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Plasma gate oxidation process using pulsed RF source power
System allowing user associating user off-line status messages of selectable content with participan...
Fast adaptive power control for a variable multirate communications system
Apparatus for adjusting channel interference between access points in a wireless network
Messaging applications router
Method for RF dead zone data collection using mobile station
System and method for determining location of a device in a wireless communication network
Wireless communication network for processing call traffic over a backhaul network
Registration messaging for a mobile station in an unlicensed wireless communication system
Hand-off technique for a wireless network
Method and apparatus for scanning frequency channels for handoff candidates while minimizing battery...
Resource allocation method for multi-platform communication system
Access log analyzer and access log analyzing method
Path planner and method for planning a contour path of a vehicle
Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
Color quantization and similarity measure for content based image retrieval
High-performance addressing and routing of data packets with semantically descriptive labels in a co...
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
Methods for ranking nodes in large directed graphs
Apparatus and method for displaying records responsive to a database query
Dynamic natural language understanding
Plasma-assisted decrystallization
Method of and apparatus for noise whitening filtering
Multi-level signal clock recovery technique
Frequency domain decision feedback equalizer
Skew-symmetrical defected ground structure for parallel-coupled line filters
12832, a novel human kinase-like molecule and uses thereof
Implanting device and method of using same
Ceramic center pin for compaction tooling and method for making same
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Methods of using two-part self-adhering dental compositions
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricdal properties
3714, 16742, 23546, and 13887 novel protein kinase molecules and uses therefor
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Heat-peelable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet
Mixture of a carrier and additives for use in germinating units containing seeds or similar growth-s...
Method and apparatus for providing uplink signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimation in a wireless commu...
Image forming apparatus and method of detecting the detection characteristics of a reflection densit...
Compact optical transceivers for host bus adapters
Method of assisting a sales representative in selling
Automated transaction machine digital signature system and method
Relay device, server device, terminal device, and translation server system utilizing these devices
Method and apparatus for controlled force deployment of user interface devices
Management method of probe carrier, probe carrier manufacturing apparatus and probe carrier managing...
Method for controlling a program run of a central data processor
Singulation detection system for objects used in conjunction with a conveyor system
Self-testing power supply which indicates when an output voltage is within tolerance while not coupl...
Method and system for unified audio control on a personal computer
Golf ball layers formed of polyurethane-based and polyurea-based compositions incorporating block co...
Board-type runner device and top layer and running surface lining for same
Window regulator
Putting training device and method
Photochromic golf ball
Golfer training aid
Golf swing aid
Method and apparatus to practice golf swing
Integrated inertial stellar attitude sensor
Seating unit
Microjet-based control system for cavity flows
Valves for annular conduits including aircraft fuel conduits and associated systems and methods
Lift unit for vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle
Wireless network assisted GPS system
GPS airborne target geolocating method
Polymerizable polyol (allyl carbonate) compositions
Hermetic container and image display apparatus
Composite material for biological or biochemical analysis microfluidic system
Composite metal wood club
Composite track, column and other supports, including for machinery
Device for holding a load on a load support of an industrial truck
Composite polymer based cartridge case having an overmolded metal cup, polymer plug base assembly
Counterfeit detecting program, method, and apparatus of digital data
Vehicle control apparatus
Attachment of head rest guide tube to vehicle seat frame
Vibration damping apparatus for supporting engine on vehicular body
Invertible storage compartment divider
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Direct diode contact high power fiber optic laser system
Cones and cylinders of laser light
Thermally-controlled fiber optic tuning and isolating device
Method for operating optoelectronic sensors and sensor
Electrically pumped semiconductor active mirror with improved performance and reduced parasitics
Discharge excitation type pulse laser apparatus
Semiconductor laser device
Surface emitting semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Laser module
Pulse oscillation solid-sate laser apparatus and laser machining apparatus
Waveguide structure having improved reflective mirror features
Optical disk apparatus and optical disk recording method
Optical disc drive for erasing the power calibration area of an optical disc
Optical reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup, optical information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same, and phase variab...
Device for substrate treatment by means of laser radiation
Optical system having extended angular scan range
Systems for spectral multiplexing of source images to provide a composite image with gray component ...
Foam core in-line skate frame
Athletic training device
Footwear with display element
Footwear cushioning attachment
Pain-relieving outsole for footwear or heel shoe
Shock reducing footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Optoelectronic detection system
On-grade barrier and method of its use
RF photonics residual error correction
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Triangle clipping for 3D graphics
Radar detector
Low impact spot welding cylinder with dual pistons
Method of decomposing organophosphorus compounds
Multiple device and/or user association
Durable coating compositions containing novel aspartic amine compounds
Pneumatic tool drive system
Lipid-conjugated polyamide compounds
System for connecting downhole tools
Method and apparatus for comparing a data set to a baseline value
Apparatus and methods for detecting system faults using hidden process drivers
Adaptive pressure control method for synchronous downshifts in a multiple-ratio transmission
Intermediate transfer medium and image forming apparatus using the intermediate transfer medium
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Apparatus for forming multi-color image with control of unintended reverse-transfer of developer ima...
Chip that comprises an active agent and an integrated heating element
Moisture protection for an electromechanical transducer
Optical transmission fiber with a glass guiding cladding
Light control element and light control device
Retardation film, process for producing the same, optical film, image display, liquid crystal panel ...
X-ray generating apparatus
Time indicator assembly
Magnetroresistive random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
Ceramic dynamic-pressure bearing and hard disk drive using the same
Optical low pass filter
Adaptive recovery from system failure for application instances that govern message transactions
Method and apparatus for generating and managing a language model data structure
System and method for creating a note related to a phone call
Enhanced mode technique for growing mesh networks
System and method for modifying an information transfer request
Method and system for administering personal computer health by registering multiple service provide...
System and method for detecting and converting a transparency simulation effect
Rewritable card printer
Communications cable, method and plant for manufacturing the same
Aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy extrusion
Device for manufacturing a double-walled thermoplastic pipe with a connecting sleeve
Flexible perimeter lighting apparatus
Light emitting medium and illumination system
Fatty acid esters based on branched fatty acids and their use as printing ink solvents
Method for patterning self-assembled colloidal photonic crystals and method for fabricating 3-dimens...
Storage device having a probe with a tip to form a groove in a storage medium
Substituted N-sulfonylaminobenzyl-2-phenoxyacetamide compounds as VR1 receptor agonists
Fluorous triphasic reaction and separation processes for the generation of enantioenriched alcohols,...
Method of forming thin film pattern, method of manufacturing device, electro-optical apparatus and e...
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding mutant .mu. opioid receptors
KCNQ2 and KCNQ3--potassium channel genes which are mutated in benign familial neonatal convulsions (...
Methods, compositions and kits relating to chitinases and chitinase-like molecules and inflammatory ...
Apparatus and method for noninvasive monitoring of analytes in body fluids
Selectively forced redirection of network traffic
Storage based apparatus for antivirus
Self-determining behavior node for use in creating a graphical program
System and method for managing storage networks and for handling errors in such a network
Remote debugging
Secure session management and authentication for web sites
System, method and program for measuring performance time in a network system using a browser's "don...
Steaming media quality assessment system
Radially expanding stents
Method for reflecting radiation emanating from a source
Integrated driving, receiving, controlling, and monitoring for optical transceivers
Spin based device with low transmission barrier
Low voltage logic circuit with set and/or reset functionality
High speed buffered level-up shifters
Input buffer for multiple differential I/O standards
Electrostatic actuator, electrostatic actuator driving method, electromechanical transducer, wavefor...
Heterocyclic selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Injectable calcium phosphate cements and the preparation and use thereof
Method and apparatus for replicating the position of intra-osseous implants and abutments relative t...
Electromagnetic-wave shielding and light transmitting plate, manufacturing method thereof and displa...
Airflow redistribution device
Heat sink fastener
Plasma display device
Heat dissipating device having a fin also functioning as a fan duct
Integrated cooling system for electronic devices
Pump, electronic apparatus, and cooling system
Liquid cooled diamond bearing heat sink
Apparatus for enhancing heat transfer efficiency of endothermic/exothermic article
Duct for cooling multiple components in a processor-based device
Geothermal pipe weight
Heat exchanger assembly having fitting secured thereto and method of securing the same
Heat exchanger exhaust gas recirculation cooler
Heat exchanger with flow circuiting end caps
Heat pipe operating fluid, heat pipe, and method for manufacturing the heat pipe
Cooling assembly with impingement cooled heat sink
Heat exchanger with reinforcement means
Methods for replacing engine system cooling fluids with a continuous flow
Cooler, electronic apparatus, and method for fabricating cooler
Transgenic mouse expressing Prkag3
Heterocyclic compounds useful as growth hormone secretagogues
2-Amino-1-functionalized tetralin derivatives and related glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Process for producing a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor
Beta-agonists, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
2-Oxo-benzimidazolyl substituted ethanolamine derivatives and their use as .beta..sub.3 agonists
2-substituted benzimidazole derivatives as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagoni...
Isoquinoline compounds
Substituted 2-pyridinyl-6,7,8,9-tetrahydropyrimido{1,2-a}pyrimidin-4-one and 7-pyridinyl-2,3-dihydro...
Tri(cyclo) substituted amide compounds
Modified G-protein coupled receptors
Screening method
Methods for identifying compounds that modulate enzymatic activities by employing covalently bonded ...
Steroid-activated nuclear receptors and uses therefor
Sustained release formulations of metformin
Genomic mammary Amyloid a sequence
Dosing dispenser for cream-based medicines
Intravascular device with carrier tube engagement member
Magnetoresistive head having magnetoresistive film including free layer and pinned layer arranged in...
Magnetoresistive sensor having a conducting path layer formed from a plurality of metal islands with...
Method of operating a disk drive including rotating a perpendicular write head to reduce a differenc...
Disk drive including a one-piece stamped actuator arm assembly and method of making same
Thin-film magnetic head, magnetic device including the same, and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic write head with gap termination less than half distance between pedestal and back gap
Hard disk drive (HDD) assembly of small form-factor HDD shock-mounted in frame having dimensions of ...
Pole base assembly for magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Disk drive using an optical sensor to detect a position of an actuator arm
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with trapeziodal write pole tip to avoid overwriting ad...
Disk device, disk eccentricity control method, and recording medium
Feedback control mechanism for active damping of slider air bearing vibrations in a hard disk drive ...
Dynamic stroke optimization in the self servo-write process
Adjacent track data guarantee processing method and disk device
Method of modulating the activity of functional immune molecules
(2-Oxindol-3-ylidenyl) acetic acid derivatives and their use as protein kinase inhibitors
Benzamide, heteroarylamide and reverse amides
Methods of therapy with thrombin derived peptides
Screening method for identifying heme independent modulators of soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC) activ...
.DELTA.-12 desaturase gene suitable for altering levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous...
Stent for delivery of drugs to the endothelium
Method for treatment of biological tissues to mitigate post-implantation calcification and thrombosi...
Bioengineered tubular graft prostheses
Photoatherolytic catheter apparatus and method
Multiplanar ultrasonic vascular imaging device, system incorporating same, method of use and protect...
Spending account systems and methods
Multi-channel audio enhancement system for use in recording playback and methods for providing same
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for filtering information
System and method for providing custom caller-ID messages
Device for the continuous burning of carbon particles
Microfluidic size-exclusion devices, systems, and methods
Catalyst configuration and methods for syngas production
Method of applying a fastener portion to a diaper
Associating hydrogels for nucleus pulposus replacement in intervertebral discs
Removal string attachment for intravaginal devices
Ostomy appliance having outer and inner pouches joined by peelable seams and a filter for deodorizin...
Layered product
Therapeutic apparatus for treating ulcers
Dendritic chemiluminescent substrates
Abrasive material
Tissue engineered biografts for repair of damaged myocardium
Ink jet printer and image recording method
Blood sugar health value brand
Adhesive compositions and copper foils and copper clad laminates using same
Device for amplitude adjustment and rectification made with MOS technology
Half-bridge converter with zero-voltage switching and snubber
Synthetic multiple quaternary ammonium salts
Chemical reaction and separation method
Bacterial effects on metal accumulation by plants
Method for the purification of marigold oleoresin
Method for treating body waste material, and apparatus therefor
Laminar flow-based separations of colloidal and cellular particles
Adsorption method and ligands
Systems and methods for high throughput sample analysis
Tidal vertical flow wastewater treatment system and method
Cleaning apparatus and method
Liquid chromatograph
Fluid circuits, systems, and processes for extracorporeal blood processing
Filter cartridge with check valve protection
Portable pool cleaning system
Storage system having a plurality of controllers
Time, date and originating number display provided to calling party
Method and MR apparatus for dynamic frequency detection in MR spectroscopy
Resource activity aware system for determining a resource interconnection pattern within an essentia...
Micromechanical electrostatic resonator
Proton conducting membrane, process for its production, and fuel cells made by using the same
Method of automatically setting image quality
Nondestructive inspection method and apparatus
Broadband ellipsometer or polarimeter system including at least one multiple element lens
Control of beam spot size in ellipsometer and the like systems
Sensor device, particularly for controlling lighting devices of a motor vehicle
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Wearable electronic device with multiple display functionality
Method of and apparatus for detecting diseased tissue by sensing two bands of infrared radiation
Flame-resistant-thermoset coating
Dispenser for sheet material
Polyvinylamine treatments to improve dyeing of cellulosic materials
Absorbent binder desiccant composition and articles incorporating it
Biomolecule diagnostic devices and method for producing biomolecule diagnostic devices
Apparatus for making a reinforced fibrous absorbent member
Roll firmness measuring system and process
Brushless D.C. motor
Linear motor and linear compressor including said motor
Cylinder head arrangement for a piston compressor
Integrated ratio pump and check valve apparatus
Hose cartridge for a peristaltic pump
Retention of ball bearing cartridge for turbomachinery
Screw type vacuum pump
Piston lubricating system for a reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Production of liquid fuels by a concatenation of processes for treatment of a hydrocarbon feedstock
Medical use for tachykinin antagonists
Process for the preparation of MFI-type zeolitic catalysts
Catalyst regenerator for reducing entrained catalyst loss
Effective integration of solvent deasphalting and ebullated-bed processing
Automatic circuit design apparatus, method for automatically designing a circuit, and computer progr...
Method and system for integrating cores in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Content addressable memory having reduced power consumption
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) including forward error correction (FEC), interleaving, and multi-rout...
Method, system and program product for dynamically detecting errant data sequences and performing co...
System and method for adjusting pooling of system memory in reponse to changes in monitored data pro...
Method and apparatus for infrared data communication
Satellite positioning system enabled media exposure
Driving assistance system
Tamper detection sensor antenna
Method and arrangement for distributing brake torque on a vehicle
Intelligent network of hydrogen supply modules
Acceleration control system for a marine vessel
Emergency braking apparatus for vehicle
Remote, aircraft, global, paperless maintenance system
Process for recycling detergent pouches
Polyalkyleneimine alkyleneoxide copolymer
Apparatus for tightly fixing an optical connector to an optical cable
Low-cost portable fiber-optic connector cleaner
Optical control device
Ring core fiber
Method and apparatus for mitigation of modal dispersion effects in multimode fiber
Mode discriminating on-chip optical coupler for an optical receiver connected to dual mode/multimode...
Data burst scheduling
Confocal microscope
Filter for selectively processing optical and other signals
Method for measuring using optical fiber distributed sensor
Current-controlled CMOS logic family
Two-layer film formed of radiation cured resin compositions and methods of making the same
Deflection mechanisms in micromirror devices
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Method and apparatus for protectively operating a data/information processing device
Licensing duplicated systems
Device management system, management client, controller server, method for managing usage context of...
Mounting structure for an optical disk including a ball attracted by a predetermined pulling force i...
Guidance of an optical scanning device
Trusted platform apparatus, system, and method
Safe memory scanning
Composition for transdermal and/or transmucosal administration of active compounds that ensures adeq...
Temporary cosmetic dental surface coating
Cavity resonator for MR systems
Inbred maize line PH7JD
Enod2 gene regulatory region
Plant having tolerance to environmental stress
Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database
System and method for presentation of data streams
Phantom for production of controllable fMRI signal
Pattern recognition in an integrated circuit design
Increment power saving in battery powered wireless system with software configuration
System for programmed control of signal input and output to and from cable conductors
Methods and systems to reduce data skew in FIFOs
Filtered application-to-application communication
Ultra high frequency radio frequency identification tag
Data recording medium, data recording method, and device
Laminated relays with multiple flexible contacts
Solid electrolytic capacitor, stacked capacitor using the same, and fabrication method thereof
Triaxial through-chip connection
Multilayer interconnection structure of a semiconductor
Semiconductor device having metal plates and semiconductor chip
Semiconductor chip assembly with pillar press-fit into ground plane
Wafer level package, wafer level packaging procedure for making wafer level package
Imaging system
Solderable metal finish for integrated circuit package leads and method for forming
Flip chip in leaded molded package and method of manufacture thereof
Device for packing electronic components using injection molding technology
Plating seed layer including an oxygen/nitrogen transition region for barrier enhancement
Integrated optical device
Board-level conformal EMI shield having an electrically-conductive polymer coating over a thermally-...
Electronic circuit connecting structure, and its connecting method
Cover for a welding-type power source
Proximity detaching for electronic article surveillance tags
Conductive substrate with resistance layer, resistance board, and resistance circuit board
Surface acoustic wave filter, surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Plant for cleaning and degassing a fibrous suspension
Zoom lens and image display apparatus including the zoom lens
Image processing device, image processing method, program and storage medium
Exposure apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device with photoelectric conversion units stacked in a depth direction and...
Image compression coding apparatus and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus
Imaging forming apparatus
Endless metal belt, fixing belt and heat fixing device
Developing device, and process cartridge maintaining position of developing roller, and image formin...
Image forming apparatus group
Polymerization processes
Solution containing cellulose dissolved in N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide and high tenacity lyocell mult...
Glass-break preventing film like filter and plasma display apparatus
Oxygen scavenging monolayer bottles
Solution containing cellulose dissolved in N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide and high tenacity lyocell mult...
Aerosol method and apparatus for making particulate products
Phosphor based illumination system having light guide and an interference reflector
Histone deacetylase inhibitors based on alpha-chalcogenmethylcarbonyl compounds
Envelope for optical fibres
Low-loss optical waveguide crossovers using an out-of-plane waveguide
Schemes for controlling optical signals in optically functional waveguide structures
Optical interconnect architecture
Delta-geometry timing prediction in integrated circuit fabrication
Calibrated pressure sensor
Transfer belt and image-forming apparatus having the same
Coating especially for liquid toner imaging system components
Automatic bridge balancing means and method for a capillary bridge viscometer
Solvent extraction process
Method of removing mercury from mercury contaminated materials
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus for lighting multiple discharge lamps
On-chip power supply regulator and temperature control system
Apparatus and methods for installing instrumentation line in a wellbore
System for visually monitoring pressure in an enclosed space
Variable rate particle counter and method of use
Methods for identifying human cell lines useful for endogenous gene activation, isolated human cell ...
Identification of human cell lines for the production of human proteins by endogenous gene activatio...
Cell-based assay for the detection of toxic analytes
Integrated analytical test element
Method for inverse solid phase synthesis of peptides
Phosphorus substituted metallocene compounds for olefin polymerization
Phosphorus bridged metallocene compounds for olefin polymerization
Method for fabricating interconnect structures with reduced plasma damage
Method and device for determining the angular position of a crankshaft in an internal combustion eng...
Non-linear test load and method of calibrating a plasma system
RFID device, system and method of operation including a hybrid backscatter-based RFID tag protocol c...
System and method for determining head-disk contact in a magnetic recording disk drive
Fixing apparatus using induction heating
Optical isolator utilizing a micro-resonator
Wiring connection structure of laminated capacitor and decoupling capacitor, and wiring board
Spring open latch clamp
Drop tube segments adapted for use with a liquid reservoir and methods
System and method of determining software maturity using Bayesian design of experiments
Resolving phase-shift conflicts in layouts using weighted links between phase shifters
Method and system for false path analysis
Method and system for user registration using processing sensor
Server-based application monitoring through collection of application component and environmental st...
Method and apparatus providing a supply chain management system useful in outsourced manufacturing
Method and apparatus for discriminative training of acoustic models of a speech recognition system
Disc cartridge having a shutter that includes a convex portion protruding into a center hole of the ...
Metallic separator for fuel cell and production method for the same
Sialoadhesin family member-2 (SAF-2)
Vascular filter with improved strength and flexibility
Data transfer device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and microcomputer
Low I/O bandwidth method and system for implementing detection and identification of scrambling code...
Signal processing device and signal processing method
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
High efficiency power amplifier
Electronic device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device having two different operation modes employing an asymmetrical buried insulatin...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Cover for light switch
Disposable wearing article
Prodrugs for a selective cancer therapy
Heating treatment device, heating treatment method and fabrication method of semiconductor device
Method for forming patterns on a semiconductor device using a lift off technique
Image forming method using photothermographic material
Selective bradykinin (BK) B1 peptidic receptor antagonists and uses thereof
Method of treating migraine headache without aura
Arylsulfanyl and heteroarylsulfanyl derivatives for treating pain
Process for producing optical waveguide
Apparatus and system for suspending a chip-scale device and related methods
Treated textile substrate and method for making a textile substrate
Method for electrically starting up a fuel cell
Fluorinated ionomers with reduced amounts of carbonyl end groups
High specific power, direct methanol fuel cell stack
Process and apparatus for controlling the performance of a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (...
Mechanism and method of combined fuel reformer and dosing system for exhaust aftertreatment and anti...
Piperidine/piperazine-type inhibitors of p38 kinase
Video processing with multiple graphical processing units
Bipolar transistor with lattice matched base layer
Polymers for laundry cleaning compositions
Register window management using first pipeline to change current window and second pipeline to read...
System and method for an intelligent multi-modal user interface for route drawing
Durably affixable light devices for rotating wheels
Vehicle seat with headrest comprising nuchal and lateral supports
Closed end type coiled spring with reduced initial deflection
Hold-down for a vehicle-mounted equipment carrier
Bicycle assistive handlebar structure
Installation tool for horizontal siding boards
Spreading apparatus for flowable materials and spreader pad therefor
Exercise methods and apparatus
Recumbent exercise bicycle
Bicycle frame
Set of reinforcement ribs for bicycle frame
Method and system for use in emergency notification and determining location
Front-loadable refuse container having side-loading robotic arm with motors and other mass mounted a...
Rollable load bearing mat for turf areas
Folding frame for a tricycle, scooter or child's bicycle
Suspension systems
Integrated front fork hinge and brake system for bicycles
Method of producing carbon fiber aggregate
Method of manufacturing phosphor powder, phosphor powder, and phosphor composition
Carbon black and recording liquid using the same
Method and device for pyrolyzing and gasifying organic substances or substance mixtures
Method for conducting electric activation of electric double layer capacitors
Method for transferring TCPX into TFPX
Direct injection combustion chamber geometry
Method for producing activated carbon for electrode of electric double-layer capacitor
Engine blowby injector and injection system and method for injecting blowby
Photosensitive resin composition and process for producing heat-resistant resin film
Testing using a non-engine based test system and exhaust product comprising alternative fuel exhaust
Method for interference suppression for TDMA -and/or FDMA transmission
Folding gear comprising a cylinder with adjustable circumference
Extension arm for a sheet-processing printing machine
Printing group pertaining to a printing machine having a linearly displaceable transfer cylinder
Tilt head cleaner
Self-powering shock, vibration and acoustic isolation system
Light emitting device with blue light led and phosphor components
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of kinematic MR images
Method, system storage medium and software arrangement for homogenizing a magnetic field in a magnet...
Balun arrangement and installation method thereof for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Inbred corn line PHACE
Polydisperse double emulsion, corresponding monodisperse double emulsion and method for preparing th...
VHL peptide
Radical polymerization method performed in the presence of disulfide compounds
Software object library selection
Code generation
Sequential event monitoring module
Methods, systems, and products for verifying integrity of web-server served content
Implementing and coordinating configuration of protocol processes
Method of changing the duty cycle frequency of a PWM solenoid on a CAM phaser to increase compliance...
Dust extraction device for machine tools
Diode receiver for radio frequency transponder
System and method for controlling usage of software on computing devices
Electric cylinder with guide
Connecting piece for fluid lines
Configuring multi-thread status
Apparatus for moving livestock
Methods and compositions for introducing conductive channels into a hydraulic fracturing treatment
Tread rubber composition and pneumatic tire employing the same
Alkali/transition metal halo-and hydroxy-phosphates and related electrode active materials
Printing plate material and printing process employing the same
Toner for electrophotography, developer using the same, image-forming process cartridge using the sa...
Mascara comprising solid particles
Quaternary ammonium salt composition
Chroman derivatives as estrogenic compounds
Storage stable aqueous organic peroxide emulsions
Process for making a unitary fibrous structure comprising cellulosic and synthetic fibers
Tampon with raised portions having multiple widths
Package for compressible flat articles
Easy open package
Method and apparatus for measuring acute stress
Tampon-and-applicator systems and method for in vitro testing thereof
Sanitary towels
Sensor for measuring tissue perfusion
Agonists specific for the peripheral cannabinoid receptor
Cathode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Ink set for ink jet recording, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Redox-active polymer and electrode comprising the same
Disk-loading apparatus
2-substituted 1-arylpiperazines as tachykinin antagonists and/or serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Lithographic printing plate material and printing method
IC chip mounting method
Sleeve-type RFID tag
Module for validating deposited media items
Method and apparatus for controlled persistent ID flag for RFID applications
Radio frequency identification reader
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Compositions and methods for stabilizing transthyretin and inhibiting transthyretin misfolding
Resist lower layer film material and method for forming a pattern
Hydrocarbyl dispersants including pendant polar functional groups
Method of increasing the low shear rate viscosity of well drilling and servicing fluids containing c...
Process for producing (meth)acrylic acid and (meth)acrylic esters
Highly enantiomerically pure lactam-substituted propanoic acid derivatives and methods of making and...
Highly thermal-conductive resin composition
Process for production of a carboxylic acid/diol mixture suitable for use in polyester production
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Effluent gas stream treatment system having utility for oxidation treatment of semiconductor manufac...
Animal restraining apparatus for physiological and pharmacological studies
Airflow diverter for use in an aquarium
Method for producing short-lived salt-tolerant freshwater baitfish
Apparatus, system and method for litter sifter
Fishing tackle pack
Planing float with lateral motion control
Stationary arm fishing rod support stand
Fishing pole stand, and methods
CT image production method and X-ray CT system
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Catalyst system for high activity and stereoselectivity in the homopolymerization and copolymerizati...
Coating compositions, their preparation, and coated articles made therefrom
Method of making a liquid crystal alignment layer
Comparative genomic hybridization assays using immobilized oligonucleotide targets with initially sm...
Shared storage arbitration
Communication device
Electrical transmission line and a substrate
Built-in waveform edge deskew using digital-locked loops and coincidence detectors in an automated t...
Communication device
Adaptor device
Cellular telephone with improved mechanical design
Current reduction in a communication device
System and method for managing content between devices in various domains
Method and apparatus for maximizing a data rate of a wireless data communication system
Differential interferometers creating desired beam patterns
Automated user interface feature for a portable communication device
Multiple electrode assembly
Oximeter cross-talk reduction
Method and device for measuring concentration of specific component
Ultrasonic transmitter, ultrasonic transceiver and sonar apparatus
Apparatus and methods for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for ...
Intravascular guide wire and method for manufacture thereof
Congfigurable image processing driver
Method of matching a digital camera image to a database using a timestamp device
Retrieval system and image processing apparatus
Video enhancement using multiple frame techniques
Method and device for transforming an object image
Object detection method using an image-pickup device with easy detection masking region setting and ...
Method for adjusting image data with shading curve
Deblocking and deringing apparatus, program and method
Image processing device and image outputting device
Image processing method for automated contrast modification of digital image data
Method and apparatus for compression using reversible wavelet transforms and an embedded codestream
Process and apparatus for elongating of an optical fibre preform
Reconfigurable optical device for wavelength division multiplexing networks
Optical communication module
Wavelength division element and optical module
Cable storage device
Light pipe optical coupling utilizing convex-shaped light pipe end
Optical module formed on common substrate for branching an optical signal
Method and apparatus for mode conversion
Computer housing with removable light pipe
Method for modulating backlight sources for flat panel displays
Power control arrangement, as for a flashlight
LED lamps and LED driver circuits for the same
Radiation or neutron detector using fiber optics
High-efficiency circuit-equipped light emitting board
Low voltage luminaire assembly
Backlight unit assembly using light emitting diode array in liquid crystal display device
Lighted Christmas star ornament apparatus
Light correction member, light diffusion member, display member, and display using the same
System and method for providing ambient light to a display in an electronic device
Variable adaptive projector system for motor vehicles
Interior illuminator for automobile
Pole-mounted shelf
Detachable light shade for wall fixture lighting
Modular electronic fuze
Dental mill blank assembly
Coffee machine for a car
Method and system for testing a partially formed hydrocarbon well for evaluation and well planning r...
Fuel cell apparatus with pressurized fuel tank and pressure-reducing unit for supplying fuel at a re...
Fuel cell system and method for voltage monitoring for a fuel cell system
Graft fixation device
RAM diagnostic read circuit providing external integrated circuit RAM failure diagnosis and method
On-chip impedance matching power amplifier
Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
Distortion compensation circuit
Non-linear adaptive AM/AM and AM/PM pre-distortion compensation with time and temperature compensati...
Memory device and method using a sense amplifier as a cache
Method of and apparatus for printing
Toothbrush for prevention treatment of tooth sensitivity and method therefor
Finger wedge foam
White oil from waxy feed using highly selective and active wax hydroisomerization catalyst
Heterocyclymethylpiperidines and -piperazines possessing affinity at 5ht-1 type receptors
Determining one or more reachable states in a circuit using distributed computing and one or more pa...
Method and apparatus for machine check abort handling in a multiprocessing system
Microprocessor with customer code store
Programmable processor with group floating-point operations
Stored value transaction system including an integrated database server
Promotion packaging for transmission groups
Chip-type solid electrolytic capacitor
HVAC control system
Universal temple bar hearing protection device
Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-20(S)-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.sub.3 for the prophylaxis of bone dis...
Foldable trolley
Liquid crystal on silicon display with micro color filters positioned on the top surface of the tran...
Electrode for electrolysis in acidic media
Polishing composition
Moisture curable adhesive
Method for pretreatment of filler, modified filler with a hydrophobic polymer and use of the hydroph...
Polishing pad comprising hydrophobic region and endpoint detection port
Cationically polymerizable photoimageable thick film compositions, electrodes, and methods of formin...
Laminated structures with superior impact resistance and process for making same
Process for the preparation of low fuming fluoropolymer
Polyurethaneurea resins with trialkoxysilane groups and processes for the production thereof
Disperse dye black ink
Inkjet ink set
Flexible scan architecture
Apparatus and method for address bus power control
System and method for identification of devices associated with input/output paths
Method and apparatus for provisioning tasks using a provisioning bridge server
Method for optimizing the operating mode and combustion processes of a diesel engine
Rolling bearing in aircraft
Linear roller bearing with roller body orientation
Flexible bearing spacer
Seal ring, sealing apparatus and bearing apparatus
Half bearing with grooves preventing leakage of lubricating oil
Device for a proximity-fuzed unit ammunition
Apparatus and method for producing virtual acoustic sound
Motor drive circuit and motor drive method that can positively perform a brake operation
Electrodeless self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and electrodeless discharge lamp operating apparatus
Information recording medium with management area having recording identification information
MEMS devices with increased damping for suspended movable structures
Method and apparatus for a downhole fluorescence spectrometer
Process for producing optically active flurbiprofen
Homopolymers which exhibit a high level of photo-inducable birefringence
Multi-layer record carrier and method of manufacturing thereof and recording thereon, with reduced t...
Apparatus and process for two-stage decoding of high-density optical symbols
Method and apparatus for producing information regarding the operation of a networked system
Cartridge for the preparation of beverages
Bat having a sleeve with slots
Dynamoelectric machine having encapsulated coil structure with one or more of phase change additives...
Bafilomycin-like metabolite from a novel micromonospora species
Derivatives of piperidinyl-and piperazinyl-alkyl carbamates, preparation methods thereof and applica...
Nucleic acid and protein expression thereby and their involvement in stress
Tricyclic quinolinone and tricyclic quinoline androgen receptor modulator compounds and methods
Method for generic list sorting
Anonymous mailing and shipping transactions
Ionic material
Phase change memory cell with high read margin at low power operation
Ferroelectric thin film element, piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head
Piezoelectric switch for tunable electronic components
Ferroelectric thin film, method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory device and ferroelec...
Device and method for the determination of lithium ion concentration in a biological fluid
Liquid crystal display device with color filter substrate height greater in reflection region than t...
Drive apparatus for a display panel
Waveguide plate and process for its production and microtitre plate
Device for arranging liquid drops, electro-optical panel, electro-optical device, electronic apparat...
Image formation device and image formation method
Dynamic pixel resolution, brightness and contrast for displays using spatial elements
Touch panel
Display device, position adjustment pattern display program, recording medium, polarized glasses, an...
Comparator circuit and power supply circuit
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes patterning sub-islands
Method and apparatus for sensing nitroaromatics
Nonwoven fabric
Clock generation system
Fusing device with stable nipping portion
Developing unit with gripper that covers developer filling opening
Analog value adjustment circuit, display driver circuit, and method of adjusting analog value
Driver for driving a load using a charge pump circuit
Public access information destruction system performing pay-per-use shredding
Single-lens reflex digital camera body
Apparatus and method for collecting information from information providing server
Fuser roller with improved crack resistance
Non-contact bias charge roll biased with burst modulation waveform
System and method for digital watermarking in a calibrated printing path
Systems and methods for designing zero-shift supercell halftone screens
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Fast interpolation of large color lookup tables
Haptic interface device
Toner processes
Blended amino functional siloxane release agents for fuser members
Toner for developing electrostatic charged images and developer for developing electrostatic charged...
Toner compositions
Reimageable medium
Wear resistant fluoropolymer
Method of target enrichment and amplification
Small-sized plunger
Process for the preparation of acylphosphines, acyl oxides and acyl sulfides
Disinfectant having improved activity against mycobacteria
Inter-domain constraint-based shortest path first technique for supporting hierarchical routing in i...
Antenna with reflector
Two-chamber cartridge for propellant-free metering aerosols
Spent fuel housing square pipe, basket and spent fuel housing container
Method for the decontamination of polyethylene terephthalate
Production of GM-CSF in plants
Wave shaping output driver to adjust slew rate and/or pre-emphasis of an output signal
Method and apparatus for extending the capabilities of tools used for designing systems on programma...
Semiconductor device, routing method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for designing chip package by re-using existing mask designs
Process for designing base platforms for IC design to permit resource recovery and flexible macro pl...
Regional clock skew measurement technique
Hierarchical signal integrity analysis using interface logic models
Error portion detecting method and layout method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of identifying state nodes at the transistor level in a sequential digital circuit using mini...
Defrosting heater with concentric glass tubes separated by end plugs
Heat dissipating device
Method for producing granulated powder of R--FE--B type alloy and method for producing R--FE--B type...
Method and device for moving and placing liquid drops in a controlled manner
Aminoindan derivatives
Polynucleotide useful for modulating cancer cell proliferation
Flame retardant polymeric electrical parts
Element-coded affinity tags
Normally closed zero insertion force connector
High-washability aqueous polymer dispersion, preparation and use thereof as binder in coating compos...
Optical display elements based on aqueous polymer dispersions
Catamenial device change indicator
HID lamp having material free dosing tube seal
External electrode type discharge lamp and method of manufacturing the same
Anodic structure for mercury cathode electrolytic cells description of the invention
Liquefying and storing a gas
Resilient document queries
Methods using lineage restricted glial precursors from the central nervous system
Method and device for inserting and authenticating a digital signature in digital data
Equipment inspection support system, equipment inspection support method, and program therefor
Electronic image-capturing apparatus having function for verifying user
Apparatus for and method of recording/reproducing audio data embedded with additive information
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Emerging security features for identification documents
Interface surface for user interaction with a computer system via a sensing device
Method and apparatus for intelligent information retrieval
System and method for address book customization for shared emessaging
Storage/display/action object for onscreen use
Iterative metric updating when decoding LDPC (low density parity check) coded signals and LDPC coded...
Valve timing control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Internal EGR for an internal combustion engine
Variable geometry camshaft
Internal combustion engine and valve timing control method
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an appliance
Testing apparatus and a testing method
Book stand
Method and device for displaying navigational information for a vehicle
Electronic control unit for vehicles
Broadcasting real-time short range RF real-time information to motor vehicles moving along a highway...
Portable navigational device with a remote control, an internal memory, and an internal heating elem...
Tire pressure characterization method and key fob
Noncontacting short-range communication device for slide door
Antibodies that recognize the 85P1B3 protein useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in rectal tumor
17-heterocyclic-4-azasteroid derivatives as androgen receptor modulators
8-(2-hydroxyphenoxy)octyldiethanolamine and salts thereof for delivery of active agents
Glycosylation analogs of erythropoietin
Use of osteopontin for the treatment and/or prevention of neurologic diseases
Coatings containing polycationic peptides for cardiovascular therapy
Multivalent dengue virus vaccine
IL-17C related mammalian cytokine polypeptides
CeSERT genes, proteins, and modulatory compounds
Systems, methods and apparatuses for manufacturing dosage forms
Local delivery of rapamycin for treatment of proliferative sequelae associated with PTCA procedures,...
Application-specific methods for testing molectronic or nanoscale devices
Fusing nanowires using in situ crystal growth
Method for making a wire nanostructure in a semiconductor film
Organic/inorganic nanocomposites, methods of making, and uses as a permeable reactive barrier
Polymer-chain-grafted carbon nanocapsule
Lubrication via nanoscopic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
Metallic nanowire interconnections for integrated circuit fabrication
Gradient structures interfacing microfluidics and nanofluidics, methods for fabrication and uses the...
Nanopastes for use as patterning compositions
Plasma synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles
Method of transforming carbon nanotubes
Preparation of nanocomposites of alumina and titania
Method of producing metal nanocomposite powder reinforced with carbon nanotubes and the power prepar...
Self assembled nano-devices using DNA
Method for controlling the integrity of a nanofiltration or reverse osmosis module, or module system
Lens device having a controller for controlling optical elements and photographing apparatus includi...
Face detection in digital images
Holding mechanism, optical apparatus and device manufacturing method
Interchangeable lens
Adapter for three-dimensional moving image photographing device
Electronic camera that selectively performs different exposure calculation routines
Variable candela strobe with constant trigger voltage
Connect/disconnect mechanism for a surveillance camera head
Camera system
Preparation of a magnesium halide support for olefin polymerization and a catalyst composition using...
System and method of performing dot inversion with standard drivers and backplane on novel display p...
Visual copyright protection
Template for watermark decoder synchronization
Multiple user authentication for online console-based gaming
Encryption and content control in a digital broadcast system
System and method for an adaptive state machine to control signal filtering in a serial link
Data transfer method
Cryptography method on elliptic curves
Ring arithmetic method, system, and apparatus
Encryption method, program for encryption, memory medium for storing the program, and encryption app...
Data transfer control device, electronic instrument, and data transfer control method
Read- and write-access control circuits for decryption-key memories on programmable logic devices
Data distribution system and recording device and data provision device used therefor
Financial management system
Method and apparatus for deploying programs and computing platforms to selected computers
Code analysis for selective runtime data processing
Extensible data model for use in an integrated platform for creating a distribution multiapplication...
System and method for verifying a layout of circuit traces on a motherboard
Method and computer program for verifying an incremental change to an integrated circuit design
System and method for developing and administering web applications and services from a workflow, en...
System and method for organizing, managing, and manipulating desktop objects with an activity-orient...
Automated fault diagnosis in a programmable device
Method and system for categorizing failures of a program module
Virtual logging system and method
Optimizing costs associated with managing encrypted data
File system virtual memory descriptor generation interface system and method
Cluster storage system and replication creation method thereof
Data sharing method among remote computer systems and disk control device thereof
Method and apparatus for longest prefix matching in processing a forwarding information database
High-speed data transfer in a networked server environment via laser communication
System and method for accessing content of a web page
Methods and apparatus for distributing content
Feedback loop for spam prevention
Scoping of policies in a hierarchical customer service management system
Solar spot light
Software service handoff mechanism with a performance reliability improvement mechanism (PRIM) for a...
Method for processing postal matter and postal matter processing system
Quantum information processing elements and quantum information processing platforms using such elem...
Quantum information processing elements and quantum information processing platforms using such elem...
Adaptive control system having hedge unit and related apparatus and methods
Apparatus and method for optical data storage and retrieval
Apparatuses and methods for forming smart labels
Optical electronic device with partial reflector layer
Display device, electronic appliance and camera
Method and apparatus for detecting water leaks
Electronic bait station
Tracking system and associated method
System and method for detecting and rewarding the return of a supermarket trolley or a luggage troll...
Auxiliary safety light system
Pressure sensing method and apparatus
Waveguides and scattering devices incorporating epsilon-negative and/or mu-negative slabs
Magnetic bridge type current sensor, magnetic bridge type current detecting method, and magnetic bri...
Electrochemical energy store and method for determining the wear to an electrochemical energy store
Systems and methods for signal generation using limited power
Light active sheet material
Gaming device with retractable remote controller
Gaming device having a rotatable mechanical award indicator partially covered by a mask
Casino game and method having a hint feature
Toy with moving head
Transformable toy vehicle
Dimensionally stable flying disc toy construction
Steering column retainers for children's ride-on vehicles
Resource point game mechanic
Suits and ladders game
Word forming board game with lettered tiles
Gaming device with multiple spinning wheels and method
Structure for use in body of water having reduced width for ground transport
Seasonal, multi-use, multi-level structure transportable both by ground and water for use in a body ...
Dynamic multiple compartment air inflatable display
Soft computing optimizer of intelligent control system structures
System and method for hyper-spectral analysis
System and method for accelerating and optimizing the processing of machine learning techniques usin...
Process for producing middle distillates and middle distillates produced by that process
Synthesis of butadiynes
Process for the production of phenylalkanes in the presence of a solid acid catalyst the deactivatio...