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Method for producing polyisobutene
Peach tree--named `White County` cultivar
Hydrangea plant `HYDone`
Eastern redbud plant named `Hearts of Gold`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisdra`
Verbena plant named `Carmapur`
Verbena plant named `Sunmariburare`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunmandecrikin`
Petunia plant named `Sunsurfbv`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Deksinatra`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Eurobelle Lemon`
Anthurium plant named `Red Sensation`
Dianthus plant named `Devon Flores`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI6001`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI7502`
Pennisetum purpureum plant named `Princess`
Black raspberry plant named `Explorer`
Petunia plant named `USTUNI7501`
Strawberry plant name `BG-1975`
Fast-growing willow shrub named `Canastota`
Diascia plant named `Diastusca`
Lobelia plant named `Loblilaca`
Currency system
Methods of obtaining and using manufacturer computer hardware configuration data
Continuous online auction system and method
Convertible financial instruments with contingent payments
Spatially-based valuation of property
System and method for creating model investment portfolios
System and method utilizing a user interface having graphical indicators with automatically adjusted...
Lens ordering method and lens ordering system
Method and system to grant access to software options resident on a medical imaging device
System and method for obtaining items at a traveler's destination
Versatile terminal adapter and network for transaction processing
Method for extracting information utilizing a user-context-based search engine
Method and system for co-browsing in electronic commerce
Administering incentive award program
Methods and apparatus for presenting offers to qualified consumers
System and method for creating dynamic facility models with data normalization as attributes change ...
Method and system for product optimization
Total transportation management system
Skills matching application
Riser keel joint assembly
System for stabilizing gravity-based offshore structures
Modular pipe breaking assembly and method
Reinforcement of arch type structure with beveled/skewed ends
Latch for leaching chamber
Systems and methods for automated analysis of cells and tissues
Ploidy classification method
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH916386
Plants and seeds of corn variety I135168
Plants and seeds of corn variety I028727
Plants and seeds of corn variety I216556
Soybean cultivar 5939002
Soybean cultivar 5726175
Soybean cultivar 5432082
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor gene regulatory elements for use in plants
DNA encoding a plant deoxyhypusine synthase, a plant eukaryotic initiation factor 5A, transgenic pla...
Transgenic high tryptophan plants
Shade responsive promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Mevalonate synthesis enzymes
Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthases
Root-specific expansin gene regulating root growth and obstacle-touching stress resistance in the pl...
Site-specific recombination system to manipulate the plastid genome of higher plants
Genetic elements from FBP3 of petunia conferring flower specific transgene expression
S-adenosyl-L-methionine synthetase promoter and its use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Method and apparatus for real-time star exclusion from a database
Electrical generator fluid-flow-coolant filtration method
Fairing panel retainer apparatus
Aircraft with extendable leading edge of fuselage and wings
Orbit space transportation and recovery system
In orbit space transportation and recovery system
Method of assembling a single piece co-cured structure
Shape changing structure
Wing gull integration nacelle clearance, compact landing gear stowage, and sonic boom reduction
Rappelling rig
Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy
Piston locking actuator
Integrated air inlet system for multi-propulsion aircraft engines
Methods for replacement of a slotted tail rotor blade pitch horn
Carabiner attachment bracket for a basket rescue stretcher
Vehicle ignition interlock systems that detect the presence of alcohol within vehicles
Vehicle-based vehicle occupant reminder using capacitive field-based sensor
Capacitive sensing apparatus for a vehicle seat
Two mode electrically variable transmission with equal forward and reverse input-split modal perform...
Electro-hydraulic power steering apparatus
Hybrid vehicle
Height control linkage for a vehicle cab suspension
Systems and methods for reducing the aerodynamic drag on vehicles
Heavy hauling system with hydraulic-powered extendable axles
Seating detector
Shock absorber mounting assembly for a bicycle
Method and apparatus for releasing torque on a drivetrain
Vibration suppression device of power train
Hybrid traction system for vehicles
Construction machine
Small-sized vehicle
Shaft drive unit, in particular an electrical drive unit for driving a wheel shaft with a transverse...
Motor-driven wheel small in size and improved in ride comfort, ease of assembly and reliability
Driving system for an industrial truck
Method and system of requesting engine on/off state in a hybrid electric vehicle
Motorized apparatus for towing a wheelchair
Control apparatus with operator member controllable by reactive force
Previous event feedback system for electronic player piano systems
Reverberation sound generating apparatus
Performance environments supporting interactions among performers and self-organizing processes
Keyboard apparatus
Strings for musical instruments
Game machine and game system
Method for playing a gambling game
Mask for crystallizing polysilicon and a method for forming thin film transistor using the mask
Inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 enzyme
4,4-Disubstituted piperidines, and methods of use thereof
Bicyclonucleoside analogues
Methods and compositions for enhancing delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
4-Substituted-5-cyano-1H-pyrimidin-6-(thi)ones as GSK-3 inhibitors
Substituted pyrazolopyrimidines
Peptidomimetic inhibitors of post-proline cleaving enzymes
Cyclopropanecarboxylic acid esters and pest controllers containing the same
Method of making CS6 antigen vaccine for treating, preventing, or inhibiting enterotoxigenic Escheri...
Color image-forming material and lithographic printing plate precursor
Surface modified protein microparticles
Methods and compositions for breaking viscosified fluids
Plastic shipping and storage containers and composition and method therefore
Positive electrode active material, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for produci...
Method for synthesizing aluminum nitride
Solubilisation of carbonates by recycling condensates during digestion of monohydrate bauxites under...
Apparatus and method for making metal chloride salt product
Lithium-manganese composite oxide granular secondary particle, method for production thereof and use...
Mercury removal from activated carbon and/or fly ash
Method for producing post-treated carbon black
Preparation of iron compounds by hydrothermal conversion
Purification of ammonium metallate solutions
Diamond electrode for electrolysis
Pressure swing reforming for fuel cell systems
Tapered thickness surround for high excursion speaker driver
Method of seismic source monitoring using modeled source signatures with calibration functions
Muffler for pneumatic hand tool
Acoustic stimulation method with axial driver actuating moment arms on tines
Acoustic isolator between downhole transmitters and receivers
Sprayless surface cleaner
Handheld cleaning implement
Cleaning apparatus
Baby bottle with indicator lines
Compact gun cleaning brush
Innovations for the display of web pages
Apparatus and method to preserve data integrity during a power loss
Facilitating communication within shared memory environments using lock-free queues
System and method for identifying information
Systems, methods and protocols for securing data in transit over networks
Method and device for the detection of fault current arcing in electric circuits
Vertical deviation indication and prediction system
Transmission shift indicator apparatus and method
System and method for limiting power demand in an energy delivery system
Method, system and apparatus in a telecommunications network for selectively transmitting informatio...
Systems and methods for a wireless messaging information service
Image formation apparatus
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Shoe upper
Outsole of a shoe
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image, for rendering the c...
MEMS-based inertial switch
Protective layer thermal transferring film
Fixing and release systems
Drug delivery apparatus utilizing cantilever
Cooling fan with external circuit board
Device for air conditioning a vehicle
Method for thermally managing a room
Locking device for heat dissipating device
Heat dissipating device
Air-conditioning system
Retainer for heat sink
Method of operating a cooling and heating circuit of a motor vehicle
Thermal management arrangement with a low heat flux channel flow coupled to high heat flux channels
External flue heat exchangers
Heat dissipation device with heat pipes
Method of operating a thermal management system
Cooling apparatus for vertically stacked printed circuit boards
Pressure regulator for engine cooling system
Inlet airflow guiding structure for computers
Engine cooling apparatus
2-beta -modified-6-substituted adenosine analogs and their use as antiviral agents
Extraneous DNA sequence that facilitates hantavirus gene expression
Bioinformatically detectable group of novel HIV regulatory genes and uses thereof
Tumor suppressor designated TS10q23.3
UMLR polypeptides
Fluorescent timer proteins and methods for their use
Human tumor necrosis factor delta polypeptides
Tropane derivatives useful in therapy
CCR5 modulators
N-substituted hydroxypyrimidinone carboxamide inhibitors of HIV integrase
Tetracyclic benzamide derivatives and methods of use thereof
DNA sequence encoding oncofetal ferritin protein
Gene therapy by small fragment homologous replacement
Method and formulation for lyophilizing cultured human cells to preserve RNA and DNA contained in ce...
Attached cell lines
Aspartoacylase gene, protein, and methods of screening for mutations associated with Canavan disease
Polynucleotide encoding IL-1 zeta, TDZ.1 isoform polypeptide
Single-chip white light emitting device
Catalysts for nucleophilic substitution, synthesis thereof, composition containing them and use ther...
Housing for ignition unit for gas and oil burners
Portable phone
Apparatus for detecting position of drawbar in automatic tool change device
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Instruction generating system and process via symbolic representations
Apparatus and method for generating state transition rules for memory efficient programmable pattern...
Hand-held scanner
Linear electromagnetic actuator
Cartridge for a daub film transferring tool
Handcuffing assisting apparatus and method
Fluid control module
Multifunctional optical assembly
Robust visual passwords
Photoprotective cosmetic compositions comprising para-aminobenzalmalonate-substituted s-triazine com...
Turbine blisk rim friction finger damper
Presence and geographic location notification based on a setting
Squid detected NMR and MRI at ultralow fields
Non-metallic expansion tank with internal diaphragm and clamping device for same
Optical dispersion system
Autologous coatings for implants
Ribbed heart shaped cremation urn
Borate activator
Oxytetramethylene glycol copolymer and process for producing the same
Cartridge with fuel supply and membrane electrode assembly stack
Acellular matrix implants for treatment of articular cartilage, bone or osteochondral defects and in...
High level production of arbutin in green plants and microbes
Electrical connector apparatus and methods
Illuminated signage employing light emitting diodes
Feed head
Method and apparatus for improving statistical word alignment models
Treatment of oil wells
Method of fabricating ultra-fine cermet alloys with homogeneous solid grain structure
Strip temperature regulating device in a continuous metal strip casting plant
Multi-view conversion system and method for exchanging communications between heterogeneous applicat...
Systems and methods for conducting a peer review process and evaluating the originality of documents
Data storage system for a motor vehicle and method for storing data in a motor vehicle
Automatic frequency control of multiple channels
Multi-language compilation
Bisarylimidazoly fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors
Apparatus and method for controlling a camera connected to a network
Network system, network operation method, agent module, terminal device, and information recording m...
Method of adding a device to a network
Method, apparatus, and system for capturing data exchanged between a server and a user
Technician wireline and wireless intranet access via systems interface to legacy systems
Apparatus and methods for providing network-based information suitable for audio output
Dynamic resource allocation architecture for differentiated services over broadband communication ne...
CAD system utilizing a network
Method and system for inviting and creating accounts for prospective users of an instant messaging s...
Voicemail short message service method and means and a subscriber terminal
System and method for providing call management services in a virtual private network using voice or...
Method and system for setting up a telephone conference call in a switched telephone network through...
Internet facilitated emergency and general paging system
Electronic apparatus
Server and client for improving three-dimensional air excursion and method and programs thereof
Dynamic server page meta-engines with data sharing for dynamic content and non-JSP segments rendered...
Light emitting device
Medical system, method and apparatus employing MEMS
Alteration of Fc-fusion protein serum half-lives by mutagenesis
Legged robot, legged robot behavior control method, and storage medium
Tableted oral pharmaceutical dosage form, with enteric coating, containing a compound of benzimidazo...
SLEE service convergence and routing
Retractable arch system for a boat
Compositions comprising genome segments and methods of using the same
Mark-up language implementation of graphical or non-graphical user interfaces
Aerosol package with optimal content volume
Carbon-titanium steel rail
System and method for chinese input using a joystick
Process for making free-flowing, coated, frozen food
Devices containing platinum-iridium films and methods of preparing such films and devices
Backup communication modes
Switching power supply circuit
Method and apparatus for high availability distributed processing across independent networked compu...
Self-protecting transistor array
Electroluminescent display having 4 TFTs for rotation between vertical and horizontal image states.
Hetero phase polymer compositions
Articles comprising cationic polysaccharides and acidic pH buffering means
Combined bracelet or ring and jewelry linkage
Keychain flashlight
Method for batching events for transmission by software agent
Flash memory
Multimedia communication terminal
X-ray microscopic inspection apparatus
Methods and apparatus for replacing cooling systems in operating computers
Switching regulator with reduced conducted emissions
High-voltage generator and accelerator using same
Multi-pole current mirror filter
Linear voltage regulator with dynamically selectable drivers
Method for monitoring a condition of a battery
Method and apparatus for implementing same phase power supply scheme
Control circuit of DC-DC converter and control method thereof
Low-dropout voltage regulator
Switching regulator with programmable output levels using a single input pin
Integrated ZVS synchronous buck DC-DC converter with adaptive control
Integrated circuit with modulable low dropout voltage regulator
Low drop-out voltage regulator with enhanced frequency compensation
Compensation technique providing stability over broad range of output capacitor values
Power system having multiple power converters with reduced switching loss
Soft-start apparatus for power supplies
Back-up power system and monitoring system therefor
Battery charging system
Method, system, and article for audibly identifying a called party
Method and apparatus for providing visual information indicative of tested fiber optic component
Electrical terminal with anti-snag feature
Electrical connector with strain relief features
Oxindole compounds and their uses as therapeutic agents
Biocompatible poly-beta-1-4-N-acetylglucosamine
Endosomolytic Polymers
Methods and compositions for treating neurological disease
Method of Converting Base in DNA Sequence
Compositions and methods using nicotinic acid for treatment of hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia ...
Compounds for enzyme inhibition
Methods for fusion polypeptide delivery into a cell
Induction of Apoptosis by Cellular Stress
Transglutaminase mediated conjugation of peptides
Methods, compositions, and kits for the treatment of opthalmic disorders
Methods of identifying compounds that inhibit Notch cleavage
Cell lysis composition, methods of use, apparatus, and kit
Method for the detection of schizophrenia related gene transcripts in blood
Sirt1 and genetic disorders
Surrogate cell gene expression signatures for evaluating the physical state of a subject
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with g-protein-coupled receptor ltb4 (ltb4)
Cynnamyl alcohol derivative compounds and drugs containing the compounds as active ingredient
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Formulation containing a carboxylic acid or an ester thereof
Substituted cyclohexylcarboxylic acid amide compounds
Cyclic guanidines, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Substituted sulfonamides
Alkynyl aryl carboxamides
Indol-containing beta-agonists, methods for the preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical ...
Novel piperidine derivative
Benzene compounds
Combination of at least two compounds selected from an AT1-receptorantagonist or an ACE inhibitor or...
Thiazole[4,5-C]pyridine derivatives
Condensed indoline derivatives and their use as 5HT , in particular 5hHT2c, receptor ligands
Novel physiologically active substances pf127oa, b and c substances
Piperazine derivatives which exhibit activity as serotonin and noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitors
Shopping on Demand Transactional System with Data Warehousing Feature, Data Tracking, Shopping Cart ...
Methods, systems and computer program products for automatically updating long distance country code...
Next-generation network that reduces the effect of a service failure
Virtual telephone extension
Telephone directory assistance method and telephone directory assistance system
Advanced intelligent single telephone number routing
Method to perform a telecommunication with dialing destination preview
Method for restricting calls to a cell phone
Method for searching nodes for information
Folding portable terminal
Locking arrangement for a cover part of a subscriber terminal device
System and method for analysis and filtering of signals in a telecommunications network
Subscriber line interface circuitry with current drivers for downstream voice and data signals
Telephone terminal device
Apparatus and method for inputting alphabet characters on small keypad
Coordinated network-wide administration of exchanges
Interface means between a network switch and a CTI server means and apparatus for providing a servic...
Apparatus and method for switching incoming calls through to subscribers of a telecommunications net...
Multimedia re-editor
System and method for reducing information communicated between universal mobile telecommunication s...
Dynamic channel selection for RF telemetry with implantable device
Method for deciding tilt angle of antenna in radio communication system and apparatus for deciding t...
Transmitting of cell management information in a cellular communication network
Portable radio communication apparatus
Company telephone network
Removing close-in interferers through a feedback loop
Radio transmitter and receiver
Extended microphone with positioning display
Method for interference source identification
Synchronizing carrier frequencies of co-channel amplitude-modulated broadcast
Mobile radio communication system, communication apparatus applied in mobile radio communication sys...
Method and apparatus optimizing a radio link
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for bluetooth access point connections
Method and system of transferring session speed and state information between access and home networ...
Antenna unit
Antenna element and a method for manufacturing the same
Procedure for guiding an aircraft in the approach phase and corresponding ground beacon
Positional information determining apparatus
Communication system and method including communication channel mobility
Electronic educational toy having a contact-sensitive display screen
Accessibility of testing within a validity framework
Method for treating pervasive development disorder
Educational medium for teaching children to interact with and recognize objects
Authentication history certification system and method thereof
Fast approximation to the spherical linear interpolation function
Single/multiple axes six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) inertial motion capture system with initial orie...
Feature based data structure for computer manikin
Providing enhanced haptic feedback effects
Robot system and autonomous mobile robot
Medical tele-robotic system
Breakaway mandrel for transporting disks
Apparatus and method for a dual hull boat with control gate
High maneuverability towcraft
Method and apparatus for controlling a waterjet-driven marine vessel
Cosmetic or pharmaceutical preparations which comprise enaminotriazines as light protection agents, ...
Peptide leukotriene receptor
Neutralizing human anti-IGFR antibody
JTT-1 protein and methods of inhibiting lymphocyte activation
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing pneumococcal infection
VP1 of foot-and-mouth disease virus
Polyphosphazenes including ionic or ionizable moieties and fluorine-containing moieties
Stable polymeric micelle-type drug composition and method for the preparation thereof
Chemokines as adjuvants of immune response
CaESS1: a Candida albicans gene, methods for making and using, and targeting it or its expression pr...
Identification of gene sequences and proteins involved in vaccinia virus dominant T cell epitopes
Vegetable substitute for lanolin
Controlled agglomeration
Compositions and methods of treatment comprising amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate with xanthan
Drum lid
Actuator for a lifting device
Tread pattern for pulley lagging
Portion of a drawer of a service cart
Cart handle
Cart body for a medical waste disposal system
Golf bag handle
Container for household waste materials
Garbage can
Garbage can
Trash can receptacle
Side press mop wringer
Portion of a laundry appliance
Vacuum head attachment for air-activated vacuum cleaners
Portion of a laundry appliance
Vacuum cleaner
Towel and robe warmer
Ski goggles
Ski goggles
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of display screen
Electronic mouse
USB wireless dongle
Methods and apparatuses for facilitating processing of interlaced video images for progressive video...
Detecting and causing latent deadlocks in multi-threaded programs
System and method for implementing a client side HTTP stack
System and method for terminating processes in a distributed computing system
Changeable class and pattern to provide selective mutability in computer programming environments
System and methods for display of time-series data distribution
System, method, and apparatus for testing voice quality in a communication network
Reading image frames as files
Management of television presentation recordings
Reducing differential resolution of separations
Image processing device and method, and imaging device
Image data management system and computer-readable recording medium
Video analysis using segmentation gain by area
Signal processing device
Equalizer for a VSB receiver enabling equalizations using segment synchronization information
Aligning-assembling method for color wheel
Field sequential color efficiency
Mobile video system
Digital television receiver and method of recovering incoming digital television signal
System for video processing control and scheduling wherein commands are unaffected by signal interru...
Method and apparatus for calibrating color temperature of color display devices
System and method for selectable semantic codec pairs for very low data-rate video transmission
Firmware update mechanism in a multi-node data processing system
Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium b...
Method and apparatus for providing flexible modular redundancy allocation for memory built in self t...
Method and system for a generic document processing device client
Microprocessor with instruction translator for translating an instruction for storing random data by...
Method for migrating open files on a busy file system
Estimation algorithms and location techniques
Device and method for workpiece calibration
Integrated mill
Method of transmitting pilot tones in a multi-sector cell, including null pilot tones, for generatin...
System for connecting users with location specific information from official and unofficial sources
Providing location information in a visited network
Post-ESL porogen burn-out for copper ELK integration
Golf ball layers formed of polyurethane-based and polyurea-based compositions incorporating block co...
Golf ball marking guide
Golf putting practice aid
Method of manufacturing print head
Composition for cushions, wound dressings and other skin-contacting products
Blends of polypropylene impact copolymer with other polymers
Polyvinyl alcohol composition and film
Bearing seat of a tension strut made of composite materials
Extruding and pipe press
Method of forming a double wall cooking vessel
Benzimidazole-pyridone-based azo dyes
Polymer composites and methods for making and using same
Magnetically enhanced injection catheter
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Polymer lined sealing member for a container
Apparatus, system, and method for up-converting electromagnetic signals
Digital image processing system
Nucleic acids and new polypeptides associated with and/or overlapping with hepatitis C virus core ge...
Multiply redundant raid system and XOR-efficient method and apparatus for implementing the same
Inhibitors of IAPP fibril formation and uses thereof
Multi-parameter arrhythmia discrimination
Toner storage container
Combined speaker and amplifier
Light emitting device
Cyclic olefin polymers and catalyst for semiconductor applications
Abrasion resistant electrical wire
Handle for pneumatic tool
Method for the use of pyranoindole derivatives to treat infection with Hepatitis C virus
Enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods for identifyi...
Packaging for limited lifetime optical data storage media
Elastomer-bonded sheet material and process for its production
Multiple wireless sensors for dialysis application
Methods of forming silicon quantum dots and methods of fabricating semiconductor memory device using...
Production of polypropylene fine monofilaments, polypropylene fine monofilaments and use thereof
Portable phone
Method and system for reducing undesirable emissions from facilities for housing swine
Method for sound reproduction and pillar loudspeaker
Method and apparatus for lightweight support on set top box
Multi-threading techniques for a processor utilizing a replay queue
Configurator arrangement and approach therefor
Nucleic acids, polypeptides, and methods for modulating apoptosis
Compositions and methods for stabilizing transthyretin and inhibiting transthyretin misfolding
Isoforms of starch branching enzyme II (SBE-IIA and SBE-IIB) from wheat
Process for producing polymer
Dynamically determining yield expectation
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Program conversion method, data processing apparatus and program
System and method for providing video services
Antibodies to HFXJW48 polypeptide
Ageratum plant named `Agbic`
Software-to-hardware compiler
Epoxy resin
Alteration of FcRn binding affinities or serum half-lives of antibodies by mutagenesis
Collaborative information spaces
Aerosol container cap
System and method for product sterilization using UV light source
Memory device and method for redundancy/self-repair
Cold cathode type flat panel display
System and method for using continuous messaging units in a network architecture
Controller system for downhole applications
Combined bracelet or ring jewelry linkage
High temperature superconducting wires and coils
Convolutional Decoding
System for media integration
System and method for use of mobile policy agents and local services, within a geographically distri...
Magnetic nanoscale particle compositions, and therapeutic methods related thereto
Automobile Glucose Sensor Monitoring System and Method for Using the Same
Communication apparatus preventing communication interference
Radio communication apparatus
User-wearable data acquisition system including a speaker microphone that is couple to a two-way rad...
Mobile communication system, radio base station, transmission power control method used therein, and...
Method and apparatus to increasing system capacity in p2p enabled systems
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method, radio communication system, recording ...
Method and apparatus for locating a transceiver
Method for determining a routing in an ad-hoc radio communications system
Power management system for SCA based software defined radio and related method
Proprietary radio control head with authentication
Apparatus for selecting a receiver among a plurality of receivers in a diversity receiver system bas...
Transgenic avians containing recombinant ovomucoid promoters
Genetically determined mouse model of resistance to transplantable cancers
Methods and compositions for inhibition of immune responses
Novel brain-localized protein kinases homologous to homeodomain-interacting protein kinases
Gene blocking method
Generating a request from a nutraceutical inventory
Cognition analysis
Methods for determining weight of a person
Sintered body of titanium compound
Material for repairing biological tissues and process for producing the same
Orthopaedic implants and methods for making the same
Systems and methods for installing ankle replacement prostheses
Ankle-joint endoprosthesis
Artificial intervertebral disc
Facet repair and stabilization
Intervertebral Spacer
Medical device with a grooved surface
Stent graft devices having collagen coating
Internal memory type tamper resistant microprocessor with secret protection function
Finite state machine with a single process context for a RAID system
Methods and systems for preserving dynamic random access memory contents responsive to hung processo...
Vector technique for addressing helper instruction groups associated with complex instructions
Data processing apparatus and method for moving data elements between a chosen lane of parallel proc...
Precompute logic for software packet processing
Memory allocation to multiple computing units
Bus filter for memory address translation
Network storage configuration management
Reconfigurable trace cache
Memory controller device
Dynamic, policy-based control of copy service precedence
Reading data from a multiplicity of disks in a data storage system
Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
Method of accessing matrix data with address translation circuit that enables quick serial access in...
System and method for increasing bandwidth in a directory based high speed memory system
System and method for updating digital media content
Expandable spinal implant
System and method for replacing degenerated spinal disks
Orthopaedic implant for vascularization of the femoral head
Glycoprotein synthesis
Methods of treatment of periodontal disease
Write once system and method for facilitating digital encrypted transmissions
Coating compositions having a geometrically ordered array of polymeric particles and substrates coat...
Method and apparatus for mixing and applying a multi-component coating composition
Motor vehicle rear module
Contact printing of magnetic media with mechanically reinforced and/or gas venting stamper
Magnetic media patterning via contact printing utilizing stamper having magnetic pattern formed in n...
Magnetic actuator drive for actuation and resetting of magnetic actuation materials
Styrenic polymer composites
Strength-enhanced, lightweight lignocellulosic composite board materials and methods of their manufa...
Surgical devices containing a heat bondable material with a therapeutic agent
Method of forming a wear resistant component
Headliner transducer covers
Insulated gate tunnel-injection device having heterojunction and method for manufacturing the same
Vehicle with clutch for transmission of torque output of motor
Vanity for a vehicle
Internal combustion engine with auxiliary combustion chamber
Engine start system and method thereof
Optical transmission system for optimizing bias of laser diode for SCM analog optical signal
Optical module, and multi-core optical collimator and lens housing therefor
Coupled opto-electronic oscillators with low noise
Line selected F.sub.2 two chamber laser system
Single-mode vertical cavity surface emitting lasers and methods of making the same
High power semiconductor laser diode
Semiconductor laser device
Optical transmitting module having a can type package and providing a temperature sensor therein
Control of spectral content of a laser diode light source
Solid state laser insensitive to temperature changes
Eye diagram improving method for laser transmitter
Wavelength conversion method and wavelength conversion element
External cavity laser method and apparatus with orthogonal tuning of laser wavelength and cavity opt...
Arrangement for the generation of a pulsed laser beam of high average output
Wavelength reference filter
Laser beam containment system
Intermittent optical disc recording method and optical disc drive splitting data
Information recording and reproducing apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Integrated optical multiplexer and demultiplexer
Process for infusing an alkali metal nitrite into a synthetic resinous material
Commercially viable process for high purity of fatty alcohol C.sub.24 to C.sub.36 and its cosmetic a...
.beta.2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Hydroisoindoline tachykinin receptor antagonists
Indole, indazole, and benzazole derivative
Heterocyclic compound having oxime group
Substituted 8-perfluoroalkyl-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido[1,2-a] pyrimidin-4-one derivatives
Piperazin-1-yl and 2-([1,4]diazepan-1-yl)-imidazo[4,5-d]-pyridazin-4-ones, the preparation thereof a...
Propanolamine derivatives
Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivative medicinal composition containing the same medicinal use thereof...
Complex of a human FOXC2 protein and a FOXC2-interacting protein
Agarobiose-containing composition
Modulation of HIF1.alpha. and HIF2.alpha. expression
Multiplex analysis using membrane-bound sensitizers
Device and method for using a lessened load to measure signal skew at the output of an integrated ci...
Program-signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording and playing back monitored video data
I/O interface cover assembly of computer enclosure
Method and apparatus for reducing the thickness of a sensor stack in a current-perpendicular-to-plan...
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element using the same
Extended pinned layer on top of lead/HB to avoid amplitude flipping
GMR element having fixed magnetic layer provided on side surface of free magnetic layer
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Micro-actuator, head gimbal assembly and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for insulating and electrically connecting piezoelectric motor in dual stage actuator susp...
Magnetic detent for transducer positioning mechanism
Head support device with bearing and elastic member
Disk drive with negative-pitch slider having protrusion pad contacting the disk when the disk is rot...
Information recording medium cartridge
Magnetic media having a servo track written with a patterned magnetic recording head
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic recording apparatus
Assembly rail corners shaped to reduce shock
Two-stage sealing of a data storage assembly housing to retain a low density atmosphere
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and control method for the same
Disk drive enclosure with morse code pattern air vent
Disk drive having adaptively-sized sectors to compensate for disk eccentricity
Representing unspecified information in a measurement system
Method and system for consolidated sign-off in a heterogeneous federated environment
System and method for automatically setting up a universal remote control
Optical fiber power splitter module apparatus
Multi-position fiber optic connector holder and method
Method and device for spectral filtering
Method and apparatus for fiberscope
Optical fiber cables
Method and system for providing a hydrogen diffusion barrier for fiber optic cables used in hostile ...
Dispersion compensation device and dispersion compensation method
Optical fiber grating part
Optical communication system
Biochemical assay detection in a liquid receptacle using a fiber optic exciter
Integrated planar composite coupling structures for bi-directional light beam transformation between...
Optical transmission system using an optical phase conjugation device
Multi-wavelength optical transceiver module, and multiplexer/demultiplexer using thin film filter
WDM ring network for flexible connections
Microsphere probe for optical surface microscopy and method of using the same
Eye-diagram mask for optical pulses
Optical deflection element and optical switch
Surface illuminator using point light source
Method of improving the resolution of a medical nuclear image
Acousto-optic device and fabrication method of acousto-optic device
Chemical structure similarity ranking system and computer-implemented method for same
Method and system for fault detection and exclusion for multi-sensor navigation systems
Method and device for detecting obstruction in image sensor systems
Dual-band, dual-focal-length, relayed refractive imager
System and method for detection and tracking of targets
Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus and mobile terminal
Crystallization and structure determination of glycosylated human beta secretase, an enzyme implicat...
Method of making 2-thiols
Tridentate phosphines and method of forming aldehyde hydrogenation catalysts
Wafer back surface treating method and dicing sheet adhering apparatus
E. coli O157:H7 C1-INH-binding protein and methods of use
Method and apparatus for integrating large and small lot electronic device fabrication facilities
Methods for coating pipe comprising using cement compositions comprising high tensile strength fiber...
Multi-path interference cancellation for transmit diversity
Clonal cultures of primate embryonic stem cells
Addition of THP or THP+ salt to pulping liquors to destroy catalase and/or catalase producing bacter...
Mobile phone
Phosphoric ester demulsifier composition
Animal management system
Piezo-electric speaker
Systems and methods providing lightweight runtime code generation
Gene defective in APECED and its use
Inter-demux communication through a point to point interface
PUFA polyketide synthase systems and uses thereof
Process for the production of an azo-catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Process for incorporating one or more materials into a polymer composition and products produced the...
Query prunning using exterior tiles in an R-tree index
Common interface architecture for horizontal directional drilling machines and walk-over guidance sy...
Configuring software components(merge) with transformation component using configurable and non-conf...
Diterpenoid compounds, compositions thereof and their use as anti-cancer or anti-fungal agents
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mega Time Yellow`
Methods of coating semiconductor light emitting elements by evaporating solvent from a suspension
Polymersomes and related encapsulating membranes
System for distributing files and transmitting/receiving distributed files
Time delay and indicator actuator assembly for aerosol containers
Non-aqueous electrolyte additive for improving safety and lithium ion secondary battery comprising t...
Microwavable beverage maker
Semiconductor structures and methods for fabricating semiconductor structures comprising high dielec...
Extensible authentication system and method
Semiconductor light source and method of making
Mercury free metal halide lamp
False alarm reduction in security systems using weather sensor and control panel logic
Prediction based optimization of a semiconductor supply chain using an adaptive real time work-in-pr...
Nuclear quadrupole resonance measurements
Method for blocking dereferencing elements in messages
Selection system, dispensing system and treatment with a one-a-day combination pill for hypertension...
Novel compounds
Lipid membrane structure containing anti-mt-mmp monoclonal antibody
Methods and compositions for treating headache pain with topical NSAID compositions
Inhibition of HIV and SHIV replication with antisense interleukin-4
Peptide pharmaceutical compositions
Complex of alpha-fetoprotein and inducers of apoptosis for the treatment of cancer
Method for making magnetic fluorescent core shell nanoparticles
Method for the production of enriched hop extracts having combined oestrogenic and antiproliferative...
Composition comprising the alcohol compound isolated from the extract of cucurbitaceae family plant ...
Composition comprising the alcohol compound isolated from the extract of cucurbitaceae family plant ...
Plant-based formulations for improving liver health
Process for metabolic control and high solute clearance and solutions for use therein
Use of NF-kB Inhibition in Combination Therapy for Cancer
Pharmaceutical compositions for the administration of aptamers
Composition and methods for inhibiting the progression macular degeneration and promoting healthy vi...
Antimicrobial zeolite and antimicrobial resin composition
Biocidal ceramic compositions, methods and articles of manufacture
Sintered bioactive ceramic composite implant and preparation thereof
Deposition of discrete nanoparticles on an implant surface
Method for producing 1, 6 hexane diol
Process for producing dichloropropanol from glycerol, the glycerol coming eventually from the conver...
Material for forming adhesion reinforcing layer, adhesion reinforcing layer, semiconductor device, a...
Methods and Devices for Quantitative Viral Assays
Rework process for photoresist film
Process for producing polarizing film, polarizing film, polarizing plate, optical film, and image di...
Deposition of discrete nanoparticles on an implant surface
Method for controlling retention of an organic compound or of a plurality of organic compounds insid...
Method for producing pork bone extract
Hydration beverage and method of delivering nutrients
Liposomes useful for drug delivery to the brain
Morinda Citrifolia-Based Oral Care Compositions and Methods
Non-peroxide preparation for whitening natural and manufactured teeth
Light measurement automated zeroing and referencing system
Fluid conveying machine
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Ink composition, ink set and recording method
Method for producing organic acid
Emulsion particles as reinforcing fillers
Point of use water purification method and apparatus
System and method for mobile soil sampling
Composition for selectively polishing silicon nitride layer and polishing method employing it
Insecticide and method of controlling insects
Coating compositions
Method for dental restoration and kit
Apparatus and methods for disposing conduits, wires, and the like through structures
Fire extinguishing mixtures, methods and systems
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing using such cem...
System and method for forming surfaces using tiled components and product resulting therefrom
Method for constructing and installing an armoire in an existing closet space
Fiber-reinforced composite fire door
Multi-layer process and apparatus for producing high strength fiber-reinforced structural cementitio...
Assembly tape with perforation and expansion reserve
Fungi resistant faced insulation assembly and method
Fine feldspathic earthenware and process of manufacturing the same
Embedment roll device
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Methods for fabricating micro-to-nanoscale devices via biologically-induced solid formation on biolo...
Dispersion powders stabilized by protective colloids
Process for preparing lattices stabilized by polyvinyl alcohol
Method of servicing a wellbore with a sealant composition comprising solid latex
Sealant compositions comprising solid latex
Method for producing a molded piece
Process for conditioning an aqueous solution for efficient colloidal precipitation
Super light weight ceramic panel and process for preparing the same
Gluconate broth for cement and concrete admixture
Gypsum board liner providing improved combination of wet adhesion and strength
Pigmented wall and ceiling spackle
Peach tree named 'MSUP8706'
Apple tree named 'ZARI'
Antifreeze proteins isolated from forage grasses and methods for their use
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
System for transmitting video streams using a plurality of levels of quality over a data network to ...
Debugging applications at resource constrained virtual machines using dynamically installable lightw...
Photolithographic mask correction
Device for processing access concurrence to shared memory
Method and apparatus for collecting data from data sources
Method and apparatus for pruning data in a data warehouse
Medical Information Validation System
Female incontinence prevention device
Dianella revoluta plant named `DR5000`
Additive for meat product, meat product and method for making same
Fibrous fish meat-bound food having good form retention property and fibrous texture, dried product ...
Method and system for preparing a jerky food product
Production of carrageenan and carrageenan products
Astaxanthin esters
Stable polymer compositions and methods of making same
Hypoallergenic animal food
Color-changing cereal and method
Customized oligonucleotide microchips that convert multiple genetic information to simpler patterns,...
All-natural fruit product and method of making the same
System and method for designing and producing confectionary arrangement
Shelf stable homogeneous suspension
Juices Incorporating Early Season Cultivars
Beverage clouding system and method
Aerated frozen suspensions with adjusted creaminess and scoop ability based on stress-controlled gen...
Soft-frozen confection blending and dispensing freezer
Apparatus, method, and computer program for providing pass codes related to conference calls
Process and apparatus for producing evaporated phosphor sheets and an evaporated phosphor sheet prod...
Substituted benzopyrans as selective estrogen receptor-beta agonists
Method and process intermediate for electrostatic discharge protection in flat panel imaging detecto...
Three-dimensional structure of polyketide synthases
Computer aided detection (CAD) for 3D digital mammography
Energy discrimination radiography systems and methods for inspecting industrial components
Systems, methods and apparatus to offset correction of X-ray images
X-ray backscatter mobile inspection van
X-ray system for use in image guided procedures
Radiological imaging apparatus
Controlling lens shape in a microlens array
Load-lock technique
Methods for detecting DNA damage and screening for cancer therapeutics
Hydroxy-amino thermally cured undercoat for 193 nm lithography
Fluorinated polymers, photoresists and processes for microlithography
Pet chew
Hybrid-dual-fourier tomographic algorithm for a fast three-dimensionial optical image reconstruction...
Method and circuit for down-converting a signal
Image forming apparatus
Developer container and image forming apparatus
Planar waveguide with patterned cladding and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for identifying and quantifying characteristics of seeds and other small object...
Method, computer program product, and system converting relational data into hierarchical data struc...
Western-type saddle pad
Slingshot arrow hook
Image marker
Paper punch
Single foot pedal control
Triple foot pedal control
Light receiver control
Pan lifting implement
Baking pan
Storage caddy
Determining and using acoustic confusability, acoustic perplexity and synthetic acoustic word error ...
Device and method preventing ion source gases from entering reaction/collision cells in mass spectro...
Methods for graphically representing interactions among entities
Locked portal unlocking control apparatus and method
Automatic peak identification method
Material analysis including density and moisture content determinations
Nonlinear optical guided mode resonance filter
Higher-order moment-based image projection method and image processing apparatus
Method for automated window-level settings for magnetic resonance images
Portable browser device with adaptive personalization capability
Method, system and computer program product for profiling entities
Method and system for decoding multilevel signals
Method for compensating baseline wander of a transmission signal and related circuit
Adaptive equalizing apparatus and program therefor
Methods and apparatus for canceling co-channel interference in a receiving system using spatio-tempo...
Endoscope objective lens
Video-scope in electronic endoscope apparatus
Cleaning and decontamination formula for surfaces contaminated with prion-infected material
Membrane electrode assembly with compression control gasket
Weatherstrip tape and method for producing the same
Method of making self-supporting pleated filter
Device and method for manual retinal vein catheterization
Device for orthodontic interventions
Self-ligating orthodontic appliance with clip
Orthodontic brackets including one part of an at least two-part adhesive on the base of the bracket
Aseptic packaging for foods and systems and methods for aseptically packaging foods
Portable toothbrush sterilizer
Toothbrush sterilizer
Spray gun nozzle and air cap assembly
Spray gun platform mounting
Bandages pouch
GPS personal locator phone
GPS (global positioning system) receiver
Rugged, water and dust resistant handheld and mountable GPS device
Method and apparatus for parsing and generating configuration commands for network devices using a g...
Tracking format of registers having multiple content formats in binary translation
Model-based composable code generation
Software testing
Failsafe switching of intelligent controller method and device
Switching apparatus and method for providing shared I/O within a load-store fabric
Driver for a gas discharge lamp
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Method and kit for removing a residue from an imaging member
Information reproducing apparatus and method with correction of equalized signal levels
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
Display device with electron-emitting device with electron-emitting region insulated from electrodes
Electrolyte support member for high differential pressure electrochemical cell
Rearward angled paintball marker receiver
Tape cartridge for tape printing machine
Ink cartridge
Tomato cage panel
Electronic message delivery using an alternate source approach
Navigation systems, methods, and programs
Vehicle navigation apparatus and a program for controlling vehicle navigation apparatus
Target value processing unit, temperature controller, control process implementing system, process c...
Machine tool control apparatus
Sewing machine to which embroidery frame moving device is detachably attachable
Industrial process data acquisition and analysis
Photosensitive member cartridge
All optical cross routing using decoding systems for optical encoded data symbols
System and method for communicating optical signals to multiple subscribers having various bandwidth...
Electrode systems for optical modulation and optical modulators
Method for the production of optically active 2-amino 2-chloro, 2 hydroxy or 2-alkoxy-1-alcohols
Aligned liquid crystal layer containing Lewis acids and process for increasing the tilt
Assay for phosphodiesterase function
Method for cardiac restraint
Water treating method, water treating apparatus, and hydroponics system using the apparatus
Method and system for code reuse and capacity enhancement using null steering
Sulfated fucogalactan digesting enzyme gene
Methods of identifying and isolating stem cells and cancer stem cells
Cellular phone
Direct instructions rendering emulation computer technique
Flow control for digital signal processing to support data stream operations
Methods for labeling nucleotides, labeled nucleotides and useful intermediates
Real-time component monitoring and replenishment system for multicomponent fluids
Method, system, and program for verifying network addresses included in a file
Stackable differential mobility analyzer for aerosol measurement
Apparatus and method of toasting bread-type food products