chiral alcohols by asymmetric reduction of prochiral ket...
Method of prophylaxis and treatment
Screening method for gastritis
Antimicrobial composite material
Anti-depression pharmaceutical composition containing Polygala extract
Ultrasound based parametric loudspeaker system
Electroacoustic public address unit with acoustic horn or waveguide
Speaker assembly
Methods for use in detecting seismic waves in a borehole
Method of seismic evaluation of subterranean strata
Performance-based training assessment
Anthropomorphic mobile telecommunication apparatus
Method and apparatus for enhancing the integrity of mental competency tests
Artists' color display system
Validation of transactions
Electronic purchasing method and apparatus for performing the same
Interactive information services system and associated method for facilitating purchasing transactio...
Automated political risk management
Automated credit application system
Method and systems for space reservation on parking lots with mechanisms for space auctioning, over-...
Automatic ordering method and system for trading of stock, bond, item, future index, option, index, ...
Montage for automated market system
System and method for stock options market management
Segregation and management of financial assets by rules
Rights management inter-entity message policies and enforcement
Information terminal device and content backup method
Method of secure function loading
Method for exchanging at least one secret initial value between a processing station and a chip card
System, method and computer program product for presenting information to a user utilizing historica...
Demand aggregation system
Audio feedback regarding aircraft operation
System and method for guiding a passenger in an aircraft cabin
Passive deployment mechanism for space tethers
Reinforcing material for parachutes and methods for reinforcing parachutes
Method and apparatus for inhibiting accretion of airborne material on a surface of an aircraft
Motorcycle rider autogyro
Hinged door for aircraft landing gear
Detachable hanger
Control logic for fluid flow control devices
Small-volume NO.sub.x adsorber
Positive electrode active material for secondary cell, positive electrode for secondary cell using s...
Powder metal hydride hydrogen generator
Catalyst formulations containing Group 11 metals for hydrogen generation
Method for preparing barium-titanate based powder
Process to obtain hydrogen peroxide
Method for preparing disodium paraperiodate
Feeding device and process and feeding system which utilize the feeding device
Stabilization composition for halogen-containing polymers
Single use media device
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of orientation interpolator node
One click printing in a web browser
Method for producing stereoscopic images from monoscopic images
Geometric panel lighting apparatus and methods
Method of coding, categorizing, and retrieving network pages and sites
Method and system for selecting a local registry master from among networked mobile devices based at...
Amino acids with affinity for the
Chemical compounds
HIV protease inhibitors, compositions containing the same, their pharmaceutical uses and materials f...
Materials and methods relating to fusion proteins an immune response
Hepatitis-C virus testing
Antigen for developing neutralizing antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus
Monoclonal antibodies against the interferon receptor, with neutralizing activity against type 1 int...
Thiazoles and methods of their use
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
5-membered n-heterocyclic compounds with hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity
Hetero biaryl derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Method of modulating ion channel functional activity
Compositions and uses for a novel cell-death-protecting protein
Lactobacilli expressing biologically active polypeptides and uses thereof
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for correcting appreciation data
Image sequence enhancement system and method
Image processing apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus
Apparatus and methods for the inspection of objects
Method and system for inspecting electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards
Authentication object image-pickup method and device therefor
Methods and apparatus for color device characterization
Barrier movement operator human interface method and apparatus
3:2 pull-down film mode detection using fuzzy logic
Image retrieving method and apparatuses therefor
System and method for capturing, transmitting, and displaying an image
Image retrieving method and apparatuses therefor
System and method for producing an image with a screen using erase (off) and image (on) light source...
Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
Projection system for stereoscopic display digital micro-mirror device
Mailbox top adornment
Magnetic hoist tray
Apron cap for a pallet truck
Forklift truck
Quad caster jack apparatus
Garbage bin
Garbage can
Square dome top container
Hood for a floor care appliance
Suction nozzle
Tool for a cleaning appliance
Washing machine hose
Floor cleaning pad
Surface cleaner
Cannister for an electric garment steamer
Slotted ventilated post for a front corner of a terrarium
Slotted ventilated post for a rear corner of a terrarium
Hockey glove
Motorcycle mouth guard
Manual-mode operating system for robot
Industrial robot with controlled flexibility and simulated force for automated assembly
Vibration control device
Semiconductor apparatus with multiple delivery devices for components
Manipulating arrangement and cell
Dual spherical ball clamp
Method and arrangement for selecting a starting gear and a vehicle comprising this arrangement
Active front steer control for vehicle stability enhancement
Steering mechanism of a vehicle, comprising a variable centering device
Occupant recognition system for vehicles
Ammunition loading vehicle and method
Arrangement for driving a wheel of a vehicle
Personal air propulsion device
Braking system for an agricultural vehicle
Traveling crane
Workpiece transport system with independently driven platforms
Steering actuator of independent steer-by-wire system
Steering system release device for a vehicle with electric power steering
Operator control assembly
Method for actuating a reversible passenger protection system in a motor vehicle
Swingarm suspension system for vehicle
Electrically powered vehicle drive control device and electrically powered vehicle drive control met...
Vehicular control apparatus and method
Hybrid vehicle
Power generation system and method
Transport system for portable auger
Performing authentication in a communications system
Watermarking and fingerprinting digital content using alternative blocks to embed information
Data processing method and apparatus
Audio watermarking to convey auxiliary information, and media embodying same
System and method for secure three-party communications
Deriving a symmetric key from an asymmetric key for file encryption or decryption
Method and apparatus for cryptographic key establishment using an identity based symmetric keying te...
Processing method for key exchange among broadcast or multicast groups that provides a more efficien...
Device for transfering data between an unconscious capture device and another device
Secured map messages for telecommunications networks
Key bank systems and methods for QKD
Apparatus for entitling remote client devices
Generating message digests according to multiple hashing procedures
Contents management method, content management apparatus, and recording medium
Quantum cryptography communication system and quantum cryptography key distributing method used in t...
Information recording/playback apparatus and method
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
Mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry system
Inbred maize line PH94T
Inbred corn line PH7GD
Plants and seeds of corn variety I181334
Soybean variety XB36Q06
Soybean variety XB15W06
Soybean cultivar 11939-31
Methods of commercial production and extraction of protein from seed
Isolated nucleic acids coding for a nuclear base transporter and uses thereof
N-sulfonylaminocarbonyl containing compounds
Antibiotic compounds
Treatment system and method for remediating a body of water
Mine roof bolt anchoring system and method
Method and structure for laying communication cable in underground line, and members used for laying
Piggable separation system and method
Wire installation tool
Apparatus for making a drainage element
Fish breeding toy for cellular telephones
Copper complexes and their use
Integrated apparatus for aromatics production
Production of stable olefinic Fischer-Tropsch fuels with minimum hydrogen consumption
Hosta plant named `American Icon`
Method and system for creating a storage repository for graphical images on a computer network
User-defined aggregate functions in database systems without native support
Shared vehicle system and method involving reserving vehicles with highest states of charge
Method for compressing dictionary data
System and process for optimal selection of hydrocarbon well completion type and design
Network security system having a device profiler communicatively coupled to a traffic monitor
Method and system for automated provision of build images
Short edge management in rule based OPC
Method and apparatus for placement of components onto programmable logic devices
Pipeline architecture for maximum a posteriori (MAP) decoders
Error tracking method and system
Method and apparatus for preserving computer memory using expansion card
Method and apparatus for managing a plurality of servers in a content delivery network
Database system for navigation device
Apparatus and method for adjusting speed of cooling fan of electronic equipment based on geographic ...
Spectral-scanning magnetic resonance imaging
Phase unwrapping evolution method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using the method
Shim board system
Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus with application of the truefisp sequence and sequen...
Method for correcting inhomogeneities of the static magnetic field, particularly of the static magne...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic field forming apparatus
Metal shield alarm in a nuclear quadrupole resonance/X-ray contraband detection system
Q-factor switching method and apparatus for detecting nuclear quadrupole and nuclear magnetic resona...
Surface coil arrangement for magnetic resonance tomographs
Magnetic shielding apparatus and magnetic field measuring apparatus using same
Electroacoustic cable for magnetic resonance applications
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal axis relaxation time of blood and appar...
Display device and controlling method thereof
Image display apparatus and control method thereof
Semiconductor circuits for driving current-driven display and display
Organic light emitting display
Light emitting device
Current-driven light-emitting display apparatus and method of producing the same
Light-emitting device substrate with light control layer and light-emitting device using the same
Reconfigurable organic light-emitting device and display apparatus employing the same
Organic electroluminescent element
Doping of organic opto-electronic devices to extend reliability
Thiazole- and imidazole-fused phenanthroline molecules in organic light-emitting devices
Biphasic mixtures of GLP-1 and insulin
Assay for the detection of paclitaxel resistant cells in human tumors
Durable optical element
Apparatus for improved detection of carbon monoxide by infrared absorption spectroscopy
Digital camera
LCD monitor
Portable phone
Portable phone with interchangeable rear covers
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Disk cartridge
Audiovisual information management system with presentation service
Method of summarizing markup-type documents automatically
Device for testing smart card and method of testing the smart card
Method of ensuring synchronous presentation of additional data with audio data recorded on a rewrita...
Controller interface with interview programming
System and method for enabling home power management
Printer cassette
Method and system for translating a digital version of a paper
Asset locator
System and method for revenue generation in an automatic, real-time delivery of personalized informa...
System and method for determining the measure of mobility of a subscriber device in an ad-hoc wirele...
System for reading out a plurality of differing storage phosphor screens
Image information reading apparatus
Epidural nerve root access catheter and treatment methods
Radiation image storage panel
Method, and corresponding apparatus, for automatic detection of regions of interest in digital image...
Method and apparatus for whole-body, three-dimensional, dynamic PET/CT examination
Grid for the absorption of X-rays
Radiation image taking apparatus
High quantum energy efficiency X-ray tube and targets
Scintillation materials with reduced afterglow and method of preparation
X-ray imaging system and imaging method
Method for electron beam-initiated coating for application of transmission electron microscopy
Scanning-based detection of ionizing radiaion for tomosynthesis
Materials and methods to potentiate cancer treatment
Rotational angiography based hybrid 3-D reconstruction of coronary arterial structure
System and method for exact image reconstruction for helical cone beam computed tomography including...
Objective with fluoride crystal lenses
Remote virtual medical diagnostic imaging viewer
Device and method for analyzing the structure of a material
Apparatus and methods of energy efficient, atrial-based Bi-ventricular fusion-pacing
Electronically scanned coherence tomography with frequency modulated signals
Implantable, retrievable, thrombus minimizing sensors
System and method for establishing and monitoring the relative location of group members
Light waveguide and fluorescent sensor using the light waveguide
Methods and apparatus for identifying and localizing an area of relative movement in a scene
Transition detection, validation and memorization circuit
Novelty timepiece
Circuit board and its manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for increasing capacity of magnetic media storage
Electronic pen, mounting part therefor and method of making the pen
Touch panel for display device
Handheld device with preferred motion selection
Gesture based navigation of a handheld user interface
User definable gestures for motion controlled handheld devices
Methods and system for providing network services using at least one processor interfacing a base ne...
Running ramdisk-based Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME
Method for establishing network connections
Toy beverage cart
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Fence bracket
Salt shaker
Method and system for managing and configuring virtual private networks
System and method for locating on electronic documents items referenced in a physical document
Multi-function transaction processing system
Garment sizer ring
Database access system
Patient data mining for diagnosis and projections of patient states
Systems and methods for registering reflectance and fluorescence hyperspectral imagery
Distributed stereo system
Method to assist identification of a defective functional unit in a technical system
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Measurement while drilling bi-directional pulser operating in a near laminar annular flow channel
Semiconductor memory device for performing refresh operation
Circuit for setting one of a plurality of organization forms of an integrated circuit and method for...
Identification of compounds for modulating dimeric receptors
Automatic identification of compounds in a sample mixture by means of NMR spectroscopy
Injection system for use in a medical imaging examination
Zero-mode waveguides
Adaptive multistage wiener filter
Devices using high precision in-fiber atomic frequency reference
High spectral fidelity laser source with low FM-to-AM conversion and narrowband tunability
Agile spectral interferometric microscopy
Gas detection method and gas detector device
Method and apparatus for data stackification for run-to-run control
Enhanced plasma etch process
Magnetic memory device
Magnetic heads and semiconductor devices and surface planarization processes for the fabrication the...
Selecting groups of dies for wafer testing
Wafer lifting device
Active matrix substrate, free of a spacer layer in a pixel region
Method and apparatus for improved power routing
Ball grid array package
Semiconductor device with reinforced under-support structure and method of fabricating the same
Power supply component assembly on a printed circuit and method for obtaining same
Thermally-enhanced ball grid array package structure and method
Heat spreader ball grid array (HSBGA) design for low-k integrated circuits (IC)
Low profile stacking system and method
Stackable electronic assembly
Bipolar transistor having base over buried insulating and polycrystalline regions
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Integrated circuit devices having corrosion resistant fuse regions and methods of fabricating the sa...
Image sensor having self-aligned and overlapped photodiode and method of making same
Miniature magnetic field sensor
Ferroelectric capacitor with parallel resistance for ferroelectric memory
Wireless no-touch testing of integrated circuits
Network communication display device
Business to business engine and system for facilitating information interexchange using realtime dat...
Remote data acquisition, transmission and analysis system including handheld wireless equipment
Messaging application user interface for auto-completing address text and modifying the auto-complet...
Method, apparatus, and program for distributing a document object model in a web server cluster
Network of portable, wireless communication devices
Wireless communication device
Design and construction of wireless systems
Memory card, memory card communication control method, electronic device, and wireless communication...
Structure for turning on/off wireless communications of notebook computer by latch member
Interference-resistant wireless audio system and the method thereof
Mobile unit information sharing system
Data structures and methods for location-based services within a wireless network
System and method for surveying wireless device users by location
Method for the auditory navigation of text
Realtime web page scrapping and visual representation of associated clickthrough and impression data...
Method of and system for creating profiles
Content management for rich media publishing system
System and method for the management of distributed personalized information
Processing input text to generate the selectivity value of a word or word group in a library of text...
Methods and systems for conceptually organizing and presenting information
Associative database scanning and information retrieval
System and method for dual-band antenna matching
P-channel electrically alterable non-volatile memory cell
Organic photoelectric conversion element
Method of fabricating an electronic device
Waveguide type optical device using large third order non-linearity optical material and method for ...
Tailored response cascaded integrator comb digital filter and methodology for parallel integrator pr...
Method and apparatus for adaptive equalization of high speed data communications
Chemical compounds
Biological particulate matter analogue
Polymer sheets and multiple layer glass panels having adjustable tint
Arthropodicidal anthranilamides
Agents for controlling plant pests
.DELTA.1-pyrrolines used as pesticides
Methods of using human Zven proteins
Method and apparatus for production of enrobed catalyst pastilles or flakes
Cyclooxygenase variants and methods of use
Vaginal health products
Zero order release and temperature-controlled microcapsules and process for the preparation thereof
Decanter stopper with a vacuum pressure indicator
Method and system for simulating hypetext markup language control components with graphical control ...
System and method for sending and receiving electronic messages using graphic directional indicators
System and method for checksum offloading
System and method for detecting an abnormal situation associated with a reactor
Method and apparatus for autonomic detection of cache "chase tail" conditions and storage of instruc...
Method and apparatus for identifying multiple paths to discovered SCSI devices and specific to set o...