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Methods of forming hafnium oxide
Process for preparing a bonding type semiconductor substrate
Discharge tube
Virtual exercise system and method
Sales system with sales activity feedback
Method and system for scheduling transaction listings at a network-based transaction facility
Parallel software testing based on a normalized configuration
Changeable display components in an internet Web page
Method and system to deliver a digital good
Messaging method and apparatus
Network-based commerce facility offer management methods and systems
Method and system of listing an item in a fixed-price section
Method and apparatus for promoting resale of foods
Shared schema for software user interface designers and developers
Sales system with buyer price selection
Method and apparatus for holding an online live auction to combine features of both the internet and...
System and method for location based content correlation
System to generate an aggregate interest indication with respect to an information item
Automated feedback cancellation in a network-based transaction facility
Method and apparatus for securely displaying and communicating trusted and untrusted internet conten...
Publication of informational messages to software applications in a computing environment
Automatic notification of irregular activity
Sweeper burnish head arrangement and method for burnishing a surface of a disc
Alkali-depleted glass & glass-based substrates for magnetic & magneto-optical recording media
DC-free code having limited error propagation and limited complexity
Exposure dose control of rotating electron beam recorder
Superconducting filter
Method for user training for a scanning microscope, scanning microscope, and software program for us...
Holographic recording method
Magnifying assembly
Lens barrel, camera and portable information terminal
Zoom lens assembly
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus with the system
Zoom lens system
Projection system, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Light diffusing film
Optical device for scanning an optical record carrier
Extended depth of field optical systems
Diamond-like carbon film and method for qualitatively transforming diamond-like carbon film
Active torque reduction for hydraulically filled joints
Monocotyledon plant cells and plants which synthesise modified starch
Method and installation for cooling slaughtered poultry
Method for preparing germinated brown rice having improved texture and cookability without microbial...
Cherry nutraceutical
Condiment dispenser for beverage container
Animal feed additives
Methods of preventing peritonitis by administering lactic acid bacterium
Sheeter gap adjustment and hydraulic operation
System and a method for controlling a centrifuge for the production of a skimmed milk product
Off-axis goblet for food mixer
Food slicing apparatus
Temperature controlled food container and process
Refrigerated worksurface
Modular thermoelectric chilling system
Teardrop sealant layer for profile and spacer areas for improved sealing and guiding
Non-racemic hexafluoreleucine,and methods of making and using it
Clp-protease as target for herbicides
Separation process
Chitin oligomer composition and/or chitosan oligomer composition and processes for preparation there...
Method for selective carbohydrate oxidation using supported gold catalysts
Determining drug resistance
Method for preparing a cellulose ether
Dbait and uses thereof
Synthetic gene encoding human epidermal growth factor 2/neu antigen and uses thereof
Extraction and purification method of active constituents from stem of Lonicera japonica Thunb., its...
Glycosylated triketide delta lactones
Novel galactosylceramide analogues, and beta-glucocerebrosidase activator, external skin preparation...
Tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channel alpha subunit
Human gene critical to fertility
Spotter provided with spot pattern encryption function and detection device coping with spot pattern...
Methods of producing phosphitylated compounds
RFRP-3 and DNA thereof
Method and apparatus for managing Internet transactions
Light emitting device
Active matrix organic electroluminescence light emitting diode driving circuit
Driving method for active matrix OLED display
Method for driving an organic electroluminescent display device
Display device
Display apparatus having photo sensor
Image signal processing apparatus and method and image display apparatus and method
Pyran derivative
Composite particles, derived conjugates, preparation method and applications
Cover for cellular phone provided with camera module
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
TV receiver
TV receiver
LCD TV receiver
PDP TV receiver
Graphical display with integrated recent period zoom and historical period context data
Bonded thin-film structures for optical modulators and methods of manufacture
Method and apparatus for biosensor spectral shift detection
Generation of tunable light pulses
Mail program for processing multiple email messages
Method and apparatus for individually estimating time required to download application programs to r...
Transmission power controlling method and base station apparatus
Frequency beacon to broadcast allowed frequency
Text messaging conversation user interface functionality
Satellite radiotelephone systems providing staggered sectorization for terrestrial reuse of satellit...
Automatic recognition system for use in a wireless local area network (LAN)
Network analyzing method and apparatus for optimal performance of network, and a recording medium ha...
Method, wireless handheld electronic device and system of remotely controlling e-mail settings from ...
Method and system for providing supervisory control over wireless phone usage
Interferer detection and channel estimation for wireless communications networks
Vaccine composition comprising virus-like particles of human papillomavirus
Tire sidewall
Tooth shear resistant power transmission belt
Pneumatic aviation tire
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire with low hydrocarbon emission rubber combination of tread and sidewall components with composit...
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Two-piece tire
Tennis racket
Tire for motorcycle
Noise damper and pneumatic tire with compensation tread groove
Judging method of vehicle loading condition
Raw tire forming apparatus and raw tire forming method
Golf club head
High efficiency power supply circuit for an electrical discharge weapon
Wavefront sensor using hybrid optical/electronic heterodyne techniques
Human interface system
Reducing antenna boresight error
Cargo container integrity system
Holey mirror arrangement for dual-energy e-beam inspector
Process for electrostatic powder coating an article using triboelectrically charged powder with air ...
Tungsten-containing articles and methods for forming the same
Airless application system and method of spraying
Apparatus for thermal spray coating
Tufting machine
Pressure gauge
Magnetically driven underwater pulse generator
Liquid dispensing system using color-coded visual indicia
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
System and method for real-time remote monitoring of implantable medical devices
Image forming apparatus controlling polarity of residual toner and process cartridge for use in the ...
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus including the charging device usi...
Lens drive device having metal wire-like elastic members, and method for manufacturing the same
Method and system for improving a part's resistance to stress induced failure
Method and system for reverse and re-engineering parts
Method and system for model based control of heavy duty gas turbine
Method for balancing an article for rotation
External optical modulator
Adaptive control for engine with electronically adjustable valve operation
Arbitration of state changes
Symmetrical multiprocessing in multiprocessor systems
Extensible metadata
User interface for media player program
Imaging system having a fine focus
Semiconductor substrate
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid as photosensitizing agents in photochemotherapy
Methods of forming reacted conductive gate electrodes
Halogen-containing aromatic compound
Variation of power levels within an LED array
Apparatus for testing hard disk drive
Optical transceiver module with ambient light circuitry
Method and apparatus for implementing frame header alterations
Assisted power-up and hand-off system and method
Packet processing engine architecture
Initial power control for spread-spectrum communications
Optical instrument and measurements using multiple tunable optical polarization rotators
Combinatorial optical processor
Scanning exposure apparatus and method
Notifying available capacity of image-data recording medium
Methods for providing bacterial bioagent characterizing information
Optical control interface between controller and process chamber
Prosthesis mounting device and assembly
Medical or dental-medical handpiece having at least one rotary part
Ultrasonic dental insert having interchangeable plastic and metal tips
Systems and methods for moving and/or restraining tissue in the upper respiratory system
Universal teeth prosthesis and method of manufacturing thereof
Front filter in plasma display panel
Method of producing near-infrared absorbing dye compound
Method and apparatus for improved process control in combustion applications
5-amidino-2-hydroxybenzenesulfonamide derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same a...
Compounds and methods for treatment of thrombosis
Cysteine-containing peptides having antioxidant properties
Prostaglandin D2 antagonist
Nitrogen-containing compounds having kinase inhibitory activity and drugs containing the same
Lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2, inhibitors thereof and use of the same in diagnosis and the...
Method for detecting ligands and targets in a mixture
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Single and composite binary and multi-valued logic functions from gates and inverters
Fixing apparatus
Method and system for rendering voxel data while addressing multiple voxel set interpenetration
Dielectric constant measuring apparatus, dielectric constant measuring method, and information recor...
DC conversion apparatus
Resonance converter with voltage regulation and method of driving variable loads
Electromagnetic wave absorber, method of manufacturing the same and appliance using the same
Testing CMOS CAM with redundancy
Reticle for a weapon aiming device
Methods and apparatus for associating a user with content in a collaborative whiteboard system
Method and apparatus for providing data from a service to a client based on encryption capabilities ...
Techniques for network address and port translation for network protocols that do not use translated...
Method and system for improving network performance using a performance enhancing proxy
Method and apparatus for masking version differences in applications using a data object exchange pr...
Testing a database transaction system without modifying a database
Method and system for improved monitoring, measurement and analysis of communication networks utiliz...
Weather-protective cover for children's toys
Corner protector
Configuration and management systems for mobile and embedded devices
Image generating apparatus
Method of processing a substrate
Small grain size, conformal aluminum interconnects and method for their formation
Semiconductor device including fuse elements and bonding pad
Process for producing (meth)acrolein and/or (meth)acrylic acid
Method to increase carotenoid production in a microbial host cell by down-regulating glycogen syntha...
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, drum cartridge employing the electrophotographic photoreceptor, a...
Solid electrolyte and all-solid battery using the same
Method of manufacturing electrodeposited copper foil with carrier foil for high-temperature heat-res...
Closed-loop neuromodulation for prevention and treatment of cardiac conditions
ACE inhibitor derivatives
Intracellular calcium concentration increase inhibitors
Human G protein-coupled receptor expressed in the dorsal root ganglia
Process for preparing a 4,7-bis(5-halothien-2-yl)-2,1,3-benzothiadiazole and a precursor therefor
Collector for EUV light source
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Sulphonic fluorinated ionomers
Cobalt-substituted chromium oxide compositions, their preparation, and their use as catalysts and ca...
High refractive index flexible silicone
Treatment of photic disturbances in the eye
Accommodating intraocular lens having peripherally actuated deflectable surface and method
Mold for intraocular lens
Dynamic instruction sequence selection during scheduling
Drive bay heat exchanger
Catalyst composition
Method and system of path gain estimation in a WCDMA system
Superconductor probe coil for NMR apparatus
Shimmed magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and shimming method therefor
Magnetic resonance system and operating method for RF pulse optimization
Combined MR/PET system
Adaptive image homogeneity correction for high field magnetic resonance imaging
Fault tolerant system shared system resource with state machine logging
Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having second passage
Medical device with plasma cross-linked hydrophilic coating
Catheter device
Implantable lead with dissolvable coating for improved fixation and extraction
Method of treating diseased valve
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte additive for improving safety and lithium ion secondary battery comprising t...
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Chip solid electrolyte capacitor
Diaminopropionic acid derivatives
Infrared-sensitive lithographic printing plate
Planographic printing plate
Cosmetic container for lipstick
Compositions containing esters of aromatic alkoxylated alcohols and fatty carboxylic acids
Method for a user to answer questions or queries using electrical contacts
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
Apparatus, systems and methods for accepting payment at a sales device
Methods and apparatus to analyze and present location information
Method and apparatus for adaptive processing gain for multiple source devices in a communications sy...
Identity booklet with a radiofrequency identification device
Orthopaedic components with data storage element
Method and apparatus for preparing an item with an RFID tag
Multi-dimensional antenna in RFID system for reading tags and orientating multi-dimensional objects
Article management apparatus and information processing methods
Organic silicon compound and method for preparing the same
Cooling of pellets from pet solid stating reactor with water
Method for producing composite oxide catalyst
Method for producing coupling compound
Hydrophobization and silica for supported catalyst
Metal foil-clad laminate
Aluminum support for lithographic printing plate and base plate for lithographic printing plate
Refuse removal system and method for removing refuse
Multi-position wire insulator and fence support bracket
Fishing reel
Flasher for fishing
Fishing jig lure
Open-ended fishing rig keeper and method
Fishing pole holder
Instrument guidance method and system for image guided surgery
Noninvasive methods for detecting abnormalities in a subject such as disease or dysfunction
Fibrous structures exhibiting improved wet strength properties
Ready-to-use bleaching compositions, preparation process and bleaching process
Stabilizers and antiozonants for elastomers
Polymeric networks
Onium salt compound and radiation-sensitive resin composition
Methods of coating resin and blending resin-coated proppant
Methods of placing treatment chemicals
Stabilized peroxydicarbonate preparation
User interface for programming rate response technical field
Percent body fat measuring apparatus using a half-wave waveform
System and method for detecting cardiac ischemia based on T-waves using an implantable medical devic...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and processing method for magnetic resonance imaging collection...
Radiation detector
Fluid operated retractors
Gravity compensation method in a human assist system and a human assist system with gravity compensa...
Method and apparatus for retaining a fixation pin to a cannula
Method for detecting grid in block-based compressed video
Stylized imaging using variable controlled illumination
Adaptive entropy encoding/decoding for screen capture content
Method for lossless encoding of image data by approximating linear transforms and preserving selecte...
Image coder/decoder, image coding/decoding method, and storage medium
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Method of compressing and decompressing images
Method and apparatus for controlling image quality and compression ratios
Digital ink annotation process and system for recognizing, anchoring and reflowing digital ink annot...
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including multi-phase symbolic reshaping
Speech activity detection using acoustic and facial characteristics in an automatic speech recogniti...
Patch-based video super-resolution
Assisted scratch removal
Wireless communication system and apparatus
Optical transmission module
CMOS process active waveguides on five layer substrates
Optical waveguide having curved reflecting mirror surface and method of manufacturing the same
Athermal arrayed waveguide grating
System and method for use of a variable optical attenuator in an optical network
Method and apparatus for optical mode conversion
Device for identifying a person or an object
Light emitting device provided with electrically conductive members having high thermal conductivity...
Venting system for minimizing condensation in a lighting assembly
Hand-held tool with a removable object sensor
Backlight assembly with improved strength and display device having the same
Illuminator, liquid crystal display comprising it and lamp socket
Backlight unit
Linear luminous body and linear luminous structure
Optic fiber LED light source
Three-dimensional decorative lighting
Headlamp assembly with integrated infrared illuminator
Vehicle light having a cruciform light distribution
Structure of automobile lamp
Lamp mounting apparatus
Display device
Device for properly illuminating at least one flag, including the United States flag
Soil sampling system and method that allow headspace screening at spaced intervals without disturbin...
Cable guide for a bicycle suspension fork
Provisioning system and method for auto-discovering customer premises equipment in activating xDSL
Glasses for mounting to both rearward and forward facing caps
Eyeglass with lens fastening arrangement
Spout for container
Absorbent article having stretchable fastening member
Absorbent article with tension-dividing side panels
Administering a security system
Methods and apparatuses for resetting the physical layers of two agents interconnected through a lin...
Automatic operating system handle creation in response to access control changes
System and apparatus for early fixed latency subtractive decoding
Optically transparent hydrogels and processes for their production
Early CRC delivery for partial frame
Disk array system and fault information control method
Axial load-insensitive emergency bearing
Fixing structure for rolling bearing
Eccentric bracket assembly
Sealed ball bearing
Connecting rod-bearing combination for adjusting and reducing oscillating masses of a connecting rod...
Plain bearing
Loading system for paintball guns
Trampoline responsive armor panel
Fixing device
Ink divider and associated application program interface
Cam reference for inspection of contour images
Method and apparatus for recording optical information, and optical disk
Authenticable optical disc, system for authenticating an optical disc and method thereof
Reconfigurable spatial light modulators
Liquid specimen analysis disk assembly
Detection of printing and coating media
Optical compensation sheet and liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating and using a light waveguide
Process for preparation of optically active propoxyaniline derivatives
Percolating device
Computer controlled display device
Motion responsive swimming pool safety device
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
System for processing a workpiece
Method, system, and program for data corruption detection and fault isolation
Time zone management
Data cleansing
System and method for data replication in a computer system
Method and computer system for customizing computer applications by storing the customization specif...
Hand-held communication device having navigation key-based predictive text entry
Sol-gel process for the production of high dimensions dry gels and derived glasses
Low drift planar waveguide grating sensor and method for manufacturing same
Scanning apparatus using a plurality of diffracted beams
Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
pH-sensitive methacrylic copolymer gels and the production thereof
Method for manufacturing ferroelectric capacitor, method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory, fer...
Process for replacing an initial outermost coating layer of a coated optical lens with a different c...
Columns for chromatograph
Fuse for projected ordnance
Optical packet switching apparatus and methods
Digital camera
Pan lifter
Boundary scan of integrated circuits
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and a storage controlling method for information on an improper detachment o...
Dual equalization devices for long data line pairs
Switch matrix circuit, logical operation circuit, and switch circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Rotary incubation station for immunoassay systems
Tape processing apparatus, method of processing tape in tape processing apparatus, and program
Engine device for motorcycles
Digital de-screening of documents
Resolution conversion using a morphological partial pixel mapping (MPPM) approach
Method and apparatus for windowing and image rendition
System for transporting and selectively sorting particles and method of using the same
Toners and processes thereof
Method and system for improving the throughput of a high capacity document printer
Resistance element, method of manufacturing the same, and thermistor
Mounting assembly for a print head of an ink jet printer
Image forming apparatus
Detecting temporally related components of multi-modal signals
Polymmonium-polysiloxane compounds, methods for the production and use thereof
Planar micro-miniature ion trap devices
Method and apparatus for defending against SYN packet bandwidth attacks on TCP servers
Application programming interface for network applications
Automatic pronunciation scoring for language learning
Telecommunications network comprising a base station and a mobile station, and a method of transferr...
Administrator designation of one or more tones and/or one or more announcements that are playable in...
System and method for an optical signal monitor
Apparatus and method for monitoring signal-to-noise ratio in optical transmission systems
Data session setup system for wireless network
Bill deposit/withdrawal machine for depositing/withdrawing bills
Fuel manifold in thixotropic aluminum for the direct injection of fuel into an internal combustion e...
Multifunctional constant temperature refrigerator with thermal carriers
Apparatus for treating liquid waste
Toner, developer using the same, toner container using the same, process cartridge using the same, i...
Machine direction oriented polymeric films and methods of making the same
Golf ball
Apparatus and method for replenishing a developing device with toner while suppressing toner remaini...
Waste receptacle transporter
Storage system for glass offcuts
Lightweight hybrid tubular/casting instrument panel beam
Applicator and integrated concentrate system
Wafer container washing apparatus
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Epitaxial imprinting
Method of writing to MRAM devices
Splicing factor target identification
Light emitting diode array module for providing backlight and backlight unit having the same
Plasma display panel
Method and system for limiting the current output by a speed controller operating according to a U/F...
Thermoplastic resin and formed product
.beta. 1,3-galactosyltransferases from C. jejuni
Microfluidic protein crystallography techniques
Polymeric aqueous coating compositions
Stable aqueous surfactant compositions
UV water disinfector
Ultraviolet radiation treatment of unwanted microorganisms
Method and system for blending search engine results from disparate sources into one search result
Associative memory with invert result capability
Print cartridge ordering system
Amide of R-2-(aminoaryl)-propionic acid for use in the prevention of leucocyte activation
Organotypic intestinal culture and methods of use thereof
Method for the preparation of L-amino acids from D-amino acids
Method for identifying compounds which affect ionotropic glutamate receptor aggregation
Nucleoside phosphoramidates and nucleoside phosphoramidases
Cancer-associated antigens and methods of their identification and use
Use of novel agents inducing cell death in synergy with interferons
Generating super resolution digital images
Image processing device and image input device equipped with a data synthesizing unit
Signal reproducing method and device, signal recording method and device, and code sequence generati...
Triacylglycerol-based alternative to paraffin wax
Data retrieval method, system and program product
System and method for generating custom hierarchies in an analytical data structure
System and method of data migration for safe removal of storage devices
Method and system for pattern matching having holistic twig joins
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Circuit arrangement with a programmable memory element on a circuit board, with security against rep...
Protective circuit for protection against over-voltage for a CAN bus transceiver
Side air bag
Preceding vehicle recognition apparatus
Wirelessly delivered owner's manual
Motor-vehicle antenna mount
Rumble strip responsive systems: discrimination of types of rumble strips
System and method for determining patrol speed
Method and device for estimating a nitrogen oxide mass stored in a catalytic trapping device of a mo...
Synthetically generated sound cues
Method and arrangement for starting or stopping a motor-driven vehicle
Method of initiating a telematics service
Child detection system for a child seat
Bicyclic heterocycles as cannabinoid receptor modulators
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Antibody to PRO1557 polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid highly expressed in esophageal and kidney ...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
PRO235 polypeptides
Polypeptide underexpressed in stomach tumors
Heterocyclo-substituted imidazoles for the treatment of inflammation
Heterocyclic compounds useful to treat HCV
Heterocyclic CB1 receptor antagonists
Antifungal pimaricin compositions and therapeutic methods employing same
Contortrostatin CN and methods for its use in preventing metastasis and other conditions
Lipoprotein-regulating medicants
Exendin agonist peptides
Interleukin-18 binding proteins, their preparation and use
Nucleic acids encoding the PRO1561 polypeptide
METH1 polynucleotides
Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteins
Monoclonal antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor
G-CSF therapy as an adjunct to reperfusion therapy in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction
Enzyme containing oral composition having enhanced stability
Intraocular radiotherapy treatment
Memory utilizing oxide nanolaminates
Imaging platform for nanoparticle detection applied to SPR biomolecular interaction analysis
Carbon nanotube-based field emission display
Memory utilizing oxide-conductor nanolaminates
Noncovalent functionalization of nanotubes
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure comprising clusters and/or nanocrystal of silicon ...
Method of forming nano-sized MTJ cell without contact hole
Polymeric nanocomposites comprising epoxy-functionalized graft polymer
Method for obtaining nanoparticles
Pharmaceutical and diagnostic compositions containing nanoparticles useful for treating targeted tis...
Blood clot-targeted nanoparticles
Methods for fabricating metal nanowires
Hybrid microfluidic and nanofluidic system
Nanoscale junction arrays and methods for making same
Camera and photographing lens barrel
Device for image capture and processing
Methods for creating spherical imagery
Electronic camera, information device and portable information apparatus
Lighting apparatus for photographing
Image processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Method for generating a focused image of an object
Monitoring camera
Hyphen-specific factors from Candida albicans
Unitary language for problem solving resources for knowledge based services
Event-driven portable data bus message logger
Vehicular navigation with location-based noise reduction
Mobile emergency notification system
Tunable dispersion compensator
Hearing aid with large diaphragm microphone element including a printed circuit board
Wearable shield and self-defense device
Optical interference pixel display
Thin film precursor stack for MEMS manufacturing
Integrated, fluorescence-detecting microanalytical system
Space-based lever arm correction in navigational systems employing spot beams
Control segment-based lever-arm correction via curve fitting for high accuracy navigation
Airborne remote sensing electric field exploration system
Light receiving or light emitting device and itsd production method
Substrate for electronic device, electronic device and methods of manufacturing same
Radiation detector having all-metal circuitry operation of which is based on electron spin
Method and apparatus for detection of radioactive material
Shutter closing mechanism and disc driving apparatus
Pulse thermal processing of functional materials using directed plasma arc
Management of the flow of persons in relation to centers of crowd concentration
Emulation apparatus and parts, emulation method, recording medium and program
Touch-sensitive model train controls
Adjustable seesaw
Gun grip controller
Spelling games
Chess game playing array assembly
Board games with player-wearable costume components
Gaming machine
Hockey game
Virtual goal for a game table
Pyramid easel
Fluid slug launcher
Water-wheel bathtub float alarm
Evolutionary programming of configurable logic devices
Report then query capability for a multidimensional database model
Large scale machine learning systems and methods
Method and apparatus for rule-based operations
Method and system for a software agent control architecture
Engine control system using a cascaded neural network
Resource schedule for scheduling rail way train resources
Vibration engine monitoring neural network object monitoring
Customer support system
Apparatus, and associated method, for selecting radio communication system parameters utilizing lear...
Method and apparatus for managing Internet transactions
Dynamic composition at the set-top box
System and method for automatically authoring video compositions using video cliplets
Method and apparatus for conveying design information of computer aided design (CAD) models
Secure multimedia data transmission method
Method and apparatus for personalization of a public multimedia communications terminal
Method for operating a multimedia communications network
Alternative method used to package multimedia card by transfer molding
Multimedia outlet box
Method for enhancing transfer rate of multimedia card using differential signal
Multi-media information record device, and a multi-media information playback device
Process and system for drilling and lining a bore hole
Concrete reinforcement structure
Process for purifying contaminated soil or groundwater with iron particles
Concentric load bearing piping with liner for foundation anchor
Sag correction system
Marking and authenticating articles
Insert film used for forming resin panel, process for producing the film and resin panel using the f...
Carrier which is aesthetically irreversibly convertible from planar blank to closed package for code...
Three-view foldable calendar
Height-adjustable game table
Gaming machine having transparent LCD in front of variable display device, the LCD having a light-gu...
Gaming device having multiple selectable changing awards
Educational mathematics game
System and method for multi-modal monitoring of a network
Method and system for generating input file using meta language regarding graphic data compression
Linear lighting apparatus and methods
Patterning of electrodes in OLED devices
Methods, devices and systems for assessing eye disease
Method and apparatus for three dimensionally displaying eyeground and measuring coordinates thereof
Metal dusting resistant product
Lead-free solder, and a lead-free joint
Nickel-base alloy
High-strength micro-alloy steel
Methods of forming titanium-containing superconducting compositions
Breakout box for digital guitar
Digital guitar system
Aligning and mixing songs of arbitrary genres
Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
Apparatus for displaying musical information without overlap
Waveform processing apparatus with versatile data bus
Data recording and retrieval, sheet music, music keyboard tablature and method of teaching music
String-instrument type electronic musical instrument
Strainer for a snare drum
Bell and clapper for bells
Reed mount for woodwind mouthpiece
Method and apparatus for processing real-time events associated with a wireless communication protoc...
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating communication of packet data in a packet radio co...
Telecommunications radio system for mobile communication services
Received signal filtering for enhanced selectivity
Auto sensing home base station for mobile telephone with remote answering capabilities
Messaging system for mobile communication
Short range radio
Receiving apparatus
Partitioning of radio-frequency apparatus
Digital DC-offset correction circuit for an RF receiver
Adjacent channel interference mitigation for FM digital audio broadcasting receivers
Radio communication apparatus
Mobile communication system with moving base station
Controller for allocation of processor resources and related methods
Radio terminal, radio synchronization system having no base station, and recording medium
Processing different size packet headers for a packet-based conversational service in a mobile commu...
Radio station and data packet transmitting/receiving method
Camera control using wireless technology
Antenna system and portable radio device
Packetized voice communication method and system
Computer security with local and remote authentication
Method and apparatus for scheduling invalidation tests for HTTP sessions
Configurable display of web site content
Maintaining coherency of derived data in a computer system
Backup system
Musical scores distributing system
Storage system having virtualized resource
Computer system
Correspondent-centric management email system for associating message identifiers with instances of ...
Safely restoring previously un-backed up data during system restore of a failing system
Methods and systems for moving data objects utilizing data identifiers and lock objects
System and method for synchronizing data in multiple databases
Method for improving the recovery time from a lost database in a VTS automation system
Method, system and program for synchronizing data
Versioning application programming interface and method for using versioning functionality
Difference updating method, program and apparatus
Communicating data dictionary information of database objects through a redo stream
Method, system, and program for managing data migration
Filing system which provides increased availability of image data stored therein
Method for reducing database recovery time
Common template file system tree for virtual environments and virtual servers
Non-algorithmic vectored steganography
Modeling tool for electronic services and associated methods and businesses
Secure exchange of information in electronic design automation
Method and apparatus for generating it level executable solution artifacts from the operational spec...
Professional time tracking and reporting system
Method and system for real-time registration of transactions with a security module
Evidencing indicia of value using secret key cryptography
Service provision support system
Device and method to load commands in an integrated circuit card
Negotiated wireless peripheral systems
Generic communications framework
Multi-utility energy control and facility automation system with dashboard having a plurality of int...
Charge information processing apparatus, franchise system provided with the charge information proce...
System and method for contract authority
Electronic cash implementing method and equipment using user signature and recording medium recorded...
Method for inter-enterprise role-based authorization
Mechanisms for handling software license agreements on multi-user system
Internet advertisement metering system and method
Method and apparatus for transferring usage rights and digital work having transferrable usage right...
Portal site for serving data monitored and observed and method of using data monitored and observed
Electrophoretic trace simulator
Method for determining the concentration of blood glucose
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38F33
Hybrid maize plant and seed 35T06
Plants and seeds or corn variety I180581
Soybean cultivar BA947474
.DELTA.4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Pyrophosphatase stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
"Methods of using leci transcriptional activator nucleic acids"
Plasmids and methods for construction of non-redundant, indexed, saturation, gene-disruption plant a...
Feline bronchioloalveolar lung carcinoma xenograft and cell line
Coronavirus isolated from humans
Nucleic acid encoding calcyon, a D-1 like dopamine receptor activity modifying protein
Enhanced gamma-carboxylation of recombinant vitamin K-dependent clotting factor
Nucleic acids encoding .beta. 1,3-galactosyltransferases from C. jejuni
Detectable labeled nucleoside analogs and methods of use thereof
DNA polymorphisms in sterol regulator element binding proteins
Liver tumor marker sequences
Immunoassays for buprenorphine and norbuprenorphine
Antibody recognizing proliferative human liver cells, proliferative human liver cells and functional...
Antibodies that specifically bind hedgehog-derived polypeptides
Mesoporous carbon molecular sieve and supported catalyst employing the same
Autothermal reformer-reforming exchanger arrangement for hydrogen production
High-whiteness hydrophobic precipitated silica with ultralow moisture absorption
Mixed-metal oxide particles by liquid feed flame spray pyrolysis of oxide precursors in oxygenated s...
Modified oxygen reduced valve metal oxides
Processes for treating halogen-containing gases
Methods for the production of ammonia from urea and/or biuret, and uses for NO.sub.x and/or particul...
Process for simultaneous recovery of chromium and iron from chromite ore processing residue
Nitric oxide gas generator
Method and system for the controlled release of chlorine dioxide gas
Integrated technology in sequential treatment of organics and heavy metal ions wastewater
Flotation processing including recovery of soluble nonferrous base metal values
Remote control device of bipedal mobile robot
Bipolar battery with flexible insulation film
Multimodal vehicle traction system
Electrically variable transmission arrangement with spaced-apart simple planetary gear sets
Infinitely variable power branching transmission with two operating modes
Vehicle stopping method and apparatus
Vehicle steering control apparatus
Rear wheel drive power wheelchair with ground-contacting anti-tip wheels
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Cycloidal hybrid advanced surface effects vehicle
Motor-operated power steering apparatus
Seat load sensing apparatus
Manual operation device for operating in-vehicle apparatus
Small vehicle having fuel cell with damage protection
Mode transfer control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Method for setting an operating point of a hybrid drive of a vehicle
Obstacle traversing wheelchair
Hospital bed power-assist
Hybrid car and control method of the same
System and method for optimizing timing of responses to customer communications
Detecting emotions using voice signal analysis
Flip-cover mobile phone with cover-on talking capability
Cellular phone capable of detecting counterfeit currency or lighting and method of the same
Communications terminal device allowing content reception and voice communication
Handling charging information in interworking structure of mobile communication and wireless local a...
Method of capturing constant echo path information in a full duplex speakerphone
Switchable hybrid design for asymmetric digital subscriber line
Method and system for providing network interactive voice response with intelligent call routing int...
Method and configuration for operation of an operator switching position in a telecommunications sys...
Method and system for call tracing
Intelligent association of nodes with pan coordinator
Removing slamming protection to permit a change in service providers
Method for linking call log information to address book entries and replying using medium of choice
Telephone providing automatic tracking of calling plan charges
Sensing method for monitoring conditions for a remote location
Telephonic voice message transmission control method
Spatially reconfigurable magnetic resonance coil
B1 field control in magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging system with reduced cooling needs
Apparatus and method for patient movement tracking
Surgical sealing surfaces and methods of use
Compounds and methods for controlling fungi, bacteria and insects
Development of human monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof
Compositions for parenteral administration and sustained-release of therapeutic agents
Fiber optic strain gauge and cable strain monitoring system for marine seismic acquisition systems
Support base for a structural pole
Exhaust muffler
Microphone assembly fitted to vehicle-mounted control module panel, that fits well
Method and apparatus for acoustic detection of a fluid leak behind a casing of a borehole
Electronic apparatus and method of setting system environment of the electronic apparatus
Tracking hits for network files using transmitted counter instructions
Approach for managing communications channels based on performance and transferring functions betwee...
Third party provided transactional white-listing for filtering electronic communications
Integrating collaborative messaging into an electronic mail program
Method and system for comparison and evaluation of investment portfolios
Method and system for parsing purchase information from web pages
User-viewable relative diagnostic output
Production cell
Methods and apparatus for the regulation of hormone release
Dual mode satellite cellular telephone systems
Charged particles cleaning apparatus having a biased manifold
External device support for device abstraction layer
Image forming apparatus that recovers waste toner inside thereof
Linking of virtual methods
Waste toner transfer apparatus and electrophotographic printer using the same
Project planning system with content loaded project planning template generator and a plurality of c...
Method for manufacturing outsole for footwear without applying external mold lubricant onto mold, an...
Walking condition determining device and method
Sport board contact system
Marine craft and apparatus including electroluminescent auxiliary illumination
Bootyhook sporting goods hanger
Adaptively controlled footwear
Spring cushioned shoe
Footwear with sealed sole construction and method for producing same
Locking mechanism for securing detachable shoe uppers
Boot liner with ankle and heel volume control
Protective booties and leggings
Process for creating a pair of athletic shoes
Footwear sole
Method of modeling and sizing a heat exchanger
Expansion device for fluid coolant/insulation in a x-ray apparatus
Heat dissipating device for an integrated circuit chip
Heat sink fan
System for cooling a processor while reducing air flow noise
Fuel conversion reactor
Devices using a medium having a high heat transfer rate
Mixer/heat exchanger
Heat sink having high efficiency cooling capacity and semiconductor device comprising it
Flat hollow body for passing fluid therethrough, heat exchanger comprising the hollow body and proce...
Fin for a plate heat exchanger, methods for the manufacture of such a fin, and a heat exchanger comp...
Reduced vibration tube bundle device
Evaporator and Refrigeration cycle
Heat exchanger
Cooling systems incorporating heat transfer meshes
Multiple component field-replaceable active integrated liquid pump heat sink module for thermal mana...
Heterogeneous thermal interface for cooling
Reduced shedding regenerator and method
Vaporizer and methods relating to same
Evaporator having heat exchanging parts juxtaposed
Evaporator assembly for cold tables and method for refrigerating cold tables
Identification and filtration of digital communications
Exponential priors for maximum entropy models
Balanced humidification in fuel cell proton exchange membranes
Solid polymer electrolyte material, liquid composition, solid polymer fuel cell and fluoropolymer
Integrated hybrid electrochemical device
Method of electrolytic deposition of an intrinsically conductive polymer upon a non-conductive subst...
Substrate support having heat transfer system
Elimination--absorber monitoring system
Transistor having dielectric stressor elements for applying in-plane shear stress
Wound dressing
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters and shaped articles produced therefrom
Methods of using indazole derivatives as JNK inhibitors
Rifamycin analogs and uses thereof
Process of diverting stimulation fluids
Sublimination dye thermal transfer paper and transfer method
Exhaust gas purification catalyst
Catalyst incorporation in a microreactor
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Microchannel with internal fin support for catalyst or sorption medium
Image forming method
Methods for treating membranes and separation facilities and membrane treatment composition
Wake tower and method of making same
Protective cover for a windshield of a boat
Extended semi-submersible vessel (ESEMI)
Apparatus and method for reducing fluid drag on a submerged surface
Reconfigurable attack and reconnaissance vessel II
Naval ship decoy
Apparatus for seismic measurements
Outboard motor steering control system
UAV recovery system
Bendable conductive connector
Dermatological treatment with visualization
Closure cap
Closure cap
Closure cap
Blood pressure health value band
Voice-mail application on the router with no secondary storage available
Supporting local IB packet communication between separate subnets
Method and system for minimizing memory corruption
Method and apparatus for rendering a cell-based switch useful for frame based application protocols
Hearing aid adapted for discrete operation
System and method for individualized training of hearing aid users
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Liquid crystal display device and method for operating the same
Process and apparatus for cracking hydrocarbon feedstock containing resid
1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4-nonafluoro-4-methoxybutane refrigerant compositions comprising hydrocarbon and use...
1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4-Nonafluoro-4-methoxybutane refrigerant compositions comprising a fluoroether and u...
Rising and moving apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Valve arrangement and hydraulic drive
Fluorocarbon, oxygenated and non-oxygenated lubricant, and compatibilizer composition, and method fo...
Systems and methods for tracking targets with aimpoint offset
Apparatus and method for actuating control surfaces
System and method for optimization-based sensor steering and tracking
Guidance system for radio-controlled aircraft
Spacecraft including control vanes having variable absorptive, reflective and emissive characteristi...
Multipurpose modular spacecraft
Method for deploying multiple spacecraft
Controllable refueling drogues and associated systems and methods
Methods and systems for sub-pixel rendering with gamma adjustment
Flicker correction for moving picture
Image forming apparatus performing image correction for object, and method thereof
Method and apparatus for color correction
Surface plasmon resonance sensor
Photopolarimeters and spectrophotopolarimaters with multiple diffraction gratings
Optical apparatus
System and method for detecting defects in semiconductor wafers
Surface plasmon sensor, surface plasmon resonance measurement device, and detection chip
System and method to control a rotary-linear actuator
Fluid handling device for hydrogen-containing process fluids
Compact rotary compressor with carbon dioxide as working fluid
Peristaltic hose pump
Protector for electrical submersible pumps
Pump cylinder seal
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Fluid sprayer employing piezoelectric pump
Integrated control system for beam pump systems
Apparatus for conditioning the atmosphere in a chamber
Compressor fuel gas conditioner
Integrated pump and wash pump
Method and system for liquid leak detection, notification and removal
Gaseous fluid compressor control system
Method and apparatus for facilitating exception-free arithmetic in a computer system
Substituted quinoline CCR5 receptor antagonists
Antibodies that immunospecifically bind to B lymphocyte stimulator protein
Working machine, failure diagnosis system for work machine and maintenance system for work machines
Vehicle image display apparatus and vehicle having the same
Vehicle information displays
Three-dimensional traffic report
User interface to aid system installation
Hierarchical electronic watermarks and method of use
Carbohydrate esters for using as lubricants
Artificial impedance structure
System of subterranean anomaly detection and repair using infrared thermography and ground penetrati...
Recording apparatus and method of controlling the same
Washing machine
Proteases and variants thereof
Virtual endpoint for USB devices
On orbit variable power high power amplifiers for a satellite communications system
Surgical retractor blade and system
Self-threading component tape feeder
Pineapple lily plant named `Eucomis 155`
Ceiling fan
Method and circuit to implement digital delay lines
Low noise oscillator
Method for calibrating an optoelectronic device based on APD breakdown voltage
Apparatus and method for process monitoring
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Lubricious coating for medical devices
Absorbing agents and cover layer which is impermeable to active substances and which contains channe...
Gel-based cosmetic and wound-healing formulation and method
Method and apparatus using geographical position and universal time determination means to provide a...
Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method
Signal filtering using orthogonal polynomials and removal of edge effects
Consumable for laser capture microdissection
Plants having altered amino acid contents and method for the production thereof
Methods and compositions for directing expression of a heterologous nucleic acid in plants
Dihydronaphthalene derivative compounds and agent comprising the derivative as active ingredient
Nucleic acid molecules associated with plant cell proliferation and growth and uses thereof
Method for tagging uncorrectable errors for symmetric multiprocessors
System resource availability manager
Debug system and method having simultaneous breakpoint setting
System and method for communicating the synchronization status of memory modules during initializati...
Circuit and method for transferring low frequency signals via high frequency interface
System and method for call-blocking-triggered topology updates in source routed signaling protocol c...
System and method for hosting of video content over a network
System and method for providing highly available processing of asynchronous service requests
Processing network management data in accordance with metadata files
Line handler
Methods and systems for gathering information from units of a commodity across a network
Methods and apparatus for operation of multiple fuel engines
Cable television return link system with high data-rate side-band communication channels
Universal multi-path driver for storage systems
System and method for the management of a multiple-resource architecture
Method of sharing a desktop with attendees of a real-time collaboration
Method for automatic traction control in a hybrid electric vehicle
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Cartilage-derived morphogenetic proteins
Use of disulfonated anthracenes as inert fluorescent tracers
Method and apparatus for liquid treatment with combined electronic and centrifugal processes to remo...
Communication apparatus, storage medium, camera and processing method
Database retrieval apparatus, retrieval method, storage medium, and program
Information processing apparatus, function expansion device, and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus which prevents misregistration
Image forming device, system, control method, program and memory medium utilizing operation history
Image forming apparatus and image formation control method in the same
Processing for accurate reproduction of symbols and other high-frequency areas in a color image
Local phase filter to assist correlation